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Saurabh Pant


It all happened near a rich colony in Britain with unique purpose during a busy
Last week of a wintery Sunday that in pursuit of a hungry cause to solve a global
renown and mystery, an angry but bold rich elite socialist left away the home for
purposes to search the last remains of a forest of nature he well known, been able
to visualise, researched in his youth and hardy days and watched being burnt as he
requested the builders not to cut it's precious trees, not to kill it's valuable animal
and spare the place in the cause of their so called development.
What happened virtually in that famous elite colony of Britain that people started
to die as the forests thinned around that particular place and the houses were built
on order of the land lady being the most elite and rich and acceptance of her pride
was a common knowledge. The land lady was an elite lady with her husband gone
to foreign in search of drug aid and had been vicious to search out animal lifestyle
to her practical cause and kill them for her virtual hunting pleasure. She was found
of many global crime, illegal activities, cultural wrong doings and other stuf
overdone in past but nothing had been able to prove that she might be accused
and sentence to prison for such particular global ventures she had done virtually
There is another scholar who had been living for long in the place and being
helpful in the aid of the World institutions for animal protection and he had been
virtually cooperative to the first scholar who had requested and witnessed the
destruction being slower in his early days. What practically happens around the
story that people start to die and Land lady become vicious to hunt out such
scholars also with animals for her virtual pride and cause. She continues to face a
downfall in her pride and faces various injuries in the period of the adventurous
response of the men scholars thus the story also impresses upon the power of
masculinity on gender and it's virtual scope being the support of the men scholars
widely with the scope of animal protection being a must for global reasons and
cause indeed.
What finally the story leads upon is the cases of the mystery in its virtual cause to
advantage of the scholars taking the benefits of such virtual story and movement
around by trying to make the search of illegal animal trafic possible. Although it
was an absolute joke to find out growls, chirrups and chatters to which that old
man was familiar when he used to go for research in that devastated forest, Yet he
is determined to find what happened to it and why it happened so that the
functioning authorities were going to decide to kill the forest or in short to cut it in
bits to create a better human development and make sure that concrete forest be
possessing the place in a better momentum of creating a new place even by taking
so many lifes away.
All the scholars wish to have humanity being the course of their duties and wish to
protect humans and Animals which is the final course of the story with their bold
and brave eforts against land lady and other supporting staf to make the cause
final for the Old scholar's support with his family to make it become possible in
reality at large. What these characters will prove at the end that mysteries do
remain for a longer time in any society, but they have cause of being mystery; They
are not made to design, destroy or deflect any social cause or virtual means to
exist, But they are made by the people of any particular society to justify their
lifestyle becoming more confidential and complex. They have no idea to hurt
anybody's sentiments, But if mysteries do exist in any society they will surely have
a reason to exist and that's what all is happening around in whole in this story at

1. The Insulting Pub

Night has totally fallen when a young teen of around 18 enters pub and shrieked
to all in shocked silence that a woman of most renown has been shot dead of
claiming a place that used to be a forest once.
The old man who used to researching the cause of people's death has turned his
head this and that way to clear his ears that he has heard right, Then he bows and
assures others in a wiser old oficial voice:
"I am on to it; I will make sure that the culprit must be caught by all means"-
He grew disappointed and looked weary ever than before as people looked directly
him in the eye and then he turns back to his drink and sips the tasty drink silently
indeed not noticing the response of those to whom he has just spoken these words.

Some who had been listening closely snort on to their drink and then said slowly
with patience-
"Surely not searching growls, Are you Charles? We wondered that till now you
might have solved the case, you never went lonely so long mate. We did hope that
you will solve the case with elite fixture without any issues indeed"
They threw envied and encouraged looked towards the old scholars and then again
continued to laugh loudly while sipping their drinks.

"So what if I am? Want to see how dangerous those growls could be or something
like that? You people only give pep talks, you have no idea how dangerous those
animals are, they attack in groups and destroy the whole corpses in flash. You
understand me?"-
Charles burst out angrily as they don't realise how important it was to listen
growls unheard before to anyone so the secret be revealed and those doing illegal
work must be caught.

Two of the waiters who have realised the dangers took Charles by shoulders and
pushed him roughly out of the pub muttering to him-
"Get out of it; we don't celebrate your despicable words. Spare us from all the
rubbish you share as a columnist."-
Feeling disgusted on the response of Charles words at the pub and muttering these
words, they took him towards the door so he limped slightly and muttering to
himself walking away into the concrete colony which once used to be a noisy

Everybody in the pub has gone silent except the two waiters who have been
abusing the respected researcher and a land lady who has been clapping when the
waiters were shunting the old scholar away grinding their teeth.
Now it looks like people are pointing and whispering aggressively behind to locate
the reason of the anguish of waiters and the lady for Charles and all have been
getting on agreement to not to talk with land lady when she will approach them

"That's better, thank you Jack! He had been an absolute crack pot not knowing for
what he has been doing the job though."
the angry land lady burst out without knowing what she was saying, as she one of
those who had been urging Charles to leave the roomers and do proper work since
last week being concerned that the doubt will turn over her in any case.
"I had explained him countless times to come on track, but he continues those
mythical tones and it seems he will pay for it now"-
She hissed like a angry goose and sat back on her table looking dishevelled still
not knowing the whispers going in the pub after Charles had been thrown out few
minutes before.

"I am sure you not believe that story based on such deaths reported around that
include loss of famous people happening for a cause around, Do you madam?"-
Jack asked politely or more urgently making it a matter of concern as the lady
swelled with newly rising anguish through her finger tips to her beautiful face.

