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Science 8

Ms. Martel

Teacher: Ms. Martel

E-mail: Danielle.martel@sd41.bc.ca
Website: msdmartel.weebly.com

Welcome to high school science. This year we will take an exciting journey to increase
your understanding of a variety of science concepts that will be both interesting and
challenging. You will develop new skills as well as improve upon existing ones. You will carry
out experiments, learn how to use models, carry out research and complete group and
individual projects. My goal for this year is to facilitate you to make connections from the
topics taught in class to the real world and encourage you to think critically. My main hope
for this year is for you to expand your interest and appreciation for science.

Here are some important tips to help you succeed in Science:

1. Be attentive during class discussions- be a good listener.
2. If you are not sure ask questions.
3. Dont procrastinate- keep up.
4. Hand in ALL due assignments on time.
5. Arrive to class prepared- see list below.
6. Always try- dont give up easily.

Materials - Students should bring the following materials to class everyday:

Three-Ring Binder - Binder should contain 5 dividers for the different units in this
Pencil, Pens (blue/ red), Eraser, Ruler
Agenda/calendar - Students should record daily homework and assignments in
their agendas, as well as quiz and project due dates.
DUOTANG every student MUST bring a duotang to submit journal assignments,
which are worth 25% of their mark.

Mark Distribution

You will receive 3 report cards that coincide with the three terms in a school year:

o Term 1 30%
o Term 2 30%
o Term 4 40%

Each term mark will be determined by the following distribution

Inquiry Projects 40%

Labs & Quizzes 35%
Journals 25%
Science 8
Ms. Martel

Content of Science 8

1) Biology Life processes performed at the cellular level

2) Chemistry Behaviour of matter, kinetic molecular theory, atomic theory
3) Physics Energy transferred by particles and waves
4) Earth Science Theory of plate tectonics explains Earths geological processes

Expectations of Students

1. Attendance
You are expected to be in class everyday on time, meaning that you should be
in your seat ready to go before the bell rings.
Your parents must contact the office for any excused absences.
It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you have missed during your absence
and arrange a time with me to make it up. I will not omit your homework,
project, lab, project or quiz due to an absence. You can contact me through
my website and let me know if you will be absent or have questions about
missed work. msdmartel@weebly.com
2. Classroom Conduct
Students are expected to respect their peers, teacher, substitute teachers, and
themselves in class.
Personal electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, gaming devices
etc.) are not permitted in class, unless for educational purposes determined by
me. Drinks in bottles are allowed.
Students need to arrive to class prepared, so please arrive with all materials
3. Homework/Assignments
It is expected that any assignment given, is to be handed in on time.
Expect a delay in feedback and assessment if assignments are handed-in late.

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