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September 2017


1801 East Second Street
Defiance, OH 43512 Church Office Email:
Rev. Timothy Reynolds, Pastor rcasler@zionslutheranchurch.com
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Fax: 419-782-6719

Random living
Well, here we are at the end of a group of writings on the liturgy. In the past months we have
reviewed the structure of Lutheran liturgy, the theology behind it, and different parts of the litur-
gy (the creed, hymns, scriptures, etc.). With this final installment on the liturgy, we look at the
why question Why do we do the liturgy every week?
The first answer to that question comes easy we do the liturgy the same way every week because we are
Lutheran, and change is difficult! Maybe thats a bit wrong, but not completely.
As Lutherans, we realize that the human mind has a tendency to forget easily. Things and events fight daily
to tear us away from the Churchs focus on Jesus. We come together each week to be reminded who and
whose we are! We are children of God through Jesus Christ, claimed and sealed by Gods promised Holy
Just this week I passed two older sisters with their toddler sister. As they walked, the two older sisters total-
ly disregarded their younger sister as they stared at their phones as if the devices would give them all the
answers of the world. They crossed street after street without looking up from the phones, without regard
to their little sister who tripped a few times and enjoyed the birds or the occasional stray cat. Whatever was
on the phone could not have been as important as their younger sisters life with them yet, they ignored
Liturgy brings us back to reality. It reminds us what is important. The liturgy focuses us on Jesus.
The second reason is not so clear, so a story can help
For August 10, I read a devotional written by a cancer survivor. Since his diagnosis and fight against cancer,
he began journaling. Eventually, he wrote a book the Book of Awakening. I have read it off and on
throughout the years. When I picked it up recently, I realized it spoke a reality about the liturgy. The author,
Mark Nepo, writes:
Random is the instant a horse at full speed has all four hooves off the ground.
This is the original meaning of the word. It refers to the mystery of unbridled passion, to the
lift that results from total immersion and surrender. In our age, however, random means without de-
sign, method, or purpose. It refers to utter chance, It helps us dismiss whatever appears to be be-
yond the control of our will. If we didnt author it, it must be accidental
Liturgy is random! It helps us to enter into a space that allows us, like a horse at full gallop, to run passion-
ately toward God! The often rote motions that we go through in worship help us to surrender to our pas-
sions to God, and to run with God.

(Rev Timothy Reynolds continued on page 4)

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Gods Work, Our Hands Sunday
September 10
Gods work. Our hands. Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our
neighbor. Since 2013, thousands of ELCA congregations have participated in this opportunity and
dedicated one day to serve communities in ways that share the love of God with all people
Join us for worship at 9:45 a.m. followed by a potluck lunch bring your favorite dish to sharethen
join in the activities! We will be packing school kits and personal care kits for Lutheran World Relief
(see article below); baking cookies for our college students, area first responders and for our
Wednesday Night Meals; packing care packages for our college students; and hosting a free laundry
day (see page 3).maybe more!
Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board please let us know how you will use Your
Hands to do Gods Work!
Cookie Mixers and Bakers needed Again this year we will hold a Cookie Bake as
part of our Gods Work Our Hands Sunday. We invite you to donate a pre-mixed batch
or two of your favorite cookie doughand join in the baking and packaging fun! The cookies will be
distributed in care packages for our college students, to area first responders, and to stock the pan-
try freezer for Wednesday Night meals. Sign up today! See Laurie Schey if you have any questions.


Back- to-school shopping is in full swing, and you will be seeing some fantas-
tic sales on school supplies. Donations of specific supplies are needed for one
of our God's Work. Our Hands projects - the making and assembling of
School Kits to be shipped to Lutheran World Relief. We need 16 of each of the following
itemsblunt end scissors, pkg of blue or black pens, manual pencil sharpener, pack of 2.5 pink
erasers, 70 sheet notebooks, 24 pack crayons, 12 rulers with centimeters, boxes of a dozen
#2 pencils. Sign- up sheets are posted on the Narthex bulletin board - please sign up soon, so
we can plan for the sewing of the backpack bags.


