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1. Future History .................................................. 03 3. Around the Block ............................................. 38
2. Prime Estate ..................................................... 10 4. Business Unusual ............................................. 49
5. Culture Shock ................................................... 55


Writer, Designer & Editor - John Caliber

Artwork - Brian Bolland (p2, 4, 25), John Burns (p12),

John Caliber (p14-15), Steve Dillon (p7, 37),
Peter Doherty (p57), Carlos Ezquerra (p6, 8, 11, 23, 28,
33, 35, 58, 60), Henry Flint (p21, 36), Ian Gibson (p13, 28, 34, 35,
47-48, 51), John Higgins (p12), Cam Kennedy (p26, 44-45, 53),
Ian Kennedy (p34), Gary Leach (p27), Paul Marshall (p31),
Mike McMahon (p23, 28, 32, 43, 59), Kevin O Neill (p47),
Arthur Ransom (cover), Kim Raymond (p57), Cliff Robinson
(p30, 52), Will Simpson (p26), Ron Smith (p16, 19, 22, 33, 39,
41-42, 49-50, 54-55), Kevin Walker (p18, 21).

Special Thanks To - Wakefield Carter for FTP assistance,

Grant Goggins for his invaluable 2000AD reference website
& Rebellions Jason Kingsley for his generosity.

Judge Dredd created by

John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra.

Judge Dredd and the Judge Dredd logo are registered trademarks of Rebellion A/S
2006. All characters, situations and illustrations first published in the pages of
2000AD, the Judge Dredd Megazine and related official 2000AD publications are
Rebellion A/S 2006, used with permission on a non-profit basis. All original Drokk
City text and artwork are John Caliber 2006. None of the material featured within
this publication may be replicated in part or in its entirety without the permission
of the respective copyright holder.

In the 2005 edition of DC1, this first chapter
was originally the authors attempt to create a
placeholder historical timeline that would create
a sound foundation for the Judge Dredd mythos
in the absence of any official account mounted
by 2000AD. At the time of writing, this author is
thrilled to have discovered that none other than
John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra - the co-creators
of Judge Dredd - have begun work on Judge Dredd: 2023 Construction of Mega-City One begins along the
Origins, the long-awaited prequel to the comics American east coast.
29-year timeframe, which in 2006 will reveal the
most dramatic years of the late Chief Judge Fargos 2031 The Judge system is introduced into Mega-City
career and the founding of the Justice Department One to combat spiralling crime levels. The first
as we know it. Chief Judge is Fargo.
As the series will undoubtably render most of
this authors pre-2099 timeline obsolete, I have 2039 Work begins on the construction of Mega-City Two
edited out my World War III and Fallout era inven- along the American west coast.
tions. It is my intention to revise ths chapter when
sufficient official data has been revealed, loaded 2045 Mega-City Three begins construction, centred
with the history of Mega-City One as envisaged by around the southern American state of Texas.
Wagner and Ezquerra.
Until then, I have elected to retain the follow- 2066 The first Judge clones of Mega-City One are re-
ing timeline text which broaches the subject of leased from the laboratories of Genetic Control
the past in very broad strokes. To aid the reader (GenCon). Judges Joseph and Rico Dredd (clone-
in identifying which entries are canon, and which brothers) are among the first to emerge, youthful
are my own interpretation, I have colour-coded duplicates of Chief Judge Fargo. The Judge clones
the latter in olive. physical and mental age have been artificially ac-
celerated to that of a five-year old child, allowing
the clones to immediately begin judicial training.

2070 The Great Atom War - The clear and present

danger of an imminent attack by enemy nations
prompts American President Robert L Booth to
take pre-emptive action; Booth presses the red
button that triggers a massive nuclear strike. World
War Three begins.

2071 The Atom War ends in stalemate. Although the Prosecutor Judge Solomon - find Booth guilty of all
enemys power base has been shattered, the world charges made against him. The famous Judgement
has been brought to the brink of nuclear anni- Of Solomon decrees that Booth be sentenced to
hilation. America and Russia suffer the greatest one-hundred years suspended animation in Fort
environmental damage, most of their landmasses Knox. The American people rise up against the
reduced to radioactive wasteland. The worlds American Senate. Chief Judge Fargo is appointed
mega-cities, protected by laser defence screens, the new leader of Mega-City One.
escape major damage. President Booth is declared
The Great Germ War - Biological weapons re-
a war criminal. He flees Mega-City One and makes
leased during the Atom War wreak terrible havoc
his last stand at Death Valley, Arizona, protected
among the Americas.
by a loyal army of mek-troopers (The Battle Of Ar-
mageddon). The Judges - represented by Supreme
2072 Chief Judge Fargo dies and is succeeded by Judge

2083 The Second American Civil War - Mega-City 2101 The Day The Law Died - Upon his return to Mega-
Three declares independence from Mega-Cities City One, Judge Dredd is framed for the murder of
One. This is considered a grievous breach of the Chief Judge Goodman and sentenced to life on the
intercity trade agreement forged between the penal moon of Titan. Dredd discovers that Judge
three mega-cities in the wake of the Atom War. Cal, the insane head of the Justice Departments
Mega-City One mounts a blockade around Mega- Special Judicial Squad, had engineered Goodmans
City Three until the rogue city surrenders. Failure death and now plans to bring terror to Mega-City
to reach a settlement and the rising cost of taxes One as its new Chief Judge. Dredd escapes impris-
heaped on the citizens to sustain the blockade puts onment but discovers Cal has brainwashed most of
too great a strain on conflict, and so reluctantly, the Judges into unquestioning subservience. Dredd
Mega-City One grants the rogue city-state its in- allies himself with the few Judges left unaffected
dependence. The people of Mega-City Three vote and an Undercity dweller called Fergee to help
unanimously that its name be officially changed form a guerilla army. In the final battle, Cal falls
to Texas City. to his death from the Grand Hall Of Justice in the
grip of Fergee. Judge-Tutor Griffin is declared Chief
2099 The Statue Of Judgement - is unveiled in Mega- Judge Goodmans successor.
City One to commemorate the heroism of the
Father Earth - A charismatic environmentalist mu-
Judges and their unceasing drive to combat crime.
tant called Father Earth emerges from the Cursed
A new public holiday: Justice Day - is created.
Earth with a large army of followers, determined
The Robot War - The rogue carpenter robot Call- to destroy Mega-City One which they perceive as
Me-Kenneth organises a robot revolt against the a crime against Nature. Father Earths Doomsday
humans of Mega-City One. The Judges join forces Dogs infiltrate the city and blow up Power Tower,
with sympathetic robots and rout the enemy robots a power station that harnesses geothermal energy.
after much fighting. Robots gain much mistrust A volcanic eruption threatens Mega-City One, but
among the citizens. the Justice Departments Holocaust Squad manage
to plug the leak at the cost of their own lives.
Monkey on my Back - Chief Judge Goodman
announces, much to the Justice Departments The Black Death - Later that same year, another
consternation, that Mega-City Ones borders will Cursed Earth menace - poisonous mutant spiders
be opened to the mutant shanty towns surround- - swarm against Mega-City One. A surgical nuclear
ing the city, and the radlanders to be welcomed as strike annihilates this Black Death - and the sector
Mega-City citizens. The city descends into anarchy the spiders had infested.
as armies of mutant anarchists make their presence
felt. Judge Dredd travels into the Cursed Earth to 2102 Judge Death - An otherdimensional, undead entity
investigate the site of a crash-landing made by called Judge Death stalks Mega-City One, his creed
the Chief Judges H-Wagon, the time from which to destroy the cause of all crime: Life itself. Judge
Goodman began to make erratic Judgements. Dredd imprisons Deaths spirit within the body of
Dredd discovers that Goodmans mind has been Psi-Judge Anderson, who are then both emtombed
taken over by a parasitic mutant known only as within a block of the Boing.
the Monkey, and it is the Monkey who now plots
The Judge Child Quest - The dying Psi-Judge
Mega-City Ones destruction. Dredd returns to
Feyy predicts Mega-City will be destroyed in the
Mega-City One with a vial of red dust to which
year 2120 unless the psychic child Owen Krysler
the Monkey had proven in the past to be violently
(The Judge Child) can be found to stop it. Judge
allergic - this Dredd uses to kill the entity. With his
Dredd traces Krysler to the Cursed Earth, but the
mind restored, Chief Judge Goodman authorises
villainous Angel Gang kidnaps the boy and flee
Dredd to exile the mutants for good back into the
into deep space. Dredd pursues the Angel Gang to
Cursed Earth.
the frontier planet of Xanadu and retrieves Krysler
after killing the Angel Gang. However, Dredd has
2100 The Cursed Earth - Mega-City Two is brought to
become suspicious of Kryslers morality, a hunch
its knees by a survivor of the Great Germ War, a
confirmed when he witnesses Krysler murder Pa
metavirus called 2T(fru)T that transforms citizens
Angel in a sadistic fashion. Dredd decides to leave
into ravenous maniacs. Mega-City One attempts
Krysler behind on Xanadu in the custody of the
to fly the vaccine across, but the Mega-City Two
Grunwalder, rather than risk exposing Mega-City
hoverports are blocked and so Judge Dredd is
One to the boys malevolent influence.
dispatched to deliver it by hand. After an epic trek
across the Cursed Earth radiation desert, Dredd
brings salvation to Mega-City Two.

2103 Captain Skank - Mega-City One suffers a nuclear Block Mania - A string of seemingly unrelated
attack from the Black Atlantic pirate leader Cap- block wars blossom into a major civil war which
tain Skank, who demands a mighty ransom for stretches the Justice Departments resources to
the safe return of vital Mega-City One nuclear breaking point. Even worse, many Judges leave
technicians. Judge Dredd defeats Skank aboard their posts to join in the violence. The cause of
his underwater sea fortress and rescues the hos- this block mania is Orlok, a master saboteur and
tages. During the mop-up operation, it is revealed East-Meg One field agent, who has contaminated
that Skank is really a simulacram controlled by the citys water supply with psychoactive drug
Skanks second-in-command Tuskarosa, an East- C402, inducing extreme paranoia and ultraviolent
Meg One agent. Dredd returns Tuskarosas corpse tendencies. Judge Dredd locates and captures
to East-Meg One and demands compensation for Orlok, but the sabateur has served his purpose,
the damage inflicted upon his city. As a gesture of and Mega-City One is now ripe for invasion from
peace, East-Meg One destroys one of its own city East-Meg One.
sectors. The rising tensions between the worlds
two superpowers are however far from resolved. 2104 The Apocalypse War - East-Meg One attacks, first
bombarding Mega-City Ones southern zones with
Judge Death Lives - Judge Death escapes his Bo-
nuclear missiles and then breaching the Atlantic
ing prison and is reunited with three other Dark
Wall, flooding the eastern sectors. Chief Judge
Judges: Fear, Fire and Mortis. Death and company
Griffin is captured by enemy forces as Judge Dredd
initiate their attempt to purge Mega-City One of
leads the Mega-City resistance. Griffin is brain-
all life, but Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson
washed and becomes an East-Meg propaganda
once more team up, driving the Dark Judges back
tool, forcing Dredd to assassinate him. Dredd then
to their home dimension of Deadworld. There,
leads a crack Judge strike force into East-Meg One
Anderson uses her psychic powers to channel the
airspace and commandeers a nuclear silo. Dredd
collective hatred of the millions of Deadworld citi-
turns the missiles on East-Meg One, wiping the en-
zens murdered by the Dark Judges - the awesome
emy city from the face of the Earth. The East-Meg
outpouring of anger and grief vanquishes the Dark
army abandoned in Mega-City One loses hope and
quickly surrenders. SJS Judge McGruder is elected
as the new chief Judge. Four hundred-million
citizens have died during the East-Meg invasion.

Destinys Angels - On Xanadu, Owen Krysler uses 2108 The Warlord/A Chief Judge Resigns - Chief Judge
a magical elixir to resurrect Mean Machine Angel. McGruder resigns her post after blaming herself
Krysler uses Mean Machine as his tool of venge- for the loss of life among Mega-City One citizens
ance against Dredd, teaming up brother Fink, the and Judges caused by the psi-warlord Shojan and
only other surviving Angel. The Angels kidnap his demonic Seven Samurai; Judge-Tutor Silver
Dredds maid Maria and his servant robot Walter is elected in her place. McGruder takes the Long
to use as bait to lure Dredd. While atempting to Walk into the Cursed Earth.
murder the lawman, Fink dies under the mecha-
Letter from a Democrat - A group of pro-democ-
nised knives of his own torture machine, and Mean
racy activists stage a violent takeover of Channel 48
Machine winds up in an iso-cube. Dredd discov-
to issue their demands. Judge Dredd executes the
ers Owen Kryslers involvement in the affair and
activists on live tri-D, fanning the flames of future
orders a pinpoint missile strike, obliterating the
pro-democracy troubles.
Judge Child.
2109 Revolution - Huge, peaceful pro-democracy dem-
onstrations take place in front of the Grand Hall
Of Justice. The Justice Department sabotages the
march, making it appear that the demonstrators
have descended into violence and that the Judges
are justified in taking martial action to quell it.

2110 Oz - The Judges come under attack from heav-

ily-armoured Judda, clones of the Justice Depart-
ments finest bloodlines. The Judda are the soldiers
of exiled Mega-City geneticist Morten Judd, dis-
carded by the Judges for his extremist views on
population control. Judds base is located inside
Ayers Rock in the Australian Radback. Judge
Dredd uses Judda technology to teleport into the
enemy headquarters, leading a Justice Department
counterstrike that sees both Ayers Rock and Judds
perverse cult destroyed

2112 Tale of the Dead Man/By Lethal Injection - Judge

Dredd is plagued by doubts concerning the mo-
rality of the Judge system and his place within it.
The matter comes to a dramatic conclusion when
Dredd learns that a former Judda warrior called
Kraken is being groomed to succeed him. Dredd
is assigned to take Kraken out on his Final Street
2106 City of the Damned - Plagued by concerns over Assessment. During the test, Dredds one-time
the dire predictions of the late Psi-Judge Feyy and mentor Judge Morphy is found murdered. Thor-
the recent events surrounding the Judge Child, the oughly demoralised and grief-stricken by the death
Justice Department authorises a time travel mis- of his old friend, Dredd fails Kraken, then resigns
sion to the future year 2120. Judge Dredd and Psi- and takes the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth.
Judge Anderson journey aboard the time machine However, Chief Judge Silver overturns Dredds de-
Proteus to 2120 and find the city ruined, stalked by cision to fail Kraken and the young former-Judda
monstrous beasts and rancid with negative psychic assumess Dredds persona to become the Justice
energy. Dredd discovers that an entity called the Departments new figurehead.
Mutant, a creature of awesome psychic power, is
responsible. The Mutant is a deformed clone of the
Judge Child, brought back from the dead by the
Grunwalder, the robot ruler of Xanadu. The Mu-
tant dispatches the future zombie incarnation of
Judge Dredd to kill his past-life incarnation. Dredd
narrowly escapes death as he and Anderson jump
back in time, breaking the Mutants power over
zombie Dredd. Chief Judge McGruder authorises
a final attack on Xanadu, to prevent the Mutants
regeneration and punish the Grunwalder for his
reckless actions.

2114 Judgement Day - A time-travelling fugitive, the
necromancer Sabbat, uses his evil powers to raise
the Earths buried dead as an army of zombies,
besieging the mega-cities. The worlds toughest
Judges team up with the time-travelling mutant
bounty hunter Johnny Alpha to fight the endless
tide of bloodthirsty undead. The Judges trace Sab-
bats base to caverns beneath the Radlands Of Ji.
Sabbat is eventually rendered helpless, his power
broken. The population centres of Mega-City Two,
Brasilia, South-Am City, Djakarta, Sino-City One,
Ankara and Samarkand have to be nuked to pre-
vent the zombie armies from drawing new recruits
from the millions of freshly dead.
Mechanismo - To provide backup for the Justice
Departments depleted ranks, Chief Judge Mc-
Gruder authorises the construction of Mecha-
nismo - heavily-armed robot Judges. Initial field
tests however reveal programming glitches that
have disastrous consequences for innocent citizens
caught in the mechanismos path. The project is
put on temporary hiatus.

2115 Inferno - A group of former Judges sentenced to

the Titan penal moon for attempting to murder
Judge Dredd escape from prison and return to
Mega-City One to exact vengeance. Led by Grice,
Necropolis/Return of the King - The Dark Judges, the renegade Judges release the Meat Virus, a
their powers boosted by allies Phobia and Nausea bacterium that feeds on living flesh, into the city.
(the Sisters Of Death) transform Mega-City One Grice and his accomplices are recaptured and
into a Necropolis, a city of the dead where the executed.
Judges have been mass brainwashed into mur-
dering the citizens. Judge Dredd returns from the 2116 The Tenth Planet - When Judge Dredd learns the
Cursed Earth, teaming up with the former Chief Mechanismo Project has been secretly resumed
Judge McGruder and Psi-Judge Anderson. Phobia and more of the killer robots will soon patrol the
and Nausea are banished, the Necropolis ended Mega-City streets, he takes direct action to prevent
and the four Dark Judges placed in maximum se- it. Dredd is found guilty of attempting to pervert
curity confinement. In the absence of Chief Judge the course of justice and sentenced to imprison-
Silver, who has been transformed into a grovelling ment on Titan. Chief Judge McGruder has Dredd
zombie by Judge Death, McGruder resumes her accompany her as she visits on the way to Titan the
place as Chief Judge. Sixty-million citizens have tenth planet of Hestia to sell the colonists a squad
died during the crisis. of mechanismos. Malfunctioning mechanismos
sabotage the flight, forcing the spacecraft to crash
2113 The Devil You Know/Twilights Last Gleaming land in the Hestian wilderness. Dredd is released
- The pro-democracy movements gain strength, from captivity to save the crash survivors from the
fuelled by the Judges temporary transformation killer robots. He finally convinces the Chief Judge
from peacekeepers into mass murderers during her project is fatally flawed. Dredd is reinstated as
the Necropolis. Intense pressure forces the Justice a Judge.
Departments senior officials to debate the issue.
Parting Shots/The Candidates/Death of a Legend
Judge Dredd promotes the idea of a general elec-
- Returning to Mega-City One, McGruder resigns,
tion to let the citizens decide who will govern
replaced by the new Chief Judge Volt. McGruder is
Mega-City One. Many Judges are initially opposed
later diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease
to this option, and some attempt to put Dredd
and considered a candidate for euthanasia. Judge
out of the argument for good by staging several
Dredd refuses to see his former commander-in-
assassination attempts. In the end, Dredd gets his
chief diminished in this manner and violates
way and Mega-City One has its first election for
procedure to take McGruder on one final mission
decades. Much to the dismay of the pro-democrats,
into the Cursed Earth where she dies a hero in the
the Judges are re-elected and Dredd is vindicated,
field of combat.
although resentment towards him still simmers in
the upper echelons of the Justice Department.

2121 Return of the Assassin/The Trial/Trial of ders Sin City quarantined long enough to capture
Strength/War Games/Endgame - Crime lord Orlok, then bombs the pleasure island beneath the
Nero Narcos launches a massive attack on the Black Atlantic to stop the plagues advance.
Justice Department as part of his grand plan to rule
Mega-City One. Using combat-modified municipal 2125 The Trial of Orlok - Orlok is found guilty of capi-
robots, Narcos defeats the Judges and assumes his tal crimes against Mega-City One and executed
place as the citys new overlord. In the meantime, by lethal injection on live tri-D. Mega-City One
Judge Dredd is captured by his old enemy Orlok celebrates.
and brought to trial as a war criminal before the
survivors of East-Meg One. With the help of Psi- 2126 Total War - The terrorist organisation Total War
Judge Anderson, Dredd escapes certain death and attacks Mega-City One, allegedly-hiding twelve
travels to Brit-Cit to muster support for his fight nuclear bombs within its limits. The leaders of
to oust Nero Narcos and his robot armies from Total War demand the Judges exile themselves, or
the Grand Hall Of Justice. The Judges are able the bombs will be detonated. Chief Judge Hershey
to reprogramme the robot armies and turn them complies, while leaving a detachment of Under-
against Narcos, whom Dredd executes. Chief Judge cover Judges behind to assist Judge Dredd locate
Volt, blaming himself for the Judges embarrassing the bombs. All but three are put out of action, the
defeat, takes his own life. The highly-regarded resulting explosions killing millions of citizens.
Street Judge Hershey later assumes the position
of Chief Judge. 2127 After the Bombs - The after-effects of the recent
nuclear terrorism plot continue to reverberate
2123 Helter-Skelter - An army populated by villains among the masses and the Justice Department.
from parallel Earths invades Mega-City One. Led
2128 Origins - Judge Dredd uncovers startling revela-
by a Chief Judge Cal who did not fail to conquer
tions involving the life of the late Chief Judge
the city in his own reality, the dimensional raiders
Fargo and the early years of Mega-City
seek to rob and pillage, then move onto the next
parallel Earth. The villains make a point of execut-
ing each realitys Judge Dredd for the difficulties
he has posed them, and true to form Cal targets
Dredd. The Judge is brought before Cal and
his nefarious allies, but this is their undoing,
for they have let Dredd get too close. Dredd
swiftly delivers justice to the villains one by
one and then banishes Cal to an agonising
dimensional hell.

