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SIM Boxes are basically a computer with an internet connection with a group of standard SIM cards
attached in a specialised holder.

SIM Boxes are mainly used to illegally bypass an authorized point of interconnect by terminating VOIP
calls using the internet connection, and then forwarding these calls to the recipient (called subscriber)
via the SIM Cards on the national (local) network.

Traffic Scenario - International Sim Box Fraud

Fraud Management - Bypass / SIM Box

GSM bypass is the process by which official interconnect termination routes are bypassed by using VoIP to route international traffic to a SIM box (or
GSM Gateway) where calls are terminated and subsequently regenerated as local calls.

Examples of how Neural Technologies' Minotaur Fraud Management Solution can manage Bypass / SIM Box Fraud:

High call volume for an A-number

Use of only one service (eg voice)
High proportion of on-net calls
No SIM movement
Unusual call diversity to B-numbers
IMEI swapping
Identification of hot cell site calling
Ratio of incoming versus outgoing calls

Network activity often has characteristics which acts as a strong indicator of bypass.

Minotaur employs a combination of multi-stage analytical techniques which have been proven to identify this behaviour in a timely manner which
enables operators to match the equipment ID of the SIM box and disable any associated SIMs.

Neural Technologies offers bypass fraud management within its Minotaur fraud solution or as a low cost stand-alone module available via the cloud.