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To whom it may concern

I am writing with regard to Mihai Degeratu and his application to your university.
I have known the applicant for 3 years now, as his form master and teacher of
languages. I believe that I am in the perfect position to evaluate Mihais strengths and
weaknesses, and with those in mind, I can easily recommend him for your university
without any reservation.
During all these years, I have been strongly impressed by his arduous desire to
improve his knowledge and skills, by his popularity among students, as well as by his
strong interest in teamwork and in helping and assisting his peers. He engages others
and actively seeks social interaction, while at the same time maintaining his academic
With reference to his educational background, the candidate has been a student at
Onisifor Ghibu high school for the past two years. I am positive about the fact that he
will graduate from our high school with flying colours and during all the years he was
a student at this high school, he proved to be inquisitive, talented, intuitive, dedicated
and focused in his pursuits, and always willing to prove himself, fact supported by the
great number of diplomas and certificates obtained at national and international
contests. Mihai constantly seeks out constructive feedback so he can improve his
skills, a quality that to my mind is of utter importance, so I totally think that he would
be a real asset if admitted. When we had a class debate about gun laws, Mihai opted
to speak for the side opposite his own views. He explained his choice as motivated by
a desire to put himself in other peoples shoes, view the issue from a different
perspective and gain a clearer sense of it from all angles. Throughout the year, he
demonstrated his openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings and perspectives
of others, along with shrewd powers of observation, all qualities that make him an
outstanding student.

As far as work is concerned, the applicant understood the importance of active

involvement in the life of the community and, thus, volunteered in a number of social
programmes concerned with environment and with less fortunate social categories. He
also offered to volunteer at a local school while a student, where he assisted and
helped visually impaired students in their school. His record is provable in this
respect. His colleagues recommend him as a great help, a good team worker and a
very observant and original mind.

On a personal level, those who are well-acquainted with him describe him as reliable,
truthful, trustworthy, punctual, cheerful and always open for a new challenge. I
believe that these, as well as the aforementioned, are the qualities that any successful
candidate should display. With this in mind, and taking into account his educational
and professional achievements so far, I certainly recommend the applicant for
admission to your institution, and I would be more than happy to provide you with
further information if required.

Sincerely yours,
Dana Contras
English Teacher at Onisifor Ghibu high school
Professor of English at Babes Bolyai University , Faculty of Letters