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Free RPG Day 2016

Pelgrane Press Showcase

agents THE
13 th
night's black agents
Quick Background & Structure 5 Backstory  23
Getting Started 5
The Broken Night5
improvised investigation 23
Clues  23
Skeletal Mook 6
Scenario Spine  23
Shrieking Skeleton 6
The Agents  24
A Choice of Paths7
Wandering Monster Montage 8 opening scene: getting the letter 24
The Chained Tower 8 Unwelcome Guests  25
Entering the Tower 8 The Chase Begins  25
Inside the Tower 8
Xuthanas Tale 9
opposition forces 25
The Nachzehrer  25
The Isle of Sanctuary9
Unternehmen Braun  26
Fight for the Boats 9
Conspiracy Goons  26
Skeletal Knight 10
Skeletal Mounted Archer 10 people27
On The Isle 10 Eva Haflich  27
The Bridge of Bone 10 The Fixer  27
Undead Giant 11 Castle Custodian  27
The Theft of the Dead 11 BND Agent  28
The Cliff Graves11 Researcher  28
Atop The Cliffs 12
Dungeon Delving Montage 12
Keilberg Retreat  28
Diggers Prison 12
Schloss Glockestein  29
Undead Soldier 12
GSV Technology  29
Undead Cleric 13
Abandoned Mine  30
Digger the Dwarf 13
Bucharest Nightclub  30
Death and the Necromancer13
Meet the Parents 13 items  30
Talking Hathred Down 14 Van Helsings Case  30
Running the Fight 14 The Church Bell  31
Hathred the Unfortunate 15 Strasbourg Map  31
The Necromancer 15
Van Helsing Letter (Handout) 40
Nights Black Agents Rules Summary 39
character sheets
Dark Elf Paladin 16 CHARACTER SHEETS
Half-orc Rogue 17
Human Fighter18
Dwarf Wizard19
Human Commander20
Halfling Sorcerer 21
13th age - swords against the dead


13th age is a fantasy roleplaying game by

Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet,
Lee Moyer, & Aaron McConnell

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Ltd. under license from Fire Opal Media Product Identity: The following game mechanics of this Fire Opal Media game product are Open Game Content, as
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previously been designated as Open Game Content are not included in this declaration.) Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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13 th age - swords against the dead

Publisher Art Direction Artwork
Simon Rogers Cathriona Tobin Miguel Santos

Author Cover Layout

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Victor Leza Chris Huth

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13th age - swords against the dead

Swords Against The Dead is an adventure for 13th Age, designed
to introduce gamemasters and players to the improvised, player-
Getting Started
driven, free-rolling style of the game. Hand out the pregenerated characters. The situation all
Its for 4th level player characters. Mostly pregenerated the player characters are wandering adventurers. They dont
characters (missing backgrounds, Icon relationships and One necessarily know each other; some might have been travelling
Unique Things) are on pages 16-21. together for years, others might have met the evening before
The adventure begins with an attack by a horde of skeletons when they arrived at this lonely little roadside inn, The Kings Rest.
on an inn where all the player characters happen to be staying the Get the players to fill in their One Unique Things, Backgrounds
night. After escaping the undead host, the adventurers discover and Icon Relationships, and point out that since it says Swords
the dead are rising all around them Against The Dead on the cover of this booklet, at least some of
the players should consider taking relationships with the Lich

Quick Background King (negative, preferably).

Roll Icon Relationships at this point, but dont give benefits
& Structure for a 5 or 6 yet. Work them into the story; weve suggested
rewards at various points in the adventure.
Briefly Hathred, the apprentice of a local hermit-wizard, did
If the players ask, the Kings Rest lies on the trail between the
something very stupid. Urged on by a malicious dwarf named
holy city of Santa Cora and the Archmages citadel at Horizon,
Digger, he stole a very powerful spellbook from his mistress,
running along the Demon Coast. There was a road here, long
a spellbook that was once owned by the Lich King himself.
long ago, but it was destroyed in a cataclysm, and now a well-
Hathreds been taken over by the book and is now animating an
worn trail picks its way through the broken lands. Due north,
army of the undead to serve his new master.
far across the sea, is the fabled isle of Necropolis, where the Lich
After the opening fight scene, the players could choose to
King sits on a throne of bone.
escort those fleeing the undead army to an offshore sanctuary,
Dont worry about extensive backstory get down to dice
visit the tower of the local wizard, or go to the graveyard to
rolling as quickly as possible!
search for the necromancer. Hathreds location isnt fixed if
you need to stretch things out, hes at the graveyard if the PCs go
to the sanctuary or tower first, or hes besieging the sanctuary if
they strike at the graveyard or tower first.
Youre all in an inn. Roll for Initiative!

13 th age - swords against the dead

Also roll initiative for the first wave of skeletal mooks that
are about to attack the inn.
Skeletal Mook
When a players turn comes up, ask that player what their Bones! Not brains, bones! Bones!
character was doing just before the attack began. Sleeping? Drinking?
3rd level mook [Undead]
Performing arcane rituals? Staring out soulfully at the stars?
Initiative: +5
Also, get the player to briefly describe their characters
Vulnerability: holy
dramatic appearance into the fray does she smash through an
interior wall, waving her battleaxe? Appear mysteriously out of Bony Claws +8 vs. AC 6 damage
the shadows to backstab a skeleton? Stumble down the corridor
pulling on armor just in time to run into a pack of undead?
AC 19
Finally, as part of their opening narration before their attack
PD 17 HP 11 (mook)
roll, ask each player one of the following questions to build up
MD 13
a picture of the scene. (There are suggestions in brackets for Mook: Kill one skeletal mook for every 11 damage you deal to
indecisive players.) the mob.
The inns got a notable architectural feature that youve never
seen in a roadside inn before what is it? (Ancient shrine/
swimming pool/was built into the remains of an ancient
Shrieking Skeleton
temple/all the furnitures halfling-sized) Not just shrieking. Laughing, giggling, mocking. Like deaths
You arrived at the inn on an unusual mount what is it, detention, and theyre playing truant.
and what can you hear from the stables outside as the undead
4th level spoiler [Undead]
swarm in? (mechanical horse/unicorn/riding lizard/vat-
Initiative: +8
grown monstrosity)
Vulnerability: holy
One of the other guests at the inn caught your eye last night.
Who was it and why? (known thief/pilgrim heading to Santa Bony Claws +9 vs. AC 10 damage
Cora/estranged relative) Natural 14+: The skeleton may make a free Shriek attack.
The innkeeper wasnt very welcoming when you arrived last Natural 1-5: The shrieking skeleton may make a free Bony
night. Why not? Describe him. (snooty/prejudiced against Leap move.
elves/thinks adventurers attract mysterious old men who sit
C: Shriek +9 vs. MD (up to 3 nearby enemies) 5 thunder damage
in the corner by the fire and never order drinks)
Whats the terrain like immediately around the inn? Its [special trigger] Bony Leap: The skeleton springs away,
near the coast how close? What else is notable? (Bucolic automatically popping free of any engagements and making a
farmland/broken wilderness/flooded marsh) huge jump across the battlefield.
These, you can tell, are ancient skeletons, from a previous Age.
Whats unusual about them? (Jeweled teeth, as was the style
AC 20
at the time/all ritually murdered/extra arms)
PD 18 HP 50
There are two waves of undead. The first wave consists entirely of
MD 14
skeletal mooks, who are there purely to give the players a chance
to get used to the combat system and look cool. Give the players
opportunities to work together dont run six independent
Iconic Rewards
fights, make it a mass brawl. For example, if a PC damages but
Dwarf King/Emperor/Crusader: Youre on a mission
doesnt kill a mook, describe how that skeleton gets hurled across
to hunt down a notorious criminal named Digger, a
the common room of the inn to be a target for the next PC in
deserter from the Crusaders forces. As such, youve
initiative order.
got the authority to demand help from, say, wandering
When the escalation die hits 3, the second wave of undead
adventurers you happen to meet in an inn. Diggers a
arrives. This group includes a number of tougher undead
thief and tomb robber.
creatures shrieking skeletons. These monsters wail and scream
in combat, shrieking lines like the Kings Herald is come! or the Priestess: Divine power flows through the PC, making
Book is the Way, and the Way is Open! all her attacks holy for the rest of the fight.

Lich King: The undead sense the Lich Kings chill

Number of Wave 1 Wave 2 Shrieking
touch on the PCs soul; they dont attack that character
PCs Mooks Mooks Skeletons
unless attacked first.
3 10 6 1

4 12 8 2

5 15 12 3

6 20 15 4

13th age - swords against the dead

If any of the players have relevant icon relationships or

Magic Items backgrounds, give them the following information directly.
Otherwise, they can piece it together by questioning the locals.
(Looted from the smashed-up remains of skeletons) (Emperor/Lich King/Priestess)Theres an ancient burial
ground along the coast, where the dead are interred in sea-
Jagged Sword: A +1 weapon, plus it doubles your miss
caves that riddle the chalky cliffs. If there is a necromancer
damage. Quirk: Finds death amusing
out rousing the dead, maybe theyre holed up in the Cliff
Ring of Gathered Shadow: While wearing this ring, Graves (p. 11)
you can touch shadows as though they were made of (Priestess/High Druid/Great Gold Wyrm): Off the coast,
cloth. By wrapping shadow around yourself, you get theres an island thats said to be warded against the undead.
a +2 bonus to any stealthy skill checks. You can also Most of the locals are planning on taking refuge there, at the
illuminate objects by pulling shadows off them. Isle of Sanctuary (p. 9).
Shadows flow back to their natural positions after a (Archmage/Diabolist/Three): Not too far away dwells a
few minutes. Quirk: Fingers never stop moving powerful sorceress, Xuthana of the Chained Tower. Little is
known about her; shes said to be powerful and secretive, and

doesnt welcome visitors. She is, however, extremely well-
informed she might know whats going on.
None of the locals have ever met Xuthana on the very
The defeat of the second wave of undead turns the tide. There rare occasions when she needs something, she sends an
are still a few skeletons marauding around the inn and the apprentice. Her current apprentice is a lad named Hathred;
surrounding farms, but without the shrieking skeletons, they she took him in after his parents died at sea.
lack direction and can easily be dealt with. Survivors and shaken The locals have all sorts of wild stories about the Chained
travelers alike gather in the wreckage of the Kings Rest, and look Tower (p. 8) the usual superstitions about weird rituals,
to the player characters for guidance. summoned monsters and curses (she turned my cow into a
Its clear from the behavior of the undead that they were slightly different cow! I can tell the difference!). One story of
newly-animated, and under orders to kill any living beings they note; several people speak of seeing a mysterious dwarf lurking
came across. Some of the locals who fled outlying farms report near the tower doubtless some creature of Xuthanas. (It was
seeing skeletons dragging away the corpses of people they actually the dwarf, Digger.)
murdered, suggesting theres some necromancer out there intent The locals give directions to any of the three locations if the
on adding to his army of the undead. They must be powerful PCs need them, before heading towards the coast and the hope
indeed, to have created so many horrors. of safety.

13 th age - swords against the dead

Wandering Try persuading the door: Undead armies? Not my problem,

mate. Not Xuthanas either. You look like adventuring-types
Monster Montage you sort it out. With a successful DC 20 Charisma check
(remembering to add on any appropriate backgrounds),
The countryside around the Kings Rest crawls with undead.
the door agrees to summon Xuthana down to speak to the
Optionally, run a quick montage sequence; have one player
characters. (Ding dong. Ding dong. Um. Mistress? There are
describe some hazard or undead monster the company encounter
some beggars here to speak to you. Mistress? Mistress?) Once
en route, and have the next player describe how their character
the door realizes something is dreadfully wrong upstairs, it
overcomes this obstacle. Its only a short distance, so two or three
lets the PCs in.
hazard/response narratives are plenty.
Break down the door: Technically, the door is unbreakable.
The nose of the door-guardian isnt so invulnerable a

THE CHAINED successful Strength check (DC 25) gets the guardian to shriek
for help. When no help comes, it realizes that somethings

TOWER wrong and lets them in.

The Window: Climbing the tower requires a Dexterity check

The Chained Tower stands on a huge outcrop of rock some miles (DC 25). If the check fails, the character doesnt fall; instead,
inland. Its a spiky finger of black stone, wrapped almost entirely the chains shift and move to catch the would-be burglars foot.
in thick chains like metal ivy. In fact, its a single huge chain of Wrenching the foot free costs a Recovery.
varying girth that snakes around and around and around the
tower, running in and out of holes in the walls, until it goes into a
high window and vanishes. The other end is tied to a huge rune-
Inside the Tower
engraved ring of metal, thirty feet across, which protrudes from The towers clearly been hastily ransacked. Someones run amok
the rocky outcrop. in here, stealing valuable items. The burglars must have left in a
The tower is dark and seemingly lifeless, but the chains rattle hurry, as there are treasures here of great worth.
and clink even when the wind isnt blowing. Listening closely,
Hathreds Chamber: One room is unlike the others. Its clearly
though, the characters can also hear someone... snoring?
the room used by Xuthanas apprentice. Its humble, spartan, with
few ornaments. The only personal item is a crystal, which any
Entering the Tower spellcaster recognizes as a Glass of Hearts Desire a simple
magic item made as an exercise by many apprentices. Its a way
The Door: Narrow and well-worn steps lead up to what must
to practice conjuring images. Touch the glass, and it fills with an
be a door, although the player characters have to push away
illusionary scene drawn from the creators deepest dreams.
several hanging lengths of the chain to find it. The door is
This particular glass was made by Xuthanas apprentice
made of metal, and theres an animated golden face instead of a
Hathred. When touched, it conjures up images of a kindly-faced
handle. Someones scrawled a magical rune across the door-faces
couple, seated by a fishing boat. Shes mending nets while hes
forehead; its clear that this rune has put the door to sleep. (The
scraping barnacles off the hull. They must be Hathreds parents.
rune was drawn by Digger; Hathred then opened the insensate
door from the far side.) Atop the Tower: The uppermost level of the tower is a library
The characters can easily erase the rune and wake the (and, weirdly, its much, much too big to fit into a building the size
guardian; its the only way to get through the door. The door slept of this tower). The adventurers immediately notice the following:
through Hathreds betrayal of Xuthana and theft of the book it Lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood is Xuthana.
has no idea that its mistress is bleeding to death upstairs. Tailor her race and personality to the player characters
if youve got an elf in the group, shes an elf. If someone
Yawn... first nap in centuries...urm... five more minutes, Ill just
took a relationship with the Diabolist, then Xuthanas a
snooze a little more...
demonologist or a half-demon or something similarly
Roused to full wakefulness, the door-guardian remembers what infernal. Give the characters a connection to her.
its supposed to be doing. In addition to the knife in her back, shes been blasted
with a necromantic spell that left her skin rotted and withered
Ah! Right! Know, o traveler, that this is the tower of my mistress
like dead flesh. Shes only semi-conscious; she needs a healing
Xuthana, called by some the Keeper of Forbidden Lore, she who
spell or a suitable skill check before she can talk to the player
slew the devil Hydra. Present your authorization or a letter of
introduction, and I shall open for thee. Otherwise, I bid you flee
Theres an empty lectern near Xuthana. Whatever book once
from this place lest you irritate Xuthana and she turns you into, I
rested there must have been immensely heavy and immensely
dont know, whats your least favorite animal? Mines woodworm.
powerful, as the lectern is carved from Koru bone and
To get past the door, the characters could: engraved with spells of binding and containment. Nearby,
Cash in an Icon benefit: Open in the name of the Emperor/ the broken end of the massive chain whips back and forth,
Archmage etc. lashing and hissing like a wounded snake. Broken links of
chain lie scattered nearby.

