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Diferentes opciones de solucin de Evidence: Blog "Making predictions".

Teniendo en cuenta la estructura gramatical, vocabulario y contexto requerido.

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Opcin 1

Dear Dr. Claus, in my opinion, in 10 years are not going to be flying cars I think this
is going to be done in 30 years, because the technology advances fast is in
communications and science, but if I consider that people will have more cars
easy. In the future I believe that rich and poor people will be able to travel to other
planets on vacation. Finally, I think the whole world will not have water because
they do not care about natural resources.

Opcion 2

In my opinion, with regard to flying cars, I think are not going to exist in ten years.
There are cities in Colombia, for example Ccuta, where it has not even come

With regard to robots, I think is going to have, because there are people who have
in their home this technology that facilitate some tasks.

Finally, there may be ecological alternatives for transportation and for industry to
reduce global warming. There are ecological cars that do not work with gasoline, if
not with sunlight, and this are going to be a great help for the environment next

Opcin 3

In my opinion, in 10 years are not going to be flying cars I think this is already
happening and the helicopters will not be so easy to buy and the planes will be
even better. In terms of robots as we already have several in some companies in
China and the United States are countries that have the most advanced technology
and use robots as proof in their homes and jobs to facilitate the lives of humans in
the future, technologies For the preservation of the environment some countries
already apply them now we can see electric cars, houses with renewable energies
so we are already contributing to global warming.

Opcin 4

I dont agree the predictions Doctor Claus made in the interview because in 10
years old for me the cars it not going to fly, I think that in 10 years old the cars
going to do faster and the helicopters going to do cheaper but not for to buy just for
touristic plans.

I think that the robots going to do the humans activities in three hundred years
because the science needs to much study.

I would like that in 10 years the science can to invent things for the global warming.

Opcin 5

I am agree with that Dr. Claus said in his interview, because if now a day, they are
already testing car driving alone prototypes that have sensors that detect
environmental signals. Thus the car can alert the driver if there is wet pavement,
for nearby or if the car behind is moving weird. Maybe world be on sale in two or
three years.

Additionally, referent to robots, we are nearly in the next future everything will be
digital. Technology and the wireless is going to dominate the world, something like
Back to the Future or another science fiction movie.

Opcin 6

Good day about how our future will be in the 10 years, I think that with the means
of transport as far as the population if it is very true by capacity will no longer give
to terrestrial transport since I`m going to have a big family, the part of the robots
would be excellent since they already work men and women and the ecological
larte is great perfect that we are conscientious to take care of our environment and

Opcin 7

I think that the transportations is changing for some years ago, the technology is
creating cars able to drive by itself so in 10 years you will travel in a vehicle not
operate by humans but by robots, because in 10 years it will be more common. I
disagree with Dr. Claus about flying cars, is sooner to think that everyone can pay
a car like that. There are many prototypes of flying cars but it is very expensive and
it is just prototypes.
Opcin 8

I think there will probably be flying cars, but I do not think it will be in 10 years.
Maybe in 30 years, because technology is advancing but not at that rate. About
robots, I would love the idea that they can help us with our activities. The
technologies to care for the planet are necessary from this moment; we should not
wait 10 or 20 years to improve them.