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Life as both 50 things to do The ebb and flow of

student & athlete before you graduate Bowdoin friendships
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2 Friday, August 25, 2017

Maine beyond Vacationland

by Harry DiPrinzio
Stranger in a
strange land
Orient Staff
For some of you not from by Ellice Lueders
Orient Staff
Maine, this place was a big rea-
son you applied to or enrolled At my first-year orienta-
at Bowdoinperhaps you tion, when people talked about
were attracted to Vacation- growing up on the Upper East
land: Maines beautiful coast, Side or their time at board-
rugged outdoors, lobster and ing school, I conjured vague
blueberries like I was. For images supplied by the CW.
others, youre here despite I didnt know how different
your concerns about cold these worlds were from my
weather and the isola- working-class hometown until
tion of a small town. I lived in them, here.
Along with the best Bowdoin is weirder than any
four years of your life, place I have ever lived. Despite
Bowdoin prioritizes my three years here, I am still
developing a con- shocked each time I discover
nection to place another way Bowdoin acts as
during your an extension of a country club
time hereyou lifestyle, whose mores I have
might have now seen live and in action.
written about Each year opens with a lob-
the subject in ster bake, where people dress
your application nicely and show off how well
essays. But you only SOPHIE WASHINGTON they can dismantle the crusta-
have four years here, often cean. The early summer light-
punctuated by journeys home upon first arriving. It doesnt with the people and places types and anecdotes. issues in the state. ing is perfect for Instagram. To
during breaks. And as college just happen over your time outside of Bowdoins immedi- I feel I could have better More fundamentally, how- me, it seems clear who looks
students in Brunswick, were at Bowdoin. It requires time, ate sphere. connected with Maine during ever, I encourage you to reach comfortable with this ritual,
not in the best position to effort and sometimes resourc- Ive been up and down my time here because I know out and get to know people. and who is experiencing it for
connect with Maine. Our lives es. Its something youll likely the coast near here but I just that at Bowdoin, there are Get to know people from the first time.
exist within a carefully con- have to push yourself to do. simply havent traveled to the opportunities to get to know Maine. Those who work at This is not always delin-
structed worldin many ways I arrived at Bowdoin, excit- vast majority of the statethe Maine in diverse ways that add the College are a good place eated along class lines. People
closed to outsiderswhich ed about being in Maine. I was truly rural towns where the depth below the picturesque to start: Dining, Facilities from all over New England
keeps us inside with plentiful attracted to the idea of getting population is rapidly aging surface. You just have to take and Housekeeping staff. Take know how to eat lobster, and
programming, great food and to know a rural area. (Lit- and shrinking, the post-in- advantage of them. advantage of the Host Family my mom bought me a nice
a heavy workload. When we tle did I realize, Brunswick, dustrial mill towns struggling Many students take classes program. When youre getting Madewell dress on sale for my
have opportunities to get out, a town of twenty thousand, to find economic footing, the on topics in Maine: theyre a coffee at Wild Oats, take note birthday, with this event in
we often take to the woods, or is not rural.) I had spent my agricultural landscapes of offered in subjects from lit- of the locals there. Engage with mind. It meant a lot to her that
to Old Port, not to Lewiston or whole life living in Manhattan Aroostook County. erature to environmental them. Strike up a conversation I could rub elbows with people
to Bethel. and figured I wouldnt get an- Im friendly with some science. There are a few very with the cab driver taking you for whom all this was normal.
For the permanent res- other chance after college to Bowdoin staff members and, cool classes that partner with to Bowling on Thursday night. I remember a childhood
idents of this vast state, live outside of a city. I thought indeed, a farmer who I some- local organizations through At the end of four years, friend, Caitlin, who had two
this is where their lives are. I would become friends with times buy vegetables from in the McKeen center, which is, youll likely still feel like you silky golden retrievers that
Where theyve lived, grown farmers. I would understand Freeport, but I havent devel- by the way, an amazing re- dont fully know Maineyou would greet her with the
up, struggled and triumphed. rural life and get to know peo- oped a close relationship with source with a web of connec- just dont have the time to. But appropriate amount of en-
Engaging with this world ple outside of the city. a Maine resident who is not re- tions to tons of organizations the more you get out and the thusiasm at the door of her
one beyond leaf peeping, Over my three years here, lated to Bowdoin. As a result, throughout the state. Its alter- more you engage peoplethe beautiful old homea rarity
seafood and trips to Mere Ive learned about Bowdoin, I have little to no first-hand native break trips offer one of more youll have succeeded at in prefab San Diego County.
Pointis more difficult and Brunswick and Maine, but understanding of the lives that the best opportunities to crit- becoming a resident here, and
more elusive than it seems I have struggled to connect most Mainers live, only stereo- ically examine contemporary the harder it will be to leave. Please see STRANGER, page 6