13th age - swords against the dead

Xuthanas Tale that target, and drags it back to the tower. The chain takes the
most direct route, so it may end up smashing through the cliffs
Once healed enough to talk, Xuthana whispers what happened or crashing across the Isle of Sanctuary depending on where the
to her. Long ago, when she was young and foolish, she claimed a player invokes the blessing.
spellbook, which was written by the Wizard King himself the If used as an attack, treat the chain as an attack that uses
first ruler of the Empire, who later became the Lich King. The the characters highest ability modifier + level vs the targets
evil of the Lich King consumed the book, and nearly consumed Physical Defence, and on a hit deals 4d10 damage, plus another
her. Theres an evil spirit, or perhaps an evil will, living within the 10 ongoing damage per round. A target killed by damage from
book. She was defeated by the Archmage, who wrested the book the chain is dragged away and imprisoned. If the attack misses,
from her and saved her soul. As penance, she was condemned to the character can try again later in the game.
be the guardian of the book, now called the Chained Tome.

Her young apprentice, Hathred he betrayed her. She
doesnt know why; she took the boy in when a storm left him an

orphan. He stabbed her without warning. There was someone
else there, a dwarf who meddled with the chain holding the book
then there was a blast of dark light, and she knew no more.
She begs the player characters to find Hathred and recover The little island off the coast is a blessed place. Even in the time
the book. She knows, from her own experience, that the book is before the Archmage tamed the seas and quelled the storms,
flooding Hathreds mind with necromantic secrets that no living the little forested isle was a land of peace and contemplation.
mortal should ever contemplate. He will become powerful and The island is only a short distance offshore, close enough for an
terrible, a threat to the whole Empire. She knows, too, that the exceedingly strong swimmer to brave the currents, but most of
Archmage or some other champion of the Empire will see the those fleeing the advancing undead have taken to fishing boats to
danger and strike Hathred down. She doesnt want the player cross the waters.
characters to save the Empire she wants them to save the boy. A few boats still wait at the jetty for stragglers.
Save him before there is no choice but to destroy him. If the PCs came straight from the Inn or the Chained Tower,
then there are still crowds of people desperately fleeing the horde
Xuthanas Injuries: Xuthana was stabbed with one of her own
of undead.
knives, the Eager Dagger. If a player has a suitably bloodthirsty
If the PCs went to the Cliff Graves first, then the bay is nearly
Icon benefit (Diabolist, Orc Lord, Three etc), then the weapon
empty; most of the survivors have already crossed to the isle, and
slides easily from Xuthanas wound when the PC touches it.
there are only one or two boats left.
Enjoy your new murder-stick, O lucky player character. If none of
the PCs are the sort to wield such a weapon, then it stays lodged
in Xuthanas side. Either way, shes too badly hurt to move and Fight for the Boats
may yet die.
Turn this fight scene into a montage if youre running short on time.
If you need another fight scene, then a swarm of fast-moving
The Eager Dagger undead are attacking one of the few remaining boats as the crew
struggle to cast off from the wooden jetty. The boat wallows low
Cursed Champion-Tier Dagger +3 in the water, laden down by the many passengers whove climbed
If the Eager Dagger strikes the first hit in a battle, about to escape the undead.
that hit is automatically a critical. However, The attackers are skeletal riders, mounted on spectral horses
if someone else strikes the first hit, the Eager that can run on the water. The skeletal riders intend to kill the
Dagger becomes irritated with its wielder; living crew, seize the ship, and use it to carry more skeletal
for the rest of the battle, if the wielder rolls a infantry across to the island.
natural 1, the dagger bites for 4d8+3 damage.
Quirk: Quick to anger Skeletal
Number of PCs Skeletal Knights
Mounted Archers
Xuthanas Blessing: Pick the player who offered the most
3 3 2
comfort to the wounded sorceress (or anyone whos got a
suitable Icon benefit left to collect the Archmage, Emperor, 4 4 3
Elf Queen, Dwarf King or Priestess would all be good options).
5 5 3
Xuthana whispers a magical secret into that characters ear.
Its a spell that commands the magical chain wrapped around 6 6 4
the tower. Once during this adventure, if the character touches
someone or something and speaks a word of command, the
chain whips out (growing longer as needed), wraps itself around

13 th age - swords against the dead

Skeletal Knight Use the players Icon Relationships when describing the island.
If youve got a preponderance of Great Gold Wyrm fans, then
They were loyal to the Emperor until death but not beyond. mention the crumbling draconic ruins, the golden glow of the
sands, the crash of the waves like swords on shields. If your
3rd level troop [undead]
players lean towards the High Druid, then describe how the
Initiative: +6
island is a wellspring of nature magic; how elementals and spirits
Vulnerability: holy
dance at the edge of perception, how the whole place is actually a
Rusted Sword +8 vs. AC 7 damage tangled knotwork of roots holding the sand together.
Natural 16+: The skeletal knight pops free of its target.

Deadly Charge +9 vs. AC 12 damage. A skeletal knight may Iconic Benefits

only make a deadly charge if it starts its turn unengaged.
Great Gold Wyrm: The adventurer receives a
AC 19 prophetic vision of the Bridge of Bone encounter,
PD 17 HP 40 giving added time to prepare for that fight. Also, the
MD 13 escalation die starts at 1 for that encounter.

Skeletal Mounted High Druid: Spirits of the island cluster around

the character, bolstering her spirit. Have two
Archer bonus Recoveries.

Their arrows are made of bone, and carry death with them. Priestess: The adventurer recognizes that the
sands of the island were blessed by some great cleric
3rd level archer [undead]
and are infused with divine power. By throwing sand
Initiative: +6
from the beach at the undead, the character can cast
Vulnerability: holy
Turn Undead as a level 3 spell once during the rest
Rusted Sword +8 vs. AC 7 damage of the adventure.
Natural 16+: The skeletal mounted archer pops free of its target.

R: Bone Arrow +8 vs. AC 10 damage The Bridge of Bone

Natural even miss: The archer kills one of the NPCs on the boat.
The Isle of Sanctuary is safe. The isle is protected. The unquiet
AC 19 dead cannot trespass here.
PD 17 HP 40 Thats true. But there are other powers at work in the
MD 13 Dragon Empire.
At a suitably dramatic moment, the earth shakes and shivers.

On The Isle A huge cloud of white dust rises from the direction of the Cliff
Graves. Then everyone in the island, adventurers and common
Survivors from the mainland console one another on the beaches folk alike, see this strange phenomenon snaking out from the
of the isle, or try to light signal fires to attract the attention of shore towards the island.
passing ships. Others discuss sending messengers along the coast Bridge isnt quite the word its a causeway, a half-
to Santa Cora or Horizon, or speculate about how long it will be submerged ridge of dirt and rocks, held together by millions of
before the Imperial Legions arrive to put down the outbreak of fragments of bone. It races out from the shore, and runs up the
undeath, or just kneel down in the sand and give thanks to the beach of the Isle of Sanctuary. It tries to force its way over the
merciful gods. Almost everyone appears certain that the magic island, slithering like a stony worm, yearning to splash down in
of the Isle will protect them from the undead they believe the the waters on the far side. A tentacle of grave-dirt, the extension
next few weeks will be hard, and then there will be long years of of the necromancers will.
rebuilding, but here at least they are safe. Hathreds looking for the remains of his parents, who
Theyre wrong, but well get to that in a moment. drowned in the waters off the isle some years ago. The undead
If the players have visited the tower, then asking about hes raised, though, just want to kill the living and expand the
Hathred and the death of his parents gets several accounts empire of the dead.
of how dangerous it is to go past the isle. The waters near Marching across the Bridge of Bone comes a host of the
the coast are safe enough, but travel out into the sea and the undead skeletons, zombies, more skeletal knights. The bridge
Archmages spells cant always keep the storms at bay. Out protects them from the magic of the island the isles protective
there, the people whisper, the magic of the Lich King battles enchantments war with the necrotic power of the bridge. If the
with the spells of the Archmage. undead step off the bridge, they instantly start to crumble.
If they havent visited the tower, then they overhear people Run the first part of this encounter as a montage or series
speculating about the magic of the island, and its limitations. of skill checks. There are too many undead for the characters
Shipwrecks and drownings are mentioned as cases where the to fight individually, so theyve got to rally the survivors/use the
isles protection isnt absolute. magic of the isle/cover the retreat away from the Bridge of Bone/

13th age - swords against the dead

partially smash the bridge so

the undead lose its protections.
Number of Undead The Theft of the Dead
PCs Giants
Anything cool works. If the players have already visited the Cliff Graves and this is the
3 1 final scene, skip The Theft of the Dead and run Death and the
Undead Giants 4 1
Necromancer instead.
They have a cave troll. Wait, The goal of the Bridge of the Dead and the attack on the isle
no, they had a cave troll, but 5 2 is to recover the remains of Hathreds parents. Once the bridge
it died long ago and now its a makes it across the isle, it dives into the water, and then rises
6 2
giant shambling skeleton. These up again, carrying two sets of skeletal remains. Weeds and coral
brutes come tramping along encrust the recovered bones. Skeletal knights ride in and carry
the bridge, carrying huge sacks full of bones and earth. They the remains away to the Cliff Graves.
intend on using this to expand the Bridge of Bone so it can reach The adventurers may have saved the survivors, but its clear
the ocean on the far side of the isle and recover the remains of that whatever the Necromancers plan is, those two corpses are
Hathreds parents. key to it.


Crush! Crush!
The sea-cliffs along the Demon Coast have been used as a burial
Large 5th level wrecker [undead]
ground for many ages. At first, the dead were interred in natural
Initiative: +6
sea-caves at the base of the cliff, looking across the waves to the
Vulnerability: holy
Isle of Sanctuary. Over the ages, the fame of the site grew, and
Giant Bone Club Smash +8 vs. AC 30 damage many wealthy nobles or fallen heroes were laid to rest here. The
Natural even miss: The giant may make another Giant Bone faithful dug tunnels and galleries into the limestone cliffs, and
Club Smash attack against another nearby foe. It cant target carved more burial chambers higher up on the cliff face, all the
the same foe more than once per round. way up to the temples they built atop the cliffs.
And then the earth quaked, and the hollowed-off cliff
C: Throw Grave Dirt +9 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies)
partially collapsed and fell into the sea, and the renown of the
12 damage, and the target is dazed (-4 to attacks). Normal
cliffs faded. The locals continued to use the upper levels of the
save 11+ or immersion in water ends both effects).
cliff as their graveyard, burying their dead in the rubble of the
Drop The Bag: When the Undead Giant first becomes staggered, temples, but the cliff graves were mostly forgotten by the people
it makes a free Throw Grave Dirt attack, but cant make any of the Dragon Empire.
more throw grave dirt attacks after that. Or, to put it another way: its a partially-flooded vertical
dungeon full of undead.
AC 20
PD 19 HP 170
MD 15

13 th age - swords against the dead

Atop The Cliffs He heard of the treasure of the Chained Tower, and decided
to steal it. He has a gift for overcoming magical locks, and he
Its obvious that the Cliff Graves is the main source of the undead; recruited Hathred by playing on the melancholic boys grief over
there are dozens of skeletons stumbling around. Some mindlessly his lost parents Xuthana gave Hathred a home, but shes not
patrol, following the same paths they walked when these ruins exactly the warmest or most comforting foster-parent. Diggers
were temples. Others stagger back and forth, blindly pawing at original plan was to have Hathred distract Xuthana, Digger would
the ground as if looking for missing rib-bones. grab the book and escape. Diggers sure some wizard somewhere
There are two things of interest here: in the Empire will pay a kings ransom for the Wizard Kings old
The main entrance to the grave complex. Its guarded by more spellbook.
shrieking skeletons (p. 6), and every time they shriek, they That plan failed now Hathreds possessed by the book,
draw the attention of more of the wandering skeletal mooks. and hes imprisoned Digger in a crypt. Technically, the dwarf is a
If you want another fight scene, then the party has to fight guest, not a prisoner, and Hathred still thinks Digger is his friend.
their way through these undead, but you can also resolve this He just wants to make sure his friend is there to see him resurrect
as a skill check (say, a Dexterity check, DC 20, to sneak past his parents and set the world to rights. Thats why Digger helped
the undead, or a Wisdom check to distract them). him, right? This is what Digger wants, isnt it?
One grave catches the attention of the PCs. Its one of the Diggers guest room is a crypt. The dwarf s waiting there,
newest graves, in the part of the cliffs thats still used by the feeling sorry for himself, when the PCs arrive.
locals to bury their dead. It is, in fact, a cenotaph a marker
Negotiating with Digger: Digger immediately realizes that the
for an empty grave, because it reads HATHDIR AND ELIA,
player characters can be his Plan B. If they take down Hathred,
LOST AT SEA. Unusually, theres a magical ever-burning
then Digger can grab the spellbook and escape. Therefore, hell
flame atop the grave. This is the memorial for Hathreds
launch into a sob story as soon as they arrive, claiming that he
parents, and the flame was a gift from Xuthana to her new
was a servant of Xuthana, and she was betrayed by her crazy
apprentice, and only with their help can Digger save the day.
He promises to bring the PCs to Hathred so they can stop the
Dungeon Delving necromancer from completing his evil scheme.

