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Digital Marketing Strategy



Digital Marketing Strategy

In the contemporary competitive business world, strong digital marketing strategy is

imperative for any company to become successful. While the strategy is important in increasing

the revenue and the clientele base of a firm, customers needs, tastes, and preferences are

becoming more sophisticated as a result of enhanced digital platforms. In particular, internet

marketing has played a key role in shaping consumers buying decisions. Hence, companies that

have not implemented appropriate digital strategies are facing major challenges including the

threat of being faced out of the market. Any company despite its size or the industry may take

advantage of strong digital marketing strategy to expand and compete favorably in the industry

of operation. In digital marketing, there is a need for the company to define its strategy before

implementation (Chaffey & Smith, 2013). The paper aims at creating a digital strategy and

implementation plan for SmaDiTec Solutions Company using the model of TCEO to launch its

SmaDiTec Mobile App software.

Situational Analysis (THINK)

SmaDiTec Solutions Company is involved in offering unified enterprise software that is

widely used in digital marketing. The company has an exceptional organization culture that

promotes innovation while providing incomparable digital advertising solutions for marketers.

The companys management platform endeavors to streamline and scale ad buys throughout all

channels making it possible for advertisers to access guaranteed, as well as biddable inventory to

achieve their digital marketing targets and objectives. The companys holistic approach provides

the marketer with a distinct recording system to fulfill their planning, research, reporting and

optimization goals. Advertising is considered as one of the most powerful strategies for boosting

the sales and increasing the market share for any firm, agency or an organization (Chaffey &

Smith, 2013).

SmaDiTec Mobile App software is intended to enhance advertising campaigns in the

United States. As a result of advancement in communications and communication technology

across the world, the software will be helpful in promoting and supporting advertising campaigns

for companies and marketers. SmaDiTec Mobile App would be helpful in identifying distinct

sites where customers are likely to visit regularly improving media planning decisions. The

software has enhanced features including SmaDiTec Ad Planner that is effective in meeting the

advertising needs of the businesses, agencies and companies across the United States. Moreover,

the mobile application software is secure to serve an extensive market since each user has a

different account with enhanced login details (Chaffey & Smith, 2013).

In addition, the Mobile App software could be integrated with other software programs

that already exist in the market including the Mobile Ad-server that would be helpful in

enhancing the traffic based on quality and volume. The software is intended to minimize the

costs of advertisement such as those incurred in printing business catalogs, as well as the

banners. Also, the application will be helpful in making digital marketing advertising strategies

more efficient since it can be integrated with several applications enabling marketers and

agencies to reduce the cost and time for advertisement. Besides, the Ad-server supported by

SmaDiTec Mobile App software can be used by agencies and marketers for web-based, as well

as video advertisement campaigns. The mobile application software is also capable of allowing

the users to view distinct advertisement through the Youtube regardless of their geographical

locations. When a user views a similar video from a different locality, the Mobile App is capable

of changing the advertisements nature so as to acclimatize in the new environment (Chaffey,


Marketing Objectives (CREATE)

The marketing objectives of SmaDiTec Solutions Company are intended to streamline

marketers and agencies advertising campaigns and strategies. It aims at providing advertisement

solutions through the Mobile App application software by serving the customers ads using the

smartest ad server by volume. Moreover, the company intends to boost the speed through

trafficking using a simpler and effective interface that is user-friendly. Also, it aims at helping its

clients to access relevant advertising data in just a single search and display media enabled by the

SmaDiTec Mobile App software (Chaffey & Smith, 2013).

Implementation of the Marketing Strategy (ENGAGE)

The marketing strategy will involve launching of digital ad management platform,

SmaDiTec Mobile App software that would be helpful for the agencies and marketers in

promoting their advertising campaigns for their products, as well as services in the most effective

manner. Moreover, the strategy will include data-driven systems of management and streamlined

operations capable of promoting advertisement campaigns at local, national and international

levels. Further, the market strategy will concentrate on launching the Mobile App software

comprising of ad serving solutions intended to support digital advertising campaigns especially

for marketers and agencies across the United States. The digital marketing strategy will

streamline the workflow for trafficking, planning, optimizing, targeting, as well as reporting

(Chaffey & Smith, 2013).


The target customers will include marketers and agencies in the United States and across

the globe. The marketing strategy will offer solutions for trafficking in order to reduce the time

spent by our clients in managing their online advertising campaigns. The software would be

highly differentiated depending on feedback from the customers so as to meet their

advertisement needs in the most appropriate manner. Also, differentiation will help the target

customers in increasing their applications specifically on web-based interface significantly

reducing users time on routine tasks and creating more time for other promotional activities

(Chaffey, 2009).

In addition, the company will penetrate the market as a merger where it will form a joint

venture with other digital advertising companies in the United States. The main reason for

adopting this marketing strategy includes access to technology, increase its competitiveness and

acquire management competencies from reputable advertising agencies in the United States.

Moreover, this market strategy of forming mergers will enable SmaDiTec Solutions Company to

access the channels of distribution, expansion, as well as research and development in the United

States digital advertising industry (Chaffey & Smith, 2013).

The implementation plan of the Mobile App software will include a three-stage approach.

During the first stage, the company will target information, computing, as well as high-end data

processing industries in the United States. After successful penetration of SmaDiTec Mobile App

software in these markets, the application will venture into the telecommunications industry and

later into business service, as well as finance industries. These stages of implementation will be

imperative in enabling the company to penetrate the entire United States market while providing

solutions for ever-increasing demands, preferences, and needs for effective digital advertising

strategy (Chaffey, 2009).


Schedule Activity

18 months prior to implementation Review the Mobile App with key players in

the United States digital advertising


Develop an implementation plan into the

United States market.

15 months prior to implementation Form a digital advertising platform

committee, community civic groups, as well

as local authority to evaluate the business

feasibility in the US.

12 months before the implementation Presentation of the preliminary launch of

Mobile App planning to committee


9 months prior to implementation Training of staff members to help in

educating our clients about the software.

6 months prior to implementation Launch community outreach, as well as a

fact sheet with a list of all applications

supported while responding to common

questions from target customers.


3 months prior to implementation Recruiting enforcement staff.

After implementation Carry out close assessment of the Mobile

App to evaluate how it has been

implemented into the US digital

advertising industry.

Ongoing implementation activities Carry out annual customer service


Digital Objectives (OPTIMIZE)

The objectives of the digital marketing strategy will include integration of advanced

features of Mobile App such as conversion measurements and creative optimization to enhance

its efficiency. The tracking goals of the digital marketing strategy will include formulation of

actionable advertisement campaigns through consolidated data, as well as advanced reports to

optimize the functionality of the SmaDiTec Mobile App software. The outcomes of the digital

marketing strategy will include leveraged integrated reporting to improve the effectiveness of the

advertisement programs for our clients. This will enable the company in increasing its revenue

while providing solutions to the United States digital advertising industry (Chaffey & Smith,



The digital advertising industry in the United States has continued to grow significantly

due to advancement in information and communication technology. Hence, launching of a

Mobile App with enhanced features will play a significant role in promoting the growth of the

industry through providing marketers and agencies with an advertising platform.



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