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Formato de syllabus de curso versin 2016


Faculty or Unit: School of Basic

Initial: ECBTI
Sciences, Technology and Engineering.
Training Field: Specific Disciplinary
Level: Master of Science in IT Management Training
Course: Government and IT Service
Management. Code: 214015
Course Type: Methodological /
Number of credits: 3
Course Designer: Carlos Fernando Varela Course Editor: Carlos Fernando Varela
Prez Prez
Development Day: April 23rd. 2017 Updating Date: July 26th 2017
Course Description:

The IT government and service management course belongs to the mandatory

disciplinary component of the master program in IT management. The course is
designed to implement international frameworks in IT government and IT services
management in an Enterprise Architecture (EA) environment.

The course goal is to promote the required competences in the strategies design in IT
government and service management to satisfy the EA requirements.

This is a theoretical and practical course, with three (3) credits, composed by three
(3) units designed to be implemented in sixteen (16) weeks.

The first unit presents COBIT 5 as a reference framework to IT government.

The second unit focuses in the IT services life cycle management using ITIL V3
reference framework.

The third unit approaches the use of COBIT 5 and ITIL V3 reference frameworks to
make sustainable the enterprise value proposal related with the IT resources by a
roadmap identification to implement the IT government and services management
schemes in the enterprise.

Purpose of course training:

To know the fundamental dimensions of IT governance in the organization based on

COBIT 5 framework through its five principles: 1. Meet the needs of Stakeholders; 2.
Cover the organization from end to end; 3. Apply a single integrated framework; 4.
Enable an holistic approach; 5. Separate Government and IT Management.

Explain the life cycle of IT service management using an international framework such
as ITILv3.

Design a plan for implementing a strategy for governance and management of IT

services based on the aforementioned international frameworks applied to a case
study of an organization.

Course Competences:

CMGTI5.4: The student uses international reference frameworks for the governance
and management of services and IT assets, achieving the satisfaction of the needs of
internal and external clients of an organization.

CMGRI4.3: The student communicates business and technical concepts in written

and oral form for the effective understanding of different stakeholders.

3. Course Contents

Units/topics Required Bibliographic References

1. Unit 1. IT government under ISACA. (2012) COBIT 5: A Business Framework for
COBIT 5 reference framework. the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT,
ISACA. Recovered from:
COBIT 5 reference framework
principles: Framework-product-page.aspx

a. Meeting Stakeholder De Haes, S., Van Grembergen, W., & Debreceny,

Needs R. S. (2013). COBIT 5 and Enterprise Governance
b. Cover the organization of Information Technology: Building Blocks and
from End to End
Research Opportunities. Journal Of Information
c. Apply a single integrated
Framework Systems, 27(1), 307-324. Recovered from:
d. Enable an holistic
approach px?direct=true&db=buh&AN=88181972&lang=es&
e. Separate Government site=eds-live
and IT Management.
ISACA HQ. (2016). Introduction to COBIT Video
Series [Video]. Recovered from:

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de COBIT 5 [Video]. Recovered from:

Contreras, J. (2013). Principios de COBIT 5

[Video]. Recovered from:

Gobernacin de Tecnologas de Informacin.

(2015). COBIT en la Prctica [Video]. Recovered

Unit 1 OVI Introduction to COBIT 5

This video describes the main concepts and
principles of the COBIT 5 framework for IT
governance in an organization.
Varela, C. (2017) Introduction to COBIT 5
Framework [OVI]. Recovered

2. Unit 2. IT services Agutter C. (2013) ITIL Lifecycle Essentials : Your

management under ITIL V3 Essential Guide for the ITIL Foundation Exam and
reference framework. Beyond, ITIL. Recovered
IT services management life gin.aspx?direct=true&db=e000xww&AN=571562&l
cycle phases according to ITIL ang=es&site=ehost-live
Ros Hurcano S. (2009) ITIL v3. Manual Integro.
a. Service Strategy. (Edicin nica), Espaa,
b. Service Design. Recovered from:
c. Service Transition. content/uploads/2014/ManualITIL.pdf
d. Service Operation.
e. Continuous Service TecnoValor. (2014). ITILv3-Estrategia del
Improvement Servicio [Video]. Recovered from:

