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TESOL Certificate Programs RIVERSIDE EXTENSION Observation Notebook a Observation Report Form Name of Observer__Chi Zhang(Cherry) _ Observation [Date Obsenation T Class Skill/Comtent | Level ‘Teacher 1207 [UCR PST at332 [Reading & | 300 ys 2017 | Extension writin js : . Karen Lindwall Elective “include the URL if the class was online STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO WRITE A PASSAGE, INCLUDING THE MAIN IDEA _/ SENTENCES AND SUPPORTING IDEA SENTENCES. Y \ \e x STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO SUMMARIZE THE MAIN INFORMATION ABOUT TIME, PLACE, |, ot PEOPLE, EVENT, ACCORDING TO THE COVER PICTURES, SYNOPSIS, AND maT \b STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE PREDICTION ACCORDING TO THE COVER PICTURES, SYNOPSIS, AND ILLUSTRATION, / Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM TESOL Certificate Programs RIVERSIDE XTENSION Observation Notebook SSS ee Notes while observing: 10:00 Finish the writing assignment of the last class (10 minutes) T gives the Ss 10 minutes to finish their writing assignments about “jo? Ss can choose the topic by themselves, but the topic must be relevant with occupation” such as “ What's your favorite job”, “What’s your most hated job”,“What kind of job you want to do in the future” ete... Ww In the passage, Ss should wit, topic sentence, 3 main ide many supporting ideas, 35 % \% transitions, adjectives, complex sentences( like causal sentence), and 1 conclusion \ ow es > sentence, SP ge OF ak T circulates in the classroom, and helps Ss if they need. 4 a A Ifthe Ss finish their passages, they can exchange their passages to neighbor seats, Sn & x explain their passages, including ideas and vocabularies. WS Swe ae at 10:10 Collect the writing assignment (3 minutes) we ‘T collects the writing assignments of Ss. During this period, T give Ss guidance one-by-one, including vocabularies, grammar, and structure, v Annas on 10:13 Check homework about vocabulary work (12 minutes) students bre ga cock” (Bach two Ss are set to be a Zeeant and everyone should introduce the homework of writing 2 Passage to their teammate. The process is divided into 4 steps: first, read the passage by themselves; second, let the teammate point the words that he/she don’t understand; third, explain the word to their teammate; forth, exchange their work. Boucle TT circulates in the classroom, checking the Ss" homework completion and giving them help if they need. 10:25 Assign the homework in the next time (3 minutes) Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM RIVERSIDE TESOL Certificate Programs — EXTENSION Observation Notebook T requests $s to do the same homework like this time--writifg a passage, and add another activity that Ss should use the word, which their Ss explainto them, to make a sentence, T gives Ss a example of “volunteer”, After explaining the meaning of volunteer, his or her teammate should use this word to make a complex sentence, such as “ She loves volunteering, because she likes helping people, but she doesn’t need money.” 10:28 Introduce the book of The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn (7 minutes) -Introduce the writer, Mark Twan. ‘As Mark Twan is a very popular writer, most students knew his name before. So, T introduces the background about Mark Twan, ineluding his nationality, the time of his o living and his achievement. Moreover, T tells Ss that “Mark Twan' is not the writer's. 10" real name but just the pen name, and/explanrthe meaning of pen name, ey ie os -Explain the meaning of “adventure”. Tasks the meaning of “adventure”, and summarize the Ss’ responses of | “unusual things”, “dangerous” and “travel”, And then, T gives Ss some examples and lets them judge whether it is a adventure or not. Examples are followed: do homework, buy milk in supermarket, travel to San Diego, travel to new country, ete A T shows the picture of steamboat, shown in the below, and explains it is a ship. explaiti the difference between ship and boat Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM TESOL Certificate Programs UCRIVERSIDE EXTENSION Observation Notebook Itis obvious that shipfare always bigger than boats. 10:35 Wateh the cover of book, and get information (5 minutes) T shows the cover of book to Ss, and lets the Ss find the information . Ss get the information as followed: 1. The boat is sinking 2. The weather is raining 3. There are two men 4, One of the men is the white, and another is the black After Ss mention the difference between the skin colors of two men, T introduces the background about racism. It is said that in the beginning of 19" century, the blacland the white "were not in equal, which mean: that the black”were always the slaves of the white, and lose their freedom. And then, allowagthe Ss to make a prediction of the black man’s life at 10:40 Look at the back cover, and the short synopsis, then answer the questions.