2124 Sin City - The Justice Department

allows a floating pleasure island
called Sin City to anchor within its
borders, a concession allowing the
Judges access to the city and Ula
Danser, a global terrorist who
is believed to be on board.
During the Judges successful
capture of Danser it is dis-
covered that East-Meg One
assassin Orlok has used
Sin City as a decoy to
allow him to get within
range to try to un-
leash a devastating
neered plague on
Mega-City One.
Judge Dredd or-

Mega-City One grew from a multi-state urban metropo-
lis encompassing New York and Washington DC to a
rockcrete and plasteen behemoth totally engulfing the Mega-City One is divided into five regions, each governed
eastern seaboard of North America. Even so, the citys by a Justice Department Region Command responsible
800 million population forced its housing capacity to for law and order within that area. Each zone is further
absolute breaking point. City Hall drew up an emergency subdivided into a number of sectors, neighbourhoods the
program for territorial expansion along Mega-City Ones size of a small city complete with its own Justice Depart-
western perimeter; in addition, it offered brave citizens ment sector house. In the wake of the Apocalypse War,
an attractive lump sum if they were to renounce their Mega-City Ones sectors were renumbered to take account
Mega-City One citizenship and seek a new life out in the of massive losses of city estate to the north and south.
Cursed Earth (to become Helltrekkers), an arrangement MegSouth had traditionally been the citys industrial
which continues to the present day. Many however found heart, and as such was a prime target for the East-Meg
life in the radlands greatly intimidating and gravitated One nuclear strikes. Fully two-thirds of Mega-City Ones
back to the city, where they set up shanty towns along industrial capacity was demolished and slow to rebuild,
the city wall. lacking a heavy-duty manufacturing base. An intensive
The border expansion came to a grinding halt in 2101, building program installed new factory estates (dust-
when the demented Chief Judge Cal closed Mega-City zones) in MegWest, MegCentral and MegEast, close to
Ones borders within a mile-high plasteen wall to stem the the few surviving but crucial MegSouth plants to form a
flow of many thousands of citizens who sought to flee his centralised communications network.
tyranny. Cals successor Judge Griffin ordered City Hall
to investigate new housing possibilities within the city Regions
borders and the construction of even larger cityblocks.
A perverse solution to the citys population crisis came Mega-City One has five distinct regions (clockwise from
in 2104 when the East-Meg One invasion (The Apocalypse north): MegNorth, MegEast, MegSouth, MegWest and Meg-
War) destroyed half of Mega-City One and an equal per- Central. Prior to the Apocalypse War, Mega-City One was
centage of citizens. The Necropolis of 2112 reduced the composed of 500 plus sectors, but the loss of half the citys
populace by a further 60 million, and many cityblocks left estate prompted a detailed consolidation of territory in
in an advanced state of decay. The original 800 million 2106. MegCental retained its former boundaries but was
population had been cut down to 340 million, but a uni- reduced to twenty sectors, numbered concentrically from
lateral loss of cityblocks and other large-capacity habitats Sector 1. The southern boundaries of MegEast and West
cancelled out any benefit the reduced census might have were moved north to accommodate the new MegSouth.
offered. By 2128, Mega-City Ones population nears 400 Meg-East comprised Sectors 21 to 108, radiating in se-
million, and some estimates have it in excess. quence from the eastern edge of MegCentral. MegSouth
(Sectors 109-160), MegWest (Sectors 161-240) and
MegNorth (Sectors 241-300) followed a similar pattern,
except in the north, where sector numbering was on an
east-west basis. A small habitable patch of estate located
in the middle of the northern rad-zone (the Northwest
Hab-Zone) contains sectors 301-305, and politically is
considered part of MegNorth. The sector and boundary

changes were finalised jointly between the Justice Depart-
ment and City Hall, but neither party could have predicted Map Mishaps
the furore it would cause among the citizens who had
grown very attached to their traditional sector desig- There have been few official maps of Mega-City
nations and were not going to give them up without a One, and they unfortunately do not agree on the
fight. Related arrests quickly spiralled to 78,000, suicides citys exact dimensions or perimeter. The most-
escalated and 13,000 council officials were murdered or detailed was published back in the 1982 Judge
wounded by angry protesters. Exercising crafty financial Dredd Annual, documenting Mega-City Ones pre-
legerdemain, the Justice Department proposed a Sector Apocalypse War years. Later maps are not any more
Relocation Bonus (a 100-credit bribe) to every adult enlightening, particularly when documenting the
citizen, provided they signed a legal document agreeing extent by which Mega-City Ones south and western
to abide by the new sector numbering system. Later, once borders extend into the Cursed Earth. The story Fog
the crisis had been averted, the Judges implemented a On The Eerie had an expedition of Judges travel
single payment Clean Air Tax at the cost of 105-credits across the Cursed Earth to the banks of Lake Erie,
per adult citizen. contradicting previous maps which place a section
of the city directly over the Great Lakes! This author
has carefully studied maps of Americas eastern
Distribution of Wealth and Industry seaboard and reworked the 1982 Judge Dredd An-
Is greatest in MegNorth, where the rich-cits (Hightown- nuals map in accordance, making allowance for the
ers) live in luxy-blocks, well-defended by private security Great Lakes and the devastation still felt from the
forces. MegEast and MegWest are the poorer regions and Apocalypse War. In Drokk City, Lake Ontario has
victim to the highest crime rates in the city. MegCentral been drained, and sited in its basin is Crater Lake,
- clustered with hoverports - is the citys second wealthiest a shanty-town.
region. MegSouth, despite its abundance of dust zones,
has a largely mechanised work force, so most of the
profits generated bypass the minimal human staff, to be
transferred instead into MegNorth bank accounts. MegWest & MegNorth - are similar in standing, both
MegEast - was the first region to be constructed. The with a higher ratio of residential habitats to industry,
project saw a huge investment in local industry. Many although MegNorth can boast a slightly higher quality
decades later, MegEast retains an industrial capacity of living than its neighbour, as mega-corp executives
competitive with those of the other precincts, principally mega-corporations choose to site their opulent homes as
by its distinction as the host to the citys capital of Sector far from the grimy skylines of the MegSouth dust zones
44 and as the centre of culture and wealth, temptations as possible.
the biz-cit community cannot resist. MegEast is home to MegCentral - Is home to Mega-City Ones profes-
some of the largest construction mega-corps in Mega-City sional transients, travellers from other parts of Earth and
One, who supply massive numbers of manpower and beyond. The zone is crowded with major hoverports and
machinery to any part of the city to undertake cityblock astroports, a navigational nightmare ironically forced into
construction and urban redevelopment programs. Despite such close company by stringent health and safety laws
its fame, MegEast suffers a great disparity of wealth that forbid direct expansion into surrounding residential
between social classes who have been attracted by the regions. The ports of MegSouth are primarily designed
regions glamourous and edgy reputation, but have only to accept hoverships, hovertankers and other heavy in-
succeeded in overloading the local service and housing dustrial vehicles.
industries. This poverty gap is most prevalent along the
MegEast/MegNorth border.
MegSouth - succeeded MegEast as the citys prime CITY LEVELS
location for modern industry. Bolstered by intense invest- From its inception, Mega-City One was going to be
ment in the newly-relocated region after the Apocalypse huge, a population centre home to an unprecedented
War, an mergency manufacturing base was established number of citizens paired to a radical conceptual rebirth
to repair the citys shattered infrastructure and to supply of high-rise living. The mega-city was born in New York
life-essential provisions such as fresh food and uncon- State, advancing south to annex Washington DC and sur-
taminated drinking water to MegWest and MegEast south. rounding states, pulverising the Appalachian Mountains
MegSouth has maintained its reputation as a corporate and reconstituting the former landmark as raw build-
force to be reckoned with, and is home to the headquar- ing material for cloudbusting cityblocks and glistening
ters of many of Mega-City Ones largest mega-corpora- mega-corp citadels. Overcrowding and decades of estate
tions as well as endless tracts of industrial estate. attrition caused by war, plague and terrorism placed an
unimaginable pressure on Mega-City society, and insti-
gated movement towards a literal vertical class system.
The vast majority of citizens, unemployed and forgotten
by all but their Welfare cheques, live in the citys lower

levels. The wealthier a citizen finds himself, the
higher he can afford to live, above the noise of
the incessant traffic and far from the snares of Typical Lowtown estate -
crime; at least, that is the dream. decaying tenements amid
Mega-City One is divided vertically into two reclamation projects.
levels of social aspiration, designated Hightown
and Lowtown.

Geography - Lowtown occupies the bot-
tom two-thirds of the Mega-City One vertical
landscape, both architecturally and financially.
It is poor, noisy and dirty. To be pedantic,
the middle strata of Mega-City Ones vertical
society is identified on the maps as Midtown,
but as far as the citys movers and shakers are
concerned, if it isnt Hightown, it may as well
be Lowtown.
The Locals - Most of the Judge Dredd stories
featuring average citizens take place in and
around Lowtown. The lower levels of most cityblocks are City Bottom - The ground level upon which Mega-City
inhabited almost exclusively by citizens dependant on One stands is metres-thick rockcrete separating the future
Welfare cheques who are serviced by local businesses and metropolis from the dark depths of Old America, long-known
cut-price branches of larger corporations offering their to mega-city citizens simply as the Undercity. Tweenblock
clients a tantalising glimpse of a better life they will never plazas, pedways, shopplexes, leisure centres, dust zones,
achieve. Planning restrictions and the combined pressure hotels, bars and nightclubs, as frequented by citizens day
from Hightown planning committees ensure the noise and night, fight for space in the cityblocks shadows. Beyond
and pollution generated by the factory blocks are kept far the hectic daily pace of life of City Bottom exist swathes of
below their robot-valeted luxy-apts. The only eye sores desolation and poverty, spawned by war, neglect and housing
allowed at this height are the towering masts, refuelling shortages. Among the rockcrete foundations, slabpackers
stations and off loading bays for the citys slow-moving squat in cardboard cities while fugitive criminals hope to
fleet of heavy goods hoverships. hide from the Judges, fighting for their very survival against
Crime - Poverty relative to the wealth enjoyed by sub-hume and hideously mutated animals. Scars of the
Hightown perpetuates frustration, antisocial behaviour Apocalypse War are still evident: No-Go zones containing
and simmering aggression among the Lowtowners, and the few surviving rad-pits too dangerous to decontaminate
helps feed a thriving criminal underworld. and areas littered with unexploded war ordnance. Within
protective electro-cordons, DP (displaced persons) camps
offer the most basic of living conditions to those who lost
their cityblock apartments to destruction.

A sub-hume cannibal gang

strikes at a slabpacker in the
shadows of City Bottom.

Lowtown Citizens Hightown Citizens
(known to Hightowners (known to Lowtowners
as Slummies) as Rich-Cits)

Not all areas of City Bottom are sweat boxes of humanity The Locals - Hightown is regarded as prime estate
or slums. Remnants of the old towns (the aptly nicknamed among the rich-cits and mega-corp executives who are
Old Town) persist like weeds, stagnating wood and brown- willing to pay whatever it takes to escape the crime and
stone tenements home to eldsters who refused to be re- squalor of the lower levels. A typical Hightown society is
housed, and have been virtually forgotten by the Judges. composed of biz-cits, entertainment industry celebrities
(actors, tri-D show presenters, quack astrologers and
sports stars), City Hall councillors and citizens whom For-
Hightown tune has smiled on (Megalot winners). The old disparities
Geography - Hightown is the topmost strata of any between talent and wealth continue unabated in Mega-
cityblock where only the financially well-endowed can City One; the good-looking and loudest of mouth get the
afford to reside. The term may also correctly be used to most media coverage and money, while the intelligentsia
describe any property of expense, whether it be a luxy-apt, (scientists, academics, rights campaigners and philoso-
a luxy-block (cityblock reserved entirely for bottomless phers) struggle on Welfare or meagre grant payments. In
wallets) or any establishment where one cannot enter Hightown, image is everything, reflected by the size of
unless accompanied by a personal entourage of valets ones luxy-apt, personal fashion, entourage, number (and
and bodyguards. Ever since the Weather Control network scale) of parties and the number of hoverlimos docked at
began to falter, Hightown has suffered some of the worst ones private hoverport at any one time.
excesses of acid rain, electromagnetic disturbances and Crime - Hightown offers much of value to criminals, as
radiation fallout. The residents - never short of a credit all its residents can expect to be loaded at all times with
or two - quickly ordered polysteel block shields erected the latest in personal technology and garments designed
to protect their interests; if Lowtown gains any benefit by the worlds leading fashion houses. Unfortunately for
from the shields, it is purely incidental. the criminal, Hightowners also come replete with pri-sec

security forces. Burglars tempted to ransack a luxy-apt
will find their way barred by layers of electronic security MEGA-CITY 1
systems, their every move captured on security camera as of January 2128
and relayed to the Block Judge. Criminals coming into Meg
Hightown from the outside world have a very challenging North
Canadian Northwest
time ahead of them, and many lose heart, retreating to Hab-Zone (241-300)
Wastes (301-305)
Lowtown for easier pickings.
Crime, however, does not attack by one route alone,
and Hightown has its share of corruption within the secu-
rity walls, social niceties and public esteem. Big business
is unable to function without some degree of immorality Crater Meg
- whoever got rich by being good? With enough credits Lake East
to grease the backhand of Judge Death himself, the bas- Lake (21-108)
est of sins are sanctioned on a regular, almost mundane Erie
frequency and Mega-City One knows no differently; the Island
celebrities keep smiling and flashing their wealth, poli- Sector
ticians pass out hollow and reassuring soundbites like West
mock-choc and business executives smile, give no com- (161-240)
ment and allow themselves to be gently eased into their Meg
waiting hoverlimo by a team of immaculately dressed, Central
scandalously underpaid Mex-Cit valets. (1-20)

This section offers the most-detailed maps of Mega-City Meg
One ever published, to which a comprehensive listing of
cityblocks, businesses, landmarks and establishments of
repute (or disrepute) is attached.
The following content is the result of intensive re-
search into just about every issue of 2000AD and the Judge
Dredd Megazine, as well as sci-fi specials, mega-specials,
annuals, yearbooks and Daily Star newspaper strips.
The data is correct up to and including city events set in Sector 4* - Boingbowl (d. 2126), Inter-Space Corporation
HQ & Private Landing Pads, Janet Jackson Blk (pre-a),
January 2128. Most of the locations visited in Judge Dredd
Ohio State Precinct.
were never officially granted a sector number, prompting
*Partially-destroyed in 2126; widespread collateral damage and
this author to make an educated guess as to their place- radiation contamination.
ment within Mega-City One, based on vague references
Sector 5 - Central Hoverport.
made in the comic strips and estimated proximity to other
landmarks. Sector 6 - Dean Gaffney Blk (pre-a), Feinstein Blk (re-a).
Sector 7 - Ape Town, David Hedison Blk (post-a), Dr.
Map Key - (d.) year destroyed Spock Megaplex, Slabyrinth.
(post-a) post-atomic
Sector 9 - Bleeke Mansion, Gordon Banks Blk (pre-a),
(pre-a) pre-atomic
(r.) rebuilt
Pudge Rodriguez Blk (post-a).
Sector 10 - Earl Slick Blk (pre-a), W. E. Johns Blk (pre-a),
St. Peter Root Hospital.
MegCentral (Sectors 1-20) Sector 11 - Inskip Warehouse.
Sector 1 - Castenada Square, Deb Pfeiffer Blk (pre-a), Sector 12 - Bennet Beeny Blk (post-a), Lon Chaney Blk
The Frankie Blk (post-a), Fred C. Dobbs Blk (pre-a). (pre-a), Peter Weller Blk (pre-a).
Sector 2* - Applied Genetics Facility (d. 2126), Bill Bixby Sector 13 - Al Grant Vue-Rise (pre-a), Mika Pederson
Blk (pre-a), Sinkler Heights. Blk (post-a).
*Partially-destroyed in 2126; widespread collateral damage and
radiation contamination. Sector 15 - Bypass Building, Dyson Rest Home, Flip
Rogan Blk (post-a), Horton Towers (post-a).
Sector 3 - Johnny Johnson Blk (pre-a), Linda Nolan Blk
(post-a), Phil Roth Blk (pre-a), Suze Bote Blk (pre-a). Sector 17 - Eli Wallach Blk (pre-a), Robert Stackers
Sector 16 - Bleakview Hotel, Funtazia Fun Park, Skyview
Sector 19 - Diego Garcia Blk (d. 2106), Pedro Martinez
Blk (post-a), Tactical Command Bunker Central, Tom
Mahon Blk (post-a).

This map details the re-
lationships between all
305 of Mega-City Ones

The light-coloured lines

denote sector borders; the
black lines are regional
borders. At street level,
there is no such formal
designation, and avenues
of vehicle and pedestrian
pass unimpeded from one
sector to another.

The various patches

shaded in green designate
different periods in Mega-
City Ones construction
and expansion; the darker
the shade, the older the

Sector 20 - Ferraro Housing Complex (pre-a), Frisbee Sector 28 - Curbishley Court (pre-a), Hi Lo High-rise
Stackers (post). (post-a), Rand Blk (post-a), YMJC Stacker.
Sector 29 - Clapton Tower Ecom-units, Cuckoos Nest
MegEast (Sectors 21-108) District (pre-a), MacMurphy Blk (pre-a), Mark Clark
Blk (pre-a), Roy Orbison Blk (pre-a), T. Dan Smith Blk
Sector 21 - Alvin Toffler Blk (pre-a), Andy Dante Blk (pre-a).
(pre-a), Mega-City Chamber Of Horrors, Moose Skowran Sector 30 - Crockery Nook Blk For The Extremely Aged (pre-
Blk (pre-a). a), George Orwell Blk (post-a), Pearl Buck Blk (pre-a).
Sector 22 - Alien Town (feat. Extraterrestrial Trading & Sector 31 - Bishop Mounsey Blk (pre-a), Chester Dogg
Social Club), Meg-Oil Central Depot, Mildred Muncy Blk Blk (pre-a), Hoverport-2, Malcolm X Conapts (pre-a),
(post-a), Roy Rogers Blk (pre-a). Melvin Bragg Blk (post-a).
Sector 23 - Boyson Conapts (post-a), Don Lawrence Blk Sector 32 - Android Park, Chrysler Heights, Coney
(post-a), Shirley Temple Blk & Fun Park (post-a). Arches, Conrad Conn Hotel, Edmundo Rey Blk (post-a),
Sector 24 - Frank Nitti Blk (pre-a), Joe Bananas Blk Fidel Square, Harry Burniston Blk (pre-a), Jake Lamotta
(pre-a), Marg Rutherford Blk (post-a), Slater Housing Blk (pre-a), Mike Dolling Blk (post-a), Tex Toomie Blk
Project (post-a). (post-a), Victor Mature Blk (post-a).
Sector 25 - Charlie Sim Blk (pre-a), Hymie Goering Blk Sector 33 - Antonia Fraser Blk (pre-a), A S Byatt Blk
(pre-a), Ian Beale Blk (pre-a), Norman P OConnor Blk (pre-a), Fay Weldon Blk (pre-a), Martin Amis Blk (pre-a),
(post-a). Salmon Rushdie Blk (pre-a).
Sector 26 - Boris Karloff Conapts (post-a), Cybo-Comp Sector 34 - Cecil B. DeMille Blk (pre-a), Karen Berger
HQ, Hillcrest Rise Luxy-Estate (post-a), Larry Hagman Blk (post-a), Pavarotti Blk (post-a).
Conapts (post-a, d. 2105), The Megalopolis. Sector 35 - Bruce Kent Blk (pre-a), Helmsley Lux-Habs
Sector 27 - Roger Hollis Blk (post-a), Simp Tank, Steve (post-a), Inigo Bing Blk (pre-a), Steve Davis Blk (pre-a).
Coogan Blk (pre-a). Sector 36 - Apache Rise, Gang Alley, Oprah Winfrey Blk
(pre-a), Robert Morley Blk (post-a).
Sector 37 - Dwight D Eisentower (pre-a), Gordon Liddy
Blk (post-a), Yvonne DeCarlo Blk (ruins).

Sector 44 central . Mega-City Ones

oldest sector, home to the Grand Hall of
Justice, the Statue of Judgement and the
relocated Statue of Liberty (all pictured).
The Hudson Inlet, an artificial river, is in
the background; it allows for the larger
sea freighters to move cargo directly to
inland storage facilities.

Sector 38 - Al Bundy Blk (post-a), Mega-Media, Inc. Sector 53* - Edmundo Ross Blk (post-a), Plumb Tower,
Building, Melvin Hayes Conapts (pre-a), Tom Sharp Blk Stonehouse Building, Tomb Of The Unknown Citizen.
(post-a). *Detailed comprehensively in DC5.
Sector 39 - Den Watts Blk (pre-a), Emily Post Blk (post-a), Sector 54 - Christine Keeler Blk (post-a), Flakey Foont
Fountain Of Yooth, Jerry Thomas College of Barkeeping, Blk (pre-a), Nesta Webster Blk (pre-a), Veal Crate Bar.
Phoenix Scrap, Sylvia Krystel Conapts (pre-a), Tony Ben- Sector 55 - Bough Estate (feat. Russell Grant Blk, pre-a;
nett Blk (pre-a), Zander Bleak Building. Deb Rix Blk, pre-a; Frankie Wilson Blk, pre-a), OK Corral
Sector 40 - Andy Stewart Blk (pre-a), Cubbi Broccoli Bar, Piedmont Apartments (post-a).
Blk (post-a), Des OConnor Blk (post-a), Iso-Block 666, Sector 56 - Alien Zoo, Dunc Renaldo Blk (pre-a), Mega-
Noxem Plant, ODilligans Nightclub, Oxypool. City Zoo, Ronald Reagan Eld-Shelt (pre-a).
Sector 41 - Arthur Koestler Blk (post-a), Channel 9 Build- Sector 57 - The Annie Hall, Paradise Heights (post-a).
ing, Elmer Gantry Blk (post-a), Hayte Street, House Of
Sector 58 - Ferd Marcos Blk (pre-a), Fidel Ramos Bock
Frendz, Wiffin Gas Headquarters.
(pre-a), Imelda Marcos Blk (pre-a), Ninoy Aquinos Blk
Sector 42 - Claude Bigot Blk (post-a), Gil Gerrard Me- (pre-a).
morial Spaceport, Kurt Russell Blk (pre-a), Phil Seymour
Sector 59 - Billy Minto Blk (post-a), Dane-Tech, Warhol
Hoffman Blk (pre-a), Planet Gary, Tommy McArdle Blk
Sector 60 - Beaverton Dust-Zone, The Chow Dome.
Sector 43 - Billy Graham Blk (post-a), Castro Skyrise
(pre-a), Hardy Kruger Blk (pre-a), Marlon Brando Blk Sector 61 - Central Combat Depot (Justice Dept), Damon
(pre-a), Patsy Ann Noble Blk (pre-a), Sonny Bono Prob- Runyan Blk (post-a), Ida Lupino Blk (pre-a), Moonray
lem Blk (d. 2103). Tower.
Sector 44 - Academy Of Law, Aftermath Square, Bo- Sector 62 - Bernie Beesley Blk (pre-a), Schmaltz Estate
ingarama, Bolger Dult Rehab, Broadway Plaza, Buck (feat. Frank Hovis Blk, pre-a; Erich Segal Blk, pre-a).
Chegwin Blk (post-a), Casey Jones Blk (pre-a), Charles Sector 63 - Gordon Bennet Blk (post-a), Morgan Fairchild
Atlas Bridge, Ed Ball Blk (post-a), Ernest Borgnine Blk Blk (d. 2106).
(pre-a), Foster Grant Blk (post-a), Grand Hall of Justice, Sector 64 - Julian Cope Blk (pre-a), Skyhill Conapts
Grover Cleveland Blk (pre-a), Hudson Inlet, Jay Silver- (post-a), Steppleman Blk (pre-a).
heels Condo (pre-a), Kennedy Spaceport, Ken Kercheval
Sector 65 - Deena Walker Blk (post-a), Lenny Brezhnev
Blk (pre-a), Marty Feldman Blk (pre-a), Mega-Times
Blk (post-a), Mega-Tech.
Building, Nixon Plaza, Norman Pitlik Blk (post-a), Old
New York Street, Quite Nice Bar, Rita Tushingham Blk Sector 66 - Alan Donaldson Blk (post-a), Big-1 Publish-
(pre-a), Rowdy Yates Conapts (pre-a), Rykers Shuggy ing, Kevin Keegan Blk (pre-a).
Hall, Shapiros Kosher Hottie House, Statue of Judgement, Sector 67 - Eddy Poe Heart Clinic, Eldon Lee Blk (post-a),
Statue of Liberty, Sylvia Plath Blk (post-a), Times2, The Lenny Bernstein Blk (pre-a), Russ Tamblin Blk (pre-a).
Vibe-bowl, Wall Street. Sector 68 - Marcus Welby General Hospital, P J Proby
Sector 45 - Billy Reich Blk (pre-a), Breaker Canyon Blk (pre-a).
Estate (pre-a), Gil Favour Blk (post-a), Martin Scorcese Sector 69* - Chris Lee Blk (pre-a), Doringo Lux-Apts
Blk (pre-a), Xenda Heights (pre-a). (post-a).
Sector 46 - Marx Estate (feat. Chico Marx Blk, post-a; * In Drokk City continuity, Sector 69 was formally abandoned
Groucho Marx Blk, post-a; Harpo Marx Blk, post-a; Karl by the Justice Department in 2122 (see The Devil Wants Out &
Marx Blk, post-a), Yeltsin Building. The First Law PDFs) and left to the mercy of the mega-mobs.
Sector 47 - Aggro Dome (pototype, ruins), Brynner Sector 70 - Rancho Hi-Rise (post-a), Wounded Heart
Hospice, Giles Brandreth Blk (pre-a), Norman Mailer Private Cemetery.
Blk (post-a). Sector 71 - Forever Homes For The Semi-dead, Hi-Funk
Sector 48 - Billy Carter Blk (post-a), Joe Madden Blk Conapts (post-a).
(post-a), Ramon Navarro Blk (post-a), Ridley Estate Sector 72 - Bill Burroughs Boulevard, Channel 99 Build-
(pre-a), Sergei Eisenstein Blk (post-a). ing, Rene Enriquez Blk (post-a).
Sector 49 - Darrow Luxy-Complex (post-a), St John Sector 73 - Benny Hill Blk (d. 2103), Jimmy Clitheroe
McShane Hospital, Sump Memorial Auditorium, Trisecta Blk (d. 2103), Inoira Ghandi Blk (d. 2103), Linda Carter
District (pre-a). Blk (d. 2103), Sam Snead Blk (d. 2103), John Wayne
Sector 50 - Atlantic University, Newsmeg Building, Blk (d. 2103).
Romano Tower Luxy-Blk (post-a), Schwartz Conapts Sector 75 - Buzby Berkley Blk (post-a), Shady Duncs
(post-a). All-U-Can-Drinkerie, St Magnus Pike Hospital.
Sector 51 - Dead Juves Curve, Hamilton Heights (post- Sector 76 - Huck Widney Blk (pre-a), John Major Blk
a), The Jungle (ape colony), Matt Wagner Blk (post-a), (pre-a), Zsa Zsa Gabor Blk (pre-a).
Robert Kilroy-Silk Blk (pre-a). Sector 77 - Devils Island, Herbie Hancock Blk (pre-a),
Sector 52 - Avenue Of Brotherly Love, Hells Junction, Weber Heights (pre-a).
Jack Ruby Blk (post-a), Tristan Kennedy Blk (post-a).

