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Synopsis: This is a simple fresh youth novel, describing one born from a
poor family, beautiful, stubborn, independent foreign language student
trainee Qiao Fei, and her love entanglements with the Minister of
Foreign Affairs Cheng Jia Yang. While the novel leans towards a neat
finish, the rhythm of the story is just right.

Chapter 1
Qiao Fei

April, the national french exam just ended, we are waiting for our grades.

The sunlight was very good, it was a bright spring day.

Huge bright windows looked out from the library, over the distant blue sea. The sea rose high in
the spring and the opened seagull wings, tempting one into laziness.

I sat in the library, my back a little fatigued, as I flipped through a dictionary at random. This
was an old habit. I saw a particular term, fatalit, a feminine noun, meaning fate, destiny,

(Short Summary: Qiao Fei is basically at the library for the whole day, just reading French stuff
(like she always does) and then her friend, Xiao Dan reminds her that theres a lecture that
afternoon. Shes a little more excited because one of the lecturers is a special someone [Chen Jia
Yang]. Shes heard of his glorious name before but shes never met him until now)

And the previous excerpt uses such great diction I couldnt resist! The author is pretty great.

So it was Cheng Jia Yang.

I had already sketched many images of him in my heart which ranged from a gentleman, wise
scholar, aged scholar, to a handsome guy. However, his appearance was beyond my

Standing on the stage was a very young guy, tall and skinny. He was wearing very casual soft-
textured white trousers but it showed a very dignified air. His whole face was very white. I was a
little far away from him so I couldnt clearly see his features. I only saw a pair of eyes which
were black and radiant, and a smiling composure. He had black hair over his ear. Thus, more or
less, he had some feminine qualities.

I was like the rest of the girls in the lecture hall, my eyes were unblinking, and my heart was far
far away.

Then I heard him say, Should I speak in Chinese or French?

His sound was deep and clear, like pools of water.

I heard another person mutter, Whatever you want, little brother. This voice was a little

Nevertheless it was I, the Qiao Fei who had seen Cheng Jia Yang for the first time.

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: So she rants a little more about Cheng Jia
Yang and then after the lecture she thinks of him again. The subject then shifts from Cheng Jia
Yang to herself and in the next excerpt she basically describes herself and what she lives for.

By thinking of him in this way, sitting in front of a big mirror, I began to put on makeup.

My face was painted white, I also had painted long eyebrows, on my small face, which almost
flew into the temple (side of the head behind the eyes), and bright red lips. My hair was so black
it seemed blue, and I put it up high, revealing my neck. Foreigners would like this kind of
Oriental woman.

I changed into a golden skirt which hugged my young body tightly. I faced the mirror, laughing a
little, and then laughing a little more. I looked very charming.

I pushed open the door and at first glance I saw feasting.

Short Summary Before You Read the Next Excerpt: So shes at her workplace which is a winery
in case you guys didnt know. She has to keep everyone happy which is a little hard especially
when people are drunk. But in any case, her goals and feelings for life really get me in the next

I think I was not the only female student to pass these kinds of days, and the people like me did
not count as a few. I felt fairly rich and knew certain kinds of self protection so it was not too
much of a loss like a big big loss.

I support myself, I love life.

Cheng Jia Yang

(Short Summary : Honestly, his part of chapter 1 is a little boring. Hes just come back from
France and a female friend of some sort, Ming Fang is introduced. They banter a bit about her
email because apparently she gave him the email that she used less often*cough and then he
eats dinner. Yep.)

Chapter 2
Cheng Jia Yang

This night, my sleep felt like a mess. When I woke up in the morning, my head extremely hurt.
My old nanny, Mrs. Zhang left milk and breakfast outside my room, when she left, she said,
Yesterday night, Xu Dong called you, and wants you to call him back.
Xu Dong was my best friend who had grown up with me. When introducing us, from this type of
clique it was inevitable to mention our parents backgroundsI wont even translate the next
part because I think we all know Xu Dong and Cheng Jia Yang are from uber rich backgrounds
by now.

I called his cell phone. The person who answered was a girl, who sounded innocent, Looking
for Xu Dong? Oh, just hang on a second.

Hello, who is it? Xu Dong did not sound clear-headed, I thought that I must have disturbed my
dear friends sleep with a pretty girl.

I am Jia Yang, Xu Dong are you busy? Come and meet me, ok?

My old friend immediately became enthusiastic. We agreed to meet at the International Club. My
own situation was not excellent however. Since I did not drive I called a taxi to go to the place.

When I got there Xu Dong was already waiting for me. It was a long time we had met again. His
old problem still hadnt changed. When I went up he hugged me in his embrace, his mouth
saying, Little brother, you must want to kill your big brother.

I used my arm to push him back half a meter, Here, there are a lot of foreign friends. Will you
watch your step?

He took my words as if they had flown past his ear, and intently stared at my face, It is still
Pariss atmosphere that is good. Just look at yourself, this trip has made you become handsomer
with more delicate features.

If you keep saying these things, Im leaving.

Why is your temper so big? You havent readjusted to the time zone yet right? Big brother was
just kidding, dont compete in experience with me alright, your interpreter excellency.

When we had exchanged serious talk, if not a few pleasantries, Xu Dong suddenly grabbed
my hands.

I have known him for many years, his gentlemans sexual orientation had no problem, but it was
the annoying habit that stemmed from his hands and his feet that made others irritable. I tried to
throw his hands aside, but he only grabbed me more tightly. He turned over my hand, shifted it
around, looked at my fingers, and then put it in front of his nose to smell it.

He raised his head, his face was surprisingly serious, and he said to me, You have no problems

What are you saying? I took back my hand, What problem?
Short summary before the next excerpt: So they banter about a few more times and then Xu
Dong sees a girl walking around and immediately perks up to attention. So the next excerpt is
when the girl finally turns around because she was kind of ignoring the many signals that Xu
Dong was sending her way haha. And Xu Dong seems a lot more goofy in the book or is it just

The girl finally turned around, Xu Dong was extremely happy, Oh wow, very good.

A small face turned around, with wheat colored skin, her large distinct black and white eyes,
with a smiling countenance. Her like was really not bad. This was my first time meeting Qiao
Fei. Later, she did something that would make me laugh many times in the future. She reached
out to the car that held the two of us, shook hands, and then shook hands again.

So after she walked awayXu Dong parked in front of the French Departments door and started
begging me to be sure to find this girl for him, which department she was from, her name, her
background. For this great favor he agreed to do anything. Seeing him this way, I could not help
but rebuff with, Then how did you lose her just now?

Isnt there an obstacle? A car that costs 100s of 10,000s of dollars, I cannot sidestep it. Good
brother, Im begging you.

I got off the car, mouth promising, my heart thinking, such a big foreign languages university, so
many girls, if I had to find just one, that would be easier said than done.

But I didnt think that so quickly, I would meet her again.

When I arrived the dean Professor Wang was not at his office. It was currently the weekend but
still, it seemed like before. Two to three lower level classmates were cleaning the office. Some
were wiping the glass, others were sweeping the floor. All were engaged in conversation so they
didnt notice me. At this point, a phone rang, under the table, a girl straightened, one hand
holding rag, her other hand grabbing the phone. It just happened to be the girl from before. I
thought that coming had not been a waste, and began thinking of ways to blackmail Xu Dong.

The girl who answered the phone faced me, and saw me, blinking her eyes. In the phone she said
in French, Professor Wang is currently unavailable, he is in a meeting, would you like to leave a

Ok, I will record it. The France Trade Promotion Association, Mr. Reynolds, asks the
professor to finalize candidates participating in translation by Monday.

What is your phone number?

13085792371, or my home phone is 88692273, remember this well.

No, no I am his student, you are flattering me.
My surname is Qiao, Qiao Fei. I will definitely carry your message over. Good Bye.

The girl put down the phone and said to me, Brother are you also looking for the head?

Yes, is he not here?

He is next door at a meeting, just wait for a while.

All right then, I sat on the sofa. She squatted again, and kept wiping the table. I said, Your
French is pretty good.

The sentence just now was not that hard.

Your pronunciations are also pretty accurate. I was being sincere, for vocabulary, grammar,
communication, can be improved through effort, however, the tone of voice is a natural thing, a
person has to born to imitate a reaction and tone, so quality is more valued in senior translations.


She stood up, sweat on her face. She used her own arm to wipe it, and told the rest of the girls,
Have you guys finished? We should go, Im hungry.

They cleaned up all the tools, Qiao Fei took the recording from before and gave it to me,
Brother [1], if you see the head later, explain this to him alright?

I replied with, No problem.

All the girls left. I sat down for a while. The head finished his meeting, grabbed his own tea cup,
and came in. When he saw me, he gave me a hearty wave. I gave him Qiao Feis recording, he
looked at it a bit, Jia Yang, I needed for you, just for this.

Monday, the France Trade Promotion Organization will meet some textile companies and needs
interpreters. It is not difficult, and there can be alternate interpretations, but because there was a
certain professional that still had to do some preparing, the director gave me some material, and
said to me: I am with the organization units, and when you go, you can take a few of our
department students to experience interpreting within the ranks. I looked at the list the director
gave me and, there was Qiao Feis name on it.

[1] A more casual term to use to refer to someone

Qiao Fei

After we left the heads office, Xiao Dans and Bo Bos eyes almost looked like they wanted to
kill me.
Why did Cheng Jia Yang only talk to you?

I must be just lucky.

Talking with you would be enough, why would you leave early? This made us unable to strike
up a conversation with him. I prepared for so long! Bo Bos entire countenance looked crazy.

When youve finished talking, you should leave, I righteously said, Plus, if Cheng Jia Yang
continued talking to me, my heart would jump out of my chest.

Chapter 3
Qiao Fei

(Summary: Qiao Fei talks about her foreign languages degree and talks about how she only
wanted to become an interpreter for a stable, well-paid job, and so she didnt have to learn math
(saame). She said that she feels that interpreters are only mouthpieces and that language is only
a tool, which makes people tools also. BUT, it was Cheng Jia Yang who made her change her
outlook on translating. And she thinks about that fateful day, the day when he would never forget
her. (cheesy if I ever heard it in the next excerpt, Qiao Fei and her classmates are all working
with Cheng Jia Yang) )

Every person all had many First times. This was my first time being an interpreter. My whole
body was sweaty. I felt that this job could absolutely fend off the cold for 39 days (haha, but
shes basically saying that she felt so hot and sweaty that she could survive out in the cold for 39

French people could be counted as bold, as they paid people on the scene. I not worked for 30
minutes yet, and I had already received 300 yuan. Looking at Cheng Jia Yangs hands envelope
in his hand, a small thick stack, he said to me, Ill treat you to some food.

Four of us, sat in Cheng Jia Yangs German car to go to a very famous seafood restaurant in
town. When it was my turn to order, I asked for some of the best salmon, a taste that I missed
and coveted dearly. It was 388 yuan per dish. I had somewhat of a weird idea, If this rich brother
wants to treat us, then let him spend money.

After everyone had ordered, I tapped on the waitress again, and said, If I could also have a
serving of potato braised eggplant, like that potato and tomato dish. Smashed until its pulpy, and
put on part of an onion. Tranzgeek: I have never heard of this.

I am from the Northeast. I said to the laughing Cheng Jia Yang.

Yeah, yeah. A male classmate said, She eats onions raw.
The waitress had a stubborn temper and said to me, Sorry miss, this is a specialty seafood

Please, Cheng Jia Yang said to that waitress, Tomatoes and potatoes, which shop doesnt
have this? Ill talk to the boss.

The womans face reddened and she elegantly walked away.

Summary: In any case, she seems to be convinced (of being an interpreter) by the conversation
she and Cheng Jia Yang have during the meal which goes like this:

I feel that your translating reaction is very fast.

Really? Thanks.

In the future, are you planning to be an interpreter?

I originally was not, but since you have looked well upon my performance today, I will consider
it. I pointed to his envelope full of the money that he had just made, Brother, is the income

Everyone looked at Cheng Jia Yangs open envelope. Like the French, he took each bill and put
them one by one on the table, Two hours, 4000 yuan.

Wow, I said. To the others, I said, Everyone work harder.

They all nodded their heads fiercely.

Summary: Afterwards, there is a bit more conversation, but it was a little pointless so I ended up
not translating it. Qiao Fei does end up paying the tip for the meal, but thats basically it.
Anyways, on to the next chapter.

Chapter 4
Cheng Jia Yang

(Summary: Cheng Jia Yang is still in school currently, (hope I didnt confuse anyone >_< ), but
hes graduating shortly. In any case, he has a lot to get in order before he graduates but he still
has time for friends: D

By the way, Ming Fang from the previous post was getting married to someone other than Cheng
Jia Yang which he was veeery sad about which will impact many things that happen in this
chapter. If youre watching the adaptation you can just think of Ming Fang as Wen Xiao Hua
minus Gao Jia Ming (the doctor). )
Xu Dong finally thought of something. One day while we were eating lunch, he asked, Last
time I asked you to help me find that lady, what happened?

The one he talked about was Qiao Fei.

I said, Nothing. I put a piece of juicy steak in my mouth, and looked at the Xu Dong who was
currently staring at me, and repeated, I didnt find her, finding people isnt that easy.

In fact, the day before, as the outstanding student representative, I had just given the third prize
awards and certificate from the French National Examination to her.

Feis performance was very different. Smiling, she took the certificate from my hands, and
surprisingly, in front of all the audience members, said, Many thanks to the college, I thank my
parents, I thank the director and their team, I am very happy to get an Oscar. I love you guys.
Then, she put an arm on her chest, with her emotional restraint and concealing her
excitement look. It was definitely the Oscar style.

Oh my gosh, this girl was really a clown. I believed she was simply well prepared, she knew she
would get this result. The students became a laughing group and the teachers were tolerant and
understanding of this excellent students humor.

I thought of her laughing countenance before, and I became very curious, what kind of
household did this child come from?

In front of my eyes, Xu Dong swung his hands, What are you thinking about?


He looked at me, I have something I want you to do for me.

Say it. Why are you being so polite?

I have a bid that I need translated into French. I cant trust others. Help me look at it.

From his bag, he took out a typed document. I took it and flipped through it. It was Xu Dongs
companys bridge construction project in Mali, Africa, My dad is watching my performance, I
must gain this project.

I said, I need a week.

All right. This is too good. I almost thought you wouldnt accept. As he talked, he grabbed a
banking card, putting it in front of me, Put some heart into this ok?

Stop it, I pushed the card back, How can you be like this with me?
Suit yourself, Xu Dong took back the card, If you dont want money then this business is
done. Since Ive hit the mark, your big brother thanks you.

Bids, these kind of documents, had little content, but because of the special nature of the
business wording the work was very demanding. In a weeks time, I translated Xu Dongs bid,
when I finished flipping the pages, I had also finished my career as a student, and thus as a
double master, I entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the high turn Bureau and officially
began work.

On my graduation day, after the ceremony, I hoped that I could see Ming Fang. I went to the
English Department teaching building to find her, and I saw her in a classroom, proctoring an

I hadnt seen her for two months, and maybe because of these marriage and complicated issues,
Ming Fang had become skinnier. She wore a pale blue skirt which still allowed her prettiness to
shine through, making me think of my younger years.

I was at her houses backyard, eating big bites of fruit ice, watching her sit on the swing reading.
Sometimes she would smile to me and say, Jia Yang, the strawberries got onto your nose.

I sighed, and left that place.

These lingering emotions flopped about and made ones heart annoyed. I wanted to forget her.

I had just started working, and I already had a hard task ahead. The French politicians were
visiting, and the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Vice president would
be receiving them. I was sent to translate.

Summary: So after the reception, the vice president walks over and asks him how his father is
doing and he answers with a bunch of business updates. Then, Zhou Nan comes over, who just
happens to be spoiler ********[Wen Xiao Huas husband in the drama]

He calls Cheng Jia Yang by name like how do you even know Cheng Jia Yang? It seems
implied that they have never met.

I am Zhou Nan.

I had no impression.

Ming Fang is my fiance.

In any case, we were linked by the Fu family. Should I call him brother? I probably should.

I shook his hand, putting force into it, to show affection I said, Brother, Ming Fang should have
introduced us sooner.
Qiao Fei

(Summary: Qiao Fei is at work at her winery again, and she just happens to run into Cheng Jia
Yang. Woohoo. Methinks their relationship is actually moving very quickly He seems to be in
the winery because of heartbreakI mean given his feeling for Ming Fang and her shallow
feelings for him if she gave him the email she used LESS often.)

This sister, we seem to have met before. He said, looking at my face, taking a close look. I
was not afraid. He had already become drunk, putting on airs, and forgotten his own other world.

In dreams, my precious brother?He laughed. What kind of wine do you want?

An expensive one.

No problem.

Next excerpt:

What world was this?In the nighttime, the elegant prince kissed a girl?

But what could I care so much for? This odd occasion was real.

Chapters 5
Qiao Fei

(Summary: So in the last chapter, I mentioned that Qiao Fei escorted Cheng Jia Yang away after
the two got a little caught up in kissing and such. Wellthey went to the beach apparently (for
no reason) and as you can imagine, Qiao Feis initial dreaminess transforms into disgust when
she sees his drunken mess as he pukes and pukes and pukes and then falls into a drunken
stupor/coma. Qiao Fei is basically just talking about how unlucky she is after the dreamy kiss
into being forced into taking care of such a person (-_-). What did you expect? )

I heard Cheng Jia Yangs voice, but I couldnt hear clearly. I didnt know if he was speaking
Chinese or French. I carefully distinguished his articulations, and found that he was actually
calling for water.

I said, Where?

He closed his eyes, Inside the car.

Inside the car I found some mineral water, and patted his face. I forced his mouth open and
poured in the water which made Cheng Jia Yang cough. He forcibly sat up, gargled the water,
and drank.
Then he saw me, and his eyes looked a bit sober.

Do you recognize me?, I asked.

He nodded.

Who am I?

I didnt know what I thought, maybe I wished that he would recognize me by name.

Ye Zong Huis little sister.

Right. I almost vomited.

Do you have any troubles in your heart?

He nodded, watching me. He was really handsome.

I sat down,

Is it because of love?

I met her fiance.

Honest person. This was true luxury. He could actually destroy himself for love.

Doing this to yourself, she doesnt know.

I dont need her to know. Even if she did know, it would be equivalent to her not knowing.

Logical problem.

Why dont you find her to talk about it?

This isnt a drama.

He was so drunk, and yet he could still rebuff others. He had really earned his reputation.

That was true, it wasnt a drama. But his head actually lowered, and leaned on my shoulder.

I didnt know how to drive, and thus had to wait for him to wake up on the beach. I was cold,
and tried to find warmth in his embrace. Skipped a bit in between because for no reason she
literally brings up smoking but anyways

His phone rang. I picked it up. The opposite person said, Jia Yang? It was a young voice.
Oh. My vigilance was very high, What did you say he was called?

Im looking for Jia Yang.

Are you looking for a skinny, white, tall person? Who are you?

Miss. Who are you? Call the guy by your side, I am his big brother.

This was too good. He was probably my savior. I put the phone near Cheng Jia Yang, and patted
him on the face. He emitted a chaotic yelp.

He is in this state, I said.

Nevermind. The opposite person laughed, I wont bother you guys then.

Wait a second, you can come to pick him up. We are currently at the West Beach, #26 highway,
on the south side. I told him accurately. Hes drunk. He cant drive home.

Ok Of course this was a difficult situation, of course Cheng Jia Yangs appearance would
surprise his family members, Im coming.

About how long?

30 minutes.

I received the line, and looked at Cheng Jia Yangs sleeping face, and said, Auntie [1] will
accompany you for 20 minutes.

Ten minutes before Cheng Jia Yangs big brother arrived, I left him, and journeyed to the town
on foot. Before dawn, the number of cars on the highway was very few, and sometimes there
would be some coaches (touring vehicle) that passed by. I looked at the license plates and saw
that none of them were from my hometown.

Summary: So shes walking to the bus station, looking for the car that will take the hot guy back
home. In any case, by chance, she meets Cheng Jia Yangs brother, who asks her where #26
highway. Her thoughts go a little PG-13 when shes thinking about the kissing and maybe the
stuff that usually occurs in the bedroom.

She gets home via bus and then falls asleep on Sunday morning to take a nap but is woken up by
her phone. When she sees the phone number her heart literally goes Ge deng. Hmmm I
wonder what time it is.

[1] Auntie is not used as a family term here, but as a term of familiarity and also to convey the
way she will be taking care of him for the next 20 minutes.
Cheng Jia Yang

Note: Jia Ming just drops Jia Yang off at his house and then leaves. Later, he revisits him.

After I woke up, I lay in my own house. Yesterday was a messy day. I remembered I had went to
Allure (the name of the winery), I remembered I had drunk a lot of wine. Besides the wine, I
had also lingered in someones soft and fragrant lips and then the pain, I remembered puking.

You awake?

It was Cheng Jia Ming. I had not seen my big brother for a long time. Right, I remembered he
took me back home.

Jia Yang, youre tired. You dont ever drink like this.

I sat up and asked him, What time is it now?

Sunday night, youve slept for a day.

No wonder you came to see me.Thus the gesture was inadequate.

Right. He gave me a cup of water and I looked at him. I hadnt seen him for two years but he
hadnt changed a bit.

Are you living well now? Jia Ming asked me.

I just graduated recently, Ive started working in the Foreign Affairs Department in

In the end, they still pulled you into this circle.

Youre a doctor, Im a civil servant, there are no differences between us. No one has went

I do what I like.

I had enough () I did not translate the phrase in between, I stood up and walked over, Dont
bully your patients.

Jia Ming who was older than me by three years was the black sheep of the family (the odd one
out). My parents had always allowed him to continue with his work in the foreign affairs, but to
fulfill their wishes he received a degree in medicine and became a doctor. (He talks about their
differing viewpoints and basically why they arent really that close)

I knew that mom and dad were not home so I specially came to see you.
What did you come for?

Ming Fang is marrying this week, do you know about it?

It seemed that the whole world wanted to investigate the issue from me. My feelings for Ming
Fang were all clear in Jia Mings eyes. So you came to ridicule me?

He hesitated, and thought about it, Thinking about it now, it does seem that way.

Get out, I said.

I heard the sound of Jia Ming shutting the door and sat down, opening the French book on the
table, World News (in any case he reads some bad news in France) there were actually no good

The cell phone rang. I looked at the phone number, it was Xu Dong.

Jia Yang, I reached my goal. My dad is very proud of my performance.

Congratulations. There was finally some good news.

How will your big brother thank you? He said, mysteriously laughing.


You can treat us then. This weekend, your big brother will give you a big present.

Chapter 6
Qiao Fei

Summary: The beginning was a bit irrelevant but in any case a new character appears who you
can consider Wu Jia Yi if youve watched the adaptation. Her name is Julia and she is really
close to Qiao Fei so she refers to herself as Qiao Feis big sister. Well theyre coworkers so they
probably should be pretty close. Qiao Fei basically laments about how she has to struggle
through life while Cheng Jia Yang is born of such a high social standing and then she goes to
work at the winery Allure.

Fei Fei. She called me as I was preparing to leave, Slow down, your big sister has to talk to

There were no mistakes, especially in such a suitable place and time.

Help your sister a little, I need to cope with some big clients.

This is a credibility problem, I cannot let them make fun of me. Just help your sister out a little,
60,000 dollars, all for you, Ill give it to you for free.

60,000 dollars.

I frowned, as this type of big money made me uneasy. However, Julia misunderstood me, and
felt that I was not sure. She grabbed my hands in one motion and instantly became tearful.

Fei Fei, speak. After you come, big sister will still be counted as loving you right? When you
werent happy I comforted you. When the big aunt came(Big aunt as in someone who was super
mad at her) I even let you borrow my napkin.

I quickly said, Stop. You grabbed that napkin to use as a handkerchief. All right, I can do it, but
I do have two conditions.

Talk to your sister.

Big sister, I want the money first.

I saw that you would have an offer. No problem. Next one.

Summary: They just talk a little and then the chapter ends. Nothing important, really. Qiao Fei
doesnt technically have a second condition but thats pretty much it.

Cheng Jia Yang

Summary: This chapter has been officially rated PG 13 but anyways Read the next part of the
summary at your own risk ***[ So apparently Xu Dong, being the playboy he is does some first-
timers and told Cheng Jia Yang about the amazing experience for no reason at all. And then
Cheng Jia Yang talks about how he had also done the act two times in college to his classmates.
Dirty dirty thoughts. Honestly.]

But finally, FINALLY he actually starts talking about relevant stuff as with Ming Fang, the
woman that he loves and he goes to attend their wedding.

I had never thought of her happiness, but I only thought about my unhappiness if she didnt
accompany me. I didnt want to smile in front of her and I would rather her keep a cold
countenance like me. I didnt want their wedding to succeed, but it was almost a full house. I
hoped that while they married there would be a tiny happening, just right of a disaster, and that
the garden would turn into an island, leaving just me and Ming Fang.

But, at Teacher Ming Fang and Zhou Nans luxury and warm wedding, the pretty bride laughed,
entertaining the many guests that attended, as of now, the sky was fine, cloudless, the grassy
gardens filled with a grassy scent and the permeating perfume smelled like Lily. The long tables
were pieced into a horseshoe shape, which was a symbol of luck. Ladies and gentlemen carried
soft conversation, with greetings and congratulations. The best gown, a Western dress hung in
loose folds and made a rubbing sound.

I drank some champagne, and finally heard Ming Fang and Zhou Nan turn towards me. My
mother gave them the selected gift and held their two hands, jubilant, congratulating them she
said, I wish you guys happiness, 100 years of unity.

Thank you, thank you, the two said together. It really was marital harmony.

The banquet began. It was not a buffet. Each dish was put on the table one by one, I drank a lot. I
heard the nearby gentleman say, Jia Yang is really good at keeping wine down. (uh no.)

The wine is good, is it fitting for your sorrows?, the girl beside me spoke.

I turned to look at her. This face, it was obviously unfamiliar but there were feelings of deja vu.

Summary: The next part was a little pointless because it was just his interactions with the girl
which were a little beside the point. I mean I think we all know hes at a wedding. Anyways

Finally, there were people who began to leave. I followed, preparing to leave as well. Ming Fang
had already changed into a pale purple mini dress, her hair coiled up, revealing a beautiful neck,
greeting guests in the garden.

I felt a surge of emotions well up, as I watched her, and watched her. In three steps, I rushed up,
and held her hand. Why should I act like a gentleman? Why couldnt I be myself? Loudly, I said,
Ming Fang, I love you. I want to be with you.

And then her tears, which fell into my embrace, her whispering voice, Jia Yang, I have waited
very long for you to say this to me.

And then we would completely forgo these occurrences. We would go somewhere far away.

But, on this beautiful day, none of things happened. I hid within my hypocritical self and walked
over. I shook Zhou Nans hand and hugged Ming Fang. In her ear I said, Your happiness, to me,
is very important.

I didnt know if anyone felt touched. When I had went to the marriage scene, my eyes were

I called Xu Dong and he agreed to send a present that would make me ecstatic. I said, I want it,
right now.

Right now? In broad daylight? Xu Dong laughed in the phone, You are really eager.

Chapter 7
Qiao Fei

I found the designated room within the guesthouse and used the card to open the door.

The room was very luxurious and romantic. The furniture was painted a light blue, with a golden
rim. In the middle of the room there was a small round table that held a big exalted princess of a
rosy color. It felt fresh and cute as the light breeze blew in from the window, emitting a faint
fragrance of roses, blowing the light blue curtain. There was also the same colored bed screen.
The large round bed lay in the afternoon sun, quiet, elegant, but not the slightest feeling of lust.

Who said that money was a jerk? Money could buy the loveliest things.

A sound of water came from the bathroom. A man was bathing. Thinking of it, my heart
couldnt stop beating.

A wealthy guy. This intuition came from the suits thrown around on the floor, from every button
to every buckle, one could practically see the the individual threads on each suit. I organized his
clothes, and looked a bit, this guy wasnt fat. This was good, there wouldnt be any heavy
pressure on the body.

I went to the window, and looked out to the massive sea, the sky-like color was bright and sunny.

The water stopped, and the guy walked out from the bathroom.

I didnt look around, and continued to stare at the big sea before me, in the further direction. In
my 20 years of life, this was the first time I lost courage.

I didnt want to talk, but also didnt know what I should do. If this was a skilled client he would
probably now how to guide the woman, and there was always some way, from cruelness to
gentleness. It should not be me doing the thinking.

Cheng Jia Yang

Note: This is Xu Dongs present.

After I bathed, I came out from the bathroom and saw a young woman standing by the window. I
couldnt see her face but the blackness of her hair made me think of someone who probably
shouldnt have been here. That person was playful and lively, clever and easy to laugh, and her
body had some enviable characteristics.

I didnt know how to handle these types of situations and said, Hi, do you want to drink
something? Juice, champagne or tea?

I saw her slowly turn her head, and then, we both stopped in place.
She first looked at the card in her hand, and then looked at me, confirming that she hadnt went
to the wrong room. She wanted to say something, and opened her mouth, but she also didnt
know what she should say.Her face turned crimson and she touched her own hair, and quickly
ran towards the door.

Right when Fei walked past me, I reached out to grab her arm. Her head looked downwards, not
looking at me. My mood was complex, but today I didnt want to be alone. I lightly said, Since
youve come, stay a bit.

No one knew how Fei felt in this very moment.

Later I asked her, and she said she had forgotten.

She was still unwilling to look at me. It looked like she quietly took a deep breath, and took of
her shoes, sitting on the windowsill. She wore a slender pair of blue high heels, she must be tired.

There was a moment of silence. Then, I said to her, After you saw me, did you make a

She didnt talk.

I also didnt know it would be you. This is, She thought about it, A friends plan.

But did you feel surprised, why would it be me?In the end, Fei was Fei, she was good with

I nodded. I admit, I was surprised.

I saw you in the Ye Zong Hui. (Last time Cheng Jia Yang called Qiao Fei, Ye Zong Huis
daughter which was equivalent to nightclub)

Oh? I didnt go to that place often, but I was actually seen by her? Looking at it now, could it
be destiny, What was I like?

Dead drunk.

What did I say?

A woman.

She married today.

No wonder, she finally looked at me almost pityingly, So you had to vent your anger?

I had no way to respond. The answer was evident.

Are you asking me why I would be here?


Fei lightly laughed. That was the person I knew, that type of laugh, autumn grass, desolate, and



What else would it be? She continued to look outside the window. I needed money, at such an
anxious time, after I got this job, I could make money fast. The pay is not bad, of course, saying
that it is not bad, there is also no way that it could pass your discernment. So you were absolutely
right, I was surprised to see you.

How long will you be willing to give me? I asked.

I dont know. Until youre satisfied? She knew she had spoken frivolously, shook her head,
embarrassed, I have no other plans today.

I walked over, and looked down at her side, Afterwards, we can both forget this happened. But
this afternoon we will both have a good time, all right?

She looked at me.

Summary: Then they do it. Not going to go into more detail than that Afterwards though

Qiao Fei

Note: Julia has a higher rank in the business after all. She seems to be a manager. But to Qiao
Fei methinks shes still considered a coworker sooo

It hurt a lot. However it wasnt at all like how it always was in books or dramas. The woman
would always cry out, but I didnt cry out. But as I looked at Cheng Jia Yang, it was not regarded
as sensual pleasure but as a skillful man. Throughout it all, I felt his body had an apricot scent. I
hurt all over, and I was made very confused by him, but I remembered the words of my manager,
Julia and I looked at his eyes. I had an extravagant wish that he would remember me.

Afterwards, I didnt leave. I went to the bathroom to bath. Cheng Jia Yang sat outside.

Does it hurt? He asked.

Are you hungry?

A little.

What do you want to eat?


Do you want me to call something up or do you want to go out to eat?

I didnt talk. Before, we had reached a general consensus. All other things, would not escape this

I said, What did you say?

Ah, nothing much. You want to eat noodles? What kind of flavor, Ill call them up. What about
fruits, what do you like? Strawberries or mangoes or watermelon He sensed his slip of the

Stir fried noodles. I said, With a pan fried egg covering, two , two.

When I came out, the table was prepared full of food. My waist was still sore, but I didnt want
him to see it, so I lifted my head and walked over, I said, Fantastic! There were hot noodles,
pan-fried eggs that were soft on the inside and burnt on the outside, and there was also a small
can of olives. This was for me. Otherwise, there was also a plate of fruit and a bottle of red
wine.While I ate my noodles in big bites, Cheng Jia Yang drank wine, and ate his steak (That
apparently came from nowhere).

Does it taste good? He asked me.

I nodded, it wasnt too convenient to answer right away.

Can you eat it all?

You asked for them all up. Ill try.

Dont force yourself.

I laughed, and lifted my head to look at him, Do you want to eat?

He put down his own knife, What youre eating sure is fragrant.

Believe me, for a girl, this was not a compliment.

I put down my chopsticks, I cant eat anymore.
Really? He came over, and sat on the other side, Then let me try some.

Saying this, he used his chopsticks to dig into my noodles.

This is average. He said, There isnt much flavor.

Then if you dont want to eat it, Ill eat it. I think its very good.

You dont believe me?

PG-13; read at your own risk or at your own liking******: [In the next second, Cheng Jia
Yang used his own mouth to grab my mouth. I only felt him hankering after my noodles, and
thought about what I could do to combat this sinister intrigue. But his tongue, was really ecstasy,
flexible and flipping around in my mouth. Before, I saw little from him, I thought I only knew
the kiss the family portrait to death kiss.

I struggled to grab two strawberries from the basket, and there was only a small distance away
from him. As I struggled, I put the strawberries into our mouths.]

This taste is good.

Strawberries have seeds

What followed, I had little impression of. My body was still sore but I still did it again with
Cheng Jia Yang. (okay we can stop there)

Later I had a period of time in which I suspected I could have remembered wrong. I heard Cheng
Jia Yang put his head in my embrace and say, Fei, thank you.

Chapter 8
Qiao Fei

When the day became dark, I left that guesthouse, riding the bus back to school. My hips were a
little sore and I curled up my legs under the bus pad on my knees. The cars drove along the
coastal path, and I could see the blurred coastline. The sea breeze blew in, bringing some sand.
My heart whispered one persons name, Cheng Jia Yang, Cheng Jia Yang.

Cheng Jia Yang

When Fei finished wearing her clothes, and she was preparing to leave, I did a very dumb thing.
I didnt have any other attempts like she said, but I knew she needed money so I gave her 3000
yuan from my wallet.

She looked at that pile of money and looked at me, Ive already received my money.
I said, No, this, me. In reality, I had no idea what I should have said.

Is this for the second time?, she asked.

I nodded a bit and then shook my head.

Nevermind, go buy something for yourself then.

Dont say things like that. I said. I knew she wouldnt accept this money, but I still had
something else I had to say, Being with you, was a very pleasing experience.

Me too. She opened the door.

If you have any troubles, you can come find me. I said.



Later she left. I turned around. The big room, had been made messy by our playing around.
The bedding was messy, the bathrobes and pillows were scattered on the floor, and soaked in
spilled red wine. The blue tablecloth had been pulled a little down arrayed with strawberry,
pulpy mango juice and other bright colors.

Feis catlike eyes flashed before me, she sat on me for passion.

By this time, I turned and began to read.

Outside the window there was the blurred coastline, the sea breeze blew over, bringing
individual small particles of sand, my heart kept thinking back to one name Fei, Fei.

The second day I went to work, I energetically went to work.

Summary: He basically gets a new mission and he has to go to Canada for three days to do the
oil corporation stuff like specifically exportation/importation over seassomething like that with

Jia Yang, today, the colors of your face are not bad.

Really? Yesterday I slept pretty well.

(I skipped a part because it was kinda unnecessary but anyways)

The moment I entered my office, and put down my material, I got a phone call.
The person who was calling was a high school classmate, Xiao Chao. After high school
graduation he did not continue on to college but instead, made his own travel agency, with very
good management, which earned a lot of money.

We didnt contact each other very often, but this guy had actually called for the fourth time. I
could taste that had happened.

Great interpreter, yesterday, I looked for you for a whole afternoon.

Its so hard to find a break, I shut down my phone.

Are you busy?

Its okay. After the next two days Im going to leave the country. Do you need anything?

Ah? When she heard I needed to go elsewhere, her voice changed, Now what am I going to
do? I actually do need something. It was so hard for me to find a French tourist group, and
theyre staying within the country for half a month. Can you find me a French translator?

I unconsciously thought of Qiao Fei.

How much will you pay?

Ill give 500, the foreigners also pay tips. This trip will earn us 10,000 to 30,000. Get a grip on
the opportunity.

When does your group arrive?

In 15 days, brother, can you help me grab this?

Ill reply to you in a moments time, I said.

Yesterday when we lay on the bed, resting, I asked her what she wanted to do during the break.
She mentioned that she wanted to find a job and also earn some money.

Leading a travel group around was a great job. Even though the work was a bit hard, for student
Qiao Fei, this was a very good practice opportunity.

My question was, yesterday, when she left, we had already agreed that we would make that day
remain in memories. But outside of the room, would she be willing to see me again?

Even if that afternoon no longer lingered, we were still school mates and we had also worked
together before. Introducing a job for her should have been a very normal thing to do.
Thinking like this, of course I overthought it. This made me realize that I didnt even have her
phone number. Well while we werent on break yet, I called the French Department Girl
Dormitories. When the phone connected, my heart jumped a bit.

Was there another anxious man?

No one answered.

That afternoon, before I went to go eat something, I called another three times but still, no one
answered. I thought, This must not be right, even if she isnt at the dormitory, she should have
dorm mates nearby. Should I go see her? This idea just flashed in my mind. I knew, this time,
besides our embarrassment there would be nothing else.

Never mind then, it wasnt as if this was urgent. I waited. Xiao Chaos French group still had
some 15 days before they arrived right? (The book said Xiao Ping for some reason but I think
that it meant Xiao Chao because I have never heard of Xiao Ping until now.)

My parents returned to the house today. We cooked dinner together and my dad asked me how
my work was going. I replied him saying that three days later I would have to go to Canada. My
father didnt say anything else, and my mother laughingly asked him, I asked your head already,
he said your performance was pretty good.

This was their old almanac. Since elementary school, my dads sources would come from an
arranged week when he would go meet the class homeroom teacher, and ask him how I
performed. It actually continued to the present. Actually, my father had no point in asking me
about my situation because he probably understood things a lot clearer than I did.

Are you busy tomorrow? My mother asked me.

No interpreting assignments.

I returned just recently with you dad, and missed you a lot. Lets both go play some golf then.

Just because I have no assignments doesnt mean I dont have work.

How can you not have work? Dont you see interpretation as work? My father said,
Tomorrow I have an appointment with a few friends from Benin, come with me to interpret.

I didnt talk. My dad was also a great interpreter in French, and he had even become an official,
so he only brought professional interpreters along with him.

Summary: The next part was a little confusing, but Cheng Jia Yang ends up calling Qiao Fei for
money issues as she comes up to his mind first, since they just had the experience.and Qiao Fei
proved to be someone who would do anything for money. I think the foreigners that his dad told
him to help with the interpretationsthey start a confrontation and demand 2000 American
dollars which is x6 Chinese yuan. Hes a little shocked and he kind of doesnt want to offend
them so he ends up calling Qiao Fei for money. I dont think he has her phone number though
unless he got it magically from the author but well see

I called her, but still no one answered from the bedroom.

I said, Dad, I have some things to do, so Ill leave first.

I didnt wait for his consent. (niceeee)

Chapter 9
( I talk in italics in parentheses. So within the book, as you see stuff like (this) thats me talking
and confirming stuff )

Cheng Jia Yang

I returned to the school, to get news of Fei. I called the Dorm Head and asked her to try to find
Qiao Feis phone number, but there was still nothing. A little anxious, I asked her, Are you
currently on break? (Like summer break, spring break)

Not yet, but after the students finish taking the test they can leave the school. Who are you
looking for?

Qiao Fei. French Department.

Qiao Fei went home. Someone behind me said.

I turned, there were two girls, their hair wet. It looked like they had just returned from bathing.
They looked at me, and nodded their heads, Senior brother.

How did she go home? What time? I asked.

Monday morning. It was yesterday, their expressions looked pretty curious.

Ai ya, then what am I going to do? I thought of something, it would just be a matter of asking
for her address, Last time, she took the interpretation job under me. Do you guys have her
address? I have to give her some mail.

I have it, its here. The Dorm Head said, Her dorm registration form has it.

I wrote down the address, Fei lived in the Dong Bei area in a medium-sized industrial city, I felt
as if I was missing something. Is there no phone number?

No. She didnt leave a home phone number.
It was currently Tuesday morning at 11:00 AM, so Fei had left already for a day and half, but
before I left for Canada I only had two days. Nevertheless, two hours later I boarded the plane
for Shen Yang.

After I got to Shen Yang, I had to take a train, but the train was unavailable that day, so I could
only ride a long-distance bus. I rode with the goods of the business owners and peddlers in the
bus. The smells permeated the bus that I rode for 3 hours. When it was almost nighttime, I finally
arrived in Feis city.

Summary before you read the next part: Cheng Jia Yang finds Qiao Feis house, but shes not in.
Thus, he has to wait for a time

I saw that people were coming. It faintly looked like Feis silhouette, her hand holding some
object, and it wasnt just one person.

I stood up and walked over.

By her side was a woman who was selling cigarettes. Fei supported her holding the smokebox.
She wore a blue small dress, her black hair was tied into a ponytail, little like a prostitute, but
more like a junior high school student.

I could see her clearly, she walked over to my side. She saw me, but maybe because it was too
dark, she didnt recognize me.

In a low sound I said, Fei.

She stopped, and turned her head, My gosh, I was wondering how it could be you.

Qiao Fei

Note: In Qiao Feis part, its just her responding to Cheng Jia Yangs questions. She is the only
one talking.

Right this is my house, someone gave the house to us. This is my mom, right, she is deaf. My
dad is also deaf. So at our house we arent comfortable with phones. He was hospitalized, and
just went through heart surgery and came back from the hospital, I just cared for him.

Right, its because of this we need money.

No, no, Im pretty good. This is nothing.

I missed my dad and my mom so I returned.

Really? You have been looking for me?
Do you need anything.


I dont know. Ive never been a tourguide before.

How much money will I earn?

Oh. Then maybe I can try it. Yes, there is still next semesters learning fees.

Can you give me the phone number of the travel agency? Ok, I will contact him.

How did you get here? Are you tired?

Cheng Jia Yang

Feis mom brought me cold water, Fei talked to me while she helped her mom dry the cigarettes
bag by bag. Before, I was always very curious what Feis household was like. She had a very
high talent for language, a hearty and lively personality and a radiant beauty.

From what I could see this was a small room of 50 meters or so, besides the kitchen, the
bathroom and the hallway. There were also two rooms, one big one small. The big room looked
to be no more than 10 meters. Inside the room, it was extremely clean but very out of date, not to
mention the lack of decoration.

Using sign language, Fei told her mom that I was her classmate.

I saw a photo of Fei and her parents on the wall, she was still very small, her hand held a big red
plastic apple and she laughed brilliantly. She looked a lot like her dad.

Towards the touring work, after she knew what the assignment entailed, she became extremely
enthusiastic. I gave her (if you remember last time, I talked about the Xiao Ping, Xiao Chao thing
because Xiao Chao was the one who called Cheng Jia Yang but then afterwards, Xiao Ping was
mentioned instead of Xiao Chaowell I can only assume that Xiao Ping and Xiao Chao are both
in the travel agency) Xiao Pings phone number and she put in her notebook.

I yawned, she asked if I was tired.

I shook my head.

She said, Ill give you some hot water, wash up, and then rest here.

I shook my head again, quietly, but underneath I was very happy.
At her bathroom, Fei used a wooden board to cover the toilet, and filled a kettle full of hot water,
as well as a blue wash basin full of hot water. To me she said, This is where I wash my face,
you can fill it with hot water when it gets cool, but dont burn yourself.

I washed my head and rinsed my body. I felt very indescribably tired. When I got out, Fei had
already washed my T-shirt and my pants, and hung them in the balcony.

She walked over and put the dry washcloth on my head. I thought she would help me wipe some.

She said, Today you can sleep in my room, Ill sleep with my mom.

I said, Wont this be intruding on you?

No problem. How could you not go to work? Did you run out?

I was just about to talk about this, I was afraid you had encountered a problem.

She laughed, The person who makes me have problems hasnt been born yet.

Tomorrow Ill go. The next day after that, I have to go to Canada.

She looked at me, Then sleep well, tomorrow Ill send you.

Fei put a new bedspread on the bed and I lay on it. I could faintly smell soap.

The second day I woke up and Fei and her mom had already prepared breakfast. Soymilk, fried
dough sticks, mixed with tea eggs and bean sprouts. Feis mom gave us two tea eggs, that filled
one with a fresh fragrance, and were pleasing to the mouth. Then, we all left Feis house. Her
mom went to her street stall and Fei and I sat in on the train to Shen Yang.

I dazedly sat on the train, looking out at the landscape. The events that had passed these past few
days, and what I had thought about (wow), made me secretly shocked.

This was not fickle.

That afternoon, my heart had a hole after Ming Fangs wedding, and by chance, Qiao Fei came
to fill that gap. This young woman who had come into my life was too different from me,
causing a big impact on me, as it was, my hearts hole had been fully covered by her, occupying
my whole heart.

My head only had her, when I left, I could not help but worry. In the end I still said, You wont
be going to Allure again right?

She waved in my direction, her black hair blowing up, like the fluttering banner in the summer

Chapter 10
Qiao Fei

I explained to my mom where I had gotten so much money, we used it for a very long time. I
used sign language to say, The teachers and the students helped me a bit. Usually I also work a
little. Mom do you not believe me? My studies are very great. Being an interpreter in the big city,
there are a lot of opportunities to make money. The senior that just left, did you see him? He is a
very good person, he let me borrow a lot of money and helped me find a job, right now, mom, I
should go work now.

When I left, my mom gave me a small pocket of tea eggs. I sat on the train to Shen Yang and
then boarded another train to the school. It took half of the whole day.

We were already on break, nevertheless, the school had many students who didnt return home.
Bo Bo was inside the room. She was staying here, to accompany her boyfriend who was
preparing to take a test.

I rested for a day, and then called the travel agency phone number that Cheng Jia Yang had left
for me. The person who answered was a guy, and he spoke very exaggeratedly, a normal local

Do you need any French interpreters? Cheng Jia Yang gave me your phone number.

Ah, so you really did decide to call. I almost thought you had gone missing. Come over a bit
and Ill talk to you about things.

I found the travel agency, and found Cheng Jia Yangs friend Wu Xiao Ping. He looked at me,
and was a little suspicious, Miss, how old are you? Have you graduated from high school yet?

21. I made my age higher by a year, Im a junior. Next semester, that is.

I asked Cheng Jia Yang to find me an experienced translator, why would he give me such an
inexperienced person for the job?

You havent heard me speak French, how would you know Im not good? Say a phrase and I
can translate it into French.

I thought that this person wouldnt know any French, and thus, I had said it as a bluff.

The guy laughed, I got what was coming, Miss, since Cheng Jia Yang believes you, I
should also believe you. While in Canada he called many many times to ask me if you had come
yet. At this time, I got people to give you information. As it is, the French guests will go to the
airport. Going to the restaurant, these type of words should be no problem for you. When you
arrive at the country, youll just have to accompany them. Its not that hard.

The French group should be here within 15 days, and theyll be going to Beijing, Xian,
Chengdu, Kunming, Guilin, and Shanghai. At the last stop, Shanghai theyll go back home.

I bought enough food and water, practicing my French. This was my first real assignment, and
Cheng Jia Yang said that I couldnt neglect the revenues.

Before I went to lead the French group, I went around with Bo Bo to buy some soft-bottomed
sandals. In front of the mirror, I looked at my smiling expression, and revealed my white teeth,
SoyezlesbienvenuesenChine! (Welcome to China)

The second day I picked up about 30 French males and females in the French tourist group. We
went to eat the prestigious roasted duck first. The person who sat next to me, a big man, ate
about 20 spring rolls, and then pointed at me and asked, How do you make this chocolate-
colored sauce?

I asked the waiter and he said, Flour and a special ingredient.

After I translated the phrase I realized that, special ingredient, this phrase was very suitable to
answer any of the questions about food.

We went to the hotel, took a break, and then went to the Forbidden Palace. It was currently the
tourist season, touring groups came one after another. One one hand, I had to explain all the
attractions, on the other hand, I also had to gather all of them together before we moved on to
ensure unity, I couldnt lose even one. Fortunately, work went well, and I explained everything
concisely and accurately, even if I wasnt always fluent in French. The foreigners were amazed
at the splendor of the Chinese classical period.

In the next two days, I led the group to see the Ming Tombs and the Temple of Heaven and to the
Great Wall of China. At the Ming Tombs, I met another French touring group, and the leader
was a guy. They kept with us, at every step, when I allowed the foreigners to freely take pictures,
he came up to me and said, Miss, this is your first job as a tourguide right?

I had studied in this city for two years, throughout it all there wasnt any way I could face these
kinds of accents but towards people who made fried dough and noodles I felt very good. I drank
some mineral water, Yes.

I saw that early on. Yesterday in the Forbidden Palace, I watched you.

I looked at him.

In this kind of place, a large majority of guys thought that they knew everything.
Do you know why?

I drank another cup of water.

Look at yourself, saying so many words, but you never think it gets tiring.

I couldnt tell if this was a compliment or a criticism.

What are you doing? Dont you need to explain things to the tourists? How can you lead the
tourist group like this?

Whats the rush? While you explain things to the tourists, dont the exhibits also have English?
Let the foreigners look at it themselves. Ill teach you some less tiring tactics.

I really despised him, You accompanying my group, isnt that to also allow your tourists to hear
me explain things, so that you can save yourself the effort?

The guy laughed.

Ai ya, this is too annoying, I said in a Dong Bei dialiect. I had always felt that my hometowns
speech was very strong, it was very suitable for scolding people. I dragged my tourist group
away, dumping that passerby.

This was an international city, the foreign languages bombard one when they peek into any

The night before we left for Xian, my tourist group went to Wang Fu Jing to eat some snacks.
The whole street had two kabob stalls. When the foreigners saw the cicadas being placed onto
the sticks, they were very curious and stopped walking.

The guy was very clever. When he saw white people, he said, Hello.

The French people laughed.

Thus, the guy immediately said, Salut, which was the equivalent of Hello in French.

The French people were happy, and together said, Salut. Salut.

Note: In the next section, the author uses Chinese words to pronounce the French kinda like
when I use English to pronounce Chinese like Xian or Wang Fu Jing. So Im just going to
write what the author writes but its probably not going to be the same as the actual French. So
if anyone knows French and also knows what the author is trying to say I would really

appreciate it

The French people pointed to the cicadas and asked, Gua? (What is this?)
The guy: Xi Ga Le. (Cicadas)

The French: Gao Mang Mang Ri? (How do you eat this?)

The guy: Fu Li Le. (You cook it)

Which emitted another response from him, Beng (Its fragrant)

From curiosity, the French counted all of the people within their group and said, One. They
ordered twenty kabobs with other meat kabobs. The guy happily received his money and cooked
the kabobs.

My heart thought, Its true that heroes appear in random places ah.

Two days later, when I had worked hard, my throat red and mute, I began to think of what that
guy had said to me. Maybe there was a lazier method.

When we arrived at Xian, the person who accompanied us was one 40-ish gentleman. I could
finally take a break. His French was authentic. Later I would find that he was a lecturer at the
local foreign languages institute, teaching professional interpreters. But, the pay for professors
there was not high, Xian was also another place where tourists came often. Coming out to work,
there were many opportunities, and you could also supplement the family income.

I learned another trick from this teacher.

Our hotel stay was very enthusiastic. He arranged a dumpling feast to entertain our
international friends. Before the banquet, the executive chef personally volunteered, to teach
foreigners how to make dumplings. He explained the whole learning by doing, of course, it
was entirely in Chinese.

Please take a look, we are taking the best flour and mushing it into small balls. Using the rolling
pin we then roll them into round pieces and then we put the stuffing in. There cannot be too
much or too little. Then, we piece the dumpling skin together. Put a finger into the water, and
then stick the two sides of the skin together. It can be petal-like or wave-like according to your
personal preference.

Dumplings were classic Chinese food. As the saying goes, Standing, why not sit, deliciousness
cannot surpass dumplings..

I was worried for this teacher. When I saw him drink a cup of water, and then skillfully deflected
the French people by saying, Dumplings are Chinas most delicious classical foods. Did
everyone see what the chef just demonstrated? Making it like that, you can make delicious
dumplings. Make sure you wash your hands. He looked at me, and blinked his eyes, If you say
more than you should, they dont understand.

I agreed.
Hearing the English tourists, the Japanese tourists, the Korean tourists, and the Russian tourists,
their content was not greater than his. At that time I was pretty happy. I thought I had increased
my experience, and learned opportunity, the surest skills.

(Just in case you were wonderinghow to make dumplings.)

When we left Xian to go to Chengdu, and Kun Ming we talked along the way. These two
accompanying people were like the person from Xian. He was good at what he did, without
effort, I made a lot of tips.

Finally, when we arrived at Gui Lin a mishap occurred, we got off the plane, only to find
someone smiling and saying, Gutentag.

I said, What did you say? Here we say Bonjour (hello in french).

He stopped, You arent the Germany group?


We talked some while the foreigners busily organized their luggage.

Can you quickly find a French person to accompany us?

No. Right now is the peak season, so theyre all out.

I wasnt sure. I hadnt looked at the Gui Lin commentary at all.

Can you give me some information? I need to prepare what I have to say.

All right, all right, Ill go back and grab it. Tonight, Ill just send you to the hotel. Then he
quickly withdrew himself from the group and I didnt know where he went again.

We went out; besides myself, I couldnt trust anyone. If I didnt know this city I wouldnt be able
live today. That German brother didnt appear again even as we left.

The good part was that we only stayed in Gui Lin for a day. The moment we arrived at the hotel,
I asked for the Lijiang tour, and then went to Yangshuo to grab the travel material, so that I could
make simple preparations.

After this trip, it could be considered that I had accumulated experience. Before the trip I spoke
in light English slowly. The Frenchs English was not bad, and they could still understand. A few
times when they didnt understand something they would ask me. Last night I had done my
preparations, and asked the tourguide a few questions, ruling out any mistakes.

Right when the Gui Lin trip seemed to be underway, some difficulties arose.
Before we went to Shanghai, to prevent special cases from occurring there, I took out the
information and lay in bed, practicing. All of a sudden someone knocked on my door. When I
opened my door, I saw the big guy who had eaten 20 roasted duck spring rolls in one go. He
stood outside, the left side of his face a little swollen. Trembling he asked, Did I disturb you?
My tooth hurts a lot. I want to go to the hospital.

I wore some clothes and followed him out, fining the nearest dental clinic.

The dentist saw the foreign guest, and was quite warm, and introduced the disease after a careful

It was the afternoon now, dear heaven, at a time when all things wanted to rest, tired me was here
to make a consecutive interpretation between a dentist and a patient.

Dentist: Tooth decay.

Me: There is a hole on the tooth.

Dentist: The nerves are spilling out.

Me: You already feel the pain. Inside the tooth, the insides are spilling out.

Dentist: You must kill the nerves, then, diminish the inflammation.

Me: We have to take out the inside and then relieve the pain.

Dentist: We need to completely remove the plaque, grind it a bit, and then plug the tooth.
Choose a solid material. A darker material is good, and the white material is also good.

This was the last straw, I told the dentist, Whatever, just do as you want, why talk so much? Im
going to the dentist, and he just takes a drill, and its done. Why say so many words?

This dentist also became annoyed, he looked at me, Arent you still learning foreign languages?
How can your teeth be the same as his teeth? Diplomacy is no small matter dont you know?

My temper ah, but I could no longer say any French, Chinese was also not possible. I had been
too angered by the dentist.

The Frenchman who had the toothache was tortured and struggled up, to me he said, Whatever
way is okay, just tell the dentist to hurry up, Im going to die.

The surgery took two hours, and after the man had been anesthetized, he fell asleep. I was by
him the whole time. I became so sleepy that things began to blur. It seemed that I saw Cheng Jia
Yang, and we returned. He asked me how I was and my right hand tightened into a fist, and I
said bitterly, In my whole life do not ever let the doctor condescend me like that ever again.

Chapter 11
Qiao Fei

Finally in Shanghai, everything stabilized. A senior sister, a graduate student, accompanied the
group, she was excellent, and very focused and serious. Besides the fact that she ignored me,
there were no problems.

Finally we sent the foreigners off at the air port. I gave them my small red packets. I gave them
all kinds of currencies from the Euro to the American dollar. Though it did not seem like a lot,
when you added it all together there was probably around 2000 dollars. When I returned to
Beijing, the travel agency boss Wu Xiao Ping paid me quite a lot, my heart eased some that I
deposited it into a small card. At least, I would be able to pay for next semesters fees.

Wu Xiao Ping was very satisfied with my work, he shook my head saying, Not bad, girl,
so I really did look down on you. In the future, if you need work you can come look here.

I thought of this path of tiredness from rushing around, but there was also the successful
completion of the assignment which brought experience and knowledge, and there was also the
money issue. My heart no longer hated the Beijing accent as much as I used to, Thanks, you can
call me at any time.

Theres another person you should thank, Wu Xiao Ping said, his expression saying I know
something is up with you two. He recovered his annoying character, Cheng Jia Yang kept
calling me to ask if you returned yet.

Ah, right, I do owe him money. I pretended to look disappointed at the realization, See, my
days are not easy, the creditors chase me very tightly.

I returned to the school, fiercely washed my body, and fiercely slept for a whole day. I slept until
my face was puffy, but I was woken by a call.

It was Cheng Jia Yang. The number was unfamiliar but I knew it was him.

You returned?

Ah. You also returned from Canada?

Ive already returned for more than a week. How was it, did you eat well?

It was okay, I can cope. It widened my knowledge by a lot, I had never went to those places.
Plus, the pay was pretty good. Next semester, Ill have no problem. Wu Xiao Ping also said that
in the future if French tourists come, hell find me. Right, I should thank you.

He laughed in the phone, How will you thank me?
I didnt talk. My signal wasnt that great, the phone made some Zilazila sounds. I took the
opportunity to say, What? I couldnt hear clearly. What did you say?

.Nothing, rest well.

Ok, bye.


I collected my money and looked on the screen for the amount of time I had spent on the phone.
56 seconds. Continue to sleep.

My dreams were very strange. I participated in the test, rolling up papers one by one.
Immediately, the bell rang, but there were still endless papers that still werent done. I was
scared, and sat up in a cold sweat. I found that it was a bit into the night, and outside the
window was Zhang Lus face in the rock ledge.

I grabbed some potato chips and put them into my mouth. Then I said to her, Bo Bo, please,
when youre online can you open the light? Your face looks like a ghost behind the screen.

Arent you afraid itll affect your rest?

Help me look it up, what has happened if youre dreaming about tests?

Bo Bo was a master at this, she opened the understanding dreams webpage, and ghostlike, she
read, Not sure, not confident, apprehension and suspicion.

The next period of time until the time when school would start, I lived a stable and relaxed
lifestyle, I read books, studied and, memorized my homework. I called my neighbors. Auntie
said that my father had been un-hospitalized and my mother had allowed her younger brother
who lived in the countryside to live in my house to help care for him.

When it was almost time for school to start, I answered Wu Xiao Pings phone call. He said he
had another French tourist group who had come to look around. I had to be with them for two
days. That afternoon when I went to go meet him, I saw Cheng Jia Yang.

When I arrived I saw him sitting in Wu Xiao Pings office. His hair had become shorter, and his
hairstyle had also changed. But I could still recognize him immediately.

Wu Xiao Ping, who was turned towards me, waved his hands, Jia Yang turned around. I saw that
his color was very good. He looked at me and smiled.

I said hi to the two, and Jia Yang said to Wu Xiao Ping, All right, I still have other business,
Xiao Ping, you can call me. Then, he said to me, I thought you had disappeared.

I study daily at school.
Oh, bye then.

Bye, I said.

Wu Xiao Ping escorted him out.

Suddenly I felt that my heart was empty. I realized that the only thing that me and Cheng Jia
Yang repeated was, bye. Bye.

Wu Xiao Ping came back, and gave me the information packet with the touring information and
the hotel and food vouchers. I grabbed it and left. I used the elevator to go downstairs. After I
exited the writing floor, I walked very slowly. It wasnt as if I had anything else I needed to go.
The summer sun shone on my body, and my skin became itchy.

Qiao Fei.

Cheng Jia Yangs car stopped beside me. He was this kind of person. Just for one sentence, he
would get off of the car to tell me. He wouldnt be like those rich young men who approached
young girls in the drivers seat.

Are you afraid? Ill send you back to school?

I said, Dont you still have things to do later?

He shook his head, I was waiting for you.

I sat on his car. He played some very light music. Patricia Kasss song If you leave softly
hovered in the car. The sun penetrated the car and shone on both of us, shining through Cheng
Jia Yangs slender fingers.

The music blurred, the leisurely sun shone, I just saw his hand at that point, and thought of
something I shouldnt have. PG-13*****[I thought of his fingers, his body buried inside my

I really liked his fingers.

I looked outside the window.
The car caught a red light right when it passed by a cinema. I saw a poster of a hot movie that
had recently been released. It talked about three glamorous female agents who saved the world
and was called Uncle Sams Angels.

I pointed to the poster and asked Cheng Jia Yang, Have you seen this movie yet?

No. I heard its very fun though.

Are you busy today? I would like to invite you to watch this movie ok? I said, I havent
thanked you yet, and Ive found such a great opportunity.

And dinner. Cheng Jia Yang said, he looked very serious.

No problem.

In truth, my heart was beating very erratically. But my specialty was pretending to be calm.

But, you must buy the snacks that we buy during the movie.

Cheng Jia Yang turned the car and we entered the cinema parking lot.

The movie was about to be taken out of the cinema so there were not that many people. We held
milk tea, potato chips and popcorn and entered the theater. We picked the middle seat, where you
could stretch out your legs and the atmosphere was also very cool. For these types of movies, the
graphics were very beautiful, there were a lot of shocking effects and you didnt need to guess
the plot, it was really a great entertainment piece. Among the scenes there was one particular
scene that made people have a deep impression. The female lead was calling her lover, but then
the phone was broken by criminals, she flew into a rage, punching ones jaw and angrily said,
You know its hard to find a good guy nowadays right?

Cheng Jia Yang and I laughed .

After the movie was over we went to the nearby Hunan flavor restaurant. Two people had a very
good appetite. We ate half of a soysauce duck, a plateful of fried asparagus, another plate of fish
heads, and a plateful of Shaoshan pork. I found that even though Cheng Jia Yang looked skinny,
he could eat a lot of fatty meat.

The Hunan food was very spicy. Even after I drank milk, I stuck out my tongue, saying Chi la
Chi la. On the car, my life was saved when Cheng Jia Yang tried to feed me with drops of

At that time it had already become dark. Cheng Jia Yang looked at me and said, Your reaction
is too bad, I thought you Dongbei people could eat spicy food without a problem.

You are not allowed to make fun of me, I said. This was a classic line from Kong Ji Yi.
Your mouth has swollen.

Then it can only be like this. He watched me.

Do you have any good ways to fix it?

I must kiss you. Really, for you, I must also kiss you. I must take that chili sauce and transfer it
to my own mouth. I cannot see you in pain.

Then I dont remember what happened. PG 13******[ I think that I must have hugged Cheng
Jia Yang, our mouths glued together. We were professional French interpreters and kissed, we
delivered the standard style tongue kiss, tongue intertwined, our noses touched. I leaned on the
window behind me. But I was wrong. Cheng Jia Yangs mouth was a lot spicier than mine. Thus
I struggled until we were both out of breath. He lightly left my lips and began to kiss my face
one by one. This was a pyromaniac.] I heard him say, Fei, I miss you.

I heard myself say, Me too. When I dream, I dream of you.

Chapter 12
Cheng Jia Yang

I answered Xu Dongs phone call. He said he wanted to give me a domestic theatrical premiere
invitation and was told to attend. I knew he didnt like to watch movies, but this time he showed
such a sudden display of enthusiasm that it made one feel he had a hidden motivation.

He laughed mysteriously (Last time when he laughed mysteriouslyI dont even want to think
about it), Go and youll find out.

I called Fei and told her that a friend had asked me out to go to a premiere. Did she want to come
with me? Fei said, Will we see any celebrities?

Yes, I looked at the invite, Its the Shanghai actress that has recently become hot, her name is
Wu Jia Yi.

Thats too good. I love looking at her movies the best! But she stopped, Thats too
coincidental. That day, I have to lead the tourist group. You go by yourself. Make sure you
remember to get me an autograph.

Then what meaning was there for me to go? I could only call Xu Dong and ask for a break.

No, if you dont come youre not giving me face.
When he talked about face, this issue, I had no other choice and could only go with him on the
day of the weekend. According to Xu Dongs instructions I had dressed up to go with him to the

Before the premiere there was a reception. When I arrived, Xu Dong was also there. By his side
was the female lead, Wu Jia Yi. I had seen her photograph in the newspaper before and she was
actually a bit older than I thought she would be. But she was wiping thick makeup on and did not
look like how she did on the screen. She was very bold, and shook my hand, Hello, Jia Yang,
Xu Dong has spoken of you often.

What kind of a person would talk like this? I looked at Xu Dong, who was next to her, Now you
know why you had to come right?

Then that was probably his newest girlfriend, I said, A worthwhile trip.

I gave Wu Jia Yi the little notebook that I had brought and said, A friend said that I must get
your autograph.

She was extremely happy, and casually signed her name. She asked me, What is your friend

Fei. I said.

Fei, I hope your every day is filled with happiness. Wu Jia Yi wrote this in. She gave me the
book and said thank you. I felt that this kind of woman knew what she wanted to do.

Then Wu Jia Yi went to greet guests with the director, Xu Dong grabbed me some wine, and
asked, How is it?


I like her a lot. His eyes followed her.

Of course.

She is so pretty, generous, bold, sincere, mature

I didnt know that your vocabulary would increase by this much when you talk about women .

Are you laughing at your brother again?

I havent seen you like this in such a long time.


I still couldnt hold it in and laughed.
The movie had started, I went in with the audience and saw that Xu Dong had placed 1000 lily
baskets at the door. It was very eye catching.

The movie wasnt very good. It talked about the modern occasional love and the many times that
coincidence led to the formation of love. Many times it also talked about misunderstandings and
finally they were transformed by the aliens, and the lovers married.

Most of the time, I was messaging Fei.

I asked: Did you arrive yet?

Feis reply: We have finished hotpot and are going to the Workers Cultural Palace to see an
ancient costume performance.

She asked: Was the movie good?

I said: I didnt notice. But I heard that it has received double nominations. One for the mainland
Golden Goose Award and the other for the Taiwan Golden Mule award.

Fei: Wow! So good! Did you get me my autograph?

Me: You can stop worrying.

Fei said thanks, followed by a joke:

Four mice boasted: A: Everyday I eat rat poison like candy. B: If I dont step on a mices foot on
any given day, Ill begin to itch. C: I do so everyday but the streets are not practical. D: The time
is getting late, I need to go grab the cat to argue.

I laughed ha, which caused others to turn around and say Sh. Just then, the movies beauty
teared up and said to the male lead, I actually love you.

