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For inclusion in this list, a supplement must be designed to be used with either the
Chaosium BRP Call of Cthulhu rules or the d20 Call of Cthulhu rules produced by
Wizards of the Coast under license from Chaosium. Supplements can also include
material aimed at other roleplaying games or rules, but at least part of the content must
assume one of these two systems.

There are other Lovecraftian roleplaying systems and supplements; information about
these may be found in other sections of the Wiki. Specifically:

Supplements for Pelgrane Press' Trail of Cthulhu RPG

Supplements for Cubicle 7's The Laundry RPG
Supplements for the CthulhuTech RPG
Supplements for other Lovecraftian RPGs

This category is primarily for supplements that have already been released (i.e.,
commercially available or online as free downloads). However in cases where detailed
information is available about a supplement which will imminently be released, it is
appropriate to also use this template.

More vague information about releases that have been announced as upcoming, but
have not actually been released, use:

Unreleased CoC Supplements

(This list is of professional produced and publicly sold material. For other CoC content
see Chaosium's Monograph series, Magazines, On-line Material, and Privately
Published Material.)

The following links below lead to individual Wiki entries for each supplement. (to be
filled and updated, obviously!)

The Call of Cthulhu (RPG) has over the past thirty years had over 200 supplements
published for it in the English language.

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, 2302

1982 Chaosium C
First Edition 2010

1983 Cthulhu Companion Chaosium 2304 S yes

1983 The Arkham Evil TOME T-1 C

1983 Death in Dunwich TOME T-2 C

1983 Pursuit to Kadath TOME T-3 C

The Asylum and Other 2303

1983 Chaosium C
Tales 2012

Curse of the Chthonians,

1984 Chaosium 2306 C yes
First Edition
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Whispers from the Abyss

1984 TOME T-4 C
and Other Tales

1984 Glozel Est Authentique! TOME T-5 C

Masks of Nyarlathotep,
1984 Chaosium 2307-X C
First Edition

The Fungi from Yuggoth,

1984 Chaosium 2305 C
First Edition

The Horrible Secret of Grenadier

1984 701 C
Monhegan Island Models Inc.

The Trail of Tsathogghua,

1984 Chaosium 2308 C yes
First Edition

1984 Trail of the Golden Spike Hero Games Hero 14 C

1985 Keeper's Screen, 2E Rules Chaosium 2309 S

1985 Alone Against the Dark Chaosium 2312 C (solo)

Alone Against the

1985 Chaosium 2311 C (solo)

1985 Fragments of Fear Chaosium 2310 S yes

Trail of the Loathsome Games MM1

1985 C
Slime Workshop 01029

Games MM3
1985 Nightmare in Norway C
Workshop 01031

1985 Lands of Mystery Hero Games Hero 20 Fantasy

Cthulhu by Gaslight, First

1986 Chaosium 2314-X G yes

H.P. Lovecraft's
1986 Chaosium 2315-X Dr
Dreamlands, First Edition

1986 Terror from the Stars Chaosium 2313 C

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Spawn of Azathoth, First

1986 Chaosium 2316-X C

Chaosium &
The Vanishing Conjurer &
1986 Games 2318 C
The Statue of the Sorcerer

1987 Cthulhu Now, First Edition Chaosium 2322 M yes

1987 Terror Australis Chaosium 2319 C yes

1987 Green And Pleasant Land 2320 SC

Miskatonic U. Graduate
1987 Chaosium 5101 novelty yes
Kit (props)

Miskatonic U. Master of
1987 Chaosium 5101-M novelty
Arts Diploma (prop)

Miskatonic U. Doctoral
1987 Chaosium 5101-D novelty
Diploma (prop)