"Surely Charles believe it to be the work of a Man eater, But I may advice that the
lake not possess any such dangerous fishes or reptiles and neither of us had see
any amphibian or feline, So we can't claim his word indeed Jack..."-
The landlady sighed and turned her chair towards others to discuss the matter
further assured that they will take interest and increase numbers in her personally
trained army to protect her and give her secret place more protection than ever.
Yet she found out that they were all looking mutinous and not willing to talk to the
land lady as she has just abused one of the most experienced and wise scholar,
Thus she had to turn away again and bidding the waiter goodnight she strolled
away towards her house hoping to find some better signs for the investigation for
myth of growls of that burnt forest.

Once the door of the pub has been closed in front of her face, Few muttered more
abuses not loudly but easily audible beyond that door and while the land lady
walked away she found it bit dificult to think of recovering her place and she was
sure to take revenge from Charles who once helped her get the pride of being land
lady and now seems not to take her order by all accounts.
"What he thinks of himself? I will make him pay for spreading the roomers of the
mythological growls which are surely not possible in these educated places and the
people it possess"-
She muttered to herself walking in the cool breeze of the night as moonlight
spread over her beautiful face and the opals on her neck glowed brightly-
"I am going to make sure that he looses his position of the academic agent, if This
is the last thing I can do, I will make him pay for what he has done to my name..."-
And still muttering to herself and ignoring the growls from the smaller woods
nearby her hassled of to her manner house swelling with pride for the revenge.
Practically the fact remains as eternal as ever; despite of his insults and comical
remarks as well as his total discomfort for his aging life Charles was still a
renowned person who was on advisory purpose to search the mystery which he felt
once when he was a child.
Would this feeling of old and being fatigued would clash wit the feeling of a child
and being enthusiast once more to face down the encounter he never thought he
would be involved when he was growing up?
Would he be able to charge down and still remain as curious as he was in his rising
youthful days?

What will happen to the others if Charles manages to sort out the issue of the
mystery of these growls which has become desperation of the spy agencies?
Do they really belong to a man eater never gone from the damaged forest whose
last remain still stir at the end of this British colony or it's a myth of a technical
prospect that is going to haunt people and they are murdered by a specialist
assassin who is using nature to his or her all causes?
Lets find out and enjoy this thrilling experience of Charles and his experience
colleagues and the landlady as his counter-asset in solving his mystery at large...
2. Falcons joining the club

Sky is thinning the darkness it has warned since last Charles was thrown out from
the pub and till that time he has stopped to visit the similar pub for diferent
private and oficial purposes.
as Charles like to be doing certain oficial work, He had been taking his own
responsibility to finish his own virtual reports and been living at home not talking
to any of his children and making eforts on the report by a professional manner to
what he calls 'His own secret plan' to investigate further as the regional
authorities has asked him to do so.

It has become a common routine of one of the member of the investigation team to
visit after every hour in Charles house and convey the message on basis of the
central environmental head command:
"The head oficer is not becoming serious, But we want some action and we are
convinced that why such high oficials or famous personalities are dying in this
place without any clue or purpose to make them face such miseries."-
The investigator would look politely towards the direction where Charles would be
sitting and then withdrew his or her head and skive of into a diferent direction
after giving this particular instruction as Charles might answer or solve the
mystery by such retaliations or arguments.

Meanwhile the landlady and her special guards have done their search of the
woods which remain at the end of the colony, The place where the bigger forest
used to exist that resembles today the heavy bustling road street and the pavement
under which people of the regional community suspect of the hide out tunnel
which Landlady and her command has been unable to find out or locate even after
having their high qualified devices.
They continue to rustle through smaller details, pinch of dust and powder stores
and thence reduce to continue the search of special groups which is not their
ultimate duty to do so.

Every time one of them could get a hole or a smaller burrow like space, they would
cry out swelling with jubilation-
"Madam, this is the place we had been looking for, Look how deep it is, please have
a look!"-
Crying out loud they would proceed and thence after budding their head in and
returning back empty handed, They would tangle the expression on the land lady's
face and hear her abusing them for lack of understanding and smartening all the
mess they have done in case of searching a particular man eater which she still
suspect even not sharing the particular news to her excellent spy groups indeed....

Everything was calm for a moment at the investigation place, But Then the wind
was suddenly blocked from all corners and everybody including the Land lady
shrieked as a flock of dangerous birds flew overhead.
They did resemble to great winged hunters, but in reality they were the fortune
emigrants of the Eagles which are common over Himalayas.
In short these Falcons have been very common across Britain but no one had paid
them any attention in the wind or the way they travel along.
The land lady was shocked to see such a huge group flying together and when they
shrieked in their usual piped up voices everybody looked in stunned silence and
became fearsome that what to do and how to show them away from the
investigation place.

What these birds were looking for became evidently clear to the lower ranked
investigators as half dozen of them just flew over their shoulders and deposited a
dead corpse of a twelve year old child who has been reported missing since last
night when the land lady had insulted Charles and now it seems that there is no
way forward to bring the child back.
As the investigators tried to protect the corpse, the falcons showed their heavy and
sharp claws and the people had to back looking horrified and stunned, the way the
remaining corpse has been shrivelled to bones only by brutal ofence of the birds-
But are these birds real culprits or they had only sense dead body and come to
feast is still a mystery which Charles can only solve so Landlady had to turn away
to him and inform about all the movement just happened near the valley as a
permanent hunting sight.

