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I. Write on the exam paper the correct forms of the verbs in

brackets : (10 points)
I am among those who (1)..(not/know)how to swim. I have
always been afraid of water. This may be due to a childhood
experience I (2)(have)when I was about three. My family
used to spend the holidays at the seaside every year. I
(3)(play) on the beach all day long while my mother
(4)(lie) in the sun. From time to time she
(5)..(take) me into the shallow water and tried to teach me
how to swim. Once she (6)..(not/hold)me tight enough
and I (7)..(go)under. My mouth and nostrils filled with water
and I couldnt breathe. My mother started shouting for help and a
young man who (8).(swim) nearby (9)(come)
to see what had happened. When he saw my mothers face, he
understood immediately. If he (10)(not/get) me out fast, I
would have drowned. I will never forget the taste of salty water.

II. Find the correct variant (a, b, c, d)which may replace the underlined word:
(10 points)

1. He couldnt help staring at the gorgeous woman at the next table.

a) arrogant b) mysterious c) beautiful d) smart

2. When he died, his butler became redundant.

a) confused b) unemployed c) wretched d) abundant

3. The possible implications of her adopting his anarchic ideas worry me.

a) consequences b) layouts c) commitments d) tales

4.Two fishing boats went down in the storm.
a) returned b) sank c) searched d) left
5.Theres something fishy going on in that place.
a)suspicious b)exciting c)plausible d)ambiguous
6.Next time try to make your essay brief.
a) clear b) long c) short d) plain
7. The width of the pool does not meet the standards for a world
a) length b) depth c) size d) breadth
8. His boldness under those trying circumstances saved us all.
a) ability b) bravery c) slyness d) self-possession
9. The clown made the little girl giggle.
a) wonder b)laugh c)tease d) mock
10.We should try to keep up these old customs of our ancestors.
a) transfer b) settle c) maintain d)ignore

III. Underline the correct item: (15 points)

1.The moneyon that shelf over there.

a) is; b) are; c) have been;
2. There are two cars in front of our block. Which is .?
a) the most expensive; b) the more expensive ; c) the
3.The .are both very beautiful.
a) deers; b) deeres; c) deer;
4.If you harder, you would pass the exam.
a) had studied ; b) studied; c) would study;
5. ..are very happy to have you here.
a) Me and my sister; b) my sister and me; c) My sister and I;
6. You look beautiful in that dress. Last night she told me
..beautiful in that dress.
a) you look ;b) I looked; c) you looked;
7.The doctor said the patient to hospital a long time ago.
a)should be taken ; b) should have taken ; c) should have
been taken;
8. Cuba is sugar-growing areas in the world.
a) one of the larger b) one of the largest ;c) one of largest;
9. I dont like coffee and she
a) doesnt either ; b) also doesnt ; c)doesnt too;
10.I didnt figure out why they at me for so long, so I asked
them what .. .
a) had been staring/the matter is; b)are staring/is the matter;
c) had been staring/the matter was.
11.He helped me only because he was in love with me,?
a) didnt he? b) was he? c) did he?
12.Dont waste your time because time is precious.
a) They advised me to not waste my time because time is precious.
b) They advised me not to waste my time because time is precious.
c) They advised me not to waist my time because time was precious.
13. I wouldnt like him if he ..glasses.
a) wore; b) would wear; c) had been worn;
14.The Englishman spoke much toofor me to understand.
a) faster; b) fastly; c) fast;
15.The clock must midnight when I heard a knock at the
a)have striken; b)have struck; c)stroke;
IV. Write on the exam paper the word formed from the words in capital: (10

1. I asked Martin to ..my pencil for me. (SHARP)

2. There was aabout the timing of the lecture and a number of students failed
to turn up at the right time. (UNDERSTAND )

3.He gave us a great deal of before the exam. (ENCOURAGE)

4. I had to handle the machine carefully, as it was very. . (BREAK).

5.Mr.Jones is at risk of having a heart attack and must reduce his .of fatty foods.


6. I cant sit in this chair. It is really ___________________ ( COMFORT)

7. You must have a lot of _____________ to go fishing . (PATIENT)

8______________ is a serious matter and she has to think about it. ( MARRY)

9. Someone had _______________ left the door open. (OBVIOUS)

10. Do you think you have the _______________ to pass the test? ( ABLE)
V. Choose the word which best completes each sentence: (15 points)

When Diana got off the train, 1___ was a woman waiting for her 2 ____ the
platform. 3____ ?, she asked. 4____ a car waiting for you 5___. Diana was
not very surprised, 6___ she thought that her aunt must have been 7___ busy to
meet her 8___ the station. 9___ she did not recognize the woman, 10___ was
dressed very formally and had an attach case 11___ her arm, she was 12___
tired after the journey that she was happy to get 13___ the car. The woman,
14___, just said a few words to the driver, and then walked away. Diana
wondered 15___ she was. It s strange that she didnt even introduce herself,
she thought.
1. A) who B) there C) whose D) it
2. A) below B) to C) on D) in
3. A) You Diana, are you B) Youre Diana, isnt it C) Are you Diana
D) You arent Diana
4. A) Theres B) Theirs C) Its D) Its
5. A) out B) in C) inside D) outside
6. A) so B) despite C) too D) as
7. A) so B) too C) enough D) very
8. A) at B) to C) in D) for
9. A) However B) Since C) In spite of D) Although
10. A) she B) who C) and D) whose
11. A) at B) in C) under D) by
12. A) enough B) so C) too D) very
13. A) with B) by C) at D) into
14. A) however B) despite C) although D) in spite of
15. A) whether B) there C) who D) however

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