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of the

Seventh-day Adventist 11 11

Denomination J

The Official Directories


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Published by the



L x 1C x )C ,e ,, ..

The Gospel Worker's Own Journal

You Need It for 1937

Because it
Discusses candidly your special problems
Brings you the intimate counsels of experienced leaders
Affords a unique exchange on evangelistic methods
fg Deals with our enlarging responsibilities
Contains invaluable news excerpts for your sermons
Presents findings of specialists in given fields
41 Stresses the highest ideals and achievements
Cautions against dangers and pitfalls
Contends undeviatingly for the advent faith
411 Constitutes our only journal distinctively for workers
Opens up fresh wonders in the study of the Word.


Messages from our Leaders Valuable Quotations
A Greater Evangelism Homiletic Helps
Studies in Church History The Gospel Musician
The Better Workman Effective Illustrations
Confirming the Foundations Bible Workers' Exchange
Delving into the Word Kindly Correctives
The Query Corner The Minister's Books
Religious World Developments The Ellen G. White Books



An Excellent Group of Articles

In Hand and in Promise for 1937
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.



Comprising a Complete Directory of

the General Conference, all Union
and Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing
Houses, Periodicals, and Sanitariums.

Reconstituted in 3.':',6\)
H. E. ROGERS, Statistical Secretary
of the General Conference

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+ 44
+ +
4. By C. P. Bollman 4.
+ .....
+ On the cross our Saviour died, +
+ +
+ Victory to win; +
4. And we, too, like Him must die
+ Die to every sin. +
4. +
+ +
4 We who preach must live the truth, +
+ 1*
+ Walk with our dear Lord; ....
+4. Daily seeking not our own, 4
+ But the will of God. 4
+ 4
4 4
4 Onward! Onward! be our cry, +
, Victory will come; +
Jesus Christ is ever with us; +
4 He will lead us home. 4
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+ Reensil +
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The following pages present a directory of the conferences, missions,
and institutions connected with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.
The territory is divided into the following Division Conferences, each
of which has the evangelistic organizations, churches, and membership
indicated below:
Confer- Total Mem-
Division Unions ences Missions Orgs. Churches bership
Australasian 1 9 15 25 335 17,000
Central European 7 24 29 60 1,377 51,920
China 7 38 45 273 16,066
Far Eastern 4 25 29 500 24,447
Inter-American 5 6 22 33 517 28,521
North American 9 48 6 63 2,457 162,735
Northern European 10. 21 39 70 644 33,572
South American 5 5 17 27 217 26,752
Southern African 5 3 81 89 171 26,077
Southern Asia 5 34 39 115 5,174
Southern European 8 15 15 38 856 27,169
U. S. S. R. 4 17 6 27 677 13,709
Totals, .1936 70 148 327 545. 8,139 433,142
Total, 1935 69 146 320 535 7,996 417,049
.,_ y
Gains 1 2 7 10 143 16,093

Evangelistic Laborers
Ordained Licensed Missionary Col- Evangelistic
Division Ministers Ministers Licentiates porteurs Laborers
Australasian 115 116 504 104 947
Central European 287 113 222 691 1,530
China 1.29 144 477 194 1,614
Far Eastern 95 106 195 306 777
Inter-American 89 56 185 188 525
North American 1,046 294 469 881 2,886
Northern European 140 79 174 301 742
South American 59 46 82 286 526
Southern African 109 74 791 54 1,105
Southern Asia 72 83 99 56 644
Southern European 145 72 180 317 714
U. S. S. R. 70 30 50 175

Totals 2,356 1,213 3,428 3,378 12,185

LCS' To find matter readily, use the Index.


Institutional Laborers
Primary Advanced Total In-
School School Publishing Sanitarium Miscel- stitution
Division Teachers Teachers Employees Employees laneous Laborers
Australasian 282 73 53 125 655 1,188
Central European 115 41 129 158 20 463
China 189 223 75 513 ... 1,000
Far Eastern 125 107 66 153 10 461
Inter-American 65 48 ... 5 ... 118
North American 1,073 1,602 480 3,209 35 6,399
Northern European 208 125 110 806 40 1,289
South American 180 71 50 91 392
Southern African 622 204 28 90 944
Southern Asia 204 168 51 123 546
Southern European 11 36 48 65 ' 40 200
U. S. S. R. ... ...

' 3,074 2,698 1,090 5,338 800 13,000

Total institutional workers 13,000
Total evangelistic laborers 12,185

Grand Total 25,185

Fundamental Beliefs
General Conference and Departments 9-23
North America 24-68
Australasian 69-77
Central European 78-99
China 100-120
Far Eastern -122-133
Inter-American 135-148
Northern European 149-169
South American. 172-183
Southern African 184-201
Southern Asia 203-211
Southern European 213-226
U. S. S. R. 226
Educational 227-265
Publishing Houses 266-278
Periodicals Issued 279-294
Sanitariums 295-310
Treatment Rooms 311-313
Statistical Tables 316
Constitution 329
Ministerial Directory 338
Obituary Record 416
Index 418
Seventh-day Adventists hold certain fundamental beliefs, the principal
features of which, together with a portion of the scriptural references
upon which they are based, may be summarized as follows:
1. That the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were
given by inspiration of God, contain an all-sufficient revelation of His
will to men, and are the only unerring rule of faith and practice.
2 Tim. 3:15-17.
2. That the Godhead, or Trinity, consists of the Eternal Father, a
personal, spiritual Being, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, infinite
in wisdom and love; the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal
Father, through whom all things were created and through whom the
salvation of the redeemed hosts will be accomplished; the Holy Spirit,
the third person of the Godhead, the great regenerating power in the
work of redemption. Matt. 28:19.
3. That Jesus Christ is very God, being of the same nature and essence
as the Eternal Father. While retaining His divine nature He took upon
HirnSelf the nature of the human family, lived on the earth as a man,
exemplified in His life as our Example the principles of righteousness,
attested His relationship to God by many mighty miracles, died for our
sins on the cross, was raised from the dead, and ascended to the Father,
where He ever lives to make intercession for us. John 1:1, 14; Heb.
2:9-18; 8:1, 2; 4:14-16; 7:25.
4. That every person in order to obtain salvation must experience the
new birth; that this comprises an entire transformation of life and
character by the recreative power of God through faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ. John 3:16; Matt. 18:3; Acts 2:37-39.
5. That baptism is an ordinance of the Christian church and should
follow repentance and forgiveness of sins. By its observance faith is
shown in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. That the proper
form of baptism is by immersion. Rom. 6:1-6; Acts 16:30-33.
6. That the will of God as it relates to moral conduct is comprehended
in His law of ten commandments; that these are great moral, un-
changeable precepts, binding upon all men, in every age. Ex. 20:1-17.
7. That the fourth commandment of this unchangeable law requires
the observance of the seventh day Sabbath. This holy institution is
at the same time a memorial of creation and a sign of sanctification,
a sign of the believer's rest from his own works of sin, and his entrance
into the rest of soul which Jesus promises to those who come to Him.
Gen. 2:1-3; Ex. 20:8-11; 31:12-17; Heb. 4:1-10.
8. That the law of ten commandments points out sin, the penalty of
which is death. The law can not save the transgressor from his sin,

nor impart power to keep him from sinning. In infinite love and mercy,
God provides a way whereby this may be done. He furnishes a substi-
tute, even Christ the Righteous One, to die in man's stead, making
"Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the
righteousness of God in Him." 2 Cor. 5:21. That one is justified, not
by obedience to the law, but by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. By
accepting Christ, man is reconciled to God, justified by His blood for
the sins of the past, and saved from the power of sin by his indwelling
life. Thus the gospel becomes "the power of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth." This experience is wrought by the divine
agency of the Holy Spirit, who convinces of sin and leads to the Sin-
Bearer, inducting the believer into the new covenant relationship, where
the law of God is written on his heart, and through the enabling power
of the indwelling Christ, his life is brought into Conformity to the
divine precepts. The honor and merit of this wonderful transformation
belong wholly to Christ. 1 John 3:4; Rom. 7:7; Rom. 3:20; Eph. 2:8-10;
1 John 2:1, 2; Rom. 5:8-10; Gal. 2:20; Eph. 3:17; Heb. 8:8-12.
9. That God "only bath immortality." 1 Tim. 6:15. Mortal man pos-
sesses a nature inherently sinful and dying. Eternal life is the gift of
God through faith in Christ. Rom. 6:23. "He that hath the Son bath
life." 1 John 5:12. Immortality is bestowed upon the righteous at the
second coming of Christ, when the righteous dead are raised from the
grave and the living righteous translated to meet the Lord. Then it is
that those accounted faithful "put 'on immortality." l Cor. 15:51-55.
10. That the condition of man in death is one of unconsciousness.
That all men, good and evil alike, remain in the grave from death to
the resurrection. Eccl. 9:5, 6; Ps. 146:3, 4; John 5:28, 29.
11. That there shall be a resurrection both of the just and of the
unjust. The resurrection of the just will take place at the second
coming of Christ; the resurrection of the unjust will take place a
thousand years later, at the close of the millennium. John 5:28, 29;
1 Thess. 4:13-18; Rev. 20:5-10.
12. That the finally impenitent, including Satan, the author of sin,
will, by the fires of the last day, be reduced to a state of non-existence,
becoming as though they had not been, thus purging God's universe of
sin and sinners. Rom. 6:23; Mal. 4:1-3; Rev. 20:9, 10; Obadiah 16.
13. That no prophetic period is given in the Bible to reach to the
second advent, but that the longest one, the 2300 days of Dan. 8:14,
terminated in 1844, and brought us to an event called the cleansing of
the sanctuary.
14. That the true sanctuary, of which the tabernacle on earth was a
type, is the temple of God in Heaven, of which Paul speaks in Hebrews
8 and onward, and of which the Lord Jesus, as our great high priest,
is minister; and that the priestly work of our Lord is the antitype of the
work of the Jewish priests of the former dispensation; that this heavenly
sanctuary is the one to be cleansed at the end of the 2300 days of Dan.
8:14; its cleansing being, as in the type, a work of judgment, beginning
with the entrance of Christ as the high priest upon the judgment phase
of His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary foreshadowed in the earthly
service of cleansing the sanctuary on the day of atonement. This work
of judgment in the heavenly sanctuary began in 1844. Its completion
will close human probation.

15. That God, in the time of the judgment and in accordance with His
uniform dealing with the human family in warning them of coming
events vitally affecting their destiny (Amos 3:6, 7), sends forth a
proclamation of the approach of the second advent of Christ; that this
work is symbolized by the three angels of Revelation 14; and that their
threefold message brings to view a work of reform to prepare a people
to meet Him at His coming.
16. That the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary, synchronizing
with the period of the proclamation of the message of Revelation 14,
is a time of investigative judgment, first with reference to the dead,
and secondly, with reference to the living. This investigative judgment
determines who of the myriads sleeping in the dust of the earth are
worthy of a part in the first resurrection, and who of its living multi-
tudes are worthy of translation. 1 Peter 4:17, 18; Dan. 7:9, 10; Rev.
14:6, 7; Luke 20:35.
17. That the followers of Christ should be a godly people, not adopt:
ing the unholy maxims nor conforming to the unrighteous ways of the
world, not loving its sinful pleasures nor countenancing its follies.
That the believer should recognize his body as the temple of the Holy
Spirit, and that therefore he should clothe that body in neat, modest,
dignified apparel. Further, that in eating and drinking and in his
entire course of conduct he should shape his life as becometh a follower
of the meek and lowly Master. Thus the believer will be led to ab-
stain from all intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and other narcotics, and the
avoidance of every body- and soul-defiling habit and practice. 1 Cor.
3:16, 17; 9:25; 10:31; 1 Tim. 2:9, 10; 1 John 2:6.
18. That the divine principle of tithes and offerings for the support
of the gospel is an acknowledgment of God's ownership in our lives,
and' that we are stewards who must render account to Him of all that
He has committed to our possession. Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:8-12; Matt.
23:23; 1 'Cor. 9:9-14; 2 Cor. 9:6-15.
19. That God has placed in His church the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
as enumerated in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4. That these gifts
operate in harmony with the divine principles of the Bible, and are
given for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, the
edifying of the body of Christ. Rev. 12:17; 19:10; 1 Cor. 1:5-7.
20. That the second coming of Christ is the great hope of the church,
the grand climax of the gospel and plan of salvation. His coming will
be literal, personal, and visible. Many important events will be asso-
ciated with His return, such as the resurrection of the dead, the de-
struction of the wicked, the purification of the earth, the reward of the
righteous, the establishment of His everlasting kingdom. The Almost
complete fulfillment of various lines of prophecy, particularly those
found in the books of Daniel and the Revelation, with existing condi-
tions in the physical, social, industrial, political, and religious worlds,
indicates that Christ's coming "is near, even at the doors." The exact
time of that event has not been foretold. Believers are exhorted to be
ready, for "in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man" will be
revealed. Luke 21:25-27; 17:26-30; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:9-11; Rev.
1:7; Heb. 9:28; James 5:1-8; Joel 3:9-16; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Dan. 7:27;
Matt. 24:36, 44.

21. That the millennial reign of Christ covers the period between
the first and the second resurrections, during which time the saints
of all ages will live with their blessed Redeemer in Heaven. At the
end of the millennium, the Holy City with all the saints will descend
to the earth. The wicked, raised in the second resurrection, will go up
on the breadth of the earth with Satan at their head to compass the
camp of the saints, when fire will come down from God out of Heaven
and devour them. In the conflagration which destroys Satan and his
host, the earth itself will be regenerated and cleansed from the effects
of the curse. Thus the universe of God will be purified from the foul
blot of sin. Rev. 20; Zech. 14:1-4; 2 Peter 3:7-10.
22. That God will make all things new. The earth, restored to its
pristine beauty, will become forever the abode of the saints of the
Lord. The promise to Abraham, that through Christ he and his seed
should possess the earth throughout the endless ages of eternity, will
be fulfilled. The kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the king-
dom under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints
of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all
dominions shall serve and obey Him. Christ, the Lord, will reign su-
preme and every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under
the earth, and such as are in 'the sea will ascribe blessing and honor
and glory and power unto Him that sitteth upon the throne and unto
the Lamb forever and ever. Gen. 13:14-17; Rom. 4:13; Heb. 11:8-18;
Matt. 5:5; isa. 35; Rev. 21:1-7; Dan. 7:27; Rev. 5:13.
Directory of the Seventh-day
Adventist Denomination
Organized May 21, 1863
Territory: The following-named Di- dress, Postfach 39, Basle 9, Swit-
vision Conferences: North Amer- zerland.)
ican, Australasian, Central Euro- Office Secretary
pean, China, Far Eastern, Inter-
American, Northern European, T. E. Bowen.
Southern African, South Amer- General Field Secretaries
ican, Southern Asia, Southern . W. A. Spicer, I. H. Evans, C. H.
European, Union of Socialist Watson, J. L. Shaw, M. E. Kern,
Soviet Republics. 0. W. Wells, F. C. Gilbert, Meade
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash- MacGuire, R. Ruhling, W. Muel-
ington. (A B C Code, fifth ler, E. E. Andross.
Telegraphic Address: General Con- Auditor
ference, Washington, D. C. Claude Collard; Associates, H.
(NOT Takoma Park.) W. Barrows, W. E. Phillips.
Express and Freight Address: Statistical Secretary
General Conference, Takoma
Park, D. C. (Not Washington.) H. E. Rogers.
Consign freight via B. & 0. Ry. Secretaries of Departments
Postal Address: Takoma Park, Bureau of Home Missions: M. N.
Washington, District of Co- Campbell; Associates: German,
lumbia, U. S. A. R. Ruhling; Swedish and Mis-
Executive Officers cellaneous Languages, Eastern
Division, H. 0. Olson; Danish-
President: J. L. McElhany. Norwegian and Miscellaneous
Vice-Presidents: W. H. Branson, Languages, Western Division, 1..
L. H. Christian, W. G. Turner, Halswiek; Jewish Dept., F. C.
M. N. Campbell, C. H. Watson, Gilbert; Spanish Dept., F. L.
G.W. Schubert, Frederick Griggs, Perry.
V. T. Armstrong, G. A. Roberts, Educational: H. A. Morrison; As-
W. E. Read, N. P. Neilsen, J. F. sociates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E.
Wright, N. C. Wilson, A. V. Weaver.
Olson. Home Missionary: Steen Rasmus-
Secretary: E. D. Dick. sen; Associates, Wm. Butler,
Associate Secretaries: A. AV. Cor- W. H. Bergherm.
mack, H. T. Elliott. Medical: H. M. Walton, M. D.;
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. Associates, M. A. Hollister, I. J.
Undertreasurer Woodman, Kathryn L. Jensen.
W. H. Williams. Ministerial Association: Chairman,
J. L. McElhany; Secretary, I. H.
Assistant Treasurers Evans; Associates, L. E. Froom,
H. H. Cobban, J. J. Ireland, Meade MacGuire.
AV. E. Phillips (Asst. Treas. for North American Negro: F. L.
Central European Division; ad- Peterson.

Publishing: C. E. Weaks; Asso- Associates, S. A. Wellman, J. C.

ciates, E. E. Franklin, J. J. Thompson.
Strahle. Young People's Missionary Volun-
Religious Liberty: . . teer; A. W. Peterson; Associ-
Associates, C. S. Longacre, H. H. ates, C. L. Bond, D. A. Ochs.
Votaw. Home Commission: A. W. Spald-
Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens; ing.


President: J. L. McElhany. Ministerial Association: Chairman,
General Vice-Presidents: W. H. J. L. McElhany; Secretary, I. H.
Branson, L. H. Christian, W. G. Evans; Associates, L. E. Froom,
Turner. Meade MacGuire.
Secretary: E. D. Dick. North American Negro: F. L.
Associate Secretaries: A. W. Cor- Peterson.
mack, H. T. Elliott. Publishing: C. E. Weaks; Asso-
Treasurer: W. E. Nelson. ciates, E. E. Franklin, J. J.
Undertreasurer: W. H. Williams. Strahle.
Assistant Treasurers: H. H. Cob- Religious Liberty: . .
ban, J. J. Ireland, W. E. Phillips. Associates, C. S. Longacre, H. H.
General Field Secretaries: W. A. Votaw.
Spicer, I. H. Evans, C. H. Wat- Sabbath School: J. A. Stevens':
son, J. L. Shaw, M. E. Kern, G. Associates, S. A. Wellman, J. C.
W. Wells, F. C. Gilbert, Meade Thompson.
MacGuire, R. Ruhling, W. Muel-
ler, E. H. Andross. Young People's Missionary Volun-
Statistical Secretary: lI. E. Rogers. teer: Alfred W. Peterson; Asso-
ciates, C. L. Bond, D. A. Ochs.
Secretaries of General Home Commission: A. W. Spald-
Departments ing.
Bureau of Home Missions: M. N.
Campbell; Associates: German,
R. Ruhling; Swedish and Mis- OTHER MEMBERS BY
cellaneous Languages, Eastern DIVISIONS
Division, H. 0. Olson; Danish-
Norwegian and for Miscellaneous North America
Languages, Western Division, L. Vice-President: M. N. Campbell.
Halswick; Jewish Dept., F. C. Union Conference Presidents:
Gilbert; Spanish Dept., F. L. Atlantic: W. H. Beckman.
Perry. Canadian: W. B. Ochs.
Educational: H. A. Morrison; As- Central: J. F. Piper.
sociates, W. H. Teesdale, J. E. Columbia: H. J. Detwiler.
Weaver. Lake: W. H. Holden.
Home Missionary: Steen Rasmus- North Pacific: E. K. Slade.
sen; Associates, Wm. Butler, W. Pacific: Glenn Calkins.
H.'Bergherm. Southern: J. K. Jones.
Medical: H. M. Walton, M. D.; Southwestern: R. L. Benton.
Associates, M. A. Hollister, I. J. Australasian
Woodman, Kathryn L. Jensen. Vice-President: C. H. Watson.

Central European Union Mission Superintendents:

Vice-President: G. W. Schubert. Chosen: H. A. Oberg.
Secretary: W. K. Ising. Japan: A. N. Nelson.
Treasurer: 0. Schildhauer. Malayan: E. A. Moon.
Field Secretaries: E. Gugel, A. Philippine: R. R. Figuhr.
Minck. Inter-American
Departmental Secretaries:
Educational: Vice-President: G. A. Roberts.
Home Missionary, Sabbath School, Sec. and Treas.: W. C. Raley.
and Young People's Missionary Departmental Secretaries:
Volunteer: M. Busch. Educational: W. L. Adams.
Medical: Dr. L. E. Conradi. Home Missionary: R. R. Breitigam.
Publishing: H. Box. Publishing: W. A. Bergherm.
Union Conference Presidents: Religious Liberty: G. A. Roberts.
Arabic: Otto Schuberth. Y. P. M. V. and Sabbath School:
Czechoslovakian: J. Doubraysky. E. R. Breitigam.
East German: M. Budnick. Union Mission Superintendents:
Hungarian: L. Michnay. Antillian: A. R. Ogden.
Netherlands East Indies: P. Drin- Caribbean: W. R. Elliott.
haus. Central American: C. P. Crager.
South German: G. Seng. Colombia-Venezuela: L. V. Finster.
West German: Hans Fenner. Mexican: C. E. Wood.
Northern European
Vice-President: Frederick Griggs.
Oecretary: S. L. Frost. ViCe-President: W. E. Read.
Ireasurer: C. C. Morris. Secretary: J. I. Robison.
Departmental Secretaries: Treasurer: E. R. Colson.
Educational and Missionary Vol- Field Secretary: T. T. Babienco.
unteer: D. E. Rebok. Departmental Secretaries:
Home Miss.: E. L. Longway. Educational: J. I. Robison.
Medical: H. W. Miller, M. D. Home Miss.: G. E. Nord.
Publishing: John Oss. Y. P. M. V.: W. T. Bartlett.
Sabbath Schobl: Bessie Mount. Medical: A. Andersen, M. D.
Union Presidents: Publishing: L. A. Vixie.
Central China: M. C. Warren. Sabbath School: W. T. Bartlett.
East China: K. H. Wood. Union Conference. Presidents:
Manchuria: N. F. Brewer. Baltic: W. E. Read.
North China: W. J. Harris. British: H. W. Lowe.
Northwest China: G. J. Appel. East African: S. G. Maxwell.
South China: A. L. Ham. East Nordic: G. A. Lindsay.
West China: G. L. Wilkinson. Ethiopian: M. J. Sorenson.
Far Eastern Gold Coast: J. Clifford.
Nigerian: W. McClements.
Vice-President: V. T. Armstrong. Polish: W. Czembor.
Sec. and Treas.: C. L. Torrey. Sierra Leone: S. Broberg.
Departmental Secretaries: Upper Nile:
Educational and Young People's West Nordic: L. Muderspach.
Missionary Volunteer: W. P.
Bradley. South American
Home Missionary and Sabbath
School: J. H. McEachern. Vice-President: N. P. Neilsen.
Medical: H. W. Miller, M. D. Secretary and Treasurer: Roger
Publishing: G. A. Campbell. Altman.

Departmental Secretaries: Northeast India: G. G. Lowry;

Educational and Young People's acting, H. G. Woodward.
Missionary Volunteer: J. M. Northwest India: G. G. Lowry;
Howell. acting, J. B. Conley.
Home Missionary: J. L. Brown. South India: E. M. Meleen.
Publishing: J. A. P. Green. Western India: N. C. Wilson.
Sabbath School: J. L. Brown.
Union' Conference Presidents: Southern European
Austral: W. E. Murray.
Vice-President: A. V. Olson.
East Brazil: H. G. Stoehr.
Inca: H. B. Lundquist. Secretary: W. R. Beach.
North Brazil: L. B. Halliwell. Treasurer and Auditor: F. Brenn-
South Brazil: E. H. Wilcox. wald.
Departmental Secretaries:
Southern African
Vice-President: J. F. Wright. Educational: W. R. Beach.
Secretary: Milton Robison. Home Missionary and Field Miss.:
Treas. and Auditor: C. W. Bozartli. H. F. Brown.
Departmental Secretaries: Medical and Religious Liberty:
Educational: Milton Robison. Dr. J. Nussbaum, 49 Avenue de
Home Missionary: F. E. Potter. la Grande Armee, Paris 16,
Medical: A. N. Tonge, M. D. France.
Publishing: F. E. Potter. Publishing and Associate Home
Religious Liberty: L. L. Moffitt. Missionary: F. Charpiot.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.:
L. L. Moffitt. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.:
Union Conference Presidents:
Angola: C. W. Curtis. Union Conference Presidents:
Congo: 0. U. Giddings. Franco-Belgian: 0. Meyer.
South Africa: A. F. Tarr. Iberian: A. J. Girou.
Southeast Africa: H. M. Sparrow. Italian: L. Beer.
Zambesi: E. C. Boger. Jugoslavian: Jovan Bauer.
North African: J. DeCaenel.
Southern Asia
Rumanian: D. Florea.
Vice-President: N. C. Wilson. Swiss: Robert Gerber.
Sec. and Treas.: A. E. Nelson.
Departmental Secretaries: Union of Socialist Soviet Republics
Educational: E. M. Meleen. Officers: .
FieldMissionary: L. C. Shepard.
Elective Members
Home Miss. and Sabbath School:
E. D. Thomas. 0. Montgomery, W. P. Elliott,
Young People's Missionary Volun- F. M. Wilcox, Dr. P. T. Magan,
teer: T. J. Michael. Dr. W. A. Ruble, W. C. White,
Medical: G. A. Nelson, M. D. W. E. Howell, G. E. Peters,
Union Mission Superintendents: George Huse, Dr. Geo. Thomason,
Burma: , acting, G. A. Ham- J. H. Cochran, M. L. Andreasen,
ilton. F. R. Isaac, -M. C. Taft.

The Departments of the General Division Secretaries
Conference named below, while do- Australasian: B. H. McMahon,
ing work, some of them prior to Cooranbong, New South Wales,
the time the General Conference
was organized, and soiree at a Australia.
much later date, were organized Central European: .
under the terms of the General China: D. E. Rebok, 526 Ningkuo
Conference Constitution at the Road, Shanghai, China.
dates mentioned in each case. Far Eastern: W. P. Bradley, Box
226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Organized 1922
Inter-American: W. L. Adams,
Office: General Conference, Ta- Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone.
koma Park, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: M. N. Campbell. Northern European: J. I. Robison,
41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Associate Secretaries: Middlesex, England.
H. 0. Olson for Swedish Depart-
ment and Miscellaneous Lan- South American: J.-M. Howell.
guages east of the Mississippi Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
River. Address: Route 1, Box Argentina, South America.
366, La Grange, Ill. Southern African: Milton Robison,
R. Ruhling for German Depart- Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
ment. Address: Takoma Park, Province, South Africa.
Washington D. C. Southern Asia: E. M. Meleen, 10
L. Halswick for Danish-Nor- Cunningham Road, Bangalore,
wegian Department and Mis- South India.
cellaneous languages west of Southern European: W. R. Beach,
the Mississippi River. Ad- Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
dress: 4255 Minnehaha Ave.,
S., Minneapolis, Minn.
F. C. Gilbert for Jewish Depart- Union Secretaries
ment. Address: Takoma Park, The educational secretaries of the
Washington, D. C. union conferences in North
F. L. Perry for Spanish Depart- America- (to be addressed at
ment. Address: 1967 East their respective offices).
Glenoaks, Glendale, Calif.
Bureau Committee: M. N. Canip- College Presidents
bell, Chairman; H. 0. Olson,
H. T. Elliott, R. Ruhling, F. C. B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park,
Gilbert, L. Halswick, W. H. D. C.
Williams, F. L. Perry. G. E. Jones, South Lancaster,
Organized 1902 Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
W. I. Smith, Angwin, Calif.
Office Address: Takoma Park, W. M. Landeen, College Place,
Washington, D. C. Wash.
Officers. M. L. Andreasen, College View
Secretary: H. A. Morrison. Station, Lincoln, Nebr.
Associate Secretaries: W. H. Tees- T. W. Steen, Berrien Springs,
dale, J. E. Weaver. Mich.

Junior College Presidents Claude Conard, A. W. Peterson,

C. W. Degering, Oshawa, Ontario, Kathryn L. Jensen, M. E. Kern,
Canada. C. S. Longacre, L. E. Froom, A.
E. E. Cossentine, Arlington, Calif. W. Werline, M. E. Olsen, J. C.
H. H. Hamilton, Keene, Tex. Thompson.
H. J. Klooster, Collegedale, Tenn. Academy principals:
H. K. Martin, College Heights, via V. P. Lovell, Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. W. E. McClure, Maitland, Fla.
J. L. Moran, Huntsville, Ala. R. R. Newman, Enterprise, Kans.
Foreign School Principals G. H. Simpson, Arpin, Wis.
L. M. Stump, Box 1772, Manila, H. E. Westermeyer, Lodi, Calif.
A. Rintala, Hiirla, Piikkio, Fin-
land. (To be addressed at Takoma Park,
I. F. Blue, Mussoorie, India. Washington, D. C.) W. E. Nel-
H. M. Johnson, Daugaard St., Den- son, H. A. Morrison, Claude
mark. Conard, W. H. Teesdale, M. N.
C. Gidlund, Ekebyholm, Rimbo, Campbell.
C. S. Palmer, Cooranbong, N. S. Secretary and Associate Secre-
W., Australia. taries of the Department of
M. Manea, Casuta Postale, No. 71, Education; W. I. Smith, G. R.
Brasov, Rumania. Fattic, H. J. Klooster, P. T.
G. Gudmundsen, Algarheim, Jess- Magan, Kathryn Jensen, G. H.
heim, Norway. Simpson.
F. L. Bunch, 401 Upper Serangoon
Road, Singapore, Straits Settle-
John M. Howell, Puiggari, F. C. E. MENT
R., Entre Rios, Argentina, South Organized 1918
America. Office Address: Takoma Park,
P. A. Webber, Showa-machi, Ki- Washington, D. C.
mitsugun, Chiba-ken, Japan. Officers
B. A. Liu, Chiao Tou Tseng, Ki- Secretary: Steen Rasmussen.
angsu, China. Associate Secretaries: W. A. But-
G. E. Shankel, P. 0. Mont Clair, ler, W. H. Bergherm.
via Somerset West, C. P., South Office Secretary: Mrs. Grace D.
Africa. Mace.
D. Walther, Collonges sous Saleve, Division Secretaries
Haute Savoie, France.
Ellis Maas, Colegio Adventists, Australia: S. V. Stratford, "Miz-
Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, pah," Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
South America. tralia.
W. G. C. Murdock, Newbold Mis- Central European: M. Busch, Post-
sionary College, Rugby, War- fach 39; Basle 9, Switzerland.
wick, England. China: E. L. Longway, 526 Ning-
W. Eberhardt, Friedensau, fiber, kuo Road, Shanghai, China.
Grabow, Bez. Magdeburg, Ger- Far Eastern: J. H. McEachern,
many. Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set-
Other Members tlements.
The following to be addressed at Inter-American: R. R. Breitigam,
Takoma Park, D. C.: Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone.
M. N. Campbell, E. Ti Dick, Northern European: G. E. Nord,

41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, Division Secretaries

Middlesex, England. Australasian: T. A. Sherwin, M.
South American: J. L. Brown, D., Warburton, Victoria, Aus-
Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires; tralia.
Argentina, South America. Central European: L. E. Conradi,
Southern Africa: F. E. Potter, M. D., Sanitarium " Waldfriede,"
Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape, Alsenstrasse 99-109, Berlin-Zeh-
South Africa. lendorf-West, Germany.
Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box China: H. W. Miller, M. D., 526
15, Poona, India. Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China.
Southern European: H. F. Brown, Far Eastern: H. W. Miller, M. D.,
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. 526 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai,
Union Secretaries China.
(All Home Missionary Secretaries Northern European: Dr. A. Ander-
of organized union conferences sen, Sanitarium, Skodsborg, Den-
and union missions are members mark.
ex-officio.) Southern African: A. N. Tonge,
Other Members M. D.; Assistant, Miss E. Hin-
(All of whom may be addressed at terleitner, R. N., Grove Avenue,
Takoma Park,Washington, D. C.) Claremont, Cape Province, South
W. G. Turner, W. H. Branson, Africa.
S. A. Wellman, A. W. Petersen, Southern Asia: G. A. Nelson, M.
J. D. Snider, C. E. Weaks, W. H. D., S. D. A. Mission, Surat, Bom-
Williams, F. L. Peterson. bay Presidency, India.
Southern European: Dr. J. Nuss-
baum, 49, Avenue de la Grande-
MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Armee, Paris 16e, France.
Organized 1902 (All Union Conference medical
secretaries are members ex-
Office Address: Takoma Park, officio, and should be addressed
Washington, D. C. at the union office.)
Officers Other Members
Secretary: H. M. Walton, M. D. F. A. Stahl, Casilla 240, Iquitos,
Associate Secretary: M. A. Hol- Peru, South America.
lister. C. W. Harrison, M. D., Sydney
Associate Secretary: I. J. Wood- Sanitarium, Wahroonga, N. S.
man, 304 North Boyle Ave., Los W., Australia.
Angeles, Calif. G. A. S. Madgwick, M. D., Gendia
Associate Secretary for Nurses' Mission, Kenya, via Kisumu,
Division: Kathryn L. Jensen, Kenya Colony, British East Af-
R. N. frica.
Assistant Secretary for Medical D. H. Kress, M. D., Takoma Park,
Education: P. T. Magan, M. D., Washington, D. C.
304 North Boyle Ave:, Los An- F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park,
geles, Calif. Washington, D. C.
Assistant Secretary for Institu- H. A. Morrison, Takoma Park,
tions in Western 'united States: Washington, D. C.
h Medical superintendent, busi-
Assistant Secretary for Institu- ness manager, and superintend-
tions in Eastern United States: ent of nurses in each regularly
W. A. Ruble, M. D., Melrose, organized and denominationally
Mass. recognized medical institution.

The President and the Dean of the Andreasen, College View, Nebr.;
College of Medical Evangelists. C. B. Haynes, Lansing, Mich.;
H. M. S. Richards, Long Beach,
Calif.; W. R. French, Angwin,
MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Calif.; Rose E. Boose, Arlington,
Office Address: Takoma Park, Calif., and the vice-presidents
Washington, D. C. and Ministerial Association sec-
Officers retaries of all overseas divisions.
Secretary: I. H. Evans.
Associate Secretaries: L. E. Froom, "Address at General Conference
Meade MacGuire. Office.
Advisory Council North American Members-at-large:
Chairman: J. L. McElhany. Glenn Calkins, Glendale, Calif.;
Secretary: L. E. Froom. J. K. Jones, Decatur, Ga.; E. K.
Division Secretaries Slade, College Place, Wash.; J.
Australasian: W. J. Westerman, L. Shuler, Charlotte, N. C.; L. K.
"Mizpah" Wahroonga, New South Dickson, Oakland, Calif.; W. W.
Wales, Australia. Prescott, Takoma Park, D. C.;
Central European: E. Gugel, Post- T. G. Bunch, Battle Creek, Mich.;
fach 39, Basle 9, Switzerland. B. A. Anderson, Arlington, Calif.;
China: Frederick Lee, 526 Ningkuo J. E. Ford, Takoma Park, D. C.;
Road, Shanghai, China. B. G. Wilkinson, Takoma Park,
Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong, D. C.; F. A. Schilling, College
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set- Place, Wash.; H. J. Klooster,
tlements. Ooltewah, Tenn.; M. E. Olsen,
Inter-American: G. A. Roberts, Takoma Park, D. C.; W. E.
Box 0, Balboa, Canal. Zone. Howell, Takoma Park, D. C.;
Northern European: W. T. Bart- G. E. Peterson, New York, N. Y.;
lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, Mary A. Walsh, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Middlesex, England. Division Members
South American: N. P. Neilsen, Australasian: C. H. Watson, "Miz-
Calle lino 3801, Buenos Aires, pah," Wahroonga, N. S. W.,
Argentina, South America. Australia.
Southern African: W. H. Anderson. Central European: G. W. Schubert,
Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape, Postfach 39, Basle 9, Switzerland.
South Africa.
China: Frederick Griggs, Frederick
Southern Asia: R. B. Thurber,
Post Box 15, Poona, India. Lee, 526 Ningkuo Road, Shang-
Southern European: A. V. Olson, hai, China.
Hdheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong,
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set-
Advisory Council tlements.
J. L. McElhany,* Chairman; L. Inter-American: G. A. Roberts,
E. Froom,* Secretary; I. H. Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone.
Evans," E. D. Dick," W. E. Nel- Northern European: W.. E. Read,
son," L. H. Christian," W. H. IV. T. Bartlett, 41 Hazel Gardens,
Branson,* W. G. Turner,* M. N. Edgware, Middlesex, England.
Campbell,* A. W. Cormack,* H. South American: N. P. Neilsen.
T. Elliott,* M. E. Kern,* F. M. Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
Wilcox,* A. W. Peterson,* H. A. Argentina, South America.
Morrison," F. L. Peterson,* G. Southern African: J. F. Wright,
W. Wells,* F. D. Nichol,* Meade Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape,
MacGuire, Modesto, Calif.; M. L. South Africa.

Southern Asia: N. C. Wilson, PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT

R. B. Thurber, Post Box 15, Organized 1902
Poona, India. Office Address: Takoma Park,
Southern European: A. V. Olson, Washington, D. C.
Ildheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
Secretary: C. E. Weaks.
NORTH AMERICAN NEGRO Associate Secretaries: J. J. Strahle,
DEPARTMENT E. E. Franklin.
Organized 1909 Office Secretary: Mrs. Nell H.
Secretary: F. L. Peterson, Takoma Hunter.
Park, Washington, D. C. Division Secretaries
Other Members Australasian: T. A. Mitchell, "Miz-
J. K. Jones, 437 East Ponce de palt," Wahroonga, New South
Leon Ave., Decatur, Ga. Wales, Australia.
W. H. Holden, Drawer C, Berrien Central European: H. Box, Post-
Springs, Mich. fach 39, Basle 9, Switzerland.
J. F. Piper, 4547 Calvert St., Lin- China: John Oss, 526 Ningkuo
coln, Nebr. Road, Shanghai, China.
R. L. Benton, Keene, Texas. Far Eastern: 0. A. Campbell, Box
H. J. Detwiler, 507 Flower Ave., 226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Takoma Park, D. C. ments.
Glenn Calkins, Box 146, Glendale, Inter-American: W. A. Bergherm,
Calif. Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone.
W. H. Heckman, South Lancaster, Northern European: L. A. Vixie,
Mass. 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
J. L. Moran, Oakwood Junior Col- Middlesex, England.
lege, Huntsville, Ala. South American: J. A. P. Green,
G. E. Peters, 409 Edgecombe Ave., Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
New York, N. Y. Argentina, South America.
M. C. Straehan, 319 Broad St., Southern African: F. E. Potter,
Jacksonville, Fla. Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
0. A. Troy, Oakwood Junior Col- Province, South Africa.
lege, Huntsville, Ala. Southern Asia: L. C. Shepard,
J. G. Dasent, 4133 Clara St., New Box 15, Poona, India.
Orleans, La. Southern European: F. Charpiot,
J. G. Thomas, 85 Chieamauga Ave., Hitheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.
S. W., Atlanta, Ga.
P. G. Rodgers, 1207 W. 98th St., Ex-officio Members
Los Angeles, Calif. Union Field Missionary Secre-
J. E. Cox, 7017 Cedar Ave., Cleve- taries.
land, Ohio. Publishing House Managers (see
T. H. Allison, 730 Oakwood Blvd., list in directories of Publishing
Chicago, Ill. Houses in later pages).
L. H. Bland, 6045 Twenty-eighth Managers of Circulating Depart-
St., Detroit, Mich. ments and Branches.
Miss Anna. Knight, 306 Rowe Road, Superintendents and Treasurers.
Chattanooga, Tenn. Other Members
T. M. Rowe, 1506 Christian St., W. C. White, R. F. D. 1, St. Helena.
Philadelphia, Pa. Calif.
A. E. Webb, 3817 Cook St., St. J. L. McElhany, Takoma Park,
Louis, Mo. D. C.

V. T. Armstrong, Box 226, Singa- lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,

pore, Straits Settlements. Middlesex, England.
M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park, South American: N. P. Neilsen,
Washington, D. C. Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
C. H. Watson, "Mizpah," Wah- Argentina, South America.
roonga, New South Wales, Aus- Southern African: L. L. Moffitt,
tralia. Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape,
Frederick Griggs, 526 Ningkuo South Africa.
Road, Shanghai, China. Southern Asia: N. C. Wilson, Box
W. E. Read, 41 Hazel Gardens, 15, Poona, India.
Edgware, Middlesex, England. Southern European: Dr. J. Nuss-
J. F. Wright, Grove Ave., Clare- baum, 49, avenue de la Grande
mont, Cape, South Africa. Armee, Paris 16e, France.
N. P. Neilsen, Calle Pino 3801, Union Secretaries
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South The Religious Liberty secretaries
America. of the Union Conferences and
N. C. Wilson, Box 15, Poona, India. Union Missions are members ex-
G. A. Roberts, Box 0, Balboa, officio.
Canal Zone. Other Members
A. V. Olson, Hoheweg 17, Berne, J. L. McElhany, E. D. Dick,
Switzerland. W. E. Nelson, M. N. Campbell,
G. W. Schubert, Postfach 39, W. G. Turner, W. H. Branson,
Basle 9, Switzerland. M. C. Taft, W. A. Spicer, I. H.
Steen Rasmussen, Takoma Park, Evans, L. H. Christian, G. W.
Washington, D. C. Wells, W. P. Elliott, H. A. Mor-
rison, T. M. French, J. A.
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY Stevens, L. E. Frown, F. A.
DEPARTMENT Coffin, C. P. Bollman, D. W.
Organized 1902 Reavis, F. M. Wilcox, M. E. Kern,
W. L. Burgan, F. D. Nichol, B.
Office Address: Takoma Park, G. Wilkinson, F. C. Gilbert, all
Washington, D. C. of whom may be addressed at
Officers Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: A. L. Baker, Mountain View, Calif.
Associate Secretaries: C. S. Long- Wm. G. Wirth, 5447 El V erano
acre, H. H. Votaw. Ave., Eagle Rock, Calif.
Hon. George A. Williams, Fair-
Division Secretaries mont, Nebr.
Australasian: A. W. Anderson, V. J. Johns, Loma Linda, Calif.
" Mizpah," Wahroonga, N. S. W., Samuel Kaplan, 628 West 139th
Australia. St., New York, N. Y.
Central European: A. Vollmer, J. E. Shultz, 2123 24th Ave., N.,
Postfach 39, Basle 9, Switzerland. Nashville, Tenn.
China: Frederick Griggs, 526 Ning- A. R. Ball, 2209 Young St., Belling-
kuo Road, Shanghai, China. ham, Wash.
Far Eastern: V. T. Armstrong, L. H. King, 3210 Howard Park
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set- Ave., Baltimore, Md.
tlements. E. L. Maxwell, 1390 Villa St.,
Inter-American: G. A. Roberts, Mountain View, Calif.
Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone. Gwynn Dalrymple, Mountain
North American: M. N. Campbell, View, Calif.
Takoma Park, D. C. A. S. Maxwell, Mountain View,
Northern European: W. A. Bart- Calif.

SABBATH SCHOOL DEPART- College View Station, Lincoln,

MENT Nebr.
Organized 1902 W. H. Wakeham, 1231 West 37th
St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Office Address: Takoma Park,
L. L. Caviness, Angwin, Napa Co.,
Washington, D. C.
Officers F. B. Jensen, E. M. C., Berrien
Springs, Mich.
Secretary: J. A. Stevens.
Associate Secretary: S. A. Well-
Associate Secretary: J. C. Thomp- YOUNG PEOPLE'S DEPART-
Assistant Secretary: Rosamond D. VOLUNTEERS
Office Secretary: Miss Margaret Organized 1907; made a Depart-
Weir. ment by General Conference Con-
stitution 1909.
Division Secretaries
Office Address: Takoma Park,
Australasian: Miss Helena Lewin, Washington, D. C.
"Mizpah," Wahroonga, New
South Wales, Australia. Officers
Central European: M. Busch, Post- Secretary: Alfred W. Peterson.
fach 39, Basle 9, Switzerland. Associate Sec.: C. Lester Bond.
China: Miss Bessie Mount, 526 Associate Sec.: Daniel A. Ochs.
Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China. Office Secretary: Mrs. Marjorie W.
Far Eastern: J. H. McEachern, Marsh.
Box 226, Singapore, Straits Set-
tlements. Division Secretaries
Inter-American: R. R. Breitigam, Australasian: E. L. Minchin, "Miz-
Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone. pah," Wahroonga, .New South
Northern European: W. T. Bart- Wales, Australia.
lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, Central European:. M. Busch, Post-
Middlesex, England. fach 39; Basle 9, Switzerland.
South American: J. L. Brown, China: D. E. Rebok, 526 Ningkuo
Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Road, Shanghai, China.
Argentina, South America. Far Eastern: W. P. Bradley, Box
Southern Africa: L. L. Moffitt, 226, Singapore, Straits Settle-
Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape ments.
Province, South Africa. Inter-American: R. R. Breitigam,
Southern Asia: E. D. Thomas, Box Box 0, Balboa, Canal Zone.
15, Poona, India. Northern European: W. T. Bart-
Southern European: D. E. Reiner, lett, 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware,
Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland. Middlesex, England.
South American: J. M. Howell,
Other Members Calle Pino 3801, Buenos Aires,
(All of whom may be addressed Argentina, South America.
at Takoma Park, Washington, Southern African: L. L. Moffitt,
D. C., unless another address is Grove Ave., Claremont, Cape
given.) W. A. Spicer, F. A. Cof- Province, South Africa.
fin, T. E. Bowen, M. E. Kern, Southern Asia: J. M. Steeves,
W. H. Teesdale, D. A. Ochs, L. Salisbury Park, Poona, India.
H. Christian. Southern European. . .
M. L. Andreasen, Union College, Hoheweg 17, Berne, Switzerland.

Union Secretaries Piper, B. G. Wilkinson, H. J.

All union conference and union Sheldon, E. K. Slade, F. G.
mission Missionary Volunteer Ashbaugh, A. W. Peterson, L. A.
secretaries. (To be addressed at Hansen, M. N. Campbell, J. A.
their respective offices.) Stevens, L. E. Froom, H. T. El-
Other Members liott, Steen Rasmussen, C. L.
Bond, E. D. Dick, J. K. Jones, C.
(All of whom may be addressed at E. Weaks, H. H. Votaw, W. L.
Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., Burgan, F. M. Wilcox, F. D.
unless another address is given.) Nichol, H. A. Morrison, J. E.
M. N. Campbell, M. E. Kern, H. Weaver, J. D. Snider, Lora
T. Elliott, Mrs. E. E. Andross, E. Clement, Ernest Lloyd, Dr.
Miss Kathryn L. Jensen, Miss D. H. Kress, Dr. N. G. Evans,
Lora E. Clement, L. E. Froom, Dr. E. H. Risley, Dr. P. T. Ma-
H. A. Morrison, J. A. Stevens, gan, Dr. W. B. Holden, Dr. W. A.
Steen Rasmussen, C. S. Long- Ruble, F. A. Coffin.
acre, C. E. Weaks, F. L. Peter-
son, J. C. Thompson, J. E.
Weaver, A. W. Spalding, J. D. PRESS BUREAU
Snider. Meade MacGuire, Route Secretary: W. L. Burgan, Ta-
2, Box 186, Modesto, Calif. koma Park, Washington, D. C.

(An interdepartmental Committee, Incorporated 1904
for the helping of parents and Legal Title: " General Conference
uplift of the home.) Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
A. W. Spalding, Secretary; M. E. ventists."
Kern, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. Flora Constituency: The General Con-
H. Williams, Asst. Secretary; ference delegates.
E. M. Wilcox, H. T. Elliott, L. E. Office Address: Takoma Park.
Froom, H. A. Morrison, J. E. Washington, D. C.
Weaver, A. W. Peterson, C. L.
Bond, H. W. Vollmer, M. D., Officers
M. A. Hollister, Kathryn L. Jen- President, J. L. McElhany; Treas-
sen, R. N., Steen Rasmussen, urer, W. E. Nelson; Secretary,
W. A. Butler, J. A. Stevens, H. H. Cobban.
S. A. Wellman. Board of Trustees: J. L. McElhany,
F. M. Wilcox, W. E. Nelson,
M. N. Campbell, E. D. Dick,
AMERICAN TEMPERANCE W. H. Branson, H. H. Cobban,
SOCIETY H. E. Rogers, W. H. Williams.
Headquarters: Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C.
I. H. Evans, Chairman. INCORPORATED
J. L. McElhany, Vice-Chairman. A corporation formed in harmony
C. S. Longacre, Secretary. with the trust created in the will
W. E. Nelson, Treasurer. of the late Ellen G. White, to act
Committee: I. H. Evans, J. L. as her agent in the custody of her
McElhany, C. S. Longacre, M. E. writings, and in the promotion of
Kern, R. L. Benton, W. E. their continued publication in all
Howell, Anol Grundset, J. F. lands.

Constituency: The five trustees ap- Transportation Agent: C. H. An-

pointed by Ellen G. White, or scombe, 29 Oxford St., London,
their successors: W. C. White, W. 1., England. Cable Address:
J. L. Shaw, F. M. Wilcox, J. E. "Adventist, London." Tele-
Fulton, M. E. Kern. grams, "Adventist, Rath., Lon-
Office Address: "Elmshaven," St. don." (Telephone, Gerrard 1470.)
Helena, Calif. Transportation Agent: Ch. Wehrli,
Officers: President, J. L. Shaw; 130 Boulevard de l'Ilopital, Paris,
Secretary, W. C. White; Assist- 13e, France. (Telephone, Gobe-
ant Secretary and Treasurer, lins 6176.)
A. L. White. The Treasurers of Union Con-
ferences .in North America are
Transportation Agents for their
TRANSPORTATION DEPART- respective Union Conference ter-
MENT ritory.
Superintendent of Transportation:
W. E. Nelson, Takoma Park, GENERAL CONFERENCE OF
Washington, D. C. (Also gen- SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
eral agent for trans-Atlantic INSURANCE SERVICE
steamship lines.) and
General Transportation Agent: INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE
G. C. Hoskin, 105 West Adams COMPANY OF TAKOMA PARK,
St., Chicago, Ill. Telephones: MARYLAND
Office, Central 4084; Residence, 684o Eastern Ave., Takoma Park,
Brookfield 2929. Washington, D. C.
Eastern Transportation Agent: Organized 1936
Adolph Dorn, 30 Irving Place, Board of Directors:
New York, N. Y. Room 502. J. L. McElhany, Pres.; W. E.
(Telephone, Algonquin 4-0079.) Nelson, Vice-Pres. and Treas.;
Cable Address: "Adventist New W. H. Williams, Undertreasurer ;
York." (Consign freight to office W. A. Benjamin, Sec.; M. N.
address, and express care Cen- Campbell, E. D. Dick, H. H. Cob-
tury Transportation Company, ban, 'W. P. Elliott, Fred Green,
113 Broad St., New York, N. Y.) C. C. Pulver, W. B. Mohr.
Western Transportation Agent and PERSONS HOLDING CREDEN-
General Agent for Transpacific TIALS FROM THE GENERAL
Steamship Lines: II. G. Childs, CONFERENCE
Pacific Press Publishing Assn., Ministers
Mountain View, Calif. Tele- Andreasen, M. L., Union College,
phone 527 (Residence telephone College View, Nebr.
701). Cable address, "Uprising," Andross, E. E., Takoma Park,
Mountain View. ( Consign freight Washington, D. C.
and express care Union Transfer Armstrong, V. T., 106 Orchard
Company, 821 Howard St., San Road, Post Box 226, Singapore,
Francisco, Calif.) Assistant, J. H. Straits Settlements.
Cochran. Baasch, H. E., Box 146, Glendale,
Transportation Agent: E. A. Bea- Calif.
von, 3250 Fraser Ave., Van- Bergherm, 'Wm. H., Takoma Park,
couver, British Columbia, Can- Washington, D. C.
ada. (Phone number, Seymour Bond, C. Lester, Takoma Park
3986. Residence phone, Fair- Washington, D. C.
mont 4354-R) Cable address: Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
"Adventist," Vancouver. ington, D. C.

Branson, W. H., Takoma Park, Loebsack, H. J., Moscow 10, Ulica

Washington, D. C. Durowa 22, Whg. 19, U. S. S. R.
Butler, W. A., Takoma Park, Longacre, C. S., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Campbell, M. N., Takoma Park, MacGuire, Meade, Route 2, Box
Washington, D. C. 186, Modesto, Calif.
Christian, L. H., Takoma Park, McElhany, J. L., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Christman, L. E., Takoma Park, Magan, P. T., M. D., 304 North
Washington, D. C. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
Cormack, A. W., Takoma Park, Montgomery, 0., 110 E. Smith
Washington, D. C. Ave., Orlando, Fla.
Cottrell, H. W., Paradise Valley Morrison, H. A., Takoma Park,
Sanitarium, National City, Calif. Washington, D. C.
Cottrell, R. F., 809 Stanley Ave., Mueller, W., Postfach 39, Basle 9,
Long Beach, Calif. Switzerland.
Counsell, I. V., Takoma Park, Neilsen, N. P., Calle Pino 3801,
Washington, D. C. Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
Dernchuk, S., 209-212 Birks Bldg., America.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nelson, W. E., Takoma Park,
Dick, E. D., Takoma Park, Wash- Washington, D. C.
ington, D. C. Ochs, D. A., Takoma Park, Wash-
Eastman, W. W., 113 S. Boyle ington, D. C.
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Olsen, M. E., Takoma Park, Wash-
Elliott, H. T., Takoma Park, a ington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Olson, A. V., H6heweg 17, Berne,
Elliott, W. P., Takoma Park, Switzerland.
Washington, D. C. Olson, H. 0., Route 1, Box 366, La
Evans, I. H., Takoma Park, Wash- Grange, Ill.
ington, D. C. Perry, E. L., 1967 E. Glenoaks,
Franklin, E. E., Takoma Park, Glendale, Calif.
Washington, D. C. Peters, G. E., 409 Edgcombe Ave.,
Froom, L. E., Takoma Park, Wash- New York, N. Y.
ington, D. C. Peterson, Alfred W., Takoma
Gilbert, F. C., Takoma Park, Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Peterson, F. L., Takoma Park,
Griggs, Frederick, 526 Ningkuo Washington, D. C.
Road, Shanghai, China. Prescott, W. W., Takoma Park,
Halswick, L., 4255 Minnehaha Ave., Washington, D. C.
S., Minneapolis, Minn. Rasmussen, Steen, Takoma Park,
Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Read, W. E., 41 Hazel Gardens,
Howell, W. E., Takoma Park, Edgware, Middlesex, England.
Washington, D. C. Roberts, G. A., Box 0, Balboa,
Isaac, F. R., Drawer C, Berrien Canal Zone.
Springs, Mich. Robinson, A. T., Route 1, Box 58,
Kern, M. E., Takoma Park, Wash- St. Helena, Calif.
ington, D. C. Ruble, W. A., M. D., care New
Kress, D. H., M. D., Takoma Park, England Sanitarium, Melrose,
Washington, D. C. Mass.
Lidner, V. A., 40 Wade Terraee, Ruhling, R., Takoma Park, Wash-
Bridgeport, Conn. ington, D. C.

Schubert, G. W., Postfach 39, Wright, J. F., Grove Ave., Clafe-

Basle 9, Switzerland. mont, Cape, South Africa.
Schwindt, F. F., 5219 Stockwell
St., Lincoln, Nebr. Licentiates
Shaw, J. L., Box 36, Vista, Calif. Cobban, H. H., Takoma Park,
Skadsheim, M. N., 510 E. Division Washington, D. C.
Lane, Tacoma, Wash. Huse, George, 2123 Twenty-fourth
Spalding, A. W., Takoma Park, Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Washington, D. C. Walton, Dr. H. M., Takoma Park,
Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Williams, W. H., Takoma Park,
Stevens, J. A., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C.
Strahle, J. J., Takoma Park, Missionary Licentiates
Washington, D. C. Barrows, H. W., Takoma Park,
Teesdale, W. H., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C.
Washington, D. C. Benjamin, W. A., Takoma Park,
Thomason, Geo., M. D., 317 Hol- Washington, D. C.
lingsworth Bldg., Los Angeles, Burgan, W. L., Takoma Park,
Calif. Washington, D. C.
Thompson, J. C., Takoma Park. Cochran, J. H., Mountain View,
Washington, D. C. Calif.
Truman, A. W., M. D., 5344 Long Conard, Claude, Takoma Park.
Beach Blvd., Long Beach, Calif. Washington, D. C.
Turner, W. G., Takoma Park, Ginther, Rosamond D., Takoma
Washington, D. C. Park, Washington, D. C.
Votaw, H. H., Takoma Park, Gregg, Lizzie M., Takoma Park.
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Watson, C. H., "Mizpah," Wah- Hunter, Mrs. Nell, Takoma Park,
roonga, N. S. MT., Australia. 'Washington D. C.
Weaks, C. E., Takoma Park, Wash- Ireland, J. J.,
' Takoma Park,
ington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Weaver, J. E., Takoma Park, Jensen, Kathryn L., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Wellman, S. A., Takoma Park, Mace, Mrs: J. W., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Wells, G. W., Takoma Park, Wash- Marsh, Mrs. Marjorie W., Takoma
ington, D. C. Park, Washington, D. C.
Westphal, F. H., 217 North Ver- Peck, Sarah, care Pacific Press,
dugo Road, Glendale, Calif. Mountain View, Calif.
Westphal, J. MT., 2241 E. Glenoaks Phillips, W. E., Takoma Park,
Blvd., Glendale, Calif. Washington, D. C.
White, W. C., R. F. D. 1, St. Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma
Helena, Cal if. Park, Washington, D. C.
Wilcox, F. M., Takoma Park, Rogers, H. E., Takoma Park,
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Wilson, N. C., P. 0. Box 15, Poona, Taft, M. C., Takoma Park, Wash-
India. ington, D. C.
Wood, L. H., Box 1091, Jerusalem, Weir, Margaret, Takoma Park,
Palestine. Washington, D. C.
Woodman, I. J., Loma Linda, Williams, Mrs. Flora H., Takoma
Calif. Park, Washington, D. C.
Organized igoi
Territory: The Conferences of Licentiates:
Greater New York, New York, D. A. Bailey, C. A. Haysater,
Northern New England, South- 1. 0. Ortner, G. E. Jones.
ern New England, and The Sev- Missionary Licentiates:
enth-day Adventist Church of W. M. Vehorn, H. H. Howard.
Bermuda. Honorary: Ellery Robinson, Jen-
Population: 20,781,407; churches, nie Thayer, Elizabeth Kehrein,
199; members, 12,545. Mrs. Ella Wilbur, Mrs. Eva Dag-
Office Address: South Lancaster, gett, Ethel Meek, Emma Wells,
Mass. (Telephone, Clinton 682.) H. P. Hansen, C. L. Kilgore,
Officers: Sophie Gooss.
Pres., W. H. Heckman.
See., Treas., and Auditor, I. 0.
Executive Committee: W. H. Organized as The Seventh-day
Heckman, W. A. Nelson, M. V. Adventist Church of Bermuda
Campbell, W. H. Howard, F. D. Address: Box 370, Hamilton, Ber-
Wells, I. G. Ortner, Joseph Cap- muda.
man, E. A. von Pohle, D. A. Bai- Population: 30,000; churches, 3;
ley, C. E. Jones, W. A. Ruble, membership, 162.
M. D., Anol Grundset, B. M. Pres- Officers:
ton, E. L. Place, G. E. Peters. Superintendent and Minister: Jo-
Legal Assn.: "The Atlantic seph Capman.
Union Conference Association of Sec. and Treas.: Mrs. Joseph Cap-
Seventh-day Adventists." man.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
E. A. von Pohle. Joseph Capman.
Field Miss., B. M. Preston. Sabbath School, Mrs. Joseph
Home Miss., R. G. Strickland. Capman.
Medical, W. A. Ruble, M. D. Missionary Licentiates:
Negro Representative, G. E. Mrs. B. Redmond, Mrs. Minnie
Peters. Capman.
Religious Liberty, W. H. Heck-
Transportation Agent, I. G. Ort- GREATER NEW YORK
Ministers: Organized 1902
W. H. Heckman, E. A. von Territory: The City of New York;
Pohle, Anol Grundset, B. M. Long Island, (exclusive of that
Preston, Joseph Capman, L. H. part in the City of New York) ;
Hartin, W. A. Ruble, AL D., and the following named coun-
H. H. Dexter, C. E. Kellogg, ties in the State of New York:
R. G. Strickland. Westchester, Rockland, Putnam,
Honorary: P. F. Bicknell, D. G. Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Sulli-
Turk, H. W. Carr, W. R. Ucht- van, Delaware, Greene, and Co-
man, C. P. Lillie, E. E. Osborne, lumbia.
D. H. Hanson, E. W. Thurber, Population: 8,448,704; churches,
L. S. Wheeler. 30; members, 3,658.

Office: Room 2605, Paramount E. Walsh, J. E. Osterblom, M. S.

Bldg., 1501 Broadway, New York, Durichek, G. M. Harris, F. R.
N. Y. (Telephone, LOngacre Aldridge, J. R. Britt, Anna Mary
5-7258.) Beekner, Ruth Head, C. Witt-
Officers: sehiebe, E. Ruth Blackburn.
Pres., W. A. Nelson. Church School Teachers:
Sec. and Treas., J. E. Osterblom. Christine Dyer, Dorothy Koep-
Executive Committee: W. A. pen, Ida Jane Gosse, Mrs. M. P.
Nelson, J. E. Osterblom, MT. R. Monell, Helen Mead, Clifton P.
Andrews, H. J. Capman, A. 0. Clutt, Marion Seitz, Marian Staf-
Lund, G. E. Peters, 0. J. Ziprick, ford.
L. B. Schick, L. Klebahn.
Legal Assn.: "Greater New York
Corporation of Seventh-day Ad- NEW YORK CONFERENCE
ventists"; Pres., W. A. Nelson; Organized 1922
Sec. and Treas., J. E. Osterblom.
(General Conference S. D. A. Territory: That portion of the
Transportation Agency: 30 Irv- State of New York north and
ing Place, Room 502; Telephone, west of the line, formed by the
Algonquin 4-0079. Adolph Dorn, northern boundaries of Dela-
'Transportation Agent. Cable ware, Greene, and Columbia
Address : " Adventist, New Counties.
York." Consign freight to office Population: 4,139,362; churches,
address, and express in care of 56; members, 2,925.
Century Transportation Co., 113 Office: Union Springs, N. Y. (Tele-
Broad St., New York.) phone, Union Springs 35.)
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Book and Bible House, F. R. Pres., W. H. Howard.
Aldridge. Sec. and Treas., J. B. Frank.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: MT. H.
Field Miss., R. G. Campbell. Howard, J. B. Frank, 0. D.
Asst. Field Miss., J. R. Britt. Cardey, W. Fagal, S. N. Ritten-
Home Miss., W. A. Nelson. house, D. P. Wood.
Medical Miss., . Legal Assn.: " The New York
Religious Liberty, W. A. Nelson. Conference Association of S.
Sabbath School, . D. A."
Ministers: Board of Trustees: W. H. How-
W. A. Nelson, W. R. Andrews, ard, J. R. Frank, 0. D. Cardey,
H. J. Capman,. P. G. Herwick, MT. Fagal, S. N. Rittenhouse,
A. 0. Lund, B. M. Heald, G. E. D. P. Wood.
Peters, U. S. Willis, A. F. Well- Department Secretaries:
man, A. Catalano, L. B. Schick, Book and Bible House, L. E.
0. J. Ziprick, C. Beck, R. G. Aldrich.
Campbell, A. Chavrenko, J. J. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Dollinger, G. Varga, S. Kaplan, A. F. Ruf.
J. Spicer. Field Miss., I. M. Evans.
Licentiates: Home Miss.,
C. Guenther, Thaddeus Wilson, Sabbath School, Mrs. J. B.
M. S. Durichek. Frank.
Missionary Licentiates: Religious Lib., MT. H. -Howard.
Vesta Cash, Louise Johnson, Au- Ministers:
gusta, Meyer, Maria Larson, Mil- MT. H. Howard, S. N. Ritten-
licent Jordan, E. Nopper, Mary house, 0. D. Cardey, I. M. Evans,

A. S. Anderson, D. P. Wood, H. Field Miss., A. M. Barnhardt.

W. Carr, C. E. Eldrigde, A. F. Home Miss., Alexander Hough-
R.uf, Joseph Schnetzler. ton.
Licentiates: Religious Liberty, C. M. Bunker.
T. Carcich, P. H. Eldridge, W. A. Sabbath School,
White, L. Scott. Y. P. M. V., Alexander Hough-
Missionary Licentiates:
J. B. Frank, Mrs. Clara O'Hare, Ministers:
L. E. Aldrich, Mabel Vreeland, C. M. Bunker, Alexander Hough-
Cora Bowers, G. E. Johnson, ton, E. W. Thdrber, 'W. W.
Mrs. Ena Ferguson. Rice, D. H. Hanson, H. W.
Church School Teachers: Walker, V. C. Townsend, H. R.
Susan Kirschweng, Ruth Gove, Rolfe, C. M. Pike.
Letha. Blom, Dorothea Raymond, Licentiates:
Marie Law, Vera Baldwin, Edra V. R. Pike, A. M. Barnhardt,
Wigle, Madge Myers, Gracelyn Floyd Smith.
Connor, Da Collins, Mrs. Horace Missionary Licentiates:
Friday, Mrs. Herbert Armstrong, J. E. Edwards, P. I. Nosworthy,
Mrs. DeForest Johnson, Betty Helen Armstrong, Hazel M.
Lillie, Mrs. R. J. Lawrence, Helen Howe.
Sauer. Church School Teachers:
Edith Davis, Vera E. Lowe,
Dayid Shaw, Jean Smith, Mrs.
NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND Bertha Peake, Mrs. Violet Hall.
Territory: States of Maine, New
Hampshire, and Vermont. SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND
Population: 1,622,327; churches, CONFERENCE
49; members, 1,660. Reorganized 1926, combining the
Office: 55 South Main St., Roches- Massachusetts Conference, or-
ter, N. H. (Telephone 540.) ganized in 1870, and the South-
ern New England Conference,
Officers: organized in 1903.
Pres., C. M. Bunker. Territory: Commonwealth of Mas-
Sec. and Treas., J. E. Edwards. sachusetts, and States of Con-
Executive Committee: C. M. necticut and Rhode Island.
Bunker, J. E. Edwards, H. R. Population: 6,544,014; churches,
Rolfe, W. W. Rice, H. W. Walker, 61; members, 4,140.
W. A. Bickford. Office Address: South Lancaster,
Legal Assn.: Maine Conference Mass. (Telephone, Clinton 255.)
Assn. of S. D. A.; Pres., C. M. Officers:
Bunker; Treas., J. E. Edwards; Pres., F. D. Wells. (Telephone,
Clerk, H. R. Rolfe; W. W. Rice, Clinton 508.)
W. A. Bickford. Sec. and Treas., C. H. Gerald.
Northern New England Conf. S. (Telephone, Clinton, 351.)
D. A., Inc.; Pres., C. M. Bun- Executive Committee: F. D.
ker; Treas. and Clerk, J. E. Ed- Wells, C. H. Gerald, A. A. Cone,
wards; W. W. Rice, H. R. Rolfe, E. L. Place, A. E. Sanderson,
W. A. Bickford. N. H. Saunders, 0. R. Snipes,
Department Secretaries: C. L. Taylor.
Book and Bible House, P. I. Legal Assn.: " The Southern
Nosworthy. New England Conference Asso-
Educational, ciation of S. D. A."

Department Secretaries: Church School Teachers:

Book and Bible House, R. S. Estelle Broome, Mrs. E. M. Bris-
Blackburn. tol, Emma Brown, Esther Feltus,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Margaret Drown, Mrs. Eva Grie-
Louise C. Kleuser. shaber, Mrs. Annie Bell Hall, R.
Field Miss., W. D. Fleming. W. Hall, Lucile Raskin, Sophie
Home Miss. and Sabbath Sch., Hirt, Mrs. Miriam Hunt, Miriam
J. F. Bohner. Kerr, Florence Kidder, Margaret
Religious Liberty, Mass., F. D. Kirschweng, Myra Kite, S. Ellen
Wells; Conn., A. E. Sanderson; Klose, Mrs. Doris Lamont, Ralph
Rhode Island, A. A. Cone. Lamont, Olive Lindberg, Beulah
Ministers: Oliver, Wilma Powers, Joan Ras-
J. F. Bohner, A. W. Clarke, A. A. mussen, Hazel Ray, Lawrence
Cone, F. W. Cummings, J. E. Smart.
Edwards, W. D. Fleming, J. F.
Knipschild, J. G. Mitchell, A. W.
Ortner, A. E. Sanderson, N. H. LANTIC UNION CON-
Saunders, M. J. Shanko, 0. R. FERENCE
Snipes, C. L. Taylor, F. D. Wells,
V. A. Lidner. Educational:
Honorary: I. M. Martin. Atlantic Union College, South
Licentiates: Lancaster, Mass.
I. H. Anderson, H. R. Beckner, Greater New York Academy,
F. F. Bush, B. P. Hartman, 0. D. Cor. Washington St. and
Wright, V. W. Collins, C. A. Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nelson, A. R. Sousa, John Che- Union Springs Academy, Union
ripko. Springs, N. Y.
Missionary Licentiates: Publishing:
R. S. Blackburn, Mary H. Stocks, New York Branch of Review
Hazel M. Collins, Mrs. A. A. and Herald Pub. Assn., Peeks-
Cone, Esther M. Freed, C. H. kill, N. Y.
Gerald, Gwenyth Johnstone, J.
R. Kennedy, Louise C. Kleuser, Sanitarium:
Samuel Lombard, Ruth Swan- New England Sanitarium, Mel
son. rose, Mass.


Organized 1932
Territory: Dominion of Canada Rudy, W. A. Clemenson. E. A.
and Dominion of Newfoundland. Beavon, S. G. White, P. H.
Population: 10,376,385; churches, Rick, P. D. Gerrard, H. Bur-
150; members, 8,186. den, C. W. Degering, H. K. Mar-
Office: 209-212 Birks Bldg., Winni- tin, C. G. Maracle, C. L. Pad-
peg, Manitoba. (Phone, 93679.) dock, H. A. Shepard, A. E. Mill-
Officers: ner, A. Clark.
Pres., W. B. Ochs. Legal Assns.: Eastern Canadian
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, W. E. Union Conference Corporation of
Perrin. S. D. A., and Western Canadian
Executive Committee: W. B. Union Corporation of Seventh-
Ochs, W. E. Perrin, H. L. day Adventists.

Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:

Educational and Y. P. M. V., Book and Bible House, G. L.
Field Miss., A. Clark. Educational, E. J. Westman.
Home Miss., P. D. Gerrard. Field Miss., R. D. Steinke
Medical, H. Burden, M. D., Sid- Home Miss., E. J. Westman.
ney, B. C. Religious Liberty, H. L. Rudy.
Religious Liberty, W. B. Ochs. Sabbath School, Miss Anna
Transportation Agent, W. B. Nickel.
Ochs. Y. P. M. V., E. J. 'Westman.
Ministers: Ministers:
W. B. Ochs, C. W. Degering, J. E. H. L. Rudy, M. L. Long, J. D.
Saunders, C. 0. Smith, H. K. Neufeld, E. J. Wrestman, Nichol
Martin, C. L. Paddock, P. D. Bodrug, 'W. J. Hurdon.
Gerrard, 0. Olsen, D. E. Reiner. Licentiate: R. Drayson.
Honorary: B. E. Manuel, J. T. Missionary Licentiates:
Errington, Neil McGill, E. M. G. L. Sather, R. D. Steinke,
Chapman, N. C. Erntson, R. H. Anna Nickel.
Cooke. Church School Teachers:
Licentiates: Mrs. M. Betts, A. Tetz, Mrs.
T. S. Bowett, W. E. Perrin, M. H. C. Williams.
Philbrick, A. Clark, C. G. Mar-
Missionary Licentiates: FERENCE
C. W. Shankel, H. Burden, H. A. Organized 1902
Shepard, C. H. Casey, Charlotte Territory: British Columbia, Can
Erdman, Virginia Madsen. ada.
Population: 694,262; churches, 17;
members, 1,230.
ALBERTA CONFERENCE Cable Address: Adventist, Van-
Organized 1906 couver.
Office: 3250 Fraser Ave. at Kings-
Territory: The Province of Al- way, Vancouver, British Colum-
berta. bia, Canada.
Population: 772,017; churches, 35; Officers:
members, 2,183. Pres., E. A. Beavon.
Office: Renfrew Building, 120 7th Sec. and Treas., C. H. Castle.
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. Executive Committee: E. A.
(Telephone M7015.) Beavon, H. A. Shepard, H. Cam-
Officers: eron, Geo. Toombs, J. MacPhail,
Pres., H. L. Rudy. C. H. Castle.
Sec.-Treas., G. L. Sather. Legal Assn: " British Columbia
Executive Committee: H. L. Association of S. D. A." Pres.,
Rudy, G. L. Sather, E. J. West- E. A. Beavon; Sec. and Treas.,
man, W. J. Hurdon, A. A. Roth, C. H. Castle.
E. E. Farnsworth. Department Secretaries:
Legal Assn.: " Alberta Confer- Book and Bible House, C. H.
ence Association of S. D. A." Castle.
Trustees: H. L. Rudy, G. L. Educational, C. H. Castle.
Sather, A. A. Roth, E. J. West- Field Miss., J. M. Ackerman.
man, W. J. Hurdon. Home Miss., E. A. Beavon.

Religious Liberty, E. A. Beavon. Y. P. M. V., H. D. Henriksen.

Sabbath School, Dorothy Ford. Field Miss., R. Carlill.
Y. P. M. V., E. A. Beavon. Religious Liberty, A. E. Millner.
Ministers: Sabbath School, Mary E. Neu-
E. A. Beavon, E. M. Chapman, f eld.
J. L. Wilson, G. E. Johnson, F. Ministers:
Johnson, C. IL Castle. A. E. Millner, D. D. Neuf eld,
Licentiates: P. 0. Yakovenko, F. T. Balmer,
Ainsley Blair, Wilbert Foulston, A. M. Baybarz, 0. B. Gerhart,
J. M. Ackerman. H. D. Henriksen, C. C. Voth.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiate: R. Carlill.
H. Cameron, Mrs. H. Cameron, Missionary Licentiates:
M. T. Westphal, Dorothy Ford, Alice Campbell, Mary E. Neu-
William Poleshuk. feld, Miss S. Johnson, A. 0.
Church School Teachers: Bernhard, Henry Peterson.
Audrey Taylor, C. W. Mayor, Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Jessie Lock, Evelyn Mc- Verda Deer, Mae Kinney, Bertha
Luhan, Emma Johnson, Edward Neufeld, Fannie Robuka, M. B.
Edstrom, R. R. Rick, Carl Lind- Bordson, J. A. Jewkes, Evelyn
gren, Mary Edwards, Jeanettie Chambers.
CONFERENCE Organized 1902
Organized 1932 Territory: The Provinces of New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
Territory: The Provinces of Sas- Prince Edward Island, with the
katchewan and Manitoba and Gaspe Peninsula.
that portion of Ontario lying Population: 1,111,618; churches,
west of the 89th Meridian. 15; members, 636.
Population: 1,721,281; churches, Office: 19 Parker St., Halifax,
41; members, 2,316. Nova Scotia. (Telephone B-8472.)
Office: 404 Avenue Building, Sas-
katoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Officers:
(Telephone 2561.) Pres., S. G. White.
Officers: Sec. and Treas., Dorothy E.
Pres., A. E. Millner. Ostoich.
Sec. and Treas., A. 0. Bernhard. Executive Committee: S. G.
Executive Committee: A. E. White, Dorothy E. Ostoich, D.
Millner, P. G. Yakovenko, S. A. Mackintosh, C. Banks.
Reile, 0. Jackson, C. W. Deer. Department Secretaries:
Legal Assns.: "Saskatchewan Book and Bible House, Dorothy
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." E. Ostoich.
"The Manitoba Conference of Educational, Home Miss., Reli-
S. D. A."; Pres., A. E. Millner, gious Liberty, and Y. P. M. V.,
404 Avenue Building, Saskatoon, S. 0. White.
Saskatchewan; Sec.-Treas., A. 0. Field Miss., P. G. Biy.
Bernhard. Sabbath School, Dorothy E.
Department Secretaries: Ostoich.
Book and Bible House, A. 0. Ministers:
Bernhard. S. 0. White, D. Mackintosh,
Educational, Home Miss., and E. M. Sears.

