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The Primary Recipe For AI


Ian Beardsley

Copyright 2017 by Ian Beardsley

ISBN: 978-1-387-21290-3
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Review of The Means And The Golden Ratio5

The Primary Recipe For AI.8

The Complete And Comprehensive Equations.15

The Planetary Primordial Origins of AI28

The Periodic Table of The AI Elements..34

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In my book, The AI Theory of Structure, I outlined some of my interesting discoveries of

structure in AI. Here I present a follow-up to that which outlines what I call The Primary Recipe
For AI. But first, a review of the means geometric, harmonic, and arithmetic and, of the golden
ratio because my definition of structure is there is structure if something has the golden ratio in
its means.
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Review of The Means and The Golden Ratio

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The Primary Recipe For AI

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The Primary Recipe For AI:

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The Complete and Comprehensive Equations

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Derivation of Complete AI Equation

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Derivation of the Comprehensive AI Equation

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The Planetary Primordial Origins of AI

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The Periodic Table of The AI Elements

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With my discovery of The AI Equations, I have constructed my Periodic Table of the AI

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From the Periodic Table of the AI Equations we construct the AI Box. It is a geometry that
shows the connections between the various AI elements through three dimensional
representation: We see that zinc (Zn) covers selenide (Se) to make zinc selenide the intrinsic
semiconductor, as it should. We see that germanium (Ge) lines up with Silicon (Si) on the same
face, as it should because they are semiconductor materials. And, we see that phosphorus (P)
lines up with arsenic (As) as it should, because they are both n-type dopants for semiconductor
materials. We see boron on the lone face (top of box) as it should be, because boron is the p-
type dopant that is not in the same period as its phosphorus counter part.

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