H.P. Lovecraft's
1988 Dreamlands, Second Chaosium 3302 Dr

Cthulhu by Gaslight,
1988 Chaosium 3303 G
Second Edition

1988 Keeper's Screen, 3E Rules Chaosium 2323 S

S. Petersen's Field Guide

1988 Chaosium 5105 S
to Cthulhu Monsters

Cthulhu Covers (paper

1988 Chaosium 5106 novelty
dust covers)

Cthulhu Classics (reprint

1989 Chaosium 3301 C
Shadows of Yog-Sothoth +
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

1989 The Great Old Ones Chaosium 2321 C yes

Masks of Nyarlathotep,
1989 Chaosium 3304 C
Second Edition

S. Petersen's Field Guide

1989 Chaosium 5107 S
Creatures of the

1920s Keeper's Kit (screen

1989 Chaosium 5108 novelty
+ props)

Arkham Unveiled, First

1990 Chaosium 2325 C

1990 At Your Door Chaosium 2326 M

1990 Blood Brothers Chaosium 2329 various yes

Curse of Cthulhu (reprint

1990 Chaosium 3306 C
Fungi From Yuggoth +

1990 Fatal Experiments Chaosium 2328 C yes

1990 Lurking Fears 0001 C

Mansions of Madness,
1990 Chaosium 2327 C
First Edition

The Cthulhu Casebook

(reprints scenarios from
1990 Chaosium 3305 C
The Asylum + part of

1991 Dark Designs Chaosium 2332 G yes

Horror on the Orient

1991 Chaosium 2331 C
Express, 1st Edition
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Kingsport: The City In The

1991 Chaosium 2333 C
Mists, First Edition

Return to Dunwich, First

1991 Chaosium 2330 C

Tales of the Miskatonic

1991 Chaosium 2334 C yes

1992 Alone on Halloween Pagan Publishing 1000 C

1992 Blood Brothers 2 Chaosium 2340 various yes

Escape from Innsmouth,

1992 Chaosium 2338 C
First Edition

1992 Fearful Passages Chaosium 2335 C yes

1992 Grimrock Isle 0002 C (solo)

The Stars are Right!, First

1992 Chaosium 2337 M

The Thing at the

1992 Chaosium 2339 C yes

Cthulhu Now, Second

1992 Chaosium 3307 M

H.P. Lovecraft's
1992 Chaosium 3308 Dr
Dreamlands, Third Edition

Cthulhu Campaign Kit

1992 Chaosium 5109 novelty

Fifth Edition Keeper's Kit

1992 Chaosium 5110 novelty yes
(screen + props)

1920's Investigator's
1993 Chaosium 2343 CS yes
Companion, Vol. 1

1993 Adventures in Arkham Chaosium 2342 C

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?


1993 Devil's Children Pagan Publishing 1001 MO

1993 Keeper's Compendium Chaosium 2344 S

1993 Sacraments of Evil Chaosium 2345 G

The Resurrected Vol. 1:

1993 Pagan Publishing 2100 M
Grace Under Pressure

The Weapons
1993 Pagan Publishing ?? R

1993 Whispers in the Dark 0003 CM

1993 Dire Documents (props) Chaosium 5112 novelty

1920's Investigator's
1994 Chaosium 2346 CS yes
Companion, Vol. 2

1994 End of the World 0005 CM

1994 King of Chicago Chaosium 2348 C yes

1994 Walker in the Wastes Pagan Publishing 1002 C

Walker in the Wastes

1994 Pagan Publishing WWPA C
Player Aid Kit (props)

Ye Booke of Monstres,
1994 Chaosium 2349 S yes
Vol. 1

1995 1990's Handbook Chaosium 2355 MS yes

1995 Coming Full Circle Pagan Publishing 1003 C

1995 In the Shadows Chaosium 2357 C yes

Miskatonic University:
1995 Chaosium 2352 CS yes
The University Guidebook
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

