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1) What is the definition of a P&ID?

2) What is the use of a heat and mass balance sheet?

3) Identify the Meaning of the Following P&ID Symbols.

TI -
TT -
FT -
LT -
FE -
TE -
4) Identify the Type of Signals/lines from below

5) Difference Between Inline and Offline Instruments?

6) List out Valve Symbols Mentioned Below?

Ball Valve :

Globe Valve :

Solenoid Valve :

Piston-Operated Valve :

Motor Operated Valve :

Control Valve :

NC Valve :
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7) List out Equipment Symbols Mentioned Below?

Centrifugal Pump :

Column :

Heat Exchanger :

Agitator, Propeller :

8) What type of Valve is used at PSV Blowdown End?

9) What does the following P&ID Line numbering identification mean 3-P-12007-A11A-H30?

10) What is the standard for labeling/identifying P&ID drawings?

11) List out ASME codes for pressure piping?

12) What is the main use of ASTM A53 & A106 Gr.B Pipes?

13) What is the normal upstream and downstream straight length of orifice flow meter?

14) What is the ASME code for Steel Butt Weld & Socket Welding Fittings ?
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15) What is the Function of valves & Classify the Valves based on Functions?

16) What is the standard specifies trim of a valve?

17) What national code governs natural gas pipeline design?

18) What service is ASTM A 333 Gr.6 used for?

19) What is the corrosion allowance of pipe of material ASTM A312 TP304L, SCH STD?

20) Draw a closed loop and an open loop system?

21) List out the differences of Single Block & Bleed Valve and Double Block & Bleed Valve and
specify the area of function?

22) Specify the use of Component Code in Line List?

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23) Draw Rodding point for a simple Open Drain/Closed Drain Line and specify the item used for the

24) List out the lines connected to a Pump excluding Suction and Discharge?

25) Explain the use of a Tie-In in Process P&ID?

26) What Does FO, FI, FC mean for a control valve?

27) Explain the Bolt Tightening Sequence For Flanges Using 12 Bolts?

28) Provide a logical answer to the Symbol 1:500 on a Line?

29) Draw a Hose Connection to a Potable Water Station?

30) List the information not shown in a P&ID?