Honorary: F. W. Stray. Population: 6,246,281; churches,

Licentiate: H. R. Brennan. 38; members, 1,545.
Missionary Licentiates: Office: 3 Awde St., Toronto 4, On-
Dorothy E. Ostoich, P. G. Biy, tario. (Phone: Melrose 7235.)
A. B. Bellcharnbers. Officers:
Church School Teachers: Pres., W. A. Clemenson.
Mildred Mosher, Ada Knister. Sec. and Treas., E. S. Humann.
Executive Committee: W. A.
NEWFOUNDLAND MISSION Clemenson, E. S. Humann, D. N.
Territory: The Dominion of New- Reiner, J. A..Toop, N. J. Wager,
foundland which includes Labra- C. W. Degering, W. A. Dessain.
dor, and all Islands surrounding Legal Assns.: "The Ontario Con-
the main Island; also the French ference of Seventh-day Advent-
possessions of Miquelon and St. ists," and "Quebec Association
Pierre. of Seventh-day Adventists."
Population: 275,000; churches, 4; Department Secretaries:
members, 276. Book and Bible House, E. S.
Office Address: 106 Freshwater Humann.
Road, St. John's. (Phone 3160.) Educational, Y. P. M. V., and
Postal Address:* P. 0. Box 574, St. Home Miss., D. N. Reiner.
John's, Newfoundland. Field Miss.., G. Maurer.
Officers: Religious Liberty, W. A. Clem-
Supt., P. A. Rick. enson.
Sec. and Treas., P. A. Rick. Sabbath School, E. S. Humann.
Mission Committee: P. A. Rick,
G. H. Morgan, S. Nosworthy, Ministers:
W. C. Baird, J. Simms, J. T. W. A. Clemenson, R. A. Hubley,
Adams, S. Webber. W. A. Dessain, J. A. Toop, D. N.
Reiner, J. A. Buckwalter, George
Department Secretaries: Soloniuk, F. W. Johnston, A. V.
Sabbath School, Vemierberg.
Educational: School Board which
has charge of all educational Licentiates:
work throughout our territory E. S. Humann, G. S. Balharrie,
is appointed by the Governor in P. S. Marsa.
Council and the personnel is as Missionary Licentiates:
follows: P. A. Rick, W. C. Baird, Ada Manuel, Mabel MacDougall,
S. Webber, S. Nosworthy, A. Grace Hurdon, H. P. Parker, G.
Clarke. Maurer.
Minister: P. A. Rick.
Church School Teachers: Church School Teachers:
Hazel Avery, Mable Wood, G. Esther Neufeld, Mrs. W. J. Pin-
Russell. combe, Mrs. L. Oxford, Agnes
Wall N. Ruth Nisbett, Vivian
(Ontario 1899Quebec 1880)
Territory: The Province of On- Educational:
tario lying east of the 89th me- Canadian Junior College, Coileac
ridian, and the Province of Que- Heights, via Lacombe, Alhrta.
bec with the exception of the Oshawa Missionary College, Box,
Gaspe Peninsula. 308, Oshawa, Ontario.

Publishing: Canadian Watchman Press, Box

398, Oshawa, Ontario.
Canadian Junior College Press. Medical:
College Heights, via Lacombe. Rest Haven Sanitarium, Sidney,
Alberta. British Columbia.


Organized zgoz
Territory: The conferences of Col- Christian Record Board:
orado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, (Work for the blind) Pres., J. F.
Missouri, Nebraska, North Da- Piper; Sec., D. D. Rees; Treas.,
kota, South Dakota, and Wyo- S. J. Lashier; M. L. Andreasen,
ming Mission. E. L. Cardey, J. M. Jackson, A.
Population: 14,620,830; churches, H. Rulkoetter.
459; members, 25,093. Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: Telephone J. F. Piper, A. H. Rulkoetter,
F. 0. 182, Lincoln, Nebr. R. J. Christian, E. L. Cardey,
Office Address: 4547 Calvert St., D. D. Rees, M. L. Andreasen,, F.
Lincoln, Nebr. H. Yost, M. H. Schuster, J. N.
Anderson, 0. M. John.
Officers: Honorary: H. H. Humann,
Pres., J. F. Piper. P. G. Stanley, G. W. Berry,
Sec.-Treas., S. J. Lashier. W. K. Smith, C. G. Bellah,
Auditor, A. R. Smouse. N. M. Jorgensen, Herman Lan-
Executive Committee: J. F. genberg, Chas. Lightner, W. A.
Piper, S.' J. Lashier, A. R. McKibben, C. W. Miller, D. P.
Smouse, Jay J. Nethery, D. W. Miller, W. F. H. Schroeder, A. E.
Osgood, D. N. Wall, A. H. Rul- Johnson, E. R. Lauda, J. H.
koetter, E. L. Branson, T. B. Schilling, J. G. Hanhardt, L. W.
Westbrook, E. H. Oswald, J. Shaw, A. L. Miller, W. L. Knott,
H. Roth, 0. T. Garner, R. J. J. A. Litwinenco, A. W. Kuehl,
Christian, M. L. Andreasen, R. J. C. W. Marsh.
Brown, R. E. Bowles, E. H.
Meyers, E. L. Cardey, J. M. Licentiates:
Jackson, A. E. Webb. S. J. Lashier, R. E. Bowles, H.
Legal Assn.: "Central Union A. Green, A. R. Smouse, A. L.
Conference Assn. of the S. D. A." Moon, M. D., J. M. Jackson,
Pres., J. F. Piper; Sec.-Treas., H. C. Hartman.
S. J. Lashier. Honorary Licentiates: L. G.
Transportation Agent, S. J. Beans, F. A. Page, R. L. Brad-
Lashier. ford.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Educational, A. H. Rulkoetter. R. J. Brown.
Field Miss., J. M. Jackson. Honorary: Esther Smith, Mary
Home Miss. and Temperance L. Doan.
Society, E. L. Cardey.
Religious Liberty, J. F. Piper.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., COLORADO CONFERENCE
R. J. Christian. Organized 1908
Negro Dept., A. E. Webb. Territory: State of Colorado and

San Juan County in New Mex- Mrs. Linnie Case, Mrs. H. W.

ico. Hart, Juanita Paxton, Florence
Population: 1,050,492; churches, Chilson, Opal Dickerson, R. D.
66; members, 4,130. Kaylor, Marie Haefeli, Grace
Office:, 1081 Marion St., Denver, Halsey, Helen Cornell, Harriet
Colorado ( Telephone, CHerry Love, Margaret Finch, Barbara
1767). Honnecke, Mrs. Sarah Martinez,
Officers: Ruth Poppe, Gladys Pruett, M.
Pres., J. J. Nethery. M. Rabuka, Mrs. M. M. Rabuka,
Sec. and Treas., F. W. Schnepper. Mrs. F. Barrow, Mrs. C. W.
Executive Committee: J. J. Reeder, Mrs. Lulu Hallock, Mrs.
Nethery, F. 'W. Schnepper, B. M. L. Propst, Maurine Wolfe.
M. Grandy, R. T. Baer, G. M.
Mathews, S. J. Ness, L. Wenzel.
Legal Assn.: "The Seventh-day IOWA CONFERENCE
Adventist Association of Colo- Organized 1863
rado." Pres., J. J. Nethery; Territory: The State of Iowa.
Sec.-Treas., F. W. Schnepper. Population: 2,470,939; churches,
Department Secretaries: 64; members, 3,001.
Book and Bible House, F. W. Office: 734 Main St., Nevada, Iowa.
Schnepper. (Telephone 158).
Educational, R. R. Bietz. Officers:
Field Miss., M. A. Wyman. Pres., D. S. Osgood.
Home Miss., L. G. Jorgensen. Sec. and Treas.,
Medical, Dr. H. A. Green. Executive Committee: D. S. Os-
Religious Liberty, R. S. Fries. good, . . , L. C. Christof-
Sabbath School, W. I. Montanye. ferson, J. R. Bowles, H. B. Oden,
Y. P. M. V., R. R. Bietz. Dr. A. E. Gilbert, Alfred Gordon.
Ministers: Legal Assn.: " The Iowa Sev-
J. J. Nethery; N. T. Sutton, B. enth-day Adventist Association."
M. Grandy, M. B. Van Kirk, G. D. S. Osgood, chairman;
W. Anglebarger, W. M. Andress, , Sec. and Treas.
0. T. Vore, C. E. Grant, G. W. Department Secretaries:
Chambers, G. M. Mathews, J. A. Book and Bible House,
Nordstrom, H. J. Meyer, H. J. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Miller, L. G. Jorgensen, R. R. K. L. Gant.
Bietz, L. S. Melendy, R. S. Fries, Field Miss., G. H. Boehrig.
W. B. Johnson, R. T. Baer. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Licentiates: B. A. Scherr.
W. I. Montanye, M. A. Wyman, Medical, Dr. A. E. Gilbert.
F. W. Schnepper. Religious Liberty, D. S. Osgood.
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
R. E. Finney, Jr., S. B. Olney, D. S. Osgood, A. L. Miller, K. L.
Edith Brauchi, Ruth Lamb. Gant, C. H. Miller, B. A. Scherr,
Church School Teachers: Stemple White, Alfred Gordon,
Marguerite Haefeli, E. 0. Wes- B. Peterson.
termeyer, Carolyn Thorp, Violet Licentiates:
Larson, Nellie Phillips, Mrs. C. D. Arthur Axelsen, L. P. Knecht,
Emery, Loa Love, Henry Deapen, W. A. Howe, W. R. Archbold,
Rosamond Rice, D. V. Cowin, Calvin Gordon, R. T. Minesinger,
Mrs. D. V. Cowin, Mildred Mar- R. T. Hudson, Glenn Fillman,
tin, Lura Wilbourn, Esther Heim, M. S. Culver.

Missionary Licentiates: A. Dirksen, A. C. Long, H. Went-

Dr. Nana Rosenthal, Dr. A. E. land, E. S. Dillett, R. R. New-
Gilbert. man, P. E. Berthelsen, G. E.
Honorary: Ruby McSparren, Ida Taylor, M. H. Jensen, C. E.
Edgerton, Evelyn Davis, Joseph- Smith.
ine Blanchard. Honorary: A. S. Bringle, G. P.
Church School Teachers: Gaede, W. L. Nott.
Loraine Arnold, Mrs. Laura Licentiates:
Rahn, Ida Edgerton, Mrs. Gladys C. M. Norman, L. W. Pettis,
Huston, Lucile Turner, Ina Rif- D. L. Olsen.
fel, Bert Rhoads, Mrs. W. R. Missionary Licentiates:
Archbold, Mrs. I. H. Wernick, T. C. Nethery, Edna Wallace.
Mrs. William Howell, W. S. San- Church School Teachers:
ders, Mrs. W. S. Sanders, Mrs. Mrs. Helen Anunsen, Mrs. Leon-
R. T. Minesinger, Ellen Hoyt, ard Wood, Mrs. Hugh Jones,
Homer Opstad, Joe Hoyt, Mrs. P. W. Peters, H. D. Jeffries,
M. T. Bascom, Martha E. Aune, Eileen Rose, Velda, Anderson,
Lavana Johnson, Hilda Bieber- Mrs. L. P. Ferguson, Esther
mann, Everett Coleman, Sylvia Schneider, F. V. Witthaus, Mrs.
Sires. F. V. Witthaus.
Organized 1875; reorganized 1919 MINNESOTA CONFERENCE
Territory: The State of Kansas. Organized 1862
Population: 1,880,999; churches, Territory: The State of Minne-
65; members, 3,133. sota.
Office Address: 612 Taylor St., To- Population: 2,563,953; churches,
peka, Kansas (Phone, 2-4141). 70; members, 4,062.
Mail Address: Box 267, Topeka, Office: 1854 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul,
Kans. Minn. ( Telephone, Midway 8441.)
Officers: Officers:
Pres., 0. T. Garner. Pres., E. H. Oswald. (Telephone,
Sec. and Treas., T. C. Nethery. Midway 5947.)
Executive Committee: 0. T. Sec. and Treas., B. C. Marshall
Garner, T. C. Nethery, A. A. (Telephone, Midway 8441.)
Dirksen, R. R. Newman, 0. A. Executive Committee: E. H. Os-
Olson, C. E. Davis, G. E. Taylor. wald, N. R. Nelson, B. C. Mar-
Legal Assn.: "The Kansas Sev- shall, J. C. Christenson, E. F.
enth-day Adventists Conference Heim, Dr. C. J. Martinson, F. J.
Association." Nenno.
Department Secretaries: Legal Assn.: " The Minnesota
Book and Bible House, T. C. Conference Association of Sev-
Nethery. enth-day Adventists."
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Department Secretaries.
L. W. Pettis. Book and Bible House, B. C.
Field Miss., C. M. Norman. Marshall.
Religious Liberty, 0. T. Garner. Educational, J. C. Nixon.
Sabbath School and Home Miss., Field Miss., C. G. Cross.
H. Wentland. Home Miss. and Sabbath Sch.,
Ministers: J. C. Christenson.
0. T. Garner, N. J. Aalborg, A. Medical, Dr. C. J. Martinson.

Religious Liberty, E. H. Oswald. Department Secretaries:

Y. P. M. V., J. C. Nixon. Book and Bible House, C. W.
Ministers: Marsh.
E. H. Oswald, D. R. Schierman, Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
August Anderson, C. Edwardson, J. C. Gaitens.
David Gulbrandson, A. J. Hays- Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
mer, N. R. Nelson, J. C. Nixon,
H. M. Hiatt, J. C. Christenson, Field Miss., P. E. Shakespeare.
C. S. Weist, E. F. Heim, G. E. Religious Liberty, E. L. Branson.
Hutches, J. W. Christian, E. A. Ministers:
Pip'er. E. L. Branson, C. M. Babcock,
Licentiates: A. A. Leiske, C. J. Metzger, C.
A. G. Thompson, B. C. Marshall, W. Marsh, F. E. Thompson,
J. C. Harder, A. L. Bietz, V. R. A. E. Lickey, F. W. Detamore,
Willman, James Ward, Carl Sun- A. E. Webb, T. D. Zaharis, L. L.
din, C. G. Cross. McKinley.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
Mrs. V. B. Cummings, Jennie S. A. Douglas, J. C. Gaitens,
Lindquist, Alice E. Mattson, R. M. -Whitsett, E. F. Finck,
Ethel Beeson, Doris Peterson, L. B. Reynolds, H. H. Schmidt,
Selma Uhrig. P. E. Shakespeare.
Church School Teachers: Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. S. J. Skadsheim, Ruth Nel- Hester Kessler, Louise Leeper,
son, Mrs. Mabel Peterson, Helen Alta Nesbit, Ida Robinson, Eve-
Smith, Bernice Searle, Salisbury lyn Davis.
Zytkoskee, Helen Zeelau, Alice Church School Teachers:
Anderson, Charles Smith, Hilda Olga Almskog, H. W. Bass, Mrs.
Madsen, Albert Houck, Wavie H. W. Bass, Carl Johnson, M. L.
Tubbs, Ingvald Johnson, Mrs. Lockhart, Thelma McBroom, Na-
Mattie LeBeard, C. N. Harvey. omi Minear, Artema Peterson,
LaVerne Turner, Earl Rollins,
Gladys Perrin, Nellie Wetzel,
MISSOURI CONFERENCE Mildred Shannon, Thelma John-
s Organized 1876; reorganized 1914. son, Fred Walther, Mrs. Fred
Walther, Mrs. D. P. Payne,
Territory: The State of Missouri. Esther House, Aimee Giddings,
,.. .., Population: 3,629,367; churches, Garfield Jorgenson, Mrs. Garfied
45; members, 2,894. Jorgenson, Margaret Turner.
) - Office: -616-8-outhSecond-Strelin-
-ton-,-Mo: (Telephone 250.) NEBRASKA CONFERENCE
1 k Officers:
Pres., E. L. Branson. Organized 1878
$ Sec. and Treas., C. W. Marsh. Territory: The State of Nebraska.
Executive Committee: E. L. Population: 1,377,963; churches,
u Branson, C. W. Marsh, J. H. 51; members, 3,066.
Speiser, R. B. Turner, F. E. Office Address: 1405 South Seventh
Thompson, A. E. Lickey, F. W. St., Lincoln, Nebr. (Telephone.
Detamore. F-2171.)
Legal Assn.: Missouri Confer- Officers:
ence Association of Seventh-day Pres., T. B. Westbrook.
Adventists; Pres., E. L. Bran- Sec. and Treas., G. T. Burgess.
son; Treas., C. W. Marsh. Executive Committee: T. B.

Westbrook, G. T. Burgess, Geo. Postal Address: Box 1491, James-

A. Williams, R. G. Stretter, T. M. town, North Dakota.
Langberg, Dr. E. N. Dick, Melvin Officers:
Oss. Pres., D. N. Wall.
Legal Assn.: "Nebraska Confer- Sec. and Treas., S. E. Ortner.
ence Association of the Seventh- Executive Committee: D. N.
day Adventists." Wall, S. E. Ortner, J. H. Rhoads,
Department Secretaries: W. 0. Johnson, Aug. Ringer,
Book and Bible House, G. T. G. F. Theiss, R. W. Fowler.
Burgess. Legal Assn.: " The North Da-
Educational and Sabbath School, kota Conference Association of
R. C. Barger. Seventh-day Adventists."
Field Miss., R. J. Thomas. Department Secretaries:
Religious Lib., T. B. Westbrook. Book and Bible House, S. E.
Y. P. M. V., and Home Miss., Ortner.
C. H. Lauda. Educational, Home Miss., and
Ministers: Y. P. M. V., George Loewen.
T. B. Westbrook, T. M. Lang- Field Miss., F. L. Burkhardt.
berg, G. E. Leffler, C. A. Purdom, Religious Liberty and Sabbath
Melvin Oss, E. L. Fingenot, N. R. School, D. N. Wall.
Hickman. Ministers:
Honorary: L. E. Johnson, J. H. D. N. Wall, I. C. Schmidt, J. H.
Wheeler. Rhoads, G. F. Theiss, J. C. Mich-
Licentiates: alenko, G. Loewen, D. K. Olsen,
G. T. Burgess, R. J. Thomas, W. H. Hanhardt.
C. H. Lauda, R. C. Barger, A. J. Honorary: J. H. Seibel, J. A.
Reisig, H. B. Breese. Litwinenco.
Honorary: G. A. Williams. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Vasilli Tkachuk, M. F. Grau.
J. E. Hickman, I. L. Martin, Missionary Licentiates:
Addie Mae Kalar, Wesley Unter- S. E. Ortner, Ida Rislov, Ray
seher, Joseph Apigian. Fowler, F. L. Burkhardt.
Church School Teachers: Church School Teachers:
Catherine Shepard, Olivia Brick- Gideon Hochstetter, Mrs. C. A.
man, Mrs. Flora Moyers, Herbert Lindquist.
Nelson, P. E. Haughey, Mrs. W.
M. Ladd, Perry G. Hills, Allen
Humphrey, Otho Kirk, Rhoda SOUTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE
Pederson. Organized 1879
Territory: The State of South
ENCE Population: 692,849; churches,
34; members, 1,760.
Organized 1902 Office Address: Broadway and
Territory: The State of North Third Ave., N. E., Watertown, S.
Dakota. Dak. (Telephone, 2115.)
Population: 680,845; churches; Postal Address: Drawer 36, Water-
53; members, 2,462. town, S. Dak.
Office Address: 312 West Second Officers:
St., Jamestown, North Dakota Pres., J. H. Roth.
(Telephone 6761. Sec.-Treas., B. L. Schlotthauer.

Executive Committee: J. H. Department Secretaries:

Roth, B. L. Schlotthauer, E. E. Book and Bible House and Sab-
Bietz, Carl Haffner, P. P. Kier, bath School,
A. H. Johns, I. L. McKinley. Y. P. M. V., Educational, and
Legal Assn.: "South Dakota Home Miss., E. H. Meyers.
Conference of Seventh-day Ad- Ministers:
ventists." Pres., J. H. Roth; E. H. Meyers, B. T. Seneca'.
Sec.-Treas., B. L. Schlotthauer.
Department Secretaries: Carl Mock,. T. R. Waterhouse,
Book and Bible House, B. L. J. H. Nylander.
Schlotthauer. Honorary: L. G. Beans.
Field Miss., E. F. Coy.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Church School Teachers:
Educational, W. H. Hanhardt. Pauline Grignon, Edith Frimml,
Religious Liberty, J. H. Roth. Geneva Frimml, Gladys Wilson,
Sabbath School, Hylda B. Green. Mrs. L. G. Beans.
J. H. Roth, W. H. Hanhardt, S.
A. Reile, A. V. Rhoads, A. H. INSTITUTIONS IN THE CEN-
Honorary: J. R. Staton, P. G. Educational:
Stanley. Campion Academy, Loveland,
Licentiates: Colo.
E. E. Bietz, J. A. Estey, E. F. Enterprise Academy, Enterprise,
Coy, L. W. Welch. Kans.
Maplewood Academy, Hutchin-
Missionary Licentiates: son, Minn.
B. L. Schlotthauer, G. T. Gack- Oak Park Academy, Nevada,
enheimer, Carl Braun. Iowa.
Church School Teachers: - Plainview Academy, Redfield, S.
Victoria Larsen, Florence Unter- Dak.
seller, Mrs. E. M. Hagele, Bessie Shelton Academy, Shelton, Nebr.
McCumsey, Ada Townsend. Sheyenne River Academy, Har-
vey, N. Dak.
Union College, College View Sta-
WYOMING MISSION tion, Lincoln, Nebr.
Territory: State of Wyoming. Publishing:
Population: 225,565; churches, 11, Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch,
members, 585. 2211 Farnam St., Omaha,
Address: 425 W. Twelfth St., Christian Record Benevolent
Casper, Wyo. Assn., College View Station,
Postal Address: Box 803, Casper, Lincoln, Nebr.
Wyo. Sanitariums:
Officers: Boulder - Colorado Sanitarium,
Pres., E. H. Meyers. Boulder, Colo.
Sec. and Treas., Iowa Sanitarium, Nevada, Iowa.
Executive Committee: E. H. Porter Sanitarium and Hospital,
Meyers, J. F. Piper, S. J. Lashier, 2525 South Downing St., Den-
William Miller. ver, Colo.
Organized 1907
Territory: The conferences of ardson, A. D. Haynal, J. S.
Chesapeake, East Pennsylvania, Washburn, N. J. Waldorf, B. E.
New Jersey, Ohio, Potomac, Connerly.
West Pennsylvania, West Vir- Licentiates:
ginia. A. W. Werline, J. P. Neff, F. A.
Population: - 26,827,212; churches, Coffin, D. W. Reavis, E. L. Rich-
295; members, 17,383. mond, L. W. Graham, L. F.
Office: 507 Flower Ave., Takoma Thiel, 0. S. Parrett, M. D., R. M.
Park, D. C. (Telephone, Shep. Calvert, M. D., J. D. Snider, C. C.
3163.) Pulver, S. L. Clark.
Officers: Honorary: G. Medairy, G. H.
Pres., H. J. Detwiler. Clark.
Sec.-Treas. and Auditor, W. B. Missionary Licentiates:
Mohr. Dr. Lauretta E. Kress, R. W.
Executive Committee: H. J. Conard, Lora Clement, Dr. R. L.
Detwiler, W. B. Mohr, the presi- Runk, Mrs. C. C. Lewis, W. B.
dents of conferences in Union, Mohr, Mrs. L. Holbert..
J. P. Neff, B. G. Wilkinson, Dr.
0. S. Parrett, H. A. Morrison,
Palmer, J. E. Cox. Organized 1890
Legal Assn.: " Columbia Union Territory: The States of Delaware
Conference Association of Sev- and Maryland, except the coun-
enth-day Adventists." ties of Montgomery, Garrett
Department Secretaries: and Allegany, in Maryland; and
Educational, B. G. Wilkinson. including the counties of ivior-
Field Miss., S. L. Clark. gan, Berkeley, and Jefferson in
Home Miss., E. A. Manry. West Virginia, and Accomac and
Religious Liberty, F. H. Robbins. Northampton in Virginia.
Y. P. M. V., J. P. Neff. Population: 1,820,845; churches,
Negro Representative, J. E. Cox. 26; membership, 1,623.
Ministers: Office: 24 Fusting Ave., Catonsville.
H. J. Detwiler, B. G. Wilkinson, Branch, Baltimore, Md. (Tele-
E. A. Manry, C. P. Bollman, T. phone: Gilmor 3840).
M. French, F. D. Nichol, W. E. Officers:
Barr, L. A. Semmens, M. E. Pres., W. C. Moffett.
Munger. Sec. and Treas., H. E. Garrarde.
Honorary: H. W. Herrell, W. H. Executive Committee: W. C.
Sebastian, M. E. Cady, C. C. Moffett, H. E. Garrarde, E. L.
Webster, R. D. Hottel, C. L. Jackson, L. H. King, C. W.
White, C. H. Keslake, G. L. Guenther, F. C. Phipps, W. C.
West, E. W. Carey, W. E. Bid- Witt.
well, J. P. Gaede, G. W. Lawr- Legal Assn.: " Chesapeake Con-
ence, J. J. Marietta, J. H. Wierts, ference Assn, of S. D. A."
C. L. Stone, W. 0. Berry, C. Board of Trustees: W. C. Mof-
Baierle, A. N. Durrant, W. C. fett, L. H. King, F. C. Phipps,
Young, H. C. J. Walleker, W. L. C. W. Guenther, J. W. Hughes,
Lowry, C. S. Baum, I. D. Rich- H. E. Garrarde, E. L. Jackson.

Department Secretaries: Rowe, W. J. Venen, G. S. Rapp,

Book and Bible House, H. E. I. H. Johnson, F. P. Hankin,
Garrarde. H. H. Frizzell, J. H. Sholder.
Educational and Sabbath School, Legal Assn.: " The East Pennsyl-
Sara D. Hanson. vania Conference Assn. of S. D.
Field Miss., W. A. Beall. A., Inc."
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Department Secretaries:
E. L. Hanson. Book and Bible House, W. F.
Religious Liberty, W. C. Moffett. Miller.
Ministers: Educational, D. C. Butherus.
W. C. Moffett, C. W. Guenther, Field Miss., J. R. Ridenour;
F. C. Phipps, A. J. Evelyn, J. E. Asst., G. H. Carter.
Patzkowski, W. F. Schmidt, L. Home Miss., J. C. Holland.
H. King. Religious Liberty, G. F. Eichman.
Licentiates: Sabbath School, Mrs. A. E. King.
W. A. Beall, E. L. Hanson, H. E. Y. P. M. V., D. C. Butherus.
Garrarde, W. R. Riston, L. W. Ministers:
Kurz, E. E. Russell. G. F. Eichman, H. A. Vandeman,
Missionary Licentiate: Sara D. W. J. Venen, T. M. Rowe, R. M.
Hanson. Spencer, J. A. Dominiski, G. S.
Rapp, U. D. Pickard, M. A.
Church School Teachers:
Maloney, B. E. Miller, S. H.
Susan Mosely, Lillian Pickney,
McLennan, J. C. Holland, G. R.
Zilda Ford, Lillian Hill, Wilma
Carter, J. F. Anderson, R. B.
Steinman, Dorothy Jones, Vio-
Clapp, J. W. Kasa.
lette White, Rose DeBenedetto,
Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Janice Kep- Licentiates:
ner, Mrs. Ellen Ermshar, Wal- J. R. Ridenour, Dallas Youngs,
lace Strachan, Mrs. Roberta B. G. H. Carter, B. P. Gernet, A. E.
Strachan. King, F. B. Slater, W. F. Miller,
D. C. Butherus.
EAST PENNSYLVANIA CON, Missionary Licentiates:
FERENCE David Warner, Mrs. A. E. King,
Mrs. H. Lenore Pickard, Mrs.
Organized in 1903, out of territor3 Jessie M. Curtis, Miss Maude
comprising t h e Pennsylvania Belmont, Sadie Baker, Mrs.
Conference, which was organ- Lydia Kester, Thelma Pangborn,
ized in 1879. Mrs. W. B. Parkins, Mrs. Ger-
Territory: That portion of Penn- trude Resseguie, Mrs. W. F. Mil-
sylvania lying east of the east- ler, Mrs. Florence Eichman.
ern line of Potter, Clinton, Cen- Church School Teachers:
ter, Mifflin, Huntingdon, and Margaret Van Buskirk, F. G.
Fulton Counties. Reid, Jean Wingate, Helen Bas-
Population: 5,674,254; churches, sett, Vera Amick, Mrs. Dorothy
53; members, 2,792. Gumpp, Agnes Eroh, Anne Fuchs,
Office: 8256--Germantow*----Awe., Marie Fuchs, Jennie Lewis, Mrs.
Philadephia, Pa. (Phone, Rad- Amos Miller, Elsie Jenkins, Elva
cliffe 4897.) / Copple, Emma Hunt, Mrs. Bertie
Officers: McCloud, George Blackburn, L. J.
Pres G. F. Eichman. y -1447- Fritz, Mrs. L. J. Fritz, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., A. E. King. Greta Davis, Harriet Slick, Mrs.
Executive Committee: G. F. Mabel Dominski, Mrs. Alma Yet-
Eichman, U. D. Pickard, T. M. ter, Thelma Schuknecht, L. H.

Chisholm, Mrs. Howard Detwiler, Anna Meade, Beulah Harmon,

Margaret Smith, Clara Curtis, Helen Church, Eleanor Rue, Mar-
Betty Thorgeson. garet Bush, Elizabeth Jones.


Organized 1902 Organized 1883,
Territory: The State of New Jer- Territory: The State of Ohio.
sey. Population: 6,646,697; churches,
Population: 4,041,334; churches, 79; members, 4,388.
46; members, 2,291. Postal Address: Box 831, Mt. Ver-
Office: 1574 Brunswick Ave., Tren- non, Ohio. (Telephone 1175.)
ton, N. J. (Telephone 2-3919.) Officers:
Officers: Pres., F. H. Robbins.
Pres., W. M. Robbins. Sec. and Treas., C. H. Kelly.
Sec. and Treas., W. H. Jones. Executive Committee: F. H.
Executive Committee: W. M. Robbins, C. E. Welch, W. F.
Robbins, 0. J. Nerlund, H. J. Schwartz, M R. Coon, M. S.
Adams, S. R. Dickerson, C. B. Bonfield, D. A. Rees, G. W. Hos-
Newmyer, H. W. Kibble, H. G. ford, V. P. Lovell, J. G. Hannah.
Canker. Legal Assn.: " The Ohio Confer-
Legal Assn.: " New Jersey Con- ence Assn. of the S. D. A.
ference Association of S. D. A." Church." Pres., F. H. Robbins;
Department Secretaries: Sec., C. H. Kelly.
Book and Bible House, W. H.
Jones. Department Secretaries:
Educational and Sabbath School, Book and Bible House, C. H.
Miss E. R. Hochschorner. Kelly.
Field Miss., 0. C. Weller. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., 0. S. Hershberger.
P. C. Cardey. Field Miss.,
Religious Liberty, W. M. Rob- Home Miss., Geo. Butler.
bins. Medical, C. E. Welch.
Ministers: Religious Liberty, F. H. Robbins.
W. M. Robbins M. S. Krietzky, Sabbath School, Geo. Butler.
0. J. Nerlund, H. G. Gauker, C. Ministers:
B. Newmyer, S. E. Norton, J. C. F. H. Robbins, George Butler,
Oswald, J. B. Penner, G. A. Coon, 0. F. Schwedrat, L. 0. Gordon,
H. W. Kibble, A. D. Nagy, L. W. J. W. Shultz, W. F. Schwartz,
Belote. M. R. Coon, Milan Ostoich, D. A.
Licentiates: Rees, G. W. Hosford, D. F. Roth,
0. C. Weller, P. C. Cardey, C. M. S. Bonfield, R. F. Farley, A.
Bufano, W. H. Jones, W. W. Yakush, J. E. Cox, V. P. Lovell,
Fordham, Arthur McCoy, Roger H. C. J. Walleker.
Wilcox, V. Andahazy. Honorary: L. A. Spring, J. G.
Missionary Licentiates: Hanna, N. J. Michaelenko, J. F.
Miss E. R. Hochschorner, Mrs. M. Olmsted.
Meierhofer, Helen Lomond, C. J. Licentiates:
Sumner. D. S. Teters, 0. S. Hershberger,
Church School Teachers: C. H. Kelly, C. E. Welch, M. A.
Helen Rademann, Martha Ander- Bourdeau, Virgil Gibbons, Leon
son, Mrs. Mary Gaskill; Irma B. Robbins, C. Dornburg, W. W.
Martin, Mrs. Hattie Hand, Mary Ellis.

Missionary Licentiates: Also, " District of Columbia

Lillie Kraft, Cora Gibson, Miss Conf. Corp. of S. D. A." and
J. M. Gillam, A. B. Cole, Miss A. "Virginia Conf. Agency of S.
Larson, Mrs. Hazel ,Perkins, D. A."
R. Veach, C. G. Stewart, Laura Department Secretaries:
Campbell. Bk. and Bible House, J. A. Bee.
Church School Teachers: Educational and Sabbath School,
Julia Edson, R. C. Kraft, Naomi Mrs. C. P. Sorensen.
Van Horn, Thomas Stottlemyer, Field Miss., F. E. Thumwood.
Mrs. Thomas Stottlemeyer, June Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Faber, Albert Lawson, Mrs. C. P. Sorensen.
Albert Lawson, Lottie Gibson, Religious Liberty, J. W. MacNeil.
Bertha Laughlin, J. F. Olmsted, Ministers:
Mrs. J. F. Olmsted, Avis Wig- J. W. MacNeil, 0. G. Carnes, B.
gins, Margaret Everett, Nina E. Connerly, J. E. Ford, H. P.
Hunt, Mrs. Amanda Kirkpatrick, Gray, Peter Hafenmayr, S. R.
Lorraine Fankhouser, Pearl Kat- Haynes, W. B. Hill, R. D. Hottel,
telman, Pearl Meese, Lucy Coley, Glenn Millard, J. H. Smith, C. P.
Mrs. Mary Gibson, Mrs. Vera Sorensen, R. F. Woods.
Bradford, Patsie Roberts, Mae
Stebbins, Priscilla Kistler, L. C. Licentiates:
Trubey, Mrs. L. C. Trubey, Mrs. E. F. Willett, W. C. Hannah,
Mable James, Josephine Bill- F. E. Thumwood, James Stanley,
heimer, Mrs. Mary Swisshelm, E. F. Koch, G. H. Clark, J. W.
Mrs. Elaine Francis, Mrs. Marion Hirlinger, Jr., A. C. Fearing,' Jr.,
Bourdeau. Percy Manuel.
Missionary Licentiates:
POTOMAC CONFERENCE Mrs. B. E. Connerly, Mrs. C. P.
Organized 1924 Sorensen, J. A. Bee, Mrs. G.
Territory: The State of Virginia, E. Wales, Kathleen Meyer,
except Accomac and Northamp- Mrs. L. Steiker, George Finley.
ton Counties; the District of Church School Teachers:
Columbia; and that portion of Bertha Hassenpflug, Mrs. Wm.
Prince George's County, Mary- Shepard, Mae Painter, Louise
land, within five miles of the Stuart, Mrs. Sydney Tymeson,
District line; and Montgomery Mrs. C. E. Norton, Ruby Ingle,
County, Maryland. Lulu Leech, Grace Harrison, Mrs.
Population: 2,933,507; churches, Ruth Solomon, Mrs. W. H.
44; members, 4,029. Groves, Walter Connell, Pauline
Office: 411 Cedar St., Takoma Hart, Irene 'Walker, Naomi In-
Park, Washington, D. C. (Tele- gle, Vesta Webster, Virginia
phones, Georgia 5791 and 5792.) Leach, Mrs. B. U. Nesmith,
Officers: George Finley, Mrs. George Fin-
Pres., J. W. MacNeil. ley, Mrs. Linnaea E. Perkins,
Sec. and Treas., E. F. Willett. Mrs. C. H. Taylor, Annabelle
Executive Committee: J. W. Eshenko, Mrs. Raymond Hill,
MacNeil, H. A. Morrison, L. W. Mrs. Harry Lodge.
Graham, W. C. Hannah, J. H. Colored Department
Smith, C. C. Pulver, J. L. Price,
E. F. Willett, W. B. Hill. Committee: J. W. MacNeil, E. F.
Legal Assn.: " Potomac Confer- Willett, F. L. W. Clarke, J. E.
ence Corporation of S. D. A." Johnson, Grant Smith.

Department Secretary: Ministers:

Asst. Field Miss., P. C. Winley. M. G. Conger, C. W. Weber, J.
Ministers: H. Wagner, E. H. Swanson, Carl
J. E. Johnson, L. J. Pryor. Bruck, R. L. Boothby.
Licentiates: Licentiates:
M. A. Burgess, H. R. Murphy. C. M. Paden, R. H. Fickling, Rus-
sell Quackenbush, C. E. Reichen-
Missionary Licentiates: baugh, W. A. Higgins, R. W.
Mrs. Ethel Nell, P. C. Winley. Numbers, Franklin Fowler, R. K.
Church School Teachers: Krick.
Mrs. G. W. Murphy, Mrs. Eunice Missionary Licentiates:
Upshur, Ellen Frazier, Fitzger- Eloise F. Williams, Leslie R.
ald Jenkins, Mrs. Fitzgerald Mansell, Mrs. Nancie Harris,
Jenkins. Myrtle Bateman.
Church School Teachers:
WEST PENNSYLVANIA CON- Miriam Burgess, Clarence Rob-
FERENCE inson, Mrs. Clarence Robinson,
Organized 1903 Frances Dingee, Evelyn Win-
Territory: All of Pennsylvania ly- ston, Ethel Young.
ing west of the easterly line of
Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin, WEST VIRGINIA CONFER-
Huntingdon, and Fulton Coun- ENCE
ties. Organized 1887
Population: 3,957,096; churches, Territory: The State of West Vir-
33; members, 1,487. ginia, except the counties of
Office: Newill Bldg., cor. Otter- Morgan, Berkeley, and Jeffer-
man and Main Sts., Greensburg, son, and including the counties
Pa. (Telephone, 2520.) of Garrett and Allegany in
Office Address: P. 0. Box 235, Maryland.
Greensburg, Pa. Population: 1,775,995; churches,
Officers: 14; members, 773.
Pres., M. G. Conger. Office: 1455 Seventh St., Parkers-
Sec.:Treas., C. M. Paden. burg, W. Va. (Telephone, 394.)
Executive Committee: M. G. Officers:
Conger, J. H. Wagner, W. A. Pres., C. V. Leach.
Kelly, G. H. Herdman, R. L. See. and Treas., N. C. VanHorn.
Boothby, E. H. Swanson, H. R. Executive Committee: C. V.
House. Leach, T. W. Thirlwell, N. C.
Legal Assn.: " West Pennsyl- Van Horn, W. T. Dishman, L. 0.
vania Conference Assn. of S. Coon, J. H. McHenry.
D. A." Legal Assn.: " Seventh-day Ad-
Department Secretaries: ventist Book Society."
Book and Bible House, C. M. Department Secretaries:
Paden. Book and Bible House, N. C.
Educational, Eloise F. Williams. VanHorn.
Field Miss., W. A. Higgins. Educational, Miss M. Vander-
Home Miss., R. H. Fickling. mark.
Religious Liberty, M. G. Conger. Field Miss., F. D. Myers.
Sabbath School, Eloise F. Wil- Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
liams. Home Miss., Miss M. Vander-
Y. P. M. V., Eloise F. Williams. mark. -

Ministers: Home Study Institute, Takoma

C. V. Leach, T. W. Thirlwell, Park, Washington, D. C.
Chaney Wood, A. E. Hoist, R. S. Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Ver-
Lindsay, V. A. Joseph. non, Ohio.
Licentiates: Shenandoah Valley Academy,
L. L. Philpott, L. 0. Coon, F. D. New Market, Va.
Myers. Takoma Academy, Takoma
Missionary Licentiates: Park, Washington, D. C.
. N. C. Van Horn, Miss Jessie Washington Missionary College,
Welsh, Miss M. Vandermark. Takoma Park, Washington,
Church School Teachers: D. C.
Lillian Halstead, S. A. Mine- Publishing:
singer, Josephine Folsom, Irene
Derflinger, Mrs. Marie Bee, Mae Review and Herald Pub. Assn.,
Carberry, R. L. Vincent, Mrs. Takoma Park, Washington,
Catherine Breese. D. C.
Washington Branch, Review and
Herald Pub. Assn., Takomu
Educational: Sanitarium:
Columbia Junior College, Ta- Washington Sanitarium, Tako-
koma Park, Washington, D. C. ma Park, Washington, D. C.


Organized zgoz

Territory: The Conferences of In- Home Miss., C. S. Joyce.

diana, Illinois, Michigan, Wis- Medical,
consin. Negro, T. H. Allison.
Population: 18,650,488; churches, Religious Liberty, C. S. Joyce.
380; members, 23,646. Training School, T. W. Steen.
Office Address: Drawer C, Berrien Y. P. M. V., H. J. Sheldon.
Springs, Mich. (Telephone, IV.) Ministers:
Officers: W. H. Holden, R. R. Brooks, F.
Pres., W. H. Holden. B. Jensen, T. W. Steen, F. R.
Sec. and Treas., L. W. Foote. Isaac, H. J. Sheldon, H. E. Ed-
Auditor, H. P. Bloum. wards, C. A. Burman, K. A.
Executive Committee: W. H. Off erman, W. E. Straw, C. S.
Holden, the presidents of the Joyce, T. H. Allison.
conferences comprising the Lake Honorary Credentials: P. L.
Union Conference, and F. R. Hoen, F. H. Henderson, T. F.
Isaac, T. W. Steen, H. J. Shel- Hubbard, E. Rosenwald, J. B.
don, H. P. Bloum, L. W. Foote, Blosser, E. F. Ferris.
R. R. Brooks, Clarence Lawry,
C. S. Joyce, T. H. Allison. Licentiates:
Legal Assn.: " Lake Union Con- Clarence Lawry, 0. Granlund,
ference Assn, of S. D. A." C. A. Thorp.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Educational, F. R. Isaac. Frank Hiner, H. P. Bloum, B. L.
Field Miss., R. R. Brooks. Grundset, L. W. Foote.

ILLINOIS CONFERENCE Missionary Licentiates:

Organized 1931 Irma Lee Hewitt E. G. Johansen,
Territory: The State of Illinois. Ione Dorner, 0. J. Forman, Inis
Population: 7,891,964; churches, Morey, Mrs. Celia McAlister,
72; members, 5,203. W. A. Petersen, Florence Hall,
Office: Pacific Press Bldg., Brook- J. G. Holmes, C. Wilber, Marie
field, Ill. Mailing Address, Box Riff el.
29, Brookfield, Ill. (Telephone, Honorary: Anna Hibben, H. B.
Brookfield 6100.) Tucker, Emelia Robersen.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Pres., M. V. Campbell. Virginia Mott, Mildred Ostoich,
Sec. and Treas., E. G. Johansen. Mrs. Hazel Samples, Grace Bush,
Executive Committee: M. V. Mrs. Clara Quigley, Linden Foll,
Campbell, E. G. Johansen, F. A. Florence Utter, Mrs. D. S. Wein-
Wright, \ M. R. Bailey, B. F. berg, Leonard Hill, Ann Bernice
Tucker, W. C. Loveless, G. C. Johnson, Richard Little, Mrs.
Hoskin, T. R. Lukens, T. H. Richard Little, Mary Smith,
Allison. Mrs. May Lemmon, Mabel Fer-
Legal Assn.: "The Illinois Con- guson, Mrs. P. M. Siler, Arlene
ference Assn. of S. D. A." Marks, Lillian Lindstrom, Ruth
Department Secretaries: Arbuckle, Mrs. Earl Eytcheson,
Book and Bible House, W. A. Myra Simpson, Mrs. Grace Doyle,
Petersen. Marjorie Butler.
Educational, W. C. Loveless.
Field Miss., P. M. Lewis. INDIANA CONFERENCE
Home Miss., F. A. Wright. Organized 1872
Religious Liberty, M. V. Camp- Territory: The State of Indiana.
American Temperance Society, Population: 3,291,000; churches,
F. A. Wright. 63, members, 3,596.
Sabbath School, Inis Morey. Office: 2004 N. New Jersey St.,
Y. P. M. V., W. C. Loveless. Indianapolis, Ind. (Telephone,
Ministers: Talbot 4420.)
M. V. Campbell, M. R. Bailey, Officers:
C. R. Kinney, D. A. Mozar, F. A. Pres., S. E. Wight.
Wright, Carl Swenson, H. E. Sec. and Treas., R. M. Harrison.
Bisel, A. J. Olson, W. C. Love- Executive Committee: S. E.
less, R. A. Smithwick, A. C. Wight, R. M. Harrison, A. H.
Lien, G. Hmelevsky, J. W. Os- Welklin, J. 0. Marsh, 0. L.
born, Raffele Valerio, 0. J. Dahl, Denslow, F. C. Carrier, W. L.
W. P. Ortner, T. H. Allison, D. C. Gettys.
Newbold, T. J. Kroeger, J. A. Legal Assn.: " The Indiana Assn.
Wasenmiller. of S. D. A." Incorporated.
Honorary: W. H. Sherrig, C. T. " The Indiana Medical Miss. and
Redfield, G. C. Hoskin, C. Thomp- Benevolent Assn." Pres., W. H.
son. Holden; Vice-Pres., S. E. Wight;
Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., L. W. Foote.
R. J. Winders, Dr. L. L. Andrews, Department Secretaries:
Alexander Pietrasz, J. F. Gomez, Book and Bible House, C. B.
C. C. Katt, P. M. Lewis, Karl Burgess.
Mattson, Ludwig Ninaj. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Honorary: H. R. Stearns. L. L. Murphy.

Field Miss., A. G. Sutton. Mail Address: Box 900, Lansing,

Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Mich.
J. 0. Marsh. Officers:
Religious Liberty, S. E. Wight. Pres., C. B. Haynes.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., E. L. Green.
S. E. Wight, 0. K. Butler, 0. L. Executive Committee: C. B.
Denslow, W. D. Forde, A. L. Haynes, E. L. Green T. G. Bunch,
Beazley, F. R. Wiggins, F. 0. O. T. Burt, H. B. Taylor, L. N.
Sanders, J. H. Laurence, L. L. Holm, T. S. Hill, J. J. Irwin.
Murphy, F. C. Carrier, J. 0. Legal Assn.: "Michigan Confer-
Marsh, T. M. Orainean, C. E. ence Assn. of Seventh-day Ad-
Hall, W. A. Nelson, M. W. ventists," Incorporated.
Deming. Association Trustees: C. B.
Honorary: T. F. Hubbard, C. E. Haynes, T. S. Hill, 0. T. Burt,
Allen, MT. B. White, F. W. Hal- E. L. Green, T. G. Biluch, H. B.
laday. Taylor, L. N. Holm, 1. J. Irwin.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
A. G. Sutton, A. V. McClure, Book and Bible House, E. S.
M. K. Eckenroth. Knecht.
Missionary Licentiates: Educational, T. E. Unruh.
R. M. Harrison, C. B. Burgess, Field Miss., M. H. Odegaard;
Edith Cross, Katherine Lang, Asst., I. H. Thrig.
Nell Ketterman, C. C. Stoner, Home Miss., E. R. Potter.
Anna Lipsey, Genevieve Laur- Medical,
ence. Religious Liberty, C. B. Haynes.
Honorary: Mary Kent, Ida V. Sabbath School, Edith Shepard.
Hadley, Eva Pitcher, Mrs. N. H. Y. P. M. V., Edward Heppenstall.
Hollingsworth. Ministers:
Church School Teachers: C. B. Haynes, H. J. Alcock, J.
Theodore Lucas, Mrs. T. Lucas, I. Beardsley, W. C. Hankins,
Mary Caton, Irene Amen, Mrs. Henry Berg, W. L. Latham, L. W.
Ora Moore, Donald Patterson, Light, H. L. Peden, B. L. Post,
Lillian Keller, Helene Hammond, C. MT. Pruitt, H. L. Shoup,
Irene Butler, Leonard Wartzok, C. E. Rentfro, C. N. Sanders,
Mrs. Leonard Wartzok, J. A. A. R. Sherman, H. B. Taylor,
Hickey, Mrs. J. A. Hickey, Edna B. J. White, B. F. Williams,
Wingard, Frances Vaughan, Mrs. T. E. Unruh, T. G. Bunch,
Paul Cox, Viola Boat, Vesta Paul Matula, E. R. Potter, C. L.
Byers, Inez Bird, Gertrude D. Vories, H. W. Williams, T. S.
Nunn, H. T. &miter, Mrs. Lowell Hill, L. C. Lee, R. W. Moore,
Edwards, Kenneth Kennedy, Ber- L. H. Bland.
nice Soliday. Honorary: E. I. Beebe, R. J. Bel-
lows, H. A. Boylan, J. V. Maas,
F. J. Harris, J. W. Hirlinger,
MICHIGAN CONFERENCE J. J. Irwin, R. U. Garrett, L. T.
Reorganized 1931 Nicola, W. E. Videto, J. B. Blos-
Territory: State of Michigan. ser, C. M. Gruesbeck, W. A.
Population: 4,842,325; churches, Westworth, I. Belich.
153; members, 10,590. Licentiates:
Office: 620 Townsend, Lansing, S. W. Hyde, V. A. Anderson,
Mich. D. F. Haynes, H. R. Coats, E. P.
(Telephone, Dial 53333). Weaver, M. H. Odegaard, E.

Heppenstall, L. 0. Irons, W. T. Executive Committee: V. E.

Weaver, 0. Klein. Peugh, H. Grundset, C. B. Cald-
Missionary Licentiates: well, G. H. Simpson, M. E. An-
E. L. Green, Mrs. D. Brander, derson, A. G. Johnson, A. W.
Mrs. L. Davison, Jennie De- Nelson.
Young, Alma DuBois, Mrs. Legal Assns.: " South Wisconsin
Myrta Fenner, Vinnie Goodner, Conference Assn. of the S. D. A."
Mrs. E. Smith, Jody Ketter- " North Wisconsin Conference
man, Okareda, Ketterman, H. E. Assn. of S. D. A." (Continuing
Moon, Agnes Webber, E. S. as long as there is business to be
Knecht, Sadia Willette, Edith done under that name.)
Shepard, F. B. Steen, Mae Grills. Department Secretaries:
Church School Teachers: Book and Bible House, D. B.
Mrs. Wilbur Andrews, Mildred Wildman.
Avery, Gladys Bakeman, Savilla Field Miss., C. H. Smith.
Birmingham, Bertha Bollinger, Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Mrs. Dorr Claflin, H. H. Grandell, H. K. Halladay.
Mrs. H. H. Crandell, Emilie Religious Liberty, V. E. Peugh.
Crouch, Harold Current, Ada Sabbath School and Educational,
Dean, Harold Dean, Aimee Du- Rose E. Herr.
Bois, Mrs. Glen Hallock, Edith Ministers:
Jones, Helen Kannenberg, L. E. V. E. Peugh, A. J. Lockert, F.
Ludeman, Mrs. L. E. Ludeman, L. Abbott, W. Holbrook, M. E.
Grace Maas, Ardenne May, Flor- Anderson, H. Grundset, 0. A. Ly-
ence Orth, DeGrove Padgett, berg, C. B. Messer, T. M. Sum-
Mrs. DeGrove Padgett, Laura merville, R. F. Pitts, C. V.
Pelleymounter, Marian Krater, Keiser, H. K. Halladay, E. A.
Mrs. Mary Pope, Mrs. John Jarreau, H. A. Fish, J. Braun,
Shull, Mattie Vixie, Bernice G. H. Simpson.
Webber, H. A. Weaver, Mrs. H. Honorary: F. Stebbeds, P. M.
A. Weaver, Mary Whitford, Wil- Hanson, J. Vitrano, J. C. Stotz,
bur Andrews, Emma Keirnan, H. P. Anderson, P. E. Sheppler.
Frances Summerton, Mrs. Alice Licentiates:
Brantley, Charles Gray, Mildred C. H. Smith, G. C. Sowler, C. M.
Mobley, Maxine Stevenson, Mrs. Bee, H. E. Bowen, A. W. Perrine.
Katherine Dennis, Marian Fran- Missionary Licentiates:
cisco, Alfaretta Sherman, Helena Sue Jones, Rose E. Herr, C. B.
Sargeant. Caldwell, D. B. Wildman.
Church School Teachers:
Ida Smalley, May Brodersen,
WISCONSIN CONFERENCE Elnora Dybdahl, Myrtle John-
Organized 1871; divided as North son, Lillian Whitefield, Pansy
and South Wisconsin Conferences Middaugh, Eliza Parfitt, Mrs.
1916; reunited 1927. Laurinda Crays, Harriet Orr,
Territory: The State of Wisconsin. Daisy Sterns, Elizabeth Blake,
Population: 2,939,006; churches, Ruth Husted, Alice Bodine, Lola
92; members, 4,257. Dutter, Cecil Conquest, Mrs.
Office Address: Box 512, Madison, Cecil Conquest, Ramona Ellis,
Wis. (Telephone, Badger 2210.) Alice Ferguson, Aileen Sheppler,
Officers: Marie Snow, Iris Shelton, A. W.
Pres., V. E. Peugh. Perrine, Boyd Jones, Mrs. Boyd
Sec. and Treas., C. B. Caldwell. Jones.

INSTITUTIONS IN THE LABE Emmanuel Missionary College,

UNION CONFERENCE Berrien Springs, Mich.
Educational: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Brook-
Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich. field, Ill.
Bethel Academy, Bethel, Wis. South Bend Branch 'of the Re-
view and Herald Pub. Assn.,
Broadview Academy, R. F. D. 1, 432 South Fellows St., South
Box 58, La Grange, Ill. Bend, Ind.
Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar The College Press, Berrien
Lake, Mich. Springs, Mich.


Organized rgo6
Territory: The Conferences of Saxton, D. A. Lower, F. M. Burg.
Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Upper Honorary:
Columbia, Washington, and the M. A. Belding, R. D. Benham,
Alaska Mission. A. C. Bird, J. W. Boynton, A. J.
Population, 3,559,098; churches, Breed, R. W. Airey, J. J. Clark,
252; members, 19,702. C. J. Cole, E. H. Curtis, W. D.
Office Address: 202 South Palouse Emery, W. G. Forshaw, J. C.
St., Walla Walla, Wash. (Tele- Foster, J. F. Harder, 0. W. Her-
phone 702). wick, W. T. Hilgert, J. A. Hol-
Officers: brook, Paul Iverson, Lewis
Pres., E. K. Slade. Johnson, Albert Kruger, G. E.
Sec. and Treas., R. T. Emery. Langdon, Wm. Lewsadder, R. H.
Executive Committee: E. K. Martin, Daniel Nettleton, Martin
Slade, R. T. Emery, J. W. Tur- Olson, W. R. Smith, John Peter-
ner, J. L. McConaughey, E. L. son, A. G. Steinert, N. C. Ernt-
Neff, C. A. Striven, M. L. Rice, son, C. Sulzle, G. F. Watson, C.
H. L. Wood, G. S. Belleau, L. E. A. Wyman, A. R. Bell, F. H.
Esteb, D. E. Collins, W. M. Conway, N. W. Lawrence, F. E.
Landeen, F. W. Peterson, D. A. Stratton, 0. H. Shrewsbury, C.
Lower. F. Stevens, C. A. Hansen, C. J.
Legal Assn.: " The North Pacific Rider, C. Johnson, H. A. Aufder-
Union Conference Assn. of S. har, E. L. Stewart.
D. A." Licentiates:
Auditor, R. T. Emery. R. T. Emery, M. L. Neff, J. C.
Transportation Agent, R. T. Haussler.
Emery. Honorary: J. S. Kilgore, J. J.
Department Secretaries: Landis, R. E. Keller, S. J. Abegg,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., W. F. Hahn.
G. S. Belleau. Missionary Licentiates:
Field Miss., D. E. Collins. Pearl Cook, Helen Burch, Lo-
Home Miss., L. E. Esteb. retta Galbraith, Dorothy Fore-
Religious Liberty, E. K. Slade. man, F. W. Peterson, H. R. Sitt-
Ministers: ner, E. S. Cubley, P. W. Chris-
E. K. Slade, L. E. Esteb, G. S. tian, P. T. Gibbs, G. W. Bowers,
Belleau, D. E. Collins, W. M. G. G. Kretchmar.
Landeen, F. A. Schilling, H. F. Honorary: W. L. Manful, Nellie

J. Orr, Lucy B. Post, Asa Smith, Sabbath School, Andrew Roedel.

Mrs. Eliza Cole-Thorp, Mrs. J. Ministers:
W. Harmer. J. W. Turner, C. F. Cole, W. S.
Boynton, H. S. Hanson, S. W.
Population: 59,278; churches, 5; Honorary: H. W. Oliver.
members, 183. Licentiates:
Office Address: 101 East 2nd St., Fred Wagner, W. H. Jordan, N.
Juneau, Alaska. Phone 241. H. Waters, E. C. Reiber, Anr
Postal Address: Box 2421, Juneau, Roedel, G. M. MacLafferty.
Alaska. Missionary Licentiate:
Radio Call: WIFH. Minnie Wirth.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Supt., H. L. Wood. Sivert Hegstad, Martha Wilcox,
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Myrtle M. Zelma Wells, Gordon MacLaf-
Wood. ferty, Mrs. Gordon MacLafferty,
Ministers: Enid Sparks, Norma Biggins,
H. L. Wood, M. J. Jackson. Mrs. Fred McNeil, Wilma Gates,
Missionary Licentiates: William Perry, Mrs. R. W. Betts,
Mrs. Myrtle M. Wood, Merle Mildred Lovejoy.
Organized 1898
Organized 1907 Territory: The State of Montana.
Territory: That portion of Idaho Population: 537,606; churches, 25,
south of the Forty-fifth parallel, members, 1,274.
including all of Lemhi county, Office: 417 South Black St., Boze-
together with six counties in man, Montana.
Oregon, as follows: Wallowa, Office Address: Box 507, Bozeman,
Union, Baker, Malheur, Harney, Mont. (Telephone, 435.)
Grant. Officers:
Population: 389,921; churches, 27; Pres., J. L. McConaughey.
members, 1,487. Sec. and Treas., Werber Johnson.
Office: 523 Main St., Boise, Idaho. Executive Committee: J. L.
Postal Address: Box 2238, Boise, McConaughey, Werber Johnson,
Idaho (Tel. 1651). G. T. Beech, J. R. Nelson, A.
Officers: Kiesz, John Schack, Dr. T. R.
Pres., J. W. Turner. Vye.
Sec. and Treas., Andrew Roedel. Legal Assn.: " The Montana
Executive Committee: J. W. Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
Turner, W. S. Boynton, C. M. Department Secretaries:
Munsey, .Andrew Roedel, Tru- Book and Bible House, Werber
man Hendryx. Johnson.
Legal Assn.: "The Southern Educational, Y. P. M. V., Home
Idaho Conference Assn. of S. Miss., J. R. Nelson.
D. A." Field Miss., N. J. Aaboe.
Department Secretaries: Religious Liberty, J. L. Mc-
Book and Bible House, Andrew Conaughey.
Roedel. Sabbath School, Werber John-
Educational, Home Miss., and son.
Y. P. M. V., H. S. Hanson. Ministers:
Field Miss., N. H. Waters. J. L. McConaughey, J. R. Nelson,
Religious Liberty, J. W. Turner. A. Kiesz.

Licentiates: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,

Werber Johnson, N. J. Aaboe, H. C. Klement.
W. F. Specht, L. E. Wester- Field Miss., C. S. Johnson,
meyer. Home Miss., F. A. Detamore.
Missionary Licentiates: Religious Liberty, E. L. Neff.
Gladys Beusekamp, G. Marie Sabbath School, Edith Starbuck.
Blekastad, Mrs. L. E. Wester- Conference Nurse, Agnes Kezer.
meyer, R. A. White, W. L. Ministers:
Sehoepilin, Isabel Zumwalt, El- E. L. Neff, J. K. Fish, H. C. Kle-
mer Christie, Mrs. Elmer Christie. ment, J. A. Rippey, J. M. Comer,
Church School Teachers: V. C. Becraft, D. E. Venden, G. A.
Evelyn Isaac, Madge Muchmore, Thompson, M. L. Venden, T. M.
Dorotha Gorsuch, Roland - Jen- Cole, Adolph Johnson, H. A.
kins, Mrs. C. A. Taylor, Mrs. A. Peckham, G. W. Pettit, H. R.
Kline, Florence Gill. Gay, J. L. Tucker, G. T. Dickin-
son, B. E. Schaffner, F. A. Deta-
more, L. E. Niermeyer, F. W.
OREGON CONFERENCE Guderian, 'W. J. Shafer.
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902; Licentiates:
reorganized 1932 H. C. Kephart, H. R. Miller, R. L.
Territory: That portion of the Badgley, W. B. Holden, M. D.,
State of Oregon lying west of G. T. Simpson, G. E. Patterson,
Gilliam, Wheeler, Grant, and C. S. Johnson, A. R. Tucker.
Harney Counties; also the coun- Missionary Licentiates:
ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow- Edith Starbuck, R. W. Nelson,
litz, Wahkiakum, Klickitat west E. E. Rippey, M. D., Nina Pet-
of Klickitat River, and southern erson, Mabel Smith, Mrs. Artha
portion of Pacific, in the State of Jutzy, Pearl Stafford, L. M.
Washington. Seltzer, M. Pauline Lester, Mrs.
Population: 940,668; churches, 81, G. A. Thompson, W. G. Mc-
members, 7,788. Cready, Lucy Featherston, Jess
Office: 341 S. E. 47th Ave., Port- Hayden, A. E. Butler, P. W.
land, Oreg. (Telephone, Tabor Steunenberg.
1211.) Honorary: W. D. Huntington,
Officers: D. D. S.
Pres., E. L. Neff. (Tel. TA. Church School Teachers:
4982.) Geneva Ackerman, Anna Ander-
Sec. and Treas., H. C. Kephart. son, Mrs. Jeanette Anderson,
(Tel. TA. 1429.) Audrey Ashby, E. L. Barclay,
Executive Committee: E. L. L. H. Booth, Mrs. L. H. Booth,
Neff, H. C. Kephart, R. W. Nel- Ida Bowman, Ilda Carpenter,
son, J. K. Fish, H. C. Klement, Irene Clark, Pearl Cook, Pearl
F. N. Hodgin, Adolph . Johnson, Cox, Olah Cresap, Mrs. G. David-
L. A. Woodruff, 0. C. Luchter- son, H. W. Dinwiddie, Mrs. H.
hand. W. Dinwiddie, Mrs. F. Doleman,
Legal Assn.: "Western Oregon Mabel Dougherty, Hazel Downs,
Conference Association of Sev- Jay Gamble, Flora Gibson, Ma-
enth-day Adventists." Pres., E. rian Goff, Mrs. K. Groves, Ste-
L. Neff; Sec. and Treas., H. C. phanie Harris, Fritz Reid, Mary
Kephart. Hight, Mrs. Minnie Hooker, Mrs.
Department Secretaries: J. T. Hughes, Naida Johnson,
Book and Bible House, H. R. Wallace Johnson, Mrs. Wallace
Gay. Johnson, Mrs. Anna Kingsbury,

Madeline Knight, Doris Leavett, Home Miss. and Sabbath School,

Mrs. Rachel Millam, Esther Mil- L. A. Reynolds.
ler, M. L. Miles, Mrs. M. L. Medical, J. E. Potts, M. D.
Miles, Madge Moore, Eugene Mc- Religious Liberty, C. A. Scriven.
Dow, Mrs. Eugene McDow, Mrs. Y. P. M. V., C. A. Scriven.
J. L. Quaif, Mrs. Ruth Roth, Ministers:
Francetta Rustin, Mrs. W. J. C. A. Scriven, L. A. Reynolds,
Shafer, G. T. Simpson, Lorena F. M. Oliver, A. D. Bohn, Stew-
Smith, A. Steinert, Mrs. A. art Kime, J. T. Jacobs, 0. E.
Steinert, E. L. Terrill, Mrs. Ber- Schnepper, W. A. Gosmer, C. A.
tha Towler, Mrs. F. A. Quacken- Meleen, R. J. Kegley, Jacob Rif-
bush, Mary Alice Wagner, Guy fel. H. J. Bass, F. G. Young,
Yarnell. Ross Dustin, F. M. Burg, C. A.
ENCE G. L. Williams, M. G. Dealy,
Organized 1880 A. G. Emmer, R. H. Hempel.
Territory: That portion of the
State of Washington lying east Missionary Licentiates:
of the Cascade Mountains, ex- R. S. Dexter, J. D. Nichols, Mrs.
cepting that portion of Klickitat G. R. Soper, Loretta McCarthy,
County lying west of the Klicki- Pearl Canwell, L. V. Grunke,
tat River; the counties of Uma- Yvonne Olney, Mrs. Louise
tilla, Morrow, Gilliam, and Beers.
Wheeler, in the State of Oregon; Academy Teachers:
and that portion of the State of C. A. Schutt, Norma Nelson,
Idaho lying north of the forty- Marcella Julus, L. E. Griffin,
fifth parallel, excepting Lemhi Jacob Mehling, R. 0. Stone, Mrs.
County. R. 0. Stone, F. G. Young, Mrs.
Population: 610,701; churches, 58, Harold Nichols, Mrs. C. A.
members, 5,304. Schutt.
Office: 817 West Nora Ave., Spo- Church School Teachers:
kane, Wash. (Telephone, Broad-
way 0597). Mrs. Ruth LaFountain, Ethel
Johnson, Mrs. G. W. Bowers,
Officers: Mrs. Zim Burnston, Mrs. Jenny
Pres., C. A. Scriven. (Tel., D. Taylor, G. B. Harbison, Mrs.
Broadway 5949.) G. B. Harbison, George Finlay-
Sec. and Treas., M. G. Dealy. son, Mrs. George Finlayson, Glenn
(Tel., Broadway 2830.) Stewart, Mrs. W. Werth, Viola
Executive Committee: C. A. Clark, Geraldine Poole, Mrs. L.
Scriven, M. G. Dealy, A. D. E. Griffin, Dorothy Wallner, V.
Bohn, L. A. Reynolds, P. W. R. Jewett, Mrs. V. R. Jewett, E.
Ochs, Stewart Kime, C. D. R. Rogers, Mrs. E. R. Rogers,
Hobbs, C. A. Schutt, M. E. Mrs. Grace D. Maxson, Myrtle
Mullinex, M. D. Cochran, Editha Zielke, Buford
Legal Assn.: "Upper Columbia Holm, Hester Bryan, Miriam
Mission Society of S. D. A." Pease, Mrs. M. V. Olney, Henri-
Department Secretaries: etta Lamberton, Mrs. Kenneth
Book and Bible House, R. S. Mosser, Katherine Schermerhorn,
Dexter. Willard Decker, Mrs. Willard
Educational, Mrs. Louise Beers. Decker, Celia Butterfield, A. H.
Field Miss., R. H. Hempel. Warner, Mrs. A. H. Warner,

Mrs. George Leedy, John Stui- Missionary Licentiates:

venga. A. P. McDow, Nida Davis, Es-
ther Nerlund, Irma Gardner,
WASHINGTON CONFERENCE Mrs. Viola J. Carpenter, L. W.
Organized 1902 Hallsted, R. L. Hammill, N. F.
Territory: All of the State of
Washington west of the Cas- Church School Teachers:
cade Mountains, except the coun- Russum Miller, Elva Zachrison,
ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow- Luella Oke, Lillian Sickles, Bu-
litz, and Wahkiakum, and the ford Ward, Mrs. Buford Ward,
south tip of Pacific County. Archie Morley, Grace Everett,
Population: 1,020,924; churches, Geraldine Kirklin, Hilda Holsten,
56; members, 3,666. Mrs. Lula Gritzmacher, Joyce
Office: 2610 Nob Hill Ave., Seattle, Love, Madeline Harris, Esther
Wash. (Tel., Garfield 8231). Bellinger, Ione Youstler, Mil-
dred Yeatts, H. W. Hempel, Mrs.
Officers: F. H. Parrish, Miriam Zumwalt,
Pres., M. L. Rice. (Telephone, Regina Magary.
Hemlock 0416.)
Sec. and Treas., A. P. McDow.
(Tel., Garfield 3428.) INSTITUTIONS IN THE NORTH
Executive Committee: M. L. PACIFIC UNION CON-
Rice, R. G. Schaffner, R. C. FERENCE
Baker, A. P. McDow, C. C. Cor-
nell, C. D. Threlkeld, A. V. Educational:
Bentz. Auburn Academy, Route 1, Au-
Legal Assn.: "Western Washing- burn, Wash.
ton Corporation of Seventh-day Columbia Academy, Route 2,
Adventists." Battle Ground, Wash.
Gem State Academy, Box 691,
Department Secretaries: Caldwell, Idaho.
Book and Bible House, A. P. Laurelwood Academy, Route 2,
McDow. (Tel., Garfield 3428.) Gaston, Oreg.
Educational and Sabbath School, Mt. Ellis Academy, Route 4,
Nida Davis. Bozeman, Mont.
Field Miss., G. E. Lindquist.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Walla Walla College, College
E. M. Oberg. Place, Wash.
Medical, Dr. L. E. Joers. Yakima Valley Academy,
Religious Liberty, M. L. Rice. Granger, Wash.
Ministers: Publishing:
M. L. Rice, R. G. Schaffner, E. M. Northwest Branch of the Pacific
Oberg, G. J. Seltzer, R. C. Baker, Press Publishing Association.
E. N. Sargeant, A. V. Bentz, 2101 N. E. Flanders St., Port-
J. W. Rowland, 0. W. Wolfe, land, Oreg.
G. E. Lindquist, C. J. Goodman, Sanitariums:
William Lay, H. E. Willoughby, Portland Sanitarium, East Six-
0. H. Shrewsbury. tieth and Belmont Sts., Port-
Licentiates: land, Oreg.
K. Inouye, F. H. Parrish, H. W. Walla Walla Sanitarium, Walla
Hempel, R. L. Hubbs. Walla, Wash.
Organized zgor
Territory: The Central California, Ministers:
Nevada-Utah, Northern Califor- Glenn Calkins, F. G. Ashbaugh,
nia, Southeastern California, Ari- W. R. French, L. L. Caviness, Dr.
zona, and Southern California A. E. Coyne, G. Dalrymple, Dr.
Conferences, and the Hawaiian Emanuel Ehlers, E. H. Emmer-
Mission. son, E. M. Fishell, H. C. Lacey,
Population: 7,613,437; churches, Ernest Lloyd, H. G. Lucas, G. E.
265; members, 29,614. Mann, T. L. Oswald, Emanuel
Cable Address: Adventist, Glen- Remsen, Dr. E. H. Risley, D. E.
dale, California. Robinson, W. I. Smith, 0. R.
Staines, A. 0. Tait, W. G. Wirth,
Office: 1531 East Wilson Ave., G. F. Wolfkill, I. J. Woodman,
Glendale, Calif. (Tel., Douglas W. C. Flaiz, J. E. Fulton, A. L.
1097.) Baker, A. S. Maxwell, A. a But-
Postal Address: Box 146, Glendale, terfield, H. D. Casebeer, A. G.
Calif. Christiansen, V. J. Johns.
Officers: Honorary: J. W. Adams, M. J.
Pres., Glenn Calkins. Allen, J. W. Allison, Dr. H. 0.
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Bauer. Swartout, F. B. Armitage, J.
Executive Committee: Glenn W. Beams, T. M. Beem, J. H.
Calkins, C. L. Bauer, L. K. Dick- Behrens, W. L. Bird, W. L.
son, J. E. Fulton, E. F. Hack- Black, E. B. Bray, Andrew Bror-
man, David Voth, W. E. Atkin, sen, E. A. Brown, W. D. Burden,
C. R. Webster, T. L. Oswald, J. A. Chaney, R. B. Coberly,
W. M. Adams, H. G. Lucas, F. I. P. Dillon, H. W. Cottrell,
G. Ashbaugh, H. G. Childs, W. I. Arthur Currow, E. A. Curtis, E.
Smith, B. M. Emerson, E. E. E. Farnsworth, 0. 0. Farns-
Cossentine, H. M. Blunden, Dr. worth, D. D. Fitch, T. R. Flaiz,
E. H. Risley, James Howarth, D. P. Gaede, E. H. Gates, F. D.
T. L. Copeland, C. S. Prout, Dr. Gauterau, L. A. Gibson, H. E.
G. E. Nelson. Giddings, A. C. Gilbert, I. J.
Legal Assn.: "Pacific Union Hankins, W. R. Hansen, Dr. C.
Assn. of S. D. A." H. Hayton, H. L. Hoover, B. L.
Board of Directors: Glenn Cal- Howe, Daniel Isaac, John Isaac,
C. C. Jensen, 0. E. Jones, 0. M.
kins, T. L. Oswald, H. G. Childs, Kittle, C. E. Knight, C. J.
C. L. Bauer, David Voth, James Kunkel, C. J. Leer, J. D.
Howarth, T. L. Copeland. Lorenz, E. L. Maxwell, R. J.
Auditor, James Howarth. McKeague, W. P. McLennan, C.
Transportation Agents, H. G. McReynolds, A. A. Meyer, W. W.
Childs, C. L. Bauer. Miller, Andrew Nelson, R. J.
Department Secretaries: Nethery, A. J. Osborne, C. H.
Field Secretary, J. E. Fulton. Parker, D. A. Parsons, J. R. Pat-
Educational, H. G. Lucas. terson, N. V. Willess, A. E. Place,
Field Miss., E. M. Fishell. Ernest Pohle, G. W. Reaser,
Home Miss., T. L. Oswald. H. M. J. Richards, G. W. Rine,
Medical Miss., A. T. Robinson, J. S. Rouse, 0.
Religious Liberty, W. M. Adams. 0. Bernstein, A. W. Bartlett,
Y. P. M. V., F. G. Ashbaugh. G. K. Abbott, M. D., A. W. Cott.

