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September 1-7, 2017

Phl RA 10951: Spreading fake news now a crime by Christina Mendez, Philstar.
Ma appeals: Give my son com | MANILA, 9/1/2017 - Pres-
ident Duterte signed into law this
back to me week Republic Act 10951, which
includes a provision impos-
by Aie Balagtas See, Inquirer.net in May, Jabar said she could not ing penalties on a person found
Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar on be sure. guilty of spreading fake news
Monday appealed to kidnappers A certain Sittie Melva kid- that might affect public order.
who took her son, Ramram, in napped Ramram with the help Amid the prevalence of false
Manila seven years ago: Give of his nanny Ula Arada on July news in the country and else-
him back to me. 4, 2010. No one has learned where, Duterte signed the law
Ramram, whose full name is whether hes still alive. that amended the 87-year-old
Azramie Magondacan, was taken Jabar sought the help of the Revised Penal Code and also
from the family home in Tondo, Manila Police District, National placed penalties on unlawful use
Manila, in 2010 when he was 3 Bureau of Investigation and Phil- of publication and unlawful ut-
years old. ippine National Police anticrime terances.
Jabar has since been crying ev- emergency responseto no Article 154, Section 18 of the

The 1955 Solar Eclipse

ery day, praying and asking law avail. act provides a penalty of arresto
enforcement agencies for help in She filed kidnapping charges mayor and fine ranging from
recovering her son. against Arada and Melva but the P40,000 to P200,000.

in the Philippines
Ramram, or Ramkoy, would case was dismissed. The punishment might be
have turned, or maybe turned, 10 ( Continued on page 7 )
slapped against any person who
by means of printing, lithography
Peso may fall to P53 to the dollar or any other means of publication

despite strong growth: analyst

shall publish or cause to be pub-
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. lished as news any false report
Publisher & Editor that might endanger public order
ABS-CBN News | MANILA - account deficits. San Diego Asian Journal or damage the interest or credit
The peso may fall to P53 to the He also said the current weak- The Original and First Asian Journal in America of the state.
dollar within the year despite ness of the peso is good for long- RA 10951 penalizes any person
the country's strong growth and term growth. San Diego, California who by the same means or by
sound economic fundamentals, "Actually I don't see it as a September 1, 2017 words, utterances or speeches

according to a global foreign cur- problem, because on the contrary shall encourage disobedience
rency trading house on Monday. I believe that this kind of ap- he solar eclipse in North America last week reminded me of the solar eclipse I to the law or to the constituted
Roberto D'Ambrosio of Al- proach will serve the economy witnessed as a young boy 62 years ago in Manila, the Philippines, where I was authorities or praise, justify and
pari Research and Analysis told in the long term--supporting the born and raised. extol any act punished by law.
ANC's Market Edge he expects export (industry) and raising the It occurred on June 20, 1955. I was eight years old and a grade 2 pupil at the Gov. Forbes Street It also covers any person who
the peso to trade between 50 to value of remittance from foreign branch of Juan Sumulong Elementary School whose main building was in nearby Aragon Street. At shall maliciously publish, or
53 to the dollar until the end of workers," he said. that time, all grade 2 classes were held at the branch; the rest, including the grades 1 and grades 3-6 cause to be published any official
2017. The country posted a balance of classes, were at the main building. In the Philippines at that time, the formal education was com- resolution or document without
D'Ambrosio, however, said the payments (BOP) deficit of $678 posed of six years of elementary school and four years of high school before we were eligible to go proper authority or before they
weakness of the peso is expected million in July, bringing the total to college. have been published officially.
as government spending on in- ( Continued on page 8 )
( Continued on page 6 )
Any person who shall print,
frastructure contributes to current distribute or cause to be printed,
published or distributed books,
NBI les criminal raps vs. cops Long shifts, low pay are part of a PH nurse's reality pamphlets, periodicals or leaf-

in Kian slay
lets which do not bear the real
24-year-old nurse Faith she was assigned to take the sweldo]. Minsan nagpapadala
printers name, or which are clas-
Barcelon shares the struggles morning shift from 6 am to 6 nanay ko just to sustain me
sified as anonymous.
GMA News | MANILA, station 7 head Chief Inspector of being a nurse in the Philip- pm. Her next shift on Thursday, (My salary is really not enough.
8/31/2017 -- The National Bu- Amor Cerillo, and the three po- meanwhile, starts at night. On Sometimes my mother sends The measure will take effect
pines (Part 1) 15 days after its publication in
reau of Investigation (NBI) on licemen in the operation, Police by Don Kevin Hapal, Rapppler.com | other days, she's on call, which money just to sustain me)," Bar-
Thursday filed criminal raps with Officer 3 Arnel Oares, Police MANILA, Philippines A total means she has to be ready to celon said. at least two major newspapers.
the Department of Justice (DOJ) Officer 1 Jerwin Cruz, and Police of 12 hours per shift, 3 to 4 days report to work if the need arises. While the law sets the minimum It will be applicable to pending
against policemen linked to the Officer 1 Jeremias Pereda. a week, and P700 a day. Her income is never the same pay for entry-level nurses at cases before the courts where
killing of teenage student Kian Separate complaints for murder These figures sum up the reality each month either. On busy government hospitals at P19,000 trial has started.
Loyd Delos Santos in an anti- and torture were earlier filed by for Albay native Faith Barcelon, months, she could earn as much a month (Salary Grade 11), The act shall also have a retro-
drug operation on August 16. Delos Santos' family, through the a 24-year-old nurse for a govern- as P16,000 that's when she's Barcelon works on a contractual active effect to the extent that
Facing complaints for murder, Public Attorney's Office, against ment hospital in Quezon City. called to report more often than basis, like most of her colleagues. it is favorable to the accused or
violation of domicile under the policemen also with the DOJ. Barcelon, like most nurses, usual. On regular months, she This also means she doesn't get person serving sentence by final
Article 128 of the Revised Penal The complaints filed by Delos does not have the privilege of a gets to take home only around benefits that regular employees judgement.
Meanwhile, under Article 230, a public
Code, and planting of evidence Santos' parents will soon undergo fixed schedule. Their shifts are P10,000. enjoy. officer found guilty of revealing secrets
under Section 29 of the Compre- preliminary investigation where assigned each month and vary "I have to pay my rent, grocer- For social services, "you have of a private individual shall suffer the
hensive Dangerous Drugs Act of the respondents will be given a every week often at random. ies, provide for my transporta- to pay on your own," she added. ( Continued on page 9 )
2002 are Caloocan City police ( Continued on page 9 ) On one Monday, for example, tion. Kulang na kulang [ang ( Continued on page 2 )

Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Life and Other Matters

Save the Date:

How do you say I Love You to your family? September 13, Wednesday
Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm
with the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm
Sadly, in some parent-children no romantic mood and brushes him off, Sadly, in some parent-children relation- with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Way
relationship, pride has prevented until finally she turns to him and says, ships, pride has prevented parents from of the Cross
..... Look at this man...look at you...I am reassuring their kids of their love in
the parents from reassuring their your wife, (start of song) for twenty-five their effort to discipline their loved ones.
kids of their love in their effort years Ive cooked your meals, washed Sometimes saying I love you to the
to discipline their loved ones. your clothes, milked the cow, given you kids makes some parents feel that their
Sometimes saying, I love you children. My bed is yours, my time is children might become swellheaded and
yours, everything I have is yours too, for ignore the lessons of the disciplinary ac-
to the kids makes some parents twenty-five years Ive fought with you, tions whenever their kids go astray.
feel their children might become starved with you, and after all that, you My father had a way of expressing his
swellheaded and ignore the les- want to know whether I love you? Oh, love to me when I was young. Whenever
sons of the imposed disciplinary well, I guess I do... (excerpt from the he brought me along to watch a movie

Jesus I Trust In You!

song Do You Love Me)? or purchase paper supplies in Chinatown Centennial Celebration
actions whenever their kids go Then my uncle asked, What is the for our printing business, he would hold of 100th Year of Fatima (1917-2017)
astray. message of this scene? my hand, pressing my palm every now
He answered: Most of us do not go and then. Weird, but this was his way of
around telling our relatives and friends hugging and telling me that he loved me.
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. we love them. But we do often show this I have retained it in my mind, which is

Seaside Buffet
love by what we do to those relatives one of my happiest memories about him.
and friends around us everyday. My mom was also too proud to say,
San Diego, California I agree. Life is too short and its really I love you. She would just tell me to
May 8, 2004 important to hug our wife and kids take care in her letters or laugh at my
and tell them we love them at every jokes. And when the joke was about her,
When the family of my brother in
the Philippines visited New York and
opportunity possible. Whenever we see
them or they say goodbye to leave town,
she would say, gago mo (you stupid)!
and smile. My parents were always
8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
watched the Broadway musical Fiddler
on the Roof, an uncle of mine com-
we should hug them and utter endearing supportive whenever we needed them. Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
words. Whenever I talk to my kids over That was their way of saying we love
mented: 10%
the phone while they are in school out you! Doing what they wanted us to do, 10%OFF
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
I have seen Fiddler on the Roof of town, I repeat the reassuring words. never going astray, and taking good care Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
several times on stage and on screen. I Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Sometimes they feel embarrassed, of our studies, job and family life is our Banquet
still remember one of the scenes where especially when their friends are within way of assuring them that we love them BanquetRooms
the main character Tevye keeps nagging hearing distance. I was able to establish in return.
at his wife Golda, asking her whether a kind of relationship with my children How about you? How do you express
she loves him or not. He keeps want- that prevented either of us from becom- your love to your family? Or are you too
ing her to say she does, .but she is in ing too proud to say those magic words. proud to express it to them? - AJ

Long shifts
( Continued from page 1 )
ing is a highly technical course, students
also need to invest in different tools and
pay for expensive exposure tours.
sity hospital in Albay, where she was
able to pass the job interview. But to her
surprise, the hospital told her that she Brazilian
BBQ Beef
After graduating, nursing students must needed to work there for free for a year Teppanyaki
Teppanyaki Chicken
With her income, she can only work on getting their licenses. To pass before she could be considered for a
pay for a PhilHealth membership. the board examinations, many opt to permanent position. Noodle
Soup Pork
A nurse's role join review classes which can be costly "Bibigyan daw nila ako ng allow- Seafood
Seafood Soft
It also doesn't help that many patients as well. ance lang na P130 per day," Barcelon
misunderstand the role of nurses, Bar- It doesn't end there, much to Barcelon's said. "Kapag hindi pa natapos ang nasa Sushi
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
Cream & Yogurt
celon said. Some patients can be very surprise. contract, ikaw pa ang magbabayad sa
demanding, expecting nurses to always "Sobrang masaya ka na sana kasi hospital." (They were going to give me Chocolate
attend to them on the dot regardless if finally [registered nurse] ka na may an allowance of P100 per day. If I don't Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
there are other patients with more urgent lisensyang ipagmamalaki. Pero 'yung finish the contract, I would have to pay
needs. proseso, ang daming babayaran," she the hospital.) Beer
Beer& &Wine
"May time na nagre-revive kami ng said. (You would've been happy already She had been warned beforehand
pasyente, and there was a patient na to be a registered nurse to have a that this had become "the system." But
nagpapa-bed bath, kasi may darating license you can be proud of. But given Barcelon refused to be a part of it and
siya na bisita. Wala kang magagawa kasi the process, there's a lot you still need to declined.
pasyente sila and they will always be pay for.) "Nagalit ako. Laging sinasabi nila, ito
right," Barcelon said. After passing the exams, nurses have to 'yung reality of today's nurses. Kung
(There was a time when we were reviv- pay for their membership in the Philip- hindi ka papasok sa ganitong sistema,
ing a patient and another was asking pine Nurses Association. A lifetime hindi ka magkakaroon ng trabaho. Pero
for a bed bath because she had visitors membership costs P5,000, but some opt nagmatigas ako," she said.
coming. You can't do anything because to pay P400 every year instead. (I got angry. They always say that this
they're patients and they will always be Barcelon also had to pay for more is the reality of today's nurses. If you
right.) training courses in basic life support and don't get into this system, you won't get
Some patients, she said, treat them in a intravenous therapy, which she said, are a job. But I resisted it.)
degrading manner. hiring requirements for many hospitals. Barcelon tried her luck with other hos-
"Normal na 'yung may nagrereklamo, But even with all these education and pitals, first with a government hospital in
'yung made-degrade ka dahil tingin nila training certificates, it's still very hard Albay and then another private hospital. Dinner Buffet Items:
'nurse ka lang' 'yung word na 'lang' for nurses to find a job here. The government hospital asked her to Hot and Cold Crab Legs,
ilang taon ka nag-aral, nag-review ka ADDITIONAL TRAINING. As also work for free first while the latter
ng dalawang buwan para makakuha ng nursing students, Barcelon and her only offered to give her meal allow- Raw and Cooked Oysters,
lisensya, pero the way na i-treat ng ibang classmates had to go through different ances. Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab,
tao, 'nurse ka lang.' You're just a person affiliation programs. "It was very heartbreaking, that the
tasked to take care of them, give them Nursing became extremely popular in reality is like this. From one hospital to Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish,
their medicines, change their diapers," the Philippines over a decade ago, as another, no one was willing to open their Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef
Barcelon said. many countries abroad started hiring doors because you're a fresh graduate
(It's normal to get complaints, to feel Filipino nurses. Schools offering nursing but they're willing to exploit you. They Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
degraded because they think you're "just programs also increased rapidly. expect you to work in exchange for a and much more.
a nurse" the word "just" you studied By 2011, the Philippines was pro- paper, certifying that you work with
for so many years, reviewed for two ducing more qualified nurses than the them," she said.
months to get a license, but the way they domestic and global economies could Barcelon was finally able to practice $1.00 OFF LUNCH BUFFET $2.00 OFF DINNER BUFFET
treat you, you're "just a nurse." You're absorb, leading to massive unemploy- for a while as a volunteer nurse in Dine In Buffet Only Dine In Buffet Only
just a person tasked to take care of them, ment in the sector. Albay, when thousands of people were Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other
give them their medicines, change their This forced many nursing graduates to evacuated due to the threat of a Mayon offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
diapers.) work in hospitals for free with some Volcano eruption. But this stint lasted May not be used for split checks or tables. May not be used for split checks or tables.
One would think that it should at least even having to pay their way in. for only 3 months. Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
be easier to get to where Barcelon is Working for free Just like many other nurses, Barcelon Sales Tax Not Included. Sales Tax Not Included.
now. But it's not. Barcelon had her own share of post- also tried getting a job abroad. With help Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 9/30/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 9/30/2017
The hard journey to be a nurse graduation horror. from her cousin, she flew to Singapore
To be a nurse in the Philippines, one After getting her license, she was to look for work.
will need to take a 4-year course, which excited to finally take on the world as a After staying there for a whole month, tempted to take it, but her family advised the Philippines. At this point, she was To get into the hospital where she is
in many private schools, would cost at nurse. the only offer she got was to be a her to decline. already willing to swallow her pride and working now, Barcelon had to pay to
least P40,000 per semester. Since nurs- She first applied for a job at a univer- caregiver in a retirement home. She was Heartbroken, Barcelon returned to give in to "the system." ( Continued on page 9 )
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3





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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Health & Wellness

When disaster strikes How to donate or volunteer successfully! Top 10 health benets of
FEMA.gov voluntary organization is in a better po-
sition to purchase, or provide vouchers
such as transportation, warehousing, and
distribution are fully discussed. Donors
disaster. Guyabano fruit
to purchase, what the people need. Cash will find that it is often most practical to In the immediate disaster response
Everyone is moved when they donations to recognized relief organiza- focus on one or two items that an organi- period there are often many people who
hear the news that disaster has tions are also tax deductible. zation needs rather than collect a variety want to volunteer at the same time.
struck a community. Earthquakes, of items. Remember to be patient. It may not be
floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, 2. USED CLOTHING IS RARELY A perfectly clear until a few days after
fires, and other types of disasters USEFUL ITEM TO COLLECT FOR 5. TRANSPORTATION MUST BE the incident how a volunteer can get
DISASTER RELIEF. Used clothing is PLANNED IN ADVANCE. Transporta- involved. There are often greater needs
can suddenly change the life of a rarely a useful item to collect and send tion is frequently a major problem for for volunteer help when the community
family, community and country. into the disaster area because it is hard donors and relief operations. It must be enters the long-term recovery period.
The National Donations Manage- to clean, sort, pack, transport, store, and organized in advance; otherwise, a donor Volunteers should plan to be as self-
ment Committee, composed of distribute. Mounds of clothing take up can easily be stuck with large amounts sufficient as possible so that they are
valuable warehouse space and frequent- of donated goods and no means of of little, if any, burden on the disaster-
voluntary organizations active in ly end up being discarded. Constructive transporting it to the recipient organiza- affected community.
disasters, and federal/state/local things to do with used clothing are to tion. Do not assume unsolicited relief
government emergency manage- have a yard-sale to raise money for the supplies will be transported free (i.e. fuel This information is provided by the
ment personnel, has developed disaster relief organizations that provide is not free) or at government expense. Federal Emergency Management
goods and services that are needed by The donor has the primary responsibility Agency and the National Voluntary Or-
the following information for the survivors. Used clothing and other to find transportation for the goods they ganizations Active in Disaster (National
people interested in supporting small items can also be donated locally are donating. Local trucking firms may VOAD). For more information about
disaster relief efforts. to help community-based organizations be willing to help in times of disaster, if FEMA please see www. fema.gov and
By Ed Joven in an accident where you broke a bone.
helping others in need. funds are available to cover part of the for National VOAD see www. nvoad.
1. FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS expense. Donors often raise money to org . Strong bones are necessary to help
ARE OFTEN THE BEST KIND OF 3. CONFIRM WHAT IS NEEDED help pay transportation costs. The guyabano is a white-fleshed reduce back pain, and increasing your
DONATION TO MAKE. Providing a BEFORE TAKING ACTION! The Both organizations believe it is very fruit with a spiky skin, native to calcium intake will prevent future loss
financial contribution to a voluntary or- most effective way the public can assist 6. DONATED GOODS MUST BE important for people to get involved of bone density.
many tropical countries such as 5. Feeling headache or feverish? Guy-
ganization involved in disaster activities is to support the experienced disaster WELL PACKED AND LABELED. Af- and help their fellow citizens in time of
is often the most sensible and the most relief organizations with either financial ter confirming that the goods are needed disaster. The generosity and kindness of Malaysia, Mexico, Venezuela, abano fruit is good for that.
efficient way of helping the people in contributions or in-kind goods and and there is a plan to receive, store and people around the country does a lot to and our very own Philippines. A traditional medicinal use for guy-
need. There are many voluntary organi- services that the organizations report are distribute them - the receiving organiza- help communities heal from the tragic Also known as the pawpaw fruit abano is for helping with headaches and
zations with considerable experience in needed. Many experienced voluntary tion will give you instructions about how consequences of disasters. However, migraines, as well as to reduce fevers.
in Brazil, or the soursop fruit This is probably down to the riboflavin
disaster relief in areas such as needs as- organizations involved in disaster relief the goods should be sorted, packaged it is important to rst coordinate the
sessment, clean-up, mass feeding, mass have toll-free numbers staffed with and labeled. If unsure of this process, help with experienced disaster relief
in other countries, its recently in guyabano, which is known for helping
sheltering, first aid, crisis counseling, operators who can provide information discuss these steps with an experienced organizations and/or the State and local experiencing a Renaissance of with such pains. Either way, guyabano
pastoral care, child-care, pet care, home about which donated goods are needed disaster relief organization. Specific emergency management ofces so that sorts in the healthy eating market tea has certainly helped kids in various
in the disaster area. Often, when large- content lists should be taped to the side the people in need of help receive it in Filipino households get better when
repair, family casework, meeting unmet because of its many medicinal theyre feeling unwell.
needs and many other areas. When scale disasters occur, the States Office of each box. This allows the receiving the most timely and effective manner. uses and benefits for our bod-
the public supports these voluntary of Emergency Management, working officials to determine the contents of the 6. Guyabano can help with a variety of
organizations with financial contribu- closely with the voluntary organizations, box without opening it, thereby allow- ies. With a sweet-sour taste that stomach ailments.
tions, it helps ensure a steady flow of will establish a toll-free Donations Ho- ing for a more timely distribution. Put reminds people of a mix between Guyabano is also rich in fiber, which
explains why it was such an effective
Make a Plan
important services to the people in need tline for the public to call to learn what yourself in the shoes of the person on the a pineapple and lemon, a ripe treatment against diarrhea, constipa-
after a disaster. Please visit www.nvoad. donated goods and services may be receiving end of the shipment and think guyabano is delicious even on its tion and inflammation of ones bowels