Sector 108 coastline. A section of the
Mega-Docks can be glimpsed at the bottom
of the image. The Blackwater Bridge
(bottom right) connects the mainland with
Penguin Crossing, a large traffic island.

Sector 78 - Chuck Dickens Blk (post-a), Dramarena, Sector 93 - Badford Stuy Precinct, Betty Boop Blk (post-a).
Joshua Jebbs Blk (post-a). Sector 94 - Palston Apartments (post-a), Werner Von
Sector 80 - Cannibal Club, Emphatically Yess Building, Braun Conapts (post-a).
Maybehouse. Sector 95 - Barnaby Jones Blk (post-a), Buddy Ebsen Blk
Sector 81 - Old Town General Hospital, Scott Joplin (post-a).
Conapts (post-a). Sector 98 - Derek Hatton Blk (pre-a), Mario Puzo Blk
Sector 82 - Mavis Riley Home for the Debilitatingly (pre-a), William Hague Blk (ruins).
Bewildered (pre-a), Harry Hyams Blk (post-a; d. 2104, Sector 99 - Bob Burden Blk (post-a), Canaford Plaza,
r. 2105), Remy Martin Blk (pre-a), Resyk East. Thom Yorke Blk (post-a), United Munce Building.
Sector 83 - Mega-Penitentiary, Mega-School 3. Sector 100 - Hottie U, The Island, Transatlantic Tunnel
Sector 84 - Ben Franklin Blk (post-a), Dan Quayle Blk Entrance.
(post-a), Mega-Central Station (subway zoom). Sector 101 - Atlantic Purification Plant, Bob Duran Blk
Sector 85 - Westwood Tower Luxy-Blk (post-a). (pre-a), Eldridge Bridge.
Sector 86 - Mardi Indo-Plex, Petula Clark Reconstructs Sector 102 - Jimmy Tarbuck Blk (pre-a), Philadilly Pre-
(d. 2104, r. 2106). cinct.
Sector 87 - Bart Simpson Blk (pre-a), Christian Barnard Sector 103 - Barryo Housing Complex (feat. Andrew
Blk (pre-a), G W Bush Blk (post-a), Hen Broon Towers Ridgeley Blk, pre-a; George Michael Blk, pre-a).
(pre-a), The Little Bowl, Midnite Towers (luxy). Sector 104 - Adolf Hitler Blk (post-a), Apocalypse Monu-
Sector 88 - B D Rickenbacker Blk (post-a), Chinatown ment, Ed De Bono Blk (post-a), Lee Majors Blk (pre-a).
East (Sinotown). Sector 105 - Costa Del Meg.
Sector 89 - The F Loyd Mazny Scheme (The Maze; oc- Sector 106 - Bill Bailey Blk (d. 2104), Old Peart Institute
cupies entire sector; prohib zone: no entry). for the Criminally Insane, Shark Club.
Sector 90 - Fred Nietzsche Blk (pre-a), Hank Wangford Sector 107 - Blktops Eldsters Resting Home (pre-a), John
Blk (post-a), Tactical Command Bunker East. Stanley Blk (post-a).
Sector 91 - Biggie Smalls Blk (post-a), Nick Craske Blk Sector 108 - Blackwater Bridge, Hoagland Heights (pre-
(pre-a), Wes Craven Conapts (pre-a), Verona Spock Blk a), Hellebore Apartments (post-a), Penguin Crossing,
(pre-a). Steve McQueen Blk (pre-a), Tonytown (post-a).

MegSouth (109-160) Radlands Beyond South Wall* - Dave Attenborough Blk
(d. 2104), Sawney Bean Blk (d. 2104), Bugs Bunny Blk
Sector 109 - Arnold Grove Blk (post-a), Vic Hugo Blk (d. 2104), Jacques Cousteau Blk (d. 2104), The Flea Pit
(post-a). (d. 2104), Giant Haystacks Blk (d. 2104), Iso-Block 44
Sector 110 - Billy Butlin Blk (post-a), The Crater Bowl, (d. 2104), Bob Oppenheimer Blk (d. 2103, r./d. 2103),
Del Shannon Blk (post-a). Magnus Pyke Blk (d. 2104), Billy Smart Blk (d. 2104),
Sector 111 - Beecher Conapts (pre-a), Mary Michelson Miriam Stoppard Blk (d. 2104).
* Destroyed during the Apocalypse War.
Blk (pre-a), Mitzi Gaynor Blk (pre-a).
Sector 112 - Dod Custer Blk (pre-a), Frank Zappa Blk
(post-a), Jed Clampett Blk (pre-a). MegWest (161-240)
Sector 114 - Heavens Reach, Sky High Rise (d. 2105). Sector 161 - Dinsdale Mansion, Don Trump Tower.
Sector 115 - Munce-Co Factory Estate. Sector 162 - Bob Muldoon (post-a), Walt Gropius Blk
Sector 116 - Jess Willard Blk (pre-a), Polanski Sprawl (post-a).
(post-a). Sector 164 - Third Eye Insurance Company.
Sector 117 - Power Tower 1 (d. 2101, r. 2106). Sector 165 - Elia Kazan Blk (pre-a), Screaming Jay
Sector 118 - Anders Estate (pre-a), Billie Holiday Blk Hawkins Hi-rise (pre-a).
(post-a), Rhonda Fleming Blk (post-a). Sector 166 - Frankie Joe Haydn Blk (pre-a), Gus Holst
Sector 119 - Elvis Presley Blk (pre-a), Donald Neil Blk Blk (pre-atom).
(pre-a), George Reeves Blk (pre-a), Resyk South. Sector 168 - Amon Duul Blk (post-a), Huggys Hon-
Sector 122 - Jimmy Stuart Blk (pre-a), Martin Candor eymoon Hotel, Peter Lee Blk (post-a), Reg Varney Blk
Blk (pre-a). (pre-a), Van Damme Blk (post-a).
Sector 120 - Blunkett Tower (pre-a), Greenham Civil Sector 170 - Dreery House (post-a), Robert Maplethorpe
Park, Kaufman Projects (post-a estate). Lux-Apts (post-a), Sigma District (pre-a).
Sector 121 - Killkraze Combat Park. Sector 171 - Garbo Bodywarp Salon.
Sector 122 - Nerdco Building. Sector 172 - Greystoke Heights (pre-a), Harriet Beecher
Sector 123 - Clint Eastwood Blk (pre-a), Jackson Five Stowe Blk (post-a), Placebo Conapts (post-a).
Lux-Development (feat. Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Sector 176 - George Pal Blk (post-a), Mega-U, Serve-U-
Michael & Tito, all post-a), Jessica Simpson Blk (post- Well Building.
a), Nigel Tufnel Blk (pre-a), Terry Wogan Blk (post-a), Sector 177 - Frank Cannon Blk (pre-a), Orson Welles
Timmy Mallett Blk (pre-a), Vinnie Jones Blk (pre-a). Blk (pre-a), Tobias Belcher Blk (pre-a), William Bunter
Sector 124 - Hoverdrome. Blk (pre-a).
Sector 126 - Dinosaur World Theme Park. Sector 186 - Charlie Drake Blk (pre-a), Lawson Dyce Blk
Sector 127 - General Arms Building, Joe Bloggs Blk (pre-a).
(pre-a), Slim Whitman Blk (pre-a). Sector 187 - Lee Harvey Oswald Blk (pre-a), Smiley
Sector 132 - Bronte Conurb (feat. Anne, Charlotte & Jones Blk (post-a).
Emily, all pre-a), Fats Domino Blk (post-a). Sector 188 - Ghengis Grimsnoad Blk (post-a), Juliet
Sector 133 - Bob Calvi Blk (pre-a), Jimmy Ellroy Blk (pre- Bravo Blk (post-a), Joseph Soper Blk (post-a), Mick
a), Paul Verhoeven Blk (post-a), Ray Kroc Blk (pre-a). McGahey Blk (post-a), U Thant Blk (post-a).
Sector 143 - Dermot Kelly Blk (post-a), Doris Day Blk Sector 191 - Ed Poe Blk (post-a), Fred Quimby Blk (pre-
(post-a), Jackie Onassis Hab-Developments (post-a). a), White Cliffs Of Dover.
Sector 146 - Atlantic Central Hoverport. Sector 193 - City Life, Ltd. Building, UniGlom Building.
Sector 147 - Folly Heights (post-a), Horace Bachelor Blk Sector 199 - Agg-Bio Building.
(post-a). Sector 200 - Badge of Courage Bar
Sector 148 - Eisenhower General Hospital, Power Tower II. Sector 202 - Little Cuba (feat. Jason King Blk, pre-a; Rudi
Sector 149 - The Cauldron (feat. Arturo Askey Blk, post- Vallee Blk, pre-a).
a; Derek Batey Blk, pre-a; Perry Como Blk, pre-a; Reno Sector 205 - The O-Zone
Conapts, pre-a), Tactical Command Bunker South. Sector 206 - Ennis-Dillon Conapts (pre-a), J T Megson
Sector 151 - Poughkeepsie Apartments (post-a) Stephen Blk (pre-a).
Hawking Blk (post-a). Sector 207 - Otto Sump Flabbon Depository.
Sector 152 - Lazarus Labs. Sector 208 - Jack Davis Blk (post-a), Mike Read Blk
Sector 155 - Greta Garbo Blk for Wayward Eldsters (pre-a). (post-a).
Sector 156 - Cramptown Dust Zone. Sector 209 - Little Nu-Delhi (feat. Saeed Jaffrey Blk;
Sector 210 - Clive James Blk (post-a), Dario Argento Blk
(pre-a), Mega-Circular.
Sector 212 - Benito Mussolini Blk (pre-a).

Sector 214 - Martha Chesterton Memorial Park, Pizza Sector 255 - Museum of the Mega-Olympiad.
Plaza, Prowlights Alien Menagerie, Webster Conapts Sector 256 - Bob Geldof Blk (pre-a), John McCrea Blk
(post-a). (post-a), Northgate Clinic.
Sector 219 - Arafat Precinct, B F Skinner Blk (post-a), Sector 258 - Bernard Manning Blk (pre-a), Delia Smith
Rick Moranis Blk (post-a). Blk (post-a), Ray Chandler Blk (post-a).
Sector 221 - Billy Herschel Blk (post-a, d. 2105), St Bob Sector 259 - Anthony Burgess Memorial Museum, Norrin
Flowerdew Hospital. Radd Blk (post-a).
Sector 222 - Inter-Time, Mega-Labs. Sector 261 - Clive Sinclair Blk (pre-a), Golam Heights
Sector 223 - Hippodrome, Mega-City Teleport. (luxy-Blks), Hector Comacho Blk (post-a).
Sector 225 - Cantona Conapts (post-a), Charles Darwin Sector 263 - George Raft Blk for Retired Gangsters (pre-
Blk (post-a), Lobsang Rampant Blk (post-a). a), Joan Collins Blk (pre-a), Nat Hiken Blk (pre-a), Sir
Sector 226 - Frances Bath Blk (post-a), Shanks Conapts Kenneth Clarke Blk (post-a).
(post-a). Sector 264 - Chapman Pincher Blk (pre-a), Louis Simson
Sector 228 - Cyril Lord Blk ruins (pre-a), James Kieler Blk (post-a).
Blk (pre-a), John Brunner Blk (pre-a). Sector 265 - Fred Gee Blk (post-a), Garner Ted Armstrong
Sector 229 - Tactical Command Bunker West. Blk (pre-a), Googie Withers Blk (post-a), Resyk North.
Sector 230 - Carol Monroe Blk (d. 2105), The Jungle Sector 267 - Bill Werbenuik Blk (post-a), DeLorean Luxy-
(human slum), Vince St. Clair Blk (d. 2105). Blk (post-a), James Dean Blk (pre-a).
Sector 231 - Bert Russell Blk (pre-a), Bob Marks Blk Sector 269 - Parthenon (d. 2104).
(pre-a). Sector 270 - Mega-Studios, Mick McMahon Blk (pre-a).
Sector 232 - Charles Manson Blk (d. 2113). Sector 271 - Gorbachev Estate (post-a), Stratford Johns
Sector 239 - New Garbo Hermitage Blk (pre-a), Resyk Blk (post-a).
West, Santora Park. Sector 272 - Jumbo Cummings Blk (post-a), Paul Gado
Sector 240 - Jack Yeovill Blk (pre-a), Malkie McCormick Bock (pre-a), Shakin Stevens Blk (pre-a), Tom Mix Blk
Blk (d. 2114), Tom Jefferson Blk (pre-a). (post-a).
Sector 273 - Little Venice, Mega-City Art Gallery.
MegNorth (241-300) Sector 274 - David Niven Blk (post-a), Ned Kelly Blk
Sector 242 - Beller Conapts (post-a), Jack Kevorkian Blk Sector 275 - Arnold Stang Blk (pre-a), Burt Lancaster
(post-a), Lucy Lawless Blk (post-a). Blk (d. 2104), Casanova Blk (d.2104), Charlton Heston
Sector 244 - Alberto Runch Blk (pre-a), Blake Carrington Luxy-Blk (pre-a), Ricardo Montalban Luxy-Blk (d. 2104),
Luxy-Blk (post-a), Ken Dodd Boulevard (pre-a). Ricardo Montalban II Luxy-Blk (post-a).
Sector 245 - Cliff Richard Luxy-Blk (post-a), Lee Van Sector 276* - Allan Ginsberg Blk (d. 2126), Betty Crocker
Cleef University. Blk (post-a), The Ezra Pound Hole (d. 2126), Henry
Sector 246 - Buenapista Studios, Gripper Stebson Blk Kissinger Blk (post-a), Maja Jeffrey Blk (post-a), Pancho
(pre-a), Jerry Springer Blk (post-a). Villa Blk (post-a), Rikki Fulton Blk (d. 2103).
Sector 247 - Bungit Din Indo-Eaterie, Caspar Weinberger *Partially destroyed in 2126; widespread collateral damage
Blk (pre-a), Clayton Towers (pre-a), Courtney Love Lux- and radiation contamination.
Apts (post-a), Semper-Markins Square, Tommy Vercetti Sector 277 - AB-Ls Smokatorium (d. 2126), Dixy Plasteen
Social Club, Whoopie Goldberg Blk (pre-a), Wyatt Earp Complex (d. 2103).
Blk (pre-a). Sector 278 - Eldo Cleaver Blk (post-a), Matt Hodgman
Sector 248 - Richard Burton Blk (post-a), Northside Blk (pre-a), New Jack Blk (post-a).
Mega-Technic, Tony Tyler Blk (post-a), Wilbur Wright Sector 279 - Imran Khan Blk (post-a), Martin Sheen Blk
Blk (post-a). (post-a), Olly North Blk (pre-a).
Sector 249 - Al Fayed Luxy-Developments (post-a), Sector 280 - Dan Tanna Blk (post-a), Enid Blyton Blk
Grand Megapolitan Opera House. (post-a).
Sector 250 - Northspoon Dust Zone. Sector 281 - Downside Pipeway (d. 2104), Ed Hillary
Sector 252 - Al Taylor Blk (post-a), Great Northern Blk (pre-a), Mario Lanza Blk (pre-a).
Highway Feed, Mega-City Necropolis, Wim Wenders Blk Sector 282 - Connie Booth Blk (post-a), J T Edson Blk
(pre-a). (post-a), Snyder Complex.
Sector 253 - Cilla Black Con-Apts (pre-a), Michael Stipe Sector 292 - Harry Cross Conapts (post-a).
Blk (post-a), Seb Coe Sportsplex. Sector 295 - H G Wells Plaza, Sump Tower Hotel.
Sector 254 - George Lucas Blk (post-a), Muscle Mansion Sector 297 - Hilary Briss Lux-Apts (post-a), Tactical
(post-a), Peri White Tower (pre-a). Command Bunker North.
Sector 300 - Northways Bridge.

Northwest Hab-Zone (301-305) vehicles while their occupants can eat, rest or sleep, all
the while the mo-tel thunders along the meg-ways fol-
Misc - Hells Highway, Nuke Alley. lowing a perpetual cruise loop.
Sector 301 - Barrio District (post-a), Hope Rise (post- Location - Stackers are almost all located along City
a), Krickland Stackers, Reebers Reclam (post-a), The Bottom, while most hostels and B&Bs are distributed close
Rock, 7th Heaven Conapts (post-a), The Sin Bin (pre-a),
to cityblocks. Boutiques are divided between Low- and
Toledo Flats Precinct (post-a), Traffic Substation Alamo,
Hightown stratum with a bias towards the upper levels
Transcola Stackers, Vicaro Precinct (feat. John Prescott
to indicate an extra dash of quality. The de luxe hotels sit
Blk, pre-a), Welbeck Conapts (post-a).
at very top of MegNorth luxy-blocks in private splendour,
Sector 303 - Shaftoe Street Stackers, St Doris Day Hos- occupy the entirety of specialised hotel blocks, or go
pital, Wallgate Savings & Loan.
the distance and hover far above the Lowtown rabble in
ornately-designed aircons.
ACCOMMODATION Administration - The Stacker, Hostel, B&B and Bou-
tique-classes of accommodation are often the sole business
Visitors to Mega-City One have thousands of hotels to
holding of their proprietors who will live on the premises.
choose from, with prices to suit all budgets. The larger
The De Luxe and Swanky-class hotels are franchises owned
hotels recommend booking rooms in advance to guaran-
by corporations, placed in Mega-City Ones more affluent
tee availability, while the grotty rooming houses of City
sectors, and in the hearts of the worlds most exclusive
Bottom are grateful for any custom they can find. Hotels
vacation destinations.
at the lower end of the market include the Armageddon
Hotel (guests are advised to carry firearms), GO2L, the
Inn-On-The-Sked franchise (with dedicated vehicle park THE CITY WALL
and service facilities), the Loveboat aircon (for newlyweds
and adulterers) and The Twilight Rooms. De luxe hotels The city wall was constructed in 2101 on the orders of the
include the Grand Rambo, Hulton, Pinnacle, Sump Tower tyrannical Chief Judge Cal, built with the sweat and blood
and The Twelve Months. of hundreds of thousands of conscripted labourers; many
For ultra-cheap sleepovers, stackers (Flannigans died to bring Cals twisted vision of a prison-sized city
One-night Stand and the Triple-Z, for example) are ideal, to fruition. When Cals forces were overthrown, the city
narrow and tall, crammed fit to burst with one-person wall remained. Although originally designed to prevent
pods containing a mattress, no-frills tri-D unit and toilet the population from escaping Cals regime, the wall was
tube. A stackers standard of hygiene will vary greatly as equally as effective at keeping undesirables like mutants
many pods are not cleaned or disinfected more than once and other enemy forces from freely entering the city. The
a day and the resident sloshers (cleaners) not paid enough city wall suffered major damage during the Apocalypse
to take much pride in their daily drudgery. Travellers un- War and the Necropolis, but has since been fully restored
willing to risk a rad-flea infestation or have the sloshers and upgraded.
rifle through their private possessions can opt to spend
a little more and seek out a hostels or bed-and-breakfast Structure
(B&B), although their fellow occupants may be just as
unsavoury. Chief Judge Cal wanted his wall completed in as short a
For motorists who need to rest but do not wish to lose span of time as was humanly possible. The answer was to
time getting to their destination, wheeled hotels (mo-tels) construct it from plasteen, a common building material of
like the massive computer-controlled juggers of the Big- the late 21st century, easily moulded into any configura-
Mo Company can accommodate both ground and hover tion of building block. The city wall measures one mile in

Podport Watchtower

Podport Turret



height along its entire length, including the more recent Should at any time the subject of an entrance exam fail
southern face built after the Apocalypse War to protect to qualify for admission into Mega-City One, the Judges
the remaining southern sectors. Extensive repair work will throw him back into the Cursed Earth without further
began at the same time to rebuild the east (Atlantic) wall, notice with a stern warning never to return unless his situ-
levelled by a monstrous tsunami generated by East-Meg ation improves. Known criminals found to be attempting
One nuclear strikes out at sea. to enter Mega-City One will be arrested and placed in
As described previously, the city walls original func- one of the temporary holding pens inside the city wall to
tion was to prevent citizens from leaving Mega-City One. await formal sentencing and relocation to an iso-block.
As such, the structure was built high and sheer. Search- Mega-City citizens who fail to pass muster are sentenced
lights were placed every dozen-metres, constantly strob- to five years in the iso-cubes for wasting the Judges time.
ing the city and the walls own faces for transgressors. If Criminals are arrested and taken by Catch Wagon to the
they were discovered, death was the only punishment, nearest sector house for processing.
delivered quickly and efficiently by one of many hundreds
of street cannon emplacements. Larger anti-aircraft bat-
teries scanned the skies for fugitive hover vehicles. Judges
Beyond The Wall
patrolled battlements that ran the walls length. When All terrain immediately beyond Mega-City Ones west wall,
Mega-City One was liberated, work began to redefine the reaching into the Cursed Earth, is neutral territory (Dead
city walls utility. As a barrier against the armed threats Zone) for a distance of fifty kilometres. The area is aptly
coming from the Cursed Earth, its weaponry was turned named, for it was the site of huge burial pits containing
one-eighty degrees about, facing outwards, joined by millions upon millions of citizens murdered by the Dark
watchtowers containing spysat-augmented, long-range Judges during their Necropolis campaign. The burial pits
sensor stations. Gun turrets were installed, augmenting were disturbed in 2114 when necromancer Sabbat resur-
the street cannons of Cals day with medium and heavy rected all their dead during Judgement Day. 60 million
laser cannon, capable of annihilating a convoy of enemy undead crawled from the pits and attacked Mega-City
ground vehicles in seconds. The city wall has no spe- One. After Sabbats defeat, the zombies returned to their
cific Justice Department command, instead protected by deathly state. This time, the Judges were more thorough
Judges assigned from every adjacent sector. The Sector and destroyed the corpses, scattering their ashes to the
Chiefs are responsible for the security of the wall that Cursed Earth winds. The burial sites were filled in, but
falls within their sector. they continue to exude disturbing psychic energies despite
having been treated by Exorcist Division.
Any organisation that declares an interest in establish-
Wall Traffic ing a temporary or permanent encampment within the
Gatehouses are sited intermittently in the curtain walls Dead Zone falls under close scrutiny from the Justice
to allow authorised ground vehicle and foot communi- Department; hostile or potentially threatening parties
cations between Mega-City One and the Cursed Earth. are ordered to leave the vicinity within twelve hours or
Located further apart and higher up the curtain walls face a forceful expulsion. Habitats and encampments
face are podports large enough to admit a single A-Class that manage successfully to gain authorisation for long-
H-Wagon. Two sets of armoured doors: an outer portcullis term settlement have all to date been established for
and a blast door, protect the gatehouse and podport alike. commercial purposes benefiting Mega-City One (food
Both entrances have numerical designations (West Gate producers, science laboratories conducting field studies
16, or Podport 20, for example). into Cursed Earth geology and biodiversity, and modest
All civilian traffic is examined scrupulously for contra- resupply waystations.
band and any possible threats to the security of Mega-City The former southern tail of Mega-City One once
One. As armed Judges watch, teams of Customs Judges stretched as far as Florida, now long devastated by the
probe newcomers with sniffer robots, while Med-Judges Apocalypse War. Mega-City Ones immediate response was
perform full medicals with the authority to place their to effect emergency damage control measures and build
charges under quarantine until they are no longer deemed a new length of wall to separate the surviving sectors of
a health hazard. Vehicles too are detained for decontami- MegSouth from the ruined hellhole on its doorstep. This
nation or structural integrity inspection to assess their shield wall is lightly-guarded as there is little likelihood
suitability for travel on the high-speed Mega-City road of a threat emerging from the south sector radlands able
network. For any citizens, formal authorisation is required to survive the corrosive rad-mists and intense heat.
to be permitted to leave the city, available by application The Atlantic Wall overlooks the fetid waters of the
to Barney, the City Hall computer, who cross-references Black Atlantic, polluted beyond measure by decades of
the claimants profile with the Justice Department to learn intensive industrial abuse. The Justice Department out-
if the claimant has a perp sheet, and is seeking to leave lawed such waste disposal projects soon after assuming
the city for a less than wholesome reason, like attempting ultimate jurisdiction over Mega-City One and clean-up
to escape arrest. projects have been in progress along the city limits, but
it will take many generations yet before the Black Atlan-
tics waters will resume any semblance of their former
health. The Black Atlantic is lethal to marine life, but has

little impact on oceangoing commerce, business between slab, where the Judges put an end to the fighting and the
Mega-City One and the worlds trade centres conducted Aggro Dome franchise put out of business ... temporarily.
by fleets of solar tankers and a variety of shipping built to Exploiting the Aggro Domes nostalgia factor, the Happy
last with corrosion-proof hulls and acid-diffusing sprinkler Hate Company relaunched the Aggro Dome brand across
systems safeguarding exposed decks. To facilitate the MegEast in 2115 as a successful pilot scheme to assess
needs of the maritime community, the Atlantic Wall is the viability of investing in further domes throughout
peppered with docks able to berth the largest tankers; MegWest, and in 2120, opened its first dome in Texas City.
the largest docks are to be found at Long Island Sector, A private security contingent has been installed in every
while smaller vessels of industrial and civilian ownership dome to defuse any indications of the type of violence
can enter the city through the sea-gates and weigh anchor that caused the downfall of the original franchise.
in the Mega-Docks. Each sea-gate is numbered (Atlantic Location - Sector 47 East.
Gate 3, for example). The Justice Departments Harbour
Administration - Stress Solutions, the pioneers of
Patrol, Marine- and Atlantic Divisions keep the peace in
Aggro Dome, rebounded into the business arena in part-
the citys East Canal, and the 100 kilometres of ocean
nership with TecTon Biocorp with the New Model Phoord,
along the entire length of the North American eastern
a living, breathing punchbag with durable, self-healing
seaboard under Mega-City One jurisdiction.