Bowdoin Pro Tips

Download the Bowdoin Dining app and have both dining halls the syllabus. Buy one of those plastic sleeves that stick onto your phone at
menus at your fingertips. You will waste a lot of time planning If you have three finals scheduled over two days, you are enti- the Bowdoin bookstore so that you never lose your OneCard.
your next meal. tled to have one of them moved. Make sure you check your syllabi Strawberry Soup is code for Strawberry Smoothie at Bow-
Ask for a coffee card at the Cafget it stamped when you buy at the start of the semester and take care of this ASAP. doin. Definitely give it a try.
a coffee and every seventh coffee is free. Use the add-drop period to shop for classes. You can add a 5th There are librarians on staff whose main purpose is to help
Showing your student ID at Wild Oats will give you a 10% class to your schedule during registration round two and then you with research. They are your friends and will help guide you
discount on Sunday. Pastries are half off after 2pm. Always. drop one before the end of the two week add-drop period at the through all the librarys resources. Dont be afraid to consult them
The Health Center provides free condoms, dental dams, cough beginning of the semester. if you have a paper to write.
drops, decongestant, painkillers, hand sanitizer, and other self- Call ahead with your order at the Pub so you dont have to wait. Get to know ResLife student staff, whether through having
care products. Smith Union and Kanbar are open 24 hours a dayuseful for dinner with your proctor or RA, or through hanging out with the
The Health Center also provides free emergency contraception late night studying. Just make sure you have your OneCard with staff member on duty in your dorms common room on weekend
(Plan B) upon seeing a doctor or nurse at the office Monday-Fri- you; security officers do rounds to make sure youre a student. nights.
day. Its not weird to sit and do work alone at breakfasttrust us. Become a Zipcar member and then book one of two Zipcars
We have a radio station, WBOR 91.1 FM. You can sign up for a parked on campus to get around town.
Go to the beach while its still warm.
one-hour slot once a week to host a show. Put a magnet between your door and the frame to keep your
Sit on the quad while its still warm. room unlocked.
Host families are a great way to get to know Brunswick, and
available to anyone (even students from New England) You can bring your meal from Moulton outside and sit on the Call the Bowdoin shuttle at (207) 725-3337 for a safe ride with-
grass as long as you return all your plates and silverware right in a one mile radius of campus.
If you want to watch Netflix on a real TV, the basement of HL after.
has screening rooms that you can reserve. Or, stay cozy in your Dominos delivers until 1:00 a.m. on the weekends. Dont panic:
room and watch PolarFlix, BSGs movie streaming service. Befriend the shuttle drivers and the housekeeping staff. Papa Johns delivers until 3:00 a.m.
Also, Kanopy is a free streaming service offered by the library Buy fabric in Walmart or Joann Fabrics to make your toga for Take a walk to Brunswicks public library, Curtis Memorial
with a catalogue of 1000s of documentaries and high-brow cine- Epicuria. Your bedsheet is going to be way too unwieldy and who Library, when you cant stand the sight of HL or Hatch anymore,
ma. wants Ladd juice on their bedsheets? but still need to study.
You can get add-ons for the salads from Moulton Express, such Students looking for a Mens Room in HL: there is only one Many Bowdoin courses are open to members the Brunswick
as hard-boiled eggs, turkey, and more. in the entire building and its in the basement next to the water community, called auditors. Reach out to them for a great conver-
fountains. sation and insight into Maine outside of the Bowdoin Bubble.
Dont hesitate to ask to get meals with cool people you meet in
classes Every Sunday (and Wednesday) theres a Sundae bar in the Use CBBcat or Interlibrary Loan to request books that the
dining hall. library doesnt currently have. They will find whatever book you
Book a group study room in advance on the library website for
group study sessions. Dont be the kid who books an entire room If you dont have time to eat breakfast run into the dining hall want and deliver it to you usually within three days.
for themselves. and grab some fruit and coffee in a to-go cup. You can also request that the library purchase new books or
Use the Bowdoin Course Reviews website when picking classes. If you dont need somewhere quiet to study, work in the pub at journals on their website.
Your bowdoin username and password is your login. night. The second floor has a bunch of two-person tables that are You can check out puzzles and board games from Hatch.
sneaky good study spots.
Email professors for more information about a class theyre You can take up to four classes Credit/D/Failuse the opportu-
teaching. Theyre always willing to answer questions or send along Go to office hours and ask your professor for help when you nity to take classes outside your comfort zone.
need it.
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Classes, professors and unexpected hits

Orient editors share some of their best experiences in the classroom.
My favorite class Ive taken at Bowdoin so far is Natural Resource Economics
and Policy with Ta Herrera. Its a 2000-level economics elective, so the only I registered for City, Anti-City, Utopia: Building Urban America
prerequisite is Intro to Microeconomics. As an elective class, it was heavily simply because it sounded marginally interesting and fulfilled my
focused on real-world examples, and I felt like it provided an objective way of VPA requirement. I can hardly express how glad I am that I did,
evaluating economic and environmental policy concerns. As an economics because it ended up being one of the most interesting classes of my
major, this class also reminded me that there are tons of applications for eco- college career, and opened my eyes to an entirely new direction of
nomics outside of finance. I would highly recommend this class for econom- academic and career work that Im now pursuing. I loved the way

ics majors as well as anyone else who is interested in environmental policy. that Professor Pearlman brought topics from diverse perspectives
Jessica Piper 19, Economics and Hispanic Studies Double Major, and disciplines together to paint a comprehensive picture of how
Mathematics Minor the urban spaces we take for granted came to be. Professor Pearl-
man is also now my academic advisor, and an incredible example
of the way Bowdoin professors go above-and-beyond to support
Apart from being fascinating, The Good Life:
Trying to fit in as many En- you as your find your way in life.
From Plato to Oprah with Dallas Denery
Nickie Mitch 18, Government and Legal Studies and

glish classes as I could, soph- made me realize that I had made the right
omore spring I took Liter- Environmental Studies Double Major
decision to come to Bowdoin. The goal of the
atures of Global English course was to trace the history of what it meant
with Hilary Thompson. The to live a good life, exploring everything from
title itself demonstrates the Socratess ideal philosopher to Oprahs journey
way college course titles can Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to study a foreign
of self-discovery. After reading very few pri- language since I had loved studying them in high school. I
sound intellectual but re- mary source documents in high school, read-
main entirely vaguewhat also knew I wanted it to be a new language, one I hadnt yet
ing Luther, Descartes, Rousseau, Nietzsche, had the opportunity to study. I enrolled in Elementary Ger-
is global English? Global and other noteworthy thinkers was extremely
English meant reading au- man on a whim, and Im so happy that I did. The German
interesting. Most importantly, Denerys lec- department is small, with only a few professors, but they are
thors like V.S. Naipaul, Am- tures were amazing. They were spirited, funny,
itav Ghosh, and Arundhati all excellent. Jill Smith, my first professor, made the class en-
and, best of all, I had at least 3 pages of notes gaging and fun, even at 8:30 in the morning. From the first
Roy (who, after this course, after leaving every class. I even typed them all
became one of my favor- day of class, she spoke to us almost entirely in German, so we
up and sent them to my history teacher father learned through immersion. By the end of the first semester,
ite writers). We wrote low- so that he could read through them. The Good
key response papers that we were having conversations and writing stories. I always
Life went beyond just being an enjoyable class; looked forward to this class because I felt myself progress and
warmed us up for longer this was the class that solidified both my confi-