During National
org for a list of the major disaster relief needed. It is often a mistake to assume about making the unloading, unpacking,
organizations involved in preparedness, what is needed in a disaster. Over the warehousing and distribution as simple own as a refreshing dessert, but even before modern medicine came up
prevention, response and recovery in years, there has been considerable waste as possible. it also lends itself to iterations with anything. Eat the fruit, or drink the

juiceboth are good for your diges-
the United States. To learn more about of countless tons of clothing because in juices, teas, smoothies and tion. As a bonus, if you crush the seeds,
disaster relief organizations involved in it was collected and sent with no prior 7. VOLUNTEERS ARE ENCOUR- even as a delicious marinade for theyre known to treat nausea and vomit-
international disasters please visit www. coordination. Donors should be wary of AGED TO AFFILIATE WITH A
interaction. org. Try to find out as much anyone who claims that everything is VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION IN- proteins such as chicken. ing, keeping your stomach steady.
as you can about the work of the volun- needed in a disaster. Get precise infor- VOLVED IN DISASTER RESPONSE 7. Guyabano is also used to get rid of
tary organization by asking questions of mation before collecting any donated AND RECOVERY. If you want to GUYABANO HEALTH BENEFITS pesky parasites.
them and learning of their experience goods. volunteer for disaster work, before the Friday, September 1, marks This is especially good to know if
in disaster work. Guidance for assisting next disaster strikes, get some disaster the beginning of National Pre- Eager to learn more? Heres the top ten youre worried you picked up some-
benefits of this nutrition-packed fruit! thing from unclean drinking water or
disaster victims outside the USA can be 4. DONATE THROUGH A REGIS- training. You will be in a better position paredness Month (NPM) 2017. 1. Guyabano is a cancer-fighting food! improperly-cooked food! Guyabano fruit
found at www.usaid.gov or www.cidi. TERED ORGANIZATION. It is never to find meaningful volunteer work after
org (Center for International Disaster a good idea to collect goods for disaster the disaster. Volunteering through a vol- Several studies done by Purdue Uni- and juice are used to help the body purge
This years theme is Disasters versity or published in the Journal of out worms and other parasites. The
Information). Cash contributions to relief without a firm plan in place that untary organization active in the disaster
voluntary organizations also make confirms the goods are needed, who will provides a better chance of insurance Dont Plan Ahead. You Can. In Medicinal Chemistry have pointed to seeds can also be crushed to use against
sense for other reasons. The voluntary receive the goods, how the goods will and liability protection. There are many addition to the overarching theme the fact that guyabano extract actually internal as well as external parasites.
organization will often spend the money be transported and how they will be dis- tasks to do after a disaster cleaning up for the month, each week has inhibits the growth of adriamycin resis- 8. Feeling constantly fatigued? A daily
in the local disaster area thereby help- tributed. During a disaster, experienced and rebuilding are two of the biggest. tant human mammary adenocarcinoma dose of guyabano goodness will fix it.
a theme highlighting different cellsalso known as multidrug resistant The guyabano is also full of other B vi-
ing the local economy to recover. Cash disaster relief organizations base their Various voluntary organizations and
donations rather than unsolicited donated activities on overall situation assess- the local government may be aware of
preparedness actions. cancer cells. While these tests were done tamins which will boost, lowered energy
goods avoid the complicated, costly and ments and detailed needs assessments. these opportunities for volunteers in the in a test tube, it certainly wouldnt hurt levels and put some pep in your step, not
The focus for the first week of NPM, to eat something that shows so much to mention thiamine, which is necessary
time-consuming process of collecting, Many relief groups have people and long and difficult recovery phase. Watch
September 1-9, is, Make a Plan for Your- promise that scientists are planning to in processing glucose and transforming
sorting, packing, transporting, unload- facilities ready to store and distribute the local media carefully to learn what
self, Family, and Friends. Learn how to conduct chemotherapy using its active it for our bodys use as energy.
ing, resorting, storing, repackaging, and the goods. Coordination with the relief volunteer efforts are being organized. If
plan with the following steps from the compounds! 9. Guyabano helps reduce pain in your
distributing the goods. Cash donations group is essential to ensure the right there is a Volunteer Center in the area,
Ready Campaign: 2. Guyabano is packed with Vitamin C. joints and muscles.
to voluntary organizations help meet the goods are collected, the right amount it is an excellent source of information
needs of survivors more precisely, as the is collected, and that logistics issues about volunteer opportunities after a Not only does Vitamin C boost ones If your pain is due to cramping
1. Make an Emergency Plan. immune system as a highly-effective muscles, guyabano is full of potassium,
2. Sign up for alerts and warnings in antioxidanthelping you fight off which will prevent that. Its also great
your area. everything from the average cold to a for your lumbar health. Guyabano also
3. Learn your evacuation zone and terrible case of the fluit also helps pre- reduces inflammationas evidenced
have an evacuation plan. vent urinary tract infection by lowering by how much it helps when you have a
4. Check your insurance coverage and the bacterial count in your urinary tract. feverand this will alleviate the pain
review the Document and Insure Your Vitamin C also helps your body absorb that comes with arthritis, joint problems
Property guide. ironpreventing anemia! and rheumatism.
5. Plan financially for the possibility of 3. Guyabano is a must for pregnant 10. Guyabanos natural phosphorus
disaster. women because of all its vitamins and also helps with a whole host of bodily
nutrients. functions and problems.
National Prepareathon Day, Septem- Guyabano also has plenty of folate, Phosphorus is a mineral that changes
ber 15, is the perfect time for families, which is an essential B vitamin which protein, fat and carbs into energy, helps
businesses, and organizations to take a will help prevent birth defects and other us keep our bones and teeth strong, and
few minutes to discuss their emergency complications that may be experienced allows for the proper development of
plan. It is a day of action when families, during pregnancy. It also prevents water connective tissue. Its also necessary
organizations, and entire communities retentiona common problem amongst to maintaining the bodys pH balance,
can practice their plan and better prepare pregnant women. Its also said to in- making it necessary for homeostasis.
for hazards and other emergencies. crease a mothers milk production after
childbirth. So if youre thinking of making a
If you plan to host a preparedness 4. Partaking of your daily guyabano breakfast smoothie or want to slice
event, we encourage you to share it on can help keep your bones strong. up some fruit for a healthy dessert,
the Prepareathon website. You can find Because guyabano is full of calcium maybe you should consider adding this
more resources for National Prepared- not to mention the fact that it has copper, nutritious fruit to your diet! These ten
ness Month, including the NPM social which helps absorb calciumyou will benefits are just some of the many ways
media toolkit, at www.ready.gov/sep- strengthen your bones and help prevent it can improve your bodily functions and
tember. osteoporosis. This also has the added help with various ailments. Its deli-
bonus of helping speed up the healing cious, nutritious and readily available
process should you ever find yourself go for it!

Residents urged to take precautions in extreme heat

VA By Tom Christensen, County of San 75 to 85 along the immediate coast. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing
r Diego With high temperatures The County is extending the Cool Zone
hours at the Borrego Springs branch
Drink plenty of water (avoid alcohol
and sugary drinks) and dont wait until
blanketing most of San Diego of the San Diego County Library. The you are thirsty
County throughout the week, library will be open today, when its Take cool showers
County health officials are normally closed, from 12 to 5 p.m. Never leave a child, elderly person, or
reminding the public to take The library is also extending its hours pet unattended in a car
precautions to avoid heat-related on Tuesday to 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Keeping pets cool in hot weather
Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Avoid unnecessary hard work or activi-
illnesses and pay extra attention library is located at 587 Palm Canyon ties outside during the hottest part of the
to children, the elderly and pets. Drive, Suite 125. day
The County operates the Cool Zones If youre going to hike, go early or late
The National Weather Service in San program and has designated more in the day and be prepared for the heat
Diego has issued an excessive heat than 115 air-conditioned buildings as Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and
warning effective through Saturday at 10 cooling centers. Locations and hours wear a wide-brim hat if you need to be
p.m. that includes the cities of Escon- of operation can be found on a new in the sun
dido, El Cajon, San Marcos, La Mesa, interactive map on CoolZones.org, or Avoid using the oven to cook
Santee, Borrego Springs and Poway. by calling 2-1-1 San Diego (dial 2-1-1). An extremely high body temperature
There is a heat advisory also in effect for You can also call 1-800-510-2020, ext. (103 or higher), dizziness, nausea,
the rest of San Diego County. 6 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. confusion, and headache are signs of
They are forecasting maximum tem- The sites are identified by a light blue heat-stroke or exhaustion. If someone
peratures in the following areas through polar bear Cool Zone logo. shows these signs, call 9-1-1 and begin
Friday: Even a few hours spent in air condi- cooling the person by:
San Diego valleys: 96 to 106 tioning can help your body stay cooler. Moving them to a shaded area
High deserts: 102 to 109 Do not rely on electric fans for cooling if Spraying with cool water and fanning
Low deserts: 112 to 117 temperatures exceed 90 degrees. them
Mountain areas below 5,000 feet: 94 To avoid heat-related problems, health Placing them in a cool shower if they
Emergency Visits Welcome to 103
Coastal areas: 86 to 100 near higher
officials recommend the following:
Stay in an air-conditioned area during
are alert
( Continued on page 14 )
coastal terrain and near the mesas, and the hottest hours of the day
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
Healing For Houston Public Mural Creation Cabrillo National SR 15 Bike- Early Childhood
Muramid Mural Museum In Oceanside Monument pro- way: Key link Mental Health
The public is invited to join in
with artists, family and friends posed change to from Mid-City to Conference to
to help create a giant interac-
tive greeting card to the City of park entrance fees Mission Valley take place in
Houston. The greeting will take
the form of a mural to be painted
Cabrillo National Monument (NM)
is seeking input from community,
opened today San Diego
on canvas as part of the United stakeholders, visitors, and neighbors By Jos A. lvarez, County of San
regarding a proposed change to park Officials opened to the public
Nations Association USA, San entrance fees in 2018. The National Park today a key bikeway connection Diego Communications Office
Diego, Art Miles Mural Proj- Service (NPS) is proposing to increase in San Diego that provides a pro-
ects regular tradition of sending the daily park entrance fee for vehicles Art, dance, play, music, hypno-
tected bike lane parallel to State sis, yoga, martial arts and petting
murals from the San Diego area from $10.00 to $15.00 per vehicle (good
Route 15.
to victims of natural and human for everyone in the vehicle,) walk-ins/
The new bike route established a safe
bicyclists from $5.00 to $7.00 per What do they have in common?
disasters. person, and motorcycles from $7.00 to and convenient connection between
The mural, expresses commu- $10.00. Entrance fees are valid for seven Mission Valley and the Mid-City They are all healing practices
communities, including City Heights, that play an essential role in help-
nity unity and wishes for speedy days. An increase in the annual Cabrillo
Kensington-Talmadge, and Normal
recovery and healing from those Park Pass from $20.00 to $30.00 is also
Heights, while eliminating challenges
ing children to establish a secure
planned. The new fees could take effect attachment and connection with
who paint the murals to the re- exhibition Wave Dance. Young niversary of his death; co-founder of in January of 2018. The NPS began col- that riders have had to cope with on
cipients who have always appre- 16-year old Peace Paint Ambas- the Art Miles Mural Project and past
lecting entrance fees at Cabrillo in 1987. other routes including high-speed traffic others and to develop empathy
president of Friends of the Arts. The and long, difficult hills. and self-regulation, the ability
ciated both sending and receiving sador, Caymin Ellspermann will BAD AS* MENS exhibition will still This would be only the second increase
This project is the result of our
them. The mural will then be also be honored and featured as a be on exhibition; with the PCH Jazz in 31 years. to calm themselves down when
ingenuity, collaboration, and innovative
sent to the Mayor of Houston on major prodigy muralist and artist. Band performing live, breathing a lot of atComments may be submitted online
https://parkplanning.nps.gov/cabr or management to bring another world- theyre upset and cheer them-
Tuesday, September 5th. The young artist has spent the life and activities in the Artists Alley fol-
email at cabr_info@nps.gov between class Active Transportation project to selves up when theyre down.
lowed at 8 pm with live drumming with the people of San Diego, said Caltrans
Also as an exciting part of the summer working as a volunteer/ the public led by Aki Burkes. September 1 and September 30, 2017. These and many other experiential
Director Malcolm Dougherty.
Oceansides Friends of the Arts, intern at the Muramid Museum. For further information contact: Joanne Comments can also be submitted in The SR 15 Bikeway creates a path approaches will be the focus of the 8th
writing to the Park Superintendent, 1800

Asian Journal
FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK More than 40 representative murals Tawfilis, PhD, Fine Arts 760 716 9308 that is separated from vehicle traffic by Annual Early Childhood Mental Health
from the inventory of over nearly 5,000 or muramidmuseum@gmail.com Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, Conference, sponsored by the UC San
with opening hours of 5-9 PM, CA 92106 during the comment period. concrete barriers. It extends from Adams
murals will be displayed from local, Member, UNESCO National Commis- Avenue along a one-mile segment of Diego School of Medicine and the
the Muramid Mural Museum will national and international locations. sion Eighty percent of the entrance fees col-
northbound SR 15 to Camino Del Rio County Health and Human Services
feature emerging new Weekly
First Asian artist Bob- The exhibition
Newspaper in Southern is dedicated to Fouad
California & San DiegosCo-Founder/Executive
Most Widely Circulated lected
Director of Art at Cabrillo stay at the park. These
Newspaper Agency.
funds preserve natural and cultural South. The 12-foot wide, two-way bike
by Jones with live painting
550 and Tawfi lis commemorating the first an-
East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 Miles Mural474-0588
Tel. (619) Project Fax (619) 474-0373 path features lighting and locations for
resources, improve visitor facilities, and The conference will take place Sept.
provide educational and recreational passing/resting.
Im happy to see this project become 14-16, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
opportunities. Projects funded with in Mission Valley. To register visit,
CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE entrance fees include the development of a reality after many years of planning
and design, said SANDAG Chair and www.earlychildhoodmentalhealth-
a curriculum-based education program sandiego.com/ or call (888) 229-6263 or
Provide customer support for the South Bay Expressway. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit www.sandag.org/jobs for the San Salvador Ship in partnership County Supervisor Ron Roberts. The
for information. Closes 9/15/17. EOE. new bikeway provides a safe, direct con- 858-534-3940 or email ocme@ucsd.edu.
with the Maritime Museum of San Di- At the three-day conference, experts
ego; construction of restroom facilities nection between Mission Valley and the
Mid-City communities. in psychiatry, psychology, social work,
at the intertidal area; and construction counseling, occupational therapy, play
of the Whale and Kelp Forest Overlook. Wednesdays event held at Terrace
Drive Mini Park adjacent to the bikeway therapy, expressive and healing arts will
Projects planned for the future include lead interactive workshops which will
ATTENTION SENIORS installation of 38 new wayside exhibits, entrance from Adams Avenue was
attended by San Diego City Council- highlight the therapeutic role of teachers,
repair of the damaged Bayside Trail; coaches, clinical and transdisciplinary
production of a new signature film for member Chris Ward, as well as Caltrans
District 11 Director Laurie Berman. teams, parents, grandparents and care-
Low-income senior apts in San Diego. Applicants must be 62+ or 18+ & need features of access Cabrillo; improved accessibility to park givers.
structures and resources; and an upgrade They were joined by members of the
units. Must meet HUD low income limits. Contact Trinity Manor, 3940 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA, surrounding communities, as well as Human experiences across many cul-
of informational displays for the WWI tures have always involved interactions
921003, 619-297-1512. Waitlist opens Sept. 5. Placement is based on date & time fully-completed and WWII bunkers. bike enthusiasts.
app is rcvd. Waitlist will close when 200 qualified apps are rcvd. For more information on the SR 15 such as touch and storytelling and ac-
Entrance fees are never charged for tivities that included imagination, play,
visitors under 16 years of age, or holders Bikeway Project, see the SR 15 Com-
EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY muter Bikeway Fact Sheet. music, dance, sports, and creation of im-
of the America the Beautiful Pass, Fed- ages. Many of these activities have been
eral Recreational Senior Pass, Access About SANDAG:
The San Diego Association of Govern- used in healing practices and, according
Pass, Military Pass or 4th Grader Pass. to early childhood mental health experts,
All of these passes may be obtained at ments (SANDAG) is the San Diego
the Cabrillo NM entrance station during ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
business hours.

Assistance for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Marlene Cortez
Herewith is proof of
your classified ad for
publication in the Asian 2240 E. PLAZA BLVD., SUITE P,
Journal. Please proofread
it an d f a x b a c k t h e NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950
correction if any or call
us for your approval. The
ad is tentatively scheduled
PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
to be published in the

issue www.rtesq.com
of the Asian Journal if we
receive your approval on
time. At $4 per line
lines, it costs

All parishes in the Diocese of San Diego are 200 OUR

$______.00 NEW

participating in a special collection proposed upon your receipt of the

invoice and tear sheet.
Thank you.
by the National Conference of Catholic Fax #

Bishops to assist victims of hurricane Harvey R&T IS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED IN

and the Church in the affected area. TO APPROVE
please sign and fax VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
back to
Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
The proceeds will be forwarded to Catholic (619) 474-0373
acknowledge via
For details and information
Charities USA and dioceses in the region. EMAIL.
please call our office at (619) 259-6464
Everyone is encouraged to join the Church
in being a visible witness to the healing pres-
ence of Jesus alive in the world through their
generosity in this collection.


Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Tips Is radical bad?
Be cautious of e-mails that claim to
show pictures of the disaster areas in
attached files because the files may
( Continued from page 14 ) contain viruses. Only open attachments by Jose Ma. Montelibano, Glimpses, the norm, then courageous integrity and
butions to anyone soliciting donations or from known senders. Inquirer.net transparent simplicity are radical public
individuals offering to provide assis- To ensure contributions are received service virtues. Judy Tagiwalo, you
tance to those affected by the tornadoes. and used for intended purposes, make asked a question that many who decide
contributions directly to known organi-
I read the news one day and saw
Solicitations can originate from social the fate of the Filipino nation may not
media, e-mails, websites, door-to-door zations rather than relying on others to a picture of Judy Tagiwalo asking be able to answer honestly and proudly.
collections, flyers, mailings, telephone make the donation on your behalf. this question, Is radical bad? Yes, you were radical, not because you
calls, and other similar methods. Do not be pressured into making con- opposed a dictatorship and an elite class
tributions; reputable charities do not use Frankly, I did not bother to read you considered corrupt, but because
Before making a donation of any kind, such tactics. the whole report. Judy Tagiwalos you did not use your rebellion just to
consumers should adhere to certain Be aware of whom you are dealing grab power and become as abusive
The 1955 Solar Eclipse guidelines, including: with when providing your personal and appointment as Secretary of the
and corrupt. When you were placed in
financial information. Providing such Department of Social Welfare & a position of power, even if only for a
( Continued from page 1 ) the national item. I thought then that the Do not respond to any unsolicited information may compromise your Development (DSWD) had ear- year, you stood out in your integrity and
reason we had to raise the flag faster was (spam) incoming e-mails, including identity and make you vulnerable to lier been rejected by the Commit- simplicity. Utterly radical.
We used to live on Pepin Street in because it had to be up right away just in clicking links contained within those identity theft.
messages, because they may contain Avoid cash donations if possible. Pay tee on Appointment (CA). There
Sampaloc, Manila, a few blocks away case the enemies would invade, We had And, now, the drug scourge. Those
from the school. I was born and lived to lower it slowly in the afternoon so we computer viruses. by credit card or write a check directly were no reasons for her rejection who understand it, how it has addicted
there until we moved to an apartment on could raise it back up as fast as we could Be skeptical of individuals represent- to the charity. Do not make checks pay- that were publicly given by the millions of mostly Filipino youth, how
the second floor of my fathers printing in case the enemies would attack. They ing themselves as members of charitable able to individuals. members of the CA. Tagiwalo it has corrupted governance in all
press business in Quiapo, Manila, in organizations or officials asking for Legitimate charities do not normally branches of government, top to bottom,
were not the real reasons but they were
donations via e-mail or social network- solicit donations via money transfer had been performing well above
1955. clever thoughts of the imaginative mind what traditional or moderate approach
Our house was located in a cluster of ing sites. services. Most legitimate charities web- expectation and her performance is there? If the current war on drugs
of a young boy who showed early signs
houses beside those of my maternal of becoming a writer. Beware of organizations with copy- sites end in .org rather than .com. inspired both DSWD and the is not bringing the desired impact but
cat names similar to but not exactly the
aunts and uncles. Across that small My teacher was Miss Valdez, an old public. even adds more problems with thou-
street, right in front of the houses of their spinster with mestisa features. Judging same as those of reputable charities. sands killed, justified or not, then it is
children and grandchildren, the parents from her last name, she must have Span- Rather than follow a purported link to I think I understand the dilemma of not radical enough. Maybe because it
of my mother lived. It was a convenient ish heritage but she was not the typical a website, verify the legitimacy of non- ( Continued from page 5 ) the CA; if they gave specific reasons, has been Dutertes war on drugs, it can
arrangement, as my siblings and I played pretty senorita. She was small, thin with profit organizations by utilizing various regions primary public planning, trans- they would have to justify not applying become radical enough if it becomes
with our cousins in the street and inter- big eyes and nose, like a parrot. But she Internet-based resources that may assist portation, and research agency, provid- the same extremely high standards to our war, Philippine societys war against
acted with our other relatives daily. taught us how to read. I was surprised in confirming the groups existence and ing the public forum for regional policy other Cabinet members they had previ- drugs, criminality, corruption, and pov-
Every morning during school days, my my grandson, Elliot, learned to read in its nonprofit status. decisions about growth, transportation ously confirmed. I say extremely high erty. Maybe because one problem after
elder brother Salvador and I would take pre-school at the age of five, three years planning and construction, environmen- standards because Tagiwalo was a living another is rooted in the same distorted
a jeepney on Quezon Blvd. across the ahead of me. Well, credit that to modern tal management, housing, open space, example of those standards from dedica- atmosphere, radical enough can mean
Quiapo Church bound for Dimasalang, a technology and higher development of the moon caused by the light of the energy, public safety, and binational top- tion, integrity, efficiency and courageous one total war against all these related
main thoroughfare near our school. The of mankind at this point of history. Or sun behind it. Slowly, the moon went ics. SANDAG is governed by a Board of simplicity. problems.
jeepneys, which were initially the jeeps maybe, my grandson was simply much past and separated itself from the sun, Directors composed of mayors, council
left by the United States Army after the brighter. until daylight shone on us again. Sud- members, and supervisors from each The question posed by Tagiwalo seems What radical means is different from
end of World War II, then converted to Days before, it was announced a solar denly, the roosters in the neighborhood of the regions 18 cities and the county to be her response to an allegation that generation to generation, from baby
ten seaters, and the buses were the main eclipse would occur in Manila and other crowed just like what they did every government. one possible reason for her rejection by boomers to millennials. For baby
modes of public transportation. Salvador parts of the country. It is a once-in-a- time the sun would rise in the morning. the CA is that she was considered radi- boomers like myself, most things seem

Early childhood
was twelve years old and in first year at lifetime phenomenon, we were told, so They thought it was the beginning of the cal. And so Tagiwalo retorted, Is radical radical nowadays, especially the sense
the Santander Street Branch of Arel- everybody braced up to witness the rare day again. To our young mind, it was a bad? of time and the speed by which time
lano High School. We would get off on event. miracle. The place getting dark in the seems to pass by. With time coming and
Santander Street. He would go to his middle of the day? We could not believe ( Continued from page 5 ) Well, Judy Tagiwalo, although you going like a blur, change is happening
We were dismissed from classes two
school while I would cross Dimasalang hours earlier so we could go home and our eyes! It was only years later that I are now known to be effective in shift- seemed to ask the question to no in all the time and nothing seems the same
and walk about 5 blocks along Andalu- witness the event early in the afternoon. learned the logical reason behind it. ing neurological systems involved in particular but to everyone, in fact, let me anymore. But I speak mostly of what
cia Street until I reached my school. Instead of going back to our home in Savor this moment, our uncle Diko stress responses and attachment. give you my personal answer. No, no, is material, like buildings, vehicles,
My siblings and my cousins all went Quiapo, I was told to go to our grandpar- told us. It will not happen again in your The goal of this educational activity and no, radical is not bad. Not only is technology, machines, and devices. With
to Juan Sumulong, named after a former ents house on Pepin Street, for the view lifetime. Unless you live much longer. is to provide clinical education on evi- radical not bad, it is the only answer to so much change is so little change, a
government official, not only because it to the sky would be much wider with the Guess what, Tiyo Diko, I now dence-based practices, trauma-informed the greatest of our problems, be it pov- strange and eerie paradox that has added
was near our houses on Pepin Street, but houses built far apart. The tall buildings wanted to tell my long-deceased uncle. care and innovative interventions, said erty, be it corruption, be it illegal drugs. to the stress and frustration. With every-
also because my mother taught there. in downtown Quiapo, on the other hand, Solar eclipses occurred several times Alfredo Aguirre, director of County There is no other answer, no other way, thing that seems to be changing, poverty,
I was a member of the cub scout group, would cover parts of the sky. during my lifetime, albeit in different Behavioral Health Services. These but radical, radical, radical. Traditional corruption, bureaucratic inefficiency,
the first step to becoming a boy scout. I Minutes before the scheduled event, parts of the world. interventions support healthy develop- and moderate solutions never solved the political partisanship, and turmoil all
was assigned to raise the flag during our my relatives, neighbors and I went out I guess he was referring to the rare ment, increase resiliency, promote social problems, they allowed the problems to these have not changed except names
morning flag-raising ceremonies at the to the streets. They put broken pieces of chance I might personally witness the and emotional competencies, strengthen worsen and intensify. and faces.
start of the classes. Sometimes I wore transparent glasses over a fire until soot phenomenon again, a possibility had I relationships between children and
my blue uniform; other times I just had would darken them. Unlike today, there gone to places where the solar eclipse caregivers, and support foster families Since 1946 when governance was To those who have ached for decades
my neckerchief around my neck. were no other available eclipse viewing occurred last week. and caregivers. turned over to Filipinos by the Ameri- for great relief from what has ailed so-
During the flag-raising ceremonies, we gadgets. Slowly, the moon covered the My experience to witness a solar cans, can we remember when poverty ciety, the pressure mounts instead of re-
had to pull the strings faster so the flag noontime sun. Suddenly, our surround- eclipse as a young boy with most of my was ever not massive? And whenever cedes. The advent of technology makes
would rise rapidly. During the flag- ings went completely dark just like in long-departed relatives had come and Download the was corruption not the issue that po- even the once ignorant who have less
lowering ceremonies at the end of the the evening because the shadow of the gone several decades ago, but my vivid Asian Journal litical opposition always hurled at the mobility in life due to sustained poverty
classes in the afternoon, we would lower moon was cast on us. Through the dark memory of it still lingers in my now asianjournalusa.com/digital incumbents? We can more than justify to greater frustration because they can
it slowly until the end of the singing of glasses, we could see the bright edges seventy-year-old mind. - AJ calling poverty and corruption as not now easily see what is possible for
only perennial but the most serious many but impossible for them. They can
can no longer be complacent about their it, but perhaps you want to be more than problems that almost 70 years of a see so many people in other countries
education. Simply put, you need to be one of a very large number. Filipino governance could not solve. enjoy ways of life that look like fantasy
enrolled in a college today. And I do In other words, at a certain point years more than just another reality. And it
mean today. Private university ago, radical was the best answer but the is no wonder that change is not radical
Luckily, colleges and universities traditional or moderate was the one ap- enough for them. It is no wonder that
nationwide are working to make it easier First the disclaimer. I teach at a private plied only to fail and fail again. what shocks those in the upper strata of
for adults to return to college. You university, Alliant International Univer- society is really too slow and traditional
have undoubtedly heard on radio, seen sity. I teach at a private university for Poverty had eased up because of the to change their unfortunate fate.
on television, or read in newspapers, the same reasons that make them a great OFW phenomenon that began in the
advertisements targeted toward the adult place to study. Wonderful instructors, mid-70s or 40 years ago. Leaving ones And, so, Judy Tagiwalo, is radical bad?
learner. For the first time, colleges are cutting edge research, administrations family for years or decades is the radical If you ask the marginalized, the hungry,
not only seeking the adult student, they that look at results as much as numbers, sacrifice that was the only counterforce the homeless, the jobless, all those who,
are making it easier for them to enroll, and students who are focused on learn- to historical poverty. OFWs bring in $30 by accident of birth, have long com-
pay for, and attend. ing and then applying their knowledge billion of remittances (1.5 trillion pesos) prised the poor of the Philippines, radi-
in the world. Naturally students at all plus the most critical factor of prevent- cal is good, necessary, a must have in

Are you back in school?

Where to go, where to go universities are this way, but hey, I did ing the pressure of having an additional governance and opportunity. And you in
say I was biased. 10 million workers in the domestic labor your own very personal way tried to be
With all the choices out there, how The great universities of the world market. OFWs a radical phenomenon. simply that, radically focused on what
does one decide which school to attend? often are private. It enables them to tens of millions of Filipinos need to ease
School is now in session for school is once again in session. The decision is not an easy one, to be concentrate their resources and expertise What about corruption? Baby boomers bit by bit their daily suffering. And I
2017 where are you? Are you now in a classroom or sure. No important decisions ever are. on students who can and want to be and all generations that followed have hope there is up ahead more would-be
But the decision to enroll in college there, and not on the student who is had to contend with the issue of corrup- leaders willing to be radical for the com-
are you still putting it off? tion. If corruption has become part of mon good.
Summer is winding down and either as a new there because that school was closer, or
More and more adults are either return- high school graduate or as an adult because a friend goes there.
Fall is quickly approaching. You returning after years of being away In California there are many great
ing to college or deciding for the first
know Fall, its that time of year
One Mindanao
time to go to one. With the economy the might just be one of the most important private universities. Among them is
tal stories about the island.
that feels different; the freedom way that it is, with strides being made in decisions you will ever make. Alliant International University. Alliant
For one, there will be special segments
of Summer is over and its time every imaginable field of endeavor, and The choices are many. There are com- offers students a choice of six California
munity colleges, state colleges, private campuses: Fresno, Irvine, Los Ange- ( Continued from page 15 ) on the lighter side of news and human
to think about that scary thing with companies increasingly looking for interest stories, like in Gikan sa Mama,
employees with degrees or who are con- for-profit colleges, and private universi- les, Sacramento, San Diego, and San
called life. More than that, ties. Which is best for you is determined Francisco. In addition, there is St. Luke sensationalized. Parang takot (tuloy ang Para sa Mama (roughly translated as
tinuing their education, men and women mga tao) pumunta sa Mindanao. So, lag- from a mom, to another mom) to be
by many factors. We can take a look at Medical School, Alliant in Tokyo, Japan
all of them. and Alliant n Hong Kong. yan natin ng positive stories that show hosted by Velasco, Marawi mothers will
St. Lukes offers comprehensive train- Mindanao is not like that as a whole, be featured. They also plan on featuring
Community college ing for doctors and surgeons who can that theres hope among the people here, the Presidential Daughter and Davao
meet the increasingly complex demands theyre actually nice, peace-loving, not City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio
These two-year colleges are excellent of modern health care delivery. Ac- terrorists or war freaks... Thats what who is a mom of three.
places to get those first two years out credited by the National Autonomous were trying to do, so were hoping
of the way. You can go to one and get University of Mexico (UNAM), St. magkaisa, may voice (via news by Min- Since not all of Mindanao speak in
the undergraduate work completed at a Lukes offers you educational exchanges danaoans, for Mindanaoans). Most of Bisaya, which is the newscasts main
much less cost. These are also good for in the U.S. and Mexico, international Mindanaoans rely on the national news language, the news and production
those who may be worried about their residency opportunities, and the chance for information. team will allow stringers to speak in
high school grades. In the community to take part in collaborative research their local language, like Chabacano in
college you can get the grades up and with other institutions. Alliant also runs Relatado agreed that the stories that Zamboanga. Although the anchors them-
be ready to go. Also, with so many col- pioneering programs for psychologists tend to cast Mindanao in a negative light selves can understand and speak some
leges often having impacted or full to in Tokyo, Japan and attracts profession- or reinforce stereotypes such as that of the other languages in Mindanao, for
spilling out the door - courses, they want als from across the US to its program in Mindanao is a war zone are the ones Ocampo, the videos are more important,
new students to start at the community clinical psychopharmacology. hyped up not just in the national but also that a good one can speak for itself, and
college level first. One thing however, With all these bewildering choices, in the international arena, and as a Mind- they will try to get their sources to speak
make sure that your classes at the com- whats a person to do? How does one anaoan, he does feel hurt about it. He in English or Tagalog-English.
munity college level can be transferred decide which school to attend, much said One Mindanao will try to address
to the upper level college. Too many less, which program to enroll in? Actu- the disproportionate coverage by telling How will One Mindanao reach the
students have taken courses as a com- ally, its simpler that it appears. First, the positive, negative and developmen- wider audience, especially for the aware-
munity college and were then told that ask yourself what you want to do and ness of those who live outside Mindanao
the credit was not transferable. what you will be happy at doing for and those who still harbor misgivings or
decades to come. Then think about misconceptions about Mindanao?
Public and private state universities where you want to go to school and tional University. Look on the web for Amoroso said that One Mindanao will
what school has the best program for them at www.alliant.edu or telephone be telecast (same time) on GMA News
The University of California system is your education. Alliant at (866) 825-5426. There is still International. He also noted that with
renowned the world over and often diffi- Okay, it is difficult. But it can be time to enroll for Fall but you need to the synergy between the national and
cult to get into particularly certain pro- made a bit easier ask a counselor. All make that decision today. One thing is regional news teams, viewers can expect
grams. The California State University universities have them. certain, at Alliant International Univer- more Mindanao stories making it to
system, especially SDSU, is crowded. sity you will never be just a number. the national programs. One Mindanao
San Diego State too often has impacted Heres an even quicker way. If you Some of the information for this segments can also be viewed on the
classes or fields of study. Those univer- want a better chance at succeeding in column came directly from the Alliant networks social media sites, particularly
sity systems are great, no question about life talk to a counselor at Alliant Interna- website. of the Regional News TV.
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

Hurricane Harvey - We are the United States

of America
By Dr. Glenn Mollette messaged or called to see how they are heart of America is helping each other.
doing. Once her aunt face timed their Americans do care about each other
Houston and the Texas Gulf neighborhood to prove to us that water and want the best for our towns and our
Coast are devastated. Never had not gotten to them yet. country. Media lately has been high-
Most likely the number of dead bodies lighting all the tension between a few
has an area been so blasted by will not be really known until days and groups of people and hatred displayed
so much rainfall in such a short maybe even weeks after Houstonians are by these groups. The vast majority of
amount of time. Houston has into their cleanup. Americans may disagree and argue quite
received more rainfall than other While the devastation of Houston is a bit. However, while Hurricane Harvey
like a very scary movie it's nothing Hurts our country, it will demonstrate
city across the United States like what we would face if one nuclear once again that the majority of Ameri-
receivea in one entire year. So bomb fell on an American City similar cans want the very best for each other.
far over 51 inches of rain has to Houston. The loss of life, housing, We will pull together for Houston and
fallen with more rainfall to come. industry and infrastructure would be far the other neighboring towns. This is
greater. Houston will be repaired and one reason why we are still The United
Everyone in America and much houses will be rebuilt. Rebuilding after a States of America and the greatest
of the world with a Television or nuclear bomb would be a different story. country of all.
computer knows about the suf- Such a horrific act would create suffer-
fering of Houston. Our prayers ing across our nation like we have never Glenn Mollette is a syndicated colum-
felt before. nist and author of twelve books.
go out to them as well as our Houston is hurting and Americans He is read in all fty states.
financial support, our manpower are pulling together from non-profits, Contact him at GMollette@aol.com.
and anything we can do to help churches and helping hands from across Learn more at www.glennmollette.com
the millions of people who are America. Like his facebook page at
Once again it will be proven that the www.facebook.com/glennmollette
homeless and suffering.
Experts are predicting Hurricane
Harvey will cost the economy 25
- 30 billion dollars because of the
rain. Most of Houston is closed
down due to the storm. The oil
and gas industry and thousands

I can sleep when the wind blows

of jobs tied to other manufactur-
ing such as the food service giant
Sysco are closed. The Port of
Houston, several hospitals and Years ago, a farmer owned land along Enraged by the response, the farmer
the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly was tempted to fire him on the spot.
both major airports are closed. advertised for hired hands. Most people Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for
were reluctant to work on farms along the storm. To his amazement, he discov-
Essentially the fifth largest economy in the Atlantic. They dreaded the awful ered that all of the haystacks had been
the United States is at a dead stop. storms that raged across the Atlantic, covered with tarpaulins. The cows were
The infrastructure damage to Houston wreaking havoc on the buildings and in the barn, the chickens were in the
will be in the billions. Reports have crops. As the farmer interviewed ap- coops, and the doors were barred. The
come from all the national media outlets plicants for the job, he received a steady shutters were tightly secured. Everything
on the significant number of people in stream of refusals. Finally, a short, thin was tied down. Nothing could blow
Houston who do not have flood insur- man, well past middle age, approached away. The farmer then understood what
ance. Thousands of homes will either the farmer. "Are you a good farm his hired hand meant, so he returned
be impossible to salvage or will cost hand?" the farmer asked him. to his bed to also sleep while the wind
upwards of `12-15 billions of dollars to "Well, I can sleep when the wind blew.
repair according to reports. blows," answered the little man. When you're prepared, spiritually,
Oil refineries on the Gulf of Mexico Although puzzled by this answer, the mentally, and physically, you have noth-
make up nearly half of the nation's farmer, desperate for help, hired him. ing to fear. Can you sleep when the wind
refining capacity. If these refineries are The little man worked well around the blows through your life?
flooded they will be difficult to repair farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the The hired hand in the story was able to
and there will be extensive gasoline farmer felt satisfied with the man's work. sleep because he had secured the farm
shortages in our country. We are already Then one night the wind howled loudly against the storm. We secure ourselves
seeing prices go up at the pump and thus in from offshore. against the storms of life by grounding
our entire economy will be impacted. Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed ourselves in the Word of God. We don't
Most of us will know of someone di- a lantern and rushed next door to the need to understand, we just need to hold
rectly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. At hired hand's sleeping quarters. He shook His hand to have peace in the middle
this moment my wife's aunt and husband the little man and yelled, "Get up! A of storms.
are still in their house in Houston and storm is coming! Tie things down before A friend of mine sent this to me today,
they are not flooded which is a miracle I they blow away!" and I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted
think. Several times a day we have text The little man rolled over in bed and to send it to you. I hope you enjoy your
said firmly, "No sir. I told you, I can day and you sleep well.
sleep when the wind blows."

