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Personal success

What have you studied? / Qu ha estudiado?

And studied business administration; A technological race that culminates in the year
2005. At the moment I am culminating another technological race in Systems of
Integrated Management Quality, Environment and security and Health in the work.
Additional I have some crusos; I have a basic course in systems; I also have a course
as coordinator of work in heights and an administrative course for work in heights
What are you studying now? / Qu est estudiando?

As I said before, I am currently culminating a technology in the SENA of systems of

integrated management Environmental Quality and safety and I leave in the work
and I am in the third level of English which I am realizing it of virtual way
What have been your motivations to study? / Cules han sido sus motivaciones
para estudiar?
Undoubtedly my motivations mainly have been my children since I think they follow
the path of parents and the fact that they as children see that parents want to
overcome; Also I am motivated by the fact of wanting to earn a little more money
since the study weighs at the moment of acquiring a job and on a personal level I
can say that it was something that also motivated me to grow personally and

Do you plan to study anything else? Why or why not? / Planea estudiar algo ms?
Por qu? O Por qu no?
Yes, I want to continue the professional career in health and safety at work, because
I consider that this is the best way to achieve and I want to be a professional person
and grow in all areas of my life.

What do you want to do professionally speaking in the next three years? / Qu

quiere hacer profesionalmente hablando en los prximos tres aos?
In the next three years the goal is to have completed the professional career in
Occupational Safety and Health