Montage If he can, Digger will tag along with the player characters in
the hopes of stealing the book.
There are three ways into the Cliff Graves.
The Prison Guards: At a suitably inconvenient moment, undead
In through the main entrance and dungeon crawling down:
guards arrive to escort Digger to Hathred. On seeing the PCs,
Run this as a montage with teeth. One player describes some
they attack. Digger will only take part in this fight if the PCs
obstacle or challenge the group faces as they climb through
attack him; otherwise, hell cower and hide.
the dungeon. The next player describes how they overcome
it. Optionally, the GM then asks for a suitable skill check (DC
15); if the check fails, the party still overcomes the obstacle, Undead Soldier
but one of the PCs loses a Recovery.
The Kings herald has called them to service once more.
Climbing down the cliffs: Why dungeon delve when you can
get some fresh air and exercise by climbing down a perilous, 4th level troop [undead]
crumbling, near-vertical cliff face? The cliff route requires a Initiative: +6
single skill check (likely Dexterity, DC 20); fail, and its a very Vulnerability: holy
nasty drop (6d6 damage). At the bottom of the cliff, the sea-
Rusted Sword +9 vs. AC 13 damage
caves lead up into the grave complex proper.
By Boat: The PCs could head to the shore, get a boat (see Unlucky Number: The undead soldier may immediately make a
Fight for the Boats, p. 9), sail to the sea-caves, and make free rusted sword attack on any foe its engaged with who rolls
their way in there. a natural 13.
Exploring the dungeon, the PCs find their way to Diggers Prison.
Group Ability - Honor the Fallen: One undead soldier in the
group may immediately make a free rusted sword attack on any
Diggers Prison nearby foe who kills another undead soldier or undead cleric.

In many ways, this is all Diggers fault. Hes a dwarven tomb AC 21

robber and treasure hunter. Hed call himself an adventurer, PD 19 HP 45
but thats not very accurate hes more the sort of rogue who MD 15
ambushes the adventuring party when they crawl, bloodied and
exhausted, out of the dungeon.

13th age - swords against the dead

Undead Cleric Number

of PCs

In life, they worshipped Gods of Light and Darkness. Now, they

3 2 1 1
venerate only the chill silence of the void.
4 3 1 1
4th level caster [undead]
Initiative: +6 5 3 2 1
Vulnerability: holy
6 4 2 1
Rusted Mace +9 vs. AC 13 damage

R: Death Spell +8 vs. PD 9 damage, plus 5 ongoing negative

energy damage (save ends)
Diggers Trap
Chant of the Void: Once per battle, the Undead Cleric may alter
an enemys natural d20 roll by -1 or -2. Use this power to set up (Wondrous Item)
13s for the Undead Soldiers unlucky number power.
Digger owns a set of cunningly made miniature traps,
AC 20 like killing machines for dolls. When activated, a trap
PD 16 HP 40 magically grows to full size, burrowing into the walls to
MD 19 set itself up the instant before it is triggered. The trap
vanishes at the end of the fight.
Digger the Dwarf 1: Pit Trap. Attacks 1d3 nearby foes. On a hit, 1d6
damage and the victims need to spend a move
Cursed treasure, unholy treasure, dangerous treasure the
action climbing out of the pit.
keyword there is treasure.
2: Wall Darts. Attacks one nearby foe. On a hit 2d6
4th level spoiler damage, plus 5 ongoing poison damage (save ends).
Initiative: +9 3: Bear Trap. Attacks one nearby foe. On a hit, 2d6
damage, plus that foe is stuck (save ends).
Knife in the Side +9 vs. AC 14 damage
4: Gas Bomb. Attacks all nearby creatures, friend or
C: Box of Tricks +9 vs. PD (varies). See sidebar. foe. On a hit, 2d6 damage.
5: Secret Door. A secret door opens. The trap-user
R: Rune of Treachery +7 vs. MD (one nearby or far away
may vanish from the battlefield and reappear
enemy with a melee weapon) 5 damage, plus the target
somewhere nearby at the start of her next turn.
must immediately make a basic melee attack on a nearby ally.
6: Portcullis. A portcullis slams down from nowhere.
AC 20 All nearby enemies must choose either pop free
PD 15 HP 50 of the trap-user, or take 2d6 damage.
MD 15 Digger can choose whichever trap he wants to use.
If a player character obtains this magic item, the


player must roll to see which trap is created, and the
item can only be used once per battle. Quirk: Prefers

absurdly overcomplicated solutions to problems.

If the PCs went to the Isle of Sanctuary, then the Cliff Graves, heavy spellbook of the Lich King. He moves like a sleepwalker
then they saw undead minions recover the remains of Hathreds hes clearly mostly unaware of his surroundings. Its like hes in a
parents from the waters beyond the isle. Hathred now intends to waking nightmare.
resurrect them in a ruined temple deep within the cliff complex. Hes surrounded by his undead guardians. Unlike their
If the players took the other route, and went to the Cliff master, they have the stately mien of the dead; they see Hathred
Graves first, then Digger tells them that Hathreds gone to get as nothing but the vessel for the spirit of the Book, the Herald of
his parents remains. Run The Isle of Sanctuary, then segue into the Lich King.
this scene.
So, the settings either a creepy underground temple, damp
and cold, or else its on the Isle of Sanctuary, with Hathred
Meet the Parents
crossing the Bridge of Bones. Either way, the final battle is against Hathreds focus is on resurrecting his parents. This is a fools
Hathred and his minions and his Book. errand the books tricking the poor boy into making a suitable
The Necromancer is a strange and sorry sight. Hes a young vessel for its indwelling spirit. Little remains of his mother and
boy, rake-thin and pale, dressed in a night-gown thats still father, just a few bones in the wreckage of their sunken fishing
soaked with the blood of his mistress Xuthana. He clutches the boat, but now these remains are bathed in an unearthly light as

13 th age - swords against the dead

Hathred embarks on his necromantic ritual. (If this is happening

in the temple, then the remains are on the altar; if its on the Isle,
Running the Fight
then theyre on the beach). Initially, Hathreds mostly engaged in resurrecting his parents,
Sinister spirits writhe in the air around the remains; and just throws the occasional necromantic blast at the PCs.
whatever those specters are, theyre definitely not the ghosts of Soon, though, the evil Book he carries finishes making the
Hathreds parents. remains of his parents into a more suitable host, and Hathreds
discarded in favor of a skeletal horror called the Necromancer.

Talking Hathred Down This happens when the escalation die reaches 3.
If Hathreds killed before then, then the spirit of the Book
Its possible for clever players to get close to Hathred before possesses his corpse. Replace Hathred with the Necromancer
starting the fight. They could try: immediately, but the Necromancer starts off at hit points.
Playing on Hathreds guilt about stabbing Xuthana If the PCs somehow manage to get the book away from
Asking him about his parents, and playing up the contrast Hathred, or convince him to give it up, then the Necromancer
between the specters hes summoning and the simple fisher- jumps into its new host body prematurely; it forms
folk he describes immediately, but starts off at hit points.
Helping Digger the dwarf get close to his friend If Digger steals the book, it possesses him and he gets turned
Getting close means the adventurers can slip though the defensive into the Necromancer.
line of undead soldiers escorting Hathred. If they roleplay really
well/come up with a cool plan, then they might even be able to
convince Hathred to drop the book in which case, skip right to
the Necromancer phase of the fight.

13th age - swords against the dead

Hathred Number
of PCs

the Unfortunate 3 2 5 1
3rd level caster
4 3 7 1
Initiative: +6
5 4 9 1
R: Necromantic Blast +8 vs. PD (1 nearby or far away enemy)
10 negative energy damage 6 5 13 1
Protect the Master: If a foe is engaged with an undead soldier,
then any melee attacks made by that foe targeting Hathred are
automatically redirected to the undead soldier instead.
Defeating the Necromancer cuts the undead host off at
AC 19 the head all the other skeletons fall to the ground, suddenly
PD 13 HP 30 inanimate. Across the ocean, in the citadel of the Necropolis, the
MD 17 Lich King clenches one cold fist in bitter anger.
The best thing for the world is for the player characters to
The Necromancer put the book back in the Chained Tower. If Xuthanas still alive,
then she can resume her watch over it; if she perished, then
The Lich Kings spells, given form and voice.
perhaps one of the player characters might take on that duty.
5th level double-strength caster If the adventurers saved Hathreds life, then he is desperate
Initiative: +9 to atone for his misdeeds. He dare not return to the Chained
Tower, in case the book seizes control of him once more. Perhaps
Bone Claws +10 vs. AC (2 attacks) 18 damage
one of the adventurers needs an apprentice
C: Necrotic Rite +10 vs. PD (all nearby enemies) 11 damage,
plus add one skeletal mook to the battle.

R: Necromantic Blast +10 vs. PD (1 nearby or far away

enemy) 20 negative energy damage. If a foe knocked out
by a necromantic blast dies in this combat, the foe rises as a
skeletal mook.

AC 21
PD 15 HP 100
MD 19

Name Race Dark Elf

Class Paladin Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
22 15 18
18 12 10 9 15 17

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+4 +1 +0 1 +2 +3
54 9 4d10+1
+8 +5 +4 +3 +6 +7


Cruel: Once per battle, when you hit a foe,
deal 20 ongoing damage to that enemy
Basic Melee Attack
(save ends). Attack Hit Miss
+8 vs. AC 4d10+4 4
Basic Ranged Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+4 vs. AC 3d8

Heavy Armor
Smite Evil: Once per battle, plus three
extra times per day, you may Smite Evil
as part of a melee attack. You get a +4
bonus to hit, +1d12 to damage and deal FEATS
half damage if you miss.
Smite Evil
Lay on Hands
TALENTS Domain: Justice
Lay on Hands: Twice per day as a quick Bastion
action, one person you touch heals using
a recovery, +6.
Bastion: Once per battle, when a nearby ally
is hit, you can take half the damage instead.
Divine Domain: Justice: Once per turn,
when an enemy scores a crit against
you or a nearby ally, or drops you or a
nearby ally, you may give an attack-
reroll blessing to yourself or a different
ally. A character can only have one such
blessing at a time.
Once per day, you may invoke justice
as a quick action. For the rest of the battle,
add 8 to the miss damage of your attacks
and the attacks of your nearby allies.
Name Race Half-orc

Class Rogue Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
18 18 14
14 14 19 14 11 9

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+2 +2 +4 +2 +0 -1
48 8 4d8+2
+6 +6 +8 +6 +4 +3


Lethal: Once per battle, reroll a melee
attack and use the result you prefer.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+8 vs. AC 4d8+4 4
Bleeding Strike (melee attack): +7 vs.
ICON RELATIONSHIPS AC, 4d8+4 damage on a hit, and, if your
natural attack roll was even, your foe
Basic Ranged Attack
takes 1d4x4 ongoing damage (1d6x4 Attack Hit Miss
against large or huge foes).
+8 vs. AC 4d6+4 4
Deadly Thrust (melee attack, only usable
against staggered non-mooks): +9 vs. AC
deal 4d8+4 damage on a hit, 6 on a miss.
Flying Blade (ranged attack with
dagger): +8 vs. AC, 4d4+4 damage, and
if your attack roll is even and your target
is engaged by an ally, add your Sneak Light Armor
CLASS FEATURES Attack damage. On a miss, 4 damage. Daggers
Sure Cut (melee attack, costs momentum, Shortbow
Momentum: Gain momentum when you
only usable when you can use Sneak
hit a foe. Lose momentum when youre
Attack): +8 vs. AC, 4d8+4 damage on a
hit. Spend momentum to fuel some of
hit, 4 on a miss. Add your Sneak Attack
your class powers.
damage on a hit or miss.
Sneak Attack: Once per round, deal +2d6
Thief s Strike (melee attack): +8 vs. PD
damage against an enemy engaged with
Deal half normal melee damage
one or more of your allies.
(including any Sneak Attack damage)
Trap Sense: If you make a skill check to
to an enemy and roll a save. On an 11+,
spot or disarm a trap, and its even, you
steal an item from your target that they
may reroll it once. If a trap attacks you
are not holding. On a 16+, they dont
and its attack roll is odd, you may reroll
notice you pickpocketed them.
it once.
Roll With It (interrupt): Spend your
TALENTS momentum to take half damage from a
melee attack that targets AC.
Murderous: Against staggered enemies,
Deflection (interrupt): Spend your
you get a +2 attack bonus and your crit
momentum when a melee attack misses
range expands by 2.
you. That attack hits a different enemy
Swashbuckle: Once per battle as a quick
youre engaged with instead, but only Murderous
action, spend your momentum to do
deals half damage. Thievery
something awesome and acrobatic
Bleeding Strike
without rolling.
Deadly Thrust
Thievery: You get a bonus Thief background
at +5 and the thief s strike power.
Name Race Human

Class Fighter Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
21 17 14
19 17 14 8 11 12

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+4 +3 +2 1 +0 +1
66 9 4d10+3
+8 +7 +6 +3 +4 +5


Quick to Fight: Roll initiative twice and
choose the best result.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+8 vs. AC 4d10+4 4
Carve an Opening (flexible melee attack):
ICON RELATIONSHIPS On a natural odd roll, expand your crit
range by a cumulative +1. It drops back
Basic Ranged Attack
to normal when you crit. Attack Hit Miss
Heavy Blows (flexible melee attack): On
+6 vs. AC 4d8+2 4
a natural even miss, add the value of the
escalation die to your miss damage.
Steady Now (flexible melee attack): EQUIPMENT
BACKGROUNDS On a natural even miss, gain 3 temporary
Heavy Armor
hit points.
Hack & Slash (flexible melee attack,
escalation die 2+, usable once
per round): On a natural even roll,
make another melee attack against
another target


CLASS FEATURES Reach Tricks: Once per battle, roll a 6+
Extra Tough on a d20 to do something cool with your
Threatening: When an enemy attempts to long-hafted axe.
disengage from you, it takes a 3 penalty. Strong Recovery: Reroll one of your
recovery dice when using a recovery and
TALENTS use the higher result.
Cleave: Once per battle when you drop a Comeback Strike
foe to 0 hp, make another melee attack as Deadly Assault
a free action. Heavy Warrior
Heavy Warrior: Twice per battle when you
are hit by an attack that targets AC, you
take half damage.
Comeback Strike: Once per battle
when you miss, make another attack
immediately as a free action.

