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Name: Amado Alcoba Ustarez

Code: 114770

Centro Boliviano Americano


Nowadays people discuss if gay marriage should be legalized and many

countries have done it already. A lot of people think that if a child does not have a
model of mother and father, it would create a dysfunctional society; on the other
hand, some people affirm that peoples should be able to choose their partners. In
my opinion, gay marriage is a big step in order to be a better society.

Gay marriage would provide people the opportunity to take their own
decisions. To begin with, it is a human right. To illustrate, each person will decide
who is could be his or her partner. Furthermore, it is a personal achievement. When
you are homosexual, it is very hard to be accepted by society. Another reason for
this is the possibility to have their own family. If gay marriage is legalized, people
could decide to stablish a family with his or her partner. In conclusion, peoples
decisions will be supported by government.

Gay marriage will promote acceptance of equality in society. To begin with,

schools will teach a different culture. For instance, childrens will know that people
can marriage even if there are of the same gender. Furthermore, in the future, there
will be a lot of gay families. For example, it would not be weird to know that parents
of your childrens friend are gay. In addition, people in jobs will be more tolerant. For
example, if you go to a meeting with your jobs partners and their couple, you should
accept the possible that at least one of them have a gay couple. In conclusion,
society will be more prepared to coexist with gays.

There legal benefits to couples if gay marriage is legalized. To begin with,

couple will share properties. For example, if one of the couple died, the other one
will receive the house they bought as a right of husband or wife. Another reason for
this is the possibility to adopt a child. To illustrate, many gay couples wish to raise a
child and they would give them a good education and health. The last reason for this
is been recognized in companies as a couple. For example, a wife or a husband
would be insured by couples job. Gay marriage has many benefits for couples.

I think that government should give gays the opportunity to have a legal
marriage with their couples. It will give people the chance to take their own decisions,
it will also result in a society more equitable and it will grant legal benefits to gay
couples. If your child was gay, would you avoid his or her happiness with his or her