The movie ended and there was a long applause. I looked around and actually saw Xu Dongs
companys staff members.To have found so much careworkers, it really made one feel the
good intentions.

Xu Dong busily took care of the guests. He greeted me and then left with Wu Jia Yi. I saw his
care and love for her. It was a little strange. What was wrong with him? It wasnt as if he hadnt
seen any celebrities before but he could actually feel so heavily towards this one. This him was
not familiar to me.

It was about 10:00. She was probably done at her side. I had to call Fei.

Did the movie end? She asked.

It just ended. You?
I already returned to school, and Im currently washing my face.

How should I give you Wu Jia Yis autograph?

Wait until the foreigners leave. The day after tomorrow.

You owe me a favor.

What is the price now? Qiao Feis voice was lazy, and it made my heart itch.

Looking behind me, I saw a big, round, white moon, Just looking at you will be enough.

She made a low laugh in her throat, Im sleepy.

All right, sleep well.

I ended the call and sat in my car. Slowly, I drove towards my house. I missed that girl.

But I reached my house, and found that the atmosphere was not right. The hall was brightly lit.
My parents were waiting for me, and it wasnt just them, there was also that holy dragon whose
tail never showed, my big brother, Cheng Jia Ming. It was really rare that all of my family was
present but I could only think of hiding from them, and tried to go upstairs.

Jia Yang, you came back at the right time. Come over here first, dont go upstairs, we have
something to talk about. My mother said.

Does this have to do with me? I asked.

My father looked at me. Sighing, I entered the living room, and sat on the chair near the window.

Jia Ming sat across from me. Since Ming Fangs wedding when he came over to rub it in my
face, I was even more annoyed at him. I guessed the right now, father and mother were giving
him the cold shoulder and it was probably because he started another lawsuit.

I waited to hear what was being talked about but no one talked for a very long time.

Finally, Jia Ming said, If theres nothing more, Ill leave first. Tomorrow I have to work. He
was about to stand up.

Father said, I didnt allow you to leave.

What youre talking about is impossible, Jia Ming said, That child is mine and I will not
allow her to take him away.

I could sense that things were complicated, very complicated.
Dont be like this, Jia Ming. My mom said, With our family like this

What family? Jia Ming looked at mother, Its this problem again. Weve already argued too
many times. This has no meaning to me.

You are my son, this can never be changed. When you usually play around, there is no
problem. But if you insist on this what will happen to your fathers reputation? Mother asked.

I cant live for anyones reputation. Jia Ming said. He began to smile. I understood. Towards
our parents he was used to arguing. But this time it seemed to be overdoing it.

Jia Ming grabbed his clothes and prepared to exit. My parents blocked him.

They were basically the same height, but my parents tempers were heated. They looked at Jia
Ming and almost stressing the syllables they said,Did you think I would be like the way I was
before and indulge you guys?

Jia Ming looked at me, and didnt speak.

Dont let yourself lose too badly. Father said.

From a small age, his words always made me shudder. I didnt know that this felt different for
Jia Ming. He never said anything and grabbed his own jacket and walked outside of the house.
He drove away.

The second day, my mom mother and I talked about some problems. They had went to the
hospital to visit a veteran when they had bumped into Jia Ming who was accompanying a
pregnant girl in obstetrics and gynecology for an examination. Father was furious.

Did you assess the situation correctly? I asked, Maybe it was a friends wife. Jia Ming sure
has a mouth and likes to find opportunities to fight with you guys.

My mother wore a silk tracksuit, luxurious and beautiful. She drank a mouthful of fruit milk and
looked at me, Do you think that just because Jia Ming doesnt live in this house, his situation
isnt known by us? What that girl is called, how old she is, where she works, and her
background, we are all clear about. However, she shook her head, Before, I was too busy with
your father, a pregnant woman is really unexpected but a mistake can be corrected. Its never too
late to change the situation.

My heart became cold.

Father ran over, and waved to me.

With your father, we have both gotten old. Sometimes, looking at your brother, I feel so hard
working but there is no value. All right, Mother put her hand on my neck and gently stroked my
hair. You are the most well-behaved child. If you were also like Jia Ming we would die.
Hearing mother talk, you have also grown up, you can play with anyone you want, but dont be
out of line.

My father walked over, eating his bread in big bites, drinking coffee, letting nanny serve the
eggs, bacon, and fruits. He looked at me, You never exercise in the morning.

Who said he had gotten old? He had always had a strong hold over me.

Our bureau is going to play a game of basketball against the Consular Division. Before the
competition I cant get hurt. I said.

My parents, towards Jia Mings problem they were inevitably angry. But, they didnt mind it too
much. They had the will of an iron fist, exuberant energy and self confidence to properly solve
the problem. I felt that even if I stood with Jia Ming on one side it wasnt possible for me to
refute these two people.

Father said, Tomorrow Im going to watch you play basketball.

I stole a glance at him. Being tall, he blocked the sunlight and I couldnt see his expression.

Chapter 13
Cheng Jia Yang

I saw Fei on the weekend, and thus felt that life was not as tiring, and that there was enough
warmth to continue on.

I gave her Wu Jia Yis autograph and she was very happy. She kept asking me what the celebrity
looked like. I said that she was average, really, not that pretty. Fei was even more happy and
carefully put Wus signature into a new book: A Brief History of Western Translation. I said,
You really do work hard, are you planning to become a research student?

I just feel that this book is a little interesting. I dont have any plans for what I want to do in the
future. She said, As for me, after a time, you will see that I rarely plan for things that happen
two days later.

Why? I asked, Do you not know that it might rain in the future[1]?

Thats too tiring, plus, if it doesnt rain isnt that just worrying for nothing?

I felt that she had even more times when she was like a stubborn child, but sometimes she would
say some wise words.

Thats true. I said, Then lets first order some food and stuff our stomachs full.
We ate food, a Western meal, and the time was long, as the food was served course by course.
There was enough time to chat. Fei really liked to listen when I talked about things that happened
during my job as an interpreter. I always wanted to make the stories sound more interesting, but I
had grown up in this industry and had been in contact with it for too long. Feeling fatigued, I did
not know which parts were very interesting. A while later, I just stopped in the middle and asked
her if anything out of the ordinary had occurred during her vacation with the large group.

She thought for a while, then smiled. In Guilin, I let a doctor rebuke me.

Doctors always like to rebuke others. I thought.

Whats the matter?

I told him to stop talking so much and just treat the tourist and then he said: Diplomacy is not a
small thing, how can you be a tour guide like this?

I also laughed, He really is shameless.

Dental caries, dental nerve, drilling, fillingI dont know any of these words, but it was
in the evening, so my brain was dumbfounded.

Thats nothing much, just look in the dictionary and remember it, after you remember it, just
say it, isnt that enough?

What about you? Have you embarrassed yourself before?

In the past, there have been many times I did not know how to fully translate what was being
said. I also remember I was sweating. Later, after I was more familiar, explaining a bit to let the
foreigner understand helped me get through those situations. Also, Im not sensitive to numbers.
Each time I had to translate numbers I had to write on a piece of paper.

Besides these, I dont believe that you can translate everything else.

Of course not. I confidently said. This is not my mother tongue. I speak Chinese and even
make mistakes sometimes speaking. But these translating kinds of things require diligent
practitioners and a serious attitude. Do an hour of translating, you have to prepare at least two
hours, in order to reduce the amount of accidents.

I feel like physical fitness is also very important. Fei said. Mental and physical health.

Afterwards I said something very stupid, I had only drank a little of red wine but with her in
front of me, my mouth said, As for me, my physical fitness is very good.

Then, we went to go dance, we found a very good disco location. There, to the famous Denmark
bands song, Fei danced crazily and prettily. Her black hair whipped around with the music.
Before a blonde foreigner could jump up, I pulled her into my embrace. In that moment the
music changed to a moment of a very soothing and soft melody. In the gorgeous and confusion
of the lights, Feis enticing cat eyes made one feel ecstatic.

I watched her, and she watched me. Our noses and pouty lips gently moved against each other.
Our bodies stuck together. My hand that held a cool beer lightly moved over her back and arms. I
enjoyed feeling her breath and desire was imminent.

She reached out her hand to hug my head, in my ear she said, Wait for me a second, I have to
go to the restroom.

I said, Older sister (Just a friendly term since I think we all know that Qiao Fei is younger than
Cheng Jia Yang), I want to go with you.

She laughed, softly saying, Be good.

This girl ah.

I watched her weave through the crowd. The music blasted again, and I closed my eyes and
moved along with the music. It was extremely idyllic.

Someone tapped on my shoulder. I looked back and it was Mr.Liu. I wasnt really friendly with
him, but our dads knew each other. I had been in kindergarten with him when I was young but
that was all.

I nodded to him, and then continued to close my eyes and dance.

He patted my shoulder again.

Why was this person so unconscious of others, and still had to say something to me.

I looked back at him, the music rushing. He didnt say anything but pointed at me and laughed
and shook his head which meant: Cheng Jia Yang, you have also come to this kind of a place to

Then he pointed to an immature girl whose make up was a little horrific meaning: Why is it only
you? Did you not bring your crush?

I waved to him and drank a mouthful of bear. I went to go find Fei, and my mind floated lightly
just like my feet. I was really happy.

[1] Rains in the future means something along the lines of proactive

Qiao Fei

We left the disco place a little before 10. We didnt wait long and rushed out of the place.
At the hotel we got a room and on the elevator, Cheng Jia Yang hugged me. He hadnt drank a
lot but he was extremely enthusiastic and anxious. I liked him and wanted to make him happy.

PG 13 ****** [Pushing and shoving we made our way into the room. He kissed me while taking
off my dress. My sundress had a frontal belt which was like a shoelace type. The collar that had
been loosened was bit by bit opened by him. He kissed me from my neck down down, my legs
rubbing his legs. He stopped and used his chin to touch the nipple cover before my chest,
Whats this?

I use it instead of a bra. I said.

He nodded his head, Oh, his appearance very cute. Then he used his mouth to bite the two
covers off. He stayed on my chest and forcefully sucked. I thought it felt itchy at first and then
felt a little hurt. I thought of the first time with the sharp pain. The body was no longer as natural.

He continued to kiss my mouth, his tongue entangling. I was as hot as him, and a few painful
memories emerged. I also really wanted him.

I helped Cheng Jia Yang to take off his clothes and even though he wasnt fat, there was a lot of
strong muscles. His body was extremely handsome. The *** below his hips stood to a vibrant

He pressed me on the bed and our bodies merged but did not fuse.

He said, I will be careful. Then he slowly entered.

But right when he had just went in a little I hurt all over. My sweat started coming out. He
continued to press my body and did not move in further but it was like this. I think that he may
have scratched me inside. I turned over and his hand held his own ***, and exited my body.

He hugged me as it passed and helped me wipe my sweat.

I said, Sorry.

He shook his head, looked at me, his eyes, his face, his body still had burning desire.

I looked down, one hand holding his scrotum, my mouth latching onto his ***. It had a pleasant
taste but the action was not distasteful. I used my tongue to stimulate and deep throat with a
sucking motion and my other hand pressed on his belly. I could feel his anxious taut body, and
his hand in my hair, he issued an unconscious sound.

With no experience I felt that I wanted to help him xx. I only wanted him to be happy.

He began to move, one deep motion and a down motion. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. He
yelled Fei and pulled away at the moment white liquid ejected from his body onto my naked
Then, he fell in my direction and pressed on my body. We were in his liquid.

He watched me, You are so good.

I laughed. Of course I did not get to relieve his desire but he had enjoyed it. I was happy.]

He reached out his hand to stroke my hair in front of my forehead, lock by lock. He watched me
and seemed to have an indulgent expression. Cheng Jia Yang was definitely a gentle person and
he was.

He kissed me, I said, I have to go bath.

He followed me up, and I pushed him, I dont want to bath like affectionate couples.

I first cleaned up my body and my hair and wore my skirt. Cheng Jia Yang watched me.

I must return to the school.

He stood up immediately, Are you unhappy? He was not the lecturing senior he had been in
the afternoon, he was like a frightened child who was afraid that he had done something wrong.

What lies are you spouting? I kissed his mouth, The doors close at 12:00. I must go back. I
kissed him again, oh oh.

Ill escort you. He reached out his hand to grab his pants.

I pressed his hands and pointed at his little brother, No need, arent you tired? Ill call a taxi.

No. He wore his pants.

I could only say, I dont want to be seen by others.

When I returned to school, the time was just right. But all my bedmates were gone. I didnt know
where these crazy people had gone. A French person said: Everyone had gone to go search for
his cat. I brushed my teeth, smelled my own hands and Cheng Jia Yangs smell seemed to be

I missed him but I didnt know what was the problem between us that caused abnormality.

(Just note: All *** was in the book and I didnt not make that up. Also when I talk like (this)
those are my own comments. Please do not think otherwise.)

Chapter 14
Cheng Jia Yang
I saw Fei leave and my heart fell.

PG 13 [I also didnt know why it would be like this. I didnt want her to hurt so I could not
continue to enter. Even though, in the end, I vividly xdx high tide, but I also didnt really like her
to xx for me as if she were paying something back to me. This was essentially a pure sensual
experience that still made me feel alone.

I am most afraid of being alone.

I didnt even let her xdx high tide, but she left herself by way of a taxi without my escorting, the
reason being that she was not willing to have anyone see.]

Afterwards, I didnt call her for a good few days. On one hand, I had too much work and too
much translation work as there was a government in Africa who had to reconstruct the airport, so
there were a lot of files that needed to be prepared. On the other hand, I had to admit that her
words, when she said that she didnt want anyone else to see us, had slightly injured my self
esteem. This attitude showed that she was unwilling to acknowledge the intimacy between us.

Of course she didnt call me.

On the weekend I got off work and made an appointment with Xu Dong to drink. He brought Wu
Jia Yi, who wore a rosy small veiled dress, exposing her snow white neck and arm, with
less strong makeup. Looking at her like this, she was prettier than last time.

Wu wore a large diamond ring on her finger, that glittered, she gave me some polite greetings
and chatted with me. Sometimes I would see that golden ring then kiss Xu Dong. We sat by the
bar table and chatted, she constantly adjusted her posture, this habit of the female occupation,
would always set her perfect face in the public.

Xu Dong enjoyed it a lot and his expression clearly expressed this.

I felt that I would be a little bored today, since he was being like this, he shouldnt have come to
see me.

When Wu Jia Yi went to wash her hands, I said to Xu Dong, You are too typical, why would
you bring your girlfriend when weve already made an appointment to drink? Is this not

He laughed, Are you jealous?

I wanted to give him a flying kick.

Dont be mad, dont be mad. Xu Dong said, watching me, Do you need anything?

But you have recently been most unusual. Xu Dong said, Mr.Liu told me that he watched you
at at the disco, and you were very intoxicated, not even willing to talk much. He said that he saw
a woman by your side who later disappeared.

Within this community there were no secrets.

I drank a mouthful of whiskey.

Have you fell in love? Xu Dong asked.

Ho, I said at last, This is not the problem.

Yo, Xu Dong looked at me, interested, So it was real? He was very happy, When you bring
her over, let your big brother look her over.

What should I say?

Should I say, actually you also know her, she was the girl at the college entrance who gave you
the middle finger? I said, isnt this so coincidental? She was the one who you found to spend
time with me and have sex?

So here I ran into some problems and there I had a great desire to talk. But I wasnt willing to say
these things, and had no way to tell Xu Dong any of the specifics clearly. Just beating around the
bush was not very harmonious either.

Were you unable to enter? Xu Dong said to me, bluntly.


It wasnt the first time right?

No. The first time was pretty good. But later, it was not okay. She was extremely hurt and
started sweating, and couldnt stand it. Plus, I said.


A small commotion began by the bar. It just just so happened that Wu Jia Yi had been found out
by the reporters and had accepted a short interview. This was all a few small entertainment

Jia Yi, did you come out by yourself?

Yep, Wu said, I just finished filming my new movie, and was just chilling so I came out to
relax a bit.

Jia Yi I heard that you and the big companys young master fell in love, is it like this?
No, when a woman lied, her eyes never wavered, I am still young, so I just want to focus on
my work.

I looked at Xu dong, and he looked at me. As people who were usually snobby and rich, we were
currently facing a woman denying the existence of the respective male.

Jia Yi, the ring on your finger is very pretty.

Thanks, a very good friend sent me this. her voice was very soft and angry.

I said: A good friend?

Xu Dong drank some wine. With a very casual face he said, This is a sense of security, when a
woman does not see a rabbit, they will not spread around like an eagle. Haha. You dont need to
laugh at me, your problem is probably the same.

Xu Dong and Wu Jia Yi followed each other out of the bar. I drove my car and cruised around
for a long time.

Monday, French Chancellor of the University came to represent French Education and he met
with the Chinese State Councilor, I acted as the translator. After the French side and the Ministry
of Education met, there were some talks and, they agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in
education and scientific research fields.

The conference ended. On the second day I accompanied the French representatives to Peking
University and to the outer courts to meet with college and academic students.

Before they went to the outer court, the representatives rested in the slanted hall. Students who
passed by were from the French Department and I saw Fei, who wore a blue Western dress, with
her laughing expression, leading the visitors in.

I walked over, I am thirsty.

She watched me, I prepared you a drink at your seat.

I dont want to drink pure water, I want coke.

Then Ill go try to find it for you, she said as she exited the living room.

I had had a crazy thought in my mind, I wanted to make her anxious. I followed her out.

One had to pass the desk to go to the restroom and when she wasnt looking I pulled her in. We
leaned on the door, and I picked her up, Why didnt you call me?

She pressed my shoulder, Wasnt I afraid that you would be too busy?
I missed you.

Me too.

One kiss.


When I kissed her mouth and hugged her hip, she laughed and hugged my neck and said
breathlessly, Being like this, how can you be a translator? Quickly go back.

There is still the translation for the Department of Education. I said, Next week, at/on eleven.
How will you live?

I have to take care of the tourist group. Wu Xiao Ping called me yesterday.


I have to bring a French tourist group to Da Lian for two to three days. She pushed me, All
right, you have way too many guts. We both still have things to do.

Right when she pushed the door to exit, I hugged her from behind again, When I look at you, I
am no longer myself.

She turned and kissed me.

In the student conference, the French scholars speeches came first, followed by a stage of
interaction on stage. The students asked questions, the academic students replied. The warm
atmosphere was rich in content. I was not ambiguous and, I translated it all perfectly.

Qiao Fei

The eleventh, the school had a 10 day break. I had to bring the tourists to Da Lian and I had
already talked to Cheng Jia Yang and agreed that the moment I came back I would go find him.

I got on the airplane and made sure the foreigners were okay. I put my luggage away and sat
down to look for the water. The airplane was about to set off when the phone rang. I answered
and it was Wu Xiao Ping. You havent flown yet?

I havent set off yet. I continued to look for the mineral water in my bag. What do you want?

Another person joined your group. Do you know of this?

Currently the person who sat on the other side gave me a bottle of water, Do you want this
person or not?
Cheng Jia Yang.

I know now.

I looked at him and he looked at me, You havent been scared badly right?

This is too great, I said, I dont know much of the aquariums vocabulary so Ill just ask you
to say all of them.

(Please note: All xdx and xx are in the actual translation. Thank you)

Chapter 15
Qiao Fei

This was what followed in the (a little more than an) hour plane ride.

In the morning, the soft sunlight came into the airplane and country music played. Cheng Jia
Yang held my hand.

At first we did not say much, his other hand held a magazine. I checked his profile every once in
a while, his dark eyes, high nose, and thin flying lips, he clenched my hand and bit it, What are
you peeking at?

I said, Has anyone said that you are very good looking?

Dont mention it, he said, From a little age in the kindergarten, because they thought I was a
girl, there was no shortage of fights.


I burned off my eyelashes and eyebrows using my big brothers lighter.(Um what?)

Then wouldnt you be turned into ET?

Even if I took it out I was still a handsome brother.

I laughed, You have a big brother?

I have a big brother. Cheng Jia Yang said, I didnt tell you before. My parents had two sons.
Guess who was the most spoiled one?


Guess who was happier?

It was him. Cheng Jia Yang said, We had a casual relationship.

I basically understood.

Ever since he was little, my big brother never needed my parents to care for him. He
independently read books, tested into school, and lived.

Youre so big now, you still need your parents to care for you?

He looked at me, Sometimes, there is invisible pressure.

He did not want to continue to complain to me, and asked me, What about you? Do you have
any siblings? I remembered last time you talked about it.

I wanted to tell him some interesting stories.

I am the only child. Did you not see this last time?

When I was little, I was so ugly and so sick. My mom had to take me to the hospital every few

Later, she thought of a trend.


She asked my uncle who lives in the countryside to find me a demigod fortune. Guess what I
was reincarnated from?

A good wealthy boy?

I shook my head.

The fire cloud cave masters red child? (This actually comes from a game and the fire cloud
cave master seems to be a boss of some sort so if anyone knows where this reference comes from
please let me know!)

Why are you so vulgar?

Quickly speak.

I was a, I looked at him intently, real worm.
Cheng Jia Yang was drinking some water at the time, and he choked, Dont tease me,

How are you not cultured? Real people come from people who have become deities: Real
worms come from bugs that have achieved Dao.

Cheng Jia Yang laughed, almost passing out, What happened then?

The demigod said the reason I was so sickly was because of my special identity so he wanted to
take me in. My mom became anxious and pleaded with him to save me.

He gave you a burn and you drank the ashes right?

How did you know?

Its always like that on television. And then what? Then were you no longer sickly?

That night I had diarrhea, dehydration, and I had to live in the hospital.

He put his chin on my shoulder and laughed soundlessly, his hot breath making my ears itch.

I was like this, sick, then you know, my parents didnt say anything, they were very anxious and
pleaded with another person to teach me to talk and pleaded with another person to look at my
illness. They used their lifetime savings to buy a television, I watched this every day.

He gradually stopped laughing, Then what?

I went to elementary school, my body was not very good, but my legs were very long and I
entered the track and field team, running, running, my body became well again. Later I became
stronger and stronger, have you seen me run yet? Let me tell you, I have special talent. When I
run, my legs stretch horizontally and my feet are straight, you know, average people cannot do
so, when you run it is an 8 shape (Chinese character for 8 is so its this shape). Believe me,
its real, average people all have 8 shaped feet.

My character changed, and I could talk a lot. After class I talked, during class I talked, the
teacher frequently punished me by making me stand.

My grades were average, they werent the best, but when I went to middle school and high
school, I leaned on my physical education grades to add points. Furthermore, when I came here
for college, that was also because my Physical Education grades were added in my Gao Kao
(Chinese SAT) grades.

Dont tell anyone else.

He tightly grasped my hand: I feel that you have lived very happily.

I shook my head vigorously: Exactly, I have always felt that my luck was exceptional.
I think I have never seen you unhappy before.

Sometimes, I will be unhappy. Then Ill stand in front of the mirror and tell myself: Laugh,
Laugh, saying this until I laugh out loud.

Cheng Jia Yang watched me. I felt he was very gentle, his eyes looked as if they were going to
overflow with tears.

I said: Laugh.

He looked at me.


Laugh. I command you to laugh.

He finally laughed out loud, and lightly said, I want to kiss you. Now.

How are you so indecent? Note the implications. I pushed him, I have to sleep for a while
more, later Ill need to work.

He covered me with a small blanket, it was really warm and comfortable.

Cheng Jia Yang

Daylight poured in through the small window, and Feis face was very rosy and was sleeping
peacefully. I wanted to know what kind of strength and what kind of outlook towards fate would
allow her to be so relaxed and happy when talking about her own troubled life.

Her head tilted and I thought she would land on my shoulder, then she moved back, and her head
was on the chairs back. Finally she found a good posture and slept more soundly.

I thought of my own travels before.

When I was a teenager, I accompanied my parents and sat in the luxurious first class across the
land or the sea to go to a strange familiar place, North America, Europe, and the dark Africa,
sometimes we would travel throughout the night, and sometimes we would travel throughout the
day. When I grew up I had to have my own career and study but I still continued to travel,
greeting and escorting people around, in a hurry.

But as of now, I had Fei, and I would no longer be lonely. She had walked from my young
spirit to become my fellow traveler companion.

We arrived in Dalian.
Afternoon, sun shining, and a moist sea breeze, the city had neat streets and European style small
buildings, as well as robust sycamore trees whose leaves had grown into the size of ones palm,
trembling extensions on the branches.

Fei brought the foreigners to eat some seafood dumplings, then shopping around Xinghai Square,
and to visit the Shell Museum. She was energetic, enthusiastic and she worked very well, the
French were very fond of her, and when they first met there was an old lady who called her
Little Cabbage.

I thought, even though her vocabulary was limited, because she did not live abroad before, and
some expressions were not authentic, with practice, she could become a very good translator.

While she explained things, I used my phone to take a lot of pictures. She first made haggard
eyes to me, and later I knew that she had no way to get it from me, and deliberately posed to me

The hotel that we lived in looked out over the big sea.

Fei lived with an old granny in a standard room. Wu Xiao Pings travel agency had helped me
get a simple room, we communicated via the station.

I first washed up and lay on my bed watching TV. I constantly changed the channel, absent-
mindedly. Fei and I had already agreed that in two days time we could not act rashly but I could
always think of her.

Then someone knocked on my balcony door.

No way, happiness had really flown to the door. Fei stood outside and smiled at me. Her hair was
blown by the breeze and her alluring eyes were like those of a cats.

Cheng Jia Yang, youve been imagining indecent things again, I said to myself.

I opened the door for her.

Why didnt you open the door? She said as she straightened out her hair.

I thought I was having an erotic dream.

Go, go, she looked very enthusiastic, Lets go to the seaside and walk around.

Oh that was why.

I took off my clothes so that I could change into something else before going out.

She actually turned around.
The hotels bonfire party was over, as of now it was the dead of night.Since the beginning of the
night tide, wave after wave, I hugged the Fei along the beach slowly walking, listening to birds
singing in the dark, flying over our heads.

Cheng Jia Yang.

She even used my last name to yell at me.


Im thinking right now.

Say it.

Do you remember there was a day when you were drunk and you brought me out from the
winery, Allure?


That day it had been because of Ming Fang. I saw her future husband and felt very hurt, and
went to the nightclub to free my sorrows.

Do you remember it very clearly?


I was drunk, and I couldnt have recognized Fei, I only recognized that beautiful girls beautiful
tongue that brought me ecstasy.

We kissed, do you remember?

Later, that time when it was our first time, I remembered her mouth and her tongue and thus
recognized her.

Yes. I remember. I hugged her tightly and thought, Fei was very romantic, creating an artistic
conception from bits of memories.


I had no impression of being with you. I seem to have slept, and when I woke up I was with my
big brother at home.

Ill tell you what happened later. Her two hands came over my neck and then her face
changed, You kissed me, and then you puked. You puked in the beach!

She now had the potential to strangle me.
We chased each other on the beach, and I realized that Fei was definitely an athlete. I didnt
know how far she ran but she tackled me on the beach.

She pinched my face. She had become the best in my eyes: I told myself that I cannot let you
off. She used her hands and feet to tickle me.

I begged for mercy, she didnt stop.

I finally grabbed her hand: Fei, let me off.

She looked tired, and lay on my body, her eyes shining in the night, watching me, That day you
were very unhappy.

I slowly sat up and hugged her into my embrace. I picked out the sand in her hair: Have you
ever been hurt by someone?

She was very quiet.

I dont want to talk about this. I said, Because I already forgot. After I puked, I forgot.

The place where you puked, later small crabs climbed over it. she said, They cleaned the
place neatly.

We laughed again.

At this moment I suddenly realized we were already very far away from the hotel.

It suddenly began to rain.

(Please note that all things shown on this page were in the actual translation. Also parts that are
in italics and parentheses are not in the actual translation. Thank you.)

Chapter 16
Cheng Jia Yang

Speaking of rain, it rained harder, we couldnt run back, and next to us was a small pavilion for
pedestrians to rest and we could only stay there to hide from the rain.

Fei said: How long will we have to wait for? Her hand leaned on the railing and her body
leaned out, Im sleepy.

Her little cotton skirt was wet with rain, and stuck to her body, her shoulder strap slid down. I
walked over and reached out my hand to help her readjust it, my hand staying on top.
My mind heated up.

I hugged her from behind.

I want you. I said, her skin was very good, it was thin and slippery. I kissed her shoulder, Fei,
give it to me, all right?

Right now? Youre not afraid that people who come over and sea? She turned to speak, and we
hugged very tightly, she grazed my body.

She looked at me, our foreheads stuck together. I loved her eyes the best. As of now, it became
rather foggy, and I stuck out my tongue to lick her lips: Now.

She didnt resist. Slowly, her bracelet came up my neck in response to my kiss. I took the zipper
behind her skirt and opened it, stroking her, cold and wet.

Are you cold? I asked.

She shook her head, with unsure eyes.

My hand slid down her waist and took off her panties. I wanted to touch her, and let her prepare
herself. Her arm on my shoulder stiffened.

Are you scared?


My finger entered her body, touching, kneading her bodys secret center. That place heated,
moistened, and she gasped, then her whole body leaned on me, I probed in with my index finger,
and exited, then I used my entire palm to care for her center and save that places warmth.

She lay on me, her hand grasping my arms tightly, her legs spreading gradually. Sometimes she
was kiss my mouth, and sometimes I would look at her on my hand.

Jia Yang.

What? I licked her ear.

Jia Yang.

I already couldnt talk, and I had made Fei muddled, I took out my ***.

Her hand covered me and touched me.

I grabbed her hand back and put it on my shoulder.
Listen to me, I straightened her face and faced her eyes, I want us to both be happy.

Then I slowly entered.

She was very tight, I almost couldnt enter.

I knew her pain, she wanted to stand up, I supported her hip and kissed her sweat, in her ear I
said: Its okay, Fei, we will go slowly.

I sat on the floor and she sat on my body. I slowly entered until I couldnt enter anymore and
even though I could not continue in, her warm creamy parcel already gave me a lot of pleasure.
This was young, full of elasticity like the tropical plants in the dark, stubborn and exotic.

Her unit suddenly convulsed and I let out a sound.

My god. I hugged her tightly in one instant and attached my head to her chest.

Under her care, my body was already no longer controlled by my own consciousness. I pressed
her and and thrust into her one by one. I felt her bodys cascading folds, and her slippery
corrider. Our legs intertwined and I heard the sound of her bodily fluids.

Fei suddenly lifted her head and stuck to my chest, she wanted to yell something but she only
opened her mouth and continued to look at me creased with two pairs of eyebrows.

Who am I? I asked her, gasping.

Jia Yang.

Say it, call me, call my name, Fei.

Jia Yang.

High tide xdx made her body tremble, I was suddenly twisted by her, and this was also the
moment I burst. We held each other, *** horizontal stream.

Wild and diplomatic pressure to make the sex more like an adventure, we tie the two
adventurers, panting rest, salute each other.

Did it hurt? I continued to caress her center.

At first it hurt a lot. Later,

How did you feel later? I was still a little curious.

I cant describe it well. You went in, and I hurt, when you exited I was cold. The hot
blood seemed to flow in only one place and then everything went blank. Fiery radiance.
I dont want to let you hurt. But pain will rewarded.

She laughed and kissed my mouth, forehead, and flattered my face: You said that well. You
only live happily, and you wont hurt.

I will also hurt. I said, Sometimes I hurt very much.

Oh? She looked at me.

I put my hand on my little brother (his part): Sometimes when I think of you, this place will

Rogue. When she touched it, it hardened again.

Big sister, call me little dog all right?

I forgot how we got back to the hotel, the rain never stopped.

The second day we brought the group to the polar region zoo and then to the forest region zoo.
The foreigners suddenly found that my mysterious companion was the next shifts guide, Fei
could thus rest, when she gave me water she said: Not bad, you arent tired.

Dont underestimate an interpreters strength. I said.

When we passed by the Cross Harbour Tunnel, divers were feeding the sharks, everyone
watched happily, but who knew this person was also a lecher, according to the sea, he shook off
sunflower seeds on Fei, and with both hands gesturing a heart shape. Fei was very happy, and
gestured thank you. I was calm and collected. After they exited this section of the tunnel, I
went back, waving to the divers. When he swam over, I rose my middle finger, with a gesture to
say You bastard.

How are you so lenient everywhere? I asked her on the return flight.

Who are you talking about? She looked at me.

You spoke with the lobby manager for so long today.

Wasnt I waiting for the luggage cart?

The moment you came in, he kept watching you. And there were also divers on that day, how
come he didnt tease others and only teased you? Plus, he made some fingers, Ill beat up that

Ai ya, Cheng Jia Yang, youre still saying dirty things. Fei closed her magazine, I dont
mention it but you always say something about me. You know your two flowery eyes, wherever
you go you entice people right? Some French ladies have been lured by you to the point of no

When did I say something?

Look. You dont even know, youre already accustomed to it. Youre so accustomed to it that
its become natural.

I bit her index finger that was pointed at me.

Fei felt pain: Ai ya, let go, prosperous wealthy man. She laughed and rolled into my arms.

I hugged her, and lightly said, When we go back, live with me.

Her hand pressed my elbow, in pain, I let go of her.

Fei gritted her teeth and said, You smug person.

At the end of this trip to Dalian, Qiao Fei and I also had seven days of break. We lived at my
house near the big mansion near Dalian and Lushun port.

This was sold to me by a friend who anxiously wanted to use money, and I had never lived in it

It was a simple house of two bedrooms, and one kitchen, with very comfortable decorations.

The days were endless.

Chapter 17
( Summary for people who did not read the last chapter: So QF and CJY take care of the tourists.
One day they pass by some divers and the manager among them looks upon Qiao Fei. CJY gets
jealous and keeps wanting to beat that bastard up. This will come into play later in this
chapter. )

Cheng Jia Yang

Most of the time we stayed at home.

We rolled out of bed, and climbed onto the table and fell to the ground again. I brought her back
onto the bed. In the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, I hated to
leave her young sexy body. It wasnt just a supreme physical pleasure, it was also more of a
spiritual consolation. I felt like I had sailed alone for too long, and was surprised to find a fertile
island, almost like a prehistoric paradise.
Eve [1] was the sweetest apple, her sweetness and beauty was incomparable.

Between us, we went out a few times, buying water, buying things, I came back, and opened the
bag, and there was actually still a Red Bull.

Did you buy this for me? I asked Eve.

Ah, I was afraid you would have muscle strains.

I squinted at her: Dont trick me.

She eagerly ran over: What are we going to cook today?

A plate of vegetables, and a fish. All right? Ill stir fry the vegetables and you can make the

Then isnt my mission too big? What if I dont make it well?

Well Ill eat it anyway. Im so hungry that I could die. I said.

While Fei was busy in the kitchen, I put the dining cloth over the table. Plaid tablecloth, yellow
candles, the dry red of the Great Wall. When she cooked she sang a song (I have no idea what
the song is so I will leave it out), when she finished singing, she called me: Jia Yang, quickly
come and taste a bit.

I told myself to remember this moment, because I was very happy.

At night we ate ice cream while watching TV. On the TV, there was a movie of Ge You with
longer hair with numerous pretty ladies, the chief culprit of disclosing confidential information
was the cell phone. I suddenly thought of something, my phone still had the mice joke that Fei
had sent to me, I really liked that joke, and I could never bear to delete it, so I opened my phone
and looked at it again.

September 2, Saturday, 8:12 PM

Four mice boasted to each other

What are you looking at? Fei asked me.

The joke that you sent to me last time. The time when I had to go to the premiere and got you
the celebritys autograph, its so funny. (Honestly the joke is probably a Chinese thing so I
guess Ill have to look into why its sooo unbelievably funny but I think for the moment we can
just assume that Cheng Jia Yang laughs at anything since its kind of true)

Its drizzling. Im the best at saying jokes. She looked at me, Especially dirty jokes.

I love these the best (dirty jokes). My favorite book is even a new book of jokes.

Then Im better than you in this aspect, I love to read Story Collections (This is Gushi Hui in
Chinese), while eating peanuts. I said.

I just love to watch Ge You.

I just love Zhao Ben Shan.

Everyone watches Wilson nowadays.

That was my apprentice. I bickered with her sentence by sentence.

She came up and pinched my neck: I dare you to keep bickering with me.

I hugged her with one movement: Dont go, in the future, just live with me here.

Are you going to take a concubine? In my embrace, she watched me.

I didnt know how to reply.

She laughed again, and sat up, hitting my shoulder: Annoying, Im still watching dramas. Haha,
look at him, hes been discovered.

On the TV, Ge You called someone in the bathroom, and was discovered by his wife, he stood
up and the phone fell on the floor.

The day Fei returned to the school, we did some very intense moves, she didnt allow me to send
her offI didnt try to force her.

After she left I smoked some cigarettes, the normal kind. I was a little tired and a little muddled.
However, my heart was happy. I walked around my rooms naked, drinking water, smoking, I
looked at myself in the mirror and thought of that diver whose finesse had been not bad. I said to
my mirror self: I beat up that bastard.

Then I laughed, I smoked some more and felt a lot like myself, living in the moment.

Then I thought of the time when I asked Qiao Fei to stay, her response, when she said, Take a

Concubine, concubine

I played around with these four words carefully (concubine is for words in Chinese) , these
words were ambiguous, indulgent, and struggling, selfish, hopeless
I thought of her but what I could give her?

Not long afterwards, I received an even greater admonition.

I returned to my home, I mean, the home where all my clothes were, the house where my parents

My big brother Cheng Jia Ming had actually returned home and was living on my floor.

When I ate breakfast, I saw him sitting by my mothers side looking at the newspaper, very
relaxed. He saw me and said: Hi, I almost thought you had disappeared.

I went out to travel with a friend. I sat down. My mother poured me my favorite milk tea.

And you didnt say anything to your family. She rebuked, her eyes smiling at me, You
werent worked too tired right?

I directly ignored her, and I didnt reply, but asked Jia Ming: Youve moved back?

Yep, He organized the newspaper, Living alone is too boring, so I came back to live for a
couple days, Ill leave first.

I didnt understand, didnt he argue with my parents just a few days ago, Cheng Jia Ming
wanting to fight his War of Independence?

I looked at my mom, she laughed, in a very rewarding way: Whats there to look at? People
grow up, and will eventually understand things, your big brother understands now.

That girl. The one you talked about last time, the pregnant one..

Dont say things like that. Be careful of your father. My mother used a piece of bread to block
my mouth. I began to hate her being like this more and more, making me into a little kid, I took
the bread.

Jia Yang, she was used to saying things with an earnestness, Remember, there is nothing
that cannot be solved. There is also nothing that can be kept secret.

I sneered.

Your big brother was arrogant enough, but how is it, he still returned home nicely.

I watched Jia Ming drive his white Jeep away, thinking that my parents had finally forced him
into submission but he didnt look unpleasant at all.
I went to work and found that a lot of things had changed. Lao Li who was responsible for a new
translation had not come but he was never absent. He didnt appear for the whole morning. When
we ate lunch, I asked big sister Ma: Big sister, why havent I seen Lao Li at all?

He had full appointments, so he went job hopping. He was tired to death, and didnt really earn
enough money so he went to Shanghai to work, in a short period of time hell be able to get a
money to buy a house, but of course, for young masters like you, you wouldnt know about it.

Look at what youre saying.

We were all senior interpreters here, there were only a few of us and we were all handpicked.
Now that we were missing a person, there would have to be another new person trained to take
up this director position that would hurt the whole department (like if anything goes wrong or
anything happens suddenly cause Lao Li just left, leaving the department in chaos)

In the afternoon, I grabbed my documents and went to go get the heads signature. He was
anxious to see me, and saw me come in, he said to me: What about this Jia Yang, the senior
translating department cant have nobody there, go to the foreign languages department and grab
some interns.

I specifically went back to school and went to the French department, when I saw the head,
Professor Wang, I explained the situation and tried to use these small means to bring Fei some
new opportunities.

The interns had just came in, and the head tested them. Feis written portion was actually better
than her speaking portion, the total score was above average, she was assigned to follow around
a big sister to go out of Shenyang to cooperate on some cases between the French city of Lille.

When I came back, I asked that big sister coworker about Feis work situation.

She said: That girl, shes actually not bad, she has very solid foundations, when she does things
she is very serious. Sometimes she will translate things into the night, her strength is like that of
a guys strength.

I was very happy, I felt that hearing others compliment Fei was better than gaining compliments
for myself.

That weekend, we were together, I asked her how she felt about the recent interpretation jobs, at
that time her back was to me, and she was reading, memorizing vocabulary words. She heard me
ask her and thought about it. Then she said: The road full of fortune is long, happiness and

I walked over and sat next to her: Tomorrow, I have a summit meeting (a meeting between the
government heads of state or government, usually with a lot of media coverage), I am doing
simultaneous interpretation, do you want to come and see?
Can you? She was very happy.

Of course, how hard can it be? Ill give you a worker tag, you wear it, and whatever anyone
asks you to do you dont have to do it, just watch me.

Ai ya, too great. Come, kiss me.

I was willing to do anything that would make her happy.

[1] According to the second chapter of Genesis, Eve was created by God by taking her from the
rib of Adam, to be Adams companion. She succumbs to the serpents temptation to eat the
forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is most often depicted as
an apple. ~Part of this is from wikipedia

If this doesnt make sense lemme know but its some Biblical references.

Qiao Fei

The European summit leaders were seated on stage, 3000 people of every country filled the
hallway. There were blue-blooded elites, Western suits, every persons seat had a bit of black on
it, which connected to the interpreters voices at the back.

English, French, German, Spanish, Japan, Russian, Arabicevery languages most supreme
translators sat in pairs in their allotted work spaces, alternating calm and orderly work.

Passion, intrigue, cooperation and appeasement, self-satisfaction, intrigue, maneuvers, the world

It was nothing more than stable interpreting from the interpreters mouths.

I took the opportunity to go out on behalf of a bathroom when, secretly using his French
translation channel, I heard Chengjia Yangs cool, water-like voice fluently say: We will work to
promote Asia-Europe cooperation in the field of economy and trade to the deeper level, a wider
areas of development. . . . . .

Chapter 18
Qiao Fei

When the conference took a break, I saw Cheng Jia Yang come out from his work area and talk
to his coworkers. He looked towards me, and I gave him a thumbs-up, he was very happy.

I heard someone behind me say: You see, that is Cheng Jia Yang.
I looked around. It was two female reporters who wore their certificates in front of there chest.
The person who had spoken was very young and pretty, their black hair cascading down their
back like a waterfall. She looked towards Cheng Jia Yangs direction and smiled, laughing as if
she was keeping a record of him and extremely satisfied with what she found, already a winner.
She saw me watching her and she faced me. I said Hi. She didnt reply.

I turned, my heart thinking, Well there is enough arrogance.

When the conference ended that woman went with her coworker to go find Cheng Jia Yang. His
figure was tall and slender. When he talked, to impose a greater height than the woman, he stuck
out his chest slightly.

This kind of person, who could resist him?

I secretly left myself, my heart full of his image.

Cheng Jia Yang

When the conference ended, and I prepared to leave, someone called me.

It was two reporters from a TV station, one of them knew me, the nameplate said, Wen Xiao
Hua. I had no impression (when do you have an impression?). I looked at this young womens
beautiful face and felt that indeed, I did seem to know her from before.

She laughed. Her smiling expression was apparent in the corners of her mouth, faintly showing
another persons appearance.

Do you really not remember me? Interpreter. This June of this year, at Fu Ming Fangs wedding
we were at the same table.

Ah, right. The person who had sat with me, had been wearing a white silk skirt, her napkin had
been placed on her lap and fell a few times. I had helped her pick it up.

Right, I remember you. I said, and nodded to her.

Ming Fang is my cousin. This sentence finally made everything make sense, so that was why I
felt she was so familiar every time I saw her, That day, you drank a lot of wine.


Of course. When Ming Fang had married, I was practically drooling. The womans eyes were
very sharp, but I was not willing to let her see my flaws.

I need some help.

Please speak.
My coworker and I need to do a show on the interpreters life and need some information, I
dont know if you would be willing to help.

If they dont involve state secrets, of course it would be no problem. I said.

State secrets? How would it? We are also only civil servants.

Then I will accept without hesitation.

I realized that I never saw Fei.

All right, then you can find me anytime. I grabbed my briefcase and tried to leave.

Wen Xiao Hua chased me: Ah, Cheng Jia Yang, you should have a business card right?

Oh. I said, Ill give you my phone number. I have no business card.

Then please say it. Ill write it down. She took out her cell phone.

I tole her my cell phone number, and she keyed the numbers in one by one, then she gave me the
cell phone: Can you enter in the words for your name yourself?

I could only type in my name in her cell phone.

When I left the conference center, I still didnt see Fei.

I called her at night, I said: Why didnt you wait for me?

I saw that you were busy.

Dont mention it, the reporter even wanted to interview me, and even wanted to do a feature

Then wont you become famous one day?

What hogwash, I have to agree first.

While I talked to her, I fiddled with the cell phone in my hand, and it showed the pictures I had
taken of her in Dalian.

Ah. Fei said, I think you are pretty great.


Today during the summit conference, I used an earpiece and heard your interpretations. It was
very great.
Am I only great when I interpret?

Fei laughed on the other end: You are so undecent. Then she said again: Im not talking to
you, I havent finished my homework.

All right then. Bye.

I hung up the phone, and carefully looked at her picture, she was pretty.

My big brother, Cheng Jia Ming came in and said to me: I need to borrow a book.

Ill help you look for it. I put my cell phone on the bed, and walked to my bookshelf side,
Which one?

However, he grabbed the opened cell phone, and looked at Qiao Feis picture: Shes pretty

Everything was great about this person, but he was sloppy enough.

But I didnt get mad, I didnt mind that he saw Feis photo.

I laughed, haha.

I havent seen you so happy in such a long time.


I want, he pointed to the bookshelf, Ji Xian Lins book that introduces the Tocharian

Thats not easy to find. After I bought it I never read it. It was on the bookshelf, placed in the
most inner section. I reached out my hand to touch it and found something else.

There was a small paper bag of special cigarettes. There was a point in my life when I had
smoked often, and I didnt know when I had quit.

Did you find it?

Yep, Im done. I took out the book and gave it to him. I took back my cell phone.

The cell phone that Jia Ming had put in his pocket rang, he answered the phone while walking
out. I heard him say: Julie? Ah, Claire. You came back from Canada? Ah, sorry it was Japan, I
got it wrong.

How many girlfriends did he have?
There was another person who was playing at the same game.

When we were playing basketball, a strange girl stood at the sidelines waiting for Xu Dong. That
lady was very young, and she wore denim clothing. She looked like she was also a college
student. I thought of a short starstruck love that was placed on the celebrity Wu Jia Yi, Xu
Dongs taste really did change very quickly.

But he had something on his mind. When we played basketball there wasnt enough enthusiasm.
When we went to drink tea, he would either be intimate with his girl almost like he was trying to
show something to the people beside him or he would not even look at her. After he sent away
that girl, I asked him what that girl was called. He thought for a very long time, and patted his
head: Im old, Im old, I forgot what she was called.

At night when we drank wine, he didnt seem very happy. Xu Dong being like this was really

He finally received a phone call and actually went away to answer. When he came back, I
couldnt see his expression clearly but he began to tell some jokes. He drank cup after cup of

We sat by the bar counter, and we could see through the window to the street. I saw a small car
rushing out, braking suddenly. Wu Jia Yi came out from the car.

This seemed like a drama, like it would become more and more interesting.

Xu Dong watched her, stood up, grabbed his clothes, and patted my shoulder: Jia Yang, good
bye. When it came to pay the bill I pushed him away.

Xu Dong was very shaky, he walked outside, and leaned on Wu Jia Yi. Their figures as they left
was like the morning stroll of the old grandpa leaning on the old grandma.

Sometimes, men could be the weakest animals.

It wasnt a festival or a weekend, and there was nothing to celebrate or anything to say. I only
thought to see Qiao Fei. My heart had a fierce desire, like a fire, burning the heart and beginning
a dry thirst. I drove to her dorm. All the lights were already closed. We were separated by a wall,
and I smoked a cigarette and thought of a real problem that was imminent.

I loved her.

I didnt think that I could receive Wen Xiao Huas phone call so quickly.

She said that she was Wen Xiao Hua and I had no impression of her appearance. I only felt that
her smile looked a lot like Ming Fang. While we talked at the coffee shop, we also began the
conversation with Ming Fang.
Are you very good with my cousin?

If it had been a few months ago, this question probably would have made my heart scared, but
now when it was brought up, my heart was full of faint emotions.

Very good. We basically grew up together. But we also did have a period when we didnt
contact each other at all, after her how was she?

Great, they went on their honeymoon and then came back, her husband works busily, and my
big sister (used as a friendly term. Xiao Hua and Ming Fang are cousins) can rest a bit, after she
finishes teaching the class she goes to stay at home.

I nodded. This was typical of family life, plain and happy.

Well talk about our TV show?

Okay. Say it, and Ill listen.

Wen Xiao Hua wanted to do a talk show introducing the senior interpreters. This would be about
our growth, success, life, family, and we would face the audience, answer some questions, and
introduce some situations. I didnt watch a lot of TV. Towards her methodology, I didnt have a
lot of ideas. Thus I said: Is it like Tell The Truth [1]?

Right. Its basically set up like that. But we are more focused on the exploration of the career.


But, like I said, this show gets very high ratings because we dont tape it, we film it live. Plus,
the issue we talk about will not be revealed to the audience, thus the audiences responses are all

So youre saying that the audience has not prepared for it? I asked.

You could say it like that.

What if the questions are a little complicated? Wont you guys make it hard for me to live?

Dont worry, it wont be too overbearing.

I thought about it: Ill make a report to the higher authorities.

Youve agreed?

Wen Xiao Hua laughed, I originally thought that when she laughed, she looked a lot like Ming
Fang, but as of now, there was a big difference. This woman, was unlike Ming Fangs warmth or
elegance, but she was very cunning and sharp, I could hide nothing. I thus understood it as the
reporters professionalism, but later I would know that this was my mistake.

[1] Tell the Truth is a field program in the form of a group chat to expand knowledge in the form
of questions, narrative discussion and/or debate. It is from the CCTV Commentary Department
and tries to enhance communication and understanding between participants.

Please note that when I talked like (this) that was not in the actual book translation. Thanks.

Chapter 19
Cheng Jia Yang

When I was in my office translating, I got a call from Wu Xiao Ping. Ever since the time when I
went with Qiao Fei to work there, I introduced many connections to him. Recently, his business
was doing very well, and he called me to treat me to a dinner as a way of saying thanks.

Initially, his travel agencys foreign tourists stole some cultural artifacts from China, and was
caught by the police. After further investigation it was found that they were actually retired
Chinese public servants, their expertise was not low, so though he enjoyed diplomatic immunity,
this forced him to go through many legal procedures, to make a declaration, and he did not want
to lose face, and even more did not want to move to a different building, this tricky situation fell
on the travel boss Wu Xiao Ping. Thus he begged me for help.

I saw a cartoon once as a kid, that talked about the Allied Forces invading China after China
opened its doors, a bald old missionary deceived the Chinese people, traded cultural treasures,
and was finally drawn in the fish bowl of what things the fairy had learned. I wished that I could
have taught those kinds of foreigners myself.

You can treat us, hes not been caught yet? Ah facts did not constitute a crime, you brought out
the criminal, Ill thank my pal well today.

When Wu Xiao Ping offered to treat me to seafood, he also wanted to me to bring Qiao Fei. But I
was not willing for her to be involved in this situation and so I didnt call her.

We talked about things from our childhood,even though he spoke in crude tones, he was very
interesting, after we drank three drinks, we spoke of Qiao Fei.

This girl is really not bad, you have good judgement.

What are you saying now?
Did I say something wrong? You guys are unrelated, why are you so passionate? You dont
have to hide anything from me, help me do something, 8/9 out of 10 this involves Qiao Feis

I did not deny it.

Wu Xiao Ping had guessed correctly, and laughed, suddenly he thought of something: But, this
thing really does concern her.

I watched him.

Dont be nervous. Its just that those foreigners who came to China last time were led by Miss

What did I take it as. I lightly laughed and poured myself a cup of wine.

The time in September. Wu said.

Impossible. I said, She did a different one.

Im her boss and youre trying to argue with me?

She didnt do any before? In early September?

No. At that time I had no tourist groups so I have a deep impression, after the summer we had
an offseason. What? Is there something wrong?

No, no.

We finished eating, I had eaten quite a bit. Wu Xiao Ping was going to send me home but I said,
no need no need, I parked the car in front of the restaurant and went onto a taxi.

Will you be okay? Wu asked.

No problem. I waved to him, and let the driver drive.

Then I opened my cell phone.

Inside, there was the short text I had kept from Qiao Fei.

September 2, Saturday, 8:12 PM.

Four mice were boasting

That day I had went to go see Wu Jia Yis premiere, she (fei) said she had to work. But Wu Xiao
Ping had said that in September he had no tourist groups.
I didnt close the car window and the cold air blew in.

I didnt know what happened but it was actually late autumn.

Leaves, yellow lights, travelers by night.

The taxi driver asked me, Sir, where would you like to do?

Even though it was the weekend, today I had no appointments with Qiao Fei and of course, I
didnt want to return to my parents.

Could you please bring me to the CTS Hotel (Travel Agency of some sort. Im assuming this is
Wu Xiao Pings agency).

I stumbled up the stairs in a blur, and looked at myself in the elevator mirror, my face was red
from drinking so much, and I felt this was not a big deal, it could have been Wu Xiao Pings loss
of memory, the situation had passed for so long already, and there was no need to pursue it
further. I told myself in the mirror: Laugh. I grinned, looked funny, and I actually did laugh.

When I opened the door, I saw Qiao Feis shoes at the lane entrance.

My heart jumped.

I received a text from Fei: I have given you some time to allow the female by your side to
leave. (Literal translation)

This really was an unexpected gift, Qiao Fei was waiting for me here.

To the unwarranted Female by my side I said: Oh no, my wife is at home. What about you go
first. Well change it to another day.

Then I made a motion to open the door.

At the same time, Qiao Fei ran out from her room, holding what could have been used as a
weapon like a brick, the Lacrousse French big dictionary,What person dares to take away my

I hadnt even taken off my shoes but I hugged her in one motion, she was very warm and gentle,
and had a special fragrance which made ones heart feel good.

Who could compete with you? I said.

She lifted her head from my embrace and looked towards my eyes. I saw her black cat eyes, her
red mouth, and it really made my heart itch. I had to kiss her.

She suddenly grasped my unsuspecting chin, her fingers pressing until I hurt: I dare you.
When it was just us, I felt that the world was only this young girls body, safe and sound.

Qiao Fei

Sex brings supreme pleasure, but was also conducive to the health of the young youth, I was thus
energetic, ruddy, but sometimes just flat trouble like last night because of too much stimulus. My
bra was broken by me and Cheng Jia Yang.

I woke up this morning clothes, wanted to bite him, but watching him sleep naive, I didnt
have the heart, and dropped the idea.

I wanted to wake up but the guy pretending to sleep suddenly pulled me down on the bed.

You still want more.

Oh really, yesterday you were too crazy, my clothes were ripped off.


Look at it. I let him look at the broken lace, Im not talking to you, Im thirsty.

You mad?

A little bit.

Ill send you a new one.

I did not speak.

Lets go shopping. Like, the home dads and the home wives, all right?

I watched him, his arm was around my neck, and at a closer look, his skin was white and thin
almost like trying to squeeze in water. I finished, and throughout this lifetime I would be held
down by this male.

All right.

In my spending power and standards of living, 200 yuan per bra was the gift that I had originally
planned to send to myself in the new year, I had already seen a good set, a blue lace, lily pattern,
woven cloth, good elasticity, and it was also very strong.

Cheng Jia Yang said: Then isnt this one better? I heard the staff say that this is made of real
silk, from a famous designer, style, and look here, hollow and elegant, and it also prevents breast

Of course its good, 1680 yuan, rich women would wear this.
Ill buy it for you.

No, I want to pay for it myself.

I broke it, I want to make it up to you.

Thats not worth it, Cheng Jia Yang.


Think about it, 1680 yuan, will you still play as crazily next time? Will you still dare to rip apart
my clothes?

He really did think about it.

I will definitely be careful, plus, if we buy two sets, we can prepare for future events. You
know, I have some times when I cannot control myself at all.

Annoying! I grabbed his arm, almost coaxing him,saying: Asking too much.

He looked at me: All right then, pick it yourself.

I didnt choose the 200 yuan set, but instead chose a little more expensive set.

But I would always remember, that sets expensiveness. The silk material shone a lovely sheen.
Moreover, it would be of interest to Cheng Jia Yang.

After we finished buying the bra, we went to the male dressing section again, and Jia Yang
bought a jacket which came with a set of English porcelein.

After we walked around the shops, Jia Yang wanted to go to the jewelry shop, when we were in
front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, I held him: Im hungry, I want to go to Kentucky Fried

Well just go around and then come out okay?


Im begging you.

Be careful that you dont actually become a home dad.

I agree.

I was half dragged half hugged inside.
The staff saw the bright and shining radiance of Jia Yang and was very warm. He looked at me
like I was the ugly duckling riding with Prince Charming, and though he had doubts, he could
only patiently greet me also.

No wonder one had to judge others based off of their work, unless you were some sort of snob.

Jia Yang carefully picked out a necklace.

I sat on the high chair, carefully looking at my fingers.

I thought, this was a question I had prepared for a long time.

Money, the thing that had become attached to us, but was also the thing to create the greatest
distance between us. I had always walked gingerly but today it made an unexpected appearance.

Fei, I want to give you this. Come and look, do you like it?

This is not bad, your face is little, wearing this thin one would be the best.

Come and see this.

I didnt move. He finally looked at me and laughed: Come over.

Im hungry.

After we buy a necklace we can go feast.

Im hungry now. I said, I dont want to buy the necklace.

He walked over, his hand on my shoulder, as if he wanted to say something.

Cheng Jia Yang

I did no good in coaxing my beloved girl, I knew that the money involved, was a sensitive matter
for us.

What I couldnt say was that from last night to today, I had some confusion, and I want to return
for a little more security.

I said: I want you to be happy.

Chapter 20 Part 1
Qiao Fei
Jia Yang told me, I only want you to be happy.

I looked at his face, it was the same as the time I had first seen him, gentle, faint, and a little sad,
my heart was like it had been bound with a thin whip, but I didnt think that here, my
performance would become tender, I only put my hand on his hand that was pressing my
shoulders, I said: Being with you, I am happy.

Im so hungry, can we go for a walk? If I think of something I need to buy, Ill tell you and let
you buy it for me.

All right. He nodded.

I stood up and we left Cartier (jewelry shop). Then we found the closest Kentucky Fried
Chicken. My heart secretly swore that I would never again say such heavy words to him.

I have always been a secular person, it has a tacky taste and pleasure.

I liked to eat chicken drumsticks and a roll of onion and Beijing duck, if the sauce came out
accidentally, I would lick my fingers clean.

When Jia Yang drank his milkshake he asked me: Later when you become a great interpreter,
dont be like this at the state banquets.

What? You despise me?


I inclined my nose and laughed.

At Kentucky Fried Chicken we sat in a seat in front of the window. The autumn sunlight came
through the window onto our bodies, which let one feel warm and lazy. Jia Yang reached out a
hand to wipe away a small bit of pasta sauce.

This moment made people want to linger.

Someone lightly knocked on the window in front of us.

Cheng Jia Yang

The person who came was Liu Gong Zi [1], he waved outside, and then pushed the door to come
in. I shook his head, sitting: Hi, how coincidental.

Yes, I passed by outside and it looked like you.

His car was parked outside, I asked: Did you come here by yourself? Did no one wait for you?
Dont be anxious.

I know that as a person, if youre not anxious, Ill be anxious.

Jia Yang, why dont you introduce us.

Liu looked at Qiao Fei, amused.

I am Cheng Jia Yangs friend. Fei said.

I looked at her.

Same. My surname is Liu.

She nodded her head: Hello.

You look very familiar.

Maybe. The world is a small place. She stood up, I need to go wash my hands.

Fei walked over to the kitchen and turned, her figure was gone.

Liu Gong Zi asked: Shes only a friend, not a girlfriend?

I had no way to respond, I was also searching for this sentence from Fei.

Liu patted my shoulder: Ill be going now. If theres time Ill contact you, and we can go
around[2] together.

Fei returned after a long time, her ice cream melted, she stirred it with a spoon: Go buy me a

Dont eat anymore, youll get fat.

Humph, Humph.

She looked at me, amused.

Women, women.

Lets go, Im a little tired.

We left Kentucky Fried Chicken, I drove, and we went on our way. A way that involved no
talking. As of now I didnt really care, I was only thinking about what she had said to Liu Gong
Zi, that she was my friend.
Right now it was a Saturday afternoon, usually, we would still have spent the next half of the
weekend together, but I drove to the school and said: I suddenly thought of something, I forgot
to do something. You can go to school first.

Fei still held the bra she had just bought, she quietly sat for a while and then looked at me: Hey,
why didnt you tell me earlier. My classmates wanted me to go with them to the reservoir to

I forgot.

All right, then call me.


She got off the car and bouncily walked to her dorm.

I drove away right away.

I returned to my home on the outskirts, my parents werent home, Jia Ming was in the small side
room watching a movie.

It was one of Stephen Chows old films, the grumbling and devious Tang Sen said to the
Monkey King: Do you want it? Wu Kong, if you want it, speak, if you dont say anything how
will I know, so even though you look at me with sincerity, you should still tell me what you
want. Do you really want it? Then go take it! Didnt you want this a lot? So did you really

I walked into my own room, and poured a cup of water. I opened the window, and our almond
yard grew to be longer than the second-floor window, golden leaves floated into my room.

At this moment I felt regret at leaving her.

If my heart was unhappy why didnt I tell her?

[1] If youve read any ancient Chinese books, Gong Zi means noble/wealthy man. Liu is
mentioned throughout the book as a Gong Zi.

[2] The original text said . I looked it up and it said something about the Parthenon so I just
translated it to around

Chapter 20 Part 2
Qiao Fei
I returned to my bedroom, and put my new bra into hot water, washing it clean, I dried it on the
patio. I made some of the Tang drink and drank a few sips, warming my stomach. Ever since
what just happened, I always felt cold.

I recognized Jia Yangs friend, the mister. He used to be a young customer at Allure[1] who
would often raise his hands for more.

The world was a small place, not without reason.

Of course I recognized him. He chased me to the the outside of the bathroom, and grabbed my
arm: Fei Fei, werent you not going to introduce us?

Your hands and feet moving around like this, Im going to yell for Cheng Jia Yang.

Guys had no fear: I saw you in the ballroom with Cheng Jia Yang, and almost thought that I had
saw wrong.

Really, I almost thought I had escaped last time.

Youre going to yell for Cheng Jia Yang? What about I call for him and we judge this law suit.

Say something logical, Liu Gong Zi. Is there anyone who talks nonsense like you do?

This guy stuck out a finger to roll my hair, If you go, there will be no one else to say jokes.

Go away.

I can do so. But you have to call me. He shoved his card into my purse. He walked away, and I
was relaxed, he spun back again: Where is stupid Cheng better than me?

Haha, if you keep going on like this Im going to laugh. I said hatefully.

He pushed my forehead with his index finger and I backed up against the wall.

I washed my hands for a long time at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I felt as if I had actually
swallowed poison. But I couldnt lose Cheng Jia Yangs face, and I was even more unwilling to
begin a fight, so in the future I would be careful.

But this mans heart was like the swirling wind in the autumn. When I returned, his whole face
had changed.

What had I said to offend him?

To be fair, on Chengjia Yangs body, there was no weirdness, but I think that some of the bones
could not conceal his demeanor and temperament. For example, his self-confidence, pride, and
sensitiveness. All of these factors potentially showed, and since I was the opposite, I felt uneasy.
Bo Bo finished bathing and returned, and saw me lying on my bed looking to the sky, and felt
very surprised.

Whoa youre actually home? Didnt you go to your familys house?

I crawled over: Ai ya, seeing you washed up, youre just in time, right now youre the best
fortune-teller around, help me look at it, am I going to have nothing to do this weekend?

She opened the computer and operated the fortune teller software, Wow, Qiao Fei, youre pretty
good, the teacher has allowed you to graduate.

I was shocked.

Later I had a period of time in which I didnt see Cheng Jia Yang or call him. In our intensive
French class, the teacher recommended Francoise Sagans book, Hello, Sadness.

It talked about a father and daughter who lived their own lives and had received a
transformation, because they thought that they change their previous life with enough pain, in the
end, they actually continued their previous life.


We studied hard, did our homework, and met a French exchange student, her name was Aude
(Aulde) Ferlande (Lets all thank aeternelle. Thank you! :D), she lived in the Mediterranean city
of Montpellier in France. Throughout the course of the exchange program, we helped each other
learn French and Chinese.

Aude talked about her hometown, a blue sky and yellow sandy beaches, the freshest ocean air,
the highest palm trees, the dark pretty Mediterranean people, her French was very heavy which
made one aspire to be her level.

Fei, if you become an exchange student, you may not be the first choice.

I agree completely. I said. But to me, this was a problem.

I was already a junior, after another half a year, I would graduate. If I could also gain this good
opportunity, if I could go overseas to learn, even if I wasnt as great as Cheng Jia Yang, perhaps
I could become an okay interpreter.

Cheng Jia Yang, Cheng Jia Yang.

What was he doing?

Cheng Jia Yang
Wen Xiao Hua made an appointment with me at a suitable time, and I made my preparations,
going on her show.

Prior to the show I had to apply make-up, face powder, and painted my mouth. I was down-
hearted, merciless to the makeup artist.

(The show has started) Wen Xiaohua came: Why dont you seem very happy today?


You arent the best.

Under the lights, this female lead was a little prettier, she could ask any sensitive question easily,
giving compassionate advice, a champagne ladys style.

But you will also meet some questions that are hard to answer right?

Of course.


One time, the foreigners were talking about Argentine Peron, and the words werent new, but I
didnt understand the essence of the words, when they left this topic after three more sentences, I
felt that I hadnt translated very well.

Does this happen often?

No. Each time I will do better than the time before, gradually making up for my deficiencies.

Do interpreters have any hobbies? Wen Xiao Hua wanted to change to a lighter topic.

Reading, smoking, travelling.

Youve travelled the most.

What youre talking about is work, sitting on planes, going to another place. What Im talking
about is travelling, talking, you dont have to speak in foreign languages.

Youve basically travelled the whole globe right? Where do you like best?

I thought about it, Dalian.

Qiao Fei

I finished studying for the night, my stomach was a little hungry so at the cafeterias Si Chuan
section, I bought a spicy soup.
I told the master: I dont want any tofu skin, put a little more seaweed, peppers and chili.

At the other stall, Xiao Dan got some black rice, she took a tray and went to go find a seat, then
she yelled to me: Come quickly, its Cheng Jia Yang.

The cafeteria TVs were on a conversation show, the high level interpreter, Cheng Jia Yang was
the feature, he had told me this before.

The him in the camera was a little young; like the Taiwanese actor, Winston Chao, he was very

I laughed a bit, my brain had a little thought, Ive even seen this man naked.

The pretty host asked him the place where he liked going the most.

He said Dalian.

I asked the chef: Did you put in the spicy sauce? No? Then I dont want it anymore, Im afraid
my face will grow pimples.

Chapter 21
Qiao Fei

I finished eating the spicy soup and returned to the bedroom to give Cheng Jia Yang a phone

He didnt call me, so I called him. It wasnt a big deal.