Personal Care Kits will be assembled and shipped to Lutheran World Relief, as one of our pro-
jects for God's Work. Our Hands Day. Please sign up on the Narthex bulletin board to donate
items. We need 16 of each: dark color bath towel, nail clippers, adult size toothbrush, 2-3 bars
soap (8-9 oz. total), and a sturdy comb. Please note - we are given specific instructions from
LWR as to what items are to be included. Please read over the instructions posted on the bul-
letin board before shopping and donating.

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Free Laundry Day
A Pay it Forward Ministry of To prepare for Sep-
Zions Lutheran Church tember... we espe-
Sunday, September 10, 2017 cially need mens
1:00 pm3:00 pm and womens shav-
Spin City Laundromat ing cream, mens disposable razors,
804 Ralston Ave. laundry detergent, dish detergent, liquid
hand soap, and adult disposable briefs
Sharing Gods Love, one load at a time!
The second Wednesday of each month
Guided by Grace, Encouraged by Faith, is distribution night. Pre-packaged bags
Strengthened by God of necessities will be handed out to each
*$ and Supplies Provided *
family. Please clip the included shop-
*Limit of 2 loads per family until all are served,
ping list and keep it handy if you would
like to help us continue to stock the pan-
Monetary Donations needed
SUNDAY Innkeepers shopping list:
Laundry Detergent
SCHOOL NEWS Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
After a SUMMER of refreshing ourselves with Facial Tissues
family time, vacations, travel, Bible School, Dish Soap
and other leisure activities, we INVITE our All Purpose Cleaner
young people to join us beginning September Bleach
10th at 9:00-9:40 to focus on learning more Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
about Jesus and his teachings. Deodorant
We provide lessons that correlate with the Bar Soap
Lectionary each Sunday along with activities Shampoo
(fun and academic). Disposable Razors
We WELCOME our young people, their Shaving Cream
friends and neighbors to join us. Feminine Hygiene Products

If there is anyone interested in becoming a Disposable Diapers

Baby wipes
part of our team please let us know or just
We also accept volunteers & monetary do-
join us! SEE YOU SOON!

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(Rev Timothy Reynolds continued from page 1) Thank you so much for supporting me
and my surgical mission trip to Ouana-
In the book The Shack, the main character frolics in minthe, Haiti. Because of your contri-
a garden with the Holy Spirit completely oblivious butions, we were able to buy Bibles
to the cares and woes of life that have for so long for seniors at a local school, provide
weighed him down. It is only after he has entered post-operation food for patients, send
into this passionate frolicking with God that he be- supplies down early, and help with my personal
comes able to let go of all those things that had held costs of getting there! Your support made a big
him back from God. difference and was greatly appreciated!
Thats why the liturgy is important it centers us; it Thanks again!
frees us to let go and let God
Abbie Joy
Pr. Tim

September 2017 Lent Outreach Projects Update

Thank you to everyone for their generous
September 2 & 3 Pentecost 13
Jeremiah 15:15-21 support of this years Lent Outreach Project!
Psalm 26:1-8 The 4 projects have been completedhere
Romans 12:9-21 are the results:
Matthew 16:21-28
1) Shopped for and donated over $200 in
September 9 & 10 Pentecost 14 baby items; clothing and other supplies.
Ezekiel 33:7-11
Psalm 119:33-40
Thank you Cyndi Ensign for shopping!
Romans 13:8-14 2) Donated $200 to the Activity Fund at Fill-
Matthew 18:15-20 ing Memorial Home.
September 16 & 17 Pentecost 15 3) Shopped for and donated over $200
Genesis 50:15-21 worth of activity, therapy, and kitchen sup-
Psalm 103:1-13 pliesThank you to Patty & Steve VanDe-
Romans 14:1-12
Matthew 18:21-35
mark for delivering!
4) Shopped for and donated 20 Twin Size
September 23 & 24 Pentecost 16 Comforter sets to Comprehensive Crisis
Jonah 3:10-4:11
Psalm 145:1-8 Unit.
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20:1-16


We are in need of a volunteer board mem- We are in need of 46
ber for the Innkeepers. The Board general- ounce juice cans.
ly meets 2-3 times per year. Please contact
Please give clean,
Laurie Schey, Donna Schindler, or Shawn
Faryniarz if you are willing to serve on the empty cans to Fern
Innkeepers Board. Beindorf.

