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Portfolio of Evidence

Gontse Ashley Kutumela

Curriculum Vitae
Full name/s Gontse Ashley

Surname Kutumela

Occupation Unemployed

Identity number 9806010138080

Home language Sepedi

Black: African Black: African
Black: Colored
Black: Indian/Asian

Postal Address (Home) 1141 Block DD Soshanguve 0152

Physical Address (Home) 1141 Block DD Soshanguve 0152

Telephone number ( 012 ) 7900275

E-mail Address

Cell number 0714692448

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National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) Umalusi 2015


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AMWAY Independent Market the company, Buy 22-12-2016 till

sales products from Amway and sell to today.
representative clients.

Mashigo Office Sort out the companys paper Eight months

Glamorous Events administration, work, book events, stock taking,
(15-05-2016 to
marketing and promotions, field work(set up for
advertising events), follow up with clients,


My Teaching Philosophy
As mentioned, my name is Gontse Ashley Kutumela and I have just started my first year at Tshwane
University of Technology. I am studying towards my degree as an educator, so far so good is all I can say
for now. I will be specializing in Computer Application Technology, Mathematical Literacy and Life
Orientation. I really am enjoying my journey in pursuing my degree. A lot of forces pulled me into following
this stream, one being my father. And by my father I mean that I was given no choice when it came to
what Ill be studying in varsity. I learned to better appreciate education as it is the foundation of the
change we want to see in the future. I would say that I study education because I want to sacrifice myself
in shaping and developing the youth into useful and resourceful international citizens.

Like any other path, my path has its own unique challenges. My biggest challenge is the responsibility that
will be delegated upon me to shape the lives of my learners. I know that it seems easy to teach learners,
but being a teacher goes beyond that. You must first learn how to manage your classroom for efficient
teaching and learning. Then you must your learners 24h councilor because when dealing with learners
from different backgrounds, it is essential to be there for your learners at the exact moment when they
need you. As a student teacher, I learned that I must always be alert for anything that might occur in class.
All these responsibilities require someone who is very patient, with a big heart. I can agree that I am not
yet ready for all of this, and since my journey is still beginning, I will try my level best to be a teacher that
my learners need the next time I walk into a classroom, hence you can never prepare for this.

I have been asked too many times why I want to be a teacher, and my answer will always remain the
same, I want to be a better teacher than the teachers that I had. I feel that if I can increase the standards
for my learners so that they can have better opportunities than the ones I had. I honestly want to exploit
the resources in my disposal to better my community, to give hope and to build my learners academically.
Its sad to see a learner come in the classroom during lessons and leave without change, because I believe
that everyone deserves an opportunity to a better future.

One of my majors is Life Orientation, and as we were dealing with religion as a topic, it made me realize
that I was unintentionally ignorant of all the other religions that other people practice. We have more
than one religion in our country, yet everything is so based on my religion (Christianity) and we tend to
forget that in as much as we live in a democratic country, we must respect other religions. The issue
around this is the controversy of it all, because we all believe something thats almost the same which is
the existence of God, but the execution of our faith causes tension and conflict among the different
religion. Now, as a teacher, how do you deal with this issue as effective as possible without causing any
further confusion and conflict? And because Ill be dealing with kids, how will I plant a seed of peace and
understanding within the interactions my learners will make with each other? But I strongly believe that
the difference I will make in the lives of my learners will go a long way for them.

What I would say is more challenging about teaching is the learners. I mean, how do our teachers deal
with our changing behaviors? Why cant behavior be constant? And why cant we learn without
disturbance? But then, change promotes adaptation to the new experience so when we adapt, we learn.
It is very exciting to know that I will never get used to the behavior I am going to deal with because my
learners will constantly evolve, for better or worse but its my duty to ensure that they always move
towards the right direction. Another factor would be the parents. In all honesty, parents expect teachers
to perform miracles with their children. If a parent is absent in their childrens academic life, then why do
they blame teachers for their childrens poor outcome? It is very important for parents and teachers to
have a common goal when it comes to learners and their academics.

I anticipate a lot from education in the next coming years but the biggest challenge remains with us the
student teachers because the future of our youth will rest in our hands, and it has to be up to us to make
a huge difference in the kind of products we want to produce as teachers in the education field. I love
how people utilize their multiple intelligence to solve the problems they are faced with, and it is proven
that a person can excel more in other field other than their academics. Now as a teacher, it will be my
duty to groom my learners according to their different intelligence than just their academics. You would
find that a learner can better perform in language through the exposure of drama, and its ok if a learner
prefers dramatizing the content in order for them to better understand more clearly. I find that being able
to execute our intelligence effectively it takes a great deal of self-control. Being able to prioritize
responsibilities accordingly is a skill that you acquire within yourself and if you fail to learn that technique
at an early stage in life, the cracks will appear as you grow up and probably by then it will be too late to
change your habits. As teachers, we must constantly challenge our learners to constantly think creatively
because that in turn will help them have a deeper understanding of the content which in turn have an
advantage during tests and exams.