Name Race Dwarf

Class Wizard Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
16 16 17
10 16 15 19 12 9

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+0 +3 +2 +4 +1 1
54 8 4d6+3
+4 +7 +6 +8 +5 +3


1st Level Spells (2)
Acid Arrow (ranged, daily): +8 vs. PD. On
Basic Melee Attack
a hit, 4d10 acid damage and 5 ongoing Attack Hit Miss
acid damage; on a miss, 5 ongoing acid
+4 vs. AC 4d4
damage, and you get the spell back when
you have a quick rest.
ICON RELATIONSHIPS Shield (close-quarters, 1/battle; recharge Basic Ranged Attack
11+): When an attack hits your AC,
Attack Hit Miss
you can use a free action to make the
attacker reroll. +6 vs. AC 4d4+2
3rd Level Spells (6)
Force Salvo (ranged, daily): Targets up to EQUIPMENT
BACKGROUNDS 5 different creatures. Attack +8 vs. PD
against each, 4d10 force damage on a hit.
You can keep targeting the same creature
until you hit with a bolt.
CLASS FEATURES Teleport Shield (close-quarters, daily):
For the rest of the battle, once per round
Cantrips: Cast minor spells at will.
when an enemy engages you, roll +8 vs.
Ritual Magic: You can cast spells as
PD as a free action; on a hit, teleport them
freeform rituals.
somewhere nearby. You can place them
TALENTS in combat with an ally, but you cant place
them in an otherwise dangerous situation.
Abjuration: When you cast a daily spell,
Lightning Bolt (close-quarters, daily):
you gain a +4 AC bonus until the end of
Targets 1d3 enemies in a group. Roll +8
your next turn.
vs. PD; on a hit, 7d8 lightning damage.
Evocation: Once per battle, when you cast
On a miss, half damage.
a spell that targets PD, you can make
Crescendo (close-quarters, at-will):
a quick action to max out the spells
Target one or more enemies engaged
damage dice instead of rolling.
with you, rolling +8 vs. PD (2 for two
Wizards Familiar: Youve got a talking
targets, 3 for three targets, etc.). If you
ground animal of some sort. It gives you
hit, 4d6 thunder damage and the target
a +1 to saves.
pops free. On a miss, 3 damage.
RACIAL POWER Magic Missile (ranged, at-will): Auto-hits
one target for 2d8 force damage, or two
Thats Your Best Shot?: Once per battle as
a free action after an enemy hits you, heal
targets for 1d8 each FEATS
Utility Spell (2/day): Pick one of the
using a recovery by making a roll. If the Wizards Familiar
following effects: disguise self, feather
escalation die is 0 or 1, you only get half the Utility Spell
fall, hold portal, levitate, message, speak
normal healing. You cannot use this ability Force Salvo
with item.
if the attack drops you to 0 hp or below. Magic Missile
Name Race Human

Class Commander Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
17 15 18
14 12 9 15 13 18

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

+2 +1 1 +2 +1 +4
48 8 4d8+1
+6 +5 +3 +6 +5 +8


Quick to Fight: Roll initiative twice and
choose the best result.
Basic Melee Attack
Attack Hit Miss
+6 vs. AC 4d8+2 4
Hit Harder! (interrupt): Spend 1 CP to
ICON RELATIONSHIPS let a nearby ally reroll damage. The new
result must be kept. They get to add +8
Basic Ranged Attack
to the damage. Attack Hit Miss
You Are a Precious Snowflake!
+3 vs. AC 4d8-1
(interrupt): Spend 1 CP and roll a d20
when a nearby non-human ally uses a
once-per-battle racial power. On an 11+, EQUIPMENT
BACKGROUNDS they get to use it again this battle.
Light Armor
Rally Now (interrupt): Spend 1 CP (2 if
theyre unconscious) to let a nearby ally
rally as a free action. An ally who has
already rallied this combat must succeed
on a save.
CLASS FEATURES Try Again (interrupt): Spend 2 CP to let
a nearby ally reroll an attack. The new
Command Points: you start each battle
result must be kept.
with 1 command point (CP), which you
Basic Tactical Strike (quick action, 1/
use to fuel your powers.
battle, recharge 11+): A nearby ally gets
Fight from the Front: if you hit with a
to make a basic attack as a free action.
melee attack, gain 1d3 command points.
Just Stay Calm (quick action, usably only
Weigh the Odds: as an action, gain 1d4
when the escalation die is 2+; Recharge
command points. Once per day, add +4
15+): Reduce the escalation die by 1. 1d3
to the number gained.
nearby allies can heal using a Recovery.
TALENTS Outmaneuver (quick action, 1/round,
usable only when youve got 0 CP): Roll
Battle Captain: if you have 1 or more
+7 vs. the nearby enemy with the highest
command points left after giving a
MD. If you hit, gain a command point.
command, you may use an interrupt
action to command another ally before FEATS
the start of your next turn.
Improved Initiative
Moment of Glory: Roll a d4 when you
Battle Captain
roll initiative and note the result. As a
Moment of Glory
free action in battle, give that result as a
Weigh the Odds
bonus to an allys attack roll, save, or skill
Hit Harder
check after they roll.
Martial Training
Name Race Halfling

Class Sorcerer Level 4

STR CON DEX INT WIS CHA Armor Class Physical Defense Mental Defense
19 18 15
8 16 17 13 10 17

Hit Points Recoveries Recovery Roll

1 +3 +3 +1 +0 +3
54 8 4d6+3
+3 +7 +7 +5 +4 +7


Small: +2 AC vs. opportunity attacks.
Basic Melee Attack
Evasive: Once per battle, force an enemy
that hits you to reroll with a 2 penalty. Attack Hit Miss
POWERS & SPELLS +3 vs. AC 4d4-1 4
Burning Hands (close-quarters, at-will):
+7 vs. PD, targets up to two nearby Basic Ranged Attack
enemies in a group. On a hit, deal
Attack Hit Miss
1d8+3 damage. If you miss, roll damage
anywayif you roll an 8, you do 8 damage +7 vs. AC 4d6+3
BACKGROUNDS to that enemy.
Scorching Ray (ranged, at-will): +7 vs.
PD, targets one nearby enemy. On a hit,
3d6+3 fire damage. If your attack roll is Dagger
even, add 2d4 ongoing fire damage. On a Javelin
CLASS FEATURES miss, 4 damage to that enemy.
Dancing Lights: As a standard action, you Chaos Pulse (ranged, at will): +7 vs. PD
can conjure a number of varicolored targets one random nearby enemy. On a
light globes that bloom within 5 to 30 hit, 3d10+3 random energy damage. On
feet of you every two to five seconds. You an even miss, half damage, on an odd
have little control over them. miss, 4 damage.
Gather Power: If you spend a standard Lightning Fork (ranged, 1/battle; MAGIC ITEMS
action on gathering power, you deal double recharge 16+): +7 vs. PD, targets one
damage next round when you cast a spell. nearby enemy. On a hit, 7d6 damage. On
a miss, half damage. If your attack roll is
TALENTS even, make another attack with this spell.
Spell Fist: You can use ranged spells in Once per battle, reroll an attack roll with
melee without drawing opportunity this spell.
attacks. And other stuff, already factored Echoing Thunder (ranged, at-will):
in to your rolls. If you miss with a sorcerer +7 vs. PD, targets one nearby enemy. On
spell against a foe youre engaged with, a hit, 3d6+3 damage and the first foe to
add +4 damage to the damage you deal. hit you in melee before the start of your
Infernal Heritage: Once per day, as a quick next turn takes 2d6 thunder damage (an Burning Hands
action when the escalation die is 1+, you empowered spell does not double this Lightning Fork
can enter a spell frenzy. While frenzying, aftershock damage). On a miss, 4 damage. Ritual Casting: You can cast spells as
roll 2d20 when attacking with spells and Dragons Leap (ranged spell, 1/day): freeform rituals.
use the higher result. For each die that As a quick action, you make a huge leap Spell Fist
misses, you take damage equal to twice at your normal move rate. For the rest
the level of the target. of the battle, roll a d20 at the start of
Blood Link: Gives an extra relationship die your turn. On a 16+, you can leap again
with the Diabolist. this round.
night's black agents

Publisher: Cathriona Tobin Art Direction: Cathriona Tobin
Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan Cover: Victor Leza
Cartography: Chris Huth, Artwork: Miguel Santos
Simon Rogers
Overland And Area Map Data Originated Layout: Chris Huth
In Mapbox

Copyright 2016 Pelgrane Press Ltd. Dracula Dossier and

Operation Edom are trademarks of Pelgrane Press Ltd. Pelgrane
Press is co-owned by Simon Rogers and Cathriona Tobin.
the van helsing letter n improvised investigation
This is a mission for Nights Black Agents. a vampire. That operation became

Specifically, its part of the Dracula Dossier Operation Edom; in the present day, Death Notices 
series, an epic improvisational campaign Edoms still around, trying to use vampires
The origins of the nachzehrer and the
that pits the player characters against the to win the War on Terror. In the Dracula
subsequent murders are key to the
original vampire, Count Dracula. You Dossier campaign, the player characters get
investigation. Quick summary of what
dont need a copy of the Dracula Dossier: hold of an unredacted, annotated copy of
happened (secret, your-eyes-only events
Directors Handbook or Dracula Unredacted to the original mission report, the original
are in brackets):
run this adventure; you do, however, need Dracula, and must use the information to
the Nights Black Agents rules. hunt down the Count before he kills them. 1880: Mine collapse near Keilberg results
Like that campaign, The Van Helsing Edom isnt the only clandestine in the creation of a nachzehrer from the
Letter is an improvised mission. Instead of operation to recruit or control vampires. mortal remains of Fritz Haflich. Some of
a series of scenes linked by clues, most of Theres a German vampire program, the victims are brought to the nearby
this mission consists of write-ups of NPCs, codenamed Unternehmen Braun thats also health spa and hospital at Keilberg.
locations and items, coupled with advice more than a century old. Edom has long 1880-1882: The Haflich family all
on how to link them together and how to suspected that Van Helsing was obscurely mysteriously die, with the exception
pace the game. connected to this German program. of one daughter who moved to
The players drive the investigation. In Early in its history, Unternehmen Bucharest with her employer in 1878.
the opening scene, they acquire a century- Braun created or summoned a nachzehrer, 1884: A young man (Van Helsings son) is
old letter from Abraham Van Helsing. a vampire that prefers to feed from its injured by a wild boar while climbing
They can follow the clues in that handout own family.Van Helsings son was involved near Schloss Glockestein. He dies of
in any order. in this project, and he was killed by the his wounds at the Keilberg Retreat.
monster. Later, after the events of Dracula,
Backstory  Van Helsing made an attempt to destroy
the monster once more. died, a letter that hints at that second failed
Dracula isnt a novel. Its the heavily
Now, the player characters are about attempt. The clues in that century-old
redacted after-action report of genuine
to obtain a letter from Van Helsing to letter will lead the Agents to cross paths
events that took place in 1894, when
the director of the hospital where his son with modern-day minions of Dracula
British Intelligence attempted to recruit

improvised investigation
The Dracula Dossier is an improvised, opposition forces: The vampiric nachzehrer
collaborative campaign, and this teaser and some Conspiracy criminals Clues 
uses the same approach. Instead of a people: Eva Haflich, the Fixer, Castle GUMSHOE is all about following clues
series of fixed scenes, we give the players Custodian, BND Agent, Researcher and connection. Each write-up includes
a number of documents containing clues, locations: Keilberg Retreat, Schloss connections to other people/location/
and we give the Director an arsenal Glockestein, GSV Technology items, and most connections are associated
of flexible NPCs, locations, items and Abandoned Mine, Bucharest Nightclub with an Investigative ability. These are core
organizations building blocks, out of items: Van Helsings Case, The Church Bell clues, in GUMSHOE parlance; if an Agent
which you can quickly assemble a mystery has the right Investigative ability, they get
All of the write-ups give multiple
in response to the players actions. The the clue. No need to roll or spend points.
interpretations of the subject; a Person
players pick the hooks and plot threads
might be an Innocent, an Asset of some
they find the most tantalizing; the Director
improvises responses to their actions.
clandestine organization, or a Minion of Scenario Spine 
Dracula. A location can be Hot or Cool; Even in an improvised adventure, some
Every improvised campaign remixes the
hotter means more action as the Agents facts are always true. Theres always a
same material; each one is similar, but each
approach the end of the adventure. Items monster, a nachzehrer, lurking in the ruins
one is unique and unpredictable.
can be minor or major. Use these to pace of Schloss Glockestein, and the Conspiracy
The titular Van Helsing Letter is the clue
the game the first people the Agents are plotting to regain control of it. They
document for this adventure. The players
meet will be Innocents, then mix in some might be trying to replicate the Haflich
obtain it in the first scene; everything after
Assets, and then some Minions. The first bloodline so they can feed it its preferred
that is improvised.
place they go is Cold, then a bit warmer, victims, or they might be attempting to
After that first scene, youll find write-
then Hot. replicate the church bell so they can target
ups for:
it as a weapon. They might even have
night's black agents - the van helsing letter
moved the monster from its original haunt Back in Germany, they start laying a
The Agents 

