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Other States

Release new single Come Back To Me out October 6th

Psych-infused blues sludge with the scent of Nick Cave's ash-tray, the band's live shows have a
feral energy. Clash Magazine

A seductive tone and laidback groove underpins western style guitars and smooth Americana, all the
while frontman Mark S. Aarons baritone croon spins romantic tales. Louder Than War

A kraut infused glimpse into middle American life Echoes and Dust

A brooding atmosphere combined with a tight beat makes Other States debut single a perfect song for
midnight driving. Impressive. Indie Pop-ups

Their approach is more cinematic and even teeters on the border of psychedelic country-rock.
Whatever one wants to call it, their music is pretty awesome The Revue

After their debut single Make Amends garnered approval from Clash Magazine, Louder Than War, and
Echoes and Dust, Other States have now touched down in the land of AM radio with their new single
Come Back to Me.

A bleak cry of desperation from the silken voiced Mark S. Aaron, set to a jovial 60s doo-wop backing;
Come Back To Me is a tale of misplaced arrogance and eventual, bleary-eyed madness.

Drawing influence from writer-keyboardist Mike Lords own childhood experience of parental relationships,
categorised by non-communication, secrets and lies, and subsequent breakdown, Come Back To Me re-
flects a story that could happen anywhere.

And yet Other States have thoroughly stated the time and place- the music draws influence from the Spa-
ghetti western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone and the Cowboy Pysch influences of Lee Hazlewood and
Nancy Sinatra, set to a driving Tame Impala-esque rhythm section and kraut infused beat.

The band are continuing to create a stir in their home-town of Brighton, with regular headline slots for their
cinematic and immersive light-synced live shows.

Live dates:

19.09 Brighton Electric, Brighton

13.10 The Brighthelm, Brighton

21.10 The Victoria, Dalston

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Born from a 10 hour bus trip between Dallas and El Paso taken by writer-keyboardist Mike Lord, Other
States is as much about place as it is sound, with songs weaved out of imagined tales from abandoned
towns and wild landscapes, the brutal truths and unfinished business of a forgotten time.

Musically underpinned by their trademark cowboy psych sound; its 60s pop turned sideways- through
the kaleidoscope and into darker territory, channelling the minds of Scott Walker and Lee Hazlewood, as
well as film makers such as P.T. Anderson, and the Coen Brothers.

Their first single Make Amends established their cinematic vibe, with reviews from live shows comparing
singer Mark S. Aaron to a disgraced TV preacher who has swapped his collar and black for double-denim
and a trucker's cap (Brightons Finest).

The Band
Mark. S. Aaron - Lead vocal

Mike Lord - Piano, vocal

Cameron Dawson - Bass

Max Numajiri - Guitar

Lawrie Miller - Drums

Lb - Vocal, percussion