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HACK YOUR 1 YB) eae UU RUC UB eee CU Re ec ee TTL-232R USB to TLL Serial 1/F Cable MM232R Miniature USB Module + Micro Miniature USB + Communication from 300 ud to 3M baud = + Four configurable GPIO * Easy solution for attach / 3.3v MCU to USB ling inch * Fully Sv compatible 1/0 signal * 3.3V 1/0 version also + USB Self or 3us powered v/ Sv 1/0 signal lave ptions PEEP Ware ee ed 24 Pin DIL. format USB Modules T232RL USB UART ( UM232R ) rnp meager see USB FIFO ( UM248I ‘Turned pins ft standard 24 pin i.c. socket ‘= USB Self / Bus powered options Sv 1/0 signal level options wered module for reading and writing 150 15693, 1s 8000-3, and Tag-it™ passive RFID transponder tags. 256 bytes of data unique identifier (UID) antenne inside the unit, © Unit size 3.25" x 2.3" x .83” # Operating range from 2-4 inches depe size / type of the transponder tag. ‘Includes USB cable, sample tags and software CD \ding upon the us2321 * Supplied in retail packaging with driver CD + Communication rates from 300 baud to 1M bau + 10cm cable length ( 1m version available at Over 50 different USB Interface products in stock at www.ftdichip.com/chipshop.htm Fair Use Vou should be able to make personal use of your media however, whenever, and wherever you want. Great gizmos like mobile music players and PVRs are making that possible. But Hollywood is locking up the audio and video content you own and taking away your rights. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting back to defend your digital media rights: http://www.eff.org/IP/fairuse