TecnoValor. (2015). Fundamentos ITIL V3 -

Diseo del Servicio [Video]. Recovered from:

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Gmez, M. (2014). ITIL - Gestin de la

Operacin [Video]. Recovered from:

Marentes, F. (2014). Mejoramiento continuo del

servicio ITIL [Video]. Recovered from:

OVI Resources
Unit 2 - OVI Introduction to ITILv3
This video presents the ITILv3 reference model
that aims to align the information and
communication technologies - IT of an
organization with its mission, vision and strategic
plan, to provide its IT-supported services to
internal and external clients of the organization
using the management processes described in the
this framework.
Varela, C. (2017) Introduction to ITILv3
Framework [OVI]. Recuperado

3. Unit 3. Enterprise IT ISACA. (2012) COBIT 5: A Business Framework for

services governance and the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT,
management plan. ISACA. Recovered from:
GEIT (Getting Started with Framework-product-page.aspx
Governance of Enterprise IT)
framework according to COBIT ISACA. (2012) COBIT 5: Implementation, ISACA.
5, using ITILv3 as an IT Recovered from:
services management
IDGtv. (2015). ITIL COBIT? [Video]. Recovered

Tecnofor. (2009). Entrevista a Isabel Daz. ITIL

COBIT? [Video]. Recovered from:

Vicente Daz. (2014). Implementacin de COBIT?

[Video]. Recovered from:

OVI Resources
Unit 3 - OVI (Governance Enterprise IT)
cycle implementation according to COBIT 5
This video presents GEIT (Governance Enterprise
IT) cycle implementation according to COBIT 5
framework, that describes the phases to
implement the governance and management of IT
servicies in an organization.
Varela, C. (2017) GEIT (Governance Enterprise IT)
cycle implementation according to COBIT 5 [OVI].
Additional bibliographic references for this course:

Unit 1: IT government under COBIT 5 reference framework.

Foundation of IT Governance - The COBIT 5 case. Electronic Journal Of Information

Systems Evaluation, 18(2), 95-103. Recovered from:

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projects: Mapping to COBIT domains. International Journal Of Accounting
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Contreras, J. (2013). Enablers de COBIT 5 [Video]. Recovered from:

Unit 2: Unit 2. IT services management under ITIL V3 reference framework.

Agutter, C. (2012). ITIL Foundation Essentials : The Exam Facts You Need. Ely,
Cambridgeshire, U.K.: IT Governance Publishing. Recovered
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based IT Change and Release Management Application: Based on the IBM Change
and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB), Anchor Academic Publishing.
ITIL Core ISO/IEC 20000 Standard Specification (Service Strategy, Service Design,
Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement). Recovered
from: http://www.apmg-

Unit 3: Enterprise IT services governance and management plan.

Karkoskova, S. x., & Feuerlicht, G. j. (2015). Extending MBI Model using ITIL and
COBIT Processes. Journal Of Systems Integration (1804-2724), 6(4), 29-44.
Recovered from:

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Systems (WCCS), 115. doi:10.1109/ICoCS.2014.7060965
Recovered from:

Tulcanaza, J. (2013). COBIT 5 Resmen General [Video]. Recovered from:


Description of learning strategy:

Case-based learning.

The activities will be developed using the learning strategy based on case studies,
organized in four phases to be developed in the different environments of the course.
In each of the activities of this course, the following four phases for the development
of the case study will be applied:
1. Preparation: The student participates individually in the forums with his / her
comments that contribute to an appropriate planning of the work to be done
from the case study.
2. Case clarification: Each student raises concerns about the case study from his
judicious reflection of the case study. The tutor will feed the student using
asynchronous (forum and email) and synchronous (webconference and teaching
support by skype) ways of communication.
3. Group discussion: Group discussion - The student collaborates with his group
for the development of the work and the group consolidates a final document to
deliver, following the guidelines for each of the activities of the course.
4. Self-assessment: The individual student must carry out a self-assessment of the
work performed. For this you can use the Self-assessment and co-evaluation
format available.


