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Semantic Feature Analysis

Name Features 1 Features 2 Features 3 Features 4 Features 5

Examples 1
Examples 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

Semantic Feature Analysis for the word: Dialogue

Sometimes a
technique and Can feature
form used to Lines technical
Conversation explain a Lines characters language such
between 2 or philosophical characters speak in some as computer
DIALOGUE more people idea speak in a play form of media script.
Republic X X
Balcony speech
to Juliet X X
A phone
between you a
friend X
The Avengers
film X X
dialogue box X

Reading in the Content Area Name___Joshua Mathews

Rubric for scoring Strategies Strategy___Semantic Feature Analysis
Dialogue Grade 6

1 point 2 points
Strategy Type Strategy is Strategy is identified,
identified, mostly correctly applied,
accurate, may have complete and accurate.
minor deficiencies.
Content Area Connection is made Content and grade
to the content area level are both
you will be teaching identified on the
in. template and example.
Blank Template Strategy is typed A blank template is
neatly, well provided. Neat,
organized, and easy organized,
to understand. professional.
Completed Example Strategy is typed A completed example
neatly, well is provided. Neat,
organized, and easy organized,
to understand. professional.
Grammar & Minor errors in No recognizable errors
Spelling spelling and in spelling and
grammar may exist. grammar occur.

Total Points _10_/10 possible