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Commandant: Gregory Quinn Sr. Editor: Lewis W. Rice III

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Good of the League

September Birthdays

WWII Marine George W. Hartley


Greetings Fellow Marines,

As I sit down this morning to comment on the things that are on my mind, I cant help but reflect on our
Detachments visit to the VA Hospital in Durham last evening to play BINGO with those Veterans who
would rather be home with their loved ones. Six Marines from our Detachment made the trip. Each time I
go, I cant help but feel a lump in my throat. These Veterans are from every walk of life. They all have

varying degrees of problems. Some were from the Army, others from the Air Force, Navy, and of course a
couple of Marines. They came from different worlds so to speak, but all shared a common bond. As you
look into their eyes and talk to them, you see the pain they are enduring, as well as the excitement the
have when people come to spend time with them. One of them that really touched my inner being was a
Marine named Dallas. He was a Vietnam Veteran whose health issues are a result of Agent Orange. He sat
there almost motionless in a wheel chair, his legs long gone. This is a man, a Marine who put his life on
the line to protect our freedom as well as the freedom of others around the world. We owe him and
others like him the honor and respect that is due to them. We should never forget them. One who did not
forget, was Dallas wife of 60 years named India, who has been by his side these many years. What an
example she has set for us.

With all that in mind, I look back over the past few weeks and I realize that there are folks within our own
ranks that are suffering. Without getting into names, and personal information, let me just list a few of
We have a WWII Vet in our Detachment that is fighting for his life under harsh conditions. We have a
Marine who is having some heart issues that surfaced recently, causing a brief stay in the hospital. We
have a Marine who has had a death in his family this past week, and he had to travel out of state. We
have a Marine who has had sickness in his family that required him to travel out of state to be with his
family. We have several Marines who are virtually home bound due to health issues. We have a Marine
who is scheduled to enter the hospital to have back surgery. Those are the ones I know of. There are
probably many others.

My point is, we should all reach out and contact those Marines in out Detachment that we have not seen
at our meetings in a while. You never know what you might find. One of our mottos is Marines helping
Marines. General Charles C. Krulak, USMC (CMC) in May of 1997 made the following statement. He said
For over 221 years our Corps has done two things for this great Nation. We make Marines, and we win
Marines, this is a different kind of battle that some of our fellow Marines are fighting. Lets help them win.

Commandant Greg Quinn, Carry-On Detachment 1236

Public Relations Committee (Lewis W. Rice III - Chair)

The JoCo Marine Newsletter will now be posted to our Detachments Facebook page on a
monthly basis as well as being mailed out and emailed, please let Lewis know if you need an
electronic copy of the Detachment Flyer.
This is different from the Newsletter (to hand out to prospective new members).

Rosebuds Committee (Ken Parker - Chair)

Ken Parker reported we have some funds turned in from the Clock and
Jewelry shop.

Good Business Award Committee (Lewis W. Rice III Chair)

Septembers Good Business Award Presentation will be at

Location: Scotchman Store 12320 NC Hwy 210. Benson, NC 27504
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 @ 1100 hrs.

Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Award Committee (Lewis W. Rice III Chair)

Next 04 SEP
2017 Troop
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10 SEP 2017
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Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up Committee (Ken Parker Chair)

None scheduled at this time.

VA Hospital Visit Committee (Ken Parker Chair)

2 September 1945: The Japanese officially surrendered to the Allies on board the battleship
MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay. With General Holland Smith transferred home in July 1945, the
senior Marine Corps representative at the historic ceremony was LtGen Roy S. Geiger, who had
succeeded Smith as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific.

5 September 1956: Eleven Marines from the 9th Marines, 3d Marine Division, stationed near
Naha, Okinawa, drowned while swimming, from an undercurrent caused by Typhoon Emma.
The violent storm, with 140 mph winds, struck the Philippine Islands, Okinawa, Korea, and
Japan, causing some 55 deaths and millions of dollars in property damage.

6 September 1983: Two Marines were killed and two were wounded when rockets hit their
compound in Beirut, Lebanon. Heavy fighting continued for the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit
peacekeeping force in the area near their positions around the Beirut International Airport.

8 September 1942: On Guadalcanal, the 1st Raider Battalion and the 1st Parachute Battalion,
supported by planes of MAG-23 and two destroyer transports, landed east of Tasimboko,
advanced west into the rear of Japanese positions and carried out a successful raid on a Japanese
supply base.

11 September 1992: Hurricane Iniki devastated the island of Kauai in Hawaii in one of the worst
storms the islands had seen in over a century. Marines of the 1st Marine Brigade based at
Kaneohe Bay, spearheaded Operation Garden Sweep, the massive cleanup effort.

15 September 1950: The 3d Battalion, 5th Marines landed on Wolmi-do Island in Inchon Harbor
and secured it prior to the main landing. The 1st Marine Division under the command of Major
General Oliver P. Smith landed at Inchon and began the Inchon-Seoul campaign.

16 September 1814: A detachment of Marines under Major Daniel Carmick from the Naval
Station at New Orleans, together with an Army detachment, destroyed a pirate stronghold at
Barataria, on the Island of Grande Terre, near New Orleans.

18 September 1990: A new 40-acre training facility for Military Operations in Urban Terrain
(MOUT) was dedicated at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, by General Alfred M. Gray,
Commandant of the Marine Corps.
20 September 1950: Marines of the 1st Marine Division crossed the Han River along a six-mile
beachhead, eight miles northwest of Seoul, Korea. Five days later, the 1st and 5th Marines would
attack Seoul and the city would be captured by 27 September.
24 September 1873: One hundred and ninety Marines and seamen from the USS PENSACOLA
and BENICIA landed at the Bay of Panama, Columbia, to protect the railroad and American lives
and property during the revolution.
27 September 1944: The American flag was raised over Peleliu, Palau Islands, at the 1st Marine
Division Command Post. Although the flag raising symbolized that the island was secured,
pockets of determined Japanese defenders continued to fight on. As late as 21 April 1947, 27
Japanese holdouts finally surrendered to the American naval commander on the scene.

30 September 1945: Marines of III Amphibious Corps, commanded by Major General Keller E.
Rockey, began landing in North China to assist the Chinese Nationalist government in accepting
the surrender of Japanese forces and repatriating Japanese soldiers and civilians.

Sick Call

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Tom Barrie, John Bullock, George Gillespie, Robert Moore, Willard Pleasants, Gordon
Young, Mark Wayne Williams, and Linwood Johnson.