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1- Twisting of the blade angle :

a- Reduces the angle towards the root to allow blade cuff to be fitted
b- Increases the angle towards the tip compensetate for the cenerifugal force
c- Reduces the angle towards the tip to allow for local velocity of the blade

2- The blade angle is equal to the angle of attack :

a- Minus helix angle
b- Plus blade incidence angle
c- Plus angle of advance

3- The most efficient propeller would be one with:

a- Geometric pitch of 80 and an effective pitch of 60
b- An effective pitch of 80 and geometric pitch of 100
c- Geometric pitch of 80 and slip of 30

4- When the propeller is windmilling ,aerodynamic turning moments:

a- Act against centrifugal turning moments and tend to turn the blade to the feathering angle
b- Oppose centrifugal turning moments and reduce the blade angle
c- Act with centrifugal turning moments and tend to turn the blade to the fine pitch

5- In flight, the torque bending force on a propeller causes the blades to bend :
a- Forward in direction of flight
b- Rearwards from the direction of flight
c- Against the direction of rotation

6- As the forward speed of an aircraft fitted with a fixed pitch propeller increases :
a- Both blade angle and angle of attack increase
b- Both angle remains constant and angle of attack decreases
c- Blade angle and angle of attack decreases

7- Aerodynamic induced vibrations :

a- Are against at the blade tip and can be reduced by aerofoil shape and tip design
b- Can be avoided by flying the aircraft outside critical ranges
c- Cause metal fatigue six inches from blade tips require strengthened spar
8- Composite propeller blade are protected from lightning strike damage by :
a- Applying lead solder at the blade tips of opposing blade
b- Construction the shell from the steel alloy , coated with carbon fibre
c- Incorporating wire mesh strips under the outer layers of blade fibres

9- Counter weights fitted to variable pitch propeller are positioned :

A- Forward of cambered face
B- On the plane of rotation
C- Rear of the pressure face

10- The configuration of contra rotating propeller is such that :

a- Propeller rotate in different direction on separate shaft
b- Propeller are caused to rotate in opposite direction by a gearbox
c- Propeller rotate in the same direction

11- Fitted the spacer behind the rear cone will :

a- Rectify bottoming of rear cone and tighten the hub
b- Allow the split hole in the shaft align with the retaining nut
c- Prevent the front cone bottoming by moving the hub forward

12- A blueing check carried out during installation to ensure :

a- Concentricity of the propeller shaft is within limits
b- The propeller is seated correctly on the hub
c- The oil pressure supplied to the csu is sufficient

13- In the flyweight in the csu are moving outwards then the propeller is:
a- Overspeeding and the blade angle has to be increased
b- Underspeeding and the blade angle needs to be increased
c- Underspeeding and the blade angle must to be reduce

14- The feathering pump is automatically stopped when :

a- the pitch change piston reaches the end of the coarse range and activates a cut off switch
b- the pilot select it off with a button on the propeller feathering control panel
c- oil pressure reaches a pre-determined level and isolated the electrical power to the oil
15- during normal flight condition, low torquemeter oil pressure will initiate :
a- turbo prop engine re-light starting sequence
b- auto feathering of the blades
c- restart of the engine from a feathering position

16- the hub switch :

a- prevent the blades turning to a course angle during engine shutdown
b- allow the blade to be in the ground fine position for engine starting
c- stop the blade fining off the flight fine pitch stop fails

17- the direction of the differential motor in a tacho- generator synchronizing system is :
a- a result of the engine that generates the highest voltage
b- determined by the frequency of the signal from the computer
c- selected by rotation of the phasing control unit

18- A synchronization system may be used with governors with :

a- electrical head only
b- mechanical head only
c- either mechanical or electrical heads

19- on a four engined aircraft with synchronization the left had engine is :
a- the master , only if selected by the pilot
b- always the master engine
c- the slave, only when the engine next to its fail

20- on four bladed propeller the pulse generator in a synchrophasing system are fitted on the :
a- root of the blades with identical numbers
b- balde root coinciding with the engine position number
c- blade root of the master engine only

21- full de-ice mode :

a- allow electrical de-icing to be selected for long periods during heavy ice to reduce pilot
b- provide the max rate of fluid flow from the pump
c- has a spring loaded switch and de ices all propellers at once
22- some rubber de-icing system boots contain two heating elements :
a- to provide an alternative if the slip ring contact fails during flight
b- to allow a greater concentration of heat on the blades
c- to allow two time cycles to be used for light or heavy icing

23- fluid in a de-icing system is fed to individual blades from tank:

a- directly to a drilling in each blade root using siphoning to induce flow
b- via a rheostat ,which control flow rate ,to slinger pipe
c- via a pump to slinger ring to distribute it to feed shoes

24- during a functional test of a fluid de-icing system:

a- dye added to the fluid will stain white wash on the blades and show how effective
b- uneven distribution may be caused by too much white wash in the fluid
c- dye should be allowed to dry on the blade before operating the system filled with diluted
white wash

25- an out of balance moment of wooden propeller :

a- Filling material from the tip of the blade
b- Adding solder to the tip of blade
c- Indexing the angle at the of the blade

26- A check of relative position of the blade tips as they travel one rotation is :
a- Carried out during installation ground run and can be referred to as indexing
b- A final check after balancing and known as tracking
c- Accomplished by rotating the propeller by mounting it in an arbour on balance knives

27- Minor damage on a composite propeller blade :

a- Is considered within the scope of the operator and repair must be carried out immediately
b- May only be repaired if the paint is not cracked
c- May be repaired by a b1 qualified licensed aircraft engineer
28- During a run out check of a propeller shaft DTI reading is 0.01 inch this indicates that the
eccentricity of the shaft is :
a- 0.02 inch
b- 0.01 inch
c- 0.005 inch

29- During ground run a propeller overspeed by 135 % of normal max speed the:
a- Propeller should be removed for inspection if the time of the overspeed exceeded limits
b- Tracking should be checked following a detailed inspection of the blade roots
c- Propeller should be returned to the manufacturer

30- Before timing the range of movement from coarse to fine during a ground run :
a- The propeller must be exercised to ensure that the oil is warm and the dome is free of air
b- No movement of the pitch control system is allowed as it may influence the time taken to
move through the range
c- The engine must be run at full power for ten minutes to ensure max torque is available

31- When exercising a propeller :

a- The blade are not to be moved if the propeller is on wing and inhibited
b- The blade should be moved rapidly from coarse to fine to de-aerate the oil lines
c- Low rate of blade pitch change is to be used to protect the internal seals from damage

32- When preparing a propeller for off wing storage , it must be cleaned :
a- With a pressure wash to remove contamination from the root of blade
b- With isopropyl alcohol ,ensuring that steel surfaces are leftdry for storage
c- With low alkaline soap ,by hand then wrap the blade in polythene