in Germany to the Conspiracy redoubt trap for the nachzehrer while fending
The player characters are the usual mix
in Transylvania. off more Conspiracy attacks. They
of burned spies, ex-criminals and other
Eva Haflich (p. 27) is the only succeed with unexpected help from a
shady types that populate the underworld.
living descendant of the nachzehrer covert Unternehmen Braun operative
as the creatures prefer to feed on their like the BND Agent (p. 28) or the Morgan, ex-mercenary wetworker
own blood kin, shes about to become a Researcher (p. 28).
Burroughs, ex-MI5 wheel artist
person of interest to both the Conspiracy If the Conspiracy control the
Ali, ex-Turkish asset handler
and the Agents. nachzehrer, then you need to decide how
Greene, ex-MSF medic
In the opening scene, the player theyre controlling it. The gothic, blood-
Varoutte, ex-DCRI black bagger
characters get hold of Van Helsings last opera version casts Eva Haflich as a willing
Henley, ex-Scotland Yard bagman
letter. The clues in that point to three lure for the monster. In this scenario,
locations near the German-Czech border pick a target for the Conspiracy like GSV The characters are built on 20 Investigative
the Keilberg health spa (p. 28), the Technology (p. 29) or the owner of points. If you have fewer than five players
ruins of Castle Glockestein (p. 29), and Club Gadarene (p. 30), and have Eva
the mine tunnels in the valley between the get close to a key figure there. To thwart 4 players +2 Investigative
two (p. 30). The letter also points to Eva the Conspiracy, the Agents need to kidnap points each
Haflich (well, to her ancestor). Eva and use her to draw the monster into a
3 players +4 Investigative
From there, the games driven by the trap. The techno-thriller option puts GSV
points each
players. As Director, you need to decide if Technology as the Conspiracys method
the nachzehrer is still a free agent, lurking of controlling the monster, either through 2 players +12 Investigative
near the castle ruins and preying on cloned DNA or by wiring the church bell points each
random passers-by, or if its already under into the mobile phone network. In this
the control of Draculas Conspiracy. setup, Evas an innocent that the Agents
As its a one-shot adventure, each PC has
If its still operating independently, can use to blindside the Conspiracy.
reduced Cover and Network.
then the game may look something You dont need to decide anything in
They all know that vampires exist, and
like this: the Agents go to Keilberg and advance run the opening scene, make
that Dracula is the master of a vast sinister
discover that the nachzehrer is still active. sure the players always have at least one
conspiracy. They all know theyre targets
After some research on the nature of the lead to follow like a Connection or some
of Draculas wrath.
beast, they head to Bucharest to collect other clue, and aim to get to a final fight
Eva Haflich to use her as bait. There, they between Agents and the monster after
run into more conspiracy interference. three to five scenes.

opening scene: getting the letter

One of the Agents has a contact, a fence Athanese is an old, phthisic man, with a For that matter, no-one is quite
who deals in rare books and stolen art, face like a skeleton dipped in yellow wax, sure who Van Helsing was. Athanese
named Pierre Athanese; hes an old but hes got a childish enthusiasm for the theorizes that the name was a cover
scoundrel and a crook, but he knows the document he recently acquired from a identity, and that Van Helsing was part
stakes. Athanese runs a small bookstore London auction. He ushers the player of some secret society perhaps
in the French city of Strasbourg, close to characters into the back room of his musty an ancient order of vampire hunters
the German border, and the game begins little shop to explain what hes found. co-ordinated by the Vatican.
as the Agents arrive there. Give them the Van Helsing handout Now, now, though, he has found a
The occult bookshop is called Athanor. (p. 40) at this point. clue that might unlock the mystery
Its at the end of a narrow, winding dead- Athanese explains the following: of the famed scholar. He has obtained
end street in the medieval Grande le a copy of what might be the last
After 1894, Van Helsing returned
district of the city. (The Grande le, by letter Van Helsing ever sent!
to his home in Amsterdam, but
the way, is an island, with the River Ill Both the Keilberg Retreat and Schloss
made several other mysterious
on one side and a canal on the other. If Glockestein are located in Saxony,
journeys to parts of Europe.
youre a rare book dealer with a sideline near the German/Czech border.
He vanished in 1908; rumors
in vampire-related material, it helps to The Keilberg Retreat is a private
claimed that he hurriedly left for
live surrounded by running water in the hospital; Castle Glockestein is a ruin.
Romania, but no-one knows for
shadow of five churches)
sure what happened to him
the van helsing letter n opening scene / opposition forces

Unwelcome Guests  Trouble tests (Difficulty 4) when the Using the bells of the nearby cathedral

doorbell jingles and several unusually big to disguise the pop of silenced gunshots,
The Agents arent the only people
and nasty-looking customers walk in. avoiding the attention of the police
interested in the Van Helsing letter.
Treat this fight scene as a rules demo; A Conspiracy-sponsored anti-Muslim
Athanese was indiscreet in his enthusiasm,
the Conspiracy are expecting to beat up riot targeting the Grand Mosque,
and boasted about his acquisition to several
one old bookseller, not a group of tough- across the River Ill, aimed at distracting
other people less trustworthy than the
as-nails Agents. local police away from the bookstore
player characters. Draculas Conspiracy
Possible complications or motifs:
has sent a team to recover the letter. If
the Agents were nicely paranoid and have Car chase through the narrow streets The Chase Begins 
someone watching the street outside, they and bridges of the medieval quarter Once the players are clear of Strasbourg,
see a pair of cars with Romanian license The Conspiracy goons set encourage them to follow any of the leads
plates show up, blocking the exit from the bookstore on fire in the letter.
the street. Otherwise, its time for Sense

opposition forces
by placing a coin in their mouths and then independent: If the nachzehrer is
removing the head. operating independently, then its still
Nachzehrers can also shapeshift into the hiding out near Schloss Glockestein
form of a pig or boar all the better to (p. 29) in Germany, attacking anyone
dig out buried bodies to eat them. who becomes a valid target for its
hunger (touched by its shadow/hearing
Vampirology or Research gets
church bells). The Conspiracy intends
all the above vampire lore.
to capture and use the monster.
The particular nachzehrer in this adventure conspiracy: If Draculas already acquired
was once a miner named Franz Haflich. He the nachzehrer, the Conspiracy may
and several other miners were killed in a have moved it to Romania (if the players
mining accident near Schloss Glockestein, investigate all the German locations first,
and he became a vampire. He was captured then have the finale in Romania, and vice
by the scientists of Unternehmen Braun. versa). The Conspiracy uses the monster
The monster looks like a pale young man, as a weapon, either through Eva Haflich
horribly disfigured and missing his left (p. 27) or GSV Technology (p. 29).
thumb, dressed in rags. He remembers
death touch: If the nachzehrers
almost nothing of his former life. He
shadow touches you, or if you hear
escaped from Unternehmen Braun during
the nachzehrer ringing church bells
the chaos of World War II, and spent
The Nachzehrer 
(see GSV Technology, p. 29, for the
the last few decades half-slumbering or
modern twist on this), the nachzehrer
preying on those unlucky enough to come
According to German myth, a nachzehrer may spend 1 Aberrance to mark
too close to the graveyard.
is a breed of vampire born from sudden you with its Death Touch. Until
deaths, especially tragedies that took Iftheyve met her, then Notice or sunrise, the creature knows exactly
multiple lives such as plague outbreaks. Diagnosis spots the resemblance where you are at all times and can
The first to die rises again as Un-Dead. between Eva Haflich and the creature. spend 1 Aberrance to teleport to
Nachzehrers prefer to feed on the corpses somewhere nearby. Furthermore, it
The myths about shadows and bells are
of their family members, starting with loses its Confusion compulsion when
partially true the nachzehrer is easily
those who were buried in the same grave hunting you. Its this teleportation
distractible, and can only focus on targets
as the vampire. Listen closely, and you can ability that makes the monster
it has attuned to. Van Helsings Case
hear the crunching of dry bones and the really valuable to the Conspiracy.
(p. 30) was designed to counter the
ripping of burial shrouds.
monsters powers. So, if you can avoid
Its also said that the nachzehrer bring
its shadow, and avoid hearing the church
death to anyone who falls under their
bells, youve got a much better chance of
shadow, or who hears church bells rung
surviving an encounter with the monster.
by the creatures. They can be killed only
night's black agents - the van helsing letter
general abilities: Aberrance 12,

Hand-to-Hand 15, Health 15 Antagonist Reactions 

hit threshold: 5
The bad guys might mix things up by: or getting Eva Haflich (or, at the very
alertness modifier: +1
least, her blood) close to them.
stealth modifier: +1 ambushing the agents: A bunch of
release the nachzehrer!: Once
damage modifier: +2 Conspiracy goons show up and try to
the PCs are sanctified targets, the
(Claw) or +3 (Pig Bite) beat up/murder the Agents.
Conspiracy can send the teleporting
armor: -2 (Unfeeling; -3 in Pig Form) killing a contact: The Castle
vampire after them.
free powers: Animal Senses, Custodian (opposite), Fixer (opposite)
Tunneling, Vampiric Strength, or Researcher (p. 28) might all meet
Regeneration (regains all lost Health their fates at the hands of the Conspiracy.
The Count himself lurks at the fringes of this
after 24 hours, unless decapitated target of the nachzehrer: The
adventure. He doesnt need to intercede
and a coin placed in its mouth) Conspiracy tries to make the Agents
directly (and thats a good thing, as hes
other powers: Necromancy (spend into sanctified targets for the vampire.
incredibly powerful), but its fun to give the
Aberrance to interrogate recently This might mean calling the Agents
players a glimpse of their ultimate foe. He
dead), Alternate Form, Death Touch and playing them the sound of the
might show up in the Bucharest Nightclub
blocks: Cant cross running water church bell (p. 31) over the phone
(p. 30) or just be spotted lurking in the
compulsion: Nachzehrers are (which may require stealing a phone),
ruins of Schloss Glockestein (p. 29).
easily confused and are creatures of
instinct. If distracted by loud noises/
bright lights/alarms, it needs to make
a Difficulty 6 Health check to stay maybe they got infiltrated and suborned
focused on the victim at hand. If it by Dracula or one of his other minions.
fails, it turns back into pig form and They created or tamed the nachzehrer
heads for the nearest graveyard to back in 1880, but lost track of it in the
grub around for dead meat before chaos of World War II. Today, they might
returning to its lair to sleep. not even know it still exists; once they find
Nachzehrers prefer to feed on the out, their aim may be to regain control of
blood and flesh of their blood kin the beast, or just put an end to it.
before any other food. They delight
so much in familiaphagy that their
kinfolks blood is like a drug to them.
Conspiracy Goons 
Romanian Mafioso, Ruvari Szgany (Roma
dreads: Crucifixes, Holy
clan sworn to Dracula), or just hired
Water, Garlic, Sunlight
muscle. Capturing one of these guys
and using Interrogate could point
Unternehmen Braun  the Agents at Conspiracy versions of
The German Vampire Program. They GSV Technologies (p. 29), the Fixer
possibly employed Van Helsing to spy on (opposite) or the BND Agent (p. 28).
the original 1894 Dracula operation, and
general abilities: Athletics 4,
definitely created a bunch of monsters.
Driving 2, Hand-to-Hand 4,
These days (if they still exist), theyre a
Health 4, Shooting 4 general abilities: Athletics 10,
secret conspiracy within the German
hit threshold: 3 Driving 8, Hand-to-Hand 12,
BND intelligence agency. Depending on
alertness modifier: -1 Health 8, Shooting 6, Weapons 8
the needs of your game, Unternehmen
stealth modifier: -1 hit threshold: 4
Braun might be a bunch of old, tired spies
damage modifier: -2 (Fist), alertness modifier: +2
trying to clean up the mistakes of their
-1 (Knife), +1 (9mm) stealth modifier: +0
predecessors, a sinister cabal of monster-
damage modifier: -2 (Fist),
makers determined to close the vampire If you need a tougher Conspiracy boss for
-1 (Knife), +1 (9mm)
gap with the Americans and British, or a mid-game fight, use this guy.
armor: -1 (concealed body armor)
the van helsing letter n opposition forces / people