essays. We had round table improve every day.
dence at Bowdoin and my love for history. Emily Cohen 20, Undeclared
discussions, each of us tak- Anna Fauver 20, Undeclared
ing turns to be the leader.
And, best of all, we had a
lunch break 45 minutes
In my opinion, Printmaking I is a great class for any student regardless of experience, skill level, or creativity. As
into class where we would
long as you are willing to put in time and effort, you can have a fantastic semester. I went into it with only a basic
all munch on express
understanding of what printmaking was as a medium and quickly realized that it is so vast that it is virtually im-
lunches and talk about
possible to effectively list all of the different techniques you can use as a printmaker. Nonetheless, I left the class
campus happenings.
feeling as though I had a really strong foundation in a variety of printmaking techniques. Most of the projects allow
Rachael Allen 18,
you to find or create images on the computer or in magazines and trace them onto your work before you carve or
English Major, Italian Minor

etch them, making the class approachable for students who have little-to-no experience in art or drawing classes.
While two and a half hours may seem daunting for a bi-weekly art class, it flew by every time and was a great break

to have amidst more structured, reading-intensive classes.
Amanda Newman 19, English and Education Double Major, Visual Arts Minor

Engaging with the Colleges history through

its art collection and historical archives is an
extremely rewarding experience. During my I thought Id sworn off heavy mathematics Professor Casselberrys class Holy Songs in a
junior fall I took Professor Byrds Race and courses. I expected them similar to those I Strange Land is everything you could want
Representation Art History seminar, a course took in high schoollecture based, solitaire, in a class: its taught by a dynamic professor,
that explores the visual construction of race repetitive. Despite my preconceptions, I de- involves listening to music by noteworthy
in American art and culture from the colonial cided to take Integral Calculus (Math 1700) and impressive artists (think Michael Jack-
period to the late 20th century. As part of the with Charles Cunningham the spring of my son and Bob Marley), and balances a healthy
course we considered the Colleges own rela- first year. Expecting the class to only hone combination of writing, reading, and dis-
tionship with race in its art collection and its my math skills for economics, I was sur- cussion. The class traces the history of black
historiography. prised when my perception of what mathe- musicbeginning from when slaves came to
Inspired by a visit to Special Collections, I matical discussion, application and work is the New World up until modern dayand
spent the semester conducting my own re- shifted. This course functioned on the prem- delves into the context in which the music
search on the history of minstrel shows and ise of group work: it was expected and also was created. Taking Holy Songs in a Strange
blackface at Bowdoin during the late 19th and required to tackle the material of the class. Land gave me the platform to discuss vari-
early 20th century for a final paper for the On the very first day, everyone was assigned ous elements of songs, an aspect of music I
course. I scoured decades of Orient and year- a group as an additional resource, and this had never taken the time to think about and
book archives, and investigated the purpose of group proved to be integral to my success appreciate before, and the importance they
such an event in the context of its time both in in the class. We met weekly to review prob- have on audience members and even the
American History and in Bowdoins own histo- lem sets and study before quizzes, ultimately world. I found Casselberrys lectures to be in-
ry. Class discussions were lively and full of de- showing me the value in collaboration. Aside teractive and informative and I enjoyed how
bate, and broadened my understanding of race from the various applications in other cours- she let students share their ideas and discuss
from an academic perspective and from the es, this course showed me that fulfillment with each other so openly. The class was fun
perspective of my peers. and success in a course comes from using all toowe watched so many music videos and
Sarah Drumm 18, Art History and Govern- the resources at my disposal. always ended our class with a song.
ment and Legal Studies Double Major Faria Nasruddin 20, Undeclared Elizabeth Fosler-Jones 20, Undeclared
4 Friday, August 25, 2017

Places to explore in Midcoast Maine

This map was adapted from a summer research program by Leah Wang 12, funded by the Gibbons
Summer Research Program in the summer of 2011. For the full report, including more comprehensive
maps, detailed descriptions, and driving directions, visit bowdoinorient.com/midcoast-map




250th Anniversary Park: Seated on the bank of the

Androscoggin River, this spot offers a scenic view of the river.
The north end of Maine Street (1 mile from campus) Androscoggin River Bicycle Path: 2.6 mile pedestrian and bike
path that stretches the Androscoggin River from in-town Brunswick
to Cooks Corner (its a little loud along Route 1, but there are quieter,
forested areas as well). Access off Water Street next Rte. 1


Crystal Spring Farm Trails: 5 miles of trails through active farms,

gardens and woods around Crystal Springs Farm. Especially worth a The Bowdoin Pines: About a 1-mile loop, this

visit on Saturday mornings for the farmers market (until Nov. 4). forested area is a close spot for a walk in the woods.

On Pleasant Hill Rd, just off Maine St. Access behind Alumni House on Federal St.


Town Commons: 71-acre wooded park, reaching


ANT H from Bowdoin to the Greater Commons (112 acres),

filled with trails for hiking, running, and cross country



Maquoit Bay Conservation Land: 124 acres of skiing. Closest access near Farley Field House


wooded park, with a trail (0.6 miles) leading to a rocky



outcrop overlooking Maquoit Bay. The parks main


entrance is located on Bunganuc Road


Wharton Point (Maquoit Landing): A boat launch

with a beautiful overlook of Maquoit Bay. Muddy
during low tide, so not the best for swimming, but
good views during sunset. Head out Maquoit Road
towards the water past Brunswick High school

Simpsons Point: About 4 miles from campus, this destination

is a great water access point for swimming (only during high
tide). It can be a little crowded, but is easily accessible by car,
bike or by foot. located at the end of Simpsons Point
Road and is accessible from Mere Point Road.

