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Mohammad Rah Adi Satrio


Integrated Character Building A

II.2 Systematics and Philosophy Characteristics

Systematic is from the word that mean structure, the objective of using structure is we
will know that structure lead us to step step to achieve what is the root of the knowledge that
being observe. The philosophy systemathic itself have many aspects, such as: Ontology,
epistemology, aksiologi. Epistimology word come from Greece word episteme and logos,
episteme means that knowledge and truth or theory. Epistimology are discussing about the
origin, the origin of something, epistemology also have metodhology; methodology is a branch
of philosophy which examines the ways and methods of science to gain more knowledge in a
systematic, logical, valid, and tested. So the purpose of the methodology is to lead the knowledge
to not to lost in the knowledge that unnecessary. Richard west said in his book that Ontology is
the science that studies about something real therefore in other words Ontology talk about
something real or reality. Ontology study objects devided by two, quantitative and qualitative;
qualitative means that questioning is there any fact and reality that have some quality or not.
Ontology can be simply defined as a study of concrete reality or reality critically. Ontology
divided by two, one is materialism which mean the origin of source is money and things, then
spiritualism that said everything is coming from our soul. The axiology, axiology is a branch of
philosophy of science who question how humans use their knowledge. Axiology is a term
derived from Greek words; Axios which means appropriate or reasonable. Epistemology is
concerned with the problem of truth, ethics is concerned with the question of goodness, and
aesthetics concerned with the problem of beauty (Louis O. Kattsoff, 1996: 327). The use of
axiology to the science development are divided by three science axiology and philosophy
axiology and mystichal axiology; Theories as control equipment. In this function besides
scientists were able to make a prediction based on the explanation of symptoms, can also be
made to control the problem that occurred. Philosophy axiology is the way to solve problem in
our life and also problem in sciences. The mystichal is one to describe and explain about religion
and something that out of my mind, something that we can not or hard to think about, but our
believe. Ethics is the one that rule us to be a better person because it teach us how to adapt with
environment and persons / humans properly and also good attitude. Aesthetics are discussing
about sense, the word aesthetics derived from the Ancient Greek word meaning aisthetikos to
sense perception, is also derived from the word meaning aisthanomai I perceive, feel, sense.
Therefore, assessing the aesthetic experience and appreciation in response to something, in
certain contexts could be beautiful or not beautiful. In other words, the aesthetics merupaka a
discipline that addresses the connection issues a decision whether something is beautiful or not
beautiful in the context of his perception of reality.

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