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Sales Battle Card

Sales for Small

Battle Card Business
IP Office Standard and IP Office Professional Editions
Basic Call Center
Product/Solution Overview
IP Office Standard Edition
Customers can benefit from a feature-rich, business-quality voice communications solution out of the box with the IP Office 500 system. The
IP Office Standard Edition software supports from two to 32 users, conferencing for up to 64 parties, CTI capabilities with Phone Manager,
firewall, flexible data connectivity (cable, DSL, T1, ISDN), 2 x 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports and optional additional benefits with
SoftConsole and Embedded Messaging.

IP Office Standard Edition resides on the IP Office 500 system control unit and supports a combination of digital, analog or IP telephones
(including IP DECT Wireless, Wi-Fi and PC Softphone), though not to exceed a maximum of 24 Avaya digital handsets. The IP Office 500
system running IP Office Standard Edition software supports 2400 series, 5400 series, and 6400 series digital telephones; 3810 digital
wireless; industry-standard analog telephones; and 4600 series and 5600 series IP hardphones as well as Phone Manager PC softphone.

IP Office Standard Edition supports a variety of trunk types. Depending on needs, customers can choose from up to 16 analog lines, 32 ISDN
BRI channels or 8 T1/E1 lines. Through licensing, customers can enjoy cost effective call services from service providers offering SIP trunk
services. SIP licensing is available in 1, 5, 10, and 20 channel increments.

IP Office Professional Edition

Should customers require additional functionality (growth beyond 32 users) the IP Office Standard Edition can be upgraded to IP Office
Professional Edition through licensing. Once upgraded to the IP Office Professional Edition, the IP Office 500 system supports up to 272
users through the use of Expansion Modules. In addition to the above mentioned telephones, customers can re-use existing 4400 series
digital telephones using the Digital Station Expansion Modules. This offers cost savings and investment protection. IP Office Professional
Edition also provides customers the ability to enhance applications through optional licensing for VoiceMail Pro, Contact Store and
Conferencing Center.

Customers with multiple locations can benefit by using Voice Networking licensing (available in increments of four channels) to link IP Office
sites together forming a Small Community Network (SCN). Small Community Networking allows for a total of 500 users forming an integrated
system across 16 sites. Small Community Networking provides the users with many operational benefits such as busy lamp field indication
across the SCN, call back when free to an extension across the SCN, Paging to an individual extension or to an individual amplifier, call pick-
up of a ringing telephone across the SCN, utilizing one VoiceMail Pro system within the SCN, ability to access any user within the SCN
through use of internal directory, ability to see the absent text message set by a remote user, and efficient IP trunk utilization with inherent
anti-tromboning technology.

Remote IP Office 500 locations could utilize Standard Edition software presuming the sites needs can be met with Standard Edition software.
The main IP Office 500 location within a Small Community Network must be using Professional Edition software to support VoiceMail Pro.

Both IP Office Standard Edition and Professional Edition offer customers the ability to enhance Voice Networking capabilities with the
Advanced Networking license. Advance Networking enables Remote Hot Desking (provides users with the ability to log on to another phone
at another location within the SCN), Distributed Hunt Groups (includes users located on other IP Office systems within the network), and
Breakout Dialing (allows the user to select an IP Office system in the network from a displayed list and then dial a subsequent number as if
dialing locally on the select system).

Target Customer Profile

Small businesses and branch offices of larger enterprises
Companies looking for a comprehensive, complete solution for voice and data needs
Multi-location businesses that want "transparent" communications across locations and shared applications such as messaging,
internal directory, etc.
Home and remote offices that want seamless access to the main office system, secure remote connection to the headquarters
intranet, and the ability to work flexibly with wireless devices, IP telephones
Any business that wants to converge voice and data communications and uses new applications enabled by voice over IP
Any business that has an investment in an IP network and wants to leverage that network
Any business looking for simple or sophisticated messaging, contact center capability or its own conference bridge

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Sales Battle Card
Sales for Small
Battle Card Business
IP Office Standard and IP Office Professional Editions
Basic Call Center
Customer Challenges
Lack of IT skills Many devices to manage & use Manage cash flow Finding affordable single source
Finding reliable source of Connecting multiple locations Tracking & collaborating with Small and large business
information mobile employees competitors

Avaya Value Proposition

Ideal for small businesses, Avaya IP Office delivers advanced IP-enabled communication and contact center functionality with tools for
effective management, and applications for improved productivity, and efficiency. Avaya IP Office is a complete intelligent communications
solution supporting voice and data communications and a large suite of business applications. This scalable solution fills the gap between
traditional key systems/circuit switched PBXs and new IP-only solutions, using multiple technologies to deploy its capabilities. In addition to
voice communications and applications such as messaging, conferencing, call center, wireless, and Unified Communications this solution
provides data networking and routing functionality to maximize infrastructure investments.
Customers can buy into IP Office at an even more affordable price, but future growth is still assured without fork-lift upgrades
Standard Edition uses modular technology to deliver more functionality at a lower cost for single-site locations; Professional Edition
offers customers what they need according to their schedule through licensing
Customers pay as they go; FREE 45-day trial licenses are available for advanced applications; Flexible and robust
optional offerings are available for multi-site locations
Competitive Differences

Entry-level product targeted at small Cisco Unified Communications Nortel BCM requires forklift Yes
businesses with option to grow Manager Express requires forklift upgrades between platforms for
without forklift upgrades for upgrades between platforms for growth
investment protection growth
Free 45-day licenses offered for No During promotions only No
advanced applications to improve
Support for analog, digital and IP Analog and IP only Yes Analog and IP only
endpoints for investment protection
and migration to IP at customers
own pace
Ease of administration No, requires IOS certification. Lack Yes; however, lack short code Yes; however, lack short code
short code flexibility flexibility flexibility
Networking feature transparency Varies No absent text messaging, BLF, or Full feature transparency
dynamic directory

Sales Positioning Strategies

Avaya developed the IP Office specifically for small businesses. Avaya IP Office is the first system that fills the gap between conventional
key systems/circuit switched PBXs and IP-only solutions. Prior to the IP Office, resellers had to choose between traditional circuit-switched
Key Systems and PBXs augmented with adjuncts to address IP applications and IP telephony. IP Office addresses the market opportunity
for an economically viable, yet feature-rich and technologically advanced communications solutions for the small business. IP Office gives
this target market the flexibility to implement a traditional phone system now, and grow into an IP-based system in the future without having
to sacrifice previous investments.

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