A. M. Dart, Melzar Shepard, R. ARIZONA CONFERENCE

S. Shepard, G. H. Skinner, Floyd Reorganized March 1, 1936
Smith, G. H. Smith, E. A. Bristol, Territory: State of Arizona.
G. B. Starr, J. B. Stuyvesant, Population: 453,000; churches, 14;
W. A. Sweany, Swin Swinson, members, 1,107.
Luzern Thompson, T. L. Thu- Office: 1230 N. First St., Phoenix,
emler, H. G. Thurston, Luther Ariz. (Telephone, 3-8112.)
Warren, H. A. Washburn, D. E. Office Address: Box 1871, Phoenix,
Wellman, G. A. Wheeler, C. D. Ariz.
M. Williams, Dr. W. J. Johnson,
H. L. Graham, J. A. Burden, Dr. Officers:
W. A. George, V. H. Lucas, R. W. Pres., W. E. Atkin.
Parmele, R. W. Pearson, W. C. See. and Treas., H. L. Dyer.
Baldwin, A. Mountain, A. R. Executive Committee: W. E. At-
Sandborn, W. H. Wakeham, L. F. kin, G. E. Mann, H. C. Brown,
Passebois. W. A. Westerhout, Dr. Ed.
Hoehn, Dr. Roy Williams, H. M.
Licentiates: Farley.
Legal Assn.: "Arizona Confer-
H. W. Clark, L. W. Cobb, Dr. ence Corporation of S. D. A."
N. G. Evans, J. M. Peterson, C. iepartment Secretaries:
L. Bauer, W. B. Taylor, H. B.
Thomas, C. E. Weniger, L. E. Book and Bible House, H. L.
Biggs, J. M. Rowse.
Honorary: 0. J. Graf, J. L. Educational and Religious Lib-
Johnson, E. L. Lutz, I. T. Reyn- erty, W. E. Atkin.
Field Miss., C. J. Oliver.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Missionary Licentiates: Y. P. M. V., H. C. Brown.
H. G. Childs, J. H. Cochran, G. H.
Curtis, Minnie E. Dauphinee, W. E. Atkin, G. E. Mann, H. C.
J. R. Ferren, J. C. Kozel, Dr. Brown, W. A. Westerhout, C. R.
Mary McReynolds, Dr. H. M. Eckman, Orno Follett, W. A.
Walton, A. L. White, Otis Hud- Lusk, V. B. Watts, Wm. Steele.
son, James Howarth, Arthur Sustentation Workers:
Smith. W. P. McLennan, C. D. M. Wil-
Honorary: M. A. Winchell, Alice liams, Mrs. Ellen B. Fattebert.
M. Brayshaw, William Voth, Licentiates:
Mrs. L. E. Cox, Cyrus Davis, Wal-
ter Harper, Mrs. M. E. Hoyt, H. G. Rutherford, C. J. Oliver,
Mrs. Ella E. Hughes, Mrs. J. L. L. H. Lindbeck.
Kay, Myrna C. Lee, Mrs. R. Leo, Missionary Licentiates:
Peter Lindahl, Stella B. Lowry, R. F. Alderson, A. F. Purcell,
Mina Morse Mann, Florence W. LaMeda Palmer, H. L. Dyer.
Merrill, Mrs. Alma E. McKib- Academic Teachers:
ben, Mrs. Jessie F. Moser, Mrs.
E. E. Partin, Cora A. Rapp, H. L. R. F. Alderson, W. A. Lusk,
Rawson, Mrs. Alice H. Robinson, Adam Rudy, V. W. Swazee,
D. K. Royer, Margaret Warnock, Merle Barker, Mrs. H. C. Brown,
Mrs. Ella Winchell. Mrs. C. R. Lewellan.
Church School Teachers:
Honorary Medical Missionary: Mrs. H. J. Klooster, Mrs. Adam
S. P. S. Edwards. Rudy, Vivian Cross/an, Delma

Ackerman, Mrs. W. S. James, ter, J. D. Haynes, P. F. Richard,

James Attarian, A. M. Amund- J. H. Tindall, J. W. Rich, A. 0.
son. Sage, H. B. Westcott, W. M.
CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Honorary: H. G. Thompson, W.
CONFERENCE B. Ammundsen, Isaac Schneider,
Organized 1932 D. P. Harder, W. H. Bradley.
Territory: The following-named Licentiates:
counties in the State of Califor- Paul 'Wickman, H. A. Davis,
nia: San Francisco, San Mateo, Philip Chiodo, J. F. Kent, R. P.
Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Stan- Prout, F. T. Oakes.
islaus, Calaveras, Alpine, Tuo- Missionary Licentiates:
lumne, Merced, Mariposa, Ma- Florence Collier, Herbert Griff-
dera, San Bonito, Monterey, ith, Celia Green, Dr. Myrtle B.
Fresno, Kings, Tulare, San Luis Hudson, Mary A. Clark, Mrs.
Obispo, Kern (North of Teha- Ada La France, Laura B. Mor-
chapi Mountains), Santa Bar- rison, D. H. Spillman, Vernon
bara West of 120th Meridian. Flory, Ella Rollins, Hazel Roth,
Population: 1,447,7.35; churches, Nellie Clark, Eva Beeler, Freda
74., members, 6,353. Flory, Nathaniel Banks, Mrs.
Office: 685 So. 3rd St., San Jose, Jane Baldwin, Verde, Gibson,
Calif. Coress Goldsberry, Thelma Flat-
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 68, San turn, Francella Schoberth, Floyd
Jose, Calif. (Phone, Columbia Denney.
2343.) Honorary: Mrs. Helen Jarvis.
Officers: 'Church School Teachers:
Pres., T. L. Copeland. W. B. Ammundsen, J. D. Bare,
Sec. and Treas., F. T. Oakes. Mrs. J. D. Bare, Gladys Beesley,
Exe.cutive Committee: T. L. V. E. Berry, Delmer Bond, Lawr-
Copeland, J. H. Cochran, P. P. ence Breitigam, V. R. Brenner,
Adams, A. 0. Sage, L. E. Folken- Geneva Brookshire, Lena Butler,
berg, Isaac Schneider, P. J. Wolf- C. I. Chrisman, Alberta Chris-
sen, F. T. Oakes. man, E. M. Christiansen, Grace
Legal Assn.: " Central California Craig, C. H. Cyphers, Mrs. C. H.
Conference Association of the Cyphers, Marian DeBolt, Glenice
Seventh-day Adventists, a Cor- Fuller, Julia Goeringer, Irma
poration." Haynes, Clara Heinrich, Della
Department Secretaries: Hemme, Elinore Hahn, Marian
Bible House, Herbert Griffith. Hopkins, P. L. Howe, Adelia,
Educational and Junior 1\1. V., Howe, Eugene Hughes, Florence
J. T. Porter. Innocent, Frances Johnson, Vera
Field Miss., J. F. Kent. Johnson, Mildred Jones, Edna
Home Miss., J. D. Haynes. Kaldahl, Leona. Kinnison, Max-
Religious Liberty, E. L. Maxwell. ine Kochenderfer, Ethel Lobsien,
Sabbath School, Eva Beeler. Alta Loper, Bessie Loper, Alma
Y. P. M. V., J. D. Haynes. McClenaghan, J. H. McClena-
Ministers: ghan, Flora McClenaghan, Mar-
E. H. Adams, P. P. Adams, I. M. tha MacElvaine, Mrs. T. A.
Burke, P. 0. Campbell, T. L. McFarland, Lila Marshall, Paul
Copeland, C. T. Everson, L. E. Meeth, W. B. Miramontes, E.
Folkenberg, K. Nozaki, G. G. Grace Morel, Esther Morse, Irene
Brown, Wm. Jensen, J. T. Por- Neumann, Fyrnn Nevis, Marjorie

Olinder, Cecil Olmstead, Lola Heaton, Shohei Miyake, Theron

Olmstead, Addie Owens, R. B. Treat.
Prout, Wilfred Rathbun, Hazel Licentiates:
Rathbun, Hazel Rasmussen, Ruth Arthur Delafield, R. E. Delafield,
Rice, Luella Rouse, Reginald Shep - C. R. Harrison, F. E. Rice, J. A.
hard, Alice Smith, Dale Smith, Simonson, L. D. Weber.
Ruby Spear, Hazel Striplin, W. Missionary Licentiates:
F. Storz, Ruby Sturm, Helen A. R. Barron, Mrs. A. R. Barron,
Toews, Marian Toews, Lydia Mrs. W. P. Barto, Walter Bol-
Toews, DeVera Thurston, Agnes inger, Mrs. Walter Bolinger, 0.
Van Tilborg, Clarence Trubey, A. Bowen, Mrs. 0. A. Bowen,
Mrs. R. B. Towers, Gladys Vogel- Winifred Craig, Mrs. Arthur
man, E. C. Walter, Mrs. E. C. Delafield; Mrs. R. E. Dela-
Walter, Judson Whitney, Eiffel field, Thelma Estes, Richard
Winn, K. W. Wilson, Ruth Wil- Gima, Mrs. C. R. Harrison, Wil-
liams. lamae Hawkins, Mrs. L. T.
Heaton, Mrs. Juliette Lau, Mrs.
HAWAIIAN MISSION Toshi Miyake, Hideo Oshita,
Entered 1895 Mrs. Betty Player, Mrs. C. S.
Territory: The Hawaiian Islands. Prout, Grace Rader, Mrs. F. E.
Rice, E. R. Sanders, Mrs. E. R.
Population: 303,277; churches, 8; Sanders, Mrs. Viola H. Simon-
members, 653. son, Mrs. Theron Treat, Mrs.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Hono- Edith Wall, Mrs. L. D. Weber.
Office Address: 1120 Keeaumoku Academic Teachers:
St., Honolulu, Hawaii. (TeleL Walter Bolinger, Richard Gima,
phone, 3713.) F. E. Rice, Mrs. F. E. Rice, J. A.
Simonson, Mrs. Viola H. Simon-
Officers: son, Mrs. Edith Wall.
Supt., C. S. Prout.
Sec. and Treas., E. R. Sanders. Church School Teachers:
Advisory Committee: C. S. A. R. Barron, Mrs. A. R. Barron,
Prout, E. R. Sanders, W. P. Winifred Craig, Thelma Estes,
Barto, Arthur Delafield, R. E. Willamae Hawkins, Mrs. Juliette
Delafield, C. R. Harrison, Shohei Lau, Grace Rader, Mrs. A. R.
Miyake, G. H. Miranda, J. A. Ward.
Simonson, Theron Treat, L. D.
Legal Assn.: "Hawaiian Associa- Organized 1931
tion of Seventh-day Adventists."
Territory: The States of Nevada,
Department Secretaries: and Utah; and all that portion of
Book and Bible House, E. R. California east of the summit of
Sanders. the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Educational, J. A. Simonson. and north of El Dorado County,
Field Miss., 0. A. Bowen. with the exception of Modoc
Home Miss. and Religious Lib- County.
erty, C. S. Prout. Population: 603,905; churches, 17;
Sabbath School, Mrs. L. T. members, 739.
Heaton. Office Address: 1852 South Eighth
Y. P. M. V., C. R. Harrison. East, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ministers: (Phone, Hyland 1924.)
C. S. Prout, W. P. Barto, L. T. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 56,

Sugarhouse Station, Salt Lake Solano, Tehama, Trinity, Yolo,

City, Utah. Yuba, Modoc.
Officers: Population: 1,288,087; churches,
Pres., C. R. Webster. 58; members, 6,165.
Sec.-Treas., Henry Baerg. Office: 537 25th Street, Oakland,
Executive Committee: C. R. Calif. (Phone, Highgate 1853.)
Webster, J. J. Weir, Henry Officers:
Baerg, H. W. Tamka, Dr. C. M. Pres., L. K. Dickson.
Smith, A. H. Field. Sec. and Treas., C. C. Mattison.
Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: L. K.
Book and Bible House, Henry Dickson, C. C. Mattison, Dr. H.
Baerg. W. Vollmer, I. G. Krieger, E. F.
Educational and Religious Lib- Peterson, H. W. Crane, B. W.
erty, C. R. Webster. Brown, A. C. Nelson, S. 0. Mar-
Field Miss. and Temperance, tin.
D. V. Pond. Legal Assn.: " Northern Cali-
Home Corn. and Home Miss., fornia Conference Assn. of the
H. A. Rentfro. S. D. A."
Sabbath School, Henry Baerg. Department Secretaries:
Y. P. M. V., A. H. Field. Book and Bible House, C. W.
Ministers: Christian.
C. R. Webster, A. H. Field, C. F. Educational, A. C. Nelson.
Lickey. Field Miss., W. W. West.
Licentiates: Home Miss., C. J. Ritchie.
Henry Baerg, H. A. Rentfro. Medical, H. W. Vollmer, M. D.
Missionary Licentiates: Religious Liberty, L. K. Dickson.
Helen Sanford, Caleb Davidian, Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Leona Bassham, D. V. Pond, B. Eric B. Hare.
W. Mattison, R. F. Radke, W. L. Ministers:
Miller. L. K. Dickson, B. W. Brown, R.
Church School Teachers: Cales, C. W. Hartwick, E. F.
W. L. Miller, Mrs. W. L. Miller, Peterson, 0. B. Stevens, H. W.
Mrs. Orva Hammersmark, Otto Vollmer, A. J. Wearner, H. E.
Lenz, Rosa Woodruff, C. L. Mil- Westermeyer, H. L. Wallace, R.
ler, Mrs. A. H. Field, Mrs. Mabel Calderone, A. C. Nelson, Eric B.
Miller, F. Edwardy, Emil Lenz, Hare, L. E. Tupper, S. 0. Martin,
Mrs. Emil Lenz, R. F. Holt, C. J. Ritchie, H. C. Olmstead,
Marie Coombs, G. J. Engevik. G. R. West, H. A. Curran, H. D.
Dobbins, C. R. Gibbs, J. L. Wil-
son, F. H. Rahm, B. A. Reile,
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CON- E. R. Reynolds, T. L. Theumler,
FERENCE E. H. Emmerson.
Organized 1911 Licentiates:
Territory: The following-named P. C. Heubach, Martin Davis,
counties in the State of Califor- W. W. West, C. C. Mattison,
nia: Alameda, Amador, Butte, R. H. Duncan, L. R. Rasmussen,
Colusa, Contra Costa, Del Norte, F. A. Lashier.
Eldorado, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Honorary: 0. W. Dolph.
Modoc, Marin, Mendocino, Napa,
Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacra- Missionary Licentiates:
mento, San Joaquin, Shasta, C. W. Christian, W. R. Bobst,
Sierra, Siskiyou, Sonoma, Sutter, Mrs. Lottie Kuhns, R. G. Lewis,

Thora Peterson, Mrs. A. B. 0. Forbes, Mrs. Hazel Morris,

Francis, Ella McBroom, Mrs. F. Celiapearl Fulthorp, Mrs. Lettie
H. Rahm, Mrs. Mae Van Horne, B. Fiman, Helen Morton, Mrs.
Muriel B. Wichman, Mrs. Emma A. W. Hanson, F. A. Lashier,
Burnett, Edna Edeburn, Stella Mrs. F. A. Lashier, George
Peterson, Jeannette Wilson, Wil- Thompson, Mrs. George Thomp-
ton Lockwood, Mrs. Irene Ander- son, Helen Youngs, M. A. Reese,
son, Mrs. Nan MacKenzie, Hed- Laurene Flanagan, R. P. Axtell.
wig Nagele.
Richard B. Lewis, L. W. Cobb, CONFERENCE
Alice C. Babcock, Mrs. Lucy Reorganized 1932
Whitney, W. B. Taylor, D. A. Territory: The following-named
Courville, H. D. Wheeler, H. E. counties in the State of Califor-
Westermeyer, Mrs. H. E. Wester- nia: Orange, San Diego, Impe-
meyer, Dr. R. A. Buchanan, Rae rial, Riverside, San Bernardino.
Weinheimer, A. A. Rupert, Zella Population: 605,000; churches, 43;
Rine, L. M. Knapp, J. E. Hansen, members, 5,785.
L. R. Rasmussen, H. Lyle Wal- Office: 9707 Magnolia Ave., Arling-
lace, E. C. Chapman, Neva Sand- ton, Calif. (Telephone, 9012.)
born, J. E. Denehy, Mrs. H. Office Address: Box 584, Arlington,
Dukes, Mrs. D. E. Jacobs, 'Wil- Calif.
liam Wilkinson, Mrs. William Officers:
Wilkinson, P. C. Heubach, F. J. Pres., E. F. Hackman.
Wallace, H. B. Wilcox, Evelyn Sec. and Treas., F. H. Raley.
Wegner, F. B. Fisher, Mrs. H. Executive Committee: E. F.
Voorhe is. Hackman, F. H. Raley, H. H.
Supervisors Normal Department: Hicks, S. T. Borg, N. C. Petersen,
Dorothy E. White, Mrs. Gladys C. A. Thompson, J. A. Neilsen,
Stearns, Doris Carlsen, Dorita A. C. Larsen, K. J. Reynolds,
Thomann. P. V. Harrigan, Otis Hudson.
Church School Teachers: Legal Assns.: " Southeastern
Adelaide Christian, Kathleen California Assn. of S. D. A."
Kachuck, Hal Horning, Mrs. Hal Seventh-day Adventists Asso-
Horning, Jeanetta Detrick, Mrs. ciation of Southeastern Califor-
Derwood Palmer, Carrie Tiche- nia, a Corporation Sole."
nor, Mrs. Dorothy Roach, Anna Department Secretaries:
Jensen, Mrs. Pearl Wilson, Mrs. Book and Bible House, W. F.
E. G. Truitt, Hazel Moody, Mrs. Van Atta.
Edith Black, C. D. Overton, Mrs. Educational, W. L. Avery.
C. D. Overton, Hazel Ringer, Field Miss., J. D. Leslie.
Donald Jacobs, Kathryn Rein- Home Miss. and Sab. School,
muth, Erna von Hofgaarden, J. A. Neilsen.
Mrs. Howard Woodall, L. 0. Rel. Liberty, E. F. Hackman.
Pattison, Mrs. L. 0. Pattison, Y. P. M. V., E. W. Dunbar.
Alice Boyd, Evelyn Oberti, Mar- Ministers:
garet Dillon, Edith Barnes, Wil- E. F. Hackman, R. A. Anderson,
ton Baldwin, Dorita Thomann, L. R. Anderson, W. L. Avery, S.
Edna Wilbur, Otto Hancock, T. Borg, R. J. Bryant, C. W. E.
Mrs. Fern Minifie, Harold Mauk, Bond, E. E. Cossentine, E. W.
Mrs. Jessie H. Dillon, Dorothy Dunbar, Antonio Fernandez, F.
Hesseltine, Dewey Longlaw, A. 0. Fowler, S. T. Hare, A. B.

Huenergardt, H. H. Hicks, E. R. Mrs. Clarence Ferguson, Doro-

Johnson, C. L. Lingerfelter, G. thea Finley, R. L. Garber, Mrs.
R. E. McNay, J. A. Neilsen, F. A. Carl Gober, Mrs. Edith Glover,
Moran, N. C. Petersen, N. W. Mrs. Ethel Haley, Claude Heit-
Philips, J. C. Stevens, C. M. man, Mrs. Roy Hudson, Mrs.
Sorenson, G. A. Truesdell. Alayda Jarrett, Maybelle Jen-
Sustentation Workers: sen, Helen Johnson, Mrp. Myrtle
J. W. Adams, J. W. Allison, J. King, Mrs. Mary Knight, Lillian
W. Beams, W. L. Black, Burt Knorr, Hazel Lay, Marie Lucas,
Bray, W. D. Burden, A. G. Chris- Mrs. Rilla Manning, Gerald Mo-
tiansen, J. A. Chaney, E. A. Cur- sier, Ethel Nash, Alma Nephew,
tis, D. P. Gaede, E. E. Gardner, Mrs. Jessie Osborne, Ruth Phil-
L. A. Gibson, I. J. Hankins, 0. ips, Mrs. Mabel Pierce, Mary
M. Kittle, J. D. Lorenz, R. J. Place, Ruth Rittenhouse, Evelyn
Nethery, D. A. Parsons, G. H. Roose, Mrs. Frances Ross, Gladys
Skinner, J. B. Stuyvesant, J. A. Rosser, Elizabeth Sciarrillo, Mrs.
Burden, Luther Warren, H. L. Daisy Sturges, Laura Schafer,
Hoover, N. V. Willess, F. B. Bernice Squier, Mrs. Lucile
Armitage, E. A. Bristol, L. J. Stickle, Mrs. Irwin Taylor,
Burgess, W. A. George, M. D., Thyra Thompson.
I. G. Knight, C. McReynolds.
J. D. Leslie, A. C. Madsen, N. S. CONFERENCE
McLeod, C. A. Pyle, F. H. Raley, Organized 1901
C. A. Robaina, D. W. Smith, Territory: The following counties
A. M. Tillman, Dan Dirksen,
in the State of California: Los
George Freeman, R. H. Kezer. Angeles, Ventura, Inyo, Mono.
Missionary Licentiates: that part of Kern County lying
Rose Boose, Donald Clark, Mrs. south and east of the Tehachapi
Eva Crosier, Bertha Davis, J. P. Mountains, and all that part of
Fentzling, Clara Gwinnup, Oma Santa Barbara County lying to
Gentry, Dorothy Kellogg, Marion the east and south of a line be-
Leitch, A. C. Larsen, Mrs. W. I. ginning at the intersection of the
Morey, K. J. Reynolds, Mrs. 120th meridian with the north
Edith Sawyer, Mrs. E. B. Stod- boundary line of said Santa Bar-
dard, Mrs. L. V. Smith, W. F. bara County, thence south on
Van Atta, J. W. Warren, M. D., the said 120th meridian to the
Mrs. M. Williamson, Mrs. Luther summit of the No Joqui Grade;
Warren. thence following the No Joqui
Grade in a southwesterly direc-
Academic Teachers:
tion to the Pacific Ocean.
A. C. Madsen, Frank Moran, Population: 2,315,883; churches,
Glenn Martin, Wallace Nethery, 50; members, 8,816.
Mrs. R. Glass, Miss F. Brown, Office: 3131. Pasadena Ave., Los
C. A. Plye, Paul Adams, Joe Angeles, California. (Telephone,
Marshall, Miss L. Button. Capitol 7344)
Church School Teachers: Postal Address: Station A, Box
Edna Ackerman, Mrs. Florence 148, Los Angeles, Calif.
Adams, C. R. Baker, Hilda Ben- Officers:
jamine, Marie Christiansen, Dal- Pres., David Voth.
las Colvin, Mrs. Crystal Duce, Sec.-Treas., B. M. Emerson.
Esther Duce, Clarence Ferguson, Executive Committee: David

Voth, B. M. Emerson, W. M. de Fluiter, Mrs. H. de Fluiter,

Adams, William Guthrie, P. G. Vienna Hamilton, A. R. Dennis,
Rodgers, Dr. M. A. McElhany, Jennie Ireland, Reathel Jenkins,
G. H. Curtis, Philip Knox, W. Ada Madison, H. Norton, Lillian
W. Ruble. Santee, Mary Treber, Hester
Legal Assn.: "Southern Califor- Walsh, 'Wilbur Dunn, Mary D.
nia Association of Seventh-day Hopkins, Georgia Rader, Edna
Adventists." Ragsdale.
Department Secretaries: Academic Teachers:
Book and Bible House, H. Nor- Waco McCully, B. A., Virgil
ton. Jackson, B. A., Kathryn Speh,
Educational, W. W. Ruble. M. A., Alvina Osiek, B. A., Ellen
Field Miss., A. E. Barnes. Anderson; B. S., C. D. Striplin,
Home Miss., H. M. Burwell. M. S., Robert Kitto, M. A., W. V.
Medical, Edna Ragsdale. Albee, B. A., P. G. Wipperman,
Religious Liberty, W. M. Adams. Pauline Hanson, M. A., Gladys
Sabbath School, Mary D. Hop- E. Schacht, Mabel Cason, W. S.
kins. Potts, M. A., Edna Kilcher, B. A.,
Y. P. M. V., L. A. Skinner. J. E. Young, B. A., Ivan Neilsen,
Ministers: B. A., Grace Buell, B. A., Dan
David Voth, W. M. Adams, H. Teifel, Lyman L. Ham, Olive
M. Blunden, S. Donaldson, C. A. Westphal, B. A., George Smisor,
Holt, G. B. Haining, P. L. Knox, M. A., Grace Butler, Lois Skin-
R. F. Cottrell, C. S. Nicolas, F. ner, B. A., Donald Darst, B. A.,
W. Paap, H. M. S. Richards, P. Mrs. Donald Darst, B. A., Stan-
G. Rodgers, W. W. Ruble, W. H. ley Ledington, B. M., Esther L.
Schacht, E. T. Seat, C. D. Strip- Led ington, Ruth Y. Oswald, B. A.
lin, L. A. Wilcox, A. Munson, Church School Teachers:
C. J. Coon, H. C. Lacey, F. G. Marion Harte, Kathryn Francis,
Lane, W. R. Jefferson, H. E. Mc- Recorda Williams, Alfredo. Mor-
Whinney, R. H. Nightingale, L. tenson, Iris Christman, Vivian
A. Skinner, B. R. Spear. Smith, Elwyn Smith, Mrs. V.
Honorary: R. A. Hare, M. D., Jackson, Martha Lovell, Mrs.
M. M. Hare, M. D., Riley Russell, F. W. Norwood, Betty Gibbons,
M. D., J. B. Nelson, L. R. Marsh, Ethel Griese, Louise Alcorn,
Sustentation: A. D. Armstrong, Phyllis Zinke, Grace Folkenberg,
William Guthrie, E. G. Hayes,
J. S. Rouse, R. W. Parmele, J. A. P. Hanson, Vera Woodman,
M. Cole, F. H. Westphal, J. W. J. J. Paulson, Mrs. J. J. Paulson,
Westphal. Emma Ramstead, Mabel Nielsen,
Mildred Murdick, Mrs. J. K.
Licentiates: Macmillan, Vada Ruling, Effie
P. B. Bontemps, H. M. Burwell, Carroll, Fern Halverson, Esther
B. M. Emerson, Walter Lind, Dockham, Maude Bergin, H. W.
C. C. Morlan, A. T. Okohira, W. Ingham, Myra Ingham, Mrs. A.
S. Potts, Robert Kitto, A. E. E. Merkel, Mildred Wheeler, Mrs.
Barnes, Donald Darst, Waco Mc- J. A. Merkel, Dorothea Dilbeck,
Cully, R. D. Moon, G. A. Rosen- LaVonne Cortright, June Cul-
berg, J. E. Young. hane, Ruth Fillbach, Hazel Skin-
Honorary: I. A. Ford, W. W. ner, Joseph Zinke, Katherine
Worster, Dr. Rudolph Rodriguez. Siemens, May Knowles Mrs. Ed.
Missionary Licentiates: Bruce, Gerald Neff, Luella Stew-
Lona Brosi, Oleta Butcher, H. art, Frances Blake, Hila Hughes,

Estelle Sweeney, Barbara Wal- Long Beach Academy, 1880 Daw-

ters, F. V. Anderson, Ursula son Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Berry, Geneva Smith, Violet Los Angeles Academy, 3210 Post
Wills. St., Los Angeles, Calif. (Mail
address, Box 332, Station A,
Los Angeles, Calif.)
Mountain View Union Academy,
UNION CONFERENCE San Diego Academy, 3057 G St.,
Educational: San Diego, Calif.
Boarding: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Moun-
Arizona Academy, 1325 North tain View, Calif.
Fourteenth St., Phoenix, Ariz. Sanitariums:
Lodi Academy, Bin 8, Lodi, Cal. Glendale Sanitarium and Hospi-
Pacific Union College, Angwin, tal, 1509 East Wilson Ave.,
Napa Co., Calif. Glendale, Calif. (Mail address,
Southern California Junior Col- Box 871, Glendale, Calif.)
lege, Route 1, Arlington, Calif. Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma
Non Boarding: Linda, Calif.
Fresno Academy, 841 West Bel- Paradise Valley Sanitarium, Na-
mont Ave., Fresno, Calif. tional City, Calif.
Glendale Union Academy, 700 St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanita-
Kimlin Drive, Glendale, Calif. rium, Napa Co., Calif.
Golden Gate Academy, 1709 Al- White Memorial Hospital, cor.
catraz Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Boyle and Michigan Ayes., Los
Hawaiian Mission Academy, 1417 Angeles, Calif.
Makiki St., Honolulu, Hawaii. Medical:
Kern Academy, Shafter, Calif. College of Medical Evangelists,
Loma Linda Academy, Loma Loma Linda and Los Angeles,
Linda, Calif. Calif.


Organized 1932
Territory: The Conferences of Ala- ter, G. A. Huse, H. F. Kirk,
bama-Mississippi, Carolina, Flor- V. G. Anderson, J. L. Shuler,
ida, Georgia-Cumberland, and R. G. Strickland, W. E. Aber-
Kentucky-Tennessee. nathy, L. E. Lenheim, C. A.
Population: 19,172,972; churches, Russell.
268; members, 15,797. Legal Assn.: "Southern Union
Telegraphic Address: Phone, Dear- Conference Association of S.
born 0587. D. A."
Office: 437 East Ponce de Leon Auditor, C. G. Ortner.
Ave., Decatur, Ga. Transportation Agent, J. K.
Pres., J. K. Jones. Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., C. G. Ortner. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Executive Committee: J. K. C. A. Russell.
Jones, C. G. Ortner, H. E. Ly- Field Miss., H. F. Kirk.
singer, R. I. Keate, H. J. Kloos- Home Miss., R. G. Strickland.

Religious Liberty, J. K. Jones. Honorary: C. M. Kinney, N. ,B.

Ministers: King, J. F. Crichlow.
J. K. Jones, R. G. Strickland, Licentiate: H. E. Ford.
C. A. Russell, H. J. Klooster, Missionary Licentiate:
H. F. Kirk, J. E. Shultz, H. K. Anna Knight.
Christman, T. R. Huxtable.
Honorary: N. H. Conway, W. W. ALABAMA-MISSISSIPPI,
Williams, V. 0. Cole, C. J. Bu- CONFERENCE
halts, J. F. Brownlee, R. H. Organized 1932
Brock, C. E. Boynton, W. H. Territory: The States of Alabama,
Armstrong, 0. B. Crary, H. J. Mississippi, and the following
Doolittle, R. S. Donnell, F. W. counties in Florida: Escambia,
Field, K. R. Haughey, Dr. E. A. Santa Rosa, Walton, Holmes,
Sutherland, V. B. Watts, L. E. Washington, Jackson, Okaloosa,
Wellman, J. G. White, P. C. Gulf, Bay, and Calhoun.
Hanson, B. W. Spire, C. F. Mc- Poulation: 4,827,863; churches,
Vagh, H. S. Prenier. 55; members, 2,421.
Licentiates: Office Address: 1703-24th Ave.,
C. G. Ortner, H. E. Snide, E. C. Meridian, Miss. (Phone 431.)
Waller, D. C. Ludington, G. A. Officers:
Huse. Pres., R. I. Keate.
Honorary: L. D. Randall, F. W. Sec. and Treas., Clyde Franz.
Schmehl, Mrs. Minnie S. Atte- Executive Committee: R. I.
berry, Burton Castle, T. D. Gib- Keate, Clyde Franz, L. A. Butter-
son, A. N. Atteberry. field, W. E. Lanier, H. 0. Rogers,
Missionary Licentiates: R. J. Sype, J. G. White.
W. E. Abernathy, Dr. C. W. Legal Assn.: "Alabama-Missis-
Lynn, W. A. Harvey, W. R. sippi Conference Association of
White. Seventh-day Adventists."
Honorary: Mrs. Mary B. Bals- Department Secretaries:
baugh, Mary Baxter, Ruth Or- Book and Bible House, J.
chill, Mrs. E. C. Widgery, Mrs. Jansen.
W. W. Williams. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Union Colored Department H. M. Kelley.
Pres., J. K. Jones. Field Miss., C. J. Ashlock; Asst.
Sec. and Treas., C. G. Ortner. Field Miss., B. H. Ewing.
Union Evangelist, J. G. Thomas. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Asst. Sec., Educational, Y. P. M. C. F. Graves.
V., and Home Miss., Anna Religious Liberty, R. I. Keate.
Knight. Ministers:
Committee: J. K. Jones, C. G. R. I. Keate, L. A. Butterfield,
Ortner, R. I. Keate, H. E. Ly- W. W. Walker, R. J. Sype, C. MT.
singer, V. C. Anderson, J. L. Rubendall, W. E. Lanier, H. M.
Shuler, L. E. Lenheim, J. G. Kelley, F. H. DeVinney, C. J.
Thomas, Anna Knight, J. S. Buhalts, C. F. Graves, M. R.
Green, M. C. Strachan, F. A. Garrett.
Osterman, E. Wilkins, F. S. Licentiates:
Keitts, H. E. Ford, J. L. Moran. H. E. McClure, C. J. Ashlock.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
J. G. Thomas, J. L. Moran, 0. B. Mrs. R. I. Keate, Rachel-May
Edwards, C. E. Moseley, 0. A. Lemon, Clyde Franz, J. M. Jan-
Troy. sen.

Church School Teachers: Executive Committee: J. L.

T. D. Strickland, Mrs. T. D. Shuler, F. R. Boggs, B. F. Knee-
Strickland, Lois Duncan, Hazel land, U. Bender, A. A. Jasperson,
King, Mrs. W. S. Byran, Minnie L. H. Veach.
Duncan, Mrs. Faye Clark, Opal Legal Assn.: "Carolina Confer-
Miller, Ola, Bryars, Annie Lowe, ence Association of Seventh-day
Mrs. Wheeler Clark, A. D. Mc- Adventists, Incorporated."
Kee, Ruth Davis, Mary Ross, Department Secretaries:
Clarence Wellman, Mrs. C. B. Book and Bible House, F. R.
Howe, Essie Foster, Mrs. Ada Boggs.
Foxworth, Emil Messenger, Lu- Educational and Sabbath School,
cile Crockett. Nannie May Smith.
Colored Department Field Miss., W. H. Atherly.
Committee: R. I. Keate, Clyde Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Franz, J. S. Green, C. F. Curtis, R. L. Winders.
T. M. Fountain. Religious Lib., J. L. Shuler.
Ministers: Ministers:
J. S. Green, C. F. Curtis, T. M. J. L. Shuler, H. F. Taylor, B. F.
Fountain. Kneeland, U. Bender, E. L. Shel-
Licentiates: don, J. E. Whelpley, M. C. Guild,
C. B. Holloway, B. H. Ewing, R. E. Griffin, W. L. Killen.
0. B. Hall, W. G. Mills. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiate: H. T. M. W. H. Atherly, R. L. Winders,
Palmer. J. W. Franklin.
Church School Teachers: Missionary Licentiates:
Frances Fountain, Mrs. 0. B. F. R. Boggs, Nannie May Smith.
Hall, Mrs. Evelyn Street, Mrs. Church School Teachers: '
Margaret B. Johnson, Julia Dorothy Case, Mrs. Chester Dar-
Baugh, Seneva Crosgrove, Fran- nell, Mrs. Edna Grey, Helen
ces Graves, Fannie May White. Campbell, Mrs. Annie J. Leigh-
ton, Inez Beck, Mrs. Charles
CAROLINA CONFERENCE Fox, Irma Storey, Mrs. J. A.
Byrd, Mrs. Fannie Johnson, Mrs.
Organized in 1901 and 1907, as the Florence Kohler, Mrs. G. P.
North Carolina and South Caro- Tripp, Mrs. L. W. Woodell, Mrs.
lina Conferences; reorganized as Gladys Ferciot.
Carolina Conference in 1918.
Territory: The States of North Colored Department
and South Carolina, except- Committee: J. L. Shuler, F. R.
ing Cherokee County, N. C., Boggs, F. A. Osterman, P. NI.
which belongs to .the Georgia- Boyd, W. H. Winston.
Cumberland Conference. Ministers:
Population: 4,892,890; churches, F. A. Osterman, W. H. Winston,
55; members, 2,310. P. M. Boyd.
Office Address: 213 North Mc- Licentiate: F. L. Bland.
Dowell St., Charlotte, N. C. Missionary Licentiate:
(Telephone, 6951.) Charlotte Weeks.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 577, Church School Teachers:
Charlotte, N. C. Mrs. L. A. Page, Mrs. Alberta
Officers: Daniels, William Robinson, Mrs.
Pres., J. L. Shuler. Delilah Custard, Wilhelmina Go-
Sec. and Treas., F. R. Boggs. million.

FLORIDA CONFERENCE Church School Teachers:

Organized 1893 Mrs. Irva B. Baessler, Freda
Territory: The State of Florida, Burger, Mrs. C. E. Peavey, S. G.
excepting the counties of Es- Northcott, Annette Rilea, Mrs.
cambia, Santa Rosa. Walton, Ida J. Sollenberger, Mrs. J. Con-
Holmes, Washington, Gulf, Jack- ger, Geraldine Kenney, W. J.
son. Oskaloosa, Bay, and Cal- Wilkinson, Cleone Lewis, El-
houn, which belong to the Ala- freida Kuntz, Mrs. E. Meade
bama-Mississippi Conference. Graham, Louise Batten, Mrs.
Population: 1,468,211; churches, Mabel Smith, Virginia Clarke,
55; members, 4,308. Theresa Richardson, Mrs. S. G.
Office: 311 North Rosalind Ave., Northcott, Thelma Fretz, Ercel
Orlando, Fla.; P. 0. Box 372. Bradley.
(Telephone, 4276.) Colored Department
Officers: Committee: L. E. Lenheim, R. G.
Pres., L. E. Lenheim. Bowen, M. C. Strachan, J. A.
Sec. and Treas., R. G. Bowen. Bookhart.
Executive Committee: L. E. Ministers:
Lenheim, R. G. Bowen, M. H. M. C. Strachan, J. A. Bookhart,
St. John, B. H. Shaw, H. Lester, H. D. Singleton.
W. E. McClure, R. S. Akers. Licentiate: L. S. Follette.
Legal Assn.: "Florida Confer- Church School Teachers:
ence Association of Seventh-day Lucile Heyward, Trula Wade,
Adventists, Inc." Ruth Reid, Henrietta Emanuel,
Department Secretaries: Mary Murry.
Book and Bible House, C. M.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., GEORGIA-CUMBERLAND
Field Miss., Nathan Russell. Organized 1932
Home Miss., and Sabbath Sch., Territory: Eastern Tennessee, the
J. C. Klose. western boundary being the
Medical, L. M. Sutter, M. D. western line of the counties of
Religious Liberty, L. E. Lenheim. Clay, Jackson, Smith, DeKalb,
Ministers: Warren, Grundy, and Marion;
L. E. Lenheim, L. C. Evans, also one county in western North
B. H. Shaw, F. C. Webster, L. T. Carolina, Cherokee; and the
Crisler, J. A. Leland, J. C. Klose, State of Georgia.
J. D. Reavis, N. S. Ashton, M. H. Population: 3,743,880; churches,
St. John. 54; members, 3,430.
Honorary: J. B. Locken, R. E. Office: 547 Cherokee Ave., S. E.,
French, J. H. Krum, G. W. Spies, Atlanta, Ga.
C. B. Stephenson. Post Office Address, P. 0. Box
4929, Atlanta, Ga.
H. J. ShaW, J. M. Cox, K. A. Pres., H. E. Lysinger. (Res.
Wright. Phone, Main 6481.)
Missionary Licentiates: Sec.-Treas., H. E. Schneider.
W. E. McClure, R. G. Bowen, (Res. Phone, Main 7577.)
C. M. Crawford, Anna C. Dewers, Executive Committee: H. E.
Martha Ferree, Helen Greunke, Lysinger, H. E. Schneider, W. H.
Nathan Russell, L. M. Sutter. Westermeyer, A. E. Deyo, B. F.

Summerour, Dr. L. E. Coolidge, Colored Department

S. M. Schleifer. Committee:
Legal Assns.: The Cumberland H. E. Lysinger, H. E. Schneider,
Conference Association of Sev- N. B. Smith, E. Wilkins, J. B.
enth-day Adventists, Incorpor- Mallory.
ated." "The Georgia Confer- Ministers:
ence Association of Seventh-day F. H. Stevens, N. B. Smith, E.
Adventists, Incorporated." Wilkins, J. B. Mallory.
Department Secretaries: Licentiate: W. E. Adams.
Book and Bible House, H. E. Church School Teachers:
Schneider. Margaret Caldwell, Mrs. M. F.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sweedenberg, Annie Haynes, Jes-
J. R. Perkins. sie Haynes, Martha Heyward,
Field Miss., A. E. Deyo. Lillian Jones.
Home Miss., R. E. Crawford.
Medical, Dr. J. F. Schneider.
Religious Liberty, H. E. Ly- KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE
Sabbath School, Anita Martin. Organized: Kentucky, 1908; Ten-
Ministers: nessee, 1888; Consolidated 1932
H. E. Lysinger, W. G. Kneeland, Territory: The state of Kentucky
Allen Walker, W. H. Wester- and Western Tennessee, the
meyer, M. E. Chapman, S. M. eastern boundary being the east-
Schleifer, V. A. Lagrone, G. Me- ern line of the counties of Ma-
dairy (sustentation). con, Trousdale, Wilson, Cannon,
Licentiates: Coffee, Franklin.
Population: 4,086,328; churches,
J. R. Perkins, A. E. Deyo, F. W. 40; members, 3,328.
Harvey, J. S. Jameson, Dr. J. R. Office: 2001 24th Ave., North,
Mitchell, R. E. Crawford, W. S. Nashville, Tenn. Telephone,
Lawrence, H. E. Schneider. 7-6660.
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
Mrs. M. Smith, Dr. J. F. Schnei- Pres., V. G. Anderson.
der, Anita Martin, Mrs. W. G. Sec. and Treas., C. 0. Franz.
Kneeland, Maude Crump. Executive Committee: V. G. An-
Church School Teachers: derson, C. 0. Franz, J. E. All,
H. R. Sheldon, Mrs. H. R. Shel- E. W. Wolfe, J. T. Wheeler,
don, Edna Trammell, Dorothy Dr. A. J. Harris.
Victry, Evelyn Karr, Lois Legal Assn.: "Kentucky-Tennes-
Walker, Nellie Feree, Ruth In- see Conference Association of
gram, Martha Brown, Luta Pil- Seventh-day Adventists, Inc."
green, Mrs. B. F. Wrenn, Mrs. Department Secretaries:
T. V. Gerber, Mrs. Lela Whor- Bk. and Bible Hse., C. 0. Franz.
ton, Mrs. Claudia Dillard, Mrs. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
R. R. Price, Blanche Vaughn, A. 0. Dart.
Fannie Canada, Mrs. Esther Field Miss., Arva. Nickless.
Fisher, Margaret Seilaz, Dorothy Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Gray, Faith Potter, Marjorie
Randall, Mattie Chastain, Elaine Religious Lib., V. G. Anderson.
Giddings, Mrs. Martin Bartholo- Ministers:
mew, Katherine Chastain, Doris V. G. Anderson, A. J. Clark, J. E.
Cone. All, E. W. Wolfe, W. W. White,

G. W. Holman, A. C. Griffin, Ministers:

Frank Weeks, S. G. Haughey. F. S. Keitts, J. W. Jones,
Licentiates: Thomas Murpry, A. B. Storey.
A. L. Dickerson, E. C. Banks, Licentiate: L. R. Hastings.
H. J. Welch, A. 0. Dart, H. A. Church School Teachers:
Cober, C. 0. Franz, Arva Nick-
less. Rosetta Baldwin, Grayce Hamil-
ton, Mrs. J. A. Wesley, Mrs.
Missionary Licentiates: Grace Frazier.
Mrs. J. P. Russell, Mrs. K. A.
Macaulay, Mrs. J. Wilhelm.
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Mae Keel, C. E. Sander, INSTITUTIONS IN THE
Mrs. Melva Sauder, Thelma SOUTHERN UNION
Wallace, Arline Chambers, Mar- CONFERENCE
tha Zehm, Audrey Klaus, Opal Educational:
Freeze, Mrs. Ethel Wildes, Jessie
Pride, Pearl Pride, C. L. Jacobs, Forest Lake Academy, Route 2,
Mrs. C. L. Jacobs, Minnie Brown, Maitland, Fla.
Mrs. Dorothy Gulley, R. L. Oakwood Junior College, Hunts-
Jacobs, Eldred Beardsley, Mar- ville, Ala.
garet Harper, George Crawford, Southern Junior College, Col-
Effie French, W. F. Ray, Mrs. legedale, Tenn.
Helen Sharp, Mae 'Wilson, M. J. Publishing:
Low, Mrs. M. J. Low, Ralph Southern Publishing Assn., 2119-
Martin, B. D. Goode, Mrs. Violet 2125 Twenty-fourth Avenue,
Goodge, Mrs. Florence Taylor, North, Nashville, Tenn.
Mrs. H. M. Mathews. Sanitarium:
Colored Department Orlando-Florida Sanitarium and
Committee: Hospital, Orlando, Fla.
V. G. Anderson, C. 0. Franz, Riverside Sanitarium and Hos-
F. S. Keitts, J. W. Jones, A. B. pital, Route 3, Box 53, Nash-
Storey. ville, Tenn.


Organized 1901; reorganized 1902
Territory: The Conferences of gomery, B. E. Wagner, G. R.
Arkansas-Louisiana, Oklahoma, Fattic, H. H. Hamilton, F. L.
Texas, and Texico. Harrison, C. V. Anderson, J. D.
Population: 12,600,147; churches, Smith.
189; members, 10,769. Legal Assn.: " The Southwest-
Office Address: Keene, Texas. ern Union Conference Corpora-
(Telephone 7.) tion of S. D. A." Pres., R. L.
Benton; Sec. and Treas., F. L.
Officers: Harrison.
Pres., R. L. Benton. Auditor, F. L. Harrison.
Sec. and Treas., F. L. Harrison. Trans. Agent, R. L. Benton.
Executive Committee: R. L. Department Secretaries:
Benton, H. C. Hartwell, J. J. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Reiswig, G. A. Huse, R. P. Mont- G. R. Fattic.

Field Miss., B. E. Wagner. Department Secretaries:

Home Miss., C. V. Anderson. Book and Bible House, 0. J. Bell.
Religious Lib., R. L. Benton. Assistant, Louise Dunn.
Negro, Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Ministers: W. E. Bement.
Field Miss., D. A. McAdams.
R. L. Benton, H. S. Miller, H. H. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Hamilton, B. E. Wagner, G. R. C. E. Lambeth.
Fattic, C. V. Anderson, H. B. Religious Lib., H. C. Hartwell.
Honorary: A. G. Haughey, J. G. Ministers:
Oblander, G. M. Brown, I. A. H. C. Hartwell, M. L. Wilson,
Crane, D. F. Sturgeon, E. B. Isaac Baker, J. L. Neil, P. E.
Hopkins, Bernard Voth, G. A. Scoggins, W. E. Bement.
LaGrone, H. Pannkoke, U. B. Licentiates:
Dake. D. A. McAdams, Gene Dell Anno.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
G. C. Jenks, D. E. McNeil, F. L. 0. J. Bell, R. E. Cash.
Harrison. Church School Teachers:
Missionary Licentiate: L. N. Car- J. S. Hindbaugh, Mrs. J. S. Hind-
ter. baugh, Mrs. Orval Atkins, W. D.
Pierce, Mrs. W. D. Pierce, Vina
Union Negro Department Georgeson, Mrs. Chester Simp-
Committee: R. L. Benton, R. P. son, J. A. Powell, Velma Camp-
Montgomery, J. J. Reiswig, H. C. bell, Mildred Baldwin, Emily
Hartwell, 0. J. Trotter, F. L. Louise King, Esther Pittman,
Harrison, J. D. Smith, J. G. Nora Burk, Albert Smith, Lottie
Dasent, R. E. Louden. Dickerson, H. C. Lambeth, Ruth
Ministers: Parker, Mozelle Fulbright, Mrs.
J. G. Dasent, R. E. Louden. Roscoe Wentz, Mrs. Lou E.
Arkansas Organized 1888 T. H. Coopwood, J. G. Dasent,
Louisiana Organized 1900 I. A. Christian.
Consolidated 1932 Licentiates:
F. J. Bryant, J. H. Williams.
Territory: States of Arkansas and Church School Teachers:
Louisiana. Mrs. Alyce Williams, Mrs. Z. B.
Population: 3,956,075; churches, Burns, Ruth McBride, Emmalyn
41; members, 2,326. Washington, Mrs. G. W. Chat-
Office: 1215 Marshall St., Little ters, Mrs. Priscilla Greene.
Rock, Ark. Phone 4-4501.
Sec. and Treas., 0. J. Bell. Organized 1894
Executive Committee: H. C. Territory: The State of Okla-
Hartwell, 0. J. Bell, J. L. Neil, homa and Lipscomb Co., Texas.
Isaac Baker.
Legal Assn.: "Arkansas Confer- Population: 2,400,552; churches,
ence Association of Seventh-day 52; members, 3,224.
Adventists." Office: 217 Northwest 7th' St.,

Oklahoma City, Okla. (Phone, O'Brien, Mrs. Obed Patty, Mrs.

3:1678.) Tom Powell, Mrs. Carl Riffel.
Sec. and Treas., L. R. Alexander. Territory: The American Indians
Executive Committee: J. J. in the Southwestern Union.
Reiswig, L. R. i Alexander,
E. E. Beddoe, C. D. Hein, Wesley Population: 129,956; church, 1;
Amundsen, Conrad Spomer, I. C. members, 10.
Pound. Postal Address: Box 427, Tahle-
Legal Assn.: "Oklahoma Confer- quah, Okla.
ence Corporation of Seventh-day Officers:
Adventists." Supt., F. M. Robinson.
Department Secretaries: See. and Treas., Mrs. F. M.
Book and Bible House, L. R. Robinson.
Alexander. Executive Committee: F. M.
Educational and Sabbath School, Robinson, Mrs. F. M. Robinson,
T. S. Copeland. R. L. Benton F. L. Harrison.
Field Miss., W. L. Kinder. Dept. Sec.: F. M.
, Robinson.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Minister: F. M. Robinson.
Wesley Amundsen.
Home Commission, T. S. Cope- LAKE GROVE MISSION
land. Postal Address: Box 6, Thoreau,
Rel. Liberty, J. J. Reiswig. New Mex.
Isolated, C. J. Dart. Director: G. B. Boswell.
Ministers: Teacher: G. B. Boswell.
J. J. Reiswig, T. S. Copeland,
C. J. Dart, W. D. Frazee, E. E. TEXAS CONFERENCE
Beddoe, C. D. Hein, I. C. Pound, Reorganized 1932
0. J. Trotter, Wesley Amundsen, Territory: That part of the State
M. B. Butterfield. of Texas lying east and south of
Honorary: C. E. Riffel. the following counties, except
Licentiates: the city of Texarkana: Harde-
W. L. Kinder, Verne Kelsey, L. man, Foard, Knox, Haskell,
R. Alexander, R. E. Browning, Jones, Taylor, Runnels, Concho,
S. C. Pritchard, W. N. Witten- Tom Green, Irion, Reagan, Up-
berg. ton, Crane, Ward, Reeves, Cul-
Missionary Licentiates: berson, Hudspeth, and El Paso.
Ophelia Voth, Helen Maxwell, Population: 4,931,953; churches,
Rachel Landrum, W. S. Lee. 66; members, 4,053.
Church School Teachers: Office Address: 112 St. Louis Ave.,
Mrs. A. K. Watkins, Florence Ft. Worth, Texas; Phone, 2-1814.
Kinder, John Deapen, H. B. Officers:
Dulan, Elizabeth Lothian, Alice Pres., J. D. Smith.
Will, Mrs. Ella Grosvenor, R. A. Sec.-Treas., J. 0. Hanson.
Nesmith, Mrs. R. A. Nesmith, Executive Committee: J. D.
Agnes Barnes, Mrs. Ethel Gam- Smith, J. 0. Hanson, W. H.
mill, Frances Minser, Maude, Clark, J. A. Tucker, A. E. Van
Reid, Mrs. George Penner, Wilma Noty, J. F. Anderson, H. M.
Turner, Vera Baker, Bertha Westphal.
Chrispens, Evelyn King, Walter Legal Assns.: Texas Conference
Nelson, Mrs. Walter Nelson, Eva Association of Seventh-day Ad-

ventists, South Texas Confer- R. May, Samuel Castillo, Mrs.

ence Association of Seventh-day W. T. Jones, Mrs. D. M. Knox.
Department Secretaries: TEXICO CONFERENCE
Book and Bible House, J. 0. Organized 1916
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Territory: The State of New Mex-
J. A. Tucker. ico (excepting San Juan County
Field Miss., A. E. Van Noty. belonging to the Colorado
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Conference), and that part of
W. H. Clark. the State of Texas lying west
Religious Liberty, J. D. Smith. and north of the following coun-
Isolated, Nadine Harris. ties (excepting Lipscomb county
Negro, R. E. Louden. belonging to the Oklahoma Con-
Spanish, G. A. Schwerin. ference): West of the Eastern
Ministers: line of Hardeman, Foard, Knox,
Haskell, Jones, Taylor, Runnels,
J. D. Smith, C. U. Taylor, W. Concho, and north of the south
H. Clark, E. E. Carman, D. U. line of Concho, Green, Trion,
Hale, A. G. Youngberg, E. W. Reagan, Upton, Crane, Ward,
Storing, J. I. Taylor, J. A. Reeves, Culbertson, Hudspeth, El
Tucker, G. A. Schwerin, E. M. Paso.
Gates, W. S. North, R. E. Lou- Population: 1,296,866; churches,
den, C. F. Staben, V. W. Becker, 29; members, 1,156.
A. R. Russell. Postal Address: Box 1040, Clovis,
Licentiates: N. Mex.
B. L. Hassenpflug, J. 0. Hanson,
Stanley Huddleston, J. A. Smith, Officers:
A. E. Van Noty, C. L. Chastain, Pres., R. P. Montgomery.
W. L. Barclay, J. L. Kraemer. Sec. and Treas., T. R. Gardner.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: R. P.
Mrs. 0. J. Corwin, Mrs. H. Eder, Montgomery, T. R. Gardner, G.
Nadine Harris, P. W. McDaniels, A. LaGrone, W. B. Pontynen,
Mrs. Beulah Langdon. C. A. Walgren, H. P. Hardt,
Church School Teachers: 0. P. Frakes.
Lois Lofton, E. E. Carman, Mrs. Legal Assn.: " The Texico Con-
E. E. Carman, Evelyn Jepson, ference Assn. of S. D. A."
Iva Spear, Roy Cole, Vida Kin- Department Secretaries:
zer, Mrs. Cecil Kinder, Ruth Book and Bible House, T. R.
Creel, H. N. Smith, Mrs. H. B. Gardner. 4, ICP7Y,
French, A. G. Haughey, Mrs. A. Educational, 4.-11,Fattic.,9 L4-) NV;
G. Haughey, D. C. Butherus, Field Miss., W. D. Kieser.
Mrs. D. C. Butherus, Everett Home Miss. and Y. P. 44. W, 5..5'.
Calhoun, Mary Wofford, Betty W. B. Pontynen.
Hedrick, Velma Smith, Mrs. J. Religious Liberty, R. P. Mont-
C. Turner, Mabel Wood, Mary gomery.
Woodward, Grace Prentice, Lot- Sabbath School, G. A. LaGrone.
tie Woodruff, Carl Anderson, Ministers:
Mrs. Carl Anderson, Helen R. P. Montgomery, C. A. Wal-
Stoner, Clyde Bushnell, Mrs. gren, J. B. Hampton, G. A. La-
W. T. Collins, Mrs. J. W. Grone, G. W. Casebeer, W. B.
Wilson, Hattie Stewart, Mrs. G. Pontynen.
E. Jenkins, Katie Baker, Evelina Honorary: A. G. Nelson, R. E.
Jensen, Maria Trevino, Mrs. C. Stewart.

Licentiates: J. S. Gillespie, Mrs. J. S. Gilles-

T. R. Gardner, W. D. Kieser, Lee pie, Mrs. Ina Giesler, C. R. Fry,
Carter. W. L. Carter, Lottie McCoy.
Missionary Licentiate:
Ponciana Mireles.
Church School Teachers: INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Percy Saxon, Mrs. J. J. Lowrie, WESTERN UNION CON-
Oleta Frakes, Mrs. C. L. Kirk, FERENCE
Mrs. M. M. Medina, C. S. Mil- Educational:
lard, Mrs. Ada Webka, B. V. Southwestern Junior College.
Tibbets, Mrs. B. V. Tibbetts, Keene, Tex.
Created a Division Conference by action of the General Conference
in session at San Francisco, Cal., May 24, 1922.
Population: 9,750,000; churches, Vice-President for Australasia, C.
335; members, 17,000. H. Watson.


Organized 1894
Territory: The Conferences of cock, W. N. Lock, S. V. Strat-
North New South Wales, South ford, B. H. McMahon, Dr. T. A.
New South Wales, North New Sherwin, J. J. Potter, G. E.
Zealand, South New Zealand, Adair, Dr. C. W. Harrison, G. H.
Queensland, South Australia, Greenaway, G. H. Engelbrecht,
Victoria, West Australia, and J. W. Kent, E. E. Roenfelt, R. A.
Tasmania; Eastern Polynesia, Thrift, C. S. Palmer, B. O. Jo-
Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Papua, hanson, H. J. Halliday, A. L.
Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, King, R. W. Lane, Miss H. K.
New Hebrides, Niue, Norfolk Lewin, T. C. Lawson, G. S.
Island, Lord Howe Island, Terri- Fisher, F. A. Allum H. G. Moulds,
tory of New Guinea, Monamona, W. L. Pascoe, C. E. Bird, N. C.
and North Queensland Missions. Burns, C. W. Tinworth, T. J.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Syd- Bradley, R. Reye, W. E. Battye,
ney. H. Stockton, James Pascoe A,
Dawson, W. 0. Broad.
Office: " Mizpah," Wahroonga, Chief Auditor, R. R. Gooding.
New South Wales, Australia. Auditor, A. G. Minchin.
Officers: Statistician, Henry Stockton.
Pres., C. H. Watson. Legal Assn.: " Australasian
Vice-President for the Home Conference Association. Ltd."
Field E. B. Rudge. General Manager, T. W. Ham-
Vice-Presidents for the Island Sec., R. H. Adair; Asst., W. L.
Mission Feld, A. G. Stewart Pascoe.
and A. H. Piper. Treas., R. H. Adair; Asst., W. L.
Secretary, E. E. Roenfelt. Pascoe.
Treas., R. H. Adair.
Asst. Treas., W. L. Pascoe. Department Secretaries:
Field Secretaries, A. W. Ander- Educational, B. H. McMahon.
son and W. J. Westerman. Health Food, G. E. Adair; Assts.,
Executive Committee: C. H. H. J. Halliday, C. W. Tin-
Watson, W. J. Westerman, A. G. worth, B. 0. Johanson.
Stewart, A. H. Piper, T. W. Home Miss., S. V. Stratford.
Hammond, R. H. Adair,A. W.
Anderson, E. H. Guilliar, R. E. Medical, Dr. T. A. Sherwin.
Hare, E. L. Minchin, L. D. A. Ministerial Assn., W. J. Wester-
Lemke, S. L. Patching, H. E. man.
Piper, F. G. Rampton, E. B. Publishing, T. A. Mitchell; Asst.,
Rudge, G. L. Sterling, G. Pea- Sec., J. R. Kent.

Religious Liberty, A. W. Ander- man, J. L. Simpson, Richmond

son. Hill, Mrs. E. M. Shannan, Miss
Sabbath School, Miss H. K. J. McCullough, Miss H. Bur-
Lewin. roughs, Miss M. Ball, Miss M.
Y. P. M. V., E. L. Minchin. Speck, Miss L. Phillips, Miss
Ministers: V. Thorpe, Miss G. Tiedeman,
C. H. Watson, A. W. Anderson, Miss N. Dray, Miss D. Felsch,
A. H. Piper, E. B. Budge, A. G. Miss I. Colley, Miss D. Chapman,
Stewart, E. Bosendahl, C. S. Pal- D. Dunlop, Miss R. Hill, Miss J.
mer, S. V. Stratford, J. J. Pot- McKean, Miss R. Bunney, F. R.
ter, A. W. Knight, T. W. Ham- Dawson, Miss I. von der Heyde,
mond, E. E. Roenfelt, A. F. J. Miss L. Risby, Miss D. Martin,
Kranz, W. J. Westerman, E. L. F. Black.
Minch in. Licensed Teachers:
Licentiates: R. B. Watts, Mrs. M. V. White,
A. L. King, Wm. Chapman, Dr. Miss M. McNair, Miss E. A. Dur-
T. A. SherWin, Dr. C. W. Harri- rant, Miss B. Aitken, T. Rutter,
son, G. E. Adair, C. V. Bell, Una Gardner, A. G. Gilbert, L. A.
T. C. Lawson, G. H. Greenaway, Large, Mrs. W. D. Leech, H. Mil-
G. S. Fisher, C. H. Schowe, J. R. list, Miss M. Schnepel, Miss A.
Kent, J. Strange, W. S. Renn, Stirling, F. P. Ward, E. M. Ab-
B. H. Schwarzkopf, T. A. Mitch- bott, R. W. Johnson, Miss E. E.
ell, E. L. Pengilley, B. H. Mc- Thorpe, Miss E. Piper, H. M.
Mahon, C. W. Tinworth, R. H. Lashier.
Adair, E. J. Johanson, Dr. W. G.
Harding, G. F. Bohringer, Dr. M. NEW ZEALAND, NORTH CON-
F. Godfrey, H. J. Halliday. FERENCE
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1889
L. Gill, R. J. Riley, R. I. Territory: That portion of the
Wright, A. W. Dawson, J. S. Dominion of New Zealand north
Sandeman, T. J. Dowling, R. R. of Cook's Straits.
Gooding, H. Stockton, A. H. Cable Address: " Mastery," Auck-
Battye, A. G. Minchin, B. 0. land, New Zealand.
Johanson, P. A. Donaldson, L. A. Office: 84 Jervois Road, Auckland.
Piper, A. A. Sprengel, S. Grieve, New Zealand.
W. G. Thrift, N. H. Faulkner, Officers:
C. C. Ellis, H. J. Franks, W. D. Pres., R. E. Hare.
Leech, H. Stacey, C. Lane, D. Sec.-Treas., R. E. G. Blair.
McLennan, C. F. L. Ulrich, H. Executive Committee: R. E.
C. Tempest, R. W. Westerman, Hare, A. F. Tindall, C. A. Wrig-
Miss H. K. Lewin, Miss V. M. ley, F. L. Sharp, W. Richards,
Rogers, Miss M. Hay, G. Cres- N. J. Bowman, L. Staples.
well, C. H. Eiszele, H. E. Eiszele, Legal Assn.: "New Zealand Con-
A. W. Gersbach, G. Hopkins, F. ference, Incorporated."
McFarlane, L. McKinnon, H. Department Secretaries:
Mitchell, W. H. Nolan, H. W. Educational, R. E. Hare.
Adrian. Field Miss., Hilton Kent.
Medical Missionary Licentiates: Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
L. C. Thompson, Dr. E. S.
Richards, 0. V. Hellestrand, R. Religious Liberty, F. L. Sharp.
A. Thompson, R. E. Wood, R. G. Sabbath School, Miss A. E. Doug-
L. Cooper, H. J. Gibson, J. New- lass.

Ministers: D. Brown, Wilbur Stewart, Miss

R. E. Hare, F. L. Sharp, C. A. N. Knowles, Miss V. Parker.
Wrigley, C. A. Paap, L. R. Har- Church School Teachers:
vey, G. Robinson, N. C. Burns, Miss W. Niebuhr, F. Sutton,
M. H. Whittaker. W. Hill.
A. G. Judge R. E. G. Blair, P.
Glockler, L. Naden, L. Graham, NORTH NEW SOUTH WALES
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1920
H. A. L. Freeman, D. H. Watson,
Hilton Kent, Miss R. G. Dray, Territory: That part of the state
Miss J. Johnstone, L. Hay, Miss of New South Wales north of
A. E. Douglass. the Hawkesbury and Capertee
Rivers as far west as the 150th
Church School Teachers: meridian of east longitude,
Miss L. M. Beavis, Miss M. thence east of the line running
Smart, N. Speck, Mrs. J. P. C. north to Cassilis. Thence north-
Smith. east of a line running north-
westerly from Cassilis to where
NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH CON- the 147th meridian of east
longitude meets the 29th paral-
lel of south latitude.
Organized 1915 Office: Gordon Ave., Hamilton (P.
Territory: That portion of the 0. Box 27), New South Wales,
Dominion of New Zealand south Australia.
of Cook's Straits. Officers:
Office: 902 Colombo St., Christ- Pres., J. W. Kent.
church, New Zealand.
Sec. and Treas., L. J. Imrie.
CableAddress: "Adventist," Christ. Executive Committee: J. W.
church. Kent, W. Gale, G. Miller, W. H.
Officers: Pascoe, J. Bowen, C. Rosendahl,
Pres., James Pascoe. F. A. Allum.
Sec. and Treas., C. Hill. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: James Educational, A. F. J. Kranz.
Pascoe J. C. MacDonald, W. A. Field Miss., A. S. Jackson.
Taylor, C. V. Millist, V. Nillson, Home Miss., J. L. Smith.
R. Hall, A. W. Dawson. Religious Liberty, J. L. Smith.
Department Secretaries: Sabbath School, Miss F. Whis-
Educational and Religious Lib- ker.
erty, James Pascoe. Y. P. M. V., W. Lauder.
Field Miss., G. Weslake. Ministers:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and J. W. Kent, W. H. Pascoe, R. A.
Y. P. M. V., L. A. Dyason. Salton, F. A. Allum, W. Gillis,
Ministers: L. J. Imrie, L. F. Were.
James Pascoe, W. J. Smith, R. Licentiates:
Brandstater. J. L. Smith, J. S. Jackson, C. J.
Licentiates: Griffin, F. Masters, A. S. Jack-
W. J. Richards, A. R. Mitchell, son, L. L. Jones, 0. K. Anderson.
A. White, A. E. Magnusson. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: S. H. Wood, W. D. Lauder, T.
R. P. Brown, G. Weslake, Miss Brash, Miss E. Smith, Miss A.

Rocke, V. Warden. Powrie, A. J. Dyason, H. W.

Church School Teachers: Hollingsworth, A. L. Pascoe, Ray
F. Caldwell, Miss R. Vetter, Bullas, G. J. Parker.
Olive Blayden, C. A. Rosenhain, Missionary Licentiates:
Miss L. Giblett, W. Whisker, Miss A. E. Pearce, Miss S. Read,
Miss M. McNair, H. O'Hara. Mrs. G. E. Chapman, Mrs. H.
Bridgett, Mrs. M. E. Tank, Miss
E. Moran, Delphia Phillips, Miss
SOUTH NEW SOUTH WALES E. Westerman, Mrs. E. Meyers,
CONFERENCE D. F. Black, F. L. Taylor, W. A.
Organized 1895 Mackley, H. E. White, Miss I.
Territory: That part of the state Casley, H. Kingston.
of New South Wales south of Church School Teachers:
the Hawkesbury and Capertee Miss V. G. Camp, H. V. Pascoe,
Rivers, as far west as the 150th Miss H. Todd, E. J. Felsch, Miss
meridian of east longitude, L. Cleeve, Miss C. M. Piper, S.
thence west of the line running H. M. Donald, Miss E. Beveridge,
north to Cassilis, thence south- J. L. Fisher, G. Currow, Miss L.
west of a line running north- G. McMahon, Miss L. Hunger-
westerly from Cassilis to where ford, Miss G. Stewart.
the 147th meridian of east longi-
tude meets the 29th parallel of
Office: " Tereora," The Boulevarde, Organized 1899
Strathfleld, N. S. W., Australia. Territory: All that portion of the
Officers: State of Queensland lying south
Pres., H. E. Piper. of a line drawn from Yeppoon
Sec. and Treas., W. H. Hopkin. west to Kumviarara on the Marl-
Executive Committee: H. E. borough line, and thence due
Piper, G. G. Stewart, E. H. Par- south to the top of the range
sons, B. Hart, G. W. Heslop, W. just west of Deeford, and from
H. Bagnall, J. Pollock. thence in a direct line to the
Department Secretaries: South Australian border.
Educational and Religious Lib- Office: 37 O'Connell Terrace, Bowen
erty, H. E. Piper. Hills, Brisbane, Queensland,
Field Miss., H. White. Australia.
Home Miss., A. J. Dyason. Officers:
Sabbath School, A. J. Dyason. Pres., F. G. Rampton.
Y. P. M. V., H. Hollingsworth. Sec. and Treas., L. A. Butler.
Ministers: Executive Committee: F. G.
H. E. Piper, II. Mitchell, A. H. Rampton, W. J. Shields, N. H.
White, G. G. Stewart, W. E. Faulkner, E. A. Turner, W. Mac-
Battye, C. J. Reynolds, A. Smart, fadyen, H. A. Kent, M. Thorpe.
P. B. Rudge, Robert Hare, Department Secretaries:
B. Cozens, E. Behrens, E. R. Educational and Religious Lib-
Whitehead, J. Thompson, T. J. erty, F. G. Rampton.
Bradley, E. H. Parsons, G. Bran- Field Miss., E. A. Turner.
ster, W. Morris, H. A. Hill. Home Miss., H. A. Kent.
Licentiates: Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
J. Hindson, A. Parker, W. H. Miss Gwen Hadfield.
Hopkin, C. H. Prettyman, W. R. Ministers:
Carswell, J. L. Brandford, R. H. F. G. Hampton, A. I. Mitchell,

R. J. Burns, E. R. Gane, H. A. Address: 361 Argyle St., Hobart,

Kent. Tasmania.
Licentiates: Officers:
Robert Grieve, E. A. Turner, Pres., H. G. Moulds.
L. A. Butler. Sec. and Treas., W. S. Renn.
Executive Committee: H. G.
Missionary Licentiates: Moulds, N. H. Fehlberg, E. P.
Miss H. L. Cozens, Miss Gwen Fenlberg, G. Creswell, A. E. Has-
Hadfield, R. W. Gray. tic, H. C. Harker, F. Abrahams.
Church School Teacher: Department Secretaries:
A. E. Watts. Educational, Home Miss., and Re-
ligious Liberty, H. G. Moulds.
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CONFER- Field Miss., L. 0. Sonter.
ENCE Sabbath Sco ol and Y. P. M. V.,
Organized 1899 Miss T. Morrison.
Territory: The State of South Ministers:
Australia. H. G. Moulds, H. C. Harker.
Office: 82 Angas St., Adelaide, Missionary Licentiates:
South Australia, Australia. W. S. Renn, D. Brennan, Miss
Office Address: Box J. 1011, Ade- I. Robertson, Miss F. Ashton, S.
laide, South Australia, Australia. Uttley, P. J. Wright, R. Prety-
Officers: man.
Pres., S. L. Patching. Church School Teachers:
Sec. and Treas., A. S. Herbert. W. A. Westerman, R. Beveridge,
Executive Committee: S. L. H. Vetter, Miss M. Streeter.
Patching, L. Johnson, W. Kako-
schke, I. Gallagher, A. Zeunert. VICTORIAN CONFERENCE
Department Secretaries: Organized 1888
Educational, S. L. Patching. Territory: The State of Victoria.
Field Miss., R. N. Price. Office: 8 Yarra St., Hawthorn,
Home Miss., S. L. Patching. Victoria, Australia.
Religious Liberty, Officers:
Sabbath School, Pres., E. H. Guilliard.
Y. P. M. V., Sec. and Treas., F. J. Butler.
Ministers: Executive Committee: E. H.
S. L. Patching, A. H. Rogers, Guilliard, A. E. White, W. A.
E. S. Butz, J. E. Steed, T. A. Bussau, J. J. Potter, H. J. Mey-
Anderson, Fergus McFarlane,. ers, C. G. Hobart, T. Harrington.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
F. J. Butler, H. S. Streeter. Educational, E. H. Guilliard.
Missionary Licentiates: Field Miss., A. M. Cott.
A. Forobes, Miss R. V. Stratford, Home. Miss., C. Head.
Miss W. E. Haberman, Miss F. Religious Lib., E. G. Whittaker.
Cherrett, J. A. Charlton. Sabbath School, Miss M. C. Bar-
Church School Teachers: low.
N. Sheppard, Miss I. Cornell. Y. P. M. V., H. J. Meyers.
E. H. Guilliard, G. E. Marriott,
TASMANIAN CONFERENCE L. Currow, T. H. Craddock, E. G.
Formerly included in Victoria-Tas- Whittaker, H. J. Meyers, P. G.
mania Conference, organized as Foster, M. Grolimund, C. Head,
separate conference 1926. J. R. James, D. Sibley.

Licentiates: Officers:
M. A. Connell, C. E. Ashcroft, Pres., R. A. Thrift.
M. S. Ball, Dr. 'W. H. James, Sec.-Treas., S. C. Butler.
A. M. Fraser, J. A. Lawson, J. Executive Committee: R. A.
Eggins. Thrift, L. D. A. Lemke, T. C.
Missionary Licentiates: Lawson, H. Ward, Harry Stacey,
Miss M. McDowell, Miss E. Brit- E. Price, W. M. R. Scragg, J.
ten, A. M. Badcock, Miss M. Smith.
C. Barlow, Mrs. K. M. Thorpe, Department Secretaries:
Miss F. Grolimund, W. A. Beatty, Educational, T. C. Lawson.
Mrs. T. H. Craddock, Mrs. G. E. Field Miss., D. A. Speck.
Marriott, Miss F. Carver, Mrs. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
M. Badcock, Mrs. L. Currow, J. C. H. Shirley.
Miss C. E. Hodgetts, Miss A. Religious Liberty, R. A. Thrift.
Preuss, Miss A. M. Williams, Sabbath School,
Ralph Tudor, 0. W. Knight,
Miss D. Moore, Miss R. Creel- Ministers:
man, W. Nolan. R. A. Thrift, L. D. A. Lemke,
Church School Teachers: F. E. Lyndon, H. R. Martin,
Miss J. Mitchell, Miss H. Patter- W. M. R. Scragg.
son, A. Hefren, Miss E. Clery, Licentiates:
Miss H. Brabant, Miss 0. Wil- S. C. Butler, G. I. Wilson, J. C.
ton, Miss B. Johanson, Miss J. H. Shirley, W. T. Hooper, D. A.
Webb, C. Morgan, Miss E. Mc- Speck.
Intosh, Miss A. Hardy, J. Goul- Missionary Licentiates:
ton, Miss R. Langstaff, R. Brins- C. P. Jewson, E. Reye, H. Davis,
mead, Miss R. Cleeve. Miss P. Nippress, Mrs. F. E.
Lyndon, Miss E. McIntosh, A. J.
Organized 1902 Church School Teachers:
Territory: The State of West Miss G. Clark, Miss E. Lane,
Australia. Lionel Turner, Miss Ivy Roy,
Office: 47 Hay St., Subiaco, Perth, Howard Totenhofer, R. Harrison,
West Australia, Australia. Miss H. Fletcher.
Established 1892. SION
(Included as part of the Central Established 1892; reorganized 1916
Polynesian Mission, 1916 to 1923; Comprising the following former
reorganized 1923.)
missions; Society Islands, and
Territory: Those islands compris-
Pitcairn Island.
ing the Cook or Hervey Group,
and other small islands adjoin- Territory: All the Pacific Islands
ing. east of the 160th degree of west
longitude, and south of the tenth
Headquarters: Box 16, Rarotonga,
parallel of north latitude.
Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean. Headquarters: Papeete, Tahiti,
Supt., H. B. P. Wicks. Society Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Minister: H. B. P. Wicks. Officers:
Missionary Licentiates: Supt., G. L. Sterling.
Mrs. H. B. P. Wicks, Tauraki. Minister: G. L. Sterling.

Missionary Licentiates: Minister: G. F. Jones.

Mrs. G. L. Sterling, Tofa, Tea- Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. G. F.
hatu, Mrs. A. Poroi. Jones.
Church School Teachers:
Roy Clark, Miss L. S. Christian. MONAMONA MISSION FOR
FIJI MISSION Established 1913
Established 1889 Address: Oaklands, via Cairns,
(Included as part of the Central Queensland, Australia.
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to Officers:
1921; reorganized 1921.) Supt., L. A. Borgas.
Address: Suva Vou, Suva, Fiji, Minister: L. A. Borgas.
Pacific Ocean. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: H. Mills, Mrs. H. Mills, Mrs. H.
Acting Supt., R. W. Lane. Rowlands, A. Hill, Mrs. A. Hill,
Sec. and Treas., W. R. Litster. Mrs. L. A. Borgas, E. Cherry,
Ministers: R. Collett.
R. W. Lane, G. M. Masters,
S. W. Carr, Meciusela Naisogo,
Timoci Nawara, Mitieli Naka- NEWHEBRIDES MISSION
samai, Sanivalati Ramuai, Jope Organized as separate mission
Laweloa, L. V. Wilkinson, Josaia in 1924
Sauliga, Semi Vuloaloa, Semite Address: Atchin, New Hebrides,
Gade, Maika Dauniika, Seteriki Pacific Ocean.
Cevaca. Officers:
Licentiates: Supt., G. H. Engelbrecht.
W. G. Ferris, W. R. Litster, A. Sec., G. H. Engelbrecht.
G. Jacobson, Saimoni Nalaubo,
Joeli Lotawa, Anitipasa Naucu- G. H. Engelbrecht, A. H. Weil.
kidi, Taniel a Vauvau, Tevita Licentiates:
Railave, Semi. Tikivili. David Ferris, F. Hollingsworth,
Missionary Licentiates: J. C. H. Perry, Masing Nalo,
Joe, Joel.
H. M. Lansdown, Mrs. H. M.
Lansdown, E. A. Butler, Mrs. E. Missionary Licentiates:
A. Butler, Mrs. A. G. Jacobson, Mrs. D. Ferris, Mrs. F. Hollings-
A. P. Dyason, Mrs. S. W. Carr, worth, Mrs. J. C. H. Perry, Mrs.
Mrs. G. M. Masters, Mrs. L. V. G. H. Englebrecht, and more
Wilkinson, Mrs. R. W. Lane, than ten local missionary licen-
Mrs. W. G. Ferris, Miss E. E.
Edwards, John Kamea, Miss 0.
Frame. Also over 40 local mis- NIUE (OR SAVAGE) ISLAND
sionary licentiates. MISSION
Established 1914
Address: Niue Island, Pacific
ABORIGINES Missionary Licentiate:
Under direction of North New Mrs. A. G. Head.
South Wales Conference.
Address: Lord Howe Island, Aus- Address: Norfolk Island, Aus-
tralia. tralia.

