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Agenda 2017

We are focusing our efforts

to ensure Wisconsin students are
college and career ready.

What and how

should kids learn?

How do we know if
kids have learned?

How do we ensure
kids have highly
effective teachers
and schools?

See other side of this page for How should we pay

more details on Wisconsins for kids education in
college and career readiness public schools?
goal for all students.
Agenda 2017
Wisconsin Students: College and Career Ready

Wisconsin has been a national leader in education How do we know if kids

because our values include the importance of a have learned?
high quality, public education. Our vision is that Students deserve a high-
every student will graduate prepared for college and quality statewide assessment
career. But what does that mean? system that includes all
Academics are important, but we know true college students and accurately
and career readiness is much more than that. Our measures proficiency.
graduates must have the knowledge, skills, and Educators and parents need reliable data from the
habits that will allow them to succeed in life after statewide assessment system to make appropriate
high school. Wisconsin kids should be able to think adjustments to improve learning.
critically, collaborate, demonstrate leadership, use
creativity, accept responsibility, and persist. These
are difficult to measure, but an important part of our How do we ensure kids
educational system. have highly effective
teachers and schools?
We have adopted a number of initiatives that
support college and career readiness. We call those District and school
Agenda 2017, and they center on these questions. accountability must be more
than test-based, reflecting
community values.
What and how should kids
learn? Educators deserve a fair and meaningful evaluation
Students must have a well-
rounded school experience All accountability measures focus on continuous
including: improvement.
Rigorous academic standards and
teaching that has room for individualization; How should we pay for
kids education in public
Early interventions for kids who need additional schools?
We cannot allow our state to
hallenging options including Advanced Placement,
C become a state of haves and
dual enrollment, and access to specific career have nots. Our Constitution
skills through industry certification and youth demands fairness.
Funding must reflect local poverty levels, rural
Positive school climates that prevent bullying, build needs, and special needs populations.
resilience, and support students behavioral and
mental health; School state aid should go directly to schools
and each child should be guaranteed a minimum
Full access to advanced technology that supports amount of aid.
digital learning and enhances instruction.