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Positive Negative Question

Present simple Subject + verb/verb-s + compl. Subject + dont / doesnt + verb + compl. (Wh-) + do/does + subject + verb + compl?
I eat toast. I dont eat toast. Do you eat breakfast every day?
She eats fish. She doesnt eat fish. When does she eat lunch?
Present simple Subject + am/is/are + compl. Subject + am/is/are + not + compl. (Wh-) + am/is/are + subject + compl?
with be I am hungry. Im not hungry. Is he at home?
She is in a cafe. She isnt happy. Why are you hungry?
Present Subject + am/is/are + verb-ing + compl. Subject + am/is/are + not + verb-ing + (Wh-) + am/is/are + subject + verb-ing + compl?
continuous compl.
Shes eating toast. He isnt eating. When are they eating?
They are eating lunch now. We are not eating at home. Is he eating now?
Past simple Subject + R verb/IR verb + compl. Subject + didnt + verb + compl. (Wh-) + did + subject + verb + compl?
I ate an apple. She didnt eat anything. Did you eat the chocolate?
She ate some rice. They did not eat breakfast. What did they eat for lunch?
Past simple with Subject + was/were + compl. Subject + was/were + not + compl. (Wh-) + was/were + subject + compl?
be I was hungry. We werent hungry. Why was she hungry?
They were in a restaurant. She wasnt at home. Were you hungry?
Future simple Subject + will + verb + compl. Subject + wont + verb + compl. (Wh-)+ will + subject + verb + compl?
I will eat later. We wont eat anything tonight. What will you eat for lunch?
She will eat at home. He wont eat fish. Will she eat meat?