Minister: W. D. Smith. SAMOAN MISSION

Missionary Licentiates: Established 1895; reorganized 1936
A. G. Wise, Mrs. W. D. Smith. (Included as part of the Central
Polynesian Conference, 1910 to
1921; reorganized 1921.)
NORTH QUEENSLAND MISSION Address: Apia, Samoa, Pacific
Formerly included in Queensland Ocean.
Conference. Operated as Mission Minister: R. Reye.
under direction of Aust. Union Licentiates:
Conference from Jan. 1, 1929. W. W. Petrie, H. T. Howse.
Territory: All that portion of the Missionary Licentiates:
State of Queensland lying Mrs. R. Reye, Mrs. W. W. Petrie,
north of a line drawn from Mrs. H. T. Howse, Sanika
Yeppoon west to Kumviarara Afa'ese.
on the Marlborough line, and
thence due south to the top of SOLOMON ISLANDS MISSION
the range just west of Deeford, Established 1914: Organized 1920
and from thence in a direct line Address: Marovo Lagoon, via Tu-
to the South Australian border. lagi, Solomon Islands, Pacific
Officers: Ocean.
Supt., C. E. Bird. Officers:
Sec. and Treas., Miss F. Cherrett. Supt., W. 0. Broad.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., A. R. Barrett.
C. E. Bird, T. R. Kent. Ministers:
Licentiate: K. Wooller. W. 0. Broad, J. D. Anderson,
Missionary Licentiates: N. A. Ferris, A. R. Barrett, Kata
E. R. Tucker, Miss F. Cherrett, Ragoso,
J. Dever, Miss N. Levett. Licentiates:
A. F. Parker, A. W. Martin, J.
Howse, Kioto, Jugha.
PAPUA MISSION Missionary Licentiates:
Established 1908; Organized 1928 Mrs. H. E. Barham, Mrs. A. R.
Address: Mirigeda, Port Moresby, Barrett, Miss E. Totenhofer, H.
Papua, Pacific Ocean. E. Barham, Mrs. W. 0. Broad,
Officers: N. A. Ferris, Mrs. J. D. Ander-
Supt., W. N. Lock. son, Mrs. A. W. Martin, Mrs. J.
Sec., K. Gray. Howse, and over 100 local mis-
Ministers: sionary licentiates and teachers.
W. N. Lock, Nafitalai Navara.
C. E. Mitchell, Tereti Nagara. TERRITORY OF NEW GUINEA
Established 1929
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. W. N. Lock, Mrs. C. E. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Matupi,
Mitchell, Mrs. Alma Wiles, Rabaul, Mandated Territory of
L. J. Howell, Mrs. L. J. Howell, New Guinea.
Dick Richardson, Jessie Rich- Officers:
ardson, Bill Sheppard, Minnie Supt., G. Peacock.
Sheppard, R. A. Farrar, Mrs. See. and Treas., H. R. Steed.
R. A. Farrar, K. Gray, Mrs. K. Ministers:
Gray, E. Boehm, Mrs. E. Boehm, G. Peacock, H. R. Steed, R. H.
Solomona. Tutty, A. J. Campbell.

Licentiates: Navuso Intermediate School,

A. S. Atkins, D. H. Gray. Wainibuka River, via Viria,
Missionary Licentiates: Fiji.
Mrs. A. S. Atkins, S. H. Gander, New Guinea Training School,
Mrs. S. H. Gander, R. R. D. Mussau, Territory of New
Marks, Mrs. R. R. D. Marks, Guinea.
Mrs. G. Peacock, Mrs. R. H. New Zealand Missionary College,
Tutty, A. R. Hiscox, Mrs. A. R. Longburn, New Zealand.
Hiscox, Mrs. D. H. Gray, Mrs. Samabula Indian School, Suva,
A. J. Campbell, Mrs. H. R. Steed, Fiji.
L. G. Maxwell, Mrs. L. G. Max- Vanua Levu Intermediate School,
well, and 50 island missionary Vatu Vonu, Vanua Levu, Fiji.
licentiates and teachers. West Australian Missionary
College, Carmel, West Aus-
Established 1895
Eastern Polynesian Mission
(Included as part of the Central Press, Tipaerui, Papeete, Ta-
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to hiti, Society Islands.
1921; reorganized 1921.) Fiji Mission Press, Suva, Fiji.
Address: Nukualofa, Tonga, Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., War-
Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean. burton, Victoria, Australia.
Officers: Solomon Island Mission Press,
Supt., H. L. Tolhurst. Batuna, Marovo Lagoon, Solo-
mon Islands.
Minister: H. L. Tolhurst.
Licentiate: B. E. Hadfield. Sanitariums:
Missionary Licentiates: Sydney Sanitarium and Hospi-
Mrs. H. L. Tolhurst, Mrs. B. E. tal, Wahroonga, N. S. W.,
Hadfield, Taliauli Joni, Beaua Australia.
Isilali, James Moala, Havea Sila. Warburton Sanitarium, Warbur-
ton, Victoria, Australia.
Health Food Factories:
TRALASIAN UNION CON- Sanitarium Health Food Co.,
FERENCE Cooranbong, N. S. W., Aus-
Educational: Cerix Puffed Wheat Co., 3 Par-
Aore Training School, Aore, New ramatta Rd., Concord, New
Hebrides. South Wales.
Australasian Missionary College, Grain Products, 62 Randolph St.,
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Aus- Auckland, New Zealand.
tralia. New Zealand Health Food Fac-
Batuna Training School, Mar- tory, Papanui, Christchurch,
ovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. New Zealand.
Buresala Training School, Bure- Sanitarium Buyers and Packers,
sala, Ovalau, Fiji. 216 Sussex St., Sydney, N.
Choiseul Intermediate School, S. W.
Ruruvae, Choiseul, Solomon Victorian Health Food Factory.
Islands. Warburton, Victoria.
Mirigeda Training School, Miri- West Australian Health Food
geda, via Port Moresby, Pa- Factory, Carmel, West Aus-
pua. tralia.
Organized at Darmstadt, Germany, 1928

Territory: The East German, West Welfare, Hulda. Jost.

German, South German, and the Ministers:
Czechoslovakian Union Confer- G. W. Schubert, W. K. Ising, A.
ences, the Netherlands Confer- Minck, E. Gugel, 0. Schildhauer,
ence, the Hungarian, Netherlands H. Box, M. Busch, M. Voigt.
East Indies, and the Arabic Un- Licentiate: Dr. L. E. Conradi.
ion Missions, and Tanganyika, Missionary Licentiates:
Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Tur- P. Bridde, Hulda Jost, Elfriede
key, and Iran. SchrOder, Laura Hagelstein, Elly
Population: About 236,017,420; Motzer, Frieda Andersson, Clara
churches, 1,377; members, 51,920. Schulz, Elisabeth Minek, Herta
Sehreyak, Erna Borm.
Cable Address: Adventist, Basle.
Postal Address: Postfach 39, Basle
(Advent-Missionsgesellschaft E.V.)
General Conference Branch Office Grindelberg 15a Hamburg 13,
Basle: Gen. Conf. Asst. Treas. Germany
and Auditor: W. E. Phillips. Organized 1913
Officers: Office: Berlin W. 50, Regensburger
Pres., G. W. Schubert. Str. 22, V.
Sec., W. K. Ising. Board:
Treas., 0. Schildhauer. Pres., W. K. Ising.
Field Secretaries, A. Minek, E. Vice-Pres., E. Gugel.
Gugel. Sec. and Treas., M. Voigt.
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. Other members: G. W. Schubert,
Executive Committee: G. W. H. Fenner, W. Muller, J. Wint-
Schubert, W. K. Ising, W. E. zen, P. A. Brandt, W. Hans, A.
Phillips, 0. Schildhauer, H. Box, Vollmer, A. Minck, G. Seng, H.
A. Minck, E. Gugel, Hulda Jost, BOx, M. Busch, G. Schildhauer,
M. Busch, M. Voigt, A. Vollmer, M. Budnick.
Dr. L. E. Conradi, H. Fenner, M.
Budnick, G. Seng, J. Doubraysky, GERMAN INTER-UNION
L. Michney, Dr. Otto Schuberth, ASSOCIATION
P. Drinhaus. Organized 1927
Territory: Includes the East Ger-
Department Secretaries: man, West German, and South
Educational, . German Unions.
Home Miss., Sabbath' School, and Office: Regensburgerstrasse 22, V
Y. P. M. V., M. Busch. Berlin W. 50, Germany.
Medical, Dr. L. E. Conradi, Clinic Officers:
"Waldfriede," Fischerhiitt en- Pres., A. Minck.
str. 99.109, Berlin-Zehlendorf- Sec., M. Busch.
West, Germany. Treas., M. Voigt.
Ministerial Assn., E. Gugel. Other members, H. Fenner, G.
Other members: W. K. Ising, Seng, M. Budnick, E. Gugel, W.
H. Fenner, M. Budnick, G. K. Ising, A. Vollmer.
Seng. Institutions:
Publishing, H. Box. Krankenhaus "Waldfriede," Ber-

lin-Zehlendorf-West, Fischer- Cologne, "Felicitas," Salierring

hiittenstr. 99-109, Germany. 60, Germany.
Old People's Home (org. 1900). Dresden A. 16, Haydnstr. 16,
Manager, W. Hans, Frieden- Germany.
sau, Burg-Land, Bez. Magde- Leipzig, Humboldstr. 17, Ger-
burg, Germany. many.
Frankfurt/Main, Eschenheimer
ADVENT WELFARE WORK Anlage 32, Germany.
ASSOCIATION Wiesbaden, Rtidesheimer Str. 7,
Organized 1927 (1935) Germany.
Legal Name : Verein "Advent-Wohl-
fahrtswerk" e.V. (formerly:
Deutscher Verein filr Gesund- HAMBURG SEVENTH-DAY AD-
heitspflege "Friedensau," e. V.) VENTIST ASSOCIATION
Sitz Berlin, Regensburgerstr. 22, (Hamburger Verein der Siebenten-
Berlin W 50, Germany. (Oper- Tag-Adventisten)
ates the welfare work and eight Grindelberg rya, Hamburg, Ger-
Nurses' Homes in Germany.) many
Officers: Established 1893
Pres., Dr. E. Meyer. (Legal society to hold all-property
Sec. and Treas., M. Voigt. of the denomination in Hamburg.)
Board of Trustees: Officers:
Dr. E. Meyer, A. Minck, G. Seng, Pres., A. Minck.
A. Fleck, Hulda Jost, Elfriede Vice-Pres., W. Hans.
Schroder, M. Voigt. Power of Attorney, A. Vollmer.
Nurses Homes:
Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Koblenzer Other Members:
Str. 3, Germany. G. W. Schubert, E. Gugel, W.
Breslau, Lohestr. 79, Germany. Mueller, H. Fenner, A. Minck,
Chemnitz, Kyffhauserstr. 2, Ger- 0. Schildhauer, J. Wintzen, G.
many. Seng.


Organized November, iga7
Territory: Egypt, Arabia, Pales- Sec. and Treas., E. Maier.
tine, Transjordan, Cyprus, Sy- Union Committee: Dr. 0. Schu-
ria, Irak, viz., Egypt, Palestine- berth, Nils Zerne, E. Maier, C.
Transjordan, Syria and Irak H. Rieckmann, S. Nowfel, Bashir
Missions. Hasso.
Population: 30,000,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
. 11; members, 329. Field Miss., C. H. Rieckmanri.
Cable Address: Advent-Jerusalem. Other Departments, E. Maier.
Office Address: Location of House,
North of Y. M. C. A. Building, Minister:
Julian Way, Jerusalem, Pales- Dr. 0. Schuberth.
tine. Honorary: R. S. Greaves.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 1091, Licentiate: E. Maier.
Jerusalem, Palestine. Hofel Directory: Visitors are rec-
Officers: ommended to the following ho-
Supt., Dr. 0. Schuberth. tels:

Egypt: Windsor Hotel, Cairo. PALESTINE-TRANSJORDAN

Palestine: Johanniter-Hospiz, Je- MISSION
rusalem, Palestine. Organized 1929
Tourists are recommended to Territory: Palestine and Trans-
Sahhar Bros., Mamillah Road, jordan.
Jerusalem, for the arrange- Population: 1,200,000; churches,
ment of tours. 2; members, 58.
Address: P. 0. Box 1091, Jeru-
EGYPTIAN MISSION salem, Palestine.
Entered 1899 Officers:
Territory: Egypt. Supt., Dr. 0. Schuberth.
Population: 14,000,000; churches, Treas., E. Maier.
5; members, 166. Committee: Dr. 0. Schuberth, E.
Address: Advent Villa, Mataria, Maier, E. Bethmann, M. Haddad.
near Cairo, Egypt. Legal Assn.: General Confer-
Cable Address: Advent, Mataria, ence Corporation of Seventh-day
Cairo. Adventists in Palestine, Jerusa-
Officers: lem.
Supt., Nils Zerne. Same for Transjordan, Amman.
Treas., E. Maier. Ministers:
Mission Committee: Nils Zerne, E. Bethmann, E. Schubert, I.
C. H. Rieckmann, Nashid Ya- Alkhalil.
coub. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: Bror Faernstroem, Alfred Piorr.
Nils Zerne, Maurice Grin, St. Institutions:
Bull (on leave of absence), Na- Institute for Massage and Hy-
shid Yacoub, E. G. Essery (on dro and Electric Therapy,
leave of absence). Jerusalem, P. 0. B. 1091.
Licentiates: Nurses: Bror Faernstroem and
C. H. Rieckmann, Basta Bishai, Else Faernstroem,
Samuel Farag. Institute for Massage and Hy-
Missionary Licentiate: Sophie Bu- dro Electric Therapy, Haifa,
senberg. P. 0. B. 478.
Nurse: Erna Kriiger. Nurses: Alfred Piorr, Lina
Church Schools: Piorr.
Beni Adiat, Upper Egypt. Church Schools:
Tetaliah, Upper Egypt. Es Salt, Transjordan.
El Husn, Transjordan.
Organized 1923 SYRIAN MISSION
Territory: Iraq. Entered 1899
Population: 3,000,000; churches, Territory: Syria, Grand Lebanon,
2; members, 33. and Cyprus.
Address: c/o Hasso Bros., Mosul, Population: 3,000,000; churches,
Iraq. 2; members, 72.
Officers: Address: Boite 595, Beyrouth,
Supt., Lebanon.
Treas., E. Maier. Officers:
Committee: Bashir A. Hasso, Supt., Dr. 0. Schuberth.
Dr. 0. Schuberth, E. Maier. (Under supervision of Palestine
Church School: Mosul. Mission.)

Treas., E. Maier. Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-

Mission Committee: Dr. 0. Schu- ventists in Lebanon and Syria.
. berth, E. Maier, W. Lesovsky, S. Ministers:
Nowfel. W. Lesovsky, S. Nowfel.
Legal Assn.: General Conference Church School: Beyrouth.


Organized 1919
Territory: Entire Republic, com- Sec. and Treas., J. Bohm.
prising the Moravia -Silesian, Executive Committee: J. Dou-
North Bohemian, Central Bohem- brayskk, J. Simon, J. Cepl, J.
ian Conferences, and Slovakian Mokrg, K. Novak.
Mission. Department Secretaries:
Population: 15,000,000; churches, Field Miss., J. Kantor.
125; members, 3,654. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Office Address: Fraha-ZO.kov, Dva- Sabbath School, J. Cepl.
akova 29, Czechoslovakia. Ministers:
Officers: P. Ragka, E. Sumbera.
Pres., J. Doubrayskk. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Josef Cepl. V. Kroulik, A. Pra2an, A. Ku-
Executive Committee: J. Dou- beaa, E. Csammer.
brayskk, M. Gehann, J. Fopelka, Missionary Licentiates:
J. Sclior, J. Cepl, F. A. Ludwig, R. Fraunberger, K. Hurta, L.
G. Oczko, E. Hanitzsch, F. Fin- Czeczotka, 0. Fuchs, D. Krynskk,
ferle, K. Jozifek. J. Kutk, Miss M. Adamovd.
Seventh-day Adventist Associa-
Manager, Joseph DoubrayskSr._ MORAVIA-SILESIAN CONFER-
Department Secretaries: ENCE
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Organized 1919.
Sabbath School, Josef Cepl. Territory: Moravia-Silesia.
Minister: J. Doubrayskk. Population: 3,700,000; churches,
47; members, 1,538.
Licentiate: Josef Cepl. Office Address: Brno, Strednf 10,
Missionary Licentiate: Czechoslovakia.
A. Prochilzkova. Officers:
Pres., J. Popelka.
CENTRAL BOHEMIAN CON- Sec. and Treas., Adolf Kunert.
FERENCE Executive Committee: J. Po-
Organized 1919. pelka, K. P'olednik, I. KoloniOnk,
J. Kantor, H. Mildner, J. Hurta,
Territory: Central Bohemia. P. Guznar.
Population: 5,100,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
20; members, 457. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Office Address: Praha-Zi&ov, Dvo- Sabbath School, J. Richter.
Mkova 29, Czechoslovakia. Ministers:
Officers: J. Popelka, K. Polednfk, R. Neu-
Pres., J. Doubrayskk. mann, J. Chodura, J. Obornk.

Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates.:

F. Konvalina, R. Gomola, A. F. Miinnich, H. Knobloch, E.
Zurek. Ltiftner, R. Fischer, A. Strala.
Missionary Licentiates:
B. TeplY, T. Neuwirth, J. Skrla,
A. Kunert, E. Moldrzyk, 0. Kim- SLOVAKIAN MISSION
ler, J. Marcolla, J. Ritcher, M. Organized 1919.
Bujokova, A. Martidova, B. Mos- Territory: Slovakia and Carpa-
kofovil, M. Vranova. thian Russia.
Population: 4,100,000; churches,
30; members, 816.
NORTH BOHEMIAN CONFER- Office Address: Cintorinska 1.a.
ENCE blok B., Bratislava, Czechoslo-
Organized 1919. vakia.
Territory: North Bohemia.
Population: 2,100,000; churches, Officers:
28; members, 843. Supt., J. Schor.
Office Address: Bayerstr. 36, Reich- Sec., T. J. Zigmund.
enberg, Czechoslovakia. Treas., St. Macko.
Executive Committee: J. Schor,
Officers: V. Cizmar, St. Macko, J. Broda,
Pres., M. Gehann. K. Jozffek.
Sec., Max Hartmann.
Treas., Augustine Reckziegel. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: M. Ge- Field Miss., J. Zsurek.
hann, A. Weinert, E. Hanitzsch, Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
W. Schnabel. Sabbath School, .
Department Secretaries: Ministers:
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and J. Schor, K. Molot, V. Cizmar,
Sabbath School, M. Gehann. J. Gajan, 0. BenyovskSr.
Ministers: Licentiates:
M. Gehann, G. Geier, F. Bohm, T. J. Zigmund, J. Licht', J.
B. Vietze, A. Weinert, M. Hart- Strba, P. Surman.
mann. Missionary Licentiates:
Licentiates: J. Sobotka, J. Bandurowicz, P.
G. Wagner, M. Posel. Styk, J. Zsurek.


Organized 1909
Territory: The Berlin, East Prus- Officers:
sian, March Lower Silesian, Pres., M. Budnick.
Northeast Saxonian, Pomeranian, Sec. and Treas., R. Daumichen.
Silesian, and West Saxonian Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
Conferences. Executive Committee: M. Bud-
Population: About 21,365,000; nick, M. Bayer, H. Brinkmann,
churches, 439; members, 16,200. A. Burger, R. Ddumichen, W.
Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse Eberhardt, H. Glass, F. Ham-
3, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. brock, W. Hans, P. Horn, W.
(Teleph., H6 Emser Platz 6351.) Klinkmtiller, W. Knitter, B.
Adventhaus, Ohme, A. Rebensburg.

Legal Building Assn.: "Mittel- Licentiates:

deutsche Grundstticksgesellschaft H. Dliumichen, 0. Brozio, R.
in. b. H." Helm.
Manager, W. Hans. Missionary Licentiates:
German S. D. A. Assn., Frieden- A. Reinhold, W. Korinth, K.
sau, Post Grabow, Bez. Magde- Danke, H. Ventzke, K. Leukert,
burg, Germa:ny. M. Schmidt, Miss H. Junker,
Department Secretaries: Mrs. K. Horn, Mrs. E. Trusen,
Field Miss., W. Knitter. Miss M. Thiimmel, Mrs. M. Soyk.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Medical, Dr. med. E. Meyer. Organized 1903
Ministers: Territory: Provinces of East Prus-
M. Budnick, A. Burger, W. Eber- sia and the Free State of Dan-
hardt, R. Dilumichen. zig.
Population: About 2,803,769;
BERLIN CONFERENCE churches, 66; members, 2,089.
Organized 1909 Office Address: Kneiplitifsche Hof -
Territory: Province of Berlin, Ad- gasse 22, I., Konigsberg (Pr.),
ministration District of Potsdam Germany. (Telephone, 32292.)
(excepting the Districts of An- Officers:
germtinde, Besskow-Storkow, Jil- Pres., Hugo Glass.
terbog, Oberbarnim, Prenzlau, Sec. and Treas., E. Tulaszewski.
Templin, Eberswalde) Straus- Executive Committee: H. Glass,
berg, Werneuchen, Oranienburg, W. Noack, F. May, J. Heimann,
Burg, School Church Friedensau. G. Dobinski, M. Zielinski, J. Ur-
Population: About 5,300,000; gien.
churches, 49; members, 3,146. Department Secretaries:
Office Address: Koblenzer Strasse Field Miss., Joseph Kulessa.
3, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany.
(Telephone, II6 Emser Platz Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
6348.) Y. P. M. V., W. Noack.
Officers: Ministers:
Pres., G. Mai. H. Glass, W. Noack, M. Zielinski,
Sec. and Treas., H. Daumichen. W. Kloss, H. Korsch, W. Adam-
Executive Committee: G. Mai, sky, E. Rathke, K. Pansegrau, A.
E. Ehricke, 0. Haase, E. Kolsch, Arnhold, F. Rinder, P. Kopping,
W. Oestreich, W. Rogge, H. H. Dombrowsky, 0. Kiehnast.
Schacht, A. Schenck, E. Schu- Licentiates:
bert. P. Behrendt, G. Suckert, W.
Department Secretaries: Glitz.
Field Miss., E. Schubert. Missionary Licentiate:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and E. Karwatzke.
Y. P. M. V., 0. Haase.
Welfare; 0. Brozio.
G. Mai, A. Dtirner, A. Schenck, CONFERENCE
A. Behrens, F. Kessel, 0. Haase, Organized Jan. 1, 1929
W. Giildenpfennig, G. Freund, A. Territory: Districts of Liegnitz,
Heumann, F. Brandt, W. Ninow, Upper and Lower-Lausitz, Grenz-
R. Langholf, G. &Misch, H. Riis- mark and the territory of prov-
tig, H. Vollrath. ince Brandenburg except the dis-

tricts belonging to the Berlin Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and

and Pomeranian Conferences. Y. P. M. V., H. Richter.
Population: About 2,350,000; Ministers:
churches, 65; members, 1,695. H. Brinkmann, R. Lusky, B.
Office Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm- Westhofer, J. Brzezinski, W.
Platz 46, Cottbus, Germany. Thalmann, R. P'atzig, F. Hein-
(Telephone, 2993.) rich, J. Beier, M. Ballack, K.
Officers: Mager, B. Neef, F. Meyer, W.
Pres., P. Horn. Racker, H. Richter, W. Schwe-
Sec. and Treas., F. Vogt. necke, W. Schmieder.
Executive Committee: P. Horn, Licentiate: S. Liipke.
R. Dangschat, 0. Schwenecke, W. Missionary Licentiates:
&holey, W. Daum, C. Seliger, W. Thiermann, H. Schaller,
W. Klinkmiiller. Gretchen Ackermann, Elfriede
Department Secretaries: Melchior, Marta Schremmer, H.
Field Miss., A. Kieszling. Mucha, A. Geserick, W. Fenner.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Y. P. M. V., R. Dangschat.
Ministers: Organized 1901
P. Horn, E. Dwehus (honor.
ary), 0. Schwenecke, A. Kraut- Territory: Province of Pomerania,
schick, R. Dietrich, W. Radke, Districts of Friedeberg, Soldin,
H. Kobs, A. Faetting, K. Hoff- Arnswalde, Landsberg/W., Ko-
mann, R. Dangschat, H. Langner, nigsberg N/M,., Oberbarnim,
A. Brendel, T. Bottcher. Angermiinde, Templin, Prenzlau,
and North Grenzmark.
Licentiates: Population: About 2,500,000;
H. Schaper, E. Simon, F. Vogt, churches, 70; members, 1,825.
G. Hummel, B. Schulz. Office Address: Elisabethstrasse
Missionary Licentiates: 20, III., Stettin, Germany. (Tele-
H. H. Oestreich, F. Dobinski, E. phone, 223 19.)
Oestreich. Officers:
Pres., A. Rebensburg.
NORTHEAST SAXONIAN CON- Sec. and Treas., Erna Spichale.
FERENCE Executive Committee: A. Re-
Organized 1919 bensburg, 0. Bahr, W. Muller,
Territory: District of Dresden, R. Bischoff, R. Wulff, R. Schade,
Bautzen, and Leipzig. S. Kohl.
Population: About 3.000,000; Department Secretaries:
churches, 59; members, 2,601. Field Miss., K. Dobinski.
Office Address: Haydnstr. 16, Dres- Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and
den A., Germany. (Telephone, Y. P. M. V., 0. Bahr.
64421.) Ministers:
Officers: A. Rebensburg, H. Dietrich, D.
Pres., H. Brinkmann. Brinkmann, W. Tribbensee, W.
Sec. and Treas., E. Kermer. Schulz, W. Derlath, G. Petzold,
Executive Committee: H. Brink- W. Gauger, H. Sehluttig, W.
mann, R. Lusky, R. Volzke, B. Mailer, A. B. Porsch, C. Maier,
Neuhaus, M. Fischer, M. Thiir- W. Quass, Fr. Leskien.
mer. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: K. Dobinski, W. Schafer, R. Sa-
Field Miss., R. Volzke. borowski, C. Wloka.


Organized 1907 FERENCE
Organized 1920
Territory: Upper Silesia, and dis- Territory: District of Chemnitz
tricts of Breslau and Liegnitz. and Zwickau.
Population: About 3,750,000; Population: 2,000,000; churches,
churches, 54; members, 2,033. 76; members, 2,832.
Office Address: Gutenbergstrasze Cable and Telegraphic Address:
43, Breslau 13, Germany, (Tele- Adventhaus, Chemnitz.
phone, 805 68.) Office Address: Adventhaus, Han
Officers: Sachs-strasse 9, Chemnitz, Ger-
Pres., B. Ohme. many. (Telephone, 51332.)
Treas., F. Scheibenberger. Officers:
Sec., R. Scheibitz. Pres., F. Hambrock.
Executive Committee: B. Ohme, Sec., R. Dettmar.
A. Langholf, J. Becker, G. Dom- Treas., M. Dargel.
beck, R. Milke, P. Miinch, R. Executive Committee: F. Ham-
Scheibitz. brock, R. Dettmar, E. Lippert,,
Department Secretaries: R. Queck, M. Baier, Rh. Kohler.
Field Miss., K. Keller. Department Secretaries:
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Field Miss., Karl Kohler.
Sabbath School, R. Scheibitz. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Ministers: Sabbath School, R. Dettmar.
B. Ohme, R. Scheibitz, K. Keller, Ministers:
A. Langholf, A. Walter, F. Grell- F. Hambrock, A. Krautschick, K.
man, 0. Bauscher, H. Schmidt, Thiele, E. Jager, K. Jonuleit, H.
K. Tulaszewski, E. Pistorius, H. Hufnagel, P. Haufe, 0. P. Mill-
Neumann, M. Hochmuth, G. Leh- ler, A. 'Xining, W. Oswald, R.
mann, F. Jurke. Dettmar, E. Kok, R. Schafer,
Licentiates: K. Schmitz, R. Biller.
J. Kanzok, H. Lane, K. Amelung, Licentiates:
P. Schaar. F. Dombrowsky, J. Klingbeil, E.
Rahn, Kurt Kohler, H. Saborow-
Missionary Licentiates: sky, K. Wagner.
M. Czerwonka, H. Gunther, A. Missionary Licentiates:
Thomaschowski. E. Loser, F. Tertel.


Organized 1912; reorganized 1925 and 1936
Territory: Hungary, viz., Central, Sec. and Treas., J. Jenik.
East, and West Hungarian Mis- Executive Committee: L. Mich-
sions. nay, J. Jenik, D. Zarka, J. 1'6lb,,
Population: 8,800,000; churches, A. 1VIuranyi, B. Gyarmati, B.
$6; members, 2,425. Jeszenszky.
Office Address: Nemetvolgyi-ut. 26,
Budapest I, Hungary. (Tele- Legal Assn.: Building Society
phone, 154-417.) "Koch 6s Tarsa," Nemetviilgyi-
Officers: ut 26, Budapest I, Hungary.
Pres., L. Michnay. Manager, J. Jenik.

Department Secretaries: Office Address: Fabian-utea 5, Mis-

Field Miss., J. Toth. kolc, Hungary.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Officers:
Sabbath School, . Pres., A. Muranyi.
Ministers: Treas., A. Raiz.
L. Michnay, J. Jenik. Executive Committee: A. Mu-
ranyi, S. Stoics, K. Kovacs, B.
Jeszenszky, I. Poresin.
CENTRAL HUNGARIAN Department Secretaries:
MISSION Field Miss., K. Kovacs.
Organized 1925. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Territory: Pest-, Csongred-, Bacs-, Sabbath School,
Hont-, Heves-, and NOgrad- Ministers:
Comitates. A. Muranyi, S. Stoics, L. Halasz,
Population: 3,000,000; churches, A. Fodor.
30; members, 998. Licentiates:
Office Address: Nemetvolgyi-ut 26, J. Veszelovszky, K. Berzenczey,
Budapest I, Hungary. I. Danhauser, J. Pechtol.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Pres., L. Michnay. P. Farkas, K. Delizotti.
Treas., A. Roaz.
Executive Committee: L. Mich- WEST HUNGARIAN MISSION
nay, L. Bajor, I. Berghauer, J. Organized 1925; reorganized 1936
Albrecht, J. Larinc. Territory: Esztergom-, Fejer-,Ba-
Department Secretaries: ranya-, Komarom-, Veszprem-,
Field Mias., J. Toth. Somogy-, Tolna-, Zala-, Vas-,
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Moson-, and Gyor-Comitates.
Sabbath School, Population: 2,600,000; churches,
Ministers: 22; members, 390.
I. Berghauer, J. Albrecht, L. Office Address: Nemetvolgyi-ut 26,
Bajor. Budapest I, Hungary.
Licentiates: Pres., D. Zarka.
A. Debreczeni, J. Szabo. Treas., J. Jenik.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: D. Zarka,
J. Szigethy, J. Kiss, M. Bajor, M. Buzga, J. 'Path, J. Nagy, M.
E. Marinka. Pammer.
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1925. Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Sabbath School,
Territory: Borsad-, Szatmar-, Bi- Ministers:
har-, Hajdu-, Bekes-, Csandd-, D. Zarka, M. Buzgo.
Szolnok-, and Bereg-Comitates. Licentiate: A. Katona.
Population: 3,200,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
34; members, 1,037. M. Vanke, M. Herczeg, M. Roth.
Organized 1929

Territory: Netherlands East In- AMBON MISSION ,

dies, viz., the Ambon, Batakland, Organized 1929
East Java, North-Celebes, North- Territory: Residencies Moluccas,
Sumatra, Padang, South-Suma- Timor, New Guinea.
tra, West Java Missions and the Population: 2,549,666; churches, 8;
detached station Makassar. members, 220.
Population: 60,731,025; churches, Cable and Telegraphic Address:
122; members, 4,262. Adventzending Ambon.
Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Cable and Telegraphic Address: genootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeel-
Adventzending Bandoeng. Code: ing Ambon, Ambon, Moluccas,
A. B. C., 5th Edition. (Tele- Netherlands East Indies.
phone, Bandoeng 445.)
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Director,
genootschap. in N. 0. I., Hoof d- Sec., A. Kauntul.
kwartier, Naripan 63, Bandoeng, Treas., S. H. Tan.
Java, Netherlands East Indies. Executive Committee: A. Kaun-
Officers: tul, S. H. Tan, S. Saparue, A.
Supt., P. Drinhaus. Minister: A. Kauntul..
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, H.
E. R. Schell. Licentiates:
Executive Committee: P. Drin- Z. Tausuun, L. Tausuun.
haus, H. E. R. Schell, A. H.
Zimmermann, W. J. 'Coiling, W. BATAICLAND MISSION
K6ster, F. Dittmar, H. Twinjn- Organized 1927
stra, K. Tilstra, G. a de Jager, Territory: Residency of Tapanolei.
Dr. Liem, H. E. Diredja. Population: 1,041,301; churches,
Department Secretaries: 21; members, 512.
Educational and Sabbath School, Office Address: Advent Zendings-
L. Wortman. genootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeel-
Field Sec., G. Faass. ing Batakland, Siantar, Sumatra,
Home Miss., K. Tilstra. Netherlands East Indies.
Y. P. M. V., S. Horn. Officers:
Supt., K. Tilstra.
Ministers: Sec., A. Mamora.
P. Drinhaus, W. J. Kolling, H. A. Treas., K. Tilstra.
Zimmermann, F. Dittmar, H. Executive Committee: K. Til-
Twijnstra, K. Tilstra, K. Er- stra, G. A. Wood, A. Mamora,
lecke, G. A. Wood (emeritus). K. Tamboenan, Th. Manullang,
Licentiates: Lie Koen Tiong.
H. E. R. Schell, G. Faass, L. F. J. Ministers:
Wortman, S. Horn. K. Tilstra, K. Tamboenan, G. A.
Wood (emeritus).
Missionary Licentiate: Licentiates:
W. Koster. A. Mamora, N. H. Manullang.

Missionary Licentiates: Population: 3,250,000; churches,

Baginda Mangojang, S. Ritonga, 48; members, 1,553.
M. V. Pandjaitan, M. Tamboenan, Cable Address: Adventzending
N. Hoetapea, Th. Manullang, El- Menado.
man Hoetapea. Office Address: Advent Zendings-
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel-
ing Noord Celebes, Menado, Tji-
EAST JAVA MISSION kala West, Celebes, Netherlands
Organized 1913 East Indies.
Territory: Residencies of Semar- Officers:
ang, Kedoe, Djokjakarta, Soera- Director, F. Dittmar.
karta, Madioen, Kediri, Soera- Sec., J. Moroisa.
baja, Madoera, Pasoeroean, Be- Treas., F. Dittmar.
soeki, Southeast Borneo, with Executive Committee: F. Ditt-
Islands to East of Java up to mar, A. Laloan, R. Taliwongso,
and including Timor. J. Moroisa, A. Londa, S. Lin-
Population: 26,702,620; churches, tang, A. Soemeikoe.
15; members, 783.
Cable Address: Adventzending Department Secretaries:
Soerabaia. Field Sec., J. Moroisa.
Office Address:' Advent Zendings- Home Miss. and Sab. Sch., ----.
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel- Minister: F. Dittmar.
ing Oost-Java, Tandjoeng Anom Missionary Licentiates:
3, Soerabaia, Java, Netherlands W. Pandelaki, A. Londa, J. Soe-
East Indies. meikoe, K. Walandan, C. L.
Officers: Sondakh, N. Pattyranie, J. Mo-
Director, P. Drinhaus. roisa, N. Zacharias, F. Walean,
Sec., K. Erlecke. R. 0. Walean, J. Anton, J. A.
Treas., P. Drinhaus. Tampung, J. Lumentut, R. Sae-
Executive Committee: P. Drin- rang.
haus, K. Erlecke, S. Horn, P. R. Church School Teacher: A. Sakoel.
Goeltom, A. de Vink, Tan Kiem
Siang, Liem Soen Hoo.
Department Secretaries: NORTH SUMATRA MISSION
Field Miss., G. Faass. Organized 1917
Home Miss., K. Erlecke. Territory: Residencies of East
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Coast, Atjeh, Riouw.
S. Horn. Population: 2,676,523; churches,
Minister: K. Erlecke. 3; members, 68.
Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Licentiates: genootschap in N. 0. I. Afdeeling
S. Horn, P. R. Goeltom, S. H. Noord Sumatra, Colijnlaan 16,
Pandjaitan, S. Pattikawa. Siantar, Sumatra, Netherlands
Missionary Licentiates: East Indies.
Doso Kartodiherdjo, L. Hogen- Officers:
dorp, E. H. Vysma, P. Simand- Director, Under direction of the
joentak, M. Sormin, Emanuel, Union Committee.
D. A. Dompas, L. S. Njoo. Sec. and Treas., K. Tilstra.
Executive Committee: Union
Organized 1923 Licentiate: Kr. Pandjaitan.
Territory: North Celebes, Hal- Missionary Licentiate:
mahery Islands. Martin Hoetapea.


Organized 1929 Organized 1913
Territory: Residency of West Territory: Residencies of Bantam,
Coast of Sumatra. Batavia, Cheribon, Pekalongan,
Population: 1,919,109; churches, Banjoemas, Preanger, West
1; members, 58. Coast of Borneo.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Population: 15,016,904; churches,
Adventzending Padang. 16; members, 680.
Office Address: Advent Zendings- Cable and Telegraphic Address:
genootschap in N. 0. I., District Adventzending Batavia.
Padang, Strandweg 13, Padang, Office Address: Advent Zendings-
Sumatra, Netherlands East In- genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeel-
dies. ing West Java, Krama:t, Tanah
Officers: Tinggi 16, Batavia-C, Nether-
Director, Under direction of the lands East Indies.
Union Committee.
Sec. and Treas., Ong Ban Giok. Officers:
Executive Committee: Union Director, H. Zimmermann.
Committee. Sc., L. Wortman.
Treas., II. Zimmermann.
Licentiate: Ong Ban Giok. Executive Committee: H. Zim-
mermann, L. Wortman, H. B.
SOUTH SUMATRA MISSION Meelhuyzen, A. de Jager, T.
Organized 1929 Rondonuwu, M. E. Diredja, W.
Territory: Residencies of Ben- U. Hutapea.
koelen, Biliton, Bangka, Djambi, Department Secretary:
Palembang, Lampongsche Dis- Field Miss., G. Faass.
tricten. Minister: H. Zimmermann.
Population: 1,779,124; churches, Licentiate: W. U. Hoetapea.
9; members, 240. Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: Advent Zendings- S. Silitonga, Soetan Mangatas,
genootschap in N. 0. I., Afdeeling Z. Mariunaja, M. T. Silitonga,
Zuid-Sumatra, Palembang, Su- B. v. Waardenburg, H. Mende,
matra, Netherlands East Indies. Loe Liang Je, Dj. Panggabean.
Officers: D. Pattikawa.
Director, 'W. J. Dolling.
Sec., B. C. Dompas.
Treas., W. J. Kfilling.
Executive Committee: W. .1. DETACHED STATION
Dolling, B. C. Doinpas, H. Arito- MAKASSAR
nang, M. Akib. Address: 3de. Rengganweg 10,
Department Secretaries: Makassar, Celebes, Netherlands
Educational and Field Miss., East Indies.
Churches: 1; members, 148.
Ministers: In Charge: K. Mandias.
W. J. Kfilling, H. Aritonang.
Sec. and Treas., K. Mandias.
Licentiate: B. C. Dompas.
Missionary Licentiates: Minister: K. Mandias.
V. E. Siwy, A. Hasiboean, M. Missionary Licentiates:
Burian, M. Tamboenan. D. Rhebok, E. Losu.
Organized 1912

Territory: Wurtemberg, Baden, Ba- BADEN CONFERENCE

varia, Hessia, Rhine, Palatinate, Organized 1912; reorganized 1922.
Thuringia, Republic Austria, viz.,
the Baden, Central Rhenish, Territory: Baden and the Bavarian
Franc.-Thuring., South Bavarian, Palatinate.
Wurtemberg, North Austrian Population: 3,300,000; churches,
and South Austrian Conferences 27; members, 1,273.
and the MarienhShe School Office: Kriegsstr. 84, Karlsruhe
Church. i/B Germany.
Population: 24,890,000; churches,
254; members, 10,776. Pres., W. Schick.
Treas., L. Gerstner.
Office Address: Libanonstr. 6, Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Ger- Executive Committee: W. Schick,
many. M. Kunze, F. Hager, K. Kafitz,
Officers: Th. Gawlik, K. Ohm, Fr. Muller.
Pres., G. Seng. Department Secretaries:
Treas. and Office Sec., Helene Field Miss., F. Hager.
Kofink. Sabbath School, Home Miss.,
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. and Y. P. M. V., W. Schick.
Executive Committee: G. Seng, Ministers:
W. Schick, A. Sachsenmeyer, A. W. Schick, G. F. Hiirner, F. Diirr,
W. Muller, W. Edener, 11. Eirp F. C. Grieser, M. Kunze, E. Ber-
berger, Ed. Mayer, L. Schnee- ner, D. Eicher, W. Gericke, H.
bauer, A. Wegener, 0. Neubauer, Goebel.
A. Wicklein, W. Meinhardt.
South German Building Associa- Fr. Fleck, J. Schmidt.
Manager and Bookkeeper, Wil- Missionary Licentiates:
helm Amelung. A. Ohme, A. Gutmann.
Committee: G. Seng, W. Schick,
W. Edener, A. Sachsenmeyer, A.
W. Miiller, W. Amelung, A. CENTRAL RHENISH CONFER-
Wicklein, W. Meinhardt. ENCE
Organized 1920
South German Health Association:
Committee: G. Seng, W. Schick, Territory: The Free State Hessia
P. Schwaderer, W. Amelung. (Provinces Rhinehessia, Starken-
burg and Upper Hessia). Of the
Department Secretaries: Hessia-Nassau Province: The ad-
Educational, H. Erzberger. ministrative district of Wiesba-
Field Miss., A. Wicklein. den excepting the Unterlahn dis-
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and trict. Of the administrative dis-
Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer. trict Kassel: Hanau, Gelnhausen,
Schltichtern, Fulda, Htinfeld. Of
Ministers: Bavaria: Aschaffenburg, Alzenau,
H. Erzberger, G. Seng, 0. Neu- Obernburg and Miltenberg. The
bauer. Saar-District. From the Rhine

Province the districts: Trier, hardt, R. Kopp, K. Engel, K.

Saarburg, Merzig-Wadern, St. Reuthlinger, F. Vogel.
Wendel, Baumholder, Bad Kreuz- Department Secretaries:
nach. From the State Olden- Field Miss., A. Schneider.
burg: the district B.irkenfeld. Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Population: 4,500,000; churches, Y. P. M. V., W. Gehl.
40; members, 1,584. Ministers:
Office: Eschenheimer Anlage 32, A. Sachsenmeyer, J. Seefried, R.
Frankfurt a. Main, Germany. Miller, H. Feddersen, L. Krug,
Officers: G. Bahre, E. Kuschel, H. Wittig,
Pres., A. W. Willer. E. Adolph, M. Ganzleben, M.
Treas., Lydia Rein. Schwab, 0. Kelle, E. Schmitz,
Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink. W. Gehl, F. Schrattenholzer, E.
Executive Committee: A. W. Schank, A. Woysch.
Milller, W. Schroer, R. Grabner, Licentiates:
P. Hanke, W. Christanz. H. Schmidt, W. Spahl, R. Vogel,
Department Secretaries: W. Gast.
Field Miss., R. Grabner. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and M. Michaelis, A. Stammberger,
Y. P. M. V., W. Schroer. G. Elssmann, A. Hertwig, K.
Ministers: Fischer, M. Scheibenberger.
A. W. Miiller, H. Behr, H. Zim-
mermann, W. Ririe, E. Kobele,
W. Gemeinhardt, M. Prtill, W. SOUTH BAVARIAN CONFER-
Binanzer, W. Schroer, H. Nau. ENCE
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1919
G. Buschner, K. Fleck, L. Furst.
Territory: Upper and Lower Bava-
ria, Swabia, Neuburg, and the
FRANCONIAN-THURINGIAN southern part of the Upper Pa-
CONFERENCE latinate, including Regensburg.
Organized 1934 Population: 3,300,000; churches,
Territory: Upper, Central, and 43; members, 1,837.
Lower Franconia (excepting As- Office Address: Tizianstrasse 18,
chaffenburg), Upper Palatinate Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
(excepting Regensburg), Thur- Officers:
ingia with the administrative Pres., W. Edener.
district Erfurt, district Schleu- Treas., Miss Aurelia Hubsch.
singen, Schmalkalden, Ziegen- Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
ruck (excepting Sondershausen). Executive Committee: W. Ede-
Population: 4,600,000; churches, ner, H. Schwarz, F. Zapp, W.
62; members, 2,611. Kehr, J. Bauer, Dr. Rosenthal,
Office: Hinterm Bahnhof 30, Ntir- X. Zitzelsberger.
emberg, Bavaria, Germany. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Field Miss., F. Zapp.
Pres., A. Sachsenmeyer. Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Treas., Miss. A. Bussinger. Y. P. M. V.,
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink. Ministers:
Executive Committee: A. Sach- W. Edener, F. Weinmann, J. F.
senmeyer, A. Schneider, H. Fed- Grieser, K. GMzer, R. Lange, H.
dersen, W. Reinhold, W. Mein- Schwarz, M. Ponig, W. Lorenz.

Licentiates: Treas., Miss B. Bruscha.

A. Ulrich, G. Schmalkoke, H. Auditor, Miss H. Kofink.
Riedel, F. Weigel, E. Alberth. Executive Committee: A. Weg-
Missionary Licentiates: ener, K. Brich, H. Mayer, P.
J. G. Sommer, 0. Seng, Miss K. Weinand, F. Easel.
Westenberger, Miss M. Kuffer. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., F. Easel.
NORTH AUSTRIAN Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
CONFERENCE Y. P. M. V., A. Wegener.
Organized 1936 Ministers:
Territory: Vienna, Lower Austria, A. Wegener, K. Fleck, P. Wein-
Upper Austria, Burgenland. and, 0. Saur, E. Schwarz.
Population: 4,500,000; churches, Licentiate: F. Lubschina.
17; members, 889. Missionary Licentiates:
0. Lenzi, F. Poschl.
Office: Pelzgasse 2/10, Vienna XV,
Pres., L. Schneebauer. Organized 1912
Treas., Miss B. Bruscha.
Auditor, Miss H. Kofink. Territory: Wurtemberg including
Executive Committee: L. Schnee- HohenzollernSigmaringen.
bauer, K. Floder, F. Easel, E. Population: 2,600,000; churches,
Pickhart, F. Pfingstl, A. Walter, 48; members, 1,693.
H. Auer. Office Address: Fangelsbachstr. 11,
Department Secretaries: Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Ger-
Field Miss., F. Easel. many.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Officers:
Y. P. M. V., L. Schneebauer.
Pres., Ed. Mayer.
Ministers: Treas. and Office Sec., Miss Jo-
L. Schneebauer, Fr. Gruber, F. hanna Walz.
Pfingstl, J. Penner. Auditor, Miss Helene Kofink.
Licentiates: Executive Committee : Ed. Mayer,
R. Lohner, H. Schnotzinger, Th. J. Muth, Fr. Gregorius, St. Geiger,
Erbes. E. Spath, W. Kramer, W. Touch-
Missionary Licentiate: ard.
A. Nadler. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., W. Touchard.
SOUTH AUSTRIAN Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
CONFERENCE Y. P. M. V., 0. Neubauer.
Organized 1936
Territory: Salzburg, Tirol, Vorarl-
berg, Styria, Carinthia. Ed. Mayer, J. Muth, R. Werner,
Fr. Gregorius, A. Ansel, F. Roth,
Population: 2,000,000; churches, H. Schulte, A. Henger, H. Zett-
15; members, 746. woch, A. Haag, C. Reihlen.
Office: Leopoldskronerstrasse 22, Missionary Licentiates:
Salzburg, Austria.
H. Noltze, F. Gunther, E. Fuchs,
Officers: K. Biirk, F. Breuninger, Miss A.
Pres., A. Wegener. Kahle, Miss E. Kiispert.

SCHOOL CHURCH Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Ger-

Organized 1921 Officers:
Treas., Miss Helene Kofink.
Territory: Darmstadt-Marienh6he. Auditor, P. A. Brandt.
Office Address: Libanonstr. 6, Minister: W.' Hoffmann.


Organized igog

Territory: Central German, Han- CENTRAL GERMAN CON-

over, Hansa, Hessia-Westphalian, FERENCE
and Rhenish Conferences. Organized 1934
Population: 25,400,000; churches, Territory: The Free-States Bruns-
267; members, 10,308. wick,-Anhalt; from the Free-
Office Address: Richard-Wagner- State Thuringia the district
str. 28, Hanover-N., Germany. Sondershausen; from the prov-
(Telephone, 60018.) ince Saxony (Free-State Prus-
Full Title in German: Gemein- sia) the administrative district
schaft der Siebenten-Tags-Ad- Merseburg ; the administrative
ventisten Westdeutscher Ver- district Erfurt without Erfurt;
band. from the administrative district
Magdeburg the districts Werni-
Officers: gerode, Halberstadt city and ru-
Pres., Hans Fenner. ral, Quedlinburg city and rural,
Sec. and Treas., Otto Gmehling. Aschersleben, Oschersleben, Wan-
Underti eas., Martha Weseloh. zleben, Calbe, Wolmirstedt, Neu-
Auditor: For the Union, the Di- haldensleben, Jerichow I., Mag-
vision Auditor. For the Con- deburg city; from the province
ferences, the Union Treasurer. Hanover (Free-State Prussia)
Executive Committee: H. Fen- the administrative district Hil-
ner, C. A. Motzer, F. A. Prieser, desheim.
W. Althoff, G. Diirolf, A. Pioch, Population: 4,400,000 churches,
W. Peters, L. Lutz, 0. Gmehling, 48; members, 1,709.
A. Vollmer, K. Faesecke, Th. Office Address: Fasanenstr. 63, I.,
Schrader, E. Kaman. Braunschweig, Germany. (Tele-
Legal Assn: Westdeutsche Grund- phone, 4167.)
stiicks Gesellschaft m. b. H., Full Title in German: Gemein-
Hamburg. schaft der Siebenten-Tags-Ad-
Office: Richard-Wagnerstr. 28, ventisten, Mitteldeutsche Verei-
Hanover-N.; Manager, Hans Fen- nigung.
ner. Officers:
Department Secretaries: Pres., W. Althoff.
Field Miss., Lorenz Lutz. Sec., H. Teichmann.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Treas., P. Jfischke.
Y. P. M. V., Wilhelm Peters. Auditor: The treasurer of the
West German Union.
Ministers: Executive Committee: W. Al-
H. Fenner, W. Peters, 0. Gmehl- thoff, E. Hennecke, 0. Stein, J.
ing. Hiihn, H. Langenstrassen.

Department Secretaries: Prieser, A. Weske, F. Risch-

Field Miss., W. Meier. mtiller, A. Lanz, 0. Drosenmeyer.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
H. Teichmann. Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten,
Ministers: Hannoversche Vereinigung e.V.
W. Althoff, A. Bremer, W. Her- Department Secretaries:
bert, 0. Panzig, E. Hennecke, G. Field Miss., A. Lanz.
Fischdick, H. Teichmann, H. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Knoner. Richard Kaufmann.
Licentiates: Ministers:
J. Fenner, 0. Lutz, L. Martin. F. A. Prieser, Fr. Rischmiiller,
Missionary Licentiates: J. Bohlmann, M. Schmidt, R.
H. Correus, G. Buschner, R. Kaulfann, W. Amian, A. Mannes-
Linker, A. Weisse, A. Scherf, mann.
W. Riekmann, E. Sutor, E. Licentiates:
Fischdick, K.Wittwer. K. Harres, R. BrUger, H. Wehr-
mann, E. Fraatz.
HANOVER CONFERENCE Missionary Licentiates:
Organized 1919 E. Weigt, E. Baumbach, H. Claus,
H. Treeck, K. Hoszfeld, Miss E.
Territory: From the Province Han- Schulze, Mrs. 0. Thaden.
over (Free-State Prussia) the
administrative district Liineburg
without the district Harburg- HANSA CONFERENCE
Wilhelmsburg city. The admin- Organized 1900
istrative districts Stade and Au- Territory: The Free-State Ham-
rich; the administrative district burg (without district Ritzebtit-
Hanover without Hamelin-Pyr- tel-Cuxhaven), the Free-States
mont. The administrative district Lubeck, Mecklenburg-Schwerin,
Osnabriick city and rural, Melle, Mecklenburg-Strelitz. From the
Wittlage, Iburg. From the Prov- Free-State Oldenburg the dis-
ince Saxony (Free-State Prus- trict Eutin. From the Free-
sia) the districts: Gardelegen, State Prussia the Province
Osterburg, Salzwedel, Stendal Schleswig-Holstein; from the
city and rural, Jerichow II. The province Hanover (administra-
Free-State Bremen; the Free- tive district Liineburg) the
State Oldenburg without Birken- district Harburg-Wilhelmsburg
feld and Eutin. From the Free- city.
State Hamburg the district Ritze- Population: 3,800,000; churches,
Mittel-Cuxhaven. 56; members, 2,393.
Population: 3,500,000; churches, Office Address: Grindelberg 11, I,
51; members, 1,602. Hamburg 13, Germany. (Tele-
Office Address: Neustadt-Contre- phone 55.90.80.)
scarpe 30 I., Bremen, Germany. Officers:
(Telephone, Roland 3972.) Pres., C. A. Motzer.
Officers: Sec., Curt Steudel.
Pres., F. A. Prieser. Treas., Willi Russler.
Sec., Richard Kaufmann. Auditor, the treasurer of the
Treas., Miss F. Meier. West German Union.
Auditor, the treasurer of the Executive Committee: C. A.
West German Union. Motzer, C. Steudel, W. Bentlin,
Executive Committee: F. A. H. Zuber, C. Bruning, F. Rick-

ers, K. Faeseeke, F. Ritzmann, mont. The Free-States Schaum-

C. Schwiderowitz. burg-Lippe and Lippe Detmold.
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der Population: 6,400,000; churches,
Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten, 57; members, 1,824.
Hansa-Vereinigung, e.V. Office Address: Brtickenstrasse 34a,
Department Secretaries: Hamm i/W., Germany. (Tele-
Field Miss., H. Zuber. phone, 158.)
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der
Curt Steudel. Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten,
Hessisch-Westfillische Vereini-
Ministers:' gung, e. V. '
C. A. Motzer, C. Steudel, H.
Detlefsen, H. Drangmeister, C. Officers:
Kapitz, R. Schroder, K. Scheele, Pres., A. P'ioch.
K. GlOckner, E. Kaufmann, F. Sec., Ewald Bartz.
Backer. Treas., August Pohl.
Auditor, the treasurer of the
Licentiates: West German Union.
W. Hampel, H. Oswald, H. Oster- Executive Committee: A. Pioch,
burg, W. Unger, H. Wile, 0.
Kortenhorn, A. Heiderstiidt. E. Bahr, Th. SchrOder, S. Hoh-
mann, A. Bente.
Missionary Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
H. Burger, W. Schtitte, F. Kopp, Field Miss., H. Grave.
S. Christoffers, E. Tilgner, P. Home Miss., and Y. P. M. V.,
Schornstein, P. Wuttke, Miss J. E. Bartz.
A. Pioch, E. Bahr, M. H. Went-
HESSIA-WESTPHALIAN CON- land, H. Watty, H. Stoltenberg,
FERENCE A. v. Wallenstern, W. Pohland.
Organized 1898 as West German W. Begemann.
Conference Licentiates:
Territory: From the Free-State P. Paprotny, W. Rohde, P. VViirz-
Prussia the province Westphalia; berger, F. Schluter, B. Engel.
from the province Hessen-Nas- Missionary Licentiates:
sau the administrative district H. Waldeck, E. Christoffers, P.
Kassel with the districts Es- Gode, F. Binnebossel.
chwege, Frankenberg, Fritzlar,
Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Romberg,
Kassel city and rural, Kirchhain, RHENISH CONFERENCE
Marburg city and rural, Melsun- Organized 1902
gen, Rotenburg, Witzenhausen, Territory: From the Free-State
Wolfhagen, Ziegenhain, Hiinfeld, Prussia the province Rhineland
der Eder, des Eisenbergs, der (excepting Saarland) without
Twiste, Schaumburg; from the the districts Kreuznach, Meisen
administrative district Wiesba- heim, St. Wendel-Baumholder,
den the district Biedenkopf ; Trier city and rural, Merzig-
from the administrative district Wadern, Saarburg. From the
Osnabriick (province Hanover) province Hessen-Nassau and the
the districts: Osnabruck city administrative district Wies-
and rural, Wittlage, Melle and baden the Underlahn district
Iburg; from the administrative and the districts St. Goarshau-
district Hanover the district sen, Niederlahnstein, Oberlabn-
Hameln city and Hameln-Pyr- stein, Braubach.

Population: 7,300,000; churches. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,

55; members, 2,780. Fritz Hilmer.
Office Address: Adlerstrasse 70, Ministers:
Diisseldorf, Germany. (Tele-
phone, 161,67.) G. Diirolf, R. Stein, H. Nitschke,
Legal Name: Gemeinschaft der F. Hilmer, W. SchOn, 0. Pelzer,
Siebenten - Tags - Adventisten, K. Driige, R. Rittau, R. Eich-
Rheinische Vereinigung e. V. wald.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., Georg Diirolf. E. Wenzel, K. Schieber,' K. Schu-
Sec., Fritz Hilnier. bert, G. Wucherer, K. Voget, H.
Treas., Martha Fuchs. Tilgner, K. GOtzinger.
Auditor, the treasurer of the
West German Union. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: G. Diirolf, H. Rohwedder, 0. Hesse, G. Lud-
F. Hilmer, P. Knitter, E. Kaman, wig, E. Detlefsen, H. Kachel, H.
0. Adolph, F. Metz, F. Riiger. Heuser, A. Soetber, E. Binanzer,
Department Secretaries: P. Ernst, 0. Westermann, K.
Field Miss., Paul Knitter. Johl, Miss M. Diekmann.

Organized 1911 0. Thibritz, D. Harboff, B. Nicol-
Territory: Bulgaria. off, W. Iwanoff.
Population: 6,000,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
22; members, 710. B. Kiriloff, A. Georgieff, Miss N.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Gantschewa, Miss K. Nicolova,
Sofia, Solunska 10. Co1p. Miss. Licentiates: P. Mar-
inkoo, A. Iwanoff.
Office Address: Solunska 10, Sofia, Institution:
Bulgaria. (Telephone, 2-64-66.) Bulgarian Book and Bible House,
Officers: "Nov Schivot" Sofia (Bulga-
Supt., A. Thomas; Vice-Supt., ria), Solunska 10. Manager,
K. Sohlmann. 0. Dabritz.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Dlibritz.
Executive Committee: A. Thom-
as, K. Waswasoff, K. Sohlmann, GRECIAN MISSION
N. Peschkiroff, K. Christoff. Entered 1903
Financial Committee: the mem- Territory: Greece and Albania.
bers of the Executive Committee Population: 7,832,000; churches,
and N. Athanasoff, A. Georgieff. 5; members, 114.
Department Secretaries: Office Address: Lahana St. 36.
Postal Address: Post Box 144,
Field Miss., Boris Kiriloff. Saloniki, Greece.
Y. P. M. V., Sabbath School and
Home Miss., K. Waswasoff. Officers:
Acting Supt., A. Thomas.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., E. Ashod.
A. Thomas, K. Waswakoff, St. Executive Committee: A. Thom-
Konstantinoff, K. Sohlmann, B. as, A. N. Stabellos, Chr. Christo-
Boneff. forides, N. Pappastamoulis.


A. Thomas, N. Pappastamoulis. FERENCE
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1901.
A. N. Stabellos, Chr. Christo-
forides, E. Ashod, A. Keanides. Territory: The Netherlands.
Population: 8,000,000; churches,
30; members, 1,250.
IRAN MISSION Office Address: Lange Beesten-
Entered 1911Reorganized 1935 markt 102, The Hague, Nether-
lands. (Telephone, Den Haag
Territory: Iran. 117025.)
Population: 12,000,000; churches,
9; members, 187. Officers:
Cable Address: "Advent," Teheran. Pres., J. Wintzen.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Sec., P. Voorthuis.
Naderi Ave., 20, Teheran, Iran. Treas., I. Krautschick.
Executive Committee: J. Wint-
Officers: zen, W. John, P. Voorthuis, J.
Supt., F. F. Oster. Toben, T. Eijkelenboom, J. Kers-
Sec. and Treas., A. Hessel. sen, C. Schutte.
Mission Committee: F. F. Oster, Legal Name: Kerkgenootschap der
Dr. A. Arzoo, A. Hessel. Zevende - Dags - Adventisten in
Ministers: Nederland, Gevestigd te's-Gra-
F. F. Oster, A. Hesse]. venhage.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
Dr. A. Arzoo, V. Shirvanian. Field Miss., J. van Iterson.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Missionary Licentiates: Sabbath School, WI John.
Mrs. F. F. Oster, Nanajan, J. Welfare Work, H. Eelsing.
Badel, M. H. Gasparian, Rahman
Termei, Haik Salakian. Michael Ministers:
Simonowich, Hovsep Gabrielian, J. Wintzen, W. John, P. Voor-
Hakob Hakobian, Esther Shmuel, thuis, H. Eelsing, W. Betram, A.
Mrs. Julia Oraham, Mrs. Xenia Schmutzler, P. v. Oossanen, J.
Nazarian, Mrs. Shalim Sayad. W. Berthold, H. Schor.
Legal Association: General Confer- Licentiates:
ence of Seventh-day Adventists. J. Lankhorst, H. Schmitz, F. J.
Representative in Iran, F. F. Voorthuis.
Missionary Licentiates:
Institutions: H. Kramer, I. Krautschick, C. P.
The Iran Literature Society; de Ruiter, P. Klop, C. A. L.
Manager, A. Hessel, Teheran, Havenstroom.
Seventh-day Adventist Mission Institution:
Hospital and Dispensary, Sul- Publishing House (Branch of
tanabad, Aragh, Iran. Direc- Hamburg House); Interna-
tor and Manager, Dr. A. Ar- tionaal Advent Zendingsge-
zoo; Matron and Head Nurse, nootschap; Van Weede van
Johanna Blauss; Board, Local Dijkveldstr. 77, The Hague,
Committee and the Superin- Netherlands. (Telephone,
tendent of the Iran Mission. 554 140.)

TANGANYIKA MISSION ritory, East Africa.

Entered 1903 African Teachers: 8.
Territory: Tanganyika Territory.
Population: 5,022,640; churches, Ntusu Mission Station
14; members, 1,855. Missionary in Charge: H. Robson.
Office Address: P. 0. Musoma, Address!: Ntusu, P,, 0. Maswa,
Tanganyika Territory, East Af- Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter-
rica. ritory, East Africa.
African Evangelists and Teachers:
Officers: 18.
Supt., G. A. Ellingworth.
Sec. and Treas.,
Committee: G. A. Ellingworth, Suji Mission Station
A. Sprogis, H. Robson, R. Helbig. Missionary in Charge: A. Sprogis,
Ministers: Evangelist, W. Ludwig.
European: G. A. Ellingworth, A. Address: Suji, Private Bag, P. 0.
Sprogis, H. Robson, R. Helbig, Tanga, Tanganyika Territory,
E. A. Flammer. East Africa.
African: Paolo Saburi, Elisa African Evangelists and Teachers:
Manongi. 32.
R. Reiner, W. Ludwig. Utimbaru Mission Station
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary in Charge: H. A. Mat-
P. Werner, H. Kotz, Miss L. thews.
Drangmeister (on furlough), Address: Utimbaru, P. 0. Musoma,
Miss M. Bremer. Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter-
African: Z. Maandi, B. Shagira, ritory, East Africa.
S. Isae, Y. Mseli, T. Mzota, P. African Teachers: 13.
Mlungwana, P. Kapiro, Z. Mhuli.

Ikizu Mission Station Entered 1899
Missionary in Charge: E. A. Elam- Territory: Turkey.
Address: P. 0. Musoma, Tangan- Population: 14,000,000; churches,
yika Territory, East Africa, 3; members, 76.
African Teachers: 8. Office Address: 14 Saray Arkasi,
Ayaz Pasa, Istanbul, Turkey.
Postal Address: Posta Kutusu
Majita Mission Station 2071, Istanbul, Turkey.
Missionary in Charge: R. Reider. Officers:
Address: Majita, P. 0. Musoma, Supt., -.
Tanganyika Territory, East Af- Sec. and Treas., R. Klinger.
rica. Mission Committee:
African Evangelists and Teachers: R. Klinger.
17. Minister: R. Klinger.
Missionary Licentiate:
Mwagala Mission Station K. Kalustian.
Missionary in Charge: H. Kotz. Institution: Publ. House, Posta
Address: Mwagala, P. 0. Maswa, Kutusu, 2242, Istanbul, Turkey;
Lake Province, Tanganyika Ter- Manager, R. Klinger.

INSTITUTIONS Czechoslovakian Publishing

Educational: House, Brno-Kralovo Pole,
Friedensau Missionary Seminary, Wilsonova 8, Czechoslovakia.
Friedensau, Burg-Land, Bez. Bulgarian Book and Bible House
Magdeburg, Germany. (Knigoisdateltsro "Nos Schi-
Marienhohe Seminary, Darm- rot") Solunska 10, Sofia, Bul-
stadt, Germany. garia.
Ikizu Training School, Ikizu Netherlands East Indies Pub.
Mission, P. 0. Musoma, Tan- House (Advent Boeken Depot),
ganyika Territory, East Af- Bandoeng, Naripan 63, Java,
rica. Netherlands East Indies.
Ntusu Girls School, Ntusu, P. 0. Depositories:
Maswa, Lake Province, Tan- Arabic Literature Society, P. 0.
ganyika Territory, East Af- Box 1091, Jerusalem, Palestine.
rica. Greek Depository, Post Box 144,
Suji Training School, Suji Mis- Salonica Greece.
sion, Private Bag, P. 0. Tanga, Turkish Depository, Posta Ku-
Tanganyika Territory, East tusu 2242, Istanbul, Turkey.
Africa. Literature Society, Teheran,
Tjimindi Training School, Opleid- Iran.
ingsschool der Advent-Zend-
ing, Tjimindi, Bandoeng, Java, Sanitariums and Treatment
Netherlands East Indies. Rooms:
Publishing: Krankenhaus "Waldfriede," Fis-
Hamburg Publishing House (Ad- cherhiitten Str. 99-109, Berlin-
vent-Verlag E. V.), Grindel- Zehlendorf-West, Germany.
berg 15 a, Hamburg 13, Ger- Kurhaus, Wittelsbach, Bad Ai-
many. bling, Oberbayern, Germany.
Holland Branch: (Interna- Charlottenbad, Charlottenstr. 24,
tional Advent-Zendingsge- Hamburg 19, Germany.
nootschap), van Weede van HaifaInstitution for Massage
Dijkveldstraat 77, The and Hydro Electric Therapy,
Hague, Holland.
Austrian Branch (Advent-Ver- P. 0. Box 478, Haifa, Palestine.
lag E. V.) VII, Wimberger- JerusalemInstitution for Mas-
gasse 46, Vienna VII, Aus- sage and Hydro-Electric Ther-
tria. apy, P. 0. B. 1091, Jerusalem,
Hungarian Publishing House Palestine.
(Advent KiadiShivatal Fiokja), Seventh-day Adventist Mission
Budapest I, N6metvolgyi ut Hospital, Sultanabad, Aragh,
26, Hungary. Iran.
Organized 1931

Territory: China, Manchuria, Mon- Auditor, C. C. Morris.

golia, Tibet, Sinkiang, and the Educational and Young People's
islands controlled by China, to- Missionary Volunteer Depart-
gether with Hongkong and Ma- ments:
cao; all of which are comprised Secretary: D. E. Rebok.
in the East China, West China, Members: D. E. Rebok, S. L.
North China, South China, and Frost, Bessie Mount, S. H. Lindt,
Central China Union Missions, P. E. Quimby, Educational and
the Northwest China Mission, Y. P. M. V. secretaries of union
and the Manchurian Union Mis- missions; the heads of training
sion. schools in the division; the heads
Population: 478,504,286; churches, of senior and junior middle
273; members, 16,066. schools; the superintendents of
Cable and Telegraphic Address: union missions in China.
" Adventist," Shanghai. Codes
used: Western Union 5 letter Home Missionary Department:
edition; A. B. C. Fifth edition. Secretary, E. L. Longway.
Postal, Express, and Freight Ad- Members: The division depart-
dress: 526 Ningkuo Road, Shang- mental secretary; the union and
local home missionary secretaries
hai, China. Telephone, 51094. as appointed; the union field
Note. To find the Ningkuo
missionary secretaries; the ex-
Road Mission Compound, Shang- ecutive heads of division, union,
hai, if unencumbered by lug-
gage, ask to be directed to a and local fields.
No. 10 Omnibus (eastbound), Medical Department:
and stop at Ningkuo Road. If Secretary, H. W. Miller, M. D.
you have luggage, the best plan Members: The division medical
will be to take a taxi to 526 secretary, with the physicians
Ningkuo Road (Ning-gwoh-lu). connected with all recognized
Officers: sanitariums, treatment rooms,
Pres., Frederick Griggs. and hospital-dispensaries in the
Sec., S. L. Frost. China Division; the superintend-
Treas., C. C. Morris. ents of nurses in institutions
Executive Board: Frederick conducting nurses' training
Griggs, S. L. Frost, C. C. Mor- schools.
ris, H. W. Miller, H. L. Shull, Ministerial Association:
John Oss, N. F. Brewer, M. Secretary: Frederick Lee.
C. Warren, 0. A. Hall, K. H. Advisory Council : Frederick Lee,
Wood, Geo. J. Appel, E. L. Long- division officers, 0. A. Hall, su-
way, Bessie Mount, Frederick perintendents of union missions,
Lee, W. A. Scharffenberg, Dr. division departmental secretaries,
L. H. Butka, D. E. Rebok, G. L. union evangelists, principals of
Wilkinson, E. R. Thiele, B. A. advanced schools in the China
Liu, W. J. Harris, A. L. Ham, Division.
Y. H. Chii. Publishing Department:
Legal Association: "General Sec., John Oss.
Conference Corporation of Sev- Members: The division publishing
enth-day Adventists." C. C. and home missionary depart-
Morris, Attorney-in-fact. ment secretaries; all union field

and home missionary secretaries C. L. Blandford, E. L. Longway,

within our territory; all local Liu Meng Ru, G. L. Wilkinson.
field missionary secretaries; the Licentiates:
head of the publishing house in
China, together with the chief W. I. Hilliard, Yeh Kwen Gan,
editors as appointed by the divi- Y. H. Chu, H. R. Dixon, Dr. L. H.
sion committee; the superin- Butka, C. Y. Ling, H. H. Morse,
tendents of all union missions. C. L. Woods, J. T. May, T. C.
Chin, Hwang Tz Ting, P. L.
Sabbath School Department: Williams, W. E. Eberhardt, Her-
Secretary: Miss Bessie Mount. bert Liu, M. D., Lee Wei Ching,
Advisory Committee: The divi- Wan. Yung Yao, H. W. Chris-
sion Sabbath school secretary; tian,'Leighton Holley.
all union Sabbath schmil sec-
retaries; assistant editor of the Missionary Licentiates:
(Chinese) "Sabbath School Mrs. Frederick Griggs, Mrs. C. C.
Helper," Frederick Lee, K. H. Crisler, Mrs. S. L. Frost, Mrs.
Wood, Joseph May, C. C. Morris, D. E. Rebok, H. L. Shull, Mrs.
Ivy Wu, C. Y. Ling. - H. L. Shull, Mrs. P. E. Quimby,
The Home Commission: F. A. Landis, Mrs. F. A. Landis,
Bessie Mount, Mrs. S. H. Lindt,
Members: 0. A. Hall (chairman), Mrs. W. A. Scharffenberg, E. C.
Frederick Griggs, Dr. H. W. Mil- Wood, Mrs. E. C. Wood, Lu
ler, Mrs. B. Miller, E. Long- Shou Dao, Elisabeth Redelstein,
way, Elsie Liu, Miss J. Holmes, Hsu Yung Chi, Hsu Pao Djen,
Mrs. Chen Gien Wen, S. L. Frost, Mrs. H. H. Morse, Matilda Fol-
Mrs. A. E. Hughes, Mrs. L. II. lett, A. R. Boynton, Mrs. A. R.
Davies, Abbie Dunn, Dr. Con- Boynton, Dr. J. Constance Wen,
stance Wen, Mrs. C. B. Green, Mrs. C. C. Morris, R. A. Brett,
Mrs. M. C. 'Warren, Mrs. W. I. Mrs. R. A. Brett, Mrs. C. L.
Hilliard, D. E. Rebok, Mrs. L. H. Blandford, Mrs. John Oss,
Butka, L. C. Wilcox, R. H. Hart- E. C. Meisler, Mrs. E. C. Meisler,
well, Mrs. T. F. Mi, B. A. Liu. Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs. Freder-
Transportation Agents: C. C. Mor- ick Lee, Li Hsiang Kiang, John
ris (chairman), the union treas- Shull, Mrs. John Shull, Mrs. C. L.
urers of the South and Central Woods, Grace Hsu, Li Wei Ching,
China Union Missions. Miss Yen Shu Bin, Ruth Atwell,
Division Building Committee: C. C. Mrs. R. H. Hartwell, Mrs. L. H.
Morris ( chairman) , Frederick Butka, Hazel Shadel, Mrs. E. L.
Griggs, H. W. Miller, E. C. Wood, Longway, Lydia Siebold, Alice M.
K. H. Wood, D. E. Rebok, G. J. Roberts, Wilton Wood, Mrs. Wil-
Appel, 0. A. Hall, S. L. Frost. ton Wood, Dr. A. L. Tai, Beatrice
Crisler, M. C. Djang, Dzo Ging
Ministers: Nu, Wang Tswen Yung, Mrs. 0.
Frederick Griggs, Dr. H. W. Mil- A. Hall, W. E. Anderson, Mrs.
ler, Frederick Lee, S. L. Frost, W. E. Anderson, Benjamin Tseng,
C. C. Morris, S. H. Lindt, D. E. Mrs. Mi Deh Feng, Mrs. L. Coul-
Rebok, John Oss, W. A. Scharf- ston, Dr. J. E. Miracle, Mrs. J. E.
fenberg, Hwang Dz Ging, G. J. Miracle, Dr. Mary Wilkinson,
Appel, M. C. Warren, K. H. Ethel Porter, Dr. Harold Lee,
Wood, N. F. Brewer, 0. A. Hall, Charles Dale, M. D., Mrs. Charles
P. E. Quimby, B. A. Liu, R. H. Dale, Frank Knight, Mrs. Frank
Hartwell, A. L. Ham, W. J. Har- Knight, Mrs. Leighton Holley,
ris, Meng Chung-i, L. H. Davies, Clarence Miller, Willis Miller.
Organized 1919
Territory: The following-named Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
provinces: Honan, Hunan, Hu- Mission," Yencheng.
peh, Kiangsi. Address: Yencheng, Honan, China.
Population: 104,011,642; churches, Officers:
21; members, 2,086. Director, E. H. James.
Telegraphic Address: " Advent- Sec. and Treas., Mrs. E. H.
ist," Hankow. James.
Office Address: 2 Rue Clemenceau, Asst. Tress., Lee Hung Bing.
Hankow, Hupeh, China. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Supt., M. C. Warren. Djao Lien Ren.
Acting Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Home Miss., Djang Djen
C. H. Davis. Medical, R. J. Brines, M. D.
Executive Committee: M. C. Publishing, Hou Hsu Hsuan.
Warren, C. H. Davis, Mrs. C. H. Sabbath School, Djao Lien Ren.
Davis, Dr. R. J. Brines, E. H.
James, W. E. Strickland, C. A. Ministers:
Carter, Liu Djung Gwang, Dzou E. H. James, Liu Djen Bang,
Wang Ging Bo, Peng Hsien
Pei Hsin, B. C. Clark, Du Shu Djung, Su Dien Ching, Djang
Ren, Chang Swen Djen, Peng Djen Hai, Tang Hsin Loh.
Hsien Wu, Wang Ging Bo.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., C. R. J. Brines, M. D., Tien Yen
A. Carter. Wen, Niu Siu Shen, Wang
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Chwen Yung, Djang Gwoh Djen.
C. H. Davis. Missionary Licentiates:
Medical, R. J. Brines, M. D., Mrs. E. H. James, Mrs. R. J.
Publishing, Liu Djung Gwang. Brines, Josephine Holmes, Miss
Ministers: M. Ragsdale, Hou Hsu Hsuan,
M. C. Warren, C. A. Carter, C. H. Djao Lien Ren, Djang Ying Kou,
Davis, D. R. White. Hsiao Han Djung, Mrs. Djang,
Gia Da Sao.
T. A. Shaw, Dr. R. J. Brines, Church School Teachers:
A. F. Tai, Wang Ih Dji. 12 teachers.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. M. C. Warren, Mrs. T. A. HUNAN MISSION
Shaw, Mrs. C. A. Carter, Mrs. Organized 1917
T. A. Smith, Mrs. D. R. White, Territory: The eastern part of Hu-
Mrs. C. H. Davis. nan Province,all hsiens east of
but not including Hsimen, Tao-
HONAN MISSION yuan, Anhwa, Baochin, Wugang;
Organized 1917 also the Pingsiang-hsien of Ki-
Territory: The Province of Honan; Population: 30,236,835; churches,
also Tungming-hsien and Chang- 6; members, 451.
yuan-hsien of Hopei. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Population: 30,831.909; churches, Mission," Changsha.
6; members, 1,002. Address: S. D. A. Mission, '75 Fu

Dzen Gai, Changsha, Hunan, Dunn, Li Wei Chin, Fang Chih

China. Hsiang.
Officers: Department Secretaries:
Director, Du Shu Ren. Book and Bible House, Y. S.
Sec. and Treas., Dzou Pei Hsin. Leng.
Executive Committee: Du Su Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Ren, Djou Pei Hsin, Dzu Dzi Ai, Hu Bing Chen.
Djou Hai Ru, Wang Deh Dzi, Field Miss., Yen Ch'un Shan.
Chen Djung Sui, Hwang Tsung Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Sen. Dzu Yeh Chang.
Department Secretaries: Ministers:
Educational, Dzou Pei Hsin. B. C. Clark, Fan Chih Hsiang,
Field Miss., Djou Hai Ru. M. E. Loewen.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Licentiates:
Dju Dzi Ai. Chang Shun Chen, Li Wei Ch'ing,
Y. P. M. V., Wu Ding Chi. Li Kwang Ren, Hsu Sin Tang.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
Du Shu Ren, Hwang Djung Seng, Mrs. B. C. Clark, Ch'en Yu Pei,
Wang Deh Dzi, Dzou Pei Hsin, Chu Yeh Chang, Tsao Yin Pei,
J. E. Frick, Ho Ai Deng. Abbie Dunn, Chang Keh Di, Y. S.
Licentiates: Leng, Yen Chun Shan, Yen Gia
Djang Fu Hsuan, Dju Dzi Ai, Gieh, Mrs. M. E. Loewen, Wang
Hu Si Gwei, Djou Hai Ru, Ren Tsao.
Hwang Dzi Ling.
Bible Worker: Hsueh Mo Deh. KIANGSI MISSION
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1917
Sang Dwan Fu, Bu Sing Ting, Territory: The Province of Ki-
Djou Yu Wen, Djang Gwang angsi, excepting Pingsiang-hsien.
Sing, Hsia Chang Yu, Wu Ding Population: 17,569,210; churches,
Chi, Tsai Gwei Hsiang, Ih Fei, 5; members, 215.
Hwang Ren Wu, Li Den Ren, Telegraphic Address: " Adventist
Chen Djung Sui. Mission," Kiukiang.
Church School Teachers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, 41
Pen Gin Yuan, Dzao Su Tsen, Hsiao Giao Chang, Kiukiang,
Chen Lou Dzi, Ho Yu Djen. Kiangsi, China.
HIIPEH MISSION Director, W. E. Strickland.
Organized 1909 Sec. and Treas., Peng Hsien Wu.
Territory: The Province of Hupeh. Department Secretaries:
Population: 27,167,244; churches, Book and Bible House, Peng
4; members, 322. Hsien Wu.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Educational, Peng Hsien Wu.
Hankow. Field Miss., D. C. McFeters.
Address: 107 Woo Tsu Street, Home Miss., Wang Wen Hwei.
Hankow, Hupeh, China. Sabbath School, W. E. Strickland.
Officers: Ministers:
Director, B. C. Clark. W. E. Strickland, Wang Wen
Sec. and Treas., Y. S. Leng. Hwei.
Executive Committee: B. C. Licentiates:
Clark, Y. S. Leng, Hu Bing Shen Hsuen Hung, P'eng Hsien
Chen, Yen Chun Shan, Abbie Wu.