It will take a lot to improve the standard of the education system in south Africa, but it will also take a
dedicated mass of ethical teachers who want to see a rainbow nation of valuable citizens who thrive to
prosper in all their success.
My First Teaching Practice Experience

My first teachig practice was at Elizabeth Matsemela High School, a good school indeed. The school is
situated in soshanguve, Block BB. What I appreciate about the school is its management. The principal is
very dedicated about the smooth running of the school, and together will all the delegates, it is moving
towards a brighter future.

I didnt know much about the school but from what I heard, Elizabeth Matsemela has seen the worst
storm any school can ever experience. For years, majority of its learners have been nothing but disruptive
and this affected the perfomence very negetively. From what I have seen, its learners are dimonds in the
rough that are ready to be polished.

The school has one principal and one deputy principal, 22 educators and 4 HODs, one clerk and 2 office
addministrators, 3 voluntary cooks, 5 cleaners, and 6 security workers. The school currently has 752
learners in grade 10 to 12, and offeres a wide variety of subjects including mathematical literacy which I
was observing. The current carriculum that is in use is CAPS, and this made it easy for me to adjust to the
topic they were currently busy with. Elizabeth Matsemela caters learners from all parts of Soshanguve,
and has done so for many years. The school commences at exactly 7:30am and not a minute late everyday.
A morning prayer is held for the first 15 minutes as the late comers drip in then classes start just after
7:45am. The school uses a system where the learners follow the teachers in their classroom, personaly I
feel that its a time waster as the learners drag their feet to come to class. The staff briefing is held every
Tuesday and Thursday, and thats when the principal together with the teachers hold a short meeting to
go through the latest updates. Sports participation was very active. They had a team for soccer, netball
and volleyball. Every week they would go participate with other schools, and sometimes they would have
matches in their school.

My mentor was Mr Chiloane, a man of integrity and respect. I learned a whole lot about patience and
endurance, since he has over 10 years of experience in education and teaching. He specialises in
mathematical literacy from grade 10 to 12. He taught one grade 10 class, one grade eleven class and two
grade twelve classes. I observed all his classes and I also had a chance to teach some lessons. In a class for
all the grades that observed, there were less than 40 learners which made classroom management less
difficult. There was enough space inbetween the learners desks that allowed a free flow movement for
the teacher to overlap as he is teaching, and also to assist as they are writing class activities. The classroom
arangement is also beneficial during invigilation. The classes that I observed had some learners that
constantly show off-task behaviour but they were not all bad

One of my biggest challenges during my first teaching practice was the disrespect. It was caused by the
fact that most of the classes I observed had many learners who were my age mates, and some were older
thatn me and the most annoying thing was that they were aware of it. By the way, I was adderesed as
Gontse istead of Mam. The disrestect was so intense that one of the learners in the classes I observed
stole my phone from my hand bag. It doesnt really matter now because I got over it, and its
understandable that kids make mistakes so I taught myself forgiveness at that moment. One of my highest
moments was meeting my new friends Pauline, Tshwarelo, Nobukhosi, Bokamoso and Katherine. They
kept me sane and happy throughout my first teaching practice because they had two years experience
since they are now in level three. I remember when they were being evaluated, the fear they had just
made me hungry for the challenge and gave me drive to want to pursue this career even further. I love
how they were prepared for the evaluation, I even helped Pauline with one of her instructional media for
her presentation and she also told me more about how evaluation is carried out.

What I appreciate most about the experience was its rawness, because the minute I stood infront of those
learners I automatically became A teacher. I wasnt ready for it, I didnt know what to do and I was so
scared. I know that I made several mistakes during my first teaching practice, but thats the whole point,
to make mistakes and reflect on them so that I can self develop. The toughness of this teaching practice
made it so interesting and it makes me want to do it all over again, but better this time around. I thank
Elizabeth Matsemela for my stay in their school for the six weeks that I spent there, the construction they
offered me in my first teaching practice and the support I received from my mentor together with his
couleages. I wouldnt have asked for a more rewarding experience, and for that I thank them.
Memory Lane

Figure 1 The Positive Punishment my mentor used when his learners didnt write their homework.

Figure 2 last day of teaching practice

Figure 3 And thats how our lunch looked like

Figure 4 Awards day 2017, Elizabeth Matsemela

Figure 5 Inspiration all the way
Figure 6 Dr Van Wyk was assessing the third years at Elizabeth Matsemela high

Figure 7 Please educate me on how to use this selfie stick, I think Dr Van Wyk can assist me.

Figure 8 Lunch, Lunch, Lunch.

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