Cheng Jia Yang

At the end of the program, I was getting ready to leave.

Wen Xiao Hua came over to find me, Thank you, the program was very exciting.

No problem.

Do you have time to go out for tea together?


When would suit you?

Huh? I looked at her. Her face covered in heavy makeup, her eyes like dark pools.
What huh? I was making plans with you.

She spoke so straightforwardly that I was almost unable to deflect her question. Fortunately, the
phone rang at that moment and I said, Sorry, let me take this phone call.

The result wasnt too effective since the phone was almost out of battery.

The director called, Jia Yang, Yao familys child is sick. Tomorrow, you will go to France in
place of him to visit the Mayor of Strasbourg. Prepare a little bit now.

Is there no room for discussion?

Military orders, 10 oclock flight tomorrow morning.


I still had more to discuss, but the screen already turned black.

Wen Xiao Hua looked at me, What happened?

Urgent task. Leaving tomorrow. Sorry.

Wen Xiao Hua shook her head. Its no problem. Your complexion doesnt look good. Take care
of yourself.

Whenever women say this, it warms a person on the inside. I shook her hand and said Thank
you, Ill see you when I return.

I didnt know on which corner of the world Mother and Father were at, and Jia Ming was also
away from home. I packed my suitcases and replaced the battery in my phone. The wallpaper
was Feis photo.

I havent seen her in over half a month. Earlier during the program, I remembered our brief trip
to Dalian. As I answered, I wondered whether or not she would also reminisce the trip when she
watches the program.

She never called me. But I didnt worry because I would call her instead. I dialed her number but
the auto voicemail sounded through.

The user you dialed has turned off his/her phone.

While sitting on the plane, I couldnt remember some things no matter how hard I tried to recall
them. Why did I take her back to school that weekend? Why did I get mad at her?

Loneliness and longtime memories make people feel as if they are floating. I had slept for a
while, and when I opened my eyes I felt a sense of longing.
Qiao Fei

I brought my phone to the repair shop and the boss said, Miss, it would be much better to buy a
new one.

Cant it be repaired?

The nail has rusted.

I was quite upset. I received bad grades and to top that off, I also had no money. Which god have
I bothered?

That day I gave Cheng Jia Yang a call, his phone was turned off. It was probably out of battery,
so I took a stroll on the balcony and waited a while to call him again. I flipped open the phone,
pressed the power button and dialed his number using just one hand, thinking that my actions
were suave. After a second however, my phone slipped from my hand and dropped to the ground
below the balcony.


Bo Bo studied it for a while and said, This is the only way.


Change your phone.

Saying that is equal to not saying anything at all.

Let me finish talking. Change your phone number. Thats the most basic solution.

Is it useful?

My previous exam was political economy, and I also lost my gold necklace. After I changed my
phone number, I passed the make-up test and found the gold necklace in one of my boots.

I didnt know whether to believe it or not, but I had to buy a new phone for sure. I chose a white
one; one that was not too expensive, but also not that cheap. It was small and had a very vibrant
display. I also changed my phone number to one that contains several 8s and 9s for good luck. I
sent texts and gave phone calls in order to notify people of my new phone number.

I asked Wu Xiao Ping, Do you know where Cheng Jia Yang went? He never picks up when I

If you dont even know, how would I possibly know? Probably on a business trip. Hes
experienced so he could be anywhere in the world right now.
He didnt change his phone number right?

Either way, I only have his original one.

I was slightly worried, but continued on living my daily life.

The day turned cold quite rapidly and the city finally had its first snow. I was taking my English

I had not seen Cheng Jia Yang for a month now.

It was winter break again and like usual, I planned to first take a part-time job here and then go
home when the New Year approached.

There was a European student who was a heavy smoker. After classes, she would continue to
smoke and smoke. She used Chinese to say, How can I describe it? Its kind of like eating an

Finally, I asked her for one. I boldly inhaled the smoke into my lungs, choking and coughing at
the feeling. She patted my back and said, Aiya, look at you trying to be brave.

I laughed, Who did you learn these phrases from?

Its a piece of cake.

Let me try again.

And through this way, I was able to learn how to smoke.

I came out of the library that night, pulling my clothes tighter around my cold body as I started to
return to my room. I sang an old song to myself, Unfortunately, the heart is too anxious, so
anxious and connected that there are no gaps

Someone in the darkness called my name, Fei.

Who would call my name? I turned my head to face him. It was Cheng Jia Yang standing next to
his car, although I couldnt see his face.

I just returned from France. You changed your phone?

I nodded, I called you a few times.

I had to leave in a hurry. When I got there, there were too many things to do so I didnt have
time to contact you.

Ah. I also had my final exams. I didnt do so well on the extensive test I took this afternoon.

When we were talking, we maintained the original distance without moving even a step towards
each other.

Is there anything else? I asked. Im going back to my room.

I regretted what I said straight afterwards. But once the harsh words came out of my mouth, there
was no taking them back.

Ever since I had known him, how has Jia Yang treated me? On the trip back from our vacation
until now, I had given him this kind of harsh attitude. Is there anyone else like me with no

At this point, my words were clumsy, my heart felt revengeful. In terms of principles, I am not a
good person; I upset people when Im annoyed.

Nothing. Im leaving.

He turned around, reached out and opened the car door. I quickly walked over and hugged him
from behind. He put his hands on top of mine, his palms were very hot. I turned him around and
touched his forehead and cheeks.

How come you have a fever?

No wonder I feel cold.

What happened to you? I patted his shoulder.

Dont take advantage of the vulnerable.

Idiot, idiot.

My mouth was suddenly covered by his, our tongues entangling. I almost couldnt breathe. I
pushed him aside, Do you want to infect me?

I only have a fever, not yet at the infectious stage.

Our foreheads touched and I could feel his hot breath.

There isnt anyone to take care of me, jiejie (affectionate term for an older female friend).

I touched his face, Lets go back.

I really do have a fever, my eyes are sore.
My fingers were moist.

We went into the small room inside of the house. In his cotton pajamas, Jia Yang half lay and
half sat on the bed, eating the brown sugar boiled eggs I had made him.

Does it taste good?

Ah, its good. He replied, but he suddenly raised his head, I feel like something isnt right.

Whats wrong?

I looked at him. Because he had a fever, his red face looked very cute.

Are you sure this is something people with fevers eat?

Something like this.

Isnt this a dish for pregnant women?

He did have a bit of common sense. Now that I have thought about it, my mother had made this
dish and given it to the neighbors daughter after she had given birth.

No, how could I make such a dumb mistake? I said while laughing.

Oh. He believed me, and then ate until the bowl was empty.

Jia Yang was sweating. I tucked him in properly on the bed.

He grabbed my hand, Fei

What are you doing?

Cheng Jia Yang

Leaving without reason and disappearing for so long without even calling her once, then
returning exhausted and letting her take care of me

Is there anyone else like me with no conscience?

I held her hand, wanting to apologize. Not being able to say it out loud, I told myself: In the
future, you need to be better to her.

What are you doing? Muttering under your breath. She stroked my hair.

Look through my suitcase. I brought you Paris IIIs new translation textbooks.
Oh yeah! She quickly ran out.

This was her simple happiness.

Chapter 22
Cheng Jia Yang

Feis final exam grades were not bad. For the holidays, she had planned to visit Harbin with a
small group of people as a vacation. Before leaving, she went to the mall to buy a thick winter
coat. When she tried it on and showed it to me, I noticed that there was something different about

Did you gain weight?

Yes, a little.

Did you weigh yourself?

Gained 15 pounds.

Gained 15 pounds and you call that a little?


I thought something was a little off when I came back.

Aish! Shut up!

I walked over and helped her zip up the coat, Itll affect your image if you get too fat.

Im okay with that.

Weve recently cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce in France for a project.

What did you just say? Fei asked, her eyes glistening with enthusiasm.

Hehe, magical Cheng Jia Yang is equipped with many internship opportunities for you. Plus,
the French pays well. This way you wont have to run around the country with a group. No
wonder youre tired.

Great! I must study hard and improve every day, she was extremely happy. When Im at
Harbin, I wont eat anything in order to lose all the weight Ive gained.
But trust me, you should never believe a woman when she says she is going to go on a diet.
When Qiao Fei steps off the returning plane after five days, she would have probably gained at
least five more pounds. What?

Bars, Harbin sausages, river fish hot pot, she hugged my waist then continued, Gege
(affectionate term for older male friends), give me a break. This is my first time going, I wont
be able to experience anything before the struggle.

I pushed her away, When you gain too much weight, your brain activity will decrease.

No wonder Im always sleepy.

When you get fat, youll be like a waitress.

No, no. I cant even fit into that outfit.

To be honest, if Fei gains a little weight, shed only become more beautiful given her height. But
I liked her original tall and slim figure. If she continued to put on weight like this however, she
would soon surpass me.

As if. After we went to the sports club to get a membership card, you started dieting and
exercising more often.

Okay. Ill completely listen to you then.

When I had my arms around her at night, I placed my hand on her warm, soft belly. The fact that
she had gained some weight wasnt too bad since her body felt nicer under my touch. But an
abrupt thought came to me as I touched her there.

Youre suddenly gaining weight Could it be because of that?

She stared at me, her eyes widening, What? Dont scare me.

I couldnt manage to say the word pregnant so instead, I said Baby.

She was still stunned as she muttered Impossible.

We were always well aware of this becoming a possible issue, but negligence is inevitable.

Has there been any abnormalities with your menstrual cycle?

Let me think. Fei was in deep thought for a brief moment, No problems.

Silence passed between us while we each carefully thought about the same thing.

A Child.
I looked at her and she looked at me.

In fact, I wouldnt be afraid if we had a little child. As long as I was with her then I was happy. I
felt that we could be together, for a lifetime even.

We could give birth to a child, spend a little money, then give birth to another one.

Boys. Boys are easier to raise. Furthermore, I wouldnt have to worry about him getting bullied

One would learn French, one would learn Spanish.

One would be named Cheng De Fa, one would be named Cheng Fa Si.

Four people would fill the dining table, bringing different cultures together.

As I pondered for a while, I started to laugh. Unfortunately, Fei had yet to graduate from college
and still had a long future ahead of her.

I looked at her again and she also looked back at me.

What are you thinking about? Why does your laugh sound so sinister?

Nothing. Youre thinking too much. Hurry up and sleep.

I turned off the light.

Before the Spring Festival, Fei had bought train tickets to return home.

There were a few events and several plans scheduled during this time of the year, so I was in an
idle mood.

On the morning of New Years Eve, a gathering was hosted by the State Council. The ministers
have all taken the time to attend this, and my father had ordered me not to be absent.

I raised my glass for a toast with one person then wished another a happy New Year. I drank
white wine, one glass followed by another, and my colleagues did the same. As soon as we were
about to have fun, someone called out my name.

Cheng Jia Yang.

I turned my head to the sound of the voice, it was Wen Xiao Hua.

Hey, hello. I said, then shook her hand.

Hello, happy New Year.
Thank you, thank you. Isnt this such a coincidence? I asked.

Its not a coincidence. I accompanied my father here.

We were still in the middle of greeting each other when my father approached us. He was with
an official of the same rank as him.

My father said, Jia Yang, come see Mr. Wen.

Mr. Wen was Wen Xiao Huas father. He was responsible for the financial sector at work. His
recent performance had been outstanding which made him a favorite among all the ministers. He
shook my hand, Jia Yang has already grown up this much? Cheng Brother (term used for
friendship between two long-term male friends), how can we not be old anymore?

Xiao Hua, how do you two know each other? My father asked.

Jia Yang has been on my program before.

I knew that drinking more would only produce a scene, not to mention this womans unabashed
interest in me.

My father said, During the New Year, Ill invite you guys to dinner.

Xiao Hua was extremely happy and wished my father a happy New Year again. My tongue felt
hard and I couldnt say anything.

Wen Xiao Hua had the best of both worlds that day. When we got home that evening, my father
taught me a lesson.

Youre an adult now. Wont you even wish an elder a happy New Year?

I didnt reply. Instead, I wanted to pick up a newspaper to read.

You disappoint me, Cheng Jia Yang. Where have your manners disappeared to?

I bit my tongue and listened to his lecturing as I counted sheep in my head.

One, two, Australia, New Zealand

My mother disagreed, Given who we are, do we really need someone to socialize with or
entertain us? Besides, whats so good about girls who know how to articulate their mind?

My mother wasnt entirely wrong. You really are my birth mother after all, coming to the rescue
at the most critical moments. Youre such a good mother.

Ill control the child, you shut up.
If my father continued to talk, I wouldnt be able to suppress my laughter anymore.

To be honest however, Wen Xiao Huas temperament and demeanor were both impeccable.
Furthermore, her use of sophisticated vocabulary added to her professionalism. This woman was
practically perfect.

My uncle and aunt were next to save me from my fathers lecturing, coming over to wish us a
happy New Year. They had brought over fresh lamb meat from their own farm which our nanny
cleaned and cut into thin pieces for hot pot.

Uncle and aunt wondered about Jia Ming, asking about his absence from home during the New

No one knew where he went.

Uncle said, The second child is still more obedient.

My father glanced at me.

Every family celebrated the New Year differently. I wondered how Fei celebrated it. Together
with her mom, she mustve cooked very tasty food; tea eggs for example.

After I was done eating, I watched some TV and played a little mahjong. I ate and drank a lot
today and was starting to feel tired. I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

I called Qiao Fei, but her phone was switched off. Perhaps it wasnt charged. I went to take a
shower then called again. Her phone was still off.

My phones wallpaper was set to a picture of her. I fell asleep by staring at it.

In the middle of the night, I had a nightmare involving blood, a lot of blood. My dream felt
similar to the movie The Shining.

I abruptly sat up in bed, covered in sweat.

I had a severe stomach ache, which felt like there was a screw drilling up and down my insides.
It was so painful that I wasnt even able to straighten my waist. I felt nauseous and gagged a
little, then I fell off my bed and onto the ground with a thump.

When I woke up, Jia Ming was beside me. I could feel that the pain in my stomach had slightly
lessened, but I was still unable to straighten my body.

I gave you a pain reliever shot. You dont have high alcohol tolerance, why did you drink so
Its not that, I said drowsily. Theres no problem with my alcohol tolerance. At that moment,
I started to feel extremely uncomfortable and it wasnt solely due to my stomach, but rather an
overall uneasiness.

I took my phone and called Fei again, but her phone was powered off.

Thats too much. Jia Ming said.

I placed the phone down, feeling troubled. Fear and concern filled my mind.

Fei had travelled to Shenyang by train, which wasnt an issue. I asked a friend there to help her
buy train tickets home, but would she be able to find him? Would she be able to get her hands on
the tickets? If not, this silly girl wouldnt possibly take a bus home right? As the New Year
approached, the northeast was heavily covered in snow and the long bus ride would cost more

I grew more and more anxious, but despite calling her phone multiple times, I just couldnt reach

The situation remained hopeless until the next afternoon, when I had already bought a flight
ticket to Shenyang.

Before I departed, I tried to call her again and she finally picked up. Hello, she said.

A wave of relief washed over me at the sound of her voice. I had felt like a drowning man who
was about to suffocate any minute now, but someone had finally pulled me out of the water. I
almost shouted, Why do you always have this problem? Why is your phone always turned

Jia Yang?

Who else could it be?

I just got home. My arrival to Shenyang was slightly delayed. My parents even reproved me.

I wasnt mad anymore when I continued to hear her voice. Possessing the urge to yell at her a
moment ago was really hypocritical of me. I calmed down and quietly asked, What happened?
Did you need to make a phone call about something? If you missed the train, how did you get

Oh, bus.

I dont know what to do with you anymore. I almost went over there to find you. Qiao Fei, how
many times has it been already?
Ai. I heard her sigh and my heart softened within a second. However, I could faintly feel that
there was a problem, Whats wrong? Why is your voice so quiet?

Im a little tired today so I wont talk to you anymore. Besides, the telephone fee is quite

What I really wanted to say was Ill give you $1000 in deposits. However, I recalled a similar
situation in the past and swallowed my words, Im worried. My stomach ached a lot last night.

Last night? What happened?

Just had a nightmare in the middle of the night and when I got up, my stomach was hurting.
Luckily, my brother came home and helped me out.

Youve just arrived home, go get some rest.


Wish your parents a happy New Year for me.

Thank you. You too.

I placed the phone down and took a stretch.

At least this coming year will be peaceful one.

Chapter 23
Cheng Jia Yang

On the third day of the New Year, Xu Dong invited me out to go horseback riding. The weather
was good and we rode for a while before resting.

I flipped open the newspaper and looked at the entertainment section, reading about how famous
stars spent the New Year.

Wu Jia Yi went to England to rest and met a famous film director. I read aloud and looked at
Xu Dong. However, it seemed like his attention was elsewhere. He drank a sip of British soju
and said to me, I need to tell you something, Im getting married.

I didnt hear wrong right?
Hey, Im already a thirty-something year old man. Get married early then have children early so
that once they grow up, I wont too old. Ill still be able to discipline them.

I see youve thought about it thoroughly. Whos the bride?

You dont know her.

Youre sure of this? Youre going to give up being a free bachelor?

Too tiring.

Well bring sister-in-law with you next time, I want to get to know her.

Okay, we can go out and eat together the day after tomorrow. I went to the restroom. When I
came back, I saw Xu Dong from afar. He was holding the newspaper and intently reading.

Not long after, I met Xu Dongs fiancee. On the fifth day of the New Year, we went out to eat
hot pot. She was a very quiet lady; not very pretty, but composed and graceful. She had
graduated from Beijing University and now worked to restore ancient paintings and calligraphy
at a museum.

In the beginning it was Xu Dongs mother who introduced them. Before the wedding date was
set, the girls Beijing family background was thoroughly investigated. She was born into a
scholarly family, her father being a well-known scholar. Most importantly, before Xu Dong, she
had not dated anyone.

Xu Dong cared for his fiancee very well, but in my opinion, it seemed more like an outer image.
Their wedding date was set on May 1st. The girls family was religious, and Xu Dong respected
that so they prepared a Christian wedding ceremony.

But even chic people had things they couldnt prevent. Xu Dong had played around for so many
years, finally deciding to rest and become a prodigal son. I didnt know if this could be buried

The Chinese New Year holiday ended, two days later, Fei returned from her home.

I went to the train station to pick her up. The Fei that got off of the train startled me. She lost a
lot of weight, her face ridged with sharp edges like in the summer. The coat that she had bought
before going to Harbin looked a little haggard.

I took her things, examining her. She smiled at me, Well? How is it? I lost a lot of fat right?

You didnt get it wrong, right? Being fat one moment and skinny the next can be bad for your

Women should be a little hard on themselves.
Does that even make sense? Lets hurry up and go.

I drove the car towards the direction of the main roads, Fei said, I want to go back to school for
a few days.

Ah? I looked at her. The car was at an intersection. The red light turned on, we stopped.

Dont mention it. Xiao Dans boyfriend didnt do well on his exams, so he didnt go back home
during winter break and found a job here, so she stayed here with him. She lives by herself and is
scared. Let me go back and stay with her for a while.

Oh, what about me? You promised her? Seriously, this person, shes already grown up, and is
living at school, its not even outside. What is she afraid of?

Ah, but I agreed. Besides, the school isnt far from the Ministry of Commerce which is close to
where I live so you wont have to transport me too far.

I didnt speak, but was a little angry on the inside. Fei, you heroine, you really have a sense of

I escorted her to her house, handing her a business card, Report to the Commerce Department
the day after tomorrow. Find this man, he is the project team leader. Dont be late.

Thank you. Do you want to go in with me and sit for a while?

No, I still have things to do.

Then bye.

I got in my car and left. I drove around the streets, getting bored.

Qiao Fei

Fortunately Cheng Jia Yang didnt come in and sit. I went back to the empty bathroom, turned
on the hot water, and washed my face and feet. Afterwards I crawled in between the covers and
rested. I was in a train the entire day, and I could still hear the rumbling sound, and feel my body

I really was tired.

The second day of studying, preparing, giving Cheng Jia Yang a phone call, with five sentences.

The third day I went to the Commerce Department, it was a Sino-French cooperation project
industry group. I found the person in charge, Zhou Xian Fu, and told him that I was Cheng Jia
Yangs friend. Right after, he started asking me questions in French.
Half an hour later, I got my assigned desk underneath a window. I sighed in relief. It seemed like
I passed the interview.

The office had a total of seven workers, including three foreigners who spoke better Chinese than
me. I sat across from a thirty-something year old woman. The name card on her desk had her
French and Chinese name, Michelle and Yang Yan Yan. She was quite pretty, but she had an
unsmiling, enigmatic face.

Because we were all pretty young, everyone got to know each other very quickly. The foreigners
recommended that I make a French version of my name. I said, just call me Fei. The French
pronunciation of the name was quite pretty.

Working here was so easy, it couldnt get any easier. Answering the phone, sending fax
messages; sometimes Zhou Xian Fu would give me a file to type,but there wasnt more to it.

My weekly salary was 700 yuan. Later when school starts, I can work every weekend and earn
400 yuan. This was really good. I took the money and called Cheng Jia Yang, I said, I want to
invite you to dinner, do you accept or decline?

He didnt answer, but instead thought on the other side of the phone.


I was thinking of inviting you to a meal there.

I laughed.

While eating at the northeast restaurant, Cheng Jia Yang asked about my job, They still didnt
let you be an interpreter?


Whats wrong? I told Lao Zhou to give you more opportunities to exercise your skills.

Hey, you dont need to help me find an easy way around things anymore, I already have you so
Im lucky enough.

Do you get along well with your colleagues?

Pretty well. Its just I thought about the tightlipped, unsmiling woman who sat across from

Its just what?

Oh, the foreigners are always telling me to get a French name.
Dont listen to their nonsense. Jia Yang put his hand on mine. The name Fei is the best.

His hand rubbed the back of mine, tickling it, Tonight, come home with me.

I looked at him, moving his hair away from his forehead, Okay, but you have to behave.

I promise. He was very happy, a boyish smile on his face.

At night, we lay in bed watching TV. Each holding a can of ice cream. Jia Yangs taste buds
were very unique. He liked to eat the peppermint flavor that tasted like toothpaste. He ate very
quickly, finishing, and crawled under the blanket, trembling, hugging my waist.

You startled me.


Who told you to eat it so fast? I wasnt going to steal any from you.

Hard to say.


Teacher Qiao, help me warm up a bit.

Okay, first stop talking. I turned the TV volume up. My favorite Zhao Ben Shan said Fan Wei
Yans mayor got water for a widow. It was so funny.

Tranzgeeks comments: I dont know what the actual Chinese is for the phrase before as Queen
translated this so unless she wants to clear things up, all you need to know is the part above is
from a drama that she was watching at the time.

I dont know how this guys arm somehow ended up around my waist. I lifted the blanket up and
he said, Cold, so cold.

Youre not being serious enough.

He turned his body, laying on top of me, looking into my eyes, Great first month (Youll have to
ask Queen about this too), you are very benevolent.

PGWhile he was talking he snuck his hand inside of my pajamas, on top of my

breast, touching and squeezing them. Wrinkling his eyebrows into a patient expression. His
mouth smelled like mint ice cream, and it was very fragrant.

Ill use some toothpaste to get rid of this flavor to please you, He squeezed my breasts again.

I laughed slightly and touched his face, You have to do it lightly.
When Jia Yang came back, I took a deep breath, the painful memories returning. My body
started trembling, but the affection from before allowed my body to have enough lubrication. In
a slow and steady manner, Jia Yang carefully entered. We finally submerged in lust.

Jia Yang wanted to pull out before he orgasmed, but I hugged him tightly and kissed him saying,
It doesnt matter.]

Later he bent over me, sweat dripping from his hair, and said in a quiet voice, I feel a little


Are you in a lot of pain?


Then thats good. I thought it was like before and I let you get hurt.

I hugged him, No, Jia Yang, I really like being with you. I put my hand on his firm upper
body. I really like your body, and your little brother (his priv part).

He laughed.

The night before I came home you said your stomach hurt?

Its really weird. That day I dreamed a weird dream, I cant think of the specifics now. In short,
I was scared awake. When I woke up, my stomach hurt so bad I wanted to vomit.

You have to watch your health, did you get it checked?

Im okay. Ever since I was young Ive had an iron stomach. That day was just an exception.

He sat up, not minding himself, But I worried about you that day.


You went on a long trip. It was far away and snowing at the same time, I was afraid you would
feel anxious and take the bus home instead

You know you are verywordy?

You can say what you want but youre not totally wrong. I can be naggy at times. He answered

I didnt hold back and laughed again, there are also men who admit that they nag.
To be honest, Qiao Fei, sometimes I feel like youre more manly than me.

The smile on my face couldnt be wiped off, Cheng Jia Yang, how do people in your village
praise people?

He pulled me over, Im trying to say, Qiao Fei, Im very dependent on you. Even more than on
my family.

He spoke slowly, every word engraved into my heart.

When I am not with you, I aspire to be. When I am with you, I wish that I could stop time.

Cheng Jia Yang

I told Qiao Fei the truth. I knew its very nauseating, but I had to let her know she had always
been assuming. My desire for her, not only physically, sexually, but also more of a spiritual
consolation, was the source of insecurity for her.

Life is like a rushed and boring movie. This woman is my sex zone.

Her face was against my chest for a long time. She suddenly said, Okay, Jia Yang, we must be
happy every day we are together.

Chapter 24
Cheng Jia Yang

Spring always comes unexpectedly in this city. It is a pity it isnt a beautiful season, Inner
Mongolia had a sandstorm blowing. Qiao Fei and I changed our plans of going to the countryside
and decided to go to a Thai restaurant instead to eat this weekend at noon.

The restaurant was nicely decorated, lush, filled with the fragrance of bamboo leaves while
Buddhist music played in the background. Fei curiously looked around.

Not bad right? I said. I came here before with a friend and thought that you would like it.

It is indeed not bad. The waiter served us an opened coconut and Fei drank a sip and said, It
tastes good.

If you like it, can we go on a trip there (Thailand) during the holidays? I asked in a pleasing

She looked at me and said: Yeah sure, if we have time.
I was very happy, and prayed inside my heart that nobody would find out about such an
unpromising scene of me.

Fei looked behind me and smiled, and at the same time someone tapped on my shoulder. I
looked back and saw that it was Xu Dongs ex-lover, the female star Wu Jia Yi.

Hello, Jia Yang. The woman said hi to me enthusiastically. Eating with a friend?

Hello. I was not good at dealing with such situations and while I was still thinking about how
to get out of it, Fei pulled out a chair and said: Please sit.

Thank you. The female star sat down, shook hands with Fei and said: Hello, I am Wu Jia Yi.

I know, Im your fan. My name is Qiao Fei.

Okay, I let them talk. I paused to think of a plan. What if she asked about Xu Dong? What if
she asked me to convey a message to him? What if she said all of you guys are equally bad?
What should I do?

Your name is Fei?, Wu Jia Yi asked. Jia Yang asked me for my autograph before, it was for
you Im guessing?

Memorizing scripts sure helped, her memory was really good.

Thats right.

That was

I waited as she slowly brought the topic closer to Xu Dong.

at a premiere of one of my movies, Jia Yang is my friends friend.

Thats right, friends. I laughed.

By the way, Jia Yang, how is Xu Dong? She finally brought up the main topic.

What should I say to her? Tell her that Xu Dong is going to get married to a wise and virtuous
woman from a rich family? I couldnt do such a cruel thing. Furthermore, she might not not
know about it yet. I shouldnt be the one to tell her about it.

I havent seen him in a long time and I dont know what he has been up to lately.

At this moment, the woman gave a long sigh. Ah, he is the kind of person that will be with you
all the time when he is on good terms with you. But when you are on bad terms with him, he
wont even give you a call.
What she said made her sound really pitiful. I watched as Qiao Fei looked at this future Best
Actresss performance without blinking.

Never mind. Wu Jia Yi stood up. I still have a few friends waiting for me over there. Jia
Yang, help me send my greetings to Xu Dong when you see him.

I stood up to send her off. Afterwards, l dedicated dinner to talking about this subject to satisfy
Qiao Feis curiosity.

Its nothing. I tried to graze over it. Its just that my friend used to date with Miss Wu before,
and now my friend is going to get married so he wants to cut off all ties with her and end their

End it just like that? He didnt even give her an explanationHe didnt even call her at least

Talking about this, I began to feel that what Xu Dong was doing was also not very good. When
they were together, they loved so passionately that they had no one else in their eyes. But now he
didnt even have the basic courtesy to explain anything to this woman. This wasnt his usual

Err. I looked at Fei, she just kept looking at me. I also dont know how to explain this to

Its okay, you cant say anything. But reallyven a person like Wu Jia Yi could get

You dont have to pity them. Its impossible for them to get married anyways.


Family background. I blurted.

Fei did not continue to say anything.

Quickly order your food. Im hungry. I said, What would you like to eat? I passed the menu
to her and accidentally hit a small saucer, causing it to drop to the ground with a crisp sound.

How did you manage to meet her? What did you say about me? Xu Dong knew I met Wu Jia
Yi and was so nervous as if he had stepped on the tail of a mouse.

I said I never met you, and dont know anything. Thats what I said.
He drank some whisky to calm himself down and after a long time said, What about her? What
did she say?

She said, when you guys were together, you both clung to each other everyday. But after
breaking up, you dont even give her a single call.

Xu Dong rubbed his temples. Ah, never mind, never mind.

I went over to pat him on his shoulders.

Next time you see her, answer her the same thing and say that you never saw me.:

This world isnt a small place,where would I go to see this female star often?

Its hard to say, maybe she went to look for you because she couldnt find me.

At this point, I really had nothing else to say. I had watched as the two of them loved each other
so much they couldnt part. At times, Xu Dong is like a wife full of complains, unable to let go
easily like Wu Jia Yi and was even scared of this woman to such an extent. Feelings sure make
people sigh in impatience.

Qiao Fei

Zhou Xian Fu said, Xiao Qiao, you prepare for this afternoons talk. You and Michelle will be

What talk?

The French enterprise and Yantai local leaders discussion about a joint venture; search up the
information online.

I finally waited for this day but it came so suddenly that I dont have enough time to prepare for
it. I searched online and flipped through the dictionary, looking for information materials. The
fax from the China representative about the presentation materials finally came during my lunch
break. At least it would not be so rushed. I was very happy and started laughing but saw Yang
Yan Yan opposite me. She looked at me with slanting eyes, having a expression that seemed as if
she despised me.

At this talk, I finally got into trouble because of someone.

We split up the jobs so that I did the interpretation of Chinese to French while she did the
interpretation of French to Chinese. Initially it went pretty smoothly, and I got into my role very
quickly and interpreted rather smoothly because of the preparation work I had did beforehand.
However, there were a few difficulties that I encountered in the middle of the talk. Chinas
representative introduced the tax concessions given to foreign-funded enterprises and mentioned
something about the Three Free Five Minus and some other policies. I didnt even understand
the meaning in Chinese and had no choice but to force myself to interpret it literally and after
interpreting it, I looked at the foreigner and saw that his expression seemed confused. They also
looked at Yang Yan Yan and hoped that since she was older, she would be more experienced in
making the meaning clearer. However she just bent her head down if she was taking notes, acting
as if the matter was none of her concern.

After the talk ended, the French representative said to the China representative, Thank you for
your presentation, we will go back to study it and contact you as soon as possible.

The French side knew how to give face to the China side. In saying this, they implied that the
joint venture would not happen.

I told Cheng Jia Yang about this, and all I could see was Yang Yan Yans face. I was already not
angry, but only a bit baffled. Even if we were strangers that had never worked together before,
she should at least have had some team spirit and helped me out since we were all interpreters

I know this person, Jia Yang said. Ah, she actually went to that extent you didnt mention
this person to me in the first place.

I feel that this person is not worth mentioning. I said.

She is actually a decent interpreter, but because of an incident, she got transferred out. After so
many years, she still didnt change her temperament.

What happened to her?

She originally did simultaneous interpretation in our department. There was this time where she
had to pair up with another person to do translation for a global meeting, the person she paired
up with was even her senior. In the end, when her senior was interpreting, I dont know what was
wrong, maybe something had happened to her health, but she couldnt continue interpreting.

Yang Yan Yan didnt take over?

Nope, she waited until it was her time before she opened her mouth to speak. In that meeting,
the french interpretation was suspended for six minutes.

Wow, what a drag. How was the matter resolved in the end?

Because of health reasons, that senior got transferred out of the Institute and got transferred
over to the Chinese embassy of Belgium. On the other hand, Yang Yan Yan had to suffer the
punishment and got transferred out of our department.

Who asked her to be so uncooperative?
Ah, but you cant say such things. Jia Yang said, You have never done simultaneous
interpretation so you dont really understand. Its like you are mentally collapsing on a string,
unable to even relax for a moment, and there is great mental stress. That is why the time for
translation can not be more than 15 minutes and immediate rest is required. I think that Yang
Yanyan was also overloaded that day, otherwise she would not have been so irresponsible.

Do you know? Shanghai has an nglish interpreter that does simultaneous interpretation and
worked for a year, earning about $30,000 but then tired herself out until she was only left with
one kidney. I heard that when Yang Yan Yan was in the department, she was a professional in
her specialty, but Im not sure if she is married or not now.

Ah, now I feel bad for her after hearing what you said. Never mind then, I can only blame
myself for lacking in terms of skills and having inadequate preparation. If only I knew how to
interpret Three Free Five Minus policy then I wouldnt have to depend on others already.

Hello miss, there are more opportunities to come in the futurekeep practicing, I have faith
in you, you definitely can become an outstanding interpreter. Jia Yang said.

Thats what you think? I was pretty pleased to hear it.

Of course. You are special in that you can focus on many things at the same time. He said,

I can never tell if he is complimenting me or just being sarcastic so I immediately spread yogurt
all over his mouth in a flash.

Come, lets eat together. He wanted to hug me and make me eat the yogurt on his mouth, but I
used my elbow to resist.

We are already like an old married couple, what are you being shy about?


Ah speaking of this, Fei, do you want to go abroad to study for a period of time?

I looked at him.

I know an international student.(This is Qiao Fei speaking)

Is it a man or a woman?

Woman. I glared at him, From Montpellier. Speaking of such, that place was pretty great,
it is located near the Mediterranean coast, close to, Cannes , Marseille and outrageously
Oh Montpellier, it is indeed decent. Their third university has a very famous translation training
centre. And the city is indeed very beautiful, it has a friendly relationship with the capital. Why,
you want to go there?

Just casually talking about it. I sat up, I just want to finish my studies here, and find a good
job after I graduate. Ill talk about going there after I earn enough money. I stretched and kissed
Cheng Jia Yang, Bro, you have done so much for me, you dont have to busy yourself out just
for me.

Chapter 25
Cheng Jia Yang

I faced some obstacles in the midst of my work. Qiao Fei didnt mind this too much, but she
knew how to accept new lessons. The previous Three Free, Five at a Reduced Price wasnt
interpreted very well, so she began to cram taxation homework and after a brief time, her
translation of it was finally clear and logical.

When we spent time together during the weekend, I would browse online while watching her
study at the table. A strange thought suddenly emerged: how outstanding would it be if my
daughter was just as hard-working; shed be both pretty and intelligent. Responsibility over a life
was the beauty of being a father, and I would do my best to train her in the most optimal
conditions, give her the best opportunities. Like watering a green plant.

Fei felt extremely joyous and recounted the day when her interpretation was successful.

Do you know who I was partnered with?

Yang Yan Yan?

Can you give me some face, and at least pretend you cant guess who it was?

I also dont want to (make you lose face), but my IQ is too high and I cant do anything about
that. Quickly, say something.

It was a very smooth performance. I fixed all the mistakes I made last time and set the
atmosphere perfectly. Of course, there were some other mistakes in the middle, but Im very
satisfied. Zhou Xian Fu also commented that I interpreted pretty well.

Awesome. Interpretation relies on accumulation, so as long as you do better than the previous
time, thats great.
Thank you Teacher Cheng. Plus, what Im most happy about is that this time Yang Yan Yan
looked as though she was out of power (the actual word the author used was energy as in
battery energy).

Fei was bursting with the energy of a child. At the computer, I played pool and pocketed a ball. I
turned back and said to her: Youd use that phrase? That your coworker Old Yang was out of

She didnt respond.

The phrase does well to convey the competition and rivalry, but collaboration is also a very
important aspect.

Why do you constantly turn everything into a lesson? Fei asked from behind me.

I began another new game on the internet. My opponent was I just dont believe that I cant
register for it. The game started off strong and I believed my opponent was a strong player, so I
braced myself for facing the best.

Do you know why? Age, experience, and the enthusiasm of a picky heart. I turned back to face
her. She smacked my head with a paper towel.

Xu Dong finally asked about my situation.

I said, It hasnt changed, its still her. It should be love, but Im not too clear about it.
Everything is such a daze, but were currently very happy after we overcame the early

When will you bring her out and let your big brother take a look. While were not married, we
still have a chance.

Go grab yours.

Then Ill bring your future sister-in-law over, you bring that person over.

I thought about it for a moment.

It cant be that your relationship isnt going well and shes unwilling to come out with you
right? Xu Dong looked at me suspiciously while he spoke.

I didnt really mind his interrogation. Xu Dong was right, I should formally introduce Qiao Fei
him. I called her to discuss about this matter.

I invited a friend to play tennis on the weekend. You come too.
This weekend? I still have to go to Lao Zhous for work in the morning. Can you go alone? I
dont even know how to play tennis.

Qiao Fei ah, Qiao Fei.

The moment made me recall the time last year when I had invited her to Wu Jia Yis premiere.
She had used the excuse of leading a tourist group to decline me through a brief text, which was
still stored on my phone. A long time has already passed since, and there was no way to
investigate the situation clearly now.

As for today, she used work again to reject my invitation.

I wanted to tell her that of course I knew she had to work on the weekend, so I previously called
Zhou Xian Fu to give her a break. Lao Zhou said: Jia Yang, you mustve been confused. We
have assigned French holidays, so its the Easter break this week. I already told Little Qiao to
rest a while back.

Hello? Jia Yang. Feis voice sounded through from the other side.

Oh, alright. Then well make an appointment another time.

I slowly placed the phone down, my other hand on the desk rotating a pen. My wishful thinking
came from my heart and unpredictable women with a hint of bitterness.

A coworker at the table across from me was in the middle of a phone call with a travel agency.
Jia Yang, Jia Yang. Quick, help me take down some notes.

I flipped open my notepad and scribbled down the numbers he dictated. Afterwards, I noticed
that the pen ink had smeared onto my hand. The ink was by an international brand and a
foreigner had gifted it to me, but I disposed of it anyway and went to the bathroom to wash my

I positioned my hands below the opened tap, washing my hands for a prolonged period but the
blue marks still remained. I watched my reflection in the mirror and instructed myself:




I laughed out loud, and lightly exhaled. I still had work to do. I still had my life ahead of me.

This had happened last Tuesday. After that, I assisted Wen Xiao Hua with the translation of
several French documents even though it wasnt urgent. When night came, I played online pool
with I just dont believe I cant register for it. This rascal was either in high spirits or as bored
as I was; we played every day and into the night.

I didnt cancel my appointment with Xu Dong just because Qiao Fei said she couldnt make it. If
I could go myself, why wouldnt I? On a Thursday afternoon however, Qiao Fei called me.

Where are you? she asked.

Ah, Im in the office.

Can you come downstairs? Im waiting for you outside.


Ill wait for you at the closest Manabe Coffee shop. Do you have time?

Yes, yes. Dont go anywhere, Ill come right away.

I didnt even say hello to her. In two, three steps and I was already sprinting down the stairs and
out of the premises. I spotted Qiao Fei on the corner of the street.

Why did you come over?

We only had a quiz today and a class was suspended too. I already finished my test and didnt
have anything else to do, so I came over to see you.

I loosened my necktie and didnt speak.

Oh right, I asked Lao Zhou and he said that he would give me a break this weekend. Didnt you
say that you wanted to play tennis?

I continued to watch her silently.

I should tell you, I have absolutely no idea how to play tennis. Ill make you lose face so dont
blame me.

What? You, you changed your mind again?

No, no. Ill go. She said.

I wondered about all the thought processes she had gone through to finally arrive at the decision
of allowing me to introduce her to my friend.

Had she lied to protect me or herself?
I didnt want to think about it anymore because nevertheless, Fei was willing to go with my plan.
She was willing to give me face.

Qiao Fei prettied herself up for the meeting. Her long hair was swept into a ponytail, her face
was naturally powdered and she had on a subtle layer of green eyeshadow. She wore white
Adidas sportswear, the skirt revealing a pair of strong slender legs.

Seeing her walk over, Xu Dong pointed at my face. Ah, ah, ah, you little rascal. Isnt she the
girl we saw outside the foreign languages department?

I was surprised that he actually still remembered.

His fiancee was still in the changeroom so I said: Sorry. When I found her in the end, she was
too outstanding so I kept her for myself.

I certainly couldnt mention the other strange origin (when Xu Dong accidentally introduced the
two when he gave Cheng Jia Yang his present).

Fei came over and Xu Dong held her hand. You are Fei? I have long admired you, are you
Chinese? You look like a foreigner.

I said: Fei, dont mind him. This is my pet Xu Dong, he is accustomed to being passionate with
his owners friends.

Fei laughed. Hi Xu Dong. Jia Yang was right, you are his best friend.

Its pet. I interjected.

After Xu Dongs fiancee finished changing, we all went onto the court to play. I explained the
basics of tennis to Fei and not before long, she was playing as well as me.

She had her own strengths; she had good stamina and served several aces. I laughed so hard in
my heart, thinking that she seemed like a man, but I was afraid I would turn against her.

After one round, I got off the court to drink some water. Xu Dong sweetly said: Jia Yang, tell
me the truth. Did you bring in a professional player to get ahold of me?

Would that be likely? I asked.

Fei seemed very happy. She grabbed some grapefruit juice and swigged it down.

No, Xu Dong answered then turned to Fei. Besides the foreign languages department, I have
seen you elsewhere before.

I took a glance down at Feis hands just before she spilt the grapefruit juice onto her skirt.
I had always thought of myself as clever, but who knew Id be so stupid all along.

Of course Qiao Fei knew my friend, and yet I was so clueless about the difficulties she had
endured given how sensitive she is. How she had acted during these recent days had always been
her trying to hide a heart full of scars.

She had tossed and turned, and finally made the decision to cast her concerns aside, just to save
me some face. She even prettied herself and feigned happiness.

I wanted to tightly hold her hand when I saw hers almost trembling.

I glared at Xu Dong as he was about to talk. Whatever he had to say, it would probably
determine whether we stayed as friends in the future or not.

When you were little, werent you the host of The Heavens and the Earth, that kids program
on the central station. If so, let me tell you, Ive had a crush on you ever since I was young.

His fiancee laughed.

I laughed.

Fei laughed: No, no. I only came here for college.

Xu Dongs fiancee said: Fei, your juice got onto your clothes, do you want to clean it up a bit?

Fei had only just discovered it, and stood up to go to the restroom.

I watched her back and thought, I had to find a reason to quickly end this meeting.

Chapter 26
Cheng Jia Yang

Once weve finished playing, I wanted to end the socializing as soon as possible. I told Xu Dong
I still had things to do and took Qiao Fei away. We found a different place to eat, although Fei
didnt eat much.

I asked, Arent you hungry after playing?

Im not hungry. She wiped her mouth and drank some ice water. I have to wait until after I go
back to school, and I still have tests next week. I have to go back to study.

The food in my throat stopped for a long time and didnt go down.

You seem to be even busier than me now. I said.

When I drove her back we didnt speak at all. I knew that her heart wasnt very happy, I knew
that she wasnt willing to entertain my friends, I thought about this, and on one hand I felt sorry
for her, but on the other hand, I felt quite resentful, I had let her come out, let her visit my
friends, because I really thought of her as a friend and thought of her as my girlfriend. Now she
was unhappy, was I not inhumane?

But what had made me like her so much? I had no strength to resist.

I laughed: Ah I forgot to ask you, do you know who Xu Dong is?

Your friend.

He is Wu Jia Yis ex-boyfriend. It was him who dumped her.

She looked back at me, shocked: This is your best friend. Who did I think he was? Such a
playboy, and I even played tennis with him. What is this?

Ai, dont scold my friend.

Scolding him to you is selling him cheap, if I knew, I should have scolded him just now.

Qiao Fei! I said, Your anger is inexplicable, what relationship does that female celebrity have
with you? Are you worthwhile? You only know my friend dumped her, but do you know what
she did behind his back?

You want to say that all people have a shameful history right?

Why didnt I think of that. I just want to say that you shouldnt be so loud at me for other
peoples problems.

Qiao Fei stopped, her sudden anger had made her cheeks red.

I really shouldnt have said that sentence, if I didnt have anything to say I shouldnt have said
that it was Xu Dong who dumped Wu Jia Yi. But I felt that there was no reason for their sudden

She lowered her head and looked at the dirty juice stains on her white skirt: Well really, I
bought new clothes just to meet that person.

I pulled the car over, and looked at her: Whats wrong with you? Whats the big deal? Ill buy
you ten sets! Go, go, go to the mall, lets go right now!

You dont have to give me money! Cheng Jia Yang. I know you have money, you go buy it,
you go buy it now, go find someone else to wear it!
As she said this she hopped off the car, and took big steps forward, never turning back.

This was Qiao Feis first time to be mad at me. I didnt know that the warm, happy her could so
suddenly become angry.

But my sense of injustice exceeded my shock.

What did I do wrong, what did I say wrong, to make her get mad at me over a stranger?

I had done many things; I had always wanted her to be happy.

As of now she had changed to be this way towards me.

I touched my pocket, looking for smoke everywhere, but not finding it, I fiercely slammed my
fist on the steering wheel.

I went home to drink, I went online and played billiards with I dont believe I cant register for
it (This is an internet name), losing in a blur.

He said: Brother (Not related, a friendly term), why arent you in the mood today?

Im not.

Did you fight with a girl?

How would you know?

When a mans heart is chaotic, and you ask for a reason, but they dont have one, then that
means that its over a woman. Dont be too mindful, if you like her, you should lower your
guard, if you feel like you dont care, then you should find a different one. As the saying goes,
there are plenty more fish in the sea, and you cannot keep hanging yourself over one tree.

I understand the meaning completely. If I put it completely on myself it will be useless.

Ah youve already been lured by her to the point of no return.

I carefully tried to please her, but she still got mad at me. She fought with me over someone
elses issue.

This persons temper is not good?

There will never be anyone else who has a better temper than her.

You must have poked into her pain.

I didnt take it seriously, but I also want her to forget it.
Ai ya the situation is complicated. Is it a long story?

Its a little bizarre.


I dont want to talk about it, my eyes are sore.

I told I dont believe I cant register for it good-bye, I logged off. I dazedly lay on my bed. I
had drank a lot of wine, and my body heated, it seemed that I had returned to a year ago, when I
had met Qiao Fei for the first time, her young passionate body made me lose myself.

When I pressed my body there was a reaction, I used my hand to help myself resolve it, and a
stream shooted out from my xx, my eyes basically blacked out. I flipped over and my tears
started flowing.

After that we didnt talk for about a month.

I didnt go to find her, she didnt go find me.

My work was very busy, I basically couldnt breathe.

In late April, the Ministry had a routine medical examination. It was my turn, on an afternoon.
Finally I snatched half a day of rest. I had a peace of mind in the hospitals outpatient department

Jia Ming worked in this department of the hospital, when I was outside the chest surgery door, I
saw him come down from the stairs. He greeted me quite unexpectedly, and knew I was here for
my routine examination, and called: Are you in a hurry? I can let you go through the backdoor,
get you examined quickly, and get it finished quickly.

No need, no need, I want to rest here. I said.

He looked at me, sitting at my side: Oh, just now I finished my surgery, I should also rest a

Have you been okay recently? You havent returned home for a long time.

Its been okay. I said, Its just that my job is a little busy. Especially last month, you know, I
just finished going to two conferences.

Did your stomach hurt again?

Not yet it seems.

Oh, its your turn.
I entered the chest surgery department, and the doctor gave me a simple examination, wrote out a
list, and let me go follow the instructions. I came out and Jia Ming was still waiting there: Ill
bring you to the radiation department.

To go take the picture, we had to go to a different building floor, we passed by the main entrance
of the clinic, an ambulance stopped at the door, people from the car carried the stretcher over, the
patient on the shelf wore a respirator, blocking her face, I felt a little familiar with the image.

At that moment, I heard the nurses speaking to the emergency doctors from the hospital out loud
to say to the patient: Wu Jiayi patient, 26 years old, gas poisoning, blood pressure 40,60

Jia Ming watched me and said: Wu Jia Yi? Isnt that the woman celebrity?

I also froze in my steps.

Qiao Fei

Zhouxian Fu sent me out four units, the receiving location was the prime location for a foreign
trade company in a big streetway.

I left the documents for the secretariat, signed my name, and opened the receipts.

Right when I was about to leave, I saw an old friend come out, he looked at me and laughed, I
wished that I could find a place to worm into. It was Liu Gong Zi.

Being in front of him, this situation leaked my identity. Thus, not too long afterwards he found
me and I wasnt surprised.

That day I was at gym class, it was standardized testing, and I had already ran 50 meters, and ran
another 50 meters for another classmate.

When I was going to the cafeteria with some girls, someone parked by my side. Liu Gong Zi sat
inside and said to me: Fei Fei, I told you to call me, why didnt you?

I told my classmate: You go first.

After I saw them walk far away, I bent my waist towards Liu Gong Zi and said: Say it, what do
you want me to do? You want to embrace me, let me tell you, our assistants are inside that office,
Ill tell you where the dean is too, go find him, tell him that I was at the nightclub counter, joking
around. If youre willing then go.

He sat inside the car and watched me panic.

You want to tell Cheng Jia Yang? Then go. He doesnt know anything. Let me tell you, I dont
Liu suddenly laughed.

Tell me what could I get from that?

Humph. I straightened, air coming out from my nose, I looked sideways at him, I had never
been in such evil company, What can a man get from a woman?

Fei Fei, are you okay, youve never gotten so mad before. He got off the car and said to me,
Who did you get mad at? Say it, whats wrong? Did Dumb Cheng do anything? Last time I told
you, dont be with him, be with me, Dumb Cheng is the most uninteresting person Ive ever

I watched him, this person under the sunlight. When he talked about the price with me, it was in
a very sincere way.

I was dazed.

He seemed to feel that I was thinking about it and said: Talking about the price is no fun. What
about our old feelings? When big brother (referring to himself as a friend) went to Allure
wasnt I good to you? I took you out and didnt you get introduced to them? Why did you hook
up with that rascal later? Fei Fei, to tell you the truth, after you, no one has made me laugh from
a joke.

I was clear on one thing now.

A persons history was like a countrys history, there would always be people to help you
remember it. After so long I had been with Cheng Jia Yang and we had played until we forgot
our form, but there was finally someone who reminded me that I couldnt forget who I was, I
couldnt forget that I had been a waitress before.

Fei Fei, I wont force you, think about it carefully okay? Liu was still laughing as he talked, he
came onto the car, This time I wont be afraid you wont call me, Ill always find you.

That afternoon,I ate a lot myself, a rice, chicken, beans, cakesin the afternoon I went to my
spoken language translation course, I did well, and was praised by the teacher.

That night I memorized vocabulary words while jump roping, I vowed to study well, live well.

Chapter 27
Cheng Jia Yang

I brought fresh flowers to the hospital to see Wu Jia Yi, I informed the assistant at the door, and
only after she checked with her did she allow me in, and admonished: I ask that you not stay too
long, Jia Yi still needs to rest.
Wu Jia Yi sat on the bed, her hand holding a copy of the newspaper, when she saw me come in,
she waved me over.
Youre so busy and you still visit me?
I laughed, when I saw her newspaper flipped to the entertainment section, with the eye catching
title Lovesick Wu Jia Yi Attempts Suicide.
I said: Well, its all some gossip news.
But she said: Working our job, our profession is to give others a way to create gossip.
We were not close friends, that day when I saw her taken away by an ambulance, I went back to
tell Xu Dong, he was dazed for a long time, and begged me go to her for him. Right now I had
no words, I saw Wu Jia Yis powderless face and realized that actually she was also a weak,
young woman, like duckweed (a tiny aquatic flowering plant that floats in large quantities on still
water, often forming an apparently continuous green layer on the surface) floating on the worlds
Jia Yang, I know he is going to marry. From a friends friends mouth. Really, the way we were
when we loved, right now we are going to split up, he didnt even get a lecture from me, but I
had to hear it from someone else.
That afternoon, I thought like this: when we cook Chinese medicine, it can be sloppy, or burned,
but the fire has not been quenched. Thus it would result in this kind of an accident.
You probably came on his behalf.
Theres no need to deny it, its okay, its okay. Being like this, I was willing, its not Xu Dongs
I seem to have died one time, I have seen through it.
Theres no way past it, unless its my own unwillingness to drop the issue.
Please tell him, theres no reason to hide from me, loosen up, in the future even if we cannot be
friends, there is still no need to be like someone hiding from debtors.
The day Xu Dong married, I told him Wu Jia Yis words. This careless man listened, then
dazedly began to shed tears.
Jia Yang did you scold me in your heart?
I will not.
Didnt you hear what I was like to her? Do you feel that I dont want to marry her? Ive played
around for so many years, but only put my heart into what I did for her. But, I also, have to..
My big brother Jia Ming also knew about Xu Dongs problems, he appreciated Wu Jia Yi, we
spoke of this thing in my own study room.
He was watching the old Clark Gable movie It Happened One Night, a living rich girl fell in
love with a gag reporter, in a pure and innocent era, it was story about how the princess fell in
love with the frog.
Jia Ming had seen me come from Xu Dongs place, taking the best mans suit over.
Then he still gave in in the end. Jia Ming said.

That woman did so much for him, she had courage. She loved him so much, committed suicide
for him, that such a conclusion can be drawn. Its a pity that she looked upon the wrong person.
I sat next to him, talking too much, wanting to defend Xu Dong.
He had to.
Jia Ming was this kind of person, when one mentioned other peoples situations, he would view
it the same as how he viewed jokes.
What about you? Arent you the same?
I thought of last year, when he had never lived at home, at that time, at home, he had rebelled
against our parents, my mother said, he had a woman, who had become pregnant, and they were
basically about to marry, but things ended quietly, and not long after that he moved back home to
Jia Ming suddenly laughed: You always wanted what happened during that time? Ill tell you
today, I am willing to become your king of warning.
Im all ears.
I really loved a woman, when we were together, she gave birth to a small child, that child has
already grown to be very big, I heard his heart jump before.
But, what would you know, our parents didnt allow it, because of her background
Of course they would do anything to stop me from marrying her.
My work wasnt going so well so I found her, and gave her some money. She agreed, and
destroyed the child.
His casualness made it seem like he was talking about someone elses problems.
You dont hate them? You even moved back?
Hate them? He looked at me, This is why I appreciate that famous woman, if that woman had
also been so determined, wouldnt you have a small child who could call you Uncle? After he
finished he laughed again, Thus the way the surrounding environment is, the pressure will be
that big, saying he has to is an excuse, attitude is the key in these situations.
I felt Jia Mings words had some logic to them, the second day of the wedding I saw Xu Dong
haggard, hopeless, cast into hell, and felt sympathetic, I had never seen him like this.
But every person seemed to have a story.
At the ceremony, the priest asked the woman if she was willing to marry Xudong, she finally
said I do after a long pause, already bursting into tears.
Everyone in the city had a story, what kind of a strong heart did they have that they could afford
these disappointments and complete life?
May 1st holiday, I originally wanted to go to Ma Tai with Qiao Fei but instead I hid at home and
went online.
I talked to I dont believe that I cant register for it and he asked me, Are you feeling alot
Hey Im alive.
Then that means that things arent better yet. But I see that you really love her. Being like this is
not the solution, why dont you go see her?
I dont know what to say.
You dont need to say much. See how she lives. If she really loves you she will definitely be
just like you, torturing herself and deserting herself.
My internet friends words made me think of Wu Jia Yi.
Was Fei as good to me, as she (guessing this is Wu Jia Yi) was to Xu Dong.
No no no, of course I wouldnt want her to torment herself, I had always hoped that she could
become better than me.
But, otherwise, what were feelings measured by?
I called Fei, her cell phone was off; then I called the dorm, and her roommate answered after a
very long time, and said to me: Oh, she isnt home, she left just now. I dont know, it was
probably a friend. You can call her cell phone.
I took the car keys and left.
When I went outside I suddenly found that it had begun to rain.
The car flew along the road, a sense of insecurity and fear rose inside me.
Qiao Fei
Liu Gong Zi said: Fei Fei come down, if you dont come down, Ill go up, do as you will.
I said: Youre so great, my cell phone is turned off, but you could even find my dorms
Quickly, quickly, its going to rain. My car is right under your floor.
I sat on the bed, my heart thinking fiercely, really, even if I didnt look for trouble, trouble came
to me.
I smoked a cigarette in the bathroom, and then wore a raincoat and went downstairs.
Liu Gong Zi said: Why did you take so long?
Youve come to find me for something, please speak.
Do we need this to be so serious? Fei Fei, laugh. I dont need anything, I came to see you.
You dont need anything, but I have something to say. As you see, Liu Gong Zi, I am only a
student, what I did before, that was because I forced to do so to live, you know, on this world,
not everyone can live like you and Cheng Jia Yang.
You do not lack a person like me. I have do not owe you, please let me off.
He looked at me carefully.
If you want a nurturing mistress, let me tell you, I am not a good resemblance. Please do not do
anything else for me.
After I finished, I tried to get off the car, but Liu Gong Zi pressed the car door.
Youve talked so happily, why havent you given me a chance to speak? This is too unfair.
Please come in.
Have I grown a long face that tells lies? Why do few people trust my words? Fei Fei, Qiao Fei,
what do you see me as?
Do you think that out of all the ladies in Allure, I would remember all of them? After
removing their makeup would I recognize every person? I was looking for you, wanting nothing
more but to be friends or to take away something from Dumb Cheng. In the beginning when we
were talking about the prices, it could have been me who was not right, apologies, I am a
businessman, and have always thought this was the most straightforward way. But, like you said,
I do not have any shortage of any ladies like you, if youre not willing I will not force you. I say
this to you, with a hope that you will not look down upon me.
The rain came down harder and harder, pouring on the plastic playground, jumping up like thin
I deeply took in a breath, to calm my heart.
Liu Gong Zi, you have said this before. For people like me, to be not looked down by you, Im
already very lucky. Now, can I get off the car?
I opened the car door, got off the car, my raincoat accidentally scratching Liu Gong Zis car
door, heavy rain poured on my face, blocking my line of vision. Liu Gong Zi, sitting inside,
reached out his hand to help me untie the knot from the raincoat that had scraped his car.
In the downpour, I narrowly escaped my hectic heart from the dispute, in a flurry, I hadnt heard
the footsteps behind me.

Chapter 28
Qiao Fei

Someone grabbed my shoulder. I saw Cheng Jia Yang in front of me.

Ive never seen this side of him. His eyes were wide open with fury, his face contorted with rage.
He looked at me ferociously, Qiao Fei, youre living very well.

He clamped my arms, his fingers embedded into my flesh. I tried to shake him off, but we were
at the campus playground so I couldnt act presumptuously. I said in a low voice, Cheng Jia
Yang, let go of me.

While seated in his car, Liu Gong Zi simultaneously commanded Jia Yang to do the same. At
this, Jia Yang remembered the other subject to vent his anger at and punched Liu Gong Zi
straight in the face. At that moment, I wanted to escape from Jia Yangs grasp, but he only
clenched me tighter, completely thwarting my efforts to break free.

Liu Gong Zi got out of his car, blood streaming down his nostrils. He held onto Jia Yangs other
arm, I bothered your woman so I deserved that, but let her go.

Who do you think you are?! Jia Yang shook him off and threw another punch.

Liu Gong Zi blocked with his left hand while he thrusted his right hand hard into Jia Yangs
stomach. Jia Yang hugged me tighter, but his body doubled over in pain.

Let her go. Liu said, his hand already shaped into a fist, ready for his next move.

Jia Yang reciprocated by punching back twice with one hand. His eyes were wide open as he
fully took in the situation. Fresh blood stained his face, the red merging with the droplets of rain
that fell onto his face. Despite this, he continued to clutch me relentlessly.

I caught Liu Gong Zis returning punch, Please leave.

He looked at me.

Please leave.

Liu grabbed his nose and spat out the blood in his mouth onto the ground before returning to his
car. As the engine started, he rolled down the window and looked at Jia Yang and me, Fei Fei,
look at him. Why not consider my suggestion some more?

This man had incited so much chaos, even to the extent that I thought everything was suddenly
humorous. Who did I even bother? Why cant I just live a quiet life?

Please leave.
Liu Gong Zi sped off, puddles of water splashing behind his car.

Finally, it was just Jia Yang and me in the torrential rain. I could feel the coldness of my
drenched clothing against my bare flesh, and my mind and body were just as cold.

My downcast eyes stared at the green grass, which were splattered with Jia Yangs blood.

His hands still clutched mine tightly.

I knelt down and looked at him, the blood on his face contrasting with his pale complexion. It
was shocking.

Okay, please let go of my hand.

No. He firmly replied.

This guy didnt even know how to fight, much less fighting with one hand against Prince Liu. He
had already suffered to this degree, but he was still as stubborn as ever.

I asked, What do you want?

Come with me.

To where?

Go back.

Nevermind, Cheng Jia Yang. I said, That isnt my place.

You had something to tell me.

Theres still time in the future. Everythings just too chaotic at the moment, and both of us
havent changed. Look, were inside my school. No matter how much you look down on me, at
least allow me to preserve some of my reputation. I still have to stay here for another year.

I felt his grip on me gradually loosen until I was able to finally free my arm, which had the shape
of his fingers imprinted on it in red.

I stood up and as I slowly left, I heard Jia Yang hoarsely shout, Qiao Fei!

On May 1st during the holidays, I smoked while trying to understand and figure out many things.

How well Jia Yang treated me would move people if they knew, but I felt more and more
We needed to have a long talk, but I wanted to find the right time. I wanted to explain things
clearly to him.

When I had finally found a suitable time, another problem arose.

On the first day after the break, the schools dean, Professor Wang, told me to go down to his
office. I thought it was related to my participation in the National French Speech competition,
even bringing along my written manuscript as I went to find him.

They were in the middle of discussing our recent discoveries, and the advisors were also present.

When the Director saw me, he didnt seem too enthused.

I seated myself down on the sofa, but an advisor pointed to a chair across the desk and instructed,
Qiao Fei, you sit here.

As I wondered what the situation was about, they placed a fax in front of me.

It was written in No. 2 bold characters, and clearly stated that I had been working at the
nightclub Allure the previous year. The sharp-tongued language overwhelmed people, to the
extent that someone even asked, could this be tolerated? I wondered who it was that hated me
so much.

Director said, Qiao Fei, I always thought that you were a good student

My mind went blank.

Whoever this person was, he/she wanted to harm me, but not kill me.

Although the fax failed to present any hard evidence and therefore, was insufficient to expel me
from school, it had successfully done its job in discrediting me in front of the school

Director said, Of course we cant listen to one side of the story only. But Qiao Fei, you have to
be careful from now on. As for the speech contest, dont prepare for it yet. The teachers need to
deliberate further on this issue. Even if this is all an accident, I hope you can understand our need
to be cautious.

Of course I understood. If a scandal broke out, it would be treated as a taboo in the school. How
could I possible act as the schools representative on a national competition?

I thanked the Director and then exited his office.

I found the nearest corner and gave Cheng Jia Yang a call, I want to see you.

We met at a cafe an hour later.
I was first to arrive. As I watched him approach me, I noticed that his forehead was glistening
with sweat and a bandage covered the corner of his right eye.

Cheng Jia Yang sat on the chair across from me. He loosened his tie out of habit, then he looked
at me. He was thin and his face was pale, which made him seem pitiful.

My heart ached and softened at the sight of him.

Cheng Jia Yang

Are you feeling better? Fei asked me.


She placed her hand on the table, her fingers were slender and her fingernails were coated with a
transparent layer of polish.

I was waiting for you to call me, I said.

Jia Yang, something happened today.

I looked up at her.

Someone faxed Professor Wang to inform him that I was a former employee at Allure.

I was shocked speechless at this news.

Ive been having a lot of bad days recently. She continued, I havent even bothered anyone,
and now people think of me this way. Cheng Jia Yang, lets break up.

She finally said it.

Several days ago, it was raining really hard outside. As I returned to the lodge on the main street
alone, I felt both physically and mentally exhausted, as well as unbearably embarrassed.

As I faced the mirror to clean my injuries, I thought about who had made me this way and started
to hate the woman in front me. I resented her, and her increasingly erratic and unpredictable
temper. I resented how she could live alone comfortably, resented how she had already attracted
a new man after a few days of separation from me. I remembered the attitude problem Jia
Ming had brought up, which made me feel more and more wronged. What did she even see me

However, the incident Fei had experienced today completely shocked me. Who would do such a
thing to harm her?

She was mad at me, and finally decided to break up.
However, it was difficult to deny that she was longing for an excuse to get rid of me.

I lit a cigarette. The possibility scared me. I looked at her face; she always had a healthy
complexion, vibrant and thriving. This made me angry. Compared to how I left her several times
without notice, this made me feel more wronged.

What do you see me as? I asked.

She briefly pondered before answering, Jia Yang, there wont be anyone else who will be as
good to me as you are. But I feel too much pressure being with you, and this is in regards to
many aspects: family, background, the thing you call birth, as well as money. These are all
things I cant avoid. There are also your friends. I fearfully face every single one of them and I
feel overwhelmed by everything. What do I see you as? Jia Yang, you are like an expensive gift
that I cant afford. When Im with you, I feel so happy that I forget about everything else, so
retribution hits me afterwards. I forgot about my own origin.

The tears I was trying so hard to hold back escaped from my eyes. I heard myself say, Did I do
something wrong? Why are you being like this to me? Ill stop everything if that makes you
happy. Whenever I say birth, Im referring to Xu Dong. If I knew you were so sensitive to this
word, I wouldnt dare to utter it even if I was tortured. I know you dont like meeting my friends,
so in the future, dont meet them. If you dont like it when I talk about money, I wont bring it up

She put her hands on top of mine, Jia Yang, it isnt your fault this time. Its because were too
different. Like water and oil, we can never become one. Separating now is better than resenting
each other later. Youve been so good to me, and I will never forget that. Youll find a good girl
in the future while Ill find someone ordinary like myself. We will have lives that fit us.

When she said this, I finally realized the utter hopelessness of sharing a future together with her,
and my tears burst into a flood.

She came around the table and put my head in her arms.

Qiao Fei

Jia Yang cried like a little child.

I hugged him, only feeling his thin frame.

I remembered the money, the opportunities, the luck, joy and physical pleasures he gave me, but
I also remembered the pain.

I thought about our mutual dependence on each other.

This hopeless feeling was too complicated, and I wanted to leave quickly as an instinct to protect
I consoled myself and told myself that Jia Yang was indeed good to me. I have already used my
body, and stripped my flesh and blood for him (gave him everything).

But not before long, I couldnt help but place some of the blame on him.

Chapter 29
Qiao Fei

I dont know how I returned to the school.

As soon as I got back, I slept. I only woke up when my brain grew dizzy. In front of me was
Xiao Dans big face.

What are you doing? I pushed her aside.

I heard about some things.