"What the hell is going to happen now? Are they seriously looking to kill all of us or
they had only been here for a usual hunting feast of such a small child?"-
She shrieked before running towards the nearest home to call for Charles, who
was not in house since last night, as she knocked his wife answered easily,
"Master has asked us not to disturb him, AS he is researching on flightless birds of
Britain. Please report him later if it's urgent."-
A mischievous smile playing on her face she walked purposefully and then closed
all chances of calling to him by land lady in closing out the voice issuing devices
around the house basically used to alarm others about new entrance in the British

"Doom them in hell then, all of them will pay by these birds. How to prove that
these birds are occasionally having the feast of human flesh or they are the oficial
killers of the 30 death happened in last week around the place. We need to
accomplish a network to assure."-
The land lady shouted before leaving the place wondering the last choice of
thought process being an elite and politician and her words were warning as the
smile had vanished from Charles wife face when landlady ran away with shouting
these words, But no one was noticing an the wife had gone inside to inform the
However, the elite madam has reached the place and she looks focused as she
turned to the waiting staf nearby where the Falcons had been just taking flight
away and shouted in her usual voice,
"Target out their location and use those satellite systems. Just pretend that Charles
is not going to help and we shall accomplish better network. We don't need any
help he might ofers wit the environmental connects or people he has been asked
to help around. No need for his vital advices, we can deal our business
All the same she looked bit ruffled but now it seems that all depends on these
heavily dangerous Falcons who have just deposited the bones of the dead child
corpses making the whole body as their feast.

Charles seems to be sleeping when land lady had called him earlier to sort out the
issue of the Falcons flying all over and trying to hunt out in large capacity and
Now he has woken up, thanked his wife for ignoring the disturbing groups and
asked her to make a cup of cofee for him as the elder son has just backed into
view and seemed to be working perfectly on his fathers orders of searching the
British flightless birds with high interest.
"Do you think they will trust you Father after all what they speak of you? I have
seen the details you have mentioned though where you discuss the man eater
cause indeed. True to the word we the whole family trust your excellence and
believe the fact, But will they experience the existence of those lost British
Ostriches which Winhold brought with him after his African Expeditions and
proved to world that Britain can launch a breeding programme?"-
He argued with his papa as his mother put a cup of cofee wit British cookies in
front of him and also started to sip the delicious drink.
Ignoring the concerned look on his father with great conditional asset as he might
lift the challenge that family is facing, the elder son still discussing the cause from
the authority.

He continued, hoping to get more support in his argument with his father in the
matter he had been willing to discuss from long period with him-
"I have seen the researched you have made and I don't deny what you say so in
defence and protection of animal kingdom, But my quest is about the authorities
who not accept that Ostriches being flightless birds can't have a chance in
comparison to birds like Falcons and flying bird namely Owls which can exist in
Britain after proper breeding programme. What do you say to that?"-
To this remonstration by Donald, His father Charles didn't say too much and
continue to peer on his stack of notes he has made few minutes ago before his
entry on the room so he could get time to reply the queries made by elder son in
front of such arguments.

Meanwhile the wife assures the elder son, hoping to clear out doubts with her
loving husband:
"I know they don't trust your papa, but we are able to back him and I am sure that
the case is not going to refer Animal security into question by all means."
However looking towards her husband in concerns, she adds in an undertone
clearly audible between Charles note taking and compared analyses-
"As far I am concerned, It's the matter of an under water monster not seen in
Britain from long period and Ostriches can't attack any colony even if they do exist
in Britain; Thus we don't have to worry until they havent searched the Grey lake.
What do you say dear?"-
She turned to her husband as both sons raised their eyebrows to their mother
wondering about the real case discussed all over the place these days.
Now the husband finally has turned over to his wife and asked without any
pretence of ignoring the matter around:
"Did landlady say something urgent about bird conservation of captive? I thought
she was here to force me to give her details about Falcons."-
He looked towards the younger son who hasn't spoken for a while and then turned
away whispering to the elder son:
"I believe the facts being proved and I don't need to prove them as the respect is
phenomenal. I assume you have seen it last night when they tried to throw me of
the pub. What do you say, Can I ask them to inspire the search or there must be
more to it?"-
But his words are drowned as the wife and sons screamed together and Charles
had just in time witnessed two more flying falcons and snorted in relief to realise
that for what The land lady might have come to request around.

"What does this mean Dear? Are they really hunting their pray or they only
attacking the dead corpses clearing the place as they usually do as their daily
The wife asked the husband in an urgent whisper and glanced towards the window
hoping as she did so that no authority member has come to bother Charles while
them having the discussion.
Looking worried on the activities of Falcon, she continues in her awkwardly sing-
song voice with urgency:
"I believe they won't kill any human unless they are provoked, so there is no
chance of wondering their pray or hunt as it may be reported the next day. What
we have to look is whether any new investigation change occurs by their
movement, isnt it dear?"-
She threw another nasty glance on window pane and then beckoned both sons
forward in their personal study room leaving the husband alone deep in thoughts
and wondering a future to plan ahead.

