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fallen ang

gel creeator
Eggo driven manns law heart driven and intuitivve
corruptible: hell
Self-evideent: heaven
Satan G

Case law
l / opinionn / statutory COM MMON LAW W Goldden Rule
on Test off logic / intellect Trreat others as wish to be treeated

Honor / Dishhonor COMM MERCIAL LA AW Giive everythingg and take whhat is

ccapitalism/fasscism (admirallty/maritime law)
l n
needed: sociaalism end user
ownerrship/adverse possession T of Ego
Test Reap whhat is sown
pay to plaay

Noahidde / Talmud / Sharia .. etc ECCLE

ESICTIAL LA AW Alll works done in ____s nam me for
ment for idolaatry and other Teest of Heart ______s glory forr if ____ receiives the
sins benefit, _____ allso bears the burden

One gooes thru hell to

get to heaven

Teest of mettle
In whosee graces one seeks

Armss stretched downward in Arms stretcheed upward givving

suubjugated serrvitude praise to heaven
h alone

2 jurisdicttions running side by side concurrently and thru all 3 forms of laww simultaneouusly all under
contract (via free willl) between thhe creator [D
Declaration of
o Independennce: private trrust assets] annd the
fallen anngel [Constituution: public trust assets] one is the incidental

The Decllaration is foounded upon Job 32:21-222 and the Consstitution [the Public] operaates in accorddance
with Job the public is Satans woorld of which God promiseed him he couuld rule and we w assure the
fulfillmennt on that prom
mise through the sacrificee of our salvvation [our usufruct]
u to thhe public throough
[ with
h a firm reliannce upon diviine Providencce in support of
o the Declaraation and in doing
d so,
j so Satan can
the publicc [Satan] will ensure one iss free from ddis-ease whille one remainns down here just
continue to
t temp one public / state [everyone and everythinng other than you] is the iintended beneeficiary

good ... evvil ... those arre "judgmentss" one is not "authorized"
" t render as thhat is "God's jurisdiction"
to j a his
alone ... thhe tree of knoowledge of goood and evil iss the tree of juudgment and judge not lesst ye be judgeed ... the
curse uponn the sons and d daughters of
o Adam ... the fruit of the sin [genesis 3]3 and Abrahaam's bloodlinne is the
heir for hee put his only y son on the alltar but God spared
s the sonn because the son was a "ggift from god"" and
finally, Good sent his o only begotten son [Christ]] to redeem thhe sins of the rest of man too create a moore
"perfect union
u [Christt consciousness] within maan .... as we arre all here to learn to be ccreators