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Maumee Valley Conference
Women of the ELCA
Fall Retreat
Saturday October 7, 2017
Emanuel Lutheran, Napoleon

500 Years of Gods Grace in Action

Speaker Ruth Ann Anderson

Herr Katie, Morning Star of Wittenberg Winners of the Lutheran Ministries of
First person narrative of Katherina van Bora Luther Mercy golf outing for a mixed team
were l-r: Cindy Wendell, Bill Wen-
additional information is on
dell, Tom Boals, and Neal Deniston.
the bulletin board


All members should be aware of their deacon and hopefully have met him or her to discuss any concerns
or questions you may have had. Your deacons have a sincere interest in serving your needs and encourage you
to bring your needs to the attention of Pastor, the deacon group or council whichever is appropriate. In turn,
we trust you have an equally sincere interest in getting to know your deacon as a present and future friend and
confidant. We also want to emphasize the importance of speaking with Pastor whenever the need arises. He
wants to know your concerns to help provide a solution or answers to your questions. He remains the best re-
source within our congregation to share wisdom and knowledge. Deacons are not exempt from having a dea-
con of their own. At times we need someone willing to listen and we turn to our deacon. In our bi-monthly
meetings, the nine deacons discuss a variety of topics concerning the spiritual welfare of the congregation.
Most importantly we are available for you when your needs might require someone to talk with other than Pas-
tor Tim. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the members of Zions Lutheran Church and we encour-
age you to reach out to your deacon whenever the need arises. Please call the church office for any assistance.
Dick Anderson

Operation Christmas Child

Get Ready Get Set SHOP EARLY !!
Well be filling boxes of gifts for children once again this year. Even though it is early,
take advantage of sales when you see them! We will complete this project in mid-
November. SHOPPING LIST IDEAS: Toys: cars, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls, toys
that light up and make noise (with extra batteries), etc. School Supplies: pens,
pencils and sharpeners, crayons, markers, notebooks, paper, solar calculators, color-
ing and picture books, etc. Non-liquid Hygiene Items: toothbrushes, bar soap,
combs, washcloths, etc. Accessories: T-shirts, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches, flashlights
(with extra batteries), etc. Crafts: Make your own items such as hair bows, finger puppets, and friendship
bracelets. A Personal Note: You may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your family. If you
include your name and address, the child may be able to write back. Do Not Include: Used or damaged
items; war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; chocolate or food; out-of-date candy; liq-
uids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans.

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Women of the ELCA
I was very privileged to attend the 10th Triennial Convention & Gathering for the Women of the
ELCA as an elected delegate. This was my second one and it was just as enjoyable and enlightening
as the first. It was held in Minneapolis with the theme All Anew.

The convention is the business portion. Election of new officers and board members, approval
of the budget, constitution changes, etc. The president is Lisa Plorin from North Dakota. The secre-
tary is Freddie Jordan from Columbus OH. The other officers and board members are from across the
country. The budget was approved at $3,123,231.
Minor wording changes were made to the constitution. Worship services and bible study were also
part of the convention with Bishop Eaton preaching.

The gathering has many speakers, workshops, and service events. Some facts and figures:
3300 attended, $19,000 was received in gift cards, 56 quilts were made during those 3-1/2 days, 182
quilt kits were put together, and 242 Days for Girls kits were also assembled. 5850 labyrinths were
pre-made by many women and circles and distributed to all attending both the convention and gather-
ing. $64,000 was collected in offerings and was used to support human trafficking Cherish All Chil-
dren and PV (photovoltaic solar array) for Phebe Hospital in Liberia. What many can do together.

Rev. Elizabeth Eaton was also a speaker during the gathering as well as Kelly Fryer who is cur-
rently CEO of the Southern Arizona YWCA and spoke on immigration issues, Rev. Alexia Salvatierra
an ELCA pastor and national leader in areas of poverty and immigration, and Leymah Gbowee a
peace activist from Liberia and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Some thoughts from the speakers are:

All Anew is not a celebration but a process
We cant help other countries when we cant help ourselves
True apathy is to be in someones corner
Cant help someone if you see them as an object not a human being
God created ONE people
We each have a call God puts us in the car & gives us the key all we have to do is drive
Do not disengage (ignore issues or situations)
We are so asleep we dont see how the rest of the world lives
See individual as an angel of God brother & sister one body in Christ
Decide to be good not nice
Good does what matters good loves everyone
Nice walks over everything doesnt speak up

There was a lot to absorb

The next weekend after I returned was the Northwestern Ohio Synodical Women of the ELCA conven-
tion. The newly elected president is Michelle Schaffer from Norwalk.