(2 minutes) T explains the meaning of synopsis at first, using the line like that: INe If the curve is standard for a whole story, the synopsis is the part before the red line, which means that it including the main characters, the time, the place and other information except the surprised ending, T allows Ss to look at the back cover and the short synopsis, then to answer the questions to their partner. The question are: Where do Huck and Jim travel Why do they have to be eral Whe happens on the river? 10:42 Guide Ss to answer questions (3 minutes) Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM TESOL Certificate Programs Observation Notebook T guides Ss to answer questions. Firstly, Ss answer the first question that they travel in the Mississippi. So, T shows a map for America, and points the Mississipy r then, T introduces the background of the Mississippi that at that time, the Mississippi is a very important way to transport. After that, Ss predicts that both the black man and the Age” white man are afraid of escaping, so they are carefl uU x & 10:45 Open to page iv, and answer questions (5 minutes) we eh Na) A. Tallows Ss to open the book to page iv. There is a picture on the page, so T let Ss watch, Ra the picture and answer the questions: | me and where does this story happen252, What y can you tell about the people in the pictur€% 3. What kind of story will this be? Ss discuss with their partner, and summarize the information to answer those questions. 10:50 Assign the homework ‘T requests Ss to read the chapter! of the book, and summarize the main information about the story, such as where, what time, main characters, large characters, little characters, etc. Moreover, T let Ss guess the end of the story that what will happen about the main characters. What did you learn about teaching or learning from this lesson as it relates to the theory you have studied in your TESOL classes? Include at least one reference (with an in-text citation) to support your response. (250-500 words) Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM RIVERSIDE TESOL Certificate Programs ; cs XTENSION Observation Notebook (459 words) In this observation, I focused on the lesson context, and the teaching method. This was a reading and writing class for 300 level students, who game from different countries, including Japan, China, Korea, middle-castfountries, etegl wanted to observe how the teacher improve the students’ skills of reading’ Such as structure of passage, vocabularies, and grammar, undead 4 wads. The most important thing that I learned in this class is the way-of learner-focused teaching. “Novice teachers are often initially more concerned about their own performance as teachers than on the i pact of their teaching on their leamers"(Richard J. and Farrell. T, 20 les acy that experienced teachers care about what students really acquired than their lesson plans. In this class, actually, the teacher wanted to finish the writing work in the first hour and read the whole chapter | of book in class, but she found that students had difficulties.te-accomplishthe task. So, she changed her lesson plan, and gave the students extra 10 minutes to write their passage Moreover, she did not cancel the part of checking vocabulary homework to quicken the pace of class. In leamer-focused teaching, “the most important VA € think is that the students enjoyed themselves and had useful it practice”(Richards J. and Farrell.T, 2011). fa W& Jk Vid Srreantattert soc eee nea Ph al The second part-6f learrting,was the teaching method that mixtag the vocabulary, grammar, culture background and article structure-& the same class. It was unnecessary to separate them strictly. Ear‘some teachers, they fe°aTl new words on the blackboard, and «sgt them one by one, And then, they introduce@ all background information about the passage. However, students, especially for beginner leamers, it was-really hard to memorize so much information in a short time. So, when they meet the new words in the passage, especially in the latter part of the passage, they avout still feel confusing about the words. In this class, the teacher taught passage paragraph by paragraph, so that students could remember clearly. What's Fis des — Last Updated: 1/27/2017 5:01 PM RIVERSIDE EXTENSION TESOL Certificate Programs Observation Notebook more, she mentioned students grammar, not only the passage sentences but also the students’ responses and answers. Last but not the least, the function of prediction. When I was in primary school or middle school, teachers always taught us the meaning of the passage directly. They seldom let us predict the story, even though predicting activity was a useful way for learners to “aware of how the various vocabulary, grammatical, cohesive, formatting, and ideas content aspects of a text work to; i {,to achieve the communicative purpose of the text”(Nation, I.S.P., 2009). ee class, teacher used cover, illustration, and synopsis to guide students to make prediction, which was also a good way to engage students’ interests about reading. References Nation, 1.S.P.(2009). Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing. NY: Routledge, Taylor & ~>Francis. Richards, J. and Farrell, T.(2011). 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