Dahan dahan
Pasahero: Mama, dahan-dahan lang po. gasawa mo pre!
Alalahanin nyo na palaging nakasunod Tom: Hindi naman. But everytime I
sa atin ang disgrasya! want to have sex, she objects!
D rayber: E, kaya ko nga binibilisan ***
para di tayo abutan! Anak: Nay, yung girlfriend ko hindi
*** naniniwala sa langit at impierno.
(sa isang turo-turo): Nanay: Sige, pakasalan mo an ak,
Customer: Manang, meh langaw sa ipatikim mo sa kanya ang langit, ako na
arrozcaldo ko! ang bahala sa impierno.
Tindera: Hello! Sa halagang P5.00 ***
anong ini-expect mo....manok? Russian: Sir, we got huge order from
*** USA for 16 inches condoms. I think it is
Tom: Alam mo pare, my new wife is a to embarrass us.
sex object! Putin: No problem! Complete the order
Jerry: Wow! Maganda pala ang napan- and mark them SMALL SIZE!

Ma appeals
he is in the war zone, please return him
to me. He is not your son, she said.
Jabar put the child soldiers photo
( Continued from page 1 )
beside Ramrams photo seven years ago
Four months after the boys abduction, and posted them on her Facebook page.
the law enforcement agencies down- She asked netizens to help her locate
graded the case from kidnapping to her son, or help her verify if the child
missing, because up to now, no one has soldier was the son she lost seven years
demanded any ransom from me, Jabar ago.
said in an interview with the Inquirer on Birthmark
Monday. The only way to verify is to see if the
To keep her hopes alive, Jabar main- child soldier has the same birthmark as
tained a Facebook page, This Kid is Ramrams, she said.
Missing, asking the public for help in He has a brown birthmark in his right
disseminating Ramrams pictures. jaw. Thats the only body mark that
Child soldier could tell us that hes my son, Jabar
She offered a P100,000 reward for said.
information that would lead to the The military is verifying the authentic-
recovery of her child. After seven years ity of the pictures, Capt. Jo-Ann Pet-
there was nothing, except for insensitive inglay, spokesperson for the militarys
pranks asking her for money. Western Mindanao Command, told the
A message from Facebook user Omi Inquirer on Sunday.
Koto on Aug. 25 reignited Jabars hope. Petinglay said civilians rescued from
The unknown social media user sent her the battle zone in Marawi City had
photos of a child soldier who allegedly spoken of child soldiers fighting side
fights for the Maute terror group in by side with Maute and Abu Sayyaf
Marawi City, where Jabar was born. terrorists.
The similarities between the boy in the Col. Romeo Brawner, deputy com-
picture who carried an assault rifle and mander of Task Group Ranao, confirmed
Ramram were so striking that Jabar said that the terrorists were using child
she trembled. soldiers.
What if its he? she said. Theres no word yet from our intel-
In their last conversation, Omi Koto ligence operatives, Petinglay said,
told Jabar he got the picture from a referring to the verification of Ramrams
Bangsamoro Facebook page where picture.
pictures retrieved from the gadgets of No moving on
Maute fighters were posted. Jabar said relatives and friends were
Jabar said she had no way to verify if convincing her to move on. Her mother
the boy in the picture was Ramram and threw away Ramrams only toy a
Omi Koto could no longer be contacted. Mickey Mouse doll to force her to
As she came to another dead end, Jabar forget, she said.
appealed to Ramrams kidnappers again. Move on? But a mother could never
If that boy is really my son, I have forget her child, she said.
been waiting so long to get him back. If
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Taste of the Port Impossible Science Festival

Love sushi? Grab your friends Join the Fleet's Curator of Im- to walk on water. This event will examine The animation stations will use static
possible Science, Jason Latimer, the question "what is possible?" and use electricity to make tissue paper dance,
& come to #TasteofthePort visual and interactive experiences to surface tension to make objects scoot
9/21! Enjoy unlimited sushi as he hosts our third annual show how the seemingly impossible can along a water surface and sound waves
+other great food + drink. Impossible Science Festival become possible through curiosity and to make a toothpick dance across a wine
TIX/INFO: presented by ViaSat, taking place knowledge. glassplus you can learn how a battery,
at the Fleet Science Center! a magnet and a screw can be designed to
http://bit.ly/2sO0rU5 "The goal of the Impossible Science make a small motor.
Festival is to promote education through The transformation stations will show
Learn how to make objects curiosity," said Jason Latimer, host attendees how to make a square bubble
New to Taste of the Port, and
invisible. and designer of the Impossible Science or a fireproof balloon. And visitors can
during VIP-hour only, VIPs will
Experience what it's like to Festival. "By exploring subjects that seem harness their own super powers when
enjoy live demos provided by impossible but showing how they can be they create energy from pennies or walk
walk on water!
local fishermen. Watch Tommy made possible through science, visitors on liquid Oobleck.
Explore levitation.
Gomes from Catalina Offshore will have a memorable, hands-on learning The event will take place from 11 a.m.
Products break down and drop experience that will blow their minds!" to 5 p.m. in the theater lobby of the Fleet
All of the festival fun is includ- The event will be based around five Science Center. In all there will be more
some knowledge and insight ed in Fleet admission (along with themes: invisibility, levitation, animation, than 20 interactive demonstration sta-
on the seven cuts of meat from Game Masters, Dream! Design! transformation and super powers, and tions for visitors to experience.
Opah. Hell discuss the impor- Build and all of the Fleet's inter- each theme incorporates demonstrations The Impossible Science Festival is
tance of utilizing a whole fish that festival attendees will be able to ob- presented by ViaSat.
active exhibits, plus the IMAX serve or try for themselves. For invisibili-
and knowing where your seafood Jason Latimer, our Curator of Impos-
sible Science, hosts the Festival. film of your choice). ty, attendees will be able to use the refrac-
comes from. Tuna Harbor Dock- tive properties of Pyrex to make objects
side Market will also demo how Presented by ViaSat The Impossible Science Festival is a disappear in corn oil. They can also learn Water suspension: A mesh screen
to shuck an oyster. unique, hands-on, interactive event that how to manipulate lighta precursor to holds water in the jar, even when tooth-
Upcoming Dates: explores the science behind the seem- invisibilityusing a laser pen and tonic picks are pushed through it.
Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 ingly impossible. Visitors will have the water, or make the invisible come to life
Enjoy an evening on the Bay at 11:00 am to 5:00 pm opportunity to learn how to turn objects with a homemade laser microscope.
the Port of San Diegos Taste of Sunday, Sep 24, 2017 invisible, explore levitation, play with static electricity and air pressure can
the Port event on September 21. 11:00 am to 5:00 pm the science of mind control, discover For levitation, visitors can experience make objects like ping pong balls, and
Experience tastings from top wa- impossible figures and even learn how how concepts like the Bernoulli principle, tinsel appear to levitate!
terfront restaurants, while watch-
ing three of San Diegos best
chefs square off in a live Green
Viejas Casino & Resort celebrates 26 years as San Diegos premier gaming and
Chef of the Bay cooking compe-
tition. The event will highlight
entertainment destination with a September to Remember
sustainable cooking including Throughout the month, guests earned from gaming activities. Promo- Independence Day at Viejas Casino & (7:30 p.m.)
locally sourced ingredients and can participate in commemo- tional period begins at 8:05 p.m. each Resort Saturday, Sept. 16 and enjoy ice Viejas Concerts in the Park: Lee Brice
fresh fish. Enjoy live entertain- Wednesday and ends at 7:30 p.m. the cold cerveza while watching Mariachi Thursday, Sept. 28 (8 p.m.)
rative events, promotions, and following Wednesday. Winners match- Real perform msica tradicional.
ment, drinks, and product demos. more ing three or four numbers have 24 hours Viejas Casino & Resort is at the
Space is limited and this event to download their free play cash on any SEPTEMBER ENTERTAINMENT heart of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay
will sell out. Advance purchase SAN DIEGO (Aug. 29, 2017) gaming machine. Prizes will be made PROGRAMMING Indians entrepreneurial achieve-
of tickets is highly recommend- Viejas Casino & Resort celebrates available at 10 p.m. after the 8 p.m. ments and is recognized as one of the
drawing. Three matches = $25, four Viejas Casino & Resort and iHeartRadio most respected and successful Indian
ed. 26 years in September as the San matches = $500, five matches will win Summer Nights Star Search Series Pop gaming resorts in California. Since its
Diego regions leading destina- the Cash Jackpot! Night Friday, Sept. 1 (7 p.m.) beginnings as the Viejas Bingo Room
Taste of the Port is committed to di-
verting waste from the landfill including tion for gaming, dining, entertain- Viejas Concerts in the Park: Jim Jeffer- in 1977 the property has undergone
ment, and more. In honor of the Mexican Independence Day Satur- ies Friday, Sept. 8 (7 p.m.) several expansions, constantly striving
providing each attendee with a reusable day, Sept. 16 Viejas Concerts in the Park: George to provide guests more amenities, bet-
bag and beverage glass as they walk occasion, the property will host a Viva Mxico! Celebrate Mexican Thorogood and Foghat Sunday, Sept. 24 ter services and more reasons to visit.
into the event. This allows guests to series of commemorative events,
utilize their beverage glass for all of the
drink tastings featured at the event and gaming promotions, and more,
eliminates single use cups. The Port is adding to its existing schedule of
also partnering with San Diego State top-notch programming. Attend a free presentation on Philippine
University to have composting on-site
at the event. This will include being able COMMEMORATIVE HAPPENINGS properties (houses and condomiums) by
to compost disposable dishware and
cutlery utilized by tasting vendors dur- 26 Ways to Pay Day Every Friday in
Vista Land, one of the largest and leading
ing the event. September, (drawings will be held at 6, housing developers in the Philippines.
7, 8 and 9 p.m.)
Participating Port Restaurants
Every Friday in September, starting
Assagio Pizza Pasta Plus with September 8th, 26 winners will You can use them as your residence,
Coronado Marriott share $26,000 in Free Play Cash! Guests
Eddie Vs Prime Seafood will earn 26 base points for each entry. vacation homes and/or income
Gelato Paradiso
Greek Islands Caf
Official Viejas Resort & Casino 26th
Anniversary Celebration Wednesday,
generating rental properties.
Jimmys Famous American Tavern Sept. 13
Marina Kitchen
San Diego Convention Center Guests are invited to join team The projects are all over the Philippines
Seasons 52 members, VIPs, and representatives of
Sushi Tadokoro the Viejas band of Kumeyaay Indians including in Boracay, a world-famous
Tuna Harbor Dockside Market to celebrate Viejas Casino & Resorts
+ more to be added soon milestone 26th anniversary with a cake- tourist spot where you can buy a condo unit for only $70,000+ with
Participating Breweries, Wineries, and
cutting ceremony, Champagne toast, and
other exciting festivities.
a monthly payment of about $400; Tagaytay; Baguio City; Makati business area; and in
Beverage Companies several cities and towns all over the Philippines (including, maybe, your hometown).
V Club Birthday Party Friday, Sept.
Alta Brewing 15
Carruth Cellars Not just a players card, the V Club is
Coronado Brewing Co. a passport to the best Viejas has to offer. Call (619) 746-3416 to reserve a space for the scheduled presentations in San Diego,
Cutwater Spirits In honor of V Clubs birthday guests will
Fruit Craft Fermentary & Distillery enjoy cupcakes and $10 in Free Play Temecula, Orange County and Los Angeles or to get more information or brochures.
Hubert's Lemonade Cash on Sept. 15.
Kombucha on Tap Bingo Anniversary Sunday, Sept. 17
Mike Hess Brewing (6 p.m.)
Rekorderlig Cider Viejas Casino & Resort isnt the only
San Pasqual Winery one celebrating a landmark anniversary
Stone Brewing this year: The Viejas Bingo Room, which
Trident Coffee opened its doors in 1977 will celebrate
+ more to be added soon 40 years. In honor of the occasion a
$50,000 session will be held. It is open
Green Chef of the Bay Competitors to the public with buy in required.

Roy Hendrickson, Executive Chef, SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER

Kona Kai Resort & Spa EVENTS
Jay Payne, Chef De Cuisine, Sallys
Fish House & Bar $100K Labor Day Blowout Friday,
Sept. 1 Sunday, Sept. 3 (drawings will
Judges be held at 6, 7, 8, and 9 p.m.)
Winners will share $100,000 in cash
Candice Woo, Eater San Diego and free play prizes. Guests will earn 10
Jason Anderson, Cleantech San Diego base points for each entry. Entries earned
Robert Dukie Valderrama, Port of are only valid the day they are earned.
San Diego
Rise & Shine Breakfast Gift Set
Peso Select Dates, Sunday, Sept. 3 Tuesday,
Sept. 26
( Continued from page 1 ) Start the day off right with the Rise
& Shine Breakfast Gift Set. The set
BOP deficit for the year to $1.384 includes a toaster oven, an egg-cooker, Own a beach property in San Felipe, Mexico
billion, according to data from a 34-oz. juicer, and an omelet maker.
the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. To receive this curated set, guests must
D'Ambrosio added that the be a part of the Loyalty Gift Club. Any Attend a free dinner presentation on beach properties in San Felipe, Mexico,
guests who is not part of the Gift Club
country's growth prospects and would like to pick up a gift will need just four hours drive from San Diego, California.
remain good this year and the to earn 300 points on the gift redemption
Philippines will likely be among day. Guests can visit the gift presentation Learn how you can own a vacation and/or retirement home for yourself
area or V Club booth for more details.
the 10 fastest growing economies and your family which you can share with your friends.
in the world. Viejas Super Lottery Every Wednes-
day & Saturday in September (drawings
You can retire in Mexico for half the cost of living in America.
held at 8 and 10 p.m.) Call (619) 746.3416 to reserve a space in the next free dinner presentations
Every Wednesday and Saturday in
Call the Asian Journal at September (drawing held at 8 p.m. and in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.
619.474.0588 for your 10 p.m.). Guests will be given one free
advertising needs. lottery ticket daily. Guests can earn ad-
ditional tickets for every 50 base points
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

San Diego Zoo Kids Channel Begins Broadcasting
had toppled into the center of the room,
having narrowly missed their beds. My

at Childrens National and Ronald McDonald House

older sons bed was closer to the door,
so I reached him first after crawling over
the debris. Dustin was shaking with
fear, but he was huddled safely beneath
the covers. Charities Greater Washington, DC
Its an earthquake, I said quietly.
Stay under the covers until I get Jona- Young patients, their families nie, an African penguin; Yang, San Diego Zoo, we hope to forge new
than, and then well all go downstairs and invited guests were treated to a Chinese alligator; and Honey connections between this new genera-
together. tion and the natural world. For children
a visit with some amazing animal Bun, a Lionhead rabbit from The who may not have the opportunity to
I turned toward my younger sons
bed and froze. Just then, I heard my ambassadorsincluding Win- Maryland Zoo in Baltimoreat a visit our Zoo, we are happy to bring the
gathering at Childrens National. zoo to you.
Beneath the Surface
husband gasp in the doorway behind
me. A moment later he was by my side. This special event served to
The tall chest of drawers had tipped over The service is also making its debut
to the epicenter, which would mean that
announce the arrival of a closed- at the Ronald McDonald House Chari-
onto my younger sons bed. We could
see his pillow peeking out from beneath the extensive damage around us would circuit television adventure ties of Greater Washington, DC (RM-
the fallen dresser. To make matters probably be the worst of it. We later channel, San Diego Zoo Kids, at HCDC.) "We are happy to partner with
worse, two tall plaster giraffes weighing learned that we were only about a mile Childrens National and Ron- the San Diego Zoo, Children's National
25 pounds each, gifts to the boys from from the epicenter of the Northridge Medical Center, and the Maryland Zoo
ald McDonald House Charities to offer this fun and educational channel
a family friend had both fallen into the quake.
center of Jonathans bed, breaking in When morning finally came, my Greater Washington, D.C. to our children and their families. This
half from the force of the fall. Fearing husband and I looked at our utterly de- will be a great addition to our family-
what we would find under the dresser stroyed house. The chimneys had fallen, San Diego Zoo Kids is an innova- centered programs, designed to provide
and broken giraffes, my husband and I the windows were broken, and the tive television channel with programs comfort and help relieve stress." Karen
quickly shoved the heavy dresser off the downstairs was flooded from a broken produced exclusively for medical Torres, Executive Director.
bed. In the instant before turning back pipe. We had only lived there for four facilities that serve pediatric patients and
toward the bed, I closed my eyes and months and had put every penny we had their families. The creation and develop- The San Diego Zoo Kids channel
said a quick prayer. into buying and redecorating the place. ment of the channel has been funded offers up-close video encounters with
God, Ive always prayed only to thank Now, it all lay in ruins. But our faith in by businessman and philanthropist T. animals, stories about caring for animals,
you, never feeling I needed your help. God remained firmly in place; we were Denny Sanford. A generous gift from quizzes about animals and habitats, and
Now, please God, I need a miracle. I deeply thankful that all four of us were Henry Goldberg and Kim Hetherington a wide variety of short video vignettes
opened my eyes and saw a smashed but alive and well. Today, we live in another and the law firm of Goldberg, Godles, hosted by San Diego Zoo Global ambas-
empty pillow. We pulled the plaster nice home in Northridge, and our sons Wiener & Wright has made the chan- sador Rick Schwartz and San Diego Zoo
giraffes off the bed and searched the attend great schools. Every day, we try nel available on television monitors in Kids host Oliva Degn. Viewers can see
CSU parking structure collapses during the Northridge earthquake (1994) bedclothes. Jonathan was nowhere in to perform a simple kindness or service every patient room, as well as in waiting video from the San Diego Zoos famous
sight. Tears filled my eyes, and I hugged to family, friends, or strangers. We feel areas at Childrens National. San Diego Panda Cam and other online cameras, as
The surface of the earth is made Arms of Grace by Lynda Foley about my husband, saying, Hes here some- blessed by God and humbled enough to Zoo Kids programming offers family well as content from other zoos across
the 1994 Northridge earthquake that where, and hes okay, I know it. need and accept his help. friendly, animal-oriented stories that are the country.
up of giant plates: the Pacific both entertaining and educational.
left their house in ruins. Her story re- Another strong aftershock struck, and When we finally felt Jonathan could
Plate, the North American Plate, minded me of the series of earthquakes we realized we had to find Jonathan and discuss the earthquake without suffering The stories we tell on the San Di-
the South American plate, the Af- that rumbled all over California some get out of there quickly. My husband additional trauma, we asked him why Art, music, entertainment, and ego Zoo Kids channel not only entertain
rican, Arabian and Indian Plates, time ago, although they are minor ones. didnt have his glasses on, so I told him he had crawled into the headboard. He the outdoors can be incredibly valuable children and their families during what
Here is her story: thought about it for a moment and then parts of the healing process for kids can be a stressful time, but hopefully
and so on. These plates that to take Dustin outside and that I would
when they are injured or sick, says Kurt
The powerful earthquake hit our home continue to search for Jonathan. Then he said, I didnt crawl in. The beautiful inspire a new generation to appreciate
form the earths crust sit atop the in the early hours of January 17, 1994, lady put me in. Newman, M.D., President and CEO wildlife and their natural habitats, said
we heard a strange noise that seemed
mantle, which is semi-molten a jolting my husband and me awake and to come from Jonathans bed. We crept We were stunned; The beautiful of Childrens National Health System. Douglas G. Myers, president and CEO
thick liquid. nearly tossing us from our bed. Our back to the bed and heard coughing from lady? I asked. Yeah, she smelled Adding the San Diego Zoo Kids chan- of San Diego Zoo Global. We have
instant response was to run and get our pretty, like you, Mom. This was all nel to our programming is a new and heard from several doctors, nurses, and
When the plates move against inside the small headboard cupboard
exciting way for kids to learn, engage,
two sons, Dustin, seven, and Jonathan, where Jonathan stored his favorite toys Jonathan would ever say about this families that providing these animal
one another, they build up pres- four, who shared a room with twin beds experience. and just be kids during their stay at the stories has been a resource of calm and
and books.
sure until one of them gives at the other end of the house. This task There, impossibly tucked inside the To this day we have never questioned hospital including those who may be comfort for their young patients.
way and BOOM! There is an seemed nearly impossible, however, as tiny cubby of the headboard, lay Jona- the miracle of our sons survival. Now unable to leave their rooms.
earthquake! the giant tremors repeatedly threw us to than, tired but unharmed. My husband and then I say a prayer for the beautiful San Diego Zoo Kids debuted in
the floor of our upstairs bedroom. scooped him up, and I grabbed Dustin. mysterious lady, whoever she was the The channel also features animal 2013 at Rady Childrens Hospital in San
All electrical power in the area imme- The four of us made our way downstairs figment of a small boys imagination or stories from The Maryland Zoo in Bal- Diego. Since then, it has been installed
Where major tectonic plates strain
diately went out, and my husband and I as the house continued to fall apart an angel, a special messenger from God. timore. The Maryland Zoo is excited in 108 children's hospitals and Ronald
against one another, fault lines occur.
found ourselves scrambling across the around us. On the way, I remembered Through her, God had protected our son to share our love of wildlife and wild McDonald Houses in 28 states across
For instance, the most well-known fault
house in total darkness punctuated only to grab our emergency earthquake bag from harm and had helped give us better places with everyone at Childrens Na- the U.S., and now the District of Colum-
line in North America the San Andreas
by the light we could see from the win- from the downstairs closet. As soon as understanding of our purpose here on tional, said Don Hutchinson, president
Fault runs almost the entire length of
dows caused by exploding transformers we got outside we smelled smoke. The earth. and CEO of The Maryland Zoo in Balti-
California. Its where the western edge of ( Continued on page 15 )
on nearby hilltops. My husband grunt- only light we could see came from a more. Working in partnership with the
the North American Plate and the eastern
edge of the Pacific Plate meet. ed in pain as a tall wooden bookcase glow to the north, which we later learned
These two plates are constantly grinding fell and gashed his right leg. was caused by gas explosions.
on each other building up pressure, until Go on get the boys, he yelled We climbed into my station wagon,
one of them snaps over or under the other, through gritted teeth. which was parked at the curb, and
and life on the surface is sorely disrupted. I heard him pushing the bookcase off caught our breath for a few minutes. We
The most devastating movement along his leg, then the deafening sounds of dressed the kids in sweat suits from the
the San Andreas Fault was in 1906 when glass shattering throughout the house. emergency bag and handed out snacks
3,000 lives were lost in San Francisco. An aftershock knocked me to my knees and water. With our family safe and
The rifts in the earths crust lie out of before I reached the boys bedroom. A warm, we decided to check up on our
sight and explode with powerful energy metallic taste abruptly filled my mouth, neighbors.
at unexpected times. Many scientists and I realized I had bitten my tongue. First, though, I ran back inside the
believe that California is due for the The shaking stopped, and everything unstable house for my husbands glasses
Big One the next major earthquake became eerily quiet as I peered into my and then again for supplies. After seeing
resulting from movement along the San sons shadowy bedroom. By now ac- to our neighbors, our greatest concern
Andreas Fault. customed to the darkness, I could make became whether Los Angeles still
I came across a story entitled In the out that all three of their bookcases existed. We hoped that we were close

