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Learning activity 3 / Actividad de aprendizaje 3

Evidence: Forum My favorite movie / Evidencia: Foro Mi pelcula favorita

For this evidence, you will participate in the forum called My favorite movie
in which you have to: / En esta evidencia debe participar en el foro My
favorite movie en el que se solicita:

1. Describe your favorite movie. / Describir su pelcula favorita.

2. Ask a question about a description made by one of your partners. /

Realizar una pregunta sobre la descripcin hecha por un compaero.


My favorite movie is Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a love. It is about two young people who are in love but their
love is forbidden. This history is setting in Verona and Mantua, in the year 1303.

This romantic story is amazing. The characters are very interesting because they
are inspiring and committed to their love. Romeo and Juliet are in love and fight
against their families to live together; however, the pressure of that rivalry and a
series of fatalities lead to the couple choosing suicide rather than living apart.

The story is very tragic and it leaves you feeling depressed but its still a very good

Romeo and Juliet is an exciting love story, I was fascinated this movie.