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COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND (ii) Dry saturated steam at a pressure of 2.

45 bar condenses on the

TECHNOLOGY, COIMBATORE-109 surface of a vertical tube of height 1 m. The tube surface
DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING temperature is kept at 117C. Estimate the thickness of the
condensate film and the local heat transfer coefficient at a distance
Special coaching test-III
of 0.2m from the upper end of the tube. (8)
Year : III Yr Semester: V Sem (Or)
Branch & Section : B.E., Mechanical Engg.-A Sec Total Marks: 60 b. (i) A vertical plate 0.5 m2 in area at temperature of 92C is
Subject Name : Heat and Mass Transfer exposed to steam at atmospheric pressure. If the steam is dry and
Date & Session : 25.09.2015, AN saturated, estimate the heat transfer rate and condensate mass per
Answer All Questions hour. The vertical length of the plate is 0.5 m. Properties of water
(Use of Heat and Mass Transfer data book and steam table is at film temperatures of 96C can be obtained from tables. (8)
(ii) It is desired to use a double pipe counter flow heat exchanger
to cool 3 kg/s of oil (Cp=2.1 kJ/kgK) from 120C. Cooling water
Part A (6x2=12 Marks) at 20C enters the heat exchanger at a rate of 10 kg/s.The over all
1. What is meant by film wise condensation? heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger is 600 W/m2K and
2. Give the application of boiling and condensation. the heat transfer area is 6 m2. Calculate the exit temperatures of oil
3. What is meant by drop wise condensation? and water. (8)
4. What do you meant by fouling factor? State the causes of fouling.
5. What is heat exchanger? Where are they used? 9. a. A parallel flow heat exchanger has hot and cold water stream
6. Define effectiveness of the heat exchanger. running through it, the flow rates are 10 and 25 kg/min
Part B (3x 16=48 Marks) respectively. Inlet temperatures are 75 C and 25 C on hot and
7. a.(i) With a neat and labeled sketch, explain the various regimes cold sides. The exit temperature on the hot side should not exceed
50C. Assume hi= ho= 600 W/m2K. Calculate the area of heat
in boiling heat transfer.(10) exchanger using E -NTU approach.(16)
(ii) A nickel wire carrying electric current of 1.5mm diameter and (Or)
50 cm long, is submerged in a water bath which is open to b. A chemical having specific heat of 3.3 kJ/kgK at a rate of
atmospheric pressure. Calculate the voltage at the burn out point, 20000 kg/h enters a parallel flow heat exchanger at 120C. The
if at this point the wire carries a current of 200A. (6) flow rate of cooling water is 50000 kg/h with an inlet temperature
(Or) of 20C. The heat transfer area is 10 m2 and overall heat transfer
b. A tube of 2 m length and 25 mm outer diameter is to be used to co efficient is 1050 W/m2K. Find (i) The effectiveness of the heat
condense saturated steam at 100C while the tube surface is exchanger, (ii) Outlet temperature of water and chemical. Take Cp
maintained at 92C. Estimate the average heat transfer coefficient
of water as 4.186 kJ/kgK. (16)
and the rate of condensation of steam if the tube is kept horizontal.
The steam condenses on the outside of the tube. (16) *****
8. a. (i) It is desired to boil water at atmospheric pressure on a copper V.Sureshkannan, AP II, Mech
surface which electrically heated. Estimate the heat flux from the Faculty In-charge
surface to the water, if the surface is maintained at 110C and also
the peak heat flux. (8)