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Supply Sourcing

The Top NYC Stores in no particular order, these are places that we do a lot of business and have good relationships:
Name Address Phone Website/Email Store Hours Notes
B&J 525 Seventh Avenue, (212) 354-8150 www.bandjfabrics.co Monday Friday 8:00 5:45 Make sure you check in with front
between 37th and 38th m Saturday 9:00 4:45 desk to get a red swatching lanyard.
Streets, They have specific swatching policies
2nd floor so be sure to check in with them
about how to cut things. Be sure to tell
them that you are with Boston
University or Mariann Verheyen.

Butterfly 237 W 35th St (212) 719-9617 https://butterflyfabric Monday to Friday 9:30 6:30 A full line of metallic silk organza and
Fabrics New York, NY 10001 snyc.com/ Saturday 10:30 5:30 other wonderful stuff, including a
fantastic line of dupioni silks, both 45"
and 60" wide, at reasonable prices.
(They will offer wholesale prices if
you purchase twenty yards.) The
proprietors own a factory in India
that weaves a two color dupioni seen
nowhere else. They are very nice and
do allow swatching.

Fabrics & 270 West 38th Street, (212) 391-7777 www.fabrics- Monday to Friday 9:00 6:00 Breathtaking lace yardage including
Fabrics 3rd Floor New York, NY fabrics.com imported and beaded goods. Seems
10018 like a store full of lace should be listed
under trimmings except this one is
stuffed with lace cloth sold by the
yard, organized by minute differences
in shades of colors, each one more
elaborate than the next.
Will allow swatching if you tell them
that you are a designer shopping for a
NY Elegant 222 W 40th St, New (212) 302-4980 http://www.nyelegant Monday to Friday 9:00 6:00 BU buys a lot of fabric from here and
York, NY 10018 .com/ Satuday 10:00 5:00 overall they are pretty easy to work
with and order from. They have a
pretty great selection of wools, silks,
rayons, weird stuff like neon vinyl,
and faux fur. They have pre-cut
swatches on tags at the ends of bolts.

M&J Trimmings 1008 6th Avenue (212) 391-9072 www.mjtrim.com Monday to Friday 9:00 8:00 This isn't a store, it's an event. The
between 37th and 38th Saturday 10:00 7:00 content is mind-boggling: ribbons and
Streets Sunday 11:00 7:00 sequins and appliques, oh my! M&J
Buttons is two stores away. Don't go
midday when it's swarming with
garmentos on their lunch breaks

Mood 225 West 37th Floor, (212) 730-5003 www.moodfabric.com Monday to Friday 9:00 7:00 Large warehouse ambiance with
3rd & 4th floors Saturday 10:00 5:00 knowledgeable staff. The stuff is
pricey but for pricey stuff, the prices
are good. Many designer end-cuts at
great prices. I bought cloth here,
shlepped it to Beijing and had a
cashmere coat, cashmere pants and
two pairs of linen pants made in a
Swatching is allowed but you are
technically supposed to ask a staff
member to cut the swatch for you.
Name Address Phone Website/Email Store Hours Notes
Ayazmoon 214 W 39th St, New (212) 869-3315 ayazmoon@aol.com Open seven days a week. (?) Big array of Chinese silk brocades and
Fabrics York, NY 10018 (?) beautiful saris.
Beckenstein 257 West 39th Street (212) 475-6666, https://www.fabriccz Open Monday to Friday 9:00 Wool suiting, shirting, linens. Menswear
Fashion Fabrics ar.com/ 5:30 fabrics.
closed on Saturdays from
Memorial Day to Labor Day
Winter Saturday hours 10:00
Fabric for Less 239 West 39th Street (212) 391-7504 http://fabric4lessonli Open seven days a week Best selection of decent fake fur - all the
ne.com/contact.html Monday to Friday 9:30 6:30 way in the back.
Saturday 10:00 6:00
Sunday 12:00 5:00

Fikret Fabrics 264 West 40th Street (212) 719-2252 Open Monday to Saturday Lots of bargains at close-out prices:
discount fabrics, end-of-mill runs of dress
goods, decorator & drapery fabrics, etc.
Once sighted: denim in three metallic
versions. Excellent prices, but you need to
ask the friendly, helpful staff.