Mere Point Boat Launch: About 7 miles from Harpswell Cliff Trail: A forested 2.3-mile loop with
campus, this location is technically a boat launch, but several overlooks of the water. The trailhead is a little
also a good spot for a quick jump into the ocean. hard to find, but its a good hike when you bring a few
Located near the southern end of Mere Point Road friends. The trailhead is at the far corner of the
back parking lot at the Harpswell Town Office,
263 Mountain Road (8 miles from campus)

Coastal Studies Center: 118-acre coastal site with hiking trails

and research facilities owned by Bowdoin. Just beyond the marine
laboratory are the pier and dock, which provide good swimming
spots (especially at night when theres bioluminescence). The
College operates a shuttle to the Center on Fridays.


Giants Stairs: A family-friendly trail (0.5 miles) atop a rocky

cliff with a dramatic overlook of Casco Bay. Parking at All
Saints By The Sea Episcopal Church when not in use
Friday, August 25, 2017 5

The ebb and flow of friendships at Bowdoin

Everyone has their own memories of navigating friendships upon arriving on campus. In order to demonstrate some of those varying
experiences, we interviewed 7 rising sophomores and juniors to get their takes on the social scene at Bowdoin. Some of the best
excerpts from these conversations are complied below. Compiled by Amanda Newman and Surya Milner

I made a lot of friends by going to Thursday Athletics is a big part of my life at Bowdoin, Im the sort of person that instantly likes ev-
Night Dinners at 24 College, and thats where I but it's not the only part. There's the whole joke eryoneand sort of too muchand so I would
met some of my best friends at Bowdoin. I also about everyone being just outside of Boston, but tell myself, Wow I have all these great friend-
met some of my really good friends through no one has the same past to get to a place like ships ... but I hadnt made solid friendships be-
other friendsgetting to meet my friends room- Bowdoin. cause I had counted the Bowdoin hello friends
mates or people they knewthat was a really It's natural to size everyone up and compare as true friends and then I sort of realized that I
good way to find other people that I connected yourself to them because you're meeting tons of hadnt made [close friends].
with. Generally, the more parts of Bowdoin life I new people in a way you never have before. Don't I visited one of my roommates, Genie, in San
got myself into ... the more people I met and the get in your head about it. Everyone's having the Francisco over the summer and it was so much
more friends that I made. same worries as you and it's kind of a weird thing fun to see her in her environment and where she
Getting meals with people was huge for me. to have to do because you're trying to find friends went to high school and with her family and her
If I havent seen someone in a couple weeks Ill at the drop of a hat. dog and in her city that was so much fun for
just text them and ask if they want to get din- You're not going to meet all of your friends me because there wasnt that pressure of living
ner sometime this week and that has been a your freshman year and people shouldn't feel basically on top of one another.
really great way because especially if you just get locked into thinking that's the case. It's natural My high school friends are just very different
a meal one-on-one then you can just really catch for friendship to change and grow. Bowdoin is ... it can be hard to feel like you have half friend-
up about whats going on. That for me has been a the kind of place where everybody is kind of ships at home and half friendships at school, so
really good way to maintain relationships. looking out for each other, and I think that's what I think at some point I felt overwhelmed in that
I think it took some time to figure out what I separates it from other high-caliber liberal arts I didnt know quite who I was and quite how I
wanted my social life to look like, and eventually schoolsthat it's very community-driven. could fit in.
for me, over the course of my freshman year I Brian Thompson 19 There are some people who I was with con-
ended up with a very tight knit group of friends stantly first semester and then never saw second
that would often get together and hang out on the semester because we had different schedules and
weekends just as a group. I really liked that setup we didnt live in the same building and I think
but at the beginning of the year I would have to [having standing weekly meals is] a nice way to
ask around and find out what everyone I knew maintain friendships with people that really are
was doing and try to figure out what I wanted to important to you.
do that night. But for me I really enjoyed having Grace Cawdrey 20
that consistent group of people to hang out with
and no matter what we were doing we would all
do it together.
Sophie Sadovnikoff 19

