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Learning activity 3 / Actividad de aprendizaje 3

Evidence: Forum My favorite movie / Evidencia: Foro Mi pelcula

For this evidence, you will participate in the forum called My favorite movie in
which you have to: / En esta evidencia debe participar en el foro My favorite
movie en el que se solicita:

1. Describe your favorite movie. / Describir su pelcula favorita.

2. Ask a question about a description made by one of your partners. / Realizar
una pregunta sobre la descripcin hecha por un compaero.

Example / Ejemplo:

Describe your favorite movie. / Ask a question about a

Describir su pelcula favorita. description made by one of your
partners. / Realizar una pregunta
sobre la descripcin hecha por un

For this forum, you have to describe For the second part of this activity
your favorite movie in terms of plot you will read your partners posts,
and characters. Below is an select one and through the button
example: / En su participacin en el Responder. Then, write a question
foro usted describe la trama y los about your partners favorite movie.
personajes de su pelcula favorita. These are some examples: / La
Este es un ejemplo: segunda parte de esta evidencia
requiere que usted realice la lectura
This romantic film is astonishing de las participaciones de sus
and convincing because it is based compaeros, seleccione una y a
on real facts. The setting looks like travs del botn Responder escriba
the real ship which makes you feel una de las siguientes preguntas
involved in the movie. This film sobre la pelcula favorita de su
shows the loving relationship compaero. Estos son algunos
between Jack and Rose who are in ejemplos:
love and fight against the traditional
society. Rose is a young rich girl who How much did the movie cost to be
is engaged to a man she does not produced? Why? / Cunto cost la
love. On the other hand, Jack is a produccin de la pelcula? Por
poor guy who loves Rose. They qu?
discover love together and in the end
Jack gives his life for Roses life. How many actors were involved in
the movie? Why? / Cuntos actores
I was fascinated by this movie fueron necesarios para la pelcula?
because of the setting. I was Por qu?
entertained because of the story
and depressed because it ends in How long did the movie take to be
death, just like Romeo and Juliet. / produced? Why? / Cunto tiempo
Mi pelcula favorita es Titanic. Es tom la produccin de la pelcula?
una fascinante historia de amor. Por qu?
Este film romntico es asombroso y
convincente porque est basado en In order to answer your partners
hechos reales. El escenario se questions use one of the following
parece mucho al barco real lo que te options as examples: / Para
hace sentir involucrado en la responder a la pregunta planteada
pelcula. Este film muestra la por su compaero emplee las
increble relacin entre Jack y Rose siguientes opciones a manera de
quienes estn enamorados y luchan ejemplo dependiendo del caso:
en contra de la sociedad tradicional.
Rose es una joven millonaria quien It cost $200.000.000. Because it
est comprometida con un hombre required a lot of high technology for
del que no est enamorada. Jack es special effects and the cast was very
un chico pobre que ama a Rose. famous. / Cost $200.000.000
Ellos descubren el amor juntos y al porque necesit el uso de tecnologa
final Jack da su vida por la de Rose. avanzada y el grupo de actores era
muy famoso.
Est pelcula me hizo sentir
fascinado por el escenario, Titanic had one hundred eight
entretenido por la historia y actors. The movie used two main
deprimido por el final que es como el actors (Kate Winslet and Leonardo
de Romeo y Julieta. DiCaprio), six secondary roles and
one hundred extras. / Titanic tuvo
ciento ocho actores porque la
pelcula necesitaba dos actores
principales (Kate Winslet y Leonardo
DiCaprio), seis actores secundarios
y cien extras.

Titanic production took seven years.

For five years the director, James
Cameron, looked for the actors, the
setting and the budget. He took two
more years to film the movie. / La
produccin de Titanic tom siete
aos porque durante cinco aos el
director James Cameron busc los
actores, los escenarios y el
presupuesto, ms dos aos ms
grabando la pelcula.
My favorite movie is Twilight (Crepsculo)
My favorite movie is Twilight, a romantic movie that tells the story of a vampire named Edward over a
thousand years old who falls in love with a 17 year old teen named Bella who moves to FORKS to live
with her father, and in His school the first day knows Edwar and it is from that precise moment in
which his alman are destined to be together for the whole life, Edward is elusive with Bella but it is
because it does not want to hurt him, so for several days edward no Goes to school and that to Bella
worries because he thinks of that penetrating look and his pale skin and the red of his lips. After a few
days, Edward arrives at the normal school and takes his daily routine with his stepbrothers (Rossalie,
Alice, Esmmet, Carlisle) who were transformed by the recognized doctor of the town Carlai, well in
this history they are developing an endless Situations in which Bella is nvolucrada and also where it
begins to suspect of the situation of Edward and decides to investigate by its account, to give itself
account of the situation does not fear that Edwad it turns it but what if it gives with all the heart is to be
Next to him, and this is how Bella wins the heart of Edward and that is the love that makes you
overcome all those adversities that happen in the movie.

This story is exciting first because I love vampires and secondly because the love that is born of these
two beings so dierentes in the movie comes a sentence that says '' THE LION FALL OF THE SHEEP ''
and it is true the feeling To bite Bella's neck does not because love is much bigger than quenching her
thirst for human blood.I also call the attention to the landscapes where they recorded the scenes and
even more the quality of character and the ecxelencia of film that has made that saga and that each film
surpasses the previous one for its great genius at the time of presenting it to the public.

Steps to participate in the forum:

Click the Activity 3 button in the main menu. Click Evidence: Forum My
favorite movie.
Enter to the sequence, click on Responder, then click on Enviar.
Select one of the partners commentaries and then express your opinion
clicking on the button Responder.
Type the subject and the content with your opinion, then click on Enviar.

Pasos para participar en el foro:

D clic en el botn Activity 3 en el men principal, luego hgalo en

Evidence: Forum My favorite movie.
Ingrese a la secuencia y d clic en Responder, posteriormente haga clic en
Seleccione el comentario de un compaero, y despus exprese sus
opiniones dando clic en Responder.
Digite el asunto y el contenido con su aporte, luego d clic en Enviar.
Criterios de evaluacin
Describe diferentes objetos usando el vocabulario y expresiones apropiadas.