Alien Zoo
Mega-City Ones Alien Zoo is the largest of its kind in
the western hemisphere and the highlight of any trip to
the Mega-City Zoo. It is home to many strange, amusing
and downright weird creatures imported from across the
galaxy. The zoo is divided into several different habitat
zones designed to simulate the natural environment of the
various species. Differing types of security exist to keep
the exhbits in their place, from electro-cordons, non-grip
walls and plasteel cages to simple solutions like water or
tranq gas-filled moats.
Location - Sector 44 East.
Administration - The Alien Zoo is owned by Plunder
Enterprises, a private concern that imports alien animals
for entertainment, business and research purposes as
well as enjoying a lucrative sideline in procuring rare
alien artefacts for hugely-wealthy Earthside clients. The
Plunder Enterprises central office is based on Mars and
ENTERTAINMENT currently chaired by Pan-African Lord Loggerhead.

Aggro Dome The Annie Hall

Notable in a long line of commercial attempts to cash in A public venue of the highest calibre, offering Mega-City
and control the seething passions of mega-city citizens, Ones cultural elite an arena to celebrate their talents of
the Aggro Dome was doomed to fail from the moment it unparalleled size and quality in the showbiz industry. The
opened its doors. On the surface the concept was sound: Annie Hall regularly hosts events including the Academy
to provide an outlet for the citizens pent-up aggression Of Performing Arts Awards, the Mega-City Philharmonic
and so reduce their need to express it on the streets. The Orchestra and the Bert Drizzel Lectures: Making Thinking
therapeutic activities included smashing robots to pieces Fun! Ticket prices are artificially inflated to deter most
in the Ultra-violent Room, torturing or beheading lifelike Lowtowners and, following a terrorist attack in 2118, all
simulacrams, leaping onto the animated faces of hated ticket applicants are now routinely screened.
city enemies, vaping mannikins representing stere- Location - Sector 57 East.
otypical figures of authority and the simple pleasures of
chopping wood. However, the Aggro Domes bubble burst Administration - The Annie Hall is the property of
within the first day of opening; its customers found their the Votaforta Foundation, created by the late wlaywright
aggression stimulated to such a degree that they turned Ms Votaforta to perpetuate the performing arts in this
on each other and the dome became an arena of real-life culturally-impoverished sector. The Foundations efforts
bloodshed. The Judges quickly intervened, demolishing have been so successful that the Annie Hall is now one
the Aggro Dome to force the troublemakers out onto the of Mega-City Ones most respected venues and has been
honoured by visits from Chief Judge Hershey and mem-
bers of the Brit-Cit royal family.

Alien Zoo Attractions
Antarean Tentatee pair for inclusion within the Alien Zoo. Four dune sharks
currently occupy the Slaughter House exhibit, their daily
Drv (2) Fig (2) Hed (3) Nim (4) Psi (0) Spd (3) Str (2)
massacring of imported, live bisoon a favourite with visitors.
Academic Skills - Mimicry.
Dune sharks are so-named because of their resemblance to
Soundbite - Get away from those citizens, you alien idiot!
terrestrial sharks, although they are somewhat larger, with
The Antarean tentatee is one of the Alien Zoos more amus- a terrifying set of teeth, a club-like tail that delivers a nasty
ing exhibits, a small, green humanoid with a very small brain blow and a thick mantle protecting the tops of their heads.
but gifted with amazing powers of mimicry. The tentatee Dune sharks have the ability to fly by expelling buoyant
can instantly assimilate and parrot the mannerisms and gas from bladders connected to an internal system that
physical behaviour of any single or group of humanoids it is manufactures the buoyant gas as fast as it is jettisoned. The
placed within close proximity of, although it will not be truly sharks are nocturnal and hunt only at night unless their lair
aware of what those actions actually portend. The tentatee is disturbed. They hunt by burying themselves under the
will also parrot words and sentences spoken by others. The sand and then explode into the air, biting into their prey. The
Alien Zoo has a dozen of the creatures kept within a cage Dune sharks resident at the Alien Zoo have been nicknamed
with an environment approximating the tentatees desert Smiley (bull male), Emmanuel, Chuckles and Lily. They
homeworld of Antares Amigo. are contained within a plasteel cage and sedated between
meals so as not to devour one another.
Drv (-) Fig (6) Hed (3) Nim (3) Psi (0) Spd (8) Str (30) Rigelian Gorf
Soundbite - Gaarroorrhh! Drv (-) Fig (4) Hed (2) Nim (3) Psi (0) Spd (4) Str (11)
The predatory dandrill is the top of the food chain on Mor- Soundbite - Gorf!
dred, a jungle planet located along the Galactic Frontier. The gorf is a mixture of primate and crustacean, covered
The dandrill is a quadruped of great strength and surprising with grey hair, its two arms terminating in powerful, crablike
speed for a creature of its kind, able to outrun the average claws. The gorfs are found in the Hairy Mountains on the
citizen and impale him with its tree-sized fangs. The dandrill planet Rigel-G, roaming the tangled undergrowth in family
in the Alien Zoo was an infant imported at great cost, but has units, only meeting with other gorfs to fight for territory.
recouped the investment, participating in staged combats The gorf resident of the Alien Zoo was discovered wounded
with large robot animals coated with blood substitute. The and no match for the Rigelian hillsmen who captured him
dandrill eats raw meat and lots of it, up to five tonnes per and sold the unfortunate creature to beast traders bound
day (it cannot digest the cheaper soy-beef). The dandrill for Earth. The gorf is entering its elderly years and its grey,
enjoys the largest enclosure of all, visible from any corner furry coat turning white. It spends its time sullenly prowling
of the zoo. The creature has little need to sleep, and its the borders of its high-walled pen, instinctively sharpening
strange roars can be heard at all hours, to the discomfort of its claws against the rockcrete. The gorfs sorry appearance
the citizens living in neighbouring cityblocks. conceals a killers mind, however, and the beast ever waits
for a curious visitor or clumsy zookeeper to stumble into
Duckbilled Yabba-Dabba its grasp...

Drv (-) Fig (0) Hed (1) Nim (1) Psi (0) Spd (5) Str (40)
Soundbite - Gruummm. Spiny Starer
The duckbilled Yabba-Dabba is a massive, quadrupedal her- Drv (-) Fig (3) Hed (3) Nim (2) Psi (4) Spd (4) Str (10)
bivore from Krastos. It is entirely placid and spends it days Soundbite - The Spiny Starer has no vocal chords.
slowly munching on huge, genetically-modified plants ring- This strange entity resembles a bipedal porcupine, its details
ing its enclosure which grow almost as fast as the creature all but lost within the jagged forest of pitch black spines
can eat them. On Krastos, the Yabba-Dabba must often stand covering its body. The spiny starers piercing silver eyes
in lakes to help take the weight off its stumpy legs. Its pen at are conduits for the starers innate psi-power, allowing it
the Alien Zoo is dominated by an artificial lake, surrounded to mesmerise its enemies. In the wilds of the Starers home
by food-plants and a large, dry island where the beast can planet Frazz, it stuns its foes with its psi-stare, giving it
bask in the sun. Due to its poor eyesight, the Yabba-Dabba sufficient time to escape, or to grab a rock and pound the
has been known to swallow zookeepers and the odd visit- enemy to a pulp. In the Alien Zoo, the Starers power is all
ing citizen, mistaking them for food plants; a truckload of but inhibited by a psi-null cage (psi 4), so that all the Starer
laxatives is the only certain way to extricate any unfortunate can do is cause mild hallucinations in the brains of citizens
trapped within the beasts digestive tract. caught in its bewitchment.

Dune Shark Suckling

Drv (-) Fig (6) Hed (2) Nim (4) Psi (0) Spd (7) Str (10) Drv (-) Fig (3) Hed (1) Nim (2) Psi (0) Spd (3) Str (9)
The dune sharks were first encountered by settlers on the Soundbite - Slluurrrppp!
Tenth Planet of Hestia. The creatures attacked the first The suckling is an animal resembling a giant squid, but
colony, devouring the livestock and many settlers before can live on land as comfortably as it swims through deep
electric fences could be erected to keep them out. By some water. The suckling propels itself along land using its many
means, a number of dune sharks came to Earth, hunting tentacles, secreting a noxious slime to smooth its passage.
in the Cursed Earth. A pack attacked Mega-City One and The sucking is an intergalactic pest, inhabiting any dank,
many more were discovered breeding in distant caves. Big dark passage that can contain its sizeable bulk, like service
game hunter Manfred Von Kessler captured a breeding tunnels, zipstrips and sewers; there it will sleep, or ensnare

contain its sizeable bulk such as service tunnels, zipstrips and Wurlitz Wooflebeast
sewers. There it will sleep, or ensnare any who come within
Drv (-) Fig (3) Hed (1) Nim (2) Psi (0) Spd (7) Str (30)
reach of its tentacles, sucking the flesh and meat off their
Soundbite - Chomp!
bones with one mighty action of its extensible mouthpiece.
In the Alien Zoo, the Ssuckling lives in a tank featuring an The apelike wooflebeast has been the Alien Zoos star
amphibious environment and a climbing apparatus for it to attraction for nearly three decades. Although it lacks the
cling to. Visitors are invited to throw meat dollies (soy-beef savagery of the dune shark and the cute appeal of the
figurines) over the tank wall, and delight as the suckling Antarean tentatee, the wooflebeasts sheer size (topping
snatches at them. eighty feet in height) and its goofy, slackjawed countenance
have long-proven a moneyspinner. The wooflebeast spends
its days doing very little, propped up against a replica of
Terrordax a hillside, inspecting its orifices for tasty snacks. To liven
Drv (-) Fig (4) Hed (2) Nim (1/4*) Psi (0) Spd (2/10*) Str (7) the act up, hoverpods will dart in to rouse the beast with
* In flight. stinger-beams and then evade its grasping hands in a
Soundbite - Rawwkrr! deliberately theatrical manner. The wooflebeast did once
The tTerrordax is a winged, reptilian predator similar in escape its confinement when loony citizen Marvin Threebod
appearance to the pterodactyl of Prehistoric Earth. The speci- unlocked the wooflebeasts perimeter wall. Starved of a
mens featured in the Alien Zoo were captured scavenging decent meal for years, the giant monster delved deep into
among the ruins of the David Attenbourgh Wildlife Research the crowds of screaming citizens, stuffing its mouth with
Centre on Phyllis-8. Terrordax normally hunt in mid-flight, dozens of bodies already crushed in its huge hands. When
snatching birds out of the skies with their talons, or diving the wooflebeast was recaptured, its popularity regardless
over lakes to scoop fish with their long, sharp beaks. If they of the recent massacre ensured it was returned to its zoo
feel that it is safe to land, terrordax will venture onto the habitat to resume captivity.
ground and scavenge from the carcases of dead animals.
A flap (collective) of terrordax numbering seven in total
live in the Alien Zoo, mostly juveniles recently imported to
replace deceased livestock.

BARS & EATERIES the place of accumulated dirt and spilt beverages before
the daily cycle restarts. The average Mega-City One bar
Bars serves both alcoholic and non-alky drinks as supplied
by a small number of major breweries. Food is available
The Mega-City One bar scene is widespread and oversub- in the premises, normally junk food that can be quickly
scribed. Once the province of the after-hours workers who prepared and stored for extended periods without break-
dropped in for a beer before going home to the family, ing health and safety laws.
the chronically unemployed of the 22nd century have Bars attract differing social crowds and specialise their
little to do but prop up the bar and guzzle cheap beer wares accordingly. The main visual divisions are racial,
all day. Most bars open their doors in the late morning, with bars catering to human and non-human clients, the
remain open until the early morning and then close for a latter typically located in Alien Town and around the
couple of hours to allow the sloshers time to properly rid MegCentral spaceport neighbourhoods. Age categories

districts. The seedier bars keep close to their preferred
clientele, partially concealed by the old tenements of
Old Town. Hightown bars are nestled safely within the
upper levels of cityblocks and admit only select patrons,
usually residents of that blocks hightowner community,
their identities confirmed by doormeks.
Administration - All bar owners (barmasters) must
acquire a license to run a bar which results from a com-
bined course in bartending and business at the Jerry
Thomas College of Barkeeping in Sector 39. Barmasters
who operate independently of franchises are usually
small-time biz-cits who invest all their life savings in the
bar, their fates intertwined with the bars for decades until
such a time as the barmaster has made enough income
to retire.

Meggers love to eat, even more so now that their lives are
dominated by leisure time, to the extent that an entire
subculture - that of the Fatty - has ballooned up around
the notion of chain-guzzling. Meggers may flit from res-
taurant to restaurant on the recommendation of celebrity
food critics to sample the latest dishes, or remain loyal
to one or a small number of eateries based in the neigh-
bourhood. Lowtown restaurants offer synthetic foods as
denote the next level of preference, with select beverages, standard fare, while Hightown counterparts have many
interior designs befitting the aesthetics of each genera- more options on the menu, from wholly organic produce,
tion and appropriate noise levels. None of these bars will genetically-modified to create totally unique dishes, or
exclude those of differing age groups from entering - after delicacies imported from beyond the solar system. Despite
all, business is where you find it - but generally people the quality of foodstuffs on offer, many Lowtowners stick
of a certain age prefer to stick with their own. The more to what they know: the local eatery, bar and grill, deli or
fashionable bars cater to specific subcultures such as ug- fast food joint. Commonly-served foods include slabcakes
lies, punks, trendoes and fatties, while exclusive bars like (served with mayhem syrup), Euro-toast, synthi-beef on
little smokes (slab corner smokatorium) and swearezees synthi-rye, burger and fries, Foodle-Noodle, protein pretzels,
(where all expletives are allowed within soundproofed pizza, sushi, Geddof salad, treemeat and the mighty Big Meg
walls) provide unique environments. The remaining cat- cheesecake. Fast food franchises include the All-night Bur-
egories of bars to be found in Mega-City One are divided
between historic and literary (with names including the
words alehouse, pub or tavern), singles bars and hotel
bars which have better security and class of customer.
The bars visited by the Judge Dredd comic strip tend
to have rather distinctive names often appearing to be
to their barmasters detriment, though in truth they are
never short of clientele - and they entertain the reader!
The majority of bars prefer to use more congenial titles
to attract the punters. Examples of both branding phi-
losophies include the Bay Of Pigs, Boils Head, Crazed
Cur Bar, Dead Dog Bar, The Iron Bar, Lame Duck Bar, The
Meatish Pie, Murkies, Neutron Bar & Grill, Planet Gary, The
Quite Nice Bar, Rathole Eatery, Rat Run Bar, the Running
Sore Cafe, Salmonellas Bar, Slug and Gristle and The Song
Dog Bar.
Location - Lowtown bars are to be found almost eve-
rywhere, barring block plazas where the sale of alcoholic
beverages has long been illegal so as not to encourage
underage drinking. The more respectable bars are lo-
cated on the fringes of biz-districts both within lowtown
cityblock levels and externally among entertainment

gery, Burgostop, Chuck Chicken, Hungry Hitos, McFattys,
Okeydokey, Pizza Hovel and The Smiling Burger. Smaller
but popular eateries include Furts Diner & Deli, ONellas
Eatery, Shapiros Kosher Hottie House and the Stale Bagel
Dinette. Aircon eateries appealing to the Lowtown crowd
thrive, supplying hoverers with a quick and tasty meal
(Burgostop), while diners with more refined taste-buds
and a larger wallet can sample the finest of meals and
then walk off the calories along the Texas decks of large
aircon restaurants like Heavens Plate, Highlight Rooms
and Pie-In-The-Sky which follow computer controlled
flight paths across the city, offering unparalleled views
of the Mega-City One skyline.
Administration - The smaller eateries tend to be fam-
ily-owned affairs. The restaurants of Hightown calibre
are for the main usually one of several businesses owned
by a local entrepreneur who decided to turn his love of
food into a moneyspinner. Franchises with hundreds of
outlets like Burgostop and Chuck Chicken are owned by
mega-corps of the same name, operating from towering
citadels (food mountains) along the MegSouth border.


The Costa Del Meg is an entertainment district located on
the eastern side of the Atlantic wall, built atop a disused
supertanker dock seventeen miles in length. The Costa Privately-owned penitentiaries remained the prime means
is a wall of funfairs, vircades, fast-food outlets and 24/7 of prison administration and financing up until the late
clubs enjoyed by millions of citizens each year, watched 21st century. Before the Justice Department expanded the
over by the Judges of the embedded sector house who cast scope of its authority, initiating a program of construction
a tolerant eye over the happy-go-lucky proceedings. The of Iso-blocks, prisons controlled solely by Judge Iso-War-
Costa Del Meg briefly assumed citywide infamy in 2111 dens, Devils Island was a showpiece of private sector
when the master vampire Dracula embarked on a blood- penal innovation; it was also a classic design failure. The
sucking spree, creating a small army of vampire servants designers of Devils Island saw a niche in the market for
to spread his evil contagion. The vampires reign of terror inexpensive prisons: high-capacity, low administration
was bloody but brief and normality soon returned to the and maintenance. Their mandate was to convert dis-
Costa Del Meg, although sales of garlic-flavoured chewing used traffic islands into prisons and let the never-ending
gum went through the roof and citizens traded Mug-Off streams of high-speed traffic surrounding the prison,
for sharpened plasteen stakes for a few weeks. providing a steady deterrent to any convicts hopes of
Location - Sector 105 East. escaping. Traffic Island 77-FX-7 had its rest and service
stop converted into iso-cubes and a med-bay, topped by
Administration - Norton Blackpool, the Brit-Cit estate
an exercise yard - formerly the islands main hoverpad.
magnate, bought an old supertanker port and transformed
Devils Island was to be fully-automated; its inhabitants
it into the cheesy wonderland that is the Costa Del Meg.
were automatically let out of their iso-cubes three times
Blackpool is landlord to dozens of small businesses, all
daily and led into elevators taking them up to the exercise
part of the Costas leisure and service industry.
yard, and then afterwards returned to their iso-cubes and
fed from food dispensers. Entertainment consisted of
theft-proof tri-D, and regular sermons from the Church
Of Grud. Violence between prisoners was a fact of Devils
Island life, and of Iso-blocks in general. In Devils Island,
injured convicts were lifted into stretchers by robo-docs
and taken for treatment to the med-bay. They were re-
turned with great expedience to their iso-cubes to resume
their daily routine - and to get beaten up again.
Devils Island relied on the stability of the citys
Weather Control system to function. In 2099, this rela-
tionship collapsed: a malfunction unleashed a terrible
blizzard upon MegEast, bringing most of the traffic to
a standstill. The convicts exposed on the exercise yard

wasted little time in escaping Devils Island, notably
among them William Whitey Logan, a Judge killer. The
Justice Department soon brought Weather Control back
under control and rounded up the escaped prisoners.
Location - Sector 77 East.
Administration - Devils Island was a initiative
mounted by Runsfeld Construction, a major player in
the Mega-City One transport network whose experience
with prison building was, well, nonexistent. With Devils
Island ultimately declared a failure, Runsfeld Construc-
tion went into liquidation and its management imprisoned
for corporate negligence. The final fate of Devils Island
has yet to be decided.

To provide a stress-relieving experience for frustrated
and unfulfilled citizens, thought-manipulating technology
(once the exclusive province of the Justice Departments
Dream Police) was licensed for commercial exploitation
and the Dream Palace franchise was created. By induc-
ing sleep and then stimulating REM sleep, any number
of dreams can be generated, from simple everyday
triumphs (spending time with departed relatives and
friends or winning the latest Supersurf), to single-hand-
edly destroying armies of Cursed Earth mutancheroes,
Boinging among the planets and journeying back in time
to a less troubled period. A typical session in a dream
machine lasts one hour, but since time is subjective in
Dreamland, the client may easily experience what seems
like a lifetime of personal fantasy in those 60 minutes. buys the use of a dream booth and the personal attention
A payment of 13,000c (about three months hab rent) of a dreamweaver, one trained in the use of the dream
machine and the correct application of electronic signals
to ensure the client receives the dreams he has asked for.
Dream machines can be used to inflict nightmares as well
as pleasant dreams, and can suffuse the dreamers mind
to such an intensity that he can actually die from the ex-
perience. Dreamweavers are carefully vetted on grounds
of psychological stability, but the occasional Bad Knight
has crept into the system, by accident or intent inducing
brain damage and extreme trauma to clients before he
is discovered by the Judges.

