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ISSUE 35 Fall 2017
PERSPECTIVES 12 The Clitoris and
4 Staff Talks Pleasure: What You
Whats the Sex, Etc. teen editorial staff 9 Family Matters
talking about this fall? Shelsea shares how her relationship with Should Know
her parents changed as she went through What have you learned about
5 Web, Etc. puberty and why communication has been pleasure and the clitoris? Grace
Get the latest on so important. explains why theres more to the
clitoris than many of us realize and
IN THE KNOW 10 Faces of Change why its important to understand our
Bryony Farmer, 19, owns and operates an bodies and what feels good.
online business that carries reusable and
6 News, Etc. eco-friendly menstrual products. Read what 14 All About Condoms
News on the benefits of making the
inspired Bryony to advocate for eco-friendly
Pill available over the counter, how Did you know there are different kinds
menstrual products and donate reusable
misinformation prevents young people of condoms? Do you know how to
pads to those in need, all while managing an
from getting vaccinated for HPV and the correctly put one on or how best to
ongoing illness.
increased sexual assault risk faced by teen store them? Jack tells you all you ever
girls who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, wanted to know about condoms.
transgender or queer.
11 The Spectrum
How do you feel about friends with benefits?
Ashley talks to teens who have tried friends
16 Pregnancy, Pre-cum
7 Sex 411 with benefits relationships about why they & STDs: Anxiety vs.
How exactly does birth control work? Do
either did or didnt work.
lesbians need to use protection during Reality
sex? Weve got answers to these and other We get lots of questions about whether
questions. BACK IT UP or not pre-cum causes pregnancy.
Adrian explains what you should and
8 Our Health 18 #StillSearching shouldnt be concerned about when it
Irregular periods can be common for teens. Svanik talks to teens about the info theyre comes to pregnancy, pre-cum and
Eleanor explains why your period may not be searching for when it comes to sexand where sexually transmitted diseases.
on a precise schedule! they go for answers.

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Why Wonder? 3
Staff Talks
What youre searching for
By Ashley Fowler, 18, Staff Writer and Shelsea Rodriguez, 18, Staff Writer

Ashley: Hey, Shelsea! Hope youre enjoying the start of the Shelsea: Graces feature was really good, and youre right
new school year. Im really excited for this issue, which is all so many people dont realize that theres a whole part of
about what information teens are searching for related to the clitoris inside the body! I also really liked Jacks feature
sex and sexual health. Sometimes its difficult to get honest, on condoms. It discusses how effective condoms are and
correct info, so I love that our feature articles are about details the right way to use and remove a condom. So basic
the stuff teens are most commonly coming to Sex, Etc. for but so important! Theres even a part in the feature that talks
answers on. about the different types of condoms. Thats super interesting
because people may not realize that there are other condoms
Shelsea: I totally agree about how awesome this issue
out there besides latex ones. I really liked Jacks story because
is, and Im just as hyped to see it finished. The articles are
it talks in depth about something many teens are interested in
definitely honest and discuss many issues that teens have
and want and need to know about.
questions about! These are the topics that teens search for
the most when they go to Ashley: Yeah, its crazy how much there is to know about
condoms! It feels like what I was taught in health class was so
Ashley: I really enjoyed reading Graces feature about
surface compared to all the information Jack discusses. And
pleasure and the clitoris. Its crazy how sexual pleasure
can we talk about how funny Adrians feature is? His opening
can be neglected in health classesI know it was in mine.
seems so extra, but if youve ever looked through the Sex, Etc.
Graces article is fun to read, and it conveys information about
Tumblr, you know how real those questions about whether
anatomy and understanding your own (or your partners) body
you can get pregnant from various scenarios are.
better. I am also a nerd for loving her shout-out to Dr. Helen
OConnell, who showed us that the clitoris is much larger Shelsea: Teens write in all the time wanting to know if you
than imagined! can get pregnant from pre-cum or from dry humping. Adrians
article breaks it down and looks at some myths about this.
It also reminds us that pregnancy isnt the only thing to be
concerned about; preventing sexually transmitted diseases is
important, too.
Ashley: I hope that many of the questions our readers have
are answered with this issue.
Shelsea: Me, too!


 ow Do Teen Couples
H  resents and flowers are
P Does carrying a condom
Talk About STDs? romantic, but... make you look like...

What is asexuality?  some teens, you can

For I think I might have an
date someone and never STD...
have sex...

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