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in Saturn Anlhra, the drugs may come but will not come tb
hand. In Vcnus Anthra, it will come to hand. So thc drugs
will be had when Moon is in the star of Rahu, sub of Jupiter and
subsub.of Veoul, i.e.,9o 32'2l'Thula, aod the correct time
will be 2-39 P.M.

Lastly, I chccked up with tlre ruling"planets too, ot the

moment of query. Tbc day was lJ-9J69 Saturday, ruled by
Saturn, and Rahu acts as Saturn's agent being -in its sign. The
lord of lagna was Jupitcr, Moon was transiting in its orn star
in Kanya. AU these sitisfied me in arriving at the conclusion
and the day of receipt would be Monday (15-9''69) ruled by
'Moon. So like a school boy, I was expectiog to see the rcsult
at 2-39 P.M. I was hoping against hopes. The hour was
approaching clo3er and still there was confidencc to check up
the result. At .2-30 P.M. I personally went to the railway
sration and was disappointed. In the meantime, the administra-
tion unit was informed by the postal authorities of receipt of
three registered parcels addressed to the flead of our Institution.
They promptly took action and when tbose parcels came to my
hand for checking and necessary action, the time was 2'39 P.M
sharp. It was a woodeiful experience and the prediction was'
very very correct. Later, on inquiry, I found that these parcels
were delayed at Karidy on changing them from one train to

All my friends were stunned at this incldent and the correct

prediction. This perfectness was due to Prof. K. S. Krishna-
murti's fruitful research.'and his system of Advanced Stellar



I. It is necessary to notq whetherWe will reach our home

at all. So, we have to find out the subJord ofthe 4th cusp. If
the sub.lord of the 4th cusp is in thelconstellation of a planct ln
a movable sign and unaflicted, . we will reach thc dcstination

shorrry. But if the rord of the constlration in which

tbe sub.
lord of the 4th cusp is in a fixed sign, the passengers j
'nut may have
to stay in a place for rong duration. iCtne toio or trr"ton-
stellation in which the sub-lord is deposited, is in
sign, rhen there wiil. be delay. If tbe sub-roia i, ,mi.i.Jui"
natural malefic rike Saturn there wifl be undue aetay
ano aiso
the passengers have to undergo much of sufferings.
ri it i, nr"r,
o-r Rahu, some repairs arso may be needed. eut
ir tt" loia or
the constellation in which the subrord of the +rn
r, o.porit.o,
is coojoined with a benefic, rhen after delay we *ll,
hos,e safe. If the question is whether we will make journey,
we have to judge the 3rd house. So, for this questio;
to judge primarily house 4 and thenihe house
;" ;;"
II. An example is given.below:
Reaching Destination

"What is the time now, please ?"

"Half past six." It is early morning)
"What is this station ?,'
"sholapur Junction."
"oh God t If the train runs rike this,' I am afreid we can,t
reach Madras today.
.'Wberefrom ar you coming
"Andhra". __...,..,
..!o9d,,:-flease mention
any number between I and 249.,,
-/,ioa know Astrology, Sir: Can you tell me something,, ?
..That is alright. you can
consult later. First give a

"Nioe, Sir.',
Another passenger said "[ am not worried about the
of- arrival of train at Madras. But we should thank
our stars.
--- -'-'"'
if she runs safely under these disturbed conditioo..--
His wifs said since a few days, lt is not so bad. ..I
will 'not take so much time as -those passengers who left

6elhi on 15th May, 1969 and reached Madras 192 hours after-
"True,: This was the
s8me time taken by
Astronauts to go to
Moon and rcturn to
XI GO9 M0-09
Horoscope for 6-30
A.M. on 28-5-1969 at 17"
x t0-09 v 6-09 40' N Sholapur is as
follows r-
II lx u-os II Mars
ii:ii II e-37 I Kethu
r4o_o_o lrrsg. z-so I Number 9 means Aries
l "?'e%'
Aswin-Kcthu star-
Mercury sub lt-26-401ffi 201

For events which are to happen in a day or two, there is no

meaning in calculating dasa balance.

Arriving at Madras means reaching home. So one is to
take the 4th house and find out the ruling planets. It is the wish
of one and all to reacb home. So include llth house.
Find out the sigcificators. Fourth house extinds from
9' to Leo 6'9'. No planet is deposited in the 4th
Cancer l0o
house. Ruler of the sign where 4th cusp falls (i.c., Canccr) is
Moon. Lord of thc constellation is Satura and sub-lord is

The4th cusp falls in l0'9'. It means it is in Vcnus sub;

the lord of the constellation in which Venus is dcpositcd, ie
Kethu; Kethu is conjoined with Jupitcr. It is not africted by
Saturn or Mars by conjunction or aspect.
J- r=
Therefore, reaching home safe is promised. Let us find out
when ?

4th housc lord Moon governs Rohini, Hastham and

Sravanam; Mercury and Sun are in Rohini.


l lth house is occupied by Rahu and its constcllation is

occupied by Moon.
In Sun's,sign there is neither Moon's star nor Mercury star.
But in Moon's sign there is Mercury star. So,the third significa-
tor Sun can be the sub-lord.
Then the point in thc Zodiac to rise in the east, at the time of
arrival at Madres should be Moon sign Mercury star Kethu sub.
Moon fulfils the desire. It has only one sign. Mercury and
Sun are in the constellation of lord of 4. There is no Sun's rtar,
nor Kethu's star (Kethu represents Mercury) in Cancer. Therc is
only Mercury star. So the lagna at Madras on 30-5-69 should bc
above 16o 49' Cancer-Nirayana, i.e., 10o00' Leo Sayana.

(If one goes by air to auother country and a city therein,

then to the placc of destination one is to find the time wiren such
a position in tbe Zodiac would rise. l0' Leo Sayana is rise at
13" North and 80.158.
It will be l0 hrs. 15 mts. A M. I.S.T. on 30-5-69.
"Why should it not be l0-15 A,M. today?" If sorne one
asks, we have to reply it is the train by which we travel.
Hundreds of miles'cannot be covered in 4 hours. We should use
commonsDse. Scientifically the Moon Bt the moment of query
is in Libra owned by Venus and the Ascendant is in Taurus
owned by the Venus. So day of arrival can be Friday.
Wby should it not go on Saturday, another 24 hours later ?

Saturn is neither a ruling planet nor a significator. So,

Friday 30-5-69 at l0-15 A.M. must be the time.
Readers will be pleased to understand that G. T. which teft
Dclhi on 27-5-69 reached Madras on 30-5-69 only at l0-15 A.M.

Correct time of birth

Nowadays, even though we have got watches, clocks and
learned mcdical attendaots to attend uponthc labour case and
note down the exact time of the birtb, yet the parents fail to