Entertainment, Misc.
Dinosaur World - Robot dinosaurs emit synthesised
roars and wage a simulated survival of the fittest man-
date against each other. Dinosaur World was founded on
reclaimed no-go zone land and populated with advanced
animatronic replicas of the prehistoric beasts, later re-
placed by fully-robotic models (mekasaurs) that prowl
their enclosures as though genuinely hungry for some
flesh to tear at, and stage savage fights, red oil spattering
everywhere, to thrill the visitors (Sector 126 South).
Dramarena - Generic, open-air ampitheatre often
located on a block plaza where local plays are enacted,
speeches are made and large-attendance face-to-face
discussions can be held. Dramarenas are usually owned as
a partnership between a small local business concern and

the cityblock committee to whom the block plaza belongs. ploy by the Megalopolis owners to increase the ambient
Low-budget affairs, dramarenas are not well protected mood of excitement in the public before the play begins.
and are easy targets for gangs who use the open space The Megalopolis has presented such theatrical delights
for confronts and midnight street bike races. The Little as the Diary Of Dan Frink, Munce By Moonlight, Undercity
Bowl is inversely Mega-City Ones largest dramarena Penance and Love Thy Fellow Blocker. The Megalopoliss
(Sector 87 East). greatest show was the 160-hour long Agonies Of Cold
Hippodrome - Formerly one of MegEasts largest in- Turkey which not only caused the cast to be admitted to
door spaces for rent, the Hippodrome was bought lock, the nearest hospital block upon the plays completion, but
stock and trough by a consortium of fatties who now stage killed a dozen members of the less physically fit audience
the annual All-sector Eating Championships there. As a from sheer exhaustion (Sector 26 East).
focus for fatty culture, the surrounding cityblocks have Megaplex, Dr. Spocks - The citys largest juve holiday
become quickly become inundated with joist-warping camp, designed to keep the little tykes off the streets and
tenants and flab-fans (Sector 223 West). out of trouble between block school terms. Dr. Spocks
Holograph Theatre - Before the advent of home Megaplex is a virtual city, with six-themed recreation
tri-D media, the holograph theatres were the wonder of domes: Surf Camp, Nerd Camp, Ugly Camp, Psi Camp,
their day, immersing audiences in captivating audio and Fat Camp and Camp Pal. The inevitable rivalry between
visual dramas and documentaries. Barely one-percent camp juves causes waves of intermittent violence which
of the holograph theatre population remain standing, has prompted Camp Judge Inman to be permanently
although hardly any still fulfil their original function and installed (Sector 7 Central).
are left derelict, inhabited by sub-humes, slabpackers and Martha Chesterton Memorial Park - Also known
criminals exploiting the theatres fall from grace to hold simply as the Park, the MCMP is Mega-City Ones larg-
secret meetings. est expanse of natural vegetation. It was founded by
Hoverdrome - Large, domed arenas where destruction industrialist Chester Chesterton III in memory of his late
derbies, mock air combats, jet-stunts and powerboard wife, built on reclaimed land. The Park has sadly become
aerobatics are staged before an audience watching from neglected and the haunt of criminals, freaks and man-
terrestrial bleachers. eating monsters, but the Justice Department tolerates its
Hov-in - Open air tri-D cinema attended by hover existence because the Chesterton estate donates millions
vehicles. Hov-in owners purchase the movies at discount, of credits to the Judges every year, and its very existence
films that have ended their theatrical run and would helps keeps the precincts neer-do-wells all in one place
otherwise be stored on a hard-drive until purchased for where the Judges can keep watch over them. Groups
perpetual syndication across the citys thousands of tri-D of Cadet Judges are taken on park patrol to experience
channels. Hov-ins are magnets for courting couples, lon- Mega-City Ones wildlife first-hand (Sector 214 West).
ers, weirdos and slacker Street Judges. Mega-City Art Gallery - The citys most highly-re-
Killkraze Combat Park - Killkraze was yet another garded gallery of fine arts, antiquities and exhibits from
attempt to profit from the chronic aggressive streak around the world. Exhibits include Bellinis E=MC2, Float-
bubbling away inside Mega-City One citizens. The fa- ing Dots, Pubic Forest, Lament of the Jellyfish, Uta Hirsts
cility was located in reclaimed land between the city Death by Monsoon, Simp Strolling Through A Rad-Zone
and the Northwest Hab-Zone, where numerous exotic and the Statues of Mediocrity (Sector 273 North).
combat simulations were run by computer inside large, Museum Of The Mega-Olympiad - A multimedia
bombproof domes. Killkraze Combat Park was a hugely presentation of all events featured in the Mega-Olympics
successful enterprise until a computer error replaced the since its inception, including sneezing, staring, surgery,
combatants dummy rounds with live ones. Hundreds of hang-gliding, housework, projectile vomiting, door-to-
citizens were killed as a result. Killkraze Combat Park door selling, taxidermy, flatulence, insulting and sex,
was shut down and its owner David Krazmer put away plus the charming, archaic sports like synchro-swimming,
for life (Sector 121 South). dancing and track-racing (Sector 255 North).
Mega-City Chamber Of Horrors - Showcase of robot- Palais-de-Boing - Enclosed stadiums where citizens
ic, fully-mobile exhibits representing classic fictional and can encase themselves in the wonder plastic Boing and
real-life villains including Jack The Ripper, the Hunchback bounce through specially-designed environments. Boing-
of Notre Dame, Saddam Hussein, the Boston Strangler, ing is illegal in open spaces, carrying a mandatory 20-year
Sweeny Todd and President Booth. The museums former prison sentence.
owner unleashed his robotic creations on a killing spree,
Pleasure Island - Orbital holiday camp with an aver-
stealing valuables from passers-by to reduce the museums
age attendance of 43,000 citizens.
spiralling debt (Sector 21 East).
Megalopolis - MegEasts largest indoor theatre. Sing- Smokatorium - The only venues in Mega-City One
ing doormen frisk the public, moving on to participate where the smoking of nicotine is legal. Even so, patrons
in the Please Yourself confectionary rush where there must wear airtight helmets to contain their expelled
is purposely never enough food to meet the demand, a smoke to prevent their co-patrons from inhaling too
much of the airborne poisons. Around a third of all sec-
tors have a smokatorium, with MegNorth averaging the

lowest count; its deep-pocketed inhabitants can afford Bat Manse - A high-vaulted club allowing batgliders to
altogether more stimulating drugs of choice. playfully swoop and dart to favourite anthems like Cruise
Vibe-Bowl - Music ampitheatre owned by the Associ- Missile 2126 and Kite Mark. Eldster batters can hang from
ated Musicians of Mega-City One. Hundreds of concerts harnesses to simulate their glory years, swaying to smooth
are held at the Vibe Bowl every year, notably the Mega-vi- and easy listening songs in the vein of A Slow Glide To
sion Song Contest and the Squawk Show charity crapfest, Sino-Cit. All clubbers must bring their own bat-rigs which
celebrating the worst in world music (Sector 44 East). are searched for contraband and bat-jamming equipment
(used to botch a rivals aerobatics display) at the door.
Mega-City Ones largest bat manse is the O-Zone, a hol-
Nightclubs lowed-out mothane plant in Sector 203.
Location - Nightclubs (niteries) are inconspicuous dur- Blight Club - A gathering place for uglies, devotees of
ing daylight closing hours and glowing like miniature the enduring uglification craze devised by the late Otto
volcanoes when the sun has set. Most nightclubs are Sump. Pretties (unaltered citizens) may only enter if
founded in the shells of derelict stores and ecom units. vouched for by longtime members. A perverse, monthly
The Mega-City One club scene is wild and varied, where beauty contest called the Uglybugs Ball rewards the most
almost any theme is sanctioned short of inflicting physical abhorrent clubber with several free courses of uglification
or mental pain on others - animal, mineral or vegetable treatment at the exclusive Trez Sump parlour. Gangs of
- against their will. This is not to say most nightclubs are puglies (punks subjected to uglification treatment as part
venues of the bizarre; far from it in fact. Their design of their gang initiation) are often caught by the Judges
and patrons tastes are not far removed from the clubs loitering around blight clubs as they try to bluff their way
of our era, where music is loud and bombastic, alcohol past the doormen to stir up trouble inside.
flows freely, the club is hot and bodies are packed tightly Popular blight clubs: The Zit Factory, Grotbags, Dross,
together. The entrances are manned by doormen who The Pumpkin Patch and Medusas.
use levels of violence sanctioned by the Justice Depart- Gluttonaria - Fatty-only clubs by their very nature
ment. Crime thrives within the strobe-blitzed confines of require the largest floor space and have a mountainous
nightclubs, and drug use and prostitution are as common stock of snack foods on offer, but otherwise are indis-
as alcohol. tinguishable from the average niterie. The inherently
Specialist clubs cater to the many subcultures of Mega- unhealthy culture of the fatty demands certain safeguards
City One society. Here is a small sample: to cope with heart failure, burst colons or choking on-site:
by law, each gluttonaria must have a private ambulance
on stand-by, ready to speed the beleaguered fatty to the
nearest med-bay.
Popular gluttonaria: Gorge, The Pig Trough, The Mighty
Belch and The Gulp Stream.

Muscle Club - The home of the vain, where beefed-
up bodybuilders can parade their glistening muscles and
adoring pipecleaners (muscle fans, typically weedy of The Academy Of Law
physique) drool over their hi-vit drinks.
Popular muscle clubs: Abs-Fab, Temple of the Gods and The training ground of the Mega-City One Judges. Would-
Muscle Bitch. be Judges are inducted at the age of five, to endure fifteen
Palais-De-Bop - Dance clubs promoting popular music gruelling years of intensive combat, tactical and peace-
featured in the current slug parade. Themed or nostalgia keeping training, instilled all the while with the myriad
nights are regularly hosted. The larger palais-de-bops commandments of the Book Of Law, the Judges bible.
have dancefloors on the ground and on the ceiling where At the age of twenty, Rookie Judges undergo their Final
fly-dancers zoogle their ooglies upside down using mag- Street Assessment to decide if they are fit to become a
netic fly-boots. Full Eagle, a fully-fledged Street Judge.
Popular Palais-de-bops: Stomp, Ghettoblaster, Detox
and The Turntable. Popular skankeries (more expensive Apocalypse Monument
clubs): The Rabbit Hutch, The Gold Mine and Planet Air-
head. The citys largest permanent Apocalypse War statue is
a plasteen mushroom cloud as large as a conapt. In the
Sex Clubs - These hot and steamy venues are popular evenings, the monument glows like a furnace and emits
among an adult culture once known as swingers. To par- audio captures of nuclear detonations. Every January
ticipate, one must pass a vigorous medical before applying (the anniversary of the commencement of the war), large
for a typically expensive membership. Sex clubs cater to crowds encircle the monument and hold hands as mass
all schools of sexual practice, including interspecies. hysteria: crying, screaming, the gnashing of teeth and loss
Popular sex clubs: Shaggys, Lets Get Physical, Friction of bowel movements to simulate radiation poisoning. A
Burns and Loving The Alien. second, more restrained ceremony takes place over Christ-
Juvey Clubs - Juve niteries were the answer to teen mas when larger crowds engage in a mass carol-in.
crime which increased in the evenings, escalating over
the weekends between Block School chores. All juves
attending such clubs must first electronically register Atlantis
their presence at the door to provide an alibi in case the The largest of six service plexes (the others have rather
Judges need to eliminate them from investigations into less exciting names such as Plex 1, 2, etc; Atlantis is the
local crime sprees. fourth service plex in the chain) along the Transatlantic
Popular juvey clubs - The Green Scene and Young- Tunnel, a multi-laned speedway and zoom tube con-
bloods. necting Mega-City One with Brit-Cit, spanning the Black
Administration - Nightclubs are bars with value- Atlantic Ocean. Most service plexes are little more than
added features, owned in their hundreds by mega-brew- waystations, stop-off points for road travellers. Their ports
eries, branded so as to afford the clubs comprehensive are riddled with motels, eateries and fuel stations staffed
advertising coverage, with at least one branch of any given by those souls able to withstand a claustrophobic life far
brand for every city sector. Clubs that cater to true niche beneath the surface. Atlantis itself contains tourist facili-
markets are owned by minor league biz-cits who have a ties, deep-sea mining and fishing industries. Mechanised
genuine passion for their select clientele and may well be krillcatchers collect tankfuls of krill to be processed into
an active member of that subculture. Nightclubs are an
infamous haunt of criminal organisations and more than
a few chains will be secretly owned by the mega-mobs
who hide their involvement behind layer upon layer of
false holding companies. Clubs offer the underworld a
ready supply of marks to peddle contraband to, use as
unwitting guinea pigs when testing the latest cocktails of
designer drugs, or simply walking banks to be robbed at
will since most clubbers will be loaded with paycards and
credits to see them through the nights entertainment.

The massive
undersea city
of Atlantis.

a mush, imported into Mega-City One as a food additive. Grand Hall of Justice
The mutant coral ray has replaced the extinct whale
as the largest creature in the Black Atlantic; schools of This imposing structure, styled in the form of a gigantic
the gigantic sea monsters gather around Atlantis, wait- eagle, is the most recent incarnation of the headquarters
ing to be fed to the delight of visitors assembled in the of the Justice Department. The original Grand Hall Of
Showdome observatory. With very little in the way of Justice was destroyed in 2104 by Judge Dredd to prevent
crime (low-intensity smuggling is the number one arrest the invading Sov-Block from using it as a propaganda tool.
offence), Atlantis is summarily staffed by no more than The Grand Hall was rebuilt in 2105, but was destroyed
eight coalition Judges of Brit-Cit/MC-1 origin, and one during its official unveiling ceremony by the Prankster,
sniffer robot dog called Pickles. a master of mischief. Eventually the present day Grand
Hall was erected, this time designed to withstand a nu-
clear strike, foresight that has saved the lives of many
Empire State Building vitally-important Judges. Before the Grand Hall stands
Once the worlds tallest structure, the Empire State Build- Aftermath Square where past conflicts are remembered.
ing is now dwarfed by the average cityblock. It is no longer A statue of the undercity dweller Fergee - who helped
a tourist attraction and is in a sorry condition, having lost the Judges defeat the insane Chief Judge Cal - occupies
most of its windows and many of its floors collapsed. The one section, ever-surrounded by a cloud of robo-flies to
elevator cars have long lain smashed to pieces at the foot emulate the profusion of foul wildlife that once followed
of the towering shafts, the only access to the upper levels Fergee about his business. A cenotaph commemorat-
an extremely treacherous staircase. The Empire State ing the millions killed during the Necropolis sits across
Building was one of the few remnants of Old New York the square. Like the Grand Hall Of Justice, Aftermath
to be salvaged when the city was rockcreted over to make Square is a popular tourist attraction for mega-citters
way for Mega-City One. Regarded at the time as a national and foreign travellers. It is equally heavily-guarded by
treasure, the Empire State was relocated in Sector 44s armed Judges in anticipation of terrorist attacks from
Old New York Precinct. The plan was to refurbish it as anti-justice groups and pro-democrat extremists, as well
a museum of the 21st century, but unwise investments as lesser but undesirable social misfits like scrawlers and
bankrupted the company that had taken on the project ram-raiders; there have even been attempts to steal the
and the Empire State was abandoned. The building is statue of Fergee and the Necropolis Cenotaph to sell to
now home to homeless, escaped mutants, sub-humes and black market art dealers.
gangs of criminals who take pot-shots at passing Judges
from the 102nd-floor observation deck. Landmarks, Misc.
Alien Town - Although extraterrestrials are fairly
commonplace in Mega-City One, a natural inclination
for those different from the majority to form enclaves has
resulted in the so-called Alien Town, City Bottom estate
converted by its residents into a home away from home
- or as near as they can make it. The tightly-packed build-
ings make for a bubbling melting pot of strange beings
from deep space, and excellent hiding places for illegal
aliens. The social heart of Alien Town is the Extraterres-
trial Trading & Social Club (Sector 22 East).
Ape Town - Ape Town is the largest colony of geneti-
cally-modified apes in Mega-City One, centred around
Queen Mum Street. The apes have replicated the typical
habitats of their Homo Sapien cousins with some success,
although a certain lack of mental finesse has resulted in
the stereotyping of the more dramatic aspects of human
society. The residents have adopted the roles of tri-D soap
stars and movie heroes/villains, perpetually re-enacting
these roles, modifying them to fit Ape Towns semi-de-
crepit environment (Sector 7 Central).
Chinatown - Also known as Sinotown, one of several
estates inhabited primarily by immigrants of the Far
Eastern Sino-Cities and their surrounding urban sprawls.
Chinese culture has changed very little in the centuries
since the first immigrants came to North American shores
in search of a better life, and the Triad gangs still hold
sway over the Sino-Citizens (Sector 88 East).

Iso-block 666 - A particularly high-security prison
built to contain Mega-City Ones most feared criminals.
Despite its reputation as the place of no return, Iso-
block 666 has suffered three successful mass break-out
attempts, although most escapees find their escape routes
cut off by concentric rings of H-Wagon and Manta prowl
tank patrols waiting for such an eventuality. To date, only
the late Fink Angel - with the assistance of the Judge Child
- has managed to make a clean escape (Sector 40 East).
The Jungle - This Lowtown district - not to be con-
fused with the ape colony of Sector 51 - becomes an
occasional war zone when gangbangers from across the
quadrant congregate in their hundreds to prove their
superiority over their rivals. A major confront in 2105
became an excellent training opportunity for the crews
of Justice Department Manta prowl tanks who had only
just been issued with the state-of-the-art combat vehicles
(Sector 230 West).
Long Island Sector - The Justice Departments Atlan-
tic Division headquarters and dockyards.
The Maze - The F Loyd Mazny Scheme was at the
time Mega-City Ones most complex development, built
to house two million citizens in low-rise housing built in
a complex arrangement. The so-called Maze was so intri-
cate that an army of signposts had to be installed to allow
residents to navigate it, but in short order they were all
Crater Lake - A large shanty town spread along the destroyed by local vandals. The residents, unable to find
basin of the former Lake Ontario, which was drained by a their way out of the Maze, wondered for days searching
stray East-Meg nuclear missile struck. Crater Lake is home for the exit; 150 starved to death. The Maze was closed
to mutants, outcasts, fugitive criminals and thwarted hell- down and it architect wisely emigrated, but the labyrin-
trekkers who do not wish to return to life in the Big Meg. thine horror remains in place to this day, preserved by the
Mega-Trust for posterity. The Mazes outer suburbs have
Gang Alley - A violent urban wasteland where the
become a haunt for slabpackers and wanted criminals
gangs are in charge and the presence of Judges can often
(Sector 89 East).
only make matters worse. The Vi-Boys, Bloodsuckers, 9th
Street Psychos, Apaches and Wayward Girls constantly fight
bloody battles over territory, watched by terrified citizens
from behind their apartment curtains (Sector 36 East).
Dead Juves Curve - A spiralling traffic island and a leg- Iso-Block 666
endary proving ground for young hotrodders; any river who
can out race the competition and survive the lightning journey
from the top of Dead Juve Curve to its City Bottom off-ramp
is considered something of a legend (Sector 51 East).
Hayte Street - A street with the sorry reputation
of having Mega-City Ones highest crime figures; four-
thousand crimes are committed on Hayte Street every
day. Rookie Judges are taken on patrol loops along Hayte
Streets two-mile length to experience the phenomenon
first-hand, hoping they will not join the fast-growing list
of crime statistics (Sector 41 East).
The Island - The dream of slabpackers everywhere,
the semi-mythical Island is alleged to be a treasure trove
of equipment and valuables, but is really a spot located
beneath a convergence of meg-ways where citizens enter-
ing Mega-City One from the Transatlantic Tunnel dump
their contraband to avoid the harsh scrutiny of the Judges.
The Island is littered with the dead bodies of slabpackers
who have been lured to the place by the legends, to then
fight for possession of the valuables (Sector 100 East).

orburbs. The Hightowners fled their
luxury homes, handing their estates
over to the slummies - which predict-
ably then descended into ghettoes.
The Rock - One of the first
mega-penitentiaries, the Rock was
modelled on Alcatraz, the legendary
prison island of Old New York City, a
visible deterrent for the rising tidal
wave of crime experienced by the ex-
panding Mega-City. Built in the 2040s,
the Rock was rendered obsolete by
the much larger iso-blocks and in
2128 is a tourist attraction complete
with holographic reconstructions of
Northways Bridge - One of the citys oldest bridges, its most notorious criminals and dramatic events to have
dating back to 2056 when it was conceived as a link be- occurred within the Rocks four-metre thick walls (Sector
tween Mega-City One and Canadia (Sector 300 North). 301 NWHab).
Nuke Alley - The devastated wasteland between Simp Tank - The Population Observation and Control
Mega-City One and the Northwest Hab-Zone, located unit (Simp Tank) is a serious scientific study of Mega-City
beneath Hells Highway, the only surface bridge between Ones simps, an attempt to discover what it is in a simps
the two habitats. As radiation levels gradually fall, Nuke mental make-up that makes them different. Subject simps
Alley is being exploited as a transitory point for drug deals are contained within observation tanks, and occasionally
and arms smuggling from Crater Lake. taken on field trips to study how they relate with the
Old New York - When Sector 44 East was designed outside world (Sector 27 East).
and the city that was New York rockcreted over, public Slabyrinth - A radical design intended to facilitate
sentiment demanded an ancestral connection be main- the efficient passage of high-volume traffic to and from
tained to link the old and new cities. In the heart of Sec- the many airports in MegCentral, the slabyrinth instead
tor 44 (sited directly over Lower Manhattan Island), the caused major disruptions, its unusual architecture baffling
district of Old New York was christened, its street names many drivers AL-manac nav-computers. Rapid software
based on famous concourses of the city below: Wall Street, patches rectified the problem, but the Slabyrinth remains
Broadway, State Street and Hanover Square, for example. an environment unsuitable for inexperienced drivers
The Empire State Building was spared the fate of the rest (Sector 7 Central).
of New York and relocated above, and stands uneasily like Speakers Square - Most sectors have legally sanc-
a crippled old man above the acid rain-pocked rooftops tioned zones of free speech where strong viewpoints can
of the pre-war tenements. The only cultural highlight be voiced and heated arguments made. The Judges may
to be offered by Old New York is its City Bottom market listen in on the debates, but they cannot arrest any of
where a surprisingly diverse number of goods are traded, the participants on the grounds of controversial or anti-
including pre-Atom War antiques (Sector 44 East). judicial topics.
Orbital Suburbs - The
orbital suburbs of Mega-City
One float some 22,000 miles
above the earth, locked in
geo-stationary orbit above
North America. The Or-
burbs were conceived as
refuges for Mega-City Ones
elite, a place where they
could permanently escape
the slummies. The Nelson
Rockefeller Orburb was the
jewel in the crown of the
orburb enterprise. All this
came to a sorry end in 2105
when the Slum Clearance
Act was brought into effect,
and a considerable number
of slummie families given
the opportunity to share the

up and put on public display. Unfortunately, as with the
Parthenon (the other great foreign treasure imported by
Esquire) the White Cliffs fell victim to local crime (the
notorious scrawl king Chopper defaced it in 2103) and
later was partially levelled by a malfunctioning Citidef
missile test fire. Protest groups have campaigned to have
the White Cliffs Of Dover repatriated to their rightful place
in England, ignorant to the fact that there is no longer
any coast for it to be returned to (Sector 191 West).

Hoverports & Spaceports
Extra long-distance travel is commonplace in the 22nd
century; intercontinental flights take minutes instead
of hours and space flights are commonplace. Mega-City
One has many ports dedicated to terrestrial and space
traffic (known as hoverports and spaceports respectively,
collectively referred to as airports), the largest of which
are the Atlantic Central Hoverport, Kennedy Spaceport,
the Jim Grubb Memorial Hoverport and the Gil Gerrard
Memorial Spaceport.
To book a flight, a citizen makes a reservation using
Statue Of Judgement - Towering above the Statue the Megaweb. The next port of call is Check-In, where
Of Liberty, the Statue Of Judgement is the ultimate archi- flight tickets are processed and luggage separated from the
tectural symbol of the Justice Departments power. Since traveller to be loaded onto robot-driven trolleys and carried
the statue was rebuilt in 2117, the Justice Departments to the waiting hovership or spacecraft. Both luggage and
Public Surveillance Unit (PSU) has made the statues would-be traveller are searched thoroughly by Customs
hollow interior its new headquarters (Sector 44 East). Judges for contraband, weapons and contagion. Immigrants
Statue Of Liberty - The famous statue and symbol are processed via Immigration Control, while extraterrestrial
of Old America was a present from the French back in tourists are sent through the Alien Bureau.
1886. When Mega-City one was undergoing construction, Hoverships and spacecraft operate a VTOL system
Liberty Island was demolished and the statue relocated and so do not require a runway from which to launch
inland, overlooking the Huson Inlet. An act of terrorism or land. Besides the main terminus, launch pads and
in 2113 failed to destroy the statue but severed its torch- vehicle parks, airports feature fuel stores; in the event of
bearing hand, which was recovered and mounted on a a fuel leak or disaster of any kind, emergency teams can
great stone plinth nearby (Sector 44 East). marshal fire-trucks, SCS wagons and clean-up squads.
Tomb Of The Unknown Port Control can quickly crank blast shields into place if
Citizen - A small, unassum-
ing statue of a citizen run-
ning for his life as a large
boot is about to descend
to crush him, the Statue Of
The Unknown Citizen is a
symbol the downtrodden
nobodies can easily sym-
pathise with. (Sector 53
White Cliffs Of Dover
- A section of the famous
white cliffs was sold off dur-
ing the construction of Brit-
Cits southwest sectors to
Mega-City One collector of
antiquities Noble Esquire,
and shipped at unimagina-
ble cost to the city where
it was internally shored

launch pad sensors detect an explosion, isolating the pad
from adjoining the rest of the spaceport.
The airports of MegCentral are surrounded by city-
blocks inhabited by airport flight crew and staff, techni-
cians and emergency crews. The MegCentral City Bottom
leisure industry caters to the staff and the many thousands
of visitors that arrive in Mega-City One very week with
bars, clubs, eateries and mountains of gift stores; the
ever-present criminal element waits for the right moment
to steal what the tourists have just purchased.