All the same it's clear to one group that Falcons are not behind whatever
happening in the colony, But they have not dared to go across the huge Grey lake
and investigate or they haven't dared to test out the computer modules and find
out data about the forests where the newly migrant creatures have been living on
for few months around.
Some did have roomers that the Vermin Python might be responsible for few of the
deaths happened last month, but the animals are not the lonely hunters in that
Charles is up to search out why people wish to kill animals and what Land lady
wants to do so is also mysterious as the answers to all the deaths happening in the
mystery of growls not known to anyone and this is what they are all now up to once
more starting the research and spy on from the beginning at large...
3. Action against Elites

A clever man with pointed beard has entered a colony where more than 40
murders have happened now and he is thrilling to suspect those who have been
working to investigating the purpose for cause of survival.
He has been told by the agencies to work with Charles as an under cover agent
and keep an eye on Landlady's servants who have recently helped her to gain more
than 50 thousand pounds and nobody had realise how she had been able to
procure such heavy money.
Apart from this the man has brought two assistant, one looking bored being totally
brown in face with a long moustache and the other is a cleanly shaven man with
computer intelligence who's job is going to be locate issues for animal security and
wonder the actual location of the environmental movement happening around.

What is basically required to them is to search a smaller flat to live while they
search and they are decisive on the action that they will not go to require the Land
lady to get a tenancy to live and have a place on rent.
Instead of that the people who support Charles have been ofering them a better
flat with all hospitabilitys and equal house support so they have been grateful and
have accepted the turn around, while listening all the crimes committed by the
Land lady and analysing that in what way she could be dangerous to them.
The man with pointed beard is now admiring the looks of the place while the
Moustached man has gone out to have a cofee at Charles house.
However the computer expert is not easy to command and sit quietly so he is
analysing from where onwards the Land lady is getting regular checks and he is
ready to track out all the transfer details to be handed to Charles that evening
when they all were going to have a cultural meeting around.

However as the computer expert was planning to report the boss about all the
illegal activities around, A gun shot sounded nearby and the man with the pointed
beard realised that it might be bit late to exercise what exactly be the case of firing
that gun point.
Then he realises that the gun shot has sounded near Charles house and he runs
out for help as another gun shot sounded louder than the first one.
As the man with pointed beard approaches Charles house he finds out that the land
lady has started to fire gun shot again and again without a single glance or mercy
on her absolutely burning face.
Without waiting to think, The computer experts prepares to fire and hits a bullet
right on landlady's belly so she topples of and not tries to fire anymore as the
other two goes on to help Charles and his wife with their children to hospital
carrying them in their van and hoping that they may stay alive by all means.
They dump out the landlady's body away from the place throwing the charge to her
supporters with absolute disgust on their face and wished that she might take
more time to recover, still wondering that if they could have acted fast, They might
had a chance to finish landlady of and get rid of the dificult situation for once in
all indeed.

Meanwhile the land lady has been pulled by her staf to a personal clinic of her
own and been treated by some vaccine and proper medicine as she scowls
overhead wondering that she might have lost the chance to finish the story of
Charles and man eater which she can't do now as everybody has seen her trying to
do him in.
What she is already on the plan now is to capture those who have been supporting
Charles to gain a momentum which not deserves to be on her own favour by any
She clenched her teeth wondering about the person who shot her and determined
to make a revenge to solve the issue by gun point rather than complicate it by
political approach for which she had been famous as elite in this particular British
Meanwhile as she lay recovering in the hospital and Charles and his family also
recovered all along in a public hospital, People have started to squash roomers and
decided that they will only discuss the practical debate and thence it seems they
are all united now in unison against the land lady for what she has done to Charles
and seems to be on the verge to take a revenge indeed.

"I hope he will be fine, wont he? Its my fault I didn't notice what exactly that was
all about. Who wondered earlier land lady to be such horrible as she was to
Winsent, the man with pointed beard seems to be agitated by what he has just
seen and been talking it out to the people around him making sure that whatever
has happened must be real.
"I believe she was looking to find him dead from the day he claimed that there is a
man eater behind all the killings. What if she all did by herself and made a bait to
kill the animals. Ha! Thats why he wasn't happy with her May be she wanted him
out of the way of her own murdering business...-
Winsent added brutally as the people around him made shocking faces and pulled
waggling tongues to rectify that what he is saying is not totally real indeed, but the
fact remains in his oficial voice in concerns to Landlady's murdering capacity and
it kept popping in others mind what he had just said to them.

"What we need to understand that we can't leave Charles from now on. He is not
young, isnt it? For such purposes, we will have to explain the high command that
one of three will keep the guard on at his house. Winsent, I believe you can do it by
best means and can tackle on. What do you say to that?"-
Norman, The computer expert who has tried to shot Land lady has spoken before
the public who has been gathered to get information about all the action could
speak to share their views about the recent event of action.
In such way, Norman spoke faster to explain the plan before anyone could interfere
the thought process and had turned on his speech to the other oficer in faster
syllables so only he could understand what he was saying in low grumbling voice-
"Davis, You stay here and cover the place as you basically do and I have got all the
details of Land lady's crime, If you could have them for yourself, I will mail you in
night in complete analytical prospect...-
He bowed to both to whom he has give command and then Norman turned away
trying to clear the public and asking both of them to get their position and begin a
diferent action all around without sharing it's plan to anyone near them.