1995 Strange Aeons Chaosium 2353 O yes

1995 Taint of Madness Chaosium 2354 SGCM

1995 The Cairo Guidebook Chaosium 2351 SC

The Compact Arkham

1995 Unveiled Chaosium 2356 C
(= Second Edition)

The Resurrected Vol. 2: Of

1995 Pagan Publishing 2101 C
Keys and Gates

Ye Booke of Monstres,
1995 Chaosium 2358 S yes
Vol. 2

1996 Dwellers in Shadow 0004 CM

1996 Horror's Heart Chaosium 2359 C yes

The Complete Masks of

1996 Nyarlathotep Chaosium 2361 C
(= Third Edition)

1996 The Golden Dawn Pagan Publishing 1004 G

1996 Tales of Terror Pagan Publishing 2102 various

1996 The London Guidebook Chaosium 2347 SC

Utatti Asfet: The Eye of

1996 Chaosium 2360 M yes
Wicked Sight

Cthulhu For President

1996 Chaosium 5113 novelty

1997 A Resection of Time Chaosium 2364 M yes

Arkham Sanitarium (prop

1997 Chaosium 2366 novelty yes
forms etc)

1997 Cthulhu Live, First Edition Chaosium 6502 CS yes

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Delta Green (Core

1997 Pagan Publishing 1005 M

Escape from Innsmouth,

1997 Chaosium 2371 C
Second Edition

1997 Minions Chaosium 2365 C

Nocturnum Book One: Fantasy Flight

1997 CC01 M
Long Shades Games

1997 Secrets Chaosium 2367 M yes

The 1920's Investigator's

1997 Chaosium 2370 S yes

The Compact Trail of

1997 Tsathoggua Chaosium 2362 C
(= Second Edition)

The Complete
1997 Dreamlands Chaosium 2363 Dr
(= Fourth Edition)

1997 The Dreaming Stone Chaosium 2368 Dr

The New Orleans

1997 Chaosium 2369 C

1997 The Realm of Shadows Pagan Publishing 1006 O {World War II}

The Realm of Shadows

1997 Pagan Publishing RSPA O {World War II}
Player Aid Kit (props)

1998 Before the Fall Chaosium 2377 C

Day of the Beast

1998 (= The Fungi from Chaosium 2374 C
Yuggoth, revised)

1998 Dead Reckonings Chaosium 2373 C

1998 Delta Green Eyes Only, Pagan Publishing 2103 M

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Vol. 1: Machinations of
the Mi-Go

Delta Green Eyes Only,

1998 Pagan Publishing 2104 M
Vol. 2: The Fate

1998 Mortal Coils Pagan Publishing 1007 C

1998 No Man's Land Chaosium 2385 O {World War I} yes

Nocturnum Book Two: Fantasy Flight

1998 CC02 M
Hollow Winds Games

1998 The Bermuda Triangle Chaosium 2372 M yes

1998 The Creature Companion Chaosium 2375 S

Adios, A-Mi-Go!
1998 (Deadlands/CoC 9007 O {Weird West} yes

Beyond the Mountains of

1999 Chaosium 2380 C {1930s} yes

Miskatonic University
1999 Antarctic Expedition Pack Chaosium 2381 C {1930s}

Cthulhu Introduction Pack

1999 (bundle of 2362, 2370, Chaosium 2382 bundle
2375, 2376)

Elder Party Nomination

1999 Chaosium 2383 novelty
Kit (props)

Cthulhu Live, Second Fantasy Flight

1999 0004 S
Edition Games

1999 Delta Green: Countdown Pagan Publishing 1008 M

1999 Last Rites Chaosium 2379 M yes

1999 Nocturnum Book Three: Fantasy Flight CC03 M

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Deep Secrets Games

Fantasy Flight
2000 Cthulhu Live: Lost Souls 0005 S

Cthulhu Live: Player's Fantasy Flight

2000 0006 S
Companion Games

Cthulhu Live: Shades of Fantasy Flight

2000 0008 S
Gray Games

Delta Green Eyes Only,

2000 Pagan Publishing 2106 M
Vol. 3: Project Rainbow

Keeper's Screen, 5.6E

2000 Chaosium 2387 S

The Keeper's Companion,

2000 Chaosium 2388 S yes
Vol. 1

2000 More Tales of Terror Pagan Publishing 2105 various

Fantasy Flight
2001 Cthulhu Live: Delta Green 0007 S

Nocturnum: Master
Collection Fantasy Flight
2001 CC04 S
(bundle of CC01, CC02, Games