The Possible Role entry for each person releases the nachzehrer, and as soon as minion: Korbel might be Eva Haflichs
suggests ways you could bring them into its shadow falls across the victim, she handler (above), or a field operative
the game. flees. Criminology or Streetwise for GSV Technology (p. 29). Either
digs up her sinister background; tracking way, hell be sent to deal with the player
Eva Haflich  her or her phone leads the Agents to
wherever the Conspiracy are keeping
characters. Take him down, and either
Interrogation or (if hes killed) Data
: Bait, Conspiracy assassin,
possible role
the nachzehrer (the Abandoned Mine, Recovery on his cellphone gives a clue.
innocent victim
p. 30, or GSV Technology, p. 29).
description: Early-20s, attractive, short investigative abilities:
Her handler might be the Fixer (below)
spiked hair, teashade sunglasses, Criminology 1, Streetwise 2,
or the BND Agent (p. 28).
headphones always in ears Urban Survival 1
innocent: Evas an art student in investigative abilities: general abilities: Driving 4,
Bucharest, dabbling in photography Art History 2, Flirting 2, Explosive Devices 6,
and graphic design; she works part- Streetwise 1, Urban Survival 1 Hand to Hand 4, Shooting 8
time in a nightclub as a dancer. Shes general abilities: Athletics 6 alertness modifier: +0
utterly unaware that shes the direct (Asset or Minion: Weapons 10, stealth modifier: +0
descendant of Franz Haflich, the man Shooting 6)
who became the nachzehrer (p. 25).
(Evas great-great-grandmother was
alertness modifier: +1
stealth modifier: +1
Castle: Marcus
real name Stueck
Haflichs daughter, who worked as a
role: Custodian of Schloss
The Fixer  possible
domestic servant in Bucharest and so
Glockestein; DeepThroat-style informant
escaped the fate of the rest of her family).
: Karel Korbel
real name description: Late 60s, white-haired,
Art History or Data Recovery
possible role: Black-market supplier; remarkably healthy, white mustache,
tracks Haflich down through her social
Conspiracy dupe carries an ornate walking stick
media presence; Streetwise finds her
description: Mid-40s, chain smoker, innocent: Stuecks the custodian of
in the Bucharest Nightclub (p. 30).
tubby, hacking cough Schloss Glockestein (p. 29); he keeps
She may be under observation by the
innocent: The closest Korbel comes to the ruin from being overgrown, shows
Fixer (below) or the BND Agent (p. 28);
innocent is honest criminal. Hes a the occasional tourist around, cleans up
the Researcher (p. 28) may have a
criminal fixer, able to supply the Agents graffiti. Get him talking with Flattery,
sample of her blood.
with whatever they need weapons, and he can tell the Agents all sorts of
asset: As above, but when Van Helsing
transport, odd equipment, useful local legends about the mine collapse
visited her great -grandmother in 1908,
contacts. (If you can bring Korbel in as (p. 23), about lost tunnels (p. 30),
he left her in the care of a secret sect of
a Network contact, so much the better.) and myths of the nachzehrer (p. 25).
vampire hunters backed by the Catholic
Hes in the Conspiracys bad books for asset: Stueck was an officer in the East
Church. Fast-forward a hundred years,
supplying weapons to their enemies, so German Stasi secret police when he
and Evas the latest scion of a line of
he might be a target for the nachzehrer was a young man, and knows about
vampire hunters. Shes a secret foe of the
he gets killed off when he hears the mysterious Soviet occult experiments
Conspiracy; killing the nachzehrer will be
bells (from GSV Technology, p. 29) or that took place in this region. Tradecraft
the end of her family curse. Tradecraft
when he meets his new girlfriend, Eva or Notice spots that he carries a slim
or Vampirology spot that shes been
Haflich (above). Reassurance picks little Pistolet Samozaryadny Malogabaritny
trained. Again, shes under surveillance
up that hes a bit shaken and nervous (PSM), the weapon of choice for some
by one of the Conspiracys Minions.
he knows hes made enemies. Stasi agents. Hes heard that GSV
minion: The Conspiracy found Haflich
asset: Korbels working for German Technology (p. 29) have recreated
when she was young. They cant control
intelligence, reporting to the BND some of the old Soviet experiments;
the nachzehrer, but they can use it
Agent (p. 28). Shes got enough on he might also know that the Soviets
its always drawn to her, so she lures
him to put him away for the rest of discovered the location of Van Helsings
the beast towards its intended target,
his life, so hes trading information to Case (p. 30) but were unable to dig
then uses a relic given to her by the
avoid a prison sentence. Hell report it up before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Conspiracy to vanish. Shes the Black
the Agents to her. Bullshit Detector He knows the BND Agent (p. 28).
Widow of Bucharest; shes had affairs
suggests hes lying to the player minion: Depending on when the Agents
with several politicians or criminals
characters; Intimidation can flip him meet him, Stueck might be the
who the Conspiracy wanted removed.
back again. Conspiracys watcher at the castle,
Eva gets them alone, the Conspiracy
night's black agents - the van helsing letter
or an unlikely assassin (whod suspect asset: As above, but Vassers also working for the Agents in on the mine collapse and

the kindly old man?), in which case he Unternehmen Braun. Shes been ordered other events (see the sidebar on page
swaps out his PSM for a sniper rifle (+2 to regain control of the nachzehrer. If 23). Her genealogical research even
damage). Interrogation of the dying she has to, shell fill the Agents in on points to a living Haflich descendent in
man gets a clue. For a left-field twist, the nachzehrer (p. 25) and Schloss Bucharest (p. 27).
hes actually Count Dracula in disguise! Glockestein (p. 29). Bullshit Detector Corinnes helpful and generous with
guesses shes got an ulterior motive. her information; Forensic Pathology
investigative abilities:
minion: Vasser is a senior member of the on her corpse after the bad guys kill her
Archaeology 1, History 1, Tradecraft 2
Conspiracy. She might be Eva Haflichs could point to a PSM bullet (fired by the
general abilities: Conceal 4,
handler (p. 27) or a troubleshooter Castle Custodian (p. 27) or the Fixers
Sense Trouble 6, Shooting 6
called in to deal with troublesome player nicotine-stained presence (p. 27).
alertness modifier: +2
characters. Shell use her position as a asset: Axelsons trying to regain control
stealth modifier: +1
BND Agent to tag the player characters of the nachzehrer for Unternehmen
with lots of Heat, blaming them for any Braun; she might be undercover in GSV
BND Agent  carnage in Strasbourg. Technology, or trying to find the right
: Helena Vasser
real name bloodline via research at Keilberg. Steal
investigative abilities:
possible role: Rival investigator, deus ex her notebook with Filch and break the
Criminology 2, Human Terrain 1,
machina, Conspiracy mastermind cipher with Cryptography to discover
Interrogation 1, Streetwise 1,
description:Mid-40s,long raincoat,always her true intent.
Urban Survival 1
tired, could pass for the protagonist of minion: Not only is Axelson the
general abilities: Driving 6,
a depressing Danish murder mystery Conspiracys handler for the nachzehrer,
Hand to Hand 4, Shooting 6
show, recently divorced shes also the creatures lover. Shes
alertness modifier: +1
innocent: Vassers an agent of the obsessed with death, and has taken
stealth modifier: +0
Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German to stealing human tissue samples and
intelligence service. She specializes eating them herself to grow closer to her
in organized violent crime, and might Researcher  undead charge. Shell lead the Agents
be called in to investigate the Agents : Corinne Axelson
real name into a trap if she can; Bullshit Detector
(especially if they caused havoc escaping possible role: Scientific advisor, random picks up on her weird obsession.
in Strasbourg). Shes also investigating a encounter at Keilberg, Dr. Exposition
investigative abilities:
series of deaths tied to the Conspiracy. description: Mid-50s, matronly, white lab
Diagnosis 1, History 1, Chemistry 2,
Get her trust with Reassurance, coat or warm duffle coat, always has a
Forensic Pathology 2, Pharmacy 1
and she shares her files on Conspiracy notebook to hand
general abilities: Medic 6
assets (the Fixer (p. 27), GSV innocent: Axelsons a medical researcher,
alertness modifier: +0
Technology (opposite) or Eva Haflich either at the Keilberg Retreat (below)
stealth modifier: +0
(p. 27)). Vasser knows nothing or at GSV Technology (opposite). Shes
about vampires or the supernatural. the local history expert, too, and can fill

Keilberg Retreat  From the outside, it looks like a quaint
19th century hillside mansion; inside, its
location of Van Helsings Case (p. 30)
and/or the Church Bell (p. 31),
The Keilberg Retreat is a hospital and
a modern treatment facility for the most buried by the Doctor more than a
sanitarium, located in the mountains
part, although some of the older buildings century ago. The Agents might run into
along the German/Czech border near
lie disused and are locked up. the Researcher (above) doing some
Schloss Glockestein (opposite). According
High Society or a good Cover is genealogical research in the Archives,
to legend, this has been a place of healing
needed to get in here. or the Castle Custodian (p. 27), here
for centuries. It was a thermal spa and
There are tunnels beneath the retreat, to take some patients on a walking tour
sanitarium in the 19th and early 20th
part of an old copper mine (p. 30). of the valley near Schloss Glockestein
century, with rich tourists coming here
(opposite). Notice spots a van from
to take the waters. During the Cold War, cool: The retreats exactly what it
GSV Technology (opposite) delivering
it was used to house the chronically ill, appears to be. Archaeology or Data
some medical equipment.
and was the site of questionable medical Recovery (or Research through
hot: Two possibilities: first, the retreat
experiments; now, its back to its original the retreats old archives; see also the
is now a Conspiracy base, the control
purpose as a private hospital and retreat. sidebar on page 23) discovers the
the van helsing letter n people / locations
center for the nachzehrer. It might be cool: The castle is a ruin; the only thing be trying to sequence Eva Haflichs

run by the Researcher (opposite) or the of interest here is the Castle Custodian DNA (p. 27) or conducting medical
BND Agent (opposite); depending on (p. 27). experiments on her. Diagnosis
how theyre controlling the nachzehrer, hot: The castle is the lair and resting place or Data Retrieval gets details
the Church Bell (p. 31) or a lab of the nachzehrer (p. 25). The Church on their experiments and Eva.
sequencing Haflich DNA/a captured Bell (p. 31) has been restored to its Theyre using the connection between
Eva Haflich might also be here. place in the bell tower; there may be the nachzehrer and church bells (p. 31);
Option two: Keilberg is a genuine a Conspiracy force here disguised as they can relay the magical resonance of
medical facility catering to wealthy an archaeological preservation team, a church bell through a mobile
clients. One of those clients (a prospecting company, Neo-nazi group or phone, so they can lock the nachzehrer
Russian mob boss? An executive just lurking around (why is this ruined onto a new target with a phone call.
at GSV Technology?) is a target of castle full of oddly pale Mafioso-types?). Traffic Analysis or Electronic
the Conspiracy, and they intend to Surveillance lets the agents backtrack
assassinate him with the nachzehrer. Eva
Haflich (p. 27) might be there, posing
GSV Technology  from GSV to the church bell (p. 31)
which might be at Schloss Glockestein
This company develops advanced medical
as the targets girlfriend; her handlers (above) or in the Abandoned Mine
devices and other precision instruments.
also lurking around. (p. 30) assuming its not
Its German-owned, but has subsidiaries
in a cleanroom here at GSV.
wherever you need them (Romania, for
Schloss Glockestein  example). The GSV Technology building cool: The cool interpretation of this
Schloss Glockestein consists of the ruins of is all white walls and clean rooms and encounter is that GSV is just a cover or a
a medieval castle and church atop a high photogenic staff, like a glossy corporate minor part of the Conspiracy. No guards,
rock in the mountains along the German/ brochure come to life. tight-but-not-overwhelming electronic
Czech border. The castle once guarded a The Researcher (opposite) may work security just a normal corporate
valuable copper mine, but the mine was for GSV; they supply the Keilberg Retreat office. Sneaking in with Infiltration or
worked out long ago and the castle has (above) with diagnostic equipment. Disguise (or a Cover) and a little poking
mostly crumbled. The still-standing bell If its wholly innocent, then GSV may around gets clues, perhaps pointing to
tower of the church rises defiantly against be a target for the Conspiracy; maybe the Eva Haflich (p. 27) (surveillance
the mountains beyond. Conspiracy wants to acquire the company, photos in the Bucharest Nightclub
The castle was used as a research facility and intends to have the nachzehrer (p. 30), perhaps), Keilberg Retreat
by Unternehmen Braun at various times, assassinate a corporate executive whos (above) or the Researcher (opposite).
when they studied the nachzehrer and the blocking the deal. hot: If its a Conspiracy stronghold,
telluric or occult energies that created it. If the Conspiracy are running GSV, then theres plenty of armed private
Archaeology might find a spooky 1930s then its connected to controlling the security, plus some occult weirdness
research lab hidden in the dungeons, nachzehrer. Two options: (experiments involving blood, rooms
like an abandoned set from Frankenstein; with warped dimensions, machines
Theyre trying to isolate whatever
alternatively, there might be another mapping telluric currents). Cross a high-
draws the nachzehrer to devour the
entrance to the Abandoned Mine tunnels tech research lab with the atmosphere of
flesh and blood of its kin; they might
(p. 30) from the castle. Draculas castle, and youve got the idea.
night's black agents - the van helsing letter
Abandoned Mine 

Theres an abandoned copper mine near

Schloss Glockestein (p. 29)/Keilberg
Retreat (p. 28) in the mountains along
the German/Czech border; it partially
collapsed in 1880, resulting in the creation
of the nachzehrer. Alternatively, there are
plenty of abandoned mines in Romania,
any of which could serve as a new lair for
a transplanted nachzehrer. Van Helsings
Case (below) or the Church Bell (opposite)
might be hidden in a mine.
Spooky encounters:
The distant sound of bones being
crunched, chewed and sucked
as the pig-form nachzehrer
masticates the remains of some
victim over and over again.
Weird noxious fumes rising
could get the PCs a meeting with Eva
from cracks in the floor
Difficulty 4 Health test to avoid
Bucharest Nightclub  Haflich (p. 27).
Club Gadarene, in the Lipscani district, is hot: Maybe the Conspiracy dont run
suffering from hallucinations
the hot new scene in Bucharest nightlife, Club Gadarene yet. Maybe their
Cramped, dark tunnels illuminated
featuring throbbing dance beats, swaying plan is to have the nachzehrer eliminate
only by muzzle flashes as some
girls in cages, a crowded floor, and a the owner, so they can seize the club
Conspiracy goons ambush the Agents
few private rooms for VIPs. The rich go and the associated lucrative drug trade.
Secret exits leading to the cellars
slumming here sometimes. No-one comes In that case, the Conspiracy intend
of Schloss Glockestein (p. 29),
here for the music; you come here to be to kill the owner (a brutal mob boss
Keilberg (p. 28) (or, if in
seen, or to pick someone up, or to get named Drago) using the nachzehrer.
Romania, Castle Dracula!)
high. The local mob run Club Gadarene If Evas the targeting mechanism,
The tunnels are likely to be uninhabited, (possibly for the Conspiracy). then shes under orders to get close
although the Agents could run into an Eva Haflich (p. 27) dances here; the to Drago and then spill her blood to
eccentric Castle Custodian (p. 27) or be Fixer (p. 27) might do business here. attract the monster. If the church bell
followed by the BND Agent (p. 28). Or Conspiracy goons might slink back here is the targeting mechanism, then they
maybe the Fixer (p. 27) uses the mines to report to their masters if the PCs beat need to get Drago to hear the bell, and
as a hiding place for illegal arms caches? them up and then let them go. the mobster is infamously paranoid
about being tracked so he doesnt
cool: Spooky, underground tunnel, cool: Get in here with Streetwise or
carry a mobile phone. In that case, the
dangerous and unstable. High Society; Urban Survival spots
Conspiracy plan is to play the church
hot: As above, but the nachzehrers here the exits, the dealers, the bouncers
bell noise over the clubs sound system,
and the blind spots, in case you need
making everyone in Club Gadarene
to beat up an informant. Asking around
a valid target for the nachzehrer.