Sue McKibben

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Fellowship You may watch Zions Lutheran Wor-
SCHEDULE meets every Tuesday ship services on Wednesdays @ 6:00
Saturday 5:00 pm at 9:00 a.m. in the p.m. on DCTV 5 Defiance, OH. Sched-
ules are subject to change. Go to
Sunday 9:45 am Narthex
www.dctv.org for up to date schedule.

Worship and The Book

Sisters in Christ Music Group
Sisters in Christ will meet Committee meets on
after worship on Sept. 17 Will meet on Sept. Monday, Sept. 11 at 12:00 p.m.
14. Location at Kissners.
The following Sunday, cards
to be an- The Reading List is posted on
will be signed in the Narthex. nounced. the Narthex Bulletin Board.

Young at Heart Scrapbook Club

meets on WEDNESDAY, Will meet Sept. 2, in the
September 13. Hofer Room at 8:00 a.m.
at 11:30 am, at Leftys Pizza Please bring a snack to share.


Lutherans of &
Long Standing Tea Every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.
(unless otherwise noted)
Meets on On sale throughout the year!!!!
2:00 p.m. Breakfast Blend $ 8.00
in the Library. Decaf Breakfast Blend $ 9.00
September 18th
English Breakfast Tea $ 3.00

CHANCEL & BELL CHOIRS Please remember to call the church office when:
1. You will be or have already moved.
Chancel Choir will begin practices 2. You have an addition to your family.
on September 6 at 7:00 p.m. 3. You have an address update and/or correction, or
Bells will begin practices on Sep- birthday correction.
tember 13 at 6:00 p.m. 4. New email address and/or phone number.

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September 2017
1 2
8:00 a Weight
8:00 a Scrapbook
5:00 p Worship

3 4 5 6 7 8 9
9:00 a Mens 7:00 a Women @
9:45 a Worship OFFICE CLOSED Fellowship Cabin Fever 8:00 a Weight
8:30 p AA LABOR DAY 9:30 a Weight 9:00 a Bulletin An- 5:00 p TOPS Watchers
Watchers nouncements due
1:00 p Text Study 5:30 p Meal 5:00 p Worship
8:00 p Barber-
2:00 p LLS 7:00 p Chancel Choir
5:00 p Lighten Up

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
7:00 a Women @ 12:00 p Worship
9:00 a Sunday Pastors Day 9:00 a Mens Cabin Fever & Music 8:00 a Weight
School Off Fellowship 9:00 a Bulletin An- Watchers
9:00 a 1st Year Con- 12:00 p Book 9:30 a Weight nouncements due
firmation Class Group at Kiss- Watchers 11:30 a Young at 5:00 p TOPS
9:45 a Worship ners 1:00 p Text Study Heart at Leftys 5:00 p Worship
11:15 Potluck 5:00 p Lighten Up 5:00 p Pantry Distri-
12:00 GWOH Project 8:00 p Barber- 7:00 p NAMI bution
Day shoppers 5:30 p Meal
8:30 p AA 6:00 p 2nd Year Con-
firmation Class
6:00 p Bells
7:00 p Chancel Choir

17 18 19 20 21 22 23
9:00 a Sunday School 9:00 a Mens 7:00 a Women @
9:00 a 1st Year Con- Pastors Day Fellowship Cabin Fever 8:00 a Weight
firmation Class Off 9:30 a Weight 9:00 a Bulletin An- 5:00 p TOPS Watchers
9:45 a Worship 2:00 p NEWSLET- Watchers nouncements due
TER DEADLINE 1:00 p Text Study 5:30 p Meal 7:00 p Council 5:00 p Worship
11:00 a Sisters in
5:00 p Lighten Up 6:00 p 2nd Year Con-
8:00 p Barber- firmation Class
8:30 p AA
shoppers 6:00 p Bells
7:00 p Chancel Choir