Leather Impact Moving to 7th Ave (212) 302-2332 www.leatherimpact.co Everything you could need related to
as of Sept. 2017 m leather.
Spandex House, 263 West 38th Street (212) 354-6711, www.spandexhouse.c Monday to Friday 9:00 6:00 Suggested by a friend who says it's one of
Inc. om Saturday 10:00 5:00 her favorites, since it's such a unique type
of store - everything stretches.

Spandex World 253 W 35th St, New (212) 391-2310 www.spandexworld.c Monday to Friday 9:00 6:00 Owned by the same people who own
York, NY 10001 om Saturday 9:00 5:00 Spandex House. From their website We
offer high quality stretch fabric in variety
of categories such as Nylon, Printed,
Hologram, Cotton, Velvet, Laces and
among others. Our fabric is used by
Costume Designers, Ballets, Broadway
Shows, Circus, Hollywood Movies and
Sposabella Lace 240 W 37th St, New (212) 354-4729, https://sposabellalace Monday to Friday 9:30 6:00 Manufacturers of specialty bridal
York, NY 1001 nyc.com/ Saturday 9:30 5:00 headpieces and laces. According to Esther
Z. (from Benartex), this shop is filled with
yardage of gorgeous, beautiful lace. And
when it comes to gorgeous, Esther is a
Trimmings, buttons, ribbons, notions:
Name Address Phone Website/Email Store Hours Notes
B & Q Bridal 210 West 38th Street (212) 398-0988
B & Q ARTS CO. 102 W 38th St (212) 869-6889 Monday to Saturday 10:00 Bridals, veils, lace, trimmings (like to-die-
Ground Level 6:00 for beaded fringes), laces, appliques,
New York, NY 10018 gloves, sequins, costume jewelry, artificial
b/t Avenue Of The flowers, appliques, and things you've
never even dreamed of.
Americas & Broadway
Midtown West
Daytona Braids 251 West 39th Street (212) 354-1713 daytrim@worldnet.att. Monday to Friday 9:00 6:15 Lots of buttons, trim, embroidery thread,
& Trimming net Saturday 9:30 5:30 and pillow inserts.

Hyman Hendler 142 West 38th Street (212) 240-8393 www.hymanhendler.c Monday to Friday 9:00 5:00 Beautiful and fanciful French silk ribbons
om and a large selection of grosgrain. Just as
dusty and decrepit as So-Good.

Mokuba 137 W 38th St, New (212) 869-8900 Monday to Friday 9:-00 5:00 Just ribbons. Exquisite variety displayed in
York, NY 10018 a museum-like ambiance. Very Expensive
but definitely worth aspiring to. It's
important to have a business card
available to give to the salesperson. Here's
their idiosyncratic procedure: don't
handle anything yourself. After you've
decided what you want, an assistant
follows you around with a cart and cuts
what you ask for.

So-Good 28 West 38th Street (212) 398-0236 Monday to Friday A mess of a store; cheapest with huge
Call for hours selection.
Toho Shoji 990 Avenue of the (212) 868-7466 http://www.tohoshoji- Monday to Friday 9:00 7:00 Good assortment of beads, ornaments, and
Americas, between 36th ny.com/ Saturday 10:00 6:00 related stuff.
and 37th Streets Sunday 10:00 5:00

Beads World 57 W 38th St, New York, (212) 302-1199 www.beadsworldusa.c Monday to Friday 9:00 7:00 From the outside, this new store looks
NY 10018 om Saturday and Sunday 10:00 well lit and well stocked. Large selection
6:00 of Swarovski crystal, lampworked Czech
beads, semi-precious stones and seed
Steinlauf & 239 West 39th Street (877) 869-0321 www.steinlaufandstoll Monday to Friday, 8-5:30 Thread, zippers, tools, shoulder pads, etc.
Stoller (212) 869-0321 er.com, They will put on snap sets. I buy the
featherweight fusible interfacing (CL-FW)
that enables me to play nicely with silks at
this notions distributor; $30.00 minimum
for mail orders.
Panda Threads 247 West 38th Street (212) 302-9434 www.zipperbank.com Monday to Friday 8:00 6:30 Great prices on giant spools of name
Saturday 9:00 4:00 brand threads (like Guttermann), elastics,
hangers. Plus, they make labels.