I was definitely nervous about all of these peo-

ple that were all so interesting and all had such
interesting lives, and I was scared that I wouldnt
be as interesting. But at the same time, I found
Friend crushes are easy to pursue at Bowdoin. that everybody was really welcoming.
With the whole lets get a meal culture I do feel Being on the girls frisbee team was definitely a
like its easier than when it was in high school. If AMANDA NEWMAN
time I felt overwhelmed the scene in general
I thought someone was cool it was kind of off in is very white and most of my friends outside of
the distance...but at Bowdoin Im like, oh you frisbee are people of color ... I would ask them if
Most of my friends were on the [football]
seem cool lets get a meal or hang out or whatev- they wanted to go with me to [frisbee parties] and
team, and thats because you spend all day
er and then thats kind of an easy way to meet then eventually I stopped because its just not a
with them in the fall. Youre not really able to
people. place they felt comfortable and I felt this annoy-
reach out toward spring was when I started
As an international student, I wasnt quite sure ing feeling of like Im choosing this very white
my friendships through classes. At the begin-
what the culture at Bowdoin was like or what the scene over [my friends].
ning, I didnt think there would be as many
culture in America was like and just having other I was so surprised by how racially divided
people with similar interests as me but that
people be super friendly and willing to help at [Bowdoin] could be and I think a lot of people
quickly changed when I heard peoples music
any time people can be very nice and I was say that and a lot of white students dont really
interests, the things they like to do in their
very pleasantly surprised by that. understand ... I think theres a lot of really sub-
free time, career paths, et cetera.
I understood the importance of cultural knowl- tle things that happen that I was surprised by,
You have to go outside of your comfort zone
edge more when I got to Bowdoin a lack of like parties that were very white or parties that
a little bit, but thats part of maturing. Be open
cultural knowledge I think was a big thing and people of color would openly say, oh people of
to trying new things and dont be afraid to
that of course extends to how people actlike color dont really go to those parties. And if there
talk to anyone. You never know where that
something as small as what the general sense of were parties with diverse students present, then
person who you avoided having a conversa-
humor can be like, because where Im from it can the party would be kind of segregated so that
tion with is. My closest friends are people who
be quite crude sometimes and people dont take was weird for me ... I was just surprised by how
relate to me outside of sportstheres a shift
to that as well. segregated things could be. How isolated people
from the activities that youre doing into peo-
I feel like the understanding that everyones of color feel.
ple that you relate to more, because of music,
kind of anxious about being there and wants to fit Everybody kind of finds their group ... I found
background, cultures, whatever.
in is a wide ranging feeling. Youre not necessar- that there are a lot of people in my class and in
ily going to be friends with the people you were Yuejay Reeves 19 Bowdoin generally that I found really interesting
friends with in the first few weeks and if you are, that I never got the chance to get to know this
thats great and if you arent, thats okay as well. year.
Ural Mishra 20 Aisha Rickford 20
6 Friday, August 25, 2017

Bowdoin belongs to you

During the Admissions tour, you hear and see all about Bowdoin the Institution. Tour
At Bowdoin, But Away
guides point out the names and functions of each distinctive building on campus.
Youre told about Massachusetts Hall, Bowdoins oldest and most quaint, and Adams by Calder McHugh
Hall, where the Medical School of Maine used to resideand the classes held in these Orient Staff
buildings. Youre told about the resources built into campusthe athletic facilities, On August 23, 2015, I drove
the dorms, and dining halls. Youre also told about Bowdoins curriculumthe course
catalogue, roster of majors and distribution requirements.

Bowdoin is all this, but first and foremost, Bowdoin is us, the students.
six hours north, from the Up-
per West Side of Manhattan to
Portland, Maine. The next day, I
would be completing the final leg
of the journey: Portland to Cole-
Each year, this incredibly fundamental element of Bowdoin changes. A new class man Hall for my first day of fresh-
man year. Like most other incom-
washes out and a new class flows in. Tied to this annual tide of students are myriad
ing freshmen, that night before I
changes to Bowdoin the Institutionthat supposedly fixed element. For example, you, stepped onto campus was one of
the class of 2021, are the most diverse first-year class the College has ever seenboth the more nerve-wracking ones of
racially and socioeconomicallyand with your arrival, the character and tone, the my young life. Rather than con-
focus, goals and structure of the Institution can change. JENNY IBSEN
sider my living situation, though
(it was a quint), or my upcoming Charlotte was keeping me in two ally, having a girlfriend certainly
When you first arrive, Bowdoin may seem fixedset in stone (or brick)fashioned pre-o trip (to the coastal island of places at once, not fully commit- didnt preclude me from enjoy-
by those institutional elements. Many of you might feel immediately comfortable here, Vinalhaven, much more pleasant ted to either one. I would get texts ing my year and finding lifelong
excel in classes, find belonging with peers, and learn quickly how to navigate Bowdo- than said quint), I was thinking from her on a Friday night, and friendsit just made those things
mostly about my girlfriend. even though I knew I didnt have less straightforward.
ins resources. For many finding that comfort might take longer, perhaps feeling out of
I was leaving my apartment, to reply right away, my headspace I have lots of good memories
place in a predominantly liberal, white and wealthy environment, not relating to the my high school friends, and Tal shifted from the people I was with from my first year at Bowdoin.
life experiences of your peers, or feeling unwelcome in campus discourse. Bagels. I was also leaving the first and towards her. I would some- Last year, though, I felt unteth-
girl I ever loved, and this fact times go back to Coleman a little ered, and rather than be con-
We want to acknowledge that Bowdoin does not always welcome everyone the same. overwhelmed all of the others in earlier than most, because I want- cerned about what my classmates
But none of you should think that Bowdoin is not yours. The relative diversity of this my mind. ed to catch her before she went or my girlfriend at home thought,
class is a sign that the Institution is moving towards making this space more inclusive. We decided to stay together to bed. Or, I would decide not to I just had fun. I decided to jettison
It is up to us as students to continue this trajectory. for collegeCharlotte is a year hop in a car and experience the extra hours spent in the stacks
younger than me and was still great state of Maine with friends for those on the quad. I bleached
in high school in New York at because it was on a weekend that my hair in the winter. I made an
Bowdoin doesnt belong to Nathaniel Hawthorne or Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It
the time. After a complex year, she was visiting. absolute fool of myself not only
certainly doesnt belong to only white students or men as it once did. though, the summer after fresh- Being with Charlotte in playing IM B league basketball
man year we decided that it just some ways smoothed my tran- but notifying everyone I knew on
It belongs to youto all of youto us and the diversity that we represent: whether couldnt work. sition to college; talking to her campus of big games via webmail.
that be racial, socioeconomic, intellectual, cultural, among many more. Bowdoin is Put simply, having a long dis- always felt safe. I have come to I hooked up with people I wish
yours to make your own but its up to you to do that during your time here. tance relationship freshman year realize, though, that Bowdoin, I hadnt and people Im happy
makes it more difficult to be fully and especially freshman year, I did, but through it all, I wore
Engage in dialogue at Bowdoin. Speak up and make your voice heard. Listen to your present in a new environment. is about throwing oneself full- a grin. Part of this is certainly a
peers and come to understand their backgrounds and their views and how they may Throughout my whole freshman bore into situations that are, function of growing up and feel-
year, Charlotte encouraged me to at first, deeply uncomfortable. ing comfortable with my place in
differ from your own. Join the student groups on campus and steer them how you see
go out, have fun, meet new peo- Its essential to say yes to new Bowdoins larger community, but
fitor, start your own. Change this place for you and for your peerswith relation- ple and simply talk to her when I adventures, and anything that, to me, being single let me figure
ships, with activism, or with your scholarship. Carve out a space for the classes you could. Based on breaks, her visit- even subconsciously, precludes out who I am.
want to take that arent currently offered. If your perspective is not seen in a curricu- ing Bowdoin, and me going home that act makes existing in a new The Bowdoin Communi-
lum, talk to your classmates and speak up together. Demand policies and programs to to New York City, I saw her every place more difficult. cations Office likes to call this
make everyone welcome at Bowdoin and demand admissions policies that encourage three or four weeks. It was tough, Many of you reading this experience the best four years
greater diversity among the student body. but it felt mostly healthy. may be in the position that I was of your life. It doesnt have to
What I began to understand two years ago; a lot of first years be, and in fact I hope my life
Four years from now, when you leave here, the buildings will be the same, its past will towards the end of freshman come into college with significant will only continue to get more
year, though, was that there were others that dont go to Bowdoin. fun as I get older and then
be the same but Bowdoin will have been yours and it will have changed because of
huge swaths of Bowdoin I wasnt Many of you, too, may witness graduate. What I would say
you. experiencing. It was obvious that, roommates, friends and team- to the Bowdoin Class of 2021,
based on my situation, I couldnt mates attempting to navigate this though, is that you owe it to
This editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient editoral board, which go home with someone I met at a thorny transition. yourself to dive in headfirst,
is comprised of Harry DiPrinzio, Sarah Drumm, Nickie Mitch and Ian Stewart. party or have a patented DFMO I am not proposing that at- mitigating distractions as best
with that girl in my gov class. It tempting to maintain a long dis- as you can. Having a long dis-
was less immediately clear that tance relationship at Bowdoin is tance relationship can keep you
the simple act of staying with ill-advised for everyone. Person- at a distance.