from getting too close to him, and a light but oddly). Finally, theres a well-used surgical
Van Helsing's Case  sturdy collapsible spear, as might be used saw, suitable for beheadings.
A heavy case, bound in iron, engraved with by a boar hunter. The head of the spear is Theres also some very old, very
the letters VH. Inside are items collected by of different manufacture to the shaft; the unstable dynamite (Explosive Devices
Van Helsing to help him fight the nachzehrer. shaft is made of telescoping aluminum, but needed to safely handle and remove the
Theres some wax and a bandage (for the head is a holy relic sacred to St. George. sweaty sticks).
blocking his ears), some powerful electric Theres also a bag of coins (400 year old The wax and the electric lamps have
lamps strung on a belt (to keep shadows Greek, Hungarian and Turkish gold coins, long since decayed into uselessness, but the
the van helsing letter n locations / items
Agents can easily replace them with noise-
The Church Bell  Back in the church tower, but now

cancelling headphones and high-powered wired with microphone pickups. A
This is the church bell that once hung
LED torches (or night-vision goggles). All dedicated mobile phone mast transmits
in the bell tower at Schloss Glockestein
these preparations give an 8-point pool the sound back to GSV Technology
(p. 29). It rang to mark the deaths in
that can be spent on Athletics, Scuffling, (p. 29); the Conspiracy techs then
the 1880 mine collapse, and Franz Haflich
Sense Trouble or Weapons tests made in relay the sound to the mobile phone of
heard his own death toll as he lay buried
combat against the Nachzehrer. the nachzehrers next target, and the
alive; he rose again as a nachzehrer with
The spear still works, and has the vampire then teleports to the vicinity
that dolorous note echoing forever in his
supernatural virtue of ignoring the of that victim. In this setup, the Castle
undead brain.
nachzehrers armor. Custodian (p. 27) might be the
Anyone who hears the ringing of the
Van Helsing left the case in the care Conspiracys sinister campanologist,
church bell is, until sunrise, sanctioned
of the Director of the Keilberg Retreat, or maybe theyve set up a small
prey for the nachzehrer. A recording
with the intent of returning to destroy remote-control motor to ring the bell
doesnt cut it; ironically, only a live
the nachzehrer. Now, that task falls to the (no doubt with a mummified hand
performance works for the Un-Dead.
Agents. The case might be: on the bell-rope, to ensure theres
The bell might be:
a human element in the circuit).
In the cellars of the Keilberg
Stillsafely buried in the In a clean-room at GSV
Retreat (p. 28)
Abandoned Mine (opposite) Technology (p. 29).
In the nearby Abandoned Mine (opposite)
Restored to the crumbling church
In the possession of the
tower at Schloss Glockestein
Castle Custodian (p. 27),
(p. 29). When the nachzehrer
who found it years ago
hungers, it scales the cliffs and
Stolen by the Conspiracy, in
tower, then rings the bell. The sound
which case its in a lab at GSV
echoes out across the valley as far
Technology (p. 29)
as Keilberg (p. 28), giving the
vampire its choice of victims.

Palais du Rhin 1 1
Gare routire des Halles 2 2
Opera du Rhin 3 3
Hotel de la Prfecture 4 5 4
Palais du Gouverneur 5
Mdiathque Olympe 6 7
de Gouges 6
Htel DeVille 7 8 9
Temple Neuf 8
glise Saint-tienne 9
Cathdrale Notre-Dame 10 10
glise Mthodiste de Sion 11 11
Cabinet des Estampes 12
et des Dessin 13
14 12
glise Rforme 13 15
TJP Centre Dramatique 14 16
National DAlsace 17
glise Sainte-Madeleine 15
glise Saint-Thomas 16
Muse Alsacien 17
night's black agents agent record sheet


Accounting ____ ____ description You were an assassin,


Archaeology ____ ____ until they sent you up against a man

Architecture ____ ____ who wouldnt die. Now, you hunt
Art History ____ ____ the monsters, redeeming yourself by
Criminology ____ 1 ____ destroying things that shouldnt exist.
Diagnosis ____ ____ Backgrounds: Wet worker
History ____ ____ drive: Slayer
Human Terrain ____ ____ previous patron: Best not to ask.
Languages 1
____ ____ sources of stability
 symbol Lucky silver bullet with your
 name on it
 solace Girlfriend in Paris, Natalie
Law ____ 1 ____ safety A villa you own in Morocco
Military Science 1 ____ covers
1 ____ 
Occult Studies ____
Research ____ ____ 
Vampirology 1
 ____ ____  Athletics 10 ____
 ____ ____  Conceal ____ ____
network contacts Cover 5
____ ____
1 ____ 
Bullshit Detector ____ ____ ____ Digital Intrusion ____ ____
Bureaucracy ____ ____  ____ ____ Diguise 4
____ ____
Cop Talk 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Driving 2
____ ____
Flattery ____ ____  ____ ____ 
Flirting ____ ____  ____ ____ 
High Society ____ ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Explosive Devices ____ ____
Interrogation 1
____ ____  ____ Filch ____ ____
Intimidation 2
____ ____  ____ Gambling ____ 2 ____
Negotiation 1
____ ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand 4 ____
Reassurance ____ ____  ____ Infiltration ____ 8 ____
Streetwise 1
____ ____  ____ Mechanics 4 ____ ____
Tradecraft 1
____ ____  ____ Medic ____ 4 ____
 ____ ____ Network 5 ____ ____
 ____ ____ hit threshold [ 4 ] Piloting ____ ____

Astronomy ____ ____ 
Chemistry ____ ____
specials Preparedness ____ ____
shooting mos: Automatically succeed
Cryptography ____ ____ Sense Trouble ____ 4 ____
1 ____ on one Shooting test 10
____ ____
Data Recovery ____ Shooting
parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points with
1 ____
Electronic Surveillance ____ Shrink ____ ____
____ ____ a cool description of action 4
____ ____
Forensic Pathology Surveillance 
open sesame: Open basic locks for free
Forgery ____ ____ Weapons 4
____ ____
technothriller monologue:
  ____ ____
Refresh 3 Shooting points with a cool ____ ____
1 ____ description of your weapons
Notice ____

Outdoor Survival ____ 1 ____ 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Pharmacy ____ ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography ____ ____
Traffic Analysis 1
____ ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival 1
____ ____

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents agent record sheet

Accounting ____ ____ description You volunteered as an

Archaeology ____ ____ aid worker in some of the most

Architecture ____ ____ dangerous parts of the world. You
Art History ____ ____ uncovered evidence of an unseen
Criminology ____ ____ force that seemed to feed on human
Diagnosis ____1 ____ misery, an international conspiracy
History ____ ____ that promoted atrocity and suffering.
Human Terrain 1 ____
____ It has to be uncovered
Languages 1 ____
____ and destroyed.
 Backgrounds: Medic
 drive: Mystery
 previous patron: Mdecins Sans
Law ____ ____ Frontires (MSF)
Military Science ____ ____ sources of stability
Occult Studies ____ 1 ____ symbol A crucifix, given to you
Research ____ 1 ____ by a missionary
Vampirology ____ 1 ____ solace Your family, especially your GENERAL ABILITIES
____ ____ young niece Athletics 8 ____
 ____ ____ safety Family holiday home in Spain Conceal ____ 4 ____
covers Cover ____ 5 ____
Bullshit Detector ____ 1 ____  Digital Intrusion ____ ____
Bureaucracy ____ 1 ____  Diguise ____ ____
Cop Talk____ ____  Driving ____ 2 ____
Flattery ____ ____  
Flirting ____ 1 ____  
High Society ____ ____ network contacts Explosive Devices ____ ____
Interrogation ____ 1 ____  ____ ____ Filch ____ ____
Intimidation ____ ____  ____ ____ Gambling ____ ____
Negotiation ____ ____  ____ ____ Hand-to-Hand ____ 4 ____
Reassurance ____ 1 ____  ____ ____ Infiltration ____ 4 ____
Streetwise ____ ____  ____ ____ Mechanics ____ ____
Tradecraft ____ 1 ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic ____ 8 ____
____ ____  ____ Network ____ 5 ____
 ____ ____  ____ Piloting ____ ____
Astronomy ____ ____  ____ 
Chemistry ____ 2 ____  ____ Preparedness ____ 6 ____
Cryptography ____ ____  ____ Sense Trouble ____ 2 ____
Data Recovery ____ ____ Shooting____ 4 ____
Electronic Surveillance ____ ____
hit threshold [ 4 ] Shrink ____ 8 ____
Forensic Pathology ____ 1 ____ Surveillance  ____ 4 ____
Forgery ____ ____ Weapons ____ 8 ____

specials ____ ____
athletics mos: Automatically
  ____ ____
1 ____ succeed on one Athletics test
Notice ____

Outdoor Survival ____ 1 ____ parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

2 ____ with a cool description of action
Pharmacy ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography ____ 1 ____ quincey morris bowie knife:
Throw Weapons without penalty
Traffic Analysis ____ ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival ____ ____

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents agent record sheet


Accounting ____ ____ description You specialized in pulling


Archaeology ____ ____ MI6 friendlies and assets out of danger.

Architecture ____ ____ A year ago, a man bled to death in the
Art History ____ ____ back of your car, and whispered that
Criminology ____ 1 ____ there were vampires pulling the worlds
Diagnosis ____ ____ strings. Youve gone rogue to find out
History ____ ____ the truth.
Human Terrain 1 ____ Backgrounds: Wheel Artist
Languages 1 ____ drive: Patriotism
 previous patron: MI6
 sources of stability
 symbol SIS ID card
Law ____ 1 ____ solace A congresswoman in Washington
1 ____
Military Science ____ you can trust
Occult Studies ____ ____ safety Childhood home
Research ____ ____ covers
Vampirology ____ ____  GENERAL ABILITIES
____ ____  Athletics 4 ____
 ____ ____  Conceal ____ ____
 Cover 5
____ ____
1 ____ 
Bullshit Detector ____ Digital Intrusion ____ ____
Bureaucracy ____ 1 ____ network contacts Diguise ____ ____
Cop Talk 2 ____ 
____ ____ ____ Driving 10
____ ____
Flattery 1
____ ____  ____ ____ 
Flirting ____ ____  ____ ____ 
High Society 1
____ ____  ____ ____ 2 ____
Explosive Devices ____
Interrogation ____ ____  ____ ____ Filch ____ ____
Intimidation ____ ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Gambling ____ ____
Negotiation ____ ____  ____ Hand-to-Hand 2
____ ____
Reassurance ____ 1 ____  ____ Infiltration 2
____ ____
Streetwise 2
____ ____  ____ Mechanics 8
____ ____
Tradecraft 1
____ ____  ____ Medic 4
____ ____
 ____ ____  ____ Network 5
____ ____
 ____ ____  ____ Piloting 8
____ ____

Astronomy ____ ____
hit threshold [ 3 ] 
Chemistry ____ ____ Preparedness ____ 4 ____
Cryptography ____ ____ Sense Trouble 8 ____
Data Recovery ____ ____
specials Shooting____ 4 ____
driving mos: Automatically
1 ____
Electronic Surveillance ____ Shrink ____ ____
____ ____ succeed at one driving test 4
____ ____
Forensic Pathology Surveillance 
grand theft auto: Spend
Forgery ____ ____ Weapons 4
____ ____
1 Driving to automatically ____ ____
steal any standard vehicle ____ ____
grand theft aero: Spend 1
Notice ____ 1 ____

Outdoor Survival 1 ____

____ Piloting to automatically steal 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
any standard boat or plane
Pharmacy ____ ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
swiss army prep: Use Mechanics as
Photography ____ ____
1 ____ Preparedness for home-made gadgets
Traffic Analysis ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
gear devil: Refresh 3 Piloting or
Urban Survival ____ 1 ____

Driving with a cool description 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
combat intuition: You use your Sense

Trouble rating, not pool, for initiative

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents agent record sheet


Accounting 1 ____ description You worked for the Turkish

Archaeology ____ ____ national intelligence agency, running

Architecture ____ ____ spies into Russia and the former Soviet
Art History ____ ____ bloc. Four of your operatives got killed
Criminology ____ ____ in a single night, and you realized youd
Diagnosis ____ ____ gotten too close to something big. You
History ____ 1 ____ were forced out of the agency you
Human Terrain 1 ____
____ want back in, but you need proof of the
Languages 1 ____
____ existence of a vampiric conspiracy to
 make them believe you.
 Backgrounds: Asset Handler
 drive: Restoration
Law ____ ____ previous patron: Mill Istihbarat
1 ____
Military Science ____ Teskilat (MIT)
Occult Studies ____ ____ sources of stability
Research ____ 1 ____ symbol Your laptop
Vampirology 1 ____ solace Brother, still an agent with MIT
____ ____ safety A hotel room in London, rented Athletics 4 ____
 ____ ____ under a false name Conceal ____ ____
covers Cover 8
____ ____
Bullshit Detector ____ 2 ____  Digital Intrusion 8
____ ____
Bureaucracy 1 ____  ____ Diguise 2
____ ____
Cop Talk____ 1 ____  Driving ____ ____
Flattery 1 ____  ____ 
Flirting ____ 1 ____  
High Society 1 ____ network contacts
____ Explosive Devices ____ ____
Interrogation ____ ____  ____ ____ Filch ____ 5 ____
Intimidation 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Gambling 4 ____ ____
Negotiation 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Hand-to-Hand ____ 6 ____
Reassurance 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Infiltration 4 ____
Streetwise ____ ____  ____ ____ Mechanics ____ ____
Tradecraft 1
____ ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic ____ ____
____ ____  ____ Network ____ 10 ____
 ____ ____  ____ Piloting ____ ____
Astronomy ____ ____  ____ 
Chemistry ____ ____  ____ Preparedness ____ 2 ____
Cryptography 1
____ ____  ____ Sense Trouble 5 ____
Data Recovery ____ ____ Shooting____ 6 ____
Electronic Surveillance ____ ____
hit threshold [ 3 ] Shrink 8 ____ ____
Forensic Pathology ____ ____ Surveillance  ____ 8 ____
Forgery ____ ____ Weapons ____ ____

specials  ____ ____
surveillance mos: Automatically
  ____ ____
succeed at a Surveillance test.
Notice ____ ____

Outdoor Survival ____ ____

4 3 2 1
Pharmacy ____ ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Photography ____ ____
Traffic Analysis ____ 1 ____ 4 3 2 1
Urban Survival ____ ____

