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Body language for Interview

By Vignesh MuthukumarBody Language60 comments

Interview Body Language.

Hi friends, In this post i would like to share about Body language techniques for an
selection. Your body language says 93% about you to the official rather than what you are saying
from your mouth. The Body Language technique is a subject in the Defense, Criminal
Investigations, Master of Business and Administration (M.B.A) and in various recruiting private
agencies. Ok let we come to the selection process of body language.

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In a process, I divide the sessions as seven, they are

1. Waiting for Our Turn.
2. Walking inside the room. (Entering)
3. Hand Shake.
4. Choosing and Sitting in the chair.
5. Body gestures during conversation with the officials.
6. Eye movements
7. Leaving the room.
First let we see one by one in detail,

1) Waiting for our turn:-

In most of the process, they company or organization persons makes the candidates to wait for a
while before the conversation. Since they watch the candidates for some of the qualities. They
watch whether we get boredom in few minutes or talking with others or feeling sleepy in few
minutes etc.
Like this while waiting for the process,
o Dont put your arms in your cheeks or rest your face in your palms. As this shows that you are
o Never look out when two people are debating. This shows that you are a follower of the two. If
you can converse with them else take a magazine and start to read.
o Dont shake your legs or toes, this shows that you are passing your time.
How to be perfect while waiting for the process:-
o Sit relaxed and start to read any novels, as this relaxes your mind and keep you ease.
o If the situation is good, then converse with the near ones and talk a good constructive
topic. This shows that you are friendly to your environment.
o Never talk anything technically before going to an technical round, this creates a high heart
beat situation.
2) Walking inside the room. (Entering)

This is the first thing we do in the process. The things which includes in this steps are
o Seeking permission to enter the room and Walking inside it,
o Standing and Seeking permission to sit in the chair
Seeking permission to enter into the room:- While asking permission, Ask with a good tone,
rather not too higher or too lower. Ask confidently, May I come in Sir/Madam or Shall i come in
Sir/madam. My piece of advise is better to ask permission starting with "May", as this shows
permission. After getting permission walk into the room.

Walking:- While walking into the room, walk with head held high and upraised chest and
shoulders. This shows your confidence level. Since if you walk with your head focussing on the
ground means, it shows that you are thinking, nervous, panic about the process. So the officer
expects to walk with confidence. Also have a note that while walking dont look in an arrogancy
Dont enter your hands into your pant pocket, leave it free and walk, this shows that you want to be
Dont alter your shirt buttons, wrist watches or anything. This shows that you are nervous.
Dont see the time before entering the into room, if you know that your official is watching you.

3) Hand Shake:-

Do not offer your handshake firstly. Be confidence in your look and wait for the official to offer
you handshake. If it is offered then give a firm hand shake. This again proves that you are
confident enough. If you give the handshake first, it may be interpreted as that you are forcing the
official to give you a hand shake. Its not necessary for the official to give handshakes for all the
candidates who are coming for the process. So dont force the official for hand shakes.
While giving hand shake, have a smile in your face and watch the eye of the official. Dont look at
your hands.
Also dont withdraw your hand first while handshaking, this shows that you are disinterested with
that personality.
4) Choosing and Sitting in the Chair:- Most of the persons dont care about this while going for the
process. But this plays a major role in non verbal communication of the selection. I want to tell
you this in two parts.
o Standing near the chair for the selection process.
o Choosing the right chair for group discussion and meetings.
Standing near the chair for the Selecting Officer:- After entering the room and walking near the
official table, there will be chair offered to you to sit for the conversation. In this scenario, we
have to ask permission to sit in the chair. Before this, there is an important thing that we should
not stand in front of the chair. Since if we stand in front of the chair then it shows that we think
ourself that we will be granted seat to sit. So its not a good attitude. The best thing is stand
behind the chair and wait for the official to give permission.
In worst case, if the permission is not granted then ask permission with a warm smile to sit.

Choosing the right chair for group discussion and meetings:- While choosing the chair for group
discussion and meetings, try to sit in the middle of the "U" shaped table or normal straight
table. This shows your leadership. If you sit in the center of the table, then you will be the center
of attraction. If you talk something relevantly when speaking, then your points will be noticed

5) Body Gestures during conversation with the official:-

This part is the very very important part of the selection. As this shows many of your qualities
to your official. I say some of the do's and dont's.
o Never use fingers to scratch eyes, nose or mouth while coversing with the official. It shows
that you are lier.
o Try to look at the eyes of the official and not their body. This may irritate them.
o Dont shake legs, hands during conversation.
o Dont look the exit door of the selection hall, as this shows that you are eagerly waiting to close
the conversation.
o Never insert your legs inside the chair, this also shows your disinterest in the process.
o Place your hands over your knee area and dont do any designs or scratching with that.
6) Eye Movements:-

In any process, you may experience that, i did well but why i didnt get selected. The answer
for this is here. Because the official checks us whether we are truthful with our replies or
not. This case is more in defense processand now a days more in corporate process also.
Since, we cant able to fake our eyes while telling lies and the trained officialscould easily able to
identify this.
There are six things in eye movements of a man :-

Body Language Eye Movements

1. Visual Remembrance.
2. Auditory Remembrance.
3. Self thinking.
4. Visual Imagination.
5. Audio Imagination.
6. Recalling a feeling.
Visual Remembrance (Eye ball in top left corner):- Visual remembrance is nothing but, pre
recorded or past things that is happened in your life in terms of situations or scenes. i.e. If the
official asks you a situation for your leadership. You would answer this question. He checks
whether your eye ball goes to top left corner of the eyes, then he conclude that you are telling the

Auditory Remembrance (Eye ball in extreme left corner):- Auditory remembrance is nothing but,
pre recorded or past things that what you heard from others or any songs etc. Old audio records in
brain. i.e. If the official asks you. Tel your favourite song?. He checks whether your eye ball goes
to the extreme left corner of the eye, then he conclude that you are telling the truth.

Self Thinking (Eye ball in left extreme down):- Self thinking is nothing but, the eye ball looks
down to the extreme left side of the body. This shows to the official that you are thinking on your
own. This is taken as true, when you are in a situation to tel judgement or solution for an
issue. That is Talking to the self.
Visual Imagination (Eye ball looking top right):- Visual imagination is nothing but, telling things or
imagining situations that is not happened in your life . i.e. If the official asks you a situation for
your leadership. You would answer this question. He checks whether your eye ball goes to top left
corner of the eyes, then he conclude that you are telling the truth.
Eg:- If "A" asks to "B" as what he said?
In this if B says that C told you as good boy.
In this scenario, we can check "B" whether he is saying truth of not by noting his eye ball. Its true
try this.

Audio Imagination (Eye ball looking extreme right):- Audio Imagination is nothing but telling things
which you didnt heard or lies. This is the usual response of the liers.

Recalling a feeling (Eye ball looking Right extreme down):- This is recalling of the one's feeling.
These are about eye movements of the person in process and also in normal life. Guys learn these
techniques it will be more useful for you to read others.

7) Leaving the selection hall:-

This is the last process in the selection system. In this while leaving the selection room,
o Don't shake the chair while leaving the seat.
o Never look the ground while leaving from the room, as it shows that you are not confident with
your process. Instead, walk with head held high and upraised chest. This shows your
o If the official offers you the handshake, respond him firmly.
o Close the door of the room slowly, and dont dash it after leaving the room.
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Follow these things friends, then success is yours

These are about the nonverbal communication or body language in an selection system.