STRANGER ing spontaneous conversations
or fun events into burdens that
life I have chosen with each
step I take down the path of
bowdoinorient.com orient@bowdoin.edu 6200 College Station Brunswick, ME 04011 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 weighed heavy as I cut into most resistance. Every year, I
She was the friend who had dwindling sleep. I was sick the embrace that challenge, and
The Bowdoin Orient is a student-run weekly publication dedicated to providing news and information relevant year-round passes to Disne- entire year. have since I decided that I
to the Bowdoin community. Editorially independent of the College and its administrators, the Orient pursues yland and a mom who liked That being said, I never ac- could do better than what my
such content freely and thoroughly, following professional journalistic standards in writing and reporting. The shopping at Gymboree and tually did poorly in class. Ive hometown had to offer. I put
Orient is committed to serving as an open forum for thoughtful and diverse discussion and debate on issues of was confused when my mom never gotten a grade below a B-. too much pressure on myself
interest to the College community. didnt want to, or couldnt. What caused me so much dis- because I often feel like my will
Her dad was a lawyer. tress was the threat of failure, to push myself harder than ev-
Bowdoin is full of Caitlins, compounded by the idea that eryone else is the only reason I
Sarah Drumm Harry DiPrinzio who know what the normal life at Bowdoin is easier for ev- got here in the first place. One
Editor in Chief Editor in Chief things are to wear and say and eryone else. Despite how hard I of the hardest lessons I learned
do here, and have the resourc- was trying, I felt ashamed. while at Bowdoin was that this
Creative Director Managing Editor News Editor es to wear and say and do My closest friend and first- drive, the most exceptional
Jenny Ibsen Rachael Allen Elizabeth Fosler-Jones them. Bowdoin is one point year roommate, who attended thing about me, could be debil-
Sarah Bonanno in a natural progression for an elite day school on scholar- itating as well.
Digital Director Anjulee Bhalla Sports Editor
them. This was not the case ship, felt her first year at Bow- My path to Bowdoin looks a
Ellice Lueders for me. People from lower-in- doin was less difficult than high lot different than anyone elses,
James Little Nickie Mitch Anna Fauver
come backgrounds might feel school. I thought something and my path from here will, too.
Allison Wei self-conscious about a lot of was wrong with me when I As true as this statement is
Photo Editor Features Editor expectations at Bowdoin. I could not balance work and to me as an individual, I know
Ann Basu Alyce McFadden was insecure about my aca- friends and extracurriculars as it applies to many people in the
Associate Editor
demic performance. easily as she could. Class of 2021. To students from
Roither Gonzales
Layout Editor Louisa Moore A&E Editor My first year at Bowdoin was As it turns out, no one different backgrounds, the
Emma Bezilla Amanda Newman Isabelle Hall
the hardest school year of my canshe is probably the most Bowdoin lifestyle can some-
Ian Stewart life. I had soared through class- exceptional person in my times feel alien and cruel. And
es at schools where the good class, the best companion and so, I offer this reminder:
Data Desk Copy Editor Opinion Editor teachers dedicated their energy multi-tasker Ive ever met. Our You belong here. The Bow-
Gideon Moore Emily Cohen Rohini Kurup to bringing the rest of my class temperaments, strengths and doin community and class-
Eleanor Paasche up to my level, and the bad weaknesses could not be more rooms are bettered with your
teachers just didnt care. different. We have learned so addition. Your experiences and
Social Media Editor Business Manager Bowdoin professors have much from each other, includ- resilience and intelligence are
Gwen Davidson Sr. News Reporter Edward Korando different standards, and I did ing the lesson at the heart of all so special and valued here.
Uriel Lopez-Serrano James Callahan Ned Wang not reach them. I dont remem- this essay: The resources of this college
Faria Nasruddin
ber what I was busy with in- Comparing yourself to oth- belong to you, too, even when
The material contained herein is the property of The Bowdoin Orient and appears at the sole discretion of the editors. The editors stead, but it felt like drowning. ers at Bowdoin is going to make it doesnt seem like it.
reserve the right to edit all material. Other than in regard to the above editorial, the opinions expressed in the Orient do not neces- Any free time came at the cost you miserable. You deserve this place and all
sarily reflect the views of the editors. of other responsibilities, turn- My life is hard. It is also the it has to offer, no matter what.
Friday, August 25, 2017 7