On the fifth day of the recovery process for Charles and his family, Norman enters
the hospital looking tired but else completely fit and alert having protection gear
by his side.
He reaches up to Charles ward, bowed to his family looking concerned and shakes
his hand, saying in a deep expressive voice as he did so-
"How are you scholar? WE are sorry to see such kind of action. We were not
accepting the bit to change. Anyhow it had to and now we are ready to make an
action plan to preserve the environmental harmony, you don't worry about it."-
Then realising that Doctors have denied Charles to talk much, He turns over his
act and shakes hand wit his wife in same sad expression, saying as he did so
"You not worry; we are keeping an eye out on Land lady now. From now on she
won't be able to attack your husband and family. And as we are up to it, we have
read all the research done for under water creatures and flightless birds for British
Prospect. We shall be reporting soon."-
As the wife sobs into her hands looking sad but otherwise composed, he turns
away to the elder son with heavy lidded eyes and pads him awkwardly on the
shoulder with urgency so he jerks awake quickly.

"They are not going to be silent. My father was going to receive an award, but first
land lady insulted him and then all the proceedings were cancelled. WE want him
to get back his respect."-
The elder son fired up at once looking anguish and determined to make a mark in
front of Norman as he backed away to the nearest chair looking tired than ever.
Seizing the chance and goading look on the agent's face, the son continued-
"I believe that there is some international gang involved who will be able to cope
with the conditions. Some of the people did arrive here in hospital in your absence
and threatened father while he was unconscious about his murder and we don't
know what's happening, but please save us all."-
As the elder son expressed his whole view, Norman looked stunned but assured the
act all the same as Donald looked greyer than ever and saying these words he
fainted on to his bed and Norman padded him on the back awkwardly leaving the
ward bowing to both parents and their elder and younger son and hoping to get
more signs of information for solving the global case rising all over the place now.

Once he was out of reach to anyone either opponents or support, He calls to

Winsent and informs him about the threat message imposed on Charles family in
absences of the care takers, explaining the conditions of the threat that how few
staf entered the ward and expressed the will to kill him and his family.
He is also discussing that for what way the global gang be involved and has quoted
Donald's words as he materialises in front of Ivan and Collins who had been taking
the charge of the place where Charles lived before and trying to investigate the
place in a diferent way than the pursuit of the Land lady and her staf in the past.
Winsent and Davis has come running up to Norman and now sharing a cup of
cofee each as they discuss about the secret growls heard by both of them in the
nights without noticing anybody in the region.
They accused the landlady in their discussion of not listening them properly and
find it hard to complain that in what way these growls are real or they have
anything to do for the killings happening in the colony which have increased to 55
as last week newspaper has reported them being work of a highly professional
assassin at large.

"Either those growls relate to a family member of a Bear or it's a voice of a

diferent hunting animal. I don't think it's a feline, what say you Collin? Do you
agree with my virtual thoughts on the matter?"-
Winsent intervened as they continue to sip cofee in their delicate pub in the
region. Collins turned his twisted face and said silently pondering the words of his
"I believe they do relates a feline that was common in British land ages ago. But no
one had seen that rare feline, so yaw, I can't be sure of it though."-
Adding his words to become clear and clearing his throat, Collin continues in his
high pitched oficial voice for more support in his theory:
"I mean I am referring to the English Leopards that used to exist during the
colonial days, but not a single shred in the remaining forest so no chance of their
existence in the place is there? I don't think they exist here anymore though."
All of the others listening to him agreed silently sipping the cofee and Collins
turned away going to patrol his own watch once more being watchful by all

"I feel that he may be right, But no one of us have witnessed moving creatures in
the trees so we can't be sure of their local arrival or their emergency in the recent
times as there is hardly an evidence on their movement happening in Britain."-
Norman continued as Collins would still listen and said bit loudly in the direction
where his junior has just vanished for protection purpose-
"We need to search out the fishes and other under water creatures as we can't
ignore the water monsters. In short we will have to search the grey lake while few
of us continue to patrol the place. Mrs. Smith did refer to an under-water creature
and his husband Charles was a professional swimmer in his days, so there is a
chance of having a man eater around Grey Lake also. What say you, Davis and
He turns away his face from the place where Collin has just vanished and
becoming eager on what the other colleagues might say on the under-water
creature subject widely looking gleefully in those concerned faces.

"No chance of looking for leopards as they are hardly available. What I believe that
there is a possibility of under-water creature which is hiding its virtual position in
An urgent whisper by the other under-cover cop and the discussion was repeated
by Davis without any pretention to clear in his thoughts and actual ideology for
wider impact-
"I believe such creatures are common in England and Wales and thence we will
have to locate them finally on the other shores of this huge Grey Lake."-
Cutting his sentence in the middle way forward, Winsent added quickly in an
urgent move to settle on with his mates for an action-
"Look Land lady is coming. Get ready to defend, she will try to make shots so ready
to fire back and we need proper patrolling. Send word to Collins, We can continue
the discussion later"-
They all agreed to get ready for movements and Norman sent word to Collins for
protection and finishing the cofee in a hurry, they all deposited their disposals in
the nearest bin and turned over to face the landlady who was of course carrying
gun to shot without warning around.

