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The Charge of the Light Brigade Coursework

Folio: to be submitted 30th June 2016

Task: In pairs create an information folio on the poem which includes the following contents:

1. Biodata of Alfred Lord Tennyson

2. The poem extract that you learn in school
3. Literary devices used in the poem. Find examples from the poem for these literary devices:
a. Repetition
b. Imagery
c. Alliteration
d. Rhyme
e. Personification
4. Analysis of the poem stanza by stanza
5. Meanings of words (word list)
a. League
b. Onward
c. Valley
d. Brigade
e. Dismayed
f. Blundered
g. Volleyed
h. Thundered
i. Boldly
j. Cannon
6. Meanings of phrases / lines (phrase / line list)
a. Half a league onward
b. Valley of death / mouth of hell
c. A man dismayed
d. Not to reply
e. Not to reason why
f. To do and die
g. Stormed at with shot and shell
h. Boldly they rode and well
7. Moral values from the poem
8. Enrichment
a. The full version of the poem
b. The history of the actual Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War (1854-1856). A
summary of what happened (what, when, who, where, why, how)
c. Another poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson
d. What I feel about the poem

Oral: To be assessed from 10th July to 14th July 2016

Task: Work with the same partner to discuss ONE of the following topic:

All instructions and demands from leaders should be executed without question.

We should not acknowledge or impose punishment to our leaders if they were to make any mistakes.

To die for the country in a battle is the only way to show patriotism

One student should go with the topic while the other will go against it. The teacher will be the moderator
and give questions where necessary throughout the discussion.