Considering the massive degree of overpopulation in
Mega-City One, it is no surprise that euthanasia has
been legalised. An industry providing the last service
thrives, a welcome release for the terminally, painfully
ill or depressed, or eldsters whose infirmities have seen
their once strong bodies reduced to chairbound sacks of
slobbering meat. Once a citizen decides on euthanasia
- for himself or another he has legal custodianship over
- he must apply to the Euthanasia Committee for permis-
sion to die. Once the appointment is within three weeks
of taking place, the citizen cannot back out and will be
forced to make the appointment by Judge escort if nec-
essary. In the Euthanasium, the patient lays in a quiet,
pleasant room and given the first of two injections. The
first shot relaxes his mind and muscles. During this ten
minute period, the patient can elect to view a panorama
of his choosing, from a tranquil scene of nature to his
favourite aeroball stadium, projected in sensurround.
Soon, the final, lethal injection is administered and the
patient dies peacefully. His body is bagged and stored in directed at hospital staff (thieves stealing robo-docs and
the euthanasiums mortuary ready to be taken to Resyk. armed drug addicts raiding medicine stores), the Eisen-
hower has been granted a squad of Block Judges (Sector
148 South).
Hospital Block
The Eisenhower is one of Mega-City Ones major hospital
blocks and the centre of civilian sector Crisis Control
Weather Control
operations, delivering specialist intensive care for mass Mega-City One installed the worlds first urban weather
cases of burn, radiation, disease, chemical and biologi- control system following the Great Atom War to spare the
cal-related injuries. The Eisenhower - like all hospital citizens from the climactic devastation sweeping across
blocks - exists to treat ill health beyond the capabilities the Cursed Earth. Weather Control remained a fixture of
or resources of cityblock med-levels. Mega-City one life until the late 2110s when neglect and
Any patient referred to the Eisenhower comes pack- financial underinvestment took its toll and it ceased to
aged with a complete lifes worth of medical records ac- be a reliable climate regulator. In 2127, portions of the
cessed through Barney the City Hall computer and credit Weather Control network remain active, but for other
rating based on their ability - or willingness - to pay for regions the advice from City Hall has been annoyingly
past medical treatment. A patient whose credit rating is to wrap up against acid storms and take anti-rad pills on
not found to be satisfactory will be refused treatment and a regular basis.
referred back to his block-med. Weather Control is a network of satellite stations sur-
The Eisenhower has a 20,000 strong population of rounding Weather Control Central, a massive antigravity
med-techs and robodocs, governed by the Board Of wheel anchored in the cloud layer. The amazing technolo-
Doctors who retire to mid-block luxy-apts when their gies utilised by Weather Control allow it to create any
services are not required. A fleet of auto-medics serve type of weather system at the touch of a button within
the Eisenhower, delivering new admissions or returning the borders of Mega-City One. Any weather condition
discharged patients who remain incapacitated to their can be generated, from a heatwave, rain and snow to
homes. In the wake of growing incidents of violence gale-force winds and even tornadoes ordered into being
by the Justice Department to sweep the streets clear of
garbage and mobs.

Weather Control Station
Spd (11) Crew (8) Passengers (14)

All Weather Control stations have a squad of

Judges who provide a deterrent to any
who might plan to turn the potentially
devastating technologies against
Mega-City One. Despite these
precautions, the East-Meg One
saboteur Orlok managed to do
just that in 2103, contaminat-
ing the water saturation pumps
with the madness-inducing
chemical C402, unleashing it
on the city in the form of tor-
rential rain.

Services, Misc.
Mega-City Necropolis - A
citizen can have his loved one
mummified inside a glasseen
sarcophagi and stored for display
inside one of the Mega-City One Ne-
cropoliss many tombs. This service is expensive (prices Waste Disposal - Cityblocks have sub-level waste col-
start at 50,000c), and require a waiver fee to spare the lection vats and can recycle small amounts of said refuse,
body from the normal Resyk procedures. recycling the water; larger waste is collected by garbage
Mega-City Teleport - Following decades of false starts trucks and taken to a waste recycling centre. Non-organic
and terrible accidents during its research and develop- waste is emptied into receptacles at the local Mega-Waste
ment phase, teleportation eventually became a viable and Disposal Plant, sent through the grinding vat and steri-
relatively inexpensive service to the citizens of Mega-City lised with ultraviolet radiation to destroy any harmful
One. Strictly regulated by the Justice Department, a citi- bacteria. The penultimate phase of the process sees the
zen enters a teleport booth at one side of the city and exits waste devoured by millions of genetically engineered fang
instantaneously at the other; if he has paid for a global worms. The fang worms excrete the waste as a simple
permit, the citizen can travel further and port over to any paste, collected and transported to recon factories to be
city-state that has signed up to the service. Senior Judges reformulated as furniture, textiles, industrial fluids and
make occasional use of the teleport network when their composite metals.
authority is urgently required at a considerable distance; The recently deceased are sent to one of five Resyk
rank-and-file Street Judges do not have the authorisation plants via smaller terminals where they are piled up with
without first obtaining permission directly from their Tac- thousands of other bodies and fed onto massive conveyor
Leader (Sector 223 West). belts to be stripped of skin, hair, muscle and organ, all
rendered, poured and sorted into separate chemicals to
Mega-Tech - Mega-City Ones most well-known labo-
be redistributed to city industry for use as cosmetics and
ratory, Mega-Tech researches every experimental school of
petfood. Citizens do not generally wish to watch as their
scientific frontiers and then some, including time travel,
loved one trundles into the flesh mills, instead saying
genetic engineering, quantum physics, dimensional travel,
their goodbyes in a Bower of Remembrance where the
shapeshifting and hyper-advanced robotics. Mega-Tech
corpse is encased in an ornamental coffin; after passing
receives funding from the Justice Department to develop
through velvex curtains, it is opened and the body placed
new equipment, specialist weapons and improved body
in the Resyk queue.
armour (Sector 65 East).

a r o u n d the

The buildings of Mega-City One are designed for the Cityblocks fall into four broad categories: Pre-Atomic,
containment of large numbers of citizens, and terrace Post-Atomic, Conapt and Luxy-Block.
upon terrace of corporate industry. The largest structures Pre-Atomic blocks are those that were constructed
are those dedicated to residential housing and the robot before the Great Atom War. They are shorter, narrower,
factories of the dust-zones, while the tallest belong to the rectangular and have fewer modern amenities than later
privileged few. Notorious as the most densely populated designs.
megalopolis on Earth, Mega-City One nevertheless cannot Post-atomic blocks count for all the cityblocks con-
be accused of apathy - floating habitats (aircons) have structed after the Atom War to the present day. They are
taken many citizens above the crowded slabwalks and characterised by their vaguely conical design, bulbous
rehoused them in antigravity suburbia. Space condomini- foundations and domed roofs.
ums (condos) have taken population relocation one step Conapts are much smaller than pre or post-atomic city-
further, self-contained metal islands that trace graceful blocks and offer apartments with larger dimensions and
orbits within the solar system. sometimes a private security force patrolling the grounds.
The landscape of Mega-City One is dominated by (Conapt is a contraction of connecting apartment and
thousands of cityblocks, towers designed to house many is used to describe an apartment of above average qual-
thousands of citizens in comfort. The basic cityblock ity within a cityblock and also a conapt block, a building
design was conceived in the early 21st century and re- dominated by connecting apartments).
mains largely unchallenged; more recent developments The final category of cityblock is the luxy-block, taller
have wider foundations and reach further into the skies than its plebeian neighbours and the subject of some in-
(starscrapers), but they still closely follow the basic archi- novative construction techniques that only Hightowners
tectural pattern. The ideal of the cityblock was to provide can afford to enjoy.
housing, business and leisure facilities for a large number Many other minor categories of cityblock exist, sub-
of residents to such a comprehensive extent that a citizen types of the four general types. Their architecture will
could conceivably live his life within the cityblock walls not differ significantly from the template; rather, it is the
and never have to leave. nature of their inhabitants which defines their classifica-
With a crushing population density to cope with and tion. These blocks include hermitage blocks (no Block
new development space at a high premium, cityblocks are Judges or surveillance systems by residents consent),
sited very close to one another. This means many of the art blocks (wallscrawling and defacement of structure
smaller service industries that prior to the construction is legal within block limits as an expression of residents
of Mega-City One were located on their own estates now creativity), peace blocks (new-age communes), tribal
have to be relocated within the cityblocks to conserve blocks (old world barbarism practised; minimal modern
ground space. This is not the norm for all extrablock in- technologies) and single blocks, bite-sized habs for loners
terests and a number of sectors are divided more evenly and the lonely.
between cityblock and miscellaneous structures. Mega-
City One has become an architects nightmare, a triumph
of function over style or beauty, but in this instance,
necessity must take precedence over aesthetics.

A pre-atomic cityblock (hi-rise, or vue-rise) is a tower Before post-atomic blocks refined the ideal of dividing
constructed before 2070 and after 2023, when the ar- a single containing space between residential quarters,
chitects of Mega-City One rockcreted over Washington parks, shopplexes, public forums and leisure facilities,
DC and New York. Pre-atomic cityblocks range in height the concept of the cityblock was simply to cram as many
from 500 to 700 metres, altitudes that once were only citizens into as tight a space as possible (15-20,000).
the province of an elite number of global landmarks. The block atrium was a wide, sunlit space surrounded
Each block may have as many as 150 levels (divide the by galleries linked to apartment levels. On entering the
metres-height by four to get an approximate level total). block via automatic doors, one could look up - and up
Despite the state-of-the-art technologies that went into - towards the blocks ceiling, watching sunlight cascade
their construction, from the outset, pre-atomic blocks across the glasseen covering and down into the atrium.
were widely criticised for their unattractive, retrospec- A block park was sited at the centre of the atrium floor
tive facades, reminiscent of the grey and monotonous to be maintained regularly by a team of block regulators
tower blocks adopted by world development agencies in (janitors). From the atrium, residents and visitors took
the latter 20th century. Construction duties of the pre- escalators to the upper levels. A larger, central elevator
atomic cityblocks were tendered to private development carried heavy goods. In later designs, as the height of
companies who were also to govern the blocks after their the block increased, the escalator was superseded by
completion, extracting rent from the residents (rent was highspeed, button-activated elevator cars (Els) arranged
and continues to be the only method of acquiring an apart- in banks around the buildings rockcrete core. One inter-
ment in Mega-City One, unless one is wealthy enough to esting feature of the pre-atomic elevator systems was a
purchase a Hightown property outright). The controlling hydraulic spring sited on the floor of each shaft, designed
executives of the development companies became known to protect and cushion malfunctioning elevator cars and
as Blocklords. their occupants against power failure or sabotage. Emer-
gency stairs ran the blocks height should the elevators be
put out of commission, accessible through fire doors.

The blocks power generators were located in the
basement, along with water and air conditioning pumps,
electrical switchgear, electric cable buses and gas pipes. The Great Atom War taught the governments of Mega-City
Before AGO technology was perfected, all external main- One many lessons. One was: Build our cityblocks better!
tenance work had to be carried out by contract cleaners The nuclear strikes were largely deflected by Mega-City
using platforms winched down the blocks side from Ones laser defence system, but it could not prevent the
rooftop cranes. aftershocks caused by missiles falling short of their target
and detonating near the city. Shockwaves rumbled across
Mega-City One, creating instability in the citys founda-
Habitats tions; portions collapsed into the Undercity, while a good
Having travelled to the desired level, the resident exited number of cityblocks collapsed.
into a series of corridor leading eventually to his apart-
ment. Most pre-atomic blocks were subdivided into four
blocks, each occupying a quarter of the buildings inhabit-
able vertical volume; at least two elevators serviced each Each cityblock is governed by Block Committee. The
compartment. Each block contained the same number of committee members (councillors) are elected by the
apartments, built directly next to one another, separated block residents every six months and are responsible
by inexpensive brick walls. The inner corridor overlooked for their cityblocks smooth and trouble-free operations.
the block atrium, while the outer corridors offered a view Council meetings are chaired by a robot called Mr Speaker
of Mega-City One through large glasseen windows. who ratifies council votes and downloads new, revised
Every apartment was built to the same template, an- or revoked laws for immediate implementation. Block
ticipating a certain fiscal bracket of resident, a mixture of residents receive notice of changes to local law via their
low income earners and those dependant on the welfare habputers. They may watch council meetings in session
state. The apartments were furnished with basic kitchen from the comfort of their apartments, but most remain
and bathroom units and Megaweb access. All domestic profoundly disinterested at the slightest notion of any-
waste had to be deposited in a chute located inside the thing remotely political. Block Talk is a programme run by
atrium-ward face of each level where they would drop
into ground-level bins to be collected and taken by truck
to the early mega-waste disposal units.
Pre-atomic apartments were divided into four rooms
(the living room/kitchenette, two bedrooms and one
bathroom). The living room was the only room to have
a window, and that was only provided for apartments
located along the outer walls. The inner apartments were
recompensed with virtuascapes, two-dimensional flat-
screen monitors replaying moving images of one of sev-
eral relaxing environments as selected by the viewer.
The pre-atomic block lacked back-up power generators
and so was completely at the mercy of Mega-City Ones
prototypical and embarrassingly unreliable Nuclear Grid
which subjected the entire megalopolis to power black-
outs at the most inconvenient of times.

Who Lives In A Block Like This?

The pre-atomic blocks that have survived to see 2128
are many decades old; their rockcrete walls are cracked,
pitted and blackened by low-level pollution. Frequently
reduced to standing in the shadows of the post-atomic
cityblocks, pre-atomic residents live in a twilight world
were the sun no longer shines into the block atrium and
the shadows are always long. Pre-atomic blocks are closer
to City Bottom and more vulnerable to attacks from rang-
ing sub-humes and gangs of delinquent slummies. These
older precincts Pre-atomic districts report a higher rate of
missing persons (from quite natural causes on occasion),
due partly to tap gangs, drug-addled tap gangs, hungry
feral animals and removal men (professional abductors)
who sell their victims onto organised crime for organleg-
ging body parts and slavery.

the block committee to try to engage the local populations The luxy-apt kitchen practically makes the residents
interest, inviting them to voice issues of concern to guest meals for them, robot arms performing all the duties of
councillors, as mediated by Mr Speaker. a cook from preparing the food (synthesising from an
The hard work of block repair and maintenance is armoury of basic nutritional components) to washing up
performed by teams of labour robots stored in garages after the meal and cleaning the kitchen. Some Hightown-
near the main power generators until their services are ers like to be pampered along more personal lines and so
required. Not all cityblocks are of sufficient size to warrant purchase a robo-chef to bring their meals to the table and
their own robot contingent and so the block committee add some shine to the occasion. Luxy-apt bathrooms are
must petition Sector Maintenance Services (a division of similarly robot-driven: the lavatory coaxes, warms and
the Construction Department) for assistance, a process wipes the users arse and the sink washes, shaves and
that can take weeks owing to the never-ending backlog dries his face. For a more comprehensive clean, a null-grav
of similar requests from many other cityblocks. bath suspends the bather within a sphere of warm water,
and a sonic shower strips dirt from his pores without any
need for water. The bedroom features a de luxe suction or
Apartments air-bed for maximum comfort. Domodroids come to the
Cityblocks are primarily constructed with a view to hous- occupants aid, offering sedatives should he have difficulty
ing citizens, and apartments (habs) are the units that sleeping, a wake-up call in the morning, and assistance
contain them. Specific apartments are identified by two in dressing.
sets of digits and a letter, arranged 1/2c (a being the
level number, b the sub-division the apartment belongs
to, and c being the actual apartment. For example: Apt
146/5g). The apartment is a prefabricated box with
four walls, internal partitions and ports for wiring and
The average apartment costs around 4,000c a month
in rent, and contains a habputer (tri-D multimedia en-
tertainment centre with access to Barney the City Hall
computer, the block committee and the Megaweb), a ser-
vorama food preparation unit, garbage grinder (priming
waste for transit to the local mega-waste disposal plant),
suite, sink, lavatory (flushing human waste to compost
vats, ultimately to become fuel for industrial methane
plants located elsewhere in the sector), bath (or) shower
and a domodroid to assist with household chores.
Hightown apartments (luxy-apts, or hyper-apts) are
at least four times the size of a Lowtown counterpart,
with monthly rental starting at around 20,000c. The liv-
ing room occupies a third of this area, the remainder of
the volume divided between a state-of-the-art kitchen, a Luxy-apt owners who seek to protect their valuables
king-sized bedroom and equally large luxury bathroom. from block criminals can choose from deterrents like the
There is no practical limit to the size of a luxy-apt; adjoin- shockstrip that fits snugly around the main entrance and
ing modules can be added, partition walls relocated or windows to deliver a powerful electric shock to unwanted
removed as the resident desires. visitors (a Street Judges belt recognition chip instructs
The average luxy-apt living room is furnished with a the device to deactivate, allowing the Juddge inside). One
state-of-the-art sensurround habputer. As an extension to alternative, pain-free deterrent is the securicam, fitted
the entertainment theme, the resident will have at least over the door, transmitting the images of a break-in in
one VR helmet to immerse him in a convincing fantasy progress directly to the monitors of private security firms
environment of his choosing complete with full-spectrum located within the block
sensory stimuli. All furniture with in the luxy-apt is in-
telligently ergonomic and will change its design to best Architecture
suit the occupants current posture. Any item of portable
furniture will be driven by antigravity plates powered by The next generation of cityblock was designed with
an underfloor AGO. All the luxy-apts electronic features longevity in mind. Nicknamed the gnome because of its
are voice-activated, including air conditioning, heating bulbous and lumpy silhouette, the post-atomic cityblock
and window controls. provides maximum structural integrity, featuring modu-
lar elements that allow for a limited increase of internal
volume. Post-atomic block shells are built from cylindrical
plasteen blocks which lock together, forming the blocks
core and foundations, descending into the Undercity.
The blocks outer shell is formed of stacked, truncated

domes, their diameter decreasing with each ascending Block Park
tier to help reduce wind resistance. The topmost dome
is capped with a vaulted roof. These colourful expanses of synthi-grass, winding paths
Post-atomic cityblocks measure between 600 to well and clearings are the closest approximation to a pre-
over 1,500 metres in height and contain between 150 to atomic outdoors park most citizens will ever experience.
600 levels. The upper levels are vulnerable to powerful Block parks are designed to give equal pleasure to all
winds, and so each dome above a predetermined height members of cityblock society, subtly partitioning juve
is mounted on a computer-controlled, pressure-respon- play areas from eldster resteries (benches, robo-duck
sive track allowing the cityblock to sway gently without ponds and cafes) and dult favourites like sports courts
suffering structural damage. This movement can induce and picnic hills with edible, self-regenerating foliage.
nausea among some sensitive citizens, but most find their The block park has its own environment control system,
block legs before long. able to generate all seasonal conditions and all weather
types from a blistering heatwave to rain, snow and ice
(for skating on the block pond). The largest block park
Biz-Level will be equipped with its very own beach, made up of
Every block has its own business community, allocated reconstituted rockcrete sand and pebbles. Pumps along
units in their very own space called a biz-level. The biz- the beach zones edge force the water back and forth
cits rent ecom units on a monthly basis from the Hous- along the beach to simulate the tide. Robot park-keepers
ing Department, and have some influence over how the (parkies) keep the place tidy and trouble free (reporting
biz-levels are maintained. Any biz-cit wishing to set up crimes to the Justice Department), while lithe mangard
shop on a biz-level must run the Block Business Federa- robots watch over the block beach, ready to drag strug-
tion (BLuF) gamut and have his wares scrutinised for gling swimmers to safety with their telescopic arms and
suitability. The block committee has ultimate veto over buoyant chests.
any BLuF decision, but generally trusts the biz-levels to
self-regulate. The biz-level society is divided unevenly Education
between human and robot (ro-biz) tradesbeings; resent-
ment exists between the two parties, the biz-cits jealous Block schools are large and well-equipped, their duty
of their robot rivals ability to keep their stores open all to prepare the blocks juves for a life of unemployment
day every day and so steal away the humans custom- and extensive leisure time. The block schools must also
ers. The ro-biz are frustrated that they are not allowed work very hard at instilling respect for the law, for great
seats on the block committee despite paying their rent, a lengths of leisure time are constantly being met with the
limitation the biz-cits regard as helping to even the odds temptation to pursue the quick and easy path to self-
somewhat. Biz-cits are among the very few members of fulfilment (antisocial, scaling up to criminal behaviour).
their block to enjoy employment, and so can afford to Children are admitted to block school from the age of
invest in high-level apartments, but their very affluence five and will remain members until they are twenty-five.
also makes them potential victims for patrolling block tap Tutorobots take the juves through curriculums covering
gangs (the on-taps). many subjects: science, history, languages (principally
those spoken in Mega-City One by natives and main ethnic
groups), the history of Mega-City One, sex education and
regular classes exploring the benefits of the modern jus-
tice system. Half of term time is consumed by the Hobby
Foundation Courses (HFC), wherein juves interests

and talents are scrutinised and the juve encouraged to ment, sports and hobbies are the most popular courses,
develop them into full-time occupations. The tutorobots followed by media studies and science.
maintain detailed computer logs of all the juves in their
classes, monitoring their moral development. Information
like burgeoning fringe political sympathies and criminal
predisposition are passed onto the Justice Departments Community sports facilities are a vital component of
PSU for analysis. block society, providing a focus for block pride and an
Every cityblock has one or more Block Judge, their enjoyable day out for families. Every block has its own
resident peacekeepers. These Judges regularly attend sports stadium, a custom-designed level several storeys
block school to give lectures on law and order, and relate high with a pitch, row upon row of bleachers, eateries,
honest, stark and frightening real-life accounts of Mega- rest-rooms, team locker rooms and commentators box.
City One life; few adult citizens ever forget the days the Most blocks have their own aeroball, smashball or block-
Judges visited them in block school. During summer out teams (sometimes all three), named after their home
break, children are offered places at a nearby megaplex, a block. Matches are played home and away, as friendlies
camp of sorts where children can learn about all manner with allied blocks, or play-offs as part of the Intersec-
of subjects not covered by the normal curriculum. Juves tor/Region/City Leagues.
with unusual abilities like psi-power can be detected and Music and entertainment are equally as important to
studied in the megaplexs Psi-Camp, behind the superfi- the lives of many citizens as sport. The sports stadium
ciality of entertaining mind games. - modified accordingly - works well as a venue for music
On graduating, young citizens have the option of and theatre. Some tweenblock plazas are large enough
continuing their education at the Mega-Us, the citys uni- to accommodate permanent vibe-bowls and dramarenas,
versity network. University courses can run for years or open-air arenas with superb acoustics where music, lec-
decades, depending on how committed the students wish tures and drama can be enjoyed.
to remain. Diplomas and masters degrees in unemploy-

Foyer surgery, whereby robo-docs are used, their intimate and
exhaustive programmed knowledge of the human body
All City Bottom entrances (automatic sliding or revolving (and numerous alien physiologies) rivalled only by the
doors) lead directly into the block foyer. The foyer con- exacting precision of their surgical tools. Incidents where
nects directly to the blocks outdoor tweenblock plaza, a residents are too ill to make their way to the med-level are
huge public domain linking neighbouring cityblocks with dealt with by teams of med-techs. As standard practice,
numerous mulitlevel pedways. The foyer functions as a the Justice Department is informed of all John and Jane
concourse, offering various routes for residents wishing Does (citizens who cannot immediatel be identified)
to travel further into the block using elevator banks and admitted into a block hospital.
AGCs. Recognising that not all visitors are familiar with
the blocks layout, information terminals can display tri-D
maps indicating the users present position and that of his Power Supply
intended destination. The foyer is typically dotted with Cityblocks are fed power from a number of sources.
small stores catering to the pedestrian: eateries, synthi- Mega-City Ones main mode of power is nuclear, utilising
caf shops, slug-vendors, con-stores, teksmiths, fash-ups, a highly-refined, foolproof, robot-controlled technology.
restrooms and florists. Traditionally the favourite haunt of Supplementing nuclear power is geothermic: Mega-City
juves, most block foyers are equipped with vircades and one has two (soon to be three) Power Towers which draw
drop-out shelters. Depending on the size of the foyer, one intense heat up from the Earths crust and convert it into
of more statues commissioned from local artists provide steam to drive thousands of turbines, generating electric-
a central focal point. The subject of the sculpture could ity. Hydroelectricity follows a similar system to geothermal,
be anybody of note, from the personality the block is but instead exploits the kinetic energy of rushing water
named after, to a famous blocker or a completely abstract to motivate the turbines. A number of MegEast sectors
work of art. If further entertainment is required, licensed along the Atlantic Wall are reliant on hydro-energies
foyerists (foyer artists) provide drama and music. Where generated by hydropower plants. The fourth major en-
space permits, religious groups stake out territory to try ergy source is solar; the tallest blocks have hundreds of
to convert the citizens to their religion, and licensed solar collectors arranged around their peaks and upper
sparechangers sell vid-slugs from grotty carrilots, earning domes to feed Hightown light, power and heating. In
just enough from daily proceeds to buy a tasty grot-pot addition, cityblocks have their own power generators,
and a six-pack of old spleen. located in the lower levels, supplementing the imported
nuclear and geothermal supplies. In the event of a city
Med-Level grid blackout, these generators will automatically enter
full output mode, sufficient to restore lighting and other
Ill and injured citizens report to the block med-level (often essential block systems for several hours.
just called the hospital), containing dozens of med-bays.
The recently deceased are taken to the block mortuary
for storage, before being shipped to Resyk for a coroners
report and possible autopsy before it is recycled. Human
medics deal with all local health issues outside of major

Powerbuses like these keep cityblocks in

electricity and heat. They are suspended
high above the ground to protect
pedestrians from potentially harmful
electrical leakages, but are vulnerable to
sabotage by terrorists and pranksters.