Ramsey Campbell's
2001 Goatswood and Chaosium 2393 M yes
Less Pleasant Places

2001 Unseen Masters Chaosium 2384 M yes

2002 d20 Gamemaster's Pack Chaosium 8801 S yes

H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich

2002 Chaosium 8802 C yes
(= Second Edition)

Nocturnum d20 Fantasy Flight

2002 CC05 M
(conversion of Games
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

previous Nocturnum

The Keeper's Companion,

2002 Chaosium 2395 S yes
Vol. 2

The Resurrected Vol. 3:

2002 Pagan Publishing 1009 CM
Out of the Vault

Delta Green: PX Poker

2002 Pagan Publishing ??? M

H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham

2003 Chaosium 8803 C yes
(= Third Edition)

H.P. Lovecraft's Kingsport

2003 Chaosium 8804 C
(= Second Edition)

H.P. Lovecraft's
2004 Chaosium 2394 Dr yes
Dreamlands, Fifth Edition

Cthulhu Dark Ages, Third

2004 Chaosium 2398 D yes

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth,
2004 Chaosium 2397 C yes
Second Edition

The Stars Are Right!,

2004 Chaosium 23100 M yes
Second Edition

Spawn of Azathoth
2005 Chaosium 23101 C yes
Second Edition

2005 Secrets of Japan Chaosium 2392 SM yes

2005 Secrets of New York Chaosium 23103 SC yes

Miskatonic University
2005 Chaosium 2389 SC yes

2006 Tatters of the King Chaosium 23104 C yes

2006 Secrets of San Francisco Chaosium 23108 SC yes

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

2006 Delta Green d20 Pagan Publishing 1010 M

Dubious Shards (mostly

2006 non-gaming but Ronin Arts HITE001 M yes
with one CoC scenario)

2006 Cthulhu Live, Third Edition Skirmisher 602 S yes

Cthulhu Live Companion PDF

2006 Skirmisher 604 CMO
CDROM only

2007 Malleus Monstrorum Chaosium 23102 S yes

2007 Secrets of Kenya Chaosium 23109 SC yes

Mansion of Madness,
2007 Chaosium 23110 C yes
Second Edition

2007 Secrets of Los Angeles Chaosium 23111 SC yes

Delta Green: Eyes Only

2007 Pagan Publishing 1013 M

Cthulhu Live: The Old

2007 Skirmisher 701 O {12th Century} yes
Man of Damascus

2008 Final Flight Pagan Publishing 1011 O {1938}

2008 Secrets of Morocco Chaosium 23105 SC yes

2008 Murder of Crows Super Genius 4001 C yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 1:

2008 Goodman Games 7001 C yes
Death in Luxor

New Tales of the Miskatonic River

2008 0003 C yes
Miskatonic Valley Press

Cthulhu Live: House of

2008 Skirmisher 704 M yes

Cthulhu Live: Murder at

2008 Skirmisher 820 M yes
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Cthulhu Live: The Green PDF

2008 Skirmisher 829 O {19th Century}
Fairy only

Cthulhu Live: Sight PDF

2008 Skirmisher 833 M
Unseen only

2008 The Doom From Below Super Genius 4002 C yes

2008 Midnight Harvest Super Genius 4003 M yes

Tarot of Cthulhu: Major

2008 Ronin Arts HITE002 S yes

The Mysteries of
2009 Pagan Publishing 1012 SC

2009 Terrors from Beyond Chaosium 23113 C yes

Miskatonic River
2009 Our Ladies of Sorrow 0005 M yes

2009 Cthulhu Invictus Chaosium 23115 I yes

2009 Cthulhu Britannica Cubicle 7 7350 GCMF yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 2:

2009 Goodman Games 7002 C yes
Madness in London Town

2009 Secrets of New Orleans Chaosium 23114 C yes

2009 Arkham Now Chaosium 23116 M yes

2009 Strange Aeons II Chaosium 23117 various yes

After Lovecraft: The

Horror at Red Hook,
2009 Super Genius 4005 C yes
The Cold Case of Robert

2009 A Peculiar Pentad Super Genius 4006 GCM yes

2009 Snows Of An Early Winter Super Genius 4007 M yes

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Curse of the Yellow Sign,

Wicked Dead PDF
2009 Act 1: 0001 O {World War II}
Brewing only
Digging for a Dead God