It happened without warning that two gun fires sounded loud in the air and it
became still and silent without any motion of threat or disturbance planned by any
supporting group or their leader to disturb the place indeed.
However, another gun fire louder than the first two from the opposite side came in
hearing range of the loyal oficers and the air became more bloody than ever
waiting for some movements or finishing touch for the exciting sight taking above
anytime not planned before.
It was a shrewd evening as the opponents faced each other reaching out with their
hands inside their pockets to lift out their shorter range pistol to fire without any
threat- The land lady firing from one side alone and the three loyal agents firing
from other side having a brutal ofence and anguish on their face ready to murder
whoever may come in proper vision to fire out.
One of the gun shot smashed through and became vibrant as the Landlady's eyelid
got wounded dangerously and it became bloody in approach as the sky became
dark too helping the true hunters rise to the place either to kill or to wound the
opponent by gun shot happening from all sides.
Two more gun fires from lady's side and both Norman and Collin ducked to survive
and get out of the range, as more people clamoured up to the place where all the
action has been happening, so a serious environment to fight against each other is
setting up in course of the high classified elite action going on in regulation
without any illegal gun moves.
A burst of cry, few gun shot, it all became confusing as the bulls were fired from
both side and more people joined the land lady trying to protect her without
realising for what they had been joining for and then they realise the complete
possibility of action and turned on their heels to run from the loyal agents as more
gun fires sounded louder and it became more violent all around.

Suddenly a thump and few more fires, It looked like the land lady has dropped all
pretence and few bullets have hit her on waste howling her to stand hunch back
and cry in anguish and pain for revenge bowling inside her chest and throat.
She smashed to the floor falling with loud shriek and the chaos rained upon those
who have been firing from the other side with no mercy in anybody's face to
counter or to kill others.
The supporters of the land lady rampaged the place, but they are not able to kill all
professional agents with the quality of the weapon they persist in their armoury to
fight or the way they are rattling around with no plan to organise the ultimate fate
of battle component to possess themselves.
Now more gun fire is happening and as it has been coming with shrills and cries of
lonely people around, an urgent swing happens and Donald has appeared from no
where covering his head and his house and taking the lead, he was firing bullets
from his gun non stop with professional motive to prove out the role of the global
percentage of guns which make the supporters of Landlady to whimper and howl
with pain as Donald turns and the noise became louder and trenching shots all
The cries jeering all above and people of the Landlady's side takes her to help by
aid in professional clinic and she remained unconscious as Donald shouts to the
night and the gun war halts to the silence on his loud vocal command and the air is
calm once more not giving a single hint or sign of movement or that anything
horrible might have happened indeed.

"Thank you for coming to the support, WE didn't hope that you might be totally
well. We thought it may take more time for you to properly recover."-
Norman shouts to Donald as both of them clears up the blood stains fallen all over
the place like diamond drops; shouting loudly so Donald could still hear him,
Norman asked in polite voice:
"Is Charles fine? All has been rightly brought to the aid? WE did hear that Land
lady's special stafs were planning a heavy killing plan against your family, for that
purpose we planned this and lady is trapped now. She can't hide and I hope that
we are going to make her pay."-
Seeing the relieved look on Donald's face who is still mopping up the blood stains
and bullet gashes all over the place, Norman turned and departed to the cofee
place looking convinced that the family which they are protecting is safe, So he
runs to the pub where he is going to be joined by Winsent and Davis and they are
planning to report back all event of tonight to their boss in secret to plan further
It has been discussed earlier before Donalds return to the battle that if the son
joins the party in complete destruction mode, It will clear the intentions of the
group fighting for the landlady and they will be thinner to combat, So all the three
agents are thankful to Donald from minds eye hoping that He will continue to
support and make impact at large
"Before you go, you must know that Dad has reported the event to the boss. He is
just analysing what to plan next. Its not easy to kill Land lady or to destroy her.
She will go to any lengths to do animal traficking and we will have to stop her."-
Donald said to the urgently departing Norman who stopped in his tracks, but didn't
look surprised. Instead of getting worried, He informed him calmly-
"Your family is safe. Our job is accomplished; WE are going to the Kenyan border
tm to find more traces of the Land Lady's illegal afair. Then we shall report back
to your father."
Trying to convince and having an impressive nod from Donald who knows all this
matter, He turned and started to have cofee with Winsent and Davis who all
looked delighted on whatever has happened in the night's event and convinced
that they had been first time able to pay the land lady at large...
4. Secret Growls Identified at last

Horrible silence lay all over the colony with its infectious impact amongst elites as
the groups of Falcons flied over and watched the proceedings happening below so
in such moves they search scraps to be their hunting necessity.
Few growls were continuous as ever, but they hardly recognised all the silence that
was pressing through in Charles absence as he has finally decided to leave the
house and in such sorrow events, the wife is not looking happy either and both the
sons are facing the doom and wondering why their father suddenly decided to
leave the place with the all protection, trust and assurance available to him by the
oficial police, environmental forces and the regional government on feet by virtue
of his investigations at large.

There was no involved chemistry of the Land lady, the waiters or the secret agents
to be sure about within the concerns of matters regarding family that can conclude
an evidence that some kind of rift might had been possible which made Charles left
the place and decide to search in another world.
What has been heard around the colony as roomers that Charles has been
sufering a particular disease which is not curable in the regional hospital by any
solvent, medicinal or operational process that has been informed oficially by the
elder son to the community in large numbers during an oficial cultural gathering
few days ago.
After all the confirmation of the doctors, the consultancy of the professionals and
advised assurance to his family by the regional secret agents including Winsent,
Davis and Collins; It has become sure that Charles will be leaving the place
without any conflict rising and for this a special flight has been arrange from the
nearby city to which he would be accompanied in Taxi wit the secret agents for the
secret cover.