I sat up: It really is that good things dont get heard, but bad things go to thousands of places.

I wanted to go to the restroom, but Xiao Dan put her hand on my shoulder: Good brother, walk
your own path, and let others say whatever they want.

I felt that what she said was different from what was going on right now, but I knew that she had
a good heart in saying these things, so my heart felt very warm.

I carefully sat in the bathroom, smoking. I heard someone outside talking outside the restroom.

Did you hear about it? The girl from the French Department. Ful of skin and her studies are
actually pretty great.

They were probably talking about me, I laughed a while and waited for what they would say

She used to be a miss. And was even a mistress at one point.

Ah, I heard this. I also heard that she even aborted two times.


I didnt think that she would have so much money. She wears average clothing.

Helloo, if you support handsome guys, money ah, how do you earn it, and how do you spend
Pretty well,plus five episodes of drama.

I sighed, I was afraid I had become notorious, but after thinking a little more, what could this do?
If I only came here a year, and changed where I lived, no one would recognize me.

A new beginning.

I wouldnt have too much emotional turmoil because of this psychological shadow, this thing
wasnt enough to defeat me. I know a lot of people hated me, some people set me up, but this
was good, because I had to be kinder to myself, otherwise my loved ones would be in pain,
hatred, this outweighed the benefits.

But what made my heart hurt was Cheng Jia Yang.

He had been so good to me.

But, our breakup was coming sooner or later. Why couldnt it have come earlier? Long suffering
was worse than short suffering.

I finished smoking, and put a piece of chewing gum in my mouth.

Bo Bo carried a basket in: Youre here, lets go, lets go bath.

They were probably afraid I would commit suicide, I laughed in my heart. Forget about it then, a
good brothers good intentions, I would not decline it for the time being.

All right, lets go together. We can look after each others backs and save money.

I first took off my clothes and went into the bathroom, it was the weekend, there were many girls
bathing, about three people crowded under one showerhead.

When I entered I knew there were people who eyed me.

No one knew that my studies were good, the fact that I was very good looking didnt matter in
the Foreign Languages Department, my calligraphy was very good, no one knew that I had
written good news for the French Department, but, my scandal, in such a short time I had
become the schools well-known figure.

Even if I take off my clothes, Ill know you!

It really was terrifying.

I got closer to a showerhead near the steam room, the next two girls kept moving away. Did
they think I was dirty?

Good things like this actually happened?
I looked at them and continued to get closer. These two people finally took their own bathing
supplies, and contrived to talk to other people, and so no one dared to share with me.

Bo Bo came in at this time, I watched her and waved my hand:

Come over, come over, over here.

Youre so good, lets share one, Qiao Fei, give me a kiss. Bo Bo came over, and kissed my
forehead lightly.

All of them are pretending to be sanctimonious nuns when they are in fact the bad water from
ones stomach. Later, when Bo Bo talked with me, we bought a hamburger, french fries, lamb
skewers, beer, and sat on an overpass, Look at the others who are so poisonous, their hearts full
of disguised pleasure, Well, how many are good people?

I watched the cars under the overpass, lights from near and far, as I thought in my heart, this city
had a lot of money and wealth, and it had the most radiant houses, but cash flow was surging
under unpredictable social life, as for myself, I was the tiny dust particle.

Cheng Jia Yang

I sat in the office dazed. I think I wasnt clear about what had happened between me and Qiao
Fei. Had we broken up like this?

When we were together we had lived so happily, and now we had broken up so cleanly.

Her one sentence made my impressions deeper, she said, I would find a good woman, and she
would definitely find a suitable man, with this sentence, she blessed me in walking my perfectly
normal path while she had to walk her difficult path.

Best vows in breaking up.

That day, my tears were outrageous, I felt as if I had lost control, a great man, cried like that.

I remembered back when my heart was really scared.

After I was with her, my life went through many changes, I had a different life from before, but
now I was beaten back to the first model.

But, because emotional setbacks were unusual, decadent, even abusive, it was already not my
age to do these things. I felt, as an adult, there were always things to do, roads to catch, lives had
to continue, but it was only that my heart was cooling down layer by layer.

After a week, I was sent to the Daya Bay, the French Academy of Sciences as a translator.
Their academy line was prized, Daya Bay itself was a Sino-French cooperation in civilian
nuclear technology demonstrations, there were newsgroups with us. I went and saw Wen Xiao

We worked together for three days, and it was actually happy.

When Wen Xiaohua worked she had a capable chic style, there was sufficient capacity to
influence and prestige of the team, an early leader. In just three days, I had peace of mind to act
as her subordinate.

In these three days besides work, there was nothing else that we could talk about.

When we had to go to the academy, and I saw the airplane that we would be boarding for some
days, she finally breathed, and said to me:Last time I asked you for help with translating my
materials, I have not thanked you yet.

Its a small thing. Its nothing much. I said.

I always had bad entertainment skills, so when I used Chinese I wouldnt say flattering words.

I wanted to leave this place, quickly return, but who knew, our airplane would be postponed by
the big rain and that we could only linger here for another day.

It was some subtropical weather, stuffy rain, in my hotel room I went on the Internet and,
encountered I dont believe I cant register for it.

We played some games of pool again, and I won each.

It was deep into the night and we talked a little.

You seem better now.

What else would I do?

Time and work are good medicines.

Thats right. But I wish the potency was higher.


These two internet friends went offline quickly, I was by myself on the internet and found that
the rain had stopped.

Someone knocked on my door.

I lingered for a long time before going to open the door.
It was Wen Xiao Hua, she had changed out of her professional clothes and wore a dark red dress
with smashed flowers, her hair came down and she looked pretty good.

Im hungry. She said.

Call the waiter.

Did you come to Huizhou before?


Lets go eat at the big foodstalls.

I couldnt think of anything I could say to reject her, so I could only agree.

The city after the rain had a salty taste that floated around, the night sky was spotless, the stars
were very visible.

I drove my work car, under Wen Xiao Huas pointing, arrived at the brightly lit street.

We called for some mochi [1], and small boiled seafood, Wen Xiao Hua had a good appetite and
dipped her food in rice vinegar and ate a lot. I drank a little bit of beer.

Didnt you also eat nothing for dinner? She asked me.

Im not hungry.

She put down her chopsticks and used her napkin to dab at her mouth: Do you know you are a
very emotional person, Cheng Jia Yang.

Oh? I watched her.

Everytime I meet you, you always feel different. When youre happy, youre happy, when
youre unhappy, you wont even be willing to say anything. Do you know that when we came to
this road you didnt say anything.

I laughed a little: Sorry, I didnt notice.

She laughed too, and watched me, and didnt say anything more.

After we finished dinner, we drove back to the hotel, I sent her back to her room, said good
night, going back by myself again, bathed, and lay by the window, and heard the sound of the
tide outside the window. I thought of Qiao Fei again, did she feel something for me again?
[1] The real Chinese was but I had no idea what that was so I translated it as mochi since it
looks like mochi and the second word is the Chinese for mochi.

Chapter 30
Cheng Jia Yang

I hadnt returned for a long time before I moved into my house to live.

I had learned from Lao Zhous side, the Ministry of Commerce that Qiao Fei had resigned her
job there.

Of course she had also not returned to the travel agency to work part time.

This afternoon, after I knew about this, at first I wanted to laugh, this was clearly a child, who
was she playing with? If she couldnt make any extra money, she would put herself into financial

Then after I thought about it, she was clearly hiding from me.

Breaking off our relationship little by little.

When I thought to here, I grabbed my car keys and left the office.

I drove to the Foreign Languages Building and went to the French Department, there was no one
in the classroom, I drove around two times under the dormitory, and I didnt see her, I lighted my
cigarette, and thought, should I call her from downstairs or not? While I was contemplating, from
far away, I saw that there was someone playing basketball on the court, two girl teams were
fiercely battling it out, one person suddenly jumped up and clapped her teammate, when she
looked around, it was Qiao Fei, her small face was red and shiny, in high-spirits.

I laughed, put out the smoke, and turned on my car.

Who had I been pitying?

This person had always been better than me, she had let go of me, and never had to go
socializing again, which probably allowed her to make her friends more freely.

I had been worrying about her condition, but why not worry about myself.

I drove to the English Building Entrance, and I actually saw many figures that I hadnt seen for a
long time, Fu Ming Fang walked out. Ever since her marriage, I hadnt seen her in a long time, it
was early summer again, Ming Fang wore her favorite light colored skirt, slender and delicate.

I pressed the car horn.
We sat inside the building entrance cafe, a year ago this place had been called Love Night
Pavilion but now it was called Springtime Painting, even the boss didnt know how many
heads had changed.

A majority of the people who sat here were teachers and students from the Foreign Languages
Department, we chose a seat next to the window, and asked for green tea and Smelly Broad

How is it? Life after your marriage should be very exciting? I said happily.

I dont feel any changes. Ming replied, I just have to make more food every day, and when I
go travel, I have another person to accompany me.

I nodded my head.

This was a very romantic thing.

Jia Yang, do you think Ive changed in any way?

I carefully looked at her, and only felt that she was unscarred, she looked great, her face was
flushed, she was more charming than before she had married.

I, your big sister (friendly) have a baby.

I froze for a second.

Ming Fang laughed, joyful and lonely: How can you not see it? After not too long, youll have a
little child to call you uncle.

I held her hand, and finally found that she really was a little more fat than last time:
Congratulations, I really congratulate you.

I wasnt a restless person before too, so you probably cant see it, but I have always wanted to
walk around the world, to see different people, to live differently everyday, but, after I married, I
had to settle down, and live my life, have a child. Then I feel different, almost as if there is
something that stabilizes your fluttering heart. Ming returned, she put her hand on mine again.
Even though boys arent urgent, having a household is better than just one person.

And its even a boy, youre 27, almost 30. I said.

Thats why. Why not find a good match and get along well.

I lowered my head and laughed: Ming Fang, really, I had even thought you were getting on
well, but now youve actually become a housewife.
At this time, a few girls walked in, they looked like they were the students who had just been
playing basketball, their uniforms said something like Japanese Department.

They sat next to Ming Fang and I, and called for some soda, fruit salad, and some snacks,
because they were lost and angry they hadnt said a few sentences before they brought up Qiao

Did you see that girl from the French Department who shot a lot of baskets today? Do you
know who she is?

What news is that, thats Qiao Fei, right now shes even famous, who doesnt know she did?
She was always at the nightclub counter.

I even thought she was something, so she was actually a fake. Bleh.

Ah, but she is really strong, she plays really well, I hear that her studies are actually not bad.

You know the person, and her appearance but you dont know her heart. Who would do these
types of things?

While the girls were gossiping, this was the first time I felt how poisonous words were. I looked
at Ming Fang, she had also heard their words.

You know about this?

Word passes quickly in the school. She drank a cup of tea, How can that little girl endure so
much slander? These people, everything is based on false evidence, dont even say if this
situation is real, even if it is, who has not made a mistake in life?

She spoke louder, and said to the table next to us: Classmates, this is a public area, please lower
your voices.

I drove back and sent Ming Fang home, while I aimlessly drove around on the road.

I felt a little conflicted.

Qiao Fei, what kind of a life was she living right now?

According to her previous emotional strength, what kind of a person could survive in such scary
malicious gossip?

But today, when I saw her playing basketball, her laugh, I thought of her special family, her
childhood experience of suffering, she had an unfortunate fate.

I stopped my car by the seaside and saw the dark colors of the sky reflected onto the ocean.
I thought, I must do something for her.

Qiao Fei

The time passed quickly, it was almost time for the final exam.

I studied while calling a few tourist groups, I hoped I could find a job during the break.

But when the others knew I was still a student, they basically passed me off.

When I was leaving the two jobs Cheng Jia Yang had prepared for me, I did not secure anything,
and looking at it right now, besides myself who felt that I was fairly rich, from others
standpoints, I was still basically a commoner .

But it wasnt that there wasnt any good news.

My dads body was recovering well. With help from the street neighbors, my mom rented her
own house and started a small shop, and she no longer had to sell cigarettes in the hot sun and
blowing wind.

That day, I read books in the dormitory, when the phone rang, and the head came to find me

I didnt know what happened

When I wore my shoes, I thought, I didnt care about much, it wouldnt be that bad if I just
withdrew from the school. Then I could go to the south to work, or to Africa to reconstruct, at
that side there was probably a lack of French interpreters, and I could make some money, I could
then improve my cooking skills and I could become a chef and a worker, making two salaries,
only making money, not spending money, there was not anything to consume in Africa anyways,
I could save three years of money and give my mom a little, then I could study at France, and
according to what Aulde had said, Montepieller had a sunny southern coast, it would be great.

Director, please take me out of my studies now.

I thought about it, and went to the Heads Office.

I knocked on the door, and only the old professor was there.

He was currently writing a few things down, he looked up and glanced at me: Come, sit.

I was very fearless, really, I was basically like this all the time.

The head gave me a few forms: Qiao Fei, fill in this one, one in Chinese and one in French.
I lowered my head to look at it, I couldnt believe my own expression, this was a form to become
an exchange student. Trembling, I asked: Teacher, what is this?

After I knew the circumstances, I understood that this should have been organized under Cheng
Jia Yangs great hands.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education had organized joint translating
programs across the country for senior interpreters, and they would choose only the best to go to
the famous French translation Institute, arranging accommodation and one would also enjoy a
600 monthly government scholarship for one year.

They were chosen mostly from two three-year professional translation graduates, but my name
had been put down by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the learning location was Monteplier, at
the Paul Valery University interpretation building.

Teacher, I, I, I couldnt continue to speak.

The head stopped writing and lowered his glasses, watching me: Qiao Fei, the teacher has
always thought you were a good student This time, going out to become an exchange student you
must cherish the opportunity. After you come back, serve the country.

About my situation

Dont even mention it. If the school didnt believe you they wouldnt agree to allow you to go
out of the country. All right, go back to fill in the form, and after three days prepare the form,
resume, and send your request to Meng San Da to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Do not delay.

I came out from the heads place, and muddled, went back to the dormitory, I grabbed the
smoke, and hid in the bathroom again.

Sharp turns in life took one by surprise, my dream opportunity was in front of me now. But, I
would owe Cheng Jia Yang a great debt again, I felt that it was very difficult to let go of, but I
couldnt afford it at the same time.

Someone knocked on the bathroom door heavily, and fiercely shouted: Who is smoking

The door was opened, and it was the girls from the Japanese Department who were on duty,
when they saw me they froze for a second, then they exposed their contemptuous look:
Classmate, you are not allowed to smoke.

I slowly stood up, and flicked the cigarette butt: Okay, sorry, Ill leave.

Okay, sorry, Ill leave.

Chapter 31
Cheng Jia Yang

I took Qiao Feis form, resume, academic credentials and an application letter, and carefully
looked it over. Only then did I realize that this was my first time seeing her handwriting, graceful
and powerful, like her character. I edited her tiny mistakes, and returned it to my colleague
responsible for education cooperation, he laughed: Who is this, that makes you go to so much

My friends little sister. I said.

Not after too long, the French University replied, to send its students a confirmation of their
registration and housing guarantees. In the letter to Qiao Fei the University of Paul Valery asked
her to arrive at the end of June to participate in a language fundamentals training during the

Thinking of it this way, the time had really passed quickly.

Last year June, we got together, strangers; and it had passed a year, and I had sent her away from
my side.

Before, I had thought that we would never separate, but as of now, I had done the last thing I
could for her, but no matter what, this woman had been by my side before, given me happiness,
and given me warmth.

When I thought of it like this, I was driving on the road.

The car door opened, and the tree imprinted on my body left a mottled shadow.

I encountered a red light, my car stopped, and I looked to the side, it was the cinema that I had
went to before. A guy and a girl held hands, and stood in front of the ticket window, like they
were thinking about what movie they should watch.

The poster said that there was an old film that was replaying, Casablanca, the man finally
bid farewell to his beloved woman.

The end of the movie really made one feel emotional, the beautiful Ingrid Bergman tearfully said
farewell forever to Humphrey Bogart, and said, please kiss me.

In the movie, women were pliant, and men were hard steel.

As for me, I was contradictory, it really made one feel irregular.

At this road, I U-Turned towards the Foreign Languages School.
I called Qiao Feis phone, no one answered.

I intercom called her under her dormitory but no one answered, as if repeating the scene from a
year ago, a fellow classmate told me, Qiao Fei returned home to pack.

Qiao Fei

I went home and told my mom that I was going to France.

Mother said, Are you dreaming? Then go.

Really mom, its true. I showed her my signed visa. Look.

She said, Youre simply just taking something to deceive me. Ive never even seen the Peoples
Republic of China passport before.

My father said, This is real. The neighbors also have children going to Japan to study. He came
over and carefully studied my passport. He even attached my photo for me and signed my French
Republic visa.

Do you believe it now? Im leaving in two days. The school is sending me. Ill return after a

They started worrying. France, its even more expensive than Shenyang right?

Mother said, How are you going to cover your living fees?

It will be provided by the government. Every month we get about 6000 yuan.

That much? The school gave you this opportunity? They asked.

I thought for a while. Mother, do you remember the older brother (close older male friend) who
visited our house last year?

She said, I remember, did he help you do this?

I said yes.

Fei Fei, you must remember to repay others.

I nodded, but felt guilty inside. How could I repay Cheng Jia Yang? What did I have that he
didnt have?

I packed my suitcases and checked them in. Then I went alone on a train to Dalian. I sat at the
beach in the city for a long time. I thought about that vacation, me and Cheng Jia Yang, talking
softly on the airplane as opposed to holding hands, a night of passion. Lately it had become a
persons cherished memories with a loved one.

Cheng Jia Yang

I rode an airplane, and sat on a train and went to her hometown again.

When I arrived at her house, Feis father was there. I had seen pictures of him before.

Using hand gestures, I asked him where Fei was.

He wrote on a piece of paper with a pen that she hadnt returned for long and had already left.

I suddenly sat down. The trip is long, dont worry, empty, but it makes people feel tired.

Feis father poured me a glass of water. I thanked him, drinking it all at once.

I wrote words down for him, telling him that I was Feis friend, and that I wanted to see her
before she left the country. Does your heart feel better?

Much better, thank you.

I have to leave to find her. This is some money, not much, please keep it.

He persisted in his refusal, pushing and shoving for a long time.

I had no other solution and finally took back the money.

I wanted to go back as soon as possible, to see her once more before she left. There are some
words I hadnt said and thinking about it now caused a terrible feeling.

In the little supermarket by Qiao Feis house, I found the boss and asked, Are you familiar with
the Qiao family in Building 5?

The couple is deaf? Their daughter is learning a foreign language?


Longtime neighbors. Is there something you need?

I took out the money, This is two thousand yuan. Sorry to bother you but could you send them
ribs, fresh meat, on the weekends and holidays.

The boss wiped his hands on his apron, looked at me, and thought for a moment, Okay, Ill give
you a receipt.
I took the receipt, finally accomplishing something.

I quickly went back. I saw one of Qiao Feis classmates who said to me, Didnt she go home?

She still hasnt come back?


She already left for France, right?

No, no. We just helped her pack her suitcase this morning.

I let out a relieved sigh. Fortunately she hadnt left yet. Ill just wait for her here.

But this afternoon, the Ministry suddenly assigned a task to me. I had to go in place of a sick
coworker and go to Shanghai for the Annual Meeting of International Lawyers for simultaneous
interpretation. It would be a two day trip.

But I couldnt leave at this time.

This is too sudden. Why did you just tell me? I dont even have time to prepare. I said to the

You suddenly disappeared for three days and now youre saying you need time to prepare? He
scolded me. He walked behind me and patted my shoulder. Plus, I dont have any other
solutions. She suddenly got sick, what am I supposed to do? Plus the others didnt prepare
beforehand either. So it really must be you, small Cheng who goes.

Seeing that it was like this, there was no solution. It was an order. I just had to pray that Qiao Fei
wouldnt leave in these two days.

Conferences were battlefields.

I originally pretended to be in a poor condition, saying that I didnt even prepare so I wasnt
ready to go. I racked my brain, looking for a good excuse. Luckily, the Shanghai counterparts
were pretty good. The effect of our translation collaborations could be regarded as ideal.

On the flight back, I thought I would just close my eyes for a while but I accidentally fell asleep.
Feeling hazy, I had forgotten where I was. I asked the stewardess, she told me, This is the Air
China flight to Dalian.

After I woke up, I realized it was a dream.

I suddenly remembered, and started laughing. Right, how did I not think of this? Would Fei have
gone to Dalian? I went back, she must have also decided to go back. After I meet her, I will tell
her to be careful on the trip, study diligently, and come back with advanced translation skills in
order to earn lots of money for her and her parents. Would she have brought a lot of luggage?
Fortunately I had an acquaintance at the check-in location so it wouldnt matter too much if her
bags were a little overweight. Did she bring any dried vegetables with her? Mushrooms, black
fungus (Chinese vegetable, edible), okay, I would buy these for her. There was no need to
bring toilet paper, Ive already researched, and the price in France is similar to the one in China.
But I probably shouldnt say this, or else shell just say Im nagging her again.

With this intention, I felt eager to go home. After getting off of the plane, a wind below my feet.
I jogged out of the landing channel and boarded the company car.

The car had not yet left the airport when my eyes were attracted to a huge advertisement on a
large bus across from me. The Herbal Essence shampoo girl. She had slightly amused cat-like
eyes and black hair as shiny as satin. Like Qiao Fei.

My carelessness was once again the cause of another irreparable mistake. I didnt look up once, I
didnt see Qiao Fei sitting in the bus, about to go onto the plane.

Chapter 32
Qiao Fei

After a 10 hour flight heading in a westerly direction, I arrived in Paris around evening.

I took my luggage and departed. Foreigners with high brows and deep eyes passed by me while
the sound of talk buzzed softly in the background. In a blink of an eye, I already knew I was in
an unfamiliar city.

I wanted to take the high speed train at the south of Montpellier. After asking around, I boarded a
bus, which travelled through the city towards the train station under the drizzle of light rain.

There was an evening mist in this floral city.

The scenery along the journey was so beautiful; one pair of eyes was simply not enough to fully
appreciate everything.

The scenery was filled with ancient Chinese parasol trees, neon street lights, roads that have
endured hundred years of rain and bleak-looking pedestrians. There was a pretty boy who was
hurriedly walking a large dog along the street. There was also a mysterious girl who lit a
cigarette by the window of a cafe while silently gazing outside. There was so much to take in. I
could vaguely see the shadow of a tall tower, which was still a distance away. It was a faint
impression. I gently knocked on the window and quietly muttered in French, Eiffel, Eiffel.

The foreigner in front of me turned around and asked me: First time in Paris?

I nodded my head, feeling a bit embarrassed. Yeah, thats right.
I arrived at the train station at around 7. As I purchased the tickets, someone told me that the last
train heading north had just departed and the next train was not until 6.30 the next morning. I had
no other choice but to wait. The ticket seller took pity on me for my young age and the long
waiting time I had to endure, so he gave me a 50% discount.

I took a seat on a bench as I waited, and wanted to remain like that until the next morning. I
snacked on some biscuits that I brought along with me. As the crumbs fell to me feet, a large
group of dark gray pigeons started to gather, jumping around and pecking at the crumbs.

I lost track of how long I had waited as the number of people in the train station grew less and
less. Some tall policemen with large, ferocious dogs that were muzzled passed by. A few people
standing a short distance away started whispering and occasionally threw glances at me.

How improper, I sneered at them in my mind. I was accustomed to solitude and have already
mentally prepared myself before coming to this foreign land. Their whispers meant nothing to
me, and whoever dares to give me trouble will know my wrath.

I recited a speech I had prepared inside my head in case something like this was to occur: I am a
citizen of the Peoples Republic of China and received my education in the Ministry of
Education in the French Republic. I have been invited to study in France by the Paul Valry
University in Montpellier. If I receive any unfair treatment, I will be protected by my countrys
Embassy, and I have the right of access to justice and-

Oh wait, this is a French democracy?

Okay, one more time.

The person who approached me was relatively young. He smiled, and in broken English asked:
Chinese? Japanese? Korean?

I replied in French: Chinese. I speak French.

Thats great. He rubbed his hands, Miss, you cannot stay here.

Why? I was so close to blurting out my speech, but the person began to speak before I could

This place is unsafe at night, single women better not stay here. Plus, the last train has already
departed and the station will close in half an hour.

The train station will close?
I was stunned for a moment. Why was that not stated in the teaching materials?

However, his attitude towards me was never unpleasant. The problem now was where am I
supposed to go? It was already very late and even the cafes were closed.

Do you understand what Ive just said? Okay, Ill repeat it again in English

I quickly stopped him with my hands and honestly told him: Look at my luggage, I have no idea
where to go.

The young officer looked at me and had an expression that showed that he was in a difficult
position and went back to ask his colleagues what he could do. In a round of discussion, the few
people smiled at me in the process. Right now I felt that I was too impulsive and was making
things difficult for others.

The young person came up to me and said: There is a youth hostel nearby for prospective
students. I do not know if there is still vacancies, but I can escort you to there. Are you okay with
that? If not .?

The second suggestion he suggested was for me to go to a nearby police station to wait for the
next mornings train.

What kind of logic is this? Ending up in the police station on the first day of studying abroad?
This is extremely unlucky.

I said: Could you please take me to the youth hostel. I looked at the few people over there and
had some doubts. I smiled: How am I supposed to know if they are really the police?

The young person also laughed : We are not the police, were the patrolling gendarmerie. I am
an intern gendarmerie called Zeus Ferrandi, my service number is .

I gave a reassuring look, smiled and said: ah, yes gendarmerie, haha

He turned around and pulled out a small book that was written in Chinese: If I stumble upon any
misfortune, I would have been taken away by an intern gendarmerie called Zeus Ferrandi. His
service number is I was a little dazed. Who was it written to? Who will see these words?
Cheng Jia Yang.

I casually wrote his name in a messy manner.

Being tall sure was useful, my heavy box was lifted up easily by the young gendarmerie and he
took big steps, leaving the train station in place of me.

On the way, we did not talk at all.

The youth hostel was not a far distance away. I was lucky there were still beds available. Prices
have been lowered to 18 euros for young students around the world. I did not dare to think how
much it cost in renminbi (Chinese currency).

After registering, the gendamerie said to me: It is 2 oclock now, what time do you have to
board your train?

I took out my train ticket and checked: 6.30.

Do not be late. Goodbye.

Thank you. Goodbye.

I washed up, and lay on my bed feeling very awake.

Although the journey was tiring, but I felt excited and a feeling of novelty.

Where am I now? Oh Paris. The Paris that has the Eiffel Tower, the Paris that has The Louvre,
the Paris that Napoleon was born in, and the Paris where Hugo is at

The place that I am about to go is the picturesque Montpellier.

I had actually realised my dream.

But I also felt heart wrenched that the 18 euros that was able to accommodate me for 4 hours,
after giving some money to my family, the rest of my savings that I had brought along was left
with only a mere amount of a few hundred euros that I had put in my underwear.

I had to be careful in my spending.

I thought of the scene that just happened at the train station, and found my nervousness and
carefulness amusing.
As I continued thinking, the sky soon turned gray and it was going to be dawn.

I looked at my watch, oh it was still according to the time in Beijing. Then the time now in

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw a tall French guy. I
carefully looked and realised it was a young gendarmerie that had just ended his duty.

Miss, it is 5.45 now. Please head to the train station and get onto the train after having your
ticket checked. No hurries.

Okay, thank you.

I closed the door, quickly changed my clothes and washed up.

The gendarmerie was still helping me carry my luggage, shipping it to the train station.

On the way I asked him: Are French gendarmeries still responsible for escorting foreigners?

The staffs working at the train station has to ensure the safety of the citizens and foreigners.

Responsible for escorting?

Not really, I am off duty for my night shift. I am worried that you would sleep too late and
delay the train. Anyways, it is convenient for me when I return to my hostel.

Oh, thank you very much.

We entered the station, and I saw a few bullet-shaped high speed train that was stationary.
Gendarmerie pointed out to me the ticket gate : Please have your ticket checked here .

I kept taking the train ticket out and then keeping it again that it made a small chip on the ticket.

The gendarmerie told me: The train conductor will check your ticket, so please keep your ticket
somewhere that is convenient to be taken out easily.

Of course. I said.

At this time, the train station had very few passengers.

I shook his hand, feeling very thankful towards this enthusiastic youth. I repeatedly thanked him.

He looked at the train: Where are you heading towards?

Montpellier. I am going to learn about interpreting.
No wonder you are so eloquent in French. The youth said while smiling, Montpellier is a nice
place. The weather there is warm and sunny.

You went there before?

I am from Montpellier.

Oh, you came to Paris to work?


Oh yeah, you told me that yesterday.

I had to get on the car and thanked him once again.

Young gendarmerie Zeus Ferrandi said to me: All the best.

It was a distance more than 1100 km. The high-speed train was speeding so quickly, it is no
wonder it is known as the fastest and most secure transportation on land.

There werent that many people on the train. Some were conversing in soft voices while others
were in deep sleep. As it was my first time taking the train, I lamented as I looked at the scenery
along the way that went behind me so quickly that it caught people off guard, just like our lives
that are full of twists and turns.

Chapter 33
Cheng Jia Yang

This summer, a few things happened like this: I met with Qiao Fei once, and she finally went to
the faraway France to study, for a month. She didnt give me any news. I was promoted to the
bureau, and besides the usual translation work, I also had to replace my colleagues who had quit,
and train the newbies; as for my online friend I just dont believe I cant register for it, I knew
I little more about her. From the calm way she handled my womanly issues, it was a woman; a
web author, who was busy finishing her second novel.

Whats your novel about? I asked.

A man and a woman live across from each other, and have sexual fantasies about each other.

Is there an end result? Do they finally meet?

No. They dont meet. Why would they want to? That would only invite trouble and
The main topic is about the beauty that comes from distance.

This is a true statement.


I am going to log off now.

Its still early.

I have to sleep, and I still need to work.

I havent seen many guys like you who are addicted to the good things.

Thanks, Ill talk to you later.

I closed the computer, and opened the lamp, and began to review some documents.

My other hand took out some marijuana from the drawer, I lighted it, smoked it, and I felt that I
wasnt that tired.

Not very long afterwards, my moms birthday came around, a small dinner party was held at

My aunt was the master of ceremonies and the master of elegance; she invited two piano players
to come and help from the Music School, and the buffet was from the Swiss hotel chef chief who
came to the scene and cooked.

At the banquet that day, friends and family gathered together.

The other family gave a lot of face (really respected their reputations), Wen Xiao Huas father
and mother came to dinner by themselves. That day, she shook hands with my mother, and softly
told auntie happy birthday.

I saw my mothers eyes brighten: This is Xiao Hua? What a beautiful maiden.

From that point on, Wen Xiao Hua left a deep yet good impression in my mother, because on the
day of the banquet she had also excitedly performed a violin song Small Green Apple; she was
skilled, but she couldnt beat the professional players.

Ah this type of girl really made one admire her, she had an impeccable bright aura. But she
couldnt be worthy of someone like me, so not long afterwards, my mom wanted me to send
some very good cigarettes and very good wine to the Wen house as a gift but I flatly refused.

Dont you feel its not enough work making the drivers go? Or go yourself, but why do you
want me to go? I asked.
My mother fiercely glared at me.

Jia Ming didnt have these boring topics like me.

On one hand, he had made himself look bad enough in front of our parents; at least on this topic,
at the last battle, the two sides did not act rashly. Jia Ming didnt have a permanent girlfriend,
and my parents did not dare intrude unwarranted into his private life; on the other hand, no
matter who was in his eyes, his romantic life made him seem more like a normal person than me.

I knew this, and simply did the same. Or else, my mother would be blinded with worry.

And whenever I had time, I would go to the nightclubs. I gradually realized the fun.

I liked young girls. Sitting outside the crowd at the bar, alone, the look blurred, I didnt know
where I didnt have my own problems, and came here to be drunk, to buy forgetfulness for a

I didnt need to say much, my eyes didnt need to return her looks to often. I felt she was very
pleasing to the eye, and that we could have one romantic night.

Some limbs were soft, some rich experiences had a variety of bizarre gestures, but the more it
was this way, I only felt new and strange as if I got more and more off the mark. As if I was
watching a performance of Huo Se Sheng Xiang (The Legend of Fragrance. This has been
adapted into a drama with leads Tang Yan and Li Yi Feng).

Some people wanted money from me on the second day, some people disappeared on the second
morning, and left money for me.

My conscience was peaceful when paying or taking in money. Money was of equivalent value.

I drank wine in front of the bar, and there were also some guys who approached me.

I politely said that I was not a playboy.

Some people said, I wasnt such. I had a wife, it was a supermodel.

It would be difficult for me to go down that path.

Why dont you try it, you only know after you do.

Doing it like this, really made one tired.

I pushed him aside and left the bar.

Outside, I lit a cigarette and found my car. I was suddenly pushed to the ground, I looked back
and it was the same guy, he had another companion by his side.
My face received another hit again, my mouth filled with a smell. I didnt know where I had
began bleeding.

You think youre a deity just because you have a beauty face? When you come out to mix with
the others you even pretend to be a virgin!

He was right after all, I didnt rebut.

After this person vented his anger, he left.

I took out a handkerchief to wipe the fresh blood on my face, with shaking hands, my phone fell
on the ground.

A ringing sound suddenly sounded.

I looked at the number, it was a French district number.

It was Qiao Fei, at this moment, my heart beat wildly. After I answered it, I only said a Hello?
and I heard a choked voice.

Jia Yang.

Im listening.

I have stabilised myself on this side. But just now, a classmate bought a phone cared, so thats
why I only just called you.

Oh, no problem. How are you? Did it go well?

Very well. Im doing very well.

I know, this was your plan. But, before, I was a little rushed going there, so I didnt have time to
call you and say thank you.

No problem. This was a little thing.

Separated by mountains and rivers, the sound is always a little wrong on the phone, the call
parties hesitant, tentative.

Do you know, I chased you to your house, wanting to see you again; Do you know, I dreamed on
the airplane, that I seem to have went to Dalian with you again; Do you know, a man, resentful
and filled with the urge to wait for a call, until deep in the night.
My tears flowed again, I couldnt say anything, otherwise I would cry loudly.

On the other side of the phone there was no sound, for a long time. She said to me, Thank you.

Qiao Fei said Thank you to me.

I lowered my voice: Do you have anything else? I still have to look at my documents.

All right.bye.


I looked at the dim screen, and closed the phone, I closed the line, and got onto my car.

The car rushed about the street at midnight, like the broken strings of an arrow leading to loss of

In front of me was a chaotic path, a hopeless life.

The car crashed into a tree on the coastal side of the road. My head hit the steering wheel, and
there was only a second for the air balloon to explode, and my head went back to the top of my
seat. I couldnt breathe.

When I woke up, my surroundings were completely white. Then I saw Jia Mings face. I was
currently in the hospital. I seem to only be able to move my eyelids.

Youre awake, sit up and eat by yourself then. He said, Our hospitals food is very good.

So it turned out that I hadnt been injured heavily, I sat up, and poured water to drink.

Jia Ming carefully observed me: Are you kidding me? You committed suicide?

I was just joking. This is a small matter, I drank a little more than usual. I said, Have you
contacted my office to let them know I have to take a day off?

Today is Saturday.

Oh what time?

2:00 in the afternoon.

You havent told father and mother right?
No, I also just came here.

I took off the patient gown and changed into my own clothes. When I was about to leave Jia
Ming said: Oh thats right, Ming Fang came to do a checkup, I didnt see her just now, can you
say hi for me?

Are you kidding? Look at my panicked appearance. I said. My hair still had small pieces of
gauze and bandages.

My car had already been taken to the repair shop, I found Jia Mings car in the parking lot, and
drove to the clinic entrance, and saw Ming Fang, who had finished her checkup, behind her was
her husband, Zhou Nan who I had met before.

Seeing her from here, her belly was already pretty big. Walking was not very convenient, she
was supported by her husband, and got into her car. I walked behind them. But, their car drove
crookedly, I glanced over, it was the left wheel in the back that had no more air.

They also realized this themselves, I pressed the horn, they stopped. I also got off the car.

When they saw me, the two people were very happy.

I pointed at Ming Fangs stomach and said: How did it grow so quickly?

How is that fast? In two more months itll come out. Zhou nan said.

Ming Fang saw my head: What happened to you?

I fell. I said, Brother in law, while you change the tire I can send Ming Fang home.

It wouldnt be too much for you?

Well I dont have anything much going on today anyways. This was true.

While we were going to Ming Fang, she showed me the ultrasound picture that had just been
taken of the baby, in the grey blurriness; she told me, this is the heart, this is the lung, this is his

So small, and it has all its organs already?

It has all of them. When it comes out, it will even have hair, all right?

I laughed.

You really do make people admire you.

If you admire me, then make your own family, have a child too, Jia Yang.
I was silent and continued driving.

In the light, I saw Ming Fang looking at me, she warmly said to me: If you have a family you
will have a child, you will gain stability, you will be happy. Jia Yang.

Chapter 34
Qiao Fei

I put down the phone, a little dazed.

Jia Yang was on the other end of the world,as I thought hard, I couldnt conjure his image up.

I was currently in the Colleges dormitory for exchange students; it was one person per room,
each room had a bathroom and small electronic cookware

I had opened a bank account to receive the first months scholarship money, Montpellier didnt
sell Chinese phone cards, so I bought one, returning from Marseille. This was the first phone call
I had given to him, and when we only said 10 sentences, Jia Yang said, that there were still
documents that he had to look at, good bye.

The computers notification: Your talking time was 1 minute and 25 seconds.

I looked at this phone card in my hand that had a picture of a monkey drawn on it, I didnt know
how much more time I had to or who I would call.

It is now July. The weather is hot. Others took a break off, and the school gave us some heavy

I registered for the Interpretation School so I am in a class, that is specialized in translating from
French to Chinese. There arent many students, two Hong Kong classmates, three Taiwanese,
two Belgium guys, four French, and me, the only Chinese mainland student, everyone already
has a certain language foundation and experience, but have come here to receive training.

Every class, the teacher must put on a series of news broadcasts. Itll be about 10 minutes long,
and asks that we make notes, then we will begin to translate. This practice can be up to 15
minutes, 20 minutes. My notes have become less and less, and the content that I interpret has
become more and more detailed.

In the second class in the morning, they introduce some French social life, to help us expand our
vocabulary. I have memorized from Fauvism art to Boomslang from Microelectronics to
Dover French Doctrine

Learning like this is very painful,to the point that my brains become juice and my eyes go black.
But there are happy moments in the bitter moments.
The times in the afternoon are dominated by the students, the acquainted students make an
appointment to go do their homework together in the library, and help each other correct their

Sometimes we will go to buy fruit, swim in the ocean, talk a bit, some afternoons we will limit
ourselves to only using one language, French, Chinese, and sometimes English.

Some mornings before class, Qiao Te, who is from Belgium will hold some newspapers and run
over and say to us: I said, yesterday I recognized that person on the beach, so it was Ronaldo.

I look at the newspaper, on the Hua Bian newspaper headlines read: Baseball Star Ronaldo goes
to the Beach Resort for his Break.

Then why didnt you say it then. I said, I could even have gotten an autograph.

Hello, I only saw a guy who had a beautiful maiden by his side, his head was pretty big, and
between his front teeth there was a gap, I felt he was very familiar, but I couldnt think of who it

Now that you think of it, it isnt very newsworthy. A French guy, Damian rebuffed him.

This is my hindsight. Qiao Te said in Chinese.

Everyone laughed.

Rong Rong, from Hong Kong, played the violin extremely prettily, she worked part-time at the
Theater Center bar, we would go occasionally to join her.

This group of young people who spoke Chinese aroused the interest of the boss. He proposed
that we do a day for his bar that was just related to China, it was currently the tourist season, so
we attracted many guests, and he shared the revenues with us 50/50.

We felt it would be very fun and agreed to him.

We used bamboo from China to decorate the bar, the Taiwanese girls knew calligraphy, and
copied Tang poems onto the wall, just like the existing ancient colors; we bought some incense
from the Chinese store, and thus it also had an ancient smell; the Western bar also supplied some
Chinese wine and small desserts that had been ordered from a Chinese restaurant; we also invited
a travelling Chiense artist, who made ink splashes at the scene.

After a week, it seemed that everything had been prepared, the boss said: It seems were still
missing something. Which of you can sing?

Damians mouth spoke quickly: I heard Qiao Fei sing while she washed the clothes, she sings
very well.
I didnt have stagefright, but only wanted to do it well.

I downloaded the accompaniments of Jasmine

( and Passing Years
( at the school internet cafe, and translated
the lyrics into French. I stood in front of a mirror and practiced, I sang to the part that went In
this lifetime, we met each other in the gorge, we cannot be spared this unhappy end, our palms
suddenly grow thin lines and suddenly froze, and looked at my own palm. I had met another in
the gorge before, but now we were far apart?

On the day of the Chinese activities, the bar was packed, there was a warm atmosphere. In the
end, everyone used Chinese to say, Hello, thank you, Happy New Year or even I raise my
eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home

On this night, I also met an old friend, Aude Ferland, who had already returned to her country.
She ran over from afar to hug me, and kissed my face: Qiao Fei, do you still remember me?

I also hugged her: How could I forget? It was you who taught me how to smoke well.

Ah youve finally come to Montpellier. Are you living happily?

Really well. Thanks, thanks.

Aude, who had learned Chinese thoroughly by now, was currently responsible for liaisons with
the sister city Chengdu at the City Hall Office of International Affairs. She left me her home
address and phone number and told me: Qiao Fei when you have time you must come find me.

This was more of a benefit to having friends, the ends of the earth were unexpectedly warm.

On this day, based on my end of the course, 20 points was the maximum for both classes
homework, the teacher gave me a 16. I called a neighbor and asked the aunt to tell my mom and
dad. As for the scores, they didnt know much about it, so I said, very simple, I had gotten first in
the class. Such great news, who else would I tell? I called Cheng Jia Yangs cell phone, and was
redirected to the secretarys desk.

Thus, I called Aude again, and asked if I could stay at her house over the weekend.

She said: Of course, of course, if you are a good persons life, then you must come.

Audes family was in an old neighborhood in Montpellier.

Quartzite road, white brick walls, old buildings surrounded by palm trees.

Step by step I walked into the wet narrow streets, and imagined how many wooden cars had once
passed through here, sending bright tasting grape wine; how many people had once passed
through here, lonelily walking their own history.
Such a warm feeling did not suit me, this idiot. As I walked, I found that I couldnt see any street
names, I couldnt see any people, and I also didnt know if this was the street I was looking for.

It was about nighttime now, now far away, there were some small shops bright signs, I wanted
to ask about the route, I walked closer, it was a pizzeria shop

Behind the counter was a young guy, who grabbed a new pizza from the oven. That pizza was
baked perfectly, with thick cheese, fresh tomatoes, crisp mushrooms. The guy was very satisfied
and cut the pizza into a few chunks with deft movements, he turned to put it in the window. At
this moment, he saw me.

I felt I had seen this person before, but I didnt think that he would be here.

A young face, black hair and black eyes: Miss, a freshly baked pizza, would you like to try it?

I would like to ask you the way to here.

Before I could finish, someone came out from the counter, it was my friend Aude.

Fei, I am waiting for you. Have you found it yourself? Thats really amazing. Come in quickly.

Aude said to the guy: This is my Chinese friend, Qiao Fei.

She said to me again: Fei, this is my little brother, Zu Zu.

The world was really small, so I thought of it in an instant, where I met this guy before. At the
same time I heard him say: Right, we met before, in Paris.

Chapter 35
Note: All French names in this chapter are in Chinese phonetics.

Qiao Fei

Zu Zu is Auldes younger brother. I met them when I was in Paris. They are similar, both very
warm-hearted people.

He is a 19 year old boy, tall and handsome. When he smiles slightly, he looks shy. Right now
during break, he is helping his father and mother take care of the family bakery.

The Ferlande family is of Italian-American origin. Their bakery has several decades of history. It
was created by Aulde and Zu Zus grandfather. Though its not very large in size, it is welcomed
by the people in the neighborhood, and well-known in the area.

But in our generation, the industry suffered a crisis. Aulde said.
You make it sound severe. What happened exactly? I said.

Aulde pointed at her brother, In our family, this skill is transferred from male to male, not to
females. My dad wants to give the shop to Zu Zu, but he doesnt want to inherit it.

Then what does he want to do?

Zu Zu was preparing to close the shop. Blocking the windows with a block of wood.

He wants to go to Africa. Put on a blue helmet and be a peacekeeper there.Aulde laughed,

Who knows how children think these days.

He doesnt think. You can learn the skills and take care of the store.

Me? Aulde stretched out her hand and looked at it. Shaking her head, saying, Using this pair
of tar and nicotine-stained hands to make bread for other people to eat? Forget it, I have no
enmity with the government and I dont want trouble.

We sat down and chatted. Zu Zu finished taking care of the shop and busily cleaned it up and
organized it. Not long after, he prepared dinner for us.

He had prepared fondue. There was goat cheese in a small pot in the center of table, covering
cooked potatoes. We ate it dipped on bread. It had a rich, mellow taste. I had a big appetite and
ate a lot.

In China, do you eat cheese? Zu Zu asked.

No, I dont eat it. I thought for a moment, I dont eat it a lot.

I remembered the first time Cheng Jia Yang took me to eat Western food. I had tried authentic
French cheese. At first I was not accustomed to the taste. Later, I started liking the scent and
taste of it.

Chinas most famous food is dumplings. I said.

We also have that. Zu Zu said.

Its not the same. Aulde said to her brother, Chinas dumplings dont have cheese as the
filling, it has vegetables and meat.

It is tasty? He asked, looking at me.

In a few days I will make some dumplings and invite you guys over to eat them. Does that
sound good?

The boy laughed, Dont say a few days. Quickly tell me what time- my break isnt very long.
Then how about two days? I will invite some other friends. We can have a little party.

The siblings were very happy, Zu Zu said, I will secretly bring some of my dads wine over.

Aulde squeezed her eyes closed and said. Haha, great, I wish you success.

At that very moment, a big white dog sauntered out from behind and grazed my leg. I was very
startled. Its forelimbs climbed onto Zu Zu. Zu Zu stroked its forehead hairs out of its eyes and
said, This is Ou Luo Er, my little brother.

It was obvious that the French loved dogs, even seeing them as part of the family.

He said to the big dog, Ou Luo Er, this is Fei. Look, shes so good at speaking French, isnt she

The dog barked, as a way of greeting me.

Dont say, he is really quite sensible.

We chatted for a while longer. When was late, I got ready to leave.

Aulde said, What do we do? My parents took the car and left.

Zu Zu said, Ill take her.

Aulde said, Forget it, dont bring out your old motorcycle.

Ill walk her home.

Thats good. Aulde said, Fei, he will escort you home. Rest assured, my brother is skilled.

Nighttime in Southern France, however deep the sea was was how high the skies would be, on
the deep blue dome screen, the stars would shine, some sea birds sang as they flew overhead,
bringing a tiny bit of the salty wind over, blowing onto the leaves, rustling, these seemed to be
the sounds in a young persons heart.

Looking at it this way, Zu Zu was not like his sister. When we had walked all the way to the train
station, he still hadnt said a word.

The train came, and I got ready to leave. Wishing him goodnight and goodbye.

He got on with me, Ill send you to the university campus.

Apparently the day I arrived in Paris, he had gone to the young hotel. Now that was a dutiful
military officer.
Until we had arrived to my dorm building, I pointed towards the window and said, Look, this is
my room. Two days later, you wont get lost and not find it, right?

No, He laughed, But youll have to make more dumplings.

No problem.

I ran up the stairs, returned to my room, changed, rinsed myself, looked at the clock, and realized
it was already very late. The last bus had just left a moment go, so how would Zu Zu return?

Cheng Jia Yang

Ming Fang gave birth to a child. It was a little girl with a round face and a small layer of hair.
She was clutching onto my finger, her hands full.

I brought the gift my mother had prepared and went to see Ming Fang in the hospital ward. I also
saw Wen Xiao Hua.

The child was in her arms, clutching my hand.

Afterwards, I escorted Wen Xiao Hua home. On the road, we talked about the child, who had not
yet been named. Ming Fang called on us to work together on naming it.

I said that I would go home and look through the dictionary. Xiao Hua said, An ordinary
Chinese character is the best. The more common the name, the better the person.

Theres a theory like that?

Yeah. Look, Jia Yang and Xiao Hua, are very common names, and we are very good people.

I laughed.

Do you have anything planned later?

No. I said, looking at her. She looked back at me.

Why dont we go drink some tea. I said.

Okay, I know a Taiwanese tea shop. They have many kinds of shaved ice.

Two adults, like a little boy and girl, in a Taiwanese tea shop that had been renovated to look like
a cartoon house, eating multicolored shaved ice. It made me feel young again.

Wen Xiao Hua ate a mango-flavored one and a mangosteen-flavored one, concentrating on the
taste and enjoying it extremely. Mine had melted into ice water and was only half-eaten. She ate
until she was satisfied, raised her head to look at me, and laughed, Thank you.
What are you thanking me for? I asked.

Youre so patient, waiting for me to finish.

As a person, the one thing I definitely am is patient. I said honestly.

I sometimes think you are a polite and proud person. Not saying much, encouraging people
wholeheartedly. In fact

I dont say anything because I am not good at speaking. Politeness is so that I dont have to
show any other emotions because I am lazy.

She looked at me, then looked out the window.

Ever since I was young, I liked gaining the upperhand and winning. I went to the best university
and traveled to the farthest country. I have worked, completing difficult tasks that other people
wouldnt do, and been to the most dangerous and tricky places for interviews. Life is very
difficult because the heart believes that as long as you work hard, you will achieve your goal.

She drank a sip of water, a slight smile on her face, Until I met you. Cheng Jia Yang, did you
know, you are what the foreigners call, a difficult person.

Is she started to reprove me in this manner?

I didnt know you thought that way. When I try to get close to you, Im often found out. Then
we go back to being like strangers again. When elders praise me, you smile along. When its just
me, you wont even glance at me once, nor say a word. You wouldnt not know, that if youre
too polite, then it becomes impolite. Sometimes, you make me feel uneasy. For example, your
mood will suddenly be good, and youre willing to escort me home. I was so happy I left my car
at the hospital. For example, youre suddenly not busy one afternoon and you accompany me to
eat shaved ice.

I didnt know you drove here.

I also forgot.

She let out a chuckle, When Im around you, my IQ is 0.

She worded it so clear, finally deciding to not wrong herself.

I didnt know what to say. It was a difficult problem, and I didnt know how to answer.

I couldnt tell her I was sorry. What would I be apologizing for? She is sacrificing such a good

I felt very embarrassed and raised my head. Wen Xiao Hua looked at my face.
My throat felt a little dry so no words were coming out.

She finally looked disappointed, picked up her bag, and left.

Chapter 36 Part 1
Qiao Fei

I was going to invite my classmates over to eat dumplings, consuming a lot of effort.

Foreign white lettuce was very hard, I had to use water to boil it to soften it, before making the
filling; all the meat at the market were all mixed with foreign sauces. I could only buy my own
meat processing machine. The good part was that French flour was of great quality, it was white
and chewy. After you cooked it, it would look transparent. But I couldnt only have dumplings. I
smashed the cucumbers, and mixed salt and sesame paste I had bought from a Chinese stop,
making Chinese salad; in the case of anyone not eating it, I also prepared a few sandwiches
and two big bowls of fried rice with eggs. I even bought some fruits and beer.

I busily worked like this for a whole afternoon, in the evening, the dumplings came out of the
pot, and my friends continuously arrived.

The white cabbage dumplings were very liked, my Hong Kong and Taiwan classmates both felt
this northern food taste was very new and strange, not to mention the foreigners. The foods
fragrance also attracted some exchange students from the same floor. Thus, faces of different
colors all filled my tiny room. I felt very accomplished; such a simple dish made them all full of

Auld Ferlande who had came from work brought us two melons. She ate some of my dumplings,
and gave a thumbs up: Delicious, delicious.

I asked her: Why hasnt your little brother come yet?

He didnt come? She looked around, Hey, who knows. Fei, She gave me the plate that was
completely clean, Hit me up with some more fried rice.

They finished eating, drank tea, drank beer, I didnt know who brought a recorder to play
Arabian music. Some people softly spoke, laughing, some people slowly danced to the music in
the center of the room, a small space.

I sat on the sofa by the entrance, and accepted a cigarette that Aude gave me, and deeply
breathed it in. Shrouded in smoke, I felt very happy.

My phone rang. I answered it saying Hello?.
The other side of the phone stopped for a second, and then I heard Cheng Jia Yangs voice say:
Qiao Fei?

I stood up, leaving my room, running to the dormitorys patio. I said: Hi, its me, are you good,
Jia Yang.

On the patio, the moonlight was bright, and the wind was soft and breezy, brushing my face and
my neck. I didnt have to look in the mirror to know I was smiling, I said: It should be the
morning over there right, why call me now?

Did you ever call me? I got your phone number.

Yeah, a few days ago. I was going to tell you, my basic course ended and I got 16 points for
both courses.

Thats good. Congratulations.

what are you doing now?

Im with my classmates, having a party.

Is it lively?

Its great. My dumplings were very popular.

Thats right, I know. You really know how to cook.

I felt as if I had more to say to Jia Yang, my words were in my heart, tossing around, but I didnt
know how to begin. I only hoped that he would say something more. I loved his voice the most,
there were never any clear impurities. Hearing it today, it was just as soft.

Okay then, go play, be happy. Bye.

This ended so quickly?

Bye. I could only say it like this.

I closed the phone, and looked up at the night sky.

How could I forget Cheng Jia Yangs appearance, being so handsome. His thick eyebrows, his
watery eyes, his mouth that would make me into chaos, his white face that was like the dumpling
skin I had used to make the dumplings today.

People were separated from such a great distance. When I thought about him, I forgot all those
misunderstandings from before, and my heart was full of his goodness. His sweetness that would
be like the waves in summer.
I also didnt know how long I spent on the patio. I basically forgot all my friends, and returned. It
seemed that everyone had left. They wrote me a paper and stuck it on the door, it said: Fei,
thank you for your dumplings and your just as fragrant fried rice, which was just like our
friendship. Underneath, all the faithful heroes signed their names.

I laughed, took the paper off of the door, and pushed open the door. I saw that there was still one
person sitting there, carefully looking at my picture which was pasted on the desk. He looked
over. It turned out that it was Zu Zu, with black hair and black eyes, he looked at me: Ive
come, but it looks like all the good things have all been eaten.

Chapter 36 Part 2
Qiao Fei continued

Who let you come so late? I asked, and began to look around everywhere. Looking for
anything that I could make for him to eat.

Because of this.

He actually took a small white dog from his chest. So small and so fat, it rolled out from his
embrace, dropping onto my bed, looking around everywhere, giving a whining sound.

I hugged that dog in my embrace, and sat on the mat: What is this for? Such a big surprise.

If you own a dog, your days will be happier.

Thanks, I love dogs.

This is a dog that was just born, I got him from a friends house in the outskirts, give him a

I thought about it, and looked at him. The small dogs expression was just as bright as Zu Zus :
Ah, Ive got it.


We can call it Zu Zu, all right?

The boy really thought about it: All right, hes Italian-American anyways.

I wanted to laugh, like I was forcibly stifling my internal injuries.

Youre probably hungry, right? I said.

He nodded.
There arent anymore dumplings. I also dont have any good milk fondues to welcome you


Ill make you some fried rice. Guangdong style fried rice, ok?

That sounds great.

I used the remaining rice, eggs and green onions to make another plate of fried rice fo Zu Zu. I
crushed the cucumbers again. It didnt pass a moment before he ate it all up: So delicious. Fei,
thank you.

What are you talking about. I hugged the small dog, Zu Zu, and said, I havent thanked you

I heard Auld say, you want to go to Africa? To go as a protector and a peacekeeper?

Yeah. Ive already applied. Next spring, I will know the results.


What about you? Why are you learning interpretation?

To make money, and give some to my parents to spend.

Zu Zu nodded his head: When I was little, I saw a picture, a small African girl was so skinny
that she was just skin and bones, lying on the ground, like she was about to die. An eagle was
ready to eat her back.

I also saw this picture on Black Lens before. At the time, my heart had been happy to have
been born in China, not in the black Africa.

The living hell where you couldnt even hide from, but the prosperous and happy French boy
said, he wanted to there to work.

Where are you going, what can you do?

Doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

And he was even so confident, speaking so plausibly.

He looked at me, I looked at him, the boy suddenly reached out his hand to touch my hair: Your
hair is really great.
Oh, this isnt much, when I wake up every morning, I will lick it a bit, and use some saliva to
moisten it.

He laughed: Like a dog?

Like Zu Zu. I pointed at the little dog in my embrace.

It was late, he should probably return now.

I said: How are you going to return? The buses are gone.

No problem. Ill run home. Like that night.

That far?

From my university city to the Ferlandes pizza shop, you had to go through the whole city. Even
though the city wasnt big, it was a pretty big distance in itself.

I was just kidding. Zu Zu gave a very dismissive look, I represented Montepellier in

participating in the Tour De France last year, what does this count as? Next time I will show you
my photos from the Alps mountains.

The boy said this as he jumped up and down to warm up: I am going to leave.

I didnt have anything to say, the tall Zu Zu pressed my shoulder and kissed my face,Good
night, good bye.

As he said this, he ran outside.

He ran downstairs, and gave a loud whistle, shouting the gendamarie command, and left, running

I didnt know if it was the classmate from that room, but I heard a scream: Who is that pain in
the ass? I just ate my medicine and was about to sleep!

Chapter 37 Part 1
Cheng Jia Yang

When I called Fei, I was at another persons house.

I just helped her change her clothes and gave her warm water to drink, and now she was lying on
her bed looking very weak and pale.
She was a very strong and healthy woman and yet the state she was in now made me have no
choice but to have compassion towards Wen Xiao Hua.

The summer sky at this moment became grey . Last night had been very chaotic.

The night before, I went drinking at a bar with Xu Dong who I hadnt seen for a long time and he
talked about how his business was not doing very well lately and his life was even more
lackluster. His relic-like composed wife did not care about him or anything at home. Her face
was like a relic from the Imperial Palace, luxurious and dignified, yet it felt like she was dead.

I must say that his words were a bit too serious. He told me that he has not done it for a long time
and also did not want to do it. I think that woman crushed all his sexual desires.

He naturally asked about Qiao Fei; he actually remembered her name so clearly.

I said, drink up.

He just sighed and did not continue.

When Wen Xiao Hua came in, there was two or three men beside her. They looked very
glamorous and arrogant.

She must have seen me and thus sat beside Xu Dong. She ordered a lot of wine and laughed very
loudly while playing guessing games.

I said to Xu Dong: Lets go.

He tugged at my elbow, he must have already been a little high, and said with a hoarse voice:
Dont interrupt, accompany me for a while more bro. Where do you want me to go at this

I could only continue sitting there, even though I had no mood to drink and just swiped my
phone. There was a message sent from the secretarys desk. It was the number of Qiao Fei that
was in France. I repeatedly looked at the number.

Xiao Hua that was behind asked the man beside her: What was your name again? Jason?

He is not Jason, I am. You have to drink as punishment.

Okay okay sure. Xiao Hua was in a good mood. Great wine.

Xu Dong suddenly started singing: Let us raise our oars, as the small boat pushes the

My head hurt, aching extremely hard.
This continued for a long time. The singers at the bar started to leave and the DJ was playing soft
rock music by Sting.

Finally, someone decided to leave this place. Wen Xiao Hua led a group of guys to follow her to
drink more, and walked pretty far. However, she rushed back hurriedly because she had left her
handbag here.

We still faced each other in the end. However she smiled and pointed at me: Jason?

I looked at her.

One of her guy friends came along and wrapped his arms around, bringing her out: Dont go
around calling everyone Jason, I am Jason.

I tapped Xu Dong: Bro, are you feeling a bit better? Ill send you home.

Its okay, you dont have to send me home. He immediately stood up, with a sober voice, with
a generous imposing manner as if all the old wine he had just drank had gone into my stomach.
But his words came out roughly. He sat down again, closed his eyes, his mouth blurting: Send
me off, if you send me off dont send me to another persons house.

Some people were so drunk they were in a complete mess, not even knowing where they were
and what day it was. Yet for some people, the night was still young.

I supported Xu Dong to the entrance of the bar, and just at this moment a beautiful woman was
pushing the door to enter. It was Wu Jia Yi, whom he has not seen for a long time. She looked at
me then at Xu Dong as he struggled to straighten his body.

Wu said: Hi.

I said: Hi.

Xu Dong said: Jia Yi.

Then, he started crying.

I came out alone, taking a walk around the street outside the bar to get a breather and then turned
back to get my car. I thought: This person saved Xu Dong at the right moment and took him
away. I was guessing he wouldnt be going back home.

Chapter 37 Part 2
I was walking towards the parking lot, when a car sped towards me crazily. In a moment, it
stopped 3cm away from my feet.
The driver lifted her head up from the steering wheel. It was the drunk Wen Xiao Hua.

Despite being so drunk, she still managed to drive so well. One day I will have to ask her to
teach me.

She was looking at me from inside the car.

Who is going to tell me how to handle this situation?

She started puking inside her car.

I walked over, and opened her car door and then pulled her out. Even such a virtuous woman like
her could end up in such an embarrassing state.

I sent her home. On the way, Xiao Hua was mumbling and could hardly say her address.

After reaching her house, I helped her clean up and had her drink water before finally placing her
to bed to sleep.

Who made this girl end up in such a state? Who was gonna bear the responsibility?

I went to smoke at her balcony.

Afterwards, I called Fei.

Her voice seemed happy. With her academic ideals, she would love living in France. She never
knew how to take care of herself and enjoyed the happiness in living simply. It made me
relieved, and, jealous.

I walked back to Wen Xiao Huas room. She was already awake, and was quietly looking at me,
her face pathetically small.

I have to go. I need to go to work. I said.

She lowered her head and slowly said. Sorry.

I walked over and held her hands: Venting your anger on yourself because you feel miserable
inside is what a child would do.

Her tears dropped in a moment.

Afterwards, there was a long period of time where I didnt see Wen Xiao Huas special column
program. I called her colleagues and the reason I got was that the program was having some
adjustments. It was only after saying I was Wen Xiao Huas friend, then the person told me that
Xiao Hua who was the editor and anchor was on sick leave.
If it was like this, then the matter was more serious.

I knew that she was like me, that she would delay anything but work. I called her cellphone, and
even her house phone but I was still unable to contact her.

After a business trip to Guangzhou, I immediately called her again.

I finally found this person. She was at home at that moment.

Where did you go? I asked, I was so scared, thinking that you might have gone missing.

What was it that was so serious? She said, I went travelling, if I hadnt, I would not have had
a holiday.

We did not talk for a while.

Jia Yang, are you free now? Can you come over now?

I thought for a while. Okay.

When I reached, Xiao Hua was wearing a weird long skirt that was gold and blue when she
opened the door. To be honest, her face had a rosy color and she looked energetic and pretty.

Her room had many bottles and jars displayed. Long necked, round necked, curved ones and
some had gorgeous ancient patterns on it. The wall also had a tapestry, which had a beautiful
woman with a face mask riding on a camel on the art piece.

Where did you go? Whats with the new style? I said.


Oh, its a nice place.

Come, drink this.

I tasted the drink she gave me. It was a fragrant tea.

I smiled: You must have enjoyed yourself during this trip. You threw aside your audience.

She sat on the mat next to me, and looked at my face with bright eyes: It was very happy.
Everyday I followed the locals to pray five times a day, because they said, Allah knows
everything. In the mosque I asked Allah, Allah how do know everything. Then do you know I
like Cheng Jia Yang? Do you know, how he thinks of me?

I did not know what to say again, yet the brightness remained in her eyes, and couldnt leave.
Xiao Huas lips then imprinted on mine. Cold, soft.

We left quietly, our faces almost touching, I could see her smile in her eyes.

I had difficulties talking, and said: Xiao Hua, you will regret this. Im not good enough for


She held my face and continued to kiss me.

Qiao Fei

The small dog Zu Zu slept underneath my bed inside the small wooden cage. Whatever I ate, I
gave to him also; whenever I learned, no matter how hot it was, I would put him on my knee;
everyday I would give him a bath, and hug him on my bed and play for a while. The second day
I found that white dog fur was all over my t-shirt.

Whenever I had time, I brought him to the square to play. I bought a sandwich, and split it in half
with Zu Zu. He was full, and then he went to go run around crazily with other dogs. So you must
not be tricked by any animals outward appearance. This rascal that was usually quiet and
serious, barked to the point where he could roar other big dogs down.

Finally someone came to complain: Your dog calls so loudly, does this influence

I was initally reading a book on a chair. When I heard this, I lifted my head, and pasted on a
smile, but I found out that it was actually the boy, Zu Zu Ferlande. I ate up my smile (took back
my smile), and immediately said: People have human rights. Dogs have dog rights. I cannot
agree with every sentence that he barks, but I swear to defend the rights of his roaring.

Zu Zu sat next to me, and carefully looked at me: Isnt this right? After some time, your French
is even better than mine. I was never into reading.

I laughed: You flatter me, you see, I happen to be doing well during this time.

Rousseau in my book frowned: I cannot agree with every word you say, but I swear to defend
your right to say it to the death.

Zu Zu was holding a skateboard. I said: You know how to skateboard?

You want to try?

Why not?
I hadnt eaten pork before, but I had seen pigs run before. I was also an athlete. I put the book
down, and tried it.

But not after two times, I pouted, my two knees kneeling on the ground. The dog excitedly
barked beside me, because he was gloating and excited.

Zu Zu said: Aye, you sure know how to fall. Falling like that wont hurt the back of your head.

I was hurting terribly, and stood up to clap my hands, acting casual: Ai ya, this, ahh, it is a little
harder than ice skating, ha.

The two Zu Zus laughed until they were almost out of breath.

Later, he carefully demonstrated and explained again. When the day was almost getting dark,
even if I wasnt quite skilled, I had had the right posture.

So happy. Thank you. I must leave. I hugged the dog, he had become crazy after playing so
much today, and was tired to the point where half of his tongue hung outside of his face. I said to
Zu Zu, Im still considered okay right?

You should still work a little harder.

I turned around and left.

Zu Zu that was behind me said: Fei, lets go to Avignon this weekend alright? It is an old city,
Im sure youll love it.

I thought about it. Before the mid courses began, I still had a week of break. Avignon was a
prestigious city, and I had wanted to go for so long. I looked back and said: All right. Lets go

Thats great. Wait for my call.

I took the trolleybus home. The blue bus was travelling on the tracks above the pavement, across
the city square, passing by a coffee awning. The doves by the side of the road all flew up, piece
by piece. I looked out the window, Zu Zu Ferlande was on his skateboard, by my side, gliding

Chapter 38.1
Cheng Jia Yang

Xiao Hua was a Virgo (constellation under which she was born). At the beginning of September,
when the weather was cool, she made an appointment with a few friends to go to Shanghai for
her birthday. Most of them were unfamiliar faces, Xiao Hua introduced me to them saying: This
is Jia Yang, my boyfriend.

We shook hands, greeted each other, drank wine, joked around, and fished. I dutifully
accompanied her to socialize.

Most of them were from the news circle, while conversing, they would also bring up news from
their jobs. Who had their own personal circles, and whose photograph was reported to the
Foreign Ministry because they had faked it, and who was planning to go to the Gulf interview.

