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This MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT (the Agreement) made and entered into

at the City of ________________, Philippines on the ______ day of __________ 2017, by and

AMA Computer College Cavite Inc., a corporation duly established and

operating under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines with postal address at
Governors Tower 1, Governors Drive, Langkaan 1, Dasmarinas City, Cavite,
represented in this act by its School Director, ENGR. WARREN JOSEPH MOISES, who is
authorized to do this Act, hereinafter referred to as AMA CAVITE INC.


__________(Name of the Company)___________, a corporate entity duly registered

in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with business address at
_________(Company Address)________, (Certificate of Incorporation herein attached as
Annex A) represented herein by its Director, _________________, who is authorized to Commented [B2]: Specify company position of your designated
this Act, hereinafter referred to as _______________ (Secretarys Certificate herein signatory.

attached as Annex B).

Each is hereinafter alsor referred to as the Party and collectively as the Parties.

W I T N E S S E T H:

WHEREAS, AMA CAVITE INCs affiliate schools under the AMA Education System
(AMAES for brevity) are recognized as the pioneer and the largest network of
Information Technology (IT) based Universities and Colleges in the Philippines and

WHEREAS, ____(Company)____ is engaged in _____________________________________

___________________________; Commented [B3]: Specify your line of business.

WHEREAS, ____(Company)____ has represented to AMA CAVITE INC. that it has the
requisite experience, expertise, manpower and capital to perform its obligations strictly
in accordance with the Agreements terms and that AMA CAVITE INC. has accepted
the same;

WHEREAS, the PARTIES AMA CAVITE INC. and ____(Company)____ intend to utilize their
complementary strengths in order to promote Information Technology in education,
wherever applicable and justifiable;

WHEREAS, the PARTIES AMA CAVITE INC. and ____(Company)___ share a common vision
and goal of improving the skills and training of young individuals to enhance their
qualification for employment in the industry;
NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the parties have
agreed as follows:


Section 1. AMA CAVITE INC. will furnish _____(Company)_____ with AMAES

graduate lists every year which will not be disclosed, given or shown to any of
_________s partners, creditors, successors, clients and/or assignees without the written
consent of AMA CAVITE INC or its duly authorized representative for the purpose;

Section 2. AMA CAVITE INC. will inform job openings of ___(Company)___ to

AMAES graduates;

Section 3. AMA CAVITE INC. will allow job posting of ___(Company)__s

requirements at AMAES alumni website;

Section 4. ___(Company)___ shall join Job Fairs and school activities at

selected AMAES branches;

Section 5. ___(Company)___ shall place at least two (2) candidates for On the
Job Training (OJT)/Internship every term (subject to OJT slots availability) from AMA
CAVITE INC. in each of the office or branch of ___(Company)___ (either on a per
Semester or Trimester basis);

Section 6. ___(Company)___ shall hire (subject to job availability and hiring

criteria/requirements of ___(Company)___ at least one (1) AMAES graduate every year
in each of the office or branch of ___(Company)___;

Section 7. ___(Company)___ shall conduct at least one seminar per

_______________ at selected AMAES branches; Commented [B4]: Either on a per Semester/Trimester, quarter or

Section 8. ___(Company)___ shall provide AMA CAVITE INC. with pre-

employment, entry level and permanent employee evaluation/assessment of AMAES

Section 9. ___(Company)___ shall furnish AMA CAVITE INC. with list of hired
AMAES graduates and their positions/job titles every _______________. Commented [B5]: Either every Semester/Trimester, quarter or


Section 1. The AMA CAVITE INC. practice areas will be the principal thematic
area of cooperation between the PARTIES that will collaborate, inter alia, in the
following areas:

Internship / On-the-job training

Job Fair / Other School activities
Curriculum and Training
Job Posting
Job Placement / employment
Senior High Work Immersion
Section 2. Consultation and Exchange of Information

In keeping with the vision and goals of AMA CAVITE INC. and
___(Company)___, the PARTIES, shall ensure to maintain its progress
through a periodic consultation on vital information and/or matters of
common interest to keep both parties in adept to the industrys fast
moving and continuous improvement;

Consultation and exchange of information and documents under this

Agreement will be without prejudice to arrangements which may be
required to safeguard the confidential and restricted character of
certain information and documents;

During the effectivity of this agreement, ___(Company)___ will be given

access to the list of AMAES graduates which will not be disclosed,
given or shown to any of ___(Company)___s partners, creditors,
successors, clients and/or assignees without the written consent of
AMA CAVITE INC. or its duly authorized representative for the purpose;

To avoid doubt, the parties shall faithfully observe the terms and
conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement herein attached as Annex
C and made an integral part of this Memorandum of Agreement.