Curse of the Yellow Sign,

Wicked Dead PDF
2009 Act 2: 0002 M
Brewing only
Calling the King

Cthulhu Live: Arcanum PDF

2009 Skirmisher 901 I
Imperii only

2009 Cthulhu Live: Witchfinder Skirmisher 921 O {World War II}

Masks of Nyarlathotep,
2010 Chaosium 23118 C yes
Fourth Edition

2010 Keeper's Screen, 6E Rules Chaosium 23120 C

Avalon - The County of

2010 Cubicle 7 7352 SC yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 3:

2010 Goodman Games 7003 C yes
Shadows of Leningrad

Age of Cthulhu:
2010 Abomination of the Goodman Games FRPGD10 C yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 4:

2010 Goodman Games 7004 C yes
Horrors From Yuggoth

More Adventures in Miskatonic River

2010 0007 C yes
Arkham Country Press

Delta Green: Targets of

2010 Pagan Publishing 2108 M yes

Curse of the Yellow Sign,

Wicked Dead PDF
2010 Act 3: 0003 F
Brewing only
Archimedes 7

2010 Cthulhu Live: Muerte al Skirmisher 1010 M PDF

Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Chupacabras! only

Unbound PDF
2010 Monophobia 1001 C
Publishing Only

Cthulhu Invictus
2011 Chaosium 23119 I yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 5:

2011 Goodman Games 7005 C yes
Long Reach of Evil

Miskatonic River
2011 The Legacy of Arrius Lurco 0009 I yes

Curse of the Chthonians,

2011 Chaosium 23121 C yes
Second Edition

2011 Shadows Over Scotland Cubicle 7 7353 C yes

2011 Cthulhu Live: The Island Skirmisher 1110 O {1947}

2011 Red Eye of Azathoth Kobold Quarterly REAz yes

Miskatonic River PDF

2011 Lux In Tenebras ??? I
Press Only

Cthulhu by Gaslight, Third

2012 Chaosium 23123 G yes

Investigator Weapons for

2012 Sixtystone Press 60-IHB01 C yes
the Classic Era

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 6: A

2012 Goodman Games 7006 C yes
Dream of Japan

Achtung Cthulhu: Zero
2012 Modiphius 1011 O{WWII} only (for
Point, Part 1 - Three Kings

C {1910s &
2012 Bumps In The Night Pagan Publishing 1014
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Achtung Cthulhu: Zero PDF

2012 Point, Part 2 - Heroes of Modiphius 1012 O{WWII} only (for
the Sea now)

Arkham Case Files: Deep PDF

2012 Solace N/A M
Morgue only

2012 Terror from the Skies Chaosium 23128 C {England} yes

2012 The Ballad of Bass Rock Cubicle 7 6301 C

Cthulhu Britannica:
2012 Cubicle 7 7351 C yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 7:

2012 The Timeless Sands of Goodman Games 7007 C yes

2013 Atomic-Age Cthulhu Chaosium 23122 O {1950s} yes

Miskatonic River
2013 Tales of the Sleepless City MRP0011 C No

M (+ notes for
2013 Lost in the Lights Sixtystone Press 60-NUK01 only (for
other eras)

2013 The House of R'lyeh Chaosium 23127 C yes

Achtung Cthulhu: The
2013 Modiphius 1021 O{WWII} only (for
Trellborg Monstrosities

The Sense of the Sleight Arc Dream

2013 8001 C {Dreamlands} yes
of Hand Man Publishing

World War Cthulhu: Their

2013 Cubicle 7 1939 O{WWII} yes
Darkest Hour

Mythos Case Files: Fungi PDF

2013 Solace 0007 M
Mine only
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Golden Goblin
2013 The Island of Ignorance 10004 C yes

