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1 General Aims

2 Introduction

3 Objectives

4 Daily schedule for training

5 Report on training

6 Outline of the holistic training

7 Conclusion

8 References

General Aim:

At the end of this holistic training, the learners should be able to acquaint with the concept of
holistic health.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of this training the learners should be able to:

1. Discuss/Describe holistic health.

2. Explain the purpose of life and stress management.
3. Learn various exercises (Yoga, Eye Exercises, aerobics)
4. Demonstrate the exercises ( Yoga, Eye Exercises, aerobics)
5. Plan for stress management according to stressors experienced.
6. Discuss foot reflexology.
7. Demonstrate foot reflexology.
8. Explain importance of nutritious food as an aspect of holistic health

Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific
parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how he or she
interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.
The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that
is possible. With Holistic Health people accept responsibility for their own level of well-being,
and everyday choices are used to take charge of ones own health.

This holistic health centre in pune was started by Medical Mission Sisters in 1977 for
training and healing with alternative systems of medicine, and our hospitals, and other
involvements too gradually incorporated holistic health facilities as part of their treatment. As a
part of our Ist year Msc nursing curriculum we were posted in Medical Mission Sisters holistic
health center Bibewadi Pune from 9th January 2017 to 14th January 2017.

We reached to concerned address at Medical Mission Sisters holistic health center

Bibewadi Pune on 9th January 2017 at 9 am and were warmly welcomed by Sr. Usha Gaikwad.
She allotted rooms and daily routine at training centre was explained.

Dialy Schedule For Training :

Daily report:

Day 1:

As we were late according to daily schedule of training centre. We finished up with breakfast
and gathered in class room Sr. Usha introduced herself and also gave brief introduction of
medical mission sisters healing center. We were given individually a workbook on holistic
health and foot reflexology book with it. She introduced the workbook which had chapters
dealing with holistic health and its all aspects with exercises to solve. Day 1 had chapter 1 it
was about

Characteristics of holistic health.
Dimensions of holistic health.
Seven simple ideas to be healthy.
Wellness inventory.

We were instructed to read chapter and simultaneously solve the exercise. We finished with
exercise and also individual views on wellness inventory and self responsibility were presented.
Then session ended for lunch and we experienced a wonderful food including raw vegetables as
not expected before. Post lunch session we dealt with eye exercises (Chinese meridian
exercises) and were explained by Sr. Usha and demonstrated as well. Day called with
instruction about reading of chapter 2 and also about yoga session from next morning 6am. It
was great for the day 1.

Day 2:

Day 2 we were at 6am in hall for yoga with curiosity to learn something new and good for
health. We started with warm up exercises, suryanamaskar, eye exercises, breathing exercises
etc. Really great to learn some of the exercises that were not known for us. After finishing with
our breakfast were gathered in classroom and Sr. Usha asked us what life means to us? Good
discussion on purposes and meaning life took place. The chapter 2 was beautifully opened and
explained to us by Sr. Usha.

Chapter 2

Purpose and meaning in life

Logo therapy and meaning

New depth psychology and meaning in life
Exercise 1 : finding meaning of life

Next was most curious topic foot reflexology. We referred the book provided to us we dealt
with introductory part and simultaneously demonstration was shown by Sister. After lunch the
ever interesting part movie related to healing was shown to us we enjoyed it lot and learned
certain things from it positivity, approach towards things. Day 2 called with sweet message
regarding positivity and self-responsibility of each of us towards our life.

Day 3

As per schedule we began our fresh morning with Yoga session and carried it out well. We
were now familiar with the routine of training center and also enjoyed the new taste of life.
Next we moved to stress management the important aspect.

Chapter 3

Stress management

Eustress and distress
Understanding stress.
Coping with stress.
15 personal ways to cope
Three classes of stressors.
Type A and B personality.
Your present stress level.

It was very interestingly explained about stress and its management. Points highlighted in
workbook about eustress, distress, types of personalities (A&B) were explained. It was very
great to know individually about level of stress experienced by all of us. Post lunch session
started with presenting individually the daily experienced stressors and plan to combat those
with interventions. We then moved towards practicing foot reflexology and its exercises. Day
called with message of stress management with self-responsibility.