Long shifts
efforts going somewhere when you Lito Corpuz v. People of the Philippines
see your patients improving, when (G. R.No. 180016, 29 April 2014), had
you save lives. Worth it because you're asked Congress to amend the Revised
( Continued from page 2 ) always growing and learning.) Rap- Penal Code and take into consideration
join a mandatory familiarization training pler.com the changed conditions since the laws
program for 4 months. "Kinain ko prinsi- (To be concluded) enactment.

pyo ko two years ago (I compromised my The only remedy is to call for the
principles two years ago)," she lamented. much-needed overhaul of an archaic law
Whenever things get too tough and that was promulgated decades ago when
she's tempted to leave, Barcelon reminds ( Continued from page 1 ) the political, socio-economic and cul-
herself that she still has it better than penalties of arresto mayor and a fine tural settings were very much different
many other nursing graduates. Many of not exceeding P200,000. from todays conditions, Drilon said.
her batchmates, for example, were forced Lawmakers also amended the penal- He said the measure essentially sought
to tread different paths working in call ties on malversation of public funds or to update the value of the damages used
centers, in the police force, et cetera. property, which may suffer the terms in determining the extent of liability and
"I'm thankful that I have a supportive ranging from prision correccional to imprisonment; and adjust the amount of
family. If not for them, I would have reclusion temporal with penalty starting fines, using a formula adopted from the
shifted careers already... Paano na lang at P40,000 to P4.4 million, depending Department of Justice (DOJ).
'yung ibang (How about the other) on the amount involved in the misap- The application of the DOJ formula
breadwinners those who are expected to propriation or malversation of public yields adjusted rates that are more ap-
provide [for] and support their families? funds. propriate for the objectives of the law
Paano ang may ganoong realidad (How In libel cases, the amended RPC also one, to avoid the imposition of cruel and
about those with that reality)?" she said. provides that a jail term of prision excessive punishment, and two, to make
Worth it correctional and a fine ranging from imposable fines an effective deterrent to
Difficult as it may be, Barcelon is still P40,000 to P1.2 million or both. crimes, Drilon said.
holding on to the profession she chose. The act of threatening to release to the For instance, Drilon said, a person
"Ang ginagawa ko na lang, kapag feel- public and offer to prevent such publi- found guilty of estafa, involving an
ing ko natatapakan na pride ko, I think cation for compensation also gets a jail amount of P250 would suffer a jail
of reasons why I'm doing this in the first term and fine ranging from P40,000 to term or would be imprisoned for up
place," she said. (What I do is, when I P400,000 or both. to two years and four months. Under
feel that my pride is being trampled on, I Another pertinent provision focused the proposed measure, the imposable
think of reasons why I'm doing this in the on the prolonging performance of penalty for such an offense involving the
first place.) duties and powers that penalizes any same amount would be reduced to four
While there are demanding patients, public officer who shall continue to months of imprisonment.
there are still many who are grateful and exercise the duties and powers of his
"May mga patients naman na sobrang
office, employment or commission
beyond the period provided by the law, NBI
( Continued from page 1 )
appreciative sa 'yo. May moments na regulation or special provisions. It pro-
nade-degrade buong pagkatao mo, pero vides penalties of prision correccional, chance to air their side, which
may glorifying moments tulad na sinas- disqualification and a fine not exceed- the prosecutors have to take into
abihan ka na 'Sana, ikaw pa rin nurse ko ing P100,000.
sa susunod,'" she said. Early this year, Senate Minority
account when deciding whether
(There are patients who are very appre- Leader Franklin Drilon pushed for the to dismiss the complaints or press
ciative. There are moments when you feel approval of Senate Bill No. 14, saying charges in court.
degraded, but there are also glorifying the bill sought to address the outdat-
moments like when they tell you, "I hope ed penalties for certain crimes, which Policemen said they killed Delos San-
you'll still be my nurse next time.") were based on the economic standards tos during an anti-illegal drug operation
Are all the troubles worth it? since the Revised Penal Code first took on August 16 in Barangay 160, Calo-
"Yes," Barcelon said. "Nagiging worth it effect in 1930. ocan City after the teenager fired at them
kapag nakikita mong may napupuntahan The Senate approved the bill with as he was escaping.
ang efforts mo kapag nakikita mong 21 ayes, zero nays and no abstention, Delos Santos' family, however, claimed
nag-i-improve ang patients, when you which also found a counterpart measure that CCTV footage would prove that the
save lives. Worth it because you're always at the House of Representatives. teenager could not have run away as he
growing and learning." In a statement, Drilon noted that in was being dragged away by policemen
(It becomes worth it when you see your 2014, the Supreme Court, in the case of after his apprehension.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Spiritual Life
The Power of Goodbye Is it possible
by Alan Scott, Catholic Exchange Saying goodbye to things that are Goodbyes force us to start over. that youre
Many times in life, we move on.
unhealthy for us
Goodbyes remind us that nothing in refusing the
joy God is
And we say goodbye. We should also strive to realize more this world lasts forever.
and more that God must be the first and

offering you?
highest desire of our soul because God is Goodbyes can stop us from continuing
A goodbye to a lifestyle, em- goodness. And without a just and perfect bad habits.
ployment, location, or even a God to lead not only us were headed
goodbye to the people or things for trouble. And by taking a look at the Goodbyes can help us to remove who
22nd Sun. In Ord. Time we have in close proximity to our world and its current list of elephantine-
sized problems, it also doesnt take a
or what is toxic or unhealthy from our
lives. rocket scientist to realize were already Youve heard of pride, greed,
St. Peter, A Stumbling Block? And its definitely not always
there. Goodbyes can prompt us to find true
meaning in our lives.
lust, and envy but have you
ever heard of acedia? Sloth is an-
easy. And Im not just talking about politics,
other term for it. And despite the
Joke of the week: A drunk stumbles world leaders and all of the social and And goodbyes can often bring new
out of a bar one night and passes a We live in an age of skepticism. For moral issues of today. This also applies hellos. fact that the Church fathers were
As a means in helping ourselves
woman walking her dog. The man stops instance, many of our contemporaries to things on a much less-grand scale. vocal about the dangers of sloth,
to maintain a strong faith, we When we are ready to say goodbye to
her and asks, Hey whered ya get the find it hard to accept the path that Jesus today its practically ignored, as
pig? The woman replies, Listen you proposes to Peter and his companions: must often learn to abandon Anything that removes God as our distractions, habits and even unhealthy if it is the most benign sin of all.
drunken bastard, thats a dog not a pig. the way to holiness is paved with thorns many aspects of the world, even highest priority should be re-evaluated. relationships, we are ready to embrace
The man then said, Take it easy, I was and thistles. This is a hard truth and the new opportunities, new people and a But is it?
though we must continue to live
talking to the dog human response is similar to Peters Life is full of distractions and attach- deeper relationship with God. Acedia may be one of the least
in it.
reaction: glory and honor without suf- ments. And when you start to remove understood vices. It is more than
Scriptures: First Reading: Jeremiah ferings and sacrifices. Gods way is the those distractions and attachments that And its then that many of our good- simple laziness. The Catechism
20: 7-9. Jeremiah prophesied the end of Crucified Christ! are either unhealthy or even just exces- byes will make more sense to us and we
a culture, community, and tradition. He sively time-consuming, and instead will be glad that we turned that page, teaches us:
warned the people about their impend- Christopher, Christ bearer, (Greek, give that time and focus to God and in moving on to new and stronger chapters Acedia or spiritual sloth goes
ing exile, the fall of Jerusalem, and the Christo + phorus), a gifted man with helping your neighbor, you will natu- in our life. so far as to refuse the joy that
end of the monarchy. It was a time of many physical qualities, such as power rally start to think more clearly and act comes from God, and to be re-
great upheaval. He laments the fact that to row for hours his ferryboat and a kind more in accordance to Gods Will in all Chapters that help us so that we may
his contemporaries did not comprehend heart, but he was an agnostic. Robert matters. better know, love and trust God. pelled by divine goodness (No.
the approaching end. Earlier in his life G. Ingersoll said that an agnostic does 2094).
Jeremiah grieved in what was happening not only say, I do not know, he goes Most of lifes struggles, from frustra- Alan Scott is a writer and graphic
in the world, now he laments in what is further and utters, You do not know. tions to anxiety, from anger to sadness, designer residing in Virginia. A former What does that mean? Well, one way to
happening in heaven! For his unpopular For Christopher, the only reality was from grief to worry, all tend to stem Agnostic, he converted to the Catholic consider Gods goodness is to under-
and ominous prophecy, Jeremiah suf- what he could physically see, feel, hear from the same thing faith in 2004. In 2014 he started his blog stand that all of His creations, whether
fered expulsion from the Temple, ridi- and touch. Yet, he was kind and served GrowInVirtue.com, which focuses on of human, natural, or spiritual origin, are
culed, beaten and threatened with death. others through his ferryboat. During a The struggles come from being too growing in holiness, by attempting to gifts from God meant to be shared. Yet
He thought that God is not fair in deal- severe storm, the ferryboat capsized and tightly attached to something, or some- live a life more simple and virtuous, a in order to harvest these gifts, we first
ing with him. For some time, the prophet Christopher dove into the raging waters one, or even ourselves, instead of being life that is lived for God. When hes not must actin thought or deedto open
thought that God disrupted his peaceful to rescue a young child. Once on the attached to God. Instead of relying on writing or designing, youll nd him, ourselves to His graces. If the grace is
and quiet life. Unwilling to be at ease shore, he looked at the child and saw 25-27). God. Not giving God the attention He hands dirty, in his garden. You can nd forgiveness, then we must first seek to
with the way of life of his contempo- the face of Christ. He had been already Peter was not a skeptic. But he doubted deserves and demands. him on Facebook, too. be forgiven. If the gift is our body, we
raries, he refused to accept too the way gifted with faith, even before he had Christs determination to fulfill his must act to preserve and strengthen it,
God deals with him. He did not want to seen the face of Christ, because of his Fathers mission, even to the point of And when we start to properly recog- http://catholicexchange.com/the-pow- in order to be able to enjoy it as gift. If
prophecy again. Later on, he has learned benevolence and graciousness. dying. He was a stumbling block. nize these distractions and attachments er-of-goodbye the blessing is another person, we must
to accept the truth that the calling of a and are able to say goodbye to them, act to love, give thanks, and apologize
prophet involves tensions, challenges A few years ago, many people were ap- Quotation of the week: The more af- amazing things start to happen. when the circumstances demand, so as
and opportunities that are transforma- palled at seeing Mel Gibsons The Pas- fliction for Christ in this world, so much ( Continued on page 11 )
tive and fulfilling. Second Reading: sion of the Christ. These people could the more glory with Christ in the future. Because there is power in saying
Romans 12: 1-2. After having written not believe what they saw portrayed in St. Philip Howard. Goodbye to what is often around us.
about Christian doctrine in great length, the movie: a bloody, dusty, and totally The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and

Hanging By a Thread
Paul now turns to the practical aspect beaten Christ! They have been used especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
of Christian life in the community. He to seeing the meek and serene face of
teaches the Christians in Rome to live an Christ. Now they saw the stark reality CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
exemplary life for the edification of their of a blood-stained Christ, crowned with by Mark Mallett, www.markmallett. no longer has fuel.Letter of His Holi- Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
fellow Christians and non-believers. thorns who willingly sacrificed his life com, 8/31/2017 -- ness POPE BENEDICT XVI to All the Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
Paul teaches that true Christian living is in obedience to the Father. Probably, Bishops of the World, March 12, 2009;
ethical and transformative. These ele- Jesus has never been portrayed before. www.vatican.va
ments come into play when one offers Mel Gibson with all his cinematographic
THE WORLD seems to be On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
his life in union with Christ first and talent tried to capture in his film a Jesus hanging by a thread. The threat As I wrote not long ago, when the
foremost in the liturgy. Gospel: Matthew people had never seen before. So, for of nuclear war, rampant moral world becomes so darkand that Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
18: 21-35. Earlier Peter had professed many of them it is a fact that is difficult and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
degradation, division within the darkness of confusion even enters Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
that Jesus is the Messiah. Now while to comprehend and a painful truth that Church, the attack on the fam- the Churchwe need to Turn On the the whole world.
Jesus and his disciples remain in the is hard to swallow. The usual response Headlights. That is, God continues to
region of Caesarea Philippi, he started is: it is just another movie, a Hollywood ily, and the assault on human
speak to us through chosen messengers On the Hail Mary beads say:
preparing them for his forthcoming creation, made surreal to earn more sexuality has frayed the worlds who impart, not new doctrines, but the
suffering, death, and resurrection. At the bucks. peace and stability to a dangerous light of divine wisdom to help us know For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
start of his public ministry and shortly point. People are coming apart. how we should respond in the present on us and on the whole world.
after he had fasted for forty days in the At the bottom of that answer betrays momentif we but listen.
desert, Jesus was tempted by the devil the skepticism of our age to accept the Relationships are unraveling. In conclusion say three times:
(Matthew 4: 1-11). The devil suggested way to glory is through the Cross For Families are fracturing. Nations It is not [so-called private revela- Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
to Jesus that he (Jesus) could fulfill his instance, many are skeptical about the are dividing. That is the big tions] role to improve or complete have mercy on us and on the whole world.
mission in an easy way, without pain, intention of the Church to be true and pictureand one that Heaven Christs denitive Revelation, but to help
suffering and death. Peter in todays holy. They consider that to be hogwash. live more fully by it in a certain period
You Are Sovereign
Gospel acts and thinks as the devil does. So, they stay away from the Church seems to agree with:
of history Catechism of the Catho-
Peter who earlier was called the Rock and her teachings. They also find it hard lic Church, n. 67
now he becomes a stumbling block or to accept that marriage can last until Two-thirds of the world is lost and the
obstacle to Jesus mission. death, that priests, nuns, monks and other part must pray and make repara-
Theologian, Peter Bannister, continues
Meditation: What would you do for this
those who dedicate their life completely tion for the Lord to take pity. The devil child? Answer Me, My daugh-
wants to have full domination over the to send me the translations to the words
Reections: Skeptikos (Greek, from to Christ could, with Gods grace, be of the most credible Catholic seers living During this retreat, I Myself ter. And I said, Jesus, I would
earth. He wants to destroy. The earth
Latin scepticus, the sect of the Skeptics, celibate for life. The normal response
is in great danger At these moments throughout the world today, including will direct your soul. I want to give the child all it asked and a
followers of Greek philosopher, Pyr- is disbelief, skepticism and denial or these allegedly from Our Lady of Zaro conrm you in peace and love.
rho), is an investigator or examiner or utter disregard for the truth that it is all humanity is hanging by a thread. If
in Italy:
thousand times more (Diary,
one who doubts the possibility of true possible, no matter how arduous and the thread breaks, many will be those And so, the first few days passed 229).
knowledge. There are three main types painful it is, for someone to be celibate, who do not reach salvation Hurry by. On the fourth day, doubts
because time is running out; there will Children, everything that I had been
of skepticism: 1. Philosophical skepti- to remain committed until death, and
be no room for those who delay in com- announcing to you for a while now is began to trouble me: Is not this My Prayer Response:
cism, or Pyrrhonism, 2. Scientific skepti- to be truthful. In their skepticism, those about to be fullled; the times are near, tranquillity of mine false? Then
cism, and 3. Religious skepticism. The people miss the opportunity to grow that ing! The weapon that has the greatest Lord Jesus, thank You for directing
influence on evil is to say the Ro- here they are at the gate. My children, I heard these words, My daugh-
task of the scientific skeptic is to dispar- comes with tension in choosing the way once again I tell you do not fear, I am our souls in times of retreat and prayer.
age what is nonsense in spite of enough of the Cross. When tensions are seen as sary Our Lady to Gladys Herminia
beside you, I lead you by my hand: take
ter, imagine that you are the Since You are sovereign over the whole
evidence to the contrary. Philosophical opportunities and challenges to be better Quiroga of Argentina, approved on May sovereign of all the world and world, direct our prayer and lives ac-
22nd, 2016 by Bishop Hector Sabatino it, let us walk together. Little children, in
skeptics avoid asserting the absolute, Christians/persons, they are wonderful this time of trial and tribulation, do not have the power to dispose of all cording to Your will. Thank You for
for the reason that one can be wrong. A channels for transformation. The author Cardelli Your astounding goodness to us in our
fear, and reinforce your prayers more. things according to your good
religious skeptic is not necessarily an of the Book of Judith wrote, Besides all August 26th, 2017 to Angela need.
atheist or agnostic, but doubts certain this, we should be grateful to the Lord TURN ON THE HEADLIGHTS pleasure. You have the power to
religious assertions. our God for putting us to the test. Recall Yes, prayer is at the heart of nearly do all the good you want, and *Diary passages with bolded words are
how he dealt with Abraham, and how he St. Bernadine of Siena once said, The Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
truth appeared like a great candle light- every message from Heaven these suddenly a little child knocks Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul 1987
The word skepticism is related to the tried Isaac Not for vengeance did the days. For as the Catechism teaches, on your door, all trembling and
word prejudice (Latin praeiudicium Lord put them in the crucible to try their ing the whole world with its brilliant Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
flame. But today, that light is dimming. Prayer attends to the grace we need for in tears and, trusting in your tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
prior judgment. Skeptics put their hearts, nor has he done so with us. It is meritorious actions. [1] It is in prayer Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
judgment on hold until a convincing by way of admonition that he chastises kindness, asks for a piece of Jesus Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
in vast areas of the world the faith is ( Continued on page 11 )
proof is obtained. those who are close to him (Judith 8:
in danger of dying out like a ame which bread lest he die of starvation. by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB 2010