Before leaving the house and being assured by agents that his family is safe,
Charles beckons his elder son Donald in hope to convey a message he might hadn't
deliver before and spoke to him quietly so no one else could hear-
"It is high time you listen what I am saying to you rather than compare other
decisions. It is essential that you continue the missing up search which I
established for the sake of the regional public, it is essential to turn over the
mystery and you can do it simply my Son!"-
When Donald not looked convinced by his father not understanding smallest of his
word, He continued in more business like voice to create his attention towards the
environmental matter:
"Norman is coming tm back to fight and he will captivate Landlady and half of her
staf. The already summoned people are in prison, but it doesn't lead to the clue for
the mystery of Growls. You must accomplish a network and find out what it all
means, so good day and Good luck Donald. Take care of your mother and my
younger son...-
Without any more discussing about the matter, the father turned to his wife and
assured her a better response on the global case and shaking his hand with all
available there Charles swept away from room not looking or saying anything to

As Donald was not supposed to be having accompanied guide to his father towards
the nearby city where flight has been arrange, He had got enough time to continue
wondering what was that all information which his father had shared to him in
relation to solve the secret of the growls louder than ever these days around those
damaged woods for human development.
He has been grinding his teeth, talking to himself: "He never cared for us, why
should I take his information seriously?" and then he would agree to his father's
words thinking back to reality which is certainly possible.
"He must be having some valid information which shall be discussed by Norman,
so I must keep a grip on and get ready with my boots, guns and bullets to take one
more adventure AS he wished me to have so and I should go on."-
Confused between all such positive and negative aspirations, Donald had gone on
to his father's farm house without realising that the taxi taking father had turned
on it's light in that windy evening and it's taking Father to a new world sparing
with his family and he didn't look as the younger brother shouted and he continued
to wonder why his father had such plans to ofer him alone.

Two men stuck their tongue outs with their hands gripping the guns inside their
jacket pockets in the whistling wintery Sunday evening as they get ready to face
any outsiders by any danger or it's virtue and cover Charles for his identified
They looked ruffled, haughty or angry with themselves as Donald wasn't there to
amuse his father and sing songs with his guitar being loud on mode as he usually
wish to do whenever the family travels, Thus they have to manage all the
entertainment and talks illusive to nature and thence they lifted their head in a
diferent direction, As a taxi stopped outside the airport and two ladies came out of
the four wheeler pointing their gun towards both guard's chest.
One moment Winsent couldn't recognise Landlady, but next moment he gestured
Collins and they both raised their eyebrows as both ladies who were pointing their
guns towards them didn't shoot or create any panicky of any hostile nature nearby
to those people who were staring both the women with horrified looks.

However Charles didn't look ofended as both the ladies stood shoulder to shoulder
wiring expressions of deep disgust and contempt and he beckoned Collins and
Winsent towards him thinking to plan something in a quick move which will be
fiercer than the look of Quelling wonder on Landlady's eyes.
He whispered something urgent in Collin's ears and asked him to get over wit the
task of shoot out without any permission or worry of the permanent suspension for
job an the same dialogue happened with Winsent and Charles found his voice much
low and it was as he had expected both ladies to come here and face what they
might do to repel any cost of getting their prisoner army back from the agent
suppliers groups of Britain which has been captured on Charles order by the
regional police and government holding the illegal group for accused charges.

Once the plan was clear, Charles requested both guards to follow the orders and
beckoned them to talk with the ladies and turned on calmly on his stone seat at the
entrance to the airport thinking of his sons and wondering whether this all had
been done by Donald to make the fake reason to send his father away in the name
of injury or illness as he was asked to do so.
As he kept thinking more deeply, the lady with shining black hair move forward
and Collins recognised her before she could speak so the turn to question wasn't
allowed to the lady and Collins asked about her motive in deep oficial voice
instead as Winsent kept keeping his hand back inside his jacket where he was still
saving the necessity of keeping his uniquely designed global pistol.
The landlady looked nervous and both experienced politicians including Charles
and landlady requested Collins and Sara to face each other and talk first for the
commencement of the talks and the deal in mind of both groups came to vision as
they face a public entrance behind.
"I thought you were here to kill me, or the plan is changed Sara? Who may wonder
that you both were totally in leagued in such dangerous battles around? I wonder
your mistress have asked you to perform better than people expect from you when
you usually commit murders?
Collins asked the lady who was pointing her gun towards his chest, still wondering
whether to cause panicky by fire or to put her finger away from the trigger to
cause a diversion and attack Charles without any plan in mind.
When she didn't reply, Collin went on in the bored voice of an oficial laughing on a
joke- "Who want to chuck her husband and get involved in illegal activities, so no
one could have a look on? But be warned if you shoot, your half of the staf who
was ready to join has also been sent to prison and you can't do more mess than you
have. Isn't it."- He laughed loudly when Sara's expression became hungrier.
As the lady won't reply being quiet on her mistress orders, still he continue to
laugh and turn his back so the aim missed his chest which was still on the gun
point indeed but it smoked the badge on his chest and his hand went faster than
the lady's expressions to his own pistol and he also fired in the sky showing his

"We aren't here to kill or to cause damage. Its only the protection we feel
necessary. I did come to know about Charles and so we thought we must convey
our feelings which are essential though."-
The landlady pointed towards Charles who was sitting near the bench leading to
the airport entrances and willing to change the arguments around comparing the
thought with Collins to change the minds and make diversions in his favours.
Laughing in her own way without fear in any syllable, The landlady continued: "I
express the desire to kill you all three, But your team is the better one and After all
since Charles has been leaving I don't have any elite enemy to look for, So I won't
be using that myth of secret growls which I requested to Charles and he has been
delighted to do so thence What I can say. May his health remain fitter and he could
have more life? She looked delighted by the diversion in her words indeed.
Looking the changed looks on both Winsent and Collins' face she continued to
laugh clicking her fingers in a much more menacing way so she looked almost mad
being triumphant indeed.