Missionary Licentiates: hsiens known as Hsimen, Tao-

Peng Liang, Chang Chwen Hwa, yuen, Anhwa, Baochin, Wugang,
Liu Siao Ching, Lo Yue Ching, and all Hunan Hsiens lying west-
Lo Dzen Yuan, Mrs. W. E. ward of the same.
Strickland, Mrs. D. C. McFeters. Population: 8,463,450; churches, 1;
Bible Women: members, 28.
Ni Chwen Chieh, Hwang Cheng Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hung-
Shou, Nao Shiah Chen. kiang, Hunan, China.
Church School Teachers: Officer:
Deng Siao Sien, Gung Yu Hwa. Director: Liu Djung Gwang.
WEST HUNAN MISSION Liu Djung Gwang, Wu Shou San.
Organized 1935 Missionary Licentiates:
Territory: Western Hunan,the Bu Hsin Tin, Tsui Sho Dzen.


Organized agog; reorganized 1919
Territory: The Anhwei, Kiang- Union Evangelist, H. C. Shen.
su, and Chekiang Provinces. Y. P. M. V., L. E. Reed.
Women's Evangelistic Depart-
Population: 77,073,623; churches, ment, Mrs. B. Miller.
110; members, 4,270.
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Ministers:
K.. H. Wood, H. C. Shen, L. E.
Office Address: 1207 Yu-Yuen Road, Licentiates:
Shanghai, China. (Tel. 20167.) Djang Ging Yuen, W. E. Eber-
Officers: hardt.
Supt., K. IL Wood. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec., (Treas., and Auditor, W. E. Mrs. K. H. Wood, Mrs. W. E.
Eberhardt. Eberhardt, Mrs. L. E. Reed, Miss
Executive Committee: K. H. T. M. 1Vu, Y. G. Hsu.
Wood, W. E. Eberhardt, 0. B.
Kuhn, Mrs. K. H. Wood, M. S.
Wu, Wu Dzi Chiao, L. H. Butka, ANHWEI MISSION
M. D., Shih Yuen Tsing, H. C. Organized 1910
Shen, B. F. Gregory, C. Schroe- Territory: The Province of An-
ter, Pan Shui Ru, Mrs. B. Mil- hwei, and Nanking district of
ler, L. E. Reed, Y. C. Shih, Kiangsu Province.
T. E. Wu, Swen Tsung Gwang, Population: 21,976,920; churches,
Djang Ging Yuen, Miss T. M. 20; members, 732.
Wu, A. Fossey, Y. S. Chen, S. H. Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Lindt, L. S. Wang, S. T. Liu. Nanking.
Department Secretaries: Postal Address: 20 Gao Lou Men,
Educational, H. C. Shen. Nanking, Kiangsu, China.
Field Miss., Djang Ging Yuen. Officers:
Home Miss., L. E. Reed. Director,
Medical, L. H. Butka, M. D. Sec. and Treas., V. C. Shih.
Sabbath School, Mrs. K. H. Executive Committee:
Wood. , Y. C. Shih, Wu Tsung Shan,

Pan Shui Ru, Wang Hsi Tien, Executive Committee: 0. B.

Wu Shao Djen, Chen Hwa Ting, Kuhn, Helen Wu, H. C. Shen,
Y. S. Wang, J. H. Effenberg, Mrs. B. Miller, D. C. Wu, Wu
Peng Wei Ching. Tien En, Yeh Tung Sin, Dju
Department Secretaries: Chien, H. K. Hwa, G. C. Fan,
Educational, S. D. Wu. Y. G. Hsu, K. H. Djang.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Department Secretaries:
J. H. Effenberg. Book and Bible House, Y. G. Hsu.
Publishing, Peng Wei Ching. Educational, H. C. Shen.
Sabbath School, Y. S. Wang. Field Miss., H. K. Hwa.
Ministers: Home Miss., K. H. Djang.
Wu Tsung Shan, Pan Shui Ru, Sabbath School, K. H. Djang.
J. H. Effenberg. Women's Work, Mrs. B. Miller.
Licentiates: D. C. Wu, 0. B. Kuhn, Wu Tien
Y. C. Shih, Ding Fu Chen, Ga En, K. D. Karallashvili.
Shao Chiao, Dju Gien Pan, Lei
Hsien Gwang, Y. S. Wang, Chen Licentiates:
Hwa Ting, 'Wu Hsiao Djen, Yeh Tung Sin, Mrs. B. Miller,
Wang Hsi Tien. Meng Ching En, T. R. Hsing,
G. C. Fan.
Missionary Licentiates:
D. H. Hsiang, Mrs. J. H. Ef- Missionary Licentiates:
fenberg, Dju Si-mu, Yao Ming Miss Dju Chien, Ma Tsung Dju,
Yuan, Beh Wen Bing, Gwo Er Yang Gia En, Wang Yen Hsiang,
Gieh, Chen Ih Liang, Gwo Miss I. Y. Hsu, Miss C. L. Tsui,
Pan Si-mu, G. S. Djang, Wang Mrs. K. S. Shih, Mrs. H. D.
Si-mu, F. G. Gwo, Y. L. Gao. Djang, Mrs. W. F. Liu, Mrs. H.
W. Gu, Mrs. Y. S. Wu, G. C.
Middle School Teachers: Djang, Mrs. 0. B. Kuhn, Fu Yu
Li Yun Han, Chen Hwa Ting, Ying, Mrs. D. D. Yeh, Mrs. W. S.
Wu Shao Djen, H. L. Meng, H. Djou, Yang Chung-ih, Mrs. Y. H.
G. Lei, Mrs. Wu. Feng, Mrs. Li Ming-deh, Mrs.
Church School Teachers: K. D. Karallashvili, Djwang
Wang Li Djung, Wu Pei Ling, Ching-seng, T. R. Shen, P. Fang,
T. Y. Wang, D. T. Djang, T. W. Mrs. E. D. Hsing,
Wang, S. D. Hsu, T. D. Wu. Church School Teachers:
Miss B. Y. Wu, Han Liang
ICIANGSIT MISSION Sheng, D. G. Dih, Mrs. G. N.
Organized 1913 Shen, Miss Y. Y. Wu, Ma Gyung
Hu, Lee Ming Ih, Miss F. E. Fan,
Territory: The southern portion G. H. Ma, T. C. Wang, I. M.
of Kiangsu Province, and the Shen, C. D. Dji, Mrs. C. D. Dji.
northern portion of Chekiang
Population: 20,000,000; churches, NORTH CHEKIANG MISSION
12; members, 935. Organized 1930
Telegraphic Address: "Mizpah," Territory: The northwestern por-
Shanghai. tion of Chekiang Province.
Office Address: Court 1207 Yu Population: 10,456,610; churches,
Yuen Road, Shanghai, China. 24; members, 809.
(Phone, 20167.) Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
Officers: Hangchow, Chekiang, China.
Director, 0. B. Kuhn. Office Address: 51 Ping Hai Road,
Sec. and Treas., Helen Wu. Hangchow, Chekiang, China.

Officers: Meng, S. M. Chao, Y. T. Hwang,

Director, C. Schroeter. Mrs. Chwang.
Sec. and Treas., Miss Helen Wu. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: C. Schroe- Educational, Swen Tsung Gwang.
ter, Miss Helen Wu, Mrs. B. Mil- Home Miss., Yao Kwang Hwa.
ler, Wang Lu San, Wu Wen Fei, Publishing, Peng Wei Ching.
Chen Lan Fang, G. L. Ho, K. Y. Sabbath School, Y. S. Wang.
Lee. Y. P. M. V., K. H. Yao.
Department Secretaries: Minister: Swen Tsung Gwang.
Book and Bible House, Y. G. Hsu.
Educational and Field Miss., Missionary Licentiates:
G. L. Ho. Yao Kwang Hwa, Mrs. T. G.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Swen, Shan Teh Djen, Chen Yu
Li Keh Ying. Djen, Hwang Li Hwei, C. Y.
Women's Work, Mrs. B. Miller. Chao, Y. F. Liu, K. R. Fang,
Y. P. M. V., K. Y. Lee. C. N. Chen, Y. Y. Wang, H. F.
Fang, Mrs. Wang, Mrs. K. H.
Ministers: Yao, Y. T. Hwang, Mrs. Y. T.
C. Schroeter, Chen Lan Fang, Hwang, W. E. Chow, L. N. Chen,
Wang Lih San. M. E. Hsu.
Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
Chen I Fu, Sung Shiang Ming. C. Y. Ting, C. C. Hsia, C. R.
Missionary Licentiates: Yang, H. E. Nie, T. M. Chen.
Shen Yung Tsing, Mrs. A. R.
Hu, Shen Wen Huang, Mrs. M.
Schroeter, Chan Ho Lan, Mrs. SOUTH CHEKIANG MISSION
Tang Djen Dao, Fang Dji Sen, Organized 1919
Mrs. Wu Shias Chen, Wu Wen Territory: The Prefectures of
Fei, Li Pu Fan, Mrs. L. F. Chen, Wenchow, Chuchow, and Tai-
Mrs. A. G. Chen, Ih P. Chen, T. chow, and the Nantien Hsien, in
C. Chen, S. I. Loh, S. L. Tsia, the southern portion of Chekiang
T. C. Tsao, H..Y. Wang. Province.
Church School Teachers: Population: 7,616,517; churches,
T. H. Loh, D. F. Shuh. 36; members, 1,236.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
NORTH KIANGSU MISSION Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Organized 1931 Wenchow, Chekiang, China.
Territory: The Northern two- Officers:
thirds of the Kiangsu Province, Director, B. F. Gregory.
except the Nanking District. Sec. and Treas., Alfred Fossey.
Population: 16,781,489; churches, Executive Committee: B. F.
18; members, 558. Gregory, Alfred Fossey, Wu
Postal Address: Tsing Kiang Pu, Dzeh Ren, Liu Shiao Tien, Pan
Kiangsu, China. Li Chan, Chang Pao Ren, Diu
Officers: Teh-min, Djiao Ming-shien, D. R.
Director, Swen Tsung Gwang. Wu, K. F. Wu.
Sec. and Treas., Miss T. M. Wu. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: Swen Educational, Y. S. Chen.
Tsung Gwang, Miss T. M. Wu, Evangelistic, Pan Tsz Chan, Wu
Shan Teh Djen, Chen Yu Djen, Dzeh-ren, H. T. Liu.
Hwang Li Hwei, Y. S. Wang, Home Miss., K. F. Wu.
Peng Wei Ching, B. A. Liu, C. I. Publishing, Wu Kao Fu.

Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Liu Simo, Wu Fu-li, Hwang Ren,

T. M. Dju. Wu Sha-tung, Hwang Ching-tan,
Women's, Mrs. B. F. Gregory. Yieh Kwan-nan, Wang Dzi-fu,
Ministers: Wang-Simo, Wang Lisan, Wang
B. F. Gregory, Wu Dzeh-ren, Kwang-shu, Shih Ding-tsai, Shihl
Chen Yiu-shih, Alfred Fossey, Na-fu, Mrs. B. F. Gregory, Mrs.
Liu Shiao-tien, Pan Tsz-than. A. Fossey, Chen Fei, D. L. Yieh,
Licentiates: L. D. Cheng, S. Wu, Y. T. Mei,
Dju Teh Ming, Djiao Ming Shien, M. C. Cheng, N. L. Cheng, Mrs.
Chen Wen Sz, Cheng Pao-ren, Chung.
Pan Li-dze, Wu Kao Fu, Wang Training School Teachers:
Fu Ren, Tsah Dji Cheng, Chen I Chen Yu Shih, Djiao Pi Cheng,
ming. D. S. Chiang, T. D. Chiang, H. C.
Missionary Licentiates: Chow, C. St, Mrs. B. F. Gregory,
Chen Li-fang, Chian Sing-hwa, Mrs. A. Fossey.
Chian Djung-kwang, Chian Ai-- Church School Teachers:
dao, Djao Wu-kwai, Chou Wu- Wu Tsz Chung, Li Teh Kuo,
sing, Chou Sz-toe, Chen Fu-sen, Chen Tung Chi, Chen Yue Nyang,
D. S. Cheng, P. Yang, Ku Djung- H. C. Djiao, S. L. Chiang, Y. N.
sz, Kung Zing-tsung, Li Simo, Chen.


Organized 'gig
Territory: The four provinces of Medical, Dr. W. G. Nethery.
Manchuria. Sabbath School, Y. C. Liu.
Population: 35,000,000; churches, Ministers:
24; members, 1,500. N. F. Brewer, F. M. Larsen,
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Giang Tsung Gwang, M. Popow,
Mukden. M. A. Kalabugin,` K. H. Kim,
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Wang Fu. Yuen, H. N. Brodersen,
No. 57 29th Wei Lu, Mukden, A. J. Robbins.
Manchuria. Licentiates:
Officers: W. I. Hilliard, Wen Li Bing,
Superintendent, N. F. Brewer. Y. C. Liu, Dr. H. C. James.
Sec. and Treas., W. I. Hilliard. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: N. F. Mrs. N. F. Brewer, 0. G. Erich,
Brewer, W. I. Hilliard, H. N. Mrs. 0. G. Erich, Mrs. W. I.
Brodersen, Giang Tsung Kwang, Hilliard, Mrs. F. M. Larsen, Wen
J. M. Chen, Dr. W. G. Neth- Li Bing, Dr. Winston Nethery,
ery, Wang Fu Yuan, Wang Mrs. Winston Nethery, Yang
Ching Yang, F. M. Larsen, M. Keh Kwang, Mrs. A. J. Robbins,
Popow, K. H. Kim, Kwan Sung Dr. Ethel M. James.
Yao, Wen Li Bing, Kim Ryoong
Eul, K. Savitsky, R. F. Cottrell.
Department Secretaries: CHIEN TAO (KANDO) MISSION
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Organized 1930
Chen Ming.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Territory: Three hsiens of eastern
F. M. Larsen. Kirin called Chientao district.

Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Field Miss. and Home Miss.,

Tou Ta Gou, Chien Tao, Kirin, Liang Rei Ho.
Manchuria. Sabbath School,
Churches: 2; membership, 239. Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: Minister: H. N. Brodersen.
Director, K. H. Kim. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Elia Kim. Liang Rei Ho, Wang Dji Yuan.
Executive Committee: K. H. Missionary Licentiates:
Kim, Elia Kim, Kim Ryong Eul, Mrs. H. N. Brodersen, Li Yu Chen,
Sin Hung Sik, Che Yung Djien. Li Hsu Tung, Chou Chi Ming,
Department Secretaries: Chao Tien Tseng, Chou Chieh
Book and Bible House and Edu- Fan, Mu Wen Hwan, Dwan Hsi
cational, Kim Elia. Chen, Gin Yoa San, Liu Chang
Field Miss., Wen Li Bing. Li, Yuah Wei Hsin.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Bible Women:
Che Yung Djien. Chin Hsu Chin, Tsui Hsu Ching,
Ministers: Kwan Chieh Ching.
Kim Kyu Hyok, Che Yung Djien. Church School Teachers:
Licentiates: Chin Yao San, Gwo Sao Wen,
Kim Ryong Eul, Pei Hsiang Lien. Chiao Wen Ching, Chih Ging
Missionary Licentiate: Tien, Na Hsiao Kwang.
Elia Kim.
Bible Women:
Kim Yu Ra, Kim Chung Wan, KIRIN MISSION
Li Un Hung. Territory: Kirin Province.
Church School Teachers: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Kim Ming Yu, Kim Kong Choon, Mission," Hsinking.
C. K. Lee, Sin Hung Sik, Kim Churches: 2; members, 135.
Elia. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hsin-
king, Manchuria.
Director, R. F. Cottrell.
(Formerly Liaoning Mission) Sec. and Treas., Gwan Sung Yao.
Territory: Provinces of Fengtien, Executive Committee: R. F.
Antung, Chinchow. Cottrell, Hou Tien Min, Gwan
Population: 14,000,000; churches, Sung Yao, Djang Tsi Ting, Hsiao
11; members, 577. Tzi Fu.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Department Secretaries:
Mukden. Book and Periodical House,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 57 29th Gwan Sung Yao.
Wei Lu, Mukden, Manchuria. Educational, Hou Tien Min.
Officers: Field Miss., Djang Tsi Ting.
Director, H. N. Brodersen. Home Miss., R. F. Cottrell.
Sec. and Treas., Sabbath School, Gwang Sung Yao.
Executive Committee: H. N. Licentiates:
Brodersen, W. H. Mu, Liang R. F. Cottrell, Hou Tien Min,
Rei Ho. Hsiao Tzi Fu, Wang Ching Yang.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Book and Bible House, Chi Ching Mrs. R. F. Cottrell, Tsai Yi
Po. Cheng, Tan Ming Kwen, Tsui
Educational, Dien Gu.


Organized 1929 Li Dzi Gieh.
Territory: Heilungkiang Province
and part of Kirin Province. SUNGARI MISSION
Population: 5,000,000; churches, Organized 1925
7; members, 280. Territory: Russians in Manchuria.
Address 44, Kovelskaya St., Sun- Population: 60,000; churches, 3;
gary Town, Harbin, Manchuria. members, 341.
Officers: Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Director, Wang Fu Yuan. Harbin.
Treas., Wang Fu Yuan. Postal Address: 9 Tsitsihar St.,
Executive Committee: Wang Fu New Town, Harbin, Manchuria.
Yuan, Tsui Yu Djang, Feng Officers:
Chen Djuin, Gi Fu Seng, Shen Director, M. Popow.
Hsiang Wu. Sec. and Treas., K. Savitsky.
Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: M. Po-
Book and Bible House, Gwan pow, B. K. Brajnicoff, K. Sa-
Sung Yao. vitsky, A. I. Ivanoff, M. A. Kala-
Educational and Home Miss., bugin.
Wang Fu Yuan. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Djang Tsi Ting. Educational and Y. P. M. V., A.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Wang Fu I. Ivanoff.
Yuan. Field Miss., and Home Miss., M.
Minister: Wang Fu Yuan. r Popow.
Licentiates: Sab. Sch., Mrs. E. I. Brajnicoff.
Tsui Yu Djang, Feng Cheng Ministers:
Chun. M. Popow, M. A. Kalabugin.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
Chou Hsiao Fan, Hwang Chung B. K. Brajnicoff, A. I. Ivanoff,
Wen, Djang Djao Lin, Dung K. Savitsky.
Hung Lieh, Hsu Tang Ching, Missionary Licentiates:
Chow Wen Mo, Wang Tien Do. Mrs. M. Popow, Mrs. E. I. Braj-
Bible Woman: nicoff, Mrs. M. Ivanoff, V. Ko-
Mrs. Wang Fu Yuan. sitsin.


Organized 1919
Territory: The Provinces of Cha- Ta, Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping,
har, Hopei, Jehol, Mongolia, Hopei, China.
Shansi, Shantung, and that por- Officers:
tion of Suiyuan north of 36 de- Supt., W. J. Harris.
grees N. Lat. Sec., Treas., and Auditor, H. W.
Population: 84,358,964; churches, Christian.
17; members, 1,915. Executive Committee: W. J.
Telegraphic Address: Adventist, Harris, H. W. Christian, Chiao
Peiping; Telephone, East Office Wen-li, Otto Christensen, A. A.
2841. Esteb, Shen Chen-p'an, Wang
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Hsi-yuan, Goh Chiao-liang, C. B.

Green, R. M. Cossentine, H. A. Telegraphic Address: Adventist,

Mourer, M. D., G. G. Hamp, Kalgan, Chahar.
Dwan Yung-ch'ien. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan,
Department Secretaries: Chahar, China.
Educational, G. G. Hamp, North Officers:
China Training Institute, Director, Dwan Yung-Chien.
Fengtai, Hopei, China. Sec. and Treas., Yang Fu-yung.
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Executive Committee: Dwan
Y. P. M. V., A. A. Esteb. Yung-chien, Keng Kun-lin, H. A.
Home Com., Mrs. C. B. Green. Mourer, M. D., Goh Chiao-chin,
Medical, H. A. Mourer, M. D., Chang Chun-hsiang, Otto Chris-
North China Sanitarium and te,nsen, Yang Fu-yung.
Hospital, Kalgan, Chahar, Department Secretaries:
China. Book and Bible House, Yang Fu-
Ministerial, W. J. Harris. yung.
Sabbath School, W. J. Harris. Field Miss., Sabbath School, and
Ministers: Y. P. M. V., Chang Chun-
W. J. Harris, A. A. Esteb. hsiang.
Home Miss., Dwan Yung-chien.
Licentiates: Minister: Dwan Yung-chien.
H. W. Christian, G. G. Hamp, Missionary Licentiates:
H. A. Mourer, M. D. Cheng Chung Sheng, Hsu Yao-
Missionary Licentiates: tang, Liu Chi-ch'ing, Koh Chao-
Mrs. H. W. Christian, Mrs. A. chin.
A. Esteb, Keng Kun Lin, Chow
Hsin-min,Shen Tze Ming, Hsu HOPEI MISSION
Wen-pin, Edith Johnson, Mrs. Organized 1918
W. J. Harris, Mrs. G. G. Hamp,
Mrs. H. A. Mourer, Stanley Ho, Territory: The Province of Hopei,
Jack Kuo. except Changyuan-hsien and
Institutions: Tungming-hsien.
Population: 30,341,127; churches,
North China Sanitarium and 5; members, 619.
Hospital, Kalgan, Chahar, Telegraphic Address: Adventist,
China. Peiping.
North China Training Institute, Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Ta
Feng T'ai, Hopei. Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping,
Hopei Training Institute, 62 Ta Hopei, China.
Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping,
Hopei. Officers:
Shantung Training Institute, 102 Director, C. B. Green.
Wei I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung. Sec. and Treas., Yu Kang.
Executive Committee: C. B.
Green, Wang Hsi-yuan, Ma Chi-
CHAHAR-SUIYUAN MISSION min, A. A. Esteb, Pai Tze-heng,
Organized 1932 Keng Chiao Chun, Yu Kang,
Territory: Provinces of Chahar, Wang Ya-ju.
Suiyuan, except that portion of Department Secretaries:
Suiyuan south of latitude 40, Book and Periodical House,
and that portion of Shansi north Hsu Wen-pin.
of Great Wall. Educational, Li Kuang-chen.
Population: 6,000,000; churches, 1; Field Miss., T'an Hsin Hsu.
members, 73. Home Miss., Wang Ya-ju.

Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Telegraphic Address: Adventist,

Wang Ja-ju. Kalgan.
Ministers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalgan,
C. B. Green, Wang Hsi Yuen, Chahar, China.
Keng Fu Kwang. Officers:
Licentiates: Director, Otto Christensen.
Pei Tza-heng, Keng Chao-chun, Sec. and Treas., Otto Christen-
Shan Lo-t'ien. sen.
Executive Committee: Otto
Missionary Licentiates: Christensen, Mrs. Otto Christen-
Mrs. C. B. Green, Wang Ja-ju, sen, J. Maltsev, Dr. Harold
Chang, Po-ch'ing, Chu Chen-hwa, Mourer, P. Rodionoff.
Mrs. Ch'un,Mrs. Wang Ya-chin,
Mrs. Ko Ci h-Ch'ing, Sung Chih- Department Secretaries:
ming, Ko Chung Yueh, Tan Hsin Mission Publishing House, Otto
Sabbath School, Mrs. Otto Chris-
JEHOL MISSION Minister: Otto Christensen.
Organized 1933 Licentiates:
Territory: Province of Jehol. J. Maltsev, P. V. Rodionoff.
Population: 2,500,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
1; members, 51. Mrs. Otto Christensen.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hsi Ta
Chieh, Ch'eng Teh, Jehol, China. SHANSI MISSION
OfficerE Organized 1928
Director, Goh Chiao-liang. Territory: The Province of Shansi,
Sec. and Treas., Chang Tsai- south of the Great Wall.
t'ing. Population: 11,114,592; churches,
Executive Committee: Goh Chiao- 4; members, 510.
liang, Chang Tsai-t'ing, Chu Yun- Telegraphic Address: Adventist
t'ing, Hsu Chi-li, Li Pu-shan. Taiyuanfu.
Department Secretaries: Address: S. D. A. Mission, 36 Fu
Book and Periodical House, Hsi Chieh, Taiyu-anfu, Shansi,
Ching Tsai-t'ing. China.
Field Miss., Ching Tsai-t'ing. Officers:
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Director, Chiao Wen Li.
Goh Chiao-liang. Sec. and Treas., Chow Hsin Min.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Executive Committee: Chiao
Dwan Yu-ying. Wen Li, Chow Hsin Min, Chu
Minister: Goh Chiao-liang. Teh-ming, Chang Ch'ing-Jiang,
Missionary Licentiates: Fan Kuo-tung.
Chang Tsai-t'ing, Hsu Chi-li, Li
Pu-shan, Chu Yun-t'ing, Dwan Department Secretaries:
Yu-ying. Book and Periodical House,
Chow Hsin-min.
Educational, Sabbath School, and
MONGOLIAN MISSION Y. P. M. V., Chow Hsin-min.
Organized 1930 Publishing, Chu Teh-min.
Territory: Mongolia. Minister: Chiao Wen-li.
Population: 3,600,000; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
1; members, 11. Chang Chien-an, Chang Ching-

Hang, Fan Kuo-tung, Li Fu-t'ien, Li I-tsun, Liu Hsiao-Chiu, Li

Li Hwai-jen, Mrs. Li Wen-mien, Pao-kuo, Wang Teh-chun.
Liu Sheng-hao, Wang Chih-t'ai. Department Secretaries:
Book and Periodical House,
Organized 1917 Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Li Pao Kuo.
Territory: The Province of Shan- Sabbath School, Educational, and
tung. Y. P. M. V., Li I-tsun.
Population: 37,456,319; churches,
5; members, 651. Ministers:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," R. M. Cossentine, Shen Chen-
Tsinan. p'an, Chang Chien-kuang.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, 102 Wei Licentiates:
I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung, China. Lucy Andrus, Wang Teh-chun.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, R. M. Cossentine. Mrs. R. M. Cossentine, Ni Meng-
Sec.-Treas., Shen Tze-ming. chi, Hsieh Chin-lan, Chang Jen-
Executive Committee: R. M. chu, Liu Hsiao-chiu, Mrs. Jen
Cossentine, Shen Tze-ming, Shen Hsu-chin, Yang Han-chang, Wei
Chien-p'an, Chang Chien-kuan, Fu-tang, Jen Yung-ch'ang.


Organized 1932
Territory: Provinces of Chinghai, Medical, M. H. Vinkel, M. D.
Kansu, Ninghsia, Shensi, and Sabbath School, Mrs. G. J. Appel.
Sinkiang, plus that portion of Ministers:
Suiyuan Province south of 36 G. J. Appel, L. H. Davies.
N. Lat. Licentiates:
Population: 26,147,023; churches, M. H. Vinkel, M. D., Liu Fu An,
18; members, 778. Goh Chiao 0.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Missionary Licentiates:
Lanchow. Mrs. G. J. Appel, Mrs. M. H.
Postal Address: Northwest China Vinkel, Mrs. L. H. Davies.
Union Mission of S. D. A., Lan-
chow, Kansu, China.
Officers: Organized 1933
Supt., G. J. Appel. Territory: Chinghai Province.
Sec. and Treas., L. H. Davies. Population: 700,000; churches, 2;
Executive Committee: G. J. Ap- members, 52.
pel, L. H. Davies, A. E. Hughes, Postal Address:. Mo Chia Chieh,
J. H. Shultz, N. 0. Dahlsten, Wu Sining, Chinghai, China.
Dz Shan, Chen Wen Hsueh, Shao Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Chen Shiu, Dr. M. H. Vinkel, Mission, Sining.
Liu Fu An, Goh Chiao 0. Officers:
Department Secretaries: Director, J. H. Shultz.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sec. and Treas., Samuel Tsai.
L. H. Davies. Executive Committee: J. H.
Home Miss. and Publishing, Shultz, Samuel Tsai, Feng Djung.
Liu Fu An. Tsoong, Yli Dun Tien.

Department Secretaries: Population: 1,342,425; churches, 2;

Educational and Y. P. M. V., members, 35.
Samuel Tsai. Postal Address: Djung Shan Da
Home Miss., Yu Dun Tien. Chieh, Ninghsia, Ninghsia, China.
Publishing, Liu Fu An. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Sabbath School, Mrs. Samuel Mission, Ninghsia.
Tsai. Officers:
Minister: J. H. Shultz. Director, Wu Dz Shan.
Missionary Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., Chen Wen
Yii Dun Tien, Feng Djung Huang.
Tsoong, Che Yo Po, Goh Chun Executive Committee: Wu Dz
Chi, Samuel Tsai, Chen Tze Shan, Chen Wen Huang, Tan
Hsin, Chu Tze Hou. Teh En, Shen Yu An, Liang
Church School Teachers: Kuei San.
Mrs. S. Tsai, Hua Wen Te. Department Secretaries:
Educational, Sabbath School, and
KANSU MISSION Y. P. M. V., Chen Wen Huang.
Organized 1933 Home Miss., Wu Dz Shan.
Territory: Kansu Province, except Publishing, Liu Fu An.
ten Northwestern counties. Minister: Wu Dz Shan.
Population: 9,750,645; churches, 3; Missionary Licentiates:
members, 150. Tan Deh En, Chen Wen Huang,
Postal Address: Kansu Mission of Liang Kuei San, Shen Yu An,
S. D. A., Lanchow, Kansu, China. Chu Shih Ch'ing Chang Sui, Wu
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Chao.
Director, Chen Wen Hsueh. Organized 1933
Sec. and Treas., Edson L. Gob. Territory: Shensi Province.
Executive Committee: Chen Wen Population: 11,802,451; churches,
Hsueh, Edson L. Gob, Liu Fu An, 12; companies, 18; members, 529.
Goh Chao 0, L. H. Davies. Postal Address: Shensi Mission of
Department Secretaries: S. D. A., Outside West Gate,
Union departmental secretaries Sianfu, Shensi, China.
acting. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sianfu.
Goh Chao 0. Officers:
Minister: Chen Wen Hsueh. Director, A. E. Hughes.
Missionary Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., A. E. Hughes.
Liu Tsoong Ho, Swen Sway Executive Committee: A. E.
Ching, Goh Lien Shu, Lo Huei Hughes, Hsiao Djeng Hsiu, Djia
An, Shen Keh Chang, Lo Mu Tel Hsiang, Chen Peh Dao, Fan
Kuang, Chao Yu Ching, Ching Dzi Hsing, Djang Dzi Chien.
Keh Jen. Department Secretaries:
Church School Teachers: Educational and Home Miss.,
Yuan Shu Kuei, Goh Shou Chen. Djia Tai Hsiang.
Sabbath School, Djang Dji Chien.
NINGHSIA MISSION Publishing, Fan Dzi Hsing.
Organized 1933 Minister: A. E. Hughes.
Territory: Ninghsia Province, and Licentiates:
that portion of Suiyuan Province Djia Tai Hsiang, Chen Peh, Dao,
south of 36 N. Lat. Hsiao Djeng Hsiu.

Missionary Licentiates: Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"

Mrs. A. E. Hughes, Wang Shih Suchow.
Wu, Lu Beh Ran, Li Deng Yuen, Officers:
Sven Hwa Ting, Yang Dzi Director, N. 0. Dahlsten.
Dung. Sec. and Treas., P. H. Shigley.
Executive Committee: N. 0.
Dahlsten, P. H. Shigley, local
Organized 1933 Minister: N. 0. Dahlsten.
Territory: Province of Sinkiang. Licentiate: P. H. Shigley.
Population: 2,551,502; churches, 1; Missionary Licentiates:
members, 12. Mrs. N. 0. Dahlsten, Mrs. P. H.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Shigley, Wu Ching Feng, Mrs.
Suchow, Kansu, China. Wu Ching Feng.


Reorganized 1919
Territory: The Provinces of Home Com., L. C. Wilcox.
Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Fukien; Home Miss., L. C. Wilcox; Asso.,
the Island of Hainan; the Col- T. M. Lei.
onies of Hong Kong and Macau. Medical, D. D. Coffin, M. D.
Population: 71,900,000; churches, Sabbath School, P. L. Williams;
58; Members, 3,553. Asso., T. M. Lei.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Ministers:
" Adventist," Hongkong. A. L. Ham, L. C. Wilcox, T. M.
Telephone: Office, 33653; residence, Lei.
Office Address: 1st Floor, "Dina Licentiates:
House," Duddell St., Hongkong, C. E. Wimer, E. H. Ngo, P. L.
China. Williams.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 310, Missionary Licentiates:
Hongkong, China. Mrs. A. L. Ham, Mrs. C. E.
Officers: Wimer, Mrs. P. L. Williams,
Supt., A. L. Ham. Albert Lau, Miss T. E. Barr, C.
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Bailey, Mrs. C. Bailey, Mrs. L. C.
P. L. Williams. Wilcox, Dora Greve.
Executive Committee: A. L.
Ham, C. E. Wimer, P. L.
Williams, J. P. Anderson, L. C. CANTONESE MISSION
Wilcox, K. T. Khng, B. L. Ander- Territory: The Cantonese-speaking
son, S. T. Lo, V. J. Maloney, P. portion of Kwangtung Province;
V. Thomas, T. P. Tshi, T. S. Hongkong and Macao.
Woo, D. D. Coffin, C. Y. Hung, Population: 11,000,000; churches,
S. T. Ging, H. S. Leung, T. M. 12; companies, 9; members, 848.
Lei, C. N. Tso, F. E. Bates. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Department Secretaries: Mission," Canton.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
L. C. Wilcox. Tungshan, Canton, China.
Field Miss., C. E. Wimer; Asso., Officers:
E. H. Ngo. Director, J. P. Anderson.

Sec.-Treas., S. S. Wong. Officers:

Mission Committee: J. P. Ander- Director, T. S. Woo.
son, H. S. Leung, C. N. Tso, S. S. Sec. and Treas., T. S. Woo.
Wong, Dr. Leung Ping Hang, P. Mission Committee: T. S. Woo,
T. Lo. Y. T. Chue, S. M. Tsoi. W. K. Tso, W. P. Chung, L. C.
Department Secretaries: Hon.
Educational, H. S. Leung. Minister: T. S. Woo.
Field Miss., Licentiates:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and W. P. Chung, L. C. Hon, W. K.
Y. P. M. V., S. M. Tsoi. Tso, W. Y. Leung.
Medical, Dr. P. H. Leung. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: Wan Chung Shan, Wong Tak
J. P. Anderson, C. N. Tso, Dr. Shan, Lei Hing Fong.
F. E. Bates, C. F. Larsen. Church School Teacher:
Licentiates: W. P. Chung.
Hoh Wai Yee, S. M. Cheung, S.
C. Ha, S. C. Chan, Y. T. Fung,
H. S. Leung, S. S. Wong, Dr. HANKA MISSION
Lung-Ping-Hang, Wong Chung Territory: The Hakka-speaking
Man, Leung Tong Leung, Lei portion of the Province of Kwang-
Sai Kwong. tung.
Missionary Licentiates: Population: 8,200,000; churches, 8;
Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Mrs. C. F. companies, 12; members, 750.
Larsen, Howard Hoover, H. H. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Luke, Leung Noito, T. Y. Tso, Mission, Waichow, Kwangtung.
Pak Yuen Chick, Wan Su Wen, Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Chan Yue Fong, P. T. Lo, Y. N. Waichow, Kwangtung, China.
Chow,Mrs. F. E. Bates, Lam Sz Officers:
Ki, Leung Wa Yau, Dr. S. K. Director, P. V. Thomas; Asso.
Hung, Maou Tsz Yan,Au Sz Tai, Dir., Tshi Tsok Phien.
Chan Ye Ku, Elsieg, onPang Sec. and TreaS., P. V. Thomas.
Lein Geit. Mission Committee: P. V. Thom-
Church School Teachers: as, Tshi Tsok Phien, Ho Tsing,
Mrs. Hoh Wai Yu, Ha Shau Van Shau Van, Chong Kwet En,
Shek, Ho Wai Man, Chung Tse Chung Yuk Hon.
0i, Poon Cheng Pik, Siu Kam Department Secretaries:
Heng, Mrs. K. H. Siu, Miss Yuen Book and Periodical House,
Yau Chi, Miss C. K. Chung, Tom Suen Koon Tsing.
Soon Leung. Educ., Field Miss., Sab. Sch., and
Y. P. M. V., Ho Tsing.
HAINAN MISSION Home Miss., Tshi Tsok Phien.
Organized 1935 Medical, So Yai Chuen, M. D.
Territory: Hainan Island and two Ministers:
lower counties of the peninsula P. V. Thomas, Tshi Tsok Phien,
of Liuchow, Kwangtung Prov- Lo Tet Tsun, Ng Yuk Pin.
ince. Licentiates:
Population: 4,250,000; churches, 2; Chong Kwet En, Hoh Tsing.
companies, 4; members, 85. Missionary Licentiates:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist Mrs. P. V. Thomas, Li Tau Fan,
Mission," Hoihow. Hoh Nyong, Ng Yok Chhi, Lo
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Tet Tshien, Vun Shau
Hoihow, Hainan Island, China. Chong Sin Tso, Chong Thau


Hon, Wong Yip Chin, Liu Tsu Territory: The northern portion
Nyau. of the Province of Fukien.
Church School Teachers: Population: 13,200,000; churches,
Wong Pang Shau, Li Chhun Shi, 15; companies, 12; members, 620.
Chong Yun Fo, Mrs. Tsi Tsok Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Pang, Yeung To Yung. Mission," Foochow.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Foochow, China.
Territory: The Province of Kwang- Director, V. J. Maloney.
si, and On Po, Ling Shan and Sec. and Treas., V. J. -Maloney.
Yam Chow Districts in Kwang- Mission Committee: V. J. Ma-
tung. loney, Chai Guok Uong, Ging So
Population: 12,250,000; churches, Tang, Ngu Ong Ing, Diong
6; companies, 14; members, 407. Chiong Mi, Ling Buong Sieng,
Telegraphic Address: Adventist Dang Neng Cu, Ngu Go Hua.
Mission, Nanning, Kwangsi. Department Secretaries:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Book and Periodical House,
Nanning, Kwangsi, China. Cong Ga Ciong.
Educational, Sabbath Sch., and
Officers: Y. P. M. V., Ling Buong Sieng.
Director, E. G. Annofsky. Field Miss., Iek Sing.
Treas., Lei Hang Sung.
Committee: E. G. Annofsky, Dr. Ministers:
D. D. Coffin, V. M. Hansen, Lei V. J. Maloney, Chai Guok Uong,
Hang Sung, Lo Wai Tuen, Chick Ging Su Tang, Ging Ko Bing.
Tai Keung. Licentiates:
Iek Sing, Iek Chung Guong, Kiou
Department Secretaries: Gi Sieu, Cong Ga Ciong.
Book and Periodical House,
Lei Hang Sung. Missionary Licentiates:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Mrs. V. J. Maloney, Diong Chi-
ong Mi, Eu long Ching, long
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Ming Ong, Ling Buoi Hi, Uong
Chick Tai Keung. Ting Sing, Uong Bing Dung,
Medical, D. D. Coffin, M. D. Ling Ging Ciong, Ling Buong
Sabbath School, Lei Hang Sung. Sieng, Ngu Ong Ing.
Ministers: Bible Women:
E. G. Annofsky, V. M. Hansen, Ling Huoi Mu, Mrs. Do, Mrs.
Lo Sin Tsai. Ngu Hok Liong, Mrs. Kung Hok
Hi, Mrs. Uong Sing Ai.
D. D. Coffin, M. D., Cheung Yan Church School Teachers:
Kin, Chou Hei Nien, Cheung Uong Cong Keng, Ngu Diong
Pui Hung. Sang, Mrs. Eu Tong, Ngieng Giu
Hok, Ding Chung Hung, long
Missionary Licentiates: Huo King.
Mrs. E. G. Annofsky, Mrs. D. D.
Coffin, Mrs. V. M. Hansen, Yang
King Shan, Chick Tai Keung, SOUTH FUKIEN MISSION
Wong Kinn. Sing, Lei Chak Man, Territory: The southern half of
Lei Hang ''Sung, Tong Oi Chan, Fukien Province.
Mrs. Chan Chuck Ping, Lo Tai Population: 12,000,000, churches,
Ma, So Nei Kei. 8; companies, 8; members, 492.

Cable Address: "Adventist Mis- Keng Bun, Tan Kiok Chio, Lim
sion," Amoy. Le To, Jim Se Kong, Lim Teck
Office Address: S, D. A. Mission, Chuan.
Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
(Telephone No. 192)
Director, B. L. Anderson. Territory: The Eastern slope of
Asso. Director, C. Y. Hung. the province of Kwangtung.
Treas., J. G. Maclntyre. Population: 11,000,000; churches,
Sec. and Asso. Treas., Timothy 5; companies, 14; members, 430.
Y. Siaw. Telegraphic Address: "Adventist
Mission Committee: B. L. An- Mission," Swatow.
derson, N. K. Keh, T. S. Ngo,
C. T. Tan, C. Y. Hung, K. T. So, Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
T. T. Chhoa, J. G. Maclntyre, N. Huei Chia Tau, Swatow, Kwang-
P. Keh, T. Y. Siaw. tung, China.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Book and Bible House, Timothy Director, K. T. Khng.
Y. Siaw. Treas., South China U. Office.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sub. Treasurer, .
J. G. Maclntyre. Accountant, Lau Pou Tong.
Home Miss., C. Y. Hung. Sec., Joseph Hwang.
Publishing, K. H. Hung. Committee: K. T. Khng, M. C.
Sabbath School, Ang Kim Hi. Ng, J. Hwang, T. N. Lo, S. T.
Home Corn., Timothy Y. Siaw, Heng, C. K. Tan, T. C. Ang.
Mrs. B. L. Anderson, Mrs. J. G. Department Secretaries:
Maclntyre, Mrs. T. Y. Siaw, Book and Bible House, James
Mrs. T. B. Oei. Chen.
Ministers: Educational, Sabbath School, and
B. L. Anderson, N. K. Keh, C. Y. Y. P. M. V., Robert Sung.
Hung, N. P. Keh, C. T. Tan. Field Miss., K. R. Lin.
Home Miss., K. T. Khng.
K. T. So, T. K. Keh, K. H. Hung, Ministers:
T. S. Ngo, J. G. Maclntyre, K. H. K T Khng, T K Ang, T. N. Lo.
Ang. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Ng Mia Cheng, Heng Seng Teck,
Mrs. B. L. Anderson, Mrs. J. G. Ng Hi Iong, Lee Theng Huan,
Maclntyre, In Su Hui, B. L. Tan, Joseph Hwang..
Timothy Y. Slaw, Si Iau Teng, Missionary Licentiates:
Lee Thien Chia, Jim Se Kong, Lin Pan Tau, Kang Bun Chau,
Keh Hong Mo, Tan Giok Chia, Ang Tsu Ch'aly 'Tan Choeh Kun,
Tan Tsong Chi, Lim Sun Eng, Mrs. Sng, Miss Khu, Ho Su Kim,
Lim Sun Bee, Lim Le To, Tiu Tan Pok. Cheng, Lee Su Yau,
Hoai Kok, Keh Tiong Su, Choa Tin Hue Hur, Tan Zui Cheng,
Bun Kiet, Tan Keng Bun, Lim Khu Su Tak, Te Gur Kee, Lo /.0
Lim. Tiang, Robert Sung, K. R. Lien,
Bible Woman (native): James Chen, Miss H. C. Kwok,
Lu Ban Chim. Cron Gbh Lan.
Church School Teachers: Church School Teachers:
Tan Tsong Chi, In Su Hui, Keh Mrs. Sng, Lee Su Ian, Khu Su
Hong Mo, Keh Tiong Su, Lim Tak, Chen Yen, Kang Been Chau,
Sun Bee, Choa Bun Kiet, Tan Miss- H. C. Kwok.
Organized rgrg.
Territory: The Provinces of Sze- Population: 7,850,000; churches,
chwan, Yunnan, Kweichow, Si- 4; members, 128.
kang, and Tibet. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ewe,-
Population: 92,679,380; churches, yang, Kweichow, China.
25; members, 1,964. Officers:
Telegraph Address: "Adventist Director, Li Wan Chuen.
Mission," Chungking. Sec. and Treas., .
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Mission Committee: Li Wan
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Chuen, Chen Feng Lin, Fang
Officers: Wen Hwa, Dwan Hwa Hsin.
Supt., G. L. Wilkinson. Department Secretaries:
Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, H. R. Book and Bible House, Fang
Dixon. Wen Hwa.
Executive Committee: G. L. Educational, Fang Wen Hwa.
Wilkinson, H. R. Dixon, C. B. Home Miss., Li Wan Chuen.
Miller, A. B. Buzzell, C. B. Guild, Sabbath School, Miss Pan Shu
Hwang Dzi Chiang, Wang An Ho.
Hsi, F. W. Johnson, Djang Djen
Chiang, Li Wan Chuen, H. E. Minister: Li Wan Chuen.
James, M. D., Li Deh Hsing, Lu Licentiates:
Shou Dao, Fing Deh Seng, Chen Chen Feng Lin, Chen Tse Chiao.
Gwoh Djun, Djao Yang Hwei. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Feng Lung Chang, Dzang Dzen
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Kwei, Lung Fan Min, Lueh Wu
C. B. Guild. Liang, Li Chuen An, Pan Shu
Field Miss., Djao Yang Hwei. Ho.
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Church School Teacher:
Li Deh Hsing. Fang Wen Hwa.
Medical, Dr. H. E. James.
Ministerial Assn., G. L. Wilkin-
Ministers: Organized 1919
G. L. Wilkinson, Z. H. Coberly.
Licentiates: Territory: All hsiens east of bound-
H. R. Dixon, C. B. Guild, Lu ary formed by and including the
Shou Dao, Li Dell Hsing, Djao following: Kwangyilan, Chang-
Yang Hwei. chih, Sichung, Pengan, Suining,
Missionary Licentiates: Neikiang, Lunchang, Kiangtsing,
Mrs. H. R. Dixon, Mrs. G. L. Wil- Anyo.
kinson, Mrs. Z. H. Coberly, Li Population: 32,550,000; churches,
Tien Hsi, Gung Dan Chiu, Liu 10; members, 543.
Djung Hsiung, Gia Wei Dji. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chung-
king, Szechwan, China.
Organized 1928 Sec.-Treas., H. R. Dixon.
Territory: All of. Kweichow Prov- Mission Committee: C. B. Guild,
ince except nine counties allotted H. R. Dixon, Wang An Hsi, Liu
to West Kweichow Mission. Dzi Shih, Yang Sin Seng, Yii

Gung Tsing, Djang Djen Gwoh. Shuicheng, Weining; 7 hsiens in

Department Secretaries: Yunnan: Chensiung, Iliang,Lu-
Book and Periodical House, tien, Chaotung, Takwan, Yung-
Wang Heng Yang. shan, Suikiang; 14 hsiens in
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Szechwan: Kuhn, Suyung, Ku-
Yii Gung Tsing. sung, Hingwen, Changning, Kun-
Field Miss. and Home Miss., lein, Kunghsien, Kaohsien, King-
Djang Djen Gwoh. fu, Nanki, Kiangan, Nachi, Luh-
Sabbath School, Wang An Hsi. sien, Hokiang.
Organized Churches: 5; members,
Ministers: 671.
Li Geng Yii, Wang An Hsi. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pichieh,
Licentiates: Kweichow, China.
Ren Gwoh Hwa, Loh Yun Djang, Officers:
Yang Sin Seng, Yii Gung Tsing. Director,Djang Djen Chiang.
Missionary Licentiates: Sec. an Treas.,
Chuen Ding Wan, Liu Dzi Shih, Minister: Djang Djen Chiang.
Loh Tseh Cwen, Chen Djung Licentiates:
Shuen, Dai Ging Szi, Djang Djen Dzu Yung Ting, Chen Gwoh
Gwoh, Mrs. C. B. Guild. Djun, Chen Dji Lwen.
Church School Teacher:
Li Wei Dji. Missionary Licentiates:
Li Ni Djung, Ren Djeng Hsin,
Wang Hsin Bang, Wang Ya Men,
TIBETAN MISSION Gwoh Gia Chiang, Yang Chi Lien,
Organized 1919 Ma Hsing Djou, Wang Ying,
Territory: All of Sikang and bor- Yang Ming Ding.
dering Tibetan territory, also Bible Women:
following 13 hsiens in Szechwan: Yang Lung Si, Wang Fu Liang,
Chaokioh, Sichang, Yenyuan, Sieh Yung Fang.
Yuehsi, Luipo, Tsingki, Jung-
king, Yaan, Tienchiian, Lushan,
Kintang, Mowkung, Mienning. WEST SZECHWAN MISSION
Population: 2,900,000; churches, 1; Organized 1919
members, 9. Territory: All hsiens west of lines
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kang- formed by and including the fol-
ting (Tatsienlu), Sikang, China. lowing: Chaohwa, Kienko, Yen-
Officers: ting, Shehung, Lochih, Tzechung,
Director: F. W. Johnson. Fushun, Ipin (Suifu), except
Sec. and Treas., F. W. Johnson. those already allotted to West
Minister: F. W. Johnson. Kweichow and those to be al-
Licentiate: Dr. H. E. James. lotted to Sikang as noted under
Tibetan Mission.
Missionary Licentiates: Population: 32,062,000; churches,
Mrs. H. E. James, Mrs. F. W. 3; members, 165.
Johnson, An Deh Hsiien, Djeng Address: S. D. A. Mission, Cheng-
Fu Yung, Wu Yung An. tu, Szechwan, China.
WEST KWEICHOW MISSION Director, A. B. Buzzell.
Organized 1927 Sec.-Treas., A. B. Buzzell.
Territory: 9 hsiens in Kweichow: Mission Committee: A. B. Buz-
Sishui, Chichshui, Jenhwai, Ta- zell, Mrs. A. B. Buzzell, Hwang
ting Kiensi, Chihkin, Pichieh, Dz Chiang, Dzo Dzen Tin, Li Gi

Chuan, Lu Da Hwa, Wang Kwei Missionary Licentiates:

Yu. Mrs. C. B. Miller, Mrs. P. P. Bar-
Department Secretaries: tholomew, Chen Gien Wen, Ma
Book and Periodical House, Yin, Ma Wu, Mrs. Chen Gien
Lu Da Deb. Wen, Chiang Hsing Ming, Beh
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Kang Yao, Lung Hsuen Ming,
Ilan Chieh, Hu Ben Djen, Mrs.
Field Miss., D. T. Djoh. Dora L. Feng, Lung Tsan Deh,
Sabbath School and Home Miss., Mrs. Milton Lee, Hang Tsong
Hwang Dz Chiang. Gwang, Han Chieh, Pan Yao Deh.
Church School Teachers:
Ministers: Chen Chien Wen, Ma Wu, Lung
A. B. Buzzell, Hwang Dz Chiang. Tsan Deh, Han Chieh, Yang Dao
Licentiate: Djoh Djen Ting. Ming, Chang Ih Djen, Chang Deh
Missionary Licentiates: Yin, Chang Ming Kwei, Yuen
Mrs. A. B. Buzzell, Lin Han Kai Dao.
Chin, Li Gi Chwan, I. Y. Dzen,
Yang Kai Hsuen, Li Wei Hsin, INSTITUTIONS IN CHINA
Fang Gao Biao. DIVISION
Church School Teacher: Educational:
Lin Han Ching. Anhwei Junior Middle School,
Pengpu, Anhwei, China.
YUNNAN MISSION Bee Hwa Training Institute,
Organized 1928 Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
Canton Training Institute, Sam
Territory: Three hsiens in Szech- Yuk Road, Tungshan, Canton,
wan: Hweili, Yenpien, Ningnan, China.
and all of Yunnan except 7 China Training Institute, Chiao
hsiens given to West Kweichow Tou Tseng, Kiangsu Province,
as listed. China.
Population: 11,795,486; churches, Far Eastern Academy, 458 Ning-
3; members, 458. kuo Road, Shanghai, China.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Yun- Foochow Intermediate School,
nanfu, Yunnan, China. Foochow, China.
Officers: Hankow Bible and Industrial
Director, C. B. Miller. Institute of S. D. A., Wang
Sec. and Treas., P. P. Bartholo- Gia Dun, Hankow, Hupeh,
mew. China.
Mission Committee: C. B. Miller, Harbin Training Institute, Tsi-
P. P. _Bartholomew, Feng Deh tsihar St., 9, New Town, Har-
Sen, Lo Gwei Ih, Beh Kang Yao, bin, Manchuria.
Chen Gien Wen, Hu Ben Djen, Home Study Institute, Oriental
Hang Tsong G wan, Ma Yin. Branch, 525 Ningkuo Road,
Department Secretaries: Shanghai, China.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ronan Junior Middle School, Lo-
Chen Gien Wen. wanho, Yencheng, Honan,
Field Miss., Beh Kang Yao. (`bins.
Sabbath School, Hu Ben Djen. Hopei Training Institute, 62 Ta
Ministers: Fang Chia Hutung, Peiping,
C. B. Miller, Feng Deh Sen. Hopei, China.
Licentiates: Hunan Provincial Junior Middle
P. P. Bartholomew, Lo Gwei Ih, School, Changsha, Hunan,
Liu Hen Ih, Milton Lee. China.

Manchurian Union Training In- Fui On Hospital-Dispensary, Ad-

stitute, Wen Kuan Tun, Muk- ventist Mission, Waichow,
den, Manchuria. Kwangtung, China.
North China Training Institute, Lanchow Hospital, Lanchow,
Fengtai, Hopei, China. Kansu, China.
Northwest China Union Training Little Eden Hospital-Dispensary,
School, Lanchow, Kansu. Shek Lo Tau St., Fatshan.
Shanghai Training School for Kwangtung, China.
Nurses. Postal Address, Box Nanning Hospital - Dispensary,
1281. 150 Rubicon Road Nanning, Kwangsi, China.
Shanghai, China. North China Sanitarium and
Shantung Training Institute, 102 Hospital, Kalgan, Chahar,
Wei I Lu, Tsinan, Shantung. China.
Shensi Training Institute, Out- Shanghai Sanitarium. Postal
side West Gate, Sianfu, Shensi. Address, Box 1281. 150 Rubi-
South Chekiang Training Insti- con Road, Shanghai China;
tute, Wenchow, Chekiang. also a branch establishment at
West China Training Institute, 171 Range Road, Shanghai,
Da Bao, Tsitsikow, Szechwan. China; City Medical office,
West Kweichow Provincial Mis- Room 225-226, Sassoon House,
sion School, Pichieh, Kwei- Shanghai, China.
chow, China. Sheng Yang Sanitarium-Hospi-
Publishing: tal, Beh Ling, Mukden, Man-
Signs of the Times Publishing churia.
House 515 Ningkuo Road, Sheng Yang (Mukden) Clinic, 1,
Shanghai, China. 29th Wei Lu, Mukden, Man-
Tibetan Mission Press, Tatsienlu, churia.
Sikang, China. Shensi Mission Dispensary, Out-
Mongolian Mission Press, S. D. side West Gate, Sianfu, Shensi.
A. Mission, Kalgan, Chahar, Sinkiang Mission Dispensary,
China. S. D. A. Mission, Suchow,
Medical: Tatsienlu Dispensary, Tatsienlu,
Canton Sanitarium and Hospi- Sikang, China.
tal, Sam Yuk Road, Tung Wu-Han Sanitarium - Hospital,
Shan, Canton, China. Wuchang, Hupeh, China.
Chiao Tou Hospital-Dispensary, Yencheng Sanitarium-Hospital,
China Training Institute, Chiao Lowanho, Yen eh eng, lion an,
Tou Tseng, Kiangsu, China. China.
Organized 1931
Territory: Japan, Chosen (Korea), Medical Department:
Formosa, Japanese Mandates, Sec., Dr. H. W. Miller.
Philippine Islands, Straits Set- Members: Dr. Paul V. Starr, Dr.
tlements, British North Borneo, L. L. Harrop, Dr. G. H. Rue, Dr.
Brunei, Sarawak, Malay States, H. A. Erickson.
Siam, and French Indo-China, Ministerial Association:
all of which is comprised in the Sec., V. T. Armstrong.
Chosen, Japan, Malayan and Office Sec.,
Philippine Union Missions. Members: The Division depart-
Population: 142,939,250; churches, mental secretaries, the superin-
500; members, 24,447. tendents of union missions, the
Cable and Telegraphic Address: principals of the advanced train-
"Fareast." ing schools in the Far Eastern
Headquarters: 106 Orchard Road, Division.
Singapore, Straits Settlements. Publishing Department:
Postal Address: Post Box 226, See., G. A. Campbell.
Singapore, Straits Settlements. Members: F. A. Mote, R. M.
Officers: Milne, Ernst Bahr, F. R. Mil-
Pres., V. T. Armstrong. lard, W. E. Gillis, H. P. Evens,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, C. L. J. A. Leland, L. I. Bowers.
Torrey. Sabbath School Department:
Executive Board: V. T. Arm- Sec., J. H. McEachern:
strong, C. L. Torrey, W. P. Office Sec.,
Bradley, J. H. McEachern, G. A. Members: Mrs. F. R. Millard,
Campbell, R. R. Figuhr, H. A. Mrs. Theodora Wangerin, M. F.
Oberg, E. A. Moon, A. N. Nelson, Wiedemann, Mrs. W. W. R. Lake.
W. E. Scharffenberg, Dr. H. W. Young People's Miss. Vol. Dept.:
Miller. Sec., W. P. Bradley.
Legal Assn.: "General Confer- Members: A. M. Ragsdale, S.
ence Corporation of Seventh-day Ogura, R. S. Watts, G. H. Min-
Adventists." chin.
Educational Department: Transportation Agents:
Sec., W. P. Bradley. C. L. Torrey (chairman); the
Members: A. M. Ragsdale, P. A. union treasurers of the Japan,
Webber, C. W. Lee, F. L. Bunch Chosen, Philippine, and Malayan
(on furlough), W. A. Scharffen- Unions.
berg, G. H. Minehin, H. M. Lee, Division Building Committee:
L. M. Stump. The Division Executive Commit-
Home Commission: tee.
Sec., J. H. McEachern.
Members: W. P. Bradley, Mrs. LABORERS HOLDING CREDEN-
Theodora Wangerin, Mrs. Ai TIALS FROM THE FAR
Ogura, M. F. Wiedemann. EASTERN DIVISION
Home Missionary Department: Ministers:
Sec., J. H. McEachern. V. T. Armstrong, J. H. McEach-
Members: R. M. Milne, R. S. ern, W. P. Bradley, R. R. Figuhr,
Watts, F. R. Millard, M. F. H. A. Oberg, C. L. Torrey, G. A.
Wiedemann. Campbell, A. N. Nelson.

Licentiates: McEachern, Mrs. W. P. Bradley,

I. E. Gillis, E. A. Moon, C. D. Nora Atkins, Mrs. C. L. Torrey,
Missionary Licentiates: Effie James, Mrs. G. A. Camp-
Mrs. V. T. Armstrong, Mrs. J. H. bell.


(Formerly Korean Union Mission)
Mission organized 1908; Conference organized 1917; Union Mission
organized i9r9
Territory: Chosen (Korea). Gillis, Y. S. Leu, C. C. Kim, Y. H.
Population: 21,891,191; churches, Hyun, G. H. Rue, M. D., C. U.
110; members, 3,434. Pak, N. S. Lee, S. S. Ko.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Seoul. Missionary Licentiates:
Western Union Five letter Code. P. E. Im, K. P. Chyung, Saul
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pak, K. S. Pak, 0. S. Chae, P. S.
Seiryori machi, Keijo (Seoul), Pak, W. S. Chang, P. S. Kwak,
Chosen. (Telephone, Kokamon P. S. Lim,E. T. Ha, P. S. Im,
1721.) Meriam Pk , K. K. Cho, C. U.
Officers: Kim, Y. C. Chae, 0. C. Kim, H.
Supt., H. A. Oberg. K. Ko, Mrs. R. S. Watts, C.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. E. P. Lee, K. U. Kim, S C Kim,
Gillis. P. U. Kim, Mrs. Theo. Wan-
Executive Committee: H. A. gerin, Miss H. M. Scott, Mrs.
Oberg, I. E. Gillis, T. H. Chae, H. M. Lee, Ernestine Gill, Mrs.
T. S. Chyong, W. J. Pudewell, H. F. Benson, Mrs. G. H. Rue,
N. C. Kim, C. W. Lee, H. M. Mrs. C. W. Lee, Mrs. H. A. Oberg,
Lee, W. R Gillis, G. H. Rue, Mrs. I. E. Gillis, Mrs. W. J.
Ernst Bahr, R. S. Watts, S. E. Pudewell, Mrs. Ernst Bahr, Mrs.
Lee, H. M. Kim, S. I. Nam, S. S. W. E. Gillis.
Ko, C. H. Cho. Training School Teachers:
Legal Organization Title: Zidon of H. M. Lee, Y. H. Hyun, H. F.
the Chosen Union Conference of Benson,P. N. Kim, H. K. Kim,
S. D. A. S. G. hawng, Y. Higashi, Y. I.
Department Secretaries: Chae, Y. M. Kim.
Educational, C. W. Lee. Church School Teachers:
Field Miss., E. W. Bahr. P. K. Koh, S. C. Im, 0. I. Chae,
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., P. U. Kim.
R. S. Watts.
Sab. Sch. and Home Commis- Organized 1919
sion, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin. Territory: Provinces of Kang Won
Ministers: (except the counties of Tong
H. A. Oberg, H. M. Lee, C. W. Chyung, Ko Syung, Im Chae,
Lee, W. E. Gillis, H. F. Benson, Yang Yang, Kang Nyung, Sam
IL S. Watts, Ernst Bahr, P. N. Chuk, Ul Chin, Kyung Ki, Chy-
Kim, S. E. Lee. ung Chung North (except the
Licentiates: counties of Ok Chun and Young
Y. M. Kim, 0. C. Kim, I. E. Dyong), Chyung Chung South

(except the counties of Non San Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and

and Tai Chun). Sabbath School, P. T. Kim.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Ministers:
Seoul. T. S. Chyong, S. W. Im.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Licentiates:
Seiryori machi, Keijo (Seoul), K. C. Pak, D. S. Kim, M. T. Lee,
Chosen. (Telephone, Kokamon P. T. Kim.
1721.) Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: H. K. Son, S. T. Kim.
Director, T. H. Chae. Church School Teachers:
Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko.
Executive Committee: T. H. S. I. Hwang, I. C. Saw.
Chae, S. S. Ko, C. H. Pak, C. H.
Department Secretaries: Organized 1934
Educational, C. W. Lee. Territory: Provinces of North and
Field Miss., C. H. Lim. South Kyung San, and Sam
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and Chuk and Ul Chin counties in
Sabbath School, D. S. Chyong. Kang Won.
Ministers: Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
T. H. Chae, K. P. Pak. Keizan, Chosen.
Licentiates: Officers:
C. H. Lim, H. S. Han, M. K. Kim, Director, H. M. Kim.
H. P. Oh, P. C. Lee, M. C. Lee, Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko.
C. H. Kang, D. S. Chyong. Executive Committee: H. M.
Missionary Licentiates: Kim, S. S. Ko, C. H. Cho, Y. 0.
S. C. Lee, S. P. Im, T. 0. No. Kim, T. P. Saivng, I. C. Chawn,
S. 0. Lee.
Church School Teachers:
C. H. Kang, Y. K. Kim, C. Y. Department Secretaries:
Han, T. M. Hyun, S. I. Chung. Educational, C. 'W. Lee.
Field Miss., Y. 0. Kim.
Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
NORTH CHOSEN MISSION Sabbath School, S. 0. Lee.
Organized 1934 Ministers:
Territory: Provinces of North and H. M. Kim, C. H. Cho.
South Ham Kyung, and Tong Licentiates:
Chyung, Ko Syung, Im Chae, C. B. Chang, Y. 0. Kim, I. C.
Yang Yang, Kang Nyung coun- Chawn, S. 0. Lee, C. R. Son.
ties in Kang Won. Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Y. E. Chin, P. S. Chyong, W. B.
Wonsan, Chosen. Syuk.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Director, T. S. Chyong. U. C. Lee, T. H. Sin, S. S. Pak,
Sec. and Treas., S. S. Ko. C. S. Lee.
Executive Committee: T. S.
Chyong, S. S. Ko, K. C. Pak,
Lee, P. T. Kim. Organized 1934
Department Secretaries: Territory: Provinces of North and
Educational, C. W. Lee. South Chulla, Ok Chun and
Field Miss., H. K. Son. Young Dyong counties in North

Chyung Chun and Non San and Office Address: S. D. A. Mission.

Tai Chun counties in South Soonan, Chosen.
Chyung Chun. Officers:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Director,W. J. Pudewell.
Chyung Up, Chosen. Sec. an Treas., S. S. Ko.
Officers: Executive Committee: W. J.
Director, N. C. Kim. Pudewell, S. S. Ko, S. I. Nam,
Sec.-Treas., S. S. Ko. B. S. Chyong, P. S. Kim, Y. S.
Executive Committee: N. C. Pak, S. Y. Kim.
Kim, S. S. Ko, C. I. Yang, P. W. Department Secretaries:
Uh, S. C. Yu, C. H. Kim, N. S.
An. Educational, C. W. Lee.
Field Miss., K. M. Lee.
Department Secretaries: Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and
Educational, C. 'W. Lee. Sabbath School, Y. S. Pak.
Field Miss., Y. S. An. Ministers:
.Home Miss., Y. P. M. V., and W. J. Pudewell, S. 0. Kim, S. I.
Sabbath School, C. H. Kim. Nam, B. S. Chyong, Y. S. Pak.
Ministers: Licentiates:
N. C. Kim, C. I. Yang. K. Y. Kim, C. H. Ha, W. S. Pak.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
P. W. Uh, C. H. Kim, H. K. Pae, Maria Hyun, N. 0. Kim, H. S.
N. D. Pang, H. S. Hak. Lee, K. M. Lee, K. S. Kim, C. S.
Missionary Licentiates: Lee.
T. S. Kang, Y. S. An. Church School Teachers:
Church School Teacher: S. Y. Oh. P. C. Kim, H. C. Myung, I. S.
Lee, N. C. Chae T. S. Chyung,
C. M. Kim, P. 'M. Kim, P. K.
WEST CHOSEN MISSION Kim, N. S. Chang, Y. 0. Oh,
Organized 1919 N. W. Chyung, C. T. Pak, I. C.
Territory: North and South Pyeng- Yu, N. C. Kim, C. S. Yu, C. P.
yang, and Whang Hai Provinces. Chang.


Organized as a mission x896; as a conference, Nov. a, 1917; and as a
Union Mission, Aug. 20v 1919
Territory: Japan proper, Saghalin, Legal Name: Japan Seventh-day
Formosa, and the Japanese Man- Adventist Kyokai Iji Zaidan.
dates. Recognized as a corporate body
Population: 69,542,846; churches, by Japanese Government, July
23; members, 1,068. 31, 1932.
Cable Address: "Adventist," To- Railway Station: Ogikubo, Central
kyo. (Use Western Union code Line.-35 minutes from Tokyo.-
only.) (Phone, Ogikubo 2051.) 11/2 hours from Yokohama.
Postal Address: Box 7, Suginami Officers:
Post Office, Tokyo, Japan. Supt., A. N. Nelson.
Headquarters Location: 171 Ama- Sec. and Treas., C. D. Forshee.
numa 1 Chome, Suginami-ku, Executive Committee: A. N.
Tokyo, Japan. Nelson, C. D. Forshee, Alfred

Koch, F. R. Millard, K. Ochiai, Treas., C. D. Forshee.

Dr. P. V. Starr, George Dietrich, Executive Committee: A. Koch,
T. H. Okohira, H. Kuniya, H. C. D. Forshee, K. Ochiai, K.
Yamamoto, Y. Seino, Dr. S. Sugimoto, S. Ishikawa, T. Hase-
Watanabe. gawa, T. Murakami.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Educational, A. N. Nelson. Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Field Miss. and Home Miss., A. C. Koch.
F. R. Millard. Sabbath School, T. Murakami.
General Field, Hide Kuniya. Y. P. M. V., K. Ochiai.
Home Commis., Mrs. S. Ogura. Minister: A. C. Koch.
Medical, Dr. P. V. Starr. Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Mrs. F. R. Mil- K. Ochiai, T. Hasegawa.
Y. P. M. V., Syroh Ogura. Missionary Licentiates:
Union Pastor, T. H. Okohira. S. Ishikawa, T. Murakami, S.
Ministers: Ikeda, Mrs. T. Hasegawa.
A. N. Nelson, Hide Kuniya, T.
H. Okohira, Syroh Ogura, H. P. JAPANESE MANDATED IS-
Evens, H. Yamamoto, P. A. LANDS MISSION
Webber, A. N. Anderson. Address: Korror, Palau (Pelew)
Licentiates: Island.
F. R. Millard, C. D. Forshee. Licentiate: Jose 0. Bautista.
Missionary Licentiates: Operated under the direct super-
Dr. P. V. Starr, Mrs. P. V. Starr, vision of the Executive committee
C. F. Thurston, Mrs. C. F. Thur- of the Japan Union Mission.
ston, Mrs. C. D. Forshee, Mrs. H.
P. Evens, Mrs. F. R. Millard, KANSAI CHUGOKU MISSION
Mrs. A. N. Nelson, Mrs. George Address: Nunobiki Dori 2 chome
Deitrich, Mrs. A. Koch, Dr. E. H. 12 of 2, Kobe.
Olson, Mrs. E. H. Olson, Mrs. Ai
Fukuzawa, Dr. S. Watanabe, H. Officers:
Kikuchi, M. Mochizuki, M. Sa- Director, George Dietrich.
saki, K. Iwakuma, Y. Seino. Sec.,
Treas., C. D. Forshee.
Executive. Committee: George
FORMOSA (TAIWAN) MISSION Dietrich, C. D. Forshee, Hiroshi
Kuniya, T. Hara, S. Morita, Y.
Address: 7 Hanazono-cho 3 Chome, Wantanabe.
Tainan, Taiwan. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiate: Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Nagao Wachi. T. Hara.
Operated under the direct super- Sabbath School,
vision of the Executive committee Y. P. M. V.,
of the Japan Union Mission.
George Dietrich, T. Kobayashi,
HOKKAIDO MISSION Y. Watanabe, E. Seino, Hiroshi
Address: Minami 6 Jo, Nishi 11 Kuniya.
Chome, Sapporo, Japan. Licentiates:
Officers: K. Otsuki, T. Hayakawa.
Director, A. C. Koch. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec., K. Ochiai. M. Kajino, T. Hara.

KANTO TOHOKU MISSION hara, Miss E. Yokomizo, K.

Nagashima, K. Hai.
Postal Address: Box 7, Suginami
Post Office, Tokyo, Japan.
Director, Hide Kuniya. Address: 4 of 4 Komagawa, Nishi
Machi, Fukuoka, Japan.
Sec., T. Uehara.
Treas., C. D. Forshee. Officers:
Executive Committee: Hide Director, T. Kajiyama.
Kuniya, C. D. Forshee, T. Ue- Sec., K. Hatada.
hara, S. Nakauchi, S. Kaneko, Treas., C. D. Forshee.
T. Kato, S. Ogura. Executive Committee: T. Kaji-
yama, C. D. Forshee, S. Tabuchi,
Department Secretaries: K. Hatada, A. Araki, I. Nimura,
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Mrs. T. Yamagata.
T. Kato. Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
N. Iwakuma. H. Katada.
Ministers: Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Hide Kuniya, S. Kaneko. T. Kajiyama.
Licentiates: Ministers:
H. Takaya, S. Nakauchi, K. T. Kajiyama, I. Nimura.
Ishibe. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: S. Imamura, K. Hatada, S. No-
T. Kato, K. Kobayashi, T. Ue- guchi.


Reorganized 1929
Territory: Straits Settlements, sham, G. B. Youngberg, Phan
Malay States, British North Yin Hee, Z. H. Macarewa, Dr.
Borneo, Brunei, Sarawak, Siam, L. L. Harrop, Mampe Siregar,
French Indo-China. A. P. Ritz, G. H. Minchin, L. F.
Population: 37,869,119; churches, Bohner.
35; membership, 1,573. Legal Association: "General Con-
Cable and Telegraphic Address: ference Corporation of Seventh-
"Adventist," Singapore. day Adventists." E. A. Moon,
Office Address: 399 Upper Seran- Attorney-in-fact.
goon Road, Singapore, Straits Department Secretaries:
Settlements. (Telephone, 7085.) Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: G. H. Minchin.
Supt., E. A. Moon. Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, L. F. R. M. Milne.
Bohner. Medical, Dr. L. L. Harrop.
Executive Committee: E. A. Acting Sabbath School, Mrs. W.
Moon, L. I. Bowers, W. W. R. W. R. Lake.
Lake, V. E. Hendershot, F. L. Ministers:
Pickett, D. S. Kime, R. M. Milne, R. P. Abel, V. E. Hendershot,
R. H. Wentland, F. L. Bunch, F. L. Pickett, R. H. Wentland,
Tan Sim Hong, K. G. Praka- R. M. Milne, F. L. Bunch, A. P.

Ritz, W. W. R. Lake, D. S. Pakpahan, D. P. Siagian, B. L.