Day 4:

Day commenced with yoga and exercises at 6am. After scheduled breakfast we moved to next

Session about nutrition which was dealt by Dr. Mary. The chapter had certain points:

The biochemistry of nutrition.

Three important sources of nutrition
A. Sprouts
B. Greens and chlorophyll

C. Winged beans.
Nutritional awareness principles.
Eating habits survey.
Mindful eating as food for thought

Nutrition newly blossomed in front of us with new aspects. Sr. Mary explained with examples
about sources of nutrition, hydrotherapy, interesting point was video about Gem food and its
emergence in India and its food market. The video opened our eyes regarding food which we
buy is it safe? And consciousness is necessary at time of food purchasing. We also solved a
survey questions on eating habits. We also understood importance of raw, uncooked food in
daily diet plan. Next session was peak of curiosity YOGA NIDRA we were instructed to go a
deep conscious sleep followed by audio guided for whole session. Experience of yoga nidra
was really splendid and we travelled from deep of mind and around beautiful world. Post lunch
session had again a movie named SECRET which highlighted the point whatever we think or
assume positively or negatively it tends to be occur at particular time. Next as per schedule foot
reflexology practice moved further with new points unfolding with rational. Day called with
message regarding positivity in life and all situation.

Day 5:

Day usually commenced with yoga but there was scheduled twist means it was time for
AREOBICS. We all enjoyed aerobic dance video guided all of us. Aerobic dancing is a
complete physical fitness program that whispers exercise and shouts fun. It gives opportunity to
express oneself freely. This is a fitness sport that you play for fun, without worrying about how
you look as you dance. We finished up with aerobic dance and moved to lesson session.
Chapter 5 had issues related to medicine. We were introduced to new issues such as prices,
rational drug therapy, and two sides of drug industry. Video related to drugs issues such as
Satyamev Jayate episode related to generic medicine aroused our interest.
We then visited to acupuncture clinic owned by training centre. There we were oriented to
clinic by Sr. About acupuncture and its treatment process. Also got a chance to get acquaint
with patients experience undergoing treatment. Clinic had documented the details of patients
100 % treated with acupuncture i.e. down syndrome children. Post lunch session about guided
imagery travelled us from deepest aspect of our mind and also stressed on eternal power that
helps in solving daily problems. Then daily routine of reading chapter 5, 6, 7. The part that
cannot be missed that is TEST about foot reflexology. We have to re-demonstrate all steps of
foot reflexology to Sr. Usha and we found it very useful. Day called with feel that training was
going finished and its routine in our mind. In the evening we visited organic farming unit of
training center they owned 37 acres of land that had cultivation of all vegetables and fruits also
cattle farming was practiced. There rabbits and chickens were reared. These all atmosphere was
so natural that feel was awesome.

Day 6:

The day to end of training arrived. Day started with facts about environment and
meditation. We travelled around environment and its aspects with videos. Videos such as about
Bhutans prime minister talked about there contribution to world about conservation resources
was most effective. Then we had feedback session were Sr. Usha collected our views about
overall experience of training. Training called with moto combat bad habits and strive to reach
optimum level of holistic health with self-responsibility with commitment.

Outline of Holistic Training:

The overall holistic training made each of us to look towards life in new aspect. We all running
for race that doesnt have a finish line it goes on and on. But in that we lose ourselves and the
important factor i.e. HEALTH. We only eat for taste and not for health. Here we were
introduced to new aspect HOLISTIC HEALTH the sisters here counselled us about avoiding
junk food, consciousness while using vegetables, generic drugs, Yoga, Yoga Nidra.

The main aspects of holistic training were:

Yoga & Meditation.

Yoga Nidra
Foot reflexology.

Yoga & Meditation:


Foot reflexology.

The main motto of this holistic training was to get acquaint with holistic
health. Sessions conducted by sisters of training centre were comprehensible
for all of us. Everyone was inspired with lifestyle of sisters and all members
of center. The overall programme & its effects on life of all of us is marked to
be improved.