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HASAP-BRASKEM Neal Plant / Kenova, WV

The following protocol is to be used while working at, or visiting Braskem Kenova, WV. In the
event of an incident, refer to the specific instructions listed below, including notifications to the
listed Jacobs personnel.

Should a Jacobs employee be injured or become involved in an incident, do everything

reasonable to ensure that the injured employee receives the required medical care. The Braskem
Neal Plant has an Emergency Response Team, equipped to handle chemical and medical
emergencies. Jacobs first priority is the safety and well-being of its employees.

In case of emergency, call 5222 to initial the emergency response system. In the event of an
injury or incident contact the Braskem Representative, and the following individuals

David Lewia Ray Stuart Todd Smith

VP of Operations HSE Support Braskem
(304) 720-4157 (304) 720-1544 Safety and Health
(304) 552-1790 (304) 205-3955 Manager
ray.stuart@jacobs.com (304) 453-5947

General Site Information:

Client Name/Site: Braskem Neal Plant
Street Address: 200 Big Sandy Road Kenova, WV 52230
Plant Entrance: Main Gate
Emergency Phone Number: Internal - 5222
Safety & Health Mgr.: Todd Smith 304-453-5947


Listen to plant announcement for shelter in place instructions.

Emergency Assembly:
During emergencies personnel will assemble in their designated assembly areas. If the
emergency is in the employees work area, then personnel are to assemble in the alternate
assembly area, or to an area designated by the Incident Commander. Employees should report to
the control room where signed in should an emergency alarm be activated.

General PPE Requirements:

Hard hat (ANSI Z89.1 2003)

Safety glasses (ANSI Z87) with Fixed Side Shields

Steel toe shoes (ANSI Z41 PT99)

FR Clothing is required in ALL process operating areas.

Jacobs HASAP Updated 8/10/17

Other PPE Requirements listed below may be required after completing theSPA form:

Hearing protection is required where posted in the plant.

Monogoggles are required where posted in the plant and must be carried at all times.

Gloves Leather Gloves are required at all times in process areas.


General Site Access:

Due to the nature of the activities at the Neal Plant, control of visitors is necessary to facilitate
security, personnel safety, and emergency response, as well as asset loss prevention. Operators
and Shift Supervisors have authority to control all personnel access to their units.
All visitors must Sign-In at the plant Main Gate Guardhouse, at which time a numbered Visitors
Card will be issued. The visitors must prominently display the Visitors Badge at all times.
First time visitors entering the facility must view the Neal Plant Safety & Security Orientation
Video and receive their Safety ID Card. This card is good for 1-year. Returning visitors must show
their Safety ID Card to the Security Guard each time before a Visitors Card will be issued. Any
visitor who cannot show a Safety ID card must watch the safety video. All visitors entering into the
Neal Facility secured area must be transported and/or accompanied at all times by Neal or
Construction coordination/project personnel. Vehicles, cameras, personal equipment or tools,
visitors with beards, etc. are prohibited from the facility unless a waiver is approved by the
Operations Manager.

Visitors will enter through the Main Plant Access Gate. The only exception is those visitors to the
Constructors Area, where pre-approval from an authorized Neal representative will allow entry via
the Construction Gate.

All visitors into the Neal Facility secured area must be transported and/or accompanied at all
times by Neal or Construction coordination/project personnel. Exceptions to this may include
those contract personnel working on extended projects. The appropriate Contract Administrator
for the particular project will need to instruct Main Gate Security of the specific contract personnel
which may not require an escort.

Personnel who have completed Contractor Training per NP-PSM-PRO-006 may be excluded
from portions of this procedure. Said personnel are not considered a visitor according to this
procedure. Sign-In and Sign-Out at control rooms must be adhered to by all Contractor
employees if not on a specific work permit.

Training for Unescorted Visits:

Safety training for unescorted visits MUST be completed at the RTC Building in South Charleston,
WV Monday Friday or at the Braskem Site on Friday only, BEFORE work begins at the
Braskem site.