Navigating the transition to Bowdoin as a person of color

being emerged in a community Union initiated a campus wide
by Raquel Santizo where few people look like you conversation for those who are
Orient Contributor
is not only daunting, but can not women of color to under-
I had already been told that also be exhausting. stand and learn about what their
I speak like a white girl. I had In transitioning to a PWI, peers may be going through.
already experienced the culture both times, I missed my food, Transitioning to college life
shock of transitioning from my music, my language and my can be a difficult time period
schools filled with working-class culture. Its something that I be- for everyone regardless of race,
black and latino kids, where the lieve can be equated to a mild class, ethnicity, gender, or sex-
majority of the students looked traumaa distressing experience, uality. But if you are reading
like me, to a predominantly in which the life you once navi- this as someone coming from
white institution (PWI). I had al- gated with platanos fritos, lomo a school or hometown with a
ready been congratulated on my saltado and Elvis Crespo playing similar makeup as Bowdoin or
receiving a scholarship, based on in the background, is complete- Brunswick, I ask you to be nice
an assumption due to the color of ly stripped away from you. And to those friends who are distant
my skin, even though the person although I had been mentally from home, because often phys-
did not know my financial status. prepared for this, having already ical distance is not the only part
I had already known what it felt graduated from a PWI, at Bow- of the strugglethere is also dis-
like to be minority. doin I became aware of my eth- tance from culture. I often find
I graduated from an all-girls nicity in a new and different way. homesickness and feelings of
prep high school and although As a straight woman having alienation can be alleviated by
the school boasted its 38% stu- attended an all-girl school, I no- simply asking what can we do so
dents of color demographic, ticed that the presence of men at that this feels more like home? A
when I looked around I felt like parties made it easier for me to viewing of the movie Selena, or a
there were only a handful of feel different. At parties, some- late night dance party to familiar
girls that looked like me. Com- times I felt out of place because music may just make someones
ing from a middle school most- my physical appearance did not AMANDA NEWMAN day much better.
ly made up of people of color match or align with the norm, asked to leave parties with were because they either feel invisible across campus. The photoshoot So, to those first-years, or
(POC), I, for the first time, was sometimes I felt uncomfortable not. I looked to women of color due to not meeting Eurocentric helped start a conversation sophomores or juniors or se-
learning to understand what it with the music and sometimes to try to understand how and standards of beauty, or they about the social scene and build niors, who are struggling to feel
really felt like to be a minori- I felt like I wasnt meant to be why they were also feeling es- feel worried that they will be a community of women with comfortable in their own skin
ty. This is an experience that there. I began noticing patterns pecially uncomfortable with the fetishized and exoticized. Thus, shared experiences and strug- here, I want you to know what
many of my POC friends first of behavior and saw that the social scene. the Woman of Color photo- gles. Coming together allowed you belong here and you deserve
encountered during their first women who people waited to I discovered that many wom- shoot was born in order to cele- for us to uplift one another and to carve out your own space.
year at Bowdoin. The combi- dance with were usually POCs, en of color attending PWIs brate the empower and celebrate realize our beauty. Additionally, We deserve to call Bowdoin
nation of starting college and however, the women people struggle with the social scene the beauty of women of color displaying the images at Smith home too.