Xiao Hua said: What did you say? Lao Zhou is going to go to the Gulf?

The insider said: Its already not on the news, how did you not know? You retired recently, and
cant keep up with the news. Lao Zhou is always on the organized team. What, youre
interested? Xiao Hua.

What are you talking about? Xiao Hua poured herself a glass of champagne, and gracefully
sipped, Life is precious.

I also poured a cup of alcohol, and only felt that her words were still in my ear. She had said, she
liked to go to the most dangerous, the trickiest places to interview, and do things that other
people couldnt.

But, Lao Zhou doing this, I am also unsurprised, Xiao Hua said, He divorced, his child was
given to his ex-wife, unencumbered. Come, lets drink to him.

My fishing rod rang, and I went to go get the string.

There was actually an octopus on my fishing line, the round head had been caught on the
fishhook, and its legs kept twisting around and around. This was a pallid life that was unable to

I took it off of the fishing line and threw it back into the ocean, and put the fool back onto its

When the sky darkened, I drove back on the boat.

The nights sea breeze was light and cool, Xiao Hua hugged me from behind.

Wait a moment, and let them go first, so its just us two. A womans voice was soft and sweet.

I patted her hand on my waist: If youre like this, I cant drive the boat.

Then go find a rock and crash into it. Then we wont need to come back, and can live on that
rock, becoming the Robinson couple, all right? Jia Yang.
I laughed: Are you evil or not? What about your friends?

They are all great swimmers, let them swim back.

We returned to the Gang Kou, and separated with our friends. I brought Xiao Hua to eat favorite
Guangdong seafood.

We ordered some meals, and I said to the waitor: I also want to plate of potato braised with
eggplant, do you know of it? Its a Dongbei dish, and it has chives sprinkled on it.

How do you eat that?

Its delicious. Just wait and taste it.

The dishes came over, and Xiao Hua ate a small bite of each dish. When she ate that Dongbei
dish, she ate two bites, then she said she was full, and told me that the dish that I ordered was
actually pretty good.

I was very hungry. I ate that dish up with my rice.

I sent Xiao Hua home, but also stayed back because of her.

We talked for a while, drink some wine, and she lay on my chest warmly. This moment, I should
do something, her hand hooked onto me and I grabbed onto her.

This was our first time, I experienced a high tide xdx in her body, and in the middle, there were
some regular motions and movements. Touching, sucking, entering, clamping. Then she bathed
in her bathroom, and I went to open the television in the kitchen.

The movie currently on was Red Rose White Rose. It was an old film that had been aired
before, I felt it was too theatrical, too petty, but today I was attracted to one episode, the woman
ate the peanut butter and said to the man: I am an uneducated, unsophisticated person from the
countryside, I like eating simple foods. Joan Chen played the woman, and had an amorous
body, when her head was as simple as a child. She would laugh suddenly sometimes.

This was actually what the woman in my heart was like.

But guys loved red roses to the bone, but in the end, they would always leave her.

I heard the loud water in the bathroom, and relaxed, crying.

[1] Red Rose White Rose- Chronicles the love life of a man, Zhenbao. He has a steamy fling
with the wife of a friend, the saucy and exciting Red Rose. Even though he feels happy with her,
he knows he will not end up with her. To maintain his reputation, he marries an antiseptic, frigid
but classy lady of a prim and proper background (White rose). Dissonance abound when he finds
his bride irritating.

Chapter 38.2
Qiao Fei

I hadnt dreamed for a long time, that day, I suddenly dreamed of Cheng Jia Yang.

I was translating, simultaneously interpreting. The scene looked like the time he had been
interpreting at the summit conference for the ASEM. This time, the person working was me,
Cheng Jia Yang quietly sat beside me. I only felt like my whole head was sweating, powerless, I
looked back at him and wanted to ask him, Why are you not helping me; in the dream, he
seemed like someone who understood peoples hearts and said to me: Have you let me help
you? I have done everything I can for you. You see, right now, my head was blank. As he said
this, he opened his head to show me, and I sat down, my sweat already seeping into my back. It
was a really creepy nightmare. I lay on the bed, and couldnt sleep, hugging my small dog, I
restored a little of my peace in my mind.

I woke up early, with puffy eyes, black eye circles; a really ugly appearance.

I wore a dress and went down to buy breakfast, but was startled by Zu Zu Ferlande. He sat on his
own motorcycle, and beeped at me.

I walked over, my hand over my eyes.

Why are you here so early? I asked.

Im not doing much. Let me tell you, the train tickets are a a great price, this Friday we can go.
Why are you blocking your eyes?

Cant you just call? How much does it cost? Zu Zu. Wait until I go upstairs and then Ill give it
to you.

Why are you blocking your eyes?

The sunlight is too strong, my eyes are sore.

He accompanied me to the restaurant, really an uninvited guest, I even had to bring his portion of

I lowered my head to eat breakfast, but I still wasnt careful, and he noticed my eyes.

Why are you so serious? Was it from playing with the skateboard that day?
Where can I put my eyes? If youre not careful Ill throw you into the tea and drown you.

So mean.

I sighed: I had a nightmare. I dreamed of a person.

He didnt eat anymore, and watched me.

He gave me many things, and he became nothing.

So scary.

I know.

I also had a nightmare.

What? I squinted my eyes at him, guessing he was going to dupe me.

I dreamed I was at school learning how to write, it was obviously French, but the whole paper
was wrong, I looked a bit, and the proctor was actually you.

I bit my teeth as I laughed saying, I hope I failed you.

Zu Zu gave me the train ticket: This is yours, hold it carefully. Ill come get you on Friday.

I looked at the train ticket, 20 euros: Wait, wait for me to return you the money.

Why? It isnt much money.

But I knew foreigners were used to AA, and people I was familiar with were also like this,
moreover in these circumstances. 20 euros, I returned him with yuan, and felt it really was a lot.

No. What logic is this?

He looked at me: Fei, I feel very strange.


I originally felt that girls from China were warm, but now I feel, someone like you, so
manipulative, is like a guy.

He wasnt the first person to say something like that about me.

Money to me, was something that if you lacked, it would make you helpless, I didnt want to be
looked down on this kind of matter, and thus became more sensitive.
But this wasnt my fault.

I didnt speak, Zu Zu watched me, and grabbed a pen from inside his jacket. He wrote some
calculations on the napkin, and said: Then lets calculate more clearly. What I have and what
you have.

You ate cheese fondue at my house, and according to the store, it is 20 euros per person.

I ate stir fried rice at your house, Chinese salad, and beer, according to Chinese restaurants, it
should be about 15 euros.

I made you get a puppy, every day he uses about 10 euros per day for meals, right now its
already been 10 days, so I owe you 100 euros.

This breakfast meal, 2.75 euros, I owe you.

Then, Miss, I owe you 97 euros in total. 25 euros, minus the ticket money, I should give you
77.25 euros.

I thought I even made a friend, so we wouldnt need to calculate so clearly.

After Zu Zu said this, he really did take out the money, and take out a few notes and place them
in front of me.

Saying it like this, he really did calculate so much money. But now, he still owed me, I didnt
know what to say.

I returned him the money, and the hand with the notes in it was suddenly pressed by him. A
boys palm was nice and warm; he pressed my hand, and then clenched.

Zu Zu didnt raise his head to look at me and slowly said: Someone like you, how would you
know how to smoke?

I used force to throw him off and continued to walk onward.

I ran back to my dormitory, holding my dog, and smoked towards the window.

My heart was in chaos.

The hand I was smoking still had an imprint of the young guys warmth, in that time, this
warmth made one fill with yearning.

I liked tall guys, with a healthy physique, a clean body full of information. I liked his skin, but in
my head, it was another guys face.

Chapter 39.1
Qiao Fei

After two days, Zu Zu came to the dormitory to find me.

I had just finished washing my hair, and my head was still wrapped with a towel.

I asked him to come in, opened the door wide, and the guy who lived across from me said hi to

I sat on a mat, Zu Zu sat on a chair, the small dog sat beside him, the traitor (shes referring to
the dog).

He also didnt speak. A moment later, he looked at the book I placed on the table, while using his
finger to roll the dogs hair, embarrassed.

Then I felt I was a little too harsh.

Plus, he was my best friends little brother. A boy who had just reached the age of 18, had once
used such a generous enthusiasm to help me.

I said: Zu Zu, do you want to drink something? I have green tea, milk, and beer. What do you
want to drink?

At the same moment I asked him, I heard him say: Fei, where did I wrong you?

What are you talking about? How did you wrong me? I took off the towel from my hair, and
when I lowered my head, I thought, good child, you have the talent of a diplomat. Retreating,
and even hitting me.

Haha, Zu Zu dont think too much about that. That day, it just happened that I wasnt feeling
very good. See, you bought the transportation ticket, and I hadnt even said thanks. Ai ya, thanks,

Thats good. Please make me a cup of green tea, with mint leaves and a spoonful of sugar. He

I dont have any mint leaves. Would it be okay if I put a piece of mint gum inside?

Then nevermind.

I gave him the tea. When he saw me, he laughed. I also laughed.
The little dog stood up, and was about to run outside, its head hitting the table. I said, Zu Zu,
you idiot.

Hey! The boy yelled.

I was talking about him. I said.

Do you not know that you should add a prefix to idiot? You should say, He paused, and
sincerely said, Zu Zu, you cute idiot.

Our trip to Avignon took place as scheduled.

On Friday evening, we boarded the small train from Montepellier. Because the speed wasnt as
fast as of the speed of the high speed trains, we walked about two hours, before we got to

After we got off the train, I quickly took out the dog from the cage. Someone was waiting for us
at the train station. An uncle (term used to describe a man about the age of ones father) said:
Zu Zu, you finally arrived, we were waiting for you.

The uncle didnt ask anything, but hugged me, and said: This is that young lady. Ah. She is
really pretty.

My mouth said thanks, thanks, but my heart said, uncle, you are flattering me. As soon as I get of
the train, from a long journey, my face turns shady at the way uncle speaks lies with your eyes

I didnt make the circumstances clear and called him Uncle Jules along with Zu Zu. Ai ya, a
familiar person, a Chinese old friend, so coincidental.

Tranz: Zu Zu called Uncle Jules as in blood-related. Qiao Fei called him Uncle as a term that
is usually used for older males. Qiao Fei will continue to call him Uncle as in an older male. She
is not associating herself with the Ferlande family at all and is calling him Uncle as a form of
etiquette. We could go on and on about Chinese etiquette lets not-

Sitting the car, I asked Zu Zu, how did he happen to have relatives here?

Zu Zu said: Its Uncle Jules daughter, my cousins wedding, tomorrow it will be held. Father
and mother are in Italy, Aude went to Chengdu, so I am representing my family to go.

Why didnt you tell me earlier, I should have dressed up a little more.

Zu Zu looked at me: Youre pretty beautiful.
This was a small classic city that was even smaller than Montepellier. We hadnt driven for long,
before we reached the the outskirts of the city. Even if it was nighttime, I could still make out the
white stone brick wall and the shady dense plants.

Uncle parked the car in front of the door and said: First go to the kitchen to see your and your
sister, they prepared you things to eat.

Thus I went with Zu Zu and entered the small floor. In the classic simple house, I turned around.
I had just seen a beautiful red haired maiden, I had just smelled a meat aroma, when I heard Zu
Zu laughed loudly. He ran to the beautiful maiden and hugged her: Haha, youre great now,
youre marrying. Next will be Aude.

He hugged the maiden and then hugged the maidens mom.

But he didnt just hug, he hugged and kissed. I remembered an animation from childhood. There
was a cuddle monster. The French must have been the prototype (that the animation copied off

I hugged the dog and followed along with the music along with the strangers.

After Zu Zu hugged enough, he introduced me to these two people. Ah, it was auntie and the
bride. I said, Congratulations. Then I was passionately hugged. All right. Everyone came
together, not even excluding me.

We ate a simple meal, talked, I told them, what I did in France. How I came to know the two
Ferlande siblings, sister and brother. How we were so good together

Plot twist! Who does she kiss?

We ate a simple meal, talked, I told them, what I did in France. How I came to know the two
Ferlande siblings, sister and brother. How we were so good together

Zu Zu played with the dog at one side while talking sentence by sentence.

Right, she is classmates with Aude.

Right, she studying interpreting at Paul Valery University.

Awesome right? Yeah, there arent many Chinese people here.

Interesting, right? I even met her in Paris.

I said: Zu Zu, you might as well be my spokesperson.

All right.
Auntie smiled and said: Really, Zu Zu usually doesnt like to talk.

The red haired maiden bride said: Thats right.

Zu Zu stood up: Ai ya, Im sleepy. Im going to sleep.

Auntie said: Go rest then. Ill bring you to your rooms.

We slept on the second floor. My room was directly across from Zu Zus room.

I said thanks to them, said good night, and washed up in the restroom, preparing to go onto the
bed and sleep.

The clean white, soft bedding had a very light smell of lilies, seducing people to sleep. I almost
fell asleep when I suddenly thought of closing the window. I looked outside, and only saw a
black foggy piece. I could not see the end of it, and didnt know what it was.

The next morning, I woke up with a contented heart, opened the window to take a look. It turned
out that the big piece of blackness from yesterday were lush grapevines, not marginal at all with
one glance. The emerald green foliage and its fruit brightened under the sweet sunlight. The air
was full of the fragrant aroma of ripe grapes. I breathed it in with open arms. I was about to go
downstairs after formulating a seven stanza, four line poem, when I heard Zu Zu yell from
below: You have to do morning exercises. Why not come down.

These words really spoiled all the fun.

But I looked at him now, standing downstairs, looking up at me. This boy with black hair and
black eyes, was very lovely and handsome.

Nevermind, I wouldnt argue with him anymore.

I wore my small blue dress, and put on some light makeup. I put my hair up into two flower
braids. I went to the downstairs garden, and found that the guests had already begun, the
ceremony hadnt yet started. They sat at the table on the lawn full of flowers, talking.

I saw him at the same time, and was also watched by these people. I turned and said greeted all
of these people. Zu Zu finally appeared by my side: This is Fei, my Chinese friend.

Fei, these are friends, relatives.

A ho of laughs, everyone toasted: Welcome, welcome.

I reached for a glass of wine: Hello friends and relatives.

I drained my glass and the audience applauded.
Zu Zu said: Does it taste good? It is farm-grown, from the 90s- Uncle Juless treasure.

Mm. I used force to nod my head, Its really good.

On my happiest day, this French wedding, was a bright memory worth looking back on.

The white farm under the sun, immersed in a sea of green grapes. The bride and groom in the
garden were all young people. In front of the priest, they swore, that they would love each other
forever, and this was accompanied by applause and congratulations.

The cake was cut, the champagne was opened, the groom shook hands vigorously, wine
splattered everywhere. It was luck that it landed on everyones body.

A pair of a small boy and a small girl held the brides dress. They were so pretty that it looked
like they came from my pictures of Western dolls. I waved. They came over, and I hugged them
on my lap, kissing them.

Do you know whose child this is? Zu Zu asked.

I thought about it: Is it the bride and grooms own?

So smart.

I had guessed it, and I also felt very surprised, and very admiring. Having some kids before
seeing the confirmation of your love and marriage. How romantic this was! And how luxurious!

Zu Zu held my hand: Lets dance, all right?

At this time, the band played happy music. The newcomers and guests danced on the grass. I
stood up with Zu Zu and joined them.

The songs followed each other, one after another. I didnt know how much I had danced, I felt
my sweat was going to come out, and my face must be red and hot. Zu Zu was the same way.

We stopped, and we looked at each other.

The boy said: Ah?

Whats wrong?

Here, you seem to be bleeding.

I didnt even get to say where, when I was kissed by his mouth, and my words disappeared on
my tongue.

Here was my return to a boys hug and kiss.
It was weird, we were obviously just a guy and a girl, acquaintances of different countries, but
the young Zu Zus hug made me feel very safe and warm.

My hand were still around his neck.

He was great.

Tranzgeek: Haha did I trick you into thinking Cheng Jia Yang came suddenly? Dont be mad!!

It really is a plot twist when you think about it thoughshes getting together with Zu Zu? Ah
but that kiss was so magical

News flash! QF may be taken soon!! CJY get your butt over to France right now!!

Chapter 40

Qiao Fei

But this afternoon, Zu Zu Ferlande received a command to go to Paris. His break ended early,
and he had to go back immediately.

When he received the phone call, we were sitting on a wall of the farm, watching the workers
gather the grapes. He received a line, and was very conflicted: Really! I hadnt yet strolled in
Avignon with you yet. He thought and had another good idea, Ill tell my cousin, and let them
bring you around. After all, its the weekend right now.

Of course not. I said, I will return with you.

He looked at me, really very happy, his mouth said: That would be pity.

What pity? Later Ill come again. Ill wait for you to get another break.

He was even happier.

I said goodbye to Zu Zus relatives with Zu Zu and we took the night train back to Montpellier.
He went home to pack up. I went home to sleep.

The next day when I woke up, I prepared to go to the train station to send him off. I opened the
window to take a look. Damn this weather sure does change according to the occasion. This
year-round sunny Mediterranean city actually began raining today.
Using an umbrella is out of fashion here.

Therefore, even though the rain was not very heavy, it was enough to make me all wet.

When I arrived, Zuzu who was wearing his uniform waited for me on the platform. I looked at
him from a distance. He was like the first time I saw him, tall and vigorous, wearing a dark blue
uniform, a sailors hat on his head. Zu Zu Ferlande is very handsome.

I walked over and he looked at me.

I should say something, however at this moment I became speechless.

We could only hug each other until he boarded the train.

I thought in my mind: He sure is nice and warm.

After a week, I received the postcard he sent from Paris. The picture was of the Eiffel Tower
which I mentioned to him before was what I liked the most. At the back, Zuzu only wrote a
sentence: I really miss you.

I also ended my short-lived holiday and started on my second phase of learning. The teacher was
a lady from Hong Kong, and her surname was Wang. She was once a United Nations
simultaneous interpretation officer and her Chinese was so good I felt mortified.

The first lesson then started on simultaneous interpretation training.

The teacher played a French recording of around 5 minutes. We interpreted as we listened and
recorded our interpretations at the same time.

I listened to my own final recording. It was incoherent and it even inserted English, French and
some of my pet phrases from my hometown in the middle. Teacher Wang asked me: Qiao Fei,
explain what is That something. What do you mean by always saying this sentence? I wanted
to find a hole to hide at this moment.

Professor Wang said: Do you know where the problem is?

Everyone said: Where?

After hearing something, you feel that you have understood it and immediately blurt it out.
However, you do not realise that you have already left out some of the related content at the
back. It is not possible to do a good job of simultaneous interpretation without listening to the
completed translated language and organizing it. Also, look at all of you. Why is nobody taking a
pen out to write down anything? Have I taught you guys shorthand for nothing?

Hence just like this, I went through the first round of hell training however the second round
would be more horrible. We continued attending lessons in the morning, listening to a lot of
tapes, as a form of training for simultaneous interpretation. Afternoon was still our free period.
Everyone grabbed each other and fought at close quarters, and listening to this continuously
made people feel dizzy and lightheaded, inducing vomit.

When people face great stress, they will then feel suspicious about the meaning of their jobs.

Why was I so daring? I had a pretty good life. Why did I choose such a hard path?

Why did I have to suffer this kind of hardship from the West? I was learning until I started losing
my hair. Everyday was like I was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, interpreting all
the French I hear to Chinese.

Considering my capabilities now, I could find a pretty decent job after I graduate if i wanted to
earn money to feed my parents. I would have no problem doing so.

I do not have very high expectations, really.

What else would it be if not for money?

Someones shadow started to revolve around inside me.

He is full of energy when he is working. He was so calm and cool-headed and his looks were
deeply etched in my mind.

Cheng Jia Yang.

Thinking about him, it felt as if i really saw him. However he did not have a good attitude, using
his hand to hit my face left and right saying, Idiot, not even learning, stupid and lazy.

He hit so hard, I felt the pain.

After struggling hard to get up, I realised it was the dog Zuzu that was using his paws to hit me.

He ran happily after I gave him the chips.

I stretched my waist and continued listening to the radio.

Cheng Jia Yang

Xiao Huas show began filming all over again. On the TV, she looked very noble and beautiful.
Because her news show reopened again after an interruption, Xiao Hua invited many famous
celebrities to support.

The leader faced the camera and said:This is a show that will be facing the future and the

A famous CEO in the city said:Having an interview here makes me feel happy.

The famous director said:I admire the shows cultural atmosphere the most.

The basketball star that came back from America said:I love this show.

The budding star said: Hello everyone, i am Si Jiang Man Yu, please continue funding such a
warm and romantic show.

Apart from its value.

I saw her show in the departments coffee shop. I did overtime at night, the big shot wanted to
have talk with the foreigner over the phone and exchange some opinions about the gulf issue. I
was standing on standby here. Next to me were several colleagues in the Information
Department, discussing about something. I heard them say: Sigh, such a pity, such a pity.

Whats unfortunate? I asked.

A reply: One of my colleagues went to the Gulf to do an interview. He lost a leg from an
explosion. Right now, I dont know how he is going to return.

I froze for a second.

His children are still little. He gave them to his ex-wife to take care of. He said not to tell his
parents in Qinghai.

Isnt the surname Zhao? From the Hua News Agency?

Oh right. Jia Yang, you also know of this?

I heard it before.

My phone rang. It was Xiao Hua. Her program had just ended.

Jia Yang guess what our ratings were today.

How many?

20%. A record high of all the talk shows. Isnt it great?


I wanted to talk to her, about her colleague, Lao Zhao. My words were on the edge of my lips but
I didnt say it. I heard the other side of the phone. Someone said, Congratulations,
congratulations. At this happy time, why should I pour cold water on her?

When do you get off work? Come over to pick me up.

Me? I looked around everywhere, Ive had to prepare a lot of things today, I slept on duty.
Then thats good. Give me a call.

In the nighttime I returned to the room I had lived in with Qiao Fei. After she left, I had spent
very little time here.

I bathed, drank water, went online. It was very coincidental, I just dont believe I cant register
for it was also on.

I asked: Hows your novel going?

Im about done, I am currently finishing it. Are you not busy?

I finished work, Im going home to rest.

You dont have any women by your side?


Why haha?

I dont have any women by my side.

Thats weird, I thought you had entered a relationship?

Why did you think like this?

You havent come in a long time. Really? Fallen in love? Youve finally decided to fight
another battle [1]?

You can say it anyway you would like.

What kind of reply is this?

I do have a woman..but only

Only, she isnt the original one that you had?

She was really an author. Even across the internet, she could guess another persons heart
clearly. I didnt reply to her.

You know that, she typed it word by word, people cannot step in the same river twice [2].
What was the one before like? Do you know what she is like now? How has she changed?
I pressed Leave in an instant.

Then I lay on my bed and smoked marijuana.

[1] Youve finally decided to fight another battle: Youve finally decided to open yourself up

[2] People cannot step in the same river twice: You cant have the same chance you had before.

Chapter 41
Qiao Fei

While busy learning, the days passed quickly.

Growth was subtle, for both people and animals.

The small white dog grew a year older, and his hair on his forehead blocked his eyes. I tied it
into a pigtail, and now it was a very hippy style.

In this high intensity learning environment, as a classmate, my grades also had a definitely
improvement. Right now, every time I practiced with the recording,it wasnt as miserable.
Teacher Wang said: Thank God and the heavens, Qiao Fei, I finally cant hear your pet phrases
(TL: aka QFs native dialect).

I replied and said: Inside whatever- Teacher Wang, I really didnt mean to say Inside
whatever but when I get panicked I speak in the Northeast dialogue.

Teacher Wangs classes ended before Christmas time. I got 13 points and passed. A big portion
of my classmates were pretty satisfied with their grades. We all took part in treating Teacher
Wang to a very prestigious restaurant to eat.

From Christmas to the New Year, French schools have two weeks of break. The foreigners and
Hong Kong classmates all returned home to celebrate. The Taiwanese classmate went to her
boyfriends home in the Alpines. The dormitory was very empty. I called Xiao Dan and Bo Bo
who were in China, and went to the supermarket to buy sufficient food for two weeks, preparing
to celebrate it by myself.

Montepellier was pretty cold at this time. The tree leaves were all over the ground. Small cool
winds brought moisture, but I felt it was cold. Most of it was because I was alone because of the
holidays. When I held a small package and went back to the dormitory, I was angry at myself:
Next year when I celebrate the holidays, I must be prosperous, the halls full of children and
At this time, it began to snow lightly. It floated onto peoples faces, bodies. I looked up. They
even stuck onto my eyes, and when it melted it flowed out, warm.

Suddenly someone said: What are you doing? It never snows here. What did you say you did?
Making this place snow?

I looked ahead, and my chin almost dropped. I said to this person: How does the republican
government raise you guys, like small students? You guys have so many breaks?

Zu Zu Ferlande took the package in my hands, and watched me: I escorted a sick comrade here
and got a day off. Tomorrow night Ill return to Paris on duty.

I nodded, and looked at him: Merry Christmas.

He really was awkward. His hands held my stuff, and he even hugged me.

The cuddling monster said: Merry Christmas.

I organized it a bit, and went with Zu Zu to their house to celebrate. I met Aulde and her
boyfriend, Corsican, and their adorable parents.

The Ferlande family had a religious tradition. So before we ate dinner, I prayed with them.

My prayer, was really some of my hearts wishes. I hoped that the people I liked would have
peace. My father, mother, my neighbor, the Ferlande family in front of me, my best friends Xiao
Dan and Bo Bo, my small dog- I hoped that he would grow very quickly, taller, and Cheng Jia
Yang. I hoped he would be happy.

Cheng Jia Yang

The foreigners began to have break. During this time we had a break that was hard to find.

On Christmas day, I went with Xiao Hua to see Ming Fangs child.

I carried him and carefully studied his small face- his delicate skin akin to water, and his curly
hair on his head. The childs body was warm, and when I shook him from side to side, his mouth
that hadnt grown any teeth yet laughed.

Ming Fang grabbed some fruit. When she saw this she was very happy: The child laughed with
you; this year, Jia Yang will have a lot of luck.

Her husband, Zhou Nan said: What more luck can Jia Yang need?

Ming Fang looked at me, and then looked at Xiao Hua: Not on work, what about life?
Throughout this life, what else can people ask for?
Sounds came rom the babys mouth. I didnt know if he was uncomfortable lying down so I
immediately held him and patted him.

Look, his posture is so standard. Dont be an uncle anymore, be a stay-at-home dad for our

Zhou Nan said: What will the salary be?

I couldnt help it, and laughed.

Xiao Hua said: Ill say, big sister, brother-in-law, recently have you seen my show?

Oh right. I forgot to congratulate you. Right now, this style is a lot more relaxing than the
original one. Zhou Nan said.

Thank you. Next year, we have plans with Taiwan, and my column has been pushing the
project. Oh, I dont know how busy Ill become.

The baby and I looked at each other. His eyes were a clear brown. I didnt know if they could be
such a good color even after he grew up, like that person.

We ate at Ming Fangs place. She ordered a chef from a Western restaurant to make an excellent
steak. The children slept early. I didnt have the heart to bother them, so after I sat for a while I
left. After the show, we went to a night club to reunite with friends, sing and dance, spending

I sang a song with Xiao Hua Clearly Understand My Heart, I didnt know whose face it was,
but it had actually gotten cheers from the full house.

I wanted to go outside to feel the cool air. In the hallway I ran into Liu Gong Zi who I had not
seen for a long time. I didnt want to say anything, but I was blocked by this man who was full of
an alcoholic air.

As for, Cheng Er, from a small age to now, why do you still not say anything.

I watched him, what as for, as for. I had never been willing to acknowledge this person.

I still have some things to ask you. Youre great, right? Shipping that maiden to France?

If he hadnt mentioned this this would not have mattered. When he brought it up, I instantly
boiled up with anger. I didnt know why but I just couldnt control myself. I punched Liu Gong
Zis face, and he had not prepared for it. With a boom, he sat on the floor. I still wanted to add
some kicks, but when I saw him so drunk, I just let it go.
Liu would not surrender and wiped his own face: The matter with that maiden, I know. Shes
been framed by someone, right? Do you know who to blame? Ill tell you. It was me. Cheng Jia
Yang. It wasnt you. Living so assumingly, who can direct it at her?

I loosened my tie and walked forward. Every time I walked a few steps, I would see Xiao Hua
standing by the hallway, watching me.

At night, we went to her house. The whole way we didnt say anything. I felt she had heard Liu
Gong Zis words. I waited for the woman to ask. I would honestly tell her that there was such a
girl who had dumped me. I didnt plan to lie or hide it from her.

But Xiao Hua didnt ask about anything. She didnt say anything.

We entered her room. She turned her head to kiss me.

This night, she was very passionate. We touched each other, climbed, thrusted, for two times.
Afterwards, she went to go bath. I sat down, smoking.

She came out from the bathroom. I just happened to be wearing my clothes.

She looked at me: Why dont you stay over at my place?

I am going to return to my place. Tomorrow it will be more convenient for work. I said.

She sat on the bed, her back towards me, using her towel to wipe her hair. After a long time, she
didnt say anything.

I arranged my clothes and prepared to leave. I said: I am leaving.

Xiao Hua didnt say anything.

I walked over: Tomorrow I will pick you up from work.

She still didnt say anything.

I put my hand on her shoulder. I said: Xiao Hua.

She turned her head. Her face was actually full of tears. I froze there.

The woman was choked with sobs as she said: Jia Yang, what kind a person did you take me

I was afraid Xiao Hua would be like this. I was afraid taht she would cry. My heart had been
made sour and soft by her tears. I sat down, and slowly hugged her over, patting her back. It was
like the child that I had coaxed today. I slowly said: Dont cry, Xiao Hua, what have I taken you
for? You are my girlfriend.
She became more intense, and cried until sounds came out. I could only continue to say soothing
words, my head thinking confusedly, Right, inside movies, novels, the woman is already like
this, her tears are really very useful. At least it is with me.

That night, I didnt leave.

Later, Xiao Hua quickly prepared pajamas for me at her place, documents, and complete sets of
daily necessities. We were living together.

Tranzgeek: Actually after I thought about it again, Cheng Jia Yang or Qiao Fei arent really
being unfaithful to each other because now that theyve let each other go before (when QF went
to France), its normal to live their own lives. Hmmeven though they havent really let each
other go for real.

Chapter 42
Qiao Fei

When I was sending Zu Zu off at the train station he said: Since Im taking a break, why dont
we go to Paris to play.

I still need to do my homework, and I need to find a place to intern. How can I find the time to
play? Plus, right now, why would we go to Paris. The weather is abnormally cold. I said.

Thats right. When the weather gets warmer, and its springtime, then we can go. We can go to

I adjusted his collar: Okay, when I get to Paris Ill call you.

Do you dare?

I laughed, he kissed my face: You must raise that dog well.

Dont worry.

Remember to eat your vitamins.

If you continue saying things like this, I will become an Arabian Aunt.

The train whistled. He got onto the train. On the train, he waved to me. I felt it was very
romantic, like the old movies. The train went on its way and when I almost couldnt see him he
made a wry face.
With Auldes help, after Christmas, I got the opportunity to go to Montpellier to intern. With her,
I assisted the city and their sister city, Chengdu from China communicate.

When it was February, we had a cultural exhibition in China, that introduced the social and
cultural aspects of Chengdu to the people in Montpellier through concerts, art exhibitions,
cultural salons, and related business meetings. In the middle, I did a huge job, interpreting,
planning the program, finding the venue- extremely busy. Sometimes, I would work late into the

When people are busy, they will suddenly find that the time passes quickly. Winter was already
ending. Spring slowly came. The green leaves quietly climbed the trees. The greenish waves in
the Mediterranean billowed.

I often got Zu Zus phone calls. He would ask about my learning and work circumstances. And
there was our small dog. I would put the phone to the dogs mouth, he would woof, Zu Zu
heard it, and laughed.

The boys phone call really made me happy. I let me know that I was actually being cared for by
someone who didnt share my blood.

He told me to not overexert myself.

I said, If I am not diligently working, thats not possible. I got a scholarship. If I return, I still
need to serve the country.

We had never breached this question. My words seemed to make him misunderstand.

I thought you would stay here for a long time, you would stay here.

I thought about it: After I finish studying, I am going to return to China.

What about you, Zu Zu, did you go to Africa and get your peacekeeping application approved?

I still dont know the result. I dont know if China needs peacekeeping.

Screw you. It should be that we give you troops for peacekeeping.

At the other end, he laughed.

During this time, I thought that my age was older than this guy. I felt he was still a child. Thus,
my heart felt a little immersed in reality and cold, I slowly told Zu Zu: You know, Zu Zu, we
will have our own future and life later.

He put down the phone, and didnt call me for a long time.
After a long time, I was actually a little worried. I carefully asked Aulde.

She said very casually: You must be joking. Zu Zu never calls home.

I was even more uneasy. But, even though I had his number, I also didnt call Zu Zu.

Half a month passed like this. One night, I finally got his phone call. Because I calmed down all
of a sudden, I was very happy, but I still emotionlessly said: Oh, yes, Im about to sleep. Right,
I fed it, dont worry. Whats the matter?

His voice was very excited: What did you guess? I applied for a Chinese class in my unit. I am
going to learn Chinese.

Youre crazy.


You dont want to go to China.

Ill go after I retire.

I sat up from bed: Why do you think of everything so simply?

Is there anything that is hard?

He really did have me stumped.

I cant talk to you anymore. Good night. Fei.

Zu Zu happily hung up, leaving me in a daze.

My work was very appreciated by foreign bosses. Aulde told me, on April 17, the mayor of
Chengdu would come to discuss. At that time, I would help the Mayor of Montpellier interpret.
What type of winning was this? As soon as I knew of this news, all night, I was extremely
excited as I wore my pajamas and somehow walked to the mirror. Like a Japanese woman I told
myself: Come on! Qiao Fei, you must work hard.

Right when I was busy preparing for the exchanges between the leaders of the two cities, I got
another phone call.

It was Cheng Jia Yang.


At the other end, he only said one word, but I felt my heart was trembling.
How long had it been since I had received his phone call? How long had it been since I had heard
his voice? As of this moment, I tightly held the cell phone, until my hand hurt.

Youve done a great job in Montpellier. I know. I saw your translation in the cultural exhibition.
It was very good.

Do you guys know of a type of feelings, called, just right.

A field dries up, when suddenly warm rain falls.

A flame is about to go out when suddenly, there is dry wood to allow it continue, and it curls,
burning up.

A bird flies around in the desert, when it suddenly finds a branch and can stop to breathe.

I only felt my throat tighten. After a long time, I said: Thank you, Jia Yang.

I am going to go to Paris, but, Im afraid I dont have time to go to the south. Do you have time
to come over a bit? Maybe we can meet each other.

I didnt think about it, what could be more important than this?

All right, no problem, I will go to Paris, I will go find you. Where do you live? What time?
April 17, okay, I will definitely go find you.

I put down the phone. The sound of a church bell came from far away. My heart thanked God. I
must have done something good so that he would reward me.

Aulde knew I was going to go to Paris, and was very unsatisfied: Youre crazy.

Do you know what kind of an opportunity this is? You are helping the mayor interpret. Do you
think this is just like buying an apple from the side of the road?

I was organizing my things. My heart was also very sorry towards my best friend, but I must go
see Jia Yang. There seemed to be an irresistible force pushing me, just like how in my lifetime I
had the fate to encounter him.

Aulde continued: Can you consider this a little more? You know, your friends, they are also
here. If you dont do it, they will definitely do it. Do you think this internship opportunity is so
easy to find? Qiao Fei, I thought you were someone who would separate work and life.

I finished packing my suitcase, I said: Sorry, Aulde. I must go.

Who are you meeting? Fei, who are you meeting? Aulde sat on my windowsill, her eyes fixed
on me.
Aulde, this is my own matter.

She stopped and finally still said it: Then what about Zu Zu? What are you like to him? What
have you taken my little brother for?

I was speechless. I sat on the bed and hugged the dog.

At this time, I felt being a human was hard. I couldnt be a little abrupt or harsh. I really was
embarrassed in their presence.

After a long time, Aulde hopped down from the windowsill and patted my shoulder: Go then.
As for the interpreting matter, I will go ask your colleagues.

But, Qiao Fei, I beg you, Zu Zu is a young dimwit. Please say things clearly with him.

Chapter 43
Cheng Jia Yang

I told Xiao Hua, I was going to accompany the leaders to visit France.

She was sitting at the sofa, watching a video of her own program, as she carefully repaired her
own nail. When she heard this she froze, and looked at me: When do you leave?

Plane No. 15.

I washed and came out. A sweet soup that she had made was on the table. She gave me the bowl:
Jia Yang, taste it, I learned how to make this soup from my mother.

I took it and said Thank you. I drank a sip, the taste was really good.

Xiao Hua warmly hugged me from behind. Her body was soft and warm, with a light fragrance.

Jia Yang, sorry.

Why are you sorry?

Her words made me really surprised.

Around the 10th, I have to make the manuscript for the next week. I cannot accompany you to

Dimwit. I put down the bowl and turned to face her, I am going to work. Plus, you are also
busy. What sorry?
Her two hands hugged my stomach, her eyes full of softness: But I feel, Paris, should be a place
we both go to. Its true, Jia Yang, we havent travelled together before.

There are always opportunities.

She carefully looked at my face: When I am together I feel very happy. Happiness sometimes
lacks realism. I think, will there be a day when you will suddenly disappear from your side?

I dont understand what you are saying. I stood up, I am going online now.

I heard her laugh behind me, and I turned around to look at her: What are you laughing about?

Nothing. You go online. Im going to sleep.

When she didnt need to prepare for her show, Xiao Huas live was more

I modified some of my files, opened my mailbox. Inside were a lot of long term weather reports
for the French city of Montpellier

Sunny, light western breeze, 14-19 degrees Celsius.

It was really good weather.

My heart felt good. Not after too long I would see Qiao Fei.

She did not hesitate to say that she would go to Paris to see me. Such generosity made one

What was she like right now?

Would she remember my appearance?

Qiao Fei

I gave the small dog to Rong Rong, and asked her to take care of it, along with many many
instructions, until that Southern girls heart got annoyed. I felt I hadnt even finished, and was
still worried. I finally understood Zu Zus noisiness at the other end.

I sat on a high speed train. I accidentally sat in the wrong compartment that was way over air
conditioned. Midway through my sleeping, I was so cold that I opened my eyes and changed to a
warmer seat. Then, I couldnt fall asleep again, and looked at the outside landscape, fully awake.

Some things, a small portion, a small portion emerge in ones mind.
Cheng Jia Yang and I, had a chance encounter, we had travelled together, and fought. In the end.
Finally, I had broken off this matter, and he kicked me to France. Now, I could see nothing of

Life was a mess. We were two confused insects.

In the morning, I came out anxiously and now I felt hungry. I took out my yogurt that I had
brought. The old grannie across from me said: Miss, give me one.

I quietly looked at the person, of which I had no idea when she had sat across from me. She wore
an old floral dress that had lost its pattern. Her long white hair was draped over her shoulders.
Her face was like the color of the Mediterranean Sea, black and red, black and red, the symptoms
of too much sun. Her face had a lot of wrinkles, an eagle hooked nose, like a witch. Her body
gave off the scent of aged cheese. These types of people shouldnt be messed with. I obediently
gave her a box.

But she grasped my hand: What are you looking at?

Miss you are so pretty.

I considered myself pretty witty.

When she heard this she laughed, her faces wrinkles softened: When I was younger, I was a
lover with Francois. Francois, do you know him?


Thats what other people called him.

Haha, so fortunate.

She still grasped my hand, and wouldnt let go.

Miss, eat some yogurt. It is peach flavored. Taste it, I love eating it. I wanted to take back my

Ill read your hand for you, Miss. Acquaintance is fate.

I have a Chinese hand. You usually look at foreignerss lines. Dont speak nonsense.

Why are you going to Paris?

To see a friend.

Dont go.
I froze there.

The grannie let go of my hand, and looked at me: When you get to the stop, please return.

I dont believe it.

Then try it.

She drank the yogurt and saw the compartment in front of her: The ticket checkers have come, I
must go.

I was actually the most superstitious person. In China, I would always beg Bo Bo to help me
divine my life. As of now, I had met a French half deity and her words of bad luck made my
heart uneasy.

I sighed, I would go. It was nothing more than seeing Cheng Jia Yang once. I wanted to thank
him. I wanted to thank him for giving me the opportunity to study abroad. It wasnt possible for
us to have an even more complicated relationship. I was very clear about this. Since it was
already like this, how could the situation become worse? But that was the case.

I reached Paris, it was the afternoon, and walked around the subway, going up Concorde square,
when I finally reached Jia Yangs hotel.

When I entered, I saw banners written in French and Chinese: Passionately welcoming the
Peoples Republic of Chinas Congressmen to visit.

Such a good style.

I didnt know how I looked at that moment, but the moment I entered, I was blocked by a
smiling lobby manager.

Miss are you here to stay or find someone?

I am looking for someone. I said.

Then please come this way.

The foreigner was still smiling, laughing as he said: Here, we have many high standard VIPs.
Safety is the most important. Please forgive us, we only need to give a notice. On the other side
he was hypocritical, Ah, you can actually speak French, really a miracle.

My heart was very uncomfortable. I didnt need to check the room number. Jia Yang had told it
to me already. Now I was going to find him. We had already said that he would wait for me. But
I had to take into account the face (reputation) of others. I went with him, and when we got to
the front desk, I was just about to speak, when I noticed there was another Chinese woman
registering next to me.
The womans clothes were bright and flashy with a set of Louis Vitton clothing. She used fluent
English to say: Hello, I am here to find Mr. Cheng from the Chinese representative group.
Please inform him.

I lowered my head, looking for something in my bag, watching her speak.

The manager at the front desk said: Miss, Mr. Cheng is waiting for you.

My hand flicked.

A server asked: Miss, can I help you?

At this moment I lifted my head, about to leave, when I saw a familiar face.

I looked at her. She looked at me.

This face, so beautiful and powerful, a face in high spirits. I saw it before. I remembered she
smiled towards Jia Yang. I was very chaotic right now. Jia Yang was waiting for her? Then what
about me?

When the woman saw me she laughed: Chinese? Hi.

Of course she wouldnt recognize me. I said Hi. She left. She went to go wait for her Jia Yang.

My bag fell on the floor.

The lobby of the hotel, Tiannan Haibeis rich stream, its spring waiters waited to usher in more
people; only myself, alone.

Here in me, is the cold empty city.

Cheng Jia Yang

After my meeting I waited for Qiao Fei in the hotel.

My heart pressured as I waited for a long time, drawing into a sensitive string. Whatever sounds
at the entrance plunged my heart into chaos.

The front desk called to say she had come. I went to the entrance to wait. The room door was
knocked, and I opened it in an instant.

It felt like I was falling through ice.

Wen Xiao Hua laughed like a flower: Jia Yang, I wanted to give you a surprise, why are you
here waiting for me?

Chapter 44
Chapter 44

Cheng Jia Yang

I called Qiao Feis phone, time after time but no one answered.

What had happened?

But she had promised that she would come and find me.

I didnt know what my face was like at this time. Wen Xiao Hua sat across from me, watching
me smoke like a lunatic, calling on my phone.

I didnt know how long it passed like this. I stood up, went to the window. The faraway Union
square and Tuileries Garden was actually at dusk. Pedestrians came and went in the twilight.

In my heart, my initial suspicion and disappointment, became worried. No matter if Qiao Fei
came to find me or not, she should have called me. She was a woman, all alone. I was worried
that she would have had an accident.

I said the truth to Xiao Hua. After she came in, I said: Xiao Hua, I am indeed waiting for
another friend.

She said: All right, lets wait together. Then she asked me again: Then seeing me, it was still
a surprise, right?

I nodded, and continued calling. I didnt have time anymore to talk to her.

Someone came to knock at my door. I ran to open it. It turned out to be a Secretary of the
regiment who told me that the leadership had changed temporarily, and we had to leave Paris
tonight, taking the high speed train to Brussels.

I said: All right.

I warmly sat down myself, feeling my head hurt.

Xiao Hua said: How is it? Have you contacted her?

No. I shook my head.

Then quickly continue to call her. If you guys leave, then what if she comes to empty air?
I looked at Xiao Hua, and put my hands on her back. I was so blatant, but she helped me think. I
said: Youre right, Xiao Hua, thank you. I must tell her that she shouldnt come. I better go.

Quickly call. Find her. She gave me the phone.

But at this time, my phone rang. I looked at the phone number, it was Qiao Fei. In that moment, I
thought, what method I should use to get rid of the delegation. I must stay here and wait for her.

I picked up the phone: Hello?

Jia Yang.

Where are you?

I stood up.

I am at Montpellier. Listen to me, I am really sorry, but I have an important test. I just finished
testing. I forgot to tell you.

Its okay, my heart said, As long as nothing has happened to her, its okay.

Then when can you come over? No, or I go to find you.

No, no, I cannot go over. You shouldnt come either. I am rather busy lately. I may have to go
abroad with my teacher to intern. I

I didnt know what she was saying. Was she saying, that this time, we could not meet? I felt my
nose get tart. After a long time I said: Fei, why did you only call me now? I was afraid
something happened to you.

What would happen? Jia Yang, I cant talk anymore. Lets contact each other again, okay?

She quickly hung up.

I looked at my phone screen: 36 seconds.

After a long time, I didnt move.

Xiao Hua asked: Was that your friend? Did she call you?

I nodded, I turned to look at her.

How is it?

Nothing. I arranged her hair, touching this woman, beautiful and cute, She isnt coming.
Xiao Hua?


We still have a little time. Can I go to the restaurant to eat with you?

Okay. She hugged me.

Even though we probably cannot go around Paris, but, maybe we have time in Brussels. What
do you say?

With you, anywhere is good.

She kissed me.

Downstairs in the hotel lobby, the manager saw us and came up to us to say hi.

I said, Im bringing my girlfriend to go eat dinner.

The manager said: Theres a restaurant, Red Crane, nearby in the street corner. Their steak is
awesome, you guys should go try it.

I said, Thank you, thank you, do you guys have an evening newpaper?

He immediately gave me one.

When I went outside with Xiao Hua, I casually opened it. The striking headlines said: Recent
Disturbances in the Urban Area of Paris, The Government has Increased Police to Ensure
Civilian Safety.

Xiao Hua put the newspaper down: Youre going out to eat with me and youre still reading the
newspaper. Do you even have me in your eyes?

I laughed, and let her throw the newspaper away in the waste basket in the veranda: Ok, we will
concentrate on eating.

Qiao Fei

I returned Jia Yangs call, sitting in front of the Lyon Train Station, waiting for the train that
would return south that night.

That old granny was really right. I really should have returned as soon as I got off the train. If I
had, I wouldnt have seen what I didnt want to see. To now, my heart wouldnt have been full of
such depressed pain.
Jia Wang wasnt wrong. Of course I knew he was waiting for me. But he had his new life, he had
a girl who was well matched with him. My own heart was clear, I also didnt have any wrongs. I
couldnt give him any more troubles. I had never wanted to give him troubles.

My head hurt as I thought of it. When I returned I still had to find a new internship location, and
I had to finish my papers. July, maybe I had to return them. When I returned, I still had to find a
job. All of these matters were a tedious reality, but thinking of these, also had another purpose. I
felt there were still a lot more things to busy myself over, and felt that my emotional troubles
were really extravagant. I could not afford it.

I sat in a daze when someone asked me: Miss, who let you come to Paris alone without
permission from the gendarmerie?

I looked back. It turned out to be Zu Zu, wearing a uniform, holding a dog. He was patrolling.
Right, the train station was his territory.

My nose was jammed, I looked at him, and slowly said: Zu Zu.

He looked at me: Im asking you. Do you not understand French? Why didnt you call the
gendarmerie before? I was so ready to pick up the phone at any moment.

I laughed again.

He gave his dog to his colleagues, and told them a few sentences. Then he sat down next to me.

Are you not on duty?

Rest for a while, there is no harm. He said, I have some good news.


I have been approved for peacekeeping in Africa.

I knew this was his dream, but I couldnt be happy. That was Africa, war, a black Africa full of
rampant plague, How long are you going for? Which country?

Cte dIvoire. One year.

Zu Zu, you must be careful.

Of course. He said, Fei, what happened to you?

What happened?

Ive seen you for a long time now. Your face now is full of stormy clouds, your eyes blinking.
You seem like you want to commit suicide.
Screw you.

Oh, I havent asked you yet, why did you come to Paris yourself? Why didnt you call me?
What did you come to Paris for? It seems it wasnt because of me right?

At this time, I thought of Auldes words. Zu Zus face was in front of me, a young, heroic face,
no trace of wind or frost, purer than the other boys.

Zu Zu, this is a long story.

Are you willing to say it?

Im willing to tell you.

I came to see a friend. When I was in China, I lived with him before. But, jus tnow, I couldnt
see him so I was a little sad.

Because we had too many differences, we couldnt be together.

But I loved him, even now, it was like this.

He took away some things, and left some things in my life.

Zu Zus face stopped smiling and now it was very serious.

I was telling him such old fashioned words, things that I had never told anyone else, but when I
opened my mouth, I suddenly felt a strong desire to talk. Some secrets were buried in my heart,
buried too bitterly, I felt overwhelmed.

We, me and him, used to have an unformed child. I didnt have the strength to support him, so I
could only, remove him.

He watched me.

So, Zu Zu, I am different from the me in your imagination.

And I was not a healthy person. When I aborted that child, something happened, and I am afraid
I cannot have little children again.

I just feel, I will live by myself for my whole life.

I slowly said these things, and felt my heart grow lighter. All this time, being a person full of
secrets and yet pretending to be strong, I was very tired.
But I had no tears.

Zu Zu didnt speak for a long time, and took a deep breath. He rubbed his eyes and looked at me
again: Fei, do you want to hug?

Many years later, I would never forget this French boys hug. In my hearts weakest moment, I
was in his gentle arms, like a burst of a light and warm small southern wind, slowly tying
together my hideous wounds.

4/17, Paris, Lyon Train Station, this was an ordinary evening.

A moment.

I only felt Zu Zu suddenly stiffen up his arms. He stood up in an instant, fiercely blocked me
behind him, a bright light, a loud noise, I used my hands to cover up my eyes, and lost

Chapter 45
Qiao Fei

My mother could suddenly speak, she stroked my hair and said: Is it exhausting?

I laughed: What is exhausting? You wouldnt even know how happily I live every day.

Fei Fei, youve gotten skinnier.

That is what happened when I went to the gym to exercise. I stood up, I want to to learn how
to skate now.

Whatever I thought of came. Underneath my foot was a skateboard. I stepped up to give my

mother a show, when suddenly I felt a small wind beside me, Zu Zu Ferlande skated by me. His
appearance was so beautiful and behind him was a small dog at a flying pace.

I said: Zu Zu, slow down, wait for me.

When I said this, I was about to catch up, but Zu Zu didnt turn around. I was in a hurry, anxious
to chase him, when my movements suddenly changed and I fell to the floor in an instant. I was
so hurt that I began to grimace in pain and finally yelled.

This pain made me break free of my dreams. I opened my eyes, snow white on all sides of me. A
persons face, kind, asked me: Miss, what is your name?

It turned out God was a French person. The good part was that I had learned this language.
Am I in heaven?

Sheng Xin Hospital of Paris.

It hurts.

Your body has a lot of wounds, but dont worry, they are all light injuries.

I want to go out and walk around.

You still need a few days.

Thank you, I am a Chinese exchange student, Qiao Fei, at the moment I am in Paul Valery

Very good. This is what we need to know. The doctor smiled to me, Your bodys condition is
very good.

I lay on the bed, my body hurt. But I felt very clear. I was encased in bandages. I wanted to take
a picture of my current self and take a look at it later. It would definitely be very fun.

What happened? Doctor.

The person that kept talking was a kind-hearted, middle aged person. He pondered for a second:
The Lyon Station exploded, you are wounded.

My heart sank little by little: I want to ask you, there was a gendarmerie. At the time he was by
my side, where is he now?

Are you talking about Mr. Zu Zu Ferlande?


At the time, Mr. Ferlande, to protect you and the civilians, he rushed towards the criminals. We
tried our best, but we are very sorry.

I nodded.

At this time, my heart was absolutely quiet.

Many of my confusions from childhood were answered.

It turned out that after someone passed away, he really would have a soul. I had just dreamed of
Zu Zu. He had come to say good bye to me.

He was so shy, and didnt like to talk. When I called him, he didnt reply, leaving just like that.
He was still a child, who was mad at me, but only gave me a view of his back.

Zu Zu, I offended you, to such a frank and straightforward you, my waywardness and coldness
offended you.

I didnt have time to apologize.

Yes, Zu Zu, you were mad at me, or else you would definitely have brought me with you.

The doctor said: Miss, please rest well.

Sir, I slowly called that unfamiliar doctor, Do you know? Gendamerie Ferlande was only 18
years old, he applied to go to Cte dIvoire.

Miss, here, he ended up on duty for Paris. The doctor said.

I didnt know if it was my physical pain or my emotional pain, but I kept sleeping. Sometimes I
would be awake, and want to count sheep, and continue to sleep. I felt feeling, Zu Zu, his heart
was so good. He would give me another chance, he would keep coming to see me.

When I was awake, I found that the bandages on my body lessened. The doctor came to see me
and told me I had recovered very quickly. And there some people who came to see me. A
Chinese, the embassy education department teacher knew of my condition, and came to express
his condolences. He told me, Exchange students also affect the hearts of the motherland and the
government. They asked about my life and my condition. They asked me if I had any requests. I
said: Please dont let my parents know about this matter.

After a long time, I could walk, but my hands were still bandaged. The doctor said, that place
had suffered a serious injury, and I had to take care of it carefully, otherwise my activity would
be impeded. I often went to the garden to take a walk. The time passed quickly, it was the
beginning of summer. Paris also had an incomparable southern sun. Sometimes I would sit in the
long chair in the garden for the whole afternoon. My heart thought of and missed Zu Zu all the

Someone came to see me. It was Aulde.

University had already taken a break. My papers due date was postponed. Aulde came to Paris.
She had already helped me complete the remaining formalities at school, and returned the house
rent. She had also helped me organize my luggage, which was registered in the Chinese
Federation Office.

She was so thoughtful, and I didnt know how to thank her. What I owed them, the two siblings,
I did not know if I could repay it in this lifetime.

Aulde gave me a cigarette, and lighted her own cigarette. We sat in the garden.
When Zu Zu passed away, I told myself, I would never come to see you again. She spat out a
smoke ring, My beloved little brother.

But, later, I thought, if he was here, Zu Zu would definitely do this for you.

Zu Zu is buried under the French flag and with his comrades, Fu Ling. He was buried in the
National Heroes Cemetery of Paris. Are you willing to go see him? Aulde said, as she continued
to smoke.

Can I? Aulde. I asked.

She looked at me. After a long time, she reached out her hand to hug me: You must know, Fei,
this is not your fault. God brought him away, definitely because there are other errands he must

I went to go see Zu Zu myself. At the Heroes Cemetery in a corner, I found him. His tombstone
was plane, his epitaph had but a few words, and was very simple: Zu Zu Ferlande, young
gendarmerie, Blue Helmets Corporal, for Paris, he stayed here.

There were some flowers next to the tomb. I didnt know who had come to see him before. I
placed my white lilies with those flowers, my face very closet to his tombstone. The chilled
quartzite gave off a cold atmosphere. I kissed his name on it and said: Zu Zu, are you cold?

Zu Zu, this time, Ill hug you, all right?

As I said this, I glued my body onto his tomb. So cold, Zu Zu, this time let me give you some

By my side, someone walked over. I looked up. It was actually the old woman from the train. I
looked at her. She looked at me.

What happened to you? She asked.

My friend passed away.

Then what happened?

Look at all the people here. They are all so happy over there, do you believe it?

I dont believe it. That side is cold. My friends are all southerners. He would not be
How did you know? Did you go there before?

That side is really good. Not like the way you think it is.

How did you know? Did you go there before?


Then bring me.

She looked at me contemptuously: Hmph.

Let me tell you, they only went to another place. Just like my Francois.

Do you understand? For them, everything has yet to finish; everything has just begun.

The old woman was a gorgeous weirdo, crazy.

But I had heard her last words through my ears. Everything had yet to finish, everything has just

I was willing to believe it.

For safety reasons, the doctor only took off the bandages on my hands when I was discharged
from the hospital. I looked at my palm for a long time. It had a healing jagged red scar on it,
embedded in my already messy hand pattern.

My hand suddenly had an entangled curve.

I laughed. The good hearted Zu Zu had never left me. He would forever stay in my life like this.

When I was going out of the hospital, something else happened.

The emergency truck came in, the stretcher brought the patient in, bloody. When they were
handing over the patient, the doctor said, it was a car accident.

I stopped in my tracks, I heard the patient use Chinese to say: Save me quickly.

Chapter 46
Qiao Fei

The whole way, I anxiously sent this hurt Chinese person to the emergency room. He was awake
the whole time and used Chinese to say Help.
The French doctor asked me: Are you the patients family?

I said: No, I am also a Chinese, I came to see if there was anything I could help with.

Thank you, Miss, thats good, please continue to talk to him. The doctor commanded.

Hello*. I said to the patient.

*In Chinese, Hello is literally translated to You Good , which explains the patients

Not good

Who are you?

Huang Wei De, Chinese advisor to the Michelin company. My passport is in my jacket pocket.
as he said this, his breath thinned and blood came from his mouth.

I heard the doctor at this side say: the wounds are not serious, but there is quite a bit of blood
lose. Thats not good, the blood has increased. they looked at the conscious Huang Wei De and
said to me: miss, please ask the patient if has had abdominal surgery before.

I interpreted these questions and asked him.

His finger kept pointing to his jackets pocket, and then he fainted.

The nurse opened his pocket and really did find his passport. There was also a closed plastic
health data card. It clearly stated his age, weight, blood type, history; a sentence was written
underneath: Last September I received liver segement resurrection surgery, the attending
physician was the chief physician of Union Hospital of hepatobiliary surgery, MD Dr. Cheng Jia
Ming, phone number ******

I froze for a second. I knew this name.

I told the circumstances to the nurse. She consulted the doctor who was treating Huang Wei De.
The doctor ordered them to push Huang to do the operating room. When he saw me I said, the
patients condition was complicated. Please contact his Chinese physician, we need his help.

Miss, are you willing to help?

I will do my best. I said. A life was important. Even though I was facing things I had never
experienced before, a strangers face, my heart had some apprehension, but I knew, now I was
not the same from that year, Where should I call? Doctor.

Operating Room.
In the lens below, it looked like the American drama ER.

I was in the electronic control room in the operating room. I was calling Dr. Cheng Jia Ming
while quickly scrolling through all the vocabulary I had learned before.

The phone went through. It only rang for three times when someone answered: Hello?

In front of me, the French doctor had already opened Huang Wei De. I saw a huge amount of
blood. But in my ear was a bunch of sounds that sounded just like Cheng Jia Yang.

Is this Dr. Cheng Jia Ming?

Its me.

I made an OK sign to the doctor.

This is the Sheng Xin Hospital of Paris, France. We just received your patient, Huang Wei De.
He now appears to be bleeding inside. The doctor just opened his abnominal cavity, and is in the
process of surgery.

At the other end, he seemed to ponder. It hadnt passed half a minute when Cheng Jia Ming said:
Yes, I have already opened the patient, Huang Wei Des information. I am ready to answer any

Through the network, the Chinese and French doctors communicated about common treatment, I
did an alternate interpretation.

French doctor: Organs bleeding, but no wound.

Cheng Jia Ming: When the segment is removed, the suture is at the left side of the central vein.
Please check this.

French doctor: The wound has healed completely here, without rupture.

The words of the doctors was like the military orders. No matter if it was French or Chinese,
there was not a word that repeated. I threw everything I had into it.

I heard in the operating room, the assistant reported Huang Wei Das blood pressure and
heartbeat. My heart also beat like drums now.

French doctor: Internal bleeding continued.

The assistant helped the patient replace his blood back as he continued to lose blood.
Cheng Jia Ming had not replied on the other end.

Dr. Cheng? I said.

Yes. I am remembering. His voice was very cold, a moment, Please examine the left lobular.
Three weeks ago, the patient came to my office for a physical examination. There were signs of
cysts but it was not yet confirmed.

I interpreted this for the French doctor.

After a moment he said: The left side has a lobular lump. The back side has a rupture. We found
it bleeding, and are preparing to stitch it up. Thank you, Dr. Cheng.

I interpreted the French mans words for Cheng Jia Ming, feeling like these two doctors had
solved the gist of the huge problem. I also sighed in relief. It hadnt taken a long time or many
words, but I seemed to run out of energy, my body full of cold sweat.

I am honored to help. Cheng Jia Ming said, Please help me ask Mr. Huang Wei De. In
addition, Mr. Huang is suffering from diabetes. After the surgery please use saline.

I interpreted this for the French doctor, his assistant recorded it.

Thank you, Dr. Cheng, the condition is under control. I said.

Your interpreting is very outstanding. Are you a Chinese doctor?

Thank you, I am a professional translator.

I seem to have heard your voice before. Cheng Jia Ming said.

I froze for a moment.

It is possible, but there are too many similar sounds in this world.

Good bye.

Good bye.

Cheng Jia Yang

I added another x in front of another name, closed the folder, and gave it to my Personal
Department colleagues.

He looked at me: Why cant this one do it either?

His professional work doesnt pass.
If you continue to pick like this, no one will even be going to Europe.

Better have nothing than something bad. I stood up and walked to the window.

This was the Foreign Language Institute, and another summer. The me who was in charge of
new translation training and choosing talented new recruits came here, courtesy of the Ministry
of Foreign affairs.

The students would be assigned to corresponding departments. The most talented would be
picked to go to overseas embassies and consulates. After undergoing our training and exercises,
they would become the translation industrys top elite in the nation.

Well just go to here. I said, You guys return first, Ill go see Teacher.

Thats not good. Theres not even one in French? Today you Bureau doesnt want anymore

Who said I didnt want any? I wont allow anyone to account for that place. I looked at him,
You forgot, the one we sent out.

I went to see the Head, Professor Wang. He welcomed me in, and asked: Jia Yang, how is it?
Did you choose some people?

I shook my head: Do you have any news of Qiao Fei?

I dont know any more than you do. The head said, After she left the school, she didnt
contact me afterwards. I dont know when she returned to school. They are almost about to
graduate. This child is too self-willed.

Right, self-willed.

I said. I completely agreed.

After I came back from Belgium, I found out that the Lyons train station had exploded. The
embassy came to determine the news. Qiao Fei had gotten injured in the explosion. That day was
4/17. That day, I was in France. But as for her, in the phone the Qiao Fei who had told me she
was testing in Montpellier, she was also in Paris.

I bought another ticket. I wanted to immediately return to Paris.

When I was driving to the airport, I suddenly felt it wasnt anxious, and my heart wasnt pained.

I thought of the story in the Arabian Nights. The demon was enclosed in the jar, and thrown in
the sea. He hoped to be rescued and was willing to thank the person who thanked him. As time
passed, the reward increased. The initial little treasures changed into immortal life, but still no
one rescued him. A few hundred years later, a fisherman finally opened the jar. From the non,
the demons repayment was to kill him.

I thought of the time when we were together. I had given happiness and pain to this woman. She
didnt say anything to me. And she was often missing, fabricating reasons; after we broke up, I
had tried to see her many times, I had come to school, I had chased her to her house, I had went
to Paris, but I just couldnt see her.

What had made her reject me like this?

But she was still here, slightly injured, God help me.

At the time, I turned the car back again, and returned to the Ministry to continue working.

I was pretty certain, Qiao Fei, she would come back and see me. I could not lose to this mess.

Chapter 47
Qiao Fei

Uncle Huang woke up, and looked at me. He recognized me, and said: Thank you, maiden.
Without you, I really dont know what would have happened to me.

After waking up from the surgery, his Northern accent was unrefined, but I could see his body
was still very stiff.

I asked: Uncle, why dont you know how to speak French and you even came to Paris?

Oh. He first took a deep breath, Give your brother some cigarettes.

Dont joke around. This is a hospital. They dont even let me smoke and you still want to

Fxxk, I say, foreign devils are wicked.

My heart said, it was even foreign devils that saved you, and you say things like this. Crude

What do you need? Should I go find the embassy or your company? Is there anyone taking care
of you?

Theres no need. It wont be of use even if you find someone. I cant believe these people. Oh
you arent from here?
I am an exchange student. I am going to return to China. Originally, I was also living in this
hospital. When I was discharged, you were dragged in, and I came over to help. My airplane
ticket is already booked. I have to go. I said. I had procrastinated for so long. I still needed to
get my diploma from the school.

Why do you not have any compassion?

How do you want me to sympathize with you.

Lao Huang* laughed: I was just kidding. I was afraid I wouldnt have time to thank you.

*Lao meaning Old is often attached before a surname when someone is speaking colloquially
towards another person. This can go the same way for Xiao which means Little. So if the person is
older than you you use Lao. If the person is younger than you, you use Xiao. Yup quick Chinese
lesson right here!

There is no need. I thought about it, I can find you some special care in China. There are
many middle aged women who can work and speak French.

Then I guess I can only trouble you. Find me a clean, dexterous, good looking one. I dont care
about money. He was really picky.

Ill do my best.

I took the subway to the Italian Plaza near the Chinese area. Here were a lot of Chinese people
who came to work. The job board was tacked to a small Chinese wooden board. I helped Lao
Huang find an auntie who used to work as a nurse. I thought of Lao Huangs few words that
revealed his temperament and this one was about 40 years old, quite like his age.

Lao Huangs nose pipes glared at me: Didnt I ask you to find me one that looked good?

Thats enough. Where do you think this is? Finding one that can work and speak French is
already good. All right, Im leaving. I am returning to China the day after tomorrow. Goodbye to

Oh miss, I still have things to ask you.

Say it.

You are returning to China for

I graduated, I am returning to the country find work. I said.

What work do you want to find?

I am learning interpretation, what about professional interpretation.
Ill help you. After I recover I will also return. Ill give you my personal card, and go to
Shanghai to find me. I can help you arrange a job.

I thought about it. I hadnt replied yet when Lao Huang said: You dont believe it? Do you
know what I do?

This person was coarse to a certain extent. How could he be still working at Michelin as a
technical consultant? I dont know what you are doing? I only know you have half a liver,
diabetes. Your blood type is AB.

What are you thinking about? You open the number for the salary. You saved my life, what
does this count as? Furthermore, you know how many graduates want to go to Shanghai

It sounded pretty good, and was another path anyways. I said: All right, you can leave the
communication method to me. I will also give you my Chinese phone number and contact

Lao Huang gave me his hard. Underneath there was even a stack of notes. I took it, wow, there
were so many.

He looked at me: You keep the money. If I cant contact you or contact Dr. Cheng, maybe I
would be gone. This person could pretend to be so small; he was already 50 and was still so
brotherly like to me.

I held the euros that he had given me. I had really tried my best, my heart estimated.

Oh, the National Foreign Language Institute? No wonder.

I said bye to Lao Huang and finally left the hospital. There were still two days before I was going
to return to China. This way, it would end my exchange student life in France. I thought about it.
I was still very grateful towards Lao Huang. I thought before I leave, I should still take the
opportunity to do something good, otherwise, this happy life from before, would really have
ended from the moment Zu Zu left.