"You created panicky requesting Charles to spread the myth of the Leopards which
had not been seen since last 20 years? Do you have any idea what are you talking
Lady? There is no shred of a roomer, WE have detected your deeds with global
crimes and you are trapped so the pretence is over madam."
Winsent asked to the landlady in a much fiercer voice than he generally use and
turned a side way glance toward Charles taking out his gun at random to plan to
shoot which one first on oficial charges-
"All the time we wasted so much to pursue what they might meant and we had
researched it out that what plans you were unto. What happened and even we did
manage to hear those growls, yet you demand us here to save your neck and kill
Charles? No madam, you are totally on the wrong way. They are not myths, but
they are certainly told so."-
He laughed on the diversion made by him against landlady and without thinking
not slightest of his job or the panic it may cause; Winsent has shot landlady 5
bullets near her chest in random making her fall on her place and totally dead with
no more breath left to complain about Charles or anything else.

"How dare you" began Sara in her booming voice, but two more guns burst and
she was lying dead on the floor with blood dripping from her nose and cheeks and
nobody paying attention to whatever happening around even she is dead and
stirred no more.
As The commotion was not loud, People acted around as nothing had happened
and people jostled their way through to the entrance waiting behind, But before
Winsent or Collins could move towards the gate to inform the airport authorities, A
young lady had appeared to the side and she said in her cheerful voice informing
the latest move of the oficials:
"Plan successful, Mr. Charles is going no where. This is the oficial word for
dismissal of his flight and he is all well. You can now disband the myth of the
Growls and all the leopards are safely sent with sleeping draft to the European
woods so they will be fine"-
She gave Charles a reproachful look of deep delight and pride for the movement
and laughing serenely on the looks on both agents face and two dead bodies lying
behind on the floor of the two ladies.
The airport oficial lady smiled more clearly than ever, turned and waved away to
show that how much Charles has been respected around the place and then the
two oficials realised that Donald's trick has gone to plan as he had told Norman so
they all became cheerful and laughed loudly for the delight of the solved mystery.
For a moment, there was complete silence except the noise of people passing
through, Then Charles look towards both the agents and they bowed saluting him
in pride swelling equally on the complete agenda accomplished in form of the
secret mission.
Without thinking too much though, Winsent whispered to him: "I think they will
have to be buried and they did play a virtual part to catch out the international
illegal group, but still it must require a place to handle." And he turned away.
As Charles didn't object to his words, Winsent continued his young babble: "You
must be proud of your son Donald Sir, He did as he was told and he is a great
mind, isn't he?", Indeed Charles was also swelling with pride on his elder son's
accomplished mission and support, After all without him the mission might not
have solved though.
And smiling serenely towards the place from where the lady of airport authorities
had vanished few minutes, Winsent and Collins dragged both ladies dead bodies
and turned towards the airport cremation to do the final proceedings.
As they walked away, two taxi driver arrived and ofered Charles to drop him to his
place and go home and when he reached his house It was Donald who cheered
most and congratulated his father for the work and they all sipped in cheerful
memories of the mission and hoped that every person into the world must tackle
the issue for animal protection in the way they did at large...
Final Flashes of the Story

Conditions help decides humans what to do and who to throw out from their
colonies, Thus it becomes a complicated situation when they say 'Mystery' and
spared out their own friends to solve it out by their own ways as it happened in this
story where Charles was determined to solve the case and even his elder son
Donald buds in to help his father in his absence and make surges that the mystery
must be taken to the last hard core before the security of the innocent Leopards
who were being planned to be killed and their skin being traficked to the diferent
world indeed thus it practically denotes that how the plans are supplicated and in
what way they are executed so that's how they help human sustains humanity for
the other kingdoms in modern world also.
However one doubt remains in height that there is hardly a role for a character
known as 'Ivan' who was shown for a slightest flash and there was no hint what he
might had done or what he was assigned forward, Thereby it also becomes
essential in such interesting stories that few character must be taken out of the
core and they work as under cover for the spy work in the story that will not only
depicts what kind of role they play but it shall also figures out the possibilities that
even in the stories few identities have to work without mentioning and their
fruitful work is not given as credit to their own ability; However Norman, Davis
and Winsent helped magnificently to the mission and thence the story took flight in
a possible threat of Landlady and her opponents in face of three loyal agents
supporting Charles that made the perfect outcome of the plot indeed.
In contrast it has also been reflected that Landlady did her best to fight the agents,
but she wasn't able to prove them about her capacity which demonstrates the
actual potential cause to the masculinity whereby the people did help her to
survive twice in the battle field by taking her to private clinics but personally she
died at the end by the hands of a clever man with pointed beard which also
identifies that the story has much more flair than considering the fiction's
restriction to the animal search and protection, Thus the story leas to the practical
quest of humanity and counter-currents in the global consent and thence it leads to
it's practical denotation at large.
All the same what this story has to say is that people do have a craze to search out
challenges and solve them for their virtual identity when they are called 'scholars'
as they are expected to do in a better form- Similar to this they do create
environment of 'mystery', 'secrecy' and practical notion to search out those who
are not been linked or not been believed to be involved in negative activities and
by identifying such culprits they make sure that their society stays healthy and
they remain as legends or heroes of their universal place by having such decision
to make impact and solving such typical problems by their own accounts to make a
remark indeed...