Section 3. Academe Industry Linkage

The herein Parties being education partners, should jointly pursued and
establish the following but not limited to the below enumerated activities, project and

___(Company)___ will provide AMA CAVITE INC. Faculty members and

students (both in the undergraduate and graduate level), the support
needed for the completion of the requirements for practicum / on-the-
job training, education cooperation of graduate students, industry
immersion of Faculty members on the design and development of
possible projects at ___(Company)___.

Establishing a link between AMA CAVITE INC. affiliate schools

Registrar, Alumni Coordinator and ___(Company)___s Human
Resources Dept. so that AMAES is advised of the available schedule of
practicum / on-the-job training at _________________ both for
undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as faculty industry
immersion. The AMAES shall come up with the list of potential trainees
that would be screened and interviewed by the duly authorized
representatives of ___(Company)___.

___(Company)___ upon recommendation of AMAES will identify the

companies that will assist both undergraduate and graduate levels in
their on-the-job training and education cooperation respectively and
possible employment of AMAES graduates.

Section 4. Curriculum and Training

AMA CAVITE INC. will determine if any of ___(Company)___s

technology/ies are worthy of integration/introduction into the AMAES
curriculum. If found worthy, the ___(Company)___ will provide a
representative in helping AMAES in the curriculum integration;
___(Company)___ shall provide the necessary training per __________ Commented [B6]: Either on a per Semester/Trimester, quarter or
to the faculty staff of AMAES, who shall be directly responsible in year.

implementing the curriculum, to equip them with the needed skills for
the course;

The PARTIES shall determine the duration, venue, and schedule of the
training per school year for the faculty staff of AMAES. The services of
the trainers who shall conduct the training shall be provided free of
charge by ___(Company)___. However, the expenses for the training
facilities and training materials shall be borne exclusively by AMA

AMA CAVITE INC. and ___(Company)___ will keep each other

informed of in-house training that can be availed by both parties for
the students and alumni for AMA CAVITE INC. and company
employees of ___(Company)___.

__________________ shall provide the necessary work immersion

program for the Senior High School (SHS) Curriculum consisting of 80
hours of hands-on experience or work simulation which expose the
students to the actual workplace setting and to enrich the
competencies provided by the AMA CAVITE INC.

Section 5. Participation in School Activities

During the effectivity of the Agreement, ___(Company)___ shall be

allowed to participate in the school activities of AMA CAVITE INC., in all of its campuses
and branches nationwide herein attached Annex C containing AMAES member
schools. Such participation shall be limited to ___________________. (The said Commented [B7]: Specify your limitations, i.e., job fairs, career
participation shall be limited to job fairs, career orientation, seminars and campus orientation, seminars, campus recruitment, etc.


Section 6. Promotion and Advertisement

As Education Partners, the PARTIES, will jointly pursue and establish the
following but not limited to herein below enumerated activities, projects and programs:

Joint PR Opportunities

AMA CAVITE INC. may indicate in their advertising materials,

whether print or broadcast, that they are in partnership with
___(Company)___, with respect to the technical operation course and
potential placement for AMAES graduates at AMA CAVITE INC., subject to
the hiring standards set by ___(Company)___.

Job Posting in AMAES Website

During the effectivity of the Agreement, ___(Company)___ may

also post job announcements in the website of AMA CAVITE INC for
AMAES alumni.

Use of Logo
Subject to the written approval/clearance of the PARTIES, either
party may use the other Partys logo on all their collaterals in accordance
with the Partys logo usage guidelines.

Section 1. Term

The Agreement shall take effect immediately upon signing of both PARTIES
and shall remain in force for a period of three (3) years. The PARTIES shall reserve the
right to terminate this Agreement in cases of breach of the stipulated terms and
condition by either party, subject to a thirty- (30) day prior notice. This Agreement shall
be renewable upon mutual agreement of the PARTIES.