Promenade tors are the normal model, used frequently by up to twelve
citizens a time. Type-2 elevators are industrial-scale, used
If a citizen could be envisaged living his entire life within to carry freight. Type-3 elevators are the private property
the walls of a single cityblock, then appropriate facilities of the blocks robot caretakers, lacking lighting or heating
have to be provided by law to give him somewhere to and capable of velocities that would leave human users
exercise. Promenades are vast, open spaces perfect for physically sick. Type-1 and Type-2 elevators are located
walking or running off the stresses of everyday living. around the blocks core, arranged in banks of three.
Gymnasiums and healthy food eateries are a common Available to the more modern cityblock developments
presence in promenades, as are slimpickers, talent scouts are antigravity chutes (AGC), transparent, vertical tubes
from sports academies searching for an athlete to wear that convey residents using small AGO engines at the
their strip at the next Block or Mega-Olympics. By day the top and bottom of the chutes. The user extends his arms
promenades are a reasonably friendly place to hang out, sideways to slow his movement, raising or lowering them
but as night falls the decent citizens make tracks for home to move up and down respectively.
and the block gangs strut in to reclaim their territory. The Cross-level travel is carried out mainly on foot, but
gangs spend the nights drinking, shouting and fighting. slidewalks (moving pavements) offer jogging speed tran-
If the Judges do not intercede to move the gangs on or sit. For disabled, elderly or plain lazy residents, small,
make arrests, morning finds the promenade strewn with one-man vehicles called block buggies are available. They
litter, vomit and bruised bodies soon to be carried off to are free of charge, and stored in buggy parks when no
the block hospital for treatment. longer needed.
In the event of fire, chemical attack or block instabil-
Security ity, every level has a number of glide-chutes stored in
cabinets along each corridor. They are small, antigravity
Citi Defence Corp (Citidef, or just CD) operations are devices that can be held with one hand, activated when
centred around a block armoury, basically a lock-box the user reaches a specific velocity. When a dire emer-
filled with pistols, rifles, grenades, missile launchers, gency threatens the cityblock and the elevators are out
body armour and jetpacks. The armoury will be sited in of commission, residents can escape by jumping out of
the top half of a cityblock, adjoining a private podport emergency exits, floating gently towards the block plaza,
where the Citidef gunships are docked. The armoury is their glide-chutes homing in on beacons located around
protected by a blast door, whose access code is known the plazas edge. A number of the more recent block de-
only to the CD sergeant. Any unauthorised breach of the signs include slide-tubes, high-speed elevators armoured
armoury will be instantly reported to PSU, and through to protect their occupants against explosive or extreme
it referred back to the Block Judges. heat damage.
Every cityblock has one or more resident Block Judges.
They are the first point of contact for residents who wish
to speak personally to a member of the Justice Depart- Vehicle Parks
ment. The Block Judges conduct ped-patrols throughout Many cityblocks have ground vehicle parks called parka-
the block, making arrests as they go, handcuffing felons to ramas, the largest being the underpark, accessible from a
holding posts located every few levels. A regular feature feed along City Bottom. The underpark is multilevelled,
of the Block Judges routine is the Block Court, whereby with large elevators storing arrivals in vacant parking
citizens are brought before a single nominated Block places. Due to the dynamic nature of Mega-City One life,
Judge to air their local grievances. Lowtown residents are not entitled to a fixed parking spot.
When he requires his vehicle to be retrieved, a resident
Transportation makes the request through habputer. Citizens who can
afford hover vehicles make use of upper-level podports.
Cityblocks are so large they form the junctions of sector
transport networks. Ground and hover vehicles are di-
rected by feeds into sizeable vehicle parks, controlled by Waste Disposal
robots. Pedestrians use dozens of pedways and zipstrips Every item of refuse generated by a cityblocks population
connecting the block to tweenblock plazas, or connect- is recycled for reconstitution as construction or nutrient
ing directly with nearby cityblocks. The larger cityblocks materials. Garbage grinders in every apartment (and in
have their own zoom stations, a pair of maglev tracks every corridor) shred packaging and small, light furniture
(one each for uptown and downtown travel), platforms, into slivers which are then forced down garbage chutes
mobile ticket vendors, restrooms, slug-vendors and eater- into bins located in the blocks sublevels for collection by
ies. Tickets can be purchased through habputers or from garbage trucks. Waste too large to insert into a garbage
vendor-bots at the zoom station. crushers jaws are stored in ecom units, accessible by
Cityblocks rely on banks of express elevators to carry Type-2 elevators. The heavy waste is collected and fed into
residents to their destination level. Standards of elevator fang worm vats at the local mega-waste disposal plant
model vary, from keyboard navigation to vocal interface where the waste is digested and excreted as constituent
systems. Aside from technological variations, three types chemicals, ready for integration into the manufacturing
of elevator, defined by differing sizes, exist. Type-1 eleva- process. Human waste products are directed from bath-

the Housing Department. Eld-shelts lack pedways and
vehicle parks as most residents are not physically fit
enough to leave the premises. Elevators and slidewalks
are in abundance to take the weight off the eldsters feet
- the most infirm pushed around in robo-chairs. When not
snoozing in their apartments, the eldsters congregate in
quiet, stiflingly warm block parks, feeding the robo-ducks,
knitting synthetti winter clothes and reminiscing about
vaguely-remembered youthful exploits.
Eld-shelts are located in the quieter areas of Mega-
City One, far from the superslabs, but this does not
guarantee the location will be an altogether pleasant
one. A number of eld-shelts have been built against the
West Wall, partially exposed to radiation mists seeping
in from the Cursed Earth. This does not seem to concern
the eld-shelt developers who view their inhabitants as at
best temporary. All eld-shelts have their own med-bay,
including a sizeable mortuary.

rooms to the blocks sublevel to be stored in sewage hop- The ultimate in cityblock living, luxy-blocks stand be-
pers and bilge tanks. Fluids are decanted and purified, and tween 800 to 2,000 metres in height and are designed
then re-circulated around the block as tap water. Faecal by Mega-City Ones most highly sought-after architects.
remains are separated and stored in airtight containers, No two luxy-blocks look the same but they are all sure
to be delivered to a methane plant, exposed to powerful to be eye-catching, colourful to the point of garish and
strains of bacteria and decomposed, the resultant gaseous experimental in their choice of building materials. In the
emissions becoming a potent fuel source. midst of a sea of grey, lumpy cityblocks, the luxy-block
stands graceful and proud, its ornate spire piercing the
heavens like a giants needle.
CITYBLOCK VARIANTS The residents of luxy-block hyper-apts are the citys
elite: business executives, entertainment industry ce-
Eld-Shelt lebrities and political heavyweights. Their penthouse
apartments occupy entire levels and be decorated in a
Mega-City One has a sizeable population of OACs
manner only limited by the residents imagination. Biz-cit
(Old-Aged Citizens). Advances in medical science have
penthouses tend to be ultramodern, clean and geometric
increased the natural life-span of the 22nd century hu-
and highly-mechanised, while entertainment celebrities
man, with many of its beneficiaries expecting to live into
recognise no limits of extravagance or taste. Politicians
their early hundreds. Unfortunately, several age-related
decorative tastes are narrow, selecting either the biz-cit
diseases persist as mutated variants, causing the elderly
model, or reaching back into history to recall the exotic
the same difficulties suffered by the old folk of our time.
era of the American Senate with great expanses of wood
Nearing the end of their lives, OACs may not be able to
(imported from Canadia), marble and gold. Every luxy-
remain in their homes, even with the assistance of a car-
apt will have at least one podport. Luxy-block borders are
ing domodroid. The eld-shelt (crockblock) offers fragile
heavily secured, their corridors and block plazas alive with
OACs permanent, sheltered accommodation funded by
bodyguards and securicams linked to the watchtowers of
the blocks multitude of competing
pri-sec companies. Luxy-blocks have
biz-levels to serve the residents
needs. The stores are fewer in
number than those sited in com-
parable biz-levels of the Lowtown
cityblocks, but their wares are of the
highest quality and often exclusive
to the luxy-block community, offer-
ing the very best of Mega-City One
luxuries and technologies alongside
exquisite treasures purchased across
the globe and the galaxy by dedi-
cated teams of acquisitors.

Problem Block
A worrying proportion of citizens have strong, inherent
antisocial tendencies. They may not enough to warrant
an iso-cube sentence, but chronic exposure to such be-
haviour can cause extreme levels of distress among their
placid, law-abiding neighbours. Should an individual
or family prove to be career anti-socials (Ansos), the
Justice Department will serve a notice of eviction, with
the culprits removed forthwith from their apartment and
relocated to a cityblock where they will be placed among
other Ansos; these undesirable dwellings are known
as problem blocks. By the time Ansos have made the
problem block their home, all attempts to rehabilitate
them into civil society have failed. They have been im-
prisoned, counselled, humiliated and medicated, but they
remain tenacious social pests, and the only remaining
option available to the Justice Department is to contain
their behaviour. The typical problem block resembles a
slum, their every resident Welfare-dependant, shockingly
lacking in self-awareness, little more than a slack-jawed
primate. His apartment will be covered in discarded food
containers and unwashed clothes. His habputer is hardly
ever switched off, the volume control seemingly stuck on
high. Problem Block walls are thick with illegible graffiti
and barely domesticated dogs and cats roam the floors,
biting passers-by for a scrap of nourishment their slovenly
owners are too lazy to give them. Violence among Ansos
is common, provoked by the most trivial of reasons.

(above) The Jackie Onassis Hab-Developments,

(Sector 143 South). Typical of luxy-block plan-
ning, it has few neighbours, and none overlook-
ing its tenants extravagant hyper-apt balconies.
All feed roads leading to and from the block are
private (bar Justice Department business), and
podports among the upper levels are plentiful.
The roof is topped by a state-of-the-art megaband
communications station, below which is a city-
renowned observatory & art gallery.


Mega-City One is a free-market economy, encouraging Energy - Mega-City One is fifty-percent self-sufficient
investment and enterprise. All major industries have long in the energy supply stakes, drawing on practically in-
been deregulated, which encourages competition for busi- finite geothermal energies through the Power Towers.
ness from the citizens, and the never-ending price wars. The remaining energy requirements are provided by
It also - unfortunately for the citizens - means a variable nuclear (driven by imported fuel rods), hydroelectric and
degree of disjointedness between service providers: a solar power corporations. The transport industry utilises
high-quality of service supplied by the transport provider largely-imported synthoil and rechargeable hi-capacity
in certain regions of Mega-City One may connect to sub- fuel cells to power the citys millions of vehicles.
par services in other regions scoped by competitors. De-
regulated as the citys business sector is, major corporate
incompetence leading to service inadequacies will not be
tolerated by the Justice Department who will waste little Manufacturing - Mega-City Ones manufacturing base
time in dragging chief executives from their luxy-apts and could not exist without a comprehensive recycling pro-
throwing them into an iso-cube for their crimes. gram. All mega-cities were designed to be as self-sufficient
as possible with the level of technology available at the
time. The amazing multipurpose material Polypropylop
Agriculture & Farming - Mega-City Ones food supply
is divided between wholly synthetic and genetically-modi-
fied (GM) sources. An astounding variety of foodstuffs
can be contrived from reconstituting nut-vit slime (the
building blocks of human dietary requirements) into
liquid and solid food. One of the constituents of nut-
vit is the radiation-resistant, GM plant munce, grown
intensively in Cursed Earth aquaponic farms. A market
also exists for non-GM and exotic, non-terrestrial foods,
supplied by foreign import from global trading partners
and space farms. Pro-slab (concentrated bisoon meat)
is processed in huge Cursed Earth farms, a joint venture
between Mega-City One and Texas City.
Defence - A relatively small percentage of Mega-City
One citizens carry firearms licenses, but they are a suffi-
cient number to sustain a healthy import/export weapons
industry. The Justice Department relies on private contrac-
tors to fill its armouries and those of Citidef squads.

(made from reconstituted sewage) is but the latest genera- of bank accounts and offering loans to private individuals,
tion of decades of highly-efficient recycling technologies. business and government. All banks are staffed by robot
Electronics, clothing, heavy construction materials (rock- clerks and bank managers. Recognising the transient na-
crete, glasseen, plasteen), vehicle bodies and weaponry ture of the hectic Mega-City life, robot mo-banks pursue
are collected and turned over to mega-waste disposal their clientele along the city streets and roads, recharg-
plants, broken down into separate chemicals and then ing paycards and processing loan and account requests
redistributed to city industry. Dead citizens are not im- at the touch of a button. Mo-banks are attractive targets
mune to this process, for they are dismembered in Resyk for heisters and have been designed to resist such attacks
plants and reformed as basic chemical sludge for use in thanks to an armoured body shell, stun beams and cling
the cosmetics and preservatives industries. net casters.
Banking insitutions to have appeared in the Judge
Dredd comic strip include Bundys Bank, the First Mega-
Tertiary Bank, the Mega-City Cred-Bank and the Mega-City Savings
Entertainment - The worlds largest recreational in- & Loan Bank.
dustry is to be found in Mega-City One. Astronomical rates
of human unemployment caused by far less expensive
and more efficient robot labour alternatives contribute to
chronic frustration, aggression and self-loathing among
the citizens. Mega-City Ones leisure industry is extremely
well-developed, offering consumers thousands of tri-D
channels, multimedia entertainment packages and more
physical pastime alternatives like long-term hobbies and
team sports to help foster more friendly social relation-
ships. The Mega-City One entertainment business has
become a brand name in itself and successfully exports
its products across the world.
Research & Development - The greatest advances
in scientific advancement come in times of crisis, and
Mega-City One has seen more than its fair share of threats.
Driven by the Justice Departments urge to prevent the
same disasters from afflicting the city and to resolve
ongoing consequences of past trauma, Mega-City Ones
Research and development corporations enjoy high levels
of government sponsorship and a minimum of restrictions
placed on avenues of experimental research. Mega-City
One R&D industries excel in the cutting edge exploration
of defensive armaments (laser defence, counterterrorism
technologies), dimensional and temporal studies (for
possible commercial exploitation), genetic engineering
and alternative energy applications.


The main form of currency in Mega-City one is the credit, The following is a sampling of businesses to have ap-
which replaced the Dollar in the early-21st century. The peared in the Judge Dredd comic strip:
credit was first circulated in coin and paper note formats
(1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000c denominations),
but later was upgraded to a largely electronic medium.
Arms Merchants
Paycards are plasteen, credit card-sized wafers that store Colt - The oldest firearms arms manufacturer in North
a fixed credit value until some or all the paycards value America.
is deposited through an exchange box into anothers General Arms - Firearms and light-to-medium artil-
account. Credit can be added to the paycards balance lery manufacturer.
just as easily. Note that paycards are not designed - nor
Hondai - Hondo City weapons technologists with of-
recommended - to be the sole repository of a citizens
fices in MegNorth offering state-of-the-art (and hugely
entire bank account(s), merely a means of conveying
expensive) firearms; custom design orders accepted.
partial amounts from that account to conduct street
transactions. Alternatively, bank account details can be KillCo - Outlawed arms dealer importing illegal weap-
provided to business partners so they can transact with onry from arms factories beyond Mega-City Ones
the bank personally. The Mega-City One banking system jurisdiction. Not surprisingly, KillCo does not have
is very much like the banks of our time, hosting millions any offices in Mega-City One.

Digby Motors - Quality Brit-Cit ground and hover ve-
hicle manufacturer. Principle Mega-City One market:
middle-aged citizens and Brithusiasts.
Foord - Mega-City Ones largest homegrown car
manufacturer, dealing in reasonably-priced ground
and hovercars.
Freeway - Pan-African hovership manufacturer; cen-
tral office in MegCentral.
General Hovers - Hover vehicle offshoot of the old
General Motors corporation.
General Slabsters - Descendent of the old General
Motors corporation.
Harley Farley - State-of-the-art slab-bike manufac-
turer based in Texas City.
Hensi Corporation - Hondo City manufacturer; sells
mid-range ground and hover vehicles to the Mega-City
One market.
Holy Roller - Vatican City enterprise; extravagant
ground and hover vehicles.
Hoverbeam - Sports hover vehicle manufacturer.
Hoveryellow - Hovertaxi firm.
Inter-Space Corp - Deep-space hauliers. Owns private
spaceport complex in MegCentral.
JCD - Plant hire and manufacture.
Marple Spaceways - Space condominium manufac-
turer; central office in MegSouth.
Mopad Club - Accident & repair mopad insurers.
Mercury - Mid-to-heavy goods transporters.
Nijinski Trucking - Haulage company.
Oostin - Modestly-priced groundcars.
Ped-Power - Pedway vehicle manufacturer (zoots-
Mauley - Supplies weapons to Judges and citizens, coots, block buggies, etc).
helping fan the flames of many a block war. Road Baron - Ruhr Conurb vehicle manufacturer;
Tac-Systems - Heavy weapons specialist. central office in MegSouth.
Walther Mitsubushi - German-Hondo federation sell- Roadliners, Inc. - People mover and midi-haulage
ing high-precision, value-added armaments. firm. Has contract to run sections of the Mega-City
One ground bus network.
Transportation Secur-O-Pod, Inc. - Supplies armoured vehicles to
financial institutions and the Justice Department.
Alienline - Taxi firm founded and staffed exclusively
Shaddilac - High quality vehicles for biz-cit market.
by extraterrestrials. Headquarters based in Alien
Town. Stutz - De luxe groundcars and hover-convertibles.
Armoured Truck Company - Manufacturers of heavy- Transpan - Intercontinental hovership fleet.
duty industrial vehicles for road and off-road usage;
owns a private testing range in the Cursed Earth. Energy
Bad Company - Rugged combat vehicles for the pri- Apollo-Goldstar - Solar power provider.
vate market.
Meg-Oil - Synthoil manufacturer and distributor.
Classic Carriages - Replica antique ground and air- Central offices in MegSouth.
craft built to customer specifications. Pollution laws
require that any classic vehicle intended for road use Nukco - Provider of nuclear power.
must have the original engines upgraded to accept Power Company - Owner of the Power Towers.
synthoil or fuel cell-compatible systems. Wiffin Gas - Mothane gas refineries, with a contract
to vent methane gas from the Mega-City One sewer

Food & Drink Mega-Tinto Mining Company - Outer space mineral
Amalgamated Munce, Inc. - Largest munce producer
Moderna Robots - Robots for domestic, office and
in Mega-City One.
light industry.
Chuck Chicken - Junk food giant, owner of the Mc-
NERDCO - Cutting edge technologies; brainchild of
Duck and Pizza Hovel fast food franchises.
Bill Nerd.
Garbo Edibles - Biothetic food producer.
Noxem Chemicals - Industrial compounds.
Mega-Vit Synthi-Foods - Artificial vegetable (green-
Plastoid Industries - Largest plasteen producer.
ish) and fruit manufacturer.
Precision Robotex - High-quality Swiss robotics,
Pireli Plankton, Inc. - Harvests mutant Blue Pacific
catering to the lucrative Hightown market.
plankton in sea-farms for the North and Cent-Am
markets. Riochem - Front company for Justice Department
mass tranquillisation program.
Sunshine Synthifoods - The citys most popular
breakfast cereal manufacturer. Serve-U-Well - Domodroids.
Trimcit - Slimming aid manufacturer. Singer - Servodroids.
United Munce - Owns half of the munce aquaponic StigCorp - Heavy construction.
farms in the Cursed Earth, supplying to Amalgamated Sump Labs - Nutrition and cosmetics.
Munce. Sweetair Ventilation Co. - Air conditioning.
Tekbot - Heavy industrial robots.
Unidroid - Servodroids and light industrial robots.

Big-1 Publishing - Mass market trash-zines.
Mega-Media, Inc. - Largest multimedia publisher.
Sprintprint - Copyshop franchise.

Private Services
Bodybank - Purchases fresh cadavers from the con-
senting bereft, selling to wealthy clients who wish to
transplant their minds into more attractive/younger/
healthier bodies.
Garbo Bodywarp Salon - Total cosmetic surgery.
Holiday Macabre - Travel agents arranging distasteful
or dangerous vacations for thrillseekers.
Inter-Time - Time travel technologists responsible for
Manufacturing the first localised time warp units; all operations are
Agg-Bio - Provides zombies (human simulacrams) closely monitored by the Justice Department.
with marginal intellect for purposes of commercial Mega-City Bullion - Protects and transports Mega-City
product experimentation. Ones gold reserves.
Blaxochem - Pharmaceuticals. Mega-Guard - Insurance company.
Commode - Static and portable computer systems. New-U-Face Parlour - Face-change surgery.
Cybo-Comp - The citys oldest robot manufacturer, its
motto: For Robots Of Distinction. Retail
Cyclon Metalworks - Ore refinery & recon plants.
Born To Surf - Skysurf specialist selling powerboards,
Dot Com - Micro-electronics. related clothing and equipment.
Global Dynamics Corp - Texas City robotics; branch Emphatically Yess - Trouser specialist; exclusive con-
office in MegSouth. tract to supply bodysuits to the Justice Department.
Hondai Corporation - Hondo robotics, branch of- Kneepad Crazee - Kneepad specialists.
fices in MegWest. State-of-the-art full-steel or cyborg
Miz-Meg, Gitt, Pedco - Fashion house, designer cloth-
systems catering for civilian and military contracts
ing and footwear labels.
(subject to Justice Department approval).
Mega-City Stores - Lowtown shopplex chain.
Jonson - Servodroids.
Megalot Ltd. - Administrates the Megalot.

