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9/2/2017 Fired Heater Model - Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

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Fired Heater Model #57980 - 03/06/14 09:08 AM 0 registered (), 11
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Noa11 online.
Member Dear all, Dave, Richard, MoverZ, Edward and anyone else
Key: Admin, Global Mod,
that can contribute with my cause. Mod
Posts: 8 First at all, I am in trouble, I work for a small company September
Loc: Colombia where I do not have a senior engineer who I can ask
Su M Tu W Th F Sa
about all my doubts and we seldom do these stress
analysis on Caesar, said this lets talk about the ISSUE. 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
We need to connect a cylindrical heater with helical coil 6 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
nps pipe and up fired burner [4] and, off course, we need
to run a stress analysis on these new lines. I Have read 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
some previous threads about the issue [1] [2], that is why 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
I feel pretty worried right now, becouse of the complexity
of the model. Forum Stats
11296 Members
The Vendor has given to me a draw with loads and 14 Forums
thermal growth[3]. The easy way is just add the 15028 Topics
longitudinal displacement to the pipe nozzle and run the 67651 Posts
analysis but if you look a little bit better those fined tubes
in the convectin section are not tied to anything just Max Online: 105 @
supported on ferrules, so the nozzle will definitelly be able 07/02/17 10:16 PM
to move inside the convection box regardless the thermal
growth. I am just starting with this analysis but I would
really appreciate if you could give me some tips, advice or
guidance, I do not want to make my own refinery disaster,
I am wondering if I could up load some files as soon as I
run them, One more time Thanks, hope you can comment
and discuss on these thread.

[1] Post 1
[2] Post 2
[3] Heater loads
[4] Heater nozzle overview


Re: Fired Heater Model [Re: Noa11] #58153 - 03/17/14 03:23 PM

You are right to be concerned and it's good to see that
Member posting I made several years ago illustrating the issues.

Registered: Thankfully, at least for this part, dealing with the

10/24/00 convection section is a bit easier than the radiant model in
Posts: 320
my post that you referenced. 1/3
9/2/2017 Fired Heater Model - Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis
Loc: Houston,
Texas, USA The convection tubs should have a couple of internal
tubesheet supports inside. You'll want to get more details
on the internals from the vendor.

While you have 1/8" lateral gaps (z axis in your vendor

drawing) as well at a 1/8" +y gap - you can model those
at the penetration point where the vendor pipe goes into
the box. In reality, I expect you will see no load in the z
direction (i.e. not enough deflection to engage).
Depending on how you suppport your external pipe, you
may see this +y support lifted off. You are given the
expected thermal expansion in the X direction from the

I would model the vendor pipe as ambient - you don't care

about stresses there and the expansion at the flange is

Model the vendor pipe into the heater shell (the vendor
info should give you the wall thickness) and apply Z and Y
restraints where the pipe is internally supported. There
should be at least two such locations and they will form a
couple. At the end on the inside, apply the 1/8" growth as
an imposed displacement. I would also put an RX restraint
there to represent the resistance to rotation that will exist
from the U-bend to the pipe that runs back to the front of
the convection box.

You should have a CNODE anchor at the flange face to

check your piping load s against the given vendor

This model should give you a reasonable representation of

how the heater piping will respond and generate numbers
at the CNODE that can be readily checked against the
Edward L. Klein
Pipe Stress Engineer

All the world is a Spring


Re: Fired Heater Model [Re: Noa11] #58821 - 05/02/14 10:33 AM

Member Morning Caesar users, experts and newbies like me, It has
been a while since I opened this thread but I finally have
11/28/12 the model for my ISSUE, I will upload the file just if you
Posts: 8 want to check it [1], by the way thanks to Mr Klein for his
Loc: Colombia kind and helpful guidance. I have a aditional question I
just hope someone can help me clarify.

1.I do not modeled The inlet (helical coil)just took the

displacements by the vendor, is it a Big mistake?

1. I have used a couple of supports really close (472, 471)

in the outlet of the heater to keep the forces below the 2/3
9/2/2017 Fired Heater Model - Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

allowables if I use just one support the allowables are

exceded, the funny thing is I have another support beside
the outlet flange and this support appears to be inactive in
suspension case (0 lb is carried by this one)while the 472
has to carry all the vertical load in suspension but it goes
inactive in operation, Q: Does all this makes sense for
you?, Is my model reliable?

2.Any comments about my file?, honestly all of them will

be welcome, thanks so much for you help I am in debt.

[1]Heater Model

regards From Colombia!


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