Kime, G. B. Youngberg. Tobing, M. T. Sibadogil.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
E. A. Moon, L. I. Bowers. Ginal, Lumpisau, Yang, Bulan-
Missionary Licentiates: gak.
Mrs. R. F. Abel, M. Arokiasamy, Church School Teacher:
Yeo Peng Yee, Mrs. L. I. Bowers, Peter Leopold.
Mrs. F. L. Bunch, Mrs. V. E.
Hendershot, Mrs. W. W. R. Lake, MALAY STATES MISSION
Ina L. Moore, Mrs. F. L. Pickett!
Mrs. A. P. Ritz, Mrs. R. H. Organized 1914 (Reorganized 1932
Wentland, Tan Chin Khin, Mrs. to include former Singapore
D. S. Kime, Mrs. R. M. Milne, Mission)
Mrs. E. A. Moon, Ngo Beng Hoe, Territory: Straits Settlements (ex-
Ee Jay Thee, Mrs. S. M. Tan, clusive of Labuan), Malay
Z. H. Macarewa, Dr. L. L. Har- States.
rop, Mrs. L. L. Harrop, G. H. Population: 4,347,704; churches,
Minchin, H. W. Jewkes, Mrs. 16 members, 799.
H. W. Jewkes, Mrs. G. H. Min- Cable and Telegraphic Address:
chin, Mrs. G. B. Youngberg, " Adventist Mission," Kuala
Blanche Keasberry, L. F. Bohner. Lumpur.
Office Address: 83 Bukit Bintang
Road, Kuala Lumpur, Federated
Organized 1914 Officers:
Territory: British North Borneo, Director, D. S. Kime.
Labuan. Sec. and Treas., K. T. Kong.
Population: 295,895; churches, Executive Committee: D. S.
8; members, 346. Kime, K. T. Kong, Ng Hong
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Boon, K. G. Prakasham, Mampe
"Adventist," Jesselton. Siregar.
Office Address: Signal Hill, Jessel- Department Secretaries:
ton, British North Borneo. Tract Society, K. T. Kong.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 34, Jes- Educational, D. S. Kime.
selton, British North Borneo. Field MiSs., Y. P. M. V., and
Officers: Asst. Home Miss., William
Director, G. B. Youngberg. Chew.
Sec. and Treas., D. P. Siagian. Home Miss., Ng Hong Boon.
Executive Committee: G. B. Sabbath School, Mrs. D. S. Kime.
Youngberg, Paksa Pakpahan, L.
S. Sibarani, M. Agian, D. P. Ministers:
Siagian. D. S. Kime, Ng Hong Boon,
Phang Yin Hee.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Tract Society, D. P. Siagian.
Educational, Field Miss., Home Choo Yun Fatt, David McCall,
Miss., and Y. P. M. V., Mampe Siregar.
Sabbath School, D. P. Siagian. Missionary Licentiates:
William Chew, R. Abdi, G. W.
Ministers: Angus, Y. Benjamin, Chong Kam
G. B. Youngberg, Chong Fah Chu, Y. Joseph, K. T. Kong, A.
Min, L. S. Sibarani, N. T. Phang. Lazarus, T. Lot, K. G. Praka-
Licentiates: sham, Y. Samuel, Wong Kiat
M. Agian, A. Silalahi, Paksa Sam, C. Luke, Daniel Liem.

Church School Teachers: Missionary Licentiates:

Liew Yun, Mrs. Liew Yun, Miss Sim Kim, Romuth Suth.
Lu Suk Keok, Yeong Sze Tai. School Teacher: Svoy Sah.

Cochin China
SIAM MISSION (French Indo-China)
Organized 1919 Population: 4,520,000; churches, 5;
Territory: Kingdom of Siam, ex- members, 157.
clusive of the Lao District of Address: 70 Rue de Champagne,
Eastern Siam. Saigon, French Indo-China.
Population: 9,215,000; churches, 1; In Charge: R. H. Wentland.
members, 134. Licentiate: Tran-ngoc-Te.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Missionary Licentiates:
"Adventist Mission" Bangkok. Le Xuan, Pham-xuan-Thai, Tran-
Office Address: 633 Suriwongse xuan-Phan.
Road, Bangkok, Siam.
East Siam
Director, A. P. Ritz. Population: 4,287,000; churches, 1;
Sec. and Treas., A. P. Ritz. members, 16.
Executive Committee: A. P. Address: Ubol, Siam.
Ritz, Pleng Vitiam-yalaksna, In Charge: R. P. Abel.
Bunthin Achjayadhora, Kon Vui- Missionary Licentiate:
Nai Boon Me.
leong, WV Bing Ging, Mrs. A. P.
Ritz. School Teachers:
Solose Muangtong, Puie Tona-
Department Secretaries: sudh.
Tract Society, Mrs. A. P. Ritz.
Educational, A. P. Ritz. North Sarawak
Field Miss. and Home Miss., (Borneo)
Kon Vui-leong. Population: 280,135; churches, 1;
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., members, 10.
Nai Bunthin. Address: Bukit Nyala, Tatau
River, via Bintulu, Sarawak,
Minister: A. P. Ritz. Borneo.
Missionary Licentiates: In Charge: R. T. Morrow, L. R. C.
Mrs. A. P. Ritz, Icon Vui-leong, P. & S., L. F. P. & S.
Lin Hon-chong. Licentiate: Elam Sinaga.
Church School Teachers:
Nai Prachurd, Nai Pleng, Nai Missionary Licentiate:
Suni. R. T. Morrow.

South Sarawak
Cambodia Population: 350,000; churches, 1;
(French Indo-China) members, 78.
Population: 2,535,178; churches, 1; Address: Kuching, Sarawak, Bor-
members, 38. neo.
Address: Mission Des Adventistes In Charge: J. M. Nerness.
du Septieme Jour, 70 Rue de Ministers:
Champagne, Saigon, French Indo- J. M. Nerness, J. T. Pohan.
China. Church School Teachers:
In Charge: F. L. Pickett. Chu Sing Fatt, A. L. Pauner,
Licentiate: Eng Pheng. Koay Choo Gean, S. N. Siregar.
Organized rgr7
Territory: The Philippine Islands. A. Cruz, N. F. Legaspi, I. A.
Population: 13,636,074; churches, Kintanar, F. Velasco, Mrs. W. B.
332; members, 18,372. Riffel, F. Malapira, J. Suban,
Mrs. E. M. Adams, Mrs. M. F.
Cable Address: "Philipunion," Wiedemann, Mrs. L. M. Stump,
Manila. Mrs. F. A. Mote, Dr. H. A.
Office Address: 1939 Luna St., Erickson, Mrs. H. A. Erickson,
Pasay, Rizal, Philippine Islands. Mrs. C. L. Witzel, Prof. C. C.
(Please do not direct mail to Morrison, Mrs. C. C. Morrison,
this address.) Telephone, 5-19-96. Mrs. A. M. Ragsdale, Mrs. E.
Postal Address: Post Office Box N. Lugenbeal, Mrs. B. Palmer,
401, Manila, Philippine Islands. Mrs. F. Thurston, Mrs. F. A.
Officers: Pratt, Mrs. B. B. Davis, Miss
Supt., R. R. Figuhr. B. F. Parker, Miss I. Blancaflor,
Sec. and Treas., 0. A. Blake. R. Impeiro, A. Maeasiano.
Executive Committee: R. R.
Figuhr, Mrs. J. V. Pratt, F. A. CENTRAL LUZON MISSION
Mote, W. B. Riffel (on furlough, Organized 1931
A. A. Douglas acting), Flaviano
Dalisay, E. N. Lugenbeal, E. M. Territory: Provinces of Tarlac,
Adams, M. F. Wiedemann, F. L. Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Pam-
Jabola, Rafael Pilar, P. R. Diaz, panga, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite,
Regino Villaneuva, J. A. Leland, Bataan, the towns of Baler and
L. M. Stump (on furlough), Casiguran of the province of
Jose Emralino, Abdon Capobres, Tayabas, the islands of the Cuyo
F. A. Pratt, 0. A. Blake. group, and the City of Manila.
Departmental Secretaries: Population: 2,275,112; churches,
Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
60; members, 3,283.
A. M. Ragsdale. Cable Address: "Philipunion,"
Field Miss., F. A. Mote. Manila.
Home Corn., Home Miss., and Office Address: 1402 Oroquieta St.,
Sabbath School, M. F. Wiede- Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippine Is-
mann. lands.
Religious Liberty, R. R. Figuhr; Officers:
associate, R. R. Senson. Director, Flaviano Dalisay.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., P. H. Romulo.
R. R. Figuhr, F. A. Pratt, M. F. Executive Committee: Flaviano
Wiedemann, F. A. Mote, L. M. Dalisay, P. H. Romulo, V. San-
Stump, Roman Senson, J. 0. tos, R. Senson, F. Martin, A. Sta.
Afenir, A. M. Ragsdale. Rita, L. Yutuc.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, F. Ba-
Tan Nai Se, R. Villanueva, B. B. yuna.
Davis, 0. A. Blake, C. L. Witzel. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. 0. A. Blake, Mrs. W. J. Field Miss., A. Sta. Rita.
Blake, Mrs. R. R. Figuhr, Mrs. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
C. E. Thurston, Miss B. Irvine, L. Yutuc.

Medical and Home Commission, Field Missionary, J. K. Ramos.

Miss C. Vergara. Asst. Field Miss., A. Cometa.
Religious Liberty, R. Senson. Home Miss and Sabbath School,
Ministers: Apolonio Somoso.
F. Dalisay, I. Enriquez, P. Mag- Assistant Home Miss. and Sab-
salin, A. Panaga, V. T. Santos. bath School, E. Abas.
Licentiates: Ministers:
F. Martin, B. Nepumuceno, F. W. B. Riffel, A. A. Douglas,
Reyes, P. H. Romulo, A. Sta. R. S. Llaguno, V. R. Rodrigo,
Rita, L. Yutuc. M. G. Yorac, A. Somoso.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
A. Abawag, F. Bayuna, H. Roque, A. 0. Cabardo, D. Noval, R. N.
J. S. Domingo, C. C. Trinidad, Somoso.
Miss G. Llorente, Miss I. Matic, Missionary Licentiates:
Miss C. Vergara. C. B. Ladion, P. U. Abatayo,
Church School Teachers: B. D. Ferraren, G. A. Briones,
Miss R. Macalinao, Miss C. Mag- Mrs. G. L. Ricarte, E. A. Abas,
hirang, S. Manuel, T. Nabong, M. L. Delima, A. L. Sumicad,
L. Vitangcol. D. 0. Famor, H. C. Rosell, A.
Negrito Mission School Teacher: Aqui, D. B. Ladion, F. Cabansag,
A. Donato. E. Capobres, J. K. Ramos, J.
Cristobal, Miss A. D. Elumir, T.
FAST VISAYAN MISSION Cabaluna, Mrs. A. A. Douglas.
(Formerly Cebuan Mission) Church School Teachers
Organized 1914 T. A. Layon, A. E. Chiu, Miss
C. E. Chiu, G. Hinoguin, F.
Territory: Islands of- Cebu, Bohol, Suico, Mrs. A. Elauria, G. Silud,
Leyte, Samar, Masbate, Minda- M. Lolo, C. Bongabong, D. Car-
nao, Oriental Negros, and Siqui- reon, T. Basiga, Mrs. D. Pallasa,
jor. A. Ondap, Mrs. E. Rose11.
Population: 4,808,538; churches,
56; members, 4,801.
Office Address: 307 Tres de Abril NORTHERN LUZON MISSION
St., San Nicolas, Cebu, Cebu, Entered 1913; Organized 1917
Philippine Islands. Territory: Provinces of Pangasi-
Director's Residence: 88 F. Ramos nan, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela,
St., Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Is- Cagayan, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos
lands. Sur, Abra, La Union, Mountain
Post Office Address: P. 0. Box 119, Province, and the Batanes Is-
Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Islands. lands.
Officers: Population: 2,414,442; churches,
Director, W. B. Riffel. 47; members, 2,336.
Sec. and Treas., W. B. Riffel. Telegraphic Address: Adventist
Executive Committee: W. B. Rif- Mission, Artacho, via phone Po-
fel, M. G. Yorac, V. R. Rodrigo, zorrubio, Pangasinan, Philippine
A. Caporbres, S. Tejano, J. K. Islands.
Ramos. Office Address: Artacho, Sison,
Department Secretaries: Pangasinan, Philippine Islands.
Book and Bible House, C. B. Officers:
Ladion. Director, E. N. Lugenbeal.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Sec.-Treas., A. Balinao.
H. C. Rosell. Executive Committee: E. N. Lu-

genbeal, V. C. Medina, R. A. Department Secretaries:

Pilar, A. Balinao, A. San Juan, Educational, Sabbath School, and
R. Cabansag, J. B. Valdez. Y. P. M. V., G. de Guzman.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., U. Castillo.
Book and Bible House, A. Ba- Asst. Field Miss., A. Rada.
linao. Home Miss., M. C. Pascual.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ministers:
R. C. Cabansag. F. L. Jabola, Gil de Guzman,
Field Miss., V. C. Medina. C. M. Cara.
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Licentiates:
Religious Liberty, R. A. Pilar. P. B. Gonzales, M. C. Pascual,
Ministers: F. S. Lagonera.
E. N. Lugenbeal, T. P. Atiga, Missionary Licentiates:
T. A. Pilar, R. A. Pilar, J. A. M. M. Zamora, U. Castillo, A.
Valdez, E. Valera (sustentation.) Lagabong, V. Quintal, F. Dabu,
Licentiate: V. C. Medina. P. Buendia, R. Alinsod, A. Rada,
Missionary Licentiates: P. Molimbayan, M. P. Arevalo.
J. Revita, E. Dizon, M. Dacuycuy, Church School Teachers:
R. Cabansag, M. Balaoas, R. Miss T. Galang, Miss M. Racal,
Atiteo, G. Cerezo, Miss L. Taaca, Miss L. Ferrer, G. Pasco, F. Re-
Miss L. V. Garcia, E. G. Vigilia, gencia, Zaida Florendo, J. Pa-
F. de la Cruz, C. Miguel, A. San rago.
Church School Teachers:
lido, Miss 0. G. Vigilia, Miss E. Organized 1926
Lozano, Miss P. C. Medina, A. E. Territory: The provinces of Cam-
Guadiz, T. Pasamonte, Miss L. arines Sur, Camarines Norte,
Cabansag, Miss M. Delizo, A. Albay, Sorsogon, and the islands
Lazaro, A. Aqui, C. Turalba, of Tikao, Burias, and Catandua-
Miss F. Trinidad. nes.
Population: 1,021,275; churches,
28; members, 857.
SOUTH-CENTRAL LUZON Office Address: P. 0. Box 32, Le-
MISSION gaspi, Albay, Philippine Islands.
Organized 1931 Officers:
Territory: Provinces of Batangas, Director, Jose B. Emralino.
Laguna, Marinduque, Mindoro, Sec.-Treas., C. B. Barnedo.
Tayabas, and the islands politi- Executive Committee: Jose B.
cally administered thereby. Emralino, C. B. Barnedo, J. M.
Population: 1,158,861; churches, Imperio, M. B. Gabarra, Julian
61; members, 2,352. Martinez, Gregorio Arguzon, An-
Office Address: Lucena, Tayabas, tonio Daya.
Philippine Islands. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Book and Bible House, C. B.
Director, F. L. Jabola. Barnedo.
Sec. and Treas., M. M. Zamora. Educational and Sabbath School,
Executive Committee: F. L. Ja- Mrs. R. Y. Emralino.
bola, M. M. Zamora, G. de Guz- Field Miss., R. Umali.
man, P. B. Gonzales, A. Laga- Home Commission, Miss Mercedes
bong, N. Jaurigue, J. Baricanosa. Obi as.

Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Medical, Dr. C. C. Vizcarra.

J. M. Imperio. Religious Lib., E. M. Adams.
Religious Liberty, J. B. Emra- Auditor, T. H. Jamandre.
lino. Ministers:
Ministers: E. M. Adams, A. C. Same, P. R.
J. B. Emralino, J. M. Imperio. Diaz, R. B. Cahilig, D. C. Sa-
Licentiates: brine, T. G. Recalde, F. H. Jor-
Mel Gabarra, Gregorio Arguzon. nada (sustentation subsidized).
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
C. B. Barnedo, Mrs. R. Y. Em- C. B. Tortal, D. M. Bautista,
ralino, Paz Estipona; Mrs. J. M. E. Tantia, J. J. Golez.
Imperio, R. Y. Dizon, Julian Missionary Licentiates:
Martinez, M. Dolendo, R. Umali, T. H. Jamandre, Z. B. Cahilig,
C. Valenciano. C. G. Zarandona, J. G. Quijote,
Church School Teachers: C. G. Perez, T. G. Mingua, E. V.
Miss R. Reyes, Miss P. Enguerra, Altarez, E. P. Ferrer, J. Q. Sar-
Miss A. Lavina, Mrs. R. San sosa, L. P. Gaje, J. Causing, M.
Juan, J. Ramos. A. Perez, R. N., V. S. Diaz, R. C.
Ybafiez, T. D. Diancin, Mrs. M.
M. Mindoro, Mrs. A. Barrios,
WEST VISAYAN MISSION Mrs. L. Dalumpines, F. Sargado,
Organized 1914 Dr. C. C. Vizcarra.
Territory: The provinces of Iloilo, Church School Teachers:
Capiz, Antique, Romblon, Occi- Mrs. F. T. deGensolin, F. G.
cidental Negros, the Cuyo Is- Jereos, L. Duriquez, Miss M.
lands, and the Islands of Pala- Camacho, Miss M. Gonzales,
wan and Guimaras. Miss R. Guisihan, Miss N. Dul-
Population: 1,957,846; churches, man, Miss M. Miraflores, Miss S.
80; members, 4,743. Reyno, Miss F. G. Tortal, M. Ca-
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 271, libjo, M. Arellano, A. Gonzales,
Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippine Islands. T. B. 'Portal, C. Isuga, R. Garcia,
P. de los Reyes, A. Aguilar, Miss
Officers: R. Mercurio, R. Gayatin.
Director, E. M. Adams.
Sec.-Treas., Z. B. Cahilig.
Mission Committee: E. M.
Adams, Z. B. Cahilig, T. H. Ja- INSTITUTIONS IN FAR EAST-
mandre, D. C. Sabrine, P. R. ERN DIVISION
Diaz, E. R. Drapiza, Dr. C. C. Educational:
Chosen Union Training School,
Department Secretaries: Soonan, Chosen (Korea).
Book and Bible House, J. G. East Visayan Academy, Box 119,
Quijote. Cebu, Cebu, Philippine Islands.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Japan Junior College, Showa-
Home Commission, P. R. Diaz. machi, Kimitsu-gun, Chiba
Asst. Educational, E. P. Ferrer. Ken, Japan.
Field Miss., C. G. Perez. Malayan Seminary, 401 Upper
Asst., Field Miss., J. Q. Sarsosa. Serangoon Road, Singapore,
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Straits Settlements.
D. C. Sabrine. Northern Luzon Academy, Arta-
Asst. Sabbath School, R. C. cho, Sison, Pangasinan, Philip-
Ybafiez. pine Islands.

Philippine Union College, Box Medical:

1772, Manila, Philippine Is- Manila Sanitarium and Hospi-
lands. tal, cor. Vermont and Indiana
West Visayan Academy, Box Sts., Manila, Philippine Is-
271, Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippine lands. Postal Address: 707
Islands. Vermont St., Manila, Philip-
Publishing: pine Islands.
Japanese Publishing House, 169- Penang Sanitarium, No. 465 Bur-
171 Amanuma 1 chome, Sugi- mah Road, Penang, Straits
nami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Post- Settlements.
al Address: Box 7, Suginami Penang Mission Clinic, 511 Chulia
P. 0., Tokyo, Japan. St., Penang, Straits Settle-
Malayan Signs Press, 399 Upper ments.
Serangoon Road, Singapore, Seoul Sanitarium and Hospital,
Straits Settlements. Hwee Kyung Re, Seiryori,
Philippine Publishing House, Seoul, Chosen.
1939 Calle Luna, Pasay, Rizal, Seoul City Clinic, 136 Insadong,
Philippine Islands. Postal Ad- Seoul, Chosen.
dress: Box 813, Manila, Philip-
pine Islands. Soonan Hospital-Dispensary,
Signs of the Times Publishing Soonan, Chosen (Korea).
House, Outside East Gate, Tokyo Sanitarium-Hospital, Box
Seiryori, Seoul, Chosen (Ko- 7, Suginami P. 0., Tokyo, Ja-
rea). pan.
Organized 1922

Territory: Mexico,Guatemala,Hon- W. L. Adams, W. A. Bergherm,

duras, British Honduras, Salva- C. L. Stilson, R. R. Breitigam.
dor, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Pan- Department Secretaries:
ama, Columbia, Venezuela, Brit- Educational and Home Commis.,
ish, Dutch, and French Guiana, W. L. Adams.
West Indies,Cuba, Haiti, Ja- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
maica, Santo Domingo, Puerto Y. P. M. V., R. R. Breitigam.
Rico, Trinidad, Windward and Ministerial Assn. and Religious
Leeward, also Virgin and Ba- Liberty, G. A. Roberts.
hama Islands. Publishing, W. A. Bergherm.
Population: 46,843,868; churches, Transportation Agent, W. C.
517; members, 28,521. Raley.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Inter-, Cashier, C. L. Stilson.
america," Balboa. (Bentley Code Laborers Holding Credentials from
and Western Union Travelers' the Inter-American Division:
Cable Code used in the fields of
the Inter-American Division.) Ministers:
Office: cor. Balboa and Gavilan G. A. Roberts, W. A. Bergherm,
Roads, Balboa, Canal Zone (Tele- W. L. Adams, R. R. Breitigam.
phone, Balboa 1349). Licentiates:
Office Address: Box 0, Balboa, W. C. Raley, Benjamin Maxson.
Canal Zone. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Mrs. G. A. Roberts, Mrs. W. C.
Pres., G. A. Roberts. Raley, D. A. Cone, Mrs. D. A.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, W. C. Cone, Mrs. R. R. Breitigam, Mrs.
Raley. Mary Clausen, C. L. Stilson, Mrs.
Division Committee: G. A. Rob- W. L. Adams, Viola E. Cooke,
erts, W. C. Raley, L. V. Finster, Mrs. W. A. Bergherm, Esther M.
A. R. Ogden, W. R. Elliott, C. P. Adams, Etta Hewgley, Mrs. C. L.
Crager C. E. Wood, D. A. Cone, Stilson.


Reorganized 1923
Territory: The Bahamas, Cayman Sec., Treas., and Auditor, F. I.
Islands, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Mohr.
Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo. Asst. Treas., F. L. Chaney.
Population: 10,746,201; churches, Executive Committee: A. R. Og-
200; members, 11,835. den, F. I. Mohr, C. E. Andross,
Cable Address: "Unionantil," Ha- E. J. Lorntz, F. L. Chaney, J. S.
vana, Cuba. (Telephone, 1-6341.) Marshall, J. R. McWilliam, D. E.
Office Address: "Chalet," Esquina Lust, A. G. Roth, H. D. Isaac,
Estrampes y Milagro, Vibora, L. S. Crawford.
Havana, Cuba. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Supt., A. R. Ogden. J. S. Marshall.

Field Miss., J. R. McWilliam. town, Grand Cayman, Cayman

Home Miss., A. R. Ogden. Islands.
Ministers: Officers:
A. R. Ogden, J. R. McWilliam, Supt., L. S. Crawford.
J. S. Marshall, F. L. Chaney. Sec. and Treas., F. I. Mohr.
Licentiate: F. I. Mohr. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates: Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Mrs. F. I. Mohr, Mrs. J. R. Mc- Y. P. M. V., Mrs. L. S. Craw-
William, Mrs. J. S. Marshall, ford.
Mabel L. Head. Minister:
L. S. Crawford.
Missionary Licentiate:
BAHAMAS MISSION Mrs. L. S. Crawford.
Entered 1909
Territory: The Bahama Islands
and the Turks and Caicos Is- CUBA CONFERENCE
lands. Established 1905Organized 1935
Population: 64,728; churches, 14; Territory: Cuba and the Isle of
members, 468.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Nas- Pines.
sau, Bahamas. Population: 3,768,192; churches,
Postal Address: Box 356, Nassau, 40; members, 1,815.
Bahamas. Cable Address: "Adventista," Ha-
Office Address: East Shirley St., bana. (Telephone, A-8973.)
Nassau, Bahamas. Office Address: Mazana de Gomez
559, Havana, Cuba.
Officers: Postal Address: Manzana de Gomez
Supt., A. R. Ogden (acting). 559, Havana, Cuba.
Sec. and Treas., F. I. Mohr (act-
ing). Officers:
Advisory Committee: A. R. Og- Pres., E. J. Lorntz.
den, T. Thompson, 0. P. Reid, R. Sec. and Treas., L. J. Borrowdale.
E. Fountain, D. B. Reid, F. I. Executive Committee: E. J.
Mohr. Lorntz, L. J. Borrowdale, W. R.
Mulholland, J. B. Sales, D. E.
Department Secretaries: Lust, Jos Veiga, J. A. Zaragoza.
Book and Bible House, F. I.
Mohr (acting). Department Secretaries:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Book and Bible House, L. J. Bor-
Y. P. M. V., D. B. Reid. rowdale.
Educational, E. J. Lorntz.
Minister: 0. P. Reid. Field Miss., W. R. Mulholland.
Missionary Licentiates: Home Miss., E. J. Lorntz.
D. B. Reid, Mrs. E. Someillan. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Church School Teachers: J. A. Zaragoza.
D. B. Reid, Mrs. D. B. Reid. Ministers:
E. J. Lorntz, J. B. Sales, Manuel
Avila, J. N. Williams, L. J. Bor-
Organized 1929 Honorary: Pedro Cruz.
Territory: Cayman Islands. Licentiates:
Population: 5,987; churches, 3; D. E. Lust, Miguel Vazquez, Vic-
members, 68. toriano Suarez, W. R. Mulhol-
Postal Address: Box 14, George- land, J. A. Zaragoza.

Missionary Licentiates: Church School Teachers:

Mrs. E. J. Lorntz, Mrs. L. J. Bor- M. Dolce, N. Isaac, H. Petigny.
rowdale, E. Pupo, Mrs. W. R.
Mulholland, R. del Sol, H. Pupo.
Church School Teachers: JAMAICA CONFERENCE
Hermes Mendez, Ignacio Vaz- Organized 1903
quez. Territory: Island of Jamaica.
Population: 1,022,152; churches,
HAITIEN MISSION 90; members, 5,270.
Established 1905 Cable Address: "Adventist" King-
Territory: Republic of Haiti. Office Address: 176 Orange St.,
Population: 3,126,000; churches,
28; members, 2,585. Kingston, Jamaica, British West
Cable Address: "Adventiste," Port-
au-Prince, Haiti. Postal Address: 176 Orange St.,
Office Address: cor. of Avenue Jo- Kingston, Jamaica, British West
seph Nicolas and Magloire Am- Indies.
broise. Officers:
Postal Address, Boite A-55, Port Pres., C. E. Andross.
au Prince, Haiti. Sec. and Treas., J. W. Grounds.
Officers: Executive Committee: C. E. An-
Supt., A. G. Roth. dross, J. W. Grounds, W. S. Na-
Sec. and Treas., H. L. Higgins. tion, H. Fletcher, B. A. Meeker,
Advisory Committee: A. G. Roth, A. C. Stockhausen, F. W. Miller.
H. L. Higgins, A. Theodore, A. J. Department Secretaries:
Jn-Baptiste, M. N. Isaac, Leonce Book and Bible House, R. Har-
Painson. riott.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., W. S. Nation.
Book and Bible House, H. L. Home Miss., B. A. Meeker.
Higgins; Asst., J. Craan. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational, A. G. Roth. Mrs. C. E. Andross.
Field Miss., J. Craan. Ministers:
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and C. E. Andross, B. A. Meeker, H.
Y. P. M. V., A. Theodore. Fletcher, L. Rashford, G. A. E.
Ministers: Smith, A. C. Stockhausen, H. P.
M. N. Isaac, A. G. Roth, Philip Lawson, H. D. Isaac, F. W. Mil-
Giddings, A. Theodore, F. D. ler.
Apolon. Honorary: J. A. Reid, W. H.
Honorary: A. J. Jn-Baptiste, D. Randle, Frank Hall.
Dorsinville. Licentiates:
Licentiates: A. R., Haig, R. B. Campbell.
Herodote Lanoix, Th. Abel, A. L. Missionary Licentiates:
Dorce. J. W. Grounds, Mrs. C. E. An-
Missionary Licentiates: dross, Mrs. J. W. Grounds, Mrs.
Hermine Roth (on furlough), F. W. Miller, Mrs. B. A. Meeker,
A. L. Christensen, Mrs. A. L. R. Harriott, W. S. Nation, W. A.
Christensen, Mrs. Philip Gid- Holgate.
dings, J. Giddings, J. Craan, H. Church School Teachers:
L. Higgins, Mrs. H. L. Higgins, Mrs. S. N. Gordon, Stella Young,
Mrs. Valcourt, M. Cherenf ant, Martha Hurst, Miss E. E. Wil-
Hortius Petigny, N. Isaac. liams.

PUERTO RICO MISSION Population: 1,200,000; churches,

Organized 1909 12; members, 845.
Territory: Puerto Rico. Cable Address: "Adventista," Ciu-
Population: 1,559,142; churches, dad Trujillo.
14; members, 784. Office Address: Avenida Capotillo
Cable Address: " Adventista," San 91, Cuidad Trujillo.
Juan, Puerto Rico.
Office Address: Stop 14, Santurce, Postal Address: Apartado 568, Ciu-
Puerto Rico. dad Trujillo, Republica Domini-
Postal Address: Box 3005, San- cana.
turce, Puerto Rico. Officers:
Officers: Supt., R. G. Jones.
Supt., Sec. and Treas., R. G. Jones.
Sec. and Treas., B. Bullard. Advisory Committee: R. G. Jones,
Advisory Committee: J. A. Phipps, R., Paul Johnson,
, B. Bullard, W. H. England, E. Valencia.
Francisco Megrant, R. W. Prince.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, B. Bul- Book and Bible House, R. G.
lard; Assist., Wenceslao Cadiz. Jones.
Educational, Home Miss., and Educational and Religious Lib-
Y. P. M. V., W. H. England. erty, R. G. Jones.
Sabbath School, Wenceslao Cadiz. Field Miss., Paul Johnson.
Ministers: Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Francisco Megrant, R. W. Prince, J. A. Phipps, R.
Manuel Mendez. Sab. School., Mrs. R. G. Jones.
Licentiates: Ministers:
R. Bracero, E. Acosta, A. Mar-
rero, P. Perales. R. G. Jones, J. A. Phipps, R.,
Missionary Licentiates: E. Valencia.
B. Bullard, W. H. England, Mrs. Licentiates:
W. H. England, Mrs. B. Bullard, Paul Johnson, A. Moreta.
Wenceslao Cadiz, Jose I. Rivera,
Ana Marfa Gonzalez, Valentin Missionary Licentiates:
Serra. Wellington Williams, Mrs. R. G.
Church School Teachers: Jones, Mrs. J. A. Phipps, Na-
Jose I. Rivera, Ana Marfa Gon- poleon Charles, Leonela Gonzales,
zalez, Valentin Sarra, Mrs. Julia Juan Rivera, Edna Brewer.
Rivera. Honorary: Mrs. C. N. Moulton.
SANTO DOMINGO MISSION Church School Teachers:
Organized 1924 Mrs. Mercedes Phipps, Ramona
Territory: Republic of Santo Do- McKinzie, Evangelina Gonzalez,
mingo. Leonidas Cabrera, Rafael Cairo.
Organized 1926
Territory: Trinidad, Barbados, the Population: 511,940; churches, 6;
Windward, Leeward, and Virgin members, 253.
Islands, British, Dutch, and Cable Address: "Adventiste," Fort-
French Guianas. de-France, Martinique.
Population: 1,885,680; churches, Postal Address: Casier 257, Fort-
122; members, 7,384. de-France, Martinique, F. W. I.
Cable Address: "Eastcaribbean," Officers:
Port of Spain, Trinidad. Supt., A. 0. Dunn.
Postal Address: Box 221, Port of Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. 0. Dunn.
Spain, Trinidad, British West Advisory Committee: A. 0.
Indies. Dunn, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn, S. B.
Office Address: 25 Edward St., Jean-Elie, E. Berle, Louise Led-
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British ran.
West Indias. (Telephone, 4732.) Department Secretaries:
Officers: Book and Bible House, A. 0.
Pres., W. R. Elliott. Dunn.
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Field Miss., S. B. Jean-Elie.
M. D. Howard. Home Miss., A. 0. Dunn.
Executive Committee: W. R. Sabbath School, Mrs. A. 0. Dunn.
Elliott, M. D. Howard, Gorden Y. P. M. V., Louise Ledran.
Oss, A. A. Carscallen, L. H. Minister: A. O. Dunn.
Gardiner, A. 0. Dunn, R. S. J. Missionary Licentiates:
Hamilton, C. A. Edwards. Mrs. A. 0. Dunn, S. B. Jean-Elie,
Department Secretaries: Louise Ledran, E. Berle.
Educational, R. S. J. Hamilton.
Field Miss., C. A. Edwards.
Home Miss., W. R. Elliott. GUIANA CONFERENCE
Y. P. M. V., Mrs. H. L. Nielsen. Reorganized 1928
Minister: W. R. Elliott. Territory: British, Dutch a n d
Licentiates: French Guianas, South America.
R. S. J. Hamilton, M. D. Howard, Population: 478,965; churches,
C. A. Edwards. 27; members, 1,339.
Missionary Licentiates: Cable Address: "Adventist,"
Mrs. W. R. Elliott, Mrs. M. D. Georgetown, British Guiana.
Howard, Mrs. H. L. Neilsen, Mrs. Office Address: 222 Almond St.,
R. S. J. Hamilton, C. E. Sten- Georgetown, British Guiana,
berg, Mrs. C. E. Stenberg, M. E. South America.
Smith, Mrs. M. E. Smith, Linda Officers:
Austin, W. A. Osborne.
Pres., A. A. Carscallen.
Sec. and Treas., R. E. Brooks.
FRENCH WEST INDIAN Executive Committee: A. A.
MISSION Carscallen, R. E. Brooks, J. T.
Established 1929. Carrington, H. Beck, C. Mano-
Territory: French West Indies ram, E. S. Greaves.
Martinique, and Guadeloupe and Legal Title: Guiana Conference
its dependencies. of Seventh-day Adventists.

Department Secretaries: Medical, Dr. Charles Cave.

Book and Bible House, R. E. Sabbath School, Mrs. L. H.
Brooks. Gardiner.
Field Miss., E. S. Greaves. Y. P. M. V., Olive Edwards.
Home Miss., A. A. Carscallen. Ministers:
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., L. H. Gardiner, W. H. Lewis,
Mrs. Isabella Downer. C. G. Van Putten, A. E. Riley,
Ministers: 0. C. Walker.
A. A. Carscallen, J. T. Carring- Licentiates:
ton, H. Beck. Dr. C. Cave, A. A. Fortune.
Licentiate: C. Manoram.
Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. L. H. Gardiner, H. E. Bed-
R. E. Brooks, Mrs. A. A. Carscal- doe, Mrs. H. E. Beddoe, F. H.
len, Mrs. I. Downer, J. Gonsalves, Warner, F. A. Sebro, Olive Ed-
E. S. Greaves. wards.


Reorganized 1926 Reorganized 1925
Territory: Barbados, St. Lucia, Territory: Trinidad, Tobago, Gre-
Leeward and Virgin Islands, ex- nada, the Grenadines, and St.
cepting the French West Indies. Vincent.
Population: 399,713; churches, 32; Population: 536,872; churches, 57;
members, 2,270. members, 3,522.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bar- Cable Address: "Adventist," Port
bados, British West Indies. of Spain, Trinidad.
Office Address: McGregor St., Office Address: 31 Dundonald St.,
Bridgetown, Barbados, British Port of Spain, Trinidad, British
West Indies. West Indies. (Telephone, 1595.)
Postal Address: Box 216, Bridge- Postal Address: Box 66, Port of
town, Barbados, British West Spain, Trinidad, British West
Indies. Indies.
Officers: Officers:
Pres., L. H. Gardiner. Pres., Gorden Oss.
Sec. and Treas., H. E. Beddoe. Sec. and Treas., H. L. Nielsen.
Executive Committee: L. H. Executive Committee: Gorden
Gardiner, H. E. Beddoe, W. H. Oss, H. L. Nielsen, S. L. Ash,
Lewis, C. G. Van Platen, A. E. J. D. Wood, B. Yip, T. J. War-
Riley, Dr. C. Cave, F. Willoughby. ner, E. E. Osborne.
Legal Title: The Board of Trus- Legal Title: The Incorporated
tees of the Seventh-day Advent- Trustees of the Seventh-day Ad-
ist Church in the Leeward Is- ventist Church in Trinidad and
lands. The Leeward Islands Con- Tobago.
ference of Seventh-day Advent-
Department Secretaries:
ists (Barbados). Book and Bible House, H. L.
Department Secretaries: Nielsen.
Book and Bible House, H. E. Field Miss., James Ramratan.
Beddoe. Educational, N. Gooding.
Educational and Home Miss., Hothe Miss., S. L. Ash.
L. H. Gardiner. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Field Miss., F. A. Sebro. Mrs. C. A. Edwards.

Ministers: Gorden Oss, S. L. Ash, Missionary Licentiates:

J. D. Wood, T. J. Warner, N. H. L. Nielsen, Mrs. Gorden Oss,
Payne, B. Yip, H. Wiseman. Mrs. C. A. Edwards, Mrs. A. E.
Licentiates: A. F. Hempel, C. L. Hempel, Annie Osborne, J. B.
Jones, C. D. Henry. Ramratan, N. Gooding.


Reorganized 1926

Territory: Panama, Costa Rica, BRITISH HONDURAS AND BAY

Nicaragua, Honduras, British ISLANDS MISSION
Honduras, Bay Islands, Guate- Reorganized 1931
mala, Salvador. Telritory: British Honduras and
Population: 6,668,764; churches, the Bay Islands.
78; members, 3,696. Population: 52,132; churches, 16;
Cable Address: "Adventista," San members, 677.
Jose, Costa Rica. Cable Address: "Adventist," Belize,
Office Address: Apartado 1059, San British Honduras.
Jose, Costa Rica, Central Amer- Office Address: Box 123, Belize,
ica (Telephone, 3359). British Honduras.
Officers: Officers:
Supt., C. B. Sutton.
Supt., C. P. Crager. Sec. and Treas., Miss Mayme
Sec., Treasurer, and Auditor, Wood.
A. P. Christiansen. Advisory Committee: C. B. Sut-
Advisory Committee: C. P. ton, Miss Mayme Wood, L. L.
Crager, A. P. Christiansen, C. B. Garbutt, Eddie Elwin.
Sutton, Orley Ford, N. W. Dunn,
F. W. Steeves, C. E. Westphal, Department Secretaries:
D. A. Cone, W. A. Wild, P. Book and Bible House, Miss
Nygaard. Mayme Wood.
Home Miss., C. B. Sutton.
Department Secretaries: Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Mrs. C. B. Sutton.
N. W. Dunn. Minister: C. B. Sutton.
Field Miss., F. W. Steeves. Licentiates:
Home Miss., C. P. Crager. L. L. Garbutt, L. H. Connolly.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
C. P. Crager, N. W. Dunn. Mrs. C. B. Sutton, Miss Mayme
Licentiates: Honorary: David Haylock.
W. A. Wild, H. Larrabee.
Missionary Licentiates: COSTA RICA MISSION
Mrs. C. P. Crager, A. P. Chris- Organized 1927
tiansen, Mrs. A. P. Christiansen, Territory: Republic of Costa Rica.
F. W. Steeves, Mrs. F. W. Steeves, Population: 520,000; churches 7;
Mrs. N. W. Dunn, Mrs. W. A. members, 335.
Wild, Lela Pierce, B. Perez, Mrs. Cable Address: " Adventista," San
B. Perez, H. Miller, Mrs. H. Mil- Jos6, Costa Rica, Central Amer-
ler, Mrs. H. Larrabee. ica.

Office Address: Apartado 1325, San Licentiate: Jose C. Aguilar.

Jose, Costa Rica, Central Amer- Missionary Licentiates:
ica. (Telephone, 3359.) Mrs. Orley Ford, Adolf Fanse-
Officers: lau, Mrs. A. Fansleau, D. Garcia.
Supt., C. P. Crager. Church School Teachers:
Office work carried by Central Olivia de la Roca, Josefina Coro-
American Union Mission. nada V.
Advisory Committee: C. P.
Crager, A. P. Christiansen, J. E.
Rogers, N. W. Dunn, F. W. HONDURAS MISSION
Steeves, F. Fletcher. Organized 1928
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, A. P. Territory: Republic of Honduras
Christiansen. less the Bay Islands.
Field Miss., F. W. Steeves. Population: 807,632; churches, 7;
Home Miss., C. P. Crager. members, 280.
Sabbath School, Mrs. C. P. Cable Address: "Adventista," Te-
Crager. gucigalpa, Honduras, Central
Y. P. M. V. and Educational, America.
N. W. Dunn. Office Address: Apartado 103, Te-
gucigalpa, Republic de Honduras,
Minister: F. Fletcher. Central America.
Missionary Licentiate: Officers:
May Hammond. Supt., C. E. Westphal.
Sec, and Treas., C. E. Westphal.
GUATEMALA MISSION Advisory Committee: C. E. West-
Reorganized 1927 phal, E. E. Neblet, R. T. Rankin,
Territory: The Republic of Guate- A. E. Lutz.
mala, less Puerto Barrios and Department Secretaries:
vicinity. Book and Bible House, C. E.
Population: 2,454,000; churches, 5; Westphal.
members, 370. Field Miss., A. E. Lutz.
Cable Address: " Adventista," Gua- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
temala, Central America. Y. P. M. V., C. E. Westphal.
Office Address: Apartado 218, Gua- Ministers:
temala, Republic of Guatemala, C. E. Westphal, R. T. Rankin.
Central America. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Mrs. C. E. Westphal, Victor
Supt., Orley Ford. Printemps, Rosa Rodriguez.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. Fanse-
Advisory Committee: Orley NICARAGUA MISSION
Ford, Adolf Fanselau, Mrs. A. Organized 1928
Fansleau, Jose C. Aguilar. Territory: Republic of Nicaragua
Department Secretaries: and Corn Island.
Book and Bible House, Mrs. A. Population: 700,000; churches, 6;
Fanselau. members, 276.
Field Miss., Adolf Fanselau. Cable Address: "Adventista," Ma-
Home Miss., Orley Ford. nagua, Nicaragua.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Office Address: Apartado 92, Ma-
Mrs. Orley Ford. nagua, Rep. de Nicaragua, Cen-
Minister: Orley Ford. tral America .

Officers: Field Miss. and Home Miss.,

Supt., R. R. Mattison.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. A. E. Lutz. Sabbath School, Mrs. G. C.
Advisory Committee: . Nickle.
, E. P. Howard, A. E. Lutz, Y. P. M. V., Clinton Woodland.
Mrs. A. E. Lutz, 0. D. Andrean. Ministers:
Department Secretaries: G. C. Nickle, Ishmael Ellis.
Book and Bible House, Mrs. Licentiates:
A. E. Lutz. Clinton Woodland, A. Roth.
Field Miss., A. E. Lutz. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., A. L. Edeburn, Mrs. A. L. Ede-
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., burn, R. R. Mattison, Mrs. R. R.
Mattison, Mrs. G. C. Nickle, Mrs.
Minister: E. P. Howard. Clinton Woodland, Mrs. A. Roth,
Licentiate: 0. D. Andrean. Jose Chavanz.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. E. P. Howard, A. E. Lutz, SALVADOR MISSION
Mrs. A. E. Lutz, Roger Brooks.
Reorganized 1927
Church School Teacher: Territory: The Republic of El Sal-
Fritzel Brooks. vador, Central America.
Population: 1,635,000; churches, 6;
Organized 1906 Cable Address: " Adventista," San
Territory: Republic of Panama, Salvador, Republic of El Salva-
Canal Zone, Talamanca Valley dor, Central America.
(Costa Rica), and the islands of Office Address: 8a Ave. Norte, No.
57, San Salvador, Reptblica de
San Andres and Old Providence El Salvador, Central America.
Population: 500,000; churches, 31; Officers:
members, 1,456. Supt., P. Nygaard.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Ad- Sec. and Treas., Eugenia Robin-
ventist," Cristobal, Canal Zone. son.
Office Address: Masonic Temple, Advisory Committee: P. Ny-
Eleventh and Bolivar Sta., Cris- gaard, L. Concepcion, Eugenia
tobal, Canal Zone. Robinson, and the Field Mission-
Postal Address: Box M, Cristo- ary Secretary.
bal, Canal Zone. (Phone 1325.) Department Secretaries:
Officers: Book and Bible House, Miss
Pres., G. C. Nickle. Eugenia Robinson.
Sec. and Treas., A. L. Edeburn. Field Miss.,
Executive Committee: G. C. Home Miss., P. Nygaard.
Nickle, A. L. Edeburn, R. R. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Mattison, Clinton Woodland, D. Mrs. P. Nygaard.
A. Cone, Caleb Baines, C. W. Ministers:
Omphroy, A. H. Peter. P. Nygaard, L. Concepcion.
Department Secretaries: Missionary Licentiates:
Book and Bible House, A. L. Mrs. P. Nygaard, Eugenia Rob-
Edeburn. inson, E. Revelo.
Organized X927
Territory: The Republics of Co- Cable Address: "Adventista," Bar-
lombia, Venezuela, and the Is- ranquilla, Colombia, South Amer-
lands of Curacao, Aruba and ica.
Bonaire. Postal Address: Apartado 261,
Population: 11,139,193; churches, Barranquilla, Colombia, South
36; members, 1,680. America.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Co- Office Address: Calle Magdalena,
loven," Medellin, Colombia, South esquina Carrera Cuartel, Bar-
America. ranquilla, Colombia, South Amer-
Postal Address: Apartado 39, Me- ica.
dellin, Colombia, South America. Officers:
Air Mail Address: Correo Adreo Director, N. H. Kinzer.
Apartado 609, Medellin, Colom- Sec. and Treas., W. H. Wineland.
bia, South America. Advisory Committee: N. H. Kin-
Officers: zer, Tirso Esca.ndon, Pedro Gon-
Supt., L. V. Finster. zales, W. H. Wineland.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. W. Department Secretaries:
Cole. ' Book and Bible House,
Advisory Committee: L. V. Fin- Field Miss., Pedro Gonzales.
ster, J. W. Cole, M. E. Lowry, Home Miss., N. H. Kinzer.
L. H. Olson, Lunney Astleford, Sabbath School, Mrs. N. H. Kin-
N. H. Kinzer, G. W. Chapman, zer.
R. 0. Garner, E. M. Trummer. Y. P. M. V., Mrs. W. H. Wine-
Department Secretaries: land.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Ministers:
Mrs. L. V. Finster. N. H. Kinzer, MT. H. Wineland.
Field Miss., M. E. Lowry. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., L. V. Finster. Mrs. N. H. Kinzer, Pedro Gon-
Minister: L. V. Finster. zales, Tirso Escadon, Mrs. W. H.
Licentiates: Wineland.
J. W. Cole, M. E. Lowry.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. J. MT. Cole, Mrs. M. E.
Lowry, G. W. Chapman, Mrs. Reorganized 1929
G. W. Chapman, Esther Pierce, Territory: Departments of Antio-
Mrs. L. V. Finster. quia, Santander del Norte, San-
tander del Sur.
Population: 2,559,096; churches, 8;
Organized 1926 Postal Address of Director: Apar-
Territory: Departments of Atlan- tado 83, Bucaramanga, Colombia,
tic, Bolivar, Magdalena, and the South America.
territory of La Goajira, Director's Telegraphic Address:
Population: 1,201,788; churches, 7; "Adventista," Bucaramanga, Co-
members, 342. lombia, South America.

Office Postal Address: Apartado 39, Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
or Correo Aereo 609, Medellin, Lunney Astleford.
Colombia, South America. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
Office Telegraphic Address: "Colo- Mrs. Lunney Astleford.
ven," Medellin, Colombia, South Minister: Lunney Astleford.
America. Missionary Licentiate:
Officers: Mrs. Lunney Astleford.
Director, E. M. Trummer.
Advisory Committee: E. M. Reorganized 1929
Trunkmer, J. W. Cole, G. W.
Chapman, Jorge Rendon, Pedro Territory: Departments of El
Gonzales. Valle, Cauca, Naritio, Caldas, the
commisariats of Caquetfr and
Department Secretaries: Putumayo, and the territory of
Home Miss., E. M. Trummer. Choco.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Population: 1,389,021; churches, 8;
Mercedes Castro. members, 288.
Minister: E. M. Trummer. Cable Address: "Adventista," Cali,
Licentiate: Jorge Rendon. Colombia, South America.
Missionary Licentiates: Postal Address: Apartado 313,
Mrs. E. M. Trummer, Mercedes Cali, Colombia, South America.
Castro. Officers:
Director, L. H. Olson.
Sec. and Treas., C. J. Plata.
CURACAO MISSION Advisory Committee: L. H. Ol-
Organized 1934. son, Eugenio Plata, C. J. Plata,
. Aquilino Gonzales.
Territory: Islands of Aruba, Bon- Department Secretaries:
aire and Curacao, Dutch West Book and Bible House, C. J.
Indies. Plata.
Population: 43,000; churches, 2; Field Miss., E. Plata.
members, 82. Home Miss., L. H. Olson.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Cu- Sabbath School, Mrs. L. H. Olson.
racao (D. W. I.). - Y. P. M. V., Mrs. Eugenio Plata.
Director's Postal Address: Pisca-
deraweg 22, Mundo Nobo, Cu- Minister: L. H. Olson.
racao, Dutch West Indies. Missionary Licentiate:
Sec. and Treas.'s Address: Apar- Mrs. L. H. Olson, C. J. Plata,
tado 39, Medellin, Colombia, Eugenio Plata, Mrs. Eugenio
South America. Plata, Aquilino Gonzales.
Director, Lunney Astleford.
Legal Board of "Advent Zend- Reorganized 1929
ingsgenootschap," L. Astleford, Territory: Departments of Cundi-
J. W. Cole, Mrs. L. Astleford, namarca, Boyaca, Tolima, Huila,
D. Martyn, Jacob Myers. and the commisariats of Arauca,
Advisory Committee: Lunney Vichada, Meta.
Astleford, Mrs. Lunney Astle- Population: 2,720,288; churches, 3;
ford, J. W. Cole. members, 246.
Department Secretaries: Cable Address: "Adventista," Bo-
Book and Bible House, L. Astle- gota, Colombia, South America.
ford. Director's Postal Address: Apar-

tado 436, or Correo Aereo 3860, Postal Address: Apartado 986,

Bogota, Columbia, South Amer- Caracas, Venezuela.
ica. Officers:
Office Address: Apartado 39, Me- Director, R. 0. Garner.
dellin, Colombia, South America. Sec. and Treas., A. V. Larson.
Officers: Advisory Committee: R. 0. Gar-
Director, ner, A. V. Larson, Julio Garcia
Sec. and Treas., J. W. Cole. D., D. N. Peralta, Rafael Fleitas,
Advisory Committee: . L. E. Greenidge.
J. W. Cole, Salvador Plata, Jorge
Escanden. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Book and Bible House, A. V.
Field Miss., Jorge Esca.ndOn. Larson.
Home Miss., Field Miss., Rafael Fleitas.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Home Miss., R. 0. Garner.
Home Miss. Office Sec., Mrs.
Missionary Licentiate: A. V. Larson. ,
Jorge Escanden. Sabbath School, Mrs. Carolina
Mrs. J. B. Ross, Jorge Escandon. Y. P. M. V., Mrs. A. V. Larson.
VENEZUELA MISSION R. 0. Garner, Julio Garcia D.
Territory: Republic of Venezuela.
Missionary Licentiates:
Population: 3,226,000; churches, 8;
members, 453. Mrs. R. 0. Garner, A. V. Larson,
Cable Address: " Adventista," Car- Mrs. A. V. Larson, L. E. Green-
acas, Venezuela. idge, Mrs. L. E. Greenidge, Al-
Office Address: Carcel a Pilita No. berto Acosta H., Rafael Fleitas,
2, Caracas, Venezuela. Sara Acosta H., D. N. Peralta.


Organized 1923
Territory: The Republic of Mexico. Department Secretaries:
Population: 16,404,030; churches, Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V.,
81; members, 3,926. Home Miss., and Educational,
Cable Address: Adventista, Mon- H. F. House.
terrey, Mexico. Field Miss., L. L. Grand Pre.
Minister: C. E. Wood.
Office Address: Pino Suarez nte.
413, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico. Licentiates:
L. L. Grand Pre, J. G. Pettey,
Officers: H. F. House.
Supt., C. E. Wood. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. G. Mrs. C. E. Wood, Mrs. J. G.
Pettey. Pettey, Mrs. H. F. House, Mrs.
Advisory Committee: C. E. Wood, L. L. Grand Pre.
J. G. Pettey, E. Ponce, C. E. Sustentation Workers: L. L.
Moon, A. G. Parfitt, C. L. Dinius, Sauza, C. Schulz, J. G. Rojas,
L. L. Grand Pre, H. F. House. Sra. Gregoria M. de Vera.


Territory: The northern half of Olsen, J. A. Salazar.
Vera Cruz and Puebla, Hidalgo, Department Secretaries:
Guerrero, Morelos, Queretaro, Field Miss., M. E. Olsen.
Tlaxcala, Guanajuato, Michoa- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
can, Mexico. Y. P. M. V.,
Population: 7,338,229; churches, Ministers:
7; members, 1,023. C. E. Moon, A. E. Torres, J. A.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Mex- Salazar, Jose Castillo, F. B. Zay-
ico, D. F. nos.
Office Address: Agricultura 79, Licentiates:
Colonia Escandon, Tacubaya, F. L. E. Ulmer, M. E. Olsen.
D. F., Mexico (Telephone, P- Missionary Licentiates:
0083.) Mrs. C. E. Moon, Mrs. G. M. de
Officers: Vera, Pablo Rodriguez.
Supt., E. Ponce.
Sec. and Treas., A. J. Calderon. LAKE MISSION
Advisory Committee: E. Ponce,
A. J. Calderon, J. A. Williams, Territory: The States of Jalisco,
I. Ponce. Colima, Nayaria, Sinaloa, So-
nora, and Lower California.
Department Secretaries: Population: 2,266,824; churches, 6;
Field Miss., J. A. Williams. members, 330.
Home Miss., Sab. School, and
Y. P. M. V., A. J. Calderon. Postal Address: Apartado 175,
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Minister: E. Ponce.
Licentiates: Officers:
Supt., C. L. Dinius.
V. M. Calvo, J. A. Williams, Sec. and Treas., Mrs. C. L.
Rafael Arroyo, A. J. Calderon, Dinius.
Jose Carpintero. Advisory Committee: C. L.
Missionary Licentiates: Dinius, Mrs. C. L. Dinius, G.
A. Baez, C. Chavez, Sra. E. 0. Corona, M. Flores.
de Verduzco, I. Ponce, J. E. Department Secretaries:
Perez. Field Miss., G. Corona.
Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and
GULF MISSION Y. P. M. V., Mrs. C. L. Dinius.
Organized 1924 Ministers:
C. L. Dinius, Faustino Aguilar.
Territory: The States of Coahuila. Licentiate: I. 0. Flores:
Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi.
and Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Du- Missionary Licentiates:
rango, Zacatecas, and Aguasca- Mrs. C. L. Dinius, Dr. G. T.
lientes. Reynolds, Mrs. G. T. Reynolds,
M. Flores, A. R. Martinez, G.
Population: 3,238,482; churches, Corona.
21; members, 819.
Postal Address: Apartado 139,
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. TEHUANTEPEC MISSION
Officers: Organized 1924
Supt., C. E. Moon. Territory: The states of Chiapas,
Sec. and Treas., F. L. E. Ulmer. Oaxaca and southern halves of
Advisory Committee: C. E. the States of Puebla and Vera

Cruz, Mexico, Yucatan, Campe- Robinson, Mrs. Max Fuss, J.

che, Tabasco, and Territory of Morgado, C. Moctezuma.
Quintana Roo.
Population: 3,560,495; churches,
48; members, 1,754. INSTITUTIONS IN THE INTER-
Cable Address: Adventista, Puebla, AMERICAN DIVISION
Puebla, Mexico.
Telephone: Mexicana 3404. Educational:
Postal Address: Apartado 107, Academia Adventista Hispano-
Puebla, Pue., Mexico. americana, Apartado 1320,
Officers: San Jose, Costa Rica, Central
Supt., A. G. Parfitt. America.
Asst. Supt., Max Fuss. Camaguan Training School,
Sec. and Treas., H. A. B. Robin- Camaguan, Venezuela.
son. Caribbean Training College, Box
Advisory Committee: A. G. 175, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad,
Parfitt, H. A. B. Robinson, Max B. W. I.
Fuss, V. Rodriguez. Colegio Adventista Antillano,
Department Secretaries: Bartle, Oriente, Cuba.
Haitien Seminary, Boite A-55,
Field Miss., Max Fuss.
Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Home Miss., Max Fuss.
Sab. Sch., H. A. B. Robinson. West Indian Training College,
Mandeville, Jamaica.
Y. P. M. V., V. Rodriguez.
Ministers: Publishing: Pacific Press Publish-
A. G. Parfitt, S. Conde, V. Rodri-
ing Association, Inter-Amer-
guez, C. Aquino. ican Branch, Box 5007, Cristo-
bal, Canal Zone.
H. A. B. Robinson, A. Jimnez, Dispensaries:
P. Trinidad, L. Arriaga, Max Clinica Tacubaya, Agricultura
Fuss. 73, Colonia Escandon, Tacu-
Missionary Licentiates: baya, Mexico, D. F. (Tele-
Mrs. A. G. Parfitt, Mrs. H. A. B. phone, P-0061.)
Organized 1928
Territory: British Isles, Denmark, Lowe, G. A. Lindsay, L. Muders-
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Es- pach, A. Anderson.
tonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Po- General Conference Trans-
land, Iceland, Greenland, Fa- portation Agent: C. H. Ans-
roes, Abyssinia, Eritrea, Kenya, combe, 29 Oxford St., London,
Uganda, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, W. I. England; Telephone Ger-
British, French and Italian rard 1470; Cable Address, "Ad-
Somalilands Pemba, Zanzibar, ventist, London." Telegrams,
French Guinea, Ivory Coast, "Adventist, Rath., London."
Niger, Dahomey, Upper Volta, Legal Association:
French Sudan, and that por- " World Wide Advent Missions,
tion of French Equatorial Af- Limited." Pres., W. E. Read;
rica lying north of latitude 10 Sec., W. T. Bartlett; Treas., E.
North extending North to Lybia R. Colson.
and Algeria, Corisco, Elobey, St. Department Secretaries:
Thomas and group, Nigeria, Field, T. T. Babienco.
Liberia, Gold Coast, Togo, Fer: >Educational, J. I. Robison.
nando Po, Annobon, Sierra Leone, Home Miss., G. E. Nord.
Gambia: viz.: the Baltic, British, Medical, A. Andersen, M. D.
Polish, East Nordic, and West Publishing, L. A. Vixie.
Nordic Union Conferences; the Sabbath School and Ministerial,
East African, Ethiopian, Niger- W. T. Bartlett.
ian, Gold Coast, and Upper Nile Statistical, Miss Anne Schmidt.
Union Missions. Y. P. M. V. and Religious Lib-
Population: 174,191,430; churches, erty, W. T. Bartlett.
644; members, 33,572. Ministers:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: W. E. Read, J. I. Robison, G. E.
Advent, Edgware. Nord, T. T. Babienco, W. T.
Office Address: 41 Hazel Gardens, Bartlett.
Edgware, Middlesex, England. Honorary: P. C. Poley.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., W. E. Read. L. A. Vixie, E. R. Colson.
Sec., J. I. Robison. Missionary Licentiates:
Treas. and Auditor, E. R. Colson. C. H. Anscombe, A. Lethbridge.
Executive Committee: W. E. Paul Knudsen, Ethel R. How-
Read, J. I. Robison, E. R. Colson, ard, Florence Fielding, Jenny R.
W. T. Bartlett, G. E. Nord, L. A. Wharrie, Rosa Muderspach, Anne
Vixie, T. T. Babienco, H. W. Schmidt.


Organized 1923
Territory: Estonia, Latvia, and Officers:
Lithuania. Pres., W. E. Read.
Population: 5,799,265; churches, Sec. and Treas., A. S. Nuka.
110; members, 5,562. Executive Committee: W.. E.
Office Address: Tallinn, Merepuies- Read, H. Linde, A. Eglit, J.
tee 14-a, Estonia. Birsin, K. Rose, W. Wilnians,

E. Tiesnes, E. Magi, V. Stroh], ESTONIAN CONFERENCE

E. Ney, M. Barengrub, H. Neah- Organized 1912
ring. Territory: Estonia.
Department Secretaries: Population: 1,126,383; churches,
Educational, Home Miss., Sab- 38; members, 1,939.
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., Office Address: Merepuistee 14a,
E. Tiesnes. Tallinn, Estonia.
Field Miss.. Officers:
Minister: E. Tiesnes. Pres., E. Magi.
Missionary Licentiate: A. S. Nuka. Sec. and Treas., M. Sachs.
Institutions: Executive Committee: E. Magi,
Baltic Union School, (Adv. Miss. E. Ney, A. Aug, K. Murd, J.
Seminary) Brivibas iela 11, Daniel, A. Kala, E. Lillioja.
Riga, Latvia. Department Secretaries:
Estonian Publishing House, Mere- Educational, R. Vinglas.
puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia. Field Miss., E. Laimets.
Latvian Publishing House, Brivi- Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
bas iela 11, Riga, Latvia. J. Daniel.
Lithuanian Depository, Vokieeiu Y. P. M. V., E. Ney.
g-ve 57, Kaunas, Lithuania. Ministers:
Estonian Training School, Mere- E. Magi, E. Ney, L. Nikkar, M.
puiestee 14a, Tallinn, Estonia. Biirengrub, A. Klement, A. Aug,
J. Daniel.
Organized 1929 Missionary Licentiates:
M. Sachs, E. Laimets, J. Ney,
Territory: Kurzeme, Zemgale. V. Kitrmas, V. SchSn, A. Kal-
Population: 766,370; churches, 24; laste, R. Vinglas, H. Pilt.
members, 1,334.
Office Address: Bisenieku iela 25,
Officers: Organized 1920
Pres., A. Eglit. Territory: Lithuania.
Sec.-Treas., L. Augstmanis. Population: 2,451,173; churches,
Executive Committee: A. Eglit, 12; members, 389.
J. Tomsons, J. Bittis, E. KlotinA, Office Address: Vokieeiu g-ve 57,
E. Ore. Kaunas, Lithuania.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Field Miss., F. Strauss. Director, W. Strohl.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Sec. and Treas., K. Strasdauskas.
E. Klotina. Executive Committee: IV. Strohl,
Sabbath School, E. Rooks. A. Birzgal, K. Strazdaukas, H.
Ministers: Neahring, V. Kovaliauskas, J.
A. Eglit, K. Sutta, E. KlotinA,
K. Fogels, E. Rooks. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., A. Virbickas.
Licentiates: Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
0. Balodis, E. Krievs, R. Auzin. Y. P. M. V., A. Birzgal.
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
M. Stumbergs, A. Lejnieks, L. W. Strohl, A. Birzgal, M. More-
Augstmanis, P. Jakovlev. nings.

Licentiates: Executive Committee: H. Linde,

V. Krause, W. Wachhaus. A. Colder, J. Oltin, P. Macanow,
Missionary Licentiates: B. Sietniek, K. Jekabson, P.
K. Strasdaukas, A. Virbickas. Weicel.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., A. Dambis.
LIVONIA CONFERENCE Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Organized 1932 Y. P. M. V., H. Linde.
Territory: Vidzeme (Livonia) Lat- Ministers:
galia, and Riga. H. Linde, P. Purmal, J. Drikis,
Population: 1,455,339; churches, D. Platonow, A. Tscholderis, P.
36; members, 1,900. Macanow, J. Oltin, K. Hilweg,
Cable Address: "Advent," Riga. A. Jurkevics.
Office Address: Brivibas iela 11, Licentiates:
Riga, Latvia. J. Buile, A. Mednis, E. Grinberg.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Pres., H. Linde. A. Dambis, L. Tscholder, M.
Sec. and Treas., M. Schneider. Schneider.


Organized igo2
Territory: England, Wales, Scot- "Adventist,Rath,London." Cable
land, Northern Ireland, Irish Address, "Adventist, London."
Free State and adjacent Isles. Department Secretaries:
Population: 49,161,437; churches, Educational, W. G. C. Murdoch.
82; members, 5,385. Field Miss., G. D. King.
Cable Address: "Advent," Wat- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
ford, Herts, England. Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall.
Office: Stanborough Park, Watford, Medical, Dr. J. E. Carincross.
Herts, England. (Telephone, Ministers:
G arst on 2251-2.) H. W. Lowe, F. W. Goodall,
Officers: G. Keough, W. G. C. Murdoch,
Pres., H. W. Lowe. G. Baird, G. D. King, W. L.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. Emmerson.
Carey. Honorary: S. Joyce, W. A. Hall,
Executive Committee: H. W. L. E. A. Lane, E. B. Phillips,
Lowe, A. Carey, R. S. Joyce, A. H. Watson, J. J. Gillatt, R.
0. M. Dorland, F. W. Goodall, Whiteside, A. S. Rodd, H. W.
W. G. C. Murdoch, L. Murdoch, Armstrong, H. F. De'Ath.
G. D. King, A. Warren, J. Rigby, Missionary Licentiates:
S. G. Hyde, E. E. Craven, Dr. A. Carey, A. Warren, E. E.
J. E. Cairncross. White, J. Rigby, A. J. Raitt,
Legal Assn.: British Advent Mis- Dr. J. E. Cairncross, L. Tobias-
sions, Limited; chairman, H. W. sen.
Lowe; secretary, A. Carey.
General Conference Transportation
Agent: C. H. Anscombe, 29 Ox- IRISH FREE STATE MISSION
ford Street, London, W. 1. Tele- Organized 1902; reorganized 1932
phone Gerrard 1470. Telegrams, Territory: Irish Free State.

Population: 2,971,992; churches, 2; Ministers:

members, 43. 0. M. Dorland, W. Maudsley, J.
Office: Stanborough Park, Wat- E. Bell, A. F. Bird, W. A. Madg-
ford, Herts., England. wick, S. G. Joyce, W. M. Lennox,
Officers: H. K. Munson.
Supt., E. E. Craven, S. D. A. Licentiates:
Church, Florenceville Ave., F. W. Coppock, R. A. Freeth,
Ormeau Road, Belfast, Ire- H. F. Johnson, W. T. Cannon.
land. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry, N. H. Knight, S. Standen, Miss J.
Stanborough Park, Watford, Handysides, Miss A. F. Clarke,
Herts, England. Miss H. M. Ford, Miss I. Hims-
Advisory Committee: E. E. Cra- worth, Miss E. D. Brown, Miss
ven, J. A. McMillan. F. M. Preston, B. Walton, Miss
Department Secretaries: M. Hamblin, Miss J. Mitchell,
Field Miss., G. D. King. Miss D. Taylor, B. Belton, B.
Home Miss, Sabbath School, and Kinman, D. J. Clarke, J. C.
Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall. French.
Minister: J. A. McMillan.
Missionary Licentiate: E. Zins. NORTH IRELAND MISSION
Organized 1902; reorganized 1932.
NORTH ENGLAND CON- Territory: Northern Ireland.
FERENCE Population: 1,256,561; churches, 2;
Organized 1919; Reorganized 1928 members, 118.
Territory: The counties of Lanca- Office: Stanborough Park, Wat-
shire, Yorkshire, Durham, Che- ford, Herts, England.
shire, Isle of Man, Westmore-
land, Cumberland, Northumber- Officers:
land, Derbyshire, Nottingham- Supt., E. E. Craven, S. D. A.
shire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Church, Florenceville Ave.,
Northamptonshire, Rutlandshire, Ormeau Road, Belfast, Ireland.
Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry,
Warwickshire. Stanborough Park, Watford,
Population: 19,015,553; churches, Herts, England.
30; members, 1,761. Advisory Committee: E. E. Cra-
Office: 22 Zulla Road, Mapperley ven, Dr. J. Houston, G. Reid,
Park, Nottingham, England. R. Whiteside, T. G. Bevan.
(Telephone, Nottingham 6312.) Department Secretaries:
Officers: Field Miss, G. D. King.
Pres., 0. M. Dorland. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Sec. and Treas., N. H. Knight. Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall.
Executive Committee: 0. M. Ministers:
Dorland, N. H. Knight, E. Mer- E. E. Craven, J. G. Bevan.
chant, W. Maudsley, W. Hilton, Missionary Licentiates:
R. Handysides, H. T. Johnson, Miss M. Kirby, Miss B. Cleary.
B. Belton, A. F. Bird.
Department Secretaries:
Educational, W. G. C. Murdoch. SCOTTISH MISSION
Field Miss., B. Belton. Organized 1902
Home Miss., Sabbath School, Territory: Scotland, including The
and Y. P. M. V., H. T. John- Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shet-
son. lands.

Population: 4,842,554; churches, 5; Field Miss., A. W. Cooke.

members, 263. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Office: Stanborough Park, Wat- Y. P. M. V., E. R. Warland.
ford, Herts, England. Ministers:
Officers: A. K. Armstrong, A. E. Bacon,
Supt., L. Murdoch, 73 Lothian J. M. Howard, F. S. Jackson,
Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. C. A. Reeves, F. A. Spearing,
Sec., and Treas., W. G. Baldry, L. A. Watson, J. Harker, F. C.
Stanborough Park, Watford, Bailey, J. B. West, R. S. Joyce,
Herts, E. R. Warland.
Advisory Committee: L. Mur- Honorary: G. W. Bailey, R. T.
doch, R. Kennedy, J. Wolfe, L. Colthurst, . H. Meredith, W. J.
Watson, D. Morrison. Young.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Field Miss., G. D. King. E. Ashton, C. R. Bonney, L. G.
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Hardinge, L. D. Vince, A. G.
Y. P. M. V., F. W. Goodall. Tapping, J. H. Parkin.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
L. Murdoch, D. Harrison, H. W. 0. R. Bell, A. J. Mustard, D. M.
Mc Crow. Swaine, B. E. Sparrow, P. Cum-
Missionary Licentiates: ings, C. Smith, W. J. Newman,
Miss J. Archibald, Miss A. Mc- Miss W. Buckle, Miss L. J.
Rorie, F. J. Wilmshurst, Miss Clarke, Mrs. D. Casey, Miss 0. C.
M. Mason, Miss D. Fraser. Davies, Miss E. Guntrip, Miss F.
Barr-Hamilton, Miss M. Keough,
SOUTH ENGLAND CON- Miss M. T. Lennox, Miss V.
FERENCE Warren, Miss M. Clement, Miss
Organized 1902; Reorganized 1928 M. John.
Territory: The Counties of Corn-
wall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, WELSH MISSION
Gloucester, Wilts, Oxford, Berks. Organized 1902
Bucks, Hants, Surrey, Sussex. Territory: Principality of Wales,
Kent, London, Middlesex, Hert- Counties of Monmouthshire,
ford, Bedford, Huntingdon, Cam- Shropshire, and Herefordshire.
bridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex. Population: 2,948,931; churches,
Isle of Wight, and the Channel 9; members, 452.
Islands. Office: Stanborough Park, Watford,
Population: 18,125,846; churches, Herts, England.
34; members, 2,748.
Office: Midland Bank Chambers, Officers:
506 Holloway Road, London, N. 7, Supt., S. G. Hyde, "Ventnor"
England. (Telephone, Archway Tyglass Road, Llanishen, Car-
1927.) diff, Glam.
Officers: Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry,
Pres., R. S. Joyce. Stanborough Park, Watford,
Sec. and Tress., J. H. Parkin. Herts.
Executive Committee: R. S. Advisory Committee: S. G.
Joyce, J. H. Parkin, E. R. War- Hyde, T. H. Cooper, J. Ruther-
land, A. E. Bacon, G. V. Hall, ford, J. H. Dobbs, D. Francis.
T. B. Wynne, W. Benwell, J. M. Department Secretaries:
Howard, A. G. Rodgers. Field Miss., G. D. King.
Department Secretaries: Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Educational, W. G7 C. Murdoch. Y. P. M. V.,`F. W. Goodall.

Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:

S. G. Hyde, T. H. Cooper. Miss I. Seagrave, Miss A. Ander-
Licentiates: R. T. Bolton, W. G. son, Miss K. Mahon, Miss B.
Nicholson, F. Edwards. Buck, D. Conroy.


Organized r9r 2 ; reorganized 1926, 1933 .
Territory, Kenya Colony and Pro- Kendu Hospital; Supt., Dr. G.
tectorate, Italian Somaliland, A. S. Madgwick, Gendia, P. 0.
the islands of Zanzibar and Kisumu, Kenya Colony.
Population: 4,322,586; churches,
32; members, 3,904. CENTRAL KENYA MISSION
Cable Address: "Advent Nairobi." Entered 1933
Office: P. 0. Box 1352, Nairobi, Territory: Kikuyu and Ukamba
Kenya Colony, East Africa. provinces and that portion of the
Northern Frontier Province ly-
Officers: ing north of the equator.
Supt., S. G. Maxwell. Address: P. 0. Box 970, Nairobi,
Sec. and Treas., Miss G. A. Kenya Colony.
Executive Committee: S. G. Officer:
Maxwell, W. W. Armstrong, G. Supt., W. W. Armstrong.
A. S. Madgwick, G. A. Lewis, Minister:
Miss G. A. Clarke, R. A. Carey, European: W. W. Armstrong.
W. C. S. Raitt, S. W. Beardsell. Licentiate:
Department Secretaries: African: J. Digo.
Educational, S. W. Beardsell. Missionary Licentiate:
Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and African: M. Atinga.
Y. P. M. V., S. G. Maxwell. Teachers: 4.
Medical, Dr. G. A. S. Madgwick.
Minister: S. G. Maxwell. COAST MISSION
Entered 1934
Licentiates: Territory: Kenya Protectorate,
Dr. G. A. S. Madgwick, S. W. Mombasa Province and that
Beardsell. portion of the Northern Frontier
Missionary Licentiates: Province lying south of the
R. A. Carey, C. Hyde, Miss equator, Italian Somaliland and
M. Morgan, Miss H. Rosier, the islands of Zanzibar and
Miss G. A. Clarke, Miss K. Niel- Pemba.
sen, Miss D. Nielsen, Miss C. Address: P. 0. Box 273, Mombasa,
Olsen, Miss C. Schuil. Kenya Protectorate.
Kamagambo Training School; Officer:
Principal, S. W. Beardsell, Supt., W. C. S. Raitt.
B. A., Kamagambo, P. 0. Kisii, Minister:
Kenya Colony. African: Petero Risasi.
The Advent Press; Manager, R. Licentiates:
A. Carey, Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu, European: W. C. S. Raitt.
Kenya Colony. African: Josefu Simba.

Director: G. A. Lewis.
Entered 1931 Girl's School: Miss H. Rosier.
Territory: Nakuru and Eldoret
areas and the unallotted terri- WEST KENYA MISSION
tories to the north. Entered 1906; Organized 1933
Address: P. 0. Box 127, Nakuru, Territory: The Luo language area
Kenya Colony. around the Kavirondo Gulf
Supt., S. G. Maxwell. (Lake Victoria).
Minister: H. A. Matthews. Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu,
Licentiate: Kenya Colony, East Africa.
African: E. Kimenja. Churches: 24; members, 3,006.
Missionary Licentiate:
African: M. Otieno. Officers:
Supt., F. H. Thomas.
Local Committee: F. H. Thomas,
SOUTH KENYA MISSION S. W. Beardsell, J. Omer, C.
Entered 1912; Organized 1933 Katonya, M. C. Murdoch.
Territory: The Kisii and Kericho Department Secretaries:
districts and the Masai reserve. Home Miss., Sab. Sch., and Y. P.
Address: Nyanchua Mission, Kisii, M. V., J. Ouma, J. Anyengo.
via Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East
Africa. Ministers:
Churches: 8; members, 811. European: F. H. Thomas, M. C.
Officers: African: J. Omer.
Supt., G. A. Lewis.
Local Committee: G. A. Lewis, Licentiates:
S. W. Beardsell, P. Nyamweya. African: K. Katonya, J. Ouma,
H. Owuor, D. Orwa, A. Okal, E.
Department Secretaries: Nyakango, P. Nyaema, E. Olero,
Home Miss., Sabbath Sch., and A. Obuola, J. Oyola, N. Agonda,
Y. P. M. V., K. Obwagi. I. Okeyo, L. Amayo.
European: G. A. Lewis. Missionary Licentiates:
Licentiates: African: P. Geda, J. Anyengo.
African: P. Nyamweya, Samson
Ongaki, N. Ongira, A. Direre, Gendia Mission Station
J. Sindega. Address: Gendia, P. 0. Kisumu,
Missionary Licentiates: Kenya Colony.
European: Miss H. Rosier. Director: F. H. Thomas.
African: A. Nyakundi, J. Sin- African Teachers: 42.
diga, K. Obwagi, M. Momanyi,
N. Mokoyo, J. Oinwenga, Z.
Machoka. Kanyadoto. Mission Station
Address: Kanyadoto, via Gendia,
Nyanchua Mission Station P. 0. Kisumu, Kenya Colony.
Address: Nyanchua Mission, P. 0. Director: M. C. Murdoch.
Kisii, Kenya Colony. African Teachers: 47.
Organized 1931.
Territory: Sweden and Finland. Helsingfors Fysikaliska Institut.
Population: 9,796,493; churches, Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin-
97; members, 4,957. land.
Nyhyttans Treatment Home,
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm, Jarnboas, Sweden.
Sweden. Stockholm Hydro-Electric In-
Office Address: Tunnelgat,an 25, stitute Humlegardsgatan 18,
Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden.
Officers: Toivonlinna Summer Sanitarium,
Pres., G. A. Lindsay. Piikkio, Finland.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium,
Karlman. Rimbo, Sweden.
Executive Committee: G. A.
Lindsay, C. Gidlund, A. Blom-
stedt, V. Kohtanen, E. H. Lars- FINLAND CONFERENCE
son, K. R. Sandstrom, A. Rintala, Organized 1929
Vilh. Sucksdorff, M. D., Y. Miet-
tinen, R. W. Engstrom, A. Karl- Territory: Finland.
man, S. Jonasson. Population: 3,291,126; churches,
Department Secretaries: 29; members, 1,961.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Office: Annank. 7, Helsingfors,
R. W. Engstrom. Finland.
Medical, V. Sucksdorff, M. D. Officers:
Publishing and Home Miss., S. Pres., V. Kohtanen.
Jonasson. Sec., Y. Miettinen.
Sabbath School, A. Karlman. Treas., T. Heinonen.
Ministers: Executive Committee: V. Koh-
G. A. Lindsay. tanen, A. Rintala, Y. Miettinen,
Honorary: K. A. Fernstrom, J. T. Seljavaara, 0. Jaakkola, V.
Wallenkampf, A. J. Settergren. Koskinen, N. Landemaa.
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
R. W. Engstrom, S. Jonasson. Field Miss., I. Heikkinen.
Missionary Licentiates: Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
A. Karlman, V. Sucksdorff, S. Home Miss., A. Arasola.
Bj ur. Ministers:
Institutions: V. Kohtanen, A. Rintala, K. Soi-
Stockholm Publishing House, salo, T. Seljavaara, K. Osola.
Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm, Licentiates:
Sweden. A. Arasola, 0. Peltonen.
Finland Publishing House, An-
negatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin- Missionary Licentiates:
land. Y. Miettinen, I. Heikkinen, T.
Finland S. D. A. Mission School, Heinonen, A. Unhola, U. Rouhe,
Toivonlinna, Piikkio, Finland. 0. Miiiittiinen, L. Miettinen, Liina
Swedish Missionary School, Eke- Lehti, Viivi Kangasvuori, Lempi
byholm, Rimbo, Sweden. Lehto, Margit Oksa, Lydia Turn-
Hultafors Sanitarium, Hulta- nen, Veera Luuldto, Ida Hel-
fors, Sweden. minen.

Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm..

FINLAND CONFERENCE Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Organized 1909; Divided 1929 in Sweden.
Finland and Finland Swedish Officers:
Conferences Pres., K. Sandstrom.
Legal Assn. (for both Confer- Sec. and Treas., Lisa Soderberg.
ences): Filantropinen Yhdistys Executive Committee: K. Sand-
Aikain Vartija r. y. strom, Alfred Andersson, C.
Officers: Kahlstrom, Waldemar Johans-
Pres., V. Kohtanen. son, 0. Angervo, 0. Spanghagen,
Executive Committee: V. Koh- C. Blom.
tanen, A. Rintala, Y. Miettinen, Department Secretaries:
T. Seljavaara, 0. Jaakkola, V. Field Miss., J. A. Johansson.
Koskinen, N. Landemaa, A. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Blomstedt, V. Sucksdorff, M. D. Y. P. M. V., 0. Spanghagen.
FINLAND SWEDISH CONFER- K. Sandstrom, Wilh. Runolf, Alf.
ENCE Anderson, 0. Angervo, R. Swen-
Organized 1929 son.
Territory: Finland. Licentiates:
Population: 342,921; churches, 13; Eric Svenzon, 0. Spanghagen,
members, 423. K. Utterback, F. Martinsson, K.
Office: Annegatan 7, Helsingfors,
Finland. Missionary Licentiates:
Stine Hoglind, Elsa Hagberg, E.
Officers: Hansson, Lisa Soderberg, Olga
Pres., Adolf Blomstedt. Forsberg, Stina Sandholm, Anna
Sec. and Treas., Lydia Sand- Dahlquist.
Executive Committee: A. Blom- Church School Teachers:
stedt, V. Sucksdorff, M. D., G. Signe Sandquist, Ingeborg Jo-
Hede, L. Sandholm, 0. Syring. hansson.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., I. Heikkinen. SOUTH SWEDISH CONFER-
Home Miss. and Sab. School, ENCE
Lydia Sandholm. Organized 1929
Y. P. M. V., G. Forsblom. Territory: Southern part of Swe-
Minister: A. Blomstedt. den.
Licentiate: G. Forsblom. Population: 3,055,270; churches,
Missionary Licentiates: 26; members, 1,168.
Elsa Olausen, Lydia Sandholm, Cable Address: Advent, Goteborg,
Edith Vendelin, Helga Helenius. Office Address: Wasagatan 12,
Goteborg, Sweden.
ENCE Sec. and Treas., Anna Sundqvist.
Organized 1929 Executive Committee: G. A.
Territory: Northern part of Swe- Lindsay, J. A. Swenson, C. 0.
den. Carlstjerna, A. Kahlstrom, E.
Population: 3,107,176; churches, Ahlbom, A. Andersson, D. Carl-
29; members, 1,405. son.

Department Secretaries: SWEDEN CONFERENCE

Field Miss., J. A. Johansson. Organized 1882; Divided 1929 in
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and North and South Sweden
Y. P. M. V., D. Carlson. Conferences
Ministers: Legal Assn. (for both Confer-
J. A. Swenson, C. 0. Carlstjerna, ences): "Sallskapet Sanningens.
G. Hermansson, S. Lundstrom. Harold." Pres., E. H. Larsson;
Licentiates: Vice-Pres., W. Johansson; Sec.,
David Carlson, Carl Lindberg, Axel Bengtsson; Treas., G. W.
E. Erenius, H. Rosenberg, John Ericsson.
Larsson. Executive Committee: E. H.
Larsson, C. Gidlund, Axel Ben-
Missionary Licentiates: gtsson, G. W. Ericsson, Walde-
J. A. Johansson, E. Mattsson, G. mar Johanson, I. Unhall, K.
Berglund, Ellen Swensson, Anna Sandstrom. Consultative: G. A.
Sundqvst, Signa Johanson, 0. Lindsay.
Swenson Esther Lindsio, Dora Auditors: 0. Grundberg, A. Karl-
Mattson. man.


Entered xgzi; Reorganized 1933
Territory: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Brit- son, Mae Matthews, Dr. G. C.
ish and French Somalilands. Bergman, Mrs. G. C. Bergman,
Population: 11,619,931; churches, Mrs. H. Hanson, Miss R. Hof-
8; members, 423. stad, Miss M. Halvorsen, Dr. C.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventists," E. Kahlstrom, Dr. Sylvia Kahl-
Addis-Ababa. strom, Lisa Johannesson, Alice
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lind.
P. 0. Box 145, Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia, East Africa. Institutions:
Officers: Boys Training school: Principal,
Supt., M. J. Sorenson. Herbert Hanson, P. 0. Box
Sec., Mae Matthews. 145, Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.
Treas., N. B. Nielsen. Girls Training school: Principal,
Executive Committee: M. J. Sor- Mae Matthews, P. 0. Box 145,
enson, N. B. Nielsen, Dr. G. C. Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.
Bergman, Dr. C. E. Kahlstrom, Taffari Makonnen Hospital:
Mae Matthews, Herbert Hanson. Supt., A. R. Stadin, Dessie,
Department Secretaries: 'Wollo, Ethiopia.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Zauditu Memorial Hospital:
M. J. Sorenson. Supt., Dr. G. C. Bergman,
Medical, G. C. Bergman, M. D., Addis-Ababa, P. 0. Box 145,
M. R. C. S. Ethiopia.
Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V., Heile Sellassie I Hospital: Supt.,
Mae Mathews. Debre Tabor, Ethiopia.
Minister: M. J. Sorenson. Tabor, Ethiopia.
Licentiate: H. Hanson. Heile Selassie I Hospital: Supt.,
Missionary Licentiates: , Debre Marcos, Godjam
N. B. Neilsen, Mrs. M. J. Soren- Province, Ethiopia.


Entered 1925; reorganized 1926 Organized 1923
Territory: Chercher, Arrussi, Har- Territory: Shoa, Sulali, Firru, On.
rargie, Somaliland, Bale. ragie, Sidamo, Borana,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0. lamo, Godjam.
Box 145, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Address: S. D. A. Mission, P. 0.
Officer: Box 145, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Director, . Officers:
Director, M. J. Sorenson.
BEGEMDER MISSION Minister: M. J. Sorenson.
Organized 1929
Territory: Begemder, Waag Am- WOLLEGA MISSION
hara, Semien, Tigre. Entered 1925, reorganized 1926
Address: Heile Selassie I Hospital,
Debre-Tabor, Ethiopia. Territory: Wollega Lemu, Beni-
Officers: shagul, Sao% Kaffa, Baka.
Director, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gembe,
Missionary Licentiates: Western Ethiopia, via Lakempti.
Ethiopian: Alika Moot Bajnaar, Officers:
Alika Wondemu, Alika Isaiah, Director,
Alika Kassahun, Alika Negusie, Missionary Licentiates:
Alika Mangisto. European: Miss A. Lind.


Organized 1909 Organized 1926
Territory: Eritrea. Territory: Wollo, Lasta, Fedjo,
Population: 412,155; churches, 1; Dankali.
members, 102. Address: Taffari Makonnen Hos-
Address: Missione Avventista, P. pital, Dessie, Wollo, Ethiopia.
0. Box 114, Asmara, Eritrea,
Northeast Africa. Officers:
Director, Michael Ogbaski. Supt., Dr. A. R. Stadin.
Minister: Missionary Licentiates:
Ethiopian: Michael Ogbaski. European: Dr. A.R. Stadin, Miss
Other Ethiopian Workers: P. Htivig.
Gebre Mariam, Wolde Gebra, Ethiopian: Massela Tekla, Liege
Alika Toldeburtian. Teschem.


Entered 1894; Reorganized 1933
Territory: Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Box 45, Bekwai, Gold Coast,
Dahomey, Togoland, and the West Africa.
Upper Volta Colonies, West Af- Officers:
rica. Supt., J. Clifford.
Population: 10,087,033; churches, Executive Committee: J. Clif-
8; members, 820. ford, P. Stokes, T. Fielding, J. K.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Bek- Garbrah, S. B. Essien.
wai. Ministers:
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, European: J. Clifford.

African: J. K. Garbrah, S. B. Head Master, G. M. Erzuah (Af-

Essien. rican). Teachers, 5.
Licentiates: Out-schools:
European: F. Stokes, T. H. Assamang, Ashanti.
Fielding. Teacher, M. Tenkorang.
African: J. Ashun, G. Erzuah. Out Stations: 11.
Missionary Licentiates: Dispensary: Mrs. T. Fielding.
African: J. D. Owusu, J. C. Sap- African Evangelists: 12.
pon, C. K. Boaten, I. Benson, J.
Tekjie, Y. Antwe, R. K. Antwe, BEKWAI MISSION STATION
D. Agboka. Address: Box 45, Bekwai, via Ta-
Institution: koradi, Gold Coast, West Africa.
Agona Training School, Princi- Director: J. Clifford.
. pal, T. H. Fielding, Agona, African Evangelists: 16.
Ashanti, Gold Coast, West Out Stations: 16.
Africa. Infant School: 1.
Teacher: 1.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Agona, Address: Box 60, Koforidua, via
Ashanti, Gold Coast, W. Africa. Accra, Gold Coast, West Africa.
Director: T. H. Fielding. Director: F. Stokes.
Training School: Agona, Ashanti. African Evangelists: 4.
Principal, T. H. Fielding. Out Stations: 4.


Organized December, 1913. Reorganized June, 1930

Territory: Nigeria, British Man- Publishing,

dated territory of the Came- Sabbath School, W. McClements.
roons, French Colony of the Ni- Y. P. M. V.,
ger, and the Islands in the Gulf Minister: W. McClements.
of Guinea, West Africa.
Population: 21,441,629; churches, Ibadan Training school; P. 0.
6; members, 1,739, including Box 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West
16 Europeans; total adherents, Coast, Africa; Principal, W.
10,393. T. B. Hyde.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Iba-
dan, Nigeria.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, NORTHEASTERN NIGERIAN
Box No. 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, MISSION
West Africa. Organized 1930
Officers: Territory: Kano, Plateau, Bornu,
Supt., Wm. McClements. Bauchi and Adamwa Provinces.
Sec. and Treas., Population: 5,801,613.
Executive Committee: W. Mc- Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre
Clements, L. Edmonds, W. G. Railway Station, via Jos, North-
Till, J. J. Hyde, W. T. B. Hyde. ern Nigeria, W. C. Africa.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Educational, W. T. B. Hyde. Supt., J. J. Hyde.

Local Committee: J. J. Hyde, Population: 6,208,380; members,

Wm. McClements. 1,064: total adherents, 8,503.
Minister: J. J. Hyde. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
P. 0. Box 41, Aba, Nigeria, West
Coast, Africa.
Jengre Station Officers:
Established 1932 Supt., L. Edmonds.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Jengre Local Committee: L. Edmonds,
Railway Station, via Jos, N. C. A. Bartlett, B. I. Tilili, R.
Nigeria, West Coast, Africa. Wosu, Wm. McClements, A. C.
Director: J. J. Hyde. Vine.
Dispensary: Mrs. J. J. Hyde. Ministers:
European: L. Edmonds. '
MISSION Licentiate:
Organized 1930 (entered 1914) European: A. C. Vine.
Territory: Ilorin, Kabba, Sokoto, Missionary Licentiate:
Zaria, and Niger Provinces. Miss R. Raitt.
Population: 6,073,489; members,
388; total adherents, 1,139. Aba Station
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Established 1923
Awtun, via Ilorin, Nigeria, West Address: P. 0. Box 41, Aba, South
Africa. Nigeria, West Coast, Africa.
Officers: Director: L. Edmonds.
Supt., W. G. Till. Station School: 1; staffed by six
Local Committee: W. G. Till, W. African Teachers.
McClements, J. Oriola.
Vernacular Schools: 3.
Ministers: Vernacular Teachers and Evangel-
European: W. G. Till. ists: 44.
African: John Oriola. Girls' Boarding School:. 1; princi-
pal, Miss R. Raitt.
Awtun Station
Established 1923 Elele Station
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Awtun, Established 1930
via Ilorin, Nigeria, West Coast, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Elele,
Africa. Ahoada, via Port Harcourt, Ni-
Church: 1; members, 369. geria, West Coast, Africa.
Director: W. G. Till. Director: A. C. Vine.
Village Schools: 3. Station School: 1; Headmaster, A.
Teachers: 6. C. Vine, assisted by 2 African
Evangelists and other workers: 13. Teachers.
Vernacular Teachers and Evangel-
ists: 16.
Organized 1930 (entered 1923) SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIAN
Territory: Calabar, Owerri, Warri, MISSION
Ogoja, Onitsha, Benue Provinces, Organized 1930 (entered 1913)
and part of British Mandated Territory: Lagos Colony, Ijebu,
Territory of Cameroons South Ondo Oyo, Benin, and Abeokuta
of Benue. Provinces.

Population: 3,358,147; members, Teachers: 7.

266; total adherents, 697. Evangelists and other workers, 9.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Box 19, Ibadan, Nigeria, West Ibadan Station
Coast, Africa.
Established 1928
Supt., W. McClements. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Box 19,
Local Committee: W. McClem- Ibadan, Nigeria, West Coast
ents, W. T. B. Hyde, S. Dare, Africa.
A. I. Ba]ogun. Institutions:
Ibadan Training school: (See
Ministers: under Union Educational insti-
European: W. McClements. tution).
African: J. Hamilton, A. I. Balo- Ibadan Station School:
gun. Address: P. 0. Box 19, Ibadan Ni-
Licentiates: geria, West Central Africa.
W. T. B. Hyde, S. Dare. Principal: W. T. 13. Hyde, assisted
Schools: 4. by 5 African Teachers.


Organized !gar
Territory: The East, North, South, Licentiates:
West Polish, and Silesian Con- M. Ostapowicz, A. Kruk, St.
ferences. . Kwieeinski.
Population: 32,000,000; churches, Missionary Licentiate:
150; members, 3,330. Miss M. Babinska, E. Lawaty.,
Office Address: Turecka 1, War-
saw, Poland. Polish Union Mission School,
Officers: Kamienica na, Slasku 230,
Pres., W. Czembor. Poland.
Sec., M. WasidlOw. Polish Publishing House, t legal
Treas., Miss M. Babinska. society, "Polski Dom Nakla-
Executive Committee: W. Czem- dowy," Turecka I, Warsaw,
bor, M. WasidlOw, J. Zielinski, Poland.
J. Kulak, J. Gomola, A. Kruk,
M. Babinska, K. Schafer, St.
Kwiecinski, E. Klut, J. Schwital, EAST POLISH CONFERENCE
H. Micka. Organized 1927
Building Assn. (the legal society):
"Konstrukcja," sp. z. ogr. odp., Territory: Vollynia, Polesie and
Turecka 1. Warsaw, Poland. Lublin.
Department Secretaries: Population: 5,700,000; churches,
Educational, J. Schwital. 51; members, 1,174.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Office: Luck ul, Piotra Skargi 12,
M. WasidlOw. Skrz. pocz. 152, Poland.
Sabbath Sch. and Y. P. M. V., Officers:
A. Kruk. Pres., J. Zielinski.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., J. Lipski.
W. Czembor, J. Schwital, A. Executive CoMmittee: J. Zielin-
Maszczak, M. WasidlOw. ski, A. WiesiolOw, M. Dolgun, J.

Rosiecki, A. Pytc, D. Fiszczuk, Officers:

A Liebelt. Pres., J. Gomola.
Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., L. Gajzler.
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Executive Committee: J. Go-
Y. P. M. V., A. Wiesiolow. mola, E. Niedoba, F. Stekla, F.
Sabbath School, J. Zielinski. Cybura, H. Mika.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
J. Zielinski, A. Niewiiidornski, Field Miss., Home Miss., Sab.
M. Dolgun, St. Kapusta, J. Ro- School, and Y. P. M. V., E.
sieeki. Niedoba.
Licentiate: A. WiesiolOw. Ministers:
J. Gomola, A. Luedtko, F. Stekla.
Missionary Licentiates:
K. Mokijewiec, E. Hajdyk, J. Licentiates:
Lipski. K. Piatek, E. Niedoba.
Colporteur Bible Worker: Missionary Licentiates:
B. Makarczuk. P. Baron, L. Gajzler.


Organized 1933 Organized 1920.
Territory: Wilno, Bialystok, No- Territory: LivOw, Stanislawow,
wogrOdek. Tarnopol.
Population: 4,000,000; churches, 9; Population: 6,200,000; churches,
members, 175. 24; members, 335.
Office Address: Bialystok, ul. Sian- Office Address: Lwow, ul. Swieto-
kiewicza 88/4, Poland. krzyska 22/7, Poland.
Officers: Officers:
Pres., J. Kulak. Pres., K. SchVer.
''See., J. Wierzbowski. Sec. and Treas., E. Krygier.
Treas., M. Babinska. Executive Committee: K. Scha-
Executive Committee: J. Kulak, fer, Dr. Mudrecki, A. Felte, E.
J. Wierzbokski, A. Krygier, A. Krygier, 0. F'awluk.
Szypica, M. Hintz. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., K. Schafer.
Field Miss., Home Miss., Sab- Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
bath School, and Y. P. M. V., Y. P. M. V., J. Borody.
J. Kulak. Ministers:
Minister: J. Kulak. K. Schafer, P. Englert, A. Felte.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
J. Wierzbowski, M. Hintz, P. 0. Niedoba, E. Krygier.
Poleszezuk, J. Paruzel. Missionary Licentiates:
St. Smyk, P. Struski, J. Borody.
Colporteur Bible Worker:
Organized 1934
Territory: Krakow, Kielce and WEST POLISH CONFERENCE
Silesia. Organized 1918
Population: 6,550,000; churches, Territory: Warszawa, Lodz, Po-
36; members, 951. morze, Poznan.
Office Address: Ka,mienica na Slas- Population: 9,550,000; churches,
ku 272, Poland. 30; members, 695.

Office Address: GOrska 9, Warsaw, Ministers:

Poland. E. Klut, E. Kulessa, F. Dzik.
Officers: Honorary: J. Niedoba, K. Jelen,
Pres., E. Klut. T. Will, R. Cunitz.
Sec. and Treas., P. Baron. Licentiates:
Executive Committee: E. Klut, W. Kuzma, G. Baron, F. Kos-
E.' Rucz, G. Baron, E. Kulessa, mowski.
J. Cala. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: K. Nowicki, 0. Wajrauch, P.
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Baron.
Y. P. M. V., G. Baron. Colporteur Bible Worker:
Sabbath School, E. Klut. B. Leupold.


Entered 1927; Reorganized 1933

Territory: Uganda Protectorate Population: 1,190,026.

and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22,
Population: 10,157,000; churches, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.
3; members, 225. Officer:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Supt., F. H. Muderspach.
Advent Kampala. Local Committee: F. H. Muders-
Office Address: P. 0. Box 22, Kam- pach, M. E. Lind.
pala, Uganda, East Africa. Department Secretaries:
Headquarters,: Kireka Hill Mis- 'Educational, .
sion, Mile on Jinja Road. Field Miss., E. Kibuga.
Officers: Sabbath School, Home Miss.,
Supt., and Y. P. M. V., F. H. Muders-
Sec., pach.
Treas., Esther Hange. Ministers:
Executive' Committee: . European: F. H. Muderspach.
, F. H. Muderspach, E. R.
Andersen, Esther flange, M. E. Licentiates:
Lind, E. Pedersen. European: M. E. Lind.
African: S. Golola.
Department Secretaries:
Educational, Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Home Miss., and Mrs. F. H. Muderspach, Mrs. M.
Y. P. M. V., E. Lind.
Publishing, African Teachers and Bible Work-
Office Translator: Ashe W. Mu- ers: 14.
soke. Colporteurs: 13.
Minister: E. Pedersen.
Missionary Licentiates:
Esther Hange, Ashe W. Musoke. Nchwanga Mission Station
Established 1927
CENTRAL UGANDA MISSION Postal Address: P. 0. Mubende,
Entered 1927 Uganda, East Africa.
Territory: The Kingdoms of Bu- Director: M. E. Lind.
gandy, Bunyoro, and Toro. African Workers: 6.

Kireka Mission Station Department Secretaries:

Established 1929 Field Miss., E. Kibuga.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 22, Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Y. P. M. V., E. R. Andersen.
Director: F. H. Muderspach. Licentiates:
African Workers: 7. European: E. R. Andersen.
African: E. Rewe.
EASTERN UGANDA MISSION Missionary Licentiates:
Entered 1932 European: Mrs. E. R. Andersen.
African: 1.
Territory: Busoga, Budama, Bug-
were, Bugishu, and Teso Dis-
tricts. Kakoro Mission Station
Population: 1,169,001.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 49, Established 1935
Mbale, Uganda, East Africa. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 49,
Officer: Supt., E. R. Andersen. Mbale, Uganda, East Africa.
Local Committee: E. R. Ander- Director: E. R. Andersen.
sen, E. Rewe. African Workers: 6.


Organized 1931
(The former Scandinavian Union Y. P. M. V., P. G. Nelsen.
Conference, organized in 1901, Medical, C. M. Scott.
was in 1931 divided into an East Ministers:
Nordic and a West Nordic L. Muderspach, P. 0. Nelsen.
Union.) ,Honorary: M. M. Olsen, 0. J. 0.
Territory: Denmark, Norway, Ice- Rost, Erik Arnesen, Karl Abra-
land, and the Faroe Islands. hamsen.
Population: 6,607,747; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
133; members, 6,804. A. C. Christensen, R. F. Jensen,
Cable Address: Adventuni on, Oslo. Leif Nilten, H. M. Johnsen, C. M.
Office Address: Wm. Thranes gate Scott.
10, Oslo, Norway.
Officers: The Nordic Philanthropic So-
Pres., L. Muderspach. ciety, Skodsborg Badesanato-
Sec. and Treas., A. C. Christen- rium, Skodsborg, Denmark.
sen. Copenhagen Publishing House,
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Executive Committee: L. Mu- Denmark.
derspach, T. Tobiassen, 0. S. Lee,
A. Varmer, J. A. Tillgren, 0. J. Scandinavian Publishing House,
Olsen, 0. A. Andersen, A. C. Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Norway.
Christensen, C. M. Scott, H. M. Iceland S. D. A. Publishing
Johnsen, P. G. Nelson, K. Abra- House, Box 262, Reykjavik,
hamsen, L. Nielsen, R. F. Jensen, Iceland.
G. Gudmundsers. Vejlefjord Mission School, Dau-
Department Secretaries: gaard St., Denmark.
Educational, H. M. Johnsen. Norway S. D. A. Mission School,
Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Algarheim, Norway.

Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skods- Larssen, F. M. Sonne, L. Poul-

borg, Denmark. sen, H. Westerlund, J. Nielsen.
Copenhagen Health Home (Fy- Department Secretaries:
sisk Kuranstalt), St. Kongens- Field Miss., 0. S. Sorensen.
gade 36-38, Copenhagen, Den- Home Miss., J. W. Christiansen.
mark. Sabbath School, Alf Berg.
Kurbadet, Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Ministers:
Norway. T. Tobiassen, L. J. Kirkelokke,
Kurbadet, Breidablikgaten 97, L. Saeboe-Larssen, J. P. U. Jen-
Haugesund, Norway. sen, A. Wasli, J. W. Christian-
Copenhagen Food Factory, Bal- sen.
dersgade 14, Copenhagen, Den- Honorary: M. M. Olsen.
mark. Licentiate: Karl Petersen.
Missionary Licentiates:
The Nordic Philanthropic Society 0. S. Sorensen, Alf Berg, Mogens
Bakke, Thora Foustad, Othilia
Organized 1897 Nielsen, Katherine Halemann,
Address: Skodsborg, Badesanato- Esther Poulsen.
rium, Skodsborg, Denmark. Church School Teachers:
Legal Name: Nordisk filantropisk K. Frederiksen, Borge Rasmus-
Selskab. sen, Erna Schou, Gudrun Han-
Trustees: L. H. Christian, Carl Ot- sen.
tosen, Chr. Hansen, Chr. Peder-
sen, L. Muderspach, G. A. Lind- ICELAND-FAROES CON-
say, A. Andersen, Albert Olsen, FERENCE
C. M. Scott, Aksel Johansen, T. Entered 1897; Organized 1930
Tobiassen, A. Varmer, 0. S. Lie,
C. Gidlund, David Ottosen. Territory: Iceland and the Faroe
Officers: Population: 137,553, churches, 8;
President, L. H. Christian. members, 345.
Vice-President, Carl Ottosen, Address: Box 262, Reykjavik, Ice-
M. D. land.
Secretary, Chr. Pedersen.
Treasurer, Chr. Hansen. Officers:
Auditors, E. R. Colson, A. C. Pres., 0. J. Olsen.
Christensen. Sec. and Treas., M. Helgason.
Auditor, The auditor of the
EAST DENMARK CONFERENCE Executive Committee: 0. J. Ol-
Organized 1880; reorganized 1931. sen, M. Helgason, Loftur Si-
Territory: East Denmark. gurdsson, S. Hallgrirnsson, J. G.
Population: 1,632,040; churches, Jonsson, N. J. Videro.
28; members, 1,660. Department Secretaries:
Cable Address: Expedit, Copen- Field Miss., 0. Gudmundson.
hagen. Home Miss., 0. J. Olsen.
Office Address: Suomisvej 5, Cop- Y. P. M. V. and Sabbath School,
enhagen, V., Denmark. J. G. Jonsson.
Officers: Minister: 0. J. Olsen.
Pres., T. Tobiassen. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Alf Berg. J. G. Palsson, M. Helgason, N. J.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. Videro.
Executive Committee: T. Tobias- Missionary Licentiate:
sen, L. J. Kirkelokke, L. Saeboe- J. G. Jonsson.

Institutions: Sec. and Treas., Ragnvald Abra-

Iceland S. D. A. Publishing hamsen.
House, Box 262, Reykjavik, Auditors, A. C. Christensen, H.
Iceland. Aune.
S. D. A. Church School, West- Executive Committee: 0. S. Lie,
man Islands, Iceland. Teach- Chr. Tobiassen, 0. Jordahl, E.
ers: Sigfus Halligrimsson, C. Arnesen, Joh. Gudmundsen, Edv.
Bjarnason. Iversen, G. F. Johansen.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., Paul Frivold.
NORTH NORWAY CONFER- Sabbath School, Y. P. M. V., and
ENCE Home Miss., R. J. Skyllstad.
Organized 1929
Territory: North Norway. 0. S. Lie, Chr. Tobiassen, 0. J.
Population: 769,220; churches, 27; Olsen, 0. Jordahl, T. F. Valen,
members, 932. L. J. Stene, G. Gudmundsen, R.
Office Address: KjOpmaunsgt 28, J. Skyllstad.
Trondheim, Norway. Honorary: 0. J. 0. Rost, Erik
Officers: Arnesen.
Pres., J. A. Tillgren. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., A. A. Andreas- Paul Olsen, J. Reichelt.
sen. Missionary Licentiates:
Auditor, A. C. Christensen. Olaf Wiik, K. Narland, Ragnvald
Executive Committee: J. A. Till- Abrahamsen, Paul Frivold, P. M.
gren, E. Stinessen, S. H. Mykie- Myhre, M. W. Strom, Ingeb Lon-
bust, Konrad Holm, A. Almo. dal, Alf Lohne, Borghild Fulse-
Department Secretaries: bakke, Ruth Behring, Louise
Field Miss., Paul Frivold. Borge, Ruth Iversen.
Home Miss., J. A. Tillgren. Church School Teachers:
Sabbath Sch. and Y. P. M. V., Charles Wang, Lina Mordahl.
A. A. Andreassen.
J. A. Tillgren, E. Bjaanas, E. ENCE
Stinessen, 0. Udbjorg.
Organized 1931.
Missionary Licentiates:
A. A. Andreassen, Mina Jacob- Territory: West Denmark (Jyl-
sen, Erna Stavem. land and Fyn).
Population: 2,023,960; churches,
35; members, 1,521.
ENCE Office Address: Norre Alle 30, Aar-
hus, Denmark.
Formerly a part of the Norway
Conference, organized in 1887; di- Officers:
vided and reorganized in 1929. Pres., A. Varmer.
Territory: South Norway. Sec. and Treas., Axel Rasmus-
Population: 2,044,974; churches, sen.
38; members, 2,316. Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Cable Address: " Sundhetsbladet," Executive Committee: A. Var-
Oslo, Norway. mer, A. Guldhammer, J. M. Niel-
Office: Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Nor- sen, H. Muderspach, N. P. Neil-
way. sen, Marius Jensen, C. C. Hartsen.
Officers: Department Secretaries:
Pres., 0. S. Lie. Field Miss., 0. S. Sorensen.

Home Miss., Sabbath School, and Missionary Licentiates:

Y. P. M. V., Johannes Jensen. Axel Rasmussen, Julius Gud-
Ministers: mundsson, Else Nicolaisen, Irene
A. Varmer, A. Guldhammer, H. Capion.
Muderspach, G. E. Westman. Church School Teachers:
Licentiates: Cathinka Henriksen, Anna Si-
P. A. Christiansen, Johs. Jensen, monsen, Dorthea Priistiin, Jo-
Thorvald Kristensen, Thomas hanne Wilhelmsen, Camilla Jor-
Christensen. gensen, Marie Schmidt.

FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA Missionary Licentiates:
MISSION European: T. Ketola.
Entered 1931; Reorganized 1933 African: J. J. Moseray, W. Hel-
Territory: That part of the French big, J. H. Hallowanger.
Cameroons north of latitude 10, Station Schools: 3.
and the colony of French Equa- Dispensaries: I.
torial Africa north of latitude 10.
Population: 2,840,050; church, 1; SIERRA LEONE MISSION
members, 14. Territory: Sierra Leone, Gambia,
Office Address: Mission Adventiste, French Guinea, French Sudan
Maroua, Cameroon, West Africa. Colonies.
Officer: Population: 7,858,257; churches,
Supt., R. H. Bergstrom. 14; members, 365.
Committee: R. H. Bergstrom, Cable Address: Advent, Waterloo,
K. G. Johannessen, Division Rep- Sierra-Leone.
resentative when present. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Water-
Licentiate: R. H. Bergstrom. loo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Missionary Licentiate:
K. G. Johannessen. Officers:
Station School: 1; headmaster, K. Supt., S. Broberg.
G. Johannessen, assisted by two Sec. and Treas.,
African teachers. Executive Committee: S. Bro-
Dispensary: 1; K. G. Johannessen. berg, D. B. Thomas, T. Tranborg,
H. Rasmussen, H. Wilson, S. C.
LIBERIA MISSION Department Secretaries:
Entered 1927 Educational, H. Rasmussen.
Territory: Liberia. Field Miss. and Sabbath School,
Population: 2,500,000; members, S. Broberg.
44. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Konola,
c/o A. Woermann, Monrovia. Ministers:
Liberia, West Africa. European: S. Broberg.
Officers: African: H. Wilson, S. C. Nicol,
Supt., K. F. Noltze. N. S. During, M. S. Williams.
Soc. and Treas., K. F. Noltze. Honorary: H. E. A. Lynch.
Ministers: Licentiates:
European: K. F. Noltze. European: T. Tranborg, H. Ras-
African: I. W. Harding. mussen.

African: D. B. Thomas, J. B. Upper Nile Union Training

Terry, J. B. Leigh, J. Garber. School, P. 0. Mubende, Uganda,
Missionary Credentials: Africa.
African: J. S. Myers, S. Sao, Vejlefjord Mission School, Daug-
S. F. During, J. Mbakpoh. aard St., Denmark.
Waterloo Training School, S. D.
Missionary Licentiates: A. Mission, Waterloo, Sierra
A. 0. Kennick, J. Vandi, A. S. Leone, West Africa.
Turay, S. N. Wright, A. T. Gib-
son. Church Schools:
Institutions: British Union
Waterloo Training and Indus- London, E. Grove Road, Wal-
trial School, Waterloo, Sierra thamstowe, E. 17.
Leone. Plymouth, Fletewood, North
Advent Publishing Association, Road, Plymouth, England.
Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Stanborough Park, Watford,
Herts, England.
INSTITUTIONS East Nordic Union
Educational: Stockholm, Tunnelgatan 25,
Agona Training School, Agona, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ashanti, Gold Coast, West West Nordic Union
Africa. Aarhus Meninghedsskole, Nr.
Baltic Union School, Brivibas Alle 30, Denmark.
iela 11, Riga, Latvia. Copenhagen, Suomisvej 5, Copen-
Boys' Training School, P. 0. Box hagen V., Denmark.
145, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Frederikshavn, Salem, Haabats
Estonian Training School, Tal- Allee, Denmark.
linn, Esthonia. Iceland, Westman Islands.
Finland S. D. A. Mission School, Jerslev pr Bronderslev, Den-
Hiirla, Piikkiii, Finland. mark.
Girls' School, Aba, S. E. Nigerian Naerum, Denmark.
Mission, Nigeria, West Africa. Oslo, Kingosgate 1, Norway.
Girls' Training School, P. 0. Box Vejlefjord pr. Daugaard St.,
145, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Denmark.
Ibadan Training School, Box 19,
Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. Publishing:
Kamagambo Training School, Advent Press, Gendia P. 0. Ki-
Kamagambo, P. 0. Kisumu, sumu, Kenya Colony, East
Kisii, Kenya Colony, East Af- Africa.
rica. British Publishing House, Stan-
Liberian Mission School, Palm- borough Press Ltd., Stanbor-
berg Station, c/o Maier and ough Park, Watford, Herts,
Jurgensmeyers, Grand Bassa, England.
Liberia, West Africa. Copenhagen Publishing House,
Newbold Missionary College, Suomisvej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
near Rugby, Warwickshire. Denmark.
Norway S. D. A. Mission School, Estonian Publishing House,
Algarheim, Norway. Merepuiestee 14a, Tallinn, Es-
Polish Union Mission School, tonia.
Kamienica Na Slask 230, Po- Finland Publishing House, An-
land. negatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin
Swedish Missionary School, Eke- land.
byholm, Rimbo, Sweden. Iceland S. D. A. Publishing

House, Box 262, Reykjavik, Kurbadet, Breidablikgaten 97,

Iceland. Haugesund, Norway.
Latvian Publishing House, Brivi- Helsingfors, Finland, Hydro-
bas iel5 11, Riga, Latvia. Elektric Institute, Annegatan 7.
Nigerian Press, Box 19, Ibadan, Nyhyttan, Jarnboas, Sweden.
Nigeria, West Africa. Kurbadet, Akersgaten 74, Oslo,
Polish Publishing House, Ul. Norway.
Turecka 1, Warsaw, Poland. Stockholm, Sweden, Hydro-Elek-
Scandinavian Publishing House, tric Institute, HumlegArds-
Akersgaten 74, Oslo, Norway. gatan 18.
Stockholm Publishing House,
Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm, Legal Associations:
Sweden. World Wide Advent Missions,
Depositories: Limited, 41 Hazel Gardens,
Edgware, 'England.
Advent Publishing Association,
Sierra Leone, West Africa. Baltic Union
Gold Coast, West Africa, S. D. A. Estonian Building Department,
Mission, Box 45, Bekwai. Merepuiestee 14a, Tallinn, Es-
Lithuanian Depository, Vokieciu tonia.
g-ve 57, Kaunas, Lithuania. Riga Mission Property, Brivibas
Southeast Nigeria Depository, iela 11, Riga, Latvia.
S. D. A. Mission, Box 41, Aba,
Southern Nigeria, West Africa. British Union
Sanitariums: British Advent Missions Ltd.,
Heile Selassie I Hospital, Debre Watford, Herts, England.
Tabor, Ethiopia. Granose Foods, Ltd., Stanbor-
Hultafors Sanitarium, Hultafors, ough Park, Watford, Herts,
Sweden. England.
Kendu Hospital, Gendia, P. 0. Good Health Assn., Ltd., Stan-
Kisumu, Kenya Colony, East borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Africa. England.
Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skods- Stanborough Press, Ltd., Stan-
borg, Denmark. borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Stanborough Park Sanitarium, England.
Stanborough Park, Watford,
Herta, England. Polish Union
Taff ar i e Makonnen Hospital, Building Assn., 'Warsaw, Tu-
Dessie. Postal Address: Des- recka 1, Poland.
sie, Wollo, Ethiopia.
Zauditu Memorial Sanitarium East Nordic Union
and Hospital, Box 145, Addis Finland Mission Property, Anne-
Ababa, Ethiopia. gaten 7, Helsingfors, Finland.
Summer Sanitariums: Sanningens Harold Assn., Tun-
Ekebyholm Summer Sanitarium, nelgatan 25, Stockholm, Swe-
Rimbo, Sweden. den.
Toivonlinna Summer Sanita- Stockholm Mission Property,
rium, Piikkio, Finland. Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Treatment Rooms:
Fysisk Kuranstalt, St. Kongens- West Nordic Union
gade 36-38, Copenhagen, K., Aarhus Church Property, N6rre-
Denmark. allee 30, Denmark.

Bergen Church Property, Sigurds- Food Companies:

gaten 25, Bergen, Norway. British Union
" Ebenezer," Suomisvej 5, Copen- Granose Foods Limited (British
hagen, V., Denmark. Health Food Factory) Stan-
Oslo S. D. A. Assn., Akersgaten borough Park, Watford, Herts,
74, Oslo, Norway. England.
Oslo Church Property, Akersga- West Nordic Union
ten 74, Oslo, Norway. Copenhagen Food Factory.Bal-
Nordic Philanthropic Society, dersgade 14, Copenhagen, L.,
Skodsborg, Denmark. Denmark.
Organized zgl6
Territory: The Austral and South Wilcox, W. A. Ernenputsch.
Brazil Union Conferences, and Publishing Department:
the Inca, East Brazil, and North Sec., J. A. P. Green.
Brazil Union Missions. General Members:
Population: 73,289,321; churches, N. P. Neilsen, E. H. Wilcox,
217; members, 26,752. W. E. Murray, H. B. Lundquist.
Cable Address: "Division," Buenos Managers of Publishing Houses:
Aires. M. V. Tucker, J. B. Johnson.
Office Address: Calle Pino 3801, Union Field Miss. Secretaries:
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South E. Doehnert, Benedicto Silveira,
America. W. A. Ernenputsch, F. B. Moore.
Officers: Editors:
Pres., N. P. Neilsen. M. I. Fayard, Luiz Waldvogle.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, Roger Sabbath School Department:
Altman. Sec., J. L. Brown.
Transportation Agent, P. H. Other Members:
Executive Board: N. P. Neilsen, W. A. Ernenputsch, E. M. Davis,
Roger Altman, E. H. Wilcox, R. J. Roy, Leon Replogle.
W. E. Murray, J. L. Brown, Young People's Missionary Volun-
H. B. Lundquist, P. H. Barnes, teer Department:
J. A. P. Green, J. M. Howell. Sec., J. M. Howell.
Educational Department: Other Members:
Sec., J. M. Howell. Leon Replogle, R. J. Roy, G. B.
Taylor, J. D. Hardt.
Other Members:
R. J. Roy, G. B. Taylor, J. D. Laborers Holding Credentials From
Hardt, E. R. Maas, Leon Replo- the South American Division:
gle, J. H. Meier, C. H. Baker. Ministers:
Home Missionary Department: N. P. Neilsen, J. L. Brown, J. M.
Secretary, J. L. Brown. Howell, Roger Altman, J. A. P.
General Members: Green.
N. P. Neilsen, W. E. Murray, Missionary Licentiates:
E. H. Wilcox, H. B. Lundquist. P. H. Barnes, Gmo. Everist, Ger-
Union Home Miss. Secretaries: trude Hansch, Otto Keppke, A.
F. B. Moore, E. M. Davis, E. H. E. Thoman.


Organized 1906

Territory: The Conferences of Cable Address: Division (Para Aus-

Buenos Aires, Chile, and Central tral), Buenos Aires, South Amer-
.Argentine; and the mission ica.
fields of Magellan, Uruguay, Telegraphic Address: " Austral,"
Cuyo, and North. Florida, (Bs. As.)

Office Address: Calle V. Vergera BONAERENSE CONFERENCE

3227, Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Organized 1921
Aires, Argentina, South America. Territory: City of Buenos Aires,
(Telephone, Florida 236. (741) Province of Buenos Aires, Ter-
Population: 18,557,371; churches, ritories of La Pampa, Rio Negro,
88; members, 6,929. Neuquen.
Population: 6,601,890; churches,
Officers: 12; memb4rs, 941.
Pres., 'W. E. Murray. Office Address: Calle Uriarte 2429
Sec. and Treas., G. E. Emmen- (Plaza Italia), Buenos Aires,
egger. Argentine, South America. (Tel-
Executive Committee: W. E. ephone, Palermo 3904. (71)
Murray, G. E. Emmenegger, Dr.
C. E. Westphal, C. Becker, L. D. Pres., Walter Schubert.
Minner, M. V. Tucker, P. M. Sec. and Treas., P. C. Beskow.
Brouchy, W. Schubert, G. B. Executive Committee: W. Schu-
Taylor, J. M. Howell, N. Soto, bert, P. C. Beskow, F. Sittner,
W. A. Ernenputsch, 0. H. Max- F. Leeds, J. Ferri, A. Ascione,
son. P. E. Wensell.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Book and Bible House, P. C.
G. B. Taylor. Beskow.
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Educational and Sabbath School,
Sabbath School, W. A. Ernen- Mrs. S. B. Beskow.
putsch. Field Miss., Pablo E. Wensell.
Medical, Dr. C. E. Westphal. Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Felipe Sittner.
W. E. Murray, C. E. Westphal, W. Schubert, A. Ascione, F.
M. D., J. M. Howell, J. D. Liv- Sittner, E. J. Westphal, J. Ferri.
ingston, J. T. Thompson, G. B.
Taylor, W. A. Ernenputsch. Licentiates:
D. Hammerly, J. Pidoux, M.
Licentiates: Rasi.
G. E. Emmenegger, M. Fayard, Missionary Licentiates:
M. V. Tucker, E. U. Ayers, N. P. C. Beskow, P. E. Wensell,
Soto. T. E. Saviano, J. Ramos, H. J.
Honorary: E. Brooks. Cairns, Mrs. S. B. Beskow.
Missionary Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
F. Trefz, I. E. Mohr, S. Ferri, R. Genaniftn, E. Dreher.
S. Alberro, E. Steger, J. A.
Ayvazian, Mrs. M. C. Papasian, CENTRAL ARGENTINE CON-
Mrs. G. Taylor, Mrs. T. T. Soto, FERENCE
Mrs. G. J. Murray, Mrs. C. N. Organized 1921
Emmenegger, Mrs. H. M. Ernen- Territory: Provinces of Entre Rios,
putsch, Mrs. F. G. Howell, Mrs. Santa Fd, and Cdrdoba.
A. S. Replogle, Mrs. D. W. Population: 3,500,000; churches,
Brooks, Mrs. I. S. Thompson, 21; members, 1,844.
Mrs. B. T. TuCher, Mrs. A. West- Office Address: Jujuy 1882, Rosario
phal, Mrs. I. E. Mohr, Mrs. I. C. de Santa Fe, Argentine, South
Ayars. America. (Telephone, Rosario
Honorary: Dr. G. B. Replogle. U. T. 6607.)

Postal Address: Casilla 130, Ro- Post Office Address: Casilla 2830,
sario, Santa Fe, Argentine, South Santiago, Chile, South America.
America. (Telephone, Auto. 81512.)
Officers: Officers:
Pres., Pres., L. D. Minner.
Sec. and Treas., C. E. Krieghoff. See. and Treas., 0. H. Maxson.
Executive Committee: Executive Committee: L. D.
C. E. Krieghoff, V. L. Gambetta, Minner, 0. H. Maxson, M. Se-
A. Riffel, N. Soto G., J. Weiss, gura, C. H. Mayr, E. Arias, E.
R. Segado. Almonte, A. Aeschlimann.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, A. Riffel. Book and Bible House, E. Arias.
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
C. Krieghoff. A. Aeschlimann.
Field Miss., E. Barcovsci. Field Miss., Alfredo Marin.
Home Miss., H. G. Stoehr. Home Miss. and Sabbath School,
Sabbath School, A. Riffel.
Ministers: Medical, Mrs. L. D. Minner.
C. E. Krieghoff, M. Gnadjin. Ministers:
Honorary: I. Kalbermatter, C.
Gil. L. D. Minner, Alfredo Berchin,
L. A. Rojas, C. H. Mayr, A.
Licentiates: Aeschlimann, J. H. Meier, E.
J. Riffel, V. L. Gambetta, V. K. Almonte.
Aeschlimann, P. R. Tabuenca, Honorary: V. E. Thomann.
J. A. Bonjour.
Missionary Licentiates:
M. F. Perez, A. Riffel, F. Vaz- L. A. Griot, E. T. Block, R.
quez, C. Krieghoff, E. Barcovsci, Block, S. Fayard.
Mrs. E. K. Stoehr, Mrs. A. D. Missionary Licentiates:
Krieghoff, Mrs. E. T. Gnadjin, 0. H. Maxson, E. Arias, E. R.
Mrs. R. A. Aeschlimann. Pidoux, E. Pidoux, E. Torre
Church School Teachers: blanca, H. V3rhmeister, Mrs. C.
M. E. Tantin, P. Peinado, G. Diinner, Mrs. 0. Minner, W.
Krieghoff, M. Fischer, C. Fischer, Aeschlimann, G. Ernst, A. Marin,
M. I. Courvoisier, M. C. Schimpf, Mrs. L. Berchin, Mrs. 0. T.
J. J. Vallejos, M. F. Heydecker, Meier, E. R. Ernst, Mrs. A. M.
E. Frey, J. Roscher, E. Duper- Maxson.
tuis, S. Vazquez, A. Dupertuis, Honorary: Fernando Olavarrfa.
A. Urich.
Chillan Training School Teachers:
J. H. Meier, E. Pidoux, G. Ernst,
W. Aeschlimann, S. Rode, E. R.
CHILE CONFERENCE Ernst, M. Aeschlimann, Mrs. C.
Organized 1907 T. Meier, M. Acuta, B. Quezada.
Territory: Chile, South America, Church School Teachers:
(except Territory of Magellan). H. Dal Santo, L. Rojas S., E.
Population: 4,249,532; churches, Sanhueza, P. Mora, B. Almonte,
31; members, 2,349. A. Opazo, Mrs. M. H. Almonte,
Cable Address: "Adventist," San- Mrs. E. F. Pdrez, J. Godoy, I.
tiago, Chile, South America. Gougain.


Territory: Provinces of Mendoza, Director, C. Becker.
La Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan, Sec. and Treas., J. Zevallos R.
and San Luis in Argentina. Executive Committee: C. Becker,
Population: 1,046,484; churches, 2; G. Block, N. Wensell, E. Gmelin,
members, 205. J. Zevallos R.
Office Address: Calle Chile 1743, Department Secretaries:
Mendoza, Argentina, South Book and Bible House, Juan
America. Zevallos R.
Officers: Educational,- Home Miss., and
Director, W. E. Murray. Y. P. M. V., C. Becker.
Department Secretary: Field Miss., Emilio Gmelin.
Field Miss., Fernando Arriagada. Sabbath School, Juan Zevallos R.
Minister: Benjamin Bustos. C. Becker, G. Block, N. Wensell,
Missionary Licentiates: D. E. Dalinger.
F. Arriagada, Mrs. M. B. Arria- Honorary: M. Leytes.
gada, Mrs. R. C. Bustos. Missionary Licentiates:
E. Gmelin, J. Zevallos R., Mrs.
MAGELLAN MISSION M. V. Zevallos, J. F. Sittner,
Mrs. E. S. Becker.
Territory: Territories of Chubut,
Santa Cruz, Tierra de Fuego Church School Teachers:
(Land of Fire) in Argentina, J. Riffel, L. Riffel, J. Riffel, L.
Territory of Magellan in Chile, Cayrus, L. Maiorov, Mrs. E. S.
and the Falkland Islands. Maiorov, E. M. Vera, V. A. Silva.
Population: 103,000; churches, 1;
members, 31. URUGUAY MISSION
Office Address: Casilla Correo 446, Organized 1906
Magallanes, Chile, South Amer- Territory: Uruguay Republic.
ica. Population: 1,800,000; churches,
Officers: 9; members, 661.
Director, W. F. Miller. Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Minister: "Adventista," Montevideo.
W. F. Miller. Office Address: Avda. Garibaldi
Missionary Licentiate: 2584, Montevideo, Uruguay, South
Matilde T. Miller. America. (Telephone, 43-5-83.)
Director, P. M. Brouchy.
MISION DEL NORTE Sec. and Treas., D. J. Weiss.
Organized 1906 Executive Committee: P. M.
Brouchy, S. C. Weber, D. J.
Territory: Paraguay, Provinces of Weiss, J. Ernst, N. Chaij.
Santiago del Estero, Tucuman,
Salta, Jujuy and Corrientes, and Department Secretaries:
the Territories of Misiones, For- Book and Bible House, D. J.
mosa, Chaco, Los Andes, in Ar- Weiss.
gentina. Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
Population: 2,358,961; churches, N. Chaij.
14; members, 938. Sabbath School, D. J. Weiss.
Office Address: Carlos Pellegrini Y. P. M. V., P. M. Brouchy.
1645, Corrientes, Argentina, Ministers:
South America. P. M. Brouchy, S. C. Weber.

Honorary: Luis Ernst, Santiago Mrs. A. T. Brouchy, Mrs. R. G.

Mangold. Weber, Mrs. M. R. Weiss, Mrs.
Licentiates: L. E. Pidoux, Mrs. F. B. Beskow,
Marcelo Pidoux, H. P. Beskow. Mrs. M. L. Chaij.
Missionary Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
D. J. Weiss, I. Beskow, N. Chaij, Mrs. A. W. Gerber, Irma Ernst.


Organized 'gig
Territory: State of Minas Geraes, E. Ebinger, Mrs. J. D. Hardt,
the Federal District and the Mrs. E. M. Davis.
States of Rio de Janeiro, Espi-
rito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Ala- NORTHEAST MISSION
goas, Pernambuco, Parahyba, Reorganized 1932
Rio Grande de Norte, Piauhy,
Ceara, Maranhao, Para, Ama- Territory: States of Bahia, Ser-
zonas, Territory of Acre. gipe, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Pa-
rahyba, Rio Grande do Norte.
Population: 28,691,950; churches,
29; members, 3,517. Population: 11,094,788; churches,
6; members, 1,005.
Cable Address: "Adventistas,"
Rio de Janeiro. Telegraphic Address: Adventistas,
Postal and Office Address: Rua
Lopes Trovao 84, Nictheroy, Es- Office Address: Rua Gervasio Pires
tado do Rio, Brazil, South Amer- 717, Recife, Brazil.
ica. Telephone, 2372. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 378,
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, S.
Officers: America.
Supt., H. G. Stoehr.
Sec. and Treas., U. Wissner. Officers:
Executive Committee: H. 0. Director, Jeronymo Garcia.
Stoehr, U. Wissner, E. M. Davis, Sec.-Treas., 0. M. Groeschel.
G. S. Storch, G. Streithorst, J. D. Executive Committee: Jeronymo
Hardt, B. Silveira, E. R. Maas, Garcia, 0. M. 'Groeschel, J. R.
J. B. Johnson, Jeronymo Garcia. dos Passos, Oscar Castellani,
Legal Assn.: "Associadio da Mrs. S. M. Oliveira.
Uniiio Este Brasileira dos Ad- Department Secretaries:
ventistas do Setimo Dia." Book and Bible House, 0. M.
Department Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Field Miss., Mrs. S. M. Oliveira
J. D. Hardt. and Alcides Parente.
Field Miss., B. Silveira. Home Miss. and Educational,
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, Jeronymo Garcia.
E. M. Davis. Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
0. M. Groeschel.
H. G. Stoehr, J. D. Hardt, E. M. Ministers:
Davis. Jeronymo Garcia, J. R. dos
Passos, 0. Castellani, Th. Berger.
Licentiate: B. Silveira. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: 0. M. Groeschel, J. Baracat, Mrs.
U. Wissner, Mrs. U. Wissner, S. M. Oliveira, Alcides Parente.

Church School Teachers: Hilda Silva, M. Correa, E. Braun,

Noe Ramos, Cordelia Carralho, J. Botelho, Orlando Chaves.
Moyses Santos, Adelina B. Pas-
Established 1919 Territory: The State of Minas
Territory: State of Espirito Santo Geraes, Federal District, and the
and the northern part of the southern part of the state of
State of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro.
Population: 1,293,086; churches, Population: 10,583,400; churches,
12; members, 1,295. 10; members, 1,079.
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Telegraphic Address: Adventistas,
Victoria, Espirito Santo. Rio de Janeiro.
Office Address: Rua Graciano Ne-
ves 46, Victoria, Estado do Es- Office Address: Rua Parahyba 58,
pirito Santo, Brazil, S. America. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 233, America. (Telephone 28-7796.)
Victoria, Estado do Espirito Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768,
Santo, Brazil, South America. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
Officers: America.
Director, G. Streithorst. Officers:
Sec. and Treas., E. Langenstras- Director, G. S. Storch.
sen. Sec. and Treas., U. Wissner.
Executive Committee: G. Streit- Executive Committee: G. S.
horst, E. Langenstrassen, Karl Storch, U. Wissner, L. Braun,
Kaltenh&user, Mrs. R. C. Araujo, D. Feder, J. Seabra.
Dr. Americo Coelho. Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Book and Bible House, U. Wiss-
Book and Bible House, E. Lan- ner.
Educational, Home Miss., and Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Y. P. M. V., G. Streithorst. W. J. Brown.
Sabbath School, E. Langenstras- Field Miss., J. Seabra.
sen. Home Miss.,
Ministers: Sabbath School, U. Wissner.
G. Streithorst, K. Kaltenhauser, Ministers:
J. Hoyler. 0. S. Storch, D. Feder, L. Braun.
Licentiate: Julio Minan. Licentiate: D. Barbosa.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
E. Langenstrassen, M. Fuhrmann,
Mrs. G. Streithorst, Mrs. R. C. E. M. Hermanson, J. Seabra,
Araujo. Miss I. Peixoto.
Church School Teachers: Church School Teachers:
A. KnApfer, P._Assumpcito, E. Elisa Salse, R. Cardoso, Nair
Gutzeit, W. Reissner, J. Moraes, Cunha, M. Oet,
Organized 1914
Territory: The Bolivia, Ecuador, Churches: 4; members, 545.
Lake Titicaca, Peril, and Ama- Cable and Telegraphic Address:
zon Missions. "Adventists," Iquitos, PerA.
Population: 12,000,000; churches, Postal Address: Casilla 240, Iqui-
48; members, 9,844. tos, Peril, South America.
Cable Address: " Incaunion," Lima, Officers:
Peru. Director, F. A. Stahl.
Office Address: 891 Avda. Coman- Sec. and Treas., H. M. Colburn.
dante Espinar, cor. Angamos, Executive Committee: F. A.
Miraflores, Lima, Peril, South Stahl, H. M. Colburn, RaUl Cha-
America. vez, Bernabe Chavez.
Postal Address: Casilla 1003, Lima, Department Secretaries:
Perq, South America. Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
Officers: F. A. Stahl.
Supt., H. B. Lundquist. Publishing and Home Miss.,
Sec. and Treas., II. M. Colburn. RaUl Chavez.
Cashier, J. F. Cummins. Sabbath School, Mrs. Anna Stahl.
Executive Committee: H. B. Minister: F. A. Stahl.
Lundquist, H. M. Colburn, R. J. Licentiates:
Roy, F. A. Stahl, J. D. Replogle, B. Chavez, R. Chavez, J. P.
G. F. Ruf, J. Wagner, G. E. Ramos.
Stacey, F. B. Moore, C. H. Baker. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Mrs. F. A. Stahl, Wallace Stahl,
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Mrs. Wallace Stahl, B. V. Pacho.
Sabbath School, R. J. Roy.
Field and Home Miss., F. B. BOLIVIA MISSION
Moore. Established 1907
H. B. Lundquist, F. E. Bresee, Territory: Republic of Bolivia,
R. J. Roy. South America.
Licentiate: F. B. Moore. Churches: 20; members, 2,558.
Missionary Licentiates: Telegraphic Address: " Adven-
H. M. Colburn, Mrs. H. M. Col- tista," La Paz, Bolivia.
burn, H. V. Espino, Mrs. R. J. Office Address: Calle Belisario-Sa-
Roy, Mrs. F. B. Moore, J. F. 1 inn s 280.
Cummins, Mrs. J. F. Cummins, Postal Address: Cesar. 355, La
Mrs. W. Stiles. Paz, Bolivia, South America.
Tingo Rest Home: Director, G. E. Stacey.
Administrator: J. Wiedermann. Sec. and Treas., J. I. Hartman.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Executive Committee: 0. E.
"Adventista," Tingo, PerU. Stacey, J. I. Hartman, Dr. W. H.
Postal Address: Casilla 252, Are- Spicer, H. C. Morton.
quipa, Perd, South America. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., T. Bishop.
AMAZON MISSION OF PERU Home Miss., G. E. Stacey.
Organized 1927 Medical, Dr. W. H. Spicer.
Territory: The Departments of Lo- Sabbath School, Educational, and
reto, San Martin, and part of the Y. P. M. V., .
Department of Huanuco. Minister: G. E. Stacey.

Licentiates: Officers:
I. Chuquimia, H. C. Morton, F. Pres., G. F. Ruf.
Chuquimia. Snc. and Treas., F. E. Vansickle.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: G. F. Ruf,
Mrs. G. E. Stacey, Mrs. H. C. R. A. Hayden, C. D. Christensen,
Morton, Mrs. W. W. Wheeler, A. Biaggi, 0. Krause, F. E. Van-
S. R. Loomis, Mrs. S. R. Loomis, sickle.
M. E. Aguilar, Mrs. M. E. Agui- Department Secretaries:
lar, J. I. Hartman, Mrs. J. I. Book and Bible House, F. E.
Hartman, Dr. W. H. Spicer, Mrs. Van sickle.
W. H. Spicer, Dr. Lloyd Dixon, Educational, Field Miss., and
Mrs. Lloyd Dixon, G. Geisse, Mrs. Y. P. M. V., R. A. Hayden.
G. Geisse, I. Mamani, J. Supo, Home Miss:, G. F. Ruf.
Juan Pissano, M. Urbina, P. Medical,
Perez, B. Montevilla, M. Mamani, Sabbath School, R. L. Jacobs.
J. Agulo, J. Ramirez. Ministers:
G. F. Ruf, C. D. Christensen,
Established 1906 Licentiates:
Territory: Republic of Ecuador, R. A. Hayden, Wm. Goransson,
South America. 0. Krause, B. Larsen, A. Biaggi,
Churches: 3; members, 126. Luciano Chambe, Samuel Con-
Cable Address: "Adventista," Quito. dori, Marcelo Ccama, S. Weiss,
Postal Address: Casilla 44, Quito. F. Chambilla.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, J. D. Replogle. Mrs. G. F. Ruf, A. J. Alva, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., H. M. Colburn. A. J. Alva, M. Lean, Mrs. M.
Executive Committee: J. D. Lean, J. M. Linares, C. Diaz,
Replogle, H. M. Colburn, Julio Julian Llanqui, C. Cacallaca, M.
Espinosa, C. Freile, L. Vargas. Chavarrfa, Mrs. R. A. Hayden,
Department Secretaries: Mrs. C. Christensen, Mrs. Wm.
Field Miss., L. Vargas. Goransson, Mrs. S. Weiss, Mrs.
Minister: J. D. Replogle. 0. Krause, Mrs. A. Biaggi, Mrs.
Licentiates: B. Larsen, F. E. Vansickle, Mrs.
J. Espinosa, C. Freile. F. E. Vansickle, R. L. Jacobs,
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. R. L. Jacobs, R. Rojas, Mrs.
Mrs. J. D. Replogle, L. Vargas, R. Rojas.
Mrs. L. Vargas.
Established 1916 Territory: Republic of Peru, ex-
Territory: Departments of Puno, cepting the Departments making
Cuzco, Arequipa, Moquegua, Tac- up the Lake Titicaca and Ama-
na and Madre de Dios en Peru. zon Missions.
Churches: 13; members, 5,250. Churches: 11; members, 1,365.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Cable and Telegraphic Address:
" Ad.ventista," Puno, Peril. " Adventista," Lima, Peru.
Office Address: Calle Lima No. 21, Office Address: Calle Colina 254,
Puno, Peru. Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Postal Address: Casilla 35, Puno, Postal Address: Casilla 1002, Lima,
Peru. Peru, South America.

Officers: Ministers:
Director, Jacob Wagner. Jacob Wagner, G. D. Klatt, J.
Sec. and Treas., B. L. Thompson. Plenc, C. H. Baker, Wm. Scha.ef-
Executive Committee: Jacob fler.
Wagner, B. L. Thompson, Wm. Honorary: P. Kalbermatter.
Schaeffer, C. Castellano, C. H. Missionary Licentiates:
Baker, A. A. Alva, J. Plene. Mrs. J. Wagner, B. L. Thompson,
Department Secretaries: Mrs. B. L. Thompson, Carlos
Book and Bible House, B. L. Castellano, Jenaro Moran, A. A.
Thompson. Alva, Mrs. G. D. Klatt, Mrs. Win.
_ Educational, Home Miss., and Schaeffer, Mrs. J. Plenc, P. P.
Y. P. M. V., A. A. Alva. Leon, G. Bernal, J. C. Ruskjer,
Field Miss., Carlos Castellano. Mrs. J. C. Ruskjer, Mrs. C. H.
Sabbath School, B. L. Thompson. Baker, R. V. Leon.


Established 1936
Territory: States of Ceara, Piauhy, Postal Address: Caixa Postal 658,
Maranhao, Para, Amazonas, and Belem, Para, South America.
Territory of Acre. Officers:
Population: 5,720,676; churches, 1; Director, L. B. Halliwell.
members Sec. and Treas.,
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Minister: Samuel Thomas.
Belem, Pare. Licentiate: B. W. Steinweg.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 658,
Belem, Para, Brazil, South Missionary Licentiates:
M. Pereira, Jorge P. Lobo, Mrs.
B. W. Steinweg.
Director, L. B. Halliwell. Church School Teachers:
Sec. and Treas., J. Gnutzmann, H. F. Tavares.
Minister: L. B. Halliwell.
Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. L. B. Halliwell. UNNAMED MISSION
(To be named by North Brazil
Established 1927 Territory: States of Ceara, Piauliy,
Territory: Para, Amazonas, Terri- Maranhao.
tory of Acre. Population:
Population: Telegraphic Address:
Telegraphic Address: Adventistas, Postal Address:
Belem, Para. Officers:
Organized rgrz
Territory: The Conferences of Rio Waldvogel, Mrs. J. B. Johnson,
Grande do Sul and Sdo Paulo, Adolpho Bergold, Mrs. E. R.
and the mission fields of Parana, Maas, Maria Baar.
Santa Catharina, Matto Grosso,
Population: 14,040,000; churches, Established 1927
52; members, 6,462.
Cable Address: "Adventista," Sao Territory: The State of Goyaz,
Paulo, Brazil. Brazil, South America.
Telegraphic Address: "Uniao," Sao Population: 730,000; churches, 1;
Paulo. members, 106.
Office Address: Avenida dos Jrupys Postal Address: Caixa Postal,
30, Bairro Indianopolis, Silo Paulo, 2898, Sdo Paulo, Brazil, South
Brazil, South America. (Do not America.
send mail here.) (Telephone, Officer:
7-3122.) Director, E. H. Wilcox.
Post Office Address: Caixa Postal Minister:
A. N. Allen.
2898, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
Missionary Licentiate:
America. Arthur Leitzke.
Pres., E. H. Wilcox.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, G. E. MATTO GROSSO MISSION
Hartman. Established 1921
Executive Committee: E. H. Territory: The State of M.-Lao
Wilcox, G. E. Hartman, Leon Grosso, Brazil.
Replogle, Emilio Doehnert, J. H. Population: 400,000; churches, 1;
Boehm, A. L. Westphal, J. B. members, 82.
Johnson, E. R. Maas. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 2898,
Legal Assn.: "Associacdo dos Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer-
Adventistas do Setimo Dia no ica.
Brasil." Officer:
Department Secretaries: Director, A. L. Meier.
Educational, Y. P. M. V., and Minister: A. L. Meier.
Sabbath School, Leon Replogle.
Field Miss., Emilio Doehnert.
Ministers: MISSION
E. H. Wilcox, Leon Replogle. Reorganized 1927
Honorary: J. B. Johnson, E. R. Territory: States of Parana and
Maas, Domingos Peixoto, J. Santa Catharina.
Meier. Population: 1,910,000; churches,
Licentiate: Emilio Doehnert. 17; members, 1,925.
Missionary Licentiates: Telegraphic Address: "Adven-
Mrs. E. H. Wilcox, G. E. Hart- tista," Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
man, Mrs. G. E. Hartman, Alice Office Address: Rua Dr. Ermelino
Zorub, Mrs. L. Replogle, Augusto de Ledo, Curityba, Parana, Bra-
Pages, Mrs. Augusto Pages, H. B. zil, South America. (Do not
Fisher, Mrs. H. B. Fisher, Luiz send mail here.)

Postal Address: Caixa Postal 810, Postal Address: Caixa Postal 177,
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, South Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,
America. Brazil, South America.
Officers: Officers:
Director, A. L. Westphal. Pres., J. H. Boehm.
Sec. and Treas., F. H. Gerling. Sec. and Treas., B. Schuenemann.
Executive Committee: A. L. Executive Committee: J. H.
Westphal, G. G. Ritter, J. M. Boehm, B. Schuenemann, E. M.
Zeroth, R. M. Rabello, M. Kuem- Castilho, S. Schmidt, J. Kreu-
pel, F. H. Gelling, N. Schwantes, ger, 0. Bergold.
E. Azevedo. Legal Assn., " Associacdo dos
Adventistas do. Setimo Dia no
Department Secretaries: Rio Grande do Sul."
Book and Bible House, F. H. Department Secretaries:
Educational and Y. P. M. V., Book and Bible House, B. Schue-
G. G. Ritter. nemann.
Field Miss., J. M. Zeroth. Educational, Sabbath School, and
Home Miss., A. L. Westphal. Y. P. M. V., S. 'Schmidt.
Sabbath School, F. H. Gerling. Field Miss., E. M. Castilho.
Home Miss., J. H. Boehm.
A. L. Westphal, G. G. Ritter, Ministers:
R. M. Rabello, N. Schwantes. J. H. Boehm, R. J. Wilfarth.
Honorary: M. Kuempel, F. R. Honorary: H. F. Graf.
Kuempel. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: E. Roth, E. M. Castilho, S.
F. H. Gerling, E. R. Azevedo, Kuempel.
J. M. Zeroth, Mrs. J. M. Zeroth, Missionary Licentiates:
W. Ehlers. Mrs. J. H. Boehm, S. Schmidt,
Church School Teachers: C. Grabby, B. Schuenemann.
C. Stoehr, P. Touzdjian, Martha Church School Teachers:
Boekenkamp, E. Ehlers, J. West- G. Ludwig, J. R. dos Passos, H.
phal, L. Reinert, J. Bork, D. Knoener, B. Buchholtz, L. Schef-
Stockier. fel, E. Keppke, H. Hoffmann.


CONFERENCE Organized 1922
Organized 1906 Territory: The State of Sao Paulo
Territory: The State of Rio Grande and the Southwest corner of the
do Sul, Brazil, South America. State of Minas Geraes, Brazil,
Population: 4,000,000; churches, South America.
25; members, 1,917. Population: 7,000,000; churches,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventista," 8; members, 2,460.
Porto Alegre, R. G. do Sul, Telegraphic Address: " Advent-
Brazil. ista," Silo Paulo, Brazil.
Office Address: Rua General Vic- Office Address: Rua Tagud, No. 88,
torino, No. 77, Porto Alegre, Rio Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer-
Grande do Sul, Brazil, South ica. (Do not send mail here.)
America. (Telephone, 7-12-71.)

Postal Address: Caixa Postal, 1830, INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH

Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer- AMERICAN DIVISION
ica. Educational:
Officers: Colegio Adventista del Plata,
Pres., R. Belz. Puiggari, F. C. E., Entre Rios,
Sec. and Treas., G. F. Ebinger. Argentina, South America.
Asst. Sec. and Treas., Olinda (River Plate Junior College.)
Belchior. Colegio Adventista del Titicaca,
Casilla 4, Juliaca, Peru, South
Auditor, G. E. Hartman. America.
Executive Committee: R. Belz, Colegio Industrial Adventista,
G. F. Ebinger, Q. Dau, S. Hoff- Casilla 7D, Chillan, Chile,
mann, M. S. Coelho, M. Marga- South America.
rido, L. Klein. Collegio Adventista, Santo Ama-
Department Secretaries: ro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
Book and Bible House, G. F. America.
Ebinger. Instituto Industrial, Casilla 2102,
Educational, Sabbath School, and Lima, Peru, South America.
Y. P. M. V., Q. Dau. Instituto Industrial Boliviano
Home Miss., R. Belz. Adventista, Casilla 82, Cocha-
Field Miss., M. S. Coelho. bamba, Bolivia, South Amer-
Religious Liberty, ica.
Ministers: Casa Editoria Sud-Americana,
R. Belz, M. Margarido, Q. Dau, Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos
S. Hoffmann. Aires, Argentina, South Amer-
Licentiates: ica.
J. S. Linhares, W. Stoehr. Casa Publicadora Brasileira, Ca-
Honorary: Francisco Belz, Ger- ixa 34. Santo Andre, S. P. R.,
mano Conrad. Silo Paulo, Brazil, South
Missionary Licentiates: Sanitariums and Hospitals:
G. F. Ebinger, C. Naufal, 0. Sanatorio Adventista del Plata,
Belchior, R. Oberg, Ilka Reis, Puiggari, F. C. E. R., Entre Rios,
Iracerna Zorub, Emanoel Zorub, Argentina, South America.
Tossaku Kanada, A. D. Campos,
Clinica Americana, Casilla 22,
M. S. Coelho.
Juliaca, Peru, South America.
Church School Teachers: Hospital General de Chulumani,
L. R. Pereira, 0. F. Silva, Maria Chulumani, Bolivia, South
Zorub, Esther Maluf, M. Fer- America.
reira, Y. Karru, D. Apolinario, Policlinica Arequipa, Casilla 110,
A. Seabra, B. Motta, R. Vieira, Arequipa, Peril, South Amer-
E. Rosetto, R. Chagas. ica.,
Organized 1920
Territory: The Union of South Department Secretaries:
Africa, Basutoland, Swaziland, Educational, Milton Robison.
British Bechuanaland, Southwest Home Miss. and Publishing,
Africa, Portuguese East Africa, F. E. Potter.
Belgian Congo, Angola, Ruanda, Medical, A. N. Tonge, M. D., L.
Urundi, Nyasaland, Bechuana- R. C. P., and S.
land Protectorate, Northern Rho- Sabbath School, Religious Lib-
desia, Southern Rhodesia. erty, Y. P. M. V., L. L. Moffitt.
Area: 3,564,432 square miles. Ministers:
J. F. Wright, M. Robison, C. W.
Population: European and Asiatic, Bozarth, W. H. Anderson, A. V.
2,358,951; native, 39,201,882; col- Edwards, Dr. A. N. Tonge, J. V.
ored, 713,094. Wilson, L. L. Moffitt.
Churches: White, 39; members,
2,888. Colored churches, 10; mem- Licentiates:
bers, 440. Asiatic church, 1; G. E. Shankel, C. C. Marais,
members, 11. Native churches, F. E. Potter, J. L. Milford.
121; members, 22,738. Believers Missionary Licentiates:
not baptized, 27,660. Total be- Mrs. J. F. Wright, J. G. Slate,
lievers, 53,737. Mrs. J. G. Slate, J. N. Krum,
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Mrs. J. N. Krum, F. Visser, Jr.,
" Adventist," Claremont, Cape. S. Sparrow, Mrs. S. Sparrow,
C. H. Bell, W. F. Tarr, Mrs.
Office Address: Grove Avenue, W. F. Tarr, P. van Eck, Edward
Claremont, Cape Province, South Tarr, Mrs. Edward Tarr, Mrs.
Africa. L. L. Moffitt, Mrs. F. E. Potter,
Officers: Mrs. A. N. Tonge, Mrs. C. C.
Manias, Mrs. G. E. Shankel, Mrs.
Pres., J. F. Wright. M. Robison, Mrs. A. V. Edwards,
Sec., Milton Robison. Mrs. J. V. Wilson, Mrs. W. H.
Treas. and Auditor, C. W. Bo- Anderson, Mrs. C. W. Bozarth,
zarth. Miss E. Hinterleitner, Miss A.
Executive Committee: J. F. Armer, Miss J. D. Oramond,
Wright, A. F. Tarr, W. H. Ander-
son, E. C. Boger, C. W. Curtis, Miss G. Stevenson, Miss L. M.
L. L. Moffitt, J. G. Slate, F. E. Kleinert, Miss B. Webb, Miss
Potter, Milton Robison, C. W. H. M. Hyatt, Miss A. Vis-
Bozarth, A. N. Tongs, M. D., ser, Miss Y. de Gourville, Mrs.
S. G. Hiten, Dr. W. H. Haupt, M. Botes, Mrs. E. Bulgin, F. E.
H. M. Sparrow. Meekling, Mrs. F. E. Meckling,
C. Dette, Miss G. Tarr, Miss L.
Legal Association: Seventh -day Fouche, Mrs. J. L. Milford, C. F.
Adventist Community of Africa Clarke, Mrs. C. F. Clarke, Miss
(Incorporated); President, J. F. E. Earned,' Miss M. Nickel, Mrs.
Wright; Vice-President, J. G. A. E. Shone, Miss H. Hayton,
Slate; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss E. Minter.
Honorary, Mrs. W. B. Commin.

