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ARCC REVIEWER (Tao) Buckminster Fuller Architect of Dymaxion

House, The first machine to live in.

Ptolemy III Architect of Great Serapium at
Eric Mendelsohn Einstein Tower
John Ruskin and William Moris Art Noveau
Anthemius and Isidorus Hagia Sophia (St.
Sophia, Constatinople) Minoru Yamasaki WTC
Senusret I Who erected the earliest known Alvar Aalto Architect and furniture designer
obelisk at Heliopolis
Caesar Homer Concio
- Structure must be well oriented
- Architect of the Erectheion - Baclaran church
- Architect of famous Propylea,
Acropolis Tomas Mapua First registered architect in the
Theron Architect of temple of Zeus,
Agrigentum Carlos Santos Viola Iglesia Ni Cristo

Libon Architect of temple of Zeus, Olympia Juan Nakpil

Cossutius Roman architect of Greek temple of - Bonifacio monument design

Zeus, Olympius - Rizal Memorial Stadium
- First president and founder of PAS
Agrippa Pantheon
George Ramos
Imhotep King Zozers Architect
- Philippine Heart Center
Callicrates and Ictinus Parthenon - Lung Center
Phidias- Master sculptor of Parthenon Antonio Sin Diong SM Megamall
Walter Groupius Founder of Bauhaus school Gabriel Formoso Central Bank of the
of art. Philippines
Le Corbusier 5 points of architecture Felipe Mendoza
Eero Saarinen TWA Airport - National Library
Eliel Saarinen Chicago Tribune Tower
- Batasan Pambansa
Welton Becket Architect of Manila Hilton
Richard Joseph Neutra A house is like a
flower pot.
Louis Sullivan Form follows function.
Jose Herrera UAP first president.
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Less is more.
William Cosculluela Architect of Robinsons
Kenzo Tange Modern architecture need not Galleria
tobe western.
Van Alen Architect of Chrysler building in NY