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In an ideal world babies wouldnt need us. When The four pillars of our Caleo care concept
they do, you know you can rely on Drger Medical. access, ease of use, developmental care and
Through 50 innovative years Drger incubators modularity combine to create an unprecedented
have always been one step ahead in neonatal care level of neonatal therapy:
a pioneering tradition upheld by our latest model Access: Enjoy unmatched incubator accessibility.
Caleo. By listening to your needs and taking state- Ease of use: Feel the difference with state-of-
of-the-art clinical practice into account, weve the-art technology that is easy to use.
introduced improvements that include an ideally Developmental care: Benefit from features that
controlled micro-climate for the premature baby. reflect the latest clinical findings.
Our design allows the unique bonding benefit of Modularity: Buy what you need, upgrade as
kangaroo care combined with continuous required.
temperature monitoring outside the incubator.
Caleo offers unprecedented incubator accessibility,
and a modular concept that safeguards your
investment now and in future. Setting the standard
for a new generation of incubators, Caleo brings
unprecedented benefits to infants, caregivers and

Caleo offers caregivers and parents easier, closer than-ever

access to a premature baby while balancing the babys need
for a stable, controlled microclimate
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Ergonomic Design and access for

caregivers and parents
UNMATCHED ACCESSIBILITY proper positioning or co-bedding round off Caleos
Caleo offers caregivers and parents easier, closer- new therapy-oriented access concept.
than-ever access to a premature baby while
balancing the babys need for a stable, controlled REASSURING EASE OF USE
microclimate with your need for continuous access, Caleo is designed to balance the needs of
especially in an emergency. This incubator opens premature babies and caregivers. Since many
new dimensions in accessibility by offering you caregivers will want to prioritize a babys natural
unsurpassed freedom in a controlled microclimate. sleep pattern over protocol, reducing or eliminating
disturbance is crucial. Caleo comes closer to this
Caleos generously designed JumboPorts give ideal without adding to your workload. At the touch
you full, climate-controlled access to any part of the of a button the mattress can be tilted from outside
bed so that endotracheal intubation and minor and the height of the bed adjusted from both sides,
surgical procedures can be carried out inside the e.g. to allow seated care.
incubator. Two main access doors (front and rear),
two smaller side doors, an access canopy, large A unique integrated x-ray cassette drawer means
tubing ports and a bed area large enough for x-rays can be taken without disturbing the baby or
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even opening the canopy. In addition, the bed tray display will always provide you with valuable
can be pulled out in any tilted position and an assistance. Other ease-of-use advantages include a
integrated scale allows the baby to be weighed self-cleaning CleanSwitch mod, easy
without leaving Caleos controlled microclimate. maneuverability and a large sliding storage drawer.

You will certainly appreciate Caleos ease of Caleos electronic bed tilt allows the caregiver easy
operation. The O2 sensor, for example, only access to the infant in a tilted or flat position.
requires calibrating once a year. The intuitive Neither the hand-ports nor the main access panels
control panel makes sophisticated functions simple are obstructed, headroom is maintained and the
to use, e.g. the main control knob on the display, mattress can be pulled out. Last but not least, there
which works on the touch-turn-confirm principle. are no mechanical parts to dismantle and clean
Caleos trend parameters (air, skin, humidity, since the tilt mechanism is maintenance-free and,
oxygen and weight) are adjustable from three hours most importantly, outside the infants compartment.
to seven days and the thermomonitoring display
shows central and peripheral temperature trends.
With text messages to guide you the easy-to-read
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Focus on Developmental Care


Ideally, developmental care aims to create an Caleo is designed to meet the differing
environment of low noise, minimal disturbance and requirements of caregivers around the world. So
less stressful procedures for a premature baby. you can put together an incubator to suit your
Caleos developmental care concept comes close specific needs. Caleo comes standard with a
to that ideal by reducing negative stimuli. Quiet touch-of-a-button bed tilt, integrated x-ray drawer,
doors, a quiet drawer and a smooth, electronic bed pull-out bed tray, softbed mattress, central alarm
tilt all help to reduce the internal noise level. light, CleanSwitch and KangarooMode.
Disturbance is minimized in that x-rays and
weighing can be carried out without even removing Another standard feature is the large display that
the baby. And if co-bedding is required, Caleo is not only shows trends but can also be positioned
big enough to accommodate twins and may help on any side of the bed to ensure perfect adaptation
prevent separation trauma. to the design of your unit. Options include skin
temperature, thermo-monitoring, servo-controlled
Clinical practice indicates that kangaroo care can humidity and oxygen, bed scale, storage drawer
be very beneficial for premature babies. Caleo is and height adjustment. A wide range of poles, rails
the first incubator to feature a kangaroo mode that and shelves ensures accessories can be
allows continuous monitoring of the babys easily included.
temperature. Large, detachable tubing ports
facilitate repositioning of the temperature sensors, Caleo is designed as a platform for the future. So
respiratory tubing etc that make this uninterrupted you can buy what you need today and upgrade as
monitoring possible. When you remove the baby required tomorrow. This modular concept also
from this incubator, you dont need to worry about makes sound economic sense because your
nuicance alarms or the controlled microclimate investment in todays state-of-the-art technology will
collapsing during KangarooMode. Caleo ensures also be safe tomorrow. Backed by Drger Medicals
the ideal environment is maintained until the baby comprehensive service and customer support
is returned. Other practical features include height network, you can be sure that Caleo is closer than
adjustment to allow seated care and plenty of knee ever to the ideal solution you have been looking for.
space under the incubator. In this way, Caleo
combines the benefits of natural bonding and
closer-than-ever physical contact with a minimum
of stress for you and the baby.
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The large display shows trends but can also be positioned on any side
of the bed to ensure perfect adaptation to the design of your unit.
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