I walked towards Versailles, Fontainebleau. Before leaving, I only bought a large bouquet of
fresh flowers to see Zu Zu. I said, in the future, I will still skateboard. In the future I will still
come to see you. I will not, forget you.

Returning to China was an eastern flight, against time. When my feet stepped onto Chinese soil,
I calculated the time difference. Unknowingly, my life had been shortened by a day.

By exiting and entering again had completely changed the world.

There were many Capital Airport visitors. I saw the faces of compatriots who spoke in the most
familiar language. Some people said farewell to each other, some people reunited, laughter, tears,
and emotionless faces. These things had been repeated throughout the years. The airport was a
small world.

I first called my houses neighbors and told auntie to my parents I was safe. Then I returned to
school to report.

It was Sunday, there was no one in the education wing. I carried my luggage to the bedroom, and
passed by the athletics field. I saw it was very noisy. Some classmates were playing basketball,
and the cheerleading team loudly applauded.

I was also very tired, and put my things down. I wanted to rest a while, and watch the
competition. I hadnt even squatted when someone said behind me: It is prohibited to urinate.

My temper ah, I whipped around forcing the arm behind me to stop: Who are you talking
about? Who are you talking about, Bo Bo? I havent seen you for a year, your skin tightened

She threw me aside. Oh I had not met up with this girls kungfu for a year. She said: You still
have the cheek to say it, you didnt even tell us when you were returning, the whole world
thought you had disappeared.

The two of us called and scuffled together. Xiao Dan suddenly appeared and used Crayon Shin-
chans voice to say: Who let out the animals? And is creating havoc here?

Its too hard to explain how Crayon Shin-chan speaks so heres the Chinese:
; and an analogy for how he speaks in English Have you guys ever heard
someone say Thursday like Thuhsday or Friday like Fwyday (Fuh-why-day) where someone brutally
obliterates the r sound. Lol. Just kidding. Thats pretty much how Crayon Shin-chan speaks.

I got her over to participate in the war. Finally we were all tired. We stopped and laughed haha.

Xiao Dan said: Us three flowers have gathered together again.

I said: Three flowers, is that crude or what? Its the three musketeers.

Bo Bo said: Youre the one whos crude. Its obviously three big mountains.

We were about to graduate. Work issues were basically settled. Xiao Dan had found a job at a
travel agency as the head. Bo Bo had tested into the French airline translation services. Her
salary was enviable. Our classmates all found pretty great jobs. They asked me, this person who
had always come early but later came late. I said I didnt know. Everyons aid, Qiao Fei leaned so
well, and she even came back from abroad. Finding a job is definitely not a big problem. But,
right now there are too many graduates and exchange student graduates. People are overstaffed
so you have to grab opportunities. After July, the schools relationship with us will become a
knot, and our files will return to our hometowns. If you want to go to a bigger city then, itll be
At the time they were holding a welcoming reception meal for me while saying some things over
the table. When I heard it, my heart was also pretty anxious. Every moment, every thing they
spoke about; we were going to graduate just like that. In the future, the future issues of our
livelihoods shone ahead.

What job do you want to find? A guy from my class asked, We can help you keep our eyes

I am not clear about it either. I may go to Shanghai to take a look. Maybe there will be job
opportunities there, but I still want to be a professional interpreter.

Oh, being a professional interpreter is pretty sick, but, A classmate said, Finding jobs now, a
lot of us are all finding specific businesses. French is only a supplement or spare knowledge.

And there are some people that dont even need it. Another one said, she found a good job in
Guangzhou for a pharmaceutical brand agent, and followed with a French bye bye, Hi, four
years of education is just a foundation. Knowing these people, understanding how to speak and
do things is already very good. In the future, you wont necessarily be doing things for the big

Right, drink wine, drink wine.

Everyone agreed and raised their glasses.

I drank a lot, happy and sad. Our classmates relationships were very good. I had returned now.
Everyone was about to dissipate.

In the era of university, the sky was blue, the time passed slowly.

But I could not turn my head around to look at it all.

That night I dreamed, I had forgotten all the plots (against me), and would not stop saying, Good
bye, good bye, good bye, until I woke up on the morning of the second day.

Chapter 48
Qiao Fei

I went to go see the head that morning. When he saw me he looked surprised: Qiao Fei, you
returned? Why didnt you say hi to the department before?

After I left the college, I didnt have a phone card in Paris so I couldnt contact you. I said.

Is your body better?
Its basically okay. My hand clenched. On it was a scar.

Ok ok, after a few days you are going to graduate, about your work

I want to go to Shanghai to take a look. I said.

The head looked at me: You dont want to stay here?

I dont know.

Ok, then you go first, rest a bit, reunite with your friends. If there is anything I will go find

I came out from the heads office, and went to the phone bars outside the school to get a cheaper
long distance call. My hand had Huang Wei Des namecard. I wanted to touch luck.

A nice sounding feminine sound answered the phone: Hello, this is Chief Engineer Huangs

It turned out it was real. I said: Hello, I would like to find Chief Engineer Huang.

Chief Huang is currently not here. Who are you? Can you leave a message?

Ok, I am his friend, I said this hesitantly. I felt I was begging him now, we werent even
friends, My surname is Qiao

You are Miss Qiao Fei? Miss Qiao from the National Foreign Language Institute? I did not
speak. The other woman asked.

Thats me.

Chief Huang is in Paris. He has not returned, but he has left you a message.

He was still a Northeastern person to the core. Lao Huang was so coarse, but he was really very
affordable. Before he recovered, he turned over my matter to the department in China.

Whenever Miss Qiao is willing to come to Shanghai, please call this phone number and contact
me. I will help you arrange transportation and accommodation, I am Chief Huangs secretary,

Wow, I felt so warm, but was very embarrassed, I said: Thank you, I, maybe after a few days, I
will go to Shanghai.

This time, I was very qualified to teach children, to be kind to others, and do some more good
things as my own path would also become wider and wider.
But, in my heart, there were some things that had some vague ups and downs but I didnt know
what it was. I couldnt see it clearly, I didnt know what it was, but it made one uneasy.

I went out of the phone bar. The long overcast day began to rain. It didnt rain very hard, but
very rhythemtic. I wanted to return to return to my bedroom. I went through the school, passed
by the athletic field, the rain drops collected in a small pit, flying bubbles emerging, with a crisp
rhythm, fragmenting the clearness.

I suddenly knew what made my heart uneasy, difficult to let go.

Cheng Jia Yang.

When I was about to leave, before I went to another place to work, I wanted to go see him. I
wanted to tell him some things. I had never regretted being with him. He had given me more than
I could have ever wished for in this lifetime.

But I had never thought, with him, I would meet him another way. Plus, it would be so fast.

I had just seen the head in the morning. I was called to his office again in the afternoon.

The heads office had two other people. One was a stranger, the other was also a stranger, Cheng
Jia Yang, expressionlessly looked at me, turned his head down, continuing to fill out a form.

What was he doing now?

I had no time to calm myself and did not understand this battle.

Before the head left, he said to me: Do you not know him? Isnt this your senior brother, Cheng
Jia Yang? This a colleague from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His name is Teacher Li. They
have come assess you.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Assess me?

I slowly sat down.

It seemed that as the two monks scratched their heads no one spoke to me. They came to assess
me? How was I going to work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

I felt that I had always had the capability to deal with unexpected situations, but in front of me
sat Cheng Jia Yang. Just looking at him I would deceive him. This was an old habit. Now I was a
blank bubble in the fog. I looked up at him. This person lowered his head, focusing on the form
in his hand. I could not see his face, and could only see his hand. He was still so skinny. Looking
at him like this, I sighed. His pen suddenly stopped, but he still never looked up at me.

Teacher Li by his side kindly said to me: How is the wound on your body?
It seemed the whole world knew of this.

Its okay.

We came here to select young translators for the Ministry. The school recommended you. Of
course, your grades are pretty good but you still need to go through a test. Today is an interview.
Teacher Cheng, Teacher Cheng.

Jia Yang stopped his pen. Our conversation began to be in French.

Please use French to introduce yourself to me.

I am called Qiao Fei, 22 years old. I came back from Paul Valery University as an exchange


French culture, translation tendency.

Native place.

Liao Ning.

Hobbies or specialties?


Jia Yangs voice did not bring warmth. My initialed confusion and doubts turned into chagrin.

Sir, I do not understand. I said, using French.

At this moment, he looked up to glance at me. His clean face, eyebrows, bottomless eyes made
my mind so chaotic like the culprit.

I never applied to go work at the Ministry.

Otherwise? Otherwise what are you going to do? He said.

I have decided to go to Shanghai to find a job, but I think this does not need to be reported.

Shanghai? He looked outside, and lightly laughed, Why are you going there? Are you going
to be an interpreter or an enterprise staff?
I have already approached the Michelin Shanghai company, I said angrily. I was very unhappy
with his attitude and added, Whatever I do it is better than staying here.

He suddenly looked up at me: What did you say? Say it again. Why is anything better than
staying here. Has anything done anything wrong to you here?

He had never spoken to me like this. I saw his almost angry look. He didnt have the momentum
himself, but I didnt know what to say. I froze, staring at him.

Even though we used French to speak, our attitude and tone was certainly unusual. Teacher Li
next to him looked at Jia Yang: Teacher Cheng, are you still asking questions?

He frowned at the form and gave it to his colleague, walking out himself.

Teacher Li looked at him, looked at me then he looked at the form Cheng Jia Yang had thrown at
him. He was probably surprised and said: Qiao Fei, your interview has qualified. After another
week we will go to the Ministry to have the written examination and test your listening.

I stood up. I clearly told Cheng Jia Yang: I will not go.

He walked to the doorway. When he heard this he looked at me. Whatever he wanted to say,
there were colleagues there, so he couldnt erupt. Gritting his teeth, he walked away.

The rest of myself stood, frozen in place. What had happened? Why was Jia Yang like this to

I found a nook in the playground/atheletic field and began to smoke. I thought of his warmth
towards me before and his recent coldness. Women were said to be fickle, but really, men were
the elusive things.

However deep feelings were, however crazy they had been, they all couldnt make up for the gap
we had in reality. We could not be together. I was clearer than anyone on that point.

But even if we could not be lovers, that did not mean that we had to be strangers. Since we were
now strangers, his attitude towards me just now was good.

But his face, why was it so hot?

I squinted as I thought.

Would his heart still like me? Was he going to act another scene of an idol melodramatic drama
with me?

This type of thinking flashed like a small fly. I I quickly found a fly swatter to destroy it.

Qiao Fei, you should not desire Cheng Jia Yang anymore.
I finished smoking. I fiercely pressed the cigarette butt onto the ground and stood up, stretching
my lazy waist. The summer rain came quickly and went away quickly. Right now, the sun
peeked through the clouds.

I planned to go to the cafeteria to eat. As for the University food, I was eating less and less.

A car stopped beside me. Someone came out from inside it, and said to me: Get on the car.

I didnt know what was in my eyes at that moment. It was the light after the rain. Or the man
always hidden inside of my heart.

Cheng Jia Yang

Qiao Fei frowned, took a closer look at me, her expression extremely strange.

Qiao Fei, get on the car, dont make me say it a third time.

She suddenly laughed: Senior brother, you want to treat me to eat? All right. She obediently
sat on the car. I knew what had happened. This was Qiao Fei usual trick: to pretend nothing was

I started the car, not looking at her.

Where are we going? Can we go nearby? In a while I made an appointment with my friends to
play poker.

I accelerated, and rushed towards the highway and the beach.

Senior brother, where are we going? I, I told you, I still need to return to play poker. She was a
little anxious, but her face was still smiling.

Shut up! The hate in my heart ah, Buckle up your seat belt!

I crazily drove out of the city. I really didnt want to forget oneself, and I thought I could control
it, but to the end, I was still a person without a set behavior. I didnt understand skillful
deflection, I didnt understand pretending to be a fool in a timely manner. Beside me, the person
had finally closed her mouth, and was also thinking of countermeasures.

I stopped the car at the beach, and got off the car myself. Facing the sea breeze, I lighted a

Finally I saw Qiao Fei, but as of now, the distance between us was even farther away than a year

I had many things I wanted to understand in her presence, but there were a thousand things and I
did not know where to start.
But there was one thing that I knew very clearly. Qiao Fei was very talented. She should stay in
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This would be the best path for her, and she would have the best

Whether it was for her or for myself, my head was full of confusion.

No matter what we had lived together before. Qiao Fei, she had more heart and eyes than me, but
it was not without its flaws. I knew that I could not use force, I had to speak logically with her.

She walked to my side.

I turned and said: Just now I shouted at you. Sorry. MyI, I laughed, mood isnt very good.

My attitude was beyond the expectation of a proper person. She blankly stared for a while: Ah,
its okay.

Qiao Fei, the matter of going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you should really consider it. I
am taking you as a friend, persuading you like this. Think about it, this is a great opportunity. No
one else can even dream of getting in, how do you not want to get in?

I feel like it doesnt suit me.

Dont you really want to be an interpreter? When you get into the Ministry, when you want to
cultivate culture you can do so, when you want to practice, you can practice. When you go to
work, it isnt always like this. Itll be strange if there isnt a shortage in professionals. I said this
truthfully, Your grades are so excellent, if it turns out like that, then it will be a pity.

I can also be an interpreter elsewhere. Her mouth was very hard.

Do you have any concerns?

I said it very slowly. Some words in my mind had not fully formed: You dont need to think
about it too much. Graduation is a threshold, you are going to become an adult. The matters in
the future arent worth considering.

When Qiao Fei heard these words, she was a little shocked. She looked up at me, with her brown
cat eyes. I think they were misty.

Plus, your family, wont you consider that? No matter what youll be living closer to them a
little, and you can care for them. If you really go so far away, who will your parents find when
they run into problems?

She lowered her head: Thank you, but I must consider it. I cannot make a decision right now.
Why dont we return now. As she said this she walked towards the car.
She couldnt see me so I carefully studied her. She had thinned, her body in the skirt was a little
empty. Her hair was still so good. This was this persons hair, warm, strong, I had never been
able to hold it.

I knew, these words would play a role in her heart.

Qiao Fei, she was a slippery loach[1], but her heart was soft.

[1] loach- a small elongated bottom-dwelling freshwater fish with several barbels near the mouth,
found in Eurasia and northwestern Africa.

I raised my head, saw that there was a person flying a kite faraway. The kite was very high, and
gradually became a black spot.

I felt tired, like a person flying a kite without a reel, bare hands holding onto the line, trying to
bring it back, until I became bloody.

Chapter 49
Cheng Jia Yang

On the way back it was very silent. When we went back to the urban areas we had just caught the
peak of off work hours. Cars blocked the road, half an hour, slowly moving a little at a time.

It was very quiet. I seemed to hear Qiao Feis breathing.

My heart was very peaceful.

I hoped that it would forever be like this, we could forever stop here.

She was suddenly a little impatient, looking back and forth, the cars lined up, there was no
accommodation possible. She looked at me: Think of a way.

What way? There is no way. I said, Since weve caught up to this, we should just follow

She heavily laid back on the chair: What words do you have to say to me at the beach? I already
made an appointment to play poker. You made me miss my good hand!

She grabbed a phone and contacted her friends: Sorry, sorry, Im afraid I cant return. Find
someone to replace me for a moment, temporarily, I have to return to my place when I

I looked at her, and did not speak, because these things were blamed on me. Did you forget how
crazily I waited for you in Paris?
I didnt know how far away the signal was in front, like it had passed a week. The long dragon
[1] moved a little at a time. Next to us was a KFC.

[1] Long dragon refers to the long line of cars. Metaphor.

I am hungry. Qiao Fei said.

Ill go buy it. I was about to get off the car.

Hey, she called me, You have to drive. Ill go. What do you want?

Hamburger, chicken wings, corn, mashed potatoes, ah just these. I blurted these out and then

When Qiao Fei was careless, she did whatever she could. She didnt really seem to hear
anything: All right, right away.

She ran ahead. I watched her. She had grown up and was still like this. She seemed to never have
been able to walk well.

My car moved forward with the long queue, Qiao Fei returned in a moment.

She had a bag, I had a bag. The fragrant food, I felt I was also hungry at this moment.

My cell phone rang, I looked at the contact, it was Wen Xiao Hua. I pressed NO.

Qiao Fei didnt eat as she looked out at the situation.

Qiao Fei didnt speak

What are you looking at? I asked.

Oh, isnt there a subway here? She was very happy, and looked back to say to me, Sorry, I
might as well go on the subway. The cards will fall like mountains today.

I didnt hear it wrong right?

She was about to get off the car again, I stopped her: Qiao Fei.

What? She looked back at me.

The matters that I talked to you today about work.

I know, you wanted to tell me about the good life, but, she paused, I also have my own
Think about it carefully.

Im leaving, bye.

Qiao Fei had just left when Wen Xiao Hua called again.

I picked up the phone.

Jia Yang?

Hmm. I watched Qiao Fei cross the road.

When will you return? Lets go watch a movie all right?

I have to return to my house in the nighttime. I said, I cant go over anymore.

Sorry, Xiao Hua.

Oh, okay, then what about we go tomorrow, all right? You know, I have always wanted to see
that movie 2049.

Tomorrow, ok, no problem. I will go pick you up from your hostel.

I took the money and began to eat.

The long traffic jams began to move. Not after too long I could finally drive. I returned to my
house in the Western city.

My mother was there.

She was in the small living room watching the news. I greeted her and was about to go upstairs
to my room when I was stopped by her.

Youve been busy recently?

Same as usual.

Why have you not cared about your home?

I sat down, my mother got some drinks. I didnt speak and changed the channel of the TV.

You are together with Xiao Hua?

Mom, how do you know everything? I said.
My mom left: I dont understand you more and more, Jia Yang. Originally, I let you get more in
touch with her but you didnt like it. Later it has become like this. What happened?

I loosened my tie.

There are benefits to having a friend from abroad but I feel this maiden is pretty good. Even
though shes a little lacking in matching up with you, you shouldnt be half-hearted either.

What are you talking about? I just dont like it when you nag. You are also a female senior
cadre, but why are you so foolishly sentimental over this?

My mom laughed and patted my back: If I hadnt given birth to you two, I would never have to
worry my heart.

I grabbed her hand, and looked at my mothers fine skin and tender face, I seriously said: Mom,
when will you stop controlling me?

She also thought about it carefully: How long did Old Bush control Little Bush? How long did
Chiang Kai Shek control Chiang Ching-kuo? For life.

I loosened her hand: How long did ** care for Mao An Ying[2] ?

[2] Mao An Ying is Mao Ze Dongs son. Also I have no idea why the (**) is there, but it is referring to
Mao Ze Dong.

She looked at me.

He cared about him until he died.

After I said this, I went up the stairs.

When I went online I met the long missed I dont believe I cant register for it.

She said: I want to change my name.

Called what?

The Pear Conceded to Kong Rong [3].

[3] Before I explain the users name, go here to find out more about Kong Rong if you dont know
about him already. The traditional saying is: which means: Kong Rong shared his pears.
However, the online friend wants to change her name to: . If you use the same syntax as
the previous sentence, it would be the Pear Shared Kong Rong. However, the word shared is
depicted by the Chinese word which means allowing or conceding. So I have translated the
online friends name to the Pear Conceded to Kong Rong. This would literally mean that the Pear is
the one that conceded itself to Kong Rong, instead of Kong Rong conceding the pear to his family
members (as per the actual legend).

Changing luck.

Is your luck not good? Recently.

Yes. The reactions to my new book are so-so. What about you? How are you? Last time I seem
to have offended you.

What last time. I forgot it earlier. Recently, Ive been doing okay.

Arent you getting married?

Are you joking with me?

No, youre a school age youth, Im asking because Im afraid your friend would suddenly use
this to scare me.

Then please rest assured, I have not had this thought recently.

Thats good. Being single will allow you to not be hurt. Long live singleness.

I lighted my cigarette and continued to type: Really, no one is willing to be single.

Just a last resort. I am waiting for people to rescue.

Why dont you consider me for a moment.


I went offline, and read books on the table. As I read it, I fell asleep, my mouth dazedly saying:
Why did you go so far away?

Qiao Fei

I received a phone call from someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who told me the time
of the written exam and the political exam. Right now I was really exceptional. Cheng Jia Yangs
words were really logical. I wanted to become a professional interpreter, I wanted to succeed. I
wanted to become my parentss pride. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a big meat pie [4],
that Cheng Jia Yang had moved up to hit my head.

[4]- Big Meat Pie refers to luck, an opportunity that one could only dream of. It is usually referred to
as hitting the person that is receiving the luck.
Of course, if I didnt consider another factor, I would not have hesitated to join the test.

If I tested in, would I have to work with Cheng Jia Yang?

This was dangerous, but was also a huge temptation.

I had basically no confidence towards myself, Cheng Jia Yang, I felt I could not afford to
provoke him; I couldnt always hide under the covers.

The day I was supposed to take the test, I slept very late and slowly opened my eyes. I grabbed
my watch and when I saw that it had passed the time, my heart was peaceful at the fact that I
wouldnt have to go. But then, I found there was actually still half an hour. I slowly put on my

I hadnt brushed my teeth when I received a phone call from home. My neighbor, auntie said:
Fei Fei, your mom is by my side, she has something to talk to you about.

What is it?

Youve returned to the country, but why havent you returned home yet? Auntie said.

I should first stabilize my work.

Your mom let you go thank someone.


Auntie said: Its the, guy that originally came over to your house.

It was Cheng Jia Yang.

He left money for the butcher shop and let them give you parents meat.

Are you saying he went to my house recently?

It wasnt recently. Last year, didnt you come home before you went abroad? When you left, he
came. In the end he didnt find you and when he tried to give your dad money, he didnt want it,
so he gave the money to the butcher.

Cheng Jia Yang

All the testing students from all languages were all sitting down. The French seat was empty,
Qiao Fei had not come yet.

I went around, outside the testing area again, but could not see her shadow.
My colleagues asked me: Jia Yang, verify it.

I looked at my watch: Wait a little more.

The first bell rang. They began to verify student IDs and student cards.

The second bell rang, it was time to pass out the test.

I kept standing outside the testing area.

Qiao Fei

Auntie, I cant talk anymore. I have an important test to take. Tell my mom I will return in two

I hung up the phone, washed my face, washed the clothes, and ran outside the school, calling for
a taxi. After I sat in the car, my heart thought that this city was really big. My sweat started
trickling from my forehead. I blamed Cheng Jia Yang. I owed him so much.

I finally reached the test area for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There wasnt time to take the
elevator. I ran up to the fourth floor in two or three steps. In the long hallway, I saw his figure.
His back was towards me, facing the elevator room.

I lightly walked in, standing behind him. I said: Jia Yang.

He immediately turned around, looked at me. His expression in that moment was very complex:
You, why did you come so late?


Sorry, Jia Yang. Sorry, sorry about everything that youve done for me.

Quickly, enter the testing area with me.

His colleagues pointed at the clock on the wall: Youre half an hour late.

The testing requirements were very clear. When one was late for so long, it wasnt allowed to
take the exam anymore.

Let her enter. That is your seat, Qiao Fei.

Jia Yangs face was expressionless.

Youve come so late, you probably cant answer all the questions anymore. The nosy person
was still talkative.
I turned and said clearly: I can finish it. I know it.

Jia Yang smiled, a relaxed smile.

Chapter 50
Cheng Jia Yang

When the professional test finished, they began to interrogate Qiao Fei on politics. The Personnel
Department had brought out some satisfactory questions. I didnt want to interrupt her answering
her questions so I continued to stay in the testing area doorway.

The person who had went with me to the interview anxiously walked over. He saw me: Jia
Yang, I was looking for you.

What is it?

This Qiao Fei. We just got news that she used to have a somewhat bad record in school.

What? I looked at her.

The Ministry received a fax before, saying that this child had previously

I heard this and only felt my mood was difficult to set. After he finished I nodded: Did the
Department do a investigation? Was there a conclusion?

They didnt investigate, so of course there was no conclusion.

Then isnt it just like that? Of hearsay matters, we should also consider. Your level is too little,
Xiao Li.

Wasnt I just investigating it in the Department. I didnt record it either, and came here
especially to see what to do.

What should we do? I opened the door a tiny bit and saw Qiao Fei answering questions in side.
Her face was red and glowing, The people I want to recall, Ill take responsibility.

Yes, Jia Yang, arent I discussing it with you now.

I know now. Thank you. I waved my hand.

I hadnt waited for Qiao Fei to finish answering her questions, when the phone rang. The director
had a few things to clear up with me. I went to go see him. I asked me about this years
recruitment circumstances. I gave him a brief report and he was pretty satisfied. He told me, next
I would have to train my recruits. I said, dont worry.
When it was almost lunchtime Xiao Hua called me: Where are you going to eat for lunch? Jia

Cafeteria. You?

Cafeteria? You dont want to eat [1] and [2]?

[1] Haha too lazy to translate the food names. The first one is made up of taro and fresh milk.

[2] The second one is made up of shrimps and tea leaves.

It sounds really good, but are you saying now?

Why dont you want it now? I bought it for you and am waiting for you outside your unit.

I said: Xiao Hua

Some people are so good to you. How can you not be touched?

That day after we finished the movie, and after I ate with her, I only said those two dishes were
good at the time casually. She had remembered it in her heart.

All right, wait, Ill come down now.

The senior brother from the same office said: Your girlfriend came to send your meal over?

I laughed: How did you know?

Hey, it isnt the first time.

Outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I found Xiao Huas car. She smiling said: Quickly grab
it. I still have to return to the TV show in the afternoon. This one is yours. This one is for my
colleagues. This is iced black tea.

Youre leaving like this? I took the item and looked at her.

Im anxious. Oh eat slower. All right Im leaving. She said this and was about to start the car
when she stopped, looking at me, Jia Yang.

Ah? I stood outside the car window looking at her.

She reached out her hand to touch my face: Youre so hot, sweating so much. As she said this
she kissed my mouth.

I had not responded yet when she had already driven away.
I held the light sweet food she had given me in her hand. On my face I still had her hands light
fragrance, but my heart felt heavy.

After I got off work I picked up Xiao Hua to eat together. At night we went to her place.

When I lay on the bed reading, Xiao Hua grabbed two big books and took them over. She sat
next to me: Today I returned to grab something and found my childhood pictures. Do you want
to take a look?

All right. I took it, and flipped it over. On the first page, Xiao Huas 100 day picture [3]. A
round little girls face. Color had been added to the black and white picture. She had a face like
an apple. Right, when I was little, my 100 day picture was also like this. As I turned the pages,
the girl grew up. Her looks grew clearer, and she grew into a maiden, Youve been such a good
student for so many years? I really admire you.

[3] Chinese do something called the 100 day celebration where you celebrate the 100th day of an
infant. Yup. More goes into that (of course)

Xiao Hua laughed: Cool, right?



When you were little, your nose didnt seem to be as good looking.

Really? She grabbed the album and looked at it herself, Who said this, I always had this
authentic hanging lamp nose.

I laughed and said: What authentic nose? Isnt it a fake silkworm nose?

Her hand stretched out into my armpit: You arent making jokes about me now arent you?

I laughed and flipped on the bed. Xiao Hua was pressed on my shoulders, her mouth into my ear,
the air that it spit out itchy: My mom said, she would treat us to a meal.

I froze, and slowly sat up, I said: Ive been busy for these past few days. After these days, after
these days. Plus, if you want to eat, I should treat us.

Xiao Hua said: Right, I also said this to my mom. Alright, you look at the pictures. Im going to

I saw her go to the bathroom. My heart absent-mindedly drank water, smoked.

Qiao Fei
Next, was a busy time.

I was hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the last few days before graduation, I held a letter
from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get various stamps from different school bodies,
transferring my relationship over (TL: The relationship with the school is transferred to the
Ministry), checking my body.

Then, I busily found a house. Because there were more new graduates, the Ministry didnt care
about housing. In the future, with monthly subsidies, everyone would solve it themselves. In the
hot weather, I ran to many places. I finally found a house by the subway. The person who was
with me and had been in this city for a long time was a girl, white-collared worker, Xiao Deng,
who would be using the same public kitchen and bathroom as me.

The second day I moved out from the school, was the graduation ceremony.

Later when I recalled it, that day was pretty sensational. Everyone took pictures, listening to the
head teachers lecture, people even cried.

It must have been that people couldnt bear to leave the best four years of their life. When I
thought of it again, through these four years, busyness, enriched, thrilling, excitement and a little
eclectic. Wow, just like stepping on a cliff, foot by foot. Looking back on it, my whole body
filled with cold sweat.

In this big and bustling city, I was very fortunate my two best friends still stayed here for work.
Ever since Bo Bo had stabilized her work at the French airlines, she began to train in business.
The third day after she graduated, she went to Paris for the first time. She called to tell the world
asking: What do you want to bring for you guys from from Paris?

Xiao Dan said: Why dont you hit us?

Xiao Dans work in the travel agency immediately began. She was in her office, making travel
arrangements; airplane tickets, hotel room prices, etc. It sounded like a very complicated job.

She called me in the night: Im really regretful that when I was in high school I didnt learn my
math well.

The weather was very hot.

After the test, I didnt see Cheng Jia Yang again.

All of my basic plans had been stalled. Before I could go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I had
two weeks of break.

I returned home for a while.
Originally I was only a little famous. This time i returned from France, and immediately got a
job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All the neighbors came with their children to pay their

The head of the neighborhood who had always taken care of my parents wanted to give me a
little classroom in the small districts kindergarten, and wanted me to tell the children all of my
experiences. Education, personal education, it wasnt only that age group but it ranged from
kindergarten to primary school, high school, university. Anyone who could read was to attend. If
the age was too small, and the child spoke out of turn, he also asked the parents to accompany

I bit the bullet [4]. I knew the high notes all right [5]. My parents had a lot of face [6].

[4] Bit the bullet- Endured

[5] Knew the high notes all right- I knew my way around this situation all right.
[6] Face- refers to reputation.

I hadnt returned home for a long time. At night, I slept together with my mom.

She knew the moment I returned I would have to work at the Ministry, and said that she would
definitely buy me a high-end Western suit.

I said I didnt want it. I had just begun training, and I still didnt need to attend any occasions.
Plus, I had a Western suit. I bought it when I was attending school.

That one is not good, too old. My mom said, are you afraid we are going to spend money? Fei
Fei. Dont worry. The money you gave us is still left. I opened a small canteen with your dad,
selling vinegar and soy sauce. Our business is pretty good.

Really? I said.

Of course.

All right you two. I laughed, You guys didnt work for nothing.

Right, did you do the thing I asked Auntie to tell you last time? She asked me.

What thing?

Letting you thank that senior brother that came to our house.

I thanked him I said. I turned around and stuck out my tongue. Yea, I had really forgotten, but I
hadnt seen Jia Yang again.

Is that boy interested in you? Mom asked.
I looked at her, Oh, probably.

What about you? Fei Fei?

I dont know. Mom, his family has too much money. His parents are all great officials.


I nodded.

Then you better tell him earlier. Fei Fei, we cant match with him, so dont walk this path. Ill
give you the money and you can return it to him.

I know, mom, how can I not know?

But the moment Cheng Jia Yang was mentioned, I was very chaotic. Return his money? I owed
him too many things: studying abroad, work- he had always been good to me. Even if I tried to
return it, it would never amount to much

My sign language was pretty fast. I said to my mom, Dont worry, nothing cant be explained.
He has a girlfriend, well matched. Im closing the light. Lets sleep.

I closed the light and used the blanket to cover my head. My eyes only had that woman ahead of
me. Was it knowing that it should not happen or was it that from head to toe, the other party was
stronger than me in everything.

My mom yanked the towel on my face down.

I returned to the big city.

That day, I ate a hearty breakfast, energetically heading to the Ministry to report.

In the high turn meeting room, I saw many peers that were with me this year. They were all
different high level talents that tested in from different Departments and excellent schools.

I found a place to sit, and greeted the people around me.

A boy said: Arent you the person that came in late to the testing?

He really was bold. I looked at him: Ah, whats wrong?

You also tested in?

Or else why would I be here?
Dont be unhappy. The boy laughed, Ill say your business is pretty good. Im called Zhao
Peng Yuan. English.

Qiao Fei, French. I shook hands with him.

At this time a few more people came in. Cheng Jia Yang stood at the front.

He wore a white short shirt and black long pants, very lean. He also saw me, no expression.

Jia Yang spoke: I am the high level senior translator, Cheng Jia Yang. I represent the Ministry
in welcoming and congratulating everyone. After all the selection we go through, everyone here
are all talents of their own languages. From today on in two months time, we senior translators
will coach everyone, and chose again. Only the best French and English students will stay in the
elite translation bureau. The other students will be put into different ministries, embassies, and
consulates abroad. In this time, before everyone officially enteres the Ministry, I think you
already have a certain understanding. So without further ado, I will first wish all you success.
Now I will introduce the different teachers of the different languages in charge of training

The people in charge of training us, new people, were all because of age or health reasons that
they were unable to continue being the original talented interpreters they would have become.

Me and the 15 other French students, under the tutelage of Teacher Wu became a new class.

At night I called Xiao Dan and said: It turns out I have to continue being a student. Throughout
this lifetime it can be considered that I will never be able to be a teacher.

Damn, she gave a yawn, I admire you to death, everyday my work is so tired that I could die.
I cant talk anymore. Im tired.

I hunt up, and stood on the balcony, looking at the summer night sky. The night wind blew into
my nightskirt. The hot receded and it was slightly cool.

I thought of the morning. Cheng Jia Yang finished our training, we left the meeting room.
Downstairs when we were going to class, he was behind me and said: Did you find a good

I looked back at him and nodded.

Is it far?

Yuquan Road, near the Academy of Social Sciences.

Its a little far.

Its pretty good, next to the subway.
He didnt reply again, and only stood beside me.

Ah I forgot to say thanks to you.

Thanks for what?

This work. My exchange student opportunity. I laughed as I looked at him, I returned home
two days ago and showed off a lot.

I didnt mention the matter of him going to my house.

Jia Yang smiled: Qiao Fei, you are exceptional, this is what you deserve. From now on you
should work hard.

Yes, I was working, I was an adult now.

Jia Yang said it right, graduation, this was a ridge. I stepped over it, and everything had passed.
Everything sad, happy, pressuring, indulgent, what I should do, and what I should not

Ill just leave it like this, never mind then. (TL: To the best of my knowledge, Qiao Fei is talking
about the thing where her mom asked her to thank CJY)

I put my palms together.

Chapter 51
Qiao Fei

Besides the weekend, everyday I was at the Ministry taking classes. I learned a lot of Chinese
characteristics, entries, and sentence structures. Most of the time, we were doing practice of
intercourse and interpretation, just like what we had done in Montpellier. Sometimes we would
casually meet some foreigners to interpret for. In a day, all three meals were eaten in our unit.
This way we still had more than 2000 dollars of wages. Of course, it was less for someone
hanging around in the big cities but I was already very satisfied.

Sometimes I would see Jia Yang. When we were in class, he would sometimes come to take a
look, and say hi to the teacher. On a pretense, I asked Teacher Wu: Why does that senior
brother Cheng keep coming?

He is in charge of arranging the new recruits training.

Besides translating he also has to care about us?

Able people should do more work. The teacher said.
Our class had some fans of Jia Yang. Whenever he came, the girls would all have small
commotions. My heart was very angry. Weve graduated, you know? Why are you still belittling
yourselves and becoming little girls? This dissatisfaction was inadvertently revealed when eating
lunch one day. One Shanghai girl sharply pointed out: Qiao Fei, if you dont say anything, who
knows what comes to your mind?

What type of person would falsely accuse this? I was mad, and couldnt help but laugh.

Suddenly their attention wasnt on me.

Someone waved his hand: Senior brother, senior brother, sit here.

I turned. Cheng Jia Yang sat at their table. The drink he grabbed was a box of iced green tea.

He sat at our table, everyone saying so many things to him. The content of what we talked about
was pretty shallow, it was only to say something to him only. Jia Yang had always been good

I finished eating, using a straw to drink milk, conversing, joined in, laughing.

Zhao Peng Yuan and a few other guys finished their food and came to socialize. At this moment
we were pretty familiar with each other.

Xiao Zhao asked Jia Yang: Senior brother, when can we come to settle it?

Jia Yang said: After 11. In previous years it has been this time. At this time he looked at me,
After 11.

He finished eating, and grabbed the green tea about to leave. He said to us: Stay here for a
while, Im going to back to my office.

He walked beside me. I opened my mouth to say: Senior brother. After you finish eating,
drinking tea is bad for your health.

Jia Yang stopped, looked at me, looked at the tea in his hands: Really? Thanks ah. I was
thinking to refresh myself.

As he said this he walked away.

I thought of being with him before, and one time my stomach hurt so much.

This afternoon, Teacher Wu gave us many files to interpret. Everyone complained, weekend ah,
there were still so many classes. Wasnt it just killing us?
The teacher said, isnt this for your benefit? What is interpreting? Interpreting is being more
prepared than others. RIght now I am letting you do some work, so it will be better than meeting
up with many problems in the future and having to use the power of your tongue.

Before I got off work, I did some more. We split the work. Everyone got some files, and took
them back to do, and then on Monday we would do a summary and hand it in to the teacher.

I interpreted pretty quickly. I planned to stay in the office and leave yesterday night, but firstly,
this places resources were a lot more, and secondly, I had basically understood Xiao Dengs
habits. Over the weekend her boyfriend would come and I tried to give them some space.

I ate in the cafeteria. After I bought some snacks I returned to continue to work. The cafeteria
had made eggplant for dinner. I was at fault and ate more. When it was almost the end of my
interpreting I dazedly fell asleep.

When I woke up again, I was woken up by someone pushing my arm.

I even thought I was dreaming because the person in front of me was Jia Yang.

I looked at him, my head hurting.

Jia Yang got a handkerchief from his pocket and helped me wipe my mouth: From a little age,
did you allow too many people to pinch you too much? Why is that after youve grown up you
still drool when you sleep.

So I hadnt been dreaming. Then that meant there were many interesting things that couldnt be

I sighed and organized my things.

I still had a bit more to translate. I had to take it all back home to do it.

So hard working? He said.

Theres no other way, too much homework. What time is it?


What about you? So late too?

I just wrote some materials. I saw your light still on and came over to take a look.

He closed my office light and we went down the stairs together.

At this time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some other departments were still brightly lit.
Some colleagues were still working, some chefs sent up supper.
We walked outside. Jia Yang asked me: How are you going to return?


He looked at me: Ill send you.

Will it be convenient?

What are you talking about?

So I went with him to the parking lot and got on his car.

He lowered his head, and didnt speak. He helped me put on my seat belt.

My house is at Yuquan road.


I sat on this common and familiar car, that guy that used to be so familiar next to me. We weaved
through the city.

At this time in the city, it wasnt as bustling as it was in the morning. At night, it seemed a little
quiet and warm, changing into something that people could withstand.

I opened the window, leaned on the chair, looking out I concentrated on looking at the
nightscape, feeling a light breeze.

It was like this that we got to my old style residential place. I said: How do you know where I

I looked at your form before.


What floor do you live on?

3rd floor.

In the darkness, Jia Yangs cars light gave off a yellow radiance. His face, his eyes, seeing them
in this moment, it seemed extremely beautiful.

It has gotten late. I said.

Right. He said.

You should return.

I opened the door to get off the car. When I got to the entrance I said: Thanks.

He nodded his head in the car.

I returned home, opened the door by myself. Xiao Deng watched TV by herself. Her boyfriend
did not come.

I ran to the balcony, and saw Jia Yangs car leave.

Who knew Xiao Deng would run with me to the balcony. She asked; What? Who sent you

Why are you caring so much for?

Such a luxurious car.

I walked back, and felt my stomach was hungry so I boiled some water to make something easy.

I said: Why didnt your boyfriend come today?

She didnt reply. I finished my noodles and looked at her, but I saw a strange shape.

Xiao Deng sat on the sofa, her two hands on her separate knees, her thumb and middle fingers
gripped together, closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

Why are you practicing qigong [1]?

[1] qigong- a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi.

Ignorant child, do not say nonsense. Big sister is practicing, yoga, gamma, power. She slowly

You want to lose weight. Why dont I teach you the Yangge dance [2] from my hometown? I
said, eating tomatoes.

[2] Yangge dance- Yangge is a form of Chinese folk dance originating from the Song Dynasty. It is
very popular in northern China

I watched Xiao Deng slowly breath in, and finish. She suddenly stood up and turned to me, her
mouth said: Today if I dont repair you broken child, I will be sorry to myself.

I was so startled that the tomatoes dropped.
The night that I brushed my teeth with her, Xiao Deng said to me: My that, I broke up with

Why? What reason? Werent you guys good last week, you guys were good for six years

Plus high school, its been nine years. She spit out the toothbrush, But what way is there. I
want to be with him, but itll be very bitter. He doesnt earn as much as me, and often runs
around. How will we find the money to marry? House? What about our children?

You broke up with him, and you had one? I asked, roughly not thickly.

Everytime I think of it, I think the pressure has decreased. I dont have to consider others, and
as long as I am happy it will be okay. She washed her face, wiped her face, and looked at me in
the mirror.

I will continue to look and then I will definitely find a rich person. At least he is in this city and
has a car and a house.

Xiao Deng was right. Reality made everything easy change so much, moreso peoples hearts.

Chapter 52
Cheng Jia Yang

In September, the country had a big meeting, towards foreign propaganda, attending the
reception of foreign guests, news and foreign comments had to be interpreted. We were busy for
a month. Qiao Fei also got high grades after going through learning and training. During the
meeting, Qiao Fei also participated in the translation work; her level really had a great
improvement, people sat up and take notice. After October 1, we will be based on their
performance assigned, and Qiao Fei will stay in the high turnoff. She has basically become fixed,
of course, this is not what I only think.
An interesting event took place during the meeting, and Qiao Fei even caught the attention of our
As an observer of one of the French representative, a mother came with her to China. The old
lady was deaf, we were not prepared in advance, the reception process was very troublesome.
Qiao Fei had to work at the meeting site. When she knew the situation, she rushed to the hotel to
save the scene, and in the next few days, she accompanied the representative and her mother
while they went around. The foreign guest was impressed by her, when she left to the Ministry,
she expressed deep gratitude to Qiao Fei.
I heard of this matter later. The director asked me, Is this maiden new? How does she also know
sign language?
I said: You forgot. I mentioned her to you before, from the Institute of Foreign Languages. Last
year, it was the one we sent out with cooperation from the Ministry of Education.
Really? The director was pretty happy, This maiden is pretty good. It seems her French is also
good. Jia Yang, lets let her stay, one person for two translations.
You can also do business, whats the starting salary? I laughed.
I thought sometimes. This young, new person. Her bodys enthusiasm and vigor made one
admire it. There were always infinite kinds of possibilities in front of her. Some opportunities
entered like shooting light. She said she wanted to thank me, but I was clear. With me would
have been the same as without me. Whether she was in the Ministry or in another place, she was
always an outstanding person that no one could ignore.
The weather cooled. Xiao Hua got a cold in this time. Originally, it was only some light
symptoms. She worked with her sickness and it became heavier, and she got acute pneumonia.
Fortunately, I was busy over the General Assembly, so I had a little breathing space. I had time
to take care of her, she didnt live in the hospital for too long, and I took her home.
At night, I boiled some porridge for her to eat. I blew on it and sent it to her mouth. Xiao Hua
opened her mouth, but didnt eat. Her tears began to flow.
What is this for? As for? I put the porridge down, Isnt it just leaving a few days of work. Just
take it as youve celebrated October 1 [1]. You are busy from the beginning of the year to now,
and now you can rest. Isnt this great?
[1] PRC national holiday
She shook her head: No, Jia Yang, it isnt because of this. Her tears multiplied, as she looked
at me under the light, holding my hand, pressing it to her own face, Thank you. Without you, I
dont know what I would do.
Xiao Huas words- I could understand them.
People like us, we had a life of luxury, a famous name outside, but our hearts were weak. We
wanted warmth. We wanted comfort in times of pain.
I supported her up, helped her wipe her tears, feeding her porridge with soothing tones.
Like, the other person who had done the same thing for me.
Before October 1, Xiao Huas body had generally recovered. She discussed wanting to go to
Dalian for vacation.
When I heard her words, I was drinking water. A gulp of water clogged my throat. I swallowed
it, resisting the urge to cough.
Time is so abundant, why do you want to go to Dalian? Its too close. I said.
I remember the last time you went on my show, I asked you where you liked to travel the most.
You said it was Dalian. You dont remember?
I didnt speak. My impressions seemed to hold what she spoke about.
Last time I went to Dalian, it already been two years. That time I went with Qiao Fei. The time
passed quickly, it had been two years.
You are unwilling? Xiao Hua said.
No, we can do whatever you want. If you want to go, we can go. Its Dalian ah, the scenery is
really very good.
She was very happy: Then well settle it like this, Jia Yang.
In the cafeteria, I ran into that class of new students. When they were ordering their meal, I saw
Qiao Fei speaking. She seemed very vivid, everyone listened carefully, and then a burst of
laughter emerged. She was saying jokes again.
They called me over to eat with them.
Xiao Zhao said: Qiao Fei, say the joke you just said again, for senior brother.
Qiao Fei said to them: You repeat it. I want to see if you remember it.
I said: Ill say one then.
They all had abundant enthusiasm.
A said: I recently had a part-time job.
B asked: Where?
A said: A mental hospital.
B said: What do you do?
A said: I was studied.
Everyone laughed. Qiao Fei said, poker faced: Then what? Senior brother.
The laughing got bigger. I also laughed, watching her.
While we were eating, everyone discussed their plans for October 1. According to tradition, the
Ministry planned for them to go to the nearby reservoir to play.
A female classmate asked: Senior brother, are you going?
Me? I wont go. I said, This is something arranged for you guys who have just entered the
Oh. Then senior brother, how are you going to celebrate October 1?
I, am going to Dalian.
Qiao Fei focused on eating, eating very fragrantly.
You arent going by yourself right? Someone asked.
I laughed, shook my head, not answering.
Ah, I graduated from Dalians foreign language department. A girl said, Do you need a tourist
guide, senior brother?
Thank you, thank you, I said, If I need one, I will definitely find you.
Qiao Fei said: Oh Zhao Peng Yuan, you arent going to drink your yogurt? Give it to me then.
But Xiao Hua and I didnt go to Dalian for vacation. She changed her plan. She wanted to go to a
seaside island.
Why do you not want to go to Dalian anymore? I said.
For October 1, there will definitely be many people in Dalian. Going to an island will be so
good, itll be quiet, and the air will be great.
Well whatever you want.
I know you are willing to go anywhere with me. She said, she tried on a custom-made hat in a
famous shop, This is very important to me. She smiled.
Oh Jia Yang, look, this hat doesnt look right.
I looked at her: Its pretty good. Whats wrong?
Look, this side is a little oblique.
Cant be.
Its right.
She put down the hat and called that shop. After a few sentences, the other side said that it was
currently the season. The master was too busy, and could not come out, and let us send it in to be
Xiao Hua was mad: They made it badly, and even want us to send it back.
I said: Thats enough. Dont go, your body just recovered. Ill go.
Xiao Hua said: How is that good. But, Jia Yang, you dont need to wait. Let them send it in.
On the way, my car was very slow. The September sun was too good, making people lazy and
scattered when it shone upon them.
That famous shop was in an old commercial street in the alley, I found it, and was just about to
stop, when I saw see Qiao Fei. She was carrying a handbag, wearing a green skirt, looking from
left to right, shopping in the street.
I looked at her from far away, smiling.
This was the person in my heart.
I pressed the car horn and got off the car, she saw me.
Lets find a place to sit. Do you have time? I asked.
All right. She said, looking at me, her eyes bright, But where?
Are you hungry? Lets eat hotpot.
Lets eat Maodu hotpot [1]. I know a small restaurant. Ill treat us.
[1] Maodu hotpot- Traditional hotpot of the Han Chinese in Chongqing
Ok, you lead.
When I saw her, it really made one happy. I helped her open the car door. She pointed inside and
looked at me.
In the copilots position was Xiao Huas expensive hat box.
I quickly took it out and put it in the backseat.
Fei brought me to a place that wasnt far, not big, but very clean. Maodu hotpots fragrance was
really very good. We got a lot of things to eat and a little bit of pure grain liquor.
I was hungry, she was also hungry. We didnt speak much, and first solved the stomach problem.
Fei drank a lot. I remembered she had a high alcoholic intake.
I poured a little for myself, but was pressed down by her hand: Oh, dont drink it, you can just
drink Sprite. Later you still need to drive.
I didnt know how my hand could be pressed down by her hand. I didnt speak, my heart jumped
around wildly.
But, the good part was that she didnt take back her hand.
I looked at her, she looked at me. We were in the midst of the hot oil steaming from the hotpots.
Feis small face, was red, her eyes, dense with fog.
Fei, I have something to ask you. I slowly said.
She watched me.
That day, when we made an appointment, you went to Paris, right?
She nodded.
Why did you trick me, and say you didnt go? Why didnt you go see me? How did you meet
up with the explosion?
Today, I must understand everything.
She didnt immediately reply. She slowly flipped the hand pressing on my hand over.
I looked at it. There was a red scar on it, on her white palm, startling.
I went to Paris. But, I was with another person. Jia Yang, a boy. We used to be very good in
Paris. She clearly spoke, little by little breaking my heart, At that time we were at the Lyons
Train Station. The explosion happened. To save me, he died. I cannot forget him.
Zu Zu Ferlande, gendarmerie, his body was buried by the flag. You must have seen this name in
the newspaper. Everytime I think of him, I feel he has never left. Did you see the scar on my
hand? It is he that is accompanying me. Jia Yang, I am just like this.
I let go of her hand, I felt after my internal organs were frozen, Qiao Fei used a hammer to
hammer them apart.
Qiao Fei drained the small cup of liquor, smiling gorgeously: Lets go home, Jia Yang.
I returned home. Xiao Hua seemed to ask about the hat matter. I dont even know what I said. I
fell asleep the moment I hit the bed.
Xiao Hua didnt ask about the hat matter again. On October 1, we went to a nearby city on an
island. The island was sparsely populated, its environment was pretty good. There were only
resorts for high ranking officials.
Our room was on the third floor, facing the big sea and the black reef.
Xiao Hua looked at the seaside scenery with me. She leaned against my embrace and said: Jia
Yang, I hope we will forever be like this, together, only us two.
I held her hand: Okay, Xiao Hua, okay.
But that night, I dreamed I was not here.
At Dalian, at the beach, it was raining. I was with Qiao Fei; but suddenly, this place changed into
the Lyons train station. The woman I loved had a man next to her with an obscured face. I knew
this place was about to explode, but I couldnt let him be there. I was about to run over there. If
anyone died, it should have been me. To save her, I would die, but I didnt run far, I couldnt run
faster than the explosion. The sound boomed, and the heat escalated. I yelled loudly Qiao Fei!
I woke up, thinking I was still in my dream.
I only saw the room burning, smoke and fire pervading the air.

Chapter 53
Qiao Fei

We were off for October 1 now. I slept at my house for two days until I exhausted my food
supply. Only when everything ran out, did I wash my face and go downstairs to buy things at the

In front of the yogurt platform, a brand was having a promotional.

Promoting things- usually sales were not good. I had a look, the waiter took a cup for me to taste.
It was mint flavored yogurt.

I said: Ah, like toothpaste, who would like that flavor?

The waiter looked at me, mysteriously smiling: After you eat it, your breath will become fresh
and very interesting. Think of it, who wouldnt be willing to kiss someone who has brushed their

This was very reasonable.

I remembered, being with Jia Yang before. One day, he ate all the mint ice cream and wanted to
kiss me. His mouth had a very fragrant taste.

As I indulged in my memories, I made the waiter misunderstand. She grabbed one and gave it to
me: How is it? Buy three, get one free.

Thanks. I am single. I laughed as I rejected her, and pushed the cart to leave.
She says she is single to imply that she wont be able to finish so much ice cream. Hmm maybe other
reasons too but I think ^^ is main.

I wanted to go buy chili sauce, and eat it with cucumbers when I went home.

Someone called me, it was a strangers number.

I picked it up: Hello?

Xiao Qiao comrade.

Hello, Huang Wei De Chief Engineer.

Whoa, you could tell who I was in an instant?

Havent you seen what I do?

Lao Huang laughed in the phone: Do you have time? Lets go out and Ill treat you.

You are currently here?

Otherwise why would I find you?

All right.

No matter who it was, only a lonely person appeared, not to mention, he was my enemy in
France. Lao Huang, this person was really fun and interesting. I happily accepted the invitation,
we decided to eat at a Spanish club.

I organized my house a bit, sat in a taxi to go there. When I got there, Lao Huang was already
there. Across from him was someone with his back towards me. His back made me feel very
familiar and intimate.

Lao Huang hugged me as soon as he got over and said: Qiao Fei, your color is great.

Im on break, I sleep well.

I said these words to him, when someone turned, and stood up.

He, you should know. My doctor, good friend, Doctor Cheng Jia Ming. You guys talked by
phone before. Lao Huang introduced us and said to the other person, Jia Ming, this is my
blood-related little sister, Qiao Fei. (TL: Ok Im pretty sure hes kidding about them being

Right, this face, this name, I knew them all.
We had met each other before, at the beach outside the city. That day Jia Yang had gotten drunk.
His big brother picked him up.

When we were on the phone before, I interpreted for him and the French doctors. Cheng Jia
Ming said your voice is a little familiar.

As of now, I was across from Cheng Jia Ming. I shook hands with him, seeing his face just as
cool as Jia Yangs face.

Ah such a complicated matter. I didnt know how to begin.

I could only pray this person didnt have such a great memory as I did.

You say you are an exchange student? Are you working now? As he sat down to drink stuff,
Cheng Jia Ming asked me.

Ive graduated. Right now, I am working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I answered

No wonder you dont go over to my place. Lao Huang helped me pour some tea, Where are
you interpreting now? I know, you may go abroad again right?

Before October 1, I have always been learning to determine if I should stay in the high elite
interpretation bureau or go abroad. After October 1, we will be split up. I said.

I saw Lao Huang put a spoonful of sugar in his black tea.

Oh, Lao Huang, dont you have diabetes?

So loud, do you want to tell everyone here? Cheng Jia Ming said.

I looked at him: You are his doctor, you dont even care?

Lao Huang laughed, drinking his tea, seeing how Cheng Jia Yang would combat me.

Care about what? He said.

Controlling the diet, making sure one is healthy.


A long life of 100 years.

Do you think you can?

No, its not this. But at least you will live longer, live a little more comfortably.
What counts as comfortable?

It was finished, I could not keep up.

What do you think counts as comfortable?

As long as I can eat, drink, play, sleep, it is comfortable. Cheng Jia Ming said, He is sick, I
only care about giving medicine, therapy. Whatever he wants to eat, as long as he is comfortable
it is okay.

Whoa, that was all right. Sometimes, I really couldnt look down on the mid-youth.

He was very satisfied as he looked at me, smiled, and only said to Lao Huang: Did you see that?
She is still a child, so see through.

Arent you a hepatobiliary doctor? You switched right? Were you a lawyer before?

Are you saying that my mouth is better? Maiden? Cheng Jia Ming pointed to himself as he
said this, even more happy.

I am saying you are good at making excuses, especially at making the black into white.

Lao Huang laughed loudly, waving his hand to call the waiter over to order food.

Lao Huangs taste included cholesterol high, fat high, high-calorie Spanish food, baked eel with
fat oil, with white wine, drink a bottle of their own. He used half of the liver to get his blood
metabolism flowing. When I saw this, I was struck silly.

A female singer was singing a Spanish song, a male and a female were dancing. They danced a
very hot and beautiful dance.

Cheng Jia Ming was sucked in by the female singer, listening to her voice.

I also felt this song was very good, I asked: What are they singing.

Happy Life.

Then how do you understand Spanish?

Cheng Jia Ming watched me: Why didnt you see the projection next to the stage?

Really, I was absentminded and actually didnt see the projection next to the stage with the lyrics
and translated Chinese.
Cheng Jia Ming ate quite a bit, grabbed the pen that he brought wherever he went and wrote
down some things, giving it to the waiter. He paid money and said to him: Give this to the
singer, and help me send a bouquet of the flowers she likes.

Lao Huang saw this: Jia Ming, your nature really does not change.

The man laughed lightly: Didnt you hear the song theyre singing? Happy life, happy life.

His fingers were slender, the goblet with red wine in the palm of the hand gently turned, the side
of his head looked at the beautiful singer. She received his flowers and money, smiled to him.
He nodded,and raised a glass of wine to the woman.

Next was the dance. The singer became Cheng Jia Mings partner. The two of them danced. He
was really good at dancing.

How was I to exercise restraint, I could not control myself and looked at him carefully.

This mans face was so similar to Jia Yangs.

High forehead, straight nose, thin flying lips, white transparent color.

But it was only, the other person, would not be like this. Saying things casually like that,
laughing dissolutely, dancing beautifully, nothing else in his eyes but his own happy life.

Lao Huang drank about enough. He nagged at me: Qiao Fei, big brother will be going off to
Shanghai now. In the future, I will come see you again. You too, if you go, definitely look for

Little sister, you are really good, you are cool enough.

Dont you feel, I am like a boy?

Oh, right, thats right, you are like a small buddy.

Most of the people thought this. I sighed.

A song ended, Cheng Jia Ming kissed the singers hand, walked over, looked at me, and looked
at Lao Huang.

Ill send you guys back.

Back? Lao Huang said, stood up, his body swaying, Where else are we going to play?
You have talent. The maiden still needs to rest. Cheng Jia Ming patted his back, Lets go,
lets go, Lao Huang. We are going to return.

Cheng Jia Ming and I sent Huang Wei De back to his hotel. Before we left his room, he grabbed
some medicine for Lao Huang to eat.

We went on the elevator together, downstairs.

In the elevator of the high class hotel, the walls were shining brass, like a mirror, but it had a soft
luxury light.

I looked at myself, Cheng Jia Ming looked at himself.

Then we looked at each other.

Qiao Fei, how old are you?

Ah! I looked at him, Who asks these things?

Last last year I was 29.

Then I wont tell you either.

Its a little weird.


Why do I feel you are like the branch secretary from my junior high school. He seemed like he
was talking to me, but also talking to himself.

My heart thought, Uncle, when you were in junior high school, I hadnt even graduated from
kindergarten okay?

Youre so old now, why cant you remember the classmates you had in middle school? I asked
him, word by word, emphasizing the word old.

He had never been told off by anyone like this. Seeing my expression, he looked like he had
eaten a fly.

Really, you brought back my memories of her

W-h-y? No, please, teach I waited for him, to see what this person would say.

She controls everything, Mom in my classical matters.
As soon as I heard this, I felt these words were truly ridiculous, so I laughed, and stopped
fighting: This is the first time I heard the words Mom in my Classical Matters, hahahaha.
Small phrases, are very sharp ah.

The elevator reached our destination, we went out.

We went out of the hotel. Cheng Jia Ming said: Get on my car. Wheres your house?

I stood: No need, thank you. There is the subway. Ill take the subway home.

It really is that you are younger. Getting mad so easily? As for what? Come, Ill send you.

Really no need. Thank you, Dr. Cheng.

Lao Huang isnt here. I dont sit on strangerss cars. I said.

Cheng Jia Ming stood next to his car, a very interesting smile on his face.

I also am not familiar with you, but, are we really strangers? Qiao Fei.

I couldnt understand the meaning of his words.

There were words inside these words ah.

I looked at him.

At this time, his phone rang.

He said sorry to me, opened his phone: What?

what time?


ok, I will go there immediately.

He said to me: Im really sorry. I have some matters. I must go immediately.

I nodded, feeling like something serious had happened: Okay, go quickly.

He went on his car and said to me again: Really sorry, I cannot send you off. Something
happened in my family.

I sat on the subway, thinking about Cheng Jia Mings words. He said, with a heavy tone,
something happened in his family.
My stomach was a little hurt. I used my hand to press it a bit, really, I hadnt eaten anything
before, but the pain gradually intensified. In the end, I shrunk into a ball on my seat.

I clutched my stomach, going home, puking a mess, staying on the toilet, until I couldnt
straighten my waist, until I puked all over the place. Xiao Deng was scared, and supported my
back: Fei Fei, how are you? Ill send you to a hospital.

I waved my hand and touched the wall, standing up. When I saw my face in the mirror, devoid of
all color, only seeing my black eyes, this was not right ah. I had never had this kind of problem.

I suddenly thought of something, my abortion. When I gave up on me and Jia Yangs child, Jia
Yang told me, in another place, he had basically been pained to the point of blood seeping out his

A huge fear enveloped me in an instant.

Chapter 54
Qiao Fei

I grabbed the phone and called Jia Yang. Apart from his handphone number, my mind was
completely blank. What manners, self-esteem, self-knowledge? I threw them all aside. I just
wanted to make sure that Jia Yang was safe and all right. No matter how far apart we were and
no matter who he was with, it was fine with me as long as he was okay.

However, I was unable to contact him. After the tone, the call was unable to go through.

My stomach was still hurting. I curled up in my own bed, and dialed his number over and over
again. I heard repeated beeps over and over again. I was only thinking about Jia Yang in my

He loved me and treated me so well. He wanted me to be happy and carefully suffered his
grievances all by himself. But what did I ever do for him? It was not easy for him to come Paris
for work and I was already at the lobby of the guesthouse, yet I did not go see him. I even told
him that I was with another boy.

It was not like that, Jia Yang. I did not tell you, but ever since I met you, there was no one else in
my eyes and in my heart. Did you know how painful it was to learn, and be an intern, and yet I
still continued to be silly and pretended to be happy everyday. What supported me for so long?
What made me persevere on and not give up? It was you, Jia Yang, and only you. I want to be
with you, work together with you, live together with you. I have never been willing to do
anything else.

Jia Yang, you need to be fine. I want to see you and I still have a lot of things that I have not said
to you. Nothing must happen to you, Jia Yang, I do not have much of anything left already. Even
if I have to look at you from a distance that is all right. But if I lose you, what reasons do I have
to live on?

I was confused. Xiao Deng snatched my phone away, and forced some chinese herbal medicine
into my mouth. I choked until I was a mess, however my stomach pain seemed to have slowly
become better. But I started to have a severe headache, and fell asleep in a daze.

When i woke up, it was dawn. I picked up the phone to continue dialing Jia Yangs number
however it still could not be connected, it still could not be connected

Xiao Deng heard me and ran over from her room and snatched away my phone.

Please give it back to me, I beg you.

Are you out of your mind?

I have a friend that seems to have gone missing.

Then go around and ask people. Being like this is not solving the problem.

She was right, I really must be not thinking straight. I cannot find him but I can go look for
Cheng Jia Ming. I have his name card that he gave me yesterday in my pocket. I trembled as I
dialed his phone number.

After ringing 3 times, Cheng Jia Ming answered the phone.


Hi Dr Cheng, I am Qiao Fei.


I, I want to ask you

I was incoherent, and could not even continue talking.

On the other side of the phone, Cheng Jia Ming said: Listen to me, Qiao Fei. I am in the
hospital now. My colleague just operated on Jia Yang and he is resting now.

He went for a surgery? What exactly happened to him?

I could not care less and asked: How is Jia Yang?

He was having a vacation on the island, and his hotel caught fire. He was hit in the back by the
lintel, but fortunately he was rescued by his companions.
What kind of injury does he have? Is it serious?

He broke his shoulder bone, he needs to recuperate.

After hearing what Cheng Jia Ming said, I could not say anything. I just felt that my whole body
and limbs became empty.

After a while, Cheng Jia Ming said: Hello?

Yes, Dr Cheng, its me.

Jia Yang is in a stable condition now. His family is taking care of him. If you wish to visit him,
you will have to wait for another few more days, and come visit him together with your
colleagues. Do you understand what I mean?

Yes, I understand. Thank you, Dr Cheng.

I put down the phone and placed all my weight on the bed as I lay on the bed.

Xiao Deng asked me: So how was it? Do you know of the situation now?

I frowned and said: Xiao Deng, do you believe that there is really telepathy between people?

I believe. Xiao Deng sat beside me, If two hearts come together, the body will also feel the

Really? I muttered.

Is his injury serious? Do you want to go see him?

His shoulder bone is broken. I will go see him in a few days. Im not very worried about him.
He has a lot of people who will take care of him.

Then, go take a shower and sleep for a while, Fei Fei. Look at how you are tormenting yourself.

Thank you, Xiao Deng.

I turned my body over and rested on the bed.

Cheng Jia Yang

I woke up and felt my body in pain.

I heard someone say: He is awake. Jia Yang woke up.

I just felt the glaring sunlight, and slowly opened my eyes to see my mother in tears.
I heard the doctor say: Cheng Jia Yang?

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Thats me. My throat was so dry.

He used a flashlight to shine into my eyes, and nodded to the people around me.

I became like a panda surrounded by people. It was hard for me to see my parents and my
brother at the same time, and my uncle and aunt on my father and mothers side. So many
relatives. I slowly opened my mouth and asked: Xiao Hua, where is she?

The scene in the past still flickered in front of me. In the fire, we fled panickedly, outside. I
pushed Xiao Hua, but I fell myself on the lintel, falling to the ground, unmoving. Xiao Hua cried
out my name: Jia Yang, Jia Yang, lets go, quickly, move a bit. Her hands pushed hard on the
hot red lintel. I heard some sounds, I was pressed underneath, but my head was still clear and
sober. I said: Xiao Hua, go, quickly go. We cannot be here together!

No, no, Jia Yang, what did you say to me? Didnt you promise me that we would be together
forever? She cried and refused to give up. Using her hands, feet, using all of her strength to
push aside the object pressing down on me, already wounded, Jia Yang, dont continue to be on
the ground, Im begging you, promise me, okay?!

I heard her crying sounds, my body slowly loosened. I moved out. Xiao Hua grabbed me. I only
felt a tear on my shoulders and legs, like a sharp pain. I was pulled under from the lintel by her.

The last thing I remember was that we fell heavily on the bench, looking for a window, jumping
down from somewhere. The last thing I remember was that we heavily fell on the sandy beach,
and then I lost consciousness.

I said I wanted to see XIao Hua. They were anxious for a moment, but not after too long, Xiao
Hua finally came. Behind her were her parents. I saw her, and felt very scared. Her hands were
covered with heavy bandages and she was pushed in by a wheelchair.

I thought of it, but I could not move. I reached out my hand towards her: Xiao Hua, are you
okay? Why are you like this?

She reached over to grab my hand: No, dont worry. My legs hurt, and it is only a mobility
inconvenience, as she said this, she began to cry again, But you, Jia Yang, you must stay in
bed to recover.

Sorry. I said.

What are you saying? Xiao Hua used her handkerchief to wipe her tears, at last she couldnt
control it and they dripped down, It was I who shouldnt have, I shouldnt have mentioned
going there for break.
I did not really experience life and death. When I saw people burst into tears after a catastrophe,
it would feel less realistic, such sensational scenes, like a drama. I just thought, in this
profoundness, the plot of a drama seemed to be all the same. I was dependent on this destined
woman, the one that had been through life and death with me.

For this sudden accident, there was even a more important meaning.

Xiao Hua and I had formerly had different identities, respectively meeting each others parents.

Under this tactic of love unto death, it made the elders feel moved.

I didnt know which elder whispered: These two children ah, they are naturally supposed to be

My wound was very sensitive, I didnt know which step had been mishandled, this day had
become burning hot. I did not hurt, but it became swollen and swelled. I began to have a fever,
the heat was comfortable. Many people turned me around and around, only caring about
injecting needles or another tube. My heart still felt fortunate. If it wasnt for this fever,
soberness, I would have to painfully die. Some people cried. I struggled to open my eyes. It was
Xiao Hua. I wanted to tell her, Xiao Hua, you dont need to cry anymore, dont always cry for
me, I should still sleep for a while more.