24 25 26 27 28 29 30
7:00 a Women @
9:00 a Sunday School Pastors Day 9:00 a Mens Cabin Fever 8:00 a Weight
9:00 a 1st Year Con- Off Fellowship 9:00 a Bulletin An- 5:00 p TOPS Watchers
firmation Class 9:30 a Weight nouncements due
9:45 a Worship Watchers 5:30 p Meal 7:00 p Deacons 5:00 p Worship
8:00 p Barber-
11:00 a Sign Cards 1:00 p Text Study 6:00 p 2nd Year Con-
8:30 p AA 5:00 p Lighten Up firmation Class
6:00 p Bells
7:00 p Chancel Choir

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Faith Active in Love September 2017

ALTAR FLOWERS +++ see below OFFERING COLLECTORS for Sunday 9:45 am
3 AVAILABLE 1st Sunday Sue McKibben & Cyndi Ensign
10 Bill & Cindy Wendell 2nd Sunday Angela Mack & Randy Groll
17 Gaylon & Elaine Davis 3rd Sunday Cindy Wendell & Sue McKibben
24 Susan McNeely 4th Sunday Marsha Leaders & Angela Mack
BULLETINS +++ see below 5th Sunday Randy Groll & Sue McKibben
3 AVAILABLE USHERS for Sunday 9:45 am
10 Bill & Cindy Wendell 1st Sunday John & Frances Diehl
17 Judy Mekus 2nd Sunday Laurie & Dwaine Schey
24 AVAILABLE 3rd Sunday Shawn & Mark Faryniarz
ALTAR DUTY 4th Sunday Sue McKibben
3 Cindy Wendell 5th Sunday Youth
10 Lois Dodt
17 Sue McKibben
24 Kate Frank Gene Vogel, Larry Wagner & Steve Graf.
Subs: Bob Thomas, Bill Wendell, Sue McKibben,
FELLOWSHIP HOUR for Sunday 9:45 am Tom Boals
3 Linda & Orville Hardy
10 Karen Bowling AUDIO-VISUAL
17 Marsha & Neal Deniston Doug Eis, Eric Engel, Stormy Gutman, Angela
24 Fern & Ott Beindorf Mack, Luke Reynolds.

LECTOR & DEACON for Sunday 9:45 am

3 * John Diehl & Cindy Wendell MITMENT, PLEASE ARRANGE FOR A SUBSTI-
10 Marion Hanson
LECTOR & DEACON for Saturday 5:00 pm
2 * Doug Eis MENTS to be printed in the bulletin should be
9 Helena Morris sent to the church office AT LEAST one week
16 * Eric Engel BEFORE the assigned date; and NO LATER
23 AVAILABLE than the Monday before. PLEASE !!! Earlier is
30 * Dawn McKibben always better.


Suggested donation for are due before 9:00 a.m. Wednesday mornings,
bulletins is $20.00. unless otherwise noted on the calendar.

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Driven by Gods spirit we will grow in faith and make Christs love known

DEACONS Prayer List

Dick Anderson Church Council has en-
Tom Boals acted a policy regarding
Find us and Like us we need more
John Diehl the names placed on
followers to spread the word! Are you
Audrey Eis the church prayer list in
friends with a former member? invite
Doug Eis them too we love staying in contact!
the bulletin. If you
Eric Engel Have a question about an upcoming would like prayers on
Dawn McKibben event? you may find your answer. the list for longer than
And, you can add your comments, too! 3 weeks, please make
Patty VanDemark
(If you have trouble searching type in another request. Re-
Cindy Wendell Zions Lutheran Defiance and that quests can be sent to
should find it for you). If you would like the church office via
COUNCIL MEMBERS to post an event you may email it to
phone 419-782-8781 or
2017 by email at: rcasler@
Laurie Schey, President zionslutheranchurch.
Angela Mack, V-President com
Gwen Anderson, Treasurer
Cindy Wendell, Secretary OFFICE HOURS
John Diehl
Lenore Doctor
Monday - Thursday
Audrey Eis
Shawn Faryniarz 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Marion Hanson
Carl Snyder
Steve VanDemark
Office Secretary - rcasler@zionslutheranchurch.com
COUNCIL MEETS ON Pastor - prtim@zionslutheranchurch.com
the third Thursday of each month
(except July) at 7:00 p.m. Website - www.zionslutheranchurch.com

Get your copy in the church narthex!

Devotional Books : The Upper Room

Christ in Our Home and Word in Season

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