Section 2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with

the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. In cases of litigations or disputes arising from
this Agreement, the herein PARTIES agree that the same shall be filed in the appropriate
courts of Cavite City only.

Section 3. Corporate Non-disclosure Agreement

Unless otherwise specified by ___(Company)___ in consultation with AMA

CAVITE INC, the terms and existence of this Agreement shall be confidential in nature.
However, ___(Company)___ hereby gives its consent for AMA CAVITE INC to issue any
press release or public announcement regarding the execution of the Agreement.

Section 4. Successors and Assigns

This Agreement and the rights and obligations herein may not be assigned
by either Party without the prior written consent of the other Party. However,
___(Company)___ agrees that this Agreement is intended to benefit all schools under
the AMA Education System.

Section 5. Amendments

It is mutually agreed that the Agreement will not be modified except by

written amendment executed and signed by both parties.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, the parties hereunto affixed their signatures on the date and at the
place above written.

AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE CAVITE INC. ________(Company)________

By: By:

ENGR. WARREN JOSEPH MOISES ____________________________

School Director, AMA Cavite Inc. Chairman / Director (Position)
Commented [B8]: Specify company designation of your

Signed in the Presence of:


OJT Adviser
Faculty, CCS Department


Republic of the Philippines)

City of _________________ ) s.s.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public in and for the _______________________, this _____ day
of ____________________, personally appeared:

AMA Computer College Cavite Inc.


School Director, AMA Cavite Inc.

___________________________ Commented [B9]: Encode name of your company.

_(Company Representative)_
(Representatives Position)

Known to me and to me known to be the same person who executed the above
MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT, consisting of ten (10) pages, including this page where
this Acknowledgment appears, acknowledged to me that the same is their own free
and voluntary act and deed as well as the voluntary act and deed of the
entities/corporation they represent.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand the day, year and place
above written.


Doc. No. _________;

Page No. _________;
Book No. ________;
Series of _______.

This Confidentiality Agreement (the Agreement) is made and entered into as

of the ___ day of ____________ 2017, by and between AMA CAVITE INC., a corporation,
with postal address at Governors Tower 1, Governors Drive, Langkaan 1, Dasmarinas, Cavite
(hereinafter referred to as Disclosing Party), and ________(Company)_______, with
office/postal address at ______________________, (hereinafter referred to as Receiving

WHEREAS, the Disclosing Party will disclose and make available to the Receiving
Party certain confidential or proprietary information during the effectivity of the
Memorandum of Agreement (the Agreement) between the parties hereto.

WHEREAS, the Receiving Party acknowledges and understands that it may

obtain certain confidential information concerning the Disclosing Partys business in the
course of discussing the Memorandum of Agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, in order to preserve the confidential nature of the Confidential

Information (as defined below), the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Confidential Information as used in this Confidentiality Agreement shall mean

all data, information, documents and samples disclosed hereunder to the Receiving
Party by the Disclosing Party, whether written, electronic, or in any other tangible form
or oral, relating to the Disclosing Partys business that is deemed confidential at the
time it is disclosed or, if it is disclosed orally, is identified by the Disclosing Party as
confidential within seven (7) days of such disclosure. Such Confidential Information is
provided solely for the purpose of discussion and evaluation of the proposed Service
Agreement between the parties hereto.

2. The Confidential Information shall be treated as confidential and shall not be

disclosed or made available by the Receiving Party directly or indirectly to any third
party, except to its Representatives, nor used for any purpose other than the evaluation
of proposed Service Agreement between the parties hereto. The Receiving Party
agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all of the Confidential Information and not to
utilize it in any manner except for the particular purpose specified above.
Representatives as used in this Agreement shall include directors, officers, employees,
auditors, counsel, consultants and other representatives of the Receiving Party and
Affiliates (as hereinafter defined) and such Affiliates respective directors, officers,
employees, auditors, counsel and other representatives. Affiliates as used in this
Agreement shall include for any party, any person or entity that such party controls, is
controlled by or is under common control with such party. For the purposes of this
Agreement, the term Control shall mean the ability, either directly or indirectly, to
direct or cause the direction of or to influence the direction of that person or party or
the management of that party or person, whether through ownership of voting
securities or by contract or otherwise. The Receiving Party may disclose the
Confidential Information without the Disclosing Partys prior written consent to
Representatives and for fund and inter-fund reporting purposes, provided, however,
that prior to receipt by any Representatives of the Confidential Information, the
Receiving Party shall inform such Representatives of the obligation of non-disclosure
pursuant to this Agreement.