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents agent record sheet


Accounting ____ ____ description DCRI had a warrant to bug


Archaeology ____ ____ a Romanian company, and you led a

Architecture ____ 1 ____ team of four into their offices at night
Art History ____ 1 ____ to wire the place. There was a monster
Criminology ____ 1 ____ there it killed the rest of your team
Diagnosis ____ ____ and left you for dead. Next morning,
History ____ ____ the offices were empty, burned, leaving
Human Terrain 1 ____
____ no proof except the scar where it bit
Languages ____ ____ you and the corpses of your men.
 Backgrounds: Black Bagger
 drive: Revenge
 previous patron: Direction Centrale
Law ____ 1 ____ du Renseignement Intriur (DCRI)
Military Science ____ ____ sources of stability
Occult Studies ____ ____ symbol Scar on your left hand, from
Research ____ 1 ____ the monsters teeth 
Vampirology 1 ____ solace The widow of one of your
____ ____ fellow agents  Athletics 8 ____
 ____ ____ safety Your former home in Paris  Conceal 4 ____ ____
covers Cover ____ 5 ____
Bullshit Detector ____ 1 ____  Digital Intrusion 4 ____
Bureaucracy ____ ____  Diguise ____ 2 ____
Cop Talk ____ ____  Driving ____ ____
Flattery ____ ____  
Flirting ____ ____  
High Society ____ ____ network contacts 2 ____
Explosive Devices ____
Interrogation 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Filch 8 ____ ____
Intimidation 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Gambling ____ ____
Negotiation 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Hand-to-Hand ____ 6 ____
Reassurance ____ ____  ____ ____ Infiltration 8 ____
Streetwise 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Mechanics ____ 2 ____
Tradecraft 1
____ ____ weapons/armour/gear mod Medic ____ ____
____ ____  ____ Network 5
____ ____
 ____ ____  ____ Piloting ____ ____
Astronomy ____ ____  ____ 
Chemistry ____ ____  ____ Preparedness ____ 4 ____
Cryptography ____ ____  ____ Sense Trouble 2 ____
Data Recovery 1
____ ____ Shooting____ 6 ____
1 ____ hit threshold [ 4 ]
Electronic Surveillance ____ Shrink ____ ____
Forensic Pathology ____ ____ Surveillance  4
____ ____
Forgery ____ 1 ____ Weapons 2
____ ____

specials  ____ ____
infiltration mos: Automatically
  ____ ____
1 ____ succeed on an Infiltration test
Notice ____

Outdoor Survival ____ ____

parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
with a cool description of action
Pharmacy ____ ____ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
open sesame: Open basic locks for free
Photography ____ 1 ____
no slipups: Spend Filch on a 2-for-
Traffic Analysis 1 ____
____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1 ____ 1 basis after rolling the die
Urban Survival ____

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents agent record sheet


Accounting 2 ____ description Youre a gamekeeper turned

Archaeology ____ ____ poacher turned well, the metaphor

Architecture ____ ____ breaks down. You worked for Scotland
Art History ____ ____ Yard, investigating financial crime and
Criminology ____ ____ money laundering, until you went to
Diagnosis ____ ____ the private sector. You knew K&B were
History ____ ____ dodgy, but you had gambling debts and
Human Terrain ____ ____ you were tired of losing. It was only
Languages 1 ____
____ when you were on the inside that you
 realized how dodgy K&B were they
 were a front for something terrible,
 something with minions everywhere.
Law ____ 1 ____ You blew up their offices in Canary
Military Science ____ ____ Wharf and vanished into the criminal
Occult Studies ____ ____ underworld, determined to bring them
Research ____ 1 ____ to justice.
Vampirology ____ ____ Backgrounds: Bagman GENERAL ABILITIES
____ ____ drive: Atonement Athletics 8 ____
 ____ ____ previous patron: K&B Financial Services Conceal 8 ____ ____
sources of stability Cover ____ 5 ____
Bullshit Detector ____ 1 ____ symbol Your gun Digital Intrusion 8 ____
Bureaucracy 1 ____ solace The barman in the King's Arms
____ Diguise ____ 2 ____
Cop Talk____ 1 ____ safety Scotland Yard Driving 2 ____ ____
Flattery ____ ____ covers 
Flirting 1
____ ____  
High Society ____ ____  2 ____
Explosive Devices ____
Interrogation 1
____ ____  Filch ____ ____
Intimidation 1
____ ____  Gambling 2
____ ____
Negotiation 1
____ ____  Hand-to-Hand 4
____ ____
Reassurance ____ ____ network contacts Infiltration 2
____ ____
Streetwise 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Mechanics ____ ____
Tradecraft 1
____ ____  ____ ____ Medic ____ ____
 ____ ____  ____ ____ Network 6
____ ____
 ____ ____  ____ ____ Piloting ____ ____
 ____ ____ 
Astronomy ____ ____ weapons/armour/gear mod 
Chemistry ____ ____  ____ Preparedness ____ 4 ____
Cryptography ____ 1 ____  ____ Sense Trouble 6 ____
Data Recovery 1
____ ____  ____ Shooting____ 6 ____
Electronic Surveillance 1
____ ____  ____ Shrink ____ ____
Forensic Pathology ____ ____  ____ Surveillance  5
____ ____
Forgery 1
____ ____  ____ Weapons 2
____ ____
  ____ ____

hit threshold [ 4 ]  ____ ____
Notice ____ 1 ____

Outdoor Survival ____ ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Pharmacy ____ ____ specials 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
explosive devices mos: Automatically
Photography ____ ____
succeed on one Explosive Devices test
Traffic Analysis ____ ____ 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
parkour: Refresh 3 Athletics points
Urban Survival ____ 1 ____

with a cool description of action 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
perfect holdout: Flawlessly hide

one small object around your body

____ ____
 ____ ____
night's black agents director's agent tracking sheet

agent Morgan Green Burroughs Ali Varoutte Henley
Previous Patron Dont ask MSF MI6 MIT DCRI K&B Fin. Serv.
Drive Slayer Mystery Patriotism Restoration Revenge Atonement
Health 10 8 8 4 8 8
Stability 8 8 8 4 8 8
Symbol silver bullet crucifix SIS ID laptop left hand scar gun
Solace girlfriend in Paris family, esp. niece congresswoman brother agents widow Kings Arms barman
Safety Morocco villa Spain home Childhood home London hotel room former Paris home Scotland Yard
Cover 5 5 5 8 5 5
Network 5 5 5 10 5 6
Contact 1
Contact 2
Contact 3
Contact 4
Contact 5
Accounting [a] 1 2
Archaeology [a]
Architecture [a] 1
Art History [a] 1
Astronomy [t]
Bullshit Detector [i] 1 1 1 2 1 1
Bureaucracy [i] 1 1 1 1
Chemistry [t] 2
Cop Talk [i] 1 2 1 1
Criminology [a] 1 1 1
Cryptography [t] 1 1
Data Recovery [t] 1 1
Diagnosis [a] 1
Electronic Surveillance [t] 1 1 1 1
Flattery [i] 1 1
Flirting [i] 1 1 1
Forensic Pathology [t] 1
Forgery [t] 1 1
High Society [i] 1 1
History [a] 1
Human Terrain [a] 1 1 1 1
Interrogation [i] 1 1 1 1 1
Intimidation [i] 2 1 1 1
Languages [a] 1 1 1 1
Law [a] 1 1 1 1
Military Science [a] 1 1 1
Negotiation [i] 1 1 1
Notice [t] 1 1 1 1 1
Occult Studies [a] 1 1
Outdoor Survival [t] 1 1 1
Pharmacy [t] 2
Photography [t] 1 1
Radiotelegraphy [t]
Reassurance [i] 1 1 1
Research [a] 1 1 1 1
Streetwise [i] 1 2 1 1
Tradecraft [i] 1 1 1 1 1 1
Traffic Analysis [t] 1 1 1 1
Urban Survival [t] 1 1 1 1
Vampirology [a] 1 1 1 1
the van helsing letter n night's black agents rules summary
On your sheet, youve got General if youre trying to use Digital Intrusion to

Abilities and Investigative Abilities. hack into a computer, you could just take
Cover, Network & Preparedness
Spend points from your Cover pool
your chances by rolling the die, or spend 3
Investigative Abilities are how you to declare youve got an already-
points to be certain of getting at least a 4.
find clues. existing Cover identity, complete with
GUMSHOE is all about acquiring and documentation. The more points you
using information. Investigative Abilities
Thriller Combat spend, the stronger the Cover,
Youve got several General Abilities
let you find information.
related to combat Hand-to-Hand, Spend points from your Network pool to
Theyre divided into three categories
Shooting and Weapons are the obvious declare youve got an old friend/contact/
Academic, Interpersonal and Technical
ones. To hit a foe, you need to make a test ally/guy who owes you a favor. The more
but they all work the same way.
using that ability and beat your targets points you spent, the more reliable and
You never need to roll for these abilities
Hit Threshold (3 for most people, 4 for useful the Contact.
if youve got the right ability
exceptional foes, 5+ for some vampires).
for the current situation, youll Make a Preparedness test to retroactively
If you hit, roll damage. Bare-handed
get a clue. Say youre looking around a obtain equipment (of course, I had a
attacks do -2 damage (1d6-2); attacks with
library if you point out to the Director rocket launcher in the back of my car the
a weapon do -1 to +1 damage depending
(GM) that youre using your Research whole time). The more unlikely or hard-
on how big and sharp it is; firearms attacks
ability, youll find any Research-related to-acquire the equipment, the harder the
usually do +1 or +2 damage.
information automatically. Youll never Preparedness test. If your Preparedness is 8+,
fail to find information because you hit threshold modifiers you can retroactively put plans into effect.
rolled badly you just need to ask the Defender Exposed -1
right questions. Sometimes, the Director Partial Cover +0 Refreshing Pools
may volunteer information that would be Full Cover +1 Investigative Abilities: Refresh at the
obvious to your character. (Because youve Night: +1 beyond close range end of game
got Criminology, you instantly identify +1 at close range;
Dark: health:
those guys in the bar as Serbian mafia). +2 beyond
Medic restores 2 points of Health
If youve got a rating in an Investigative +1 point blank, +2
Pitch Black: per Medic point spent
ability, you can always find clues related close, +3 beyond
unless youre treating your own
to that topic. Its not enough to just shout If youre carrying a
Illuminated: wounds, in which case its 1 for 1
out the name of ability youve got to light source, -1
Rest gives back 2 points per
actually say how youre using it to get the
called shots day unless youre Seriously
clue.You never need to spend points to get
Torso +1 Wounded (-6 or less Health)
key (or core) clues.
Chest +2
Instead, you spend points for stability
Hand or Limb +2
advantages like extra information, bonus Shrink restores 2 Stability
Heart or throat +3
General Ability points, or story twists. per Shrink point spent
Eye +4
Your Director will suggest opportunities to Regain 1 point by drawing
spend points; you can also suggest possible Add the increased Difficulty to the strength from your Symbol
benefits for spending Investigative points. Damage if you hit (so, going for the Chest Regain 1 point if your
Spending points from an does +2 damage if you hit; hitting an eye place of Safety is safe
Investigative ability does not is +2 damage but blinds; hitting a throat is Regain 2 points by spending
prevent you from using that ability +2 damage but can decapitate a foe) time with your Solace
to find clues.
other abilities:
Reckless Attacks Refresh any three pools
General Abilities Spend 1 Athletics to lower your HitThreshold
by finding a Haven
General Abilities are how you get and that of one foe by -1 for one round; max -3
Refresh Athletics, Driving, Hand-
things done. Theyre how you actually
to-Hand, Piloting, Shooting and
use the information you gained with your Smashes & Throws Weapons after 24 hours
Investigative Abilities. Spend 2 extra Hand to Hand after hitting
Refresh 3 points of Athletics,
You have to roll for General Abilities. for -1 damage by hitting foe off a hard
Driving, Hand to Hand, Weapons or
GUMSHOE uses an ordinary six- surface (+0 damage if its hard and sharp),
Shooting with a suitably dramatic
sided die, and you usually need to roll or to throw foe (-2 damage)
descriptive monologue, but only if
a 4 or higher (usually, but the Director
youve a pool of 8+ in that ability
gets to secretly pick the difficulty you need Jumping In A suitable Investigative Spend could
to beat). You can spend points from the Spend 4 Athletics or 3 points from
refresh 3 points at the Directors option.
appropriate General Ability to boost your Shooting/Hand to Hand/Weapons to act
chances before rolling; every point or attack immediately; change in combat
spent gives you a +1 to the roll. So, order is permanent
40 night's black agents - the van helsing letter

FOR ARCHIVE OPERATION EDOM You recall Friend John, who was so dear to me Yours,
3/10/48 and to you also, I think? He called me to England Abraham Van Helsing
in 1894, and events there, and subsequent work in
Keilberg Retreat, Saxony, E. Germany Roumania, put me on a new path. I think at least P.S. If I am not with you before St. Andrews Day,
NACHZEHREN head and heart are in alignment, and I can return to then I am detained and much has gone awry. Should
Schloss Glockestein and put an end to the error of that happen, then you or other good people in whom
Begjinhof, Amsterdam, Unternehmen Braun. you trust must fetch Miss Haflich from Bucharest and
31st August, 1908 I have business in Bucharest to attend to first, to bring her to Glockestein, that you might draw out the
Kind Sir put affairs in order, but then I shall come presently to evil and put an end to it with such tools as you have.
It has been many years since that terrible time your house of healing, and by force of arms find the Remember, the coin in the mouth first, to pay the
when my son was alas, all too briefly under peace I have long desired. I shall bring with me a young ferryman, and then remove the head, whether it be
your care, and once again I must express my gratitude woman of the family of Haflich, and you know well the in human form or animal shape. I beg you, if ever you
for your efforts. You know as well as I do that little significance of that. loved me, do not shirk this duty, even though it is much
could have been done for my boy, given the horror I ask no more of you than this, my friend that you to ask of you, being as you are a healer. You know as
that followed him. Forgive me that I have so rarely make ready such supplies and things that are needed well as I do that an infection, unpurged, will spread and
written to you. The pain of that time, coupled with for the journey to Glockestein, and that you ensure grow more damaging. I dread to think what the thing
the madness of my dear wife, was almost too much that which I left hidden in the tunnel near Keilberg all might become given a century or more.
to bear. Also, the burden of the great work kept me those years ago is made ready for transport.
from writing of the heart, when there was writing of Pray God, and the error shall be expunged before
the head to be done. the New Year!