Sometimes I would dream.

When i dreamed of Qiao Fei, I would pinch myself. Warm and soft, I was really dreaming.

Then there was nothing to fear and I said the words to her straightaway: How did I offend you
that you would do this to me?

She did not rebut, she watched me, good temperedly listening to my lecture.

I am not sick, I am about to die. I feel like I have to train you. Sometimes when you do things,
especially towards me, it is really not right.

When two people love each other, will they separate the money so precisely? So what if I want
to buy something for you? What cynical, stuffy life do you live ah?

I said a sentence, a phrase, origin, my unintentional sentence, You almost sent me to my death.

What studying abroad, work matters, let me tell you, you also dont need to thank me, I am doing
this for myself. I know, your thanks, is also unreal, your heart still hates me, right?

So I have known you for a long time, I do not need to be afraid to tell you, I actually have a lot of
interest in you. You pretend to be bold, but you are usually generous, you will consider
everyone, but you just dont care about me. I am not the same, I dont care about anyone else, I
just want to ask you.
All right, you dont need to apologize, say something happy. Can you two be together?

Give me some happy words.

Why did speaking in my dream also require physical strength.

I was so tired enough to choke. Really disappointed. I hadnt dreamt of Qiao Feis give me
some happy words yet when I woke up.

When I woke up again it was Xu Dong at my side. His hand was on my face: Jia Yang, why did
you toss and turn into this state?

Jia Ming sat at the side: Xu Dong you are right. He almost did not get leukemia.

What happened to me?

No, youve been in a coma for two days and nights. Jia Ming said.

Did anyone come see me?

Family. You guys chat, Im going to go tell Xiao Hua you have woken. Jia Ming said as he
went out.

Isnt the person you want to see most, here? Xu Dongs hand was still on my face. This guy, at
this moment, accounted for my cheapness. I hit him with my injured hand.

Xu Dong made his move: I have seen your skills for a long time, rascal, your big brother even
said you have been extremely sick.

Cut the crap. I said, As for you, I havent seen you for a long time, how are you?

Can I smoke or not?

Open the air conditioner, give me a cigarette.

Xu Dong lit a cigarette and put it in my mouth, watching me deeply breathe it in, he said: I am
going to be a dad. My wife is pregnant.

I was thrown back for a moment: Which wife?

First wife.

You got it?

Within the plan.
I didnt mention Wu Jia Yi. Seeing Xu Dong smoking, his back to me, I was silent for awhile:
You know, Jia Yang, some women are used for life, some people can only be used for love.

The door opened, Xiao Hua walked in.

I said: This is

This is

Xiao Hua laughed to Xu Dong as she said: You came over to specifically send cigarettes right?
I know you guys are childhood friends, so only you know him the best, right?

Xu Dong laughed, lighting his own cigarette, taking my cigarette also, pinching it out, the traitor.

Hes all right, lets eat together. Xu Dong said, Ive only seen your show before, the actual
person is a lot prettier than on the TV.

Thank you. Xiao Hua was very happy.

Xu Dong hadnt sat down for a while when he said the company had some matters and left first.

Xiao Hua sat by my side, watching me: You almost scared me to death.

Oh, I said, Who knows, I have never gotten sick, but now I have gotten a huge illness. I
shook my head.

Right, Xiao Hua said, Your single colleagues called, they said they wanted to come see you, I
didnt let them.

The me who was laying down immediately sat up, enduring my pain on my back as I asked her:
What time?

When you were muddled.

She looked at me: Jia Yang dont worry. Arent you better now? Ill let them see you tomorrow
or the day after that okay?

Chapter 55
Cheng Jia Yang

I thought Qiao Fei would come along with my colleagues to see me, but she didnt.

My feelings were very complicated.
This fiery situation made my heart feel at ease, but it also destroyed my heart. All this time, what
had I been struggling with, what had I been pursuing? A persons destiny was like the trajectory
of the stars, not allowing the slightest deviation. I had accidentally passed by Qiao Fei, making
me not able to find my direction for a long time. As for Xiao Hua, she pulled me back to my
original direction.

I would have to go down this path for the rest of my life, calm, peaceful, until I died.

I turned on the cot, when another issue emerged that troubled me. I thought about it carefully and
was very clear on what I would tell myself: 80-90% she did not know I had been injured,
otherwise she would come to see me. I had a fever one day, she was very anxious. If she knew
my circumstances currently she would come no matter what.

Thus, she definitely didnt know.

I came back, injured. I would have a look of indifference. She would ask me, I would say, Its all

Right now I was basically all right, then I must go back quickly.

When the doctor suspended my arm, my father came.

He didnt say much to me, waiting only by my side. Pretending to be a statue, the bandage tying
took two hours, he was there for the whole time.

The doctor finished it for me. I sat in his car to return to the Ministry. When I got off, he said to
me: Dont do much these next few days, return home to rest a bit earlier. Your wound, you still
must take care of it.

I said: Yes, Dad.

I returned to my office, naturally going through a passionate welcome, warm greetings. I wanted
to exchange my work with my colleagues, the head said: Dont worry, Jia Yang, rest more.

I said: Did you finish the new translation?

The head said: Its basically done. Ah, this is the names of all the people staying in the
Ministry. Take a look, you should still take care of the new trainees.

I took the roster he gave to me and looked at it. Qiao Feis name was not on it.

I looked at the head: You didnt let that child stay?

Which one?

The one that knew sign language. The one that you said was equivalent to having two people.
You mean Qiao Fei? The head asked.

I was still afraid you didnt know her. Right, Head, where has she been divided to?

I dont know her? The whole ministry knows her. The head said, This maiden applied for an
office in Cte dIvoire herself.

I immediately froze there.

What happened? How can you allow female colleagues to go there? Its chaotic and full of
plague. She applied there, did you approve it?

If it wasnt for a lack of people, no one would go, Qiao Fei insisted, and kept reporting to the
roster, so her special request was granted, and now this girl is all typical. We must call on the
diplomatic front to learn from her .. Shell leave in a few days, were on break now so might as
well pack now.

I nodded my head: Then Im going. Director, you go do your stuff first.

I quickly left the heads office. I heard him say behind me: Jia yang, dont be so anxious to start
working, take care and rest..

I called Qiao Feis phone number, this time it was great, she quickly picked up: Jia Yang?

Its me. Where are you?

At home.

Dont go anywhere, I will be there in half an hour.

I have to go out now, do you need anything?

Let me tell you, I said into my headset, Dont go anywhere.

I hadnt knocked on the door when Qiao Fei opened the door. She looked at my arm, her face
devoid of expression: Youve been discharged.

Youre still pretending with me, right?

I had never felt so evil before, but I had really had enough of this act.

She watched me, quietly making way, letting me in. The door was still open.

There was only her at home. I sat on the sofa, suddenly not feeling like I had to say anything.
After a while, Qiao Fei poured me some water. I lifted my head to ask her: Do you know what
kind of a place Cte dIvoire is?

She didnt speak, sitting down, her head looking out towards the window.

Im speaking to you.

Then she turned her head, laughing happily, saying: What about it? As for what? Someone has
to go.

You worked so hard for nothing? In that type of place, people who know average French can
go. Your French studies were all for nothing? My throat was sore, otherwise I would have
roared this.

Dont you feel you are caring about too many things? What status are you using to speak to
me? She kept smiling, but she sharply refuted me, Listen to me, Cheng Jia Yang, no matter
what status you have, you and me, we speak a bit more than we should. Dont you think this

We had never argued before. Qiao Feis words made my fire rise, my legs stood up in an instant,
an arm hoisted by my shoulder. I shook it: You do not know good and evil, Qiao Fei. I, youre
asking me what status Im using to talk to you? I, what status?

I was so mad I was speechless, Yes, you are right. What do I count as? Why am I caring about
you? But, Qiao Fei, you wont think about your parents right? Theyve raised you for so many
years, and now youve become an interpreter through so much effort. Going to Africa, two years
until you return, who can you confront when you come back?

She didnt speak, but turned her head around. Her hand trembled, lighting a cigarette for herself,
I said: Give me one.

She looked at me, putting a cigarette into my mouth, helping me light it.

We were both stabilized for a moment.

I fiercely breathed in a mouthful of smoke, saying to her:

I have not come to you to discuss this. I have come to tell you, Comrade Qiao Fei, you cannot
go to Cte dIvoire anymore, word by word, I said it very clearly, Dont you not want to be an
interpreter anymore? Thats too good, you dont even have to be an elite interpreter of the
Bureau. I can find you another good place.

I planned to walk away, not saying anymore words, this more painful than the surgery knife:
You dont have to go work first. Wait for me to get a new report.

I said this as I left. My shoulders wound was really hurting.
Jia Yang, what are you doing this for? She asked behind me, I do not agree. I will not

The civil servant obeys his superior, I said to her, and Qiao Fei, you have known me for so
long, have you seen anything I cant do?

She didnt say anything sitting there, watching me.

I originally couldnt stand stable, being like this, a small face, her pair of alluring cat eyes, made
my mind shake.

Who did you learn to smoke from? I asked.

Foreign friends, Ive been smoking for a long time now.

Do you know it is bad for your body?

Do you know?

I dont care. I said the truth.

Me too. She said.

We really were unsavable, I couldnt speak anymore with her.

I slammed the door and left.

Qiao Fei

Jia Yangs recovery was pretty nice, running towards me and roaring.

After he left, I got angrier and angrier. I was usually someone who could talk back, but when I
saw Cheng Jia Yang, I ran out of power.

I fell asleep the moment my head fell back.

I was awoken by the ringing of my cell phone. It was already the nighttime.

I looked at the number. It turned out to be Bo Bo. She had just returned from Paris, and wanted
to treat me and Xiao Dan to some wine. I didnt have any energy, and was pretty lazy, so I said
to her: Next time, Im tired.

Why are you so boring ah? Quickly come out. It was hard for Xiao Dan to get out of overtime.
Plus, we havent seen each other for so long.

Ok ok.
I got up. I washed my face and went out the door.

When I reached the appointed bar, I saw a pair of pretty and bright people.

They looked at me. Bo Bo said: Ah sit farther away, I dont want to know what I shouldnt.

I felt very sleek.

One day, when I was reading the newspapers, in the April issues, the French Paris Lyons train
station bombing news was mentioned, and Zu Zu Ferlande gendarmerie was killed to protect the
innocent citizens.

At that time, I crawled under the desk under my window, the sunlight streaming through the big
glass window and shading my body, like a warm pair of hands. I opened my own palms. On it
was the mark Zu Zu had given me.

Are you alright? I said, Zu Zu, you said, God would send you other errands. Are you doing
well now?

I am good now, I am a civil servant of my country now, but, sometimes I am a little lonely. If
you have time, come see me.

I heard someone cough. Looking over, Cheng Jia Yang stood at the other side of my book shelf.

Chapter 56
Qiao Fei

Jia Yangs arms bandages had been removed. His hand hung about as he watched me.

I stood up, asked him: Do you need anything, senior brother?

Yes. he said, Please help me find a report on the NATO military forces in Yugoslavia on the
world newspaper.

This was very old news, I opened the the computer to check.

I found the newspaper year, date and archive number, according to the number of the fifth shelf
it was on the second level of newspapers.

I gave him the newspaper, then I logged it.

Jia Yang took it, watched me: How is it, He looked like he was looking for suitable topics to
talk about, Are you you busy?
You saw it. I said, I originally wanted to go take an afternoon nap.

All right. Thank you. Im leaving first.

Ah, no problem.

Jia Yang had just left, when i received a phone call from a high level interpreting company, they
wanted me to go for a trip. I asked for leave from the old interpreter, he held scissors cutting the
newspaper, didnt raise his head as he said: Go early, come back early, if anyone else borrows a
newspaper, I cant find it.

It turned out to be an international meeting. There were not enough interpreters in the Ministry
so they temporarily transfered people from other offices, to help out with the meeting, recpetion,
escort, and so on. The senior sister in charge of this times interpretation group read out
everyones job. I estimated I could accompany the representatives wives watch the conference. I
could do this. The English interpreter Zhao Peng Yuan greeted me from far away. I smiled to
him when the senior sister came to my name.

Qiao Fei.


The senior sister saw me sitting by the window and slowly said: On the second day of the
meeting, November 15, you are going to participate in the morning, 9:15 to 11. In the afternoon,
14:15 to 16:00 as the meetings French simultaneous interpreter.

After she finished, I dumbly stayed there. I recovered my senses after a while. What kind of a job
opportunity was this? This was too great, my situation had improved, my, Qiao Feis luck had

I looked at the many jealous looks besides me. I suppressed my smile. Their hearts were just
cursing that I was a fool. Well now watch. I prepared the work well, and I would definitely
complete the task exceptionally. Just watch.

After she finished arranging the assignments, the senior sister adjourned the meeting. I was
called back by her and stayed back.

She gave me a huge pile of files: Qiao Fei, this is your first job. You must prepare well.

I said: yes yes yes.

She looked at me, puzzled: Such a good child, why did you want to go to Cote dIvoire back

I said: Arent we doing things for the civilians?
All right, prepare well now. Help our citizens in China and itll be okay.

I took the files the senior sister gave me and began my fierce battle. This sudden assignment
seemed to give me new energy. I ate a lot, exercised a lot, and slept well.

One night when i was eating with Xiao Deng, the TV was playing The God of Cookery.

The newly arisen Stephen Chow said to the bad guy played by Ng Man Tat: You have to admire
me, Ive risen again!

I fiercely shook my head.

Xiao Deng said: Did you put yourself into the movie again?

Embarrassed, I said: No, quickly, eat fish. Its good.

However, I was so full of energy and high spirits about the meeting that morning. When I put on
my suit and attached my interpreter card to my chest I found my heart suddenly beat suddenly

My team leader didnt notice when I walked out of the rest room. I saw the different
representatives of the different countries had already entered.

I looked towards the meeting area. I had seen this venue before. At the time, I saw the
outstanding performance of Cheng Jia yang, and today, this would be the first place I worked at.
The first time, I did simultaneous interpretation.

No, I must go smoke.

I was just about to go find a smoking room, when Cheng Jia Yangs voice came from behind me:
Qiao Fei.

I turned around to look at him.

Cheng Jia Yang wore a black Western suit, the same color as his shirt and tie, a white face, a
white skinny face, with meticulous clothing, he was really very handsome.

At this moment, I had many things to say to him, but I didnt know what to say and what to not
say. I only looked at him.

He warmly extended his hand, helped me adjust my nametag in front of my chest- slowly, gently
saying: Dont worry, Qiao Fei, no one is better than you.

I nodded: I am not anxious.

He could not help but laugh.
What are you doing? Are you going to interpret today? I asked Cheng Jia Yang.

I will accompany the United Nations leaders, after a while, there will be talks and interviews.

I continued to nod my head.

All right, you can go. Do you remember what I said to you?

Of course, I used my finger to point at myself, I am very exceptional.

A senior brother and I will be partnered together. Before we sit down we will shake hands and
make our greetings.

When my hand held the pen, when I pressed the open/close button for the professional
interpretation, when I heard the first sentence in French, and I simultaneously used fluent
Chinese to say: Our sustainable development of economic and social development, as people
admire longevity

It was very clear. I, Qiao Fei, was very exceptional.

Cheng Jia Yang

After the meeting ended, we sent the great leaders of the United Nations on their way, and there
was not any important tasks for a while.

I heard Qiao Feis work recording, and felt she could be rated at an 85% now, even though it
wasnt chic enough, she had already prepared well. Over more time, she would become the
greatest interpreter of all time.

When I thought of this, I was sitting in front of the computer, playing pool. I couldnt find an
opponent so I could only play with the computer.

Xiao Hua helped me pour milk. When she saw me playing pool, she laughed.

How do you have the mood to play with yourself?

Not really, I took her milk, and drank a sip, I used to have a pretty good opponent but I dont
know where she went off to.

Really? You also have an online friend?

Why cant I? I looked at her.

Guy, girl? You wont be having a love fling over the internet right?

I laughed: Dont be so crude.
Speaking of this, I really had not seen the I do not believe I cannot register for it who had
changed her name to Pear Concedes to Kong Rong. It seemed that everyone had what they had
to do, what they had to be busy about, and no one would have time listen to your talk.

Xiao Hua said: If youre about done then rest. Dont be too tired.

Ok, you sleep first. Ill bathe and then come.

Qiao Fei who excelled in the conference was promoted to an elite translator by the director, and
worked in the neighboring office from then on.

On the second day, the deputy director of personnel management brought her to the offices that
had similar duties, meeting colleagues, when we were introduced to each other.

We shook hands. Qiao Fei said to the deputy director: I know Senior brother Cheng. We were

The deputy director hit her forehead: You see, I forgot. Right, your training was also overseen
by Jia Yang.

I said: Work hard.

Fei said: Thank you.

In the afternoon, my mother called me. It was her secretary who had the phone: Jia Yang, wait a
while. The chief has to talk to you.

Jia Yang. My mothers voice.


In the afternoon lets eat together.

All right.

Well get in my car to go to a Western restaurant. Ill wait for you at the door.

All right.

I put down the phone, sighing.

It was almost the afternoon, a little empty. The brother sitting opposite me made a long distance
call home. He said into the phone: Mom, really, I already ate breakfast, can I not eat..

I wore a windbreaker to go downstairs. When I was in the hallway I saw the English interpreter,
Xiao Zhao standing behind Fei saying: Really, that time, I was really worried about you. I even
said, how can a maiden go there. But, you really are great. I heard them say that your business is
quite outstanding..

I stood next to them waiting for the elevator, Xiao Zhao saw me and greeted me: Senior

Hi. I said.

Qiao Fei laughed along: Going to the canteen?

Ah, no, Im going somewhere else to eat. I said.

When they reached the floor for the canteen they went off the elevator.

Xiao Zhao was behind Fei half a step. He was quite protective of Fei.

My mothers Chinese car was in front, waiting for me. I got in. She was still holding files in her
hand as she looked at them.

When we reached the restaurant, she put down the work in her hands.

She watched the me who was eating foie gras: How are you so skinny now?

Im not.

You dont feel it yourself. Youve thinned quite a bit. She drank a sip of juice, Recently I
have to go out for a trip with your dad, it will be quite a long time.


Before we leave, I want to make an appointment with Xiao Huas parents to see them.

I lifted my head to look at her: All right. You wont need me to accompany you right? You
know, I will not entertain the elders.

My mother sighed: Jia Yang, you are no longer small. I was thinking to settle you and Xiao Hua

I was not that surprised. I basically felt this day would come. I used my napkin to wipe my
mouth: Why hasnt anyone pursued Jia Ming like this, and he hasnt married?

Jia Ming? My mother disapproved, If he loved a compatible girl so well like you and XIao
hua I would have thrown him a wedding by now.

This sentence had two points: One, this was a compatible girl; Two, she felt Xiao Hua and my
feelings were so well.
My mother spoke in a light tone, not knowing how high the standard was.

I didnt speak.

Jia Yang, what objections do you have, tell mother.

I have no objections, mom, what do you want me to do? I did what you did already. Do
you want me to propose to Xiao Hua? Ok. Ill mention to her tonight; will you get an
appointment with Xiao Huas parents or will I do it. Tell me. If you want, we can get married
quickly and get children quickly.

Mom, I dont have any objections. Why dont you tell me what you hope Ill do?

My mom was a little thrown off. I continued to eat.

Jia Yang, she slowly said, warmly smiling to me, What is it, Jia Yang. Mother is doing this
for you. I thought you had been together with Xiao Hua for so long, and there should be this
ending. You guys are not little anymore.

The steak was very hard.

I called the waiter: The steak doesnt taste good. Please change it to fried noodles.

He was conflicted: Sir, we only serve Russian food here.

My mom looked at me.

Please change it to fried noodles, and cucumbers.

Jia Yang.

I looked at my mother: Mom, can I choose what I want to eat myself?

What you wanted just now, was what you picked yourself.

Thats right, because you only brought me to this restaurant.

I threw down my napkin, walking to the door in big steps.

I walked in the bustling streets, watching people pass by me.

I only felt life was a secret network. I was like a secret intersection, tied to countless clues.

I wanted to calm down. I still needed to work in the afternoon.
At night, my mother called me again. She asked me, if I was busier lately, and if my mood was

I said, Mom, sorry, I shouldnt have left first in the afternoon.

My mother said, what she spoke of in the afternoon, if I had not prepared for it, she could put it
aside, but when the time came I would have to explain to Xiao Hua.

I hung up on my mothers phone call. Xiao Hua called again, to ask why I had not returned if it
was so late.

I suddenly felt very irritable, but I could not attack Xiao Hua so I controlled myself and said:
Wait for me to finish my work and then Ill be done.

I didnt wait for her to reply, when I hung up.

I should have returned to Xiao Huas place, but I drove down the street crazily, driving while
pouring beer into my mouth. It passed a long time, when I realized I parked in a familiar place.

The persimmon trees, the old styled buildings. I looked around. This was the downstairs of Qiao
Feis house.

I only felt my heart get a little wet, like a drowning man, struggling, and I finally ran onto the

Now, I really wanted, really wanted, to see her.

I could say anything, was there anything I couldnt do? I was this coward already.

I knocked on her door. A strange girl opened the door.

I saw Qiao Feis shoes at the door.

I said: I am looking for Qiao Fei.

Her voice came from inside: Jia Yang.

I entered her room with her. She opened the door, I closed the door.

She sat on the couch, as she watched me.

She looked like she had just bathed, her hair was very shiny, her body had the smell of a child.

I sat next to her, I looked at her.

Whats wrong? She asked me.
Fei, I called her name, my tears flowing, I put my head on her shoulder, I am tired.

Her warm hand hugged me in her embrace.

Chapter 57.1
Qiao Fei

I held Jia Yang. I held him for a long time until he fell asleep.

I supported him to my bed, putting him into my bed, helping him take off his shoes and clothes,
until all he had on were some shorts.

When was the last time I had seen this scene?

I wiped his face with a hot towel.

He closed his eyes, his eyelashes black and long, leaving a shadow on his white face.

This kind of a man, had firmly given me warmth and someone to rely on, but now he was so
helpless, crying into my arms.

Why did I always see his tears?

And these tears- most of them were because of me.

Was there any other incredible woman like this?

Making the man she liked cry.

Jia Yang turned over, arms around the quilt, his back towards me.

I saw his back didnt have any healed wounds and had formed into little red scabs now. I used
my hand to touch it, he moved a bit.

I slowly put my mouth on it. I lightly said: Jia Yang, does it hurt?

I was tired. Like this, I put my arms around the person I loved most, Cheng Jia Yang, and slept
next to him on the warm and soft bed.

Cheng Jia Yang

I slept very well. I opened my eyes to say: Fei, my back is itchy, help me scratch it a bit.

No one replied.
I sat up. I saw there was milk and bread next to the bed. I wanted to find a piece of paper, but
there was nothing.

Fei and her friend went to work.

I wore my clothes, washed up, and observed her room.

Before when I came, I ran over to argue with Qiao Fei about going to Africa, but I didnt
carefully examine her nest.

She liked light colors. She had used a light green for her curtains, bedspreads, and tablecloths. In
the deep autumn air, her room also had the breath of spring.

I opened her wardrobe. There were some simple, clean clothes. I thought, Maybe I can find the
things I bought for her before. Even one piece of clothing, a skirt, would be good, but I didnt
find any.

I flipped through her drawer.

I looked under the bed. I hoped I could find something in her place, something that had to do
with me.


I was very dejected, and I sat in the chair finishing the things she had prepared for me.

I drove to work, meeting Qiao Fei in the hallway who was going to copy files.

We were both a bit embarrassed. I said: Where are you going now?

Senior sister is letting me go abroad. She let me see the files in her hands.

Where? I grabbed the documents.

You saw it, the Ministry of Health is going to hold some international medical conferences in
Chengdu. They need some interpreters from here. Senior sister let me go.


The day after tomorrow.

The schedule is so tight? Why cant they give you some time to prepare?

There isnt time to prepare anymore. Originally, the Ministry of Health thought they could
handle it sufficiently, so they werent going to let us go in the first place. She took the
documents in my hands back, I wont talk to you anymore. Im going. I still need to work.
I wanted to call her back, but Qiao Fei walked quickly, her high heels making a clear sound.

I wanted to call Xu Dong out to drink some wine. In the phone he was very conflicted. I said:
You might as well turn against me like you dont know me. When you looked for me, when did
I never appear?

All right, all right, Im going now.

We met in the bar. He drank with me, his heart not in it. He said: If you have anything, say it.

You have to go home to accompany your wife?

I do have to accompany my wife, and my son. Now, I play piano for him everyday to teach

I laughed immediately so that it all sprayed out.

Xu Dong was very unhappy: Do not laugh at a prospective fathers responsibility.

I wasnt, I was touched. I continued to laugh.

You, I wont talk about you. After you marry and half a child youll know. Let me tell you,
right now when I see you, I only feel you are immature, really, you rascal, really immature. He
said this as he shook his head.

I havent even married, and youre talking about children.

Oh right, you should be about ready to solve your personal problems, how long will you
prolong this for? Youre waiting, the but the girl cant wait forever. That Xiao Hua isnt young
anymore, He watched me, But of course, she still looks pretty young on television.

Can you say something else? I drank wine: I asked you to come out to relax. Why are you
also discussing this with me?

Fed up ah?


This is it, youve gotten ahold of it, He laughed, Xiao Hua is in your palm, but you dont take
it seriously. What kind of person did I think you were, Cheng Jia Yang. Really, you are the same
as me. So stop mentioning the things I didnt do.

Was I? (TL: I believe hes asking if hes the same as Xu Dong)
I looked at him, if I wasnt, why did my heart obviously love one, but have another by my side;
if it wasnt, why did I purposely entangle with Qiao Fei time after time, when my head knew,
Xiao Hua was the destined woman?

Xu Dong saw Liu Gongzi holding a pretty girl by the door, extending his arm to greet him. I
said: Hold it. If you call him, Im leaving.

What? You two have really began a feud?

I said: You forgot, when we were little we didnt like to play with him.

Why do I remember it was you two who ran on me? Xu Dong said.

I returned to Xiao Huas place, taking off my clothes, bathing, sleeping.

Xiao Hua said: Did you sleep? You havent slept yet right?

I said: What did you do?

Today I went to go see Ming Fang. I bought two sets of small clothes for her child. Let me tell
you, Jia Yang, little kids, they are really things you cant tell clearly. In a moment shes grown to
be so big.

Really? I sat up, looking at Xiao Hua. She had put her hair up in a pigtail, wearing glasses, her
two hands helping her describe the events, She is a little curly, so white, her small hand so fat.
When she walks it is very strong. Plus, she knows how to say Auntie now.

I said: How big has she gotten?

Incredible right? Really, Jia Yang. I held her for an afternoon. Her body had a little milk scent
on it. Dont mention it.

I hd never seen Xiao Hua say things like this before, like a little kid describing the toy she liked

Right, I got Ming Fangs DV that she recorded of her daughter. Are you going to watch it?

Xiao Hua said this as she got the DV machine and let me see Ming Fangs daughter recordings.
When we saw the little white and fat rascal struggling with the couch, we both laughed.

Xiao Hua said: Its really strange. Two years ago, I didnt like children. Now, I feel theyre so
fun. Did I get old?

Yes, I did too.

She looked at me, I looked at her.
Xiao Hua finally said to me: Jia Yang, lets get married.

Qiao Fei

I arrived in Chengdu, registering in the hotel garden conference area. When I was registering,
someone greeted me.

I looked at him, with more experience. The world in stories was really smaller than a fishtank.

Doctor Cheng Jia Yang half laughingly said: You also came to have a meeting? I called you and
you didnt answer, and I even thought you disappeared.

That phone number was you? Haha, the number was weird. I even thought it was a scammer, so
I ignored it. Haha..

I knew it was you big uncle, so what if I didnt answer?

Haha, I was even saying, were you unhappy.

Of course not, what matters, what unhappy?

Hmph, in my experience the child of an influential family will have a sense of superiority and
even know my secrets that I am not willing to tell others. Ill remember you, defending against
you for a lifetime.

Im going upstairs. Bye.

Dont ah. Lets go together. Were both on the same floor.

In the elevator, Cheng Jia Ming asked me if I had ever came to Chengdu. I said, when I was
studying or doing a part time tourist job, I would stay here for a whole morning.

Then have you ever eaten Three Big Bangs [1]? (TL: Official name of the food is 3 big bangs
according to Sina which is totally a credible source T_T I saw it also as three big cannons)

Is it like candied fruit?

Its more pastry-like.

Is it good?

You dont even have to ask. It is really

When he said this, my stomach grumbled. The food on the airplane was hard and salty. When
Cheng Jia Ming mentioned the cuisine, I was unable to control myself.
I held it in.

Chapter 57.2
Qiao Fei (continued)

When he said this, my stomach grumbled. The food on the airplane was hard and salty. When
Cheng Jia Ming mentioned the cuisine, I was unable to control myself.

I held it in.

I didnt have time to go out alone.

I reached my room, bathed, and became to prepare the new documents for the meeting.

Not after too long, someone knocked on the door.

I opened it. It was a server. He held an exquisite box in his hands.

Do you need anything?

Miss, someone bought you desserts. It is the local favorite, Three Big Bang.

This cant be.

I could already smell it, so fragrant.

I took it, opening the box. Inside, it was a crisp yet soft, fragrant yet sweet Three Big Bang.
There was even jelly, a sesame ball, and steamed chicken with chili sauce*.

*This is literally called saliva chicken.

Cheng Jia Ming, I forgive you.

I looked at my documents while eating.

The second day the big meeting started. The one who was partnered up with me was an
interpreter from the Foreign Liason Bureau of the Ministry of Health. He was a very young boy
who stood up to shake my hand, called me senior sister. Frankly, even though my age had been
called a little older by him, the embodiment of respect was very useful. The representatives of
the Belgian Medical Association took the floor, I prepared, and energetically I successfully
completed the task.

In the afternoon there was a buffet. Later in the afternoon, there was the French representatives
statement. I didnt eat much, otherwise I would become drowsy. I drank less champagne, and
when I got wine, I saw the other end of the restaurant where Cheng Jia Ming was speaking to the

I walked over. Cheng Jia Ming was speaking English extremely fluently. It was only that these
Belgians only knew French and Dutch; they did not know English. The two people barely

Do you need help? I asked.

Cheng Jia Ming laughed: All right maiden. You came at the right time. Concerning their
computer-assisted fluid analysis of liver and gallbladder treatment currently in Europe that they
spoke about in the morning and the specific implementation, I still have a question..

The two people later began to talk happily, leaving their contact informations to each. In the
future, they would ask each other about joint research topics.

Cheng Jia Ming said: Youre pretty great. This morning, your simultaneous interpretation was
very good.

Thank you for the snacks yesterday that you sent.

As we spoke, his interest rose: Let me tell you, take-away three big bangs is worse by so much
than big bangs that just get out of the oven.


Tomorrow when we finish our meeting, lets go and stroll around. What do you think?

I basically agree.

That day after we finished out meeting, I made an appointment with Cheng Jia Ming at about
6:00. We were supposed to go out to stroll, but after 40 minutes the person still hadnt appeared.

I wore my windbreaker and went to find him. What was the matter. If he couldnt come I would
go alone.

I hadnt knocked on the door when someone opened the door.

A very tall woman.

Her face was thin, but she was very delicate, her makeup very bright.

She looked at me, laughed for a moment, sneering.

In the end, she left in bit steps.
The cleaning auntie pushed her work cart forward, a mysterious expression on her face.

What scene was this?

I used my knee to think, but I also knew this scene was very common in movies: The current
girlfriend would meet her predecessor, that womans heart would say, you will be his ex-
girlfriend sooner or later, the guy would say, sorry, I forgot to meet with you, and as of now,
there would be someone passing by, going back to tell his own school-age children to not learn
the game of love between guys and girls in the city.

Cheng Jia Ming saw me from inside: Sorry, really sorry. Im coming immediately.

Theres no need, I said, clear and imposing, I will go out to stroll, Doctor Cheng, if you want
to eat anything, Ill buy it for you and come back.

Cheng Jia Ming quickly put on his jacket and come out.

His left hand pushed my back outside: Oh, theres no other way, when we get to the end of the
world, these feelings will become a debt, one by one.

My heart thought, This person really had the guts to open his mouth.

When we reached the elevator, who knew that he would continue with: That woman just now
was my childs mother.

What did this have to do with me?

But this really made me very curious.

You have a child?

She had an abortion.

My heart pounded for a moment.

Is that why you cant marry?

You could put it like that.

We exited the hotel, walking along the road in front of the door.

What do you mean? What does you can put it like that mean?

Youve known Jia Yang for a long time and you know our background. That woman, she is not
from our group. The unfortunate me was discovered by my parents and I had to put it all in
Why does it feel like blood splattered everywhere?

Not at all. Cheng Jia Ming said, It was just some money. The girl agreed to break up, leave
me, return to her hometown. Ah, she was was someone from Chengdu, her skin was very good.

We saw a teahouse, Cheng Jia Ming said: What about this place? Im pretty familiar with it, the
food is good, and its programs are pretty good.

All right. I entered with him.

The usher took us upstairs, we had some refreshments, my interest was attracted by the story of
Cheng Jiaming, waiting for him to continue.

But he said: Quickly taste it, , is good. (TL: Im assuming the Chinese is a food but it
could also be an expression. Anyone know?)

Dont interrupt.

But this person kept his listeners in suspense. After eating some things, he wiped his hand and
looked at me and said to me: How do you see money?

You even need to speak, its good stuff.

Can it compete with feelings?

No no, how could it compete? I said, upset.

Everything has a price.

she, your girlfriend, how much money did she take from your parents?

Not a lot. I could have given it to her. Really not a lot. He drank some wolfberry soup, This is
only an excuse. She should have left me originally.

Was there a problem with your feelings?

Look under there, Qiao Fei.

I looked downstairs. There were a lot of people, most of them were pairs of guys and girls,
sitting there listening to songs, dating, hand in hand.

If it was an average guy or girl, their love would be trustworthy, even if there was a little half-
heartedness, but it would definitely not be a big problem. The person he loves, would ask him,
would fight for him, and sooner or later they would take out all the stops to defend this feeling. It
is really a disappointment that we ask for some things from the past. Problems occur over an eye
for an eye; but thats all.
This type of relationship had excitement and flavor, at least it was sincere.

He paused, looked at me, his eyes full of a gentle smile.

But if this person, had a bit of money, his background would be more complicated than the
average person. Then that would be bad.

Have a bit of sentiment, she thought, He had so much originally.

Be more passionate, her heart thought, How long would his enthusiasm last?

Giving a little more, but there were more misgivings, and he cannot hurt her pride.

If you have a temper then come at me. Someone you cannot easily attack, isnt this pressuring
someone and bullying her?

So, she left me. That was right; my parents, they were also right. It was only that it was the
perfect moment to become a catalyst. Me, her, we didnt do anything wrong. Someone like me,
including my little brother, we are not qualified to have true feelings.

Cheng Jia Ming slowly lowered his eyes: The wrong was that he was my child. He shouldnt
have been my child.

I felt my throat get dry. This type of a person, living so happily. It turned out he also had this

I said so much to you, are you bored? I feel, Lao Huang said to me before, Qiao Fei, you are not
an ordinary child.

I slowly said: So, Doctor Cheng, your heart is also bitter right?

He didnt lift his eyes. He put down his teacup, turned his head to me and said: There is a song
playing, listen to this one, it is very good.

A woman wearing a green emerald qipao brought her yueqin up, warmly singing a small song. I
didnt understand the lyrics, but only felt her voice was very clear and sad, like tears falling upon

Chapter 58.1
Qiao Fei

I returned from Chengdu. The day I got off the plane, it rained very hard. The plane hovered
slowly for a long time. Some famous car came to pick up Cheng Jia Ming. He asked me: What
about it, would you like to go with me? Be careful that youll be waiting for a long time until the
buses can get out of the airport.

I said alright and got on his car.

In the car, the smell made me think of Jia Yang. How long had I not seen him?

Returning to this city from the warm and humid south eastern city, the weather suddenly became
cold. I thought of Jia Yang, I thought of that night. I hugged him as he slept under my blankets,
my heart very warm.

Cheng Jia Ming answered the phone, said: Hello? Jia Yang.

I turned around to look at him. He winked.

Yes, thats right. I went to Chengdu for a conference.

How do you also know?

Yes, its the conference hosted by the Ministry of Health.

Haha, it was alright, not tiring, right, the plane was a little late.

Me ah, I dont know either. Tonight, I may go back,

Can I call you back later?

I have to first send a friend back home.

Mm, maybe you also know her. She is an interpreter who was sent out from your side.

I watched Cheng Jia Ming finish the call and glared at him.

Whats wrong, Qiao Fei? Are you unhappy? He put his phone away and looked at me, Did I
say anything wrong?

When he asked me, I also could not reply. Had he said something wrong?

But I knew his big brothers matters. I didnt want Jia Yang to know either. Even though there
was nothing abnormal about it, this made the circumstances seem more complicated.

Whats wrong? Cheng Jia Ming patted my shoulder, You shouldnt go to far right? Didnt
you and my little brother end it? Why do you have to be so nervous?

That is true. I said. The car already passed the international radio station. I said to the driver,
Shifu [1], I have arrived. You can just stop by the side.
[1] Shifu- A respectful form of address for older men

Cheng Jia Ming said: Didnt you say it was inside the Academy of Social Sciences on Yuquan
Road? Its still raining. Lao Wang, drive in. (TL: Lao Wang is the name of the driver)

I said: Its okay, its okay.

Cheng Jia Ming said: Go in, go in.

Very quickly, the car entered the courtyard. I saw Jia Yangs car underneath my house.

I was secretly conflicted. Cheng Jia Ming said: Why arent you getting off the car? Thats
perfect. We can go eat dinner together.

Ill go, Ill go. I really surrendered to this uncle, but I feared that I would not have

I lugged my luggage off the car myself. Inside, Cheng Jia Ming said to me: Qiao Fei, after a few
days, lets go out together. Give me some time.

Regarding this matter, you can discuss it with my secretary.

He laughed and told the chaffeur to drive away.

I walked towards the staircase, as I waited a bit to think of what i would say to Jia Yang.

I saw him get off his own car, braving the rain to come help me grab my suitcases. I said: Eh?
How come you are here?

He didnt speak, only taking my suitcases, walking up the stairs in big strides. I followed behind

XIao Deng opened the door, softly telling me: Hes been waiting for you for a whole

I said: I brought some spicy beef jerky. Try it.

I wont be tasting it. Save it for me, Fei Fei. Ive made an appointment with a friend to eat
dinner. She wore her jacket, grabbed an umbrella and left, turning back to wink at me.

Jia Yang put the suitcase down and said to Xiao Deng: Ill send you off. I also have to leave

Dont dont dont. She said hurriedly, Theres no need. Thanks though, it wont be far.
Very quickly, only Cheng Jia Yang and I were left in the room. We were shut in by the rushing
Xiao Deng. I turned back to ask him: Whats wrong Jia Yang? Why did you wait for me? Do
you need anything?

Its all right. He said. His face looked very bad, but he expressionlessly asked me, Is there
any water?

I went to go get him some water to drink but I found the water dispenser was empty.

I could only use a kettle to boil some water for him: Im afraid youll have to wait awhile.

You know my big brother? Jia Yang said, I saw his car just now.

Yes. I said.

I took a towel to wipe my hair. I looked at him, and gave him another towel: Youre also wet,
wipe it a bit.

He took it, wiped his face, his motions slow and warm.

When Jia Yang, this person, was thinking of things, even little children could tell.

I sat on another chair, slowly wiping my hair, thoughts flying through my head. No matter what,
Cheng Jia Ming was Jia Yangs brother. Knowing these two siblings, was just a coincidence. I
did not tell him the clear circumstances. When I made it more mysterious it really made it more

I have a friend who was your brothers patient. When he came over to see me, we ate together.
Isnt is so coincidental?

Oh. He put down his towel and watched me.

You can believe it if you want, but the circumstances are like this.

I never lied.

At least, I rarely lied before.

The water began to boil. I went to the kitchen to close the oven. I put the water into a small bowl,
pouring it into two bowls so that it could cool quickly.

Im a little tired. Tomorrow Ill report to you and senior sister about work. I said, Drink some
hot water, and leave.

I hadnt finished speaking when Jia Yang hugged me from the back.
My hands were still holding those two bowls, and I only heard the rain sounds outside the
window get louder and louder. It got so loud that it seemed to overshadow all the other noises in
the world.

Jia Yangs chin lightly fell on my shoulder, his face sticking onto my face, his breath warm and
gentle, his arm around my waist.

In this moment, I immediately lost my ability to think.

He held me like this for a long time, and finally slowly spoke into my ear: Fei, where are you
rushing me to? Where do you want me to go?

If I was not Qiao Fei, if I was a compatible maiden with him, I would grasp this warm hug and
happiness with him. If I was not Qiao Fei, even if I was poor, I was innocent, and a physically
and mentally healthy girl, even if I loved him, I would do my part to fight for any possible future.
If I was not Qiao Fei, if I was not be so hard and selfish, afraid to entertain any thoughts about
him. At least I had to turn back and kiss him.

But someone like me, my household, my background. My hearts wounds and my physical pain,
made me bear all my lessons in my mind, letting me know, as a person, I needed to play my part,
I could not break the rules, I could not become defeated, but I had to value myself more.

I spoke, spoke very warmly, but very clearly: Where do I want you to go? Jia Yang, I cannot
understand these words. I straightened my body. I wanted to leave this embarrassing embrace,
The water has cooled. After you drink it then leave. I want to sleep, I am tired.

I could not look back to look at him. I was afraid he would disintegrate my disguise, but I felt Jia
Yangs body grow stiff.

I put the small bowls down, and left him, going back to my own room to organize my luggage.

Jia Yang didnt leave immediately. I heard him sitting on the chair in the kitchen.

I changed into different clothes and lay on my bed, looking out the window sideways.

Jia Yang entered my room.

I closed my eyes.

Are you sleeping?

Of course I didnt speak.

Not after too long, he lightly slipped away.

He carefully closed the door to my house.

Chapter 58.2
Later I didnt see Jia Yang for a long time. I heard my colleagues say he went abroad with the

Throughout this time, because the foreigners were going to celebrate Christmas, we got a rare
leisure period. My work unit was organizing a singing competition. They helped me register for

I prepared a few songs to participate in the preliminaries. In the end, the commissioner helped
me pick two. One was Karon Moks song called You Can, the other was the Cantonese song
called Love and Passion

When Xiao Dan, Bo Bo, and I gathered together, I sang these two songs over and over again at
KTV until we they couldnt stand it anymore.

In the first round of the competition, my opponents were too weak, and I could win decisively.

But this activity brought more effects. There was actually a lady who I didnt recognize who
passionately asked of our internal activities. Sister Ma asked me if I, the noob interpreter had
fallen in love yet.

I didnt. I said.

Sister Ma was very happy: Leave this matter to your big sister. I will definitely help you find a
good one.

I heard people say, helping someone matchmake was the passion and the tradition of female
coworkers who were older than 40. As for me, I was really overwhelmed with favor from my

I also heard that if this type of thing happened to oneself, one must never shirk your duties. You
could break up after you married but you could never reject a middle aged womans good
intentions, otherwise you would have a ghastly death.

The middle aged women in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also middle aged women.

I said: Could you? Big sister, Ill have to trouble you then.

The sister who was in many positions arranged a date. Very quickly, I was to meet with a guy
from the Consular Division.

Before I went to the appointment, I only wanted to think of how I would deal with it. When I sat
on the bus, I saw guys and girls appearing in pairs. This made me think that I was not young
anymore, and thus I planned to try my best on this blind date.
We met in a newly opened restaurant. The guy from the consul was from Zhejiang. He wasnt
tall, but his face was very decent, white and clean, like he didnt work a lot.

For me, it was the first time I met with a guy that someone else recommended to me. I was a
little nervous. He probably relaxed to who knows where. For half an hour, we talked about the
happenings in college.

I made an excuse to go to the restroom, looking at my expressionless face. I thought, Oh, its not
that I didnt try hard, but I dont know how Ill live my days having to entertain this stranger.

I thought of a way.

I said to him: I just thought of it, I have some documents I didnt proofread. I might have to go

I saw him sigh: Really? Oh, me too. I have some work I didnt finish. I need to return to my
work unit.

Then lets go.

That was too great. We mutually helped each other get out of the situation.

When the elevators opened, a wheelchairs wheel got stuck in the entrance. I just happened to be
by the side, and crouched down to help him pull out his wheel.

The person on the wheelchair said thank you. I went on the elevator and felt this voice was very

It was terrible that the door closed quickly. I didnt get to see that persons face.

After I got to work, Sister Ma asked me how it went. I evaded the question with a few sentences.
Sister said, did you not like him. I said, Big sister, your words are too heavy. That rascal didnt
like me.

Sister Ma squinted her eyes at me, and said, full of experience: I know, Xiao Qiao, next time I
will help you find a local.

I didnt mean that. I busily explained it. When I was about to grab elder sisters arm, the long
disappeared Cheng Jia Yang suddenly appeared.

Sister Mas attention immediately shifted away from me. Her face was full of smiles: Jia Yang,
you returned?

Ah, yesterday I returned. Are you well, big sister? What are you talking about, to be so happy?
He said this as he watched me.
Say it, find Miss Qiao a local man. Jia Yang, you know many people, help look around.

I hated this old woman a little now.

It wasnt because the one in front of me was Cheng Jia Yang, but was because of her concern
towards other peoples private life.

I looked at my files at the table when I heard Cheng Jia Yang laugh: Big sister, I dont have
anymore A4 paper in my office, grab another bag for me.

No problem, I can help you grab two bags.

Jia Yang came out. I heard Sister Ma say: You wont have to look for a better life. You have
money when you need it, a position, knowledge and love. Big sister turned back to look at me,
Do you know who his match is? It is,

I didnt even need to reply, she could finish the dialogue by herself.

Its Wen Xiao Hua, that beautiful host. The two families are pretty compatible. I heard Young
Master Cheng is going to marry soon.

My hand could not help but shake a little.

Chapter 59.1
Cheng Jia Yang

Right now, the problem that troubled Xiao Hua was, how should we celebrate Christmas? What
gifts should we send to everyone? She listed a long list for herself.

I was eating oranges, and watching TV.

Jia Yang, what should I send to your mother? Do you have any opinion? She asked me.

I dont know. I really dont know what she lies. I honestly replied, Dont buy anything
expensive, otherwise if she doesnt like it, youll have squandered all that money.

I just knew it. Asking you was equivalent to not asking at all.

I went to my own room to play on my computer.

The moment I opened my computer, it repeatedly restarted. It seemed that it had gotten infected
with a virus.

Tomorrow I would have to get the unit repaired.
I heard Xiao Hua going to the bathroom to bathe. I said: Beauty, can I use your computer for a

The sound of the water was very loud and she didnt hear me.

I could only give up.

I went back to the kitchen. I saw that the lid of Xiao Huas laptop was still open.

I opened the TV, and went on a channel that was playing comic dialogue.

I looked back again and saw Xiao Hua had no intentions of closing it.

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Qiao Fei


Loneliness was really shameful.

Xiao Deng said: Ive found someone else to play with. Sis, are you all alone?

How am I alone? I am partying with friends.

I called each one, one by one.

Xiao Dan said: Sorry, Ive already made an appointment.

Bo Bo said: Ai ya, I have to return to my home.

I yelled at her: You arent even on break right now. What return home? You dont even know
how to lie anymore!

Then, I hurled the phone away.

I had a very bad premonition. These two bad guys. Burying their heads in the sand, and having
an affair before I could.

I went to the supermarket and bought big packages and small parcels of snacks. When I sat on a
taxi to return home, I thought, last year, I celebrated Christmas in France. At that time, I even
talked to myself angrily and told myself that next year I wanted a packed house of grandsons and
But, last year, Zu Zu Ferlande saved me at the last minute; this year, I was afraid I would really
celebrate it alone like this.

I got another idea and found some poise within me again.

It was nothing more than sleeping a bit. Wouldnt it pass?

I carried a bag upstairs when the cell phone in my bag rang. I troubled myself to take it out, and
the moment I saw the number I knew it was Cheng Jia Ming.


I asked your secretary already. She said that among your busy schedule you would have time to
meet me.

Why did these words sound so ugly?

Are you speaking in a classical dialect? I dont understand.

Cheng Jia Ming laughed: Ill say, Qiao Fei, I saw you return home myself. Do you have any
plans today? Lets go dancing.

I said: Youre underneath my home?

Yup. Lets go.

Cheng Jia Mings invitation made one get restless.

Unless I really wasnt willing to celebrate Christmas like this.

Then wait for me a bit. Ill come as soon as I change into some other clothes.

Dont rush.

I changed into a skirt, powdered my face, and put on some makeup so my face was white. My
lips were red, and made my hair seem blacker, as my eyes glistened.

Cheng Jia Ming drove the car himself, carefully looking at me: Wow, not bad. The sparrow has
become a phoenix.

I said: Youre the sparrow.

He laughed, started the car: Its rare that a woman finishes putting on makeup so quickly.

I also knew this was an expert with women and asked him: Whats the longest time youve
waited for someone?
This is not an exaggeration. 3 hours.

Wow. You wait for so long?

Later, I cancel the activities and go eat noodles myself, and let the woman remove her makeup.

When we got to a famous nightclub, Cheng Jia Ming opened the car door for me, and took my
hand as I got off. He praised: Qiao Fei, youre so beautiful.

Dr. Cheng, what is the motive of your complimenting me?

He suddenly tightened his grip on my hand: Maiden, I am not afraid to tell you. I had an ill

At this moment, the lobby manager came and reported: Mr. Cheng, the table is ready. Please
come this way.

I took back my hand, and entered with Cheng Jia Ming.

There were sure a lot of people.

It was a debauched and corrupted environment, a show of happiness and prosperity.

As we weaved back and forth through the crowd, we saw that the newspaper had a celebrity lady
big stars face, drunken look, lively.

We sat down in the front table, which was the best place to watch the show.

The stage is a huge white mussel, a bright dazzling singer pearl stood inside to sing for the
guests. The band was in the periphery, the fountain (area around the stage with many people)
was full of song and dance. On the dance floor, there were foreign beautiful girls doing eclectic

This extravagant luxuriousness was painted with gentleness.

Cheng Jiaming poured some good Champagne into my cup.

Come, Qiao Fei, drink.

I touched cups with him, and drank up.

After I drank this cup, I became anxious. My face got hot. I looked at Cheng Jia Ming: Merry
Christmas, ah.

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Cheng Jia Yang

Xiao Hua and her friends came back. I was about to smoke, the cigarette almost in my mouth
when she snatched it away.

Hey! I said.

Why have you been smoking so fiercely lately?

Give it back.

She looked at me and did not compromise. My cigarette was fiercely pressed into the ashtray.

I was about to attack when a familiar person came up to say hi: Jia Yang, Xiao Hua, how are
you guys doing? Its really coincidental. I just saw Jia Ming.

Hes here? I asked.

Yes, right there. See.

I sighted him through the crowd. Not far away at a table was my brother, Jia Ming. Beside him
was Qiao Fei. She leaned her head while speaking to Jia Ming, her face red.

Thats right, I said, Its Jia Ming. Come on, Xiao Hua, lets go say hi.

Instead, she sat down.

I caught her arm.

Come on, lets go together.

When Qiao Fei saw my face, it was really hard to describe.

I said, Merry Christmas. I hugged my brother and kissed her face. To Xiao Hua I said: Oh, Xiao
Hua, do you think its coincidental or not? Qiao Fei is my colleague and shes even my brothers

Xiao Hua shook hands with her: Really? Then that is really destiny.

What kind of a person was Qiao Fei? She quickly resumed the state of the atmosphere, and
intimately said to Xiao Hua: You are Wen Xiao Hua? I watch your program everyday. Its
really very excellent.
Jia Ming said: Where are you guys sitting? Why not sit together?

Xiao Hua said: Probably not

I already called the waitress to add more seats to Jia Mings table.

Jia Ming called for more red wine and personally poured some for everyone.

Before I drank some, I pressed his hand and said: Jia Ming, brother, how long has it been since
we last drank together? This cup, if you do not want to drink any, I will drink some. I pressed
him like this and drank the whole cup dry.

Jia Ming laughed: I know you are maganimous, with a lot of programs. Be more leisurely.

Xiao Hua said: Jia Yang, I also salute you

I pressed her cup down on the table: Xiao Hua, let me do it. I must thank you for being so good
to me all this time. I have never said thank you.

I drained the cup again.

For me, these two cups of red wine didnt count as much. It really didnt count as much, but my
state of seeing the wine made the hearts of the other three stop. I laughed in my heart. I have
always been schemed against by all of you. Why not be a little more straightforward today. What
is the point of covering everything up?

I raised my cup towards Qiao Fei.

Jia Ming said: Ai ya, this song is good. Xiao Hua, will you accompany me for a dance?

He didnt say anything more and dragged Xiao Hua away. My hand still held the winecup. I
looked at Qiao Fei and suddenly didnt know what to say.

Her pair of eyes looked at me mistily.

I didnt know how long it had been, but the music suddenly stopped. The whole scene went
black, and the sound of the host said: To all guests, we would like to wish you a Merry

In the darkness, the whole scene was lit up with numerous candles, as Auld Lang Syne sounded.
In front of me, Feis face, under the ambiguous halo, her beauty was less real.

I raised my wine cup towards her: Merry Christmas, I wish you, happiness.

After this cup of wine, I became completely drunk.
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Chapter 59.2
Qiao Fei

Cheng Jia Ming went home, silent all along the way.
I was still thinking of that night in the nightclub.
Jia Yang drank enough wine and left. I didnt say anything and poured wine for myself.
When Jia Ming and Wen Xiao Hua came downstairs, the womans face changed immediately, as
she coldly asked me: Where did Jia Yang go?
He left.
He left?
Cheng Jia Ming laughed as he said; Its not strange. Jia Yang is not the same as us. He doesnt
like these types of places.
As Wen Xiao Hua carried her bag and left, she walked a few steps when her code of self loyalty
and confidence carried her back. She returned to say to me: I think you remember what I said to
Dont blame me for not acting in accordance with her words. I couldnt hold it in and laughed
With Cheng Jia Ming, she really couldnt do anything, and left angrily.
When I remembered this in the car, I laughed again.
Cheng Jia Ming watched me: It is really interesting. How come it seems that Im watching a
drama. Look at how much you harmed my brother. He was very inexperienced, but why would
he come across you, such a high master?
Dr. Cheng, I do not agree with your words. Do you think I seem like someone who would do
How did you meet Wen Xiao Hua before?
We have met each other a few times before. I knew her when she first began to covet Jia Yang.
I also met her in Paris. Last time when I secretly went to go see Jia Yang in the hospital I was
seen by her. The good part of drinking up was that I felt as if I could say anything. she told me
that Jia Yang and me do not belong to the same world. She wanted me to understand my own
situation and she also wanted me to stop getting entangled with him.
You didnt give her a good expression right?
Hmph, of course. I said, Me not being with Cheng Jia Yang is because I, Qiao Fei, am not
willing to be with Cheng Jia Yang. Do you understand my meaning? So its saying that our
problem is our problem and has nothing to do with other people. No one should think that they
have played a big role or that they have successfully tricked me.
Then you should still stiffen your heart, and not be together with my little brother.
I laughed. There were many people who pretended to be confused.
Dr. Cheng, would someone smart like you really not remember the first time you met me? Or,
you are giving me face and not bringing it up?

The first time we met, you brought your drunken little brother back from the beaches. You
asked me the way, and before, I was a little miss who accompanied him wherever he went Dr.

I leaned against the car seat, my mouth dry, as I looked for water.
Cheng Jia Ming said: Ill buy you a Coke.
No need, I waved my hand, my eyes brightening, There should be some mineral water in Jia
Yangs car.
The car smoothly glided on the road. My memories were feverish. Dr. Cheng by my side was a
happy person, and a comfortable audience. I chattered incessantly due to the influence of
alcohol, saying everything on my mind.
I cannot be with him. Because I know I will find complications for him. I am afraid of finding
complications for myself. Last time you were right. People like you give too much pressure to
other people. You were right.
I dont want to meet his friends, I dont like to see him spending money for me, but all of these
things are things that he thinks are supposed to happen.
But, I know he is true to me, so I am even more afraid of breaking him.
Instead, it is better to separate.
As I spoke, I began to fell asleep. I didnt know how long it had been when Cheng Jia Yang
woke me up warmly.
I lifted my head. My head hurt. I looked at him.
Maiden, you have arrived home. If you dont return, then come to my place.
I laughed, wiping the saliva by my mouth.
Why are you so unpromising? You dreamed of Jia Yang?
Ill be going now. Thank you.
Xiao Deng hadnt returned, a fine time of beautiful scenery. I didnt know where she had gone to
find happiness.
After Jia Yang left, I drank more. Right now, I grabbed the keys and opened the door, my hand
Behind me, someone said: Qiao Fei.

If you are not reading this from then you are reading this without the
consent of the translator. This translation belongs to
Cheng Jia Yang
I waited for her for such a long time. Qiao Fei finally returned.
I called her name. She slowly turned her head to look at me. I heard her tell herself: It isnt
Then what counts as real?
I went up and hugged Qiao Fei.

How long had I missed this body?

We stumbled into the room. I held her face, kissing her as if I were biting her, entangled
My lip had some shady taste on it. I didnt know whose blood it was.

I felt I hated her.

In the darkness, Qiao Fei didnt make any sound, fighting with me like a small animal.

I heard my breathing as a sound of ripped clothes emerged.

I pushed her to the wall, my hand touching her skin- mutual incineration.

When I penetrated her body, her fiery smooth skin wrapped tightly around me. My body
wouldnt lie, it wouldnt be like this woman whose mouth said yes, while her heart said no.

I lifted her legs on my waist as my hands fiercely kneaded her. Will you still not call out? My
mind only had one thought. I wanted her to be in pain, and I wanted her to be as crazy as I now

I hugged her legs, one moment deep, one moment thrusting.

Her hands were pressed on my neck, her fingernails caught in my flesh. I only felt the spiciness
of the pain, but, wasnt it better this way? My blood water flowed with the juices of her body. At
least this part of our body would allow us to escape. Forever together, never to be separated.

Her body leaned back, her head at the wall. She felt pain, and the corridor instantly gripped me. I
rushed to go up, pressing her against the wall. We shook with another intense xdx tide.

This time it felt as if we were fighting because this time, I exhausted all of my anger.

Qiao Fei pushed me aside. She slowly got up and leaned against the wall to go to the bathroom.

I found my own cigarettes, lit it, and deeply breathed in.

I heard the sound of water.

I stood up, taking off my clothes. Then, I opened the bathroom door. I saw Qiao Fei standing
underneath the shower.

Her body was beautiful and clean. Only her neck, shoulders, breasts and arms were deep and
shallow from my kissing and intimate actions just now.

She didnt hide and quietly looked at me.

I walked over, and stood under the water with her.

Eye to eye, heart to heart, body to body.
I slowly, little by little kissed her without any clothes between us. My hand lingered on her body.

I knew I was rough, but my heart grievances had long sank into my body, with nowhere to vent.
So, I could not help myself.

I used one hand to hug her legs, while the other hand touched her face. I asked her: Did it hurt
just now?

She didnt speak, shaking her head, water on her face.

I held her with my kiss, my tongue sinking into her mouth. Under the sprinkler our tongues were
entangled so we could not breathe. If it were like this, dying wouldnt be anything bad, I dazedly

Qiao Fei leaned backwards. We still separated, severely wheezing.

I gradually squatted as I kissed her neck, breast, lower abdomen, until the rose budded.

This was where all my passion and happiness lay.

She was a little conflicted for a moment. I hugged her legs. Let me do it, Fei, let me love you.

I let go of Feis body, warmly sending her off. Exploring this woman that once belonged to
me,with her fine folds, silky muscles, and her internal hidden mystery of the bumps and valleys.
I fit perfectly.

We reached the peak yet again, tightly hugging each other. I thought, I will never separate with
her ever again.


If you are not reading this from then you are reading this without the
consent of the translator. This translation belongs to

Chapter 60
Qiao Fei

I woke up in Jia Yangs embrace.

After that severe exercise, I was a little tired.

But I did not sleep very well. I opened my eyes and it was still a slow, long night in this northern
city. The white moonlight shone through the window screens and onto our bodies.
My body felt warm because there was another person by my side.

I looked at him. Jia Yang opened his eyes and pressed his lips onto my lips, kissing me,

Cheng Jia Yang, no matter if it was rough or warm, he would always deeply arouse my desire to
bury myself in his body.

Almost as if a long time had passed, I left his embrace.

I removed my own hand from his

I got out of bed, naked, and walked towards the windowsill.

I opened the window, and the cold wind blew over as the light snow came in.

It was actually snowing. This was really adapting to the circumstances.

What are you doing? Fei, get over here. That place is cold. Jia Yang said from my bed.

The intense love from just a moment ago made one feel desperate happiness.

We were like two duelling beasts in the night, as we used our teeth to pull each others souls out
of his or her shell.

But, right now, I looked outside, wanting myself to calm down.

Fei. Jia Yang called me from behind. I heard the rustle of the blankets and I looked back. Jia
Yang held his hand out to me, and I felt the warmth of his body.

At this moment, I heard a voice colder than the wind emit from my mouth.Were you looking for
me so you could only be like this to me?

Jia Yang left extremely quickly, without a sound.

I sat in my chair smoking, as I watched him wear the clothes that I had ripped, and put on his

In the darkness, I could not see his face.

My heart thought of an old song.

When I heard him close the door, I lightly sang it out loud.

If no one can prove our love, then we do not need to make a quick decision, looking at the
common you and me, who will first hurt the other persons heart..
When I heard of Cheng Jia Yangs marriage news, I was playing chess with my senior sister
coworker in the office.

Mrs Ma walked in and said: Have you heard? Jia Yang is getting married.

My coworker was thrown off for a second: So quickly? Why havent I heard him say it before?

Thats right. I also said it was quick. I heard him say that after the new year he will register [his
new marriage] and he even asked us to attend the ceremony. Then, taking advantage of the
winter, the couple are going to South America for vacation.

I said: Sister, hurry up, its your move.

All right, all right. Senior sister said. She looked at the board and laughed: Fei Fei, how can
you use my chess pieces to capture my chess pieces?

Cheng Jia Yang

All my family members felt the urgent marriage between Xiao Hua and me was very sudden.

But we insisted and they could only make the arrangements.

My mother was very surprised. I had suddenly revived, with such a cooperative attitude,
demanding marriage. She even privately asked Xiaohua, if she was pregnant with my child.

Xiao Hua told me, even though she told my mother she wasnt pregnant, she had resolved to get

After she told me this,I felt that in my eyes, all that she had said and done before were just
intermediate steps to this outcome.

A womans schemes made one forever ponder it.

Xiao Hua was like this, Qiao Fei was also like this.

But, one wanted to take me away and one wanted to kick me away hatefully.

The lines on Qiao Feis palm had one more line on it than Xiao Huas palm.

She knew what made my blood rush. After that days love making , she told me word by word:
Did you look for me so that you could do this to me?

I seemed to have laughed.

I laughed at myself. It turned out, all these years, I had been this type of a person in her heart.
And no wonder. We were so eager to advance, so we advanced to all of the dullness in our

When I left her, Wen Xiao Hua was waiting for me, not understanding.

I knew I was brazen, but my heart was dead. I didnt care who I was with. I only wanted to live a
new life, and live new days.

I said: Xiao Hua, you want to marry. Are you still willing?

She didnt think, and came over to hug me.

Or maybe, she had already thought of this for a whole night.

After the new year, we were going to register our marriage. When it got to the time, there would
be some signing procedures as couples.

My mother even saved time and used her good relationship with the embassy in Paris to get three
wedding dresses for Xiao Hua. Before, when we ate together, my father even personally gifted
Xiao Hua a Vacheron Constantin platinum watch. I also accepted a gift of the same value from
the Wen family head.

When the wedding reached the countdown, I moved back to my own house to live.

One night, when I was in my study room napping, I got Xu Dongs phone call.

Come over, before the wedding and live well for a while.


Allure (TLN: bar that QF used to work at), by the beach, all right?

I was thrown aback.

The young ladies here are all beautiful. Be careful that you dont waste your time, otherwise
you wont be able to play in a while.

I said, Alright , please wait for me for a second.

When I took the keys, I met a worker who came over to send the wedding photos.

When I signed, I saw myself in the photo, stiff and numb, like a tree that was dying.

I met Xu Dong at Allure, who had many wrinkles between his brows. He saw me and waved:
Jia Yang, over here, over here.
I sat down and girls came over. I heard a Southern accent like polished glutinous rice ask: Sir,
what do you want to drink?

I looked at her. Her eyes were like Qiao Fei, cat eyes.

I only looked at her: Whatever you want. Anything is good.

The girl was very happy and she went to find the attendant to get wine.

Xu Dong patted my shoulder and said: How is it? Are you satisfied? I found this one especially
to accompany you.

I looked at him, he looked at me, and hugged my neck: Brother, your heart is not good, so just
forget it man. Look aheadlook aheadwho is not unhappy yet?

The lady who looked like Qiao Fei told me her name was Zhou Zhou. I drank wine and said,
Zhou Zhou, I have a friend that looks like you but she left me. Zhou Zhou, if I have a lot of
money, are you willing to be with me?

This question quickly got an answer.

Someone cried: Why does Zhou Zhou get to go accompany other people? Did I not leave her
behind to wait for me? Who raised you? Do you believe that Ill beat you up? I dont care who it
is, immediately get her over here.

The voice was very familiar. It was my old friend, Liu gongzi.

The foreman could not stop this arrogant hero and he came over to our table, and we all stopped.

I saw, Liu gongzi sitting on a wheelchair.

What happened to you? Lao Liu? Xu Dong stood up, Why are you sitting in a wheelchair?

He coldly looked at us.

The foreman said: You guys recognize each other? Then wont it be easier to handle?

Xu Dong said: Quickly come and drink with us. Theres no point with a few people.

I looked at Liu gongzi: Thats right. Lets play together. Im marrying in two days.

He looked at the sofa, and I didnt know who ordered it: Quickly get me a place. Dont you see
that its uncomfortable for me to sit here like this? He turned his head and said to the foreman:
Go grab me some champagne. Two bottles. Quickly send it over.
The foreman saw his chance to escape and happily let someone support Liu gongzi to the sofa,
while he went to get the wine personally.

Hey, dont mention it. When we were skiing in Europe, I fell down from the top of a cable car.
The good part was that it was not very high, otherwise my life would have been lost.

When will it get better? Xu Dong asked.

A few more months, but I think sitting on a wheelchair is great. Its better than crutches. Liu
gongzi asked Xu Dong, Hes about to marry; how are you doing?

Next month I will be a father. Xu Dong touched his wine cup to our wine cups, From here on
out, I will be unable to play around.

Alright you. I understand. Before you married, werent you just as angry?

We all laughed.

I heard youre about to marry,who are you marrying ? Liu gongzi asked me.

Xu Dong coincidentally went out to grab a phone call.

Miss Zhou Zhou poured some wine for Liu gongzi and I.