Smoking is prohibited on ALL Braskem property except in designated areas. Lighters and
matches are considered contraband, and are also prohibited on Braskem property.

Jacobs HASAP Updated 8/10/17

Unit Access:

Process Areas where Unit Access is required include: Railcar Unloading; Propane/Propylene
Storage - Area 10; Distillation Area - Area 11; and Polymerization Area 91 (Referred to as
Inside Battery Limits or ISBL) These individual areas are process related and are largely
referred to as the PND (Polymerization and Distillation) Process Unit.
The Unit Access Visitor Entry Form, is located in the PND Control Room and will be utilized to
record visiting personnel present in the PND Unit. The PND Control Room Board Operator for the
PND Unit is responsible for ensuring visitors sign-in and sign-out of the PND Unit.
Violation of the visitation privilege as specified in this control procedure will result in the visitor
being escorted from the plant site to obtain proper entry approval. The Operations Manager or
the Facility Security Officer reserve the right to deny future visitation privileges if violations do

Anyone that is not a PND Operator, Process Specialist, Shift Supervisor, or Maintenance
Supervisor not covered by a Work Permit must notify the Control Room Board Operator of their
need to enter a process area prior to entering. They must also notify the PND Control Room
Operator when they exit the PND process area. Notification shall be via the Unit Access Visitor
Entry Form.

Special Situations:
For situations where the Maintenance Leadership is required to be on the plant site during off-
hours including weekends, holidays, etc. , the requirements of this procedure shall be adhered to
which includes to sign-in and sign-out at the PND Control Room.
In the case of a person not removing their name, that person must be contacted to come to the
PND Control Room to remove their name by the PND Unit Supervisor. If that person cannot be
located, the immediate supervisor or Contract Administrator of that specific individual must be
contacted to confirm that the name can be removed. Upon confirmation that the person has
exited the PND Unit / Neal Plant without removing their name, the appropriate Unit Supervisor
may remove the name from the Unit Access Visitor Entry Form.

Cell Phone and Camera Use:

NO Cell Phones or Pagers In Process and Work Areas - No one other than the approved users
may use or carry a portable phone in the operating areas of the facility. Cellular phones in
vehicles, including delivery or product shipping trucks, shall be turned off prior to entering the
facility, and not turned on, until exiting the front gate. This applies to both hand-held and to vehicle
mounted phones. Contractors must request permission from the Neal Safety Department, to
issue intrinsically safe phones to their management personnel.

Work Permits:

Safe work permits may be required for tasks inside the operating units. It is imperative that each
person signs in/out of each individual operating unit. In addition to sign in/out, you MUST make
your presence known to operations staff. Once you have reviewed your scope of work with unit
operators, a safe work permit may be required.

Railroad Safety Requirements:

Contract employees shall be required to lockout the derail when working in proximity to a railroad.
Work performed near an active railway must be at least 8 feet from the tracks center line, unless
the track has a locked out derail.

Jacobs HASAP Updated 8/10/17

Barricading Excavations:

Effective August 11, 2015, all trenching, foundation excavations, hydro and dry excavations for
exploratory work shall have a hard barricade until excavations have been backfilled. The only
exceptions would be to mobilize equipment in and out of work area. In addition to the barricades
post signage warning of excavation and utilize Danger Barricade tape. If you have any questions
regarding this please contact Todd Smith.

Fall Protection / Elevated Work:

Site Specific training is required for fall protection/elevated work and scaffold use. Contact
the Jacobs HSE Manager for guidance.

Confined Space Entry:

Site Specific training is required for confined space entry. Contact the Jacobs HSE
Manager for guidance.

Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO):

Site Specific training is required for LOTO. Contact your Braskem host for guidance.


Jacobs HSE Manager: Date: _____8/11/15______

Revision Log:

8/10/17 Updated contact info and references. (RES)

Jacobs HASAP Updated 8/10/17