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Which of these statements is NOT TRUE?

MQTT is a publish-subscribe protocol

MQTT is a client-server protocol

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol

MQTT is used in conjunction with TCP/IP

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MQTT is designed for:

Remote connections

Limited bandwidth

Small-code footprint

All of these

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CoAP is a:

Physical layer protocol

Application layer protocol

Service layer protocol

Network layer protocol

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REST stands for:

Representational State Transfer

Resourceful Sensor Transfer

Resourceful State Transport

None of these

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AMQP is designed for connecting:

Constrained networks

LANs and WANs

Systems and Business processes

None of these

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AMQP provides the following message delivery guarantees:
At most once

At least once

Exactly once

All of these

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Which modulation scheme is followed by IEEE 802.15.4 standard?




All of these

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Collision prevention in 802.15.4 standard is provided by means of:




None of these

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Which of these is a routing protocol for low power lossy networks over IPv6?



Both the above

None of these

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RPL supports:

Message confidentiality

Loop detection in the routes

Data path validation

All of these