Life as both student and athlete: finding friendship and support and classrooms. Youll have your class is in the same boat
by Julia Patterson by Matt Lison friendly faces to say hi to when you step on campus, and
Orient ContributorWomens Soccer Orient ContributorMens Hockey on your walk to class or to eat getting acclimated to a new en-
How are you feeling about Coming to Bowdoin, I with at the dining hall when vironment is easier having oth-
going to college? everyone didnt know what to expect. I your teammates arent around. ers to talk through things with.
would ask me. And every time didnt know anyone and, to be Although it may seem like One of the most import-
I would respond the same honest, knew very little about you have to devote all of your ant aspects of my first year at
way: unprepared. the school. Most of my team- time outside of the classroom Bowdoin was the relationship
I tried my hardest to put on a mates from juniors (pre-col- to your team, you are not that our class had with our
face of confidence when I woke lege hockey leagues) either limited to socializing with teams seniors.
up at 5:00 a.m. on the first day went to college early to train your teammates. On the sur- Playing a sport at Bowdoin
of preseason: testing day. In my
book, anything longer than a 50-
yard sprint was long distance, so
illustration with their team or had team-
mates as roommates. I knew
Bowdoin did things different-
face, teams around campus
can come off as exclusive, but
theres so much more behind
is both a great opportunity and
a significant challenge. , The
academic expectations from
the thought of the one and a half ly, but I figured I would still that stigma than people see. Its your professors and coaches
mile test had been intimidating have my teammates to rely on difficult not to spend the ma- are incredibly high, and man-
me all summer. Not surprisingly, immediately. Thats not how jority of your time with your aging your time is the key to
coming into the sixth and final AMANDA NEWMAN things went, however, and it team because of the respon- being able to succeed in the
lap, I was not doing so well. My conversations about school-relat- offer. Most valuable, they helped came as a surprise. sibilities that come with your classroom and at your sport.
struggle must have been obvious ed conflicts. My coach also made instill in me that attending office In fact, we didnt meet the sport, and its understandable None of us were masters at
because I soon had one of the it clear that the Womens Soccer hours is not a sign of weakness to hockey team until after orien- if you want to be around your it coming into Bowdoin and
seniors, who had a fever, running Team had the highest GPA out your professor. I began going very tation week, which meant each teammates because you have a none of us are today, but weve
beside me. I assume she has since of all the teams and we wanted frequently and my grades began of us had roughly two weeks of lot in common. gotten better by struggling
forgotten, but I will never forget to uphold that standard. I still to reap the benefits. meeting new people from an That doesnt mean your through it together just as
how she, in the midst of illness, remember receiving my first col- As a freshman, I was the one array of spheres on campus. time at Bowdoin has to be many of you will.
ran the entire last lap alongside lege paper back in my History of getting a great deal of help from When off-season training or limited to only your sport Although everyones situ-
me, telling me I could do it. I did Human Rights class: there goes those around me. Now, going into pre-season practices start, for and your teammates. Yes, my ation is differentsome may
not achieve an impressive mile the highest team GPA, I thought. my junior year, I understand that many, your sport becomes your best friends are my teammates see familiar faces from prep
time to say the least, but at that Very early on, I developed the its my turn to help others. Not life outside of the classroom and yes, I eat the majority of school, have siblings in a dif-
moment, I realized that age or mindset that I was not academ- because I feel like I have to, but and your teammates become my meals at the hockey table. ferent class, or you may know
class year does not matter, both ically suited for Bowdoin and because I truly want to help. Being your family. Youll likely eat But I met some of my closest no one at alleveryone has to
on and off the field at Bowdoin I thought I was solely living up at a place like Bowdoin makes you meals with your team, study friends at Bowdoin on my go through the process of set-
everyone is here to help. Strangers to the athlete in student-ath- realize very quickly how lucky with your team and go out pre-o trip. When it comes tling in. You will come to dis-
soon became teammates and lete and that I did not deserve you are to be surrounded by peers with your team due to practic- to meeting people and mak- cover that you are not alone in
teammates became friends that to be here. The support of my willing and eager to lend a hand. es and team activities dictating ing friends at Bowdoin, your finding your feet at Bowdoin.
will last a lifetime. roommates was invaluable; even And thats what I love most about a lot of your schedule. What is teammates might be your best Dont be afraid to reach out
However, my desire to go to though my roommates and I all Bowdoin: it seems to me that most important about those first few friends (and there is absolute- to the upperclassmen, both on
Bowdoin originated from know- came from very different back- students share this same attitude weeks after arriving on cam- ly nothing wrong with that) your team and around campus.
ing that my life would extend grounds, they became some of towards giving back. Looking pus is that, as you meet new but it is equally important to They know better than any-
beyond athletics here. I would be my greatest resources at Bowdoin. back at my soon-to-be-college- people and make new friends, reach out to the friendly faces one else what you are going
a student foremost, and my coach They offered help both with my student self, I realize it was fine to youll gain outlets beyond your you meet around campus and through and can give helpful
made it very clear that academics school work and advice on how to feel unprepared. I was starting the team that can help keep you in stay close to those friends out- advice about struggles on and
came first. This created a very take advantage of the many other journey alone, and Id get by with touch with the Bowdoin that side of your team. off the team, because theyve
comfortable environment for any resources that Bowdoin has to a little help from my friends. exists outside of your sport Just remember: everyone in gone through it themselves.

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8 Friday, August 25, 2017

50 things to do before you graduate

Essential activities for every Bowdoin student (according to the Orient)

1. Tour the Bliss Room in Hubbard 26. Poop in every academic building
2. Streak the quad 27. Get to know someone who lives in Brunswick
3. End the night at Brunswick Diner or elsewhere in Maine
4. Go to Frostys when it opens at 4 a.m. 28. Swim in the bioluminescence at the Coastal
Studies Center
5. Eat at all of Brunswicks Asian restaurants (10
and counting) 29. Become real friends with someone you meet at
6. Win dinnerbe the last to leave
30. Go on an Outing Club trip
7. Attend office hours with President Rose or
Dean Tim Foster 31. Be quoted in the Orient
8. Go to Joshuas at midnight on your 21st 32. Hook up with someone in an academic building
birthday 33. Take a picture with Randy at Ivies
9. Win trivia night at Pedro OHaras 34. Shotgun in every College House
10. Be mentioned in the Security Report 35. Take a class Credit/D/F (you can do it FOUR
11. Climb Mt. Katahdin times!)
12. Be featured on the photo wall in the 36. Get a grant from Bowdoin to do something fun
Union hallway 37. Go to the Common Ground Country Fair
13. Write your name on the chapel bathroom door 38. Go to the Ebony Ball and the Quinceanera
14. Eat until youre sick at Thanksgiving dinner 39. Heckle Colby at the Bowdoin/Colby hockey
15. Go to a concert in Portland game (Mules are sterile)
16. Win an intramural championship 40. Climb the rock wall at Buck
17. Skip a class 41. Get invited and go to dinner at a professors
18. Watch the sun rise or set from the 16th floor of house
Coles Tower 42. Volunteer through the McKeen Center to
19. Find the Brunswick commons, then explore mentor/tutor at a local school
20. DFMO (dance floor make-out) 43. Hook up in the glow-in-the-dark rock room
21. Complete the Bowdoin sevenhook up with 44. Ice skate on the quad rink
someone from every class year you overlap with 45. Have Irene or Connie remember your name
(ex: for the Class of 2021, someone in 2018- 46. Make art in the Craft Center
47. Attend the Brunswick Farmers Markets
22. Get drinks with a professor
48. Host a WBOR radio show
23. Get a lobster roll from Libbys Market
49. Vote in Brunswick!
24. Do the polar bear plunge
50. Lead a pre-o
25. Pee on every College House

Adapted from the original list compiled by Bowdoin Student Government and the Office of Residential Life.