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at zaricruz@att.net or check for updates on
www.divinemercyhills.org, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit www.divinemercyhills.org
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Arts & Culture

Final Days to Get Early Bird Savings on Balboa Parks Maker Faire
Deepest Discounts End August 31
August 29, 2017 (SAN DIEGO, performance is an electronic journey at just $22 for two full days of action- Maker Movement, which fuels Maker
CA) Just two days remain to into an unknown realm of seriously packed fun and education. All tickets Faire. Maker Faire was designed to be
spectacular entertainment. provide access to the following circuits: forward-looking, showcasing Mak-
get the biggest savings on Maker The Electric Giraffe Project This MF1. San Diego Museum of Man ers who are exploring new forms and
Faire San Diego tickets. The Oc- fan-favorite is back! The giraffe will al- MF2. Old Globe new technologies. But it is not just for
tober 7-8 event is part high-tech ways be a work in progress, adding and MF3. Japanese Friendship Garden exhibiting what is new in technical fields
science fair, part county fair, part fixing and improving. This creation has MF4. San Diego Model Railroad - Maker Faire features innovation and
traveled from the desert of Burning Man Museum experimentation across the spectrum of
something entirely new. Balboa to the White House to meet President MF5. San Diego History Center science, engineering, art, performance,

Isa Lamang (4)

Park hosts this celebration of Obama! MF6. Fleet Science Center and craft.
technology, arts, crafts, science, Light Painting Stick An RGB LED MF7. San Diego Natural History Mu-
and the Do-It-Yourself mindset light stick that allows photographers to seum (theNAT) ABOUT SAN DIEGO MAKERS
take their long exposure work to the next MF8. Outdoor Zone 1 GUILD
for innovative, creative people level by creating abstract and photo- MF9. Spanish Village Art Center The San Diego Makers Guild is a Isang tinig lang natin ang sa kanilay ipadinig
who like to tinker and love to realistic images. Talk with makers, get hands-on, and nonprofit that is committed to fostering ng kanilang maunawaan ang ting hinihibik
create, and also for those curious San Diego Sabers The premiere visit the exhibitions on display. Itll be a the maker community and to promoting, hindi na kailangan na lahat tayoy maghimagsik
minds who want to see and get lightsaber combat group in the San packed weekend! showcasing, and encouraging adoption
Diego area, providing lightsaber combat of making by individuals and public sapat na ang isa, sabihin lamang upang madinig.
hands-on with new and innova- demos as well as discussing custom DIY PRESS MATERIALS: Photos and and private institutions, with the goal
tive things coming just around lightsaber builds! logos of advancing education, innovation, Isang puso lang at malilinang mo na ang totoo
the corner. Evolution RV-Tiny Home on Wheels WEBSITE: http://sandiego.makerfaire. commerce and lifelong learning. Our
This multi-museum event showcases Learn how to make a customized RV / com vision is to help develop San Diego into sa dami ng sinasabi nitong mga pulitiko
innovation in San Diego. To maximize Tiny Home on Wheels that can be trans- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook. a nationally known maker city. Learn talamak na ang mga abusado sa ting gobyerno
the experience, event-goers are strongly ported on a standard trailer. It features com/SDMakerFaire more at www.SDMakersGuild.org. tama na, tama na, hindi na kami magpapaloko.
encouraged to complete the circuit. sleeping space for four, kitchen, living TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SD-
Over 250 local and regional makers and dining spaces. Live demonstrations MakerFaire ABOUT BALBOA PARK CULTUR-
display their creations at Balboa Park on such techniques as how to create inte- INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/ AL PARTNERSHIP Isang buhay na naman ba ang ating ibubuwis
mostly inside participating museums. rior elements such as the loft ladder. sdmakerfaire/ Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a sa mga taong naglipana maka-hayop ang bangis
Each circuit will hold a different array of Early-bird adult prices start at just $15, nonprofit organization through which
makers and activities. Some of the cant- children at $10, but this pricing ends HISTORY OF MAKER FAIRE 30 arts, science and cultural institutions halikat magkaisa, magtulungan, magkapit-bisig
miss makers for 2017 include: August 31. Admission includes entry The first Maker Faire launched in May in Balboa Park collaborate to achieve samahan ng dasal tat iyak tayo ay madidinig.
Robot Resurrection returns! A tower- to all participating venues. To purchase 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area and shared goals. By helping these groups
ing 30-foot tall, fire-breathing, articulat- tickets, visit http://sandiego.makerfaire. was quickly followed by Faires in Aus- achieve greater organizational efficiency,
ing sculpture made from 90% recycled com/tickets/. Purchasing a weekend pass tin, Detroit and New York City, as well innovation and excellence, it seeks to
materials and reclaimed airplane parts. will allow visitors time to experience as others around the world. Technology contribute to the vitality and sustainabil- Isang pang panibagong araw ang bukas ay darating
Audiobody A synthesis of music, all of the museums participating in this has lowered the barriers to becom- ity of Balboa Park. For more informa- Tena, mga matay ipikit matulog ng mahimbing
comedy, and technology: AudioBodys event. Early-bird weekend passes start ing a Maker and this has launched the tion visit www.bpcp.org.
At sa paggising isang bagong bukas ay salubungin
Umasa kang ang lahat ng itoy kaya mong ayusin.

Is it possible
course. We would rather text a quick existence branches out, the more the thousands of times. Sometimes they are
note than make the effort to have a dif- light above becomes obstructed from true. But often they are a rationalization Nawaglit sa isip ko na mayroon pang isang bukas
ficult conversation in person. We would view. used to justify taking an easier course,
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rather take a pill than vulnerably open and avoiding an action of importance. Na sa lahat ng bagay ay magbibigay ng liwanag
to maintain the relationship with this up to a person about what truly ails us. At its core, sloth is an avoidance of Tapos na ang kahapon naiwan lang amang ay bakas
blessing. We would rather distract ourselves in a task that is of definite importance, What must we do to counteract the Sa mga darating pa kailangang maging matatag.
front of the television than contemplate and a gravitation toward an activity (or condition or sin (or both) of sloth?
But in a world that prides itself on and discuss steps to improve our situa- inactivity) that provides immediate relief
convenience and ease, sloth is increas- tion at work. only because it sidesteps something we Simple answers dont abound, but the
Hanging by a thread
ingly branching out to prevent us from should do. first course of action is to look at each Prayer, of course, has been the heart
embracing the joy that He desires to Pride might prevent us from seeing day (and minute) as an opportunity for of the messages at Medjugorje, where a
give. and acknowledging our vices, but sloth Many people might be quick to point joy, not a likelihood for further failure. ( Continued from page 10 ) Vatican commission recently gave over-
blocks us from acting on what we need out the chronic couch potato as slothful. Those who struggle the most with this that we not only find strength and grace whelming support to the authenticity of
Sometimes this joy might seem obvi- to do to improve. If we are gluttonous, But I would argue that we are sloth- vice experience that the less you do, the to rekindle the flame of faith, but to be the first apparitions there. [3] And it is
ous, like taking a hike among beautiful sloth may lead us away from opportuni- ful more so in what we think and say. worse you feel, and the worse you feel, transformed more and more into Jesus prayer that today remains at the center of
terrain or going to a birthday party for ties to pursue a more disciplined, healthy As human beings, we repeatedly make the more ashamed and immobilized you so that we can truly be the light of the this most famous modern apparition site:
our niece or celebrating a Mass with life; if we are envious, it may retard excuses about why we cant do things. I become. And so to extricate yourself world. [2] Given that the Rosary is Do not be afraid. Do not be uncertain,
our fellow parishioners. But sometimes our progress in seeking gratitude and just dont have the time or Things are from a slothful shroud, you must first a Christ-centered prayer in which we I am with you. Do not permit yourselves
joy does not begin as joy, but rather as contentment in our own life instead of just too busy. We have all heard our- consider that each reality provides an meditate on the Word of God, it is no to be discouraged because much prayer
a hardship that could unveil a happier desiring another. The more our slothful selves and others utter these statements opportunity for a new joynot on an- surprise that Our Lady and her popes and sacrice are necessary for those
others terms, but on yours and His. continue to call us to it. who do not pray, do not love and do
not know my Son Therefore pray,
If I havent been out of bed for three My beloved children, grasp the holy pray by doing, pray by giving, pray
days, then a walk to the front door could Rosary and prepare yourselves to ght with love, pray in work and thoughts, in
be occasion for a celebration, and a a good ght. My children, hard times the name of my Son. All the more love
resolve to do it more. If I havent spoken await you. Children, this is just the that you give, so much more of it you
to my brother in years, then a letter beginning of all that I have been an- will also receive. Love which emanates
sent in the mail inviting him to meet nouncing to you for a long time, but do from love illuminates the world. Our
in the park might evoke a smile, and a not fear, my children: I love you and I Lady of Medjugorje to Mirjana, August
thought there might be more. If I havent am next to you, I protect you with my 2nd, 2017; the Vaticans commission
scrubbed the bathroom floor in months, mantle. My children, I love you and recently gave overwhelming support to
then 20 minutes on my knees should today I give many graces to those pres- the authenticity of the first apparitions in
make me feel good for what I have done. ent and those you carry in your hearts; Medjugorje
I welcome your prayers and put them at
And that really is the final message the feet of God the Father. My children, To stigmatic Marco Ferrari in Paratico,
about sloth. Although it is far from the empty yourselves of your ego and ll Our Lady allegedly said this past Sun-
most benign of sins, it does have one yourselves with the Lord. August day:
silver lining: It might be the most readily 26th, 2017 to Simona Beloved children, do not let the ame
reversible of them. of the faith that is in you go out, do
Because as soon as effort of body or The Church has always attributed par- not allow my message, given here, to
mind moves forward on a meaningful, ticular efcacy to this prayer, entrust- be in vain and unheard Courage,
productive course, divine joy is there ing to the Rosary the most difcult my children, I am with you! There is
for the taking, and progress of all kinds problems. At times when Christianity little time left, the enemy will advance
becomes real. itself seemed under threat, its deliver- with his falsehood and will cause great
https://aleteia.org/2017/08/27/is-it-pos- ance was attributed to the power of this spiritual harm in the lives of those who
sible-that-youre-refusing-the-joy-god-is- prayer, and Our Lady of the Rosary was live in doubt, in uncertainty and in sin.
offering-you/?utm_campaign=english_ acclaimed as the one whose intercession I beseech you, children, pray for the
page&utm_medium=aleteia_ brought salvation. Pope John Paul II, whole world. Sins are multiplying, they
en&utm_source=Facebook#link_ Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 40 are already too many and you are
time=1503819004 distracted by the goods of this world
children, return to God! August 27th,


Do you hear a theme emerging? Our
Lady is warning, as did Pope Benedict,
that trials are coming which could very

Clairemont Mesa
well snuff out the faith of those who
are not rooted in prayer, which is to be
rooted in God who, as the Psalmist says,
5 bedroom, 3 bath. 2000 square is my strength, Lord, my rock, my
fortress, my deliverer, my God, my

feet house, 2 car garage. 10.000

rock of refuge, my shield, my saving
horn, my stronghold! [4]
Over in Anguera, Brazil, Pedro Regis,

square feet lot. with canyon view who enjoys support from his bishop,
continues to impart messages from Our

and in a cul de sac street. The

Lady in the same theme:

Dear children, love and defend the

house can be split into duplex truth. The Church of My Jesus will face
great storms and will be shaken, but no

for rental income. $689,000. Call

human force will be able to overcome
her. My Jesus walks with His Church.
Do not retreat. Stand rm on the path

(619) 581-9582.
that I have pointed out to you over the
years. Your victory is in Jesus. Do not
turn away from His Grace. Do not let
the ame of faith fade within you. What-
ever happens, stand rm in your faith.
Seek strength in Prayer and in Hearing

the Gospel. Approach the Confessional
and feed yourselves with the Precious
Food of the Eucharist. The enemies will

act against the Church of My Jesus, but
the brightness of the truth that My Jesus
granted to His Church will never be
extinguished. Courage Message of
Marketing Assistant Our Lady Queen of Peace, August 26,

Call (619) 474-0588 On August 19th and again on the 29th,

Our Lady warned that we are headed for
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Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Classified Ads
Hanging by a thread
Soriano Driving Lessons
You are important for the realization of sents the time of grace we live in. The deprivation of Light will lead
My Plans. Do not retreat. What you have The world for the most part is ignoring to great confusion and fear. But those
( Continued from page 11 ) to do, do not leave for tomorrow. Cour- this Flame. But for those who are not, who had been absorbing the Light in
great spiritual confusion and a future age. I will always be close to you After those who are gazing at the Light and this time of preparation we are now in
of great uncertainty, and many will
retreat out of fear. St. John wrote that
all tribulation, the Lord will wipe away
your tears and you will see peace reign
letting It guide them, something wonder-
ful and hidden is happening: their inner
will have an inner Light by which to
guide them (for the Light can never be
Myla Soriano
perfect love drives out all fear, [5]
and to love is to keep Gods command-
on Earth. Onward. Message of Our
Lady Queen of Peace to Pedro, in So
being is secretly being set aflame. extinguished). Even though they will be
experiencing the darkness around them, Licensed Filipina Driving Instructor
ments. So, love and prayer are the two
arms by which we are lifted up to the
Jos do Rio Preto, August 20, 2017 There is rapidly coming a time when
this period of grace will no longer be
the inner Light of Jesus will be shining
brightly within, supernaturally directing
Experienced with good track record
Heavenly Father. THE SMOLDERING CANDLE able to support the wick (civilization)
due to the sin of the world. Events which
them from the hidden place of the heart.
Then this vision had a disturbing scene.
Will help you pass driving tests and get
I ask you to keep the ame of your faith Ten years ago, I had a powerful interior are coming will collapse the candle There was a light in the distance a your license, guaranteed
Free pick up; Free sample test;
burning and to seek to imitate My Son vision thatas I read the words above completely, and the Light of this candle very small light. It was unnatural, like a
Jesus in everything. Always seek the nar- seems to be on the verge of being will be snuffed out. There will be sudden small fluorescent light. Suddenly, most

Behind the wheel training

row door. Flee from the easy seductions fulfilled: chaos in the room. in the room stampeded towards this
of the world, for only thus can you serve I saw the world gathered as though in He takes understanding from the light, the only light they could see. For


the Lord faithfully. Bend your knees in a dark room. In the center is a burning leaders of the land, till they grope in them it was hope but it was a false,
prayer. An amazing thing will happen on candle. It is very short, the wax nearly the darkness without light; he makes deceptive light. It did not offer Warmth,
this earth and many will have their faith
shaken. Stay with Jesus. Do not retreat.
all melted. The Flame represents the
light of Christ: Truth. The wax repre-
them stagger like drunken men. (Job
nor Fire, nor Salvationthat Flame
which they had already refused. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THREE LESSONS
The message is that, as the Light of
Truth fades in the world, this Light will (Limited time only)
continue to grow in intensity and power
in the hiddenness of the hearts of those Call: Cell (619) 829-4272; (619) 900-7537
who have entered into the Ark of Our
Lady, and thus, the heart of God. The
fruit of this will be joy! Yes, these souls
will become signs of contradiction to the
world. For as nations will shudder in ter-
ror, there will be a calm, peace, and joy
emanating like the Sun from the hearts 9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126
of those who have resisted the tempta- (Behind McDonalds in Seafood City Plaza)
tions of our times, emptied themselves Tel: (858) 530-3005
of this world, and opened their hearts to
If Christs words remain in us we can
spread the ame of love that He kindled PASSPORT
on earth; we can bear aloft the torch of
faith and hope with which we advance RENEWAL
XVI,Homily, St. Peters Basilica, April
2nd, 2009; LOsservatore Romano, April SERVICE
8th, 2009 5 Min. Official Photos-Passport
U.S. Passport Philippines Passport
INS, Visa, ID & Citizenship
And thus, Our Lady, The New Gideon,
continues to lead us to prayer, because PHILIPPINES CONSULAR SERVICES
there, we will find her Sonand all the Passport Renewals * Dual Citizen * Report of Marriage * Red Ribbon
grace we need to be His witnesses to the Authentications of Notarized Legal Documents including Special Power of
ends of the earth. Attorneys, Waivers, Certifications, Extrajudicial Settlements, Deed of
Dear children! Today I am calling you Absolute Sale, PVAO/GSIS, Affidavit of Support & Consent
to be people of prayer. Pray until prayer at a reasonable fee with Full Service.
becomes a joy for you and a meeting
NOTARY SERVICES - Available On Premises
with the Most High. He will transform
your hearts and you will become people
of love and peace. Do not forget, little Special Notary Discount for Living Trust,
children, that Satan is strong and wants
to draw you away from prayer. You, do Escrow & Loan Documents
not forget that prayer is the secret key
of meeting with God. That is why I am
with you to lead you. Do not give up on
FedEx Express to the Philippines
prayer. Thank you for having responded
to my call. Our Ladys August 25,
2017 message to Marija, Medjugorje Guaranty Lowest Shipping Rate for all FedEx International
Pray, pray, pray! San Diego County

We possess the prophetic message

that is altogether reliable. You will do
Travel VISA & EXPRESS Service
well to be attentive to it, as to a lamp
shining in a dark place, until day
dawns and the morning star rises in
your hearts. (2 Peter 1:19)
**** Work for the San Diegos
National Conference of the Flame
of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Top Home Care Agency!
September 22-23rd, 2017
Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel

Now Hiring
Mark Mallett Singer, Songwriter,
Exerienced Caregivers
Tony Mullen National Director of the
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
Flame of Love
Fr. Jim Blount Society of Our Lady Top Pay Flexible Hours Great Benefits
of the Most Holy Trinity
Hector Molina Casting Nets Minis-
3 professional references
For more information,
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2017-na- Proof of eligibility to work in the US
tration-35765566773?aff=erelexpmlt# Call for an appointment
Bless you and thank you for
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
your almsgiving to this ministry.
La Jolla Apply Online!
1. CCC, n. 2010 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
2. cf. Matt 5:14
3. cf. MysticPost.com
4. Psalm 18:2-3
5. 1 John 4:18

San Diego Zoo

( Continued from page 13 )

Bringing species back from the brink of

extinction is the goal of San Diego Zoo
Global. As a leader in conservation, the
work of San Diego Zoo Global includes
on-site wildlife conservation efforts
(representing both plants and animals)
at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo
Safari Park, and San Diego Zoo Institute
for Conservation Research, as well
as international field programs on six
continents. The work of these entities is
inspiring children through the San Diego
Zoo Kids network, reaching out through
the internet and in childrens hospitals
nationwide. The work of San Diego
Zoo Global is made possible by the San
Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy
and is supported in part by the Founda-
tion of San Diego Zoo Global.
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