Week Contents to develop Activity to develop according to the

learning strategy
1 and COBIT 5 and ITIL v3 i-) Read the introductory chapters of the
2 reference frameworks COBIT 5 and ITIL v3 reference frameworks. ii-)
introduction Identify an organization where the
implementation plan of the government
strategies and management of services
supported in IT will be made, describing its
strategic plan and analyzing the alignment
status of the organization's IT area with it. iii-)
First delivery of the document "Enterprise IT
governance and service management".
3 to 7 COBIT 5 Framework for IT i-) Study in a detailed way COBIT 5 reference
Governance in an framework. ii-) Evaluate the IT governance
organization and its five state in the selected enterprise in the initial
(5) fundamental principles: activity, using as a reference the COBIT 5
fundamental principles. a. Meeting Stakeholder
a. Meet the needs of Needs, b. Covering the Enterprise End to End,
Stakeholders. c. Applying a Single Integrated Framework, d.
b. Cover the organization Enabling a Holistic Approach, e. Separating
from end to end. Governance from Management. iii-) Second
c. Apply a single integrated delivery of the document "Enterprise IT
framework. governance and service management".
d. Enable a holistic
e. Separate Government
and IT Management.
8 to ITIL v3 Framework and its i-) Study in a detailed way ITIL v3 reference
12 5 phases of the life cycle of framework. ii-) Evaluate the state of the
services supported in IT management of services supported in IT
infrastructures: infrastructures in the organization of the case
study identified in the initial activity, with
a. Service strategy reference to the 5 phases of the service life
b. Service design cycle according to ITIL v3 (a. Service Strategy.
c. Transition of service b. Service Design. c. Service Transition. d.
d. Operation of the service Service Operation. e. Continual Service
e. Continuous Improvement). iii-) Third delivery of the
Improvement of the document "Enterprise IT governance and
Service. service management".
13 and IT infrastructure-based Practical component - i-) Help Desk Tool
14 services management implementation for the Management of
using help desk tools. Services Supported in IT Infrastructures. ii-)
Practical component. Video delivery of the installation and use of the
tool. iii-) Report delivery of the practice
according to the guide.

15 and COBIT 5 reference i-) Using the GEIT (Getting Started with
16 framework implementation Governance of Enterprise IT) framework of the
in the organization and COBIT 5 reference framework and involving
integration with the the Management of Services supported on IT
management of services infrastructure according to ITIL v3, design a
supported in IT according strategy of implementation and / or
to the ITILv3 framework. improvement of the IT government in the
Enterprise IT governance organization of the case study identified and
cycle implementation studied in previous activities. ii-) Delivery of
according COBIT 5. the fourth part of the document "Enterprise IT
governance and service management".


Description of academic support strategies to apply in this course

The course teaching support strategies are:

Synchronic support:

There will be 4 Webconferences during the development of the course to explain

to the group the topics and related activities.
Individual synchronous attention will be given via Skype to the students to solve
doubts and explain the themes and activities by request of the student in the
schedules established in the accompanying agenda published by the director in
the virtual classroom of the course.

Asynchronous support:
Use by the tutor of the collaborative work forum to solve doubts, explain topics,
suggest courses of action and guide the work of the group.
Use of the virtual classroom and institutional email to answer questions to
students and send recommendations and guidelines to carry out activities.

Face-to-face support:

Face-to-face attendance of the course tutor to the students in the CEAD, at the
times established in the accompanying agenda published in the virtual
classroom of the course.


Assessm Highest Evaluation

WEEK Products to deliver according to
ent Score/50 Score/50
NUMBER the Learning Strategy
Stages 0 points 0 points
Initial 25

Unit 1 -
First delivery of the document
1-2 "Enterprise IT governance and 25
ent under
service management".

Unit 1 -
IT Second delivery of the document
3-7 governm "Enterprise IT governance and 140
ent under service management". 350
Intermedi Third delivery of the document
8-12 140
ate "Enterprise IT governance and
service management".
Unit 2 -
Report delivery of the help desk
Unit 2 - management tool practice according
IT to the guide.
13-14 manage Video delivery of the installation and 70
ment use of the help desk management
under tool.
Final 125

Unit 3 -
e IT Fourth delivery of the document
15-16 governan "Enterprise IT governance and 125
ce and service management".
Total Score 500 500
Points Points