2013 Canis Mysterium Chaosium 23124 C yes

2013 Secrets of Tibet Chaosium 23129 C yes

Dead Light (7e Kickstarter PDF

2013 Chaosium 23132 C
Bonus) only

Achtung Cthulhu:
2013 Modiphius 1031 O{WWII} yes
Investigator's Guide

Achtung Cthulhu:
2013 Modiphius 1021 O{WWII} yes
Keeper's Guide

Achtung Cthulhu: PDF

2014 Modiphius 1022 O{WWII}
Kontamination only

2014 Cathulhu Sixtystone Press 60-KAT01 C {Cats} yes

Achtung Cthulhu: Guide

2014 Modiphius 1051 O{WWII} yes
to the Pacific Front

Golden Goblin
2014 Tales of the Crescent City 10008 C yes

World War Cthulhu:

2014 Cubicle 7 1940 O{WWII} yes
Europe Ablaze

Ripples From Carcosa

2014 Chaosium 23134 IDF yes

Age of Cthulhu, Vol. 8:

2014 Starfall Over the Plateau Goodman Games 7008 C yes
of Leng

Achtung Cthulhu: Guide

2014 Modiphius 1053 O{WWII} yes
to the Eastern Front

Achtung Cthulhu: Guide

2014 Modiphius 1052 O{WWII} yes
to North Africa
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

Horror on the Orient

2014 Chaosium 23130 IDGCDrM yes
Express, 2nd Edition

Cthulhu Britannica:
2014 Cubicle 7 7354 C yes
London Box Set

2014 Cold Harvest Chaosium 23143 O(Stalinist Russia} yes

Achtung Cthulhu: Terrors

2014 Modiphius 50025 O{WWII} yes
of the Secret War

2014 Cthulhu Through The Ages Chaosium 23146 SDGFIDr yes

Age of Cthulhu: PDF

2014 Goodman Games 7000 C
Transatlantic Terror only

Investigator Handbook
2015 Chaosium 23136 C yes

2015 Keeper's Screen, 7E Rules Chaosium 23137 C yes

Investigator Weapons for

2015 Sixtystone Press 60-IHB02 M yes
the Modern Era

Achtung Cthulhu:
2015 Interface 19.40 (CoC Modiphius 50027 O{WWII} yes

2015 The Curse of Nineveh Cubicle 7 7355 C yes

2015 Alone Against the Flames Chaosium 23145 C (solo)

2015 Nameless Horrors Chaosium 23133 GCM+O{1750s} yes

Achtung Cthulhu:
2015 Modiphius 01051CS O{WWII} yes
Shadows of Atlantis

Golden Goblin
2015 De Horrore Cosmico 10009? I yes

World War Cthulhu: The

2015 Cubicle 7 1942 O{WWII} yes
SOE Handbook
Released Title Publisher Code Era PDF?

2015 Doors to Darkness Chaosium 23148 C No

Achtung Cthulhu: Assault

2015 on the Mountains of Modiphius 50029 O{WWII} yes

S. Petersen's Field Guide

2015 Chaosium 23138 S yes
to Lovecraftian Horrors

Golden Goblin PDF

2015 Legends of New Orleans 10010 C
Press only

2015 7th Edition Card Decks Chaosium 23140 S yes

Golden Goblin PDF

2015 Goblin on Bourbon Street 1503 C
Press only

Achtung Cthulhu: Elder

2016 Modiphius 50026 O{WWII} yes
Godlike (CoC cross-over)

Achtung Cthulhu: Secrets

2016 of the Dust (CoC cross- Modiphius 50028 yes

World War Cthulhu:

2016 Cubicle 7 1941 O{WWII} yes

Codes used: R = Rulebook for BRP, S = Sourcebook, D = Dark Ages, G = Gaslight

(1890s), C = Classic (aka 1920s & 30s), M = Modern, F = Future, I = Cthulhu Invictus
(Roman), Dr = Dreamlands, O = Other