The Metamorphosis San Diego Zoo Global 2017 Lifetime Achievement

dollar earners were paraded and given a
few minutes to share their stories from

Medalist announced: Ian Craig honored for lifelong

two arenas (the T-Mobile Arena and
the ULV Mack Center connected via
by Ernie Delfin satellite) before thousands of people
to see them live as the STARS in
the convention. These succe$$FULL conservation stewardship
leaders came from different walks of
life, ethnic, educational, economic or San Diego Zoo Global is honor-
Read previous articles by Ernie Delfin national backgrounds. What binds them ing the work of one of the most
at ww.asianjournalusa.com are their laser-focus and their discipline prominent conservationists in
and their being totally driven to do their
business at all costs. As a writer and Africa, Ian Craig, and his lifelong
dedication to the fight against
Different shades of success
as a businessman who earns his income
from several sources, it seems to me extinction. During an Aug. 3,

in this world
that many of these successful leaders 2017 ceremony with San Diego
are totally or even blindly focused
to just doing WFG, from the time they
Zoo Global staff and close to
wake up in the morning until they go to 600 members and donors, Craig
This summer, I was one Rotarians for almost 20 years now, I
continue to be in awe and inspired, like bed. And these leaders flock together was presented with the San
fortunate person to attend two
thousands of people who witnessed as one group almost every meeting day Diego Zoo Global 2017 Lifetime
International Conventions, one and heard outstanding citizens of the or night! They just major in one thing: Achievement Medal, in celebra-
was the Rotary International world sharing their stories to ease or recruit, recruit, recruit and reaping the
recruits warm market. That is the tion of his long-standing and
Convention in Atlanta last June eliminate much pains and sufferings
of millions of people around the world. mantra big earners who believe and far-reaching efforts to safeguard
where over 30,000 delegates
For instance, with their wealth, Bill practice it, 24/7. As in most network the iconic wildlife of Africa.
from about 200 countries at- Gates from the Bill and Melinda Gates marketing, however, the vast majority,
tended. The other one was this Foundation has again committed to at least 80-90 percent maybe, is just in- During the event, organizers shared
months (August) huge con- contribute another $150 M after his fatuated to become millionaires but will Craigs impressive legacy of conser-
previous $350 Million contribution to never be able to leave their jobs that vation advocacy. Most of Ian Craigs
vention 3-day World Financial provide their families bread and butter.
complete the absolute eradication of life has been spent in northern Kenya,
Group (WFG) Breakthrough polio and other catastrophic diseases. Perhaps one percent of all recruits where he and his father David Craig, species. In 2004, Ian Craig headed the sion is to develop resilient community
Convention attended by over With his inspiring lead, other countries makes it big and achieves great success, along with conservationist Anna Merz, effort to form the Northern Rangelands conservancies that transform peoples
34,000 people from all over the and philanthropists followed. Aside measured primarily by their bank ac- converted thousands of acres of their Trust, which today supports more than lives, secure peace and conserve natural
USA and Canada in Las Vegas. from the eradication of polio there are so count. Unfortunately, in some instances, familys 62,000-acre cattle ranch into 30 community-run wildlife conservan- resources. The 33 member conservan-
many human needs that Rotary Interna- some leaders do not become better Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary in 1983, cies in northern Kenya. Together, they cies cover over 44,000 square kilometers
Both were successful and power- tional is helping to solve like: literacy, human beings despite the substantial to protect endangered black rhinos. This encompass an area larger than all of the of northern and coastal Kenya. With
ful conventions but quite differ- conflict resolution, clean water, hunger, money that they earn. But then, in was at the height of the rhino poaching national parks and preserves in Kenya support from San Diego Zoo Global,
ent in so many aspects. Let me world understanding education and all businesses and professions thats crisis, and the sanctuary flourished when combined. USAID, The Nature Conservancy,
elaborate. poverty. Having attended at least six human nature where money does not few others did. I love the impact that we, as partners DANIDA and AFD, NRT is empower-
Rotary International Conventions in the necessarily make a person more likable By 1988, the sanctuary had doubled with San Diego Zoo Global, are having, ing communities to develop locally led
Both conventions showcased nor a better human being but exposes in size; and in 1995, it was renamed on the ground, said Ian Craig. Were governance structures, run peace and
past couple of decades as a Rotarian, I
historic successes of what they am still amazed how our Rotary orga- what he is made of, his real personality the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, with opening up new ground for wildlife, and security programs, take the lead in natu-
do on different prisms and nization of 1.3 million people the last when he becomes richer. That is life, Ian Craig serving as executive direc- wildlife is safe in spaces where it was ral resource management and manage
criteria. The Atlanta RI Con- 111 years continue to do great things to after all. Each person can only define tor until 2009. The Conservancy has previously exterminated. Were really sustainable businesses linked to conser-
make our world a better place for next his own definition of success as he continued to actively promote conserva- changing the future for wildlife on a vation. The community conservancies
ventions opening ceremony embraces and displays it. scale that excites me. are starting to have a significant impact
generations to come. tion on its land, and in partnership with
where a countrys representa- I cant wait to attend the next RI Attending these two conventions the people who live in the surrounding Global recognition also came to Ian on building peace, improving lives and
tive carrying their national Convention in Toronto, Canada in June has affirmed my long-held-belief that communities, to ensure that they share Craig in 2013, when UNESCO extended managing the rangelands, and their suc-
flag paraded for all to see and 2018, where another milestone of Ro- indeed each individual dances to a in the benefits of protecting endangered the boundaries of the Mount Kenya cess has helped shape new government
tarians humanitarian work is expected different drummer, which makes this World Heritage Site to include Lewa regulations on establishing, registering
witness was electrifying and world a more interesting and challeng- and the Ngare Ndare Forest. UNESCO and managing community conservancies
to be unveiled for all the world of Ro-
emotional. Many countries are tarians to see to inspire them to keep on ing planet to trek on. Ive known and ligent men and the love of children; called it a true testament of the hard in Kenya.
almost unknown in the parade of doing what they do. Then in June 2019, met hundreds of Rotarians as well as who has filled his niche and accom- work and dedication to all who have ABOUT LEWA WILDLIFE CONSER-
nations but they were present to Europe will host Convention in the city WFG agents the last couple of decades plished his task; who leaves the world helped build Lewa into the Conser- VANCY
of Hamburg, Germany. and I have discriminately chosen my better than he found it, whether by vancy that it is todaya global model The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an
participate in this annual Rotary role models and friends from each for protected area management and a award-winning catalyst and model for
If you are a Rotarian, now or in the an improved poppy, a perfect poem,
Convention where all delegates near future, I challenge you to go and group. As in a dense forest where or a rescued soul; who never lacked catalyst for conservation. More rec- community conservation, a UNESCO
were accepted with equality and attend one where you will have a couple animals thrive, not all animals are worth appreciation of earths beauty or failed ognition came in 2016, when Ian Craig World Heritage Site and features on
dignity as human beings. Some of days, just visiting and going around capturing as doing so might lead one to express it; who looked for the best was awarded Officer of the Order of the the International Union for Conserva-
nations delegations I heard the international House of Friendship to a deep quick-sand where one can no in others and gave the best he had. -- British Empire (OBE) for services to tion of Nature's Green List of success-
in a humungous Exhibit Hall where longer extricate himself from that deep Robert Louis Stevenson conservation and security to communi- ful protected areas. Lewa is the heart
were only a dozen or even less, you can see, talk to someone from an- pit of apathy to be able to gaze and en- ties in Kenya. of wildlife conservation, sustainable
while others like the Philippines, other country and learn so many things joy at the beautiful stars in the horizon, Here is the 2nd definition in an en- Since 1966, the Conservation Medal development and responsible tourism in
have over 1,000 delegates. The happening in so many cities and coun- above that forest. graved poster hanging in my office: awards program has recognized world northern Kenya, and its successful work-
parade of colorful flags with tries around the world. When you are in ---------- You can use most any measure leaders and organizations who share San ing model has provided the framework
this house you can see and feel that To end this summer column, I want to when youre speaking of success. Diego Zoo Globals vision to end extinc- on which many conservation organiza-
different national attires of the share two shades or definitions of suc- You can measure it in fancy home, tion. The recipients exhibit active and tions in the region are based. The suc-
you have been to many nations with
person carrying their respective just one trip. Your experience and cess that I find very close to my soul, expensive car or a dress. important contributions to the conserva- cess of Lewa can be attributed the Lewa
national flag was so beautiful lessons learned will be worth all the time as a writer, father and above all as a But the measure of your real success tion and recovery of endangered species, Standard, a set of guiding principles
and emotional that gave evidence and money you will spend. Guaranteed! human being. I hope some of your dear is the one that you cannot spend. habitats or ecosystems through applied and ethos under which the conservancy
-------------- readers will find one or both interesting It s the way your kids describe you research, breeding and reintroduction is managed. This has enabled Lewa to
to one common theme: when or relevant enough that touches your when they are talking to a friend! --- programs, community education or the maintain a flourishing habitat that sup-
Last weeks WFG Convention in Las
a member is hurting the entire Vegas, which was even bigger that the heart as well: Anonymous establishment of protected areas. ports tourism and conservation activi-
planet hurts. Rotary Convention in Atlanta was quite That man is a success who has lived ABOUT NORTHERN RANGE- ties.
different as it showcased success in well, laughed often, and loved much; Email: ernie.delfin@gmail.com LANDS TRUST
who has gained the respect of intel- Established in 2004, NRTs mis- ( Continued on page 12 )
The Rotary Convention applauded and another measure. Leaders and million Website: www.gkerc.org
honored many outstanding individuals
who were doing extra-ordinary feats,
using both their money and power or
influence, to improve the quality of life
on this planet that we all share. Most
Now Available: was aghast, but realized he was jok-
ing. She hit him on the shoulder. He
knew the ice was broken. Chapter
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last name?
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exemplary human beings who were

Promised Complicated of Robert Arevalo?

mga Piling
Whose autograph of a famous come-
doing genuine Service Above Self, dian Perla Bautista sought that led her
without any material expectations or SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR.
Betel Nuts & Other Stories by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
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What physical attributes did Bernard
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paybacks in Southern
to compensate California
for their efforts. & San Diegos Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper Excerpts from the book
One day, however, the duckling went inside an opening under the house.
Bonnie have that made him a top
Borobot waited for it to come out but it did not. He kept waiting even when
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. sprinter in college?
Eastsense of fulfillment
8th Street, Suite 6,making
Nationalthis City CA 91950 Tel. (619)G.474-0588
Silverio, Jr. Fax (619) 474-0373
it got dark, but there was no sign of the duckling. When his father came

by Simeon
home that evening, he told him about his missing duckling. His dad took a

Who is the other movie star brother

flashlight and pointed it toward the opening. He inserted a long stick inside
and tried to stir it. They could hear some squealing but no quacking. Finally,

world a better place than they found it his dad told him the bad news: The rats have eaten your duckling. Borobot
cried and cried for a very long time. from Chapter 2 Childhood Tales
The colorful and incredible story By Joe Cabrera of Robert Campos?
The inspirational and difcult Who was the Manila couturier that
was their primary consideration. As a of a Filipino Americans compli-
If there is a person that can aptly be called the son of a bitch, which in
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, the son of a whore (anak ng puta), it

journey of two Filipino cousins Excerpts from the book

Mayrong isang tao, itoy impresa- was instrumental in making Charlie
would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one of Erics playmates on Platerias Street where
Eric lived with his family on the second floor of his fathers printing business
in Manila in 1957. Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a prostitute in a brothel cated affairs.
marrying U.S. Navy personnel for
across the street from Erics house. from Chapter 6 - Just Like Any Mother
Davao a movie star?
migration and nancial purposes.
From where he sat, he could tell Juanita had just bathed. Her hair was still damp
and the fragrant scent of her cheap bath soap wafted through the air. She hardly no- rio Who was the top actor Myrna Del-
ticed him as she was minding her own business. While he pretended to be concen-

As a piece of the Filipino-American

trating on his reading, he would occasionally take a sneak peak at her, feasting his
Na ang hanap buhay, maglabas ng gado had an affair with that produced
eyes on all of her seductive beauty. For a hot-blooded fourteen-year-old, she was not

a love child?
just an object of curiosity. from Chapter 9 Fragrant Scent of Bath Soap And All Philippine Homecoming & Other Memories
experience, this story also applies to floor show
An entertaining and easy-to-read account of a Filipino
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

By the time they reached Platerias Street, everything was quiet. There was Americans homecoming to the Philippines and the

Minsay nag-advertise, ng bihirang Who was the legendary actor who

the lives of all people.
hardly a soul in sight; it was ten minutes past midnight. Narding frantically ran interesting memories it triggered.

that the City of San Diego will

inside the brothel in search of Clarita, but he was told the Chinese took her just
Philippine Homecoming

ten minutes before. He ran outside towards P. Paterno Street. Finding no speed-

gave Dolphy his first break in the

Excerpts from the book
ing taxi, he ran back towards Carriedo Street, turned right towards Rizal Avenue,
hoping the taxi holding Clarita had broken down. Finally, a loud, agonizing cry was Seeing the Philippines for the first time after many years would give any former

receive proposals for commodi- & movies?

heard all over in that quiet neighborhood of Quiapo. from Chapter 11 True Love resident a culture shock. The roads, which looked to be wider before, appeared

Excerpts from the book Na naiba naman, diyan sa ordi-

narrow. The buildings and the streets, which were dilapidated and dirty before,
Everyone was looking up at the top of an electric post, where sparks of looked more dilapidated and dirty now. Chapter 2 Balikbayan Culture Shock
light shone bright against the dark of the night. When the firemen trained the All of a sudden, the small kids from before were now grown up. Their

ties and services. Bid packages You must join the U.S. Navy so we nario
spotlight to the top of the post, they saw faces had changed, yet somehow looked familiar. Some of his relatives

a body of a man lying on a wood across who lived in a compound beside them had already died. Gone forever dur-

can live abroad, Isabel often told her

the post. It was Fred, the drunkard pimp.
THER TORIES ing a span of just ten years were his maternal grandmother, three uncles,
May isang dumating, nag-prisinta
can be downloaded from the To order a copy, send $13.95 (mailing cost included) to Asian
Without anybody noticing, he woke from two aunties and two cousins. Chapter 3 Like A Video Tape Experience
deep slumber and this time, success- Their vehicle moved towards the man and again they asked: Boss,
boyfriend Lando as they walked in the
fully climbed the top of the post. He alam mo ba ang bahay ni Maning Bakla (Boss, do you know the resi-

Journal San Diego. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City,
was electrocuted while celebrating his dence of Maning, the homosexual?)? The man looked serious and glumly

City of San Diegos Bid & park, weaving dreams for their future
feat. from Chapter 15 A Day In The said: Yes, I am Maning, what do you want? They were embarrassed
Life Of The People Of Platerias Street as they were sure that Maning did not appreciate the unsavory nick-

together. He would just shrug his the son of a whore (anak ng puta), CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588
name. Chapter 6 Maning Bakla And the Duty Free Shops In Manila

Contract Opportunities, third

There was a full moon above, and they could see its reflections on the water as
the waves slapped on the sand. They could feel the cool breeze kiss their face, the

shoulders in response. from Chapter it would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one

warm water wet their feet. On that cold December evening in Maryland Beach Re-
sort in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, they wanted to freeze time and enjoy every

party website, found at http:// of Erics playmates on Platerias Street

moment of their stay Chapter 10 Nasugbu Market Place And The IUD BBQ
1 Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat
For more information, e-mail sandiegoasianjournal@yahoo.com
Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas proved to be an innovative mayor; for
example, he introduced the free elementary and high school education in

where Eric lived with his family

the city, the first of its kind in the country. He was also a poet in the ver-

To order copies through the Internet, go to amazon.com, go to

nacular; at every opportunity, he would recite or talk in the form of a poem

on the second oor of his fathers

Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

he himself composed. In answer to his critics, he once said: Marami ang

nagtatanong kung bakit ako tumutula, bakit, ang tula ba ay masama (Many

If you are unable to utilize the books, go to advance search and type name of author, SIMEON
are asking why I am reciting a poem, why, is a poem bad)? Chapter 17

printing business in Manila in 1957.

When Gatpuno Villegas warmed his Salumpuwit at Maharnilad
Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Their playmates from the barrio were cautious and made a sign of


online option, bid packages can Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a PHILIPPINE
PROMISED LAND, the inspirational and difficult journey of two

SILVERIO, and follow instructions.

the cross when passing ant hills, which they would call nuno sa punso.
Filipino cousins marrying U.S. Navy personnel for migration They would reverently say, Makikiraan, po (Please allow us to pass!)!
and financial purposes. As a piece of the Filipino-American Chapter 31 - Nuno Sa Punso And Other Weird Provincial Experiences

prostitute in a brothel across the street

experience, this story also applies to the lives of all people. The boys, usually five at a time, would line up and march without their pants

be requested by calling Pur-

Promised Land

towards the rice fields at the back of the house. They would pass by a guava

Excerpts from the book

from Erics house. from Chapter

You must join the U.S. Navy so we can live abroad, Isabel of- tree, pull out several leaves and wash

To order by mail, ll out

them in the artesian well. Once in the

chasing & Contracting Depart-

ten told her boyfriend Lando as they walked in the park, weav-

6 - Just Like Any Mother

ing dreams for their future together. He would just shrug his shoul- field, the quack doctor would hammer
ders in response. from Chapter 1 Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat a stake into the ground made of a
branch of a guava tree with the other

ment at (619) 236-6000. ONE AD CHERISHED MEMORIES Mail Order Form

The clash of two cultures, Filipino and Mexican, had taken its toll. He end bent towards the boy. Chapter
grew weary of the enchiladas, tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes 34 - Circumcision: Why Do Some
she prepared repeatedly. He longed for the Filipino dishes from his na- Boys Walk Bow-Legged During
tive land that he would always eat as a child. Teresa would not let him Summertime In The Province?

Furnish the City of San Diego Philippine

(Check quantities in space before book title)
cook his favorite adobo and tuyo (dried fish) due to their stinking up
the house. When he brought her to the Philippines, Teresa refused to

stay and sleep in their house in the barrio. It is hot and there are liz-

with RFP 10066949-17-V,

ards on the ceiling, she complained. from Chapter 3 - Trophy Wife
Let me make this clear with you again, Ditas once told Romy when
he accosted her while tipsy from drinking with friends nearby. I will
____ Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
Excerpts from the book:
Advanced Metering Infrastruc- AUG 4, 2017 EDITION
never marry you even if you are the last man on earth. The friends
laughed hard and Romy retreated in shame. The next day he left town
and she didnt hear from him until she received a letter from the United
States Naval Base in San Diego from her jilted suitor, now a mem- How did you know Richard? she
ture (AMI) Services for City-
ber of the U.S. Navy. from Chapter 5 - The Last Man On Earth
asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I ____ Betel Nuts and Other Stories by Simeon G. Sil-
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

One evening, when Romy and his friends were drinking in the house, Ditas

Wide Deployment, as may be PROMISED

showed Andy the photo of Isabel. Check her out, Andy, she told him. Shes
looking for a boyfriend here in America. No way, Andy replied. I know what
shes up to. She will just marry and leave me once she gets her green card. produced his shows there, he lied. verio, Jr.
But shes very pretty, Romy told his friend. With your looks, you can never
He could see Menchie, the movie baga
required for a period of five (5)
have a wife as beautiful as her. from Chapter 8 Pretty Girls Photo

Memories star, was impressed. And I can also Ang mga ibon daw, kanyang na- ____ Philippine Homecomings Cherished Memories
Is this your first time riding an
airplane? her seatmate, a wom-

years from effective Date, as

an in her fifties, asked Isabel.
produce your show, he continued the gagaya
LAND by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
How did you know? Because
youre holding your bag tightly

charade. She was pleased. Do you

defined in Article I, Section 1.2
and you look scared. And also,
that huge envelope in plastic bag
contains the x-ray film carried Kay daling gawin niya, ang sabi sa
by first time immigrants. Isabel
think people will pay just to watch kanya
if the Citys General Contract ____ Complicated Affairs by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
sheepishly smiled. from Chap-
ter 12 Land of Milk and Honey
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. me? Why, are we going to charge Marami na ko nyan, alis ka na muna
Terms and Provisions, revised An entertaining and easy-to-read
them? he asked instead. Menchie
Magre-reklamo pa, itong tao sana ___________ Total number of books
November 8, 2016. Ngunit itong boss, medyo napika pa Times $13.95 each (mailing cost included)
Betel Nuts
account of a Filipino Americans
RFP No. 10066949-17-V homecoming to the Philippines and
Complicated Affairs By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.