3. Confidential Information provided by the Disclosing Party shall be and remain its
exclusive property. If the Receiving Party or any of its Representatives is required (by
oral questions, interrogatories, requests for information or documents, subpoena, civil
investigation demand or similar process) to disclose any Confidential Information, the
Receiving Party will as soon as reasonably practicable provide notice to the Disclosing
Party of such request.

4. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement to the

contrary, it is understood and agreed that the Receiving Partys obligations of non-
disclosure hereunder shall not apply to any Confidential Information which:

(a) is in the public domain at the time of disclosure;

(b) becomes part of the public domain by publication or otherwise after
disclosure, through no fault of the Receiving Party or any of its
Representatives hereunder;
(c) was in the possession of the Receiving Party or any of its Representatives
at the time of disclosure and to the Receiving Partys knowledge, was not
acquired, directly or indirectly, from the Disclosing Party;
(d) has been or is now or later furnished or made known to the Receiving
Party by third parties without restriction on disclosure; or
(e) is required by law, legal process, any governmental or other regulatory
body or any stock exchange to be disclosed by the Receiving Party or
any of its Representatives.
(f) In case of litigation for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of the Main
Agreement entitled Memorandum of Agreement executed on __________.

5. It is understood that the Disclosing Party makes no representations or warranties

as to the accuracy or completeness of any information disclosed or made available to
the Receiving Party hereunder.

6. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as imposing any undertaking or

obligation on the Receiving Party; nor as an expression of any representation or
warranty by the Receiving Party to deal with the Disclosing Party; nor to invest in the
Disclosing Party or otherwise.

7. The validity, performance, construction, and effect of this Agreement shall be

governed by the laws of [the Philippines]. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party
may seek injunctive relief from a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent a breach of
this Agreement. Furthermore, both PARTIES agree that the City of Muntinlupa shall be
exclusive venue/jurisdiction on any Legal Disputes arising from or in connection to this
Confidentiality Agreement.

8. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to the
subject matter hereof. No representations have been made by either of the parties
except as are specifically set forth herein. No rights and obligations other than those
expressly recited herein are to be implied from this Agreement. Any amendments to
this Agreement shall not be binding unless it is in writing and signed by both the
Disclosing Party and the Receiving Party.

This Agreement shall terminate automatically on the date that the Receiving Party
enters into a further agreement with, inter alia, the Disclosing Party which contains
provisions relating to the non-disclosure of Confidential Information. Unless earlier
terminated under the preceding sentence, all obligations set forth in this Agreement
shall terminate three (3) years after the date of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the authorized representatives of the parties hereto have

executed this Agreement on the day and year first written above.

AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE CAVITE INC. ________(Company)________

By: By:
ENGR. WARREN JOSEPH MOISES ____________________________
School Director, AMA Cavite Inc. Chairman / Director (Position)



In reference to Chapter 3, Section 4 (Successors and Assigns), listed below are the schools
under the AMA Education System covered in the Memorandum of Agreement:


1. AMA Computer University (Quezon City) 22. AMA Computer College Mandaluyong
2. AMA Computer College East Rizal 23. AMA Computer College Manila
3. AMA School of Medicine East Rizal 24. AMA Computer College Paraaque
4. AMA International Aviation Academy East 25. AMA Computer College Pasig
Rizal 26. AMA Computer College Batangas
5. AMA Computer College Fairview 27. AMA Computer College Bian
6. AMA Computer College Makati 28. AMA Computer College Calamba
7. AMA School of Medicine Makati 29. AMA Computer College Legaspi
8. AMA Computer College Cavite 30. AMA Computer College Lipa
9. AMA Computer College Angeles City 31. AMA Computer College Lucena
10. AMA Computer College Cabanatuan 32. AMA Computer College Naga
11. AMA Computer College Malolos 33. AMA Computer College Sta. Cruz
12. AMA Computer College Olongapo 34. AMA Computer College Baguio
13. AMA Computer College Pampanga 35. AMA Computer College Dagupan
14. AMA Computer College Tarlac 36. AMA Computer College La Union
15. AMA Computer College Bacolod 37. AMA Computer College Laoag
16. AMA Computer College Cebu 38. AMA Computer College Santiago
17. AMA Computer College Dumaguete 39. AMA Computer College Tuguegarao
18. AMA Computer College Iloilo 40. AMA Computer College Cagayan de Oro
19. AMA Computer College Tacloban 41. AMA Computer College Cotabato
20. AMA Computer College Caloocan 42. AMA Computer College Davao
21. AMA Computer College Las Pias 43. AMA Computer College General Santos
44. AMA Computer College Zamboanga