Mosgrove & Thung - Dominant shopplex chain. obtained from every square metre of available space.
Robok - Juve clothing fashions. One the outside, the factory blocks of the dust zones are
huge, intimidating grey boxes, their sheer faces broken
Universal Armpit - Hygienic clothing, including the
by exhaust ports, cranes, ever-busy ground truck loading
best-selling 24-hour crotch and armpit liner.
docks and hoverpads in the upper levels. The labour ro-
Universal Kneepad Corporation - Giant of the knee- bots of the factory blocks are efficiently designed, with no
pad craze, later to expand into the butt- and facepad extraneous weight, appendage or feature to impair their
markets. functionality. Once completed, the finished products are
safety-checked, before being packaged and sent along one
BUSINESS LOCATIONS of many dozens of conveyor belts to waiting trucks and
hoverships and delivered to customers. Factory blocks are
Dust-Zone extremely noisy, hot and very dangerous for any human
to attempt to traverse without clear direction. Heavy
The heavily-industrialised areas (dust zones) of Mega- metal manipulator arms, las-welders, cutters, molten
City One are a vision of Hell to many citizens and so metal and plasteen crucibles, snaking hydraulic cables
are contained mainly within the sparsely-populated and moving floor plates will all do serious - if not lethal
factory-belts of MegSouth. With most of the citys manu- - injury to those who do not pay attention. On occasion,
facturing base operated by robots, human aesthetics are slabpackers have broken into factory blocks in search of
not a design issue and so optimum productivity can be warm lodgings for the night, only to become part of the

Business Glossary
A guide to twenty-second century terminology relat- Factory Block - Fully-automated manufacturing
ing to commonly-encountered high-slab businesses. plant.
Note that not all Mega-City One businesses have Fash-Up - Clothes retailer.
a an alternate name; many retain traditional titles Fish & Chipperie - Brit-Cit delicacy takeaway.
(barbershop, garage, grocery store, hardware shop, Freezy Whip Parlour - Ice cream vendor.
solicitors for example). Mek-Mart - Robot showroom.
Shopplex - Large shopping complex, also known
Biz-Cit - Businessperson. as a shoppera.
Biz-Dis - Business District. Slugshop - Book store.
Burgostop - Aircon fast food restaurant. Slug-Vendor - Newsagents.
Con-Store - Convenience store. Snackerie - Snack bar, also known as a snaketto.
Drop-out - Snack bar & juve hang-out. Sume - Consumer; business customer.
Dust-Zone - Industrial Zone. Ro-Biz - Robot business unit.
Eaterie - Restaurant. Teksmith - Personal technologies repair shop; the
Ecom-Unit - Single industrial storage unit. Some- 22nd century locksmith.
times an entire warehouse may be referred to as
an ecom unit.

end product, grabbed by a robot arm and pushed into a Food & Drink
plasteen mould, pulped to death.
Most of Mega-City Ones foodstuff is synthetic, necessi-
tated by an absence of fertile soil and cropland. Advances
Ecom Unit in genetically-modified nutrition and molecular recon-
The post-atomic warehouse districts of Mega-City one stitution has led to the easy manufacture of synthetic
are long-established, former no-go or prohib zones oc- foods and drinks that can look exactly like their organic
cupying swathes of City Bottom. The zones are licensed predecessors, or be moulded into original foodstuffs. In
without charge to businesses on the condition they first the early decades of the GM movement, governments at-
clean up the debris and unexploded warheads left over tempted to eradicate high-fat and sugar foods, but after
from past conflicts. These plots of land have no value to realising that a snack-starved population would see them
the Housing Department as they are often contaminated out of power, the plans were eventually abandoned.
with radiation and/or seeping chemical pollutants, but Here are some of the many food and drinks that have
are ideal for the storage of inorganic industrial goods. featured in the Judge Dredd comic strip:
The reclam district warehouses have many owners, often
mildly ambitious biz-cits out to make a modest, easy liv- Food - Bacteria Soup, Bleenies, Chippies, Chunkies,
ing from renting their ecom units out to other businesses Dunkies, Foodle-Noodle, Grool, Grot-Pot (bavarian brat-
and private individuals (one of the biggest names in ecom wurst, french fry, grots of the globe, rat madras, tibetan
unit rental is Besmartco, run by slummy entrepreneur yak, trade polish potato), Hagburgers, Hagdogs, Hagfries,
Sidney Ransid). There are no uniform standards to ecom Hotties (eltzweltz, sticky toffee), Koko Candy, Krispy Slug
unit design; some are constructed cheaply from salvaged Flake, Krispy Snake Rings, Meatish Pie, Mockburgers, Mock-
brick and reconstituted concrete, while others are made chok (chewbars, chok-bar, chunx, dainties, dollys mixtures,
from more sturdy rockcrete or plasteen - unit size depends krunchblox), Mock-Dog, Moonz Boonz, Munceburgers,
entirely on the whims of the warehouse owner. Average Munce Gum, Non-Meatish Pie, Okeydogs, Ratburgers,
ecom unit dimensions are 20x20 feet, 10 feet high, used Synthi-Choc (munce & onion flavour), Synthi-Flakes.
as small business units and civilian furniture storage. Like Drink - Bananarak, Bileshake, Doomlager, Dweebo,
cityblock apartment modules, ecom units can be linked Fursters, Good Luck Beer, Grud Beer, Munska, No-Caf, Old
and their partition walls removed to generate a larger Spleen, Pigweiser, Shampaine, Soy Cola, Synthski, Synthi-
volume. Most small warehouse owners live on-site, at- Caf.
tending personally to their customers needs. Ecom-chain
owners like Sidney Ransid have earned enough credits
to live in mid-range lux-apts, entrusting the day-to-day
administration of their properties to robot gaffers, or
trusted friends and family. Anybody with good social and
financial credentials can rent ecom unit space for any rea-
son within legality (officially); the criminal underworld
makes extensive use of the more remote warehouses to
conduct secret meetings, organise games of chance, or
to lure enemies to remote deaths.

EVENTS Justice For All! Crime Must Fall! The march is not exactly
a crowd pleaser, with most visitors only lining the slabs
Mega-City One hosts regular festivals and public events to to be visibly seen to support the Justice Department. The
bring the citizens closer together... watched carefully by march is a regular target for gangs of thugs who pelt the
the Justice Department, of course. On the surface, most Born-Again Lawful with rotten munce and bottles.
of these events are quite harmless if boisterous, but the
criminal element is always present: tap gangs and dunks
hunt for easy pickings, blitzes are executed, and contra-
Justice Day Parade
band passes from dealer to addict, cloaked by the hustle The Justice Department is honoured once a year with a
and bustle of the crowds. Most major public events are parade that travels through Sector 44. Row after row of
broadcast on tri-D pay-per-view channels. Judges ride highly-polished Lawmasters, drive Pat-Wag-
ons and Manta prowl tanks while H-Wagons soar over-
head in formation. The latest technologies in the Judges
Apocalypse Day Parade endless fight against crime are often previewed to the
The Apocalypse War of 2104 destroyed
half of Mega-City One. A special day of
remembrance exists to honour the dead,
the missing and the Judges who sacrificed
themselves to defend the city from the
East-Meg One invaders. The largest official
parade is held in Sector 44, while smaller
contributions are organised privately
across all regions. Decorated floats and
dramatic reinactments move slowly along
the slabs, accompanied by demonstrations
by pro- and anti-war groups including
the Rad-Fellows Society, Victims Of The
Apocalypse, Pro-Nuke Alliance and the
Daughters Of The Apocalypse.

The Born-Again
Lawful March
A group of reformed offenders who parade
their enlightenment before the masses, as
approved by the Chief Judge. The Born-
Again Lawful (BAL) present their crimes
for all to see, written on plaques mounted
on their chests and backs while chanting

masses for the first time at the Justice Day Parade, sure despite their being nothing but metal and circuit shells
to deter many would-be criminals. The parade ends in with preprogrammed personality matrices. A look on
front of the Grand Hall of Justice where the Chief Judge the Megaweb reveals hundreds of cy-hrines dedicated
gives a traditional speech. to one or more simulacram models, filled with images,
design specifications and accounts from nerdy cyberks
who have met a simulacram in person.
Mega-City 5000
Gangs of rival slab-bikers take to the roads of Mega-City
One, their object to be the first to span the length of the
Judgement Day of Remembrance
megalopolis, evading the Judges and smashing the oppo- The necromancer Sabbats campaign of genocide against
sition off the road. The biker gangs have no interest in the the citizens of the Earth resulted in untold millions of
safety of innocent citizens and will happily run any down deaths. The images of endless legions of zombies lurch-
who obstruct their path. The most infamous Mega-City ing through the streets of Mega-City One, tearing citizens
5000 was held in 2099, resulting in a record number of apart wherever they fell into undead hands, left a deep
civilian fatalities. The Judges brought the race to a violent mental scar upon the city. The Judgement Day of Remem-
end, but interest remains strong among the outlaw slab- brance commemorates the World Judges victory over
biker community in staging future competitions, whether Sabbat, in particular the role played by Mega-City Ones
it be in Mega-City One, or along the abandoned highways Justice Department which lost thousands of fine men
of the Cursed Earth. and women defending the city wall against the zombie
incursion. Much of Remembrance Day is given over to
solemn tri-D broadcasts and speeches from respected
Megathon Mega-City One officials and celebrities; the rest sees the
The annual cross-city marathon Megathon regularly at- city explode into carnival chaos and endless reruns of
tracts over eight million participants despite a guarantee old and new zombie flicks on the multimedia networks,
of severe limb injuries and Vibe Bowl-sized blisters. The while fashion competitions are held to find the citys
Megathon has its own tri-D channel Along-the-Thon of- Best-Decayed Zombie. Psi-Division all the while maintains
fering live, 24-hour a day coverage, and a whole micro- a vigilant watch over the proceedings, aware that some
industry supporting the joggers, offering liquid nourish- crazed citizens - necromantic cults or bonafide sorcerers
ment and mo-tels for flagging participants. Auto-medics - are lurking in the wings to try to exploit the spiritual
follow the Megathon, ready to speed injured runners to power inherent in Remembrance Day and resurrect some
the nearest hospital block. real-life zombies of their own...

Mega-Vision Song Contest New Year Chub-Up

The best of Mega-City Ones musical talent as voted by New Years Day is still celebrated across the world and
the citizens sing-to-win before a packed Vibe Bowl, and Mega-City One hosts a party that matches its size with
broadcast live on tri-D. There is no type of music that exuberance. The Justice Department grants licenses al-
cannot be considered for entry into the contest (pro-de- lowing all bars and eateries to remain open through the
mocracy protest songs excepted) and no age limits, so the night, seeing in the new year with the booming, synthe-
audience can expect to listen to eldsters crooning along- sised chimes from Times2, all-night festivals held by the
side pug-rock, pap, hov-garage, zzip house and Cursed citys premier entertainment landmarks and a dazzling
Earth folk acts. The audience votes for each act by enter- laser-light show over the Statue of Judgement joined by
ing their selection into their Vibe Bowl or tri-D remote a parallel ceremony held on Luna-1, clearly visible from
controls. The winner receives an exclusive slug-deal with Earth.
a major slug-label and a guaranteed world tour.
Pro-Democracy Rallies
Mister & Miss Robo-World Following the Great Referendum of 2113 which saw the
Another of Mega-City Ones bizarre beauty pageants, citizens vote the Justice Department back into power, the
Mister & Miss Robo-World celebrates the perfect union pro-democracy movements lost much of their momentum.
of cybernetics and human aesthetics as epitomised by Even so, ongoing concerns about the Justice Departments
android simulacra, robots designed to resemble human treatment of Mega-City citizens is sufficient to energize
beings. 22nd century cybernetics are so advanced that it the occasional protest march. Regular attendants include
is virtually impossible to tell a human and simulacram the remnants of the Democratic Charter Group, the
apart without looking beneath their skins. Androids are Democratic Coalition, Freedom League and the Sons of
often designed to appeal to the human ideology of beauty the Constitution. The rallies that once attracted millions
and the models entered in Mister & Miss Robo-World are of angry citizens now fail to exceed the average popula-
not only the most attractive androids ever conceived, tion of a cityblock, but the rally organisers remain ever
but also considered the ultimate Homo Sensual. The committed to their cause... its not as though they have
androids that enter the contest have their own fan clubs anything better to do with their time.

Sports Competitions
This section examines the
legal sports of Mega-City
Aeroball - One of
Mega-City Ones most popu-
lar sports, Aeroball has ex-
isted in an almost unchanged
state since its creation in
the early 21st century. Two
teams of players equipped
with jetpacks compete for
possession of a plasteen ball
in a game best described as a
combination of football, box-
ing, kung-fu and basketball.
The aim of Aeroball is to
score air-strikes by placing
Robot of the Year Show the ball into elevated score-tanks; the team that makes the
most strikes wins the game. Mega-City One has several,
The ever-abundant robots of Mega-City One have their full-sized Aeroball stadiums, while many cityblocks have
own event, a showcase for manufacturers to show off their own, smaller versions where Aeroball champion
the latest models and secure mass production deals with wannabees play in a scaled-down version of the game
customers who have travelled from around the world to known sometimes as Jetball.
sell their own units, admire the glistening mekanoids, All-In-Sumo - Washed-up flab-sport contestants were
or try to steal corporate secrets from competitors. The offered a chance to repair their damaged credibility by
Robot of the Year Show has been heavily-policed by the wrestling each other in the ancient and noble art of Sumo,
Judges in the wake of two robot wars and spikes of public a popular Hondo City import. In a crowded Basho, two
opposition to these mechanical marvels. Protest groups fatties slap and grapple one another to force their oppo-
like the Working Men campaign to have robots replaced nent outside a large ring drawn on the match floor - the
with human labour, while extremist neo-luddite cells plan victor is he who remains within the ring. All-In-Sumo
bombing raids over factory blocks and develop computer also attracts overseas contenders from legendary Sumo
viruses designed to permanently disable robots. The Robot breeding grounds like Hawaii, Kiwi-Cit and Hondo City,
of the Year Show is a target they cannot ignore. eager to prove themselves against the Mega-City One
Simp Pride March
The citys silliest citizens
celebrate their diversity
by marching in amusing
costume and trumpeting
their idiosyncrasies to any
who can tolerate them. The
Simp Pride March has been
a staple of city culture since
2119 and is a harmless,
jovial and congenial affair,
but not all bystanders find
it amusing, particularly the
Norm Pride, yet another
strait-lace mob which finds
diversity intolerable.

American Football - The great game of American Block-Out - This relatively new sport, only two dec-
football has survived into the 22nd century, but not ades old, has caused controversy during every champion-
without some modifications. Under the Bionic Limitation ship due to the violence that invariably erupts between the
Code, 25-percent of all players bodies must be bionic. two cityblock teams taking part. In the game of Block-Out,
This change has made the game more dangerous, add- two teams of panellists answer questions; correct answers
ing a touch of red spice that has helped reverse declin- allow their teams of pigs and wallies to move across a
ing audience attendance figures. The rules of American large gameboard ever nearer to the opposing panellists
football are otherwise unchanged, with two teams of box. Pigs try to knock the wallies out of the game by
players seeking to take possession of the ball and score jumping on them. Wallies who get close enough to the
touchdowns in the oppositions end zone. The players opposition box try to leap into it by using a springboard
bionics make for a faster-paced game, more broken limbs or an extremely-powerful pneumatic howitzer. If the wally
and fountains of blood, much to the audiences howls of succeeds in climbing into the box, he can eliminate any
delight. American football is regulated by the Mega-City one panellist by throwing him over the boxs side into a
Football League (MFL), which hosts the annual Superbowl catch net, removing the panellist for the games duration.
competition at the Crater Bowl. The object of Block-Out is to remove all the opposition
Blockleaping - The objective of blockleaping contests panel, winning the match. Pigs can attempt to reach the
is obvious: to leap the distance between two neighbouring box, but can only use the pneumatic howitzer, a very tricky
cityblocks. The sport is a simple one, but attracts a good prospect that sees many pigs fly far over the heads of the
audience turnout from the blocks involved and draws panel. The winning team takes home the esteemed Crater
the local biz-cits onto the tweenblock plaza to sell their Bowl Trophy, named after the former rad-pit crater the
wares from temporary stalls. As very few cityblocks are stadium was built within.
actually close enough in proximity for a human to leap Flab-Sports - The phenomenon of the fatty - a citizen
between without certain death, special Boing-boots are who has eaten himself into hyper-obesity and managed
used to increase his momentum. Should the blockleaper not to die of heart failure - is celebrated by the flab-sport
fail to make the crossing, catch nets will break his fall. community, where fatties are sponsored by big business
Blockleaping attracts hundreds dozens of contestants, all to eat their stomachs off, the heaviest fatty standing
having been declared residents of the competing blocks to win millions of credits in prizes in the Heavyweight
for at least twelve months. Even this simple sport has Eating Championship of the World contest, held at the
seen a measure of scandal, with unscrupulous blockers Chow Dome. Following the food shortages caused by the
smuggling mutants with superhuman leaping capabilities Apocalypse War, the fatty was made a social pariah and
or powers of flight into the city to take part. the grunt and guzzle game outlawed, but the law has
Blockleaping later diversified into the team sport Bo- since been repealed and flab-sports once more thrive.
ingbowl (imagine Aeroball propelled by bounce instead Another major flab-contest is the Intercity Eating Cham-
of jetpacks). pionship between Mega-City One and Texas City. Aside
from the mega-credit spectacles, flab-sports are pursued

by lots of smaller eating contests around Mega-City One, Target Ball - Tennis with added interest, Target Ball
the summit of which is the Fattie Of The Year contest and has two contestant try to hit the ball past their opponent
the title of Mega-Fats. so that he cannot return, striking one of a moving row
Pinboing - The popularity of the Boinging hobby of target boards, each with differing scores. The highest
prompted further exploitation of the miracle plastics scoring player wins the match, the best of eight games
commercial potential, and the sport of Pinboing was born. to make a set.
Taking place in huge Boingaramas, Pinboing matches are
bizarre and thrilling spectacles. Contestants are encased Weirdy of the Year
in a Boing bubble and fired into a vastly oversized replica
of an old pinball machine. Like the pinball players, the An anti-beauty contest, the Weirdy of the Year contest
pinboinger must steer the pinball (himself) into a series showcases the most bizarre, cosmetically-altered Mega-
of bumpers, trying to strike the bumpers with the highest City One citizens, pitting the extent of their self-inflicted
scores, hoping to emerge as Pinboing Wizard. deformities against each other for big prizes and the
coveted Weirdy of the Year crown and sash. The weirdies
Shuggy - A strange hybrid of the table sports of
qualities are measured against audience votes as indicated
Snooker, Billiards and Pool. Shuggy is a game played on
on the Weirdometer: (1) wee bit weird, (2) pretty weird, (3)
an oblong table with twenty-four hills topped by holes
genuine weirdy, (4) very, very weird (5) lock this one up!
into which the shugster must pot all the balls. Shuggy is
The contest draws huge tri-D audiences and the inevitable
a difficult game to master and has inspired an armoury of
opposition groups, notably the Normal Fringe led by Adolf
trick shots - the leapfrog, sidewinder, frisbee flip, triple
Soso which attempted to murder all the contestants of a
liquidator and the infamous booglariser (potting four
weirdy contest some years ago, drawing unprecedented
or more balls consecutively into different holes). Shuggy
viewing figures and advertising revenue for the contests
halls are often frequented by the citys coolest movers and
extremely-pleased broadcaster.
shakers, making and breaking business deals - legal and
illicit - over the table.
The technologies of the 22nd century allow for unprec-
edented data flow. Mega-City Ones primary information
sources are distributed through the medium of tri-D
(three-dimensional image and spacial sound), viewed
from a vid-screen terminal. All tri-D data is stored elec-
tronically on holographic slugs (memory chips) offering a
staggering memory storage capacity. Tri-D programming,
music, computer and educational programs are all format-
ted as slugs (com-slugs and vid-slugs, as examples), be
slotted into a slug-reader for instant access.
The rest of this entry provides a sample of the various
multimedia programming widely available to the citizens
of Mega-City One:

Annual Address of the Chief Judge to the Citizens
- A review of the Justice Departments successes over
the past twelve months and notice of new, modified
or repealed laws soon to come into force. The Annual
Address is compulsory viewing for all citizens.
Channel 99 - Tri-D station offering the citys widest
variety of commercial programming. Its motto: City-
wide With Pride!
Chumps Get Lucky - Top-rated daytime family-team
quiz show hosted by Nicky Parsnips.
Crime Call - Judges make on-screen arrests following
tip-offs provided by viewers. Hosted by Cliff Stan and
crime scene reporter Fran Kubbel.
Crimesapopping - Citizens report crimes to a panel
of robot Judge heads.

The Density Factor - Quiz show for idiots hosted by Vid-Mark - Hab-shopping channel.
Jazzy Johnny Spangle. Violence Channel - Adults-only Hi-Vi; approved by
Dodge the Issue - Channel 001 investigative pro- the Justice Departments Media Division.
gramme hosted by roving reporter Eldon Dodge. Whats Noo? - Showcasing new inventions, fashions
Early Late Horrow Show - Horror tri-D showcase. and oddities.
Face the Judge - Studio audience questions a guest Who Gives a Damn What You Think? - Obnoxious
Judge. vid-phone-in hosted by shock-jock Wowie Hark.
Heartline - A panel of counsellors advise simple- Youve Been Fingered - Viewers inform on their
minded citizens. neighbours for big prizes.
Just Plain Stupid - Celebrating citizens stupidity.
Hosted by Bryce Forsopp. Vid-Zines
The Marriage Game - A Lovecom Production. Hosted
Abnormality Weekly - Essential reading for weirdies
by Wanda Hump, three contestants are asked romantic
and social outcasts.
questions by a mystery contestant in search of love.
The winning couple are married at the end of the Alien Life - Magazine catering to the citys extrater-
show by a celebrity priest. restrial community.
Megalot - The citys only legal lottery. After violence City Life - News, business and entertainment.
broke out following a record roll-over win, the Justice Eldzines - Nostalgia-themed periodical for OACs with
Department exercised the Security of the City Act, di- additional articles relating to eld-shelt life.
recting all future winnings into the Accounts Division. Homes & Humes - Walkthroughs of the citys more
Mega-Wide - Chat show hosted by the venerable Frank attractive properties and interviews with their owners,
Brash, most famous for being arrested by guest Judge with tips on hab-improvement.
Dredd in 2104 on live tri-D. Mega-Digest - Dozens of condensed articles on topics
News-Meg - In-depth look at the days news hosted of possible interest to lazy readers.
by Jimima Faxman. Megapolitan - Lightweight broadslug.
Pits of the World - Documentary exploring the worlds Mega-Times - The most widely-read newszine.
dangerous dives and sleaze hotspots.
New Mutation - Articles on mutant segregation issues
Playaday - Young juves show. and Cursed Earth life from a mutants perspective.
Radio Radio Radio - Radio music channel hosted by Mega-City Standard, Morning Newsfax, Newsmeg
Cool Johnny Cool. - News, showbusiness, business & sport broadslugs.
Rich Creeps - Soap opera set in Hightown. Prohibited Vid-Zines - A small underground market
Street Beat - Lowbrow meet the people show. thrives, featuring depictions of real physical violence,
This is your Death - Psychics try to predict the time torture and murder. Examples include: 101 Actual
of vid-callers deaths. Killings, Guts and Garters, How to Dismember a Close
Friend, The Pancreas of Pauline, Sappy Valley Massacre,
Tipsters Tonite - Sports show offering celebrity com-
Torture Magazine and Torture the Alien Way. Others,
mentaries on possible winners and losers of future
like Total Justice, support the lingering pro-democracy
sports competitions. Hosted by the eldsters favourite,
subversive movements.
Silky Dick Dilliker.