Organized 1925
Territory: Angola (Portuguese Licentiates:
West Africa). Dr. R. B. Parsons, O. I. Fields,
Area: 510,670 square miles. Missionary Licentiates:
Population: White, 30,000; native, Mrs. R. B. Parsons, Mrs. 0. I.
4,000,000 Fields, Miss R. Visser, Miss R.
Churches: 12; members, 722, in- Johnson, A. Bringle, Mrs. A.
cluding 19 Europeans and 703 Bringle.
natives; believers not baptized, Village Schools: 18.
1,766. Total adherents, 2,506. Native Teachers: 18.
Cable and Telegraphic Address:
"Adventists," Nova Lisboa, An-
gola. Cuale Mission Station
Postal Address: Angola Union Postal Address: Duque de Bra-
Mission of Seventh-day Advent- ganca, Districto do Malange,
ists, Caixa Postale No. 3, Nova Angola, Portuguese West Africa.
Lisboa, Distrito de Benguela, Director:
Angola, Portuguese West Africa. Licentiate:
Officers: Missionary Licentiate:
Supt., C. W. Curtis. Village School: 1.
Sec. and Treas., Peter Stevenson. Native Teacher: 1.
Executive Committee: C. W.
Curtis, Peter Stevenson, 0. 0.
Bredenkamp, E. A. Buckley, Dr.
R. B. Parsons, 0. I. Fields. Luz Mission Station
Department Secretaries: Postal Address: Missao de Luz,
Educational, 0. I. Fields. Caixa Postale, No. 33, Vila Luzo,
Medical, Dr. R. B. Parsons. Distrito de Moxico, Angola,
Sabbath School, Mrs. R. B. Par- Portuguese West Africa.
sons. Director: E. A. Buckley.
Y. P. M. V., C. W. Curtis. Licentiate: E. A. Buckley.
Missionary Licentiate:
Minister: C. W. Curtis.
Mrs. E. A. Buckley.
Missionary Licentiates: Nurse: Mrs. E. A. Buckley.
Peter Stevenson, Mrs. Peter Village Schools: 5.
Stevenson, Mrs. C. W. Curtis. Native Teachers: 6.

Bongo Mission Station Luccusse Mission Station

Address: Missao Adventists, Lepi, Postal Address: Caixa Postal No.
Angola, Portuguese West Africa. 34, Vila Luzo, Angola, Portu-
Officers: guese West Africa.
Director, 0. I. Fields. Director: 0. 0. Bredenkamp.
Doctor, Dr. R. B. Parsons, Minister: 0. 0. Bredenkamp.
Nurse, Miss R. Johnson. Missionary Licentiate:
Teachers: 0. I. Fields, Mrs. 0. I. Mrs. 0. 0. Bredenkamp.
Fields, A. Bringle, Mrs. A. Brin- Portuguese Teacher: A. S. Oliveira:
gle, Jeramimo Falcao, Miss R. Village Schools: 2.
Visser, 3 native teachers. Native Teachers: 2.

Namba Mission Station Director: .

Postal Address: Care Paul Koster, Village Schools: 2.
Luimbale, Angola, . Portuguese Native Teachers 2.
West Africa. Native Evangelists: 1.


Organized '925
Territory: Congo Beige, except the Minister: 0. U. Giddings.
territory comprising the South- Licentiate: Maxime Duplouy.
ern Congo Mission Field; Ru-
anda, Urundi. Missionary Licentiates:
Area: 909,654 square miles. Mrs. 0. U. Giddings, Mrs. M.
Population: White, 10,037; native,
Churches: 17; members, 2,892, in- Bikobo Hill Mission Station
cluding 31 Europeans and 2,861 Established 1930
natives. Believers not baptized, Postal Address: Boite Postal 3,
10,751. Total adherents, 13,612. Kongolo, Belgian Congo, Central
Telegraphic and Cable Address:
"Adventist," Usumbura. Director: S. J. Fourie.
Licentiate: S. J. Fourie.
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda, Missionary Licentiate:
via Usumbura, Belgian East Af- Mrs. S. J. Fourie.
rica (Correspondence from Eu- Village Schools: 22.
rope or America should be sent
Native Teachers: 20.
via Dar-es-Salaam, East Africa).
Supt., 0. U. Giddings. Buganda Mission
Sec. and Treas., M. Duplouy. Established 1925
Executive Committee: O. U. Gid- Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura,
dings, M. Duplouy, W. R. Vail, Urundi, Africa.
H. Monnier, R. L Jones, Dr. G. Director: George Fazili.
Beckner. Licentiate: George Fazili.
Department Secretaries: Village Schools: 16.
Educational, W. R. Vail. Native Teachers: 18.
Sabbath School, M. Duplouy.
Y. P. M. V., 0. U. Giddings.
Gitwe Mission Station
Legal Organization for Congo (Seminaire Adventiste)
Beige: The Congo Union Mis-
Established 1921
sion of Seventh-day Adventists.
Legal Representative for Congo Postal Address: Via Usumbura,
Beige: 0. U. Giddings. Urundi, Belgian East Africa.
Suppleant: M. Duplouy, J. G. Director: R. L. Jones.
Siepman. Head Master: W. R. Vail.
Legal Organization for Ruanda Nurse: Mrs. M. Duplouy.
Urundi: Mission Evangelique des Ministers:
Adventistes du Septieme Jour. R. L. Jones, W. R. Vail, Joseph
Legal Representative for Ruanda Malinki, Mose, Eleazar, Daniel.
Urundi: 0. U. Giddings. Missionary Licentiates:
Suppleant: M. Duplouy. Mrs. R. L. Jones, Mrs. W. R.

Vail, A. Siepman, Mrs. A. Siep- Director: H. J. Moolman.

man. Licentiate: H. J. Moolman.
Faculty: R. L. Jones, Principal; Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. R. L. Jones, W. R. Vail, Mrs. H. J. Moolman.
A. Siepman, Joseph Malinki,
Village Schools: 79. Ngoma Medical Mission Station
Native Teachers: 81. Established 1931
Postal Address: Gitwe, Ruanda,
Kikamba Mission Station Usumbura, Urundi, Congo Belge.
Established 1924 Director.: A. Matter.
Postal Address: Boite Postal 3, Medical Supt., Gordon Beckner,
Kongolo, Belgian Congo, Central M. D.
Africa. Nurse: Miss F. Spillman.
Director: Samuel Mulomba. Minister: A. Matter.
Village Schools: 2. Missionary Licentiates:
Native Teachers: 3. Mrs. A. Matter, Dr. Gordon
Beckner, Mrs. G. Beckner, Miss
Kirundu Mission Station F. Spillman.
Village Schools: 27.
Postal Address: Kirundu, via Native Teachers: 29.
Kindu, Province Orientale, Congo
Belge, Central Africa.
Director: D. E. Delhove. Rwankeri Mission Station
Minister: D. E. Delhove. Established 1922
Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. D. E. Delhove. Postal Address: Kigali, Ruanda,
Native Licentiate. 1. Africa.
Village Schools: 9. Director: H. Monnier.
Native Teachers: 11. School Director: Valentine Davies.
Minister: H. Monnier.
Licentiate: Valentine Davies.
Ndora Mission Missionary Licentiates:
Established 1936 Mrs. H. Monnier, Mrs. V. Davies.
Postal Address: P. 0. Usumbura, Village Schools: 67.
Urundi, Africa. Native Teachers: 68.


Organized igoz
Territory: The Union of South Population: White and Asiatic,
Africa, Southwest Africa, Basu- 2,229,314; native, 7,441,790; col-
toland, Swaziland, and that por- ored, 608,785.
tion of Portuguese East Africa
lying south of Latitude 22, Churches: White, 36; membership,
comprising the Cape Conference, 2,626. Colored, 10; membership,
the Natal-Transvaal Conference, 440. Native, 33; membership,
the Cape Field of Seventh-day 2,066. Asiatic, 1; membership,
Adventists, the North Bantu 11. Total churches, 80; total
Mission Field and the South membership, 5,143. Believers not
Bantu Mission Field. baptized, 613. Total adherents,
Area: 851,016 square miles. 5,756.

Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," CAPE CONFERENCE

Bloemfontein, 0. F. S. (Formerly part of South African
Office Address: Fichardt Chambers, Conference)
Maitland Street, Bloemfontein, Reorganized 1936
0. F. S., South Africa. Territory: All Whites and Asiastics
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 468, in the Cape Province, except for
Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, the territory north of Kuruman
South Africa. and Taungs; that portion of the
Officers: Orange Free State south of and
Pres., A. F. Tarr. including Boshof, Brandfort and
See., Treas., and Auditor, J. E. Ladybrand; Basutoland; and the
Symons. mandated territory of South
Executive Committee: A. F. Tarr, West Africa.
J. E. Symons, A. N. Ingle, Wm. Area: 425,508 square miles (ap-
Hodgson, W. H. Hurlow, D S. proximate).
Billes, J. N. de Beer, S. G. Hiten, Population: 1,098,857 (approxi-
Dr. H. G. Hankins, G. S. Steven- mate); churches, 18; member-
son, P. H. Mantell, Principal ship, 1,138.
Spion Kop Missionary Institu- Telegraphic Address: "Adventist,"
tion, Principal Helderberg Col- Port Elizabeth, C. P., South
leae. Africa.
Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Ad- Office Address: 162, Russell Road,
ventist Community of Africa Port Elizabeth, C. P., South
(Incorporated). Africa.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 508,
Department Secretaries: Port Elizabeth, Cape Province,
Educational and Y. P. M. V., South Africa.
Wm. Hodgson. Officers:
Field Miss., Pres., W. H. Hurlow.
Medical, Dr. H. G. Hankins. Sec. and Treas., Miss P. E. Will-
Religious Liberty, A. F. Tarr. more.
Ministerd: Executive Committee: W. H.
Hurlow, Miss P. E. Willmore,
A. F. Tarr, J. E. Symons, E.D.
' A. C. le Butt, W. L. Hyatt, N.
Hanson, S. W. Palmer. Jeffes, G. W. S. Marais, Q. H.
Honorary: J. C. Rogers, G. W. Jubber, H. Elffers, F. Snyman.
Shone, Dr. W. H. Haupt. Department Secretaries:
Licentiates: Educational, W. T. Hodgson.
Wm. Hodgson, P. H. Mantell. Field Miss., C. S. Pike.
Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Missionary Licentiates: A. C. le Butt.
Mrs. A. F. Tarr, Mrs. J. E. Sy- Medical, W. H. Hurlow.
mons, Mrs. E. D. Hanson, Dr. Religious Book Depository, Miss
H. G. Hankins, Miss J. B. Klein- P. E. Willmore.
ert, Miss E. V. Sanders, Miss G. Sabbath School, Mrs. W. H. Hur-
Burton, Miss J. Bosch, Mrs. S. low.
W. Palmer, Mrs. Wm. Hodgson, Ministers:
Mrs. P. H. Mantell, Miss G. Hay- W. H. 'Hurlow, W. D. Hyatt,
dakis, Joy Senkoto. A. C. le Butt, S. G. Hiten.
Honorary: Mrs. I. B. Burton, Honorary: D. F. Tarr.
Mrs. J. C. Rogers, Miss E. Edie, Licentiates:
Mrs. W. H. Haupt, Mrs. S. J. S. S. Hiten, A. Boekhout, H.
Stevenson. Ficker.

Missionary Licentiates: J. Raubenheimer, V. R. Cooks,

Mrs. W. H. Hurlow, Miss P. E. A. J. Herholdt.
Willmore, Mrs. W. L. Hyatt, Department Secretaries:
Mrs. A. C. le Butt, Mrs. S. G. Educational, W. T. Hodgson.
Hiten, Mrs. S. S. Hiten, Mrs. H. Field Miss., N. Cmyley.
Ficker, Miss M. Ward, Miss M. Home Miss., Sabbath School, and
Heywood, Miss I. Stevenson, Y. P. M. V., W. Cowper.
Mrs. A. Boekhout, F. Ficker, Medical,
D. D. Toerien, William Hyatt, Religious Book Depository, P. W.
C. S. Pike, Mrs. C. S. Pike. Willmore.
Church School Teachers: Ministers:
Miss I. Bristow, D. Douglas, A. N. Ingle, A. W. Staples, John
Miss E. de Beer, Miss H. Hol- Raubenheimer, P. A. Venter,
brook. B. P. de Beer.
FERENCE J. J. B. Combrinck, A. J. Her-
(Formerly part of South African holdt, P. J. v. d. Merwe, P. W.
Conference) Willmore, W. Cowper.
Reorganized 1936 Missionary Licentiates:
Territory: All Europeans and Asi- Mrs. A. N. Ingle, V. N. Visser,
atics in the territories of the Mrs. V. N. Visser, E. J. Steven-
Provinces of Natal and Trans- son, Mrs. E. J. Stevenson, N.
vaal; portion of the Cape Prov- Cowley, Mrs. I. Swanepoel, Miss
ince known as British Bechu- B. Davies, Miss H. McCullough,
analand north of Kuruman and Miss M. Ives, Miss H. Hegter,
Taungs; portion of the Orange Mrs. John Raubenheimer, Mrs.
Free State Province north of J. J. B. Combrinck, Mrs.. A. J.
Boshof, Brandfort and Lady- Herholdt, Mrs. W. Cowper, Mrs.
brand; Swaziland and Portu- P. J. v. d. Merwe, Miss H. Rus-
guese East Africa south of Lati- ticus, Miss M. J. Dixie, M. Cote-
tude 22. zee, Mrs. P. W. Willmore, Mrs.
Area: 425,508 square miles (ap- A. W. Staples, Mrs. P. A. Venter,
proximate). Mrs. B. P. de Beer, Mrs. E. Bul-
gin, Miss Lois Campbell, Miss
Population: 1,098,857 (approxi- H. Dale.
mate) ; churches, 18; member-
ship, 1,460. Church School Teachers:
Telegraphic Address: "Natracon," Miss A. Ficker, Mrs. E. Bulgin,
Johannesburg. Miss M. Ives, Miss H. Hegter,
Miss Lois Campbell, Miss H.
Office Address: 77-78 Marlborough Dale.
House, 58 Eloff Street, Johannes-
burg, Transvaal.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 7768, DURBAN INDIAN MISSION
Johannesburg, Transvaal. (Under the direction of the Natal-
Transvaal Conference)
Officers: Postal Address: Seventh-day Ad-
Pres., A. N. Ingle. ventist Church, Keats Avenue,
Sec. and Treas., P. W. Willmore. Durban, Natal, South Africa.
Executive Committee: A. N. In- Churches: 1; membership, 11.
gle, P. W. Willmore, A. E. Shone, Licentiate: W. D. Eva.
E. H. Harebottle, A. W. Staples, Indian Assistant: 1.


(Formerly part of South African European: Mrs. R. E. Ansley.
Mission Field) Native: P. Pheele, J. J. Khasake,
Reorganized 1936 R,. Borne, K. I. Mogomutsi.
Territory: Native work in Basuto- Teachers:
land, Bechuanaland (south of Miss R. Mofubedu, Miss M. Itu-
Mafeking), Orange Free State, meleng, M. P. L. Matunda.
Natal, Portuguese East Africa
south of Latitude 22"), Swazi-
land, Transvaal and Zululand. Emmanuel Mission Station and
Area: 332,901 square miles. District
Population: 4,817,870; churches, Established 1910
native, 26; membership, native, Address: Post Office, Leribe, Basu-
1,364; European, 20. Total, toland, South Africa.
1,384. Director: 11. A. Buckley.
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," Licentiate: R. A. Buckley.
Johannesburg. Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: 43 Sacke's Build- Mrs. H. A. Buckley.
ing, 23 Joubert Street, Johannes- Native Workers:
burg, Transvaal, South Africa. Hon. Minister: Andrew Xabba.
Supt., L. S. Billes. Teachers:
Eileen Tshabalala, S. Tsotetsi,
Officers: Ernest Tsotetsi, Flora Kalabra,
Sec. and Treas., A. A. Pitt. E. Tsotetsi, T. Nkosi, Miss F.
Executive Committee: L. S. Kalaka, S. Morallana.
Billes, A. A. Pitt, R. A. Buckley,
R. E. Ansley, A. Bell, L. S. Molo-
komme, J. M. Hlubi.
Kolo Mission Station
Department Secretaries:
Publishing, H. R. S. Tsukudu. Address: Post Office, Morija, 13asu-
Sabbath School, Miss M. B. toland, South Africa.
Dawkins. Director: H. J. Hurlow.
V. P. M. V., L. S. Billes. Minister: H. J. Hurlow.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. H. J. Hurlow.
L. S. Billes, H. R. S. Tsukudu. In Charge of Dispensary: H. J.
Licentiate: A. A. Pitt. Hurlow.
Missionary Licentiates: Native Workers:
Mrs. L. S. Billes, Miss M. B. Missionary Licentiate: E. Sebele.
Dawkins. Teacher: Miss R. Kubheka.
Colporteur Licentiates:
T. M. Note, E. T. Tsuai, M.
Africa, P. Motloheloa, A. Nkosi, Natal Mission District
Mrs. R. Tsukudu, M. Bole, I.
Kunene, W. Masomola. Postal Address: Watersmeet, Pri-
vate Bag, P. 0. Besters, Natal,
South Africa.
Bechuanaland Mission District Director: E. Ka-J. Kuboni.
Minister: E. Ka-J. Kuboni.
Postal Address: Corner of River Licentiate: P. Zungu.
and Moloppo Roads, Mafeking, Missionary Licentiates:
C. P. N. Ngwenya, M. Kunene.
Licentiate: R. E. Ansley. Teacher: L. Nxumalo.

Orange Free State Mission District Western Transvaal Mission District

Postal Address: 2S8 Lovedale Road, Postal Address: P. 0. Linokana,
Mahlomola Location, Bloemfon- via Zeerust, Transvaal, South
tein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
Africa. Director:
Director: Missionary Licentiates:
Minister (Honorary): J. Nda,borribi. S. M.. R. Seheri, H. Fekefeke,
Missionary Licentiate: J. L. Matunda.
M. Moeletsi. Teachers:
Teacher: Mrs. J. Africa. Miss E. Sephaphathi, A. P. Ma-
bowe, M. Manchwe.

Rand Mission District

Zululand Mission District
Postal Address: 43 Sacke's Build-
ing, 23 Joubert Street, Johannes- Postal Address: P. 0. Nongoma,
burg, Transvaal, South Africa. Zululand, South Africa.
Director L. S. Molokomme. Director: J. S. Moya.
Minister: L. S. Molokomme. Minister: J. S. Moya.
Missionary Licentiate: K. Mosedi. Licentiate: M. M. Langa.
Teachers: C. N. Legoabe, A. Mof Missionary Licentiate:
bedu, J. Sekgosana. E. Ndhlovu.
Mrs. J. S. Moya, Mrs. M. M.
Shiloh Mission Station and District Langa.
Address: P. 0. Lundsklip, via
Potgietersrust, Northern Trans- SOUTH BANTU MISSION FIELD
vaal, South Africa. (Formerly part of South African
Director: W. H. Hayter. Mission Field)
Licentiates: Reorganized 1936
W. H. Hayter, H. L. Ferguson. Territory: Native work in the
Missionary Licentiates: Province of the Cape of Good
Mrs. W. II. Hayter, Mrs. H. L. Hope.
Ferguson. Area: 207,869 square miles (ap-
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. H. proximate.
L. Ferguson. Population: 2,382,187 (approxi-
Native Workers: mate) ; churches, native, 7;
Missionary Licentiate: D. Ma- membership, native, 702; Euro-
s ina,. peans, 8.
Evangelist: M. C. Hlubi. Telegraphic Address: "Bethel,"
Teachers: Butterworth, C. P., South Africa.
Mrs. M. C. Hlubi, Miss T. Ta- Postal Address: Bethel Mission,
bane. P. 0. Butterworth, Cape Prov-
ince, South Africa.
Swazi-Eastern Transvaal Mission Officers:
District Supt., G. S. Stevenson.
Postal Address: P. 0. Mahamba, Sec. and Treas., Mrs. E. M.
Swaziland, South Africa. Stevenson.
Director: J. M. Hlubi. Executive Committee: G. S.
Minister: J. M. Hlubi. Stevenson, R. C. Sharman, W. C.
Missionary Licentiates: Tarr, Charles Sparrow, E. F. C.
Mrs. J. M. Hlubi, R. E. Nhlapo, Hepburn, A. T. Magalela, S. K.
D. J. Nhlapo. Ntwana.

Department Secretaries: Beaufort, Cape Province, South

Publishing, E. S. Jakavula. Africa.
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. P. Tarr. Director: A. T. Magalela.
Y. P. M. V., G. S. Stevenson. Minister: A. T. Magalela.
Ministers: Native Workers:
G. S. Stevenson, E. S. Jakavula. Honorary Minister: A. Mzozo-
Honorary: A. P. Tarr. yana.
Licentiate: S. S. Mgqamqo. Teachers:
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. A. E. Pikoli, Mrs. E. Dweni,
Mrs. G. S. Stevenson. Mrs. L. Magalela.
Honorary: Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Colporteur Licentiates:
nini, R. Mankayi. Postal Address: 816 Location,
Queenstown, Cape Province,
South Africa.
Bethel Mission Station and District Director: J. N. Bacela.
Postal Address: Butterworth, Cape J. N. Baeela, G. S. Mayaba.
Province, South Africa. Missionary Licentiate:
Director: R. C. Sharman. Honorary: Hans Shai.
Ministers: Teachers:
R. C. Sharman, D. D. Ntsikeni. A. Mredlane, A. Kadi-Kadi.
Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. R. C. Sharman.
Native Workers: Lusikisiki Mission District
P. Nombewu. Postal Address: P. 0. Lusikisiki,
Honorary: J. Qobo. Eastern Pondoland, South Af-
Teachers: rica.
D. Mankayi, E. Vappie, B. Ga- Director: S. K. Ntwana.
cula, P. Gacula. Minister: S. K. Ntwana.
Missionary Licentiate:
A. G. Williams.
Cancele Mission Station Teacher: V. "Williams.
Postal Address: P. 0. Mount Frere,
East Griqualand, Cape Province, UMTATA MISSION
South Africa. Postal Address: P. 0. Umtata,
Director: W. C. Tarr. Transkei, Cape Province, South
Minister: W. C. Tarr. Africa.
Missionary Licentiates: Director: B. T. Scott.
Mrs. W. C. Tarr, Dr. J. J. Bell, Minister: B. T. Scott.
G. S. Glass. Teacher: E. Gacula.
Native Workers:
Licentiate: G. Ncuka.
Teachers: E. Ndwandwa, Mrs. CAPE FIELD OF SEVENTH-DAY
E. Ndwandwa, J. Mbiko, W. ADVENTISTS
Nomvette. Work for the Cape Colored people
Missionary Licentiates: M. Yazi, in the Union of South Africa.
A. Mdliva. Population: 608,785; churches, 10;
membership, 440.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 468,
Eastern Province Mission District Bloemfontein, 0. F. S., South
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 14, Fort Africa.

Officers: Missionary Licentiates:

Supt., J. N. deBeer. Mrs. J. N. de Beer, W. Ma-
Sec. and Treas., J. E. Symons. rais, R. Visser, P. S. Marks,
Ministers: Mrs. P. S. Marks, G. Theunis-
J. N. de Beer, B. W. Abney. sen, A. G. Kohen, Mrs. A. G.
Honorary: D. C. Theunissen, Kohen, Mrs. B. W. Abney, J.
D. J. May. Donaldson.


Organized 1925
Territory: Nyasaland, Portuguese Malamulo Mission Station
East Africa north of latitude Established 1902
22; Northeast Rhodesia, east of
meridian 32. Postal Address: P. 0. Malamulo
Area: 272,928 square miles. Mission, Nyasaland, Africa.
Population: White, 7,600, approx.; Telegraphic Address: Malamulo,
native, 5,467,606. Cholo, Nyasaland.
Churches: 26; members, 8,459, in- Board: Union Executive Commit-
cluding 24 Europeans and 8,435 tee, Yolam Kamwendo, James
natives. Believers not baptized, Ngaiyaye.
8,499. Total adherents, 16,958. Principal and Business Manager,
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," G. R. Nash.
Blantyre, Nyasaland. Normal Director: (under ap-
Office Address: Fotheringham Road, Medical Director,
Blantyre, Nyasaland. Nurses: Miss L. D. Melvill, Miss
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 51, G. Piatt.
Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa. Faculty:
Officers: G. R. Nash, Mrs. G. R. Nash,
Supt., H. M. Sparrow. I. L. Ansley, E. L. Tarr, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., Miss 0. P. Fort- E. L. Tarr, Rena Curtis, Miss G.
ner. Piatt, Yolam Kamwendo, James
Executive Committee: H. M. Ngaiyaye, and 9 native teachers.
Sparrow, M. M. Webster, G. R. Printing Department (See Pub-
Nash, W. L. Davy, G. Pearson, lishing House section).
Miss G. P. Fortner. Training Institute (See Educa-
Department Secretaries: tional Institutions section).
Educational, G. R. Nash. Hospital and Leper Center (See
Field Miss., H. M. Sparrow. Sanitariums section).
Medical, Village Schools: 9.
Sabbath School, Mrs. H. M. Ministers:
Sparrow. G. R. Nash, James Ngaiyaye,
Y. P. M. V., H. M. Sparrow. Yolam Kamwendo.
Minister: H. M. Sparrow. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. G. R. Nash, I. L. Ansley,
Miss G. P. Fortner, Mrs. H. M. Miss L. D. Melvill, Rena Curtis,
Sparrow. Miss G. Piatt.


FIELD Ce Maynard, Ce Matthew.
Territory: South Nyasaland. Village Schools: 28.
Area: 12,728 square miles. Teachers:
Population: White, 1,800; native, Mrs. E. L. Tarr and 35 natives.
663,706. Dispensary: Mrs. E. L. Tarr and
Churches: 12; members, 7,179. native orderly.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 51,
Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa. Chileka Mission District
Officers: Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland,
Supt., H. M. Sparrow. Africa.
Sec.-Treas., Miss G. P. Fortner. . Director: Edward Martin.
Executive Committee: H. M. Ministers:
Sparrow, Miss G. P. Fortner, Edward Martin, Morrison Ma-
G. R. Nash, E. L. Tarr, E. B. Iinki.
Jewell, Edward Martin, James Licentiate: Tom Kachoka.
Malinki. Village Schools: 11.
Department Secretaries: Inspector: Mills Mbvundula.
Field Miss., and Y. P. M. V., Head Teacher: A. Hutton, assisted
II. M. Sparrow. by 14 teachers.
Sabbath School, Mrs. H. M.
Formerly Mlanje Mission District
Matandani Mission Station Organized 1929
Acquired 1908 Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland,
Postal Address: Blantyre, Nyasa- Africa.
land, Africa. Director: James Malinki.
Director: E. B. Jewell. Minister: James Malinki.
Ministers: Village Schools: 11.
E. B. Jewell, Philip Kasonga. Inspector: Harry Khonje.
Licentiate: Adsis Mbeduwa. Head Teacher: Ce Action, assisted
Missionary Licentiate: by 14 teachers.
Mrs. E. B. Jewell.
Inspector: Harrison Cipao. Thambani Mission Station
Village Schools: 10. Organized 1929
Teachers: Mrs. E. B. Jewell and
15 natives. Address: P. 0. Mwanza, Nyasa-
Dispensary: Mrs. E. B. Jewell. land, Africa.
Director: Yokoniah Sosola.
Minister: Yokoniah Sosola.
Thekerani Mission Station Inspector: Joseph Mangame.
Acquired 1923 Village Schools: 5.
Address: P. 0. Thekerani, Nyasa Head Teacher:
land, Africa. Henderson James, assisted by 7
Director: E. L. Tarr. teachers.
E. L. Tarr, Sofa Saiwa, Victor UNATTACHED MISSIONS
Mpheza, Jonathan Kabambe. Mwami Mission
Licentiate: Ce Spurgeon. Address: P. 0. Fort Manning,
Missionary Licentiate: Nyasaland, Africa.
Mrs. E. L. Tarr. Director: G. Pearson.

Faculty: G. Pearson, Miss L. South- Faculty: Simon Msuseni, Nelson

gate, Mrs. G. Pearson, Redson, Denga, assisted by 4 teachers.
Ered Maliro, assisted by 7 teach- Ministers:
ers. Simon Msuseni, David Nkosi,
Ministers: Jeremiah Muzemala.
G. Pearson, E. Maliro. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: Andrae, Matthew, Beriat Ntilo-
Mrs. G. Pearson, Miss L. South- sanji.
Luwazi Mission Station (Formerly Mozambique Mission)
Address: P. 0. Nkata Bay, Nyasa- Organized 1933
land, Africa. Territory: Portuguese East Africa
Director: W. L. Davy. North of latitude 22.
Faculty: W. L. Davy, Mrs. W. L. Area: 260,200 square miles.
Davy, Simon Ngaiyaye, assisted Population: White, 5,800; Native
by 4 native teachers. 4,803,900.
Ministers: Postal Address: P. 0. Munhamade,
W. L. Davy, Paulos Mhango, District de Quilemane, Portu-
Simon Ngaiyaye, Simon Bun- guese East Africa.
yani. Director: M. M. Webster.
Licentiates: Faculty:
Isaac, William Abanda, Robert M. M. Webster, John Thomas,
Akondwe, Benjamin. Richard Lumala.
In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. W. Minister: M. M. Webster.
L. Davy, assisted by 1 native Licentiates:
orderly. John Thomas, Ce Division, Rich-
ard Lumala.
Mombera Mission Station Missionary Licentiate:
Address: P. 0. Mzimba, Nyasa- Mrs. M. M. Webster.
land, Africa. In Charge of Dispensary: Mrs. M.
Director: Simon Msuseni. M. Webster.


Organized x916
Territory: Northern and Southern 188; native 33, membership ,
Rhodesia, Bechuanaland Protec- 8,673). Believers not baptized,
torate, and Southern portion 6,044. Total believers, 14,905.
of Belgian Congo. Comprising Telegraphic Address: "Zumosda"
Northern Rhodesia Mission Field, Bulawayo.
Northeastern Rhodesia Mission Office Address: 114 Jameson St.,
Field, Southern Rhodesia Mis- Bulawayo; Southern Rhodesia,
sion Field, Southern Congo Mis- Africa.
sion Field and the Rhodesian Telephone: 2210.
Conference. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 573,
Area: 1,020,164 square miles. Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia,
Population: White, 82,000 approx.; Africa.
native, 2,292,486; colored, 4.309. Legal Assn.: Seventh-day Advent-
Churches: 36; total membership, ist Community of Africa (Incor-
8,861 (European 3, membership porated).

Officers: Maun Medical Mission

Supt., E. C. Boger. Established 1936
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. H. Medical Supt.: C. P. Bringle, M. D.
Harrison. Nurse: Miss M. Bain.
Executive Committee: E. C. Bo- Orderlies: 2.
ger, R. M. Mote, W. B. Higgins,
E. M. Cadwallader, J. B. Cooks,
J. R. Campbell, N. C. Stuart, RHODESIAN CONFERENCE
Dr. D. H. Abbott, J. G. Siepman,
I. H. Harrison. (Formerly Rhodesian-Bechuana-
Department Secretaries: land ConferenceEuropean)
Educational, E. M. Cadwallader.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Organized 1929
J. B. Cooks. Territory: , European work in
Medical, Dr. D. H. Abbott. Northern and Southern Rhode-
Y. P. M. V., E. M. Cadwallader. sia, Southern portion of Belgian
Ministers: Congo, Beira in Portuguese East
E. C. Boger, W. B. Higgins, E. Africa, and Bechuanaland Pro-
M. Cadwallader, Wilfred Mason, tectorate.
I. B. Burton, Isaac Xiba Nkomo. Area: 1,020,164 square miles.
Honorary: F. R. Stockil, S. M. Population: White, 82,000, approx.
Konigmacher, Harry Sibagobe, (Native population reported un-
Henry Mabona. der Mission Fields.) Colored and
Licentiates: Asiatic, 4,309.
J. B. Cooks, G. Hiten, P. B. Fair- Churches: 3; members, 188.
child, Dr. D. H. Abbott, Dr. C. P. Telegraphic Address: Zumosda,
Bringle, E. W. Marter (on leave). Bulawayo.
Honorary: E. V. Tarr, F. B. Telephone: 2210.
Office Address: 114 Jameson St.,
Missionary Licentiates: Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia,
Mrs. E. C. Boger, Mrs. P. B. Africa.
Fairchild, Mrs. E. M. Cadwalla- Postal Address: Box 573, Bula-
der, Mrs. F. B. Jewell, Mrs. W. wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
B. Higgins, Miss P. von Blerk, rica.
I. H. Harrison, Mrs. I. H. Har-
rison, Dr. F. E. Ingle, Mrs. F. E. Officers:
Ingle, Maud McEwen, Miss D. Pres., E. C. Boger.
Ingle, Evelynne Wright, Mrs. W. Sec. and Treas.,
Mason, Mrs. D. H. Abbott, Mrs. Executive Committee: E. C.
C. P. Bringle, Mrs. I. B. Burton, Boger, P. W. Hendrie, H. Hip-
Miss M. Siepman, Miss M. Bain, kin.
Miss I. E. Mattheys, Mrs. E. W. Minister: F. G. Clifford.
Marter (on leave). Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. F. G. Clifford.
Church School Teachers:
Kanye Medical Mission Station Miss R. Staples, Miss M. Hegter.
Established 1921 Home School Teacher:
Medical Supt.: D. H. Abbott, M. D. Miss W. Tickton.
Nurse: Miss M. Siepman. Colporteur Licentiates:
Native Orderlies: 2. H. J. Schocman and 5 natives.


Organized 1924 Organized 1921
Territory: Native work in South- Territory: Native work in North-
ern portion of Belgian Congo. ern Rhodesia and the Caprivi
Churches: 2; membership, 812. Strip.
Address: Boite Postale 446, Elisa- Area: 194,000 square miles.
bethville, Congo Beige, Africa. ,Population: Native, 723,936.
Officers: Churches: 16; members, 3,179.
Supt., J. G. Siepman. Postal Address: P. 0. Mission Sid-
Treas., J. 0. Siepman. ing, Northern Rhodesia, Africa.
Executive Committee: J. G. Officers:
Siepman, Dr. E. L. Morel, E. C. Supt., R. M. Mote.
Boger, V. C. Norcott. Sec. and Treas., Miss G. E. Smith.
Department Seceretaries: Executive Committee: R. M.
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. G. Siep- Mote, C. E. Wheeler, Miss G. E.
man. Smith, G. Hiten, Samuel Moyo,
Samuel Chilumbi.
J. G. Siepman. Department Secretaries:
Native: Albert Kambuwa, Titus Sabbath School, Miss G. E.
Kiana, Soldier Kanjanga. Smith.
Y. P. M. V., Samuel Moyo.
Dr. E. L. Morel, V. C. Norcott. Ministers:
R. M. Mote, C. E. Wheeler, R. P.
Missionary Licentiates: Robinson.
Mrs. J. G. Siepmann, Mrs. E. L. Native: Samuel Moyo, Stephen
Morel, Mrs. V. C. Norcott, Lucy Mulomba, Gladstone Imasiku,
Delhove, Miss S. Siepman. Peter Lengalenga, Samuel Chi-
Katanga Mission Natives: Robert Njekwa, An-
Established 1923 drew Shamalimo, Paul. Shama-
limo, Timothy Elland, Chamyolo
Postal Address: Boite Postale 446, Pison, Solomon Ntwangala, Luck
Elisabethville, Congo Beige, Af- Ndhlovu, Isaiah Siajunza, Willie
rica. Simbombo.
Director: J. G. Siepman.
Teacher Evangelists: 4. Missionary Licentiates:
Pastor: 1. Mrs. R. M. Mote, Miss G. E.
Village Schools: 3. Smith, E. L. Jewell, Mrs. C. E.
Wheeler, W. M. Cooks, Mrs. R.
P. Robinson.
Songa Mission
Established 1921 Dimbwe Mission
Postal Address: Boite Postale, Ka- (Native Mission)
mina, Congo Beige, Africa. Established 1935
Director: V. C. Norcott. Address: C/o Tara Trading Co.,
Village Schools: 15. Private Bag, Livingstone, North-
Native Teachers: 16. ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Ministers: Soldier Kanjanga, Titus Director: Henry Mabona.
Chiyana. Native Minister: 1.

Village Schools: 3. Liumba Hill Mission Station

Village School Teachers: 3. Established 1928
European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Northern
Rhodesia, Africa.
Demu Mission Director and School Inspector:
(Native Mission) C. E. Wheeler.
Established 1930 Teachers: C. E. Wheeler and 1
Address: P. 0. Pemba, Northern native.
Rhodesia, Africa. Dispensary: Mrs. C. E. Wheeler.
Director: Paul Shamalimo. Native Minister: 1.
Native Evangelist: 1. Village Schools: 10.
Village Schools: 5. Village School Teachers: 10.
Village School Teachers: 5.
European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
Muchenje Mission
Katima Mulilo Mission Station Established 1925
Established 1921 Address: P. 0. Lusaka, N. Rho-
Address: Private Bag, Livingstone, desia, Africa.
Northern Rhodesia, Africa. Director: S. M. Konigmacher.
Director and Village School Inspec- Village School: 1.
tor: W. M. Cooks. Teacher: 1.
Teachers: W. M. Cooks and 3 European Inspector: R. M. Mote.
Dispensary: W. M. Cooks.
Native Minister: 1. Munenga Mission
Village Schools: 7. (Native Mission)
Village School teachers: 9. Established 1930
Address: c/o A. Hartzenberg, Esq.,
Kaumba Mission Magoye Siding, Private Bag,
(Native Mission) Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia,
Established 1934 Africa.
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern Director: Samuel Chilumbi.
Rhodesia, Africa. Native Minister: 1.
Director: Luck Ndhlovu. Village Schools: 6.
Native Evangelist: 1. Village School Teachers: 6.
Village Schools: 5. European School Inspector: R. M.
Village School Teachers: 5. Mote.
European Inspector: E. L. Jewell.
Musofu Mission Station
Kazungula Mission Established 1917
(Native Mission) Address: Private Bag, Ndola,
Established 1935 Northern Rhodesia, Africa.
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern Director and Village School Inspec-
Rhodesia, Africa. tor: G. Hiten.
Director: Joseph Chongo. Teachers: 2.
Native Minister: 1. Dispensary: Mrs. G. Hiten.
Village Schools: 6. Native Evangelists: 3.
Village School Teachers: 6. Village Schools: 5.
European Inspector: E. L. Jewell. Village School Teachers: 7.

Rusangu Mission Station NORTHEASTERN RHO-

Established 1905 DESIAN MISSION
Address: P. 0. Mission, Northern FIELD
Rhodesia, Africa. Established 1926
Director: R. M. Mote. Territory: Northeast Rhodesia,
Farm Director: R. P. Robinson. west of meridian 3.
Village School Inspector: E. L. Area: 97,000 square miles.
Jewell. Population: Native, 513,550.
Teachers: Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, via
Mrs. R. M. Mote, E. L. Jewell, N'Dola, Northern Rhodesia.
Mrs. R. P. Robinson, and 6 na- Churches: 2; members, 484.
tives. Officers:
Dispensary: Mrs. R. M. Mote. Supt., N. C. Stuart.
Village Schools: 2. Treas., Union Treasurer.
Village School Teachers: 3. Executive Committee, N. C. Stu-
Native Minister: 1. art, E. C. Boger, Job Mabuti.

Sala Mission Station Chimpempe Mission Station

(Native Mission) Established 1921
Established 1931
Address: P. 0. Kawambwa, via
Address: c/o Shangara Store, P. N'Dola, Northern Rhodesia, Af-
0. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, rica.
Africa. Director: N. C. Stuart.
Director: Andrew Shamalimo. Teachers: 3 natives.
Village Schools: 4. Native Evangelists: 4.
Village School Teachers: 4. Village Schools: 4.
Native Evangelist: 1. Village School Teachers: 4.
European Inspector: R. M. Mote.

Sitote Mission Station Luapula Mission Station

(Native Mission) Established 1929
Established 1933 (Native Mission)
Address: P. 0. Senanga, Barotse- Address: C/o Chimpempe Mission,
land, Northern Rhodesia, Africa. P. 0. Kawambwa, via N'Dola,
Director: Robert Njekwa. Northern Rhodesia, Africa.
Native Minister: 1. Director and School Inspector:
Native Evangelist: 1. N. C. Stuart.
Village Schools: 3. Teachers: 2 natives.
Teachers: 4. Native Evangelist: 1.
European Inspector: W. M. Cooks.

Tapo Mission Station

(Native Misson) MISSION FIELD
Established 1936 Organized 1921
Address: P. 0. Kalabo, Barotse- Territory: Native work in South-
land, N. Rhodesia, Africa. ern Rhodesia.
Director: Gladstone Imasiku. Area: 149,000 square miles.
Native Minister: 1. Population: Native, 1,055,000.
Village Schools: 3. Churches: 13, members, 4,198.
Teachers: 3. Address: Box 4, Gwelo, Southern
European Inspector: C. E. Wheeler Rhodesia, Africa.

Officers: Native Teachers: 5.

Supt., J. R. Campbell. Village Schools: 5.
Sec. and Treas., B. Searle. European Inspector: A. W. Austen.
Executive Committee: J. R.
Campbell, B. Searle, Christopher Fort Victoria Mission Station
Robinson, W. B. Higgins, A. W. Established 1910
Austen, E. Janda, James Nde-
bele. Address: "Stanhope," P. 0. Fort
Victoria, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
Department Secretaries: rica.
Field Miss. and Y. P. M. V., Director: Paul Mbono.
James Ndebele. Native Teachers: 3.
Sabbath. School, Mrs. J. R. Camp- Village Schools: 3.
bell. European Inspector: F. R. Stockil.
J. R. Campbell, Christopher Rob-
inson. Hanke Mission Station
Native: Otis Ndebele, Moses (Native Mission)
Donga, Clarence Silombe Moyo, Postal Address: P. 0. Selukwe,
John Nigani, Alfred Gama, Ed- Southern Rhodesia, Africa.
ward Janda, Paul Mbono, Emory Director: J. Nigani.
Mlalazi, Mark Mlalazi. Native Teachers: 7.
Licentiates: Village Schools: 7.
W. P. Owen. European Inspector: P. A. Venter.
Native: Jonah Chimuka, Enoch
Wahungana, James S. Moyo, HEADLANDS MISSION
William Myengwa, James Nde- Established 1929
bele, Richard Taipa. (Native Mission)
Missionary Licentiates: Address: c/o Inyazura Mission,
Mrs. J. R. Campbell, Mrs. Chris- P. 0. Inyazura, Southern Rho-
topher Robinson, Mrs. W. P. desia, Africa.
Owen, B. Searle, A. W. Austen. Director: Enoch Wahungana.
Native Colporteurs: 5. Native Teachers: 3.
Village Schools: 3.
European Inspector: W. P. Owen.
Bulawayo Location Mission Station
Established 1929.
(Native Mission) Inyazura Mission Station
Established 1910
Address: Box 573, Bulawayo,
Southern Rhodesia, Africa. Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0.
Director: Moses Donga. Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia,
Native Teachers: 2. Africa.
Village Schools: 2. Director: Christopher Robinson.
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Mrs. W. P. Owen, with 4 native
Dispensary: Mrs. C. Robinson.
Filabusi Mission Station
Established 1929. Inyazura Village Schools
(Native Mission) Address: Inyazura Mission, P. 0.
Address: Care Mayfair Mine Store, Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia,
Filabusi, via Bulawayo, South Africa.
Rhodesia, Africa. Inspector: W. P. Owen.
Director: Clarence Silombe Moyo. Native Evangelist's: 2.

Native Teachers: 10. rica.

Village Schools: 10. Director: W. B. Higgins.
European Inspector of Village
Lower Gwelo Mission Hospital Schools: P. B. Fairchild.
Village Schools: 2.
(Formerly Lower Gwelo Medical Native Teachers: 2.
Mission Hospital) Union Training School (See Educa-
Established 1931 tional Institutions).
Address: P. 0. Box 4, Gwelo, South- Dispensary: F. B. Jewell.
ern Rhodesia, Africa.
Medical Superintendent: Frank E.
Ingle, B. Sc., M. D., D. N. B. (U. Gwaai Mission Station
S. A.), L. R. C. P., L. R. C. S. (Formerly Tjolotjo Mission)
(Edin.), L. R. F. P., S. (Glas- Established 1929.
gow). (Native Mission)
Nurse: Miss D. Ingle. Address: C/o MacKinnon's Store,
Gwaai Siding, Private Bag 58
Lower Gwelo Mission Station L, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia,
(Formerly Somabula) Africa.
Established 1901 Director: J. S. Moyo.
Address: Box 4, Gwelo, Southern Native Teachers: 2.
Rhodesia, Africa. Village Schools: 2.
Director: J. R. Campbell. European Inspector: A. W. Austen.
Native Evangelist: 1.
Native Teachers: 8. Southwest Africa Mission Field
Village Schools: 5. Unorganized
European Inspector: P. A. Venter. Area: 310,246 square miles.
Population: White, 31,600; native,
Lower Shangani Mission Station 241,733.
(Native Mission)
Address: C/o H. Burman, Lonely INSTITUTIONS IN THE' SOUTH-
Mine, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. ERN AFRICAN DIVISION
Director: Otis Ndebele. Educational:
Native Teachers: 5. Bongo Training School, Missao
Village Schools: 5. Adventista, Lepi, Distrito de
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. Benguela, Angola, Portuguese
West Africa.
Nata Mission Station Gitwe Training School, via Us-
Established 1936 umbura, Urundi, Central Af-
Address: c/o Solusi Mission, Bola- Good Hope Training School, Riv-
wayo, Southern Rhodesia. erside, Klipfontein Road, Ath-
Director: Mark Mlalazi. lone, Cape Province, South Af-
European Inspector: A. W. Austen. rica.
Native Evangelist: 1. Helderberg College (for Euro-
Native Teachers: 7. peans), P. 0. Mont Clair, via
Village Schools: 7. Somerset West, Cape Province,
South Africa.
Solusi Mission Station Malamulo Training School, P. 0.
Established 1894 Malamulo, Nyasaland, British
Address: Solusi Mission, Bula- Central Africa.
wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af- Solusi Training School, Bula-

wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af- Dispensaries:

rica. Chimpempe Mission Dispensary,
Spion Kop Missionary Institu- P. O. Kawambwa, Northeast
tion, Ladysmith, Natal, South Rhodesia, Africa.
Africa. Gitwe Mission Dispensary, P. 0.
Publishing: Usumbura, Urundi, Central
Malamulo Mission Press, P. 0. Africa.
Malamulo, Nyasaland, British Inyazura Mission Dispensary,
Central Africa. Inyazura, Southern Rhodesia,
Sentinel Publishing Co., Ros- Africa.
mead Ave., Kenilworth, Cape, Katima Mulilo Mission Dispen-
South Africa. sary, Private Bag, Livingstone,
Solusi Mission Press, Solusi Mis- Northern Rhodesia.
sion, Bulawayo, Southern Rho- Kirundu Mission Dispensary,
desia, Africa. Kirundu, via Kindu, Province
Medical: Orientale, Congo Belge, Cen-
Hospitals: tral Africa.
Bongo Hospital, Lepi, Dist. Ben- Kolo Mission Dispensary, Mo-
guela, Angola, Portuguese rija, Basutoland, South Africa.
West Africa. Liumba Hill Dispensary, P. 0.
Cancele Mission Hospital, Mount Kalabo, Barotseland, Northern
Frere, East Griqualand, South Rhodesia, Africa.
Africa. Luz Mission Dispensary, Caixa
Kanye Hospital, Kanye, via Lo- Postal 33, Vila Luzo, Angola,
batsi, British Bechuanaland, Portuguese West Africa.
Africa. Matandani Mission Dispensary,
Lower Gwelo Hospital, Box 4, Blantyre, Nyasaland, Africa.
Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia. Musufu Mission, Dispensary, Pri-
Malamulo Hospital, Malamulo vate Bag, Ndola, Northern
Mission, P. 0 . Malamulo, Ny- Rhodesia, Africa.
asaland, Central Africa. Nova Lisboa Dispensary, Caixa
Maun Medical Mission Hospital, Postal No. 3, Nova Lisboa, An-
P. 0. Maun, via Palapye Road, gola, Portuguese West Africa.
Bechuanaland Protectorate. Rusangu Mission Dispensary,
Mwami Mission Hospital, Fort P. 0. Mission Siding, Northern
Manning, Northern Rhodesia. Rhodesia, Africa.
Ngorna Mission Hospital, P. 0. Rwankeri Mission Dispensary,
Usumbura, Urundi, Central Rwankeri P. 0., Kigali, Ru-
Africa. anda, Central Africa.
Nokuphila Hospital, Western Na- Solusi Mission Dispensary, Bula-
tive Township, Johannesburg, wayo, Southern Rhodesia, Af-
Transvaal, South Africa. rica.
Songa Mission Hospital, B. P. Shiloh Mission Dispensary, Lun-
Kamina, Belgian Congo, Cen- sklip, Northern Transvaal,
tral Africa. South Africa.
(Organized as the India Union Mission, 191o; reorganized, 1919)
Territory; India, Burma, Ceylon, Legal Assn.: "The India Finan-
and adjacent islands politically cial Association of Seventh-day
attached, Afghanistan, Nepal, Adventists."
and Bhutan. Sec. of Legal Assn., A. E. Nel-
Area: 2,154,344 square miles. son; Treas., T. J. Michael.
Population: 370,378,114; churches, Transportation Agent: Division
115; members, 5,174. Treasurer.
Department Secretaries:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Educational and Y. P. M. V.,
" Adventist," Poona. J. Steeves.
Post Office Address: Box 15, Poona, Publishing, L. C. Shepard.
India. Medical, G. A. Nelson, M. D.
Officers: Ministerial Assn., R. B. Thurber.
Pres., N. C. Wilson. Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. E. E. D. Thomas.
Nelson; asst., T. J. Michael. Ministers:
Division Committee: N. C. Wil- N. C. Wilson, I. F. Blue, L. C.
son, A. E. Nelson, I. F. Blue, Shepard, E. D. Thomas, R. A.
G. G. Lowry, T. J. Michael, H. C. Garner, T. J. Michael, A. E. Nel-
Menkel, M. D., G. A. Nelson, son, R. B. Thurber.
M. D., L. C. Shepard, E. M. Me- Licentiate: J. M. Steeves.
leen, R. B. Thurber, L. G. Nook- Missionary Licentiates:
erjee, E. D. Thomas. A. Killoway, 0. F. H. Ritchie.

Organized igr9
Territory: Burma, including the Field Miss., J. 0. Wilson.
Shan States; the Andaman, and Home Miss. and Y. P. M. V.,
Nicobar Islands. W. W. Christensen.
Population: 14,696,600; churches, Medical, H. Baird.
11; members, 618. Sabbath Sch., F. J. Mainstone.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Ran- Ministers:
goon. Joseph Phillips, R. A. Beckner,
Office Address: 30 Voyle Road, J. 0. Wilson, A. J. Sargent,
Cantt., Rangoon, Burma. Myat Po, Deacon David, H.
Officers: Baird, F. A. Wyman, G. A.
Acting Supt., G. A. Hamilton. Hamilton, E. A. Crane, Thara
Sec. and Treas., F. J. Mainstone. Peter, Tha Myaing.
Executive Committee: G. A. Licentiates:
Hamilton, Joseph Phillips, F. J. J. C. Dean, W. W. Christensen,
Mainstone, F. A. Wyman, J. 0. F. J. Mainstone, F. Ba-Tin.
Wilson, E. A. Crane, R. A.
Beckner, Myat Po, A. J. Sargent. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Mrs. G. W. Tarleton, Saw U,
Educational, Joseph Phillips. M. Prakasam.


Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ministers:
Htugyi, Burma. H. Baird, Tha Myaing, Myat Po.
Director: R. A. Beckner. Local Worker: Baw Dee.
Minister: R. A. Beckner.
Missionary Licentiate: STATION
Ma Hla Shin.
Local Worker: Po Han. Stations: Ka.inamaung, Lerthahai,
Lapots, Naungkarang, Telaneh,
Minze, Nitcha.
MAYMYO MISSION STATION Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Office Address: "Brightlands," Mis- Kamamaung, Shwegon P. 0.,
sion Road, Maymyo, Burma. Burma.
Director: Mrs. G. W. Tarleton. Minister: Thara Peter.
Missionary Licentiate: Licentiates:
Mrs. G. W. Tarleton. Maung Thein, Maung Ni, San
Nyok, Po Hyaw, Maung Choot.
Office Address: Private Mail Bag, Naw Yin Nee, Me Shwe, Naw
Toungoo, Burma. Thein Khin.


Organized 1919
Territory: The Presidency of Ben- Acting Field Miss., R. J. Ritchie.
gal; the Provinces of Bihar and Asst. Field Miss., R. N. Dass.
Orissa; the Province of Assam; Sabbath School and Y. P. M. V.,
with connected native states. Mrs. G. G. Lowry.
Population: 102,774,586; churches, Ministers:
26; members, 831. James Besra, R. J. Borrowdale,
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," A. C. Haider, C. Jensen, G. G.
Lucknow. Lowry, H. M. Peak (on fur-.
Office Address: 17 Abbott Road, lough) Benjamin Peters, P. C.
Lucknow, India. Gayen, W. B. Votaw (on fur-
Officers: lough) H. G. Woodward, J. F.
Supt., G. G. Lowry. Acting Ashlock, R. L. Kimble.
Supt., H. G. Woodward. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., C. A. Hart. A. K. Bairagee, I. B. Bairagee,
Executive Committee: G. G. T. C. Bairagee, H. P. Biswas,
Lowry, R. J. Borrowdale, C. A. Le Roy Hunter, U. N. Halder,
Hart, H. G. Woodward, P. C. P. D. Kujur, H. H. Mattison, N.
Gayen, H. H. Mattison, LeRoy G. Mookerjee, Gabriel Murmu,
Hunter, P. D. Kujur. Jonas Singh, W. A. Barlow, B.
Department Secretaries: K. Haider, H. D. Strever, H. E.
Book Depot Manager, R. S. Fer- Voorhees, J. J. Matson.
nando. Missionary Licentiates:
Educational and Home Miss., Edna Dyer, C. A. Hart, Miss M.
G. G. Lowry., Harms, Joseph Johannes, M. D.,
Field Miss., H. E. Voorhees. Miss R. Fraser.

Mission Office Workers: GOPALGANJ STATION

R. S. Fernando, S. N. Das, Miss Address: S. D. A. Mission, Gopal-
P. Hart, Luther Smart. ganj P. 0., Faridpur Dist., Ben-
gal, India.
BABUMAHAL STATION Director: Le Roy Hunter.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Babum- Indian Worker: T. C. Bairagee.
ahal, Katoria P. 0., via Simul- Bengali Co-educational Elementary
tala, S. P., India. Boarding School: Teachers: J.
Director. R. J. Borrowdale. Singh, Mrs. Chondromoni Bis-
Indian Workers: was, S. K. Balder, Sarojini Sir-
James Besra, Sibu Hansdak, car, Giri Bala Mundle, Mrs. S. B.
Barnabas Kisku, Rengha Tudu, Sarkar, C. R. Sarkar, P. K.
Lodhea Tudu, Nogen Murmu, Sarkar, G. C. Baroya.
Chotka Hansdak, Ratan Tudu. Dispensary:
Village Schools: 5. C. R. Sarkar, D. C. Madhu, Biren
Boarding Schools: 1. Roy.


Address: S. D. A. Mission, Ale-
kanda, Barisal, India. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Karma-
Director: P. C. Gayen. tar, P. 0., E. I. Ry., India.
Indian Workers: Indian Workers:
Poresh Paroi, J. N. Baroi, I. B. Debora Soren, Benjamin Peters,
Bairagee, A. K. Bairagee, S. C. Jiten Hansdak.
Madhu, Sudarshan Madhu, Prem Hindi Elementary Boy's Boarding
Poddar, P. C. Halder. School: Principal: N. G. Mook-
Village *Schools: 4. erjee; Teachers: Barko Kisku,
Gulu Kisku, Sylvandus Hem-
CALCUTTA STATION Village Schools: 3.
Address: 36 Park Street, Calcutta,
Telegrams: "Adventist," Calcutta. KHUNTI STATION
Telephone: PK 567.
Ministers: Address: S. D. A. Mission, Khunti
H. M. Peak, H. G. Woodward Post Office, Ranchi District, In-
(on furlough), R. L. Kimble. dia.
Church School Teachers: Director: C. Jensen.
Miss H. Dudrenec, Edna Dyes, Indian Workers:
and Indian Urdu teacher. Hanukh Tiru, Dharamdas Tiru,
Patras Khakha, Samuel Topno,
Mansiqh Topno, Telenga Topno,
CHUADANGA STATION Samuel Khandala, Joseph Tiru.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Din- Village Schools: 7.
gadha, Chuadanga, P. 0., Nadia
District, India.
Director: J. J. Matson. KHURDA STATION
Indian Workers:
J. N. Baroi, G. C. Arinda, U. N. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Khurda
Haider, H. P. Biswas, J. N. P. 0., Puri Dist., Orissa, India.
Sarcar. Director:
Village Schools: 2. Indian Worker:
Dispensaries: 1. P. C. Dey.


Village Schools: 2.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hinoo
P. 0., Ranchi, India.
Director: W. B. Votaw. SHILLONG STATION
Acting Director: P. D. Kujur. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Shil-
Indian Workers: long, Assam, India.
Ohma Ekka, Zepeniah Toppo, Superintendent: J. F. Ashlock.
Mansidh Tirkey, Daud Kujur, Indian Worker: E. Rajee.


Organized rgrg; reorganized 1929
Territory: The Central Provinces, Gardner, J. Ali Bakhsh, Viru
excepting Berar; the Central Mall, B. Peter.
India and Rajaputana Agencies; Licentiates:
the United Provinces of Agra E. W. Pohlman, P. K. Simpson,
and Oudh; the Punjab; Kash- J. AT. Hnatyshyn, L. R. Reiswig,
mir; the Northwest Frontier M. G. Champion, R. C. Lindholm,
Provinces. AT. D., L. E. Allen, Umr Din,
Population: 115,843,791; churches, Mela Ram, Nabi Bakhsh, M. P.
16; members, 1,027. Sharma, Badr-Uddin, G. D.
Office Address: 17 Abbott Road, Bates, B. A. Howard, Harmon
Lucknow, India. Dass, Dayal Masih, Barhat Ma-
Officers: Biyare Lal, Mehnga,Mall.
Supt., G. G. Lowry. Missionary Licentiates:
Acting Supt., J. B. Conley. Thyra E. Sandberg, Miss M.
Sec. and Treas., C. A. Hart. Brewer (on furlough), Miss V.
Executive Committee: G. G. Chilton, H. C. Alexander, Miss
Lowry, C. A. Hart, F. H. Loasby, C. Carrau, C. Samuel, Mitthias,
H. C. Menkel, M. D., I. F. Blue, Daniel Lashkari, Nirmal Singh,
J. M. Steeves, 0. 0. Mattison, Alla Ditta (1), Prem Masih,
J. B. Conley, E. R. Streeter, R. Jhande Khan, Inayet Masih, Al-
P. Morris, M. P. Sharma. bert Chand, Barkat Masih (1),
Department Secretaries: Edward Gardner, Fazil Masih,
Labhu Mall, -H. F. Wesley, All
Educational, I. F. Blue. Ditta (2), Maish Dayal, Francis
Field Miss., J. AT. Hnatyshyn. Wray, Abdulla Khan, Faquir
Asst. Field Miss., M. H. Luqa.
Medical Miss., H. C. Menkel, Chand, Niha]la Singh, K. Peter,
M. D. Daulat Maish, Chirag Din, Sher
Home Miss., G. G. Lowry. Singh, Chander Sen.
Sabbath School, Miss T. E. Sand- Office Workers:
berg. AT. D. Joseph, Miss V. Janes,
Y. P. M. V., E. W. Pohlman. E. M. Todd, Mrs. R. J. Ritchie,
Hakim Din, Akbar Masih.
G. G. Lowry, I. F. Blue, C. C.
Belgrave, H. W. Carter, 0. 0. NORTH AGRA MISSION
Mattison, H. C. Menkel, M. D., (Organized as U. P. Mission 1919;
R. P. Morris, E. R. Streeter, Reorganized 1929)
J. B. Conley, F. H. Loasby, A. Stations: Hapur, Najibabad.

Officers: Licentiates.
Director, 0. 0. Mattison. R. C. Lindholm, M. D., L. E. Al-
Advisory Committee: 0. 0. Mat- len, Nabi Bakhsh, Umar Din,
tison, A. Gardner, P. K. Simpson, Mela Ram, Harnam Das, Dayal
M. G. Champion, J. M. Steeves, Masih, Mahnga Mall, Badr-Ud-
Sher Singh. din, Barkat Masih (2).
Indian Evangelists and Teachers:
Minister: 0. 0. Mattison. Paul Thomas, Labhu Mall, Na-
Licentiates: wab Din, K. Peters, Allah Ditta,
P. K. Simpson, B. A. Howard, (1), Alla Ditta (2), Inayat Ma-
G. D. Bates, Piyare Lal. sih, Matthias, Joseph Masih,
Indian Evangelists and Teachers: Chirag Din, Faquir Chand, Jhande
Nirmal Singh, Albert Chand, Khan, Barkat Masih, Fazil Ma-
Chander Sen, Sher Singh, E. D. sill, Daniel, Prem Masih, C. Sam-
Gardner, Nihalla, Francis Wray, uel, Munshi Ram, Samuel Rai,
Ghulam Masih, Alla Ditta, Ma- Sharif Din, Rosie Mall, Miss
sih Charran, Mrs. Masih Charran, Masih, B. M. Khan, Abdulla,
Elvina Singh, Grace Das, Rosa- Israel Din, Lahna Mall, Sohna
lina Francis, Jethy Mall, Mrs. Mall, Barkat Pira, Ruth, Subha,
Piyare Lal, Masih D'ayal, Mrs. Ghulam Jalani, Shah j(dmi: Be-
Masih Dayal, Sunder Das. gum, Bashir Benji Mall, AI iryam
Labhu Mall, Ahmad


Organized 1919 Stations: Lucknow, Cawnrnre. Al-
Stations: Chichoki Mallian, Chu- lahabad, Simla, Delhi.
harkana, Lahore, Sheikupura. Ministers:
Officers: H. C. Menkel, M. D., C. C. rel-
Director, . grave, J. B. Conley, F V.
Advisory Committee: R. P. Mor- Carter.
ris, E. R. Streeter,J. Ali Bakhsh, Licentiates:
F. II. Loasby, . C. Lindholm, A. E. Nelson, L. R. Reiss.14 7ig.
L. E. Allen, H. C. Alexander. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: Miss V. Chilton, Miss G. Carrau,
R. P. Morris, F. H. Loasby, E. R. Miss H. Coslick.
Streeter, J. A. Bakhsh, Viru Indian Evangelists:
B. Peter. H. F. Wesley.


Organized ign
Territory': The Madras Presidency Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
with its neighboring native states, Bangalore.
including such parts of Hydera- Office Address: 10 Cunningham
bad (Deccan) as are allied there- Road, Bangalore, South India.
to by language; Ceylon; the Mal- Officers:
dive and Lacadive groups. Supt., E. M. Meleen.
Population: 75,000,000; churches, Sec. and Treas., C. H. Mackett.
51; members, 2,111. Executive Committee: E. M. Me-

leen, C. H. Mackett, 0. A. Skau, Chapel, Garden Avenue, Colombo,

A. F. Jessen, D. W. Hunter, A. E. Ceylon.
Clark, D. W. Semmens, L. B. Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Losey, C. A. Boykin, T. V. Zech- "Adventist-Colombo."
ariah, V. D. Koilpillai, C. K.
Department Secretaries: Office Address: Pattam, Trivan-
Educational and Y. P. M. V., drum, South India..
L. B. Losey. Stations: Pattom, VattivoorcayoO,
Field Miss. and Home Miss, Adventpuram, Aruvicodo, Ara-
C. A. Boykin. mana, Cheriakolla, Kulathamal,
Medical, Dr. D. W. Semmens. Kunnamkulam, Karickam, Nun-
Sabbath School, T. Killoway. nathukal, Kackamoola, Kizhan-
Ministers: guvilla, Karamana. Kanjirako-
E. M. Meleen, L. B. Losey, A. E. nam, Kottayam, Mundavanmala,
Rawson, L. G. Mookerjee, H. Mylaudy, Meyannoor, Manchavi-
Christensen, A. M. Jesudawson, lakam, Manoor, Nedumangadu,
E. D. Wijesinghe, S. N. David, Parasala, Paruthipally, Palliman,
Ch. Devadass, H. Hansen, V. Pandarathara, Poojappura, Pa-
Isaac, J. Joshua, A. C. Jacob, lodu, Thalikunnu, Venniculam,
P. J. Kelly, D. W. Hunter, V. D. Vadacode.
Koilpillai, K. S. Peter. Officers:
Licentiates: Acting Supt., E. M. Meleen.
C. A. Boykin, C. K. John, A. F. Advisory Committee: E. M. Me-
Jessen, J. I. Fernando, E. R. leen, S. N. David, E. L. Gardner,
Osmunson. E. A. Thomas, G. P. Crussiah,
T. V. Zachariah, P. G. Thomason.
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
C. H. Mackett, F. W. Hill, T. S. N. David, J. Joshua, A. C.
Killoway, E. J. Henning, B. Jacob, K. S. Peter.
Isaac, A. D. Jonathan.
Other Workers: E. L. Gardner, M. Bhagiem, S.
S. J. Cuxton, I. K. Moses, V. V. Nallathampy, E. A. Thomas, T.
Krishnayya, Mrs. L. B. Losey, V. Zachariah.
14rs. L. G. Mookerjee, Mrs. E. J. Indian Workers:
!Henning, M. S. Prasadarao, Mrs. S. N. David, P. G. Thomason,
E. Rawson, C. N. John, Mrs. T. V. Zachariah, A. C. Jacob,
F. Jessen, J. Jayasundra. C. P. John, J. Joshua, A. Shad-
Out Stations Directly Under Union rack, K. S. Peter, M. C. Moses,
Administration: E. A. Thomas, K. R. Mathew,
India: Bangalore, Krishnaraja- D. Charles, S. Nallathampy, D.
puram, Kollegal, Kaliyur, Bus- Mary, P. Vedamuthu, Mrs. I.
tipuram, Hinduwadi, Mercara Samuel, G. P. Crussiah, L. C.
(Coorg). Charles, M. J. Japeth, A. I.
Ceylon: Colombo, Kottawa, Pan- Lazarus, V. Jacob, S. Nathaniel,
nipittiya, Moratuwa, Negam- S. Sastry, M. J. Laban, J. Ga-
bo, Hanwella, Dehiwala, Udu- briel, P. I. Manuel.
vil, Jaffna, Kandy.
COLOMBO STATION Stations: Madras, Pondicherry, Pal-
Address: Pastor-in-charge, Seventh - ikondai, Madura, Nagercoil, Ku-
day Adventist Mission, Bethel ruattoor, Trichinopoly, Karianan-

thal, Allagianalloor, Kalloorany, Officers:

Tuticorin, Nazareth, Sawyerpu- Superintendent, D. W. Hunter,
ram, Sarodu, Athur, Sanaivilla- Nuzvid, Kistna District, South
kam, Chellankonam, Eathavillai, India.
Adiya Mudalur, Palaniappapu- Advisory Committee: D. W.
ram, Podanur, Tirupur, Ootaca- Hunter, D. W. Semmens, P. J.
mund, Kannakarai, Mulachi, Ma- Kelly, N. Aaron, Ch. Devadass,
kamandapam. G. Isaiah, C. A. Randolph.
Officers: Ministers:
Director, 0. A. Skau, Kodaikanal, Charles Devadass, D. W. Hunter,
Madura District, South India. P. J. Kelly H. A. Hansen.
Advisory Committee: 0. A. Skau,
V. D. Koilpillai, E. D. Willmott, Licentiates:
C. A. W. Ritchie, S. Thomas, G. N. Aaron, M. P. Daniel, G. Isaiah,
Gurubatham, M. I. Pakkiana- R. J. Moses, A. E. Clark, M. D.,
than. F. W. Hill, C. A. Randolph,
Ministers: D. W. Semmens, M. D.
0. A. Skau, S. Thomas, V. Isaac, Missionary Licentiates:
V. D. Koilpillai, C. A. W. Ritchie. Emma Binder, Beatrice Gore,
Licentiates: Emma Hughes, M. D., Miss G.
E. D. Willmott, K. G. Samuel, Hurd.
C. John, Job Miller, N. Vinaya- Indian Workers:
gam, M. I. Pakkianathan, G.
Gurubatham, G. Thomas. N. Aaron, G. Isaiah, M. B. Israel,
Indian Workers: P. Sundarao, Mrs. P. Sundarao,
V. D. Koilpillai, V. Isaac, K. G. J. V. Henry, M. B. Laban, B.
Samuel, S. Thomas, Job Miller, Solomon, K. Mariamma, C. John,
A. Selvanayagam, C. John, N. C. William, T. Datchinamurthy,
Vinayagam, P. Devasahayarn, S. Mrs. J. Cole, J. Devadhason, P.
K. Arumnayagam, G. Guruba- Asirvatham, M. J. Mercy, G. A.
tham, Rebecca Samuel, S. Seeni- Anandam, Y. Daniel, C. Gnan-
vasagam, John Samuel, P. K. namma, M. Lucas, T. John, P.
David, Mrs. G. Arulmoney, G. Kunjamma, L. B. Devasigamoney,
Thomas, C. Moses, M. I. Pakkia- A. Grace, N. Isaiah, 0. Israel, M.
nathan, Mrs. N. Koilpillai, G. Jacob, K. Joseph, J. David, P.
Vethamoney, A. M. Job, M. Jacob, R. John Charles, C. Deva-
Amirthan, Y. Vethanonickam. sahayam, G. N. Solomon, K. Sol-
Sustentation: Mrs. Annamal, C. omon, P. J. Kelly, E. S. Eswarao,
G. Isaac, Mrs. Ponnamal, Mrs. R. Daniel, G. A. Devanandam,
Joseph, Mrs. Ponniah, G. San- Ruth, Russellamma, U. J. Mar-
thanam, A. Yesudian. tha, R. Kanthamma, M. J. Ne-
hemiah, R. John Moses, Rahe-
lamma, R. Gnanamma, K. Sat-
TELUGU MISSION yanandam, P. Moses, K. Joseph,
Stations: Guntur, Bezawada, Nan- D. Samuel, M. Yesurathhanm,
digama, Chandalapadu, Keesara, M. J. Nehemiah, R. John Moses,
Madlfavaram, Nuzvid, Narsapur, M. H. Daniel, G. C. Joseph, M.
Rustumbada, Woodpeta, Rajah- Benjamin, S. Joseph, M. Venna-
mundry, Lakavaram, Anthravedi, tareddy, E. Furnell, S. Furnell,
Sreerangapatnam, Mirthupadu, Subramoneyam, M. Alice, Yaga-
Mandapeta, Rayyavaram, Bob- ramma, Mrs. Devasikhamoney,
bili, Moghal Rajapuram, Yedithi, K. R. Matthew, R. J. Ananda
Gudapalli, Hanumadhagudem. Rao, P. Devadanam, G. Devadass.
Organized 1929
Territory: The Bombay Presidency, GUJERAT SECTION
and Hyderabad State related Address: S. D. A. Mission, Civil
thereto by language; Wardha, Lines, Surat, India.
Nagpur, Chanda, Bhandara, Ama- Minister: T. K. Ludgate, S. D. A.
raoiti, Akola, Buldanam and Missidn, Civil Lines, Surat, India.
Yeotmal Districts of the Central Licentiates:
Provinces; Baroda, and other Dr. G. A. Nelson, Civil Lines,
adjacent States. Surat, India.
Population: 46,779,962; churches, J. Macwan.
11; members, 564. Missionary Licentiates:
Post Office Address: Box 38, Poona, P. Phasge, C. K. Rathord.
Supt., N. C. Wilson. CITY OF KARACHI
Sec. and Treas., A. E. Nelson. Minister: 0. W. Nolda, 27, McNeil
Executive Committee: N. C. Wil- Road, Karachi, India.
son, W. H. McHenry, L. C. Shep-
ard, R. E. Loasby, F. E. Spies, KALYAN SECTION
T. K. Ludgate, R. H. Pierson,
Dr. G. A. Nelson. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kalyan,
Department Secretaries: Director: 0. W. Lange.
Educational, F. E. Spiess. Licentiate: Daniel Bunsode.
Field Miss., L. C. Shepard. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., R. H. Pierson. K. E. Bunsode, H. Khajekar,
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. H. D. P. Borge.
McHenry. Bible Worker: Hannabai Ranade.
Y. P. M. V., T. J. Michael.
W. H. McHenry, J. B. Carter,
0. W. Nolda, T. K. Ludgate, C. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Hat-
C. Cantwell, R. E. Loasby, F. E. kanagle, Kolhapur State, India.
Spiess, R. H. Pierson. Director: W. H. McHenry.
Licentiates: Other Indian Workers:
0. W. Lange, Dr. G. A. Nelson. B. Narde, V. Shinde, Dayabai
Missionary Licentiates: Gaikwad, S. S. Pandit.
Miss F. Tuckey, Mrs. D. M. Gar-
Address: Western Indian Mission
BOMBAY SECTION Training School, Lasalgaon, Na-
Address: 11 Club Back Road, By- sik Dist., India.
culla, Bombay, India. Established 1920 (Anglo-Marathi
Minister: R. H. Pierson. High School, 10th standard.)
Minister: F. E. Spiess.
Licentiate: 0. W. Lange. School Staff:
Missionary Licentiates: Principal, F. E. Spiess.
Mrs. D. M. Garton, Miss F. Teachers: C. Alexander, Mrs. J.
Tuckey. David, S. B. Devade, S. Khan-

F. E. Spiess, D. N. maung, Shwegon P. 0., via

Ohol, Mrs. Ally, W. McHenry. Maulmein, Burma.
Industries: Malayalam High School, Kot-
Farming: tarakara, South Travancore,
In charge Sadanand Khanda- South India.
gale. Meiktila Training School, Meik-
tila, Burma.
NAGPUR SECTION Myaungmya Primary School,
Address: Homi House, Station .Mo So Kwin Road, Myaung-
Road, Nagpur, India. mya, Burma.
Director: R. E. Loasby. Narsapur High School, S. D. A.
Minister: R. E. Loasby. High School, Narsapur, West
Godavary, South India. (Tel-
ugu Mission.)
NEVASA SECTION North Agra Mission School, S.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Nevasa, D. A. Mission, Hapur, U. P.,
Ahmednagar Dist.,India. India.
Director: W. H. McHenry. Northeast India Mission Training
Minister: W. H. McHenry. School Baragain, Ranchi, In-
Missionary Licentiates: dia.
R. K. Aswale, P. Bunsode, B. V. Northwest India Union Training
Nirmal, 0. B. Pakhre, T. B. Pak- School, The Retreat, Roorkee,
hre, J. Walekar, P. Shinde. India.
Bible Worker: Gracebai Bhakre. Prakasapuram High School, S. D.
A. Mission High School, Pra-
kasapuram, Mukupeeri Post,
POONA SECTION Tinnevelly District, South In-
Address: Post Box 35, Poona, dia.
India. Punjab Mission Boy's School,
Director: R. B. Thurber. Chuharkana, N. W. Ry., Pun-
Minister: jab, India.
Missionary Licentiate: Punjab Mission Girl's School,
B. J. Hivale. Chichoki Mallian, District
Marathi Church School Teacher: Sheikhpura, India.
A. L. Wood. Rangoon Primary School, 30
Voyle Road, Rangoon, Burma.
INSTITUTIONS IN SOUTHERN Santali-Hindi Girls' School, S. D.
ASIA DIVISION A. Mission, Baburnohal, P. 0.
Educational: Simultata, E. I. Ry., India.
Bengali Co-Educational Middle South India Union Training
English Boarding School, S. D. School, Krishnarajapuram,
A. Mission, P. 0. Gopalgunj, Bangalore District, Mysore
Faridpur District, East Ben- State, South India.
gal, India. Vincent Hill School and Junior
Calcutta Church Primary School, College, Mussoorie, India.
30 Park St., Calcutta, India. Western India Mission Training
English Secondary School and School, S. D. A. Mission, Lasal-
Singhalese Elementary School, gaon, G. I. P. Ry., India.
Kottawa, Pannipittiya, Ceylon. Publishing:
Hindi-Santali Elementary School, Oriental Watchman Publishing
S. D. A. Mission, Karmatar, House, Post Box 35, Poona,
E. I. Ry., India. India; with depots at Banga-
Karen Mission School, Kama- lore, Lucknow, Rangoon.

MEDICAL sion, Hapur, Meerut District,

Hospitals and Sanitariums: India.
Bobbili Mission Hospital of S. D. Htugyi Dispensary, S. D. A. Mis-
A., Bobbili, Vizagapatam Dis- sion, Htugyi, Burma.
trict, Chichoki Mallian, N. W. Juzzuru Dispensary, Juzzuru,
Ry., India. Nandigama Taluk, Kistna Dis-
Giffard Mission Hospital of S. trict, South India.
D. A., Nuzvid, Kistna District, Kamamaung Dispensary, Kama-
South India. ma,ung, Shwegon P. 0., via
Jalirpar Hospital, S. D. A. Mis- Maulmein, Burma.
sion Hospital, P. 0. Jalirpar, Karmatar Dispensary, S. D. A.
District Faridpur, Bengal, Mission, Karmatar, P.O. (S.P.)
India. E. I. Ry., India.
Narsapur Mission Hospital, Nar- Kottarakara Dispensary, S. D. A.
sapur, West Godavary, South Mission, Kottarakara, Travan-
India. core, South India.
Simla-Delhi Sanitarium Hydro-