1. ABE International Business College Bacolod 6. ABE International Business College Caloocan
2. ABE International Business College 7. ABE International Business College Las Pias
Cabanatuan 8. ABE International Business College Makati
3. ABE International Business College Iloilo 9. ABE International Business College Malolos
4. ABE International Business College Urdaneta 10. ABE International Business College Taft
5. ABE International Business College Cainta 11. ABE International Business College Cubao
12. ABE International Business College Fairview 14. ABE International Business College Manila
13. ABE International Business College Lucena

AMA Computer Learning Center

1. AMA Computer Learning Center Iloilo 3. AMA Computer Learning Center Batangas
2. AMA Computer Learning Center Caloocan 4. AMA Computer Learning Center San Pablo


1. St. Augustine School of Nursing Iloilo 5. St. Augustine School of Nursing Mandaluyong
2. St. Augustine School of Nursing Lagro 6. St. Augustine School of Nursing Lucena
3. St. Augustine School of Nursing Las Pias 7. St. Augustine School of Nursing Lipa
4. St. Augustine School of Nursing Quezon City


1. St. Augustine International School Quezon City 2. AMA Basic Education East Rizal
3. St. Augustine International School Mactan 5. St. Augustine International School Davao
4. St. Augustine International School Bian


1. ACLC College Apalit 33. ACLC Guadalupe

2. ACLC College Baliuag 34. ACLC Guagua
3. ACLC College Calapan, Mindoro 35. ACLC College Mabalacat
4. ACLC Calbayog 36. ACLC College Marbel
5. ACLC Las Pias 37. ACLC Novaliches
6. ACLC Malolos 38. ACLC Olongapo
7. ACLC College Mandaue 39. ACLC San Fernando
8. ACLC College Meycauayan 40. ACLC San Jose
9. ACLC Muntinlupa 41. ACLC College Tagum
10. ACLC Northbay 42. ACLC Vigan
11. ACLC College Ormoc 43. ACLC Antipolo
12. ACLC Pasig 44. ACLC Bacoor, Cavite
13. ACLC Roxas City 45. ACLC Cainta
14. ACLC San Jose Del Monte 46. ACLC Commonwealth
15. ACLC Sta. Maria 47. ACLC Cubao
16. ACLC College Sta. Maria 48. ACLC College Daet
17. ACLC College Tacloban 49. ACLC Dasmarias
18. ACLC College Tagbilaran 50. ACLC College Iriga City
19. ACLC College Taguig 51. ACLC Lagro
20. ACLC Tarlac 52. ACLC Lipa
21. St. Augustine International School Calbayog 53. ACLC Los Baos
22. ABE International Business College Tacloban 54. ACLC Morayta
23. AMA Basic Education Apalit 55. ACLC Naga City
24. ACLC Agusan del Sur 56. ACLC Naic
25. ACLC Alaminos 57. ACLC Paco
26. ACLC Angeles 58. ACLC College Palawan
27. ACLC College Balanga, Bataan 59. ACLC Pasay
28. ACLC College Bukidnon 60. ACLC San Pedro, Laguna
29. ACLC College Butuan City 61. ACLC College Sorsogon
30. ACLC Davao del Sur 62. ACLC Sta. Cruz, Laguna
31. ACLC College Gapan 63. ACLC Tanauan
32. ACLC College General Santos 64. ACLC College Taytay


1. Southern Luzon College Cavite

2. Delta Air International Aviation Academy
3. Sta. Veronica College La Union