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Baloc, Sto. Domingo Nueva Ecija

Informative Journal in Philosophy

First Quarter/ Semester

Dawn John C. allingag


Phiosophy is a broad branch of knowledge concluding various knowledge as a complex whole, it

is the love of wisdom with a scientific basis as a systimaticaly body if learning. Phiosophy is charcterised
as a Natural light of reason through careful observation and critical reasoning.

It is also a Study of all things, including the first cause or the higher principle that can be defined
by "what it is, is what it is, also Philosophy is the Principe of non contradiction and ta principle of
excluded middle meaning "be or not to be", lastly Phiosophy is a principle of sufficient reasoning through
deep and critical thinking.

The are lots of Branches under Phiosophy, aestethics is the study of beauty and creation,
Epistemoogy is the study of appreciating nature, Ethics the study of right, the goal and valuable, and the
Metaphysics which is the study of the state of being and reality and many more.

There are lots of classifications in Philophy, the Empirisist or the rationalist thinker descovered
by John Locke, the Pragmatistic or the act of doing induction proposed by John Dewey, and the Logic or
the classification of clear thinking deep.

In the lesson Why Become a Philosopher, a comprehensive aproach in attaining the best outlook
in life. This includes the expansion of the Philosophical frames, Oriental thoughts that defines life as a
circle cycle, the attitudinal imperative East in which Indian and Chinise religion and mythology is
involved. The Acceptance of intuition and mysticism, and also the Pilipino thinkings like Loob, utang na
Loob, kabutihang asal, pagkakawanggawa, kalooban Filipino time, the bahala na saying and the other
beliefs, and values of the Pilipinos.

Methods of Philosophizing includes phenomenology of consciousness, which is an essential

philosophical method discovered by Edwin Husserl. The Phenomenon which came from the Greek word
phainomena meaning appearance. The suspension that is a phenomenological "brackets" that describes
questions of truth or reality.
Baloc, Sto. Domingo Nueva Ecija

The morality and the motion of intuition, which means the act of guessing. The Existentialism
which is not a primary philophical method that is based on once attitude or outlook. This lesson tackles
also about the Human freedom and the validity and soundness of an argument.

Fallacy a defect in an argument, the appeal to pity, ignorance,Equivocation, composition,

division, against the person, force, to people, false cause, hasty generalization, and begging the question
are the 11 classifications and types of the fallacy defects in an argument.

Post Modernism, an acceptance of the truth that is not absolute.and the other one is the
analytic tradition which means the truth as people percieves it, as itself that is socially constructed. The
logic Ang critical thinking is the tool in reasoning.

The methods of Philosophy that leads to wisdom and truth. according to Double (1919), although
Philosophy is an organized body of knowledge which is the subject matter of Philosophy as a question, in
which have three distinct major characteristics, the questions that have answer, the question that is
perennial by science, and the question of common sense and faith.

For Maboloc and Pascua (2008), critical thinking is a life long process of self assessment that consists of
further aspects like applying, understanding, defining and analyzing.

In the topic Spontaneous Collaboration, saying thank you and giving thank you cards had been tackeled
and did as an activity of making thank you cards in appreciation and giving to others.

Various beliefs and Religions were discussed also, the Buddhism, that believes in the attachment of
Nirvana, that states, one is an absolutely free from all forms of bandage.

The Hinduism that believes in reincarnation and the law of Karma.

Lastly the St. Agustinian, and St. Thomas Aquinas which believes in the will and love and believes also
they believes that evil and suffering including the belief that to live a chat life is very difficult is the
proportion of the Authors group, or the individual citezens to just do what is right.