Stanley Pleating 242 West 36th Street (212) 868-2920 Monday - Friday Pleating, stitching, embroidery services
between 7th and 8th 12-1:15, 4:30-5:30
Out of the Garment District:
Name Address Phone Website/Email Store Hours Notes
Eskay Novelty 132-02 89th Ave #100, (718) 391-0331 www.eskaynovelty.co Monday to Thursday, 8:00 Imagine: this shop only sells feathers.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418 m 4:00
Friday 8:00 12:00
Tender Buttons 143 E 62nd St, New York, (212) 758-7004 Monday to Friday 10:30 6:00 The cream of the contemporary and
NY 10065 Saturday 10:30 5:30 antique button crop. Worthy of multiple
ooh-and-aah moments.
Beads Of 16 E 17th St, New York, (212) 620-0642 www.beadsofparadise Monday to Saturday 11:00 Everything related to beads, plus
Paradise NY 10003 nyc.com 7:30 lacquerware and African, Asian and
Sunday 12:00 6:00 Indonesian artifacts.

Local fabric resources:

Name Address Phone Website/Email Store Hours Notes
Fabric Place Located in the Clover (508) 655-2000 http://www.fabricplac Mon, Tues, Wed 10:00 7:00 A huge fabric warehouse that gets all of
Basement Leaf Mall ebasement.com/ Thursday, Friday 10:00 8:00 its fabric from NY, they have a decent
321 Speen St, Natick, MA Saturday 10:00 7:00 selection of affordable designer fabrics
01760 Sunday 12:00 6:00 and nice wools. They dont let you swatch
but will generally let you buy yard cuts.
As a costume student you get a 20%
Sewfisticated 14 McGrath Hwy, (617) 625-7996 http://sewfisticated.c Monday - Saturday 10:00 The Somerville location is reachable via
Somerville, MA 02143 om/ 8:00 the T take the green line to the Lechmere
Sunday 12:00 6:00 stop and walk to the twin city plaza from
Sewfisticated 303 Worcester Rd, (508) 270-6774 This location is their nicest, newest, and
Framingham Framingham, MA 01701 biggest location. They dont let you
swatch and you have to buy 1 yard
minimums, but their fabric is CHEAP,
usually pretty reliable, and they have
some decent silks.
Sewfisticated 735 William T Morrissey (617) 825-2949 They have the same stuff as the other
Dorchester Blvd, Dorchester, MA locations but you have to go all the way to
02122 Dorchester.
Osgoods 333 Park St, West 413) 737-6488 http://www.osgoodte Monday, Tuesday 9:00 5:00 Enormous fabric warehouse. Prices are
Springfield, MA 01089 xtile.com/ Wednesday 9:30 5:00 moderate, not as cheap as fabric place
Thursday 9:30 7:00 basement, but generally a little cheaper
Friday 9:30 5:00 than NYC. Also, Springfield is about 1
hours from Boston depending on traffic,
Closed Saturdays
so easier to get to if you have a car (no
Sunday 11:00 5:00
public transit). They have amazing
selection of fashion fabric and upholstery
fabric. They dont let you swatch but will
sometimes cut a swatch for you.

Affordable 80 Norwich-New London (860) 848-0690 http://www.affordabl Everyday 10:00 6:00 EVERYTHING IS $2.99 A YARD! They get
Fabrics Turnpike, Uncasville, CT e-fabrics.net/ the ends of runs and bolts from NYC, so
06382 they dont always have the same stuff, but
mostly cottons, rayons, upholstery, knits,
some polyesters, not a lot of silk generally.

Affordable 2119 Silas Deane Hwy, (860) 563-7647 Monday to Friday 9:00 9:00
Fabrics Rocky Rocky Hill, CT 06067 Saturday 9:00 4:45
Hill CT Sunday 11:00 4:45

Jo-Ann Fabrics 244 Worcester Rd, Everyday 9:00 9:00 There are a few Jo-Anns locations outside
Natick, MA 01760 the city, this one is the closest.
Wolf E. Myrow 46 Aleppo Street (401) 331-2921 https://closeoutjewelr Mon. - Fri. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Huge selection of closeout jewelry
Inc. Providence, RI, 02909 yfindings.com/ findings in a warehouse in Rhode Island.
They carry everything from fine crystals
info@closeoutjewelryf to beads and notions. Park in the discount
furniture parking lot.