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SECUNDUR design floor attractive, coloured



SECUNDUR - a factory produced, The SECUNDUR surface is repeatedly KORODUR Westphal Hartbeton
ready to use, on request coloured, mechanically smoothed until a shiny GmbH & Co. KG, works Wattenscheid
cement screed for the production of texture appears. Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
decorative screeds in a layer thickness At the end of the setting phase the
of 25 up to a maximum of 70 mm surface is smoothed using power float PACKAGING / STORAGE
depending on the construction. until closure of pores is achieved. 25 kg special paper bags,
In case of need some areas may be to be stored dry like cement,
SECUNDUR - to be installed in one dampen again (fine spray fog as less shelf-life approx. 6 months.
layer according to as possible -) and floated again thus
- DIN 18560-2 screeds and heating to intensify the effect of cloud HINTS
screeds on insulation layer formation and the marble surface Our recommendation for application
appearance. All edges have to be techniques are based on our experiences.
- DIN 18560-3 screeds in compound It is recommended to adapt processing and
with KORODUR Bonding intensively smoothed by hand.
material quantities to the given local
Compound HB 5 conditions and we refer in this context to
For higher stress, e.g. increased
- DIN 18560-4 screeds on separation our general terms of sale and delivery.
pedestrian traffic we recommend the Hairline crack formation respectively
layer quality SECUNDUR HF (high-strength) deformation by shrinkage on principle
- see back. cannot be excluded with the Secundur
System (coloured cement screed) and thus
beige, olive, red, anthracite, cement- POLISHED OPTICS are not considered as defect.
grey For polished surface finish, the Coloured products are exclusively produced
smoothed SECUNDUR surface is from natural raw materials. Thus colour
AREAS OF APPLICATION repeatedly polished up to 5 times deviations cannot be excluded. The printed
residential buildings (rough and fine polishing). colour may deviate from the original colour
public buildings The grain structure of the SECUNDUR
shade. Test areas are recommended.
office and administration buildings material becomes visible (terrazzo
schools These products contain cement and have
appearance). After polishing the an alkaline reaction with moisture/water.
exposition halls surface is repeatedly cleaned with Therefore protect hands and eyes. In case
water using a cleaning machine with of contact with eyes consult doctor.
brush head.
SECUNDUR - applied as screed in per January 2008
compound, acc. to DIN 18560-3, FIRST TREATMENT
on existing sub-base which has to be To achieve a long-lasting and
load bearing, clean, free from attractive optical appearance, a first
contamination/ separation layers (base treatment of the surface is required,
concrete min. C 25/30). which should be done after sufficient
drying and setting (at least 21 days)
Before application: pre-wetting of the and after thorough cleaning of the
sub-base, avoiding the formation of surface. There are different products
puddles. available on request.
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SECUNDUR for the production of decorative screeds

acc. to DIN 18560 CT C35 F5

SECUNDUR construction examples

SECUNDUR heating screed on insulation layer acc. to DIN 18560 part 2
an innovation of the house
KORODUR first treatment
SECUNDUR layer thickness minimum
SECUNDUR convices by its 45 mm laid over heating element up to
- technology thickness of maximum 70 mm
- quality covering
- design insulation layer

TECHNICAL DATA load bearing sub-base

Raw material basis: special binding acc. to DIN 18560 part 2 line 4.1
agents, specially selected aggregates:
grain mix: 0 - 8 mm
layer thickness: from 25 to 70 mm
depending on the construction
(see demands acc. to DIN 18560) SECUNDUR screed in compound acc. to DIN 18560 part 3
consumption: ca. 2,1 kg/m2/mm
first treatment
fire grading: A1fl
acc. to DIN EN 13501/1 SECUNDUR layer thickness minimum
25 mm up to maximum 50 mm
processing temperature: 5 C
qualified for chair castors: yes KORODUR Bonding Compound HB 5

load bearing sub-base

acc. to DIN 18560 part 3 line 4.1


beige olive red anthracite

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