We all looked at her face.

Do you feel she looks like someone? Liu gongzi said. He turned his face to look at me, Arent
you with her? Fei Fei?

Are you serious? I said, Im going to marry Wen Xiao Hua, not any Fei Fei.

Wen Xiao Hua? He laughed when he looked at me, Then I must really congratulate her. That
girl is not bad. Didnt she play you into her hands?

I watched him: Say things clearly.

What clearly or not clearly. He put down the wine cup, That lady was harmed by your fiance
before. I think you probably know. When she was still in school, Wen Xiao Hua faxed the
university and told them that Fei Fei used to work at a bar.Oh Cheng Jia Yang, dont pull at
my collar(dont play the innocent/dont pretend you dont know?). Let me tell you, when your
big brother was still uninjured, you wouldnt be my opponent.

I put him down: Say it. Finish your words.

She liked you early on. She knew you and Fei Fei were lovers, and she even knew I knew Fei
Fei. Look at what she did.
You told her?

Liu gongzi drank wine: If I knew that girl would be so sinister, I wouldnt have told her that Fei
Fei was studying at university. Yup, I am also pretty sorry to Fei Fei. I like her a lot. Shes a
good girl.

I lit a cigarette. I thought about any trace of any clues in this chaotic plot.

It was just like this, but I thought it was really weird. How did Wen Xiao Hua know so much
about you? No reporter is like her.

How did she know so many things about me? You dont know, I know

My cell phone rang at that moment. It was Xiao Hua.

I picked it up: Yes, I am outside, with, Xu Dong, and, Liu gongzi

Liu looked like he was laughing as he looked at me: Did I scare you with my words? Cheng Er.
What about it? Are you still going to marry?

I laughed; What? Why not?.

Qiao Fei

Cheng Jia Yangs senior brothers wedding invited everyone. Of course I was invited as well but
I definitely didnt have any intentions of going. That day, I really fell ill, my head hurt and I
could not get out of bed. Xiao Deng helped me test my body temperature- 38.5 degrees Celsius.

My heart said: God must be fulfilling my wish. I cant find a better excuse than this. I called my
senior sister and begged her to send five hundred yuan in a small red envelope to the new groom
on my behalf : Xin Kang Li.(marriage congrats words)

Xiao Deng said: Youre still pretty bold. You sent 500 yuan to them.

I put my head under the blanket. I didnt have any energy to contradict her statement but my
head was very clear. I gave Jia Yang, and he gave to me, so what did it count as?

I ate medicine, and sweated in the blankets, sleeping confusedly again.

I dreamed.

The dream setting was very strange: On a soccer field, two teams kicked around. I was there to
referee the ball. I stood faraway, at a place where I could see.

I woke up in an instant, my head covered in sweat, wet.
Someone was beside me: How is it? Still ill? I thought you got a shot.

It was Cheng Jia Ming.

I looked at the clock. It was already afternoon.

I had actually slept for a whole day.

How are you here? Didnt you to go Cheng Jia Yangs wedding?

Its over.

Oh. I said this sentence, and my throat seemed as if a knife was stuck inside.

Dont tell me youre unaffected? Even though you didnt cry, the sickness is a type of venting.

Xiao Deng poured tea for Cheng Jia Ming. He smiled at her: Thanks.

Xiao Dengs face reddened in an instant, an arrow went through her heart.

I closed my eyes.

So stubborn. I admire you. Cheng Jia Ming said.

You are a doctor. Do you know where I can buy Regret Medicine [1]?

[1] : Lit. Regret Medicine. Fig. When you do something that you didnt want to do, or it
didnt meet your own expectations, and you want to start over -that is called Regret Medicine.
This medicine does not exist.

Chapter 61
Qiao Fei

I took leave from work . A week had passed before my body felt better and I could rejoin work.

Throughout this time, I was groggy from my illness. I would often remember the old adage :
Only when you lose something do you know how precious it is and that you didnt appropriately
cherish it.

For example: My health, Cheng Jia Yang.
Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night to drink some water. I would get thirsty
in the middle of the night and ask Jia Yang to get me some water to drink. After I finished, I
would close my eyes and wipe my mouth in his pajamas. He would hold my head and lightly put
it on the pillow.

It was like this that I began to daydream. It turned out that we used to be such intimate partners.
As of today, we were separated by the heavens and the earth.

I blamed myself, I deserved it.

I wondered, on the other side of the earth,how were he and his bride doing?Would he get up at
night and get her water to drink? And then suddenly I would think of myself;as of now, I miss
him all the time.

Cheng Jia Ming came over to see me, bringing five to six colored little lilies. I looked at his face,
unsure of what to say and he said: Now, you dont have any manners.

I said: You are really optimistic.

He opened his arms, said to me: Come on, I do not care about a little loss.

I smiled.

He said, Qiao Fei dont be like this. Anyone else can do it, but you should not laugh like this.


Its too bleak.

Bo Bo also came to see me. She brought a guy. He was a simple and honest American youth, and
could speak Chinese. He said to me: Hold on, comrade.

I was feeling much better . After I found out he was her fiance, the sickness that had been getting
better regressed to its former state.

What was with this year?

Everyone busily married, and arranging marriages?

My mind whirled. It was right. My eyes looked at the New Year that had passed, and the years
that had passed. I had grown by another year; how old was I now?

My sickness was a lot better. I got my energy together and went to work. That day, I deliberately
applied rouge, otherwise my pale and thin face would be very scary.
After my illness, my colleagues greeted me, and asked me what medicine I had taken ,if I had
gotten a drip. I hoarsely socialized a lot and my fellow sister helped me get out of the circle by
saying: Let this child rest. See, shes sweating.

I had to sit down. I took out a tissue and closed my eyes, blowing my nose. I thought I saw
another phantom. Cheng Jia Yang came inside, holding some documents.

He saw me, his expression cold.

I said: Senior brother.

He said: Youve gotten better?


He nodded his head and gave the documents to my senior sister and left.

Time had flown. Just like this, he had returned from abroad to work?

The Caribbean sun was really good. Jia yang had always had a very fair face and a red and
healthy color.

When I saw him, I thought of how I had let my colleague help me prepare a 500 yuan red
envelope for his wedding.

In the afternoon, I ate in the cafeteria. I wanted to return the money to my senior sister colleague,
but she pushed it back: Its okay. You keep it. I never sent the red envelope.

What happened?

She was worried. She looked to see if there was anyone by our side, then she lowered her voice
and said: You dont know;in the future you cannot ask about this matter again.

What happened?

Didnt you see, Jia Yangs nose was not a nose, his eyes werent eyes? He didnt marry.

I was so surprised all of a sudden.

My senior sister colleague sure spoke quickly. The topic had been broached carefully.

I havent seen this type of women. As soon as Jia Yang was about to sign his name on the
marriage certificate, she regretted it. At that time, she left everyone , and left Jia Yang to clean
up the mess. You werent there, so you dont know how many people attended the ceremony and
what the identity of the two were.
Oh, this is Jia Yang, but exchanging him for someone else

The last part, I didnt hear at all. I only asked her: Say, why didnt Cheng Jia Yang marry?

Cheng Jia Yang

I sat in the office, remembering the wedding and the scenario of that day. This translation
belongs to merakitranslations.

Before the ceremony began, I was with Xiao Hua in the lounge. The makeup artist carefully
painted a beautiful face, and rushed the last layer of powder. She looked back at me. She was
really very beautiful.

Why do you not go out to entertain the guests? , she asked me.

I want to take a closer look at you, I said. I walked over and hugged her from the back. Xiao
Hua smiled. We looked at each other in the mirror. I buried my face in her hair and kissed her.

Ive been thinking about something for days, Jia Yang.


How many kids are we to have?

Lets abide by the national policy.

No. We should have two kids, one guy and one girl. This way, it wont be lonely.

All right, Ill listen to you.

She laughed at me, happiness all over her face.

I looked at her and said: Some things, Ive always wanted to ask you.

Say it.

Xiao Hua, are you exhausted?

You are I dont believe I cant register for it, right?

TLN: Remember that online friend that Cheng Jia Yang used to talk to? The one who was a
female writer?
You played games with me, you talked with me. Really, you knew, the person you were talking
to was me, right? You really understand me a lot.

Thus, you knew Qiao Fei early. You were a master of her background.

That person that sent the fax to the college was you right?

My matters with her, you knew it all. But Xiao Hua, you still wanted me, you still wanted to
marry me.

You painstakingly did all of these, did these things that did not meet your knowledge, your
demeanor, your style, all for an unworthy me. Do you think it was worth it?

My hand pressed her shoulder, and lightly massaged it. I wasnt nervous at all. My heart was
really not worth it for Xiao Hua.

I laughed at her: How about this? Making you do this for me?

Xiao Hua, tell me, really, are you exhausted?

I did not know what she was thinking. Her face, at that moment,became like a bluestone
sculpture, cold and hard.

Someone pushed the door open and called us: Jia Yang, Xiao Hua, the time has come . Lets

Lets go, I pulled her, Lets go get married.

Even though the arrangements were done in a short time, the venue was still well prepared, with
luxurious warm, red velvet carpets and curtains, and a variety of four white and light yellow
flower embellishments in front of the long table. We stood as we waited for the wedding
agreement to be signed. Sitting next to both friends and relatives, their eyes seemingly smiling.
Xiao Hua and I were about to become a match, with an unknowing, happy, calm appearance on
the surface , while in our hearts we were overturning seas and rivers.*

*overturning seas and rivers (idiom) : fig.overwhelming/in a spectacular mess

My heart laughed. So, who knew whose story.

When the host narrated the path of our love, I saw my colleagues from the Elite translation
division. Qiao Fei had not come. I thought, that woman still had a heart. Without cruelty, she
betrayed me, and came to the point of handing over the death sentence to me.

I was not someone who couldnt think of something. I thought of her name.
As a result of which a dull blunt pain filled my heart. Closing my eyes, memories from the past
were full of joy, but from then on, life was hopeless.

The host touched me: Jia Yang, Jia Yang.

Oh, I was supposed to kiss Xiaohua at the moment.

I hugged her, lip printed on her lips.


For the next round, we had to sign our names, and become recognized by the national legal
protection as official husband and wife.

My hand held the pen.My eyes were blurred, my face frowning,my mind unfathomable and
probing. In my heart, the face of another young woman emerged. I could only hear my own
heartbeat, my inner voice growing louder and louder : I cant.

When I was going to put down the pen, I heard Xiao Hua call me: Jia Yang.

I looked at her.

Her voice was very low. Only I could hear it: Now, I am going to leave. As for the outcome,
please settle it yourself.

To the crowds surprise, Xiao Hua picked up her dress and left the venue quickly.

The situation got a little out of control.

I loosened my bowtie, looking for a chair to sit down and smoke.

Some people talked, some people questioned, some people left.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder. I raised my hand. It was my brother, Jia Ming. We
looked at each other. He suddenly laughed: Congrats.

I lived in my Travel building. Everyday I worked, waiting to be summoned by my father. But,

there had been no movement. I didnt know what kind of a storm was going to appear.

Qiao Fei was sick and took leave for a week.

When she came to work, she looked as thin and pallid as a paper doll.

I certainly knew why this happened, so in my heart there was a taste of schadenfreude. People
who are as strong as an ox can also get sick?Was it probably because of me,suffering through the
pain, was it a crime?
I didnt go find her again. This type of a woman tortured me, with quite some means.

But, if I didnt do anything proactively , what should my plan be?

Should I wait for her to come find me, and beg for her forgiveness ?

That was impossible.

Forget about it, I was a man. My skin was a little thick, and it was hard to come by someone like
her.If I would be like this to her,would she still want revenge? Although my heart was like this,
we were not in a hundred episodes of the drama At the Threshold of An
Era( The most important part was
that I had made such a big circle with Qiao Fei. There was no more time to waste.

We had to be together.

After I knocked off from work, I drove to her house to find her. I only found her roommate there.
She told me, she had gone out after she came back from work, and was expected to return soon.

I sat in her room, waiting for Qiao Fei.

My sight was attracted by a photograph on the table, where Qiao Fei stood on the rocks by the
seaside, her hair blown around her, her nose wrinkled; she was laughing

I laughed.

Last time when I had rummaged through her stuff, at the end of the day, there was no sign of me.
I wasnt anywhere. This was my photo of her in Dalian.

This was how I saw Qiao Fei ah

I waited for a long time, she did not come back.

Her friend had friends come over, I had to return. Before leaving, I told her, she didnt need to
tell that I had come for Qiao Fei.

I bought some mint ice cream to go home. When I got out of the elevator, I heard someone

Chapter 62
Cheng Jia Yang

Qiao Fei was sitting on the floor in front of of my door, wearing a down jacket. The many layers
of her scarves revealed a tiny melon-like head.
When I came out of the elevator, she also saw me. She stood up, clapped, and laughed for a
moment, but she immediately recovered because my expression wasnt very friendly.

I opened the door. Qiao Fei stood behind me, and I heard her muttering in a low voice,almost as
if she was calling my name, and it seemed like she wanted to say something, but she did not say

I felt very good.

I opened the door and went in. Standing inside, I asked her, Do you want to come in?

Yes, yes. She took one step into the room, and looked up at me, with a warm laugh in her eyes.

Times have changed, Qiao Fei. Since you are like this, why were you like that to me back then?

I thought this in my heart, but I said to her, Do not give me that mischievous smile.

Jia Yang, you did not get married?


She bowed her head.

I said It isnt because of you. I thought it through. I am planning to be an eligible bachelor for a
few more years . When I meet someone who is more suitable then Ill think about it.

Thats what you said. Thats good.

What? What did i say? Didnt she come to apologize? Why was she leaving?

I suddenly grabbed her: Hey,Qiao Fei

She didnt look up. I took her in my arms with one motion, my hand caressing her head.How
long are you going to play around with me? You just want to say a word and go? How can I get
you to talk to me?

She was very quiet, her head buried in my chest, as her hands slowly came up to hug my waist.

I thought my chest felt warm; was she crying?
My heart was very soft and warm, I whispered:

Qiao Fei, I thought for a long time. The two of us cannot be separated.

You scared me to death. She raised her head and kissed me.

I pushed her away: You werent crying?

Im so happy, why would I cry? She continued to hug me, as she pursed her mouth and
brought her face closer to mine.

Werent you about to leave? I struggled to say.

Im not like that. When are you going to stop reprimanding me?

My free hand was opening the mint ice cream. I scooped some ice cream with my finger and put
it in her mouth: Let me tell you, the price is great.

I have a cold anyways. I cant get worse than this. Wow, you are really delicious.

Then her little tongue was in my mouth, and on my lips, moving up and down. It was so
passionate. As I got spoiled, I could only respond enthusiastically .

I held her face, kissed her, and took off her clothes. Her hands followed mine.

The two of us were so anxious, as we were entangled together. Naked, we fell on the bed like the
countless times before .I wanted to lean over her body. Qiao Fei held me and caressed my hair
and my face.She kissed my eyes gently.
Jia Yang. Her hand on me was stroking me, provoking me, Let me, let me.

I only felt hard and hot between her fingers, and I reached out to touch her dark hair, as i called
her name: FeiFei..

She rolled over on my body as I entered. Our actions were both smooth and violent,and soon,
both of us were swept away in the ensuing tide.

Qiao Fei was so great and her every veinline.

Some things are destined to be together.
Qiao Fei and I.

Our bodies.

When we finished, I lit a cigarette,and put it to my lips, but she took it away. I could only grab
another cigarette.

My hand was still on her chest, stroking gently.

She felt warm, but she still looked good, her skin pink and delicate, like a baby.

I looked at her, smiled, and kissed her forehead.

Hey, I said, looking into her eyes, Were you looking for me just for this ?

She giggled: You remember? I am not afraid to tell you, yes. Youre absolutely right. I just
want to be like this with you.Whats wrong with that? Since the first time I met you, Ive wanted
to do this.
She slowly sat up, Wait a second! Were you that anxious to get married because I said that?

I looked at her but did not speak.

Is it really because I said this sentence? She stopped smiling and looked at me seriously.

I was so uncomfortable at the time.I thought so many years had been wasted, I felt particularly
wronged. I told her the truth, After all that, do you dare provoke me again like that?

She lay on my chest softly, hugging me forcefully. No, Jia Yang, you are so good, I will not say
these kind of words anymore.

So I thought to myself, people cannot be too honest. If I didnt play this tricky move, how long
would Qiao Fei feel awkward even with me?

This was good,she had learnt her lesson.

I smoked a cigarette, happy to see the way she was being so loyal to me. I touched her soft body,
and rolled over on top of her,and thought proudly and meanly to myself :

Honey, youre so smart, but youve still been entrapped in my scheme.
As for any questions that arose about our relationship, since we worked in the same unit, Qiao
Fei was unwilling to leak our private business to other people so early on.

I agreed.

Otherwise, a twenty episode drama series could be created out of this.

However, this attempt to cover up further intensified the warmth in my heart.

In the unit, whenever she occasionally passed, her light eyes would make my heart beat faster.

I was in the office, comfortably dozing in the warm sun of winter, as I thought of lovers
separated by one wall.

It was really very nauseating, and really romantic.

Qiao Fei

There was no work on weekends, and I didnt need to go on a business trip.

When I went with Cheng Jia Yang to the supermarket, we chattered about this and that.

I said, lets buy some oysters and Ill go back and make soup for you.

The recent expenditure of energy has been a little high, we need to make up. he agreed.

I picked up some big and fresh oysters and put them in the shopping cart. While the salesperson
was not paying attention, in the fruit area, I took a big cherry and put it in his mouth.

Jia Yang hugged me, his hands on my waist, and asked me in my ear: When I am not by your
side, is your day still happy?

That was a good question. When he was not around me, and i was alone, what was it like?

I studied, I worked hard, I struggled with all of my own strength.

But I was exhausted.

I put a large bottle of yogurt in the car.
Thirsty. I said to him, very thirsty. There was no water in the middle of the night and my
head was like sand- so dry. Also, my digestion was not very good and I always felt tired.I looked
at him. What about you, Jia Yang, what are you like when you are not with me?

He was pondering my question.

We went to the cooked food counter, he asked for six braised pig pockets. In the car on the way
back, he said: Hungry.

If you never find delicious food, youll be hungry, weak and malnourished. Life will be
meaningless. Jia Yang said, his eyes narrowing with emotion.

You say that as if you are going on a diet to lose weight.

You just said, thirsty, like your blood sugar was too high.

I will kill you. I reached out to tickle him when he grabbed my hand and abruptly pulled me
into his arms.

Before Chinese New Year, the unit sent me to Guangzhou, accompanied by a leader from Hong
Kong to meet some French political officials who were visiting.

Jia Yang helped me pack. When I took out my suit , he said This set looks a bit old..

Theres no time to get a new one made.

He looked at me, did not say anything.

Otherwise, I said, should we go to the mall now to buy one

I say yes.

I am going to buy an expensive brand, you come and pay the bill.

Then you have to make tea eggs tonight. He finished and then laughed, buy a set of racy
lingerie, in black. Ive got my eye on some for a while already, wow

The day we were to depart for Guangzhou, I accompanied the staff at the airport as we waited for
the other leaders for a long time.
Finally, just before the plane took off, the leadership came in a car, late but not the ones who
were originally supposed to accompany us.

I stopped for a moment.

Cheng Jia Yang

And then I saw Xiaohua in an audio store, another man by her side.
We shook hands, whispering greetings to each other.

When her friend went to pay the bill, Xiaohua said, When will you come to take your things
away? Otherwise, this one, she pointed to the man, can not move in.

When she said it like that, I was embarrassed.

I will come as soon as possible, is tomorrow good? Xiaohua?

Tomorrow is good, I will be free and at home.

The next day, I finished the document translation at hand,ready to leave for Xiaohuas place to
take my things, when I received a phone call from my father.

He had called me, not his secretary.

His voice was as hard as iron.

Jia Yang, now. Come to my office.

Chapter 63
Cheng Jiayang

When I got to his office, my fathers back was to me as he used the electronic screen to play golf.

I looked at him from behind. He was tall and vigorous, each gesture as elegant as a tiger.
I said, Father.

He did not respond..

After playing for more than 10 minutes, he finally stopped and looked back at me, his face ruddy
and his forehead sweaty. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his face and then said: Come.

I walked over and looked at him calmly.

What did he know and what would he say to me?

But that wasnt important.

Since I had already decided to be with Qiao Fei, it was necessary to face my parents anyways, so
this was an obstacle that had no significance.

I made up my mind and felt calm.

Approaching him, I hoped he would come straight to the point.

Choose a day, and we will make arrangements for Xiaohua and your wedding., he said to me,
wiping the club in his hand.

Impossible, I looked at him and said clearly.

But my voice wavered as I realised this would be a slap to his face. He swung the club forcefully
and it hit my face accurately. I lost control and fell, my head hitting the ground heavily. I could
taste blood in my mouth, as my ears roared. Under the intense pain, I only felt like that side of
my face no longer belonged to myself.

He came over and squatted down, bringing his face near to mine. I think you can find the
answer here. You tell me, why did Xiao Hua leave the wedding?

I do not know.

I slowly spoke, wishing he was listening closely.

You do not know? He looked at me carefully, as if weighing this sentence.
I hated the way he looked at me from top to bottom . I put my hands on the ground, enduring the
pain. I must stand up.

He swung his club at my shoulder, where my skin was the thinnest. The metal club hit my bones
directly. I had just gotten up but was knocked back to the ground again.

I always thought you were well behaved, so I didnt pay too much attention to your wayward
ways. He changed to a heavier club and picked up a heavier ball. Laying it down, he enunciated
carefully, word by word, I will make you yield to me. Otherwise, itll be better to kill you
today, so as to avoid future worries.

I didnt dodge- even if I tried to dodge I couldnt have dodged his blows. What was the point of
letting him see me as a sorry figure? As his blows rained on me, I really hurt at first, but then it
felt as if this body no longer belonged to me. It had stopped hurting. I laughed.

My father stopped.

Panting, he watched me as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. With his appearance, he
was really a more sorry figure than I was.

I sat up slowly- he had pretty much shattered my bones. Then, I had to tidy my hair.

Had he stopped ? He did not speak and just watched me as I leaned on the wall to stand up.

I did not leave but gradually approached him. Today, I would let him have all his fun. After this,
he would not find me again.

My father was still holding the club. Staring hard at me, he said Do you think I do not know?
Doing this is all for that cheap girl right?

You have such a high position, how can you say these kind of words? I said, If she is a cheap
girl, your son is a frequent visitor to brothels.

I slowly approached him and slowly spoke to him. Although my whole body was in pain, I had
to make something clear to him . This is a question of responsibility. Whatever you do, you
must take responsibility. You taught me all this, right?

Thus, if you use the club to give me a good beating , I can only endure it.

Because you are my dad.
There is no other reason, nothing more than that. Why else would I be beaten up like this? Why
else was it so unbearable when you said those words about my woman?

I looked at his face, my heart wanting to laugh. I wanted to complain, but I was not in the mood
to continue fighting. I said: Thats right , you can either kill me,or leave me alone.

I turned and leaned against the wall.

I only heard his heavy breathing. Rarely had I heard him breathe like this, he had still gotten

I should have probably taken a taxi. My face looked terrible. As I walked all the way from the
Ministry to the parking lot, it drew a lot of peoples attention.

I got into my own car. Catching sight of my face in the mirror, I couldnt bear to give it a second
glance. My hands were swollen and bent. I simply couldnt drive. I knew I had just been beaten
up badly, I had separated from my family, Qiao Fei is not in town, who was going to rescue me?

I took out my phone and dialled Jia Mings number. When he picked up, I cried: Big brother,
come over quickly. I let the old man play around. Come pick me up Hey, do not forget to
bring pain medication.

Jia Ming took me to the hospital and requested his colleagues to do the dressing. After I looked
like a mummy, he asked me in amazement , The Old man really beat you ruthlessly.

His colleague asked, Shouldnt you report this?

I have to think about it.

Jia Ming laughed, This can become a big joke.

He put a cigarette in my mouth.All right little bro,cool down. He is so old now, so dont be so
mad at him.

I looked at him: He has always been stronger than both of us .

Thats right, but, Jia Ming said, Its bad that youve been beaten by him, otherwise there
would be no further reason to have a bad falling out. This is good, it breaks you away from your
bindings. But..

I know what he meant with but Qiao Fei.
I dont know if my parents anger at me would let matters rest and let her go.

When I went to Xiaohuas home to take my things, Jia Ming was waiting for me downstairs. As
he watched me get off, he said: If she saw you now, she would definitely regret all that

Xiaohua was stunned when she opened the door and saw me.

Im Jia Yang. I said.

( ha ha.. he looks so bad he has to introduce himself ?)

Yes, I can see that, she asked me to enter the room, what happened?

My dad was playing around. I said.

She smiled and went back to her computer.

I did not have much at her place, a few shirts, bathrobes, toothbrush,a few books. When I tried to
look for the books on the shelves, I accidentally dropped an album belonging to Xiao Hua . It fell
on the injured foot, I did not hold back, and shouted out ,Ah.

Whats the matter? Xiaohua asked.

I did not answer her words, my eyes attracted to the photo sliding out from the album.

There were banners in the photo; this was the citys high school English speech contest.

A girl and a boy, two beautiful and lovely young children , were with the host,their smiles bright
and positive.

I had this picture as well. Because the boy was I in year 1. And the girl, if you looked carefully,
was Xiaohua.

Xiaohuas voice came from behind : You never thought of me, right, Jia Yang?

But, you know, nothing happens without a reason,Jia Yang.

You are in love with her, she is in love for you.

I began to like you from the age of fourteen, I just wanted to be with you, isnt that love?
I slowly stood up.

Xiaohua continued: So, Jia Yang, you know the truth now. Your heart resents me, but I do not
intend to apologise, I did not make a mistake.

I took my stuff and went to her and handed over the key.

I looked at her face: Xiaohua, I will never hate you, but, I, I am not the man, your man.

She nodded: Yes, I finally understand.

Jia Ming took me back in his car to my home with Qiao Fei .

He had not been here before, as he went into the room, he said: Hey, I didnt know, you are
quite organised.

I was laughing, but my face was in pain.

Feis lingerie was hanging in the balcony.

Jia Ming saw this and shook his head: I really dont know know, how alluring a scene this is.

I lit a cigarette, squinting, Oh, that, that is really

He was very interested. Sitting by my side, he said : Tell me quickly, how is your sexual life

How can you call it coordination? That is almost like

I stopped, closed my mouth and looked at this shameless bug : I wont tell you,even if you die
of curiosity.

Chapter 64
Cheng Jiayang

I stayed at home to recuperate. Most of the time, I was taking care of myself by making my own
meals, bathed by myself and slept. I was glad my dad did not hit me so hard as to render me
incapable of taking care of myself..

Two days later, Qiao Fei came back.
She saw me, asked me what happened. I said people played with me. She picked up the broom
and wielded it like a stick, as if she was desperate for a fight.

I said, It was my dad.

She stopped and looked back at me and sat on the chair near the door.

I said, This is better, I had to make it clear to him.

I walked over and hugged her with my bandaged arm.

She said: Guess who accompanied me to Guangzhou this time?

I thought about it: My mother.

How can you always guess correctly ?

I am their son, and Im your husband. You tell me how I can always guess correctly. Well,
dividing and conquering is their usual level of operations. What did she tell you ? I asked.

Fei stood up and poured water for herself , and said expressionlessly ,It can be summarized in
one word, coercion. She told me not to be with you, I was really impressed. Qiao Fei,there is
still time to rectify this. When she said this, I was smiling. Of course, she did not forget to
remind me about my humble origin, my family background, and my former activities.

She was still laughing, her tone relaxed. I could not laugh.

I was beaten up by my father, I faced him head-on and thought we had handled our conflicting
views well. But if such things are imposed on Qiao Fei, I would feel a lot of resentment. On the
other hand, I was not sure about Qiao Feis heart. Would she continue to feel the same ?

She took off her boots: She had no idea that your former fiance had already told me these
words. I was too lazy to answer, and finally I got impatient, and I told her, So be it, I know, but I
cannot [give up on Cheng Jiayang].

She looked at me, very calm, very firm: Jia Yang, I will not be separated from you, we have
been through too much.

I kissed her , but was deflected by her: No, you taste like wine.

Then Ill chew some gum.
She hugged me softly around my neck: Dont. Just this once, take a good rest.

Qiao Fei took a bath and lay down in the bed to rest. I lay on her soft belly, the smell of her
warm and sweet body enveloped me and I felt comfortable.

The dying rays of the sun cast a warm glow outside the windows. I felt like my life had no

Have you ever met Xiaohua?


Have you spoken?

After the fire, I went to the hospital to see you. We met there, she scolded me for coming.

You came to the hospital?

She cast a glance me: You were already like that. How could I not go?

I was saying I seemed to have seen you there.

You saw me and also spoke to me.

Really? I sat up and looked at her. I thought I was dreaming. How come I didnt hurt when I
pinched myself ?

Of course you didnt [feel any pain], you pinched me.

I chuckled and Fei also laughed.

What other things did you have to worry about after I gave my words to you? Why did you still
go to Africa?

Qiao Fei
Jia Yangs mother had grasped quite a bit of my situation. With velvet gloves, she narrated a
litany of all my past misdeeds, but only one sentence stabbed my heart like a knife.
Qiao Fei, you love Jia Yang, but ask yourself- will you be able to give him a complete family?
Can you give him a child ? In fact, you are thinking only about your own satisfaction, right ? So
you are still selfish, dont deny this.

She was an elegant and beautiful woman, energetic, and taller than average. She patted my
shoulder: But I like selfish people who act more for their own consideration. They are more
direct and its easier to discuss things with them. She sat on the sofa opposite me . Qiao Fei,
you tell me your price. How much will it take for you to let go of my son?

I thought about it. It is better for you to start with a price. You tell me how much Jia Yang is

The woman stared at me . I said: Well, there you go. I will give you time to think about it. I
told Jia Yang we will never be apart.

I started fighting as soon as possible, but I was a coward. I was feeling upset when I flew back
from Guangzhou. Along the way, I thought how Jia Yangs mother seemed omniscient and
omnipotent and felt shocked. On the other hand, her words also pricked my heart.I felt as if a
very sensitive part of my heart had been exposed to the sun. I could not make a complete family.

Jia Yan said I had to make amends to the seniors, what else did you have to worry about? Why
did you go to Africa later?

Jia Yang, I ruffled the hair on his forehead, There is something, I have not told you.

He looked at me: Tell me.

The two of us, had a little child. This was before I had gone abroad, when I was studying at

I did not discuss with you, I took the initiative to have the child aborted.

During the surgery, there was an accident. Jia Yang, I may not have the opportunity to have
children .

Jia Yang, I can not have a child with you.

So I want to go a little bit further, and say, I dont deserve you.

These were not just a few words, but it was really hard to say. My throat ached.
Jia Yang did not speak,he sat up, looked at me, and put his hands on my stomach. His hands
were very warm.

He took me in his arms, gently asked: At that time,did it hurt?

A little bit, I said.

A little bit?, he asked .

Until now, I could still feel the cold table against my spine and the pale white bright light above,
and also, that thread like sharp pain.

This may be the deepest pain in my heart. Whenever I think I lost Jia Yangs child, I feel as if
my heart was being gouged out from my body.

Jia Yang said: You did not tell me because you didnt want to make things difficult for me,

He hugged me, kissed my forehead: Fei, I let you suffer so much, in the future, you should
never want to be separated from me. You let me take care of you.

I know that you like kids

But we are together, because we want to be together, not to have children, do you understand
this truth?

I also hugged him, his face close to my body, What you say is correct.

And, I think, the fact that we are together, it seems too good to be true. So if we have some little
regrets, it just proves that God is fair and I feel more secure.

I nodded enthusiastically .

I had hidden a big secret for a long time, and finally told Jia Yang today.I felt a lot better. It was
as if I was walking with a heavy burden for a long time, and now that I had told him, I could
unload the burden.

It was really that simple, now I could rely on this man who was like a big, flourishing, vibrant
Besides,Fei , you think about it, the two of us are educated and constantly enhancing our skills,
but if we produce a small white boy, are we allowing others to live? Jia Yang said.

Yeah, I thought he was right, we had to leave some room for others. This is for ecological

And if you do not have children, we do not have to quit smoking.You know, Xiao Liu, when he
was about to be a dad, he had to quit smoking for three months.
Yeah, we do not have to control our drinking.

Hey, no contraception.

Wow haha, when do you want to do it? I asked.

Jia Yangs eyes were sparkling, he slowly pressed my body: Is now okay?

You are injured . I touched his face, kissed him, and kissed him again .Did it hurt?

He scrunched his eyebrows and said, I have endured even more pain.

The next day at work, I was translating letters to the United Nations, when the director called me
to his office. He told me that from then on I was suspended until Chinese New Year. After that, I
was told to wait for further instructions from the personnel department.

Although I had long been mentally prepared , I was still a little dazed.
I took my own things to go out, thinking, Whats the big deal, I will beg for benevolence, I have
no regrets.
Back home, Jia Yang saw me and asked: Were you suspended?


I am too, he said, the Personnel Department called me today and told me not to come to

Chapter 65
Cheng Jiayang

We ate in the restaurant and discussed our future plans.
I said: I really didnt want to stay here since a long time ago. We can go to Shanghai, Hong
Kong, or to Paris, Brussels, where I have a lot of friends. With just the two of us, we wont have
any problems anywhere.

While eating oilseed rape (Brassica napas), Fei said: I think we should not act impulsively, lets
wait . The reason for our suspension is all speculation at the moment, lets watch the situation.
Hey, dont eat the lamb, thats mine , its not good for your wounds.

In fact, after receiving the suspension from the personnel office on phone, I was a little excited.
Really, it seemed as if the caged bird had been given the key in its claws. We could fly out
anytime , all by ourselves,and be quite comfortable. Also, I was really anxious to leave here. I
was afraid they had other means to talk to Fei, and force us into submission.

Your parents are really going to hate me. I have abducted two of their sons.

You do not have to think like that. First, you actually rescued me from drowning by pulling me
up which makes you an admirable person. Second, I put the chopsticks down, and patted my
mouth with a napkin, I put up with my dad, my mom went all the way to get to you, I think they
do not want to acknowledge me again.

She held my hand on the table: Jia Yang, will you not regret this decision one day?

I regret it now, I said, I regret that we have wasted so much time.

She stood up and kissed me across the table, under the watchful eyes of everyone.

I was embarrassed.

The question now is, the Chinese New Year is approaching, so where will we go? I said.

Fei thought for a moment, then said,, Lets go to my house, I have not seen my dad and my
mother for a long time.

Ok, its set. Then, we can come back and resign.

Let them regret it.

Yes, let them regret it.

Qiao Fei
In the twelfth lunar month, I took Jia Yang back to my hometown.
The Chinese New Year in the northern city had a festive atmosphere because of some heavy

The wounds on Jia Yangs face had healed a bit. His face was pale, his lips red from the cold. I
helped him tighten the collar of the down jacket: Are you feeling cold or not ?

Im okay, he said, sneezing. Oh, it s so cold.

We took a taxi back to my house.On the way I told him: I am used to this. My high school was
far away from home. I rode a bike to school, by the time I reached halfway, my feet, hands, ears
were all numb. But then, guess what?
What ?

As I cycled on, they thawed and I didnt feel cold anymore .

Really ?

Yes , I am not deceiving you, when things reach an extreme , they can only go in the opposite

He hugged me with a smile.

We stuck together in the Lantern Festival.

My father and mother were very happy to see Jia Yang.

The next day, the last day of the lunar year, I helped my mother make a table full of delicious

Jia Yang was with my dad, eating peanuts and playing poker. In my heart, I said,Kid, you are
finished! My dad is the poker champion of three residential districts, the legendary poker ghost
would also think twice before playing with him.

I told my dad in sign language: Dad, you do not have to let him win all the money.
I told my mother to make the fish. I went to see them playing cards. Jia Yang had a proud smile
on his face, my father looked serious, he seemed to be going all out

I said: Dad, whats up? Did you let him win?

My dad said: No, this kid is remembering the cards. He recited all the cards that I had. I lost 30
Jia Yang said with a mischievous smile: What did you expect of me?

I said, You are too much, wait a minute, and I will personally teach you some new tricks.

My mother served the dumplings, and we sat on the bed to eat. My father wrapped Jia Yang and
my legs in a blanket. He said: Its really warm.

After eating, we went to see the firecrackers for New Year at the neighbors house. When Auntie
saw Jia Yang , she said: All right, Fei Fei this young rascal is quite good.

I said: Oh, hes ok. In fact, in my heart I was very proud.

The next few days, we visited some friends. I discovered Cheng Jiayang had a talent for games.
Be it poker, mahjong or childrens electronic games, he was a master. My uncle, aunt, cousins
and sisters all lost to him.

I said, You are so good, you keep practicing this. Then we wont go back to interpretation. We
will go to Macau, or Monte Carlo as a professional gambler.

Even though Ive not been to Monte Carlo, Im an Asian level player, he said, extremely
satisfied with himself.

It was fun.With the little money that he had won, he bought firecrackers for the children of my
relatives. They liked him very much.
On the fifth day, my father and mother went out to visit friends.

When I got up, it was almost noon. Jia Yang was still asleep.

Before leaving, my mother had readied all the ingredients for a hot pot, sheep soup, hand cut thin
lamb slices, noodles, green vegetables, blood sausage and shrimp. I thought Jia Yang liked
oysters, so I put on his coat to go downstairs to buy some oysters.

When I came back, Jia Yang had also woken up, he was at the table, stirring the soup.

Where did you go?, he asked.

I went to buy oysters for you . I said.

We served ourselves. We were eating the fragrant and sweet food when he suddenly put his hand
over his mouth with an Ah sound. The he said ,You didnt wash the oysters, my tooth broke.
I did not pay attention and continued to eat the blood sausage: Who asked you to not look
properly before eating?

However, after a while, he was still clutching his mouth with his hand,groaning.

I put down the chopsticks and walked over: Whats the matter?

He was still groaning, I felt a little anxious. I pushed his hand down, Let me see.

His opened his hand in my palms, in it was a small red velvet box. I was shocked. My heart said,
This cant be!

Fei, his face had a mischievous smile, and I could not help laughing, Let s get married.

I had to check if the diamond is big enough though.

( Miumiu : ha ha I love the way she thinks. Size matters :))

I slowly opened the box, saw an emerald, my face brightened .

Wow, wow .You can look down on me, I was so cheap. Jia Yang put it on my finger.I
could not control myself, I laughed and giggled.What was it that they said in the movie ? Jewels
can make any woman crazy.
I hugged his neck: Im surprised with this diamond, and yes, I agree.

When do we register ? He asked.

As soon as possible after we go back.

So soon!

Thats better.

For a long time, I repeatedly looked at my emerald ring. It was really beautiful . I looked at it in
the moonlight, in the sunlight, in the mirror, from the left hand to the right hand. I looked at it
and giggled.

While going back, in the flight ,Jia Yang said: I knew you would like it, I bought it for you

But this is extraordinary, I said.
Thats right. He clasped my hand tightly.

At the end of the New Year, my colleague called me to say that she could not find some of the
information I had given her a few years ago. I wanted to help her , so I tried asking her some
questions to determine the real situation. Jia Yang did not want to go, he wanted us to contact the

I dont want to go, its too much trouble, he said confidently, I have to contact friends on the
other side of Shanghai, you go yourself.

This person is of a really stubborn temper, I had to return to the department alone.

I was on my computer, burning a copy of the document for my busy colleague when she said:
Fei Fei, if you do not come back now,I will die of exhaustion.

I want to come back too, but the personnel has not informed me anything about a reinstatement
. I looked at her . She did not even look up. The documents, fax, it was very strange, What
happened ? The year has just started, why are you so busy?

She looked up at me from the stack of letters she was browsing: Something big has happened.

Chapter 66
Qiao Fei

I went back home in the afternoon. Jia Yang was at home on the computer. When he saw me, he
told me: Go to the balcony and see the turtles I bought.

I slowly went to the balcony, saw that Jia Yang had kept two red turtles in the aquarium. I slowly
walked back and sat in the chair opposite him. He smiled and asked,How is it? Do you like it?

Well,its ok.

He looked at me: Whats going on with you ?

I leaned over my head and watched his face, and said, You havent called home after the New

He did not speak, his fingers moved fast on the keyboard.

I went to pour some water for myself when I heard his voice outside :
What would I say?Happy New Year ? Such untrue sentiments. Are they necessary? Tell me Fei.

No, at least now, I do not want to see them.

The grievances in his heart could be heard in every word.

Jia Yang, I took a sip of water and went out, I went to the department today, I heard
something .

In the armed conflict in the Congo, two of our senior railway engineers were killed . Your
father will go to get the bodies back. Apart from the bodyguards, he will be alone.

He came out and looked at me: What did you say?

Your dad, such a big man, he will be going to Africa, no clerks, no secretary, no translators. He
will go all by himself. I repeated clearly.

He sat down on the chair next to me.

Jia Yang thought about this for a long time. Of course, he realized that for his father, at his level,
having so few people meant that this was a dangerous trip. It was a difficult mission for a

I caressed his hand: Dont you think you should meet him? Maybe he needs you now, Jia Yang

He stood up and sat down again, looking for a cigarette in the pocket of his pajamas, and I gave
him one on his lips.

I saw that his forehead was sweating.

Jia Yang was a little dazed.

He took a cigarette and returned to his room and continued to play on the computer.

I went in: Did you hear what I said?

He did not speak.

This was the strength of this person. Protect yourself, let the others die.
We had dinner. As we lay on the bed at night, watching TV, he did not speak.

I switched off the lamp near the bed. Feeling Jia Yangs body near mine, I put an arm around

What happened to you ? Jia Yang? Are you not happy? I asked.

No. His face was close to mine: I am old, I am remembering things from when I was a child

Tell me.

At that time, my father was not in such a high position. In his free time, he would put me on his
shoulders and with my brother, we would go to Beihai park to play.

He was particularly awesome in spinning tops. Every time, my brother would get angry.

Now that I think about it, really, neither my brother or I are as good as my dad. We havent
learnt anything.

He assisted Premier Zhou, Foreign minister Chen Yi,Comrade Chang Xiaoping. He has
translated in Europe and Africa, he has worked in the United Nations and he has the highest
reputation in the industry.

Foreign universities are now using his translations to assist in teaching.

I remember that when I was two years old, he taught me how to pronounce Chinese consonants.
When I grew up a little, I began to learn French. He was busy, but at that time he would still
check and correct my studies.

But later, he sent other people to watch me.

But he attaches great importance to you, I said, your dad is not the same as others.If he were
an ordinary person, he would be more reasonable than anyone else, but he wants to be better than
anyone else.
Is it? Jia Yang looked up and looked at me, I saw his eyes.

I nodded: Yes. Jia Yang. In fact , you know this.

Jia Yang, do you want to accompany him to Congo?
I think I do, he said, his face pale in the moonlight, but I can not ignore you.

I held him tightly. Jia Yang must be so tired. In any conflict, he was eager to please both his
parents and me. As a result, he was always in a dilemma and it must be exhausting for him.

What do you say? I said, you go to him tomorrow, if you have to accompany him, you come
back, and we will go to register (our marriage).Apart from this, I dont want you to waste a
single minute.

Where can you find such a good wife? He nodded, as he lay in my arms, I will do as you
say,dear wife.

Cheng Jiayang
I told the secretary at the door of my fathers office that I wanted to see him.

The secretary said the minister was absent.

I just saw his car downstairs. I said.

With a pained look on his face, he asked me, What do you want me to do,Yang?

I went into the room without any hesitation. My father was reading a document. When he looked
up and saw me,his face became cold and hard: You dont even knock the door. So many years
of etiquette are all gone.

I looked at him and did not speak.

Come on, are you going to ask me for forgiveness, or have you come back to get another
beating? He came over and looked at my face. You have recovered so fast, last time I was

You want to go to the Congo by yourself?

Who gave you permission to ask me about these things?

You are not taking anyone with you ?

the relevant documents are already in the country. I just need to meet the president, fulfill
the procedures to accept the remains of my compatriots; there is no other task.
This does not conform to the rules, is not in keeping with your status, why are you not even
taking an interpreter?

He said: Have you forgotten what I do ? I taught you all the tricks I know.

Dad, I looked at him, Ill go with you. Ill be your interpreter .

My father raised his head and looked at my eyes for a long time but did not speak.

I continued : I know that this task is risky. That is why you do not want to take too many
comrades with you.But as a dignitary of the foreign ministry,you must have some entourage . I
will go with you.
He slowly walked to the window and looked out. With a low voice he said: You know I do not
want to take others with me ,let alone my own child. You go.I dont expect people to change
their ways, I forgive you.

I will not go.I have not done anything wrong, and I do not need anyone s forgiveness, but I
approached him, there is another thing I have learnt from you, persistence.

He laughed: Yes ah, this, I have the experience . He looked back at me, carefully, or Is it that
I did not hit you heavily enough? Today, you actually come shamelessly as if nothing has

Remember to use a baseball bat next time. I said.

Ok, Ill remember. He went back to the desk, approved, signed, stamped, and handed the
document to me, I have approved it . Jia Yang,we fly tomorrow .

I turned to leave. He stopped me: Jia Yang, this time we are going to get back the remains of
our compatriots, its very important.

Yes, dad, I understand.

Chapter 67
Qiao Fei

I left the house and walked by myself in the street.
It was already spring. The weather was warm,the snow had melted, as a gentle and humid sea
breeze was blew on my face. It made me feel happy.

I passed the pet market and tried to buy something for the little turtle. The owner of the shop
said, Are you feeding the turtle? Buy little pieces of crucian carp and loach, they love it.

Thats right. Right now, its spring so the turtle can eat and drink and will grow so quickly.

Thats great. Give me half a kilo.

I took the fish home and put them into the fish tank.The small turtle was suddenly excited, and
began to kill in the fishtank, with bloodshed in the water from the killing. I could not bear to
watch. I went to watch TV, waited a while and then cleaned up the fish tank.
At this time, someone called me. I saw the number, it was my senior sister. From her tone, she
seemed almost on the verge of collapse.Feifei, if you do not come back, I will die.

What the hell? I said, I am on suspension.

Havent you received a phone call from the Personnel Department? They will soon be calling
for you. You and Jia Yang are both absent, and now the department is shorthanded.Even the
department head and the section chief have lots of work.
Ok, I said, I will be right over to help.

As soon as I put down the phone, the Personnel Department called up. Not only did they inform
me to report back to work immediately, but they also told me that I had now graduated from a
trainee and would soon be formally an official of the civil service.

This seemed to suddenly come as a gift. Needless to say, Jia Yangs parents were behind this and
thus made me feel as if the situation was somewhat unreal.

I sat down and drank a glass of water. I was thinking, what was I supposed to do?

I was a human being, I remembered everything. I was not accustomed to being dismissed. But
now I had to accept this gift. It bothered me that I had to be grateful for it .

However, another thought came to my mind. Such decisions were made in an instant. I put on the
coat and left home to go the Department. Along the way, the spring breeze blew. My pace of
walking got faster and faster, as if I was going to fly.

It wasnt just for Jia Yang, I did not want to let him continue in this dilemma; it was
hard work.More importantly, for years, I had worked hard for my own ideals. On this arduous
road, I had felt wrong many times and I had shed my blood, sweat and tears. So I had to cherish
the achievements.This time, no matter what the reason, I could not give up.
Cheng Jiayang

We took the plane to Kinshasa. The Congolese Foreign Minister took the opportunity to pick up
the ambassador to the country and accompanied my father to meet the president.

During the meeting, my father was tough and solemnly asked the authorities to reinforce the
security measures for the engineering and technical personnel of the railway.

The President, on the one hand, mourned and regretted the death of the personnel, but on the
other hand, began to come up with all sorts of pretexts and refused to increase the budget and the
security measures.

My father said, You have to be clear about who your friends are and fulfil your obligations
towards them. If you refuse to do these things for your friends, you will eventually become

I translated my fathers words to the other side, and the president gave a slight concession by
increasing the police security to ensure that our safety was a bit more reinforced, but the price
was huge. After the talks, the officials of the Congolese Ministry of Commerce talked to my
father about additional interest-free loans.

My father said to me in Chinese: Jia Yang, you see, fighting with foreigners is simpler than a
childs game. Ask them, how much money can buy my peoples life back?

After the talks, the Congolese had arranged a simple meal, but my father refused. He asked if we
could quickly receive the body of our compatriots.

We received the bodies in the Capital Hospital. The local sergeant carried the coffins to the car.
My father had brought gloves, he personally covered the coffin with the flag.

We drove from the hospital to the airport on a bumpy road. On both sides, of the road we could
see the West African desert. In the sunset, a pink light diffused from the ground; it was a strange

Accompanying us as security personnel were two armed police officers of the Public Security
Bureau. They were discharging their duty with due diligence. Now the task was about to end, but
the two did not exhibit the slightest degree of relaxation to an outside observer.I thought that in
every industry there were respectable professional people.

My father said, You were pretty good.
Thank you . When I was a kid, I said, I may not have been as good as you, but now that I am
in this profession , I am also quite good.

He looked at me, his eyes were smiling: Who says you are not as good as me? Times are
different. If I had such a beautiful voice, back in the day, I could have become a minister.

Thats right . When I was in Paris, you were listening to a recording of King Sihanouks speech
to practice, I said, So, father, it is not surprising. You dont have the slightest Chinese accent
no matter what you think.

Now its your turn to praise me ?

I smiled , looking back at my stern father.



The front and rear guards were blown up and the black driver turned back to us and said, Its the
guerrillas. Before he could finish speaking, he was shot in the head.

Our guards pushed me and my father down to our seats and used their bodies to block us as they
took out their pistols.

I heard the sound of machine guns and explosions. Both of us were panting. There was a smell of
smoke and blood.

I had never experienced this kind of scene in my life before. My heart seemed to jump out of my
chest; sweat flowed down like blood.

After a long time that seemed like a century to me, the gunfire suddenly stopped.

For a long time, there was no movement. Then the door suddenly opened and a team of heavily
armed black soldiers were standing outside.

The government army defending us had been completely wiped out.

Black blood flowed directly near my feet.

We were the only persons living.
The first person to speak was tall and strong, his body muscular , with black lines painted on his

He did not intend to kill us. He said to us in French, Come out.

The four of us got off , the bodyguards were still standing in front of us.

My father himself stood out and asked him: Are you the head?

Colonel of the guerrillas, Kofi Taigang.

I am the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, Cheng.

I know, said Taigang, we came prepared.

Ok, said my father, keep me here , you can get anything. Let my colleagues go back.

Taigang put his machine gun on his back and crossed his hands on his chest: Here, what I say

Do you know what is in the back of my car? Father and Taigang were both proud, standing toe
to toe, neither one willing to retreat, The bodies of my compatriots. We, the Chinese people, do
not stay in foreign countries after death. Please let my colleagues send the dead back home . He
looked back at us and said in Chinese: You must send the coffins safely.

The two bodyguards said: Minister

Shut up, he interrupted, and there were no ripples in his voice. What is the purpose of our

I was shocked. My father would be left here and he wanted us to escort the coffin back.

Our car was yet to start, Taigangs people stepped aside and my father hurriedly started on his
way .

I lifted one foot then put it back on the ground. I said to Taigang, Keep me here , I am the son of
Mr Cheng,you will have more leverage.

Taigang smiled, revealing white teeth, a trace of cruelty in his smile.This is hilarious.
My father was shocked at the change and looked at me. I saw the two bodyguards shut the door,
I said: Comrades,have a safe trip.

We then went to the truck the guerillas had hidden behind the hills, then through the desert to an
unknown destination .

I found that these people, Taigang and his men, were not a bunch of stragglers or a ragtag gang.
There black sergeants were strong, well-trained, formal in appearance; no wonder they won so

While I watched them, I was being watched by another, my father.

When the car bumped, he helped me. With his chrysanthemum hands on my hand, he looked at
my face and suddenly said with deep emotion: This man ah, really impressive,when did you
grow up so much ? You fight with me yet you also come with me to die.
I laughed: Suddenly? Are you ok? Did I startle you ?

Do you not regret being with your father here? He asked me.

I thought about it, A little bit. I looked at him. Dad, if I had not come here, I would have got
married with her now.

But she was also the one who told me that you wanted to visit alone, and she was the one who
told me to accompany you.

If she were here now, she would do the same thing.

My father loosened my hand and looked up and looked at the twilight sky, Isnt this the girl
who applied for Cte dIvoire?

Yes. I said.

Why is she so stubborn ? He looked at me, Later, be wary of suffering.

I let her suffer too much.

Father did not laugh, his face softened : Jia Yang, when we go back, bring her home , we must
meet her.

Ok dad, sure . My eyes were wet.
Fei , in a way I am feeling closer and closer to you. What are you doing?

Qiao Fei

I worked overtime with senior sister in the department till 11 oclock and only after that, I
returned home. When I was leaving, I asked Huan who was bending over his desk preparing data
for the director: Do you have any news?

He looked at me: If I have news, wont I tell you ? The minister has left the hospital and is
preparing to return.Girl, you go back and rest, and all the people will watch out for you.
When I returned home, I smelled something off. I ran into the house to see that the culprit was
the small turtle . The aquarium was now a killing field , the whole tank was bloody. The carp,
loach, everything was dirty and smelly and there were floating corpses in the tank.

The turtles had eaten their fill and were sitting in the fish tank.

I was angry. I came back so late at night, now I had to clean them up.

There is no other way . This Jia Yang was causing me too much trouble.

I held my breath as I poured water, rinsed them and brushed their shells.Their bath time was
longer than my own.
Finally finished, I lay in bed, holding a quilt. I carefully smelled the fragrance of Jia Yang.

Chapter 68
Qiao Fei

The next day when I went to work, there were a lot of translations that had to be completed for
the convention of the International Conference on Disaster
Management. The African delegates presented materials on the spread of locusts. In the photos,
food and plants were shrouded by billions of pink locusts. Once the locusts left, the village was
hungry and fearful. Emaciated children surrounded by flies were weeping on the shoulders of
their uncaring mothers.

I felt depressed, as I stood up and went to the window.

So, whats the point of complaining about things here?

We eat until we are full, wear warm clothes, and in the warm spring, we do things we have
wanted to do for many years. Occasionally, we have emotional difficulties of the heart, which
adds different tastes to life
So, I was so lucky.

And my Jia Yang, he was in Africa. Has he not successfully completed the task with his father?
Hadnt he performed well in front of his father? Was he ready to come back ? There were always
unforeseen events in Foreign Affairs, and Jia Yang may be busy with his own work. That is why
he had not given me a call until now

Cheng Jia Yang

My phone fell to the ground, close to a pair of black feet, I looked up. It was a black boy, about
four or five years old. He had a fine body as his eyes shone. He was carried food for my father
and I.

He put the food on the ground, picked up my phone, took a look, and asked me in French,

Phone. I took it over and turned on the screen. Though there was no signal in the desert, there
was a photograph of Fei , which was very important to me.

The phone made a sound and her smile appeared on the screen. I let him see.

The boy asked me again with a word: Who?

My wife. I said.

My father was behind me .

The boy took a closer look and finally said: She, pretty.

Of course, I said, seeing the boy laughing and revealing the lovely white teeth. What is your

Kazan, another man answered for him. Colonel Taigang had entered the tent. He extended his
hand to hold the boy, then turned back to me and said: My son.

He brought water and put it next to the food on the ground , and said to my father, Please.

Dad said, Thank you.

He sat down and took a sip.He said to Taigang, It is not easy for you to give us water. What is it
that you want?
My comrades. They are in the hands of the government army. We want them back in exchange
for your release. He stood up and looked at my father. I know that you are a big man, but my
comrades are important. I have only given the government, that is, you, two days. He finished
and left.

My father said to me: Jia Yang, eat, drink water.

The food they had sent was a mash of raw potatoes and tasted like sawdust My father said,
Chew it a little , so that your stomach will not be uncomfortable.

He did not drink much water and left most of it for me. I drank a mouthful. I could feel his eyes
on me. I looked at him and choked with emotion. Dad, you are so old, but you are still like

He smiled and patted my shoulder, but did not speak.

In the desert, the temperature difference between the night and day was huge.

I lay in the tent with my father. The tent was guarded by the soldiers. I was shivering from the

The little boy Kazan came in and handed a blanket to me. He refused to leave after that and
continued looking at me as he stood on the side..

I covered my father with the blanket and looked at the boy. I said, What are you doing?

He did not answer and continued looking at me.

I knew. I took out my phone from my pocket: Is it this?

He said: Call. He took the phone, the screen brightened. He played with this novelty, pressing
the buttons to emit sounds. He was happy.

I asked him, What does Kazan mean?

He was probably not proficient in French, he carefully thought and said: Grass.

I nodded: Oh. What about your mother?

He looked at me and said in French, My mother was killed by a white traitor.
When Kazan left, the phone was returned to me. I lay beside my father. He had fallen asleep in
this harsh environment.

I think I was really tired, and gradually closed my eyes. While we were sleeping , very faintly,
we could hear the songs of the indigenous men. I could not understand what the songs meant ,
but I just felt as if the tone was sorrowful. It was as if hundreds of years of suffering was buried
in the voices .

The next day, when it was almost noon. Kazan brought rice. His father followed him. Colonel
Taigang was holding an old-fashioned cassette recorder. He said to us: You speak here. We will
send it to the government and the embassy.

Dad refused to speak.

I know he was calm and determined, but I was not so strong. There were some words I wanted to
say to a person for a long time. Now, at this time, I really must let her know.

I said: Qiao Fei, this is Jia Yang

Only after I finished what I wanted to say to Fei, did I find that I was crying.

Taigang had the subordinates take the tape recorder. He looked at me and asked Is Cheng your

Yes. I said.

You are not alike.

You are not the only one to say so.

I thought you were the one with moral support when you stayed here for the old man. You
could have obviously left, but you chose to stay with him here.

I am.

Who were you talking to?

My wife.

He looked at me and nodded: How long have you two been married?
We havent married yet but we intended to do so after I went back.

What did you say?

I thought: No matter what, I want her to live as happily as before; and theres something else
Ive never said to her: I love her.

Taigang said: You were originally going to have happy days so you should not give up.

I looked into his black eyes: What about you? What kind of days have you had? What kind of
days do you expect ? What kind of days do you let others have?

Taigang said: The days used to be calm. Eat, sleep, farm, have children, until the whites came.

They taught us religion, guns, condoms, and how to kill our own brothers, so that we were
pushed into a civil war.

But what they took away was oil, diamonds and gold.

We are here to repair the railway.

Do not disturb the quiet. He stood up and walked to the door, and said to me, The tape, your
wife, shell hear it.

Qiao Fei

Three days have passed since the day he left, 82 hours.

I had no news of Jia Yang.

In the office of the bureau of the ministry, no one was talking; no one asked, no one spoke.

However, I know that the remains of the deceased engineers had been shipped back, and Jia
Yang and his father were still there.

I drank tea, ate, worked, fed Jia Yangs small turtle, changed his water, and accompanied Bo Bo
in selecting her wedding gown for the photo shoot.

I showed her my ring. I said: How is it ? Cool or not?
She was surprised and her mouth was wide open : Wow, when did you catch a wealthy

Thats right, he really is a wealthy, I said with a smile, you still remember Cheng Jiayang?

She was even more surprised. She thought about it, then shook her head like a rattle: Qiao Fei ,
I do not believe you. Do you think Im a bun**?

**Do you think Im a bun?: Do you think Im so gullible (pretty much)I snorted: Just wait,
as soon as he comes back from his business in Africa, I want to get married before you. I
looked at her, and looked at the mirror opposite me. I do not know who was it that said: Just
The day the disaster management conference was held, my partner was senior sister. We did the
simultaneous interpretation for the representatives from the French side. We were fully prepared
and things were going well. At noon, the director came. He held my hand and congratulated me
first. Then in my ear he said Qiao Fei , there are some people who want to see you.

I came to the office in the exhibition centre. When I opened the door I saw people I knew.

Cheng Jiaming and his mother.

Jia Ming said, Qiao Fei , sit down.

I said, There is a meeting below, and Im going to accompany the leader.

Jia Yang s mother said, Qiao Fei , sit down.

Her voice did not see me as arrogant and domineering. At the moment it sounded gentle and

I was really scared.

What were they going to say to me?

I did not want to stay here. Before Jia Yang returned, I did not want to see them.

I was going to leave .

Suddenly, I heard the Jia Yangs voice.
It was blurred, but it was his voice: Fei , this is Jia Yang. Im sorry to make you wait for me, I
will be back as soon as possible.

If I can not, I hope you still have a happy life.

You must know that the times I spent with you are my happiest moments.

Also, I have always forgotten to tell you that I love you.

I did not move for a long time, I was stunned. I stood there.

Jia Ming came to me and said: Jia Yang and my father were taken as hostages in Africa. We
lost contact with them.They have sent this tape, After technical analysis, we have ascertained this
is indeed Jia Yang.

I felt as if I could not understand his words. I said: Yes ah, I know, this is the Jia Yang. Where
is he now?
Now, the state and the local government have actively deployed the army is to rescue them.

I looked back at him: Is that so?

Jia Ming nodded.

I stretched lazily : How is it that they have still not rescued them? I looked at his mother!
Once they are rescued, please ask him to give me a call.

I wanted to leave when I heard his mother say : Qiao Fei, we wanted you to know this because
you have this right.

Do you feel anxious ? It is better to take a break, and let others do the translations

These were warm words from a caring person , but I did not think that this was necessary.

She did not know me.

With my back to her, I clearly said: I thank you .I am a little anxious, but if it was Jia Yang,
would he not continue at this time? I went to the door and said to them, I am still going to do
my job; I am an interpreter.
Cheng Jiayang

Taigang took me out of the tent. He said to my father, Im sorry, the government has not yet
showed any sign of compromise, so I have to kill this person. He looked at me, I am not saying
sorry to you, I havent done anything wrong to you.

Father was a true man. At this time, his face did not change color, neither did heart jump. He just
enunciated word by word to Taigang: As long as you know what will happen to you if you do
so, it is all right. I will return and pay you back ten times more. He looked at me for a long time,
his eyes shining , Jia Yang, you are a good boy.

I did not speak and smiled at my father.

I took a few steps towards the exit. I thought of something and asked Taigang: Have you sent
the tape ?

Its been sent.

Very good.

Where did they want to take me to excite me ? The colonel pushed my back.

I suddenly saw that Kazan was standing not too far away. I said to Taigang, I have something to
say to your son.

Taigang pondered, and finally waved his son over. I put the phone on the boy s hand and said to
him: This is for you . You keep it. You and my wife are similar. Her name also means grass.

Cheng Jia Yang

I had read somewhere that when people were about to die, their brains operate at a speed ten
times higher than under normal circumstances. All their memories appear in front of the dying
persons eyes and under such stimulation , they often burst into tears.

I was now in this situation, and I realised that this was just hearsay, nothing more.

Otherwise why was my heart so quiet? There wasnt even a trace of any waves. I had forgotten
many things and many people. I just felt really happy to have lived. Even if the time was short, I
was really happy to have lived.
Before the execution, my eyes were covered with a black cloth that blocked the sun.At that
moment. I said in my heart:
Goodbye, Qiao Fei.

Qiao Fei

I took off the headset, sighed with relief, felt an ache in my shoulder and rubbed it.
Senior sister said: Fei Fei ,come home with me, my mother in law made stew today .

I said, Thank you, I have to rush home. My two little turtles cause too much trouble.

I left the office and took the bus home. At the small market not far from home, I bought a loach
and some food for myself. At home, I first cleaned the fish tank and gave the two little turtles
their food. Then I started cooking stuffy rice for myself. I had just opened the can of corn when
my hand was scratched accidentally by the tin. There was a small cut and blood flowed from it.

At this moment, I felt really angry. I banged the rice spoon on the table and angrily said: You
havent finished your work yet ? Are you trying to avoid me ? Is it ok to just send me a few
maudlin messages? I am telling you now, you come back here as soon as possible to face your
punishment. There is no one to take care of your two turtles, you come back and feed them , I
have had enough

I served myself a big bowl of rice as I stuttered. In my heart, I angrily thought, I will go to buy a
set of leather lingerie and a leather skirt tomorrow,. Then Ill get a whip and chain with a spiked
iron ball or something. When Cheng Jia Yang came back, I would SM torture him, so that this
boy never caused people to worry again like this.

Cheng Jia Yang

But the bullet did not hit my head. In fact, at the moment of execution, suddenly, there were
bursts of gunfire. There were numerous volleys of gunfire. I thought, is someone coming to save
us ?

I rejoiced in my heart. I felt something cold in my leg and then there was acute pain. I was shot, I
fell to the ground and grimaced in pain. In my heart I regretted, If I was to be rescued, why
couldnt they rescue us earlier? Even the rescue is not planned well, I am injured, it really

I woke up because someone was trying to pry open my eye with a flashlight. I shivered and said,
Youre not allowed to touch my Dad.
Then I opened my eyes.
A Chinese doctor wearing white and the local ambassador were standing by my bedside with my

I struggled as I tried to sit up, but my legs were injured and I felt severe pain.

Dad said: Jia Yang, how do you feel?

Im okay, Im fine. I said, How are you?

He shook his head: No problem.

What happened?

We were rescued by government troops, said my father, We are just waiting for you to wake
up so we can return home.

I took the water from my father and looked at him: What about Taigang and his men?

The guerrillas were all wiped out.

I thought , the black officer Taigang was also a hero, he told me that they were not wrong.

I said, Dad, there was a boy, how is he?

Qiao Fei

After lunch, I took a nap. Recently, because I was eating more and sleeping more, I put on lot of

I was fast asleep when someone insolently pushed at my shoulder to wake me up

I squinted,it was the director.

Youre sleeping during work hours , do you want to be punished?

Isnt it lunch break? I wiped my mouth.

Quickly attend to the international long distance call and take good notes , he said. As he left ,
he was still mumbling , Young people are so lazy.
I dared not neglect the task.Holding a pen and paper, I picked up the phone.

The other side said Hello, I was stunned.

Jia Yang?


We stopped talking again, so there was silence at both ends of the phone for a long time. I felt
like my soul, which had left the shell of my body for a few days, was now fluttering back to my
body. I felt like a dead plant which was now turning lush and vibrant again as warm green juice
flooded back in its body

Why did you call? Jia Yang, I was worried . I said as my voice began to choke.

I was delayed by something, he said. His voice sounded good, the same as before.

When will you come back? Your two little turtles are tormenting me.


He paused, Fei Fei, we should get married.

You dont want to run away?

He smiled and gently said, Before that, I want you to meet my parents, and my brother.

I couldnt wait to say, Jia Yang, I will listen to everything you say. Come back soon.

Fei, I need to complete some formalities here.

Although I havent consulted you, but I think you will agree.

I have adopted a black boy. Later, he will be our child.

His name is Kazan. Like your name, it means grass

I grew up in adversity, no matter what difficulties I encountered, even if those were unexpected
and unfair, I did not cry. I tried hard to swim against the current, studied and worked so hard that
I was often exhausted, when despair filled my heart, I did not cry; when I was far away from the
country , I endured loneliness, I withstood the loss of a sincere friend, I was misunderstood by
my dearest people, I did not cry; even when I finally found happiness, found love, and then was
about to lose it all, I did not cry.

But now, when in my heart, I was both bitter and ecstatic at the same time,I forced myself to
nod, but could not speak. I could only burst out crying and feel the boiling hot tears flow down
my face.