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Health Advocacy, Promotion and Instruction (HAPI) Days


Name: Lean Angelo D. Cacatian EDH Class 125

Finish the following:

1. I participated in the following HAPI Days activities

Blood Pressure Testing
Earthquake Drill
Information Board (Heat Emergencies)
2. I hope that future HAPI Days
Would be publicized more to the University since it is a good intiative from the College
of Education
Would be a appreciated more by students since it teaches a lot of stuff about safety
3. Based on my HAPI Days contribution and engagement, I am giving myself a grade of 89(scale of
1-10, 10 being the highest) because I think that I engaged and was proactive with the HAPI days
initiatives and I really learned a lot from HAPI days. I also helped with the projects assigned for
the class and the projects assigned for our group. Although, I could have improved how many
people I had tested for the blood pressure testing.
4. I am giving my groupmates the following rating (scale of 1-10):

Name Rating Reason/Justification

Mio Carino 9 I think that Mio was very proactive with our project
initiating group chats and contributing through his
Paui Verzosa 9 Paui was the one of the people who really helped
during the prodwork of our project
Ana Buban 10 Ana was the person on the steering wheel in our
group. She conceptualized most of the design that
we did for the info board.
Justin Monje 10 Justin was the initiator of the work that we did. He
did the work that was given to him efficiently and
with high prowess.
Gio Perez 9 Gio was very helpful with the prodwork because he
was the one who was in charge of more of the
equipment like scissors and tapes.
Gino Gerodias 9 Gino was the one in charge for the content of the
info board because he had an interview during our
prodwork day.