The colorful and incredible story of a Filipino Americans complicated affairs.
Kayat itong tao, kagyat umalis na
Sa bintanang daan, lumipad pag-
RFP Closing Date: September the interesting memories it trig- ______________ Total Cost
& Other
Excerpts from the book:

To:Elwyn Johnson
Complicated Affairs

How did you know Richard? she asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I

produced his shows there, he lied. He could see Menchie, the movie star, was

19, 2017 @ 2:00 p.m.

impressed. And I can also produce your show, he continued the charade. She
was pleased. Do you think people will pay just to watch me? Why, are we going to
charge them? he asked instead. Menchie was aghast, but realized he was joking. HEEEEHAAWWWW!!!
A Pre-Proposal Conference DAILY JOURNAL Fill out form below and send it together with check pay-
She hit him on the shoulder. He knew the ice was broken. Chapter 2 : Movie Star

Stories Balik Tanaw:

So how are you doing? Danny was pleased to hear from Juanita. I am okay,

Excerpts from the book

how about you? So-so, he replied. Ive missed you, his playboy persona took
over again. Really? she asked. I have something to tell you. What? Danny

ment payable to: Asian Journal San Diego, 550 East 8th
will be held at the Purchasing
was rejuvenated. He had not dated for a while and was eager to do so. He saw

an opportunity with Juanita. I just gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations,
Danny said. Are you sexy again? He was hoping to renew their relationship

but was unsure about it since she was with her husband. Juanita did not answer
Street, # 6, National City, CA 91950
& Contracting Department lo- Seeing the Philippines for the
The Filipino
his question; instead, she said, And its yours. Chapter 3 :Another Child

This is Mindy, Diaz introduced a pretty twenty-five year old girl to him when

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. he arrived at the dock. Shes Dignas sister. Mindy shyly extended her right hand

rst time after many years would

which Danny shook. He noticed that Digna was teasing her sister, as though there

cated at 1200 Third Ave. Suite AFFAIRS

was a pre-arranged plan between Diaz and the two girls unbeknownst to him. Later

give any former resident a culture

on, during the course of the fishing trip, he discovered the plan: Digna wanted
Full Name: ______________________________
Movie Stars
Danny to hook up with her sister. Marry my sister, Digna told him as they ate
lunch aboard the boat in the middle of the bay. So she can migrate to America.
Entertaining and easy-to-read
200, San Diego, CA 92101, shock. The roads, which looked
She knew Danny was a divorced American citizen. Chapter 5: Gone Fishin
Danny called up his friend Pepito and asked for ideas on how to best help

short stories inspired by a Filipinos Herewith is proof of

Kate. Pepito was the brother of his comedian friend, Elvis, one of the top enter-

to be wider before, appeared nar-

Conference Room 1.
tainers in the Philippines at that time. Jackpot ka, pare (Youve got a jackpot,
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

friend), Pepito told Danny. She is a gold mine. What do you mean? We
Address: _______________________________
experience in growing up in the
of Yesteryears
can set her up with rich Chinese men playing at the casinos and charge them

row. The buildings and the

your streets,
classified ad for
at least 50,000 pesos to spend the night with her. I am sure many of them

Kristina Peralta
would be willing to spend that much just to be with a beautiful white girl like
Philippines. which were dilapidated and dirty
Kate. We will get our commission afterwards. Chapter 8 : Leading Lady
After Danny gave him her name, the clerk spent a few minutes in the com-

publication in the Asian

puter. Thats it, the clerk said afterwards. She has pension due her, and you

City: ___________________________________
Director of Purchasing & Con- before, looked more dilapidated
are entitled to it! Danny was surprised. He didnt expect this bounty. How much
do you think you will get? the clerk asked him. Danny was hesitant to give him

Excerpts from the book

an amount. He was happy to get $100 a

and dirty now. Chapter 2 Ba-

month. That would go a long way espe-
by Dr. Romy Protacio
tracting Journal.
Shock Please proofread
cially if one was living in the Philippines.
One hundred dollars, he answered.

likbayan Culture
Thats way too low, make it higher.
State: ____________ Zip: __________________
If there is a person that can aptly be
Three hundred? Way too low. Five

8/4/17 it an d f a x b a c k t h e
hundred? Still very low. How much?
he finally asked. Try fourteen hundred

called the son of a bitch, which in Lives and Loves of the Filipino
dollars. He could not believe what

he heard. Chapter 9 : Windfall

Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, correction if any or call Movie Stars of Yesteryears
ASIAN JOURNAL us for your approval. The
ad is tentatively scheduled
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017

Vietnamese American community rescued itself when Harvey came Hurricane Harvey scams: Callers
There are many Vietnamese in Houston, and many of them own boats. People live near lakes and near the ocean so a lot of them fish on the
weekends and have boats at the ready. Many are volunteering to help rescue others, from as far as Dallas, New Orleans and other cities. There
lie about ood insurance
was a Vietnamese man from Dallas. He called our station. He bought a boat on Friday. By Saturday, he was already in Houston to help rescue by Colleen Tressler help you, contact your insurance
Consumer Education Specialist, FTC company. If you have a policy
people. It was quite amazing!
One thing weve learned at with the National Flood Insur-
By Andrew Lam bought a boat on Friday. By Saturday, he
New America Media was already in Houston to help rescue the Federal Trade Commission ance Program (NFIP Direct), call
people. It was quite amazing! (FTC) is that scams often fol- 1-800-638-6620.
Editors Note: Thanh-Thuy Vu is owner Vietnamese restaurants are also provid- low the news especially when If you suspect fraud, call the FEMA
of Saigon Radio KREH 900-AM, the ing food, while churches and temples are theres a natural disaster, like Disaster Fraud Hotline toll free at 1-866-
only full-service, full-time Asian station open for anyone seeking shelter. Volun- 720-5721. Also report it to the FTC.
in Greater Houston. For the citys nearly teers are coming with food and clothes. Hurricane Harvey, in the head-
Your reports help the FTC and other law
40,000 Vietnamese residents, and for They cook. They clean. They bring lines. Case in point: Colleagues enforcement agencies bring scam artists
many more in Greater Houston, the sta- diapers and baby formula. Vietnamese at the Federal Emergency Man- to justice and put an end to unfair and
tion is a central hub for news and infor- are showing up at the George Brown agement Agency (FEMA) tell us misleading business practices.
mation and is now playing a central role Convention center to cook Vietnamese How to File a Complaint with the
in helping to direct rescue efforts amid food for everyone taking shelter there. homeowners and renters are get-
Federal Trade Commission
the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. And now, as the water is receding in ting robocalls telling them their https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/
NAM Editor Andrew Lam interviewed some areas, volunteers are organizing to flood premiums are past due. In blog/2017/08/hurricane-harvey-scams-
Vu about how the station is weathering clean up. order to have coverage for Hurri- callers-lie-about-flood-insurance?utm_
the storm. Below is a translation from cane Harvey, consumers are told source=govdelivery
the original Vietnamese. What is the role of Saigon Radio in If youve been ripped off or scammed,
times of emergency like this? During Katrina, Houstons Vietnamese ing. Vietnamese are using Twitter and they need to submit a payment complain to the Federal Trade Com-
How is the Vietnamese community People have been listening to our community played a big role in helping Facebook to help each other, and they immediately. Dont do it. Instead, mission. It can help put the bad guys
responding to Harvey? broadcast and when they hear a call for the displaced. How are those lessons share a lot of that information with contact your insurance agent. out of business. To file a complaint, just
There are many Vietnamese in Hous- help, they use their jet skis and their being applied now? us as well. People write in asking to The agent who handles your go to www.ftc.gov/complaint or call
ton, and many of them own boats. Peo- boats to go help. Many of our listeners be rescued, or they provide video and 1-877-FTC-HELP.
ple live near lakes and near the ocean dont speak English well, so we give Katrina was a disaster for everyone, images of their neighborhoods. Others homeowners or renters insurance To learn more about flood insurance,
so a lot of them fish on the weekends them information they may not have. but it was also a lesson in preparedness. have shared maps of streets that are not policy could be the same agent visit fema.gov/nfip. To file a flood
and have boats at the ready. Many are We tell them where the shelters nearest There was a lot more discipline and less flooded and how to get out from certain who handles your flood insur- insurance claim, visit fema.gov/nfip-file-
volunteering to help rescue others, from to them are. We also direct volunteers panic this time as compared to what hap- sectors of the city. ance policy. If your agent cant your-claim.
as far as Dallas, New Orleans and other to those shelters or to certain addresses, pened in New Orleans. As an example, Hurricane Harvey
cities. There was a Vietnamese man
from Dallas. He called our station. He
as there are elder Vietnamese who are
city officials here allowed the release of
water from the reservoirs, which initially How have you weathered this disaster? Residents Tips on avoiding
fraudulent chartiable
upset a lot of people who own nice And how is the station? ( Continued from page 4 )
homes that were certain to be flooded. We are trying our best. We are so glad

contribution schemes
But eventually people realized it was to be operating again. My house is OK Monitoring the body temperature and
necessary to avoid collapse of the dam but the street further down is flooded. continue cooling efforts
and to give people time to evacuate. We had to walk to work in water up to Do not give the victim fluids to drink
A post from Phuong Michelle Nguyen our waist to get on the air. The station is Elderly people (65 years and older),
on the Vietnamese Community Face- just across the street from our house, a infants and children, and people with BATON ROUGE, LA - The National
book page in Houston, showing the 3-minute walk that now takes 20-min- chronic medical conditions are more Center for Disaster Fraud reminds the
interior of Lien Hoa Bhuddhist temple utes in water. But we are among the prone to heat stress. People with elderly public to be aware of and report any
and its hurricane relief efforts. fortunate ones; many others saw their neighbors should check on the well- instances of alleged fraudulent activity
homes and cars totally flooded. Today being of the older persons. related to relief operations and funding
How else has Harvey been different the station is back on and people are for victims. Unfortunately, criminals
calling in quite a bit: They are so happy The hot temperatures can also affect can exploit disasters, such as Hurricane
to hear from us. They need information. air quality. You can check the latest air Harvey, for their own gain by sending
quality index online. fraudulent communications through
AsAmNews has Asian America in its email or social media and by creat-
heart. Were an all-volunteer effort People should also be extremely ing phony websites designed to solicit
of dedicated staff and interns. You cautious about activities that could contributions.
can show your support by liking our spark a wildfire during these hot, dry Tips should be reported to the National
Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ conditions. People should not use lawn Center for Disaster Fraud at (866) 720-
asamnews, following us on Twitter, mowers or power equipment; make sure 5721. The line is staffed 24 hours a
sharing our stories, interning or joining trailer chains are not dragging and never day, seven days a week. Additionally,
our staff. pull over in dry grass; and make sure e-mails can be sent to disaster@leo.gov,
https://asamnews.com/2017/08/31/viet- cigarette butts are properly extinguished. and information can be faxed to (225)
namese-american-community-rescued- You can find more reminders and safety 334-4707.
itself-when-harvey-came/ tips on the CAL FIRE website. The U.S. Department of Justice estab-
lished the National Center for Disaster
Fraud to investigate, prosecute, and
from Katrina? deter fraud in the wake of Hurricane Ka-
Social media is playing such a strong trina, when billions of dollars in federal
role in rescue efforts. People are asking disaster relief poured into the Gulf Coast
for help online, and others are respond- region. Its mission has expanded to
include suspected fraud from any natural
or manmade disaster. More than 30
federal, state, and local agencies partici-
pate in the National Center for Disaster
Fraud, which allows the center to act as
a centralized clearinghouse of informa-
tion related to disaster relief fraud.

The public should remember to per-

form due diligence before giving contri-
( Continued on page 6 )
September 1-7, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

One Mindanao: GMA offers unied
Mindanao newscast YOUR Pasok po kayo! May
FREE GIFT! LIBRENG regalo, palinis at
By Nathalie Tomada, Philstar.
Just for coming in! inspeksyon ng alahas!
com | DAVAO CITY, Philip-
pines GMA 7 has broken new
ground by unveiling a newscast
that covers the entire Mindanao.
One Mindanao, the brainchild
of the regional TV arm of the
network giant, commenced this
week with the promise of more
stories that veer from the usual SKU
coverage of the island. 543-02807

The 30-minute newscast which airs

weekdays at 5 p.m. is anchored by Tek
Ocampo, Sarah Hilomen-Velasco and FREE
Real Sorroche, and backed by a network
of stringers across Mindanao.
Ring Cleaning
It will simultaneously broadcast in and Inspection
key cities and provinces in Mindanao
through the networks local channels ratings for the past months. However, technically possible, perhaps it was pos-
in Mindanao: GMA 5 Davao, GMA 35 the regional TV head, who is also a sible to have a unified program? Full Trade-In Value
Cagayan de Oro City, GMA 8 General Mindanaoan himself, said that we Nevertheless, Tek Ocampo said on your Old
Santos City, GMA 12 Jolo, Sulu, GMA decided to break new ground instead of that that having the first Mindanaoan
9 Zamboanga City, GMA 12 Cotabato becoming comfortable with that level of president has brought more attention to Diamond Jewelry
City, GMA 2 Tandag City, GMA 10 Su- accomplishment. Mindanao.
rigao City, GMA 26 Butuan City, GMA Asked if the intensified and encom- Having covered Duterte since when
4 Dipolog City, GMA 3 Pagadian City, passing local coverage has anything to he was still mayor he who always INSTANT CREDIT
GMA 5 Ozamiz City, GMA 11 Iligan
City and GMA 12 Bukidnon.
do with the fact that the country now has
its first Mindanaoan President, Rodrigo
says to ask the Davao press on how to
cover him when his relationship with the
You Will Be Approved!
Apply online or instore.
Oli Amoroso, VP for Regional TV, Duterte, who happens to be the former national media hits some rough patches
mayor of Davao City, Amoroso said, Ocampo said that they have learned
said in a speech during the launch over
the weekend, Local news plays a very Nagkataon lang na ang major news to understand the President through his

important role. While the national news hub is Davao. Somehow, its timely at body language, so much so, they could
reports on a wider scope, it is the stories the same time, very relevant.... Instead already tell whenever he was serious or
in our local communities, stories that of having different news programs (in joking. He cited for example that even
directly affect our relatives, families different stations), we now have one, when Duterte declared he wouldnt run
and friends that remain very important unified newscast that will cater to all. for the highest office of the land, they
to (the network) and to our regional Program manager Darius Relatado also knew and reported that he would.
viewers. Were about to write a new said, It just so happened that the Presi- The One Mindanao team intends to
chapter in local news programming with dent is from Davao. But its high time to present a more-than-the-usual if not
One Mindanao, which is (produced) by have this kind of news program. Before, a more balanced programming. Its not
Mindanaoans, for Mindanaoans. whatever was being shown in Davao, it hard to notice that news coming out of Daniels Jewelers is not an authorized dealer nor
The planning and preparation of the was just all about Davao, adding that if Mindanao has had been largely negative, affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex
new program took six months. Amoroso there were news reports about other ar- with regular stories about conflict, Watch USA Inc. and none of the watches are
revealed that the germ of the idea started eas in Mindanao, these were ones picked war, fighting and terrorism. sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by
with the Davao news team. He added up by the national programming. Pag-may nangyari na (siege) sa Rolex Watch USA Inc.
that there will be two news hubs for One Relatado added, So, at first, we Zamboanga, parang buong Mindanao
Mindanao, Davao City and Cagayan De thought it was impossible to (do One nagkagulo. Yung nangyari (terrorism)
Oro City, which are capable of airing Mindanao). Then, through discussions sa Marawi, parang buong Mindanao din
live and doing breaking stories span- with the engineering people, we learned nagkagulo, Ocampo said. Pwede kayong mag
ning the entire island.
Amoroso admitted that while its previ-
it was possible to air a (Mindanao-
based) program that airs simultane-
Its high time (to have a show that re-
ally tells) what is the truth, not one-sid-
TRADE-IN ng inyong mga
ous news program 24 Oras Davao did ously throughout the island. While we ed, because whatever we do, it cannot be lumang alahas para sa bago nyong bibilhin.
not outperform its competition, it was all know Mindanao is diverse in terms helped that stories about Mindanao get
doing remarkably well already in the of culture and everything, but if it was ( Continued on page 6 ) Sa Daniel's nagbibigay kami ng madaling kredito
at siguradong maaaprubahan kayo!
San Diego Zoo
drens Zoo. Situated in Druid Hill Park Safari Park, and San Diego Zoo Institute
near downtown Baltimore, the Zoo is for Conservation Research, as well
( Continued from page 9 ) accredited by the Association of Zoos & as international field programs on six
Aquariums. For more information, visit continents. The work of these entities is
bia, and in facilities in Mexico, Canada, www.marylandzoo.org. made accessible to children through the
Australia and Pakistan. About San Diego Zoo Global San Diego Zoo Kids network, reaching
About Childrens National Health Bringing species back from the brink of out through the internet and in childrens
System extinction is the goal of San Diego Zoo hospitals nationwide. The work of San
Childrens National Health System, Global. As a leader in conservation, the Diego Zoo Global is made possible by
based in Washington, D.C., has been
serving the nations children since 1870.
work of San Diego Zoo Global includes
on-site wildlife conservation efforts
the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Con-
servancy and is supported in part by the
90 locations in California! 15 in San Diego!
Childrens National is #1 for babies and
ranked in every specialty evaluated by
(representing both plants and animals) Foundation of San Diego Zoo Global. (800) 819-8000 or visit www.DanielsJewelers.com
at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo
U.S. News & World Report, including
placement in the top 10 for: Cancer
(#7), Neurology and Neurosurgery

Dental Implant Centers

(#9) Orthopedics (#9) and Nephrology TM
(#10). Childrens National has been
designated two times as a Magnet
hospital, a designation given to hospitals
that demonstrate the highest standards
of nursing and patient care delivery. DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
This pediatric academic health system
offers expert care through a convenient,
community-based primary care network
and specialty outpatient centers. Home
to the Childrens Research Institute and
the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric
Surgical Innovation, Childrens National
is one of the nations top NIH-funded
pediatric institutions. Childrens Na-
tional is recognized for its expertise and
innovation in pediatric care and as a
strong voice for children through advo-
cacy at the local, regional and national

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

levels. For more information, visit Chil-
drensNational.org, or follow Childrens
National on Facebook and Twitter.
About Ronald McDonald House
Charities of Greater Washington, DC
(RMHCDC) Advanced Dental Implant Education: All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Ronald McDonald House Charities
of Greater Washington, DC, a non-profit, Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
501 (C) (3), eases the hardship of chil-
drens illness on families through pro- 25 years hands-on dental implant experience 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
grams that directly improve the health
and wellbeing of children. Through its Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology Tagalog speaker
three core programs: two Ronald Mc-
Donald Houses, two Ronald McDon-
Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
ald Family Rooms, and two Ronald
McDonald Care Mobiles; RMHCDC
keeps families with sick children close
to each other and the medical care their
child needs at leading local hospitals.
RMHCDC programs not only provide
access to quality health care, they enable
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
family-centered care ensuring families
are fully supported and actively involved
in their childrens care. For more infor-
mation, visit rmhcdc.org.
Fluent in Tagalog
About The Maryland Zoo in Balti-
Founded in 1876, The Maryland Zoo
in Baltimore is the third-oldest zoo in
Two convenient locations
the United States and is internationally
727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
known for its contributions in conser-
vation and research. More than 1,500
animals are represented in the Zoos
varied natural habitat exhibits, in areas
such as the award-winning Penguin
Coast, Polar Bear Watch, Maryland
866.469.7645 www.drkhazian.com